Girl’s Best Friend

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Title: Girl’s Best Friend

Author: Tori

Celebs: Ariana Grande

Code: oral, beast

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Ariana Grande was bored.  She sat in her big house, all alone except for her German Shepard Buck.  The huge dog laid at her feet as Ariana channel surfed her TV.  She turned the set off and looked down at her dog.  He had his snout buried between his hind legs, licking his cock.  She watched as the animals huge ping dick exposed itself as he licked.  She’d had a lot of big cocks in her time but for some reason, the dog’s made her lick her lips.  Without thinking, she pushed her hand into her shorts and started rubbing her pussy.  Pretty soon, she was finger fucking her wet hole until she came.  When she did, she let out a scream, making Buck look up at her.  Before she knew it, Buck was licking the wet spot between her legs.  It felt fantastic so she let him continue.  He kept licking her as she unsnapped the shorts and pulled them down.  Ariana pulled her panties aside and let the big dog go to work on her.  Within minutes, he had her cumming again, this time though, she squirted all over the dog’s face causing him to lick her faster.

The redheaded singer quickly took off her top and panties and got on the floor next to Buck.  She looked between his hind legs and saw his huge cock exposed.  Then Ariana did the only thing she could do, she leaned over and started to suck his cock.  The dog was panting and slobbering all over the carpet as his mistress gave him head.  After several minutes, Ariana got on her hands and knees and slapped her ass.  Buck looked at her and the instinctively hopped up behind her.  He started to thrust against her as he wrapped his big paws around her.  Ariana could feel his cock poking against her pussy so she reached back and guided him into her wet hole.  As soon as he found his mark, he started to fuck the cute Latina fast and hard, driving his big cock deep inside of her.  She felt him knot up and then she started to cum.  The dog kept fucking her for several minutes and then began to pump his seed inside of her.  Ariana collapsed on the floor with the dog still knotted inside her pussy.  It took several minutes for him finally be able to pull his cock out and when he did, his cum poured from her gaping hole.  Buck rammed his tongue deep inside of her, licking up all the nasty juices.  When he finished, he went over to the corner and laid down.  Ariana Grande looked over at him licking his cock and balls and said, “Good Boy.”

The End

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