Gee And Leelee Sobieski

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The following is fiction about celebrities and a fictional character,Gee.It could be deemed offensive by sensitive readers,and persons under the age of 18 should not read the following content.It is a collection of stories and readers should start at Cindy Crawford for a more satisfying reading experience.

Gee & Leelee Sobieski – by Big GEE

The conversations Gee and Leelee had on the phone were very intense and they got to know each other quite quickly.The conversations progressed to the eventual;when and where they were going to fuck.Gee then suggested to Leelee that it would be fun to have a threesome
as he has just been part of one.She is tentative at first but Gee manages to convince her to agree to one.Leelee lays down a few suggestions,but Gee isn’t satisfied by any,as he already has someone in mind.”I’ve got someone in mind.What do think about a lookalike?”,says Gee,”What about…Helen Hunt?”
Gee suggested a threesome with Helen,but even though she’s very keen on getting fucked by Gee,he first wants to establish a relationship with her,as he has done with all the others.After they hit it off they decide on the time and place for the event.

The last time Gee was in a threesome,he wasn’t prepared for it,but this time he is,and with lookalikes no less.He is excited as he and Leelee are chauffeured to Helen’s house in a limousine.Leelee is wearing a white blouse with a baby-blue colored skirt and matching jacket.She sits positioned facing Gee,her legs slightly open,revealing her wet panty to him.She’s excited and nervous at the same time,so Gee moves next to her to put her worries to bed.He puts his reassuring hand on her soft leg and tells her that she’ll really enjoy what’s to follow.He didn’t intend for this to happen,but once he feels her silky skin in his hands,he can’t help himself.He slides his hand up her skirt,gently pulls her panty to one side and inserts his middle finger up her unsuspecting pussy.He fingers her slowly and gently,and Leelee experiences great feelings surging through her body.She starts rocking back and forth on the solitary finger,but suddenly the fingering stops.She opens her eyes and looks at Gee with a disappointed look on her face.They arrive at Helen’s place and have to regroup before entering her not-so-humble abode.Gee looks at his withdrawn finger.It’s covered with Leelee’s pussy fluids.Gee waves it slowly in front of Leelee,who wants to lick it off,and brings it to his mouth.He sucks his finger clean with a smile,and Leelee now knows she’s gonna enjoy what’s about to transpire.

Helen,wearing a tight fitting,hard nipple revealing white T-shirt and figure hugging jeans,excitedly opens the large door,before they even have a chance to knock,and invites them in.She directs them to the almost unfurnished living room.The only piece of furniture visible is a black leather couch.Helen can’t control herself in anticipation of the fuck she’s about to experiece with the good looking fellow before her and her younger lookalike.She is extremely wet and this is visible even through her jeans.Gee approaches her and undoes her pony-tail,letting her hair fall freely onto her shoulders.He removes her top and is surprised to notice that she is braless.Those perky breasts were unsupported and this excites Gee.He violently rips his top to shreds and starts undoing his bulging pants.Leelee sees Gee’s excellent physique and is turned on even more than when she first saw him.She quickly takes off her jacket and rips her blouse open.Buttons fly across the room and roll on the floor.This distracts neither Gee nor Helen and a naked Gee is on his knees removing Helen’s drenched panty.Her pussy hair springs out underneath and Gee kisses her cunt softly.He sits on the couch,gets Helen to stand on his legs and Leelee to lay on the couch.The wider Gee opens his legs,the wider Helen’s legs go and Gee is one supple guy.He spreads his legs to such an extent that Helen can’t spread hers any further.Leelee is sprawled across the couch with her mouth firmly wrapped around Gee’s cock.She blows him well and gets him up to his 9½ inch length 3¾ width.Gee buries his head in the wide open,tight,hairy,pink,wet Helen Hunt cunt.Her pussy is extremely tight and he wonders what the hell Hank Azaria was up to that he didn’t have time to stretch her fine cunt a little.His tongue wonders around its warm,new temporary home,while Helen girates her curvaceous body non-stop.Gee then stuffs his middle finger back up Leelee’s pussy.She moans with delight and sucks him off even better than before.He quickly stuffs two more fingers up there only to remove them again,signalling to her that the better she blows him,the better he handfucks her.She goes totally wild and bobs up and down on his dick.Gee just tickles her pussy lips with his index finger but doesn’t insert it.Leelee has to do more than that to get more of Gee’s digits inside her.Gee finds Helens large clit with his tongue and gently massages it.The sensation flowing through Helen’s body sends her into wild spasms and she pinches her breasts and large nipples to increase the intensity of the forthcoming orgasm.She cums all in Gee’s face,totally watering him down.He swallows plenty and licks off what he can and signals that Helen and Leelee should change positions.Leelee,disappointed that she didn’t cum,mounts Gee’s muscular legs and shoves the young,supple,tight,wet,pink,hairy Leelee Sobieski cunt in Gee’s face.Gee starts licking away at the youngster’s pussy lips and inserts his tongue.Helen knows the deal about “the better the blow job the better the finger fuck”.She starts sucking like a woman possessed and Gee rewards her with three well placed fingers in her wet cunt.She uses her hands to give him a simultaneous hand job and blow job.Gee stuffs his entire hand up her twat and wears her pussy like a hairy wristwatch.Helen’s excellent technique stimulates Gee greatly and he takes this out on Leelees ass,pulling her cheeks far apart and widening her buttcrack.Helen cums all over Gee’s arm,Gee cums down Helens talented throat and Leelee cums in Gee’s mouth.Gee swallows it all.Gee wants to fuck the ass he was just playing with,so he instructs Helen to masturbate while he violates the warm,tight Leelee Sobieski ass.He throws her over the back of the couch,scoops off the cum running down her legs and smothers it in and around her asshole.He inserts his eager cock into her butt and fucks her ass up.Each thrust penetrating deeper than the previous one.He cums,and after filling up her rectum,it oozes out of her ass.This excites Helen who is now busy trying to get her other hand into her twat.Helen lifts up one of the cushions and takes out a 9inch dildo which she quickly straps on.Gee takes Helen and whips her behind Leelee who,is still recovering from the muliple orgasms while getting butt fucked and,is still draped over the back of the couch.Helen skilfully inserts the dildo up Leelee’s violated ass and starts grinding away,the butt end of the dildo stimulating her on every thrust.Gee takes the cum dripping from Helen’s pussy,mixes it with Leelee’s and smears it across Helen’s butt cheeks and in her ass.She is well lubed up and Gee inserts his meat monster into the tight,black hole.The three of them are united and fuck each other with amazing rythm.Helen is the first to cum,afterall,she is being dual fucked.The orgasm sends her body into spasms resulting in the simultaneous orgasms of both Leelee and Gee.Gee then takes Leelee to the ground,spreads her young legs and inserts his prick deep into her cunt.Helen now sits on Leelee’s chest and masturbates with the dildo.Everytime she takes the dildo out,Leelee gets another lick of her cunt.Seeing that Helen is a cock hungry slut pushes Gee and he fucks Leelee’s sopping wet cunt up.He cums,as does she,but he only stops once she’s unconscious.He removes his still erect cock and shoves it way up Helen’s cunt.She loves it hard and rough and that’s exactly what Gee gives her.Everytime she orgasms,she gives him the name of another fuckable female celebrity.He blows his load up her cunt,but some of it runs out again and some of it runs out of her ass too.He removes his cock and wonders:”How does she know Jessica Simpson?I’ll just have to find out for myself.”

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