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Celebrity Whores Part 4

Celebrity Whores Part 4 Giada Di Laurentiis, Amy Grant, Mariah Carey, Lila McCann, Rachael Ray, Dolly Parton, Martina McBride & Lee Majors Written By: Spyder Codes: Oral, Anal, food, Lesbian, MMF, Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction … Continue reading

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Chely Wright: The Concert

Somewhere in Canada, a new promoter is attempting to put together a concert of all times. It will have nine of his favorite country singers involved and he hopes that it will also include a week of fucking these hot … Continue reading

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Martina McBride’s Birthday Present

on martinas birthday some of the girls in her band, decided to give martina a spanking, grabing her in her trailer and putting her over lisa, her lead back up singers lap. ohhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhh pull down her pants ohhhhhh … Continue reading

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Redneckin’ The Woman

“Redneckin’ The Woman” w/ Gretchen WIlson, Reba McEntire, Martina McBride By:DynamicDynamite “Thank You All!!! Goodnight!” Those were the last words spoke as the hottest thing to hit country music in a very long time, in both looks and talent left … Continue reading

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Martina McBride’s Rape

Invited over to shanias for the weekend to help them both get over up comming divorces, shania had the hots for matina since they met. and as soon as matina got settled in shania told her of her fellings, a … Continue reading

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Faith Hill

faith was scretly wanting to be dominated buy shania twain.to be treated as a child, including spanked humiliated,given enemas bathed fed and diapered nursed like a baby talked to in loving baby talk. to be completly submissive to shania.oned ay … Continue reading

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A Night At Faith’s

A Night at Faith’s (Faith Hill, Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Martie Seidel, Natalie Mains, Emily Robinson, Martina McBride, Jo Dee Messina, Jessica Andrews, Kassidy Osborn, Kelsi Osborn, Kristyn Osborn – FF, Ff, FFF+ Cons, NC>Cons, Oral, Fist, Bondage, first) Warning: … Continue reading

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