Taylor’s Ordeal

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Title: Taylor’s Ordeal

Author: Tori

Celebs: Taylor Swift

Codes: MF, MMF, oral, anal, rape, abduction, beast, WS

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Frank pulled up to the third roadblock he’d encountered that afternoon and sat and waited for the state troopers to search his car.  He stood at the side of the road while the cops went through his car when they were satisfied, he was allowed to continue on his journey.  His buddy Tommy had called him and invited him up to his farm for the weekend.  The trip, which usually only took about an hour, turned into an all day affair as he was continually stopped and searched.  The reason was all over the news but it bothered him none the less.  A few days earlier, a very famous singer’s car was found abandoned and an all out manhunt was underway to find her.  The car, along with her purse and cell phone, had been discovered on the side of the road with no trace of the star.

When Frank finally arrived, Tommy came out to greet him.  “Hey buddy, what took you so long?” he asked.  Frank got out of his car and said, “Those fucking cops kept stopping me.”  Tommy smiled and said, “Yeah, I know.  They’ve been up here three times already.  They went through every inch of my place looking for that chick.  Come on in and take a load off.  Want a beer?”  Frank followed him into the house and sat down.  Tommy handed him a bottle of beer and said, “So buddy, what have you been up too?”  Frank caught him up as the two old friends sat and drank.  Frank downed the last of his beer and said, “Got another one of these?”  Tommy stood up and said, “I’ve got something better.  Come on.”  Frank followed Tommy out to the kitchen.  His old friend slid the table over against the wall and then pushed the rug aside.  There, in the middle of the floor was a trap door.  Tommy bent down to open it and said, “I can’t believe those stupid cops didn’t find this.  What a bunch of morons.”  He led his friend down the ladder into an opening underneath the house.  He grabbed a flashlight and said, “Follow me.”  The two men walked down a large tunnel that must have been at least a quarter mile long.  When they finally got to the end, Tommy unlocked a steel door and opened it.  He reached inside and flicked a switch and some lights came on.  He looked at Frank and said, “After you buddy.”  Frank walked into a huge concrete room and there, in the corner he saw her.  The long legged woman was naked on the floor chained to the wall.  She had on a leather hood and her ankles were bound together with leather straps.  When she heard the men come in she began to pull at her chains.  Frank could hear her mumbling through the mask as she struggled against the chains.  Tommy walked over to her and slapped her on the side of the head.  “Shut the fuck up cunt,” he said.  She stopped struggling as Tommy undid the flap covering her mouth.  Frank could see a metal “O” ring forcing her mouth open and when Tommy pulled his cock out, he fed it to his prisoner.  He grabbed her head and fucked her mouth for several minutes before he finally filled it with cum.  He stepped back and said, “Go ahead buddy.  Have a go at her.”  Frank hesitated for a minute and then pulled his cock out.  He slid it into the girl’s mouth and then said, “Is this who I think it is?”  Tommy shook his head and said, “Sure is.  She’s a great fuck too.”  Frank started slamming his cock down her throat and then shot his load.   The girl coughed and gagged and then threw up on the floor.

Tommy was laughing and said, “She still hasn’t gotten the hang of deep throating yet but she’s learning.”  Frank stepped back and said, “Man, you can’t keep her here.  Every cop in the state is looking for her.”  Tommy just smiled and said, “I know, but they’ll never find her down here.  We’re a hundred feet underground and the only way in here is through my kitchen and they’ve searched by place already.  I don’t think they’ll be back.”  Tommy bent down and undid the hood.  When he pulled it off, Frank stood and looked at the gorgeous blonde.  Tommy grabbed her hair and pulled her head up towards his friend and said, “Frank, I’d like you to meet Taylor Swift.  Say hello to my friend cunt.”  Taylor looked at Frank and then tried to speak but with the “O” ring still her mouth, all that came out was “Fmmmuuffff Moouufffff.”  Tommy slapped her and said, “Didn’t I tell you not to speak like that?”  He slapped her again and Frank saw the tears running down her face.  Tommy pulled her up to her knees and spread her ass cheeks apart.  He took off his jeans and then got behind her.  He started stroking his cock and then spit on the beautiful blonde’s asshole.  Taylor hung her head and waited for the inevitable.  Tommy pushed his cock into her asshole and started to fuck her.  Frank took off his clothes and watched his old friend sodomize one of the biggest stars in music.  Tommy was pounding away at Taylor and soon she started moaning and grunting like a common whore.  He held her hips tight as his balls slapped against her shaved pussy.  A few minutes later, he pulled out and covered her back with cum.  When he stood up he said, “Sloppy seconds buddy?”  Frank slipped his cock into Taylor’s gaping asshole and fucked her hard for several minutes until he shot his load into her.  When he pulled out, Taylor slumped down on the floor and rested her face against the cold concrete.  Tommy put the leather hood back on and then they grabbed their clothes and left the superstar lying on the floor with cum oozing out of her ass.

When they got back to the kitchen, Tommy put the rug and table back and said, “Showers upstairs.”  Frank went up and showered and when he came down, Tommy was out back grilling some steaks.  The two men ate in relative silence.  After dinner, Tommy looked at his friend and said, “I may not be the smartest guy in the world but one thing’s for sure.”  Frank said, “What’s that?”  Tommy looked at him and said, “That little bitch has a great ass.”  Both men started to laugh.  Tommy stood and said, “Come on man, let’s go down and have some more fun.”  Frank followed him.  He couldn’t wait to fuck Taylor Swift again.

The two men entered the bunker and went over to Taylor.  Tommy unchained her from the wall and then undid the straps on her ankles.  He stood her up and handcuffed her hands behind her back.  Both men marveled at her perfect body.  Frank ran his hands down between her legs and started to play with her pussy while Tommy took the hood off.  When her eyes were adjusted to the light, she looked at Frank and tried to speak.  Tommy took the “O” ring out of her mouth and Taylor said, “Why are you doing this to me?  I’ll pay you.  I have a lot of money just don’t rape me again.  Please!!”  Frank buried three of his fingers into the sexy singer’s wet pussy and she started to cum.  Tommy held her up and pinched her hard nipples. He said, “Come on bitch.  You love it and you know it.  You can’t wait for our cocks in your holes, can you?”  Taylor was shaking from her orgasm and then she squirted all over Frank’s hand.  He pulled his fingers out of her dripping wet hole and Tommy pushed her to her knees.  “Open up bitch” he said.  Taylor opened her mouth and started to suck his cock.  Frank was jerking off and then Tommy pushed her head over to his friend.  The two men took turns getting head from the blonde beauty.  Tommy got down on his back and pulled her on top of him.  He said, “Get on this cock bitch and ride me like a whore.”  Taylor swung her leg over him and pushed her pussy down on his cock.  Frank stood in front of her and made her suck his cock.  She started to cum again and Tommy could feel her juices all over him.  Frank got behind her and the two men DP’d Taylor until they both came and filled her holes at the same time.  By the time the two men went back up to the house, they had fucked and sodomized Taylor for several hours.  By the time they finished with her, she was begging them to fuck her harder and had cum so many times it seemed like she didn’t care anymore.

Both men slept throughout the entire night.  When they woke up the next day, it was well past noon.  After they ate, they went back down the tunnel and unchained their prize.  Tommy opened up a large tool box and took out a pulley and some ropes.  He attached the pulley to the ceiling and strung the ropes.  Once he had the rig set up, he tied Taylor’s wrists together and pulled her arms up over her head.  He then attached a long pole to each of her ankles, forcing her legs apart.  He then took out a ball gag and a huge butt plug.  While he attached the gag, Frank shoved the plug deep into her well used asshole.  They stood back and admired the sight.  Frank took his cell phone out and took some pictures of the superstar and then both men stripped.  Tommy got in front of her and slipped his cock into her pussy.  He fucked her hard for several minutes and then let Frank have a turn.  They fucked her like that for almost twenty minutes until both men shot their loads into her.  With cum dripping out of her pussy, Frank pulled the plug out and took her in the ass.  Tommy took off the leg spreader and picked her up, allowing Frank to continue to sodomize her.  Frank grabbed her thighs and spread her legs wide open.  Tommy shoved his cock into her sloppy cunt and they DP’d her until both men came again.  When they finished, they left her hanging from the ceiling and went back up to the house.

Tommy sat on the couch and took a nap.  When he woke up, he saw that Frank was missing.  “Why that son of a bitch” he said to himself.  He went down to the underground room and found Frank fucking Taylor in the ass.  He had lowered the ropes, tied her hands behind her back and pulled them up so that she was bent completely over.  He looked at his friend and said, “Nice buddy.  Looks like our little songbird is in the perfect position.  He walked over and fed Taylor his cock while Frank continued to fuck her ass.  Tommy pulled his cock out and came all over her face.  Then he pointed it at the gorgeous singer and started to piss.  “Open up bitch.  You must be thirsty.”  Taylor opened up and swallowed what she could and then she started to cum just as Frank filled her ass with his load.

Over the next week, the two men used Taylor Swift for their sexual pleasure.  One morning, Tommy and Frank came down and unchained Taylor and led her through the tunnel up into the house.  Tommy looked at her and said, “Come on bitch.  It’s almost over.  Let’s go.”  The two men led Taylor out to the barn and bent her over a wooden bench.  Once they had her wrists and ankles tied to the legs of the bench, Tommy went back into the stalls and led his prized stallion out.  Taylor looked at the huge animal and started to cry.  Frank pulled her head up by her hair and said, “I hope you enjoy this.  I’m going to record everything so that when we let you go, you’ll never tell anyone where you were or else this video will be all over the internet.  Understand?”  Taylor nodded her head and closed her eyes.  Tommy led the massive beast over to her and said, “Start sucking slut.  He needs to be good and hard before he fucks that pussy.”  Taylor opened her mouth and started to suck on the horses cock.  Within minutes, the animals huge 18 inches was exposed.  She could barely get the head into her mouth but she sucked as best she could.  When Tommy was satisfied, he led the horse behind her and guided his cock to her hole.  Instinctively, the stallion started to fuck the pretty blonde making her scream out as the massive cock split her pussy wide open.  The animal fucked her for almost fifteen minutes and then began pumping what looked like a gallon of cum inside of her.  When the horse pulled out, he continued to cover her with his seed.  Tommy pulled the horse back in front of her and made her lick his cock clean.  When they finished, Frank turned off the camera and helped Tommy untie her.  They took her out to the side of the barn and hosed her off, washing away most of the scum that covered her.  After they finished, they put her in the trunk of Frank’s car and drove off.  They had no trouble driving the back roads.  Apparently the cops had pulled the roadblocks and it was clear sailing to their destination.

It was just getting dark when the car pulled into a highway rest stop.  They made sure they were alone and then got Taylor out of the trunk.  They pulled her into the men’s bathroom and tied her to one of the urinals.  Tommy looked at her and said, “Remember, not a word or you’ll be known as the former singer that fucks animals.”  They were laughing out loud as they left.  Taylor heard them drive away and then she started crying.

Several hours later, Taylor heard a car pull into the rest stop.  A man came into the men’s room and took one look at the ruined beauty.  “Holy shit!  You’re Taylor Swift!” he said.  Taylor looked at him and said, “Please help me.  I was abducted and raped.  Please call the police.”  The man looked around and then started to unbuckle his jeans.  “No way baby.  I’ll never get another chance like this again.”  Taylor started to scream as the man raped her ass.  When he finished, he zipped up and left.  Two more men came in and raped the blonde beauty until finally, a man came in and helped her.  He covered her with a blanket and called the police and an ambulance.  Twenty minutes later, her ordeal was over.  She was taken to the nearby hospital and treated.  The police questioned the superstar but all she would tell them was that she was abducted from the side of the road and that she had no idea who did it or where she was.

Frank went home but he kept in touch with his friend Tommy.  They both laugh at the fact that they’d gotten away with it.  Taylor Swift took a much needed vacation and it was almost a year before she made her first public appearance after her abduction.  The nightmares continue but she’s learning to deal with it.

One afternoon in late fall, Tommy was out walking through the woods behind his house when he was suddenly struck in the back of the head.  When he came too, he found himself tied to a tree with his jeans pulled down around his ankles.  When he looked up, he saw Taylor standing in front of him pointing a double barreled shotgun at him.  She had a leather bag with her and opened it up.  She looked at Tommy and said, “I thought you’d like to see what’s left of your friend.”  She reached in the bag and pulled out Frank’s severed head and dropped it next to Tommy.  Tommy started to scream just as Taylor blew his cock and balls off.  “FUCK YOU!!!!” she screamed and then blew his head off.  When she got back to her car, a wave of satisfaction rolled over her.  She was finally able to put it all behind her.

The End.

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