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Zoe And Sara [Parts 1-2]

First story. I’ll carry on if I get positive vibes. Zoe and Sara – Part 1 by Not Evil Just Bored Sara Cox was getting fucked. Her boyfriend was deep inside her, pumping in and out. Every time she closed … Continue reading

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Zoe Leaves The Back Door Open

Usual disclaimers, complete fantasy, two upstanding ladies would never do such things etc. Remember that ZB and SC are highly trained professionals, kids… Zoe leaves the back door open Drunk and giggly, Sara Cox and Zoe Ball tumbled into Zoe’s … Continue reading

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Zoe Ball

Zoe Ball Thee rain had soaked her through to the skin and she shivered as she pulled off her leather jacket. Dropping her jacket to the floor she made her way the bathroom for a towel to dry her hair. … Continue reading

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Starfuck: Jayne Middlemiss And Zoe Ball

STARFUCK Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains explicit descriptions of non-consensual sex. If this offends you, please look elsewhere. This is FICTION. If you are tempted to recreate any of the following scenes, your psychiatrist … Continue reading

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