The Graduate

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Title: The Graduate

Author: Tori

Celebs: Peyton List

Codes: MF, MMF, gang, oral, anal, ncon, ws

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Like every teen this time of year, Peyton List was looking forward to her high school graduation.  Even though she had completed most of her high school education at the studio school and at home, the local high school had granted her permission to graduate with the senior class, most of which she had grown up with.  She knew most of them from elementary school but many of the graduates resented her being there.  They thought she had become a stuck up bitch ever since she became famous.

The ceremony went off without a hitch and everyone, including Peyton, tossed their caps into the air and gave a celebratory cheer.  She stopped and took pictures with some of the students and then, as she was walking to the car with her family, a few girls from the cheer squad stopped and invited her to a party that evening.  Peyton readily agreed and told them she was looking forward to it.  The girls smiled as they walked away from her.  They knew their plan was falling into place.

When Peyton arrived at the party, she was surprised by how many people were there.  The place was full of teens partying and having a great time.  The music was blaring and when she walked into the house, she was handed a plastic cup full of beer.  She took a couple of sips and then went into the living room.  Several boys came up to her and one of them handed her a bottle of Jack.  She took a big swig and then chased it down with some more beer.  Just then, several girls came up to her and poured their beer over her head.  Several more came up and continued to drench the beautiful blonde with cup after cup of cold beer.  The liquid stung her eyes and she quickly shut them.  As they covered her with beer, she felt several hands groping her.  They squeezed her breasts through her wet t-shirt and she also felt several hands on her ass.  When she opened her eyes, one of the guys undid her wet jeans and pulled them down leaving her standing there in her thong.  Two more guys grabbed her arms while a third ripped her wet shirt from her body.  She felt someone behind her undo her bra and then her thong was ripped off, leaving the frightened teen standing there completely naked.

Peyton tried to run but the jeans around her ankles made her fall to the floor.  As she tried get up, she felt someone behind her put their hands on her hips.  Two girls came over and held her down as the guy behind her penetrated her pussy.  She screamed as he raped her.  Another guy came up and shoved his cock down her throat.  The two boys spit roasted the blonde starlet for several minutes and then covered her face and hair with cum.  When they finished, two more boys took their places.  Over the next hour, Peyton was gangraped on the living room floor while everyone in the room stood around her and cheered.  Throughout the ordeal, they forced whiskey down her throat and continued to pour cups of cold beer on her.

Eventually, she was carried up to one of the bedrooms and thrown on a large bed.  Three of the girls tied her to the bed and then wrote “WHORE”, “PIG” and “SLUT” on her body with magic marker.  One of the girls shoved her fist into Peyton’s well used pussy and fist fucked the pretty 17 year old until she came.  When Peyton looked over, she saw a line of boys waiting their turns.  One by one they came in and raped the teenaged actress and model.  They fucked her ass and made her suck their cocks while the abuse continued.  The entire football team came in and sodomized her while several of the cheerleaders sat on her face and made her lick their sopping wet pussies.  Some of the girls pissed in her mouth and forced her to swallow the rancid liquid while the boys fucked her gaping asshole.

Just before dawn, Peyton was untied and placed in the trunk of her car.  She was driven to the worst part of town and then pulled out the trunk.  They left her there in an alley, naked and covered in piss and cum.  As she struggled to walk to the street, several filthy bums came out of nowhere and grabbed her.  They pulled her into an abandoned building and forced her to suck their dirty, stinking cocks.  One of the men shoved his cock into her ass and sodomized her as the other men continued to fuck her face.  When he filled her ass with cum, another man took his place.  The assault continued for several hours.  By the time they finished with her, Peyton had lost all sense of reality.  She simply laid there and let the men do what they wanted to her.  Over the next several days, the men invited more and more of their street friends in to take a turn on the young girl.  Peyton was fucked and sodomized by so many men she lost count.  When they weren’t fucking her, they kept her tied up in the corner and used her as a human toilet.  The only water they gave her was their stinking piss.

When Peyton didn’t come home, her parents called the police.  They went to the house where the party was but no one remembered her being there.  That evening, the police found her car abandoned and stripped near the warehouse district.  They questioned everyone over the next week until one of the girls finally broke down and told the cops what they’d done to Peyton.  She also told them where they dropped her off so the police concentrated their search in that area.  When they finally found Peyton, she was hanging by her wrists in the abandoned building.  There were over a dozen men passed out on the floor around her.  Peyton was a filthy wreck and unable to speak, with empty whiskey bottles shoved in both her pussy and her ass.  The police arrested everyone in the building and Peyton was taken to a nearby hospital.

Videos of the gangrape at the party began to show up on the internet.  Her parents did everything they could to get them removed but the damage was done.  Their daughter was a shell of her former self and would wake up screaming in the middle of the night from her nightmares.  Peyton never returned to her show and although she continues to go to intensive therapy, she spends her days in her room, unwilling to leave the house.

The End.

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