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Title: Interviewing…Ariana

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Ariana Grande, Kate Abdo

Codes: oral, MFF, FF

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at [email protected].

Every single show of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls had been the most enjoyable experience and this had only gotten better since Kate Abdo had joined me as my regular co-host. I didn’t know anybody else that would proceed to give her co-host a handjob and blowjob while still live on air and I was incredibly thankful for that. However, the next show was one which I had been looking forward to since I first came up with the idea, and for once, Kate wouldn’t be the sexiest girl on the show. We’d had some beautifully sexy women on the show since the start but the guest we had on was my biggest crush, beauty personified. Ariana Grande was on the show.

From the moment I turned up at the studio ready to film the show, I felt a sense of excitement that maybe I could have sex with Ariana, something I’d dreamed about for the past year. That excitement was heightened further when Kate, my co-host, entered my dressing room for our now regular pre-show fun time, unzipping my trousers and giving me a fantastic blowjob.

As Kate and I took our places on the set, my trousers already unzipped to give my co-host easy access, I couldn’t wait to discover what my long-time fantasy Ariana looked like in person. I was stunned when she walked out after our introductions. My god, did she look good. She wore a cute leather dress that I couldn’t help but imagine on the floor and I had to control myself as I welcomed her to the show.

“Ariana, wow, welcome to Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls. It really is a pleasure to have you on the show and you look absolutely stunning tonight, may I add?”

“Alright, Dave, don’t go all fan girly,” Kate said, taking over as I recovered from Ariana’s entrance. “This show means we can ask you anything we want, be it music, sex or porn, all good?”

“Sounds like fun,” she replied, winking at the camera.

“Ok, let’s get started,” I said, fully recovered. “First off, it’s fair to say, this has been your breakthrough year, what’s been the highlight?”

“There’s been so many, it’s hard to choose,” Ariana replied. “Obviously, the songs are why I’m in this business, and I really enjoyed making the video and the song for Bang Bang with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj. It was just so much fun to shoot and sing, all round greatness.”

“You came to fame on Victorious on Nickelodeon. Was it easy to leave that show behind you?” Kate asked.

“Yes, it was relatively easy. I think there was a whole group of us, me, Miley (Cyrus), Selena (Gomez), who all came from children’s TV and just wanted to make music and so it was quite an easy transition. Obviously it’s a different kind of fan base now, but it’s still as much fun.”

“It’s certainly a different fan base now as many men have voted you one of the sexiest women in the world, including myself,” I continued. “How does it feel to have this new attention?”

“Honestly, I don’t try and be sexy, I just wear clothes I feel comfortable in. So many people have said that I am sexy, but I don’t see myself like that, I feel comfortable and I think that’s the main thing.”

“You’re one of the most sought after ladies in show business, so it’s hard to believe you’re single,” Kate said, changing the subject. “So how come this is the case?”

“Obviously, I’ve just gone through a break-up but I’m still on the lookout for Mr Right yet I’m in no rush,” Ariana replied. “I feel as though it takes time for people to meet the right person and I’m only 21 so I’ve got lots of that.”

“Surely you must miss the sex, though?”

“I do miss the sex, but honestly Sean (Big Sean, her ex-boyfriend) wasn’t that great, I don’t think,” Ariana replied. “He’s the only guy I’ve had sex with but I found it easier to get off by myself than I did when I was with him.”

“Have you got any tips or toys that you like to use to reach that climax?” Kate asked, and I could feel myself getting hard, imagining Ariana pleasuring herself.

“I like to just use my fingers and take myself there,” Ariana said, starting to fidget in her seat. “It feels weird saying this out loud. No, I really just watch a bit of porn and just get lost in it. I don’t have a preference on what porn, just anything that makes me feel wet will do.”

“Have you ever done anything risqué?” I asked Ariana, my cock now standing to attention, and I felt Kate’s hand move across.

“I have masturbated right before a show backstage though,” Ariana stated. “I am the type of girl who’s willing to do naughty things though, I like being a little bit kinky.”

“You’re certainly saying the right things for our audience,” Kate acknowledged, stroking my cock off camera. “Have you ever fantasized or experimented with other female singers?”

“I can’t say I’ve experimented with them, but I’ve definitely fantasized over them, I mean we all have,” Ariana answered, continuously glancing at Kate’s handjob on my cock. “When I was filming the video to Bang Bang, I masturbated in my dressing room to Jessie J so I’d definitely experiment.”

“Well, that’s nearly all we’ve got time for, Ariana,” I said, as Kate moved down to start sucking my cock. “So one final question. What’s your deepest secret or fantasy?”

“I’d have to say the fact that I once caught my mother pleasuring herself, which was really weird. So that’s my deepest secret.”

“Well, thanks for a fantastic show, Ariana. Join us next time when our guest will be the terrific Rita Ora. Look forward to seeing you then.”

It was clear to both Kate and I that Ariana had loved watching my fellow presenter jerk and suck me off, and as soon as the cameras stopped rolling and the show was over, Kate seemed eager for her to join in. She stopped the blowjob she’d been giving me and walked over to where Ariana was sitting. She then took her hand and guided her over to the sofa where I was sat, my cock hard, and instructed her to work on my cock.

Ariana was hesitant at first but the moment her lips closed around my cock, I felt at total peace. Ariana Grande was sucking my cock. She grew into it too, soon getting the habit of sucking my cock and varying her speed and technique. As soon as Kate was satisfied Ariana was doing a good job, she got naked and hoisted herself up so her pussy was perched over my face. I needed no instruction to begin to lick on my favourite pussy and Kate’s moans suggested Ariana had been one of her female crushes too. Ariana was working wonders on my cock and within a few minutes, as she sucked up and down, I felt myself nearing orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, still licking Kate’s pussy, and proceeded to squirt my load over Ariana’s waiting face, another dream come true.

Ariana was puzzled as what to do next but I soon corrected that problem. Moving away from Kate’s dripping pussy, I instructed Ariana to lay where I was, and this she did, Kate’s pussy now in her mouth. Then, I hoisted up the black leather dress, and inserted my cock into her tight pussy, before pushing in and out, fucking one of my crushes. Ariana had never licked pussy before but she seemed to be doing a great job on Kate, as I soon heard the familiar moans of joy followed by the screams as she climaxed on Ariana’s face, just like I had done.

My cock was still going in and out of Ariana’s pussy and Kate seemed to want sure that she got the best deal going as she placed herself underneath the spot where my cock was penetrating Ariana’s tight little pussy. There, she stuck out her tongue and began to lick either my cock or Ariana’s pussy, whatever was available to her, and the sensation was unbelievable. I couldn’t let this distract me though, as I was determined to do a better job than Ariana’s ex-boyfriend and I quickened the pace, then slowed, then changed my technique, edging her closer to orgasm, eager to make it her best ever climax.

Eventually, I could tease her no more and with one huge thrust of my cock and an extended lick by Kate, Ariana screamed the loudest I’ve ever heard anyone scream as she climaxed loudly and messily from our fucking session. Kate eagerly lapped up the juices and as we all exchanged a three-way kiss, I could hardly believe what had just happened. Every time I did this show, I had sex with an insanely hot star and today was no different. I loved my job.

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