Interviewing…Rachel and Jennifer

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Title: Interviewing…Rachel and Jennifer

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Rachel Platten, Jennifer Lopez

Codes: blowjob, MF, Fmast, FF, anal

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal.

The first show back of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls didn’t have the same star names as the other shows did, but I was sure that these two guests would certainly be up for some after-show fun. Even if they weren’t I knew Kate Abdo, my returning co-host, would certainly let me fuck her and she’d be just as keen to get our guests involved as I was. Rachel Platten had hit fame late but her song, Fight Song, was well-known around the globe and she was certainly hot enough to make it in the music business. Our other guest was a lot more well-known, the multi-talented Jennifer Lopez, appearing on this show as music was her career starter.

Kate’s blowjob before the show was even better as I hadn’t received one in so long, and with my trousers unzipped, we headed onto set to introduce the ladies. Rachel looked absolutely stunning as she wore a black top that clung to her body and a short skirt that showed off her sexy legs. Jennifer looked as equally beautiful as she showed off her ass in leather pants and a low-cut top that showed ample cleavage.

“Welcome to the first in a new series of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls, ladies,” I said, starting the show. “You know by now how the show works so let’s get on with it. Rachel, you’ve hit stardom pretty late compared to others in the business, how has life changed for you?”

“It’s certainly taken off this past year,” Rachel answered, smiling. “Obviously, it was great to have success after so long trying to make the cut. Hopefully, my next album will be as successful as this one and my singles will do as well as Fight Song and Stand by You have.”

“Jennifer, you’ve had success in acting, music and writing,” Kate said, staring at her tits. “What’s your favourite line of work?”

“Well even though I started out in movies, I think music’s always been my favourite,” Jennifer answered. “I have so much fun in the studio and I love working on new material. I love everything I’ve done though, and the movies have been great experiences.”

“Rachel, do you find it weird at all the attention you get now you’ve made it?” I asked.

“It’s a little crazy, but honestly, I don’t get that much,” Rachel answered, smiling. “The odd person recognises me but most of them just think I’m any other woman, which is quite nice. It has got a little crazy though, to be asked to appear on all these shows.”

“Jennifer, you’ve had a lot of attention and coped with it from a young age. Have you got any tips for Rachel on how to avoid all the paparazzi?” Kate questioned, still staring at her tits.

“I think you’ll eventually get used to it, but my top tip would be to just sneak around a lot of places,” Jennifer replied, addressing Rachel. “I think it’s hard to avoid all the press, but with practice, it gets easier and eventually you can have some quiet time to yourself.”

“You must get a lot more attention from men now as well, Rachel,” I said, “being famous and so attractive.”

“Well thanks,” she answered, blushing, “there has been a little increase in the amount of men who try and hit on me, but as I’m happily married I don’t take any notice. It’s flattering though, to be recognised and complimented.”

“Jennifer, you must get hit on by everyone, guys and girls alike,” Kate said, and I could tell she was already getting horny. “Are you ever tempted to act on one of them?”

“I’ve been married three times and have two kids, so I don’t have that much time to be honest,” Jennifer said, leaning forward and showing even more cleavage. “But yeah, every now and then I do get tempted to act on one of the offers I get from guys or girls. I’m not bisexual but I’ve experimented in my time and wouldn’t mind doing it again.”

“Well, that’s certainly what we wanted to hear,” I said, my cock twitching. “And you, Rachel? Have you ever experimented? And how are your sex lives?”

“Being Jewish, it’s frowned upon, but in my youth, I did fool around with a couple of girls,” Rachel said, smiling. “As for the sex life, I was a virgin until I was 31, and since then my husband doesn’t really want sex that much so it’s probably only two times a year.”

“Bloody hell, girl,” Jennifer said to her fellow guest, “I couldn’t deal with that. Only twice a year, that’s like torture. I try and do it twice a week at the bare minimum. It depends on who I’m in a relationship with, and if I have time and if the kids aren’t around, but yeah, I couldn’t deal with that.”

“It certainly does seem harsh on you, Rachel,” Kate said, and she kept glancing over to see if I was hard yet. “So I guess you masturbate to keep yourself ticking over?”

“Masturbation is frowned upon by rabbis, too,” Rachel said, her smile fading a little, “but I do have to touch myself every now and again because I can’t deal with how little action I get. My husband is a stricter Jew than myself so I figure it doesn’t matter.”

“I’d have to touch myself,” Jennifer added, “and I do it frequently. You should do it more often, like twice a week. Two times a week sex, two times a week masturbate, the other three days you get off, that’s my philosophy.”

My cock now was beginning to rise as I continued the interview. “And do either of you have any sexual fantasies that help you masturbate?”

“I do have a fantasy which popped into my head once and really helped me orgasm,” Rachel answered. “It was just someone taking me by surprise, and pleasuring me and then fucking me hard, making sure I came. It was so good, so I’d like that to happen.”

“Having sex with more than one person,” Jennifer said, and I could tell she was getting into this. “I’ve never had a threesome, surprised as you may be, and I really want to experience one or even with more people.”

“Both of those are certainly hot, and I speak from experience, Jennifer, it’s so good,” Kate said, her hand drifting to my cock and starting to jerk it. “What’s the kinkiest thing either of you have ever done?”

“As you’d probably guessed, I’m not the kinkiest of women,” Rachel said, noticing Kate’s hand jerking my cock. “But I’d probably have to say, it was when I did a concert not wearing any underwear. The people in the front row definitely got more than they bargained for.”

“I’ve done so much kinky stuff, it’s hard to pick one out,” Jennifer laughed, also noticing Kate’s handjob and leaning forward to show me a clear view of her tits. “But there’s been stuff like not wearing any underwear, having sex on a movie set. I think maybe the hottest one’s been watching someone get a handjob while live on TV.”

“Haha, we can only imagine who that was,” I said, as Kate brought her mouth down to my cock and started sucking, having asked her final question. “Finally, what’s the strangest thing either of you have had thrown at you on stage?”

“Ah, that’s a great question,” Rachel said, seemingly aroused by the blowjob in front of her. “Someone once through their underwear at me, but it was a guy which was slightly different because they don’t really do that.”

“That’s great,” Jennifer laughed, “but I’ve got you beat. I once had a dildo thrown at me and someone had written on it saying ‘I used this thinking of you’. It was signed by a woman as well which was pretty weird.”

“Wow, that certainly is strange,” I said, wrapping up the interview, Kate still sucking my cock. “Thanks to Jennifer and Rachel and join Kate and I next time when our guests will be the fabulous Shakira and Britney Spears. See you then.”

As soon as the cameras had stopped rolling, and I’d finished the show, I lay back and just let Kate continue sucking my cock. It was clear that Jennifer Lopez would definitely be up for some fun as she’d laid back on the other sofa and was rubbing her breasts through her top, clearly aroused. Rachel Platten, on the other hand, might be a little more difficult but she seemed to be enjoying watching Kate’s blowjob as she too relaxed on the sofa.

Having not fucked Kate since the start of the new seasons of the two shows she was co-host on, I was eager to make sure that that happened on this one. So lifting Kate off my cock, I brought her in for a kiss before stripping off her tight dress, to expose her beautiful naked body. Her pussy was already wet as I lined my cock up and carefully inserted it into her, penetrating my co-host for the first time in the new series. As I thrust my cock into Kate, my mind wondered as to what our two guests would make of their interviewers having sex in front of them, and I chanced a quick glance over my shoulder.

Jennifer had disposed of her top and now had her boobs out on display while her leather trousers were around her knees as she rubbed her pussy through her panties. Rachel had got into the spirit of the sex act too, and her skirt had been hitched right up so that she also had access to her pussy through her panties as they both watched me fuck Kate. I grabbed hold of Kate’s ass and thrust my cock deep into her, loving the feeling of her pussy after such a long time without it, my thrusts met by groans from my co-host.

I could hear moans from behind me and guessed that Rachel and Jennifer had now disposed of their panties and began masturbating properly as I fucked Kate harder and faster. However, I cast them out of my mind as I concentrated on fucking Kate, her moans getting louder as I could feel my cum building. With one final thrust, I bust my load deep inside Kate, where it mixed with her own juices as she came at practically the same time. I kissed her passionately as our juices mingled and then pulling out, I turned to look at my two guests.

Both Jennifer and Rachel were now naked on the sofa, and both had their eyes shut, fingering their pussies hard. I glanced at Kate, and she nodded, as we both had the same idea at once. The girls, having been turned on by our sex show, were so focused on their own pleasure, it seemed they had no idea we’d stopped. Therefore, they didn’t notice as Kate and I snuck off our own sofa and headed over to where the girls were enjoying themselves.

We both bent down at the same time and got to work. I removed Rachel’s fingers and replaced them with my tongue as I began to lick the popstar’s dripping wet pussy, and she let out an audible gasp as she opened her eyes. It was clear she hadn’t been lying about her frequency of having sex, as she responded to my every lick with a louder moan and I could tell she’d cum very soon.

On my right, Kate had bent down at Jennifer’s pussy and, like me, replaced the multi-talented star’s fingers with her own tongue and mouth, but this was greeted by a moan of approval as Jennifer looked down and saw Kate licking her pussy. Jennifer was clearly one of our horniest guests, and she grabbed Kate’s head and pushed it into her pussy, eager for Kate to make her cum. She was nearing orgasm as well, as she looked over and saw me doing exactly the same thing to Rachel.

However, I knew Rachel would cum before Jennifer because I could feel her whole body moving as I licked her pussy, and when I began to rub her clit at the same time, the songstress couldn’t hold out any longer. Letting out a large moan, and with her body convulsing, Rachel squirted her juices over my fingers and tongue. It seemed about four weeks’ worth of orgasm juice left her vagina, as I made sure every last bit left. As Rachel recovered from her orgasm, I looked over and saw that Kate was also on the verge of making Jennifer cum, the actress/musician’s own body convulsing as she gave Kate her juices.

Rachel had soon recovered from her orgasm though, and seemed determined to return the favour. Pushing me down onto the sofa, she laid down and began to suck on my cock just as Kate had done on the show, rubbing her pussy as she did so. She lowered her head and took all of my cock deep into her mouth and I started to wonder whether she’d given several blowjobs as she expertly took care of my cock. I lowered my hands onto her beautiful blonde hair and guided her up and down as she took my cock deep into her mouth, gagging on it a couple of times.

Jennifer had followed Rachel’s lead and begun pleasuring the woman who had just given her an orgasm. She was crouched on the floor and had started to finger and rub the pussy of Kate Abdo, who was playing with her tits and moaning as her pussy was played with. Jennifer brought her tongue to Kate’s pussy and was met by a large moan, as the presenter and my co-host felt the feel of her tongue on her warm pussy.

I couldn’t contain it anymore and knew I needed to give Rachel her first fuck in a very long time. Removing her head from my cock, I pushed her onto the sofa, placing her legs over my shoulders, and placing my cock so it was rubbing against her wet pussy. Slowly, I pushed my cock into Rachel’s pussy and after the first four inches, was met with resistance, and I realised that Rachel’s husband must have never fucked her beyond this point. Slowly I thrust in and out against her tight pussy until eventually my whole cock was inside her pleasuring her, moaning with every thrust.

Kate now had her hand on Jennifer’s head just as Jennifer had done to her, and was in total pleasure as her pussy was licked by the American songstress. Kate looked in heaven as Jennifer flicked her tongue along Kate’s clit and my co-host let out a warning to her lover that she was about to cum. However, this only seemed to encourage Jennifer Lopez and before you knew it, Kate was screaming out in ecstasy as she gave Jennifer her juices, which the guest lapped up with joy.

I was now fucking Rachel furiously and the Jewish singer seemed to be enjoying having something bigger than four inches inside her as I pound her pussy. The tightness of Rachel though, was bringing me closer to orgasm but I wanted to make my guest reach climax first. Thrusting harder and faster, I decided to try a trick that I’d learnt with some girls. Sucking my finger to lube it up, I brought my hand down and rubbed my finger along the entrance to Rachel’s ass. With little warning, I thrust it in to a loud moan and, still fucking, began to finger her asshole. This seemed to please Rachel greatly, and a few moments later, she seemed ready to cum.

“FUCK, I’M CUMMING,” she yelled, as I felt her juices flow against my cock and drip down my leg, my finger still in her ass. My objective achieved, I pulled my cock out of Rachel’s pussy and began to jerk it, determined to cum. I had been close when fucking Rachel, so it only took another couple of minutes before my cum was splattered all over Rachel Platten’s face, something which looked very satisfying.

I sat back on the sofa, thinking that another after show was done and dusted, disappointed I’d only fucked one of my guests but Kate needed her fun too. But Jennifer seemed to have other ideas. Bending down at my feet, she took my cock in her hand and proceeded to jerk it back to its full length, clearly she wasn’t finished. Once my cock was back fully hard, she pulled me close for a kiss and stood up, naked, in front of me.

“You’re the only cock I’ve been in a room with,” she said, bending over, “that hasn’t tried to fuck me up the ass.”

“I was too scared to even ask,” I replied, my cock seemingly getting harder as it realised what was on offer.

Jennifer Lopez was an ass girl. She wasted no time in lubing her ass up as she lowered her famous behind down onto my cock, as I sat there scarcely believing what was happening. As my cock pushed into her asshole slowly, I realised how lucky I was, fucking hot women on a daily basis, and now I was anally penetrating Jennifer Lopez. I glanced over to my left and Kate winked at me as she produced her favourite toy on these shows, her double-ended dildo and began to suck on it. Rachel was totally oblivious to what Kate was doing, she was still in shock from Jennifer’s revelation of wanting her ass fucked.

As I got more and more of my cock into Jennifer’s ass, the multi-talented star enjoyed it more and more unsurprisingly. Soon, when my cock was buried deep in her ass and my hands were massaging her tits, she brought her own hands down to her pussy, where she began to rub herself as she was being pleasured from behind. Rachel was no longer oblivious to Kate’s lubing up of a double-ended dildo and watching the show from Jennifer and I seemed to get her ready, as she lay on the couch and presented her wet pussy to Kate. My co-host didn’t waste any time and pushed the dildo into her before taking the other side herself, and soon the pair of them were fucking the dildo as though their lives depended on it.

Jennifer was bouncing up and down on my cock, still fingering her pussy as I filled her ass, and she was enjoying every minute of it. Announcing she was close to her own orgasm, she sped up the pace with which I fucked her ass, and was soon squirting her juices over the floor as she came for the second time. I continued to fuck her ass though, as the tightness of the wonderful booty was bringing me closer to orgasm. Next to us, the dildo fucking that Kate and Rachel were currently involved in was hot, steamy and very fast. With a loud moan, Rachel released her juices as they flowed over the dildo and onto the sofa.

Kate was next to reach orgasm, watching both Jennifer and Rachel orgasm while she had her pussy fucked seemed to be enough to bring her to her climax with my co-host letting out a loud moan and releasing her own set of juices over the dildo. As Rachel and Kate began sucking each other’s juices off of the dildo, I felt my own climax nearing and, pulling Jennifer down onto my cock, released my load up her ass where she greeted it with a loud, excited moan. Once more, the show hadn’t disappointed and I couldn’t wait for the next one.

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