Interviewing…Anne and Ashley

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Title: Interviewing…Anne and Ashley

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Anne Hathaway and Ashley Tisdale

Codes: MF, FF, mast, Fmast

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at [email protected].

The last show of Female Film Star’s Secrets with Reece Witherspoon and Alice Eve had made me even more excited than I already was for the next one. I always looked forward to filming this show anyway, but the unbelievable threesome I’d had at the end of the last show had me more than hoping to repeat the trick on the next show.

My two guests certainly were up to the usual quality of hotness and I had the feeling I could expect some filthy, kinky answers from Anne Hathaway and Ashley Tisdale. I’d only recently become a fan of Anne Hathaway’s in the sense I found her attractive; I’d always thought she was a terrific actress but recently, I’d begun to look at her in a sexual manner. Her performances in films such as Interstellar, Get Smart and Les Miserables had made me aware of both her acting and her beauty. Ashley, however, I had been a fan of since I first saw her in Suite Life of Zack and Cody and High School Musical and had admired her ever since. If her appearance on the show was anything like her former co-star Vanessa Hudgens’, then I was in for a treat.

As the two guests entered the show after my usual introductions, I knew I hadn’t been wrong about their sex appeal. Ashley looked stunning in a silver sparkling dress that showed off just the right amount of cleavage, while Anne looked equally good in a red number, her regrown long hair tied back sexily.

“Welcome to the show ladies, and what a pleasure it is to have you on it,” I welcomed them. “If you don’t have any queries about this totally anything-goes show, then let’s begin. Anne, you’ve been in several unbelievable movies, but which one was your favourite?”

“I don’t know,” she replied, laughing. “There’s been so many great ones to choose from. I guess Interstellar was great for its success but The Princess Diaries sort of put me on the map so one of those two I think.”

“Ashley, you’re obviously a musician and an actress, which do you prefer?”

“Well, my music was my first love,” she answered, “but I definitely preferred the acting side of things. The TV shows I did were great fun to do, and obviously when I combined the both in High School Musical, it was a dream come true.”

“You’ve certainly come a long way since The Princess Diaries, Anne,” I asked. “Including doing sex scenes. How is filming them?”

“Strange, because there’s obviously a lack of intimacy that you get with real sex,” she replied. “But, having said that, you have to portray it, so it’s sort of your job. I do enjoy them but I prefer it when it’s more real.”

“Ashley, you too, have come a long way from your early days,” I continued. “No sex scenes as such, but a rather strange lesbian one. How was that?”

“Strange,” Ashley answered. “Definitely the right word. I don’t think it really counts as a sex scene, but if I got back into acting more, I’d definitely think about doing them.”

“You say you prefer real sex, Anne. How often does that come around with your husband?”

“Not as much as I like, to be honest,” Anne replied, shifting in her seat. “We probably have sex about once a week, but I’d prefer it three or four times a week. Obviously we’re both busy but he just doesn’t seem too keen to have it as much as I am.”

“And Ashley? How’s the sex life for you?”

“Well, I’ve not been working as much lately so it’s pretty regular,” Ashley replied, getting a jealous look from Anne. “My husband and I probably have fucked four times a week for the last couple of weeks so I’ve got no complaints in that department.”

“Lucky girl, Ashley. As you don’t get as much sex as you’d like, Anne, does that mean you masturbate pretty regularly?”

“Obviously, I need pleasure as much as the next girl,” Anne replied, winking. “I masturbate whenever I can, more than once a day. I’m the horniest person I know, I’ll masturbate anywhere and everywhere.”

“Very nice,” I said, trying to hide my excitement. “And Ashley, do you masturbate as well, even though you fuck regularly?”

“It depends how good the sex is,” Ashley laughed. “But often I’ll have a little play once a week, just to make sure I get the enjoyment in case my husband has forgotten me.”

“And what gets you girls off?” I asked, beginning to get more aroused. “Is there any particular thing that makes Anne Hathaway and Ashley Tisdale really horny?”

“Well, I do like watching porn,” Anne said very quickly. “As an actress, the acting in it is definitely a bit dodgy, but the sex is fantastic to watch. I tend to like the ones where there’s someone masturbating whilst watching people have sex, that’s my favourite type of porn.”

“Yeah, I’m the same, porn’s probably the one that gets me off,” Ashley agreed. “Although, if I watch your show, I sometimes find myself needing to either have sex or masturbate, because some of the girls are so filthy. Vanessa (Hudgens), for example, made me really horny.”

“Glad to be of service,” I replied, thinking that the seduction of these two beautiful ladies wasn’t going to be that difficult. “Some of the girls certainly leave nothing out. Do you two have any secret wild fantasies you’d care to share?”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to fuck on a movie set,” Anne said. “But obviously when you’re married, you can’t just spontaneously be unfaithful, even if you’re uber horny. Also, I think every girl has the dream of experimenting once in their life.”

“Ooh, fucking on a movie set would be hot,” Ashley said, agreeing with Anne. “But personally, I’ve always wanted to do it somewhere publically, like a beach or a changing room of a shop. I just think it would be so darn naughty.”

“Certainly would be very sexy,” I replied. “Unfortunately, we’re coming towards the end of the show, so one final question. Hypothetically, your new movie requires you to film sex scenes with both male and female stars. Who would you want them to be?”

“Well I’m assuming we can’t say our husbands,” Anne laughed. “In that case, I guess I’d want the guy to be someone I’ve filmed one with before so it’s not awkward so probably Jim Sturgess. As for the girl, Amanda Seyfried has filmed lesbian scenes before, she’s beautiful and we’re good friends so her.”

“Amanda Seyfried’s a great shout, Anne,” said Ashley, “but I’m going to have to say Vanessa Hudgens. She’s my best friend and she’s super-hot. As for a guy, I think someone really fun like Justin Timberlake or Kevin Hart for me.”

“Well, they’re certainly interesting and delightful answers,” I said, my cock slowly rising. “But that’s the end of the show. Many thanks to my superb guests, Anne and Ashley and join me next time when Zoe Saldana and Kate Winslet will be here. See you then.”

Despite her suggestions that Anne Hathaway was a faithful wife and was never going to fuck me in a million years, I still held slim hopes that if I could seduce Ashley Tisdale and Anne saw, then maybe she might be a little more willing. However, I needn’t have worried. Pretty much as soon as the show finished, Anne Hathaway was hornier than the horniest person I know. She seemed so eager to do something, be it with Ashley, me or even herself. Obviously, I was more than willing to try and fuck the actress and it was with great hope that I pulled down my trousers and released my growing cock, so that it was in full view of both of my guests.

Anne’s horniness definitely took control from the moment she saw a cock. Within a couple of minutes, I was sitting on the sofa with a naked Anne Hathaway, her luscious locks flowing, bouncing up and down on my fully erect cock, whist the equally beautiful Ashley Tisdale watched on, her hands working furiously on her own pussy. Anne had seemed like she needed a good fuck and from the moment she climbed on my cock, that was exactly what I was intent on giving her. Ashley Tisdale may not have been as horny as Anne was, but it was clear to see that as soon as we had started fucking, she felt herself getting hotter by the second. She was furiously fingering herself with one hand while she pulled and played with her nipples with the other, her eyes focused on Anne’s rhythmic bouncing on my cock as we fucked.

“Fuck me harder, oh yeah, like that!” came the screams from Anne as I grabbed her hips with my cock and sped up the pace with which I fucked her. I could hear moans from Ashley and could see her head laid back in enjoyment of the scene in front of her, in which I could feel myself getting close to orgasm. Moments later, and my cum was filling up Anne’s pussy, a pussy which clearly had not been satisfied for a very long time by a cock, a fact she was quick to point out.

“Wow, that was unbelievable, I’m so fucking horny,” Anne said, as we relaxed after my ejaculation. “I haven’t rode a cock like that for weeks now.”

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Ashley agreed, her fingers working much slower in her pussy but still buried deep inside.

“You should join in,” Anne suggested, and from that point on I knew that there was a perfect chance I’d fuck both girls tonight.

Ashley got up and began to exchange kisses with Anne Hathaway as I lay on the sofa, recovering from a good, satisfying fuck with one of the hottest actresses around. I continued to just lay there, watching, as the two girls seemed to get better acquainted with each other’s bodies until they were positioned with Ashley lying on top of Anne, each girl’s pussy over the other’s mouth. I could feel my cock beginning to rise once more as I watched the beautiful scene unfold, Ashley’s tongue working on a pussy recently filled with my cum, Anne’s tongue working on a relatively tight pussy, dripping wet from a masturbation session moments earlier. The scene was certainly incredibly hot and I felt my hand move to my cock as the two girls let out moans similar to their ones from before.

The girls continued to lick each other’s pussies and, by the looks of it, stick fingers in each other’s assholes and it wasn’t long before extended moans and screams from the two girls told me they were orgasming in the mouths of their fellow actress.

Satisfied orally but not penetratingly, Ashley Tisdale pulled herself off of Anne Hathaway and walked the short distance to where I was stroking my cock at the sight of what I’d just seen.

“My turn,” she said playfully, winking at Anne and positioning herself to get fucked by my reinvigorated cock. “Fuck me hard, OK?”

That I did. Ashley’s screams were earth-shattering as I fucked her senseless, feeling every single thrust go all the way inside the tight little pussy, her nipples hardening with every deep penetration, her eyes rolled back in her head. A glance over to my other guest told me that Anne Hathaway was enjoying the show with her fingers now buried in her own pussy, her eyes fixed on the fuck, just like Ashley’s had been earlier.

Five minutes was about the time it took for all three of us to reach our second orgasm of the night. Anne moved over next to me, so she could watch as I filled up Ashley’s pussy with my cum, a sight that provoked her into squirting her own juices on the actress. These combined sensations brought the former High School Musical star to her own satisfying orgasm and brought an end to yet another fine show of Female Film Star’s Secrets with a happy ending.

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