Reflected Passion

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Refelected Passion

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. An idea I’ve been dying to
try for a while now. Enjoy.

The ringing of the phone cut through the normal morning paperwork of Victor. The agent
put down his pen and picked up the phone, curious as to who was calling him. "Hello?"
"Hey, bro," Victoria’s voice came in and Victor had to smile. His sister was in New York
on some business for their agency (although he suspected she was going to bump into a few
starlets along the way). "What’s the news?"

"Well, this is something I was hoping you could start to set up," Victoria said. "I was
schmoozing with this big theater guy and I kind of told him about our ‘special offer’ videos? The
kind we occasionally set up?"
"Interesting. Did he want something special?"
"That he did," Victoria said, mentioning two rather well-known names that made her
brother’s eyes go wide. "Whoa," he said. "Now that will be worth something. Did you get a
"Yep," Victoria said, quoting him a sizeable six figure sum. "So how about you get the
preliminaries done and I’ll rush over to seal the deal?"
"Actually, you still have some work for us in New York," Victor said. "Besides, sis, I
know you suck at self-control. This video is just supposed to be these two, right? They don’t need
you messing it up."
"You’re no fun." Victor could practically see the pout on his sister’s face.
"Sorry, sis. Come on, I’ll make sure you get a copy of it for yourself and who knows?
Maybe you can even hook up with them some time later. But business first."
"Oh, all right," Victoria sighed. "As long as you get it done."
"Oh, trust me," Victor smiled, picking up a nearby script. "That won’t be much of a

Helen Hunt walked through the hallways of the agency office, looking down at the card
she held. She had been unsure about this but her regular agent had told her that the guy had a
great new project for her that would be worth checking out. Helen figured she could at least see
what it was. She’d been on something of a roller coaster ride after winning the Oscar, with a share
of hits and flops and was hoping to get a few more things going in the hits category. She
smoothed out her white blouse and dark slacks, brushing back her long blond hair as she came to
the office door marked on the card, opening it.
The sole occupant in the room was a young woman who appeared to be in her early
twenties but not much older, long curly brown hair flowing down her shoulders, wearing a short
dress that showed off her long legs. When Helen caught sight of her features, her first thought
was that she was looking at a younger version of herself. It took her a moment to realize she was
staring at Leelee Sobieski, a young up and coming star who already had several films to her
credit, playing everything from a nerd to Joan of Arc.
The two stared at one another for a moment before letting out nervous laughs. "Sorry,"
Helen said. "It’s just pretty weird."
"I know," Leelee said. "I’ve always had people talking about it but never really
understood the resemblance until now."
"Yeah, I can tell," Helen said, nodding. "It’s uncanny."
Before she could go on, the door opened and Victor stepped out, smiling. "Ah, Miss
Hunts, Miss Sobieski. Thank you both for coming. I’m Victor. If you’ll just follow me, we can get
started with the meeting." He led the two into his inner office. Helen was a bit thrown when
Leelee stood up and she could see that the younger woman was a few inches taller than her. The
two headed into Victor’s office, taking up chairs before the desk as Victor sat behind it, forcing
the duo to look past the small range of novelty items that covered the desk surface. "Okay, when
this script came, I immediately thought of you two," Victor explained. "It’s a comedy about a
successful businesswoman who finds out her new secretary is the daughter she gave up for
adoption. I know, it sounds hokey, but it’s good, really. And well, since the two of you look so
much alike, I figured you might be perfect for it."
"I’d hate to think I’ve gotten to the point where I have to play the mother of a twenty-
something," Helen said, sighing.
"Oh, it may not be so bad," Leelee said, flipping through the script. "Come on, you can
see a few good scenes here."
As Helen huddled in closer to read, Victor moved his finger to a hidden button and pushed
it. Over his head, set somewhat high was a bright mirror that began to turn in a quick, even
pattern, allowing a specially placed light to hit it just right, sending bright flashes of light onto the
two actresses. At first, they didn’t really notice, both engrossed in the script. However, after a few
moments, they soon realized just what was going on and looked up, confused. Both were ready to
ask Victor about the flashing mirror, but then really looked at it, at the way the flashing lights flew
into their eyes with each turn and suddenly felt their questions fade as a wave of sudden relaxation
washed over both of them.
Victor smiled, happy that the flashes were in just the right cyclic pattern to quickly induce
a trance state. He decided to let his deep voice do the rest as he spoke. "Look at the light, ladies,
look up at the flashing light, look right into the flashing light. It’s so relaxing to look at the
flashing light, ladies, look at the flashing light and feel yourself become more and more relaxed,
both of you so relaxed, so relaxed, so very, very relaxed. You’re both feeling so relaxed, ladies,
so very relaxed, so tired in fact, ladies, you’re both feeling very, very tired. So tired, Helen, so
tired, Leelee, so very tired, both of you, so very, very tired. You want to close your eyes, you
want to close your eyes, both of you, and sleep, you want to close your eyes and sleep. You want
to sleep, Helen. You want to sleep, Leelee. Both of you want to close your eyes and sleep, a nice,
deep sleep, sleep, sleep."
Both women were slumped in their chairs by this point, their breathing slow and even,
both in a trance. Victor kept talking for a bit, bringing them deeper in, trying to lower a few
inhibitions, tweak some desires, before he was confident they were properly under for him to do
his job. "Helen, Leelee, listen to me. Listen to me very, very carefully. You’re both feeling very
aroused, ladies. You’re both feeling very aroused, ladies, both of you are very aroused, towards
on another, ladies, you’re both very aroused towards each other and you’d love to make love to
one another, both of you would love to make love to one another as soon as you can."
Standing up, Victor moved to the door. He stopped and flicked another switch, activating
the hidden video cameras set in the office walls. "When you hear the door shut, you’ll both wake
up. You won’t remember being asleep. You’ll simply remember that I had to step out of the office
for a while. You’ll also remember the feelings of arousal you have towards one another and you’ll
want to act on them as soon as possible." Nodding, Victor shut the door, then hurried towards the
room nearby, waiting to check out the action on the monitors.
Back in the office, Helen and Leelee awoke, neither even aware that they had been asleep.
"So, the script sounds good," Helen said, crossing her legs and trying to ignore the sudden
wetness between them.
"Yeah, but I’m not sure about the sex scene yet," Leelee said. "If I haven’t done it in real
life, I’m not crazy about it on film."
"You’re a virgin?" Helen said, surprised.
"Yeah," Leelee shrugged. "Just haven’t found the right guy yet, I guess."
"Well, you don’t necessarily have to settle for a guy," Helen said slowly as she placed a
hand on Leelee’s shoulders. Leelee turned to face her and Helen moved in, planting a kiss on the
face that was so similar to hers, her lips brushing against Leelee’s, slowly at first but then with
more energy as Leelee answered back, her tongue pushing into the older woman’s mouth. Helen
moved out of her chair and onto Leelee, kissing her hard on the lips as they let the feelings of
arousal wash over them completely.
In moments, the two were naked, their clothes in piles on the floor, their bodies moving
against one another as they kissed long and hard. They were a contrast of sorts. Helen’s breasts
were larger while Leelee’s pert ones hung nicely on her frame. Leelee still sat on her chair as
Helen straddled her, kissing her hard and squealing a bit as Leelee’s hands slid along her ass.
Helen pushed her tits into Leelee’s face and was happy when the younger woman took one breast
in mouth, suckling on it hard. Helen took one of Leelee’s hands and moved it around, placing it
over Helen’s pussy. "Just work it in," Helen said. "Come on, I know you’ve done it to yourself.
Now just do it to me." Leelee obeyed, pushing two fingers into Helen’s cunt and loving the gasp
as she began working them in, her fingers pushing into Helen’s pussy and ticking it. At the same
time, Helen pushed her breasts into Leelee’s face, letting her get her face into the impressive
cleavage, her tongue roaming over the erect nipples and the curves of the soft mounds. She licked
as she worked herself more and more into Helen, her fingers soon dripping with juices as Helen
began to let herself go. She threw herself back, crying out as Leelee sucked on one nipple even as
her fingers pushed into Helen’s pussy one last time, driving her into orgasm.
Soon, Helen moved herself onto her knees, pushing her face into Leelee’s wet pussy, her
tongue immediately going to work. Her hands moved up Leelee’s young body, latching onto her
pert breasts, tweaking the nipples as she licked at the young woman’s clit. Leelee sighed and
wrapped her long legs around Helen’s head to pull her in and let her get at everything. Helen was
licking with a fervor Leelee would never have guessed, her tongue furiously working at her pussy
with a vengeance, her hands kneading her tits with long and slow movements that added to the
thrill Leelee was feeling. Leelee couldn’t believe this, not just that she was making love to a
woman but that an Academy Award-Winning actress was the one eating her out and massaging
her tits as she did. Leelee’s legs slammed on Helen’s head as she began to come, her juices
smacking into Helen’s face but not even slowing down the furious licking. In fact, Helen was still
trying to lick away cum when Leelee unwrapped her legs, pushed Helen down and went towards
the older woman’s pussy. She already knew that she and Helen looked alike. She couldn’t wait to
see if the taste was similar as well.

"So, it was good?" Victoria said over the phone.
"Damn good," Victor said, going over the tape at his spacious home. "They fucked each
other crazy for almost an hour before I came back and put them back under. And guess what?
After I woke them up with no memory, they still wanted to do the movie."
"Hmmm. Guess some residual feelings must have stayed. Good work, bro."
"Well, tell our client the tape’s on the way and his check is expected on delivery. Have
fun, sis."
"Oh, I intend to, bro." As his sister hung up, Victor fired up the tape again, watching as
Helen and Leelee lay on top of each other, kissing each other hard. A thought came to him that
maybe the filming of the movie might give him a chance to see the two together again. After all,

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