Interviewing…Katerina and Hayley

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Titles: Interviewing…Katerina and Hayley

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Katarina Johnson-Thompson, Hayley McQueen, Kate Abdo

Codes: oral, blowjob, MF, FF, MFFF, facial

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal.

I had mixed feelings about the upcoming Sportswomen Uncovered show for two main reasons. The first was the feeling of sadness as it was the last show in the series and this meant that it would be quite a long while before Kate Abdo and I got to have sex with anymore of the greatest sporting talent. However, we were finishing the series with an absolute belter and this was the reason I was looking forward to it. Our guests were extremely attractive, interesting and at least one of them would definitely be up for some fun.

Katerina Johnson-Thompson was somewhat of an unknown in many parts of the world but in the UK, she was known as an up and coming heptathlete who would be challenging for medals at the Olympics. Not only this, but she was still very young and she was very good-looking and I personally couldn’t wait to try and have sex with her. Our other guest was Kate and my fellow Sky Sports News presenter Hayley McQueen, the daughter of former footballer Gordon. Hayley was one of my favourite co-hosts and when she’d heard the office rumours about what happened after the appearances of Natalie Sawyer, Kate, Charlotte Jackson, Georgie Thompson and Kirstie Gallagher on the show, she was adamant that she wanted to appear.

As Kate and I did our regular masturbation session in the dressing room before the show, my thoughts turned to Katarina Johnson-Thompson and whether the young Scouse heptathlete would be up for some fun because we already knew Hayley McQueen would be. However, I felt that we could worry about that particular problem when the time came.

With Kate looking sexy as always, and my trousers unbuttoned to give her good access, we started the show and introduced our two final guests of the series. Hayley was rocking the sexy secretary look, wearing glasses and a black dress that showed off her ass perfectly while Katarina looked surprisingly beautiful in a pink dress, showing off her own figure.

“Welcome to the final episode of this series of Sportswomen Uncovered ladies. By now, you know what the show’s about so let’s get going,” I said, after the girls had settled. “Katarina, you’re competing in several competitions but obviously the big one is the Olympics in Rio. How do you feel preparations are going?”

“As well as I could have wanted them to,” Katarina answered swiftly. “Obviously, it’s going to be difficult because I’m competing against Jess (Ennis-Hill) who’s one of my closest friend and an unbelievable heptathlete but I think we could get a gold and silver which would be fantastic.”

“Hayley, working on Sky Sports News is fantastic, but what’s your favourite part of our job?” Kate asked.

“I think it’s been said by the other presenters, but meeting the sports stars and bringing breaking news to the homes of many,” Hayley answered. “It’s a great job to be in, you get to meet really nice people and it’s such a good working environment.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” I added, smiling at Hayley. “Katarina, you’ve been a relationship with your boyfriend for almost two years now, how’s that going?”

“Yeah, it’s great, thanks,” she answered. “He’s a great guy, and he has a lot of free time as a radio presenter, so that’s great when I get back from training he’s there. But yeah, things are going well in the boyfriend department thanks.”

“Hayley, you too are in a relationship but I understand there was some inter-office fun before that?” Kate asked, knowing the answer full well.

“Yes, yes there was, but that’s a long time ago,” Hayley added. “It always used to be a little joke around the office, as you well know, that I was something of a slut, someone who liked to go around the office and sleep with everyone.”

“Damn, looks like I missed my opportunity,” I said, winking at Hayley. “Katarina, your relationship obviously has to work around your training and competitions. Is that difficult? Do you have time to have a sexual interaction?”

“Yeah, obviously, we do have to work around my schedule,” Katarina answered, “but as I said, he’s usually there when I get back so we can have a pretty normal relationship. As for the sex, yeah, we do have a quite active sexual relationship, but as with any sportswoman, before major competitions I have to put it on hold.”

“Hayley, how active is your sexual relationship?” Kate asked, and I could tell she was already getting a little bit horny because she knew where these questions were headed.

“Not as active as I’d like it to be,” Hayley answered, looking a little sad. “To be honest with you, I’m having a lot less sex now I’m in a relationship than I was before, which is obviously frustrating. But I guess if I had to put a number on it, it would probably be around once or twice a week.”

“Certainly not living up to your office nickname, are we?” I added, sneakily. “Katarina, you say you put sex on hold before major tournaments, so do you masturbate to avoid boiling over? For example, Jess Ennis said she masturbated daily when she was away from home, are you similar?”

“Well, I think it’s natural after a long day’s training to just want to relieve stress, so yeah I do masturbate,” Katarina answered, and once more there was a horny twitch from Kate. “Being a heptathlete is obviously quite tiring so it helps to just settle you back down. I never masturbate in between days on events though, but after the final day, let’s just say it can get very hot, very steamy and very wet.”

“Wow, I don’t know how to follow that,” Kate said, with the widest smile on her face. “Hayley, what’s your masturbation situation? Any secrets you’d care to share?”

“Well, I masturbate daily as well, but it sounds like Katarina’s is a lot hotter than mine,” she answered, and I noticed she was getting a little twitchy too. “I mean, I’ve masturbated on the job, in the commercial breaks, sometimes, but usually, I do it in the comfort of my own home to a good porno.”

“Which pornos do you watch?” Kate jumped in, as I felt her hand begin to rub my cock through my jeans.

“Well, I do like the ones which are voyeur to be honest,” Hayley answered. “And I can get off well to masturbation videos, both male and female.”

“To be honest, I will watch anything,” Katarina jumped in, similarly to how Kate had. “If it’s got hot pornstars and some good action, I can masturbate to it.”

“Unfortunately, we’re running out of time,” I said, my cock now out on full view of Hayley and Katarina as Kate stroked it. “So, we’ve got time for one final question each. Katarina, have you ever done a heptathlon-style sex marathon, seven times in two days?”

“I heard about this and think it’s the greatest idea ever,” Katarina answered, “but I’ve never done it personally. I’d be super keen to do it though, it sounds like so much fun.”

“And Hayley, we always ask our presenters this,” Kate asked, her hand still working on my cock. “If you could sleep with one famous sportsman and one famous sportswoman, who would they be?”

“Well, I think the Manchester United team are really nice people, and I’ve got a thing for Italians so I think Matteo Darmian would be my sportsman,” Hayley answered. “As for women, I think we’re in the company of a super-hot, super-talented young woman in Katarina so I wouldn’t mind sleeping with her.”

“Wow, maybe we can make that happen,” I joked, watching as Katarina blushed but seemed to be debating the idea, with her eyes watching Kate’s handjob which had now changed into a blowjob now her part was finished. “That brings us to the end of the final episode of this series of Sportswoman Uncovered. We’ll be back in the near future but until then, we’ll see you soon.”

I knew that as soon as we finished the show, it would be pretty easy to get Hayley to join in with the fun, but the challenge was going to be with Katarina. Kate’s blowjob was as always superbly done, and Hayley was quick to come over and join us on our sofa, exchanging kisses with me, as she started to undress. Katarina seemed unsure what to do as she observed the scene in front of her, clearly aroused by Kate sucking my cock, while I exchanged kisses with a stripping Hayley McQueen, but also unsure as to whether she wanted to get involved.

Hayley clearly did and she had joined Kate on her knees by my cock in next to no time, where they were both enjoying my length with their tongues and lips. Katarina’s pink dress was hitched up, and although the heptathlete didn’t think I could see her, she was beginning to rub her pussy through her panties and potentially, setting up the dream end to the first series of Sportswomen Uncovered.

Hayley was now standing up and hovering her wet pussy over my hard cock, clearly eager to fuck her fellow work colleague, and giving total disregard to Kate. However, my co-host did not mind one bit, as she made her way over to the opposite sofa to join the shy, masturbating Katarina Johnson-Thompson, and help her out of her clothes. As I pushed into Hayley’s surprisingly tight pussy, I watched Kate start to take over from Katarina and rub the young Scouser’s pussy whilst she sucked and licked on the perky tits.

The feeling of Hayley’s pussy on my cock was every bit as good as I thought it would be. The former footballer’s daughter was surprisingly tight, given that she was such a natural beauty I’d presumed she’d been very active sexually. Hayley’s bouncing on my cock was that of a woman who had wanted to have sex for a very long time, and had been prevented from doing so. My tongue found it’s way to her perky tits as we fucked, I caressed and sucked on her nipples, bringing moans from my co-host on Sky Sports News.

Meanwhile, Kate’s persuasion techniques showed that they were as good as ever as she was now engaging in a kiss with the young heptathlete, Katarina Johnson-Thompson, while Kate’s fingers were massaging and working the young girl’s clitoris. Katarina had clearly warmed to the idea of some fun, and was now fully engaging in the sexual acts, her moans similar to Hayley’s as Kate worked magic with her fingers.

Hayley had sped up the rate she was bouncing on my cock now, and she was clearly enjoying it much more at this quicker pace. As I guided her hips with my arms, still watching the lesbian show from Kate and Katarina out the corner of my eye, I could feel myself getting closer to squirting my load. However, it transpired I was not going to be the first one to cum as Hayley had brought herself to the edge of orgasm with the speed we were fucking at.

“I’M GOONNNNAAA CUMMMMM!” she yelled, as she continued fucking my cock, eager to get herself over the line. “YEEEEAAAAHHHH, THAT’S IT, I’M CUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!”

Hayley’s orgasm had brought me right to the verge of cumming as well, the feel of her juices dripping down my cock as her pussy clenched around it, but I didn’t want to cum inside her. Pulling my cock out her pussy, I instructed Hayley to kneel down and jerked my cock until her face was covered in white, hot, sticky cum.

Glancing over, as Hayley swallowed the cum that had landed in her mouth, I saw that Kate and Katarina had advanced their lesbian loving, and Kate was now giving Katarina the time of her life with her tongue, working away at the young heptathlete’s pussy. Katarina too, seemed close to cumming but I felt that my co-host deserved a little bit of pleasure as well.

Taking the initiative, I guided Hayley over to where Katarina and Kate were having their lesbian loving, and instructed Hayley to go and hover her pussy over Katarina’s mouth. This she did, and the heptathlete immediately began to lick and suck on Hayley’s wet clit, her nerves from earlier completely disappeared. Meanwhile, I guided my cock to Kate’s waiting pussy and slowly pushed inside, before picking up the pace until I was consistently fucking my favourite pussy.

As I thrust my cock deep into Kate’s pussy for yet another time on these shows, I thought about how lucky I was that my idea for an interview show had been passed. I would not have ever got the chance to fuck so many beautiful celebrities, and never discovered how sex-hungry they all were, without this opportunity. As I fucked Kate, and thought about this, it became apparent that Katarina was on the verge of orgasm. Knowing how much Kate loves oral pleasure, this came as no surprise to me and my co-host, whilst still being pounded by my cock, sped up the pace to bring Katarina to orgasm.

“OHHHHH MYYYY GODDDD!” Katarina screamed, as her juices exploded into Kate’s mouth, “THHHHIIISSSS ISSSSS UNBELIEVABLEEEE!”

Knowing that Kate was now the only one of us all yet to cum, I sped up my pace and knew she was getting closer when her body tightened and her moans became less audible and quicker. Soon her juices were dribbling down my legs, as I brought the wonderfully hot co-host to orgasm and we all collapsed on the sofa after a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable fuck session. I had no doubt that Kirsty and Katarina would both happily appear on the show again in the new series.

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