Interviewing…Elisabeth, Elisabeth and Jorja

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Title: Interviewing…Elisabeth, Elisabeth and Jorja

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Elisabeth Shue, Elisabeth Harnois, Jorja Fox

Codes: oral, blowjob, facial, MF, FF, fingering

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at [email protected].

The final show in the series was fast approaching in The Truth Behind the Women of TV but boy, did we have a show for you. I was set to be joined by the stars of hit US drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and all three of my guests were insanely good-looking and (I hoped) very horny and sex-mad.

From the moment Elisabeth Shue entered the set, I could tell that it was going to be a good show. The star of many films, as well as CSI, Elisabeth looked very stunning wearing a blue dress that showed off her figure, which for a woman over 50 was very good. When Elisabeth Harnois joined her on set, my hopes for a good show doubled. The much younger actress had dressed sluttier for the occasion, wearing a white dress that ended very close to her ass and started midway through her cleavage. Jorja Fox was closer in age to Elisabeth Shue and, in my opinion, was very underrated but she was perhaps dressed in the most revealing and stunning outfit. Her leather get-up produced an end result that any man on earth could have a wet dream over and I couldn’t wait to get down and dirty with my three hot guests.

“Welcome to the show, CSI ladies. You all look stunning and it’s a pleasure to have you on the show,” I said, introducing them further. “I trust you’ve all been informed of the topics of the show and so suggest we begin. Working on a show like that can be daunting, but you manage it so well. What’s the hardest part?”

“I guess the fact we film several episodes in one go so a lot of the time we’re alternating between scripts,” Elisabeth Shue answered. “It can get kind of confusing, given the fact that each show has a lot of complicated medical and cop words to say.”

“Yeah, and the travelling,” Jorja added. “I’ve done it for ages now, and each week I’m in a different part of America, filming a different episode. We’ve been all over the place so that’s hard being away from family and friends for long periods of time.”

“You certainly travel a lot, does that make it difficult to either have or maintain relationships?”

“It can be hard to meet guys,” Elisabeth Harnois said. “But I think that comes as part of the job. We sort of have to suffer that side of things, but we get about two to three months off so we can go out then and try and hook up.”

“It’s definitely difficult to maintain my marriage,” Elisabeth Shue added. “This is the hardest period I’ve worked where it’s really had an effect on my husband. It’s much more stressful, he’s used to me being at home more so we’re having to adapt, but as Elisabeth said, it’s part of the job.”

“I certainly find it a lot more difficult,” Jorja chipped in. “Being bisexual but preferring girls, I have to go to specific bars to pick up my chicks whereas when we’re filming, sometimes the girls can go and have a night out but I have to research first to see if there’s any bisexual places.”

“Jorja, have you ever had or wanted flings with your fellow cast members?”

“How did I know you were gonna ask that?” Jorja answered, laughing. “Erm, well, truth be told, there has been a few on-set flings. When Marg Helgenberger was on the show, we used to have a lot of fun in our breaks but after she left, nothing ever really happened, because of the new directors and producers making us work a lot more.”

“Would you be tempted girls?”

“It depends how it was initiated, but I’ve experimented in the past and still do, occasionally,” Elisabeth Shue answered. “Girls certainly know how to have fun, and I’m sure Jorja’s very experienced and would give me a good time.”

“I’m a little shyer, if I’m honest,” Elisabeth Harnois responded. “But that doesn’t mean to say if I caught these two having fun, I wouldn’t join in. I definitely wouldn’t initiate it and I’d probably need convincing but it would certainly be a good time.”

“How is the sex lives outside the show?”

“Marriage takes its toll,” Elisabeth Shue said. “The longer I’ve been married, the less frequent sex gets, which is frustrating because I seem to get hornier as I get older. So not as often as I’d like.”

“As I said before, I try to hook up in my months off, but I’m usually unsuccessful,” Elisabeth Harnois said. “I haven’t had sex in a long while, three or four months, I think so in answer to your question, not great.”

“Wow, Liz, I didn’t know that,” Jorja added, looking slightly shocked. “I thought you had sex all the time. I guess that makes me the most active about once a week if I can find the right girl and sometimes guy.”

“That’s certainly a long time without sex, so I presume you masturbate?”

“There’s certainly no point denying it,” Elisabeth Harnois answered. “Because I’m so sexually inactive, I masturbate very frequently, whenever I get a free moment. I literally masturbate to the slightest thing as well, anything that is remotely sexy.”

“And girls, do you two masturbate as well?”

“I don’t do it as frequently as Liz by the sounds of it,” said Elisabeth Shue, looking at her co-star admirably. “However, it usually happens once a week or maybe twice a week. It depends if I’m horny and if my husband is about or not.”

“Oh yeah, lesbians masturbate way more than straight girls,” Jorja replied, with a wink. “I’m like Liz, whenever I get a free moment. I’ve masturbated mutually with a few of my girlfriends as well, that really turns me on. I remember a great mutual masturbation with Marg but that was a while back.”

“I’m sure a lot of men, including myself, will be turned on by those answers,” I said, feeling my cock begin to rise as was the norm on this show. “It’s been widely discussed that there may be a porn parody of CSI, could any of you see yourselves starring in it?”

“As much as I love sex, I don’t think I would,” Elisabeth Shue answered. “I think it’s best that the pornstars do that. I’d be more than willing to do sex scenes in the actual show or other shows, as I know we all would be, but that’s a step too far.”

“Well, unfortunately, we’re running out of time once more. So before we go, here’s one final question for each of you. You’re alone for the weekend and you decide to masturbate, what three things would be essential for you?”

“Well for me, it’s easy,” Elisabeth Harnois answered. “A dildo, a vibrator and my phone. The last one may sound weird, but trust me, my porn collection on there is out of this world.”

“I’d have to say my collection of lesbian porn,” Jorja answered quickly. “And let me see… Ooh I know, my pussy-ass dildo, look them up, they’re great. And my love eggs, yeah, that’s it!”

“This is gonna sound corny, but I think just the basics,” Elisabeth Shue finished off the interview. “A dildo, a vibrator and porn, like Elisabeth, but I don’t know if I could do one whole weekend without a cock, hey, who knows?”

“Wow, what answers they were. Fantastic stuff. And that brings to an end a fabulous series of The Truth Behind The Women of TV. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series and I’ll be back with some brand new episodes later, where my guests will include stars such as, Rachel Riley, Christine Bleakley and Alexandra Dowling. See you soon.”

It had certainly been a great show to end the series on. As usual, my cock was hard as a rock as I sat imagining all of my three guests alone, masturbating to their porn collections, in particular Elisabeth Shue, someone who I’d masturbated over having sex for a long time. The CSI stars themselves seemed pretty turned on as they chatted amongst themselves, totally oblivious to my rock hard cock just inches away from them.

Suddenly, an idea came to my mind. I got up and left the set, asking for a quick chat with Elisabeth Harnois before I did, something which she readily agreed to. My theory was that if I’d been successful in getting my guests horny enough, Jorja and Elisabeth Shue would be having lesbian sex when we got back and all that was left for me to do was to seduce Elisabeth Harnois.

I led Elisabeth Harnois off to the secluded part of the set and turned to face the gorgeous blonde. There was no way I could understand how the super-attractive actress had gone without sex for three months because she looked absolutely breath-taking in that slutty dress, which I couldn’t help but imagine on the floor.

“Elisabeth, I have a question for you,” I said, trying to keep my intentions hidden as best as possible.

“Go ahead, please,” she replied, looking curious.

“I was thinking about our interview, and it was puzzling me as to how an incredibly attractive woman like yourself had gone so long without sex?”

“I guess, it just hasn’t happened,” Elisabeth said, edging closer to me. “It’s not through a want of trying, trust me.”

“Well, I feel like you should change that,” I replied, and took the initiative of pulling her in close to exchange a kiss. I let my tongue slip into her mouth and ran my hands through her hair, knowing she would be able to feel my hard cock pressed up against her body.

She responded well and I felt her press into me and run her hands down my back. Knowing I had achieved my aim, I found the zip on Elisabeth’s dress and began to undo it whilst kissing her, so that she was soon left in her sexy lingerie, broadcasting her lovely tits and ass. Elisabeth began to strip me too, as we continued to exchange kisses and it wasn’t long before we were both naked, admiring each other’s bodies, my cock standing on end.

Elisabeth bent down and took my cock in her hands, and began to stroke it before bringing her mouth down and giving her first blowjob in a very long time. It felt amazing to be being sucked off by yet another hot celebrity and Elisabeth, although out of practice, was doing a fantastic job. The feel of her lips around my cock felt so good, and she opened her mouth up in order for me to get more of my cock inside her. As my cock went in and out her mouth, she brought her hands down to fondle my balls and create added excitement. After about five minutes, Elisabeth had brought me to the brink of orgasm and as she sucked on my cock, I knew I best warn her.

“I’m gonna cum, Elisabeth,” I said, guiding her head forward and back.on my cock.

“On my face,” she instructed, releasing my cock from her grip and kneeling on the floor, mouth wide open. I took my cock in my hand and gave the few strokes that I needed in order to produce my load, which I squirted all over the actress’s face. There was something mildly arousing, looking at Elisabeth covered in my jizz, and wanting more.

I pulled Elisabeth to her feet again and brought her in for a quick kiss, having let her wipe my jizz off her face. Then, I took her hand and guided her back towards the set of the show, where we’d left Jorja and Elisabeth Shue alone.

“Where are we going?” Elisabeth asked me, still completely naked and looking fine.

“You’ll see, you’ll see,” I answered, guiding her back onto the set, and stopping in the corner, hidden from view so we could peer into the room. Looking in, it was exactly what I had hoped would happen. The interview had clearly got both Jorja Fox and Elisabeth Shue excited enough that they wanted to have some fun together. Currently, Elisabeth was lying on the sofa with Jorja’s head buried in her pussy, and moans being emitted from the older actress’ mouth.

Elisabeth Harnois’ hand squeezed mine and I glanced at her and could tell she was enjoying the show her fellow co-stars were putting on for us, albeit unknowingly. I guided her to the opposite sofa, careful as not to be heard, and then sat her down next to me and began to rub her pussy, while she stroked my cock, all the time watching my other two guests have lesbian fun.

It wasn’t long until Elisabeth Shue’s moans became more separate and louder, albeit with gasps as she struggled to contain herself, Jorja’s lesbian experiences working wonders on getting Elisabeth to orgasm. I fingered Elisabeth Harnois’ pussy harder as she stroked my cock harder, both watching eagerly as Elisabeth Shue orgasmed hard into the waiting mouth of Jorja Fox.

I could take it no longer after that, and I stopped fingering Elisabeth’s pussy and instead guided her so that her pussy was over my rock-hard cock. It was at this point that Jorja and Elisabeth seemed to notice they had company, but there was little time for conversation, as I was eager to fuck Elisabeth Harnois’ brains out, and Elisabeth Shue seemed eager to return the orgasm Jorja Fox had just given her.

They did, however, move onto the same sofa and I was able to work my fingers in and out of Elisabeth Shue’s pussy while she orally pleasured Jorja Fox and Elisabeth Harnois bounced up and down on my cock. It was definitely one of the greatest moments of my life, and it wasn’t long before my cum exploded deep inside Elisabeth’s pussy, her juices flowing at the same time, while Jorja was a couple of minutes behind before she too had a powerful orgasm.

It was certainly a great way to end the series and gave me high hopes of what I hoped would be a terrific second series.

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