Stiff Competition 9

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Title: Stiff Competition 9

Author: voodoojoe

Celebs: Peyton Roi List, Ariel Winter, Kelli Berglund, Jessica Alba, Dianna Agron

Codes: MF, FF, cons, oral, anal, toys


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The following is completely fictional. Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. Contents of this story are merely creative license, not unlike a TV show or movie that uses real people in fictional settings and situations. However, if you do have video or pictures of events similar to the ones described below, feel free to forward them to me for closer examination. Feedback, comments, praise, criticism, death threats, nude photos, etc. can be sent to voodoojoe2000 at yahoo dot com (come on, you can assemble that into an actual e-mail address).

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Celebs of choice in this story are Peyton Roi List, Ariel Winter, Kelli Berglund, Jessica Alba, and Dianna Agron. The codes are (MF, FF cons, oral, anal, toys). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

Stiff Competition 9

By voodoojoe

“As you all know, I’ve been dying to get Peyton List into our little competition for the longest time,” Vanessa Hudgens said into the camera. “So as her eighteenth birthday approached, I started brainstorming ways to initiate her. I thought about putting her in a room with a couple well-hung guys and not letting her out until she had cum leaking out of all her holes. Then I thought about locking her in a room with a couple lucky girls armed with large strap ons. But then I decided to have her spend a certain amount of time with a butt plug lodged in her ass. Oh, and made sure to have people drop by every so often to check and make sure it was still there. Luckily for us, that day just happened to coincide with a day on set, having to act while thinking about the toy wedged in her rectum.”

Pluggin’ Away

Opening the door to her trailer, Peyton wasn’t particularly surprised to find it occupied. Well, who was occupying it was a bit of a surprise, seeing as how she’d only met the large black man once before. But it seemed like every time she entered the trailer today someone had been waiting, so she wasn’t shocked to find someone there.

When she’d arrived on set, she’d found Vanessa waiting for her with a butt plug in one hand and a thing of lube in the other. Peyton wasn’t an anal virgin, but she wasn’t super experienced either. She’d never used a butt plug before but luckily Vanessa had decided to start her off with a beginners sized plug, one that she was able to take with minimal fuss.

The real fun had started when she’d been whisked off to hair and makeup. Every step caused the plug to rub against the inner walls of her anal canal, reminding her that she had something naughty up her ass. Then she’d sat down in the chair and it felt like her whole body jumped to the moon as the base was pushed further into her crack and the toy seemed to sink even deeper into her.

She’d barely been able to sit still long enough to have her makeup done up. But when she’d finally been let out of the chair, she’d bolted out of there hoping to find some place to diddle herself, only to find Olivia Holt waiting for her in her trailer for the first check.

It had been kinda humiliating to have to bend over and pull down her pants like that, but when Olivia had started fiddling with the base of the plug Peyton stopped minding. As she pulled it against the tight ring of her anus, Peyton groaned and hitched her ass higher to give Olivia better access.

The next time Peyton visited her trailer, she found Debby Ryan waiting for her. This time when she was ordered to drop her pants and bend over, she didn’t hesitate in the slightest. Her pants were around her knees while bent over to rest her hands on the couch in front of her before Debby could even finish the command.

Of course, Debby’s idea of checking was slightly different from Olivia’s. Rather than merely jiggling the base a bit, Debby actually pulled the whole thing out. Turning her head to inquire, Peyton was rewarded as Debby shoved the plug into her mouth, the base sticking out like a pacifier as she was forced to suck it clean. Meanwhile, Debby made a show of spreading lube along the shaft of another, bigger plug before pushing it deep into Peyton’s ass.

If Peyton thought the smaller plug assaulted her senses, she was completely blown away by the larger one. It still wasn’t huge, though it sure felt like it as it stretched Peyton’s tight teen asshole, but it was definitely a step up.

The third time Peyton had returned to her trailer, she’d heard her twin brother’s voice when she opened the door. For a moment she’d been horrified at the thought that Vanessa would send Spencer to perform such an intimate task, but the feeling had passed when she saw Katherine McNamara sitting there talking to him while she waited to check the toy. The feeling was then replaced by the even more horrific realization that she’d been somewhat turned on by the thought of her brother seeing her with a plug up her ass.

This time, Peyton had been expecting Bella Thorne or someone waiting for her. Instead she got a guy, and one that looked extremely tasty in her horny state of mind. Her anal canal had been wrapped snugly around the toy and reminding her of its presence every time she made the tiniest movement and she wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

“Desmond, wasn’t it?” Peyton asked, remembering meeting him when she’d dropped by Vanessa’s house a couple weeks ago to set up her initiation. She’d found him in the middle of throat fucking Dove Cameron with his impressive girth after butt fucking her until she couldn’t take any more.

“You remembered,” Desmond said, smiling as he decided he must have made quite the impression on the young woman.

“It’s hard to forget something like that,” Peyton said, her pussy drooling at the memory. Well, the toy in her ass was helping as well.

“Well then, I’ve got good news for you,” Desmond said, recognizing the look of lust on her face. “I’m the last one. When I leave, I’ll be taking the plug with me and you’ll be officially initiated.”

“Oh thank god,” Peyton gasped, hurrying to unbutton her pants. “But do you think I could keep the plug?”

“Liked it, huh?” Desmond asked as Peyton pushed the pants and her panties down to her ankles and giving him a nice view of her pussy with just a little bit of nicely trimmed blonde hair adorning it. The view got infinitely better when she turned around to give him a glimpse of her firm teen ass. Then she bent over until he could see her pussy peeking out from between her thighs and the round circle of the plug stuffed into her butt.

“Oh yeah,” Peyton hissed as Desmond stepped up behind her. She could feel his big hands cup the cheeks of her ass and she moaned and pushed back against them. “In small doses it’s amazing, but hours of it is just too much.”

“You must be desperate for release,” Desmond said, putting his thumb in the middle of the base of the plug and pushing just enough to make her groan. Then he extended his middle finger and softly touched her labia, stroking her pussy lips.

“So desperate,” Peyton whined, spreading her legs wider and pushing her crotch back against his fingers. “Take the plug out and you can do anything. Fuck my pussy, my ass, anything.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Desmond said, using his free hand to unzip his own pants and work them down far enough for his cock to spring free. “But I don’t think I’ll remove the plug.”

“Huh?” Peyton asked, moments before she felt him press the head of his cock against her pussy and start to ease in. “Oh shiiiitttttt.”

“Such a tight fucking pussy,” Desmond grunted as he got about four of his eight inches into Peyton’s twat.

Between her naturally tight pussy, being a slim teenager and all, and the size of his cock, it would have been a snug fit under normal conditions. But with a decent sized butt plug still occupying Peyton’s rectum it was almost impossibly tight as he worked more of his cock into her.

“Fuuuuckkkkkkk,” Peyton gasped, her eyes rolling up in her head as a combination of pleasure and pain and about a thousand other things she’d never felt rolled through her, each competing for space in her brain demanding to be noticed and felt. It was an intense and intoxicating experience and by the time she felt his pelvis thump against her butt cheeks to signify he was all in she was already hooked.

“Want me to fuck you with my big black cock?” Desmond asked, slowly sliding out of her tight pussy.

“Yeah, fuck me,” Peyton hissed as he pushed back into her.

“No, tell me you want me to fuck you with my big black cock,” Desmond demanded, giving her ass a light swat.

“Uhh, fuck me with your big black cock,” Peyton pleaded, feeling his cock rub against the butt plug through the membrane separating her holes with each thrust.

“Oh yeah, beg me to fuck your tight little white pussy,” Desmond snarled, palming the firm cheeks of her ass in his hands.

“Please fuck me,” Peyton begged. “Fuck my little pussy with your big black cock. Give it to me, I need it so bad.”

As Desmond increased his pace, Peyton groaned. Each time he filled her pussy he bumped the base of the plug in her ass and sent even more sensations shooting through her body. She had already been ridiculously amped up thanks to spending several hours with a plug in her ass, and having Desmond fuck her was like spraying gasoline on the fire.

“Such a hot little slut, already ready to come from having her tight teen pussy stuffed, aren’t you?” Desmond asked, gripping her hips and pulling her back onto his cock.

“Uhh, yeah, I’m a huge slut, letting a stranger fuck my tight little pussy,” Peyton answered, nodding her head.

“Come for me, my little slut,” Desmond commanded, hammering away at her pussy.

“Ohhhh AHHHHHHH,” Peyton squealed as the day’s events all rolled into one and she came like a freight train.

As Peyton’s cunt clamped down on his cock, Desmond pushed himself all the way in. Riding out the wave easily, Desmond reached forward, slipping his hands under her shirt to cup her tits through her bra. When her orgasm finally waned, he reluctantly withdrew from her completely.

“Mmmm,” Peyton moaned as she suddenly found one of her holes empty.

With her muscles relaxed, Desmond slipped two fingers between her body and the base of the plug. Pressing his thumb against the center of the base, he pulled, watching her anus stretch as the bulb of the toy was removed. When he’d reached the point where the taper of the plug started to get narrower, he yanked it the rest of the way out.

“Uhhh,” Peyton groaned, feeling emptier than she’d ever felt with both holes vacant.

Grabbing his phone, he quickly fired off a couple shots of her asshole gaping with the plug outlined against the pale cheeks of her ass. After sending them to Vanessa, he put his phone back in his pocket and decided that he needed to come as well.

“Gotta get some of this ass,” Desmond said, grinning as he guided his cock towards her still-gaping asshole.

“Ahhhhh,” Peyton hissed as he pushed forward, forcing her anus back open after it had started to close up.

She’d been well-lubed for the plug, and his cock was coated in her cream, so there wasn’t much problem with the penetration. But he was so much bigger back there than she’d expected. Actually, he probably wasn’t much bigger than the plug, but he was definitely bigger than the cocks she’d been fucked with back there before.

Pushing forward until his pelvis was pressed against her ass, Desmond groaned at the tightness enveloping him. Her pussy had been tight, but her asshole was on a whole other level. It very well might have been the tightest hole he’d ever been in, and thanks to Vanessa’s competition, he’d fucked a lot of tip top tail the last couple years.

“Man, I love this white girl ass,” Desmond said, staring at the contrast as his dark cock slid out from between her pale butt cheeks.

“Fuck my ass,” Peyton hissed, slipping a hand back to frig her clit.

“Oh, I’m gonna fuck it,” Desmond said, driving his cock back into her ass hard enough to make the room echo with the sound of their flesh slapping together.

“Oh yeah, uhh, you’re fucking my ass so good,” Peyton gasped, the power of his thrusts into her ass unlike anything she’d felt before.

“You like my big black cock up your tight ass?” Desmond asked, thoroughly enjoying himself.

“Ohh, I love it,” Peyton grunted, pushing back to meet his thrusts.

“You want me to come in your ass?” Desmond asked, the tightness of her ass taking its toll on him, especially on the heels of fucking her pussy.

“No,” Peyton said, turning to look back him. “Come in my mouth. Take your filthy cock out of my ass and stuff it into my mouth.”

“You definitely belong in Vanessa’s competition,” Desmond said, chuckling as he gave her a couple more quick thrusts.

Grabbing the base of his cock, Desmond yanked it out of the tight sheath of her asshole. His cock protested, but when Peyton spun around and wrapped her lips around the head, the protests lessened significantly.

“Going ass-to-mouth is so nasty,” Desmond grunted, feeling Peyton slowly work more of his cock into her mouth.

“Mmhmm,” Peyton moaned around his cock as she tasted her own ass on it. She never would’ve thought she’d even try something like ass-to-mouth, let alone enjoy it, yet here she was, happily sucking on a soiled cock.

“Keep sucking,” Desmond said, putting a hand on the back of Peyton’s head.

Applying a little pressure, he waited for a little sign that Peyton wanted him to stop. When none came, he pushed her down onto his cock. As he hit the back of her mouth, she put a hand on his thigh and he felt her gag a little. Pulling back a little, he started making small strokes, making sure to stop before he went too deep for her to handle.

“Gonna come,” Desmond warned through gritted teeth. “Gonna shoot my load down your fucking throat.”

Pulling back until just the head was still in Peyton’s mouth, Desmond felt her tongue swirl around the tip of his cock. Grunting, he felt the come rising in his balls. Unable to hold back any longer, he let loose, the cum exploding from his cock to splash against the roof of her mouth.

With his hand still on the back of her head, Peyton had nowhere to go, even if she wanted to. Pretty much stuck where she was, she had to fight to swallow his jizz as quickly as it erupted into her mouth to keep from choking on it. When his orgasm waned to little more than just spasms, he finally let her pull her mouth off his cock.

“Swallower too? You’re going to be fun,” Desmond said as Peyton showed him her empty mouth.

“Mmm,” Peyton moaned, giving his softening cock a few more licks to make sure she got all her ass juices off of it.

* * * * *

“And with that, Peyton goes into the jar,” Vanessa said into the camera, the monitor behind her showing a picture of Peyton’s ass, opened wide from the butt plug. Pulling out the jars, she picked up a slip of paper and showed the camera that it said “Peyton List” on it. Folding it up, she dropped it into the jar of names before reaching in to stir it up. Pulling her hand out, she set one aside as she stirred up the challenge jar. “Ooh, I love it. Looks like Ariel Winter gets her first challenge since being initiated a couple months ago. And she gets the Vanessa’s Choice challenge too. Well, it just so happens that I’ve been stalking Ariel’s social media accounts lately, and I gotta say, I’m kinda enamored with her friend, Jessie. So there it is, Ariel, if you’re not already licking Jessie’s pussy, then you damn well better be by this time tomorrow.”

Vanessa’s Choice

“WHAT?!?!” Ariel screamed at her computer as Vanessa’s decree came down.

Sure, she was no stranger to lesbian sex, and Jessie was indeed gorgeous, but she’d never really seduced anyone. Well, never seduced another girl. When she’d had sex with a girl before, she’d either been the one being seduced or it had just kinda happened. Yet now she was suddenly supposed to seduce one of her best friends?

“Why couldn’t she have picked Bailey?” Ariel groused, resting her head in her hands.

Bailey was her other best friend, who Ariel was already having sex with. She was one of those aforementioned “just kinda happened” encounters. One night during a Netflix and chill session, they’d watched a pretty steamy movie and Ariel had glanced over to see Bailey idly stroking herself under her blanket. That had led Ariel to join her, and then things became a little hazy as to who did what first, but they had definitely spent the night eagerly feasting on each other.

But now she was being asked to seduce her other best friend. And the stakes were so much bigger than just failing her first challenge or taking a punishment or anything like that. If she screwed it up, she could well lose a best friend, someone that had been there for her during some very ugly times.

To say Ariel thought seriously about turning down the challenge and taking whatever repercussions came her way would be an understatement. She gave serious thought to just quitting outright, but she knew she couldn’t do that. Quitting at the first obstacle had never been part of her makeup, and she really didn’t want to start now.

Which left her with one choice, to actually attempt the challenge. But she also didn’t want to go after it with everything she had, like she might with almost any other challenge, for fear of the hidden consequences. If she saw an opening, she was definitely going to take it and hope for the best, but if it wasn’t there, she wasn’t going to even think about pushing it.

* + * + *

“Can I get you guys anything?” Shanelle Gray, Ariel’s big sister, asked, poking her head into Ariel’s room while she and Jessie Berg giggled about the latest gossip from school.

“I don’t think so, do you?” Ariel asked Jessie.

“No, I’m fine,” Jessie said, her eyes darting to Shanelle’s cleavage as she leaned forward enough for the front of her shirt to fall open slightly. Pulling her eyes away, she turned to look at Ariel, then blushed when she discovered Ariel looking at her with a knowing smirk on her face.

“Well, just give a holler if you need anything,” Shanelle said, missing the exchange happening in front of her.

“Perv much?” Ariel asked her friend with a giggle.

“I was not perving,” Jessie insisted, her face getting even redder.

“No, you were just staring at my sister’s boobs like you wanted her to rip her shirt off right there,” Ariel teased her friend.

“I wasn’t staring,” Jessie grunted. “Besides, how am I supposed to not stare when her shirt is falling open like that?”

While Jessie didn’t talk about it much, she’d always been fascinated a bit by big boobs. She didn’t really want to do anything with them, or really even wish she had big boobs of her own, she just always had a bit more interest in them than she sometimes thought she should.

“Sometimes I wonder how you ever get any work down when I’m around,” Ariel said, smirking as she pushed out her chest. Her smirk turned to a laugh as Jessie’s eyes bugged out at the sight. “I’m surprised you still want to look after I had them reduced.”

“They may be smaller, but they certainly aren’t small,” Jessie said, openly ogling Ariel’s tits.

“Since you obviously want to see them better,” Ariel said, seeing a possible opening

Slipping off the bed, Ariel crossed to the door and shut it before turning back to her friend. Taking a deep breath, she steeled her nerves and hoped like hell Jessie wouldn’t run screaming from the room as she grabbed the hem of her shirt. Lifting it up, she pulled her shirt up over her head, leaving her standing in front of Jessie in just her bra and shorts.

“Cute bra,” Jessie said, admiring the lacy black garment encasing Ariel’s tits.

“It’s a matching set,” Ariel said, pulling down her shorts enough to show the black thong.

“Wow, it even feels great,” Jessie said, reaching out to touch Ariel’s bra. Suddenly realizing that she was basically groping her friend, Jessie suddenly yanked her hand away.

“Relax, they’re just boobs. You’ve got them too,” Ariel said, laughing as Jessie looked apologetic for the unexpected touch.

“I have boobs, but I definitely don’t have those,” Jessie said, giggling as she motioned at Ariel’s significantly larger chest.

“Trust me, they can be a lot more trouble than they’re worth at times,” Ariel sighed.

Most of the time Ariel liked her boobs just the size they currently were; big enough to draw attention, but not so big that it made it impossible to find cute things to wear. But even after the reduction, sometimes she still wished they were smaller. The curse of being a woman.

“I’d trade you in a heartbeat,” Jessie said. It was no secret between them that Jessie envied Ariel her boobs, but rarely had she said it so forthright.

“You’d really want to lug these things around?” Ariel asked, grabbing Jessie’s hands and placing them underneath her breasts. Pushing up, she let her friend feel the heft and weight of them to give her an idea how it might feel to have them attached to her chest.

“Wow,” Jessie said, letting her hands cup Ariel’s tits.

“I get that a lot,” Ariel said, giggling as she pictured the first guy that ever touched them. He’d gotten so excited by them that he’d shot his load in his pants. “But yours are nice too.”

“They’re okay,” Jessie said, pushing out her chest and glancing down.

“They feel nice,” Ariel said, reaching out to cup her friend’s tits the way Jessie was cupping hers.

“This is kinda weird,” Jessie said, giggling as they fondled each other.

“Good weird though, right?” Ariel asked.

“I guess,” Jessie said, feeling a nervous energy like when she was with a boy.

“Take off your shirt,” Ariel suggested. “I wouldn’t want to be the only one without one on.”

“Okay,” Jessie said, nervously reaching down to grab the hem of her shirt.

As Jessie lifted it up, Ariel let her eyes drink in the sight of her best friend’s bare stomach and bra-covered tits. It was hardly the first time she’d seen such a view. They’d both seen each other naked a bunch of times, but this was the first time Ariel had seen Jessie like this in this kind of situation.

“You’re so sexy,” Ariel said, reaching out to cup one of Jessie’s tits through her bra.

“Mmm,” Jessie moaned as Ariel squeezed her breast.

Lifting up onto her tiptoes, Ariel softly pressed her lips to Jessie’s. She held back slightly in fear that she was going to be rejected, but after a momentary hesitation, Ariel felt Jessie relax and return the kiss. Slipping her tongue into her friend’s mouth, Ariel slipped her hands beneath the cups of Jessie’s bra to cup her tits without anything getting in the way.

“Ohhh,” Jessie hummed as she wrapped her arms around Ariel’s neck.

Nudging Jessie back towards the bed, Ariel guided her friend. Reaching the side of the bed, Ariel broke the kiss. Sliding her hands down Jessie’s body, Ariel found the waistband of her shorts and slowly pushed. When Jessie didn’t voice any objection, Ariel pushed until the shorts got past Jessie’s hips and ass and dropped down to her ankles.

Taking a step back, Ariel bit her lower lip as she soaked in the sight of her friend in bra and panties. Jessie’s nipples were hard as pebbles and sticking out against the thin material of her bra. Her panties had a small dark spot in the front that seemed to grow by the second.

“Sit,” Ariel said with just enough authority that Jessie did as she was told without even thinking.

Kneeling in front of her friend, Ariel put her hands on Jessie’s knees. Sliding her hands up Jessie’s thighs, Ariel let her fingers stroke the silky skin of her best friend. Reaching the waistband of her panties, Ariel paused a moment with two fingers inside the elastic on either side to give Jessie a chance to protest before slowly peeling them down.

When Jessie leaned back and put her hands on the bed behind her to lift her butt off the bed, Ariel knew she had her completely. With the panties around her knees, Jessie sat back down and lifted her feet off the ground so Ariel could pull them the rest of the way off.

“Take off your bra,” Ariel said as she discarded Jessie’s underwear.

As Jessie reached behind her to unhook her bra, Ariel straightened up on her knees. Licking her lips, she watched as Jessie self-consciously pulled the straps down her arms. Tossing the bra aside, Jessie looked down at Ariel, seeing a look of lust on her friend’s face.

Pushing Jessie’s knees apart, Ariel licked her lips as she saw the glistening lips of her friend’s pussy. She already knew Jessie kept things nice and trimmed, but it sent an extra charge through her seeing it in a new light.

Leaning in close enough to smell Jessie’s arousal, Ariel blew a stream of air against her friend’s pussy. The breath hit the moisture clinging to her skin and turned cold, making Jessie gasp. Jessie’s hand instinctively went to the back of Ariel’s head and held her there.

“Want me to lick you?” Ariel asked, feeling the pressure pushing her head towards Jessie’s crotch.

“Yeah,” Jessie admitted, practically shaking with excitement as she watched Ariel stick her tongue out and slowly lean in closer. When the tongue made contact with her labia, she moaned and leaned her head back as she felt Ariel’s tongue softly drag along her slit.

With the taste of her friend on her tongue, Ariel wanted more. Using her fingers to spread Jessie open, Ariel let her tongue dip into her friend’s hole, tasting some of the fresh juices that were practically dripping out of Jessie’s pussy.

Shifting her attention upwards, Ariel flicked her tongue against Jessie’s clit. When Jessie moaned and tightened her grip on Ariel’s head, Ariel flattened her tongue against her friend’s clit and softly rolled it around.

“Ohh, I can’t believe you, we’re doing this,” Jessie moaned, looking down her body at where Ariel’s head rested between her legs.

“Mmhmm,” Ariel murmured, a thrill running through her as she was reminded whose pussy she was eating. Tilting her head, she looked up at Jessie as she used her tongue to flick Jessie’s clit.

“Uhh, you’re good at this,” Jessie grunted, bucking her hips against Ariel’s tongue.

Grinning at the praise, Ariel clamped her lips around Jessie’s clit. Applying suction, she smirked as Jessie practically jumped out of her skin. Jessie hadn’t had the pleasure of having her pussy eaten very often, and having her bud sucked was entirely new, and she reacted accordingly.

“Oh fuck,” Jessie gasped, mashing Ariel’s head even harder against her crotch.

Flicking her tongue against Jessie’s clit while it was trapped between her lips, Ariel rode the waves rolling through Jessie’s hips. Managing to stay connected to her best friend’s pussy, Ariel pressed two fingers against Jessie’s labia and eased forward.

“Mmm, yeah,” Jessie hissed, feeling Ariel’s fingers slide into her snatch. “Ohh, so good.”

Pumping her fingers in and out of Jessie’s cunt, Ariel reveled in her friend’s moans. It was so hot to taste Jessie’s juices on her tongue while she moaned in pleasure. The fact that she’d never thought it would happen just made it even better.

“Uhhh, Ariel, ohhh, lick my pussy,” Jessie pleaded, her head lolling back as she was overcome by the pleasure of what was happening.

Doing as she was told, Ariel lapped away at Jessie’s clit. Plunging her fingers into Jessie’s hole, Ariel twisted her hand, changing the angle on her thrusts every so often. It seemed to work as Jessie squirmed under her ministrations and humped her hips against Ariel’s face.

Pulling away from Jessie’s crotch, Ariel used the thumb of her free hand to rub at Jessie’s clit. Looking up at her friend, she smiled and watched as Jessie’s chest heaved as the pleasure rolled through her.

“You want to come, don’t you?” Ariel asked, wanting to make Jessie come just as much as Jessie obviously wanted it.

“Yeahhh,” Jessie moaned, nodding her head as she watched Ariel work.

Smirking, Ariel increased the pace of her finger fucking. With her thumb still stroking Jessie’s clit, Ariel leaned in and lapped at Jessie’s labia, licking up some of the juices that were practically streaming out of her pussy.

“Ohhh, fuck me, Ariel,” Jessie pleaded, her body primed to explode in pleasure.

Then suddenly Jessie was there. Remembering that her sister was around, Ariel rose up. With her fingers still plunging into Jessie’s cunt, Ariel reached out with her other hand and clamped it over her Jessie’s mouth moments before she erupted with a loud scream.

“AHHHHH,” Jessie squealed in pleasure, luckily muffled by Ariel’s hand.

Driving her fingers deep into Jessie’s snatch, Ariel held them there. Extending her thumb, she pressed it against Jessie’s clit, ratcheting up the pleasure even further. Unable to take any more, Jessie flopped back on the bed, body still quaking even after Ariel had pulled her fingers out of her pussy.

“We should do that again,” Ariel suggested, licking Jessie’s juices off her fingers.

“Definitely,” Jessie said, body still tingling after her orgasm.

“But now it’s your turn to do me,” Ariel said, grinning as she started getting naked herself.

* * * * *

“Wow, did Ariel go for it,” Vanessa said, practically giddy as the screen went black. “That was just a small taste of it too, they went at it for a long time. My favorite part was when Ariel got in be-. You know what, I’m not even going to spoil it for you guys. Just make sure to stock up on fresh batteries when you watch the full video, because you’re going to need them.”

“And that brings to a little unfinished business,” Vanessa announced as she shifted the camera to show a naked Kelli Berglund bent over a stool with her stomach and chest resting on the seat and hands tied to the rungs at the base. “As you all know, Kelli was challenged to hook up in a VIP area at Coachella. Unfortunately, she got caught trying to use a fake ID to get in, and got arrested. Since it was my fault for her needing to get somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be, I’m not going to give her a strike. But it was her fault for getting caught, so she’s definitely getting punished.”

Getting up, Vanessa crossed over to where Kelli was sitting. Extending a hand, she cupped one of Kelli’s butt cheeks, before letting her fingers drift between Kelli’s legs. Dragging her fingers between Kelli’s labia, slick with anticipation, Vanessa grinned.

“I spent a couple days thinking of how to punish our little friend, but then I remembered that we had a couple birthdays coming up,” Vanessa said, smirking. “So I decided to hand off those duties to Jessica Alba and Dianna Agron.”

Roasting on an Open Spit

“Spread ‘em,” Jessica Alba said giving Kelli’s ass a mild swat with the palm of her hand.

When Kelli spread her legs like Jessica had demanded, she was rewarded with a gentle caress of her backside. That was soon followed by the surprise of cold lube suddenly hitting the skin in the crack of her ass and dripping down towards her tight little rosebud.

Kelli’s grunt of surprise turned to a moan as a finger rubbed at the pucker of her asshole. Then the finger pushed, easing into her tight ass to work the lube around. As a second finger pushed into her asshole, Kelli found a black cock in front of her face.

“Good girl,” Dianna Agron said when Kelli parted her lips to take the fake cock into her mouth.

With her focus on Dianna’s dildo pushing into her mouth, Kelli was taken a little by surprise when she felt the finger leave her ass, only to be replaced by the blunt end of Jessica’s own strap on. Grimacing in concentration, Kelli focused on relaxing her asshole. It worked as her anus gave way and the head of Jessica’s toy pushed inside.

“Way, way,” Kelli hissed around the fake cock in her mouth as her body clenched up around the invader. She tried to reach back to put a hand on Jessica’s thigh but it only moved an inch or two before the restraints stopped it.

“Too much?” Jessica asked, smacking Kelli’s ass for daring to speak. She still paused a moment to let Kelli adjust to the large chunk of plastic in her ass though.

Feeling Kelli start to relax, Jessica pushed forward, stuff another inch of strap on into the younger girl’s tight ass. Using her hands to pry Kelli’s cheeks apart, Jessica licked her lips as she watched her strap on slide inch after inch into Kelli’s asshole.

“I think she likes it,” Dianna said when Kelli moaned at Jessica finally reaching bottom.

“That’s because she’s a slut that loves it up the ass, don’t you?” Jessica sneered as she slid three inches of cock out of Kelli’s ass and slammed it back home.

“Ya, lub it,” Kelli grunted around the dildo in her mouth as Jessica started fucking her ass with nice, easy strokes.

Tied to the stool the way she was, Kelli was utterly helpless. Not that she wanted to be helped, but between having her hands bound and with women taking her from both ends, there was no place to go if she had.

“Mmm, look at her suck that cock,” Dianna said as Kelli’s mouth worked up and down her strap on.

“Is that a hint?” Jessica asked, grinning.

“I think it was,” Dianna said, smirking as she pulled her toy out of Kelli’s mouth.

“Uhhh,” Kelli grunted when Jessica gave her ass one more quick thrust before pulling out as well.

Taking hold of Kelli’s hips, Jessica watched as Dianna grabbed Kelli’s shoulders. Nodding, they used their grips to spin the stool, and Kelli, so that Kelli’s head was now in front of Jessica, and her nether regions were there for the taking for Dianna.

Before Kelli had too much time to think about what was about to happen, Jessica was already pressing her soiled toy against Kelli’s lips. As the dildo was pushed into her mouth, Kelli let her tongue swirl around the head, tasting her own ass on the surface.

“That’s it, taste your ass,” Jessica snarled, putting a hand on the back of Kelli’s head as she started to slowly saw in and out of Kelli’s mouth with her strap on.

“Hmm, pussy? Or ass?” Dianna mused to herself as she dragged her own toy through the folds of Kelli’s pussy and then up to the open pucker of her asshole. “Her ass looks amazing, but this pussy screams for attention. What is a girl to do?”

“Fuck ‘em both,” Jessica suggested as she pushed her strap on into Kelli’s mouth until the younger girl started to gag.

“Good idea,” Dianna said, licking her lips as she suddenly pushed forward.

“Ohhhh,” Kelli moaned around Jessica’s fake cock as Dianna’s drove into her pussy in one quick thrust.

Kelli knew that Dianna’s toy was thicker than Jessica’s from how each had felt in her mouth, but she hadn’t quite figured out how much thicker until she’d felt it stretching out her pussy. It wasn’t monstrous or anything, but it was definitely bigger than anything she’d had in there recently. But it felt so good as Dianna immediately started pulling back to fuck her with hard, strong strokes.

Gripping Kelli’s waist with one hand, Dianna ran the other over Kelli’s ass. Squeezing a cheek in her palm, Dianna plunged forward into Kelli’s pussy. Letting her thumb extend into Kelli’s ass crack, Dianna used it to rub against Kelli’s starfish.

Feeling the pressure against her asshole, Kelli lifted her ass higher and pushed back to give Dianna better access. She was rewarded as the thumb pushed past her sphincter and into her anal canal. Feeling all three of her holes filled at once, Kelli groaned and her eyes rolled up in her head.

Pulling on Kelli’s hips, Dianna drove forward, filling her pussy with fake cock. As the flesh of Kelli’s ass rippled with the impact, Dianna pulled back until almost all of the toy was out of her pussy. Barely pausing, Dianna lunged forward again, making the room echo with the sound of their flesh slapping together.

“Uhhh,” Kelli grunted as pleasure shot through her from the hard cock hammering away at her pussy.

“Ready to switch back?” Jessica asked, tightening her grip on Kelli’s hair as she worked on the younger girl from the other end.

“No, but I will,” Dianna grunted, wiggling her thumb in Kelli’s asshole as she thrust into her tight snatch.

As the thumb was removed from her asshole, then her mouth, and finally pussy, were vacated, Kelli whimpered. She suddenly felt empty without them, but the feeling didn’t last long as she was spun around to face Dianna. Opening her mouth for Dianna’s strap on, Kelli instead found a thumb pushed between her lips.

“Mmm,” Kelli moaned as she sucked on the digit, tasting her ass again.

“Bet that ass is tasty,” Jessica said, her eyes darting back and forth between Kelli’s ass in front of her and Kelli’s mouth, wantonly sucking her ass juices from Dianna’s thumb.

“We can find out when we’re done fucking it,” Dianna said. She was also curious, but Vanessa had given them a job, and she wanted to finish it before getting to any extracurriculars.

“If you say so,” Jessica said, grinning as she squirted extra lube onto her toy.

Lining up her strap on with Kelli’s asshole, Jessica barely gave her a moment before pushing. Kelli’s ass had already been loosened up, but she still groaned as several inches of hard cock suddenly invaded her tightest of holes.

“Such a tight ass,” Jessica grunted as she shoved the rest of her toy into Kelli’s asshole.

“It won’t be quite as tight once we’re done with it,” Dianna said, removing her thumb from Kelli’s mouth. Grabbing her toy, she grinned as Kelli opened her mouth in anticipation.

As Dianna pushed the toy into her mouth, Kelli tasted herself on it again, but this time it was pussy. Her pussy tasted better, but it wasn’t nearly as taboo as sucking a cock straight out of her ass. Very little matched the heady rush that accompanied going to ass-to-mouth.

Plunging her strap on into Kelli’s asshole, Jessica slipped a hand underneath her. Sliding her hand along the smooth, flat skin of Kelli’s stomach, Jessica went for Kelli’s pussy. At the first contact of her finger with Kelli’s clit, Kelli bucked against her and moaned around Dianna’s toy.

“Ahhh,” Kelli moaned as Jessica and Dianna fucked her from both ends.

Rutting into Kelli’s ass with short, quick thrusts, Jessica mashed her clit with her middle finger. Pleasure shot through Kelli each time Jessica’s pelvis slammed into her butt cheeks. It had been far too long since she’d had a good ass fucking and Jessica was doing a great job of remedying that.

Kelli had tried anal with her ex, but it had hurt like hell at the start. And while it had eventually started to feel good, it hadn’t lasted nearly long enough to make it worthwhile. Then she’d been introduced to the competition and truly discovered the joys of ass fucking, not to mention ass-to-mouth.

“Fuck that ass,” Dianna hissed, loving the sounds of their flesh slapping together. “I think she wants it harder.

Grinning, Jessica increased her speed even further. Kelli whimpered around Dianna’s cock as Jessica unleashed an amazingly savage fucking on her tight little butt. Every thrust pushed her closer and closer to coming and she pushed back against Jessica in hopes of getting there.

“My turn?” Dianna asked, slipping her strap on out of Kelli’s mouth.

“Fine,” Jessica grunted, giving Kelli’s ass one more sharp thrust before slowly sliding out.

“Nooooo,” Kelli whined as she was left sooo close to orgasm.

“Quiet,” Jessica said, giving Kelli’s ass a sharp swat that cut her off quickly.

As Kelli was spun, Dianna found herself with that delicious butt pointed her way again. And while Kelli’s pussy had been great, she wasn’t about to pass up a chance to take that ass and show her that Jessica wasn’t the only one of them that knew anything about ass fucking.

Kelli should have known what was coming, especially after she felt Dianna rub the head of her strap on against Kelli’s asshole. Yet Kelli still found her eyes going wide in shock as Dianna pushed forward, stretching her ass even further than Jessica had just moments ago.

Seeing Kelli’s mouth open, Jessica took the opportunity to fill it up, muffling Kelli’s moans in the process. Again, Kelli should have known it was coming, but she was still surprised as the filthy strap on surged into her mouth.

Barely giving Kelli any time to adjust to the size difference between the two toys, Dianna used her grip on Kelli’s hips to pull back. Pausing only briefly, Dianna drove back into Kelli’s receptive asshole with enough force to make Kelli’s ass ripple.

“Uhh, fuh meh,” Kelli gasped around the cock in her mouth.

“No talking,” Jessica sneered, pushing the strap on even deeper into Kelli’s mouth until the younger girl started to gag a little.

She knew she should object to being treated like that, but it actually really turned her on. Mostly it was because she knew it was an act, like role playing, but there was also part of her that actually liked being submissive under certain circumstances.

“That’s it, suck your ass off of my cock while Dianna fucks you,” Jessica snarled, holding the back of Kelli’s head. “Then when she’s done, you can suck your ass off that one too.”

“Mmm,” Kelli moaned, getting off on Jessica’s promises as she was stuffed from both ends.

“Then when she’s done cleaning my strap on, the real fun can begin,” Dianna said, grinning as she pictured herself shoving Kelli’s pretty face into her crotch.

“Yeah, because fucking her has been a complete drag so far,” Jessica sarcastically remarked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you eat my pussy as well,” Dianna said, grinning as she pounded away at Kelli’s ass.

Jessica laughed at the generous offer, but she knew she’d take Dianna up on it though. When they were done with Kelli, she was definitely going to want a piece of Dianna, and everyone involved knew it. They also knew Dianna wanted to return the favor as well, so it all evened out in the end.

But first, they had a little something to finish. Kelli was getting close as Dianna worked over her asshole. The rough treatment of her ass was just what she needed, with Dianna’s thrusts sending tremors through her lower body to stimulate her clit as well.

Sensing that Kelli needed just a little bit more, Jessica slipped her strap on out of Kelli’s mouth. Bending down, Jessica gave her a nice kiss, slipping her tongue into Kelli’s mouth. When Kelli moaned, Jessica broke the kiss and moved her mouth to the side of Kelli’s head.

“You like that cock up your slutty ass?” Jessica whispered into Kelli’s ear.

“AHHHH,” Kelli hissed as Dianna drilled into her ass.

“Want me to play with your pussy while Di fucks your tight butt?” Jessica asked, slipping a hand along Kelli’s body until it reached her waist and slipped underneath her.

“Yeahhhh,” Kelli moaned, knowing she was probably going to get spanked for speaking, but she desperately wanted to come.

“I’ll get you later for that,” Jessica said, rubbing her middle finger against Kelli’s clit.

Groaning at the stimulation, Kelli felt herself being pushed right to the edge. When Jessica caught her clit between middle and index fingers and squeezed just a little, it was just what Kelli needed. Her body going tight, her asshole clamped down on Dianna’s toy and her hands jerked against the restraints.

“That’s it, come from having your slutty ass fucked,” Dianna hissed, slowing down to a crawl as Kelli’s body was wracked by wave after wave of pleasure.

“Mmm, you look so hot when you’re coming,” Jessica moaned into Kelli’s ear, still strumming Kelli’s bud with her fingers.

Unable to do anything but moan as her body was overloaded with pleasure, Kelli did her best to push back against Diann’s thrusts. Between the cock thrusting into her ass and Jessica’s insistent rubbing, Kelli’s orgasm dragged on until she finally gave a little yell and went limp.

“You’re not done yet,” Jessica said, finally pulling her hand away from Kelli’s cunt.

As Dianna slipped her strap on out of Kelli’s asshole, Jessica undid the restraints on Kelli’s hands. As Kelli started to come to, Jessica pulled her off the stool and positioned her on her knees. When Kelli opened her eyes, she saw Dianna standing in front of her with the dirty dildo sticking straight out from her body towards Kelli’s face.

“Open wide,” Dianna said, moving closer.

Opening her mouth, Kelli moaned as she tasted her ass on a toy again. Dianna’s toy stretched her lips with its girth but this time she had her hands free to grip the base as she slowly worked her mouth down the shaft. With each inch that penetrated her mouth, Kelli swirled her tongue around the shaft, bathing it in her saliva and cleaning it as she went.

“Damn, look at that pretty face sucking her own ass off my cock,” Dianna grunted, slowly bucking her hips, fucking Kelli’s mouth.

“Okay, I think that’s good enough for now,” Vanessa said, turning the camera away from the action and onto herself. “But they’re not about to stop for me, so I’m just going to turn off the camera and go join them.”

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