Interviewing…Naomi, Tara and Tamla

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Title: Interviewing…Naomi, Tara and Tamla

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs:  Naomi Harris, Tara Reid, Tamla Kari

Codes: mast, Fmast, blowjob, MF, FF, pussylick, anal, MFFF

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal.

The new series of Female Film Star Secrets was one which I couldn’t wait to start filming, given the quality of the first guests on the show. We’d finished the last season off with two superb guests in Zoe Saldana and Kate Winslet, and I’d finished inside both of them as well, and the new series was kicking off in similar fashion. Naomi Harris, star of films such as Skyfall and Pirates of the Caribbean, was certainly an A-list guest and although my two other guests weren’t as famous, they were just as hot. Tara Reid, famous from her American Pie days, and Tamla Kari, best known for The Inbetweeners Movie, were certainly two hot, young actresses who I couldn’t wait to meet.

As I did the show introductions, my anticipation was immense as I waited to get back among Hollywood’s finest and I certainly wasn’t disappointed as they emerged onto the set. Naomi was wearing a silky white dress that was almost see-through and showed her beautiful breasts. Tara was not to be outdone and wore a sleeveless green dress that almost exposed her breasts and Tamla looked stunning in a black dress that finished right at the top of her legs.

“Welcome to the first in a new series of Female Film Star Secrets, ladies, and can I say how stunning you all look tonight,” I said, starting the interview. “Now, every guest knows how this show works so let’s get on with the questions. Naomi, what’s been your favourite movie to film so far?”

“I’d have to say, being in the James Bond movies is certainly something that I don’t think will ever be beaten,” Naomi answered. “I’ve only done two so far but both of them were so much fun and Daniel Craig’s such a good actor to work alongside.”

“Tara, how was it coming back to the American Pie series after such a long while away from it?”

“It was certainly great to catch up with all the cast again, given the fact it had been nine years since we’d done the last one,” Tara replied. “But it was always good fun to be filming those movies and so it was great to be back doing it again.”

“Tamla, your only appearance really has come in the Inbetweeners movies. How was it to go onto the set of such a successful TV show?”

“Obviously, it’s a bit different to filming something new as most of the cast knew each other,” Tamla said. “And it was my first real break so I was relatively unknown. But they all made me feel so welcome and I really loved filming both of the movies.”

“A common question on this show regards sex scenes. Naomi, you’ve done a couple in your time, how were they for you and would you do more?”

“My first one was a little bit awkward,” Naomi answered honestly. “Because I’d never been naked on screen before, I wasn’t sure what they wanted but once you’ve done one, they’re so much easier. I’d definitely do more if it was crucial to the character I was playing, but I wouldn’t take a part just because there was a sex scene.”

“Tara, you’re most famous sexual moment is the American Pie orgasm,” I continued. “What was going on there? Was it totally fake or was there some enjoyment for you?”

“It was a little bit weird because I found that I couldn’t get into it enough when we did it with no pleasure,” Tara answered. “So we tried a lot of things out, me masturbating, actually having the scene and nothing, and then the editors mixed and matched the best reaction to get the end result.”

“It certainly made for good viewing,” I added. “Tamla, you are yet to star in a sex scene in a movie or TV show? Is this an avenue that you’d go down?”

“Depending on the part, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to having sex on camera,” Tamla answered. “I do enjoy sex in my personal life so doing it as part of my job would probably be something I would be able to deal with.”

“And how often do you ladies manage to have sex in your personal lives with such hectic schedules?”

“My schedule actually hasn’t been that busy lately, so I have sex quite a lot if I can,” Tamla answered immediately. “If I can’t have sex, I’ll masturbate but I’ll certainly do one of the two every day. In terms of a number, I’d say it probably averages out at twice a week for sex.”

“Well, like Tamla, I haven’t been as busy lately as I was earlier in my career,” Tara agreed, “but it’s still quite difficult for me to have sex because I’m constantly in different countries. I’d say, on average, I probably have sex once or twice every two weeks, and the rest of the time is made up with masturbation.”

“I’ve probably been the busiest of the three of us, but I’ve still had some space in my schedule for sex,” Naomi answered. “I try and make time for a good sex life because I think it’s important, but sometimes I do just have to make do with masturbation. If I can, I’d say it’s sex once a week.”

“Not bad for all of you then,” I said, my cock twitching in anticipation. “You all mentioned masturbation so what gets you ladies off?”

“To be honest with you,” Tara replied first, “I like really corny stuff. Amateur porn, parodies or just stuff that is good but bad if you know what I mean. Sometimes I’ll find a really good porn video but mostly it’s the amateur stuff or my imagination that does the trick.”

“Watching other actresses, sometimes ones I’ve starred with, have sex always gets me off,” Tamla answered. “If they’ve done a sex scene I’ve watched it. I’ve seen both these girls’ sex scenes and they’re hot, so I’ve probably masturbated to both of them at some point.”

“Thanks, Tamla,” Naomi said, a little embarrassed, “I don’t know how to follow that. Erm, the main thing that gets me off is when I recollect a pretty hot scene I’ve done, or sex I’ve had, and imagine that again.”

“Tamla’s certainly not leaving anything secret, is she?” I joked, as my cock began to rise. “We’re running out of time, but we’ve got one final question. You have to do a threesome scene with one man and one woman, who do you pick?”

“Honestly, that’s not that hard for me,” Tara said. “American Pie was so much fun and I had such good chemistry that I think it would have to be Thomas Ian Nicholas and Alyson Hannigan. She’s so beautiful as well and I’ve watched her tape so I know what to expect.”

“Johnny Depp was always really nice to me so I think he’d be great to film a sex scene with,” Naomi answered. “I guess we could do a Pirates of the Caribbean one with Keira Knightley as well, she’s really hot.”

“Erm, gosh, I don’t know, there’s so many people I’d love to have sex with,” Tamla said, eyeing up my rising cock and positioning herself so she could sneakily pleasure herself. “I’d probably say that Alexandra Dowling, who I worked with on the Musketeers, would be a great fuck and so I’d say her and then every woman’s dream, Leonardo Di Caprio.”

“Very revealing, ladies, thank you,” I said, finishing the show, with a boner that was still rising and being watched by Tamla Kari. “That’s all we’ve got time for, but join me next time when I’ll be joined by the fabulous Rose Byrne and Isla Fischer. See you then.”

As soon as the show had finished, I knew Tamla Kari would be up for some fun. She was keeping a firm eye on my hard cock as she sneakily rubbed herself through her dress. Tara and Naomi, however, seemed to be oblivious to both my member and her masturbation as they chatted amongst themselves. Wanting to take things further, I released my cock so that it was on show and slowly began jerking it, keeping eye contact with Tamla.

It wasn’t until Tamla got up off the couch next to Tara and Naomi and came over, knelt down and began to suck on my cock that the other two guests noticed what was going on. Clearly, they hadn’t been as horny as Tamla and myself following the show, but I soon hoped to change that. I looked across at them and was certain not to break my gaze as Tamla worked on my cock, my body relaxing as her head bobbed up and down.

I could slowly see both Tara and Naomi beginning to get a little horny as Tamla sucked on my cock, but I knew that I needed to do more to ensure that they joined in this fuck session. Standing up, I pulled up Tamla’s dress to expose her naked pussy, she was wearing no underwear, and after rubbing it for a few seconds, I lined up my cock against it. With a quick glance at Naomi and Tara, I thrust my cock into Tamla’s pussy which she received with a loud moan, the actress clearly eager to fuck.

As I pushed my cock in and out of Tamla Kari, I knew that Naomi and Tara would certainly not be able to help themselves from watching the show. Hopefully, it would get them horny enough so that I could fuck one if not both of them tonight, something I’d been wanting to do for a long time. However, right now, I was focused on fucking Tamla and her moans told me she hadn’t had sex in a long while as with every push, there was a congratulary moan or praise. Suddenly, with hardly any warning, she let out a scream and I felt her juices flow over my cock as I thrust in and out of her pussy. This pushed me closer to climax and I quickly whipped my cock out of her pussy and jerked it so it exploded over her belly and pussy.

As I recovered I looked over to where I hoped Naomi and Tara would still be watching and getting hornier by the second. But my plan had worked superbly, and both women had stripped off completely and were fingering their pussies as they watched Tamla and I have sex. They both had incredible bodies and I knew I wouldn’t get a better opportunity than this. Standing up, I walked over and laid Tara Reid down on the sofa before getting into position and slowly started rubbing her clit. Then I bent down and bring my tongue to her wet pussy, licking it as she let out a moan and played with her nipples.

Thankfully, it seemed Naomi had taken the initiative of getting involved and had made her way over to the other sofa where Tamla was still recovering from her orgasm. She didn’t have much time however, as Naomi hovered her pussy over Tamla’s mouth and began bouncing up and down onto her outstretched tongue. Soon, the Pirates of the Caribbean and Spectre star was letting out moans as Tamla licked away at her pussy, her hands now gripping Naomi’s hips as she grinded on her face.

Having stolen a glance at my other two guests, I focused on bringing Tara to a pulsating orgasm and furiously began working at her clit. My tongue circled around it, as I probed it occasionally into her pussy, each lick being met with another moan from the American Pie star. I inserted a finger into the American actress’s pussy to aid my assault, and this was met with a moan of approval as Tara felt the penetration. Tara began to moan louder as I sped up my oral assault on her pussy and, fancying my chances, I decided to remove my finger from her pussy and play with her asshole. Having lubed it up, I carefully pushed my finger inside her ass and began to finger it as I continued licking her pussy. Clearly, Tara enjoyed the sensation as her moans increased in volume and a few minutes later, she collapsed following an intense orgasm where I lapped up all her juices.

I stood up following my successful mission to make Tara cum and looked on as Tamla licked away at Naomi’s grinding pussy, with the black actress making a lot of noise and I could tell she was close to cumming. My cock was semi-hard but it was soon at it’s full length as I watched the lesbian scene going on in front of me, knowing that Tamla was moments away from giving Naomi Harris an orgasm. Suddenly, I felt a hand around my cock and, looking down, saw that Tara had clearly decided it was time for her to return the favour and began jerking my cock as I watched the other two girls.

Tara was soon on her knees and taking my cock in and out of her mouth, while I watched Naomi receive a pussy licking from Tamla. Moments later, the black actress let out a big scream, lowered her pussy right onto Tamla’s face and went through a pulsating orgasm. As Naomi came down from her orgasm, Tara seemed to decide that she wanted a cock inside her and she led the way back over to the couch. However, it was better than I could have dreamed of.

“Put it in my ass,” she said, bending over and presenting her back cavity to me. “I want your cock deep inside my ass.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. Grabbing my cock, I guided it towards the entrance to Tara’s ass, and slowly pushed it inside. After slowly, working it’s way in, it transpired that Tara’s ass was not as tight as I’d imagined it to be, clearly she was a favourite of the anal play. I’d only fucked three stars up the ass on this show, Vanessa Hudgens, Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox, but Tara was by far the best so far. My whole cock could fit inside her ass with relative ease and as she pushed back on it, the sensation she was feeling seemed to be pleasing her greatly.

As I stood there fucking Tara Reid’s ass, my mind wondered to what my other two guests were doing, however that question was just about to be answered. Naomi Harris was standing next to me, and pulled me in for a kiss, as her fellow guest Tamla Kari also joined us on the couch. Tamla seemed to be deciding whether she wanted to give or receive pleasure and settled on the latter option as she got into position so that her pussy was accessible for Tara while she received her anal pounding. Tara wasted no time and began to lick Tamla’s wet pussy as she continued to get fucked up the ass by my cock.

Naomi was the only one now not involved in this sex, but she soon decided she’d change that. The black actress manoeuvred herself so that she was crouched underneath the place where my cock was going into Tara’s ass and began to lick Tara’s pussy at the same time as she masturbated her own. I could tell that this new sensation added to the one she was already receiving meant that Tara was going to cum very soon and I wasn’t to be denied.

With a couple of final thrusts, and Naomi’s continuous licking, Tara let out an enormous moan as she reached her climax, her juices squirting all over the face of the Skyfall actress. Once Tara had finished squirting her juices, Naomi decided she wanted some pleasure herself and clambered on top of the American Pie star, presenting her pussy in the direction of me. With no hesitation, I grabbed Naomi’s legs and pulled her pussy towards me and began licking her pussy, which was already wet from the self-pleasuring she had been doing while she had been feasting on Tara’s womanhood.

Speaking of Tara, she seemed to be determined to give Tamla the same orgasm she had just had and was licking away at her pussy with pace and power, evident from Tamla’s moans. I still had my cock buried in her ass but was fucking her a lot slower, given the fact we were now both pleasuring other pussies.

Tamla and Naomi were both nearing orgasms and the two actresses were moaning louder than ever as their pussies were licked by Tara and myself respectively. Soon, without warning, Naomi let out a loud scream and my face was covered in her sticky woman cum, as she reached a passionate climax. As soon as she had come down from it, however, she didn’t hang around and pulling my cock out of Tara’s ass, knelt down and began to suck on it, seemingly determined to make sure I came too.

I’d been close to orgasm, while fucking Tara’s ass, so as soon as Naomi started to suck me off, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I released my load. But it was Tamla who orgasmed first, her back arched with a loud moan, and Tara lapped away at her juices as her eyes focused on mine. This steady eye contact, coupled with the deepthroat I was receiving from Naomi Harris, brought me to my orgasm too, and I couldn’t control myself, squirting my load down Naomi’s throat and into her stomach. However, the actress sucked every last drop out of my cock, looked up and smiled and as we collapsed on the sofa, the new series of Female Film Stars Secrets had started with a bang.

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