The Wonder Mike Show 6

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This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations,
if you are under age or easily offended. Stop Reading.

By Wonder Mike

Welcome to the latest edition of my show, as you know, I
have been forced to add a co-star, I was willing to accept Kari
Wuhrer, but last week, Playboy centerfold Jenny McCarthy
came forward and offered to take the spot, I have decided to let
Matt make the final decision, Well, Matt, who will it be?

Mike, I’ve thought about it for a week, and I have decided,
we should use both of them. I think it would
be a wonderful
addition to my show.

Your show? Your show? just remember who taught you everything
you know, and who puts this show on the air. Without me, you
would be nothing. Now who do you want?

I have decided that I want them both, I can handle the double

Once again another stupid decision by Matt, that is why
you don’t have your own show. If we take them both how will we
handle the guest? Choose one.

Mike, I guess we should let the girls decide, we should
let them go at it, whoever can make the other cum first will
be the permanent co host, what do you think of that?

I think for once in your life Matt, you have made a wise
decision, I am proud to call you, whatever I call you. I take
back some of the things I say about you. Lets cut the chatter
and bring out the girls. Jenny, get out here.

Jenny is wearing leopard stripe spandex with a black sports
bra, she looks hot tonight. I have never been a fan of big hair
blondes, but if Matt likes Jenny, who Am I to argue, she does
look good in stripes though.

Now, here’s Kari. Kari is wearing a black leather mini skirt,
She has no top. I think I have to give the edge to her so far.
I don’t like big boob jobs, but Kari has the body for it. I wish
she would have worn tights because she has an ass to die for

Now, you both know what’s going on here, this is to decide
who gets to be permanent co-host, of course you know that this
job pays peanuts, one bag a show but I know you have booth
worked for less, of course there will be perks.

O k, you booth know the rules, lets get ready to suck it.
Ladies, attack. Make it good, you know what’s at stake.

Kari has tackled Jenny, she has knocked her flat on her
back, She has now rammed a finger right through her pants,
this could be over quick.

Jenny has grabbed Kari by the tits, can I say tits on television?
I was just wondering.

Jenny has shoved half a tit into her mouth, Kari has stuffed two
fingers into Jenny’s cunt, it is getting wild. Jenny has returned
the favor, she has lifted Kari’s skirt and slid 2 fingers inside
of her, this is going to be good.

Matt’s 20 inch monster is fully erect, I can’t tell who it
is pointing at though, I really don’t want to look at him, it
really doesn’t do anything for me, not that there’s anything
wrong with that.

Jenny has pulled the skirt right off of Kari, Kari
has slipped another finger into jenny easily. Jenny is bouncing
up and down on Kari’s hand, she thinks we can’t tell, but
her tits are going up and down.

Jenny has rolled over, she is now on top of Kari, she is
sitting on Kari’s face now, she is wiggling her ass back and forth,
she is rubbing the palm of her hand against Kari’s wet pussy.

Jenny has pulled Kari’s legs straight up, she is putting them
over her shoulders, she is using her knees to hold Kari’s arms
down, it doesn’t look good for Kari now. Lets go to the audience
for some reaction.

You, sir, you look familiar, I know Hot damn, It’s Ricky Martin,
What the hell are you doing here?

Well, Mike, I came for a shot at Matt.

Not on my show you don’t. Not that there’s anything
wrong with that, now back to the action.

Jenny has shoved 4 fingers into Kari, I think it’s just about
over now, Kari is humping Jenny’s hand, I don’t think she can
return fire power of that magnitude.

Kari is sliding Jenny’s hand even deeper. She has grabbed Jenny’s
thumb and shoved it into her pussy, it looks like Kari has
forgotten why she’s here.

Wait a minute, Kari is fighting back, it looks like Jenny sat
back too far, Kari has managed to get her tongue inside of
Jenny, Kari is magic with her tongue.

Kari is licking her from the inside out, she is taking a
lick of Jenny’s clit, then she is sliding her tongue inside
of her, I don’t think anybody could handle that licking.

Jenny is riding Kari’s face as Kari is riding Jenny’s hand, it
looks like it’s going down to the wire. The crowd seems evenly
split on who to cheer for. Matt is raring to get ahold of the winner.
Now it seems like the crowd has gotten behind Kari.

Hold it, somebody is coming out of the audience, I told you
we should have hired security instead of buying donuts, well
never mind, the donuts where my idea. Who is that?

It’s super model Heidi Klum, Who about that? Heidi is running
towards Matt. Heidi is gorgeous, wasn’t she on the cover of
sports illustrated or something? Lets get a few words.

Heidi, weren’t you on Spin City? What was Michael J. Fox
really like? Are you going to be back on? Did Jennifer Esposito
come on to you? I hope we can get her on the show. Staff get on

Man we really have to hire a staff, I am tired of doing everything,
well, at least I don’t have to clean the bathrooms.

Heidi has ripped off her top, she is on her knees in front of
Matt, she has both hands around his monster, she is stroking it
for all she’s worth, it looks like we have another contestant.

Jenny and Kari have seen what’s going on, Jenny has stopped
to watch. I don’t know if that was a good idea, Kari is
a tough as they come

I was right, Kari has thrown Jenny to the ground, it looks like
Kari means business now. It doesn’t look good for Jenny. She still
has her fist inside of Kari though.

Kari has rammed her fist into Jenny, Jenny has frozen, Kari
has her in complete control now. She is twisting and turning her
hand inside of Jenny. Her hand has slipped out of Kari.

Heidi is completely naked now, I have lost complete control of
the show now, sorry about that people. Heidi is licking
up and down Matt’s body now, It’s good to be the king.

Heidi has pushed Matt to the ground, his missile is sticking
straight up. Heidi is straddling him, she has place the tip
of his cock into her cunt, she is sliding down on it.

Man, Heidi has perfect, everything, her nipples are poking
straight out, I have to go have a taste, I’ll be right back.

It looks like Kari has balled her fist inside of Jenny now,
Jenny has given up. She has brought her knees up to her
chest. Kari is ramming her fist up and down inside of her.

Heidi is bouncing up and down on Matt’s cock, she is moving
faster and harder, who said super models couldn’t fuck? Well,
who said it? I really want to know.

Matt has grabbed Heidi by the waist, he is lifting her up
and down on his cock, Heidi is screaming now, she is taking it like
a man.

Lets go back to our girls, it looks like Kari is slipping her
other hand into Jenny. Jenny is spreading her legs even wider.
Kari has managed to get her other hand inside of Jenny.

Jenny is humping both of Kari’s hands now, her ass has to
be at least a foot off the ground.

Jenny is now grabbing Kari by both wrist. Jenny is shoving
them even deeper inside her cunt. Kari now has both hands inside
of Jenny past the wrist.

Heidi is on her hands and knees now. Matt is about to enter
her from behind, he has done it.

Matt put the tip of his cock into Heidi’s cunt, she rocked
back until she swallowed up the whole thing, It is amazing
how easily she took it.

Heidi is rocking back and forth on his cock, Matt is using
her hair to ride her. Matt is now holding her hair with one hand
and slapping her ass with the other, ride em cowboy.

Kari has both arms almost to the elbow inside of Jenny, Jenny
is screaming at the top of her lungs.

Jenny has squirted, it’s over, Jenny has squirted her juices
all over Kari’s hands, she has now collapsed. Kari has defeated
Jenny McCarthy.

Heidi is rocking back for all she’s worth on Matt now.
Matt is giving her all she wants.

Kari has came over to get what she deserves, she can’t get
Heidi off of Matt’s cock though.

Kari has now bent over next to Matt. He has stopped
slapping Heidi’s ass. He has rammed four fingers into
Kari’s cunt.

Kari has reached between her legs and grabbed his wrist.
She is fucking his hand.

Kari and Heidi are having a contest to see who can rock
back the hardest. Kari is easily winning. She is on her toes
ramming her cunt onto his hand.

Matt has pulled his cock out of Heidi, it looks like he
is cumming. Yes, he is.

Kari has jumped up. She has shoved his cock down her throat,
she must have 14 inches down her throat, where did it all go?

Kari has pulled the cock out of her mouth, it is completely
limp, she has done the job.

Kari is crawling over to Jenny, I love to watch her ass
when she’s on her hand and knees, she has reached Jenny.
She is giving her the big kiss off.

Kari shoved her tongue down the limp Jenny’s mouth, she is
now holding Jenny up, the cum is dripping out of Jenny’s mouth.
It looks like Kari is our new co host.

That’s all the show we have for you today, join us next week
when our special guest star will be from the television series
Weird Science and the movie King Pin, Vanessa Angel.

See you next week, and always remember
Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.


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