Interviewing…Reese and Alice

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Title: Interviewing…Reese and Alice

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Reese Witherspoon and Alice Eve

Codes: mast, oral, blowjob, Fmast, MFF, FF

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at [email protected].

Female Film Stars Secrets was fast becoming my favourite show to film as the amount of hot celebrity actresses I’d been able to fuck was increasing each week. I had high hopes that the next show would be no different, even if I did have two less well-known stars on the show. Reese Witherspoon was famous for a variety of roles but probably most well-known for Legally Blonde and Walk the Line for which she was well-acclaimed. My other guest was Alice Eve, a much less well-known actress but she’d appeared in Men in Black 3, Sex and the City 2 and Star Trek: Into Darkness. Both these blonde bombshells were beautiful in their own right and if things went as I hoped I might be fucking them at the end of the night.

I arrived at the show at my usual time and after getting myself ready, I headed to the set to begin the introductions. Passing Reese in the corridor, I knew that the talent of guests had not dropped one bit, and my excitement heightened a little.

Reese’s entry to the show meant that I’d not been mistaken from the glimpse I got in the corridor. She was wearing a revealing blue dress that I just couldn’t wait to pull off and expose her perfect figure. Alice looked stunning too, when she made her entrance. She clearly didn’t want to be outdone and had matched Reese’s look with an equally revealing blue dress that once more heightened my sense of excitement.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, as I gawped at my two guests. “You both look stunning tonight. Shall we begin with the show that holds no barriers?”

“Let’s go,” they agreed.

“OK, so let’s get to know a bit about you first as some people may not know you that well,” I suggested. “Reese, you’re famous for Legally Blonde, but my highlight was your Friends appearance, what was yours?”

“Well, I guess I enjoyed both of those but I actually enjoyed making my latest movie, Wild, the most,” she answered. “Maybe it was the change of direction or the different style of movie, but it was so much fun to make.”

“And Alice, I guess Star Trek has to be up there for you?”

“Yes, certainly, that’s the biggest film I’ve done, and the one that everyone asks me about,” she replied. “But I liked making She’s Out of my League because romantic comedies are probably my favourite films to shoot as opposed to action. And it was nice to be sought after.”

“So moving on from the films, what does the future hold for you two?”

“Well, I’m doing a new film called Wish List but I’m taking time off to relax, and just chill with my husband,” Reese answered.

“Like Reese, I’m filming two new movies, but it’s nice to have a break from acting at certain points,” Alice answered. “Obviously as I’m newly married, I spend a lot of time at home, as we get settled, but I’m going back to acting soon.”

“As you’ve moved on from films, how are things at home?” I asked. “What’s your sexual relationships like?”

“Yeah, things are good at home, actually,” Alice answered first this time. “Obviously, a new marriage means I’m having quite a lot of sex which I think is good for both of us. It’s been roughly two or three times a week but at the start of our marriage it was nearly every day.”

“I’m not having as good a time as that, but things are going steady,” Reese added. “I have a kid, so it’s not so easy for me and my husband to have sex, but we still try and do it regularly. Usually once a fortnight, which is enough.”

“You don’t sound overly convincing there, Reese,” I said, trying to make her horny. “Do you masturbate to satisfy your needs?”

“I’m happy,” she laughed. “No, I do masturbate occasionally, but I used to do it a lot more before I was married. After my divorce and before my second marriage, I used to pleasure myself three times a day, daily.”

“And Alice, were you that horny? Are you still?”

“Yeah, I’m always horny. I masturbate every day that I don’t have sex. It helps me relieve stress and it feels so good.”

“What gets you two off?” I asked, adjusting myself as I felt my cock start to twitch.

“Well, I like watching porn, and I don’t understand the fuss about it,” Reese said. “It’s a perfectly natural job, it’s basically what we do but for adults. So I watched that a lot. The parodies always made me a little horny, but the main ones were the ones where it’s surprise.”

“I agree totally with Reese, it’s a natural business,” Alice nodded. “My favourite clips are the ones where the girl is dominated as that’s how I like to have sex, but I like watching single people masturbating and getting caught. That turns me on.”

My cock was growing in my pants now as the girls answers got a lot sexier. “Have you ever experimented with any girls?” I asked.

“I’ve experimented on screen,” Reese answered, laughing. “I’ve done a couple of lesbian scenes, but in real life, I do occasionally enjoy the company of another girl. Obviously I was very lucky to do a scene with Sofia Vergara in my new movie, but off screen there’s been a couple of girls who I’ve had a lot of fun with.”

“I know this may sound crazy but I’ve never been with a girl,” Alice answered. “I know loads of girls have had experiments with each other but it just never appealed to me. Recently I’ve thought about trying it, but if I do it, I want it to be with somebody who knows what they’re doing and can teach me the ropes.”

“Wow, that’s surprising,” I said, thinking that maybe Reese could seduce Alice later. “Unfortunately, the end of the show is nearly upon us, so one final question. Have you got any fantasies that you have kept secret until now?”

“I think everyone’s got a secret fantasy,” Reese answered. “I have always wanted to do something sexual publically, which I know is a bit weird but I just think it would be really hot. I’m quite sexual so there’s a few others which I’d love to give a go, but that’s the main one.”

“I’m the complete opposite to Reese,” Alice said,” I’m so shy. I don’t really know whether I have any fantasies, I’ve never really thought about it. I guess, maybe, that lesbian one, but I’ve never dreamed of anything like Reese’s fantasy.”

“Well, I’m sure everyone has one somewhere. Thanks for a wonderful show and don’t forget to join me next time when we’ll be finding out about the lives of Anne Hathaway and Ashley Tisdale. See you then.”

The show ended and once more I found myself with a semi-hard boner that I’d received imagining the images behind the girls’ answers. I fancied my chances of having sex with Reese but Alice seemed all together a difficulty which I’d have to overcome. It was surprising to me, though, that Alice was not more adventurous sexually, as she’d taken her clothes off with ease in some of her films.

I headed back to my dressing room after a quick chat with the girls where I was sure Reese had noticed my boner and so would hopefully want more if she was horny enough. Alice hadn’t noticed it and I didn’t expect her to show up if Reese was keen for some fun after the show.

Sure enough, about ten minutes later, I was alone in my dressing room, stroking my cock when I heard a knock on my door. Putting my underwear on, I strolled across and opened the door. There was Reese in her stunning blue dress, looking as hot as ever.

“Did I interrupt you?” she asked me as she stared at the bulge in my underwear, clearly aware of what I was doing.

“Well, there’s no real point in denying it,” I replied. “Yeah, your answers made me horny so I was having some alone time.”

“I thought I saw you had a boner when we were in the room,” Reese said, stepping into the room. “Truth be told, I kind of wished you’d stuck around, I was horny myself.”

“Well, I have to say, I was hoping for both you and Alice to be game for some fun….”

“If you take off those boxers, I’ll show you how much fun I can be,” Reese said, unzipping her dress and letting it fall to the floor, showing off her naked body. “Yeah, that’s right, no underwear.”

I needed no invitation and I pulled down my underwear so that we were both naked. Reese wasted no time and bent down on her knees, taking hold of my cock and beginning to suck it. One out of two wasn’t bad, I thought to myself, as Reese Witherspoon sucked on my hard cock, taking it deep into her mouth and playing with my balls at the same time. She clearly knew how to handle a cock, and Reese’s technique was expert as she sucked on my cock and fondled with my balls, bringing me closer to orgasm.

She began to suck on my cock faster and harder, and it was a matter of seconds before her mouth was filled with my load, something she greatly appreciated. Swallowing it down, she said, “Wow, nice load, now how about giving me a little bit of love?”

“Absolutely,” I said, and I pushed Reese onto the sofa in the corner of my dressing room, and inserted a finger into her pussy. She had clearly enjoyed giving me my blowjob as her pussy was already wet, and she moaned as I began to finger her, sucking on her perky tits at the same time. It was as I inserted a second finger into her pussy and began to lick around it, that there was suddenly another knock on the door.

“Fuck!” Reese said loudly, as I withdrew my fingers from her pussy. “Who the fuck could that be?”

“I have no idea, but I have a hope that maybe Alice might be getting her first lesbian experience,” I replied, walking to the door. “Lie seductively on the sofa so you’re the first thing she sees.”

Checking it was indeed Alice through the peephole, I made sure Reese was looking as sexy as ever and then opened the door to the awaiting Alice. Alice gasped as the first thing she saw was a naked Reese Witherspoon posed seductively and as she entered the room, she let out another gasp as she saw me standing there with a rock hard cock.

“Could we help you with something, Alice?” I asked, moving back over to Reese as Alice stood shell-shocked.

“Erm, well, I was just… just…” Alice stammered, staring at the sofa where I had resumed my pleasure to Reese.

She stared on, collapsing into a nearby chair, as Reese continued her moaning while I resumed my fingering of her pussy and began to tongue her, bringing my spare hand to fondle her tits. Reese’s moans grew louder and I chanced a glance over to where Alice was sitting and saw her licking her lips. Knowing she needed encouragement to start masturbating, I had an idea that might make her begin. Withdrawing my fingers from Reese’s pussy, I climbed on top of the blonde actress and got into a 69 position, lowering my cock so that it was in line with Reese’s mouth. The actress immediately took it in her mouth and I resumed my oral assault on her pussy, hoping that maybe now Alice would start masturbating, knowing neither of us could see her.

The 69 position meant I had no clue what Alice Eve was doing so I focused all my attention on bringing Reese to orgasm. I was tongue fucking her as hard as I’d ever tongue fucked anyone before and had three fingers in her pussy. Her moans were stifled by the fact she had my cock in her mouth, but you could still hear them and her body arched beneath me as she got closer to climax. Having already came once, I was not as close as Reese and so I made the decision to pull my cock out her mouth so that she could see Alice as I made her cum.

I could tell by the way Reese was moaning that she was certainly enjoying getting fucked to orgasm and I was really hoping that Alice too was in the mood to get fucked. Suddenly, Reese’s body arched, her moans heightened and her pussy quivered and I knew that she was cumming. I lapped up the juices flowing from her pussy, and moved off Reese so I could see whether Alice was indeed masturbating.

The sight before my eyes was exactly what I had hoped it would be. Alice was sitting on the chair, her fingers rubbing her pussy while she played with her tits with the other hand. Her eyes were closed and it was clear to me that she was imagining getting fucked hard, her moans seemed to indicate this. I got up off the sofa and walked over to Alice, closely followed by Reese. Unsure as to how to approach this, I let Reese take the lead, the actress bending down and so her head was by Alice’s pussy. Reese then pulled Alice’s hand away and replaced them with her own, causing the Star Trek actress to open her eyes and take in what was happening. I was standing over the two girls watching Reese play with Alice’s pussy, her fingers inserting in and out of her vagina.

I walked over to where Alice’s hand was and guided it onto my cock, instructing her to stroke it while she had her pussy played with. The actress seemed nervous at first but as she received more pleasure from Reese, she seemed to grow into it, picking up the pace and stroking my cock properly. Having Alice stroke my cock as she was being fingered by Reese certainly was a pleasurable experience, and the speed with which she did it suddenly increased dramatically as Reese brought her tongue down to Alice’s pussy.

“Oh wow, that feels sooooo good…”Alice exclaimed, still jerking my cock but breathing faster. “I can’t believe no one’s ever done this to me before…”

“I thought you said you were having a lot of sex with your husband,” I queried, as Alice continued stroking my cock.

“Well we do, but he never does it like this,” Alice exclaimed, gasping for breath. “This is unbelievable.”

Reese was now furiously tongue-fucking Alice’s pussy and breaking her lesbian virginity with it. This was so unbelievably hot that I could feel myself about to explode. As Alice jerked my cock, and I focused on Reese licking her pussy, I was no longer able to control myself and my load landed on Alice’s face, something the star seemed pleased to take. I could tell Alice herself was close to orgasm and I sat back and watched as Reese Witherspoon worked her magic, licking every part of Alice Eve’s pussy she could find. The Star Trek actress did not hold back with her orgasm, her body squirming and her juices flowing, she let go of a huge load into Reese’s waiting mouth.

I got up and was about to pull my clothes back on, thinking even though I hadn’t fucked either of the girls it had still been a good show, when I heard Reese say something that made me so glad I hadn’t.

“Let’s really break that lesbian virginity of yours,” she said to Alice, “I want you to do to me what I just did to you…”

I turned on the spot to watch Reese laying down on the floor and Alice crouched at her pussy, getting in a position so she could get her first taste of pussy. I was frozen to the spot as Alice began to eat her first pussy, her tongue going up and down, in and out of Reese’s vagina beautifully, like something you see in a porn scene. My cock was growing harder once more, as Reese’s moans were louder and I knew that this could well be my chance to fuck at least one of the girls. I moved over and began to caress Alice’s ass with my hands, something she seemed to enjoy judging by the noise coming from Reese’s pussy. I slowly guided my cock to the entrance of Alice’s pussy and inserted it into the actress, whilst she continuously licked Reese’s pussy. Reese’s eyes widened as the licking on her pussy increased in speed and pleasure as Alice received my cock’s thrusts in and out her pussy.

The sight I was seeing as I fucked Alice Eve was another one that would stay with me for a long time. As I thrust in and out of Alice’s pussy, I could see a naked Reese Witherspoon enjoying a long, hard pussy licking from Alice, who before today had never done anything with a girl. I was fucking Alice hard and fast now and she was returning that favour with her tongue to Reese, who was clearly watching the show in front of her. One moment later, Reese Witherspoon had climaxed so hard, squirting her juices into Alice’s face and with moans so loud, I think the whole world could have heard them. Watching Reese’s orgasm spurred me on, and a couple of minutes later, both Alice and I had joined Reese in climaxing in what had been an unbelievable fuck session. It was certainly up there with the best from my show.

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