Isla Fisher Story

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Isla Fisher was bored. She had been filming all day for the latest episode of Home and Away, and had been left on her own on the set in Pippa’s kitchen while the rest of the cast and crew had knocked off for the day down to a local bar for some much needed refreshment. However, she knew she had some major scenes the next day so had decided to stay behind to learn some lines.

The set was quiet now; the only sound that could be heard was the distant crashing of the waves against the rocks below the house. Isla was still dressed in her Summer Bay hire uniform, her little checked dress cut some way above her knees exposing
a tantalising glimpse of her smooth thighs, her calves covered by lacy black hold up stockings.

It was a really hot day and Isla sighed as she turned another page of the script, running her hand through her flame red hair, tied at the sides in bunches to accentuate the look of a schoolgirl. She allowed herself a glimpse out of the window, and for a moment was lost in deep thought, contemplating the fact that she had not had sex in months and wondering why men did not seem to pay her any attention. Perhaps it was her fame that scared them off. She secretly craved the kind of love that a normal kind of guy could give her, and looked back at her reflection in the window.

Isla was pleased at what she saw. She considered herself pretty, with pert breasts, which, though not enormous, were just about an ideal handful to the average man. In fact, she was always able to enhance her cleavage by wearing a wonderbra, enhancing the curve of her globes. Her legs were slim and tanned, and her bum firm and small. Isla wondered when she was going to meet the right man who could give her the seeing to she so yearned for – her only relief these days seemed to be in bed on her own or occasionally in the shower when she was able to bring herself to orgasm with her own fingers. If only she could meet someone who could use their own fingers or better still their cock to bring her some relief.

By this point, sitting on the edge of the kitchen table and daydreaming about sex, Isla was beginning to feel quite horny. She reached down and slowly unbuttoned the first couple of buttons on her dress, revealing her pale breasts through the black lacy material of her bra. Isla slid her right hand inside her dress and cupped her left breast, feeling it’s heavy weight in her palm. Her fingers gently and almost absent-mindedly caressed the darker hidden flesh of her aureole and nipple through her bra.

By this stage, Isla was getting very turned on. Her face was becoming flushed and she felt the urgent need to have direct contact with her flesh. However, hearing a sudden noise, Isla withdrew her hand quickly and looked from side to side. Satisfied that nobody was around, she lay back on the table with her legs dangling over the edge. Putting both hands on her perfect breasts, she squeezed them together, squashing and kneading her flesh. Easing the fingers of her right hand under the flimsy material, Isla first stroked and then pinched her left nipple, gasping as she felt it harden to her touch.

Isla was completely engrossed by now, and her mind raced with excitement. Anyone could come in and find her but she did not care – she had to be fulfilled. Yanking down the cups of her bra with both hands, Isla exposed her beautiful boobs, her dark pink nipples jutting out like little pegs. She continued to squeeze and grope her bare breasts with both hands, but then let her left hand wander down over her taut belly, clamping it between her legs. Isla could feel the growing warmth emanating from her pussy, and longed to touch her clit and feel herself penetrated by her slender fingers.

Hitching the hem of her little dress up to her waist with both hands, Isla then pushed her left hand under her black lace knickers while returning her right to her tits. Whilst she squeezed and pinched her nipples, her other hand slid further down, through the wispy neatly trimmed hair of her minge until she hooked her middle finger into her moistening cleft. Isla let out a high moan of pleasure as she felt the familiar hardness of her clit. Her face reddening, Isla gently rubbed her swollen mound whilst simultaneously pinching harder at her erect nipples.

Isla could feel herself getting wetter and wetter, and slipped her left hand further down, lifting her head off the table to see it’s gradual descent further into her panties. Slowly pushing her now engorged pussy lips apart with her manicured index and fourth finger, Isla eased her middle finger into her pink crack, throwing her head back with a grunt, the bunches in her hair swishing back with the motion. Isla pushed her finger deeper into her cunt, her flesh stretching to accommodate its passage, feeling her sticky juices clinging to her painted red nails.

“God, I’m wet,” she thought to herself as she plunged her finger knuckle deep right up herself, pressing against her pelvic bone with her palm.

Isla watched as she slowly wanked herself, longing to be fucked hard as she observed the movement of her hand in her knickers, rubbing her clit hard with her thumb while she slid her middle finger in and out of her juicy cunt. She felt extremely naughty but was enjoying herself far too much to care by this stage.

Desiring something bigger to be inside her, Isla slipped first one and then another finger into her pussy, grunting with pleasure as her twat expanded to accommodate the new intruders. This was too much for her and she was forced to lie back down on the table. Her knickers were now very wet with her creamy secretions but boy what a site she was.

A beautiful red-head dressed as a schoolgirl, her hair in bunches, draped over the kitchen table with her stockinged legs draped over the edge, her dress unbuttoned with her firm nubile breasts spilled over her black lace bra, pinching and squeezing her hardened nipples, her other hand trapped down the front of her flimsy black knickers, three of her slim fingers stuffed up to the knuckles in her moist, wet cunt while her thumb stroked her swollen clit.

I stood there completely still, as I had been for several minutes since I let myself in through the back door of the kitchen, completely dumbstruck and mesmerised by this amazing site. I could feel my throbbing cock straining against my boxer shorts from my vantage point behind the fridge.

Isla quickened her pace now, fucking herself furiously with her left hand and she began to softly gasp.

“Mmm, mmm, oh fuck, ahhh, ahhh, oh god, oh yeah”

I was dying by this stage to take my cock in my hand and bring myself off but the thrilling site of this beautiful young girl pleasuring herself gripped me – it was my very own private viewing.

Isla pulled her sticky fingers out from her cunt and began to rub her clitoris frantically with her hand, four fingers squeezing and stroking her mound, temporarily removing her other hand from her breast to suck two fingers into her dry mouth, slightly muffling her groans of sheer pleasure, before returning it to clamp her heaving boobs in turn.

I could see her grinding her hips down onto her hand and I could hear her cries of pleasure getting louder and louder

“Ohhh, ohhh, ahhhhh, ahhh, ah, ah”

Isla could feel herself getting more and more moist, her panties were now soaking with her girly cum, and she once again shoved a couple of fingers deep inside her warm, aching pussy, gripping her insides so that her fingers were soaked in her love juice. Then, to my delight, she pulled her hand out of her knickers and plunged them into her open mouth so she could taste her musky cunt cream, feeding herself the sticky fluid.

I could hardly contain myself as Isla pulled her fingers out of her mouth so I could see her tongue licking the last remnants of her cum off her fingertips as if it were a delicacy. Isla yearned to be free of her confining knickers and reached down and, sliding her hands inside the thin waistband, eased them down to her knees, allowing me my first clear glimpse of her gorgeous, tight pink twat. I could see her stick two fingers up herself, gasping with pleasure as they penetrated her love hole as she toyed at the same time with her clit. Isla Fisher then removed her hand from her hot crotch again, placing it on her naked, swollen breasts, smearing a slimy trail of her cream across her erect nipples and pale breast flesh.

Isla resumed her wanking; thrusting two fingers back and forth up her cunt while massaging her clit with her thumb. Her other hand was busy rubbing her self-cum stained tits really hard until she removed it and placed it next to her other hand in her moist crotch. Shoving a further finger up herself so that all three now in her pussy were buried deep past the knuckle, Isla rubbed hard at her clit with the middle finger of her other hand, quickening her pace until her hands and fingers were almost a blur.

I could see tell-tale slugs trails of Isla’s pussy juice beginning to descend slowly down her inner thighs until all of a sudden, her head snapped back and she wailed

“Ohhh god, ohhh god, ohhh god, fuckkkk yeahhhh – ohhhh yeahhh”

Her orgasm enveloped her, filling her whole body with warmth and flooding her with relief, her head thrashing from side to side as her whole body shook with delight and pleasure. Her eyes closed tightly shut, Isla could not see me but I could watch her as she lay there for a moment, perfectly still.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm” she sighed.

At this point, my hand slipped against the fridge door and the sharp noise broke the silence.

Isla sat bolt upright on the table, instinctively covering her naked breasts with her crossed arms, quite weird really as her knickers were around her knees.

“Who’s there?” she exclaimed.

I stepped out from my hiding place looking very sheepish, and Isla looked horrified at me, her dark eyes wide with ashamed horror.

“Who the hell are you?” the Australian starlet screeched.

“I’m Rob, I came to lock up” I replied.

“Jesus, how long have you been standing there!?! Isla Fisher gasped, still breathless and flushed both from her solo exertions and also in acute embarrassment.

“Long enough to see the most memorable sight of my life” I responded.

Isla moved as if to do up her dress, but she never took her eyes off me for a second, she stopped, taking in my tall, athletic build and short dark hair. Her gaze descended to where my huge hard-on was pushing out from inside my blue jeans.

“Seems like my private show has had quite an effect on you. What do you think we should do about it?” she quipped.

Isla felt a mixture of fear, excitement and, above all, extreme horniness. Her masturbation had satisfied her to some extent but she was left feeling a little unfulfilled. My, how she yearned to have a guy take her and give her a good, hard shag. Still, she could not quite believe how forward she was being.

By now, I was going crazy with lust for this beautiful little woman, and I could tell that she was well up for it.

“Depends, I said, what would you like to do about it”.

Pulling her sopping knickers up, Isla hopped off the table and walked slowly over towards me, swaying her hips seductively. Stopping just in front of me so that I towered over her, Isla looked up to me with her dark eyes and murmured

“God Rob, I am seriously in need of a good fucking after that. How would you like to take that big cock of yours and screw me sore? I’ll let you put it wherever you want, as long as you promise not to tell anyone about what you just saw”

I did not need a second invitation as I reached down, held her head in my hands and kissed her softly on the lips, then pulled back and, holding the back of her head with my left hand, reached around and gripped her taut ass with my right, pulling her against me. We kissed passionately, my tongue exploring her mouth and hers mine, and I could feel her hard nipples and naked boobs pressing against my chest.

When we came up for air, Isla said

“I think you are a bit overdressed for what we are about to do”

Isla was rampant and slowly unbuttoned my shirt, easing it off, stepping back to take in my slim torso.

“Mmm, I like what I see” she purred.

“Me too” I replied, “You are absolutely beautiful. I am going to really enjoy this.

We embraced again, I kissed Isla all over her face, burying my head in her neck, my hand moving between us to stroke her firm breasts, feeling her erect nipples and squeezing her titflesh against her ribcage. Pinching her nipples with my fingers I heard Isla let out a little moan.

She pulled at my belt, tugging it off with surprising strength, and then, looking straight into my eyes, unbuttoned my jeans before hauling them to the floor.

My 8-inch cock strained proudly inside my boxers, and Isla took her gaze away from my face and looked down. Looking back up at me with a smirk, Isla licked her lips in the most erotic way imaginable and with a sly grin said the words any man would love to hear in this situation

“Going down! Don’t worry Rob, I DO swallow!”

Isla dropped to her knees in front of me, pausing only to pull her flame red hair out of it’s bunches. Reaching out with her right hand, Isla reached out and slowly pulled my boxers down with her fingers and thumbs, my prick springing to attention in anticipation. Isla gripped my shaft with her fingers, curling them around it, cupping my balls with her other hand. Somewhat nervously at first, her tongue flicked out and licked my bell end, and then worked it’s way over the head and right down to my balls, coating my cock with her saliva. Then, gripping the base with her hand, she pursed her lips and ever so slowly enveloped the swollen head in her mouth, swallowing my cock inch by inch until about half of it had disappeared from view. Her mouth felt heavenly, warm and moist as she began to bob her head gradually up and down, taking in more and more of my rod with every down stroke.

I could hardly believe what was happening – I was being blown by Isla Fisher! I reached down and wrapped my fingers in her hair, holding her head there as if to stop her escaping. But she had no intention of escaping as her sucking increased in intensity and pace, tipping her head right back to get more of my cock in her warm complaint mouth until I could almost feel her wet lips on my balls as they gripped my cock. I reacted by gripping her hair harder and began to thrust back and forth into her mouth, making her gag slightly

“Mmmmf, mmmmf” were the only noises Isla could manage as I gave her a severe face fuck, her cheeks bulging to accommodate my throbbing member.

Before too long, I felt the familiar feeling of the sap rising in my balls, and pulled back until my knob was just 2 or 3 inches inside Isla’s mouth. She placed one hand on the shaft and began to wank me furiously, gazing up to me with the look of a wanton slut, almost as if she were begging me to fill her mouth with my warm cum.

I wasn’t going to disappoint her and in a matter of seconds by cock simply erupted in her mouth, the first pulse sending a thick wad of creamy spunk deep into her throat. Greedily gulping down my jism, Isla immediately pulled my cock out of her mouth, closed her eyes and directed the second warm jet of semen over her lips, cheeks and chin. Pulling my cock downwards, she took the third squirt on her boobs, the sticky liquid splattering across her pale breast flesh and dark pink nipples, giving her a fake pearl necklace.

Isla licked my spunk from her lips and fingers right in front of me, then licked my bell end clean from any last remaining droplets of cum. The she rubbed the come on her boobs into her skin, stopping to lick the juice off her fingertips.

Getting to her feet, I pulled Isla close and gripped her butt cheeks firmly, lifting her clean off her feet. She crossed her legs behind my back as I carried her across the kitchen and dumped her down on the table where she had been before. I ducked my head down, licking at her stiff nipples before taking one into my mouth and in turn sucking and biting Isla’s lovely breasts.

She moaned with delight as I slipped my hand up her dress and into her flimsy wet knickers. After rubbing her clit for a few minutes, I felt her hand move alongside mine in her crotch, so I eased my middle finger inside her warm fleshy entrance and began to fist fuck her quickly, desperate to make her come. Then, to my surprise, she slipped a finger into her cunt alongside mine so we were virtually holding hands inside her pussy. I took a break from sucking her tits to look up at her face and she gave me a really dirty smile. I kissed her on the mouth and she whispered

“You love it when I touch myself don’t you Rob? Please frig me hard – don’t be gentle

We then fed each other her fanny juice off each other’s fingers. Isla loved nothing better than licking her own cunt cream off her own fingers so pulled her hand out of her panties and stuck it in turn in her mouth then mine, and I did likewise.

I was so turned on by this stage I was getting hard again and I could feel my cock stiffening. I was desperate to get a better feel of her pussy so I then reached down and ripped her sodden knickers off in one effort, the material tearing as I pulled. Snogging Isla with great force, I then forced one and then two fingers into her wet tightness, forcing them right up her cunt until my palm rested firmly on her pelvic bone. I began to massage her clit with my thumb.

“How many?” asked the little actress.

“2” I said

“I want more!” she purred.

I eased a third finger into her and then a fourth, filling her entirely

“How many?” Isla asked again


Isla sighed and her eyes narrowed with pleasure. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter, soaking my fingers in her juices. She had the wettest pussy I had ever known and seemed to have an endless supply of juice.

“Let me taste myself – I love the taste of my cunt,” she said.

I pulled my hand out of her and first smeared the sticky juice over her breasts, then stuck four fingers right up her again, this time giving her my fingers to suck.

“Mmmm, yummmm” she purred, licking her come off the end of my fingers.

When I tried to replace my hand, I got a shock. She had stuck four fingers up herself and was wanking herself off at a tremendous rate. She pulled her hand out and I replaced it with mine. Isla licked the cream off her fingers whilst I sucked her cum off her nipples. We swapped several times more, and then I eased my other hand round under her arsecheeks and, having first coated it in her fanny juice, eased it slowly and gently into her asshole. Isla grimaced at first with discomfort, but when she relaxed, I eased my finger further and further into her ass as her virgin sphincter muscles relaxed.

“Oh yeah, finger my ass. That feels really good! Rob, I have never done this before but I really want to. Please stick your whole hand up me – FIST ME! Fist fuck me like a dirty little whore!

Not quite believing what I was hearing, I balled my hand into a fist and slowly eased it into Isla’s already very stretched vagina. However, Isla reached down, grabbed my wrist and literally stuffed my hand up her cunt, then she began to rub her clit whilst I simultaneously fist fucked her cunt and finger fucked her ass.

Isla grunted with sheer animal lust as I thrust into her – penetrating her insides, as they had never been penetrated before, her dripping pussy squelching with every thrust. Before too long, she began to shake and swear

“Fuuuccckkk, yeeeaaahhh, do me Rob – God I am so fuuulllll! I’mmm gooonnnnaaaa – AHHHHHHHHH!! IIIIIII’mmmm commmmmiiiiinnnggg!”

Her whole body shook and then, when I withdrew my fist, a torrent of girl cum erupted from her twat, almost as if she had pissed herself, but she hadn’t.

I had just had my first glimpse of female ejaculation, and Isla’s thighs, dress and the table were now covered in her juice.

Isla lay back and took a deep breath, smiling at me and for a minute looked like a pretty teenager again

“I think I got a bit carried away then!”

But I hadn’t finished yet. Moving down the table, I hitched her little dress up with both hands exposing her damp cunt. Kissing the musky trails up her inner thighs, I buried my head between her legs.

“Oh God Rob, yeahhhhh, eat my fanny!” Isla exclaimed.

I licked at her clit slowly, twisting the tip of my tongue around her swollen nub, softly at first but then harder and harder. I raised my hands and started squeezing and pinching her breasts, then plunged my tongue right into her pink gash. Isla tasted lovely, she was still very wet and the musky, salty aroma filled my nose, as I tasted her come juice on my taste buds. I nipped gently on her clit with her teeth as she gripped my hair, pushing my face into her crotch while grinding her pussy down onto my mouth.

Before too long her cries of pleasure grew louder and I felt her juices gushing into my mouth as her body shook with her climax. Isla panted for breath but I would not let up and carried on licking and sucking her, refusing her efforts to pull me away as she came again and again.

I still had not got my cock inside her and was dying to fuck her, so I was pleased when she gestured me over to sit on one of the four dining chairs surrounding the table. Isla hitched her sweat and cum soaked school dress and sat astride me, easing her pussy lips towards the head of my cock. Holding her arse cheeks in her hands, Isla lowered herself onto my cock, her warm muscles constricting to suck me inside of her. She was wet and amazingly tight considering that a few minutes earlier, she had my whole hand stuffed up her cunt.

Slowly but surely, Isla sunk down further onto me, taking inch after inch inside her, until I felt my balls against her flesh. Wrapping her arms around my neck, Isla began to slowly grind up and down, my cock sliding in and out of her sticky snatch. Her pace was very slow but she was taking my cock right deep inside her belly then pulling away until I felt I would come out of her wet, moist haven, impaling herself on me with every thrust. I bent my head to take one of her pointed nipples in my mouth, teasing and flicking at it with my tongue before sucking it fully into my mouth.

Isla was really screwing me and the feeling of her slick fanny on my meat was fantastic. Removing her hands from my hair, she placed them on her arse cheeks, pulling them apart so that her cunt opened even more as if she wanted to take even more of me in than I had to give her. Isla quickened her pace, thrusting faster and faster. She then placed one of her hands between her thighs and began to rub her clitoris furiously, using the other to pinch and stroke her firm breasts. I placed by hands on her arse.

Isla began to pant with her thrusts

“Urrrggghh, urrggghh” she squealed.

Arching her back as she rode me, Isla suddenly let out a yell as she came like a train, her sticky, creamy come flooding over my dick. This sent me over the edge and I shot what seemed like a gallon of thick spunk up her cunt, coating the pink fleshy walls of her twat with my come.

We stopped for a breath of air, sharing a post coital cigarette. I wondered if that was it but then Isla then pulled off her spunk and sweat stained checked dress, revealing for the first time her whole body. Then she lay back on the kitchen table and smiled at me.

“Do you know what Rob, I often get letters from blokes saying how much they would like to fuck me on here. Perhaps it’s about time it happened for real.”

Not needing a second invitation, I climbed up above her and, having pulled her lacy bra clean off her, pushed my dick between her breasts. Isla got the hint and pushed her firm, pert boobs together to make a fleshy channel. I shoved my cock between them and began to tit fuck her, thrusting firmly so that with every forward stroke, my cock slipped into her warm welcoming mouth as she craned her head to engulf my swollen member. In now time at all I reached my peak, pulling my cock from between her breasts and aiming it towards her face. I could feel my cock pulsing as I came, sending a thick wad of sperm over her pretty face. Some of it she caught on her tongue, lapping it up like a cat drinking milk, other creamy strands splashing over her cheeks, hair and chin. I then pointed down and shot the next lot over her tits, coating her dark aureoles and white breast flesh with my spunk.

When I recovered, Isla was desperate for another seeing to, so I stood between her legs, which were dangling over the edge of the table, and shoved my cock hard up her juicy twat. I began to shag her really hard, crushing her boobs with my hands as my thrusts bounced her up and down on the table, my prick sliding effortlessly in and out of her vagina. I screwed her like this for a few minutes, then pulled out and pushed her legs back as far as they would go, so that her ankles were nearly on her shoulders. Quickly I replaced my stiff cock in her pussy, and began to pound into her with great heavy thrusts, grunting with pleasure as I filled her tight hole with my meat.

Isla’s body was being forced up and down on the table with the strength of my strokes.

“Ohh yeeeahh, do me” she exclaimed “Shove it right up me. Oh god Rob, fuck me harder”

Before too long her head began to thrash wildly from side to side as she was hit by a wave of heat that seemed to come from the very core of her, and Isla orgasmed with a cry of delight and fulfilment.

“Spunk me!” she yelped “Pllllllease do it in me!”

I pushed my cock as far as it would go up to my balls in her moist cunt and then watched her as she looked coyly up at me

“Go on baby” she purred, “I want to feel your come in me”

At that point, my knob twitched deep inside her and I obliged her by shooting wads of thick gooey juice into her belly.

Isla’s cunt muscles gripped me tight as if she were milking every last drop, and then I released her legs. We lay there breathless and speechless for a minute.

Isla then got up and went to fetch her dress, but I grabbed her arm and said

“Not so fast young lady. I do believe that you said that I could put it anywhere if I did not tell anyone about your solo show”

Isla looked perplexed and worried

“Jesus Rob, I have been fucked senseless and had a great time but I’m not sure if I can take anymore”

“Don’t worry darling” I tried to comfort her “After this you will never need to worry about a thing”

Taking her by the hand I led her back to the table where so much of the night’s events had taken place.

“Trust Me,” I said to her “I will try not to hurt you”

With that, I pushed her face down onto the table so that her small, firm bum stuck up in the air.

“Oh God, Rob, I’m not sure I can do this. I have never done it like this before” Isla seemed worried about something.

“Done what?” I asked all innocently

“Taken it up the arse!” she almost spat the words out “Do you want me to spell it out for you?”

“Do you really think I would do that?” I quizzed her with a glint in my eye.

With that, I eased my cock between her labia and entered her pussy from behind, guessing that she might need a little encouragement before my party piece.

I began to thrust into her gently at first, then quickening up, big long strokes to fill her as much as possible, my balls slapping against her taut butt cheeks. Isla had seemed reluctant at first, but got more and more turned on. I could feel her becoming damp again as I screwed her, and she assisted by reaching back and masturbating her clit with her right hand. When she came she shrieked with joy

“Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss! Fucking yesssssss! Fuck me Rob, fuck me good!”

But then I stood up and pulled my cock out of her, leaving her pussy quivering in anticipation of another coating of warm spunk.

Instead, I dipped my middle finger into her juicy twat from behind and then pushed it slowly into her dark ass ring, using her own cum cream as a self-made lubricant. Speaking in hushed tones Isla said

“I guess I did say any hole!”

With that she began to help me get her asshole wet, dunking her middle finger into her moist twat and smearing the juice inside her tight anus. When I felt my finger slide into her ass with greater ease, I hooked another into her crack, stretching her open slowly until her muscles relaxed enough to allow me to move both fingers back and forth inside her ass.

Much to Isla’s surprise, it felt good. She even began to push her bum back onto my hand to get better penetration. Her anus was as tight as a drum and squeezed my fingers firmly. To her delight, she was also able to finger herself, rubbing her nub in time with the thrusts of my hand. Isla Fisher had always thought of anal sex as something taboo and unnatural but how could something that felt so good be wrong?

Becoming accustomed to the feeling of my fingers exploring her virgin asshole, Isla slipped one and then two fingers into her wet cunt, stuffing them up herself until the palm of her hand squashed her swollen clit. Isla felt very dirty but was so horny by now she could not care less. Her pussy and ass were being simultaneously probed and the feeling of being full made her feel as if her juices could come gushing out again. Isla wondered what it would feel like if she had an 8” cock up her ass instead of my fingers and before she had realised what she had said she urged me

“Go on Rob, fuck my arse! Stick your big cock in me and fuck my ass till I’m sore”

I grinned and, withdrawing my hand from her, pushed the head of my penis up to her bum crack. Isla reached behind her and grasping my shaft in her hand, guided me in, taking about an inch.

“Arrrggghh” she yelled, biting her lip with her teeth with the initial pain of her debut anal penetration, and I reached out and stroked her hair as if to reassure her.

“Sssshhhh baby, just relax,” I cooed.

But her feeling of pain was soon replaced by one of pleasure and warmth as inch by inch I pushed my knob further inside her ass until a good 6 inches were inside her. Steadying myself, I began to thrust gently back and forth, holding her by the hips and then moving my hands down to stroke and kneed her firm buttocks.

Isla was, despite herself, getting very turned on. She began to slide her fingers back and forth over her breasts, squeezing and pinching her hardened nipples. Then her hands moved south and using one hand to spread her pussy lips wide open, hooked first one, then two, then three and then four fingers into her wet cleft, stretching her cunt as wide as it would go. It felt to me as if she was trying to reach my cock through the membranes of her ass. She soon found a rhythm so that the thrusts of my cock in her anus matched those of her hand in her snatch, sweat breaking out across her brow as she lifted her pretty little butt right up in the air, her other hand descending to rub her clitoris and her head turned to one side on the table gasping for air as both her G spots were probed and stroked at the same time.

I was now getting very carried away fucking Isla’s tight ass, driving up her harder and quicker. She felt her juices flowing and quickly withdrew her hand to lick her cream slowly off her fingers, saving some to reach behind her and share with me. Isla quickly re-entered her cunt and continued frigging herself, the only sounds we could hear were the grunts from me when I thrust into her ass, her low moans of pleasure, the squelching noises of her fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy and the slapping of my balls on her butt cheeks.

My pace was quickening but Isla was not satisfied

“Harder!” she yelled “Fuck me harder!”

I speeded up and began to drill her asshole with my cock but still she wasn’t satisfied

“Be rough with me! Use me like I’m your bitch” she screamed.

I leant forward and pulled her back to me by the hair. Holding her long red mane in one hand I reached round her and began to massage her tits, pinching her nipples so hard she gasped with pleasure.

“I want you to beg me to spunk up your ass” I whispered in her ear.

At this point her frantic finger fucking led to her reaching a shuddering climax, so much so that her legs went wobbly and I thought for a minute she may pass out, but she held herself up, grinding herself back onto my cock to try and take as much of my meat inside her as she could. Extracting her hand from her cunt, she licked her cum juice off her fingertips then smeared the rest over her naked body.

By this time I was screwing her tight ass for all I was worth, and it seemed like her sphincter muscle was crushing my member in an effort to make me spill my seed inside her.

“Go on baby,” Isla pleaded, “Shoot your load right up me. I wanna feel your spunk in my belly”

Gripping her hair tighter and tighter, I felt the warmth rising in my loins and feeling my orgasm approaching, shoved her face down onto the table again, pinning her down with my weight, and plunged my cock into her ass as far as I could and held it there.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass – do it in me!” Isla wailed

I saw stars as my cock erupted deep inside Isla Fisher’s tight virgin asshole, shooting spunk flooding her guts.

We lay still next to each other for a minute then Isla proclaimed

“I love it up the ass. That was great but I don’t think I will be able to walk properly for a week”

She turned and kissed me and said

“You promise you won’t tell anyone”

“I promise” I replied.

Isla reached down on the floor and retrieved her clothes. On finding her ripped, cum stained knickers she laughed

“Don’t think these will be any good to me anymore. Here, you keep them. Let’s just say that it’s something to remember me by. Bye Rob and thanks for today”

With that, she pulled on her dress, turned on one heel and walked out of the house leaving me knackered and naked in Pippa’s kitchen. I looked down at my souvenir and to my surprise, found a little card bearing the legend




MOBILE: 07809 521077

I smiled at myself as I dressed, deciding that I might have to give that number a try sometime in the future.


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