First Time For Everything Chapter One

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Title: First Time For Everything Chapter One

Author: Benson32

Celebs: Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson

Codes: FF, nc/cons, reluc, mast

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction and is meant only for entertainment/fantasy purposes, not to be taken seriously.

Selena made her way through the labyrinth of trailers on the studio lot. They had wrapped filming of “Springs Breakers” for the day and she was on her way to ask if Vanessa wanted to go to dinner to talk about the scenes they were going to be filming tomorrow and maybe go over some lines. Selena wore her wardrobe for the scenes from earlier, as she hadn’t changed yet. A light blue bikini with matching bottoms, and a pair of flip flops. At this point she was used to the male crew members turning to watch her walk away, not like they were going to get anything from her, anyway.

She rounded a corner and came to Vanessa’s trailer. She stopped suddenly, because she heard something coming from inside. Vanessa was crying. She rushed to the door, pulled it open, and ran inside. “Vanessa, are you ok? I heard—OH. My God uummm. Sorry, I’ll just, um.” It turns out what Selena had heard had not been crying, but moaning.

Vanessa sat on the couch, wearing a bikini top, and only a bikini top. Her purple jean shorts were on the floor around her ankles, and her panties were in a ball on the floor, they were still soaked from what she and Ashley had done last night. Vanessa had three fingers pumping in and out of her cleanly shaven pussy. Her hips were bucking rhythmically back and forth, doing the opposite of her fingers, in order to make it feel more pleasurable. She was shaking because she knew she was close to cumming. Filming had wrapped nearly two hours ago, so she assumed everyone had gone home. If she wanted to masturbate, she had to wait until all the crew had gone home for the night… she could get pretty loud. She listened for a few seconds and decided that everyone had gone home (well, Ash was still in her trailer of course, but she wouldn’t be here for another couple of hours) and she decided it was safe for her to moan all she wanted. She started quietly, and gradually got louder and louder. She was on the verge of cumming, fingers glistening with pussy juice, eyes clenched shut with pleasure, and her mouth hanging open, an endless moan of intense pleasure escaping from her, when the door to hear trailer flew open and Selena ran in.

Vanessa instinctively stopped fingering herself, but she knew the damage had been done, so she just ran with it. Selena was rambling, clearly the more embarrassed of the two. Something about coming back later, but Vanessa stopped her.

“Hey, Sel, it’s fine seriously. What’s up?” she asked, as if nothing was strange. The stinging in her pussy was starting to subside and she hated that she hadn’t finished before Selena had arrived. Although….

“Uhhhhh I was uh.” Selena couldn’t get the image of Vanessa with two, three?, fingers in her crotch out of her head. She didn’t know why. She didn’t like girls. Or at least she had never thought of it. Vanessa gave her an encouraging look, and she continued.

“I just uh came to see if you wanted to go to dinner.” She said awkwardly.

Vanessa raised her eyebrows and leaned back on the couch. Selena looked at the ceiling as Vanessa’s legs fell open an inch or two.

Vanessa replied, “Yeah, sure. Sounds good. You can come in, by the way!” She added with a giggle. Selena was still standing in the door, which was propped open against her back, into which it had swung.

Selena walked inside tentatively and took a seat on a leather chair which all the trailers had. It was surprisingly cushiony and spun in a complete circle. Selena reached down to the cushion of the chair and picked up a weird object she’d never seen before. It was a plastic cylinder with a large rubber ball looking thing on the end. There were three buttons on the “handle” and a chord that ran out the bottom and into the wall, where it was plugged in. Selena sat this on the table in front of the chair and sat down. Vanessa saw Selena admiring the device and smirked, if all went well, that toy would come back in to play. Vanessa looked at Selena, for what was probably the thousandth time. It hadn’t been just male crew members watching Selena walk away on set. She had wanted this for quite some time, but hadn’t been sure how to act, until now. Selena crossed her legs, Vanessa wished she hadn’t, but didn’t mind looking at her tits, they were nothing to scoff at.

“Sorry you had to see that.” Vanessa said, feeling she needed to calm Selena down by addressing her issue.

“Oh, no it’s my fault. I should’ve knocked.”

“Well you thought I was upset, so you came in to help, you’re so sweet.”

“Thanks.” Selena said. She wished Vanessa would pull her shorts from her ankles and back where they belonged. She was running out of places to avert her eyes.

Vanessa decided to do a little test, the TV was on. She kicked her shorts aside and got up to walk over to the flat-screen, which was directly in front of the nervous Latina. She bent down slowly and turned off the TV. The sting in her pussy was back due to the tease she was giving her co-star. She was showing Selena her pussy lips and ass (she bent a little further) make that asshole. She smirked from ear to ear as she looked in the dark tv screen and saw the reflection of Selena looking directly at her pussy.

Selena didn’t know what was happening. She couldn’t look away from Vanessa’s ass (Vanessa bent a little further) make that asshole. So tight and puckered. Her ass was nice and round, and her pussy lips were perfectly hairless and had a nice seam. Wait, what?! No stop! She didn’t like boys. GIRLS! Girls. She didn’t like girls. Although….Ashley. Selena had known for a long time that she had a crush on Ashley. She told herself that it was fine, every girl experienced that for one other girl, and it was fine. Besides, nothing would ever happen between the two of them. She loved talking to Ashley. She was so sweet to Selena, and they got along great, like they had known each other forever, and were sort of constantly flirting, though Selena was sure she was imagining that bit. But she drew her attention back to the girl who she didn’t need to imagine naked, because she actually WAS naked. Selena loved Vanessa, as a friend of course. She lived how sexy-no, pretty. Pretty she was. Her hair that was brown at the roots, but blond the rest of the way down, her beautiful face. Her large, perky tits and curvy hips.

Selena felt her stomach leap into her throat. These were not things that a girl should think about another friend. In what seemed like slow motion, Selena watched a bit of juice drip out of Vanessa’s moist pussy and land on the carpet. What had she been thinking about? “Such a nice ass” Selena thought.

Vanessa smiled and turned around. “Thanks, babe” she said seductively, standing back up. Selena’s  head jolted up and she looked up at Vanessa in the eyes. She felt one of the most intense waves of fear in her life wash over her. She had SAID, not thought, said that Vanessa had a nice ass. She wasn’t even sure if she had meant it, and now Vanessa was probably thinking she was gay, and making the whole thing awkward… until Vanessa’s next comment.

“Yours is pretty great, too.” Vanessa sat down on the couch again, her legs spread a little more open than the last time she had been sitting.

Selena took the comment and thought “You’re not gay, you’re not gay, you’re not gay!”

Vanessa needed to work towards what she wanted. “Do you want me to put shorts on?” she asked, opening her legs a smidge wider, her pussy now burning with how naughty she was being.

“It’s your trailer” Selena said, suddenly realizing Vanessa was trying to get her to admit she had been watching her bend over in front of the tv, Selena thought this was just insulting, given her slip up about Vanessa’s ass.

“That’s not what I asked” Vanessa said. She liked where this was going.

“I don’t know what to say”

“What was the first word that came into your mind when I asked?”

Selena hesitated for a second “Yeah, put some shorts on, Sorry, I’m not gay.” Shit. Too defensive, and she knew it

Vanessa smiled. “You know what I think?” Vanessa said standing up, “I think you were saying that to yourself more than to me. I think you like me without anything on. In fact…” Selena watched Vanessa stare at her in the eyes as she reached behind her and untied her bikini top. It fell free and to the ground and Vanessa’s round, firm tits fell out and rested on her chest. Nipples  hard and pointed. “Selena, there’s nothing wrong with liking pussy. You can like cock, that’s fine. But I saw you staring at my ass. You liked it. Admit it, you’re, at the very least, bi.”

“Sorry to disappoint.” Selena said. Why was her crotch growing warmer? In order to ignore the conversation, she decided to further inspect the object that had been on her chair as she walked in. She picked it off the table and held it. She clicked the one of the buttons and the head began to buzz quietly. She put her hand on it and found that it was vibrating. She assumed this was some sort of cooking instrument because there was liquid was coving the head. She hit the button again and turned off the wand. She held the head close and sniffed it.

“This smells really good, what is it?”

Vanessa smiled wickedly and said “Taste it, what do ya think of it?”

Selena shot her a look of apprehension, to which Vanessa responded by saying she would never have Selena taste anything dangerous, “Besides, you’re gonna love it. Trust me.” Vanessa finished, with a smirk, which Selena didn’t see as she had already turned back to the wand.

Selena stuck out her tongue and licked the head slowly. She withdrew and swallowed.

“Mmmm. That’s really good, what is it??” she asked enthusiastically.

Vanessa walked over and lowered herself next to the chair so she was eye level with Selena.

The brunette looked at Vanessa’s tits and then quickly looked her in the eyes. “Stop that” she thought.

Vanessa looked Selena in the eyes and said “It’s Ashley’s cum.”

Selena looked at her for a second or two. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Ashley? Ashley Benson? The girl who might be responsible for her now liking girls, Ashley? She was tasting her cum? She didn’t know how to handle this. All she could think of what Ashley’s perfect face and how fucking good the cum had tasted. In her trance, Selena forgot to maintain her grip on, and then accidently dropped the wand. Vanessa caught it in mid air, and Selena simply sat there as Vanessa took it completely the wrong way, thinking Selena was trying to convince her that she wasn’t gay.  Vanessa saw only on way left, and she had no idea what was coming.

“No! Stop doing this! You’re only resisting because you think that’s what you’re supposed to do. I saw you. You liked my ass. You liked that you walked in on me by accident, if it even was an accident, and you like girls, and I’m gonna prove it to you the only way I can!”

And with that, she shoved the wand up against Selena’s bikini covered crotch and turned it on to the highest setting.

Selena’s body immediately went rigid and her mouth flew open. She had never felt like this before. Her crotch seemed to be on fire, but at the same time she was experiencing the single most pleasurable sensation she had ever felt.

Vanessa smiled wickedly, and leaned in to Selena’s ear. “Moan for me baby, moan like I did when you walked in on me fingering my pussy so good.” Selena did as she was told, though only partially because Vanessa had asked her. She needed to express in some way, what was happening in between her legs or she thought she would explode. She let out a single, wavering, high pitched wail. Vanessa smiled and felt her legs grow both more wet and hotter. Selena’s moan was fucking sexy.

Vanessa leaned close, so she could watch Selena closely. “Look at me.” She said softly. Selena opened her eyes and looked at the girl pleasuring her deep in the eyes.

“Do you like this? You like your pussy feeling like this?” Vanessa spoke very seriously, and quickly.

Selena nodded furiously, tears welling in her eyes as she held her breath in pleasure.

“You like how your pussy feels right now?”

“Uh huhhhh” Selena said, barely able to speak.

“Have you ever felt this before? Have you ever had sex that felt this good?”

Selena looked her in the eyes again and slowly shook her head.

Vanessa said, “No, you haven’t, huh? Ya know why? no cock can ever make you feel like this. The only things that can make you feel like this are a vibrator, a girls tongue in your pussy, or rubbing your pussy on someone else’s.”

Selena nodded, showing she understood.

“You wanna cum, baby? Huh? Do you wanna cum?”

Again, Selena nodded and said “yeah yeah yeah” Her voice more high pitched, due to the sensations running through her crotch, Selena was grinding her crotch rapidly against the wand, she didn’t even mean to, it was just out of instinct. The once light blue material of her bikini was now a navy color, her pussy had never experienced something like this before, and she was soaking wet as a result.

Selena then did something Vanessa wasn’t expecting. She reached up and grabbed on of Vanessa’s tits and squeezed it firmly.

“ooooh, look at you.” Vanessa remarked, smiling. She liked that the newcomer was expressing her excitement.

“You like my tits, hmm?”

“They’re so nice.” Selena replied

“Suck on it, baby. Show me how much you like em, go head.”

Vanessa reached to the back of Selena’s head and pulled her in. She took Vanessa’s perky nipple into her mouth and sucked hard. Selena knew this was going to be the best night of her life.

Vanessa laughed excitedly, which turned into a moan of pleasure as Selena sucked her tits. “Yeah, baby. Just like that. Just like that, my little lesbian.”

Selena came back up from Vanessa’s chest to tell her that she wasn’t a lesbian, but instead she was greeted with Vanessa kissing her deeply. Her lips were soft, yet aggressive. Selena opened her mouth, and Vanessa’s tongue shot in and wrestled with her own, both girls moaning quietly. Vanessa dropped the wand, after turning it off, and it fell to the floor. She and Selena engaged in a violent session of making out. Selena didn’t know how she had never made out with a girl before, considering Vanessa was so good at it. Once again, she reached up and cupped get hand around Vanessa’s tits. Both of them this time. Vanessa smiled through the make out, and separated.

“Show me how good you are at sucking dick, baby.” And she stuck out her tongue. Selena leaped forward and engulfed the tongue in her mouth, breathing heavily through her nose. She sucked Vanessa’s tongue hard, sliding up and down it like a dick shaft. Vanessa moaned her approval, and reached up to cup one of Selena’s, still covered, boobs.

Selena released Vanessa’s tongue and smiled, whispering, “Will you play with em for me??” She reached behind her back to untie her bikini top, but Vanessa stopped her.

“Fuck yeah, baby. But not right now. I might fuck a girl on the first date, but not BEFORE the date. I’ll text Ash and we’ll go to dinner.” She gave Selena a quick kiss and stood up, to find her phone.

Selena was suddenly nervous, “Ash is coming?”

“You bet your tight ass she is.”

Selena stood up and walked up behind Vanessa. She put her arms around her new lovers waist and rested her head on her shoulder, all innocent.

“Does she ever uh… talk about me?” Selena asked, trying to sound as casually interested as possible

Vanessa took each on Selena’s hands in her own and interlocked their fingers.

“Don’t you worry, she wants to fuck you just as badly as you wanna fuck her. Trust me, when Ash is done with you, you won’t ever want to ride a cock again. She’s so fucking hot, and she’s wanted you for months, so I don’t even know what to expect and we fuck practically every other day.”

She freed herself from Selena and picked up her shorts off the ground. She reached into the pocket and pulled out her phone. As Vanessa unlocked it, she could tell she had made Selena nervous by what she had said, so she decided to give her a little tease of what was in store for later. She stuck two fingers in her still wet pussy, and then shoved them into Selena’s hanging open mouth. The brunette was shocked as she snapped out of a trance, but quickly closed her mouth around Vanessa’s fingers and sucked all the juices off. So far, she had tasted two pussies, and had liked them both more than any guy’s cum she had ever had in her mouth.

Vanessa smiled at Selena and gave her a wink, before retracting her fingers. She opened her conversation with Ashley and wrote, “Tonight you get your wish. Just made out with Selena and fucked her with the wand. Told you she liked pussy. Come over, we’re going to dinner with her and then we will come back to my trailer after and show her what she’s been missing out on. Also, bring the bag…I have an idea.” She hit send and waited for a reply. She looked around, Selena was busy looking through Vanessa’s dresser for a shirt to wear.

Vanessa’s phone buzzed and she looked at the reply from Ashley

“HOLY SHIT! This is gonna be the best. She won’t be able to walk when I’m done with her, we’re not getting any sleep tonight. I’ll be right there with the bag. Idea should be interesting.” Vanessa put her phone on the couch and told Selena that Ashley was on her way.

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