Girl’s Night

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Title: Girl’s Night

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Kimberly Perry,  Kellie Pickler

Codes: MMF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

It had been a few weeks since news of Miranda Lambert’s divorce from Blake Shelton had hit the news, and in the time since then, Miranda had taken to being close to her friends in Nashville to get over it.

And it was on one particular day a few weeks after the news broke that she was having a quick lunch with her three best industry friends Carrie Underwood, Kimberly Perry and Kellie Pickler, when the idea was broached that the four of them should go out on the town for a girl’s night.

“Girls, I don’t know if I’m ready. I mean, I still love Blake and probably always will,” she told them as they tried to convince her to get back on the horse and go out on the prowl again, finally getting somewhere when Kimberly suggested they all four should try and get Miranda laid.

“Some nice hot cock inside you. That’s all you need to get on your feet again girl,” Kellie told her in her thick Southern drawl, Kimberly giggling at Kellie’s forwardness as Carrie chimed in.

“Maybe that’s what the three of us need, too. Mike’s gone half the time, JP will be going to spring training soon, and Kyle…well Kel…I have to assume Kyle is shooting blanks if he hasn’t knocked you up yet,” Carrie told them, drawing laughter from all three of them at how willing the “good girl” of the group was to stray.

“Let’s do it,” they all four quickly agreed, already getting girl-drunk off the white wine they were drinking as they looked forward to the real debauchery starting later that night.

Later that night, the four sexy blondes gathered at Miranda’s place to get ready for their night out, checking themselves out in the bathroom mirror as they waited on the limo to take them to the bar for the night.

“Damn I look HAWT,” Kellie says to them as she checks her reflection in the mirror, the tight black leather mini skirt she is in showing off more leg than she probably ever had before as the matching black leather top she wore squeezed her tits together, making them seem even larger than they already were.

Miranda had found her best black leather pair of shorts and had accentuated her look with a tight-fitting blue Merle Haggard t-shirt, while Kimberly was dressed in a tight pair of blue jeans and a yellow tank top, while Carrie, as always, looked the picture of perfection in a pair of cut-off shorts and a low-cut blue shirt that showed off her tits.

“The limo’s here. Let’s go,” Miranda told them when she looked out on the street and saw it, all four of them rushing off to catch it as Carrie, Kimberly and Kellie texted their husbands and told them they’d see them later.

“This place is packed tonight. Perfect for trolling for men Ran,” Carrie told her when they arrived at the dingy little Nashville bar they all already knew so well, the four of them agreeing to stay together all night until Miranda found a guy (or guys) to hook up with, which is when Carrie, Kimberly and Kellie expected to leave.

“Hey, those guys shooting pool over there look kind of hot. I’m going to go talk to them and see if they like what they see,” Miranda told her gal pals after they had been drinking for a bit, leaving her three married friends to fend for themselves as she went to go shoot some pool.

“Ran’s out having some fun tonight. I guess we should too,” Kimberly told her friends, making a beeline for the dance floor as Carrie and Kellie made their plans for the night, the last of the group to begin their girls’ night activities.

“OH HELL YES! They have a mechanical bull here. I’m gonna go ride it and show those boys over there how we do it in Oklahoma Kel,” Carrie told Kellie as she got up and headed off to her entertainment for the rest of the night, leaving Kellie to drink alone at the table they had all started at as every guy that came by started hitting on her.

Little did they know that even though their night was going to lead them in four different directions, they’d still all be going home satisfied at the end of the night…

Miranda’s Night:

Miranda had made herself at home by landing at the pool tables after a few minutes of drinking with her friends, unable to resist the allure of using her charms to snooker some innocent men out of some money.

And she definitely seemed to be getting somewhere in pursuit of that venture, as she had found a couple of hot tattooed guys to flirt with, winking at them and teasing them every time she made a shot or they bought her a beer.

“What’s a sexy thing like you doing in a dump like this?” one of them asked her, thinking that someone of her celebrity and stature in life shouldn’t be wasting her time in a dingy, run-down Nashville bar.

“Flirting with hot, tattooed guys like you and your friend over there, that’s what,” Miranda huskily told him as she winked at him and put her hands on his chest, distracting him enough that he missed his next ball.

“Oops…Did I make you do that?” she giggled as she leaned in for her next shot and the guy she wasn’t currently flirting with left briefly.

“Are you hot, studly guys trying to get me drunk so you can fuck me later?” Miranda teased him as he brought her another round, slurring her words as she bent over the table to shoot, the other guy grabbing a handful of her ass as she did.

“Maybe we are Miranda,” the one who groped her ass told her, grinding his crotch between her legs just to gauge her reaction as Miranda moaned softly at the movement.

“Have you gotten this tight little pussy fucked since you dumped his ass baby? Cause if you haven’t we’d like to be the first ones who get it post-divorce,” the one flirting with her told her as the one behind her grinded on her again.

“No…UH,” she moaned as the guy who brought her the last round of drinks started making out with her while the one she had been flirting with pulled her shorts down and wrapped his arm around her waist to sit her down on the edge of the pool table.

“Then I guess my tongue isn’t the only thing going inside of you tonight Miranda,” he whispered to her as he slid her panties to her ankles and ran his tongue over her pussy lips, Miranda throwing her head back and moaning as the other guy started making out with her.

“UH. UH. YES,” she softly moaned as the guy between her legs pushed his tongue inside of her the first time anything had gone into her pussy since her marriage ended.

“Let me get this shirt off of you,” the one making out with her moaned, lifting it up over her head high enough for him to start playing with her tits as the guy eating her out burrowed his tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy.

“OH GOD. FUCK YES. Eat me…” Miranda hissed, her eyes crossing and rolling into her head as her mystery man slid his tongue over all the right places in her cunt, the other guy she paired up with reaching behind her to unhook her bra so he could have easier access to her tits.

“Then what Miranda?” the one eating her out asked her as he dug his tongue deeper into her pussy, already imagining that it was his dick wrapped around it instead of his tongue.

“F-fuck mmmeeeeee….” she moaned, drawing out the last word as she threw her head back and came for the one burying his tongue inside of her, closing her legs around his head as he slurped away on her clit, his tongue driving in and out of her as she shot her cream out onto it.

“MMM…so good…” she moaned as she started coming down off of her orgasm, her cunt walls recoiling and letting him remove his tongue from inside of her as he bent her over the pool table and released his dick as he came up behind her.

“Ready to be fucked Miranda baby?” he whispered as he ran his dick along her slick cunt lips, kissing her neck and grabbing her hips as she shook her head yes and threw her hips back into his.

“Fuck me. I want your cock inside me so bad…” she hissed, needing a cock inside of her more than she ever had in her life as the second of the men she was with started stroking his dick and watching as his friend slid inside of Miranda and started fucking her hot, tight pussy for all it was worth.

“You feel so good Miranda,” he whispered in her ear as he fucked her like a slut up against the pool table, Miranda moaning and grunting with every thrust the hot cock that was inside of her would make into her snatch, her lips wrapping around it and stretching out for it as his long strokes filled her.

“OH GOD…right there…cumming baby…” she moaned as the guy not fucking her slapped her ass and brought over some more beers for them to down, Miranda going limp and cumming all over the cock buried in her pussy as the guy it belonged to made one last assault on her and prepared to cum inside of her.

“SHIT. Gonna cum Miranda,” he asked her as her cunt started to pull on it, the pressure she was applying on it making it impossible for him to pull out of her even if he was planning to as he grabbed her hips and buried himself up to his balls inside of her.

“FUCK YES. OH GOD it feels good to have someone cumming inside me again…” Miranda hissed as he shot his load into her, tightly gripping her hips as he fired load after load into her pussy, finally pulling out of her after exhausting every drop of himself inside of her as the other guy she had been flirting with picked her up in his arms and laid her on top of the pool table as he slid his dick inside of her.

“SHIT you’re tight. I always knew Shelton wasn’t a real man,” the one inside of her whispered to her as he started thrusting in and out of her, attaching his mouth to her tits and starting to suck on them as she kicked her panties off and wrapped her legs around him.

“Fuck me…HARDER…” she moaned as his dick slid in and out of her, her walls clinging to it and sliding over every inch of it as she arched her back and dug her elbows into the felt top of the table to brace herself against the rough way he was fucking her.

“We’re drawing a crowd Miranda,” he whispered to her as he drove himself in and out of her, Miranda looking up at the lights over the pool table as she got drilled for the second time that night, getting off at the idea of everyone in the bar, which probably included some of her fans, watching her behave like a slut.

“Keep fucking me baby…so close…” she whimpered, her legs squeezing even tighter around his waist to trap him inside of her as she arched her back and threw her head back.

“I wasn’t gonna stop. At least not till after I cum inside you,” he teased her as she came all over his dick again, going stiff as a board as he started speeding up his movements into her.

“MMM…OH YEAH…” she hissed when she felt him cum in her pussy, locking her legs as tight as she could get them around his waist as he erupted into her, filling her pussy with his sticky sperm until he had no more to give her.

“Oh…I have an idea. You baby, the one that ate me out so damn well. How about you sit up here on this table for me so I can return the favor and suck your dick?” Miranda asked him as he obeyed her command and sat on the table, playfully slapping her with his dick as the other of the two men, knowing just what to do, slid his dick over her ass cheeks and pushed it into her as Miranda wrapped her hands around the other guy’s dick and started sucking on it.

“GOD. DAMN. You sure know how to suck a cock,” he hissed, throwing his head back and placing his hands on the back of her head as she worked him over, the one behind her fucking her ass grabbing at her hips and thrusting in and out of her back door as she sucked off his friend.

“MMM…fuck my ass…” she moaned as her ass got pounded on, her anal ring squeezing down on the dick that was thrusting in and out of it as Miranda vigorously sucked on the dick that was down her throat.

“FUCK YEAH. Gonna fucking cum down your pretty little throat,” the one in her mouth hissed, throwing his head back and pushing her further down onto his dick as the guy in her ass started pulling on her hips and buried himself up to his balls inside of her.

“OHGOD, OHGODYES. Cum in my ass…MMM…” she hissed from around the dick in her mouth, devouring it in one last gulp as the guy fucking her ass came in to her bowels, gobs of his sticky seed filling up her tight ass as the dick in her mouth blew its load down her throat.

“MMM…” Miranda hissed once more, wiggling her ass as the guy who had been fucking it pulled out, watching on as Miranda drank down the cum of the guy in her mouth and pulled both of them in for another make out session.

“I’d love to take ya’ll back to the hotel with me. But my girls all have to get back to their husbands, so I need to go back to the table and wait on them,” Miranda almost apologetically told them, letting them have a little more fun with them by pawing her through her clothes some more before hitting her knees and grabbing both of their cocks in each hand.

“Paint my face boys,” she hissed after stroking each of their cocks for a few minutes, opening her mouth and allowing them to release their cum all over her face, laughing when a load blasted her in the eyes and matted her hair.

“Hey Ran, before you go baby…” the one who had gotten both her pussy and her ass whispered to her as she got up to go clean herself up in the bathroom, slipping a napkin into her belt loop as his friend walked over.

“The next time you’re ready for a nasty fuck or a night on the town with no strings attached, give us a call baby,” he whispered to her, both of them kissing her on the lips again before groping her tits, pussy and ass again and letting her go on her way with a promise from het that she would hook up with them again soon.
Carrie’s Night

Once Carrie spotted the mechanical bull in the corner of the bar, and the Wild Turkey that was being served at the counter next to it, she couldn’t resist letting herself go and having a little fun.

As a result of the bourbon she had been drinking by the gallon once she arrived in the little corner of the bar the bull was located in, Carrie had lost all track of time (or her “good girl” reputation), and she was currently riding the bull for the tenth time to chants of her name as she waved a plastic gun in the air in one hand and a plastic cup full of Wild Turkey in the other.

“Ride ‘em cowgirl! Then you can ride ME like that!” a few guys were catcalling at her, Carrie not taking any of them seriously until she dismounted the bull and was met by two real-life cowboys who immediately started flirting with her by complementing her bull-riding skills.

“We don’t see too many girls that can ride a bull that good. Even on the circuit,” one of them told Carrie, making her blush as a wet spot started to form between her legs.

“Thanks! You know, growing up as a little girl in Oklahoma, it was always my dream to marry a rodeo cowboy,” she told the other one as she started flirting back, twisting her wedding ring around nervously at the thought of letting things go too far with them as they scanned her amazing legs and the rest of her tight body while Carrie noticed for the first time that both of them also wore wedding rings on their fingers.

Despite that revelation, Carrie couldn’t stop herself from giving off an air of availability to the guys, getting cozier and cozier with them as she got drunker and drunker on the bourbon.

“Since you’re already married, maybe you should let us fuck you later then, Carrie. So you can have the next best thing,” one of them whispered to her after a few minutes of hot and heavy flirting with her, kissing her and backing Carrie against the wall of the bar as he made out with her, Carrie returning the kiss as both guys started pawing at and petting her with all four of their hands.

“MMM…stop him Carrie. Not only is this wrong because you’re married, he’s married too…” Carrie tried telling herself as the cowboy she was making out with pushed her into the wall once more and started bucking his hips against hers, gaining the desired response when Carrie moaned into his mouth and wrapped her legs around him.

“I can’t…” she whispered, finding the willpower from somewhere within her to tell him no right as he was going for the button on her shorts, sensing he was about to put his dick inside her.

“You know you will little one,” he teased her as he sat down in a chair next to the bull and continued making out with her, the other guy bringing over some more Wild Turkey as Carrie started to grind on his cock, giving him the sexiest lap dance she had ever given to anyone as their groins contacted each other.

“You’re both just gonna have to settle for this. I don’t want to wreck two marriages tonight,” she whispered as the other cowboy who had taken to her lifted her up off the other guy’s lap and kissed her, giving the one she was giving the lap dance to the chance to start sliding her shorts down as Carrie lost herself in her make out session with the other one.

“Our wives won’t know about this any more than your husband will Carrie. So why don’t you drop the “good little girl” act and ride us like you rode that bull,” the one whose lap she was in teased her, pulling her down onto his groin as he lowered his pants, his friend coming up behind Carrie and starting to bounce her up and down on his dick as he slid her panties away.

“UH, UH, UH, OHGOD,” Carrie hissed when she felt his dick entering her cunt, throwing her head back just like she was back on the bull as her adrenaline took over, the guy she wasn’t currently fucking stepping back and watching as Carrie started riding the cock she fought so hard to keep out of her pussy.

“Yeah. Ride me, you sexy cowgirl,” he hissed as he popped his hips, driving them up into her pussy as she rode him with all she had, throwing her head back as she placed her hands on his chest to brace herself.

“FUCK…it wasn’t supposed to get this far,” she whispered under her breath as she rode him, feeing her cunt walls clamping down on his dick as she started cumming for him.

“Tell me where you want my cum Carrie,” he whispered to her as he popped his hips a few more time, hearing her squeal in delight as her pussy opened up for him and he found her g-spot, her eyes rolling back in her head as she moaned out in orgasmic joy.

“C-cum i-in m-my p-pussy…” she shakily whispered as he drove his dick up into her and held himself there, her fluids pouring out all over his dick as he gave her a few more powerful thrusts and came deep into her hot, tight snatch.

“UH,” she moaned softly, closing her eyes as her hips moved up and down a few more times and her mind trying to process the fact that she had not only cheated on her husband with another man and let him cum inside her, but that she had cheated on her husband with another married man, as well.

“My turn Carrie. But this time, I’ll be the one doing the riding,” the second cowboy told her as he pulled her off of his friend’s dick and told her to sit down in the chair his buddy had just been sitting in, parting her legs and lining up his dick with her pussy as the one who had just fucked her recovered.

“You’re even tighter than I imagined you being Carrie,” he told her as he started to thrust in and out of her, Carrie’s body rocking up and down in the chair as his dick filled her tightening pussy as the guy who had already gotten some of her cunt kissed her neck and made out with her.

“MMM…OHGOD…I am so turned on right now…” Carrie hissed, feeling her pussy juicing up as it got drilled by her second married cowboy man as he started to suck on her tits, Carrie throwing her legs out around him and wrapping her hands around the back of his head as her breath got more and more ragged.

“Doesn’t it feel good to let go and be bad once in a while Carrie?” he asked her as he fucked her pussy, her throbbing box wrapping up his dick tightly as she threw her head back and looked up at the ceiling as her cunt gave in to the assault on it and came for him.

“Y-yes it does. FUCK…gonna cum on your dick baby…” she hissed, closing her eyes and wiggling her hips back and forth in the chair as she fired a fresh load of her cunt cream all over his dick, her hands digging into the fabric of the chair as he drove his dick into her one last time and left it there.

“MMM…OHGOD…fuck me there…” she moaned softly as he pushed his dick up against her deepest walls and thrust away inside of her, her body going completely limp as he started to cum in her, unable to hold his orgasm off any more.

“Time to cum in this tight pussy,” he whispered to her as he drove himself into her up to the hilt, spraying his load deep into her womb as she wrapped her legs and arms around him, holding him close as he shot load after load of his baby seed into her baby maker before pulling out of her.

“MMM…fill me up…” Carrie hissed as he pulled away from her, sliding three fingers into her snatch to gather up some of their cum before licking it off of her fingers and winking at them.

“Thanks studs. I think I need to do both of you a favor now, so which one of you wants me to suck your dick?” she asked as she rubbed her cunt, the cum of both men that had deposited it inside of her running out of it and down her legs as she hit her knees and started sucking on one of their dicks.

“That’s my wife. I need to go after you finish sucking my dick, so if anyone’s getting your ass, it’s him baby,” the one she was sucking off silently whispered as his phone buzzed on the table in front of him, Carrie getting more turned on than she should have by knowing his wife had just called.

“I bet she can’t pleasure you like I can,” Carrie teased him, wondering to herself what had gotten into her as she went to town on his dick, wrapping her hands around it to hold it in place as he pushed it to the back of her throat and fucked her face.

“FUCK NO…” he hissed as he drove his hips into her face one last time, cumming down her throat as he held her head against his crotch, Carrie’s lips still sucking away on his dick as she swallowed it down and kissed him goodbye.

“Take this with you. So when you’re fucking her, you can think about me,” she whispered as she handed him a copy of her new CD to listen to while he fucked his wife, grabbing his balls in her hands and giving them one last squeeze as she let him go, slapping his ass as he left.

“I believe I owe you an ass fuck,” she teased the other cowboy as she started making out with him, bending over the chair as he quickly slid his dick into her ass.

“Pardon the rough anal fuck baby. I need to get back to my wife, too,” he told her as Carrie’s phone went off, Miranda’s number coming up to remind Carrie she needed to wrap things up soon as he plowed into her ass.

“Here it comes Carrie,” he moaned as he grabbed her hips and roughly came into her ass as she came for him, squirting her juices out onto the floor in front of her as his cum filled her ass.

“And you get my underthings. Cause you deserve a little something to remember me by, too,” she whispered to him, handing him her bra and panties as they made out in the chair, finally recovering enough to put herself together and get ready to leave this night behind as the guy still with her squeezed her tits and bid her goodbye, Carrie walking stiff-legged to the restroom to straighten up before meeting back up with the girls.
Kimberly’s Night

Kimberly had decided to spend her night out on the dance floor giving guys a cheap thrill by dancing suggestively with them, but she had never cheated on her husband, and in fact had never had sex with anyone but him, so she had no plans to start on this night.

She had been dancing the night away with so many hot guys she had lost count, but there was one that she couldn’t stop flirting with, and things had gotten to the point where their dancing was getting gradually more suggestive.

“How old are you anyway babe? You seem like you’re pretty young,” Kimberly soon found herself asking the guy who was being so bold with her that he was currently grinding his crotch between her legs, making it very clear what he wanted out of the night.

“I’m 18 Kimberly baby. And a virgin,” he told her, her cunt juicing up at the mention of him being a virgin despite the ring that was sitting on her finger.

“MMM…I think we need to stop baby…” Kimberly whispered in her teenage pursuer’s ear when she felt him feeing her up between her legs and reaching for the button on her jeans, trying to put a stop to things before they went too far.

“UH…what’s happening? You’re married Kim. You can’t sleep with him,” she told herself as the guy started getting even more ballsy, sliding one hand up her shirt and the other one down her pants to feel up her tits and pussy right there on crowded dance floor.

“I’m gonna fuck you tonight Kimberly. You just don’t know it yet,” the guy whispered as he rubbed her cunt through her panties, squeezing her tits with his other hand as the one in her panties pushed them away and started working over her pussy with nothing left between them.

Kimberly was still trying to work up the willpower to stop him from going as far as she knew he intended to go with her as she continued getting teased and pleasured by her guy, who had advanced from rubbing her cunt lips to plunging three of his fingers into her pussy and finger-fucking her as she bucked her hips and arched her back in perfect time with his movements.

“OHGOD, more…” Kimberly purred, losing herself in the moment as the guy plunged his fingers into her one more time, feeling Kimberly start cumming all over them as she rode out her orgasm on shaky knees and collapsed into his arms.

“MMM…” she purred in his ear, letting him wrap her up in his arms and kiss her deeply on the lips as he ground his crotch between her legs and pushing his hips into hers.

“If you want something bigger than my fingers inside of you, all you have to do is ask Kimberly,” he whispered to her, loving the feeling of being able to play with the sexy country star’s emotions.

“More,” Kimberly heard herself creak, no longer caring about her husband or what could happen to her career or marriage if this got out as her hot 18-year-old dance partner bent her over, pulled her jeans down and slid panties off to the side as he freed his dick.

“Last chance to back out Kimberly,” he whispered to her as he lined his dick up with her pussy and waited for her response, quite sure she wouldn’t balk at going any further, even if they were about to fuck on a crowded dance floor.

“I-I want…” she moaned as he ran his dick along her cunt lips, waiting to hear her say the words he wanted to hear from her before he pushed into her.

“You want what Kimberly? Tell me what I want to hear baby,” he whispered to her as he kissed her neck and squeezed her tits through her shirt, knowing her had right where he wanted her.

“I want to be your first,” she moaned as he slid inside of her and started thrusting away, her walls wrapping his dick up tightly as they opened up for him.

“Then I guess I’ll give you what you want,” he told her as I grabbed her hips and started fucking her with all he had, reveling in the feeling of her pussy around his dick as he pulled her back onto it.

“Such a hot pussy. And now it belongs to me,” he teased her as he kissed her neck and swatted her ass, already feeling her getting close to cumming for him again as he buried himself balls-deep inside of her.

“UH-HUH. OHGODYES…cumming for you…” Kimberly purred as he pounded on her tight, married cunt, her walls grabbing and pulling on it as she shot her girly cream out all over, causing him to grip her hips even tighter as he drove himself into her a little faster.

“Who owns your pussy now Kim?” he whispered to her as he sped up his thrusts even more, not hearing a peep of protest from her as he prepared to dump his load into her forbidden pussy.

“You do…it’s your pussy now…” she hissed as he pulled her back onto his dick one last time and came in her, spewing his thick, sticky seed deep into her hot little cunt as he held himself inside of her.

“My pussy,” he whispered to her as he thrust in and out of her a few more times, emptying himself into her pussy a few more times before backing out of her.

“And now I’m going to own this ass, too,” he teased Kimberly as he pulled out of her pussy, only to find her ass cheeks and run his dick along them a few times before sliding into her ass and starting to pound away on it.

“OHGOD…fuck my ass…” she hissed, her mind trying to focus on the ring on her finger and what she had just done as her teenaged lover slammed into her ass over and over again.

“MMM…MMM…OHGOD…” she whispered, throwing her head back as he buried himself deep in her ass, holding himself there as she started to cum for him again, her quivering pussy releasing a trickle of her cunt cream onto the dance floor beneath her as he started to cum in her ass.

“Cumming Kim,” he lovingly whispered to her as he dumped his seed into her bowels, her anal ring squeezing shut around his dick as he lost another load inside of her and pulled out.

“I know a little place we can go to continue this,” he whispered to her as they pulled up their pants and started walking off the dance floor, Kimberly following him into the side room off of the main bar and pushing her against the wall as they made out some more, finally having the freedom to get each other naked.

“Let me suck it,” she whispered as he was pulling down her jeans and lining up to fuck her again, dropping to her knees and eyeing his cock as she wrapped her hands around it.

“OHGOD…” he moaned, throwing his head back against the wall as Kimberly blew him, her tongue running over his dick as she cupped his balls and played with them.

“I’m definitely letting you fuck me again after this…” Kimberly teased him as she sucked him off, wrapping both hands around his dick and holding it in place as he started bucking his hips into her face, lodging it at the back of her throat as he came for her.

“FUCK. You wanted it, so you better swallow it,” he told her as he started spraying his cum to the back of her throat, her hands cupping his balls as she eagerly drank down his cum and let him slide out of her mouth.

“I have to go. So this one needs to be hard and fast sweetie,” Kimberly told him as she laid down on the nearest table and spread her legs for him, moaning to herself as he climbed on top of her and slid his dick into her waiting pussy.

“UH, UH, FUCK. Right there…” she shouted as he started to thrust in and out of her, throwing her legs up in the air and arching her back as he sucked on her tits.

“So tight…gonna blow again soon…” he warned her, already feeling his dick starting to ache from the squeezing her cunt muscles were doing on it as he battered her overworked walls with it.

“Make me cum. I need to cum,” she hissed as she threw her head back, hanging it off the edge of the table she was on as her legs hung loosely off the other edge of it as she rocked her hips back and forth and started to cum all over his dick.

“Horny bitch,” he teased her as he drove himself balls-deep inside of her for the final time, her body going limp as he sped up his thrusts into her and released into her.

“OHGOD…” they both groaned as his seed began to fill her womb for the second time, ropes of his warm cum shooting into her pussy as he pulled her close to him and kissed her.

“When you lay down with him tonight, you better be thinking of me,” he teased her as they untangled their bodies and started getting dressed, Kimberly surprising him by slipping him her number.

“Hey stud. Call me when JP goes to spring training so we can do that again. And it was my first time, too. You’re the first guy other than him to fuck me,” she purred in his ear, swapping spit with him once more before finally bringing herself to leave him for the night and rejoin her girls.
Kellie’s Night

Kellie, who would easily identify as the “slut” of the group, had no such issues with loyalty to her husband, and was already chatting up a guy and getting comfortable with him as the drinks started to flow.

Since she had found a hot guy to tease earlier than her three friends had, she was already letting him make out with her after sharing a few drinks with him
Before long, she was wrapping her legs around him as they made out, too drunk to care about her husband since she had forgotten to wear her ring on this night, anyway.

“I really don’t think your husband would approve of the things you’re letting me do to you Kellie,” her hot mystery man teased her as he kissed her neck and groped between her legs, her legs still wrapped around him as their make out session got hotter and heavier.

“I don’t see him around anywhere, do you honey?” she whispered in her sweet Southern drawl, brushing back the hair out of her face and purposely letting him see the lack of ring on her finger.

“Trouble in paradise Kellie?” he whispered to her when he saw her ring less finger, zeroing in for the kill on the slutty country singer as he guided a hand inside her mini skirt and started rubbing her cunt through her panties, Kellie nodding her head yes as he started to grow bolder and moved her panties to the side as he started spreading her pussy lips apart to finger her.

“So when are you gonna let me get inside of you tonight then, Pickler?” he whispered in her ear, making his intentions known as he pulled her shirt down, kissing her neck and sucking on her tits right there in front of everyone, his hands still fingering her cunt as she moaned into his shoulder.

“Bathroom…now…baby…” Kellie moaned, feeling her pussy on fire with desire as he worked it over, leaving Kellie powerless to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to her from that point on.

Within a few minutes of arriving in the dirty, dingy bar restroom, Kellie had her black leather mini balled up at her ankles and the matching shirt on the floor next to her as she wrapped her lips around her man’s dick and started sucking on it in the 69 position, allowing him to lick at her pussy as she blew him.

“MMM…fuck this is a hot cock…” Kellie hissed as she sucked him off, his tongue running along her pussy lips as he slid it into her and started eating her out.

“Your pussy ain’t so bad either Kellie,” he whispered to her as he ate her out, her tight pussy wrapping itself around his tongue as she wrapped her hands around his dick and deep-throated him.

“MMM…eat me…” she hissed, her eyes beginning to roll back in her head as she sucked on his dick, both of them drawing closer and closer to orgasm as they serviced each other.

“Gonna cum Kellie…” he whispered as he tensed up, dragging his tongue deep within her snatch as she sucked away on his dick.

“Me…too” she hissed as she shot a load of her cum all over his tongue, moaning to herself as he drank it down and buried his dick at the back of her throat as he started to cum.

“MMM…” she hissed as she drank it down, holding his dick in her hands until she was ready to release it, and then sharing a kiss with him as he carried her over to the wall and pushed her up against it, sliding his dick into her pussy as she wrapped her legs around him.

“I can’t believe you’re really going to let me get this far,” he whispered to her as he started thrusting in and out of her, sucking on her tits and kissing her neck as he fucked her up against the wall, Kellie’s tight cunt muscles wrapping around his dick as he drove deeper and deeper inside of her.

“Fuck me with that hot cock sugar…I want to fucking cum all over it…” she hissed, throwing her head back against the wall as he powered his dick in and out of her, her legs squeezing even tighter around his waist as she neared another orgasm.

“Then fucking cum all over it Kellie,” he implored her, feeling her spasming cunt start to lock onto his dick as he sped up his strokes into her, Kellie’s moans getting louder and louder as she let herself go.

“OH…GOD…YES…” she hissed as she came, streaks of her sex juice flooding out onto his cock as he held himself inside of her and started shortening his movements, the squeezing of her pussy on his dick too much for him to handle.

“You gonna let me cum in you?” he softly asked her as he started to back out of her, Kellie throwing her legs around him again and pulling him balls-deep into her snatch as he started to cum inside her, spraying his sticky seed deep into her womb.

“FUCK…” Kellie hissed, her eyes rolling back into her head as she felt his sticky cum rocketing into her, coming down off of her orgasm as he finished filling her and pulled out of her.

“Let’s go one more round, you sexy slut,” he teased her as they made out against the wall, wrapping her in his arms and carrying her over to the sink as she whimpered in his ear, her pussy still on fire for more of his forbidden cock.

“Bend over and I’ll rock your world again,” he whispered to her as she bent over the sink, throwing her ass out against his dick as he slid it over her cunt lips again.

“That’s for later baby. I want this pussy again,” he softly told her as he slid his dick back into her cozy cunt, Kellie watching in the mirror as it disappeared in and out of her.

“OOOHHHH…OHGOD. There…” she hissed when he hit her g-spot, hitting her in places he hadn’t hit the first time as he pulled her hair and yanked her head back, making this one as rough as he could since he sensed she wanted it that way.

“You like that? Look at yourself getting fucked,” he whispered as he drove himself into her, Kellie white-knuckling the sink as her hook up for the night pounded her pussy and rocked her body.

“MMM…OHGOD…” she moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head as he yanked on her hair and forced himself deeper inside of her, Kellie moaning a little louder with every thrust into her.

“Yeah, that’s it. Cum for me,” he teased her as she let loose with another fresh load of her cream, coating his dick with it as he quickly drove it in and out of her, fast approaching his own finish line.

“Gonna cum in you again, you dirty bitch,” he softly teased her, kissing her neck and squeezing her tits as he thrust into her one last time and came in her again, filling up her tight snatch with a second thick, sticky load of his seed as he slowed his thrusts and started to back out of her.

“And now I fuck this luscious ass,” he whispered, kissing her neck again and pushing his dick between her ass cheeks as he started to thrust in and out of her anal cavity.

“Fuck…my…ass…” she moaned, her eyes once again rolling back in her head as she slammed her ass back into his dick, her body going limp as she started to leak cum from her quivering pussy again.

“I must be so much better than your old man,” he teased her when he saw her cumming for him again, her body giving out for the final time as he bottomed out in her ass and gave her a few final thrusts.

“Yes you are…OHGOD…” she purred, her pussy still convulsing as he dumped his load into her ass, cumming into her bowels with great force before finally pulling out of her for the last time and deciding to call it a night with her.

“It’s been fun, but I’ve got to run,” she told him, kissing him on the lips one last time as they started to get dressed and head out the door.

“I don’t want you getting the wrong impression baby. Just because I’m not wearing my ring and we may not be in a good place right now doesn’t mean I don’t still love him,” she told him as she handed him her bra and panties as a souvenir and reminder of the night they shared together.

“I understand Kellie. Thanks for choosing me,” he told her as he took her present to him and headed for the door, promising to always remember the night he had with her.

“Alright ladies. Closing time,” Miranda said to Carrie, Kellie, and Kimberly as she met up with them at closing time for the bar, all of them in various states of dishevelment as they piled back into the limo that was to take them back to Miranda’s place for the rest of the night.

“Carrie, the way you’re walking, I’d say you rode more than just the mechanical bull if I didn’t know any better,” Miranda teased her as she watched Carrie get out of the limo once it arrived back at Miranda’s.

“A lady never tells Ran,” Carrie told her, brushing off Miranda’s comment as she thought about the sexy cowboys she had let fuck her while Miranda moved onto Kellie.

“Kellie Dawn Pickler…you got some tonight, didn’t you?” Miranda playfully chided her as Kellie giggled and nodded her head, gathering her things to leave as Miranda and Kimberly talked.

“Kim…why is your hair a mess? I think someone else got some tonight, too,” Miranda teased her as Kimberly laughed it off, looking at her ring and not feeling the slightest bit ashamed of what she did.

“Lord knows I got some good dick tonight, and since it looks like all of you had just as much fun as I did, maybe we should get together and do this again sometime,” Miranda told them as they walked into her kitchen and made a toast with what was left of the wine, lifting their glasses in the air as Miranda spoke up.

“To girls’ nights. And to the four hottest bitches in Nashville,” Miranda shouted as they clinked their glasses together and downed the wine, finally departing and going their separate ways as they left the naughtiness of their night on the town behind them until the next time they got together.

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