Interviewing…Lucy, Toni, Casey and Jodie

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Title: Interviewing…Lucy, Toni, Casey and Jodie

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Lucy Bronze, Toni Duggan, Casey Stoney, Jodie Taylor, Kate Abdo

Codes: Fmast, oral, MF, FF, MFFFFF, facial

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal.

I was very excited that we had reached the stage of a new series of Sportswomen Uncovered and that my co-host Kate Abdo had agreed to continue hosting the show with me. It would be her first full season as my willing co-host, after she had begun the role following her own interview and fucking halfway through the previous series.

Having not seen her for a while, I called her into my dressing room before we began the show to catch up and renew our acquaintances. Before we knew it, we were both naked and involved in a 69 which culminated in Kate squirting her juices into my mouth and mine covering Kate’s face. With us both satisfied, we parted ways and turned our attentions to getting ready for the first show of the new series.

And what a show we had. We had a massive four guests on the show, and each one of them was as sexy and hot as the other. They had all featured for England’s women’s football team at the Women’s World Cup the previous summer and were all fantastic role models for the women’s game in England. Lucy Bronze, Toni Duggan, Casey Stoney and Jodie Taylor had all gained a lot of plaudits for the way they had performed at the World Cup and I was just hoping that the girls would be as open to fun as our previous guests on the series before had been.

When they entered the studio, both Kate and I remarked at how they all looked as good as each other. Lucy Bronze, a BBC Sports Personality nominee, was wearing a short black dress that showed off her sexy legs while Toni Duggan, who had modelled before, looked sexy in a black lacy number that was bordering on see-through. Casey Stoney, a well-known lesbian, looked great in a white top with jeans while Jodie Taylor, scorer of a famous goal against Canada, was wearing a bright orange dress that she looked great in.

“Welcome to the show, ladies, and it’s a pleasure to have you here,” I said, beginning the introductory speech. “A huge congratulations on your success last summer. Now, I trust you all know what this show entails so let’s just get on with it, shall we? How was the World Cup for you guys? Did you feel any pressure at all?”

“It was such a great experience,” Toni answered, “it really was. Playing at such a big tournament with the world’s best and doing so well was something we could only dream of.”

“I don’t think we felt that much pressure, you know,” Lucy added. “We weren’t really aware of how much attention we were getting in England, the boss tried to keep it from us. It was only in the days leading up to the semi-final that we started to realise a lot of people were watching.”

“You certainly did encourage a lot of people,” Kate said, “and inspire a lot of young girls. Does it feel good to be able to inspire young people like you have done?”

“Obviously, it feels amazing to know that a lot of young girls are playing football now because of how well we did,” Casey said. “It’s a great legacy to have for us, and hopefully we can inspire a new generation of girls who can break through and win the tournament.”

“We all certainly hope that will happen. Jodie, your goal in the quarter final was so important, did you realise it at that point or after the game?”

“I knew it could be a crucial goal for us, but at that moment in time, you’re just focused on the game and doing a job for the team,” Jodie answered. “Obviously, after the game, I realised just how important it was, but the main thing was winning the game and I was just glad I could help do that.”

“Lucy, you received personal fame as well, being nominated for Sports Personality of the Year. Has that sunk in yet, what an incredible year you’ve had?”

“I think it’s started to sink in now,” Lucy answered passionately. “Obviously, it all happened in a bit of a blur but now it’s the off season, I’ve had time to take it in. But it was a real team effort from the girls and I’m proud of all of them.”

“That certainly seemed to be a contributing factor at the World Cup,” I said, continuing the interview, “the team spirit in the camp was so high. What makes it such a good morale?”

“I don’t think there’s one single factor,” Toni answered, “we just all get on so well. Steph’s (Houghton) a great leader and she tries to keep everyone’s spirits up and obviously it works.”

“Casey, you were one of the first openly gay English internationals,” Kate said. “How was that for you?”

“The girls were so supportive which made it easy,” Casey answered, “but occasionally, it’s difficult, especially with so many beautiful girls in the team, but my steady relationship helps. It would definitely be harder if I was single.”

“Jodie, can you tell us any juicy gossip that our viewers would love to hear about the team?”

“Erm, I don’t know that much gossip, to be honest with you,” Jodie answered, disappointingly. “Occasionally, there’s the odd thing you walk in on, but you just pass it off.”

“Such as?” I probed, eagerly.

“Well, I once caught Casey in the changing rooms with her partner, Megan Harris, and let’s just say they were having a little bit of fun.”

“Well, that’s certainly a story there,” Kate said, winking at Casey. “What are the sex lives like for you girls? Giving all the training?”

“Being single, I guess my sex life’s not great, to be honest,” Lucy was first to answer. “I haven’t had a good fuck in a long while and I do miss it. But I keep myself busy.”

“Yeah, like Lucy, I’m single,” Toni answered, “but I try to keep myself sexually active as much as possible. I love sex, I’m addicted almost, so if I can have sex I certainly will.”

“Obviously, for me, being with Megan, we try and stay as sexually active as possible,” Casey added. “With us both in the same profession, it means we have similar schedules so can have sex really whenever we’re together.”

“Yeah, being in Canada, it’s difficult for me to find someone, as I’m always jetting off over the place,” Jodie said. “It’s a shame, but I haven’t had sex in almost a year now, so I’ve masturbated so frequently, it’s almost second nature.”

“A year? That’s a long time, Jodie,” I said, secretly hoping that Kate and I could change that. “You mentioned that most of you masturbate, so what gets England’s footballers off?”

“For me, porn is the greatest industry of all time,” Toni was quick to answer, “I watch so much porn that if I hadn’t been a footballer, I think I would’ve made a career in that.”

“Yeah porn’s good for me, too,” Jodie answered, “although, I do have some friends back in England who send me nude photos occasionally and I’ve got off to those sometimes.”

“I prefer to just masturbate without anything,” Lucy said, “I just feel so independent when I do it. I’ll occasionally watch a bit of porn but it’s usually just me, my fingers and my toys.”

“All the nudes I have of Meg,” Casey was last to answer. “She’s so beautiful and when she’s not there, I’ll masturbate to pics of her and memories of when we’ve fucked.”

“Very sexy indeed,” Kate said, and I could tell she was getting just as horny as I was, “you girls seem like risk takers. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done or want to do?”

“That’s easy,” Casey answered quickest this time. “Meg and I have made a video tape. There’s each of us masturbating and then us fucking three times. Making a porno was so fun, we keep adding to it.”

“I’ve always wanted to have sex publically,” Toni said, “but I can never find anyone to do it with me. If people were watching me have sex, I think it’d be so hot, I’d definitely reach climax a lot.”

“I’ve sent nudes but that’s about it, really,” Jodie answered. “I’m not just that kinky a person. I guess, fucking in a changing room would be pretty cool but other than that, I don’t know.”

“Erm,” Lucy stuttered, as she had just noticed Kate’s movements, my fellow presenter pulling my cock out of my jeans and beginning to stroke it. “Erm, I – I, I guess, it would probably have to be, when I masturbated on a train on the way to an away game. All the other girls were sleeping around me, and so I thought, why not.”

“Wow,” I said, as Kate bent down and began to suck my cock, “that’s certainly risqué. Well, unfortunately, we’ve reached the end of the first episode of the new Sportswomen Uncovered. But Kate and I will be back next time with some more fabulous guests, when ice hockey’s Hilary Knight and skiing sensation Lindsay Vonn are here. See you then.”

As soon as the cameras had stopped rolling, I lay back in the sofa and enjoyed the feeling of Kate’s lips around my cock for the second time today. I looked at my guests trying to gage the reaction of the four footballers who had seemed very open sexually. Lucy and Casey seemed unsure as to what was going on but Jodie and Toni had their eyes transfixed on the blowjob that Kate was giving me, as though they were eager to join in.

I could tell by their answers they had given me that Toni was easily going to be up for some after-show fun, and the fact Jodie had gone without sex for so long meant that she would definitely be keen, but I was disappointed by Lucy. She was the girl I was most excited to have on the show, ever since her superb performances at the World Cup, and I couldn’t wait to see what she was like naked, but that didn’t look likely.

Suddenly, Lucy got up and headed back to her dressing room, clearly not wanting to join the proceedings going on, but I had an idea. I pulled Kate off my cock and whispered my plan in her ear, and having agreed, she headed over to go and play with Toni and Jodie, who were rubbing their pussies through their clothes. I got up and followed Lucy out of the studio and headed towards the guest changing rooms. For those of you wondering where Casey was, the fact that Kate had shown she was eager for some lesbian play seemed to have sparked up her interests and she was watching the exchange of kisses between her teammates and my co-host, probably about to get involved.

I stopped outside Lucy’s door and listened to try and see if I could hear anything to see what was going on. Not being able to hear anything, I knocked on the door and waited for her to answer. When Lucy arrived at the door, she was still dressed the same way she had been, and it looked as though she had just been sitting there doing nothing.

“Lucy, can I come in?” I asked, nervously.

“I guess so,” she said, and she opened the door to allow me to walk in.

“We didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, Lucy,” I began to explain, “it’s just Kate always gets so horny when she hears such sexy answers as yours that she has to do something.”

“I don’t mind, I just wasn’t expecting it,” Lucy said, just as nervously, “it’s just the fact that I haven’t had sex in a longer while than Jodie and I just didn’t know what to do.”

“How long’s it been?” I asked, gingerly.

“Well, since I last did anything sexual, it would have to be three years,” Lucy answered, clearly worried at my response. “It was my 21st birthday, the last time I had sex and I’ve not done anything since then.”

“That’s ok, don’t worry, everyone goes through dry phases,” I said. “Before this show, I hadn’t had sex in about four years, so don’t worry about it. Come on, we can change that.”

“I’m not sure, I’m nervous,” Lucy confessed.

“Trust me,” I said, taking her hand and leading her back to the studio, where I hoped Kate had put phase two of the plan in place.

As I led Lucy Bronze back to the studio, I could tell she was still unsure as to what was happening. The fact she hadn’t had sex for three years was unsettling her but I hoped what she was going to see would assure her a lot more.

The sight that met my eyes when I walked in the room was exactly what I had hoped Kate would be able to make happen. As we stood, looking on, I felt my cock twinge in my pants and was sure Lucy would be aroused too. All four women were stark naked on the sofa and on the screen was a picture of none other than Lucy herself. Kate was sitting next to Toni Duggan and the two ladies had their eyes firmly locked on the picture of Lucy as they massaged each other’s pussies. Meanwhile, Jodie Taylor and Casey Stoney had clearly taken matters firmly, as Jodie was looking at the pussy while she had her pussy licked by her England teammate.

I looked at Lucy and she was in shock, as she watched her England teammates have fun while a picture of her was there. Leading her into the room, I sat down on the sofa and began to stroke my own cock at the picture of Lucy, while she stood there, unsure what to do. Eventually, having observed everyone in the room, she walked over to me, bent down and began to replace my hands with her own and her mouth as she started to suck me off.

I smiled at Kate as our plan worked perfectly and sat back to enjoy the second blowjob of the night, this time from Lucy Bronze. Kate was clearly waiting for Lucy to get involved, because as soon as she had started sucking my cock, she had knelt down and begun to lick Toni’s pussy, crouched next to Lucy. I glanced over at the other side of the room and Jodie was moaning incredibly loudly as Casey brought her towards the first orgasm of what I hoped was going to be a long fuck fest.

Considering Lucy hadn’t done anything sexual in three years, she still knew how to handle a cock, and her sucking and caressing of my balls was bringing me close to orgasm. Jodie’s loud moaning told me she had reached hers and judging from the groans next to me, Toni wasn’t far away either. Taking my cock out of Lucy’s mouth I began to jerk it fast until my load squirted all over the face of the brunette beauty.

Standing up, I looked around me and was delighted at what I saw. Lucy was still kneeling in front of me, her face now covered in my cum, but next to her Kate had her head buried in Toni’s pussy and was bringing her to a very loud orgasm. Glancing over to the other sofa, I saw that Jodie was now in position and returning the favour to Casey, the lesbian guiding the Canadian’s tongue with instructions, as she clearly had never licked pussy before.

As it seemed everyone was already busy with each other, I helped Lucy up and began to undress her. Once she was fully naked, I laid her on the couch and began to rub her already-wet pussy, something which told me she’d been aroused by the blowjob and the other girls. Given the fact Lucy hadn’t had a cock inside her for three years, I decided to waste no time and brought my cock and rubbed it gently against the entrance to her pussy. Slowly, I pushed into the tight entrance and was soon fucking her in a steady rhythm as I worked my member inside her. Her moans told me she was enjoying this fucking deeply and soon my whole cock was inside her and fucking her at a steady pace.

Meanwhile, over on the other side of the room, Casey Stoney was moaning loudly as Jodie Taylor licked and worked her pussy towards orgasm. I don’t think she could quite believe that her England teammates were all engaging in this orgy with her and two presenters, and she definitely came quicker than she would have done usually, judging by her reaction as Jodie worked her to climax.

Kate and Toni were also enjoying themselves fully as they were sharing a passionate kiss after Kate had just brought Toni to a pulsating climax. It seemed the England striker was the sexual deviant she had said she was. Watching all these scenes only made me speed up the pace with which I was fucking Lucy, and she seemed to enjoy the quicker tempo. Her moans were louder and she was more breathless and as I reached out and squeezed her breast, she informed me she was almost there. With a few more thrusts, Lucy let out a huge scream and had her first orgasm through penetration since her 21st birthday, her juices flooding over my cock.

I pulled my cock out of Lucy, gave her a kiss and then stood up, surveying the situation. Everyone was recovering from orgasms and I decided it was time I took charge. I moved over and sat down on the couch next to Jodie, dick still hard. Guiding her, she clambered on top of me and lined up my cock with her wet pussy before slowly lowering herself down onto it. Soon, she was bouncing up and down on my cock, her moans showing that she, like Lucy, was enjoying her first feel of a cock inside her in a long while.

Glancing around Jodie, I looked and saw that Kate had taken control, like me. She’d laid Lucy down on the sofa and had her head buried deep in her pussy, clearly in a pussy eating mood today. Not to be left out, Toni had gone over to Casey and the experienced lesbian was now instructing her second teammate in how to lick pussy as she guided Toni’s tongue while she watched the scene in front of her.

Jodie was certainly enjoying our fucking and I could tell she was close to cumming, as was I. As she bounced up and down on my cock, I heard two loud moans and could tell both Lucy and Casey had hit their respective climaxes. This seemed to push me over the edge and as I thrust into Jodie, I felt my load squirt deep inside the sexy striker. My cum inside her seemed to bring her to climax and with an almighty moan, she released her juices and mixed them with my own in her pussy.

“Fuck me, that was good,” I said, as Jodie got off my cock and collapsed beside me.

“Couldn’t agree more,” she said, leaning in for a kiss.

“I think I’ve got one more round left in me, though,” I said, as my cock began to get hard again, looking at the sexy sluts naked.

Suddenly, I had an idea. Making my way over to Kate, I suggested my plan and she seemed keen to initiate it. I moved over and positioned Toni so that my cock was at the entrance to her pussy, but wasn’t done yet. Together, Kate and I instructed the girls so that each was in a position to receive a pussy licking, Jodie from Toni, Lucy from Jodie and Casey from Lucy. Then Kate positioned herself so that her pussy was hovering above Casey’s mouth in what was the hottest sight I’d ever seen on the show.

Without further ado, I thrust my cock into Toni’s pussy and the girls all began to pleasure the pussy presented to them. I glanced up at Kate and she smiled at me, as she had her pussy licked by a proper lesbian, clearly enjoying the sight. It was certainly one of the best ideas I’d had for an after show fuck, I knew I would cum pretty quickly but I couldn’t stop myself. Toni’s pussy certainly felt a lot looser than Lucy’s or Jodie’s and as I pounded her and watched as the girls all licked each other, I once again praised my idea for the show.

However, to my surprise, I wasn’t the first to cum. I was very close to orgasming when Kate suddenly let out a huge moan and squirted her juices into Casey’s mouth. I guess having a lesbian lick your pussy and that view would make anyone cum pretty quickly. Kate’s orgasm seemed to help me cum and with one final thrust I released my load deep in Toni’s pussy, where it mixed with her own, her orgasm very quick too.

With both of us reaching our climax, Kate and I moved over to the other sofa where we sat, naked, watching as the footballers licked each other out. As if by magic, they came one at a time, Lucy first, then Jodie and lastly Casey. We exchanged a passionate kiss and couldn’t wait for the next show after what could’ve been the best one yet.

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