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Title: Interviewing…Rita

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Rita Ora, Kate Abdo

Codes: blowjob, MFF, oral

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at

The last show of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls had been an absolute ball, but I had high hopes that the final show of the series would produce similar if not better results for both myself and Kate. Our guest was another star like Ariana Grande, who had found fame recently and was lusted over by many men and women alike, myself included. Rita Ora was certainly one of my most attractive guests and I had a feeling that her answers would be very interesting and fun.

Like always, the time in the dressing room with Kate was perfect as she gave me a superb blowjob and we discussed our hopes about getting Rita to join us in some after-show action. Kate certainly seemed to think Rita would be up for it, and boy did I hope she’d be right. With my trousers unzipped to give Kate easy access, we headed out to the set and got ready to welcome our guest onto the show.

Rita’s entrance set the tone for how I knew the show was going to go well. She was wearing very little clothing which suited me just fine, short shorts and a top that finished just above her belly button, complete with leather jacket. She looked superb.

“Welcome to the show, Rita, it’s great to have you on our last show in the series,” I said, doing the introductions. “You understand that this show is all about taboo topics so let’s get going. You’ve recently signed up for the new series of X Factor. How’s that been going?”

“Yeah it’s been going great, thanks,” Rita replied. “Obviously, the show’s had so much success but it’s similar to The Voice and so it’s not too difficult. Cheryl (Fernandez-Versini) has been great and Simon (Cowell) and Nick (Grimshaw) have been good too, so it’s a fun place to work.”

“You’re joining a long line of beautiful singers to appear on the show,” Kate said, already taking the conversation towards sex. “Have you got any of them that you’re styling your judging on?”

“I don’t think I’m going to style my judging on any of them, I’ll be my own judge,” Rita answered. “But you’re definitely right, I’ve certainly followed some of the business’ hottest women in my jobs.”

“Do you have any contact with the previous judges?” I asked. “Is there a meet-up?”

“I wish,” Rita said. “I’ve obviously got contact with some of them through the business anyway like Jessie J, Cheryl and Nicole (Scherzinger) but I wish we had a massive meet-up.”

“I’m sure many people would kill to be in a room with all you beautiful women,” Kate added. “How’s things on the relationship front? Still single?”

“Yes, unfortunately, still single at the moment,” Rita said, looking sad. “There’s been a few guys since my split from Calvin (Harris, the music DJ) but nothing serious. I’m enjoying it but at the same time I like being in a relationship.”

“And there was rumours of a lesbian fling with Cara Delavigne, have you experimented with girls?”

“Yeah, those rumours were true,” Rita confirmed, making my day. “I did have a fling with Cara and it was a lot of fun. I do enjoy experimenting with girls from time to time, so maybe I’m bisexual but I wouldn’t say I do it often.”

“So without being in a relationship, how are things on the sex front?” Kate asked, finally getting to the bit I’d been waiting for.

“It’s been a while,” Rita admitted. “I’ve missed it, I have. But I’ve been masturbating daily, getting myself off and having flings with girls here and there so it’s not been too bad. But it’s been a while since I’ve fucked a man.”

“You’ve been masturbating daily, what gets you off?” I asked, feeling my cock grow and Kate wriggling in the seat next to me.

“Porn, porn and more porn,” Rita answered. “I do like the stuff when the pornstars pretend to be other people, parodies and stuff like that. But I’ve masturbated to a few sex scenes from movies and even imagined some naughty stuff happening with a few of my celeb friends.”

“Do you care to shed any light on who those celebs are?” Kate asked nosily.

“I guess it won’t do any harm,” Rita said, and we could tell she too was getting horny. “All the old judges of the shows before me, so Cheryl, Nicole, Jessie, Kelly Rowland, Kylie Minogue and Tulisa. Then I’ve thought about Ariana Grande and Michelle Rodriguez like that. So quite a few.”

“Can you imagine that, Kate?” I asked my co-host, and was immediately answered by a hand drifting to my cock. “Rita, aside from Cara, have you experimented with anyone else?”

“I’ve had fun with four of the girls I mentioned but I’ll let you decide which ones they were,” Rita answered. “I will tell you that with one of them we were in a public place and with another it was on set of a music video.”

“Well it certainly sounds like fun,” Kate said, still stroking my cock and looking eager to suck it. “What’s your kinkiest fantasy, Rita?”

“I’ve always wanted to star in a movie about sex,” Rita said. “I just think it would be unbelievably hot, hence why I took the Fifty Shades of Grey role. I’d love a lot of sex scenes, music and fun.”

“Well, we’re coming to the end of the show, so one final question, Rita,” I asked, Kate now sucking my cock with her questions finished, which drew a look of lust from Rita. “Would you rather spend one night with each individual X Factor judge or have one night with all of them?”

“Definitely, one night with each individual judge,” Rita answered. “Then I’d have more memories to masturbate to, rather than one where I might not get all of them. Maybe you two could join me…”

“I’m sure we’d be delighted to do that if it ever happened,” I said, enjoying the blowjob entirely. “Well that brings us to the end of the show, and the end of the series. Thanks for watching and we hope to be back very soon. See you then.”

As soon as the show ended, I could tell that Rita Ora wasn’t at all shy about joining in with the fun Kate and I were already having. She’d said she hadn’t had sex in a while and, judging by the eagerness with which she stripped out of her clothes and exposed her sexy body, she hadn’t been lying. I’d wanted to know what those sexy, pert tits looked like and wasn’t disappointed as she moved closer to the position where Kate was sucking me off and offered me her erect nipples. I willingly began to suck on them and play with them as Kate continued to suck me off. With a quick glance down, beyond Rita, I could see that Kate wasn’t ignoring our new party and had brought her fingers up to Rita’s pussy, where she began to play with the tight pink entrance.

If I’d known that after the last show of the series, Kate Abdo would be jerking and sucking my cock whilst Rita was getting fingered by the presenter, with her tits in my face, I would have thought that it was all a dream. But that was exactly what was happening right there and I was loving it. There was no way that I wanted to cum like that though. As much as I enjoyed Kate’s blowjobs, I felt that I wanted to feel how Rita did it and cum from that, or by fucking one of the beautiful girls.

I pulled Rita off me and removed my cock from Kate’s mouth, and stood up, removed my clothes and got ready to fuck either one of the girls. I didn’t know which one I wanted to fuck first, but the decision was soon made for me when Kate climbed on top of the sofa and positioned herself so that Rita’s face was now buried in her pussy. I couldn’t wait to bury my cock deep in Rita’s pussy but I just stood there for a minute as I watched Rita use her tongue to please Kate.

Knowing how much Kate loved receiving oral sex, it was clear to me that Rita was doing a fabulous job because she was moaning like I’d only heard her do a couple of times before, and frequently. However, as much as I liked watching, I was itching to get my cock inside Rita’s pussy and so I moved forwards and brought it up to the entrance to her pussy. Pushing slowly forwards, I felt my cock move inside Rita’s pussy which was surprisingly tight, well tighter than I’d expected, and I took it slowly as I penetrated the singer’s hole. A muffled moan came from Kate’s pussy and it sounded as though Rita was enjoying the new sensation in her pussy and I continued to bring my cock back and forth, edging further inside each time until my cock was completely inside her pussy.

With my cock now fully inside Rita’s pussy, I began to thrust backwards and forwards, faster and slower, circular and straight, trying to please Rita with every trick in the book. With my hands on her ass, I looked up and caught Kate’s eye, who gave me a cheeky smile before leaning her head back and letting out a long moan of delight. There were still muffled moans coming from Kate’s pussy as Rita continued to please Kate orally whilst getting fucked, but that would soon change because Kate was nearing her climax.

My co-host had her arch backed constantly now and the moans were becoming more separated as she struggled for breath. A couple of seconds later and the moans turned to a large scream which Rita appreciated fully as she lapped up the juices from Kate’s pussy. There was a moment of reflection from Kate, but there was no such pleasure for Rita as I continued to thrust into her pussy harder and faster after witnessing the beautiful orgasm. Rita’s moans were now audible with her mouth free of Kate’s pussy and they were becoming separated and longer just like Kate’s had. However, I could feel myself becoming increasingly close to orgasm and with one particularly large thrust, I felt myself unload deep in Rita’s pussy. This feeling of hot cum filling her up seemed to bring the singer to orgasm aswell and with one loud scream, her juices mixed with mine.

I withdrew my cock from her pussy and relaxed down on the sofa, overjoyed at having fucked one of the world’s hottest singers, but I was not allowed to rest for long. Before I knew it, Kate had resumed her sucking of my cock, clearly having been annoyed at not being allowed to make me cum and determined to make up for it. My co-host picked up where she left off, sucking my cock with skill and ease, and making Rita a little hornier than she already was. The singer didn’t want to be left out and within a minute, she was perched in the position Kate had been, this time with her pussy hovering over my waiting mouth. Bringing my fingers up to assist, I carefully began pleasuring Rita and attempted to give her her second orgasm of the night. Using my tongue, I began to lick every single bit of pussy I could find, rubbing her showing clitoris with my thumb and forefinger as I did so. Having already cum twice, Rita was a lot more sensitive, and her moans and groans were becoming louder and more enjoyable, but I was suddenly distracted from this wonderful sound.

Kate’s lips had removed from my cock and, not being able to see through Rita’s pussy, I was wondering why. However next second, I found out. Kate had lowered herself so that the entrance to her pussy was now hovering over my cock, and with expert skill she lowered herself down and began to start bouncing up and down on it, as she had done many times before. As much as I’d enjoyed fucking Rita, there was nothing quite like having Kate’s pussy on my cock and the feeling of that, added to everything else that had occurred that evening made me even more excited and closer to orgasm.

“I’M SO FUCKING CLOSE!” Rita screamed, as she watched the scene unfold below her whilst having her pussy licked. “YOU TWO BETTER FUCKING CUM WITH ME!!”

Kate was clearly eager to make that happen, as she bounced faster on my cock and soon, we were all collapsed in one big heap, cum dripping down Kate and Rita’s legs from their pussies. What a wonderful night and end to the series.

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