Interviewing…Zoe and Kate

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Title: Interviewing…Zoe and Kate

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Zoe Saldana, Kate Winslet

Codes: Fmast, mast, oral, MFF, creampie

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at [email protected].

The final episode of Female Film Star’s Secrets had crept up on me but at least I knew I could go out with a bang, hopefully literally as well as metaphorically. My guests for the final show of the series were two actresses who were both well known and, in my opinion, under-rated in terms of their attractiveness. Zoe Saldana had starred in films such as Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy while Kate Winslet was most famous for her Oscar-winning role in Titanic. Both these women were not seen as the outstanding sex symbols in Hollywood, however I knew that they certainly were very attractive and, I hoped, sexual women.

Sitting in my dressing-room, pre-show, having my regular wank, I was reminiscing about all the great shows I’d had on Female Film Star’s Secrets, fucking stars as high-profile as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Mila Kunis, and I just hoped that the last show in the series would be as enjoyable as all the others.

As I did the introductions, I couldn’t help but anticipate what my two guests would be wearing and hoped it would be something slutty. Zoe Saldana certainly didn’t disappoint; she was dressed in a light blue number that wouldn’t have looked out of place as a nightie, showing off her long, voluptuous legs. Kate Winslet was not to be outdone however, and was wearing a black dress that clung to her figure, which was remarkable for a 40-year-old woman.

“Hello and welcome to the last in the series of Female Film Star’s Secrets. Now, as you ladies well know, this show holds no bars as we try and uncover all your lives, personal and professional. Understand?”

The girls nodded their heads in agreement and so I proceeded on with the first questions.

“Both of you are superb actresses, and it’s no secret that you’ve done some fantastic films. Zoe, you always seem to take on an appearance that’s not you, if you know what I mean, like Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy. Why is that?”

“I’m not too sure to be honest,” Zoe responded. “I guess I just liked the scripts for the films when my agent approached me with them. They were both great successes and I’m looking forward to doing the sequels for both of them. But I do do some films when I’m a normal actress, like the Star Trek movies, and so I do enjoy them too.”

“Kate, you’re obviously most well-known for Titanic, but you won an Oscar for The Reader and have appeared in many great films. What’s been your favourite one to do?”

“Obviously, both the two you mentioned were great fun, particularly given the success they had, but I don’t know if I’d pick either of those,” Kate answered, surprisingly. “I definitely think the Divergent series is up there, because I’d never done sequels or anything before so that was good. But it’s hard to pick just one.”

“You’re not the most well-known Hollywood celebrities, although both still very famous, but in my opinion, you’re both true sex symbols. Is that fun to deal with? All the press and wanting looks from men?”

“I mean, I can only speak for myself, but as well as being fun, it’s can be quite annoying,” Zoe answered this time. “It’s quite difficult to leave the house without some kind of paparazzi being there, although as you say, it’s easier than for some celebrities. As for the men, it’s nice but I’m happily married.”

“Indeed, I agree,” Kate said, in agreement. “It can be both stressful and enjoyable. It was worse for me when I was with my second husband (director Sam Mendes) but it does make you feel a sense of achievement and beauty.”

“Now in your movies, you’ve both done sex scenes,” I continued, changing the subject towards where I wanted to go. “When I interview the stars about these, most say they’re enjoyable and easy to film would you agree?”

“Well, I saw your show with Mila Kunis and Cameron Diaz, and I’d agree with what they said,” Zoe answered again. “Like Mila said, the benefit for the audience is the main thing. And she was so easy to work with on After Sex, I find girls easier to work with than the guys in that sense.”

“Yeah, I’ve worked on quite a few and got my kit off quite a bit, so clearly I’m at ease with them,” Kate said, laughing. “Yeah, they’re fairly easy to film and always are enjoyable. I enjoy both girls and guys the same when I’m filming them, I don’t really have a preference.”

“Very nice, ladies. Now while we’re on the topic of sex, I, like many others, have dreamed about having sex with two beautiful women like yourself, but I’m sure the audience would love to know whether you masturbate and how often?”

“I’m sure they would,” said Zoe, laughing. “I’m quite unusual in the fact that I masturbate every day, whether I’m having sex or not. I make time to masturbate as I just find it so god damn hot, every time I touch myself.”

“Wow, Zoe, that’s bold,” Kate said, in amazement. “Erm, I’m a little less frequent. I used to do it a lot between my marriages but when I’m married, like now, it’s probably once a week, maybe twice.”

“That’s certainly very hot,” I said, feeling my cock twitch. “And what gets Zoe Saldana and Kate Winslet off?”

“Well, I do like some good old-fashioned porn,” Zoe answered, getting into the question. “I’ve got a certain few pornstars who do the job for me, and I do like the parodies, I think they’re fun.”

“It tends to be more imagination with me,” Kate replied, “but I have watched porn every now and then. I do like watching sex scenes from movies, especially if they’re people I’ve worked with and know quite well.”

“You’ve both done scenes with top actors and actresses,” I asked, my cock now at it’s full length. “But if you could pick anyone to do it with, who would it be?”

“Well, my scene I did with Mila Kunis was my favourite ever, so I’d love to do another one with her, but actually have sex this time,” Zoe answered, and her eyes drifted towards the rock in my pants.

“As an older woman, my preferred person was Richard Gere for a long time,” Nicole answered, “but I’ve grown to the idea of sex with a younger man and so someone like Zac Efron springs to mind.”

“Well, unfortunately, we’re running out of time, so let’s finish with the standard question. What’s the kinkiest place or riskiest place you’ve engaged in sexual activity?”

“Again, I’m going to show my age, but I’ve never really done it anywhere risky or kinky,” Nicole answered first. “It’d probably have to be my parent’s house when I was much younger, but I’d love to experiment and do it somewhere more risky.”

“I’m the complete opposite,” said Zoe, with a twinkle in her eye. “I’ve fucked everywhere and anywhere. Public transport, alleyways, restaurants, shops but my favourite was top floor of a hotel in the corridor.”

“Wow, very eye-opening, Zoe,” I said, as my cock stood fully erect I my pants and almost hurt against my jeans as I took in this answer. “Well, unfortunately, that’s all we have time for and that’s the end of the show and the end of the series. But don’t forget to join me next series when I’ll have more actresses to find out about including the fabulous Rose Byrne and beautiful Isla Fisher. See you then.”

I just about made it through the interview without my raging hard boner causing me too many problems, but as soon as I’d wrapped up the show, there was no way I could control myself. I pulled down my trousers and let my rock hard 8” cock loose, to stand to attention as I sat in front of the two beautiful women in front of me.

I had gotten the feeling from the interview that Zoe Saldana would definitely be keen to fuck after the show but Kate Winslet would take some extra encouragement to join in. However, my assessment of the situation seemed to be well off centre as before I knew it, Kate was stripping down out of her black dress to show off some lacy lingerie, and her boobs even more. I began to stroke my cock as I stared at Kate’s beautiful body and knew that I’d give anything to have some fun with the hot English actress. I had been right about Zoe, though, as she followed Kate’s lead and began to strip herself, her light blue dress soon on the floor, and her boobs on show as she wore just a pair of light blue panties.

Still stroking my cock, completely turned on by the two women in front of me, I watched as both Zoe and Kate’s hands began to slip down towards their covered up pussies. I watched as they began to finger themselves underneath their underwear and I couldn’t take the tension anymore. Getting up from my sofa, I walked over and began to lick and suck on Zoe’s pert little nipples and tits. Although not the biggest tits in the world, Zoe’s black nipples were hard and proud and they tasted great as she lay there rubbing her pussy. Kate’s attention was now fully focused on Zoe and myself, as she pleasured herself, while I played with Zoe’s tits, my cock still rock hard.

It was almost as though Kate had decided enough was enough and she stripped completely naked, a couple of minutes later, showing off her beautiful body and her nice, trimmed pussy. Kate came over to where I was still playing and sucking on Zoe’s tits as she pleasured herself, and took initiative. Pushing me onto the couch, she pulled down Zoe’s panties, so that she, too, was stark naked and had her shaved pussy on show, and then proceeded to bend down and get on her knees in front of me. Zoe followed suit and the next thing I knew, the two actresses were exchanging my cock and balls between them as they sucked and jerked me off.

As I sat there, I reflected on how successful these shows had been, just like the others, as I had fucked some of the hottest film actresses in the world and it seemed to be continuing tonight. Kate was sucking on my balls as Zoe took my cock in her mouth, and I could feel myself nearing orgasm. My stamina had improved after the amount of celebrities I had fucked, but I didn’t want to cum yet, so I decided it was time to switch it up.

Instructing Zoe to lie on the couch, I got up and positioned my cock in line with the black actress’ sweet wet pussy. Slowly moving forwards, I felt my cock push into her pussy and it was met with some resistance.

“Wow, you’re tight, Zoe, fuck!” I said, as I withdrew and inserted again, only managing to force three inches in.

“Yeah I know,” she replied, as she moaned against the new feeling in her pussy. “Quite a surprise, considering I’ve had two kids, isn’t it?”

I pushed more of my cock into Zoe’s pussy and it wasn’t long until I had my full length deep inside the sexy African-American actress, and was fucking her at a gentle rhythm. Meanwhile, Kate had decided that she wanted some action too and had climbed onto the couch so that her pussy was now hovering over Zoe Saldana’s face.

“Show me how you pleasured Mila Kunis in After Sex, Zoe,” she instructed. “I wanna know if it was all for show or if you can actually lick pussy good.”

I couldn’t deny that the scene now taking place in front of me was massively arousing, as Zoe licked Kate’s pussy whilst receiving a good fucking from me. I could feel myself nearing orgasm again and this time I wasn’t going to stop it.

“Zoe, I’m going to cum,” I warned the actress as I pounded the actress hard, forcing my length in as deep as it would go.

“Fuck yeah,” came the reply from Kate’s pussy, “fill me up, you fucking man whore.”

Surprised in this change of demeanour from Zoe, but turned on none the less, I pumped my cock harder into the Avatar star, until I could feel my cum building. With one last big thrust, I felt my juices squirt deep into the womb of Zoe Saldana, a feeling that I couldn’t explain. Zoe moaned loudly as she felt my juices fill her up and I sensed that she was not far away herself from reaching orgasm. Forcing myself to continue, I thrust one last time and, as my final juices left me, Zoe screamed in pleasure as her own orgasm surged through her and her juices mixed with mine.

The sound of her two fuckbuddies orgasming seemed to bring Kate to the edge as well, and as Zoe continued to lick and finger her pussy, she too came all over her fellow actress’ face.

“Fuck, that felt good,” said Kate, as she got up off of Zoe’s face and looked down at the mixture of cum now leaking from Zoe’s pussy. “But I wanna feel that cock!”

“That can easily be arranged!” I said, as the girls switched positions with Kate now lying on the couch, awaiting my cock, and Zoe hovering her pussy over Kate’s mouth.

I lined my cock up with the entrance to Kate’s pussy, and inserted it into her opening. It was a lot less tight than Zoe’s had been but I could still only fit five inches inside. As Kate moaned from the new feeling that was now inside her pussy, Zoe lowered her pussy onto Kate’s mouth, where her tongue came out to meet it and began to lick and suck. I was still rocking back and forwards as I thrust my cock into Kate’s pussy and eventually it was all in and we were fucking at a nice steady pace while she continued to lick Zoe’s pussy.

“Fuck yeah, that looks so good,” Zoe moaned, as she received oral pleasure from Kate. “You getting fucked by Tom while you lick my pussy, you dirty slut.”

Zoe’s dirty talk was really turning me on as I fucked Kate and with every moan or dirty phrase from Zoe, I found myself pounding Kate harder. Kate’s moans were getting louder with every thrust, and I could feel myself nearing my second orgasm of the night.

“Fuck, Kate, I’m gonna cum again,” I said, as I fucked her hard and fast, “where do you want it?”

“Cum inside me, like you did in Zoe,” she moaned in between licking Zoe’s pussy.

Not wanting to disappoint Kate, I thrust my cock deep inside her a couple of more times, and as I thrust again, my cock exploded deep inside Kate, filling her up just as I had done to Zoe. Watching me squirt my load in Kate’s pussy, coupled with the feel of the tongue on her own pussy, seemed to bring Zoe to orgasm as well, and the black actress was soon going through her second orgasm of the day, her juices being lapped up by Kate.

Both these factors and the continued thrusts of my cock seemed to push Kate over the edge herself and I felt the actress squirt her juices onto my cock and start running down my leg.

“Wow, that was certainly a great way to end the series!” I said, as I pulled my cock out of Kate’s pussy and sat in between the two naked actresses on the sofa.

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