The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Ten

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Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Ten

Author: KMB

Celebs: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Ariel Winter, Sarah Hyland, Shanelle Gray, Rosario Dawson, Natalie Portman, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Dianna Agron, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Emmy Rossum, Maryse Ouellet, AJ Lee, Celeste Bonin

Codes: FF, FFF, MFF, MF, ATM, oral, anal, orgy, teen, first, inc, toys, preg, lact, creampie, feet

Summary: Ariel confronts Shanelle and Sarah, but things take an unexpected turn with Sarah’s confession. And Reese can no longer hold back her desires.

Now I can’t let a momentous occasion like the premiere of the new season of Game of Thrones take place without stealing all of the thunder, can I? After all, I write just as prolifically, though far less financially successfully as George R. R. Martin. And just think of a new chapter of Harem as being with all the female nudity of Game of Thrones but without any of the raping or massacres in it. Isn’t that great?

So hopefully people will be in the mood to enjoy. Not sure how many of these parts are left because like Mr. Martin I haven’t finished writing the damn story. But we will see. And this does remind me I need to get Sophie Turner into the story soon.

Now where were we in the story? Oh yes, it was quite an eventful chapter as the Victorious threesome we’ve always dreamed of finally happened in Malibu as Liz Gillies got both Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande to put aside their differences and get into some naughty lesbian fun with her. And any reservations Ariana might have had left about being with girls were certainly fucked away when Rose McGowan got Mr. Snappy to work and fucked Ariana’s tight little ass to complete her own Victorious anal pounding trifecta.

But that wasn’t all Rose did. After finding herself immensely shocked and secretly aroused by what she was seeing, sweet Disney Channel star Olivia Holt lost her sweet side and embraced sluttiness as she let Rose and Britney Spears fuck the good girl right out of her.

However it wasn’t all eager licking and fucking as Heather Locklear and Alyssa Milano soon found out. Their naughty play was discovered by the two people they least wanted to discover it. But the humiliation Heather felt over her dirty deeds and even dirtier desires led to a most unexpected result as her punch addled daughter Ava aggressively made a move on her and found out that she liked it. In fact Ava took to playing with girls like a fish to water as she not only fucked her dirty mother’s face but took Alyssa’s strap-on and plowed Heather’s ass too. And speaking of Alyssa she could no longer keep herself from succumbing to Chloe Moretz’s seduction and the teen’s fantasy came true in the way she had always dreamed it would.

There’s so much more though as they did not come to the party alone. Ava and Chloe were joined by Ariel Winter who confronted her own sister Shanelle as well as Sarah Hyland, her on-screen sister about their affair and dragged them out of the room. What will happen next? Well, you’ll just have to read on and find out.

But before you read, there are a few things to say.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at [email protected].

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. There are a lot of chapters to come in a smaller and more easily digestible form. I don’t even know how many chapters there are going to be but rest assured they will all lead to a party the likes of which you will never forget.

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Ten


Alyssa kept licking away even as Chloe cycled down. The only thing that finally made her stop was Ava shoving her out of the way. Ava greedily wanted Chloe all to herself now and she pushed Alyssa off to the side before sliding her own hand right onto Chloe’s pussy, rubbing her friend’s satisfied slit and giving her extra stimulation.

Chloe moaned from the intimate touch and did the same to her friend, sliding her hand between Ava’s legs and sensually massaging her still wet pussy lips. Ava moaned back from the touch and they kissed harder, forgetting all about both Alyssa and Heather for the moment as they concentrated only on each other.

But even as they did that, one thought occurred to both of them. And it was Chloe who finally broke their kisses long enough to express it.

“Mmmmm gawd, where’d Ariel go?” Chloe asked.

“We’d better go find her,” Ava grinned. “Mmmm we gotta go get her into the fun!”


But fun had been the last thing on Ariel Winter’s mind when she had essentially marched Shanelle and Sarah into the first empty room she saw.

She had the two women she was closest to in the world, one who was literally her sister and another who might as well have been, and she had no idea how to react to what she had just caught them doing.

She was so mad at them both. But should she have been? Ariel was so confused.

She felt so angry and betrayed by Shanelle and Sarah.  They had been having sex behind her back! They were both cheaters. Sarah had a boyfriend! Shanelle had a husband! Her sister was some kind of dirty adulteress! How could all of this be happening?

Ariel wished she had never found out the truth. Ignorance had truly been bliss.

The idea of her real sister and her on-screen sister having some kind of affair upset her so much and Ariel couldn’t even figure out why. After all it wasn’t like they were cheating on her. And it wasn’t like Shanelle and Sarah weren’t consenting adults.

Sure, cheating was wrong but why did she feel so betrayed?

Ariel tried to figure this out as she paced around this strange bedroom. She didn’t even know where she was, though a quick glance at the family pictures on the wall led her to conclude this had to be Jessica Alba’s room.

Of course that didn’t matter but Ariel was looking for anything to think about other than her sister and one of her closest friends sitting completely naked on the bed having been exposed in every sense of the word.

“Ariel…” Shanelle Gray started to say, but the teenager quickly cut her off.

“No! Don’t say anything! I’m so mad at you!” Ariel fumed. “How could you? How could you cheat on David? How could you be a…a….a lesbian? How could you do this with her? Of all people! You had to start fucking Sarah! I’m so furious at both of you!”

“Don’t be upset,” Sarah Hyland tried to urge her co-star, but she too got cut off by the angry teen.

“What? Are you serious? Don’t be upset? How the hell am I supposed to feel after I caught you two doing that? Ughhh and not just with each other? With Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku? What are you some kind of group sex freaks? What kind of sluts are you?” Ariel demanded.

“Don’t use that word,” Shanelle chided. “We’re not sluts!”

“Excuse me? You’re going to lecture me about word choice after I just caught you two fucking each other?” Ariel shot back, angry and eager to lord some moral superiority over the girl who had tried to keep too tight a leash on her all these years.  “You two had no problem calling each other sluts in the bedroom a few minutes ago! Do I have to be naked too and be fucking a girl too for me to tell you what you both are? You’re sluts! Cheating little sluts! I can’t believe you two would do this! Ahhhh I hate you both right now!”

Ariel clearly didn’t hate them. She was just angry and agitated so neither Shanelle nor Sarah called her on what she said or tried to get her to think otherwise. Because they both knew Ariel was right.

They were cheaters. They were doing something wrong. And they had been caught red-handed.

“What are you going to do? Are you going to tell James?” Shanelle asked, worried that her sister would tell all to her husband.

It would probably cost her the marriage and her family but at that point, Shanelle was hard pressed to not believe she didn’t deserve to lose it all after what she had been doing.

But while the question was very cut and dry, it actually took Ariel by surprise.

“What? I…I…no…I mean….I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Ariel admitted, her voice coming out annoyed and flustered. “I’m not some tattle or anything if that’s what you’re worried about. God, I’m not going to tell on you Shanelle! I just…I just can’t believe this is happening!”

Telling Shanelle’s husband was actually the last thing Ariel had been thinking about doing. She didn’t want to put her family through any more drama. They had already endured way more than enough of that. And Shanelle had two kids! Ariel adored her nieces and she didn’t want to cause them any pain by breaking up the marriage. She could never do that!

Besides, she and Shanelle were sisters and sisters stuck together, even when one of them was a lesbian cheater who was fucking around on her husband.

Sisters didn’t rat each other out and sisters didn’t hurt each other. Ariel was mad. She felt betrayed by their actions. But she wasn’t going to stop being Shanelle’s sister because of this.

Ariel started pacing around the room again, not sure what to do or what to say and just wishing she had some kind of time machine or something that could turn back the hands of the clock so she could never see what she had seen.

God, this was going to like ruin Christmas forever. Every time this time of year came around Ariel was sure she was going to think about the time she caught Shanelle and Sarah in a lesbian orgy. Ughhh they were so selfish to do this to her!

Meanwhile the more Ariel angrily paced around the room, the more awkward it got for the other two women there. Neither Shanelle or Sarah were wearing anything at all and the fact that they were covering themselves up now with pillows they had grabbed off the bed didn’t make them any less naked.

Of course neither of them had any memory of where they had left their clothes so it wasn’t like they could just slip them back on. But still they were definitely nude and it was becoming very uncomfortable for them to remain that way.

“Ummm can we try and find a robe or something at least?” Sarah asked, feeling very weird about being naked in front of Ariel even though…no, wait…better not to go there.

She couldn’t even think about that considering how angry Ariel already was.

“No! You like being naked around girls so much? Well you can just stay naked!” Ariel fumed. She recognized she was being unreasonable but right then she didn’t care. “Show off your shame! You two are so gross! I can’t believe you’re doing this? How long has this been going on?”

Sarah and Shanelle looked at each other nervously, uncertain about what they should do. But they recognized there was no point in hiding it anymore. They had been caught and nothing was going to change that.

“Since season two,” Sarah admitted. “It actually started at the holiday party. Me and Shanelle had both had too much to drink and….”

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Ariel frantically interrupted. “No! I just wanted a goddamn date! I didn’t want to know about your sex lives! God, I already know too much about that! Ewwww!”

Sarah clamped up but she had honestly been trying to explain herself and Shanelle. She hadn’t been looking to make Ariel more upset. But she had wanted her to understand why it had happened.

Sarah wasn’t looking to freak Ariel out with more details than she wanted so she stopped talking to keep things from getting worse. This whole situation was a disaster and Sarah chided herself for ever even thinking it could ever have turned out another way.

What was going on between Sarah and Shanelle had indeed started at a holiday party for the Modern Family cast and crew. On that night Sarah had enjoyed a little bit too much holiday cheer and she had been particularly frisky.

And when she had seen that Shanelle was feeling the same way, she had been the one to make the move, something she had wanted to do from the first time Ariel had introduced her to her big sister. Sarah had always been drawn to Shanelle and that night she had decided to stop dreaming and start flirting.

She hadn’t been too blatant, of course. It had just been a little bit to test how warm the water was. But when she had found out that the water had been more than warm and that it was actually hot, the coy flirting had turned into a whole lot more.

Before the end of the night, Shanelle and Sarah had found themselves in an empty room, dangerously making out with their hands in each other’s panties finger fucking each other, hoping they wouldn’t be caught.

That illicit encounter had felt amazing to them both and even after they had both sobered up, they had wanted a repeat of it.

Both Sarah and Shanelle had enjoyed fun with women before that first night but neither of them had really considered themselves bisexual until they had connected. They had snuck away the next day from their significant others to begin their affair in earnest and it had been so wonderful since then. They had connected on a level beyond sex but the sex itself was too good for them to ever think about seriously stopping their meet ups.

It wasn’t like a regular thing with them. They just got together whenever they were in the mood and the right opportunity presented itself. It was hot and fun and they loved being with each other, giving each other pleasures that their male partners never could.

Their affair had connected them to other girls who liked girls and they had found their way to the mansion. But neither of them had ever dreamed that the path would end with them here, naked on the bed with a fuming Ariel making them both feel very guilty for what they had done.

They didn’t tell any of that to Ariel though. They didn’t want to make her angrier or make this anymore awkward than it already was. But both Sarah and Shanelle wanted to tell her that.

They didn’t want Ariel to think less of them or have her envision that this was some kind of cheap, tawdry thing for them. They legitimately cared for each other and while neither of them had dreams of running off with the other, it was still more to the both of them than great, mind-blowing sex.

Finally it was Shanelle who spoke up again, looking to defend her and Sarah from Ariel’s worst assumptions about what they were doing.

“Look, Ariel…I know this was a shock but…” Shanelle began, but once again she was interrupted.

“Shut up!” Ariel snapped at her big sister. “I’m not going to listen to another one of your lectures! You’re always telling me what to do and telling me how to act! You’re a hypocrite Shanelle! You freaked out at the gym when you caught me talking to Alyssa and Sarah Michelle Gellar! Meanwhile you’re going over here and fucking women! You’re probably fucking Alyssa and Sarah too! Is that why you didn’t want me talking to them? So I wouldn’t find out your big secret?”

All Shanelle could do was blush and stare down at the floor. Ariel had her dead to rights. That had been the reason. Plus she had honestly been afraid of what would happen if Ariel found this place.

She hadn’t wanted to think about one of the girls here putting the moves on her little sister. Ariel was ripe for seduction and Shanelle didn’t want any of the girls here to even think about getting an idea like that. The idea of Ariel getting into the same kind of fun she was into had totally freaked her out and now her sister knew it.

“Oh my God! You really are a hypocrite!” Ariel seethed. “You act all high and mighty and tell me who I can and can’t talk to while you’re going behind your husband’s back and fucking them! And now you tell me that I shouldn’t be shocked by it? What would you do if you caught me here fucking all these women? What would you do if you caught me eating some hot girl’s pussy and letting another one fuck me at the same time? What would you do if you came home and found me and Chloe in bed? She’s a lesbian you know! But she’s honest about it and not some sneaky cheating hypocrite like you Shanelle!”

Shanelle did feel like a hypocrite. She had been overaggressive in protecting her little sister because of her own guilt over what she was doing behind her husband’s back. She also had been so worried that Ariel wasn’t mature enough and wasn’t able to accept all of this.

But now Shanelle felt like the immature one. Her sister was right. She tried to open her mouth and tell Ariel that. But she never got the chance before the teenager turned her attention to the other woman in the room.

“And you Sarah, you’re just as bad! This whole time acting like you’re my friend when you just wanted to fuck my sister!” Ariel accused.

“No! That’s not true! I am your friend!” Sarah insisted, her voice rising because she didn’t want Ariel to even think for a second that she had been anything less than sincere with her ever. “I never pretended anything with you. I love you Ariel! We both do!”

“Liar! Both of you! Fucking liars and cheaters!” Ariel raged. “My whole life people have been lying to me! Mom lied to me all the time! I thought you two were better than that! But you’re not! Is it too much to ask that someone tell me the goddamn truth some time?”

Deep down, Ariel didn’t really doubt Shanelle or Sarah’s love for her. But she was so angry with them both and she wanted to make them feel bad.

“Maybe I should just go downstairs and let all those girls in the orgy fuck me too!” Ariel snapped, blurting out her words without even thinking about them first. “After all, everyone else here is a lesbian! I might as well be one too!”

“What?” Sarah asked, her heart leaping up into her throat when she heard that.

Sarah was having a little trouble focusing on things right then and she wasn’t sure if she had heard her co-star correctly.

“Uhhh yeah maybe that’s just what I’ll do!” Ariel continued, not thinking particularly clearly herself and misjudging Sarah’s reaction for one of anger. “I’ll go downstairs and let all your friends fuck me! I’ll take off all my clothes and let everyone see me naked and show them that I can be a slut too! Just like you two! I’ll make you watch like I had to watch you two with Kirsten and Eliza! Then you’ll know how it feels! I’ll make you two watch as I eat some pussy and let some girl fuck me with a toy and make me into a little slutty bitch! How would you like that? Turnabout is fair play, isn’t it?”

Ariel was starting to feel a little woozy again. The adrenaline of being so angry had gotten her more focused than how she’d been before. But now the fogginess and weird sensations she’d been feeling ever since Ava had made her drink the punch was coming back to her.

Ariel staggered a little bit but managed to stay on her feet and kept on going, raging against the two women and envisioning how she could get payback on them by getting herself fucked.

“I’ll let all of the girls you fuck have some fun with me and you’re going to have to watch it!” Ariel said. “I’ll show you two what it’s like to be shocked! I’ll let you know what it’s like to see someone you love keep secrets from you! I can be a lesbian too, you know! Everyone else here seems to like hooking up with girls! I can do that too! I kissed Chloe before! And I fucking liked it too!”

“Wait…you kissed her?” Sarah marveled, trying to keep herself from getting wet at the idea of the two sexy teenagers making out and failing miserably at it.

“Oh yeah! I totally kissed her but you were too busy fucking each other to even notice I was standing there!” Ariel shot back, thinking she was shocking and angering the two women. “So now it’ll be my turn! You can go watch me get fucked by all of your slut friends and you can see what it’s like to be humiliated! I trusted you two and you’ve been lying to me!”

Shanelle was too embarrassed to speak. She wasn’t even thinking about Ariel confessing to have kissed Chloe. She was feeling too guilty about what she had done.

Considering their living arrangement, everything that had happened with their mom and the fact that there was a wide age gulf in between them, Shanelle had always tried to be more like a mother to Ariel than just a big sister. Now she felt like she had failed miserably. Ariel was so mad at her and she had every right to be.

But while Shanelle was racked with shame, Sarah was feeling something else entirely. Ever since Ariel had angrily declared she would go strip down to her birthday suit and jump into the party fun, Sarah’s mind had been reeling.

She had tried very hard for so long not to think too much about just what was going through her mind at top speed but now that it was, Sarah couldn’t stop it. Nor did she want to stop it.

The cracks in the dam were beginning to form and everything she had pent up was starting to leak out with the threat of a flood of inappropriate longings immanent.

Hearing Ariel say how she was going to take her clothes off and let everyone have their way with her was making Sarah freshly aroused. She couldn’t tell if Ariel was being serious. Part of her knew she wasn’t but an even bigger part of her hoped that she was and Sarah was having a lot of trouble keeping that part of her at bay.

She knew that, especially now, it was wrong for her to think about Ariel naked. But with a body like hers, how could Sarah not?

Sarah had been feeling so weird all night, so uninhibited and wild. It had made her so fucking horny for joining into the fun and had made her dripping wet for Shanelle and Eliza and Kirsten and Alyssa and Heather and basically everyone at the party with a hot body and a craving for pussy.

Now Sarah couldn’t stop her thoughts from drifting to how good Ariel would look naked with her beautiful, young body fully exposed. And once Sarah started picturing that it became impossible to stop especially when she envisioned Ariel and Chloe kissing.

Sarah had always thought Ariel’s friend was cute. She had always suspected Chloe was into girls but she had never known for sure until Ariel had said it. And now all she could think about was Chloe and Ariel kissing and pulling off each other’s clothes and how hot it would be for her to watch like a kinky voyeur as the teenagers put on a sexy show by exploring each other’s bodies in front of her.

Sarah felt her heart racing and she found herself desperately want to reach down between her legs and touch herself. Her kitty was really starting to purr and Sarah ached to pet it. God, what was wrong with her?

Even though sex had gotten her caught and in big trouble all she could think about was more sex, especially sex with the woman who had caught her. It was so wrong and so taboo for her to think about this but the more Ariel yelled at them, the more Sarah felt herself get wet over her teenage co-star.

It wasn’t the first time she had ever let her mind wander to inappropriate thoughts about the beautiful young woman. Sarah was sincerely Ariel’s friend. She cared about her immensely. She really felt like a sister to the girl.

All the terrible things they had both gone through had bonded them and they had been there for each other when they had most needed a shoulder to lean on or cry on or sometimes both. So Sarah felt super guilty for the thoughts she had been having about Ariel but, as she often reminded herself, how could she not have dirty thoughts about Ariel?

The girl was a voluptuous goddess. Sarah didn’t think Ariel knew how sexy she was and how irresistible all her incredible curves were. It was like Ariel hadn’t even begun to harness the power of her sexuality and Sarah often found herself wishing she could teach her in a very hands on way.

It had been one of those fantasies Sarah had enjoyed, but also one of the really dirty ones that she never would have dared admit or even seriously acted on. Yet as wrong as she knew it was, she had fantasized about Ariel many times and that fantasy was becoming more overpowering by the second.

Usually Sarah was able to push it out of her mind or, if things got really persistent, make the dirty thoughts go away by getting out her toys or the shower massager or even her own skilled fingers and masturbating until she had cleaned out her own mind. So Sarah felt a burning need to do it now and touch herself until she came and stopped thinking dirty about Ariel.

But she couldn’t, not in front of Ariel even though she was the girl that Sarah badly wanted to masturbate to.

Because she’d been so close to Ariel since the girl had been a preteen, Sarah had most definitely noticed how her friend had developed. God she would have been blind not to notice.

The entire world had seen how Ariel’s body had blossomed and while Sarah had done everything she could to protect the younger girl from perverts and creepers and online assholes, she had also been doing some secret creeping herself.

As much as she loved Ariel like a sister, Sarah also couldn’t help but lust after the teenager’s huge tits and her juicy, thick ass. God she couldn’t decide what she wanted to bury her face in more, between Ariel’s huge jugs or her big, jiggly buns? It was impossible to pick what she wanted more so Sarah just ended up wanting them both equally.

It was so naughty and lusty of her but Sarah had never dreamed that she would ever act on any of her fantasies about Ariel. It was like dreaming about her boyfriend and his friends gangbanging her instead of watching football on Sundays. It got her so hot but she would never do that for real.

Just because she masturbated to it happening didn’t mean Sarah actually thought she would ever do it. She had made Ariel off limits to everything but her most secret fantasies. But now Sarah felt her body craving her young friend like never before. She was so fucking wet for her that Sarah pressed the pillow closer to her naked body and let it touch her pussy.

Ariel continued to berate her and Shanelle for being the cheaters that they were, but Sarah found herself tuning out Ariel’s words and only focusing on the way the girl’s large breasts swelled against her shirt and the way those jeans seemed to outline every delectable teenage curve she had below the waist.

While Ariel yelled at them, Sarah rubbed herself into the pillow, making herself moan under her breath. Even though she was chastened by Ariel catching them like she had. Sarah couldn’t stop herself from humping her wet pussy against Jessica’s pillow, covering and pleasuring herself at the same time.

Sarah felt her breath start to quicken and she tried as hard as she could to hide what she was doing. But while Ariel was too wrapped up in criticizing them to detect it, Shanelle definitely took notice.

Her eyes widened when she saw Sarah was rubbing her pussy into the pillow and Shanelle signaled for her to cut it out. But Sarah could only listen to her lust then and she bit her lip to keep from moaning aloud while feeling that soft pillow rub into her slit, her unsatisfied sex getting wetter and wetter as dirty thoughts played inside her foggy, overheating brain.

Even though Shanelle tried all she could to make Sarah stop it, short of yanking the pillow away from her and forcing her to behave, there was no stopping Sarah. The more aroused she felt, the more her brain shut off and more she found herself focusing only on need and lust.

The two base emotions came together inside her and made her longing so powerful. Sarah had never felt this way before in her life. God, all she could think about was fucking and suddenly the fantasies she had kept inside herself as the ones she would never act on were bubbling to the surface, making her want to totally lose control and indulge in her most wicked desires.

She was trying to hold onto the last bit of her self-control but Ariel was making that so difficult with what she was saying.

“So that’s what I’m going to do!” Ariel declared in outrage, completely clueless about the effect she was having on Sarah. “I’m going to let all your friends have a go at me. I’ll let all of them fuck me and we’ll see how much you like it when you see something you don’t want to see! You’ll see how much you like it when someone sneaks around! Let’s see if you two love being lesbians so much when you see me do it! Think you’ll still want to fuck when you think about me eating a girl out and letting one use a fake dick on me?”

And though the question was clearly not meant for her to answer like she did, Sarah found it impossible to hold back. Her pussy was on fire and her self-control was melting because of it.

“Yes!” Sarah croaked out, her voice coming out as a hot whisper that was still loud enough to be clearly hood.

Shanelle gasped when Sarah spoke up so unexpectedly and her reply shut Ariel up immediately from shock.

The teenager hadn’t meant a word of what she was saying. Sure her heart was beating fast inside her chest and sure her head was spinning and sure she was actually wondering what would happen if she did rip off her clothes and let all those horny women downstairs fuck her like they had probably all fucked Shanelle.

But she hadn’t really thought she would ever really do anything like that. She had just been saying all of that to shame and punish Sarah and Shanelle. Ariel had never expected to get that kind of response from Sarah.

“What?” Ariel gasped, shocked by what she heard her friend say and from the way Sarah was starting to stare at her. It was almost like she was salivating over a piece of meat and Ariel had never seen Sarah look that way before.

“I said yes!” Sarah repeated, this time more emphatically as she shredded the last of her control over herself and stood up, dropping the pillow and once again exposing her completely naked body to Ariel. “I’ll still want to fuck Shanelle even if I see you doing it too! You joining in wouldn’t make me want to stop anything! Mmmm gawwd the only thing you’d do if you did that is make me want to fuck you too Ariel! Mmmmm and I already so fucking want to do that!”

“Wh…what?” Ariel stammered, stepping away from Sarah like it was a horror movie and she was coming at her wearing a hockey mask and carrying a machete.

She had never expected to hear that from Sarah and this confession was even more shocking to Ariel than catching Sarah and Shanelle together.

“I can’t help it!” Sarah admitted, totally unable to hide her desire any longer. “I want you Ariel! I want you so fucking bad! I want to fuck you like I’m fucking Shanelle! Oh my God Ariel you drive me crazy all the time with your hot body! You turn me on so much and I’ve been keeping it a secret from you! I can’t hold it back anymore! Mmmm I want you to get naked and join in but I don’t want you fucking the other girls! Not until you’ve fucked me! I want you first!”

Sarah’s words stunned everyone into silence. And the only person more shocked by Sarah’s admission than Ariel was Shanelle.

“Oh my God! Are you fucking serious? You want to fuck my sister?” Shanelle demanded once she found her words. “I’m not enough for you?”

“I’m so sorry Shanelle,” Sarah replied, showing true regret in her face over what she was confessing.

She had kept it secret for a reason. She hadn’t wanted to hurt Ariel or Shanelle by saying how she really felt. Sarah had never dreamed she would actually admit her lust but her body was burning up from the inside and her pussy ached for pleasure that only her most taboo thoughts could satisfy.

“I can’t help it!” Sarah said. “I know I’m a total slut! I’m like a fucking nymphomaniac or something but I just can’t help it! Mmmm I gotta do this!”

Throwing every bit of caution and restraint and common sense she had to the wind, Sarah made her move. She closed the distance between her and Ariel and even though the girl had been backing away, Sarah quickly had her in her reach and she didn’t hesitate.

Sarah brought her hands to Ariel’s face and held her in place before sensually kissing her teenage co-star, doing what she had been aching to do ever since the first day she had noticed just how much Ariel was filling out.

“Whaaaa…” was all Ariel got the chance to say before Sarah’s lips smothered hers and she was kissed erotically by one of the women she was closest to in the entire world.

Ariel’s eyes widened and she raised her arms like she was going to push Sarah away from her but before she could actually do it…she didn’t.

Ariel didn’t even try to push Sarah off of her. In fact she dropped her arms back down to her sides and actually let it happen. She not only allowed her older co-star to sensually kiss her on the lips but she actually started kissing her back. Ariel wasn’t thinking as she did it either. She just reacted and let her desires take over for her brain.

It was the second kiss she had ever felt from another woman. She had initiated the first one with Chloe. But this one was entirely Sarah’s doing and Ariel knew she should resist it.

Even though she had really enjoyed kissing Chloe and even though it had turned her on to kiss another girl and even though Sarah was one of the most beautiful women she knew, Ariel knew this was wrong.

She shouldn’t have been kissing Sarah. Sarah was like a sister to her. But gawd, did it not feel like she was kissing a sister at all. It wasn’t awkward or weird. It was actually a wonderful feeling to have Sarah’s lips on hers.

Even though she knew it was wrong, Ariel couldn’t make Sarah stop. She didn’t want her to stop. So she kissed her co-star like she had kissed Chloe, softly and sensually. It wasn’t a raw kiss or anything that made Ariel feel cheap or used. It was erotic and full of love and desire.

It made Ariel forget all about her anger and only think about how good it felt to have another woman’s lips on hers, especially when those lips belonged to someone beautiful and forbidden like Sarah Hyland.

When they finally broke apart in their kiss, Sarah and Ariel found themselves staring at each other. They shared the same thought but only Ariel could vocalize it.

“Wow…” Ariel breathlessly said, her lips tingling from Sarah’s kiss.

“Yeah…wow…” Sarah replied, experiencing the same emotion as the teenager.

Neither of them had ever expected this to happen but they both instantly recognized that they liked it. They both liked it a lot. So they didn’t say anything else. They just started kissing again.

Ariel had been backing away a second ago but now she was learning forward and leaning right into Sarah as the older girl kissed her with a tender passion that Ariel fully responded to. And as they kissed, Ariel did something else she had never expected to do. She started to touch Sarah’s naked body.

She had been so mad before but that didn’t mean Ariel hadn’t snuck a glance or two or maybe three at how Sarah looked naked. That kiss with Chloe and seeing all the wild, uninhibited lesbian sex had been having quite an impact on Ariel and she had found herself checking out Sarah’s perfect, firm little breasts.

They were so petite and pretty on her lean body and Ariel had given them more than a once over. She had blushed before when she had realized she had been checking out Sarah’s tits but the embarrassment hadn’t stopped her from looking lower too.

God, Ariel couldn’t believe she had looked at another girl’s crotch. Sarah had such a pretty vagina and it had looked so wet and aroused. Ariel had loved seeing the brown fur of Sarah’s bush and noting how her wetness had made the small, sexy curls glisten. And when she had made Sarah and Shanelle march into the other room, Ariel had definitely checked out Sarah’s butt too, loving those tiny cheeks and how tight and firm her body looked.

Ariel had tried to push those thoughts out of her mind but it had been too hard to do it. She had wanted to keep on staring at Sarah’s body. All her mind could think about now was sex and how hot it would be to have all her clothes ripped off so she could be taken and fucked like never before.

Ariel had never felt like such a slut in her life but she had been dying for sex after what she had seen. She couldn’t explain it but she had no self-control left and that was why she had yelled and lectured and even rambled.

She had hoped she would be able to sober herself up. But now Sarah was kissing her and Ariel felt drunker than ever, this time in lust and desire. She and Sarah rubbed their soft lips together tenderly while Ariel took an exploratory touch of her friend’s body, running her hands over Sarah’s firm stomach and enjoying how much her friend clearly worked out.

Before she even could consider what she was doing, Ariel was moving her hands up and exploring the firm mounds of Sarah’s tits.

“Ohhhh Ariel yeahhhh mmmm do it baby!” Sarah moaned in need. “I’ve wanted you to do this to me for so long! Play with my tits! Mmmm touch those hot little titties of mine!”

But as into it as Sarah and Ariel were getting there was one other person in the bedroom and she did not like what she was seeing at all. Sarah and Ariel might have completely forgotten about her as they focused only on each other, but Shanelle made damn sure to remind them.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Shanelle demanded, leaping up from the bed and leaving her pillow behind. “Stop it! Stop it right now!”

But she was too shocked to care that she was still totally naked. She forced Ariel and Sarah apart and looked at them angrily like she wanted to slap them both until they started acting normally again.

However Ariel and Sarah were not to be denied. They had shattered a big taboo with their first kiss and they had liked it. So when Shanelle pulled them apart, they simply ignored her and started kissing again, this time more passionately as Sarah rubbed her naked body into Ariel’s clothed one.

“No!” Shanelle cried. “Stop it! I mean it! What the hell is wrong with you two? Ariel! Stop it! You’re not a lesbian! Goddamn it Sarah! You’re supposed to only want to fuck me!”

Ariel couldn’t help but react to that and this time she broke the kiss so she could look smugly at her big sister.

“What’s the matter sis, jealous?” Ariel teased. “How’s it feel? How’s it feel to have someone do something you don’t want? You mad?”

Shanelle wanted to scream at them both and physically restrain them so they’d stop kissing. But deep down she knew she had no leg to stand on. She was getting a taste of her own medicine by having to watch her sister make out with her girlfriend and it didn’t taste good.

She had been sneaking around and the betrayal, she now recognized, was not just of her husband and her children, but also of her sister.

All Shanelle had wanted was to keep Ariel from getting into this too and keep her secret safe. But it had all been a complete waste of time because now not only was Ariel kissing a girl, but it was the girl that Shanelle loved to kiss.

It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right. But Shanelle knew, at least in part, that she deserved it. That didn’t mean she had to like it, though.

“Fine! You two fuck if you want but I’m out of here!” Shanelle snapped. “I’ll just go find someone else to fuck! Not someone who wants to cheat on me by doing my little sister!”

Shanelle was so mad at Sarah for this. How could she have wanted to fuck Ariel? Okay, she knew why she would have wanted to fuck her. Ariel was her sister but Shanelle wasn’t ignorant. She knew there wasn’t a straight man or a lesbian woman alive who would be able to resist a body like Ariel’s.

But that still didn’t make it right.

Yet even though she was making big declarations about storming out of there, Shanelle didn’t actually move a step. Instead she kept staring at Sarah as the naked woman kissed Ariel and made her sister succumb to the same seduction Shanelle had years ago.

Shanelle’s heart beat faster with the realization that what was happening to Ariel was the same thing that had happened to her. And as much as she knew she was supposed to be furious about that, she actually was feeling…turned on.

God, what the fuck was wrong with her? How could she be getting excited watching her secret girlfriend make out with her teenage sister? But Shanelle knew how good Sarah’s lips felt. She was an amazing kisser and seeing Ariel react with pleasure to the kiss and the sensations of lesbian arousal reminded Shanelle of how she had felt when Sarah had first kissed her at that holiday party.

Shanelle and Sarah had both been too tipsy that night to care about the consequences of what they were doing, but not too drunk that they hadn’t known exactly what they had wanted and how hot they were for each other.

Shanelle had been with women before that night. Sarah had hardly been her first. In fact Shanelle had enjoyed some pretty wild days herself when she was younger and before she had met her husband. Shanelle’s mom had threatened to reveal her slutty past as part of the guardianship fight they’d been having over Ariel but it had never come to that and Shanelle had been relieved.

She had never wanted her sister to find out about the things she had done but now one big secret had been revealed and Shanelle was paying the price for it by having to watch Sarah and Ariel make out.

Of course she didn’t “have” to watch. Did she?

Shanelle told herself she could just walk out this door and find her clothes or find another girl or two or three or even more to fuck! Ooooh yessssss four girls at once! She’d done that before and it would have been so fucking hot! Two girls sucking her tits and licking against her nipples to make them all wet! And while another girl was kissing her, she would also have one licking her pussy while she made out with another one!

Mmm yeahhh that was just what Shanelle knew she needed to not think about Sarah and Ariel anymore. No wait, she would get more than that! Shanelle knew she could make the girl kissing her move down her body so she’d have her tongue too! She’d make one girl lick her pussy and the other girl tongue her asshole!

Fuck, she was horny! Even after Ariel had caught her and Sarah, Shanelle’s pussy was still wet. Why was she feeling this fucking aroused?

Shanelle had never felt this horny in her whole life. It was so hard for her to stay mad or even annoyed about Sarah making a move on Ariel when all Shanelle could think about was sex and how she just wanted to get fucked over and over and over.

She wanted her pussy and her ass licked by tongue after tongue until she didn’t even know or care who was doing it to her. Shanelle wanted her lips kissed and her tits sucked on. She wanted toys buried inside her holes to give her the fucking she needed. God, there were men at this party too! She even wanted them.

Shanelle had never cheated on her husband with another man before. It had only been with other women. But now she was thinking how good it would feel to have strange men fuck her.

She thought about how good it would feel to have their hard, big cocks shoved inside all of her holes and how kinky it would be for them to do it bareback, fucking her raw without a rubber on and coming inside her. Oooooh God, yessssss fucking her and knocking her up! Making her pregnant with another kid that she’d raise with her husband telling him it was his while she’d always know that it really came from her being a slut at Christmas and fucking a strange man!

Shanelle was shocked at her own filthy thoughts. But the more she thought about sex the more she wanted it. She couldn’t get control of herself. She just wanted to be depraved and dirty and get herself fucked.

She had been so fucking horny for a woman’s touch. That was why it had been so easy for Sarah to get her to come here for the party. But what Shanelle was feeling now went far beyond that. All she could think about was getting fucked, the dirtier the better. So she found herself staring at her girlfriend making out with her sister and finding it impossible to turn away from it.

The only thing that finally got Shanelle to snap a bit out of her haze was the sound of Ariel moaning. When she heard that, Shanelle noticed that Ariel and Sarah were now tongue kissing, their mouths both open and their tongues sensually sliding together.

Shanelle also saw that Sarah had lifted up Ariel’s shirt enough to expose the bottom of her stomach. She was softly caressing the girl’s tummy and it made Ariel moan audibly enough for her older sister to hear it.

“Seriously…stop…please stop!” Shanelle pleaded, dropping the anger and instead revealing the desperation she felt for them to knock it off before she found herself getting even more into the idea of her sister and her girlfriend having sex in front of her.

“Relax Shanelle, we’re just having some fun,” Sarah assured her before turning her attention back to her co-star. “Mmmm I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long Ariel. You’re so beautiful!”

“Why didn’t you?” Ariel asked, genuinely curious as her whole body filled with a nervous excitement that made her want to walk even more down this path she and Sarah had started on.

“Wouldn’t you have freaked out if I had?” Sarah pointed out.

“Well…yeah…but…I might have liked it too,” Ariel admitted. “I’ve thought about girls sometimes…”

“You have?” Sarah and Shanelle both said in surprise.

“God, why is everyone so shocked when they hear that?” Ariel demanded. “I’m not a nun! I get horny too!”

“Have you ever been with a girl?” Sarah asked seductively, teasing her fingers against Ariel’s chest and enjoying how the girl’s nipples were growing erect underneath her shirt and bra, poking out against her top.

“No,” Ariel admitted. “I’ve only kissed Chloe and it was just once. But I’ve thought about it a few times.”

She hadn’t thought about it very often and she had never thought that it had made her gay to wonder what it would be like to kiss or touch another woman. But Ariel didn’t really know what to think anymore. Her body was on fire. She had never felt so turned on before and since there were only girls around her, Ariel was actually feeling pretty lesbian at that moment.

Sarah looked so good naked and Ariel was fantasizing about things she never had before, like kissing over every inch of her friend’s bare body.

When she had let her thoughts turn sapphic, Ariel had mostly thought about Chloe because she had known her friend was a lesbian and had wondered what was so erotic about being with a woman that Chloe would enjoy it so much. She had never thought about Sarah. She had always assumed her co-star was straight. But now it was clear just how wrong she’d been.

“I’ve thought about you,” Sarah confessed. “I thought about kissing you and touching you and teaching you all about the ways girls can pleasure each other. Mmmm you’ve been driving me crazy all these years with your amazing body Ariel!”

“It’s not so amazing,” Ariel blushed, fighting off the compliment. “I feel like I’m fat. I wish I looked like you do Sarah. You’re so gorgeous!”

“Ughhh fuck no! You’re perfect!” Sarah responded by deflecting the compliment right back. “I’m such a skinny bitch! I’ve got like no tits and no ass! But you’ve got it all Ariel! You’re like a dream girl! Oh my God, you don’t even know how sexy you are! Your tits are amazing and your booty? Oh Ariel, you have the kind of butt that drives everyone wild! I see everyone staring at you on the set because I’m staring too!”

Ariel blushed again. She’d certainly felt those stares on the set and on the street and basically everywhere she went. It had made her feel uncomfortable most of the time, but she wasn’t feeling that way now. She had never known Sarah was staring too and she liked knowing she had been.

She’d always thought Sarah had the perfect body, all tight and lean and beautiful. Ariel would look at herself naked in the mirror sometimes and think her body was a curse because people would stare at her and wolf-whistle and act like she was nothing more than a huge set of boobs.

Sometimes Ariel really hated how big they were and how she’d check out her own ass and think it was fat. She was so curvy that she sometimes thought she was gross, like some comic book drawing by a horny male artist with unrealistic expectations and a lack of actual interaction with an actual real woman. So it made Ariel feel good to have Sarah tell her how good she looked and that boost in her confidence also boosted her libido.

“Oh yeah? Staring at me like a perv, huh? Mmmm when you thought about me, did you think about me naked?” Ariel asked, feeling her arousal push her to say and think things she never would have before.

“Of course!” Sarah said, blushing as she admitted one of her most private fantasies. “I think about you naked a lot! I’ve wanted to see you naked for so long!”

And that was when Ariel decided to take the plunge. She wasn’t thinking straight. She recognized that. But she was so turned on and she felt like she had to do this. It might be a mistake, she told herself. But it was a mistake she had to make.

“Well you can see me naked now, Sarah,” Ariel declared before pulling up her shirt over her head and exposing her heavy chest inside her bra.

“Oh fuck,” Sarah groaned, her mouth growing dry at the sight of that glorious rack imprisoned inside Ariel’s underwear. “Oh my God Ariel! You’re so beautiful!”

Sarah had always thought about sneaking into costume fittings for Ariel or going shopping with her friend and getting into the changing room so she could see her like this. But she had never done for fear of being too much of a creep. Now she was getting it and it was just as amazing as she had hoped.

“Mmmmm yeah? More beautiful than Shanelle?” Ariel teased, remembering that her sister was right there too and still looking for a bit of payback against her.

But Sarah avoided that trap and instead just kept on focusing on Ariel’s chest. She started at them with lustful longing, eye fucking Ariel’s huge tits as the teenager’s bra struggled to keep them contained. Sarah couldn’t help herself. Her hand almost automatically gravitated toward her pussy and she began to naughtily touch herself while her younger co-star began to strip.

However, while Sarah was very much into this show, Shanelle had a huge problem with it.

“Stop it!” Shanelle again begged. “Ariel, put your clothes on! Stop it right now!”

But stopping was the exact opposite of what Ariel intended and she made sure her sister knew it by pointing out the obvious.

“You’re not exactly dressed either, you know,” Ariel said. “What’s the matter Shanelle? Good for the goose is good for the gander, right? Mmmm time for you to see what it’s like! Time for you to see me get fucked like a good little lesbian, just like you!”

“No! You can’t be this way!” Shanelle insisted, not caring that she was fully naked while she was demanding her sister get dressed. “You’re too young! Don’t do this Ariel! This isn’t you!”

Shanelle knew she was being a hypocrite and she didn’t have even a glimpse of the moral high ground. But she couldn’t help herself.

She hadn’t wanted this for Ariel. She had wanted to protect her secret, yes, but she also hadn’t wanted her sister to make the same mistakes she had. When she had been Ariel’s age, lesbian experimentation would have been mild by comparison to the things she had done. Shanelle had blown by that a long time before she was as old as Ariel was.

She didn’t want to see Ariel fall into any traps. She didn’t want to see her sister become a slut. She was terrified if she did then their mom would find out and use it against her in court, grabbing Ariel for herself and the millions that came with her.

Shanelle truly wanted what was best for her little sister and she was sure it wasn’t this. But Ariel wasn’t in the mood to hear any of it.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do anymore,” Ariel shot back. “I’m going to do what I want for once! Everyone thinks I’m some prude! Well I’ll show you how much of a prude I am!”

Ariel made sure Sarah and Shanelle could see how serious she was by reaching for the clasp in her bra. She fumbled with it at first, unable to remove it as smoothly and sexily as she had hoped. But she eventually got it and pulled her bra off, baring her breasts to both her on-screen sister and her real life one.

“Ohhhhh my God!” Sarah moaned when she saw her co-star’s chest naked for the first time ever. “Oh Ariel! They’re amazing! Mmmm gawwd so fucking sexy!”

Not even caring that Sarah was so openly leering over her sister’s bare breasts, Shanelle continued to implore Ariel to behave.

“Cover up! Please! Don’t do this Ariel! You don’t know what you’re getting into!” Shanelle insisted.

“So it’s okay for you but not for me?” Ariel asked, relishing the chance to make her big sister so flummoxed. “Relax Shanelle. It’s like Sarah said. It’s all just fun!”

Ariel had never experienced sensations like this in her life. She had never felt so confident and so powerful. She had always felt relatively shy, especially compared to Chloe and Ava but not anymore.

Now she felt totally in control. Stripping topless in front of them had reduced Sarah to drooling and Shanelle to sputtering. Ariel felt so sexy and so sure of herself and it was making her so fucking wet that she couldn’t wait to get her jeans and panties off too so she could be just as naked as the others.

While Shanelle watched, utterly beside herself, Ariel moved closer to Sarah and embraced her older co-star. She kissed Sarah this time, taking control of the girl and pressing her lips to hers. Sarah eagerly met that kiss and returned it. Before they knew it, Sarah and Ariel were French kissing again, rubbing their lips and tongues together again and again as they both moaned.

And as they kissed, Ariel also got aggressive in her touch once again, reaching down to caress Sarah’s bare ass. She softly fondled her friend’s ass cheeks, running her fingers over them as she rubbed Sarah’s tight buns and made the both of them moan even louder.

Sarah was almost too scared to touch Ariel at first. She had enjoyed such slutty fantasies about her friend and co-star, but now that it was actually happening she was pretty intimidated by how sexy Ariel was stripped above the waist.

Seeing Ariel topless took her breath away and, despite all her experience, Sarah was shy about reaching up and grabbing those amazing tits. She had wanted this for so long but had never dreamed she would actually get it. So she didn’t know what to do and had to actually will herself to act instead of just staring.

When she finally did reach up to grasp Ariel’s bare breasts, Sarah moaned in dreamy desire over how they made her hands seem so small by comparison.

“So big…so fucking big,” Sarah moaned lustfully while palming Ariel’s tits, her hands acting like they were pretty much trying to palm a basketball, two soft, all-natural and wonderfully pink and fleshy basketballs. “Mmmmm you have such great tits, Ariel! Oooh fuckk I wish I’d been playing with them all this time!”

“Play with them now,” Ariel urged, enjoying the eroticism of Sarah’s forbidden touch. “Mmmmm play with my big boobs! Oooooh you make me feel so sexy, Sarah!”

But as much as Ariel and Sarah enjoyed touching and kissing each other, Shanelle kept on insisting on reminding them that she was there and that she didn’t want this to happen.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Shanelle cried, one step away from throwing a tantrum like one of her daughters would have and stomping on the ground until she got her way. “If you don’t stop it then I’m going to leave!”

“So? Leave!” Ariel simply replied. “Mmmm me and Sarah are gonna have fun!”

But before Shanelle could make good on the second time she used the threat, Sarah stopped her.

“No! Don’t go! Stay Shanelle!” Sarah urged. “Please stay! Let’s all have some fun!”

“Wait? What? Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Shanelle demanded in shock before Sarah replied to her and dropped a bomb on both of the sisters.

Sarah knew this was something better kept to herself in her most locked away thoughts. But she couldn’t help it. She was too aroused and had no self-control. Everything she had buried down in her forbidden fantasies was flowing out of her mouth and Sarah didn’t want to stop herself.

“Yesssssssss! I’m saying it!” Sarah confirmed. “I want you Ariel! I want you Shanelle! I don’t just think about the two of you separately! I think about all of us together! I think about having you both at the same time! God, it’s like one of my hottest fantasies! I want you both! I want all of us to fuck!”

“Wait…all of us?” Ariel asked worriedly. She knew exactly what that meant and she was definitely not comfortable with it.

“Are you serious?” Shanelle demanded. “That’s gross! No way! Are you out of your mind?”

And Sarah had a very simple response to that.

“Yes!” Sarah replied. “I am! And so are the two of you! I know you have to be feeling the same way I am! Aren’t you two totally soaked right now? I am! Mmmm fuck I’ve never been this wet in my entire life! My pussy is going crazy! It needs to be licked and fucked! I can’t control myself! I don’t want to control myself! I just want to fuck! Mmmm let’s all be super fucking naughty! I’ve wanted this so bad but I never thought I’d ever have the chance to do it!”

Sarah showed off how sincere her dirty wishes were by pulling away from Ariel and instead turning her erotic interest back toward Shanelle.

At first the older girl backed away from Sarah like she didn’t want anything to do with what she was planning. But Shanelle didn’t get very far before she succumbed to Sarah’s approach and let the girl kiss her.

Shanelle knew she should have been super mad at Sarah for even suggesting the kind of depraved scenario that she was calling for. But she couldn’t push her away. She knew how great a lover Sarah was.

The girl always made her feel so good. Shanelle had been waiting for a naughty night with her secret girlfriend like this for so long. She couldn’t find the will to stop it now just because things were getting a lot kinkier than usual. And, besides, Shanelle was too turned on to deny herself Sarah’s touch.

So when the girl kissed her, Shanelle kissed Sarah back.

“Mmmm yeahhh you wanna get naughty just like I do,” Sarah sighed, Shanelle’s wet, erotic kisses making her surer than ever that they all needed to go down this dirty path together. “It’ll be so much fun! I can feel how wet you are Shanelle! I know you don’t really care that Ariel knows and that she can see what a bad girl you really are! Mmm it’s turning you on just like it’s turning me on!”

Shanelle could hardly deny it, not when Sarah’s hand had boldly reached between her legs and started caressing her slit. Sarah already intimately knew every single inch of her body and just how she loved to be touched. Shanelle couldn’t have resisted her under the best circumstances and these were hardly those.

None of them were thinking right or acting appropriately and it felt so good to just give into the need inside her. Indulging in her horniness felt amazing and Shanelle found it impossible to put up any kind of a real fight.

“Yesssssssssssss ohhhh yesssssssss!” Shanelle moaned as Sarah played with her pussy lips, her wetness growing with each moment those delicate, skilled fingers touched her. “Mmmm you make me want to be so dirty! You’re such a bad girl Sarah!”

After saying that, Shanelle gave Sarah’s bare ass a firm slap, making her squeal and moan and kiss her harder. The two began making out even more earnestly, playing with each other’s slits as they tongue kissed and rubbed their naked bodies together, Sarah’s bare tits grinding into Shanelle’s larger pair.

Ariel was left on the outside looking in on this and that was the last place she wanted to be. She had been so mad and confused when she had first seen Shanelle and Sarah going at it but now she felt totally different about it.

Now the only thing Ariel felt was horny and jealous that she wasn’t playing too. So she did the only thing that made sense to her. As she watched her sister and her co-star make out and play with each other, Ariel reached down into her jeans and slid her hand underneath them, going right under her panties to her soaked pussy underneath.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Ariel cooed when she felt just how wet she’d gotten.

She had never been this wet before, not from masturbation and not from sex. But she was so wet now. Her blood was boiling in a good way and she felt nothing but warmth throughout her whole body, a happy sensation completely overwhelming her as she addressed her need by touching herself. But she wanted so much more too.

“I want to play too,” Ariel pouted. “Don’t forget about me.”

And she imposed herself in on the fun between the two women by pushing Shanelle out of the way and getting at Sarah again. Ariel kissed her co-star as lustfully as she could. She didn’t have much experience at all kissing girls but she wanted to learn everything and her eagerness was so erotic to Sarah.

Sarah kissed Ariel back, opening her mouth for the teenager’s tongue to slide inside and the two traded passionate, steamy kisses back and forth while this time Shanelle was forced to watch.

But Shanelle didn’t just stand idly by. While Sarah made out with Ariel, Shanelle pressed her nude body to Sarah’s back, rubbing into her and kissing her neck, which made Sarah quiver with desire.

Sarah rubbed her ass back into Shanelle, moaning as the smooth skin of her backside made contact with the slick lips of Shanelle’s cunt and the soft curls of her bush. It made Sarah’s pulse quicken as what was left of their inhibitions started to melt away.

“Oooooh yesss I want this! I need both of you!” Sarah declared. “Let’s all get dirty!”

“You’re soooo bad!” Ariel moaned back, not believing she was this close to her naked sister and about to have a threesome with her. “Mmmm I never knew you were such a slut Sarah!”

Ariel didn’t need to be reminded how wrong this was, but she wanted to be dirty. She had been good and shy and repressed her whole life. Now something really kinky was happening and Ariel didn’t want to fight it.

“I am! Mmmm don’t fucking tell on me Ariel but I’m a total nymphomaniac!” Sarah confessed with an aroused giggle. “I want you to be slutty like me too baby! Shanelle already is! She’s such a hot bitch! She loves fucking girls and she always makes me come so hard! But I want you to be the same way too Ariel! I want you to fuck me and I want to fuck you! Let’s be bad girls together baby!”

Ariel moaned again at the thought of letting go of all her common sense and all her morals and inhibitions and indulging in the taboo pleasure of fucking her pretend sister while her real sister was right there with her. God that was so fucking wrong but Ariel couldn’t resist that pleasure, not when she was so hot for it.

So she kissed Sarah and caressed her body, playing with Sarah’s firm tits and taking particular pleasure in the way Sarah moaned for her when she rubbed her nipples. Ariel teased them with her fingers and made them stiffen up even more and then moved one hand down right to Sarah’s pussy.

“Ohhhh gawd,” Ariel moaned as she touched another woman’s sex for the first time.

Sarah was just as wet as she was and that thrilled Ariel. She couldn’t believe she was doing this but it felt amazing to have her friend’s wetness get on her fingers. From the way Sarah was moaning she obviously loved this too and the more she touched her on-screen sister, the more Ariel wanted to explore every sexy bit of Sarah’s pussy.

Sarah didn’t give her that chance though. At least not right away. Instead Sarah pushed Ariel back until she ended up on the bed.

Ariel let it happen too, allowing Sarah to guide her until she fell onto the bed, her bare tits bouncing as she landed right on her ass. Ariel didn’t have to ask what was going to happen next. She already knew it and she moaned in expectation when Sarah kneeled down by the bed and began untying her sneakers.

Ariel felt her heart beating faster and faster. Oh God, this was actually going to happen! She and Sarah were going to fuck! And Shanelle was going to be right there when it happened. This was crazy! But it felt so good. Crazy was what she wanted. It was what she needed and her moans grew louder when Sarah yanked off her shoes and socks and then went for her jeans.

“Mmmm yesssss get me naked!” Ariel groaned, rubbing her tits with her hands as she felt her clothes getting pulled off, making her feel a delicious shiver as she considered how they had already passed the point of no return and this was going to happen no matter what. “I want you Sarah! Mmm I can’t believe I’m doing this but I want it! Fuck me! Make me into a naughty nympho like you!”

“You’re so gorgeous!” Sarah moaned in lust as she popped open the button of Ariel’s jeans and started sliding them down her young body. “I always felt like such a perv for checking my little sister out on the set but you’re so sexy! I couldn’t help myself!”

Ariel tensed up when Sarah called her “little sister.” Yeah they were that way on TV but it just reminded her that Shanelle was right there too. However, Ariel tensed up not because she wanted Shanelle to go away, but because she found herself wanting her to stay.

Having her real sister there made things extra hot. Ariel didn’t know what that said about her but she knew that wasn’t something she needed to admit out loud. So she kept quiet about it and tried to push it out of her mind as Sarah pulled her jeans off her body.

Unfortunately Shanelle didn’t make that easy as she set herself down on the bed next to Ariel and looked her little sister in the eye.

“You sure you want this?” Shanelle asked, wanting to give Ariel ample chance to back out if she was uncomfortable. “We don’t have to do it!”

But Ariel didn’t want to chicken out. She couldn’t go back to being a frustrated good girl when she could see that being bad was so much more fun.

“I want it!” Ariel insisted, squeezing her own tits as Sarah tossed her jeans away and then hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and started to slide them down. “I want to fuck! Mmmm I guess being a slut and fucking girls runs in the family, huh sis?”

“Mmmm yeahhh I guess it does,” Shanelle couldn’t help but smile as she found herself just as enraptured as Sarah was by the sight of Ariel’s huge, natural tits.

She had seen her sister naked before but that had just been regular nudity. There hadn’t been anything erotic about it. This was all eroticism though and Shanelle was definitely taking full note of just how stacked her teen sister was. She couldn’t believe she was going to be in a threesome with her own sister. Shanelle was shocked this was happening but she found herself wanting it more and more. She just hoped Ariel was ready for it.

“Tell me if you don’t want to do something and we won’t!” Shanelle told the teenager. “If you’re going to do this I want you to really want it and not feel pressured into it! I love you Ariel!”

Shanelle hadn’t intended to add in that last part but she had suddenly felt the need to assure her sister that she did. Things had been tense around home and now things were totally super awkward between them.

So Shanelle wanted to make sure Ariel knew that even though this was totally weird and probably very fucked up, it wasn’t going to change how she felt. And Ariel appreciated that.

They had all gone through so much together and this was the really unexpected capper to it. But it didn’t change her feelings either.

“I love you too Shanelle,” Ariel immediately said back, trying not to think too much about how sexy her sister’s bare breasts were or how she could clearly see how wet Shanelle was when she glanced down.

Ariel immediately averted her eyes away when she caught sight of her sister’s soaked crotch. This was all so weird, but it was also totally hot and Ariel didn’t know what to do except push forward as she explored these desires inside herself.

Fortunately Ariel found something else to focus on as she felt Sarah pull down her panties, revealing her young body in all its voluptuous glory. Despite knowing she had a lot that boys liked, Ariel had never really felt all that secure about her body.

But any concerns she might have felt about her body were immediately eased when Sarah looked at her with such desire. She could see in her friend’s eyes how much Sarah wanted her and that filled Ariel with extra confidence.

“You’re so fucking sexy, Ariel” Sarah moaned. “You’re even better than I dreamed you’d look!”

Sarah couldn’t get enough of Ariel’s body. She had always known the girl would look great naked but the actual sight of it took her breath away. She couldn’t stop staring at Ariel’s heavy bosom, loving how those big tits bounced every time she moved.

Sarah loved seeing Ariel’s full body in the buff, her teenage thighs so thick and lovely and her pussy beautifully wet. Ariel had a pretty healthy bush too just like she did. Sarah couldn’t wait to feel their pussies scissoring together so they could rub their wet clits against one another and tickle each other’s skin with their furry crotches.

Ooooh gawd, she kept having such dirty, nasty thoughts, more than she had ever had before. Her feelings for Ariel had always been one of a sexy crush. She had always been more concerned with being Ariel’s friend and protecting her like a sister than being her lover.

But now for Sarah that crush had turned into an all-consuming lust and she couldn’t help herself. She did what she had wanted to do from the first moment she had started noticing Ariel’s growth spurt. Sarah pulled herself up on the bed and buried her face in Ariel’s tits.

Ariel giggled over the unexpected action from Sarah. The older girl shoved her face right into her boobs and started kissing all over them. Ariel had never been with anyone this crazy about her tits before.

Even the guys she had been with had shown more restraint than what Sarah was giving her. But Ariel didn’t mind. In fact she liked it. She loved being able to feel just how much Sarah liked her body.

“Ohhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh yessssss mmmmm gawd Sarah that feels good!” Ariel cried out from Sarah’s hands and mouth all over her tits. “Bad girl! Ooooh getting so naughty with my big boobs! Mmmmm yesss ohhhh suck them mmmm gawwd suck them and kiss them and lick them and squeeze them!”

“You have such amazing tits!” Sarah moaned when she came up for air, her face a bit flushed and a big smile crossing from ear to ear before getting back to gorging herself on Ariel’s breasts. “Mmmm I’ve wanted to see these big, juicy tits for so long! I want to touch them and see them bounce when I fuck you and even rub my fucking wet cunt into them so I can make them all sticky and messy! Mmmm fuck I love these tits!”

“That’s obvious,” Shanelle teased as she gave Sarah’s ass another sexy slap. “Mmmm fuck I’m jealous! All this time I thought you loved my tits but you only wanted Ariel’s! Sooo not fair! How come my little sister gets these big, fat titties that drive girls and guys crazy and the big, round fuckable ass and I don’t?”

Sarah’s mouth was too full of Ariel’s tits as the teen playfully jiggled them in her face to talk. So Ariel responded to her sister’s claims.

“Mmmm no Shanelle your body is awesome! You have big tits too! You’re so sexy!” Ariel insisted. “I’ve wished my body was like yours and not like this. Mmm sometimes I feel like some crazy male fantasy freak, all tits and ass!”

And while Shanelle appreciated that her sister thought she was sexy, she was more concerned with the idea that Ariel couldn’t see her own beauty. Because while she couldn’t express it the way Sarah was, Shanelle thought her sister was one of the sexiest women alive.

She never wanted to see Ariel feel bad about being voluptuous. Shanelle wanted her sister to own her big tits and ass and feel confident about herself.

“Don’t ever feel bad about your body,” Shanelle told her sister, caressing Ariel’s face lovingly while the teenager moaned from Sarah kissing and slurping on her rack. “You’re so beautiful Ariel! You’re so sexy and everyone can see it! I even catch David checking you out sometimes and I can’t even get mad at him because I don’t think anyone can resist you! You’re so sexy and you need to own that! Use your body! Shake what God gave you and never apologize for it!”

Feeling Shanelle caress her face so kindly and say such sweet, albeit a bit dirty, things to her made Ariel feel so good. She felt so loved at that moment that she impetuously kissed Shanelle.

And it wasn’t a kiss on the cheek. It was right on the lips.

Ariel hadn’t thought about it for even a second. She had just felt so much heat and love around her that the impulse had become action before she could even consider the consequences. And Ariel didn’t even fully comprehend that she was kissing her sister on the lips until she was actually doing it.

The two girls gasped when it happened and quickly pulled away, not saying anything about it and both silently deciding to pretend that it hadn’t happened. Fortunately Sarah seemed far too focused on Ariel’s tits to have noticed it and the sisters kept quiet about it.

Meanwhile Sarah kept her face shoved into Ariel’s tits. The soft, large mounds of gorgeous teenage girlflesh felt amazing against her. As Ariel moaned for her, Sarah licked the sides of her big tits and practically slobbered into them as they bounced against her face.

God, she had always loved big tits and Ariel’s huge boobs were like porn star hot. But this was no random girl. This was someone Sarah was so close to and that intimacy made it so much naughtier and hotter to do this.

The only time Sarah pulled out from between her friend’s jugs was so she could tend to Ariel’s nipples. And that was when Sarah shifted her focus from wet and sloppy to a more restrained sensuality.

She wasn’t going to waste this chance. Sarah was going to show Ariel just how hot girl sex could be and she focused on her teenage tits with erotic determination, making sure her younger friend could feel the delicious pleasure and want so much more.

“Ohhhhh! Yeahhhh oh Sarah! Mmmmm it feels so good!” Ariel moaned, closing her eyes and letting the good feelings flow inside her when she felt Sarah lick all over her pink areola, dragging her wet tongue over it before shifting over to her nipple.

Ariel arched her back and pushed her chest up even more into Sarah’s face. Sarah smiled when her friend did that, knowing how much she liked it. She licked Ariel’s stiff pink nipple and then latched her lips around it, sucking on it with a naughty smack of her lips before letting it go and leaving it erect and wet with saliva.

Sarah then moved onto Ariel’s other breast, giving it the same erotic tongue bath by circling the tip of her tongue over her areola and then suckling on her nipple.

“Mmmm bet no boy ever bothered to do that to you, did they?” Sarah teased and Ariel just smiled back and shook her head “no” before she moaned aloud again from Sarah letting a long strand of saliva drip from her mouth to Ariel’s bare breast so she could spread it around with her tongue, coating her nipple and wide areola with her saliva.

Ariel had only gone all the way with one guy and she hadn’t really liked it that much. Of course she had reminded herself that first times were rarely that good. He had been as nervous as she had been and between finding a private place to getting the condom on right to the awkwardness of two unfamiliar bodies getting to know each other intimately, it had hardly been a romantic night to remember.

It wasn’t as though Ariel wasn’t into sex though. She just didn’t want to have it for the sake of having it.

Meaningless sex seemed a lot worse to her than bad sex. Ariel wanted it to be with a guy she really connected with. It didn’t have be someone she could see herself marrying but it did have to be someone who could carry on an intelligent conversation. Lots of guys wanted her for her body. Ariel knew it. But she wanted them to want her for more.

Yet as high a standard as she held men to, Ariel found herself melting under the pure unleashed eroticism of what Sarah was doing to her.

Her co-star seemed obsessed with her boobs and Ariel let her be. Ariel let Sarah salivate all over them and massage them with her hands while spreading her drool around with her tongue and talking nasty to her like Ariel never would have let a guy get away with.

“Mmmmm fuckk I can’t get enough of these big, fat jiggly tits!” Sarah moaned while grabbing Ariel’s fleshy mounds with her hands and making them bounce for her amusement. “I wanna smother myself in these tits! Mmm fuck I want to use you as my pillow Ariel! I wanna sleep on these huge tits and suck on them like a naughty, slutty baby!”

“Ummm gawwd ooooh you’re nasty!” Ariel said, unable to keep from laughing over what Sarah was saying.

But the actress’ babbling got a firmer rebuke from Shanelle who gave another hard smack to Sarah’s bare ass.

“Okay I think you’re getting silly,” Shanelle said. “So how about you quit talking and start licking? My sister’s pussy isn’t getting any attention! If you want this damn threesome so bad Sarah then you’d better actually do something because no one is getting licked!”

“Mmmmm that’s fucking hot!” Sarah moaned, her ass tingling from the slap. “Telling me to eat baby sister’s pussy! You’re fucking naughty Shanelle! Mmm but I already knew that!”

Sarah shot Shanelle a sexy wink before finally moving away from the big teenage tits that she most definitely was fixated on. It was actually easy for her to do that because as much as she loved playing with those tits she knew there was a lot more of Ariel’s body that was worth exploring.

So Sarah kissed her way downward, moving on from Ariel’s tits as she kissed over her stomach and down onto those tasty young thighs. She made sure to give lots of kisses all over Ariel’s naked flesh and moved with a purpose right to a place she’d never expected to be able to go.

“Are you ready sweetie?” Sarah asked. “Mmmm ready to get this yummy pussy of yours licked?”

“Yessssssss ohhh my God! I’m soooo ready for it!” Ariel said before making a little confession. “Mmmm you’re my first Sarah! You’re the first to lick my pussy!”

“Really?” Sarah asked, honestly surprised. “No lucky boy got to tongue you?”

“No,” Ariel admitted. “We never did that!”

Shanelle grumbled under her breath that whatever selfish boy hadn’t treated her little sister right was due for a karmic fucking. But Sarah didn’t hold back like she did.

“Goddamn when will boys learn?” Sarah said, shaking her head. “If you don’t lick it then you don’t get to fuck it! I’ve always said that! Mmmm don’t worry baby. I’m gonna treat this tight little pussy so right! Boys don’t fucking deserve someone as hot as you mmmm but girls are going to make sure you get what you need!”

And Sarah didn’t waste any more time before proving that. She breathed in the fresh young scent of Ariel’s pussy, admiring her tight, slippery pink lips and that wonderfully lush dark bush of hers before she unleashed her tongue, committed to not only making Ariel’s first tongue fucking extremely memorable but to making her always want to fuck girls.

Using her thumbs on Ariel’s tight little cunt, Sarah massaged her unlicked slit and spread her open, giving Ariel an initial wave of pleasure while she exposed her teenage folds. Wetness dripped right out of Ariel when her pussy was opened up and Sarah immediately licked it up, dragging her tongue over her pussy as Ariel quivered in pleasure.

Sarah savored that delicious first taste, letting the juices coat her tongue, and then hungrily went for more, licking away at Ariel’s teen folds and getting greedier for her cum with each tongue lap.

“Ooooooooooh! Yessssssssssss yessssssssssssss! Ohhhhhh fuckkkk!” Ariel groaned, not expecting it to feel as good as it did to have a hot, practiced tongue lick her. “Mmmmm more Sarah! Oooooh please give me more! Mmmm lick me! Ohhhh yessssssss!”

Staring up at Ariel as she did it, Sarah started to lick her more vigorously. She had started off licking all the way up Ariel’s slit, going from the bottom to the top before repeating herself. But now Sarah focused on her clit, licking it with quick, steady licks that were short and centered on Ariel’s swelling bud.

It was like nothing the teenager had ever felt before and the pleasure overwhelmed her.

“OHHH HOLY SHIT! OHHHH MY GODDDD! YESSSSSS OHHHHH!!!” Ariel cried, lurching on the bed from how good it felt. The pleasure made her body move unconsciously, causing her to hump herself against Sarah’s face. “OHHHH! YESSSS OOOOOOOH SARAHHHHH! OHHHHH! FUCK ME! OOOOOH FUCK ME SARAH!”

Sarah had dreamed about hearing Ariel say that to her for years. She had considered it too crazy to ever think it could really happen but now it was and those words sounded better than she had ever imagined they could.

She happily licked away while staring up at Ariel’s body, drinking in the view of her writhing on the bed. Ariel’s big tits jiggled as she moved her body sensually from the way her clit was being skillfully licked and that filled Sarah with even more desire for her younger friend.

“Such a pretty little pussy!” Sarah moaned, resting her tongue for a moment but keeping her fingers at work, rubbing Ariel’s intimate folds to keep the pleasure rolling. “Mmmm so tasty! I knew you’d like this! Mmm your sister loves when I lick her like this! You’re a little slut for being licked, just like Shanelle is, aren’t you baby?”

Ariel hadn’t lost all common sense yet so she recognized what she was being asked wasn’t true…at least not yet. But she knew it could be and she wasn’t going to fight it off if it did happen.

“Noooooo! Ooooooh fuckkkk ohhhh my Goddddd! No! I’m not! I’m not a slut!” Ariel said. “But I can be! Ooooh make me into one just like Shanelle! Make me a slut for being licked like this! Ohhhh my God it feels so good Sarah! Ooooh please don’t stop! Fuck me! Fuck me like you fuck my sister! Fuck me like you fuck Kirsten and Eliza and all those other hot girls!”

Shanelle watched all this and was truly of two minds about it. On the one hand she knew it was plenty weird to be this close to her little sister as she got licked. It was definitely not appropriate in any way shape or form and it was surely morally dicey territory. On the other hand, Shanelle had to admit it was really fucking hot.

Shanelle took a bit of perverse pride in how good her little sister looked naked. Ariel had an amazing body and this was the first time she had ever seen it “in action.” She had never expected to ever be this close to her own sister when she had sex but it was shockingly turning her on.

Shanelle recognized that if she had been more sober minded she probably not only would have not wanted this but would have been really pissed at Sarah for doing this. But right then all she could focus on was Ariel’s sexy body writhing in ecstasy from a hot tongue that Shanelle already knew could do incredible things.

So it was not really surprising when Shanelle found it impossible to just sit back and watch. Instead she snuggled herself up against Ariel, pressing her naked body into her sister’s and embracing her as she moaned and squirmed in pleasure.

Shanelle held her sister close, pressing her bare tits into her arm and making sure she felt plenty loved as she was licked. Shanelle didn’t repeat the mistake Ariel had made earlier with her lips but she did add a level of borderline taboo intimacy by kissing her sister’s neck.

“Mmmmm ohhhhh yessssss mmmm gawd I like that,” Ariel immediately admitted, caring less that it was her sister doing it and more that it felt good to have her neck softly kissed while she felt a tongue on her pussy for the first time. “Oooooh yessss mmmm oh Shanelle! Ooooh I see why you love this so much! Mmmm I can see why you’re cheating on David now! This is so good!”

“Mmmmhmmm yeah it is,” Shanelle giggled, knowing full well how incredible it felt to be licked by someone who knew what they were doing like Sarah Hyland did. “Don’t tell on me though! Mmm don’t rat me out to David! Don’t tell him what a dirty cheater his wife is!”

“I won’t! I promise I won’t!” Ariel moaned out, both from being licked and the naughtiness of Shanelle’s lips on her neck. “Mmmmmm oh God don’t stop! Oooooh pleaaaase more! This feels amazing! Mmm lick me Sarah! Lick my pussy! Ohhhh fuckkk I can’t believe this is happening but I never want it to stop! Lick me Sarah! Give it to me pussy licker! Give it to me like you give it to Shanelle when you two sneak around and fuck!”

Sarah couldn’t help but note how the more she licked, the dirtier Ariel seemed to get. She loved that. It was so hot to see her sexy, young friend and co-star succumb to the same kind of pleasure that she adored.

God, she had been even younger than Ariel was the first time a girl had gone down on her while at a performing arts camp. From the first moment she had felt a woman’s tongue on her vagina, all Sarah had wanted was more and now Ariel was getting into it just like she had.

“Mmmm so I’m a pussy licker, huh?” Sarah teased with a sexy, shiny grin. “Goddamn right I am! Mmmm so is your sister! So is your little friend Chloe! And soon you’ll be one too! I’m going to lick your little wet pussy so good you’re going to come all over my face and then it’ll be your turn to lick! Mmm you’ll get your first taste of wet, yummy pussy and I’ll bet you’ll love it as much as I do!”

Sarah dove back in and licked away at Ariel’s pussy, thirsting for her taste. She lapped at her soaked pinkness and let the juices drip right onto her tongue for her to greedily swallow. God, Ariel tasted so good.

Sarah loved the way women tasted and she was so happy to see now that hot bodies and tasty pussies sure seemed to run in Shanelle and Ariel’s family. And as she lapped at Ariel’s pussy, Sarah couldn’t wait to get Ariel just as into this taste as she was. Her pussy was preemptively purring thinking of how good that teenage tongue would feel licking her.

Ariel rested her head against Shanelle and moaned out uncontrollably, her body being driven to new heights of pleasure from not only what was happening to her now but the thought of what would happen to her soon.

She wanted to taste a woman. This felt so good that Ariel wanted to try everything and experience all that women could do to each other. She never had seriously thought she would ever do something as dirty as licking another woman but now she longed for the chance to fuck Sarah like she was being fucked.

“Mmmm yesssss make me taste it! Make me love licking pussy!” Ariel cried, the sexiness of everything happening to her amazing her and making her feel like she’d totally missed out by never fucking women before. “Oh Sarah! Oooooh my God! I love how you’re licking me! Ohhhhh ohhhh yesssssssss yessssssss fuck me and I’ll fuck you! I’ll eat your pussy and taste your cum! Mmmmm fuck yesssss ooooh this feels so naughty!”

“Like it huh? Mmmm you like being a naughty girl Ariel?” Shanelle moaned into her sister’s ear as she held her tight, their naked bodies pressed together in a loving but definitely inappropriate way.

“Yessssssssss it’s amazing! Ohhhh my God! Oooooh gawwwd you two should have gotten me into your fun a long time ago!” Ariel replied, her cries getting higher and more frantic as Sarah took her breath away through her skilled licking, each lash of her tongue making the teenager feel closer to orgasm. “I love this! I love you Sarah! Ooooh I love both of you so much! You’re making me feel so fucking good!”

That was what mattered to Shanelle. This might have been crazy. It was definitely dirty. But she wanted Ariel to feel good.

She wanted her sister to experience pleasure like never before. If they were going to do this and if Ariel was going to be stubborn and refuse all her demands that they stop, then Shanelle was going to make sure she did it right. And, besides, Shanelle had to admit it was really sexy to see a beautiful woman like Ariel in the throes of lesbian pleasure even if she was her sister.

Shanelle kept hugging her sister, holding her tight and softly starting to caress her bare body. She knew she shouldn’t have been doing it but Ariel was just so soft and sexy. Her body was gorgeous and her skin was wonderful to touch.

If she hadn’t been her sister there wouldn’t have been any way Shanelle could have resisted her and now she could really see why Sarah had fantasized such dirty thoughts about Ariel.

Plus Ariel wasn’t exactly trying to make her stop, so Shanelle kept on nakedly cuddling into her teenage sister, running her fingers over her young, creamy skin and enjoying the silky way it felt.

“You’re so beautiful!” Shanelle whispered into Ariel’s ear. “You’re such a sexy girl. I’m sorry if I’ve been mean and overprotective! I just want what’s best for you! Mmmm I shouldn’t have been keeping you from something like this. I should have let you get what you needed. It’s so good isn’t it? It’s so good to have a woman lick you and make love to you! Mmmm it’s so hot and naughty to feel a woman fuck you and I want my little sister to feel good just like I do!”

Ariel could only moan in response. This felt so naughty and satisfying and it wasn’t just Sarah’s licking that was doing it. It was also Shanelle’s soft, sensual touch and the way her lips felt against her neck and the way her hot breath tickled her ear when she whispered sweet things to her.

Ariel felt so loved right then and it was such an erotic sensation to think about how it was her sister’s soft fingers delicately touching her naked skin.

At first Ariel tried to not think about it being Shanelle that was holding her like this. She tried to think about another girl and pretend it was Chloe or Ava or even someone like Eliza Dushku.

But she kept coming back to the reality that it was her big sister who was nakedly cuddled up to her and that it was Shanelle’s boobs she felt pressed into her bare body and that it was her magic fingers petting her. It was so sexy to think about how it was her beautiful big sister doing this to her and Ariel didn’t fight the feeling.

Instead she rubbed herself into Shanelle, letting her hard nipples press into her body and letting the wetness of Shanelle’s aroused sex press into her leg.

Ariel sighed in taboo erotic pleasure when she felt Shanelle’s wet pussy against her skin. This was getting so dirty and she knew she was supposed to try and get control of the situation and keep things from escalating. But she didn’t want to. She loved how this felt.

It was so cozy and warm to feel hers and Shanelle’s nude bodies pressed together. It was being done in such a tender way that the taboo didn’t matter. Ariel kept thinking about how she had impetuously kissed Shanelle on the lips. Now she didn’t think that was a mistake at all. Now she found herself longing to do it again.

She didn’t take that bold step though. She didn’t want to freak Shanelle out and she didn’t want to freak herself out either. So Ariel just lay back on the bed and let Sarah lick her so wonderfully while she adored the feel of Shanelle’s loving embrace.

Ariel moaned and moaned and cried out for Sarah to give her more and when she did she ended up getting more of the taboo touch she was secretly craving when Shanelle got even more intimate with her body.

“These are so sexy,” Shanelle moaned as she let her naughty hands caress Ariel’s bare breasts. “I love your big tits, sis! Mmmmm they’re so fucking big and yummy! My husband stares at them! My girlfriend stares at them! Mmmm even I stare at them! Oooh I feel so jealous over my little teen sister’s big, fat tits and how they make mine seem small but I’m so fucking turned on by them too!”

Shanelle had blurted out that confession without even thinking about the ramifications of admitting she was aroused by her own sister’s breasts. But she was totally lost in the erotic haze she was experiencing and Shanelle was learning that the phrase “in vino, veritas” was just as true about sex as it was about alcohol.

Sex made her admit the truth. She had envied and admired Ariel’s body and now she couldn’t resist touching it.

Shanelle crossed a line and didn’t care that she was doing it as she began playing with Ariel’s tits. She cupped her hands under the large, natural mounds and hefted them up like she was weighing them in her grasp.

Even as she recognized how inappropriate it was to be doing this, Shanelle didn’t care. She just kept fondling her teenage sister’s rack and resumed kissing Ariel’s neck as she did it.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Ooooh Shanelle! We…we….” Ariel tried to say, but she couldn’t force the words out of her mouth to make it clear she thought they should stop.

Her sister’s touch was so erotic and a thrill rushed through her naked body as Shanelle continued to play with her breasts. What was right and wrong didn’t matter anymore to the teenager, only what brought her pleasure did.

“Oooooh sis! That feels so good!” Ariel sighed. “Ooooooh don’t stop! Don’t stop! Please!”

Shanelle loved how Ariel’s huge tits overwhelmed her hand. There was just so much to grab onto. Shanelle had long loved the sight of a beautiful naked woman and she had seen a lot of big tits in her life. But none were as sexy as her sister’s.

They were so soft and…and…God they were just fucking huge! The sight of those gloriously fat tits made Shanelle lose the ability to think rationally just like they did to Sarah and she massaged them with her hands, grabbing onto them and making them jiggle while she kissed her sister’s neck and even started to lick her skin.

They were getting naughtier by the second but it was of no concern to either one of them. Shanelle and Ariel were totally lost in the moment and boundaries didn’t matter.

Ariel loved how Shanelle’s hands felt grasping and groping her tits. Her touch was getting a bit rougher and rawer but she liked that too. Her own sister was pawing at her big tits and Ariel didn’t find that gross or weird at all.

It was so hot and she couldn’t contain herself anymore. She turned her face toward Shanelle’s and kissed her once again right on the lips.

The first time had been an impetuous peck. But this kiss was so much more. It was heated and lusty but also full of love that the two had for each other. It was a real kiss and whatever shyness existed between the sisters over taking such a taboo step quickly melted away.

Their lips pressed together and then pulled away before reconnecting again in a soft, sensual smooch between the teenager and her older sister. They kissed each other again after that, their lips fusing together for a long, sexy kiss, and Ariel’s hand moved to the back of Shanelle’s head, keeping her close to her.

As that happened, Ariel moved her other hand over to Shanelle’s bare chest. She had a healthy set of tits too, soft and full and sexily plump. Ariel began to explore them with her hand, giving a shier touch to them than Shanelle was giving her but one that turned them both on.

They kept on kissing, their lips rubbing together and smacking as they touched their mouths again and again and again, as they fondled each other’s tits and gave into a passion neither of them knew they had before tonight.

Naturally the sound and sight of the forbidden kissing attracted Sarah’s attention and she got giddy as she watched the sisters making out. Her eyes were alight at the taboo sight and she began touching herself while continuing to lick away at Ariel.

Sarah hadn’t said anything because she hadn’t wanted to freak them out but this was just what she had been hoping would happen.

The idea of being in a threesome with Ariel and Shanelle had always been a hot, naughty fantasy she had kept locked away amongst her filthiest thoughts. But what had really made her buzzer go when she had dreamed of them all naked with each other had been the thought of her friends touching each other like no sisters were supposed to.

Watching her friends succumb to incest had been such a dirty thought that had always made Sarah so wet. But no fantasy could match how sexy it was to see it really happen in front of her.

“Oh fuck! That’s so hot!” Sarah moaned, unable to keep quiet. “Mmmm you naughty girls! Ooooh I’ve wanted to see you two kiss! That’s it! Mmmm don’t hold back! Let’s all get nasty!”

Sarah’s horny plea did have the unintended consequence of making them snap out of it a bit. But when they separated their lips, Ariel and Shanelle didn’t react with horror to what they had done. Instead they both laughed, giggling in disbelief over the step they had taken together.

“Oh my God, what are we doing?” Shanelle asked but with a smile on her face showing off that she didn’t regret it.

“I don’t know,” Ariel admitted. “Mmmm but I like it. You’re a great kisser Shanelle.”

“So are you,” Shanelle replied, barely believing she was saying it to Ariel but knowing it was the truth. “Mmmm my baby sister is so sexy. You sure you never kissed a girl before today?”

“I swear,” Ariel smiled, feeling a lot of disbelief too that she was enjoying this as much as she was. “But if I’d known how good it was I would have done it a lot sooner.”

Ariel and Shanelle giggled again as they looked at each other, shocked over their own behavior and how much they were enjoying it. They didn’t quite know what to do next, but the third member of their party sure did.

“Kiss more!” Sarah urged. “Mmmmm that’s so fucking naughty! I love seeing you two kiss! C’mon! Show me what bad girls you two are. Kiss like naughty slutty sisters!”

“Ooooh you’re the bad girl,” Shanelle chided her girlfriend. “You’re the perv getting off on this.”

But despite her teasing, Shanelle and Ariel wanted this even more than Sarah did. So they moved their faces in toward each other and kissed again.

This time they were even less inhibited than before and they both opened their mouths for each other. Ariel was the aggressor again and she took the first naughty step of pushing her tongue out.

Shanelle immediately welcomed it, rubbing her own tongue against her sister’s as they both moaned into each other’s mouths. They reveled in their forbidden kiss and let it deepen into a sensual series of wet, carnal tongue kisses.

Sarah loved what she was seeing. God, she had never dreamed she would actually see something like that. It had always seemed way too crazy and kinky to ever think Shanelle or Ariel would do that to each other. But they were totally into it and Sarah fingered herself roughly, thrusting two fingers into her own cunt, as she watched the incestuous kisses.

But as she did that, Sarah quickly realized there was an even better use for her fingers.

Pulling them out of her own juicy pussy, Sarah paused only to lick them clean, enjoying the flavor of her own essence before moving both of her hands into place. With Ariel and Shanelle naked and cuddled up into each other, their faces pressed together and their fleshy tits rubbing bare skin on bare skin, it was easy for Sarah to take advantage of them and she did without hesitation.

While Ariel and Shanelle made out and rubbed their bare bodies together, Sarah pushed her fingers into both of them.

Deliciously licking Ariel’s tasty teen juices off her lips as she did it, Sarah first penetrated her co-star. She forced her fingers inside the folds she had just been licking and began thrusting into her vigorously. Sarah fingered her even harder than she’d been licking her and Ariel cried out into her kiss with her sister from the feel of it.

But Sarah didn’t stop there. She pushed her fingers into Shanelle next, sliding right into her and taking the looser but just as sexy hole. She loved fingering Shanelle. It had actually been the first way Sarah had ever fucked her secret girlfriend, a naughty memory that made each subsequent finger fucking between them have some sexy significance to it.

And now Sarah was fingering Shanelle like never before, working her digits into both of the sisters and making their pussies drip with desire onto her hands.

“Such fucking sexy sluts!” Sarah groaned out as the fingerings only made Ariel and Shanelle kiss and touch each other with more passion. “Mmmmm fucking kissing each other like dirty sisters! Oooooh yesssss kiss her Shanelle! Kiss that slutty teen like you kiss me! Mmmm gawd get your tongue in her mouth Ariel! Kiss big sister better than you’ll ever kiss a boy! Mmmm fuck you two are so hot! So nasty! Mmmm hot sisters kissing right in front of me! Oooooh you both are so fucking wet!”

Indeed both women were getting even hotter and wetter as they were finger fucked and eagerly shattered their sisterly boundaries with their kisses. They ran their hands through each other’s hair and over their warm, sexy bodies as Sarah continued to stimulate them.

The desire inside them for each other was growing by the second and Sarah’s thrusting fingers going into both of their cunts was making self-control and restraint absolutely impossible.

They only broke their kisses so Shanelle could start kissing Ariel’s big tits. She pressed her face into Ariel’s chest and started kissing and licking her little sister’s nipples.

Ariel cried out happily as her sister gave her erect pink nubs a tongue bath, going back and forth between each heavy mound of girl flesh and licking at it with her tongue. Shanelle spread around even more saliva than Sarah had before and Ariel loved it.

“Ooooooh yessss! Mmmmm gawd sis! Lick my big tits! Oooooh this is soooo naughty!” Ariel cried. “Mmmmm yessss ohhhh Shanelle! Oooooh lick your sister’s big fucking titties! Mmmm gawwd you’re making me love having big tits for you and Sarah to play with!”

Having such large breasts was often more of a chore than a blessing for Ariel. There were the stares she didn’t want. The sore back. The challenge of shopping for clothes and finding a bra that actually fit her. She hated all of that.

But having her tits licked and sucked on like this made it all worthwhile to Ariel. Her nipples had never been this sensitive before but having her big sister lick them like this was driving her wild. It was even hotter for her to feel Shanelle lick and kiss her throbbing nipples than it was to feel Sarah’s fingers working her over.

“Mmmmm fuckkk I never knew my sister’s tits would be so yummy! Mmmm we should have been doing this a long time ago,” Shanelle giggled while licking, ignoring the fact that before today she never would have considered anything sexual with her own sister. “Mmmm rub them in my face sis! Rub those big, fat tits into big sister’s slutty face!”

“Ooooooh!” Ariel cooed as she did just as Shanelle wanted, grabbing a hold of her chest and squeezing her own tits as she rubbed them into her sister’s face, letting Shanelle motorboat them and lavish loving kisses and licks all over her nipples. “Mmmmm so naughty! Ohhhh fuckkk mmmmm suck them Shanelle! Suck your sister’s fat tits!”

Ariel never would have thought that word would sound sexy. “Fat” was what she thought of when she checked herself out in the mirror with no confidence in her body whatsoever. It was what she hated about herself.

When she cursed her own curves and hated her big boobs and her thick butt, “fat” was the word Ariel used for herself. But now it wasn’t an insult at all. She knew Shanelle meant it in a sexy way and that turned Ariel on so much. All of this was making Ariel feel so much better and secure about her own body and it showed as she began using the word too.

Meanwhile Sarah loved what she was seeing. Being able to watch Shanelle go tit crazy over Ariel’s amazing chest was so hot. She loved knowing how the lust for those huge boobs had made Shanelle cross the line.

But the kinky side of Sarah that had been fully unleashed wanted more. Kissing and touching was one thing but Sarah wanted to see the sexy sisters get even naughtier and she knew just how to do it.

She loved fingering them both. It was so hot to feel their slick pussies take her thrusting fingers. She loved feeling those folds wrap around her probing digits and hearing the squishing of their wet cunts being finger banged. It was so hot and nasty and it was turning on Sarah like crazy.

But still she stopped so she could make things even hotter.

Pulling her fingers out of the two girls, Sarah put her devilish intentions to work. She took the fingers which had just been inside Ariel and she began rubbing them against Shanelle’s lips. And, just as she had hoped, Shanelle took the bait and began sucking on them.

Sarah moaned when Shanelle started tasting her own sister’s pussy without knowing what she was doing. And then she furthered the debauchery by taking the fingers which had been fucking Shanelle and feeding them to Ariel.

“Suck them baby,” Sarah urged her co-star. “Mmmm suck the juice right off my fingers! Mmmm taste them Ariel. You know you want to!”

“Yesssss mmmmm gawd make me taste my pussy!” Ariel sighed, not having a clue what she was actually tasting as she parted her lips and let Sarah slide her fingers inside to make her suck on them.

Both of the sisters moaned as they slurped on Sarah’s wet fingers, loving the taste of pussy that was all over them. And when Sarah pulled her fingers out of Shanelle’s mouth the older girl immediately got the idea and started licking them, tasting the last of the juice on them and licking off her own saliva.

When Ariel saw Shanelle do that she mimicked her, licking Sarah’s pussy coated fingers like they were a Popsicle and tasting that juicy flavor all over them.

“You bad girls!” Sarah giggled, revealing her treachery. “Mmmmm tasting each other off my fingers! Mmmm both of you are so bad! You’re both licking your sister’s naughty juices off me!”

Both of the girls gasped when they saw how Sarah had tricked them. Shanelle instantly felt the impulse to get mad at Sarah for not warning them, but that thought faded almost as soon as it began.

She couldn’t get mad over something she had liked doing, could she? And when Shanelle looked over at Ariel, she could see her little sister didn’t mind the trick at all. In fact she was licking Sarah’s fingers with even more gusto now.

That turned on Shanelle even more. She still couldn’t believe what they were doing but Ariel wanted it. It was so clear that she did and if Ariel wanted it, Shanelle wasn’t going to fight it.

She wanted it too. Oh God, she wanted to be so dirty. Shanelle didn’t want there to be any limits or any boundaries anymore. She was going to turn into a nasty sister fucker and it was making her so fucking hot to do it.

“Oooooh you’re bad Ariel!” Shanelle playfully chided. “Mmmm sucking my pussy off her fingers! Like that sis? Like tasting your married sister’s juices?”

When Shanelle put it like that it made Ariel feel so fucking dirty but that was what she wanted. She had lost all self-control and she didn’t want to hide how kinky she wanted to be.

“Mmmm yessss I love tasting your juices Shanelle!” Ariel confessed, not believing the words coming off her lips but knowing she truly felt them. “Mmmm I think I’m jealous now! I’m jealous of David mmmm and I’m REALLY jealous of Sarah! They get to taste your hot pussy whenever they want! I want that too!”

“Ohhhh my fucking God,” Shanelle gasped in total horny desire when she heard her teenage sister put it so bluntly. “You really want it? You really want to taste me?”

No one had to remind Ariel what it was she was saying and what she wanted to do. It was wicked and wrong. It was dirty and nothing she ever would have considered before tonight. But while her head was foggy and her thinking was all kinds of fucked up, her desire was crystal clear. She wanted this.

“Yesssssss! I want to taste you!” Ariel moaned out. “Fuck me Shanelle! I want to taste my big sister’s hot pussy! I’ve never tasted pussy before and I want you to be my first! Let me lick you! Mmmmm yesssss I wanna fuck you! I want to fuck my sexy big sister!”

With none of them having any self-control, Shanelle did not let those words linger. She was too fucking hot for this to think twice and she didn’t want Ariel to have any time to reconsider.

If kissing and touching had been going in for a penny, this was going in for the whole fucking pound and Shanelle couldn’t stop herself. She went for it and straddled her sister’s face, hovering her wet, waiting cunt right above the teenager’s mouth.

“You sure you want it baby?” Shanelle asked, wanting to make absolutely sure before she did something that would change their relationship forever, hopefully in a good way.

She didn’t want to do this if Ariel had any doubts. But fortunately Shanelle immediately got the assurance she was looking for.

“Oh yes! I’m so sure!” Ariel promised squeezing her own tits in anticipation of her first real taste of a woman and not just any woman. “This is so nasty! Make me nasty like you Shanelle! Fuck me like you fuck Sarah! Mmmm gawd fuck your sister’s face! Make me taste you and lick you up! I want the taste of your pussy all over my tongue!”

“Ooooh yesssssssss you want it little girl, then you get it,” Shanelle growled in animal lust before lowering herself and planting her pussy right on Ariel’s face. “Fuck me sis! Eat my married cunt! Lick me better than David ever can! Oooooh you nasty girl! Take your first taste of pussy!”

She’d been a bad girl before. She’d fucked women. She’d taken on multiple men. She’d had all her holes fucked raw and felt hot loads of cum blasted in them. But this was so much more. This was incest and Shanelle couldn’t believe she was doing it.

But any doubts she might have had about corrupting her teenage sister and letting this happen disappeared as soon as she felt Ariel’s tongue start to lick. It was nothing but the sweetest, most taboo pleasure and Shanelle was immediately lost in it.

“OHHHH SHIT! OHHHH!” Shanelle cried as the previously virginal tongue, one that had never tasted pussy, started licking her slit.

Shanelle was fully familiar with the sensation of a woman’s tongue but the intense thrill of it came from knowing just whose tongue it was and the dirty act they were committing.

“Oooooooh Ariel! Ohhh baby!” Shanelle moaned out happily. “Mmm yesssss oooooh fuck me! Yesssss taste my pussy! You like that baby? Like how that pussy tastes? Mmmm yesssss lick it you naughty girl! Ohhhhh fucking hell yessssss!”

Ariel did like the taste. She liked it a whole hell of a lot. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be doing this. This wasn’t her. She didn’t take crazy risks. She didn’t do wild things. And she definitely didn’t fuck women she wasn’t supposed to fuck.

But she couldn’t help herself. It was too hot and it felt too good. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. She wasn’t just licking another woman’s vagina. She was licking her sister’s! Holy fuck! What the hell was she doing? Oooooh but it was so tasty!

Shanelle had such a yummy taste. She’d sampled it on Sarah’s fingers before she’d known what she was doing and now she was tasting it right from the source. Shanelle’s forbidden flavor was even better like this.

Ariel had never thought tasting a girl would be this good. As she flicked her tongue against Shanelle’s slit and once again felt Sarah’s tongue return to her own teenage honeypot, Ariel found herself considering why every girl wasn’t a lesbian. This was so much better than sex with a guy could ever be.

“Mmmm I love how your pussy tastes sis!” Ariel moaned, her mouth full but her words clear while Shanelle fucked her face, rubbing her wet crotch into her lips and tongue to the delight of them both. “Sit on my face Shanelle! Mmm fuck me nasty and make me taste it! Ooooh I love this so much!”

Ariel had gotten even wetter the second Shanelle’s pussy had made contact with her lips. She’d just reflexively started to lick, not knowing how to do it right but knowing that she had to do it.

All Ariel had known was that she had to taste it and the more she tasted the more her instincts guided her and the more into it she got. Ariel got more confident in her licking and it showed. She licked Shanelle steadier and quicker, wanting more and more of her flavor all over her tongue.

“Ohhhhhh Ariel! Ohhh fuckkk ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!” Shanelle cried, riding the teenager’s face as she planted her hands down on the bedspread to grab onto it and steady herself. “Mmmmm baby! Ohhhhh fuckkk I never thought you’d ever be doing this to me! Mmmm God! Yessss lick your first pussy sis! Taste that juice! Mmmm fuck you’re gonna get so good at this! Mmm you’re like a natural! Mmmm when David doesn’t want to go down on me I’ll just come to your room and sit on your pretty face so you can do it!”

That dirty idea got Ariel to lick her sister even more and Shanelle cried out over and over again from the wickedness of their fun. Ariel did this with everything she had, licking Shanelle with a focused intensity. She undertook this task like everything else she ever did, with a total determination to get it done right.

Reaching down to touch herself, Ariel quickly had her hand slapped away by Sarah. Ariel giggled when that happened, surprised by it but happy that Sarah had done it.

It showed her that Sarah was totally committed to making her come and didn’t want any help. That turned Ariel on and she kept licking away at Shanelle while spreading her legs open and giving Sarah more room to operate.

“Mmmm yeahhh you dirty girl spread that juicy pink pussy open for me,” Sarah cooed when Ariel widened her legs. “Mmm show me how much you want to come! I can’t believe I’m watching this! Mmm watching you two fuck! Ooooh fuck her for me Ariel! Fuck Shanelle’s sweet pussy! She tastes so yummy and creamy when she comes! Mmm it’ll be the best fucking thing you ever tasted!”

And Sarah didn’t just urge Ariel on. She also made sure to cheer Shanelle’s naughty efforts as she watched her girlfriend rub herself into Ariel, the older woman fucking the teenager’s mouth reverse cowgirl style. That position made it so easy for Shanelle and Sarah to lock eyes and stare sexily at each other, the both of them happily stunned over what had happened.

“Ooooh yessss sit on that pretty face Shanelle!” Sarah said. “Mmmm look down at her too! See whose face you’re fucking? It’s Ariel’s! You’re fucking your own sister! Do it Shanelle! Fuck that face! Cream baby sis with your cum! Mmmm gawd I can’t believe I’m seeing you two fuck! It’s like my dirtiest fantasy! I wanted to see you two hook up and fuck each other and fuck me sooooo much! Mmm do it Shanelle! Make Ariel slutty like we are!”

“Ohhhh you’re such a perv!” Shanelle groaned as Ariel’s tongue continued to enthusiastically lick away. “You’re such a dirty girl Sarah! Fingering yourself and watching sisters fuck! You’d better not just be watching the show though! You’d better make my sister come! Fuck Ariel! Give her the best fucking orgasm she’s ever had! Show her how dirty girls like us fuck and what happens to hot girls when we play with them! Mmmm lick her pussy good!”

This was hardly the first all-girl threesome that Sarah and Shanelle had been in but it was definitely the most significant. All three women were completely committed to pleasing each other and Sarah followed Shanelle’s good advice.

She stopped teasing and resumed licking, shoving her face right into Ariel’s waiting teen cunt and lapping at her spread open folds while burying her nose into the girl’s lush, moist bush.

Sarah saw a lot of shaved girls, especially around the mansion, and it was always fun to find a full bush like this. Both she and Shanelle didn’t go fully bald but Ariel had them both beat.

Sarah was sure that was because no one was going down on her friend and giving Ariel advice about how to trim her garden but she liked that. Having Ariel’s furry bush tickle her while she lapped at her teen folds made her seem even more natural and sexy. It made Ariel seem fresher, like she was ready to be trained in all the proper ways of lesbian love and Sarah couldn’t wait to show her friend and co-star everything she knew.

“UGHHH FUCKKK OHHH FUCKKKK!” Ariel cried when Sarah licked her clitoris again. “OOOOH MORE SARAH MORE! MMMM LICK MY PUSSY AND MAKE ME COME!”

But as much as the surge of pleasure running through her from Sarah’s tongue licking her bud felt wonderful, Ariel didn’t allow herself to be distracted. It was impossible not to focus on bringing Shanelle pleasure too since her sister’s thighs were sandwiching her head and her wet pussy was right against her mouth.

Ariel licked her as best she could, trying to do to Shanelle what Sarah was doing to her. She mimicked the more experienced girl’s tongue movements and also tried to guess where to lick and how long based on Shanelle’s feedback.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh that’s it! Ohhhhhh right there sis! Riiiiiight therrrrre!” Shanelle moaned out for her, trying to instruct the teen. “Lick me right there baby! Ohhhh you’re so good! Ooooh you’re a little natural at this, aren’t you? Mmmm fuck yes you are! My hot little sister the pussy licker! Ohhh fuckkk mmmm God instead of fighting I should have been coming into your room every night and tucking you in! Mmmm well from now on baby sister is gonna get a special good night kiss from me!”

Shanelle was astounded by the words she was saying. They were so fucking dirty and she was saying such deviant things. But she meant them all. They words were flying out of her without any thought because they were coming right from the deepest parts of her, the parts where love and lust and ecstasy all mixed.

She didn’t have to be reminded how wrong this was but it wouldn’t stop feeling good long enough for Shanelle to consider the consequences.

Shanelle didn’t care if there were consequences. This night of depraved bliss was going to be worth it. And maybe it wasn’t even going to be something bad. Maybe it would all be good.

Maybe this would really bring her and Ariel together. Maybe this would make them closer as sisters. Maybe they’d be able to do this naughty fun every single chance they got because all Shanelle wanted to do right then was come all over her sister’s face.

“Ooooh you’re doing such a good job! Yesssssss lick right there! Mmmmm yeahhhh more on that spot! Shove your tongue into me and fuck me right there Ariel! Yesssss tongue fuck that dirty cheating pussy of mine!” Shanelle instructed. “Mmm you were so mad when you caught me and Sarah cheating with each other! I’ll bet you were just jealous we were fucking each other and not you! Now you can have it too Ariel! Mmm we’re gonna fuck you all the time! You won’t tell on us because you’ll be part of it too and you won’t tell David anything because you’ll be eating our pussies!”

While she was unable to say anything with her tongue buried in Shanelle’s pussy, Ariel loved what she was hearing. It was making her imagination whirl and her pussy drip to think about this not being some kind of a one-night thing.

Ariel kept thinking about how hot and naughty it would be to see David around the house all the time and think about how she was fucking his wife, her own sister, behind his back and that he had no idea what a dirty slut Shanelle really was.

Ariel knew no one would ever expect her to be so nasty either. She’d have this big, sexy secret with her all the time. No one would know she was a slut fucking her sister and her co-star. No one would ever know how much she loved the taste of pussy.

Mmmmm maybe she’d tell Chloe and Ava or maybe she’d keep it a secret from them too so they’d think she was some straight prude and never have a clue that she was secretly a sister fucking slut! Oh that would be so naughty!

As Shanelle urged her on, Ariel kept licking her, thrusting her tongue inside her and licking her creamy, delicious pinkness. She loved feeling Shanelle’s curls from her fur tickle her chin and she loved smelling the seductive perfume of her sister’s arousal.

This position was so kinky and it made what they were doing so depraved. Ariel loved feeling Shanelle sit on her face, making it seem like she was being forced to eat her out when deep down she would have done anything to be in this position.

That made it so hot for her and it enhanced the pleasure that Sarah was giving her with her tongue. Sarah was licking right on her clitoris and when she wasn’t licking it she was sucking on it and it all felt incredible.

Pinned underneath Shanelle, Ariel was writhing in ecstasy, grinding her bare ass cheeks into the bedspread and fucking herself against Sarah’s face. She was getting so close to coming and she moaned out her happy sounds right into her sister, licking her faster and harder to try and make Shanelle come along with her.

“Yessssssss ohhhh fuckkkk mmmmmm lick me faster! Mmmm tongue my fucking clitty!” Shanelle groaned as she squeezed her full tits, while jealously eying Ariel’s rack and thinking about they made hers look like nothing in comparison. “Mmmm show big sister how much you love her! Show me you love me by making me come baby sis! Ohhhh yessss mmmmm Ariel! Fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkk OHHHHH FUCKKKKK!”

Just as Sarah began giving Ariel’s clit fast, frantic licks of her tongue to bring her off, Ariel did that to Shanelle. It made both of them feel hot surges of pleasure run through them and it pushed them both closer to orgasm.

But Ariel was the closest one and Sarah made sure her co-star got the best of what she could do, using her experience and her skill to make sure her young friend came hard.

“OHHHH OHHHHHHHH GOD SARAH! OHHHH FUCKK OHHHH GOD PLEASE MAKE ME COME!” Ariel begged when she felt Sarah spit right onto her bulging young clit and then suck it clean by latching her lips to it and slurping on it. “OOOOOH SO NASTY! OHHHH FUCKKKK OHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSS MMMM PLEASE FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME SARAHHHHH! OHHHH FUCK MAKE ME COME MAKE ME COME MAKE ME COMMMMME!”

That was exactly what Sarah was planning to do and Shanelle added some extra incentive of her own, insuring both sisters were cheering the horny actress on as she sucked and tongued Ariel’s teenage clitty.

“Fucking do her Sarah! Make my sister come! Ooooh you’ve been such a perv this whole fucking time staring at Ariel’s big tits and wanting to fuck my innocent teenage sister!” Shanelle groaned out. “You’d better give her what she needs! Fuck her Sarah! Eat that pussy! Make my baby sis come harder than she ever has before!”

Sarah loved the extra pressure being put on her because she wanted the same thing Shanelle did. They both loved Ariel and they both wanted her to feel nothing but the sweetest ecstasy.

Sarah showed it with the loving attention that she was focusing on Ariel’s previously unlicked clitoris. Sarah wanted to show this girl what sex was all about. She wanted to make her friend come so hard that she would want to repeat this every day.

Sarah wanted Ariel want it again so bad that their trailers would be rocking all the time on the set. She wanted to blow her teen friend’s mind with how good she could fuck.

While she wrapped her lips around Ariel’s trembling clitoris, Sarah rubbed the girl’s spread slit with her fingers, giving her extra pleasure. And she also pleasured herself at the same time too.

To get at Ariel’s pussy in the position she wanted, Sarah way lying on her stomach and grinding herself into the duvet cover. She didn’t care if she was staining it or that she was being a pretty bad guest by doing it. All she cared about was rubbing her tender pussy lips into the cotton cover over Jessica’s bed.

Sarah rubbed herself hard into it, practically humping Jessica’s bed, and she made her pussy quiver while she tended to Ariel. She groaned in satisfaction while sucking on Ariel’s clit and kept rubbing against her pussy lips knowing soon she would have the teenager coming in her first lesbian orgasm.

While she did this, Sarah devilishly ran her fingers down just a bit, grazing them over her sensitive flesh and teasing the tip of Ariel’s snug asshole. Sarah moaned in wanton fantasy as she dreamed about taking that tight hole but she didn’t penetrate it. Instead she just gave it a naughty caress with her fingers before getting back to solely concentrating on Ariel’s pussy.

“Come for me baby! Mmmm come like the naughty girl you are!” Sarah implored. “You’ve been teasing me all these years with your big tits and this sweet ass of yours and you didn’t even know it! But you’re mine now Ariel! Mmm I’m so fucking glad you caught us! Now you can get fucked! Now you can come like a good little slut just like your big sister! Feed me Ariel! I want to drink and swallow your fucking cum! Give it to me baby! I need it!”

Ariel didn’t want anything more than to give Sarah what she wanted. She had never dreamed sex could really feel like this. It was too good to be real. She had to be dreaming or something. Nothing was supposed to feel this good.

But it kept going and going and she didn’t wake up from it so Ariel knew it wasn’t a dream. It was just a wonderful, nasty fantasy coming true, one she had never ever thought about but one she recognized she had deep down inside herself this whole time.

“Fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkk!” Ariel groaned out in anticipation, her body starting to tense up. And when Sarah got back to sucking on her clit, that tension started to give way to an eruption of ecstasy that the teenager had never felt before. “OHHH FUCKKKK OHHHHHHH GOD OHHH I’M GOING TO COME I’M GOING TO COME! YESSSS EAT MY CUM SARAH OOOOOH FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHH!”

“Do it! Fucking come baby! Ooooh it’s going to be so sexy to see you come!” Shanelle commanded, loving how the way her sister shaking on the bed made her tits bounce.

Those big teen tits were deliciously jiggling for her and at first Shanelle just slapped them around, playfully smacking them and making them bounce even more. But then Shanelle added to the fun by bending herself over, putting her and Ariel in a 69 position so she and Sarah could lick her together.

Ariel was already past the point of no return but Shanelle wanted to catch a taste of her sister’s cum and she got exactly the taste she was looking for as having two tongues on her pussy made the teenager explode extra hard.


She’d come before, but from her own hand and a little bit from that time she had been with a guy. But all of that was blown away by this explosion of pleasure. One tongue would have been enough to make her come like never before, but two? Oh that was just extra sweet and extra nasty and she gave the two greedy girls licking her extra cum for them to taste.

And Sarah and Shanelle took full advantage of that extra cum. They licked Ariel thoroughly as she went through the throes of orgasm. Any cum she dripped out was eagerly licked up by their greedy tongues as Sarah went after the sweet taste she had craved and Shanelle indulged in the forbidden juices her teenage sister was feeding her.

And when they had licked her all up, the two of them began tongue kissing so they could share Ariel’s cum.

That kiss deepened as the two lovers fell into the pleasure of each other’s kiss, a pleasure they knew so intimately by now. Sarah and Shanelle kissed passionately, rubbing each other’s cum coated tongues together as Shanelle rolled off Ariel and instead pressed herself into her girlfriend, mashing her full tits into Sarah’s perkier pair.

Shanelle reached down to caress Sarah’s pussy too, dragging her fingers over her lover’s slit and making Sarah coo in lust.

This left Ariel all alone for the moment and she slowly sat up in the bed. Her face was sticky from Shanelle’s juices and her expression showed the exhilaration of what she had just done.

Ariel looked like she didn’t know what had just hit her but that she was so glad it had. She had a giddy smile over her shiny face and she eagerly licked her lips, feeling such a dirty thrill from knowing it was Shanelle’s pussy all over them.

Oh God, what had she done? She had eaten out her own sister. She had let her co-star tongue fuck her to orgasm. This wasn’t her? What was wrong with her?

But Ariel’s smile never left her face because she quickly answered herself. There was nothing wrong with her. She had gone off and had wild fun for the first time in her life and she wanted to experience it again.

Even though she had just come, looking over and seeing Sarah and Shanelle naked and making out as they rubbed each other’s bodies together, made Ariel reach down and touch herself. She shivered when she felt how sensitive her pussy was now, especially her clit, and she knew she had to feel this feeling again. Now that she knew what sex was really all about, Ariel wanted lots more.

It didn’t seem right that Shanelle and Sarah were kissing each other and not paying attention to her so Ariel got next to them on the bed and changed that. No longer a blushing virgin when it came to making love to women, Ariel imposed herself and pulled the naked women apart so she could get in on their kiss.

Naturally, neither of them minded a bit and they eagerly let Ariel join in, turning the kiss into a three-way one. Shanelle and Ariel began passionately tongue kissing, reveling in their taboo naughtiness as Shanelle tasted herself all over her teenage sister.

But Ariel wanted a taste of her own pussy too and she got it when she began to focus on Sarah, sliding her tongue over her co-star’s and enjoying the flavor all over it.

Lips smacked together and tongues sensually touched as all three women moaned and rubbed themselves into one another on the bed. And as all three of them kissed, they all groped and caressed each other too.

Ariel eagerly explored both Shanelle and Sarah, roaming her hands over their bare tits and hard nipples and then naughtily sliding between their legs so she could rub her fingers against their wet slits, feeling their pussies and how turned on they were for her.

Ariel got such a raunchy thrill from feeling their wetness and she thought about how better it would feel to touch both of those soaked pussies with her tongue instead of her fingers.

“Mmmmm thank you,” Ariel finally said. “I can’t believe we did that but it was the best thing ever! I never knew sex could feel that good!”

“Oh that? That was just a warmup,” Sarah giggled, more than slightly underselling it but only in the service of a bigger point. “We’re just getting started! There’s a lot more we can do mmmm and a lot more we have to teach you.”

Ariel liked the sound of that and showed it with how her eyes lit up.

“Goody,” Ariel smiled. “I want more! I can see why you two are such nymphos! That felt amazing! Mmmm fuck I think I’m going to need that every single day!”

“Ooooh little sis is turning into a slut,” Shanelle teased, very happy to be getting this kind of reaction from Ariel because she felt the same way.

She knew they were supposed to regret what they had just done but she didn’t. It had been incredible and Shanelle wanted a repeat.

“Oh yeah? Only because you made me into one!” Ariel correctly noted. “Mmmm you made me lose all control. Ooooh you turned me on so much that I fucked my married, cheating big sister! Mmmm you’re so bad Shanelle! Making me lick your pussy and taste your juices!”

“You wanted it,” Shanelle said, making a correct point of her own. “And you liked it!”

“Mmmmm whose saying I didn’t?” Ariel laughed before tenderly kissing her sexy sister again. “I wish we’d been doing this before. We could have been fucking instead of fighting! But you didn’t want me hanging around your lesbian friends at this place. You were hogging all this pussy for yourself! So who was wrong the whole time?”

“I was,” Shanelle admitted after the kiss ended, never happier to have been wrong the entire time. Instead of being overprotective of Ariel she now felt that she should have been encouraging her to go to the mansion and a get a proper girl fucking education. “But show me again how wrong I was.”

“How can I do that?” Ariel asked even though she was pretty sure she knew where Shanelle was going with this.

“By finishing what you started,” Shanelle said, grabbing Ariel’s hand and moving it back down to her pussy. “I need you sis! Make me come! I’m so close! Make your slutty, cheating sister feel good! Lick me more! You were doing so well before!”

The sisters began kissing again, losing themselves in the eroticism of their illicit hookup. That left it to Sarah to organize things and she knew just what to do.

Sarah had a lot of dirty desires she still needed to satisfy and a lot of those nasty fantasies revolved around Ariel’s amazing, young body. One taste of her cum wasn’t going to be enough. Sarah wanted to do so much more to her sexy co-star.

But first Shanelle needed tending to and Sarah imposed herself on the kissing sisters to make it happen. Pulling them apart, Sarah moaned right into Shanelle’s ear and told her what she wanted.

“Bend over,” Sarah urged her lover. “Get on all fours and stick that gorgeous ass of yours out. Mmmm I’m going to make sure Ariel gets you off just how you like it.”

“Ohhhh yeah, you know how I like it,” Shanelle moaned, not hesitating to do exactly what Sarah said and reposition herself so she was on her hands and knees in the bed. “Mmmm you know I love it doggie style like a slut!”

“Oh fuck yeah I know,” Sarah said, remembering all the times Shanelle had demanded to be fucked in this very position and how good it had felt to give her exactly what she wanted.

Sarah appreciated the view of Shanelle’s bare ass jutting out, her curves looking so succulent. But she also had some payback in mind too and gave Shanelle’s bottom a hard smack, her hand cracking against her rear.

Shanelle cried out from the slap but not from pain. It was clear she liked it and Ariel couldn’t help but file that information away for later, like maybe the next time her big sister bossed her around and needed to be brought down a peg.

“That’s for spanking me before,” Sarah smirked. “Mmmm turnabout is fair play, slut. Oooooh you have such a cute, spankable butt Shanelle! Mmm stick it out for Ariel to get her tongue back into you!”

“Yesssssss!” Shanelle cried, her ass stinging but her anticipation and need stronger than ever. “Lick me Ariel! Tongue my wet pussy and make me come! Please! You were like a natural before! Get in there baby sis! Show me how much you love licking pussy!”

Ariel didn’t have to be told what was expected of her. She knew it and she wanted it. She couldn’t believe she was looking at her sister like this, naked and with her ass in the air. Ariel loved the view though.

Her sister had such a nice ass and her slit looked so wet and juicy from behind. Ariel realized that she had never fully appreciated how beautiful and sexy Shanelle was and she thought about all the pressure she had to be under, looking out for her at the same time she was raising two kids.

Shanelle had to be dealing with so much stress and Ariel told herself that a good sister would help her deal with that stress. And if she couldn’t do it only as a sister, she could do it as a lover.

So Ariel kneeled behind Shanelle and got right back to work. Her soaked slit was waiting there for her and Ariel started licking her again. The orgasm she had experienced had brought the teenager a lot of clarity but one thing that hadn’t changed was how much she loved the taste of Shanelle’s juices.

She didn’t care how wrong this was. She just cared that Shanelle tasted good and that she needed her to fuck her. Ariel wasn’t about to deny her sister anything and she licked her slit, tonguing off the juice from it and then sliding her tongue back inside the forbidden fuck hole.


Hearing that only spurred Ariel on and she licked at Shanelle harder. She’d gotten pent up with juice in the time she’d been away from licking her and Ariel greedily tongued it all up, getting it in her mouth and swallowing it. And as she licked, Ariel touched herself, feeling how wet she was getting too.

Being so bad and licking Shanelle was making her freshly horny and Ariel slid a finger and then two into her own dripping pussy while she buried her tongue inside her older sister.

“Mmmmm good little slut,” Sarah said, rubbing her naked body against her co-star’s while she hungrily eyed Ariel tongue fucking Shanelle. “Fuck her baby! Fuck big sister! Taste that juice! Mmmm pussy tastes so yummy, doesn’t it? It’s so much tastier than boy cum! I’ve swallowed a lot of both but nothing compares to hot girls, especially Shanelle! I love going down on your sister and now you can taste why! Fuck her Ariel! Mmm I’m going to help you make her come!”

While she said this, Sarah caressed Ariel’s bare back. It was so sexy to see her younger friend kneeling down and eating pussy. She had always wanted to have Ariel go lesbo for her but she had never dreamed something like this would actually happen.

But since it was, Sarah was going to take full advantage and she had so much she wanted to do. She didn’t say it though, at least not yet. Instead she just let her hand graze down Ariel’s back until she was touching the soft flesh of her ass.

Sarah moaned as she caressed the sexy meatiness of Ariel’s ass but she didn’t linger. She didn’t want to freak the girl out yet. This was still a little bit of a delicate situation and she didn’t want to push Ariel’s slut lessons too far until she was sure she was ready for it. So instead she focused on another ass, one she knew was always eager to be played with.

Ariel kept hungrily licking Shanelle from behind and Sarah helped her out by reaching up and grabbing her lover’s ass cheeks. Spreading open Shanelle’s buns, Sarah not only better exposed her folds to Ariel’s tongue she also left her vulnerable to the dirty fun Sarah loved to have with the older girl.

“Lemme show you what Shanelle likes,” Sarah told Ariel. “Mmm watch and learn!”

And Ariel did learn, her eyes widening as she watched Sarah reveal what her sister was into. With Shanelle’s ass cheeks spread open by Sarah’s hands it was so easy for the actress to let a long strand of saliva drip right from her mouth.

Sarah was so well-practiced in it too and the saliva dripped right down onto its target, hitting it directly as she drooled into Shanelle’s asshole, making the girl groan as the wet saliva touched her naughty hole.

“Yessssssssssss mmm fuck yesss Sarah! Show Ariel how I like it!” Shanelle moaned out, not caring how depraved this was getting. “Show her how much I love having my ass played with!”

“You’re such a butt slut,” Sarah teased. “Mmmm and I want Ariel to know it! I want her to see how much a sexy mommy and cheating wife like you loves getting her asshole licked. Your husband won’t do it but you know I sure as fuck will! Mmmm I’ll lick your asshole right in front of little sister!”

“OHHHHHHH!” Shanelle cried when Sarah made good on her promise by leaning into her ass and licking her hole, tonguing the sensitive ring and spreading around the saliva.

Sarah used the tip of her tongue to smear her spit all over Shanelle’s asshole and once she’d gotten her wet she really unleashed her tongue, tossing her girlfriend’s salad right in front of Ariel’s wide eyes.

Ariel gasped in naughty surprise when she saw her sister was into anal play. She never would have expected that. But then again she’d never have suspected her sister was a secret lesbian before tonight. Lots of unexpected things were being discovered and Ariel liked them all.

“Mmmm that’s so fucking hot sis,” Ariel declared. “Mmm lick her asshole Sarah! Show me all the kinky stuff she likes! Show me how nasty you two cheaters get! I want to be kinky just like you two! Oooooh make me dirty and make me see how hot girls fuck!”

Ariel resumed licking and tongued her sister faster, flicking her tongue against Shanelle’s clit as the woman bent over, both of her holes being tended to. With Ariel and Sarah licking her at the same time, the raw enthusiasm of Ariel’s young tongue being perfectly balanced with the experience and skill of Sarah’s, Shanelle knew she wasn’t going to be able to last much longer.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeahhh give it to me!” Shanelle begged, thrusting her ass back to rub herself into the faces of both of her lovers. “Mmmmm yessssss fuckkkkk lick that fucking ass Sarah! Mmmm gawwwd I love feeling your dirty little tongue up my butt! Ohhhh fuckkk yeahhhhhh lick me Ariel! Lick my sweet pussy you little slut! Ohhhhh that’s so fucking good! Ohhhh yessssss I love two fucking tongues! Ohhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSS!”

Ariel and Sarah were so close to each other as they both tongued Shanelle. They couldn’t resist kissing a few times, showing off a desire to make out with each other that would have sent Modern Family’s ratings through the roof if they’d made it a part of the show.

They lustfully kissed, rubbing their tongues together and Ariel moaned when she tasted her sister’s asshole from Sarah’s kiss. But they mostly focused on Shanelle, licking away at her and stimulating her holes as she cried out for them both.


This was all so overwhelming for Shanelle. It was an amazing pleasure she couldn’t get a grip on. And that was the best part. She had never been this wild before.

Nothing she had ever done had been as nasty as this. Her fucking sister was licking her pussy for God’s sake! Shanelle never wanted it to end. She just wanted to keep fucking Ariel and for Sarah to show her everything she liked so the teen could do it to her every night. She loved both of these women so much and their tongues were driving Shanelle into a ferocious frenzy of pleasure.

“MORE! PLEASE MORE!” Shanelle begged loving the feel of hands spreading her open and tongues enthusiastically licking her clit and her asshole. She could feel her voice getting hoarse and she had no idea how she’d be able to explain that to her husband when she got home but she didn’t care. “OHHH GOD FUCK ME PLEASE! YESSSSS FUCKKK OHHHH!”

Feeling Sarah’s tongue naughtily shoving into her asshole and lick her even harder made Shanelle cry out. God, that girl knew how to make her feel so fucking good! And Shanelle couldn’t help but think that she and Sarah could teach Ariel all about anal pleasure too.

It would be so hot to do that and to think about it while Ariel was licking her clit made Shanelle totally lose it. She couldn’t hold back a second more.


Ariel moaned in lusty satisfaction when her mouth was suddenly filled with Shanelle’s cum. She’d given a blowjob before but she’d never had anyone come in her mouth and knowing that it was Shanelle’s forbidden juices she was tasting made the cream even sweeter.

She didn’t know how to react so Ariel just swallowed her sister’s orgasmic essence, gulping down as much as Shanelle could feed her. And as she swallowed the forbidden juices, Ariel kept on fingering herself and making herself good and horny again for more fucking.

The sweet flavor of Shanelle’s orgasm in her mouth further convinced Ariel that this was for her. Fucking girls was so much fun. They tasted so good and their bodies were so sexy.

Ariel had never thought sex could truly be so much fun and when Shanelle pulled away and turned around so she could give her a lusty, incestuous tongue kiss Ariel succumbed once again to this newfound lust inside her. How could this get any better?

And actually Sarah had an answer for that even though Ariel had kept the question to herself.

“Ooooh that’s so hot mmm I’m never going to get tired of watching this,” Sarah giggled as she watched the sisters kiss and share Shanelle’s cum. “I’m so glad you like this Ariel! Mmm I have so many things I want to do to you! I’ve been having such hot fantasies about what I can do to your hot body! Dirty things! Mmmm nasty things!”

That naturally piqued Ariel’s curiosity and she couldn’t keep from inquiring. She was still so turned on and she wanted more. Finding out Sarah’s kinky fantasies about her was too fascinating to resist.

“What? What do you want to do to me?” Ariel asked, so curious to find out more about all these desires her co-star had previously kept secret from her.

“You sure you want to know?” Sarah asked, desperate to tell but not wanting to give her friend too much to handle.

“Yes! Definitely!” Ariel insisted. “Please tell me! Mmmm what are the dirty things you want to do to me!”

Glancing over from Ariel over to Shanelle and not getting any reason to stop from either one of them, Sarah confessed the fantasy.

“I want to fuck your ass, baby!” Sarah said. “Mmmm I wasn’t just staring at your boobs on the set. I was also drooling over your ass! I want to bend you over like I bend over Shanelle and I want to fuck that big, jiggly teen butt of yours and make you take it like a slut! I want to fuck your virgin hole and make you fucking love taking it up the ass as much as your sister does! Mmmm I’d so check out your butt all the time when we were filming scenes and I’d pretend it was bouncing for me when I fucked it! Ooooh fuckkk I’d get so wet thinking of your sexy, thick cheeks jiggling as you got fucked hard!”

“Whoa,” Ariel replied, a little flummoxed by Sarah’s enthusiasm for anally defiling her, but not so taken aback that she resisted the idea. “Ummmm wow, that’s ummmm interesting.”

“You mad at me?” Sarah asked, not sure what was off limits to her teenage co-star.

Sarah didn’t want to give her too much and while it seemed Ariel already had no boundaries considering what she had just done with Shanelle, Sarah didn’t want to make it seem like the girl had to do something she wasn’t ready for.

“No! I’m not! I’m just surprised you were checking my butt out and I didn’t notice,” Ariel admitted. She’d seen the stares from the men in the crew and others around the set but she had never even thought that the women could be leering too, especially Sarah. “Mmmm if you really want to do that, you can. That sounds hot! Mmmm I like thinking about you doing that to me!”

“You do?” Sarah asked, marveling at this hidden kinky side of Ariel Winter.

“Ummm yeahhh I’ve ummm…kind of been thinking about how hot that would be, even before we did this,” Ariel confessed, blushing a little bit as she said it even after all they had already done with each other. “I’ve always liked the idea of being fucked up the ass.”

Admitting that out loud was a huge step for Ariel because she never had before. She had always wanted to keep that secret and not let anyone know.

Her friends always seemed so eager to share their sex secrets with her but Ariel had never felt the same way and had kept this secret part of her hidden away. There was no sense in doing that now, though. She was going to let it all hang out.

“Okay, that’s pretty fucking hot,” Shanelle laughed. “All this time I thought you were some repressed little thing and you’ve been dreaming about getting butt fucked? You really are kinky, sis.”

“I think we’ve already well established that I am,” Ariel laughed back, licking her lips for one last taste of Shanelle. “But you’re not the only ones who had kinky thoughts. I’ve had fantasies! I’m a woman! I wanted to feel good! I wanted to try dirty, kinky things. I just hadn’t before today.”

Ariel hadn’t exactly been living the life of a nun on the inside, despite everyone seeming to believe she was some kind of a prude. She just hadn’t expressed herself sexually very much.

That didn’t mean she didn’t have dirty desires of her own, though. She had lots of forbidden thoughts. Some had been about trying it with a girl. But more had been about what it would feel like to get fucked up the ass.

There had been something just so dirty and depraved about being fucked there. Maybe because it was regarded as a taboo. Maybe it was because it wasn’t supposed to be something good girls did. Maybe because it just seemed wrong about bending over and taking it up the butt. But it had always been a turn on for Ariel to think about getting fucked in that naughty hole.

When she masturbated, quite often Ariel would end up touching herself there. She would slide in a finger while she played with herself and it would make her come extra hard. She had always thought she would try it some day for real with a man she loved and trusted, like maybe her future husband or a really serious boyfriend.

Ariel had never envisioned anything like this, though, and that just made it more fun and naughtier.

“Do you really want to do it? I mean I’d love to do it to you like right fucking now!” Sarah declared. “But only if you want me to. You can say no if you want. I don’t want to force you Ariel.”

Ariel knew the decision was hers and that put her right at the crossroads. Could she? She couldn’t pretend that the thought of being fucked in the ass wasn’t hot for her. She couldn’t pretend that she had never considered the possibility of it. But this was all so much.

However, that was the part that turned her on the most. They had already done so much and it all felt so good. The pleasure Ariel had felt left her craving more and more was definitely what she was being offered.

They had already shattered so many taboos. What was one more? And she had wanted to do it with someone she loved and trusted. Who fit the bill for that more than Sarah and Shanelle?

Ariel didn’t think there were two people she cared for more. She had total faith that they would treat her right and not hurt her. So, even as it made her heart beat faster with nervousness over crossing another boundary, Ariel knew the answer was an obvious one.

“I want it,” Ariel replied. “Mmmm fuck this is so naughty but I want it. I want you two to fuck me in the ass!”

“Both of us?” Shanelle asked, getting more and more turned on by where this was heading.

“Yeah, you help each other,” Ariel said, making crystal clear what she meant before there was any confusion. “Like you guys take turns fucking me. Mmmm I want you two to make it nasty! Each of you gets to fuck me!”

“Awwww,” Sarah pouted a bit, disappointed she wasn’t going to be able to take all that teen ass for herself.

“Oh hush you whiner,” Shanelle said, very aroused at the idea of helping Ariel in such a depraved way. “Don’t be selfish. Mmm if she wants to share her ass we definitely should let her. I think we both deserve a big, yummy present for Christmas.”

“Mmmhmmm and as you two have noted, I have PLENTY of ass to go around,” Ariel said with a sly wink before she boldly repositioned herself on all fours and gave her booty a shake, making her cheeks jiggle.

Ariel knew full well that doing that would have an impact on her lovers and she was right on in her assessment. Seeing Ariel shaking her bare ass took Sarah’s breath away.

“Ohhhhh yessssss! That’s like the best position for you,” Sarah marveled in total lust at the way Ariel’s ass looked. “Mmmm God you have an ass that’s made for fucking, sweetie! Mmmm I just want to fucking own that fat ass!”

Ariel blushed when Sarah called it “fat” but she knew it was a compliment. She was getting used to that being a nice word and she liked hearing it even though it was definitely not normal. So she started training herself to see the good side of that word and gave her backside another wiggle.

“Well then you’d better do something about it,” Ariel teased. “Don’t just stare at it. Fuck this fat ass or else you know I’ll go downstairs and find someone who will!”

And, just as she had hoped, Ariel’s threat had the desired reaction on Sarah.

“No!” Sarah growled as she got behind Ariel and grabbed onto her thick teen buns, digging her nails into them a little and making the younger girl hiss in pleasure. “This cherry is mine! I’m going to fuck you baby! Just like I’ve been dreaming about!”

Sarah didn’t give Ariel any more chance to tease her or, worse, change her mind. She used the tight grip she held on Ariel’s ass cheeks to spread them open and, just as she had loved doing to the teen’s tits, she buried her face into her co-star.

Practically salivating as she did it, Sarah got between Ariel’s cheeks and started licking. She tongued the girl’s ass crack and made Ariel shriek and giggle in delight at the new, kinky pleasure she was experiencing.

“AHHHH! OHHH FUCKKK!” Ariel cried, not just from the dirty feeling of having a tongue back there but from the wildly enthusiastic way Sarah did it to her. “OOOOOH NASTYYYYY! OOOOOH SARAH! OH GOD! LICK IT! MMMM GAWD LICK MY ASS!”

Not even having her pussy licked could compare to the sheer exhilaration that came from having a tongue licking her crack, sliding up and down between her buns before shoving right into her waiting hole. Having a tongue touch her there was so much better than her fingers were, especially since it was Sarah Hyland, the supposedly straight girl she saw almost every day and had always treated her like a little sister, who was doing it to her.

Sarah loved how much Ariel enjoyed it and she was relieved that she did because Sarah loved this so much that it would have practically taken an army to pull her away from Ariel’s ass. Sarah kept her face buried in her co-star, nestling her nose in between her glorious cheeks and lapping at her crack until it was dripping with her drool.

Sarah was like an animal unleashed as she licked away and focused on the virgin hole she had been craving, shoving her tongue into it and penetrating her friend.

“OHHHH MY GODDDD OOOOOH THAT’S SO FUCKING HOT!  OHHHH YESSS MMM YOUR TONGUE FEELS SO NASTY UP MY ASS OOOOH GAWWD SARAH!” Ariel cried, her tits starting to sway as Sarah’s tongue probing her in such a tight, sensitive place made her body lurch.

Ariel hadn’t expected it to feel like this. It was an electric sensation, feeling even more like something she wasn’t supposed to be doing and enjoying than even the tongues she had felt on her pussy.

Sarah was so eager about it too, like she was desperate to taste her ass and that drove Ariel wild with pleasure. She tossed her head back and let her long, black hair fly as she cried and moaned and grunted from this intense new sensation.

It felt even better than she had fantasized it would and the best part was that it wasn’t some guy tonguing her or putting his penis inside her ass. It was her friend, someone she was super close to. It was someone she knew loved her. That made it so much dirtier and fun and Ariel felt like she could come again before the fucking even really started.

Each sound of pleasure from Ariel’s mouth fired up Sarah even more. Even she was a bit surprise at what a horny, greedy sex monster she was turning into at Ariel’s ass but she couldn’t help herself.

The juicy, fat butt cheeks against her face felt so warm and soft, like fleshy pillows and she loved how tight Ariel’s ass was. It was such a kinky thrill for Sarah to know she was the first to touch this hole and she was feeling like an untamed savage when it came to her friend’s virgin asshole.

She managed to mumble something out but with her face shoved into Ariel’s ass, it came out completely muffled.

“Huh? What are you saying?” Ariel asked, afraid she was doing something wrong.

But unfortunately for the sake of clarity, Sarah was completely unwilling to pull her face up from her friend’s shapely rear and make herself understood. She just kept licking at the waiting little hole, sliding her tongue inside Ariel’s ass while feeling the soft cheeks pressed to her face and she mumbled out her wishes again.

“Wha?” Ariel started to ask but this time Shanelle interrupted her with a pretty good idea what Sarah was requesting.

“I think she wants you to shake your booty sis,” Shanelle said, giving Ariel a sexy smack to her bottom to get her moving. “Rub it in her face! Make that jelly jiggle for her! This slut loves that stuff!”

“Ummmm okay…” Ariel replied with a little bit of an excited giggle.

No one had ever accused her of being the kind to shake what her momma had given her, especially considering who her mother was. And she had never been eager to try some white girl twerking and embarrass herself. But Ariel had an idea of what she was supposed to do.

As her ass stung from the pleasurable smack Shanelle had given her, Ariel backed herself up and began shaking her ass, trying to be as sexy about it as she could. And though she was unsure how good she was going to be at it, it was just what Sarah wanted.

“Awwww fuck yeahhh mmmm yesssss mmmmphhhh!” Sarah moaned in hungry lust when Ariel began bouncing her thick cheeks against her face.

It was just the opportunity Sarah was looking for and she burrowed herself in again, shoving her face into her friend’s ass and licking away as she motorboated those big, juicy buns.

Sarah fingered herself as she did it too, sliding two fingers into her cunt while she felt herself get smothered by teen ass, just like she had wanted. Feeling those cheeks jiggle against her was everything she had fantasized it would be and she licked heartily at them, sliding her tongue over the girl’s tight hole and making it extra wet before she took the next step.

With saliva dripping right off her tongue, Sarah drooled into Ariel’s asshole, coating it with the best lube of its kind and when she dragged her tongue upward to lick her crack again, she took one of her slim fingers and pushed it inside the teenager.

But while she was wild and untamed when it came to her licking, Sarah was gentle with her finger, wanting to do it to her young friend right and make sure she enjoyed it. And when she heard a steady, happy groan from Ariel she knew she was doing a good job.

“Yessssssssssss mmmmm do it Sarah! Mmmm God that’s the hole you’re going to fuck! You’re going to take that ass cherry! You and Shanelle!” Ariel moaned out, overcome by carnal lust. “I was going to save it for a special boyfriend or even my husband but you can have it! Mmm you both can have my ass! Just fuck it good and make me a naughty slut for it just like you two are! Mmmmm that finger feels so good! Slide it in! Oooooh bang my big butt!”

This kind of sensation was familiar to Ariel but it was so much better to have another woman do it to her than to have her own fingers inside. This was so much hotter and a lot less awkward.

She didn’t have to twist her body around try to reach herself in a way that was hot and sexy. This way she just had to be naked and stick her ass out for a hot girl like Sarah to lick and finger. What could be better than that?

And just as it happened, Ariel quickly found out.

“My turn,” Shanelle declared.

She’d been watching the show and playing with her tits but she could not be a bystander anymore. As hot as it was to watch Sarah give Ariel a rim job, Shanelle wanted to play too and make sure her sister was done right. She knew Sarah could do it perfectly, but Shanelle still favored the hands on approach.

Sarah pouted again when she was pushed away but she didn’t fight it other than with a petulant whine. She quickly realized there was something else she could be doing and she got up off the bed to start the search.

If they were going to really fuck Ariel and pop her cherry then they were going to need toys. Tongues and fingers were great, but Sarah wanted to give the girl the full anal experience and have some strap-on fun of her own.

Picturing how sexy Ariel’s big butt cheeks would look shaking as she slammed into her and fucked her ass, Sarah had all the incentive she needed as she began frantically looking around Jessica’s bedroom for what she knew had to be hidden somewhere. After all, it seemed insane to think of all these hot women at the mansion fucking each other on a daily basis and them not having any toys around to play with.

That left Shanelle in sole custody of Ariel’s ass and she started treating her horny sister to a tongue bath. She wasn’t as uninhibited as Sarah had been with her wild, drool filled licking, but she gave Ariel a softer touch, tenderly rubbing her tongue against the tip of her sister’s winking, virginal hole. Shanelle licked it seductively, making Ariel purr as Shanelle spread Sarah’s saliva all around her sensitive ring.

Instead of getting behind her and shoving her face into her ass the way Sarah had, Shanelle took a different approach and instead kneeled next to Ariel, going at her from the side. She leaned in and gently massaged her sister’s fleshy cheeks, lovingly caressing them as she spread them apart just enough to get her hole.

And that let Shanelle work over the girl with loving but naughty licks, tasting not only Ariel’s puckered anus but the flesh surrounding it, working over what she knew well to be an area which deserved to be pleasured thoroughly.

“Ooooooh Shanelle! Mmmm yeahhhhh sis yeahhhhh mmmm make it all wet before you fuck me!” Ariel moaned out, very appreciative of how her lovers were getting her ready for this. “Mmmmm be all nice to it before you get mean and fuck that butt! Ohhhh gawwd I can’t believe I’m giving up my ass! Fuckkk especially to you! Mmmmm gawd what would David do if he caught us?”

“Probably die from having the world’s biggest boner,” Shanelle laughed before blowing cool air on Ariel’s wet, sensitive anus to make her sigh in pleasure. “Mmmm he’d love this shit! Mmmm he’d fucking explode in his pants from watching me lick my sexy sister’s virgin butthole! Ooooh maybe if he’s a good boy we’ll put on a show for him on his birthday!”

“Ohhhhh I don’t think any boy could ever be good enough to deserve to see something like this,” Ariel groaned, getting a sexy thrill from the idea of her brother-in-law seeing a nasty incest show but definitely not wanting to commit to the idea.

This was something she definitely recognized should be kept secret as much as possible.

“You’re probably right,” Shanelle smiled. “Besides, sharing with Sarah is one thing. But I don’t want any guy getting naughty with my sister’s ass. Mmmm this pretty pucker is for girls only I think.”

“Yesssssssssssss girls only!” Ariel agreed with a moan as Shanelle tongued her hole again, licking up all of Sarah’s saliva and giving her a fresh coating from her own mouth.

Ariel squealed and cooed from every one of the naughty licks her sister gave her and she slumped forward on the bed, slipping off her elbows so she could grab a pillow and cry into it.

The sensation of a skilled, experienced tongue on her very inexperienced asshole was an utter delight and Ariel was already thinking of starting a new rule. If any girl ever wanted to fuck her, then rim jobs were going to be a must because she didn’t think she was ever going to be able to have sex after this without getting her asshole licked and probed by a wet tongue.

Ariel writhed on the bed and moaned into the pillow, her saliva getting the fabric wet, as she felt Shanelle’s tongue tease and lick her hole. It all felt so good and Ariel loved how it was both kinky and sweet at the same time.

Even though she was doing something really dirty, it wasn’t cheap and it didn’t make her feel violated. It made Ariel feel loved by her sister. It was a very special, very forbidden kind of love to be sure, but a love nonetheless and it was emphasized by Shanelle giving each of Ariel’s butt cheeks a wet kiss while sexily squeezing them.

But before Ariel could think any more about how much she would have loved to come just from Shanelle rimming her asshole, Sarah returned and definitely not empty handed. She walked out of the bedroom’s walk in closet with not one, but two strap-ons in her hands.

“Dude! You’ve gotta see how many toys Jessica has in her closet!” Sarah declared. “She’s got like this huge collection of strap-ons and dildos and…well she’s got everything! It’s like one-stop shopping for toys! We gotta become like her best friends so she’ll let us play with these!”

As sexy as it was to see Sarah holding the realistic cock shaped toys in each hand and knowing that they were going to be fucking her, Ariel had a very nerdy question to ask first.

“Ummm should you ask for permission first?” Ariel asked.

She didn’t have to be reminded this someone else’s bedroom and the last thing Ariel wanted to do was be rude. She didn’t want them to get all of them in trouble and not be able to come back to this awesome place for more fucking.

“Oh I’m sure she won’t mind,” Sarah said, dismissing Ariel’s concerns without a second’s thought. “Besides if someone’s got this many toys in her room then she definitely doesn’t mind sharing. You should see how many she’s got Ariel! Like she’s got a cock for every color of the rainbow! Mmmm but I like pink the best!”

Sarah giggled as she said that because while she did she was sliding the cock onto her body.

The toy was a bright pink one and Ariel liked how it looked nice and girly on Sarah’s slim body. But it was still big and Ariel guesstimated it was about seven inches long. She nervously gulped when she thought about that going into her ass.

It wasn’t huge but it was a hell of a lot bigger than a finger. Still the more Ariel looked at it the more she wanted it. She didn’t want to chicken out especially as she watched Shanelle put on the other toy, a nice purple cock to contrast with her creamy skin.

Ariel loved the colors of the seven inch cocks the two were wearing. They seemed so nice and feminine, making her feel even more that these were hot girls fucking her not some horny guy. She wanted those fake cocks inside her even more than she had ever wanted a real one and Ariel looked over her shoulder as they got ready for her, passing around a bottle of lube and spreading it all over their girl cocks.

“I hope you like strawberry flavor,” Sarah said, slathering the liquid all over her plastic prick to make sure it was nice and slick for Ariel. “I looked around for cherry but there didn’t seem to be any. I thought that flavor would be appropriate for what we’re about to take from you.”

Ariel was about to chide Sarah for such a bad joke but before she got the chance, her co-star made her feel something else entirely. Ariel tensed up in erotic anticipation when Sarah came up behind her and slid the lubed up pink cock between her buns, sawing it up and down her thick ass cheeks.

Sarah’s hands on her ass and the way she was being teased by the pink plastic rubbing against her made it impossible for Ariel to do anything but moan.

“You ready? Tell me if you’re not because I’ll totally stop,” Sarah promised, a gesture that Ariel appreciated greatly even though it was totally unnecessary.

“Oh yes! I’m so ready!” Ariel said, partly lying.

She didn’t think she could ever be truly ready for anything as intense as losing her anal virginity to another woman. But she was as ready as she would ever be and most importantly she wanted it.

“Fuck me Sarah!” Ariel pleaded. “Take my ass and fuck it hard! I wanna feel you fuck it like you fuck Shanelle!”

That was just the answer that Sarah had wanted to hear and she didn’t hesitate. As Shanelle watched on, lubing up her own borrowed strap-on, Sarah spread open Ariel’s butt cheeks and began to slowly push inside her.

Ariel cried out reflexively as the plastic began to poke against her anus and Sarah slowed herself up. She wanted to make sure to be gentle with her friend, at least at first. Sarah knew it would hurt her some no matter what, but she wanted to lessen Ariel’s pain as much as she could and make her feel nothing but pleasure.

“Touch yourself,” Sarah advised, easing the head into Ariel’s tight ring and popping the seal on her virgin hole. “Play with your pussy while I fuck you! It’ll make it much better!”

Ariel took that advice to heart. She had been assuming it was going to hurt. After all something was going inside a hole that was not supposed to be penetrated. But she just hoped it wouldn’t hurt much and she didn’t hesitate to go after anything that would distract her from the pain.

Ariel began rapidly rubbing her own pussy, playing with the soaked lips of her slit and then pushing inside herself with two of her fingers just as Sarah took more of the strap-on and eased it into her.

“AHHHH” Ariel cried out as her hole began to stretch from the fake cock going into her. “OHHH FUCK!”

“Want me to stop?” Sarah asked, hoping the answer was a “no” but still putting Ariel’s comfort over her own pleasure.

“Noooooo!” Ariel cried, before realizing her answer was a bit vague and not wanting Sarah to get the wrong impression. “Don’t stop! Mmmm fuck me! Ooooh I like it! Mmmm it hurts in a good way! Ugh take my tight hole Sarah! Make me feel it stretch to fit that big dick inside my ass ohhhhhhhhhh! OHHHHHH!”

Just as Ariel had always fantasized it would be, the pleasure of being anally penetrated was such a kinky rush for her. It did hurt but she liked the pain. It was a mild pain to be sure and for that she thanked Sarah for being so gentle with her and letting her adjust to the new feeling of having something plastic up her butt.

But mostly it was pleasure. It was the pleasure of surrendering and giving up control. It was the pleasure of doing something bad. It was the pleasure of being taken and fucked and made to feel all wonderfully dirty and depraved.

Sarah’s advice for her to touch herself had been just what Ariel had needed and playing with her pussy as the cock pushed deeper and deeper inch by inch was an amazing feeling. Sarah was taking her nice and slow too, never making her feel like she was taking on too much and making it so that with each inch that disappeared into her anus, the more Ariel wanted inside her.

“Fuck meeeee!” Ariel cried out as more was pushed into her ass, the plastic starting to really fill her up.

It felt so intense to have something pushing inside her, way naughtier than the cock she’d once felt inside her pussy. Ariel loved that intensity and how it made her shiver and moan as she rubbed her cunt and felt one of her best friends fuck her.

“Ohhh yesss do what you wanted to do to me all this time Sarah!” Ariel groaned in pleasure and need. “Fuck that big, fat butt of mine! Mmmmm gawd you got to stare at it and now you get to fuck it! Ooooh yessssss take me Sarah! Make me a slut for ass fucking! Ohhhh fuckkkk make it nasty! Make ME nasty!”

Happy that Ariel was enjoying it, Sarah started to pick up the pace. But not too much.

It was so tempting to just start hammering away at Ariel. God, she wanted to see those big jiggly butt cheeks shake for her so fucking bad. But Sarah, even with as little self-control as she possessed right then, still made sure to do the right thing.

She didn’t give Ariel more than she could handle. She let the teen adjust to the size and length of her plastic cock and Sarah only pushed deeper and harder inside her when she was sure her friend was ready for it.

“You’re so hot Ariel! Oooooh taking this big, hard girl cock inside your ass like a good slut!” Sarah moaned out, pretty sure she was about to start drooling onto the juicy ass cheeks below from how sexy her teen friend looked bent over and jutting that breathtaking booty of hers out. “Mmmm you wanna get fucked, huh baby? Wanna get buttfucked by a sexy, slutty lesbian bitch? Mmmm you’re gonna be just as nasty as Shanelle is now Ariel! You’re going to be slutty like me! Ooooh two hot sisters who love it when I fuck them up the butt! Ohhhh yessssss mmmmmm gawd take it baby! Let me know if it’s too much!”

And once again Sarah got just the answer she was hoping for. Shanelle had been an assfucking pro from the first moment they had hooked up and Sarah had been hoping this was another trait the sisters shared. So she was elated to see it was as Ariel cried out happily for her.

“Ooooh it’s not! Mmmm fuck I want more! More cock! Ooooh shove more up my big ass!” Ariel cried out, loving the way she was being taken and how the pain was slowly easing away to be replaced with more and more pleasure. “Mmmmm fuck me Sarah! Ohhhh God that feels so big! Ooooh I love your big cock up my ass! Mmmm give it to me please! Ughhh fuck yesssss take my cherry Sarah! Fuck me like you always wanted to you lesbo pervert!”

“Ohhhh yessss! I’m a pervert huh? Well now so are you, you fucking lesbo slut!” Sarah groaned in pleasure as she thrust harder into Ariel, really giving it to her for the first time and shoving more of the cock into her while the teenager cried in pleasure. “Take it baby! Take my girly cock up your fat ass! Mmmm fuckk I wanna see this booty shake for me while I fuck it!”

“Yessssss make it shake! Make my big booty bounce!” Ariel cried, getting back on her hands and knees and straightening herself up so she could thrust back against the invading cock, making her ass shake while she did it. “OHHHHHH YESSS SARAH! MMMM FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS! OHHH FUCKK YESSSS YOU CAN DO IT LIKE THIS! OOOOH DO IT HARD! I CAN TAKE IT!”

Sarah wasn’t particularly pounding Ariel but she was giving it to her with more gusto. She loved how her friend was reacting. Sarah badly wanted to get her into this and not just for her own selfish pleasure but because she wanted Ariel to feel good too.

Sarah knew ass fucking felt great when it was done right and she wanted Ariel to be open to all pleasures in sex. She didn’t want Ariel to be scared of sex or insecure about her body. She wanted her friend to embrace having a big butt and huge tits. She wanted her to love herself and love being sexy and naughty.

So Sarah wasn’t just doing this to satisfy her own kinky desires but to make her friend feel a huge orgasm. Eating her out and tasting Ariel’s cum had been awesome but it wasn’t enough.

Sarah really wanted to blow Ariel’s mind and she knew she could do that with a strap-on. So the more Ariel adjusted and the more she showed she could handle, the more Sarah gave it to her, easing inch after inch of Jessica’s seven-inch pink fuck toy up her friend’s ass and making it harder and faster while Ariel cried for more.

“Ooooooh oooooh ooooooh yeahhhhh mmmmm yessss Sarah! Oooooh this feels so fucking great!” Ariel cried the intensity of giving up her precious virginity to her friend’s nasty fucking washing over her and taking away any fear or inhibition that had remained. “Mmmm give it to me! Make me take it! Make me into your slut! Mmmm yessss your dirty, lesbian buttfucked slut! Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah I love it!”

Shanelle watched all of this toying with her nipples and enjoying Ariel’s pleasure from her first anal fucking. But she also felt something more. There was jealousy was growing inside her.

She loved Sarah and she wanted her girlfriend to bend her over and take her like that next. But Shanelle also felt possessive of Ariel. She was her sister. Why wasn’t she the one fucking her? That didn’t seem fair or right and she let Sarah know it.

“Don’t hog her,” Shanelle said as she pressed herself into Sarah, sliding the lubed up purple penis she wore against Sarah’s cute little ass and making sure her secret girlfriend could feel the plastic pressed between her tight ass crack. “We promised to share, remember? I want to fuck her too! C’mon Sarah! Don’t be selfish!”

The problem was Sarah did want to be selfish. Ughh she had always hated sharing. Sharing sucked, especially when it came to her toys and right then Sarah considered both Jessica’s strap-on and Ariel’s ass to be her toys.

Sarah grumbled at first when Shanelle pestered her and she proceeded to ignore her and keep up her thrusts. But eventually Sarah relented, letting her conscience, which was naturally particularly strong at Christmas, get the better of her as she gave Shanelle what she wanted.

“Fine!” Sarah groaned in frustration. “But I want more of her too! Don’t just keep her for yourself because she’s your sister! I want more of this fat ass!”

“Oh you’ll get it,” Shanelle promised, watching Sarah slowly ease the cock out of her sister, leaving her hole loosened and perfectly ready to be further taken advantage of. “Mmmm this fat ass can take us both on! This ass really is made for fucking and we’re gonna give it to this slut good!”

Ariel groaned in pleasure from the humiliation she was feeling. It wasn’t angry embarrassment. It was sexy embarrassment and it was another new feeling she quite enjoyed.

Not only were Shanelle and Sarah insisting on calling her ass “fat” but they were treating her like something that could be passed back and forth, like she wasn’t a person anymore to them, just a big, jiggly butt to fuck.

But she liked that. It had been her idea to have both of them take turns taking her and she hadn’t realized just how kinky it would be for it to actually happen. Ariel liked them treating her like a fuckhole. She knew they loved her and that made it hotter for them to be mean to her as they fucked her. God, they even had her calling her own ass fat and big now and Ariel like that too. It turned her on to play their game and Ariel was craving so much more dirty fun.

“Mmmmm c’mon Shanelle! Fuck me!” Ariel urged, her ass suddenly feeling very lonely and unloved without a toy inside it. “I’ll be your slut! Make me my big sister’s slut! Fuck my ass! Mmmmm I need to get fucked!”

“Ooooh baby I never thought you could be this hot,” Shanelle moaned, giving her sister some extra lube by letting a long strand of saliva drip out of her mouth and into Ariel’s asshole. “Mmmm you’re such a bad girl! So sexy! Oooh my little sister has been a hot slut this whole time and I never even noticed until now!”

“That’s what you get for bossing me around all the time,” Ariel teased, giving her ass a wiggle and hoping it had the same effect on Shanelle that it did on Sarah. “Mmmm now show me how hot you think I am! Fuck me!”

And the view of Ariel’s butt cheeks jiggling so enticingly most definitely had an impact on Shanelle. She slapped them with a firm slap of sexy discipline that made Ariel yelp and moan at the same time. And then Shanelle grabbed her sister by the hips and pushed inside her, taking her tender teen hole and giving it a new penetration.

“UGHHH! OHHH FUCKKK!” Ariel cried as the initial surge of ecstasy from the plastic cock head pushing inside her flowed to her brain. “OHHH SHANELLE! OOOOOH!”

“Mmmmhmmm Sarah’s not the only one who’s good at fucking ass,” Shanelle grunted as she began to thrust, working Ariel over with care but with also more force than Sarah had given her because she had seen how well Ariel could take it. “I take her tight little booty whenever I can! Mmm I bend that skinny bitch over and I fuck her hot little butt hard just like I’m fucking you! Take it baby! I want you to come like Sarah does!”

“Yes! Yessssss! Make me come! Make me come from getting fucked up the ass!” Ariel begged, loving the harder way she was getting fucked now and especially who it was that was doing the fucking. “Take my fucking virginity Shanelle! Make me love getting my ass fucked and taking it like a slut!”

Ariel whimpered out her cries as Shanelle picked up the pace even more. At first that gave Shanelle pause. She didn’t want to hurt Ariel and she didn’t want to force her into anything she wasn’t ready for.

But when she slowed up, the teen made sure Shanelle knew that her cries weren’t from pain. It was just from the strength of what she was feeling. It was so new and so incredible and it was all happening to her at once. Ariel loved the feeling of being violated like this and she was desperate for it not to stop.

“Noooooo! Don’t slow down! Give it to me! Fuck your slut sister!” Ariel cried. “Mmmm oh my God Shanelle this feels so fucking good! Ooooh how can anyone not want to get fucked up the ass! Do me harder! Ohhh this is fucking incredible!”

Being the curious and self-analytical sort that she was, Ariel had always wondered why she was fascinated by the idea of being fucked like this. She knew a lot of girls didn’t even like the idea of being fucked up the ass much less the actual act of it and she had always assumed they had a valid reason for that.

But now she could feel that those girls were just repressed because there was nothing like being fucked in the ass. It was the ultimate surrender to pleasure.

Ariel had always wondered what it would be like to feel like this. To be bent over and kept in a vulnerable position and taken in such a dirty way. She always felt like she had to be in control, but when you were fucked like this you had no control.

You were in the hands of someone more powerful and you were letting them do something filthy but intimate to you. Ariel knew she wasn’t just being fucked. She was being taken. Ariel had wanted to know what it would be like to feel that way. She just hadn’t been expecting she would feel it tonight and that it would be these women making her feel it.

The unexpected way it had all happened made it hotter. She was surrendering, not just her self-control, but her whole body to this pleasure and Ariel kept wanting more.

Just feeling this seven-inch cock thrusting up her ass wasn’t enough. Ariel groaned and panted, pushing herself back and making her tits bounce while she was fucked doggie style, eager for things to get hotter and even more intense but not knowing how to say it or even how she wanted it.

All Ariel knew was that she wanted more.

“Oh God! Please give it to me Shanelle! Make me come from being fucked up my fat ass!” Ariel moaned out, wincing as she felt more of the plastic push inside her but liking how it hurt and felt great at the same time. “Make me fucking take it! Oooh bury your cock inside me sis!  Make your sister into your fucking whore! That’s what you like, isn’t it? Sneaking off on the side and fucking sluts! Make me your slut Shanelle! Oooooh yessss cheat on your husband by fucking your little sister up her big butt! OOOOOOOH! YESSSSS!”

Shanelle hadn’t expected Ariel to get this into it. But she wasn’t going to question the teen’s behavior.

Part of her was worried that Ariel was just telling her and Sarah what she thought they wanted to hear and Shanelle hated to think she had put her sister in such a position. But Ariel seemed sincere and when she reached down to caress Ariel’s pussy, Shanelle confirmed that the girl was getting off on it.

“Oooooh you’re soaking wet!” Shanelle marveled as Ariel’s juices coated her fingers. “Mmmm you’re even wetter from being assfucked than you were from being licked! You nasty little slut! Oh fuck that’s so fucking hot! Baby sister is such a whore for being fucked up her big butt! Mmmm fuck yeah fuck yourself back onto my cock Ariel! Make those big cheeks bounce for me! Yessss Sarah’s not the only perv who loves your ass! And now your ass belongs to big sister! You want this cock inside you? You’re going to fucking get it!”

Shanelle thrust harder and more forcefully into Ariel, making the girl howl into the pillow she still had nearby.

She didn’t go too hard though. It was so tempting to just bury the whole length of the strap-on into Ariel and see how many purple plastic inches her ass could truly handle. But that would have hurt way more than it would have brought pleasure and Shanelle held back just enough while still getting a steady rhythm going, pumping the fake cock in and out of Ariel’s ass.

And while she did that, relishing how her sister did as she was told and backed herself up onto the cock while she was thrusting forward, making her ass cheeks shake erotically, Shanelle continued playing with Ariel’s pussy.

Shanelle rubbed Ariel’s slit and made her fingers and her palm sticky with the teenager’s dripping juices. Ariel was soaked from this and Shanelle took advantage, teasing her sister’s sensitive lips and playing delicately with her clit to make sure she felt lots of pleasure from this.

The gesture had a big impact on Ariel too. She kept crying out from it, loving how it all felt. With her hands pressed flat against the bed so she could move her body and try to keep her pushes backwards in time with Shanelle thrusting into her she couldn’t touch herself anymore. But having Shanelle do it felt better than her own hand ever could.

Her sister’s naughty touch made her pant and moan into the pillow, her screams getting muffled as she soaked Jessica’s soft pillow with her saliva. Ariel loved how those soft, experienced fingers contrasted perfectly with the hard thrusts up her ass.

Ariel’s head was spinning and her body was crackling with energy and sexual intensity. She was giving it all up to someone she loved and it was the best feeling in the world. But she still wanted more.

She kept thinking she could do more and push herself harder. Ariel just didn’t know how and before she could think about it anymore, Sarah crawled onto the bed and grabbed her by her hair, yanking her up from the pillow so she could kiss her.

It was a hard pull of her dark hair and Ariel cried out from it, but not from pain. For Ariel it was only more pleasure from the sensation of being taken and controlled.

She had absolute trust in Sarah. She knew her co-star loved her and wouldn’t hurt her and Ariel shivered in pleasure when her friend imposed her will on her and pulled her up by her hair, forcing her into a kiss that Ariel badly wanted too.

They passionately kissed, sucking on each other’s lips and rubbing their tongues together. Sarah and Ariel could still taste girl cum on each other and that made the kiss even sloppier. They moaned and drooled and tongued each other in the messy kiss and when Sarah finally let Ariel go, taking her hand off her hair, she moved it right away to the teen’s face to caress her flushed, sweaty cheek.

“You’re so beautiful like this,” Sarah groaned in lust and love for her friend, drinking in the sight of Ariel’s teenage body on all fours, her heavy tits swaying as she was fucked hard from behind. “Mmmmm you’re the sexiest woman alive right now, Ariel. I love seeing you get fucked! It’s even hotter than I dreamed it would be! Ooooooh seeing these huge fucking titties shake as you get drilled from behind! Mmmmm fuckkk watching your big booty cheeks bounce! You’re so hot Ariel! Mmm I love seeing you get nasty! You’re such a beautiful slut Ariel!”

No one had ever called her anything like that before and any other night at any other time Ariel might have been insulted by it. But right then in the moment, Ariel thought her co-star and friend calling her a beautiful slut was one of the nicest things she had ever heard.

All Ariel could do to respond to the compliment though was to moan out a sound of approval. Her brain was spinning too much for her to do anything else thanks to Shanelle pushing in deeper up her ass from behind.

Sarah sure didn’t mind though. Seeing someone as intelligent and opinionated as Ariel being robbed of the ability to coherently speak thanks to how well she was being fucked made things even hotter for Sarah.

“You love this, don’t you? You love being a nasty girl!” Sarah asked while gently caressing Ariel’s face. “Getting dirty with Shanelle! Mmmm getting dirty with me!”

“Yesssssssss ooooh I love it! I love being nasty!” Ariel admitted, finding the words somehow even as she moaned out thanks to each push into her ass feeling better than the last one. “Mmm fuck yes I’m such a dirty girl! Letting my big sister fuck my ass! Ooooh eating her married pussy! Fuckkk ohhh fuckkkk! You two are both so hot! You’re making me into a dirty girl like you both are!”

“I can make you even nastier,” Sarah offered like the seductive devil she was. “Open wide baby and I’ll show you how.”

“Ohhhh my God,” Ariel groaned, knowing exactly what Sarah was getting at without her even having to say it. “Fuck! That’s nasty!”

“Well actually,” Sarah began, as if she was about to condescendingly explain something. “Mmmm when you think about it, when you’ve already given up your ass and eaten your sister’s pussy this is like nothing at all!”

Ariel couldn’t help but laugh and moan at the same time. Sarah was right. She couldn’t deny it. And she did want to get nastier. She wanted to be filthy. Ariel kept craving more and maybe this was the more she had been seeking.

So she didn’t say anything else. Ariel just submissively opened her mouth and let Sarah do it to her.

“Ohhhhh! So fucking hot! Mmmm that’s it baby! Open wide for this big cock!” Sarah moaned, loving how Ariel looked as she obediently opened her mouth like a trained slut pet. “You might not have sucked much cock before but you’re going to love tasting this yummy dick right out of your ass!”

Just like she had when she took Ariel’s ass for the first time, Sarah was gentle as she put the strap-on into her friend’s mouth. She knew Ariel didn’t have much experience with blowjobs and she wanted to make sure not to give her too much to handle.

And, besides, just the knowledge of what Ariel was willingly doing was hot enough for Sarah as she put her hand on the back of the teenager’s head and guided her onto the fake dick, making her start to slowly bob her lips up and down it.

“Mmmmm yessssss suck it baby! Suck your own virgin ass off my cock!” Sarah grunted through gritted teeth as erotic pleasure coursed through her from how depraved she was making her younger friend. “Taste that big, fat butt of yours all over this pink dick! Mmmm you’re turning into such a fucking slut and I love it! Ooooh such a beautiful ass to mouth slut! Mmmm suck it Ariel! Suck this cock better than you sucked any boy!”

Without much experience, there was a lot for Ariel to get used to as the plastic pushed into her mouth and started to slide down her throat. She reflexively gagged on the plastic but she tried to fight that off because she wanted to learn.

Ariel wanted to be nasty. She wanted to taste her own ass all over this cock. It was so hot to think about sucking a dick that had just been inside her butt. This toy had taken her cherry and made her feel so good and now she was tasting it. Ariel felt so hot as she did it. She wasn’t some little prude anymore. Now she was a hot slut, just like Sarah and just like Shanelle.

Sarah moaned wantonly as she fucked Ariel’s face. But Sarah wasn’t the only one who got a thrill out of watching Ariel suck herself off the strap-on.

“Ooooooh you dirty cocksucker! You’re sucking your own ass off a toy! Mmmm you’re such a dirty slut Ariel, just like big sister is!” Shanelle groaned, remembering how nasty it had been the first time she had tasted her own ass off a cock.

Of course that cock had been real and he had only lasted a few seconds in her mouth before blasting his load and making her swallow it, but it had still been really fucking hot for Shanelle. But now watching her own sister succumb to sluttiness and depravity felt even hotter to Shanelle and she couldn’t take her eyes off Ariel giving Sarah’s strap-on a nasty blowjob

“Suck that dick baby girl!” Shanelle cheered while thrusting into her sister’s backside and loosening up Ariel’s previously virginal hole more with every push inside her. “Suck that hard plastic cock while I’m fucking your ass! You’re getting it on both ends now baby! Mmmm baby sis is a spit roasted little slut and I fucking love it!”

Ariel loved it too and while she couldn’t vocalize it with the plastic in her mouth pushing deeper down her throat as she tried her best to swallow it, she showed it by dripping her pussy juices all over Shanelle’s fingers.

Shanelle kept touching her so naughtily and she made Ariel want it so much. Ariel loved having her pussy played with while her ass and mouth both got fucked by women she loved.

It was so nasty and at the same time Ariel had never felt safer and more secure than she did at that moment, sexually sandwiched by her sister and another woman who might as well have been a sister.

It was so hard not to gag on the cock as Sarah fed it to her and made her suck her ass right off it. The taste wasn’t the problem. Ariel liked how kinky it was to be sucking that cock clean right after it had popped her cherry.

But it was a problem to try and swallow it. She wasn’t used to sucking cock and she wasn’t quite sure how to do it right. Ariel tried her best though and as much as she gagged and choked on it, with the drool dripping out of her mouth and falling down her chin onto the pillow below and her own shaking tits, Ariel kept trying to swallow more and more of it.

“Oooooh yesssss suck it down! Mmmm good girl! Oooooh suck that big, ass fucking cock!” Sarah urged, not being too rough with the toy but easing it in inch by inch to let Ariel swallow and taste what had just been inside her. “You’re so fucking naughty! Mmm taste it baby! Taste your ass! Ooooh if you like it we can play like this all the time! I want you to love going ass to mouth as much as I do!”

Ariel wanted that so much. She was now thinking that her whole role in life should be to be a slut for her sister and her sister’s girlfriend and how awesome that would feel. It would be so fucking nasty and Ariel wanted it.

God, from now on Ariel only wanted to be on her knees and on all fours sucking and being fucked. She wanted her pussy and her mouth and her ass all being used for the pleasure of horny lesbians! That would be the ultimate ecstasy and Ariel’s pussy was drooling just as much as her mouth was for it.

The more Sarah fucked her mouth and fed her the taste of her ass, the more Ariel wanted it. She felt like she was getting into a good cocksucking rhythm as her friend kept guiding her head up and down, keeping her in place as she remained on her hands and knees taking plastic cock on both ends.

Ariel’s saliva was flowing out of her mouth from her choking on the fake cock but she didn’t hesitate. She wanted it all. She wanted to swallow Sarah’s cock and feel Shanelle’s buried all the way inside her.

“Yeahhh fucking drool all over that dick!” Sarah lustfully cried out, her own pleasure being stimulated so well by the submission of her teenage co-star. “Slobber on that big cock! Oooh I’ll put it back in Jessica’s closet all messy and covered in slut spit and when she uses it again she won’t even know that it’s covered in teen saliva from us fucking you so hard baby! Oooooh Ariel! Oooooh you’re the nastiest and I love you so much baby!”

And since she didn’t know what else to do with herself, Sarah just leaned in and kissed Shanelle passionately.

While they spit roasted Ariel, the two lovers made out, their cocks pushing into her teenage fuckholes on both ends while their tongues played in each other’s mouths. Shanelle and Sarah kissed each other hungrily like they wanted to swallow each other, both of them totally in a state of heat as they defiled Ariel together.

“Yesss tell my sister you love her while she chokes on your cock!” Shanelle moaned to her girlfriend. “Mmm fuck is she making that cock of yours all wet? Is she sucking dick as good as I do? Oooooh fuck yeahhh fuck her hot young mouth, Sarah! Make my beautiful sister into your mouth fucked whore while I shove it up her fat ass! Oooooh take it baby girl! C’mon Ariel! Take our cocks in both ends like a good slut!”

Ariel loved hearing them degrade her verbally as they used her physically. She couldn’t understand why she found this so fucking hot but she did. She loved what she was hearing and what they were doing and she wanted so much more before she came from this and the fantasy had to end.

But Ariel wasn’t the only one who wanted more though and Sarah was getting very antsy for it too.

Knowing she had to act now, Sarah slowly eased her borrowed strap-on out of Ariel’s mouth, not being too aggressive or doing anything to hurt her throat. That left saliva dripping off the pink plastic as well as down Ariel’s lips and chin and it gave the teenager a chance to better breathe now.

Ariel’s chest heaved even more as she struggled for breath and while Sarah loved seeing her co-star’s fleshy tits jiggle while she gasped for air, she wanted another part of Ariel’s teen body even more.

“Mmmm I want her ass again Shanelle! You’ve had it for so long!” Sarah pouted. “We said we’d share!”

And that request got Shanelle whining too.

“But I don’t wanna share anymore! I want my sister’s ass!” Shanelle insisted. “She’s my sister so that means I get her more! I want to fuck her butt and make her come! This ass is mine!”

“Noooo fucking share, Shanelle! I want her fat ass! I want to make her come!” Sarah responded. “Don’t be greedy!”

And though they were again treating her like she wasn’t there and was just some piece of girl meat to be sodomized, Ariel got super turned on from what Shanelle and Sarah were doing.

Ariel wanted them both so much. She loved the feeling of being taken up the ass and having her tight hole filled and stretched. She loved the feeling of surrender and sexual submission. And she wanted so much more.

Because of all of that and how sexually overwhelmed she was, Ariel didn’t even think about what she said next. She just blurted it out without even considering the consequences of her words.

“Don’t fight! Both of you can fuck me!” Ariel exclaimed. “I want you to share me! Do me at the same time! Both of you! Fuck my slutty, fat ass with both of your cocks!”

Even after all they had done, just hearing such a lewd and insane idea being cried out by the desperately horny teenager stunned both Shanelle and Sarah. It was the last thing they had expected Ariel to say and they had no idea how to react to it.

“Holy shit, are you serious?” Shanelle asked, not believing what she had just heard from her sister’s mouth.

“Yesssssssssss so serious!” Ariel insisted. “Fuck me! Both of you fuck my butt at the same time! Ooooh I’ve been wanting so much more but I didn’t know what and now I know! This is what I want! I love you both and I want to come for you both! Fuck my ass together! Make me fucking take it like a whore! Fuck my big ass and make me come! Pleaaaaase!”

“Ummmm sis, I don’t know,” Shanelle continued with her reluctance. “That’s an awful lot for you to…”

“I fucking want it!” Ariel snapped, interrupting the older woman to show how serious she was. “Give it to me! You’re making me feel so fucking good but I need more! I need you to fucking drill my ass and make me fucking explode from it! I’ve been a good girl my whole life but I need to be nasty now! Give it to me! Both of you! Shove those cocks up my ass at the same time! Fuck me like I’m some whore in a porno movie!”

Sarah couldn’t believe that Ariel was talking like this either. She started to wonder if they had somehow broken the girl because this was not like the Ariel they knew and loved.

Had they pushed her too far? Had they broken her brain or something? But even as she asked herself these questions, Sarah found herself immensely turned on by the thought of her and Shanelle literally sharing Ariel’s ass.

“You sure you want this?” Sarah asked, wanting to give Ariel every chance to back out. “You don’t have to if…”

“I want it!” Ariel insisted, interrupting again. “I want it right fucking now! Make this whore come! Make me come like a filthy little bitch! I know you two want to give it to me like that! Don’t fight over my ass! Share it! Fuck it together! Take my fat ass like it’s a fucking Christmas present for you both!”

As reluctant as both of them were over this new desire from Ariel both Shanelle and Sarah found it hard to argue with logic like that. And Shanelle was too horny to think any more about this deviant invitation they’d been given. So she didn’t think. She acted on it and took Ariel at her word that she was ready for it.

“Get on top of me,” Shanelle said, trying to put the positions together in her overheated brain.

She was frantically trying to figure out who would go where and how they could pull a double anal off but she felt she was able to crack the code.

“I’ll lie down and you get on top, Ariel,” Shanelle instructed. “Face me and ride my cock! I’ll guide it into your ass and Sarah can fuck you from behind! Mmm I want to see my hot sister’s face as we double fuck her fat ass!”

“Yessssssss don’t fight it! Give me what I fucking want!” Ariel cheered, so happy that she had convinced them. “I need to come so bad! I need to come from both of you fucking my ass!”

The whole time they had been discussing this, Shanelle had kept her strap-on inside Ariel’s ass. It was tightly wedged in her hole between her meaty cheeks and Shanelle wanted to keep it there.

But she knew she had to move in order for them to reposition themselves. So she slowly pulled out of Ariel, sliding the toy out of her in as easy a manner as she could. When she did that, Shanelle moaned at the sight of her sister’s asshole and how much it had been visibly loosened.

But that was nothing compared to what was going to happen and Shanelle knew it.

During her more scandalous days, long before she’d met her husband, Shanelle had experienced a double anal. She didn’t remember much about it except how drunk she’d been that night but she did recall how much she had come from it.

Now she wanted Ariel to feel that way too. Shanelle wanted to make her sister come harder than she ever had before. So she knew she had to make this good.

Shanelle settled down on her back on the bed. She lay back naked with the strap on fresh out of Ariel’s ass dangling between her legs. She crooked her finger and beckoned the teenager to her, a sexy smile crossing her face as she watched Ariel nakedly crawl over.

“That’s it sis, get over here,” Shanelle said seductively. “If you want it, come take it. Ride my cock! Get on top of me and face me and mmm then you just start bouncing that beautiful body of yours on this big dick! We’ll take care of the rest.”

It seemed simple enough for Ariel and she followed the instructions to the letter. She placed herself on top of her sister and gave Shanelle a big kiss while she did it, making sure their tits rubbed together sexily in the process.

And once she had enjoyed the taste of Shanelle’s lips, Ariel guided her body down so the cock could go back inside her.

Shanelle had her hand on the base of the dildo, grateful that the plastic was the flexible kind so this would be easier. And, as Ariel slowly lowered her ass down, she held it steady to make sure it went exactly where they all wanted it.

Sarah was helping too, eagerly getting her hands on Ariel’s cheeks, spreading them open and making it easier for her to lower herself down and let the fake cock push back inside her ass. That made everything easier and insured Ariel felt amazing pleasure as she was taken.

“Fuckkkkkkk!” Ariel groaned as her now tender hole was penetrated once again, relishing the dirtiness of what they were all doing as she eagerly degraded herself. “Mmmm yessss fill my ass up Shanelle! Oooooh push it back inside me and fuck my fat butt!”

“She’s not the only one who’s going to fuck it,” Sarah moaned into Ariel from behind, pressing herself against the teenager’s bare back and reaching around front to grab at her heavy bosom. “You sure you want this?”

“Yes! Mmmm do it Sarah! Both of you take me at the same time!” Ariel pleaded, sincere in her desire even though she naturally felt a bit nervous about taking such a bold step. “I want it! I want to be this fucking nasty! I want you to stretch my hole open and I want to get fucked like never before! Ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhh yesss Shanelle! Oooooh fuck me big sister! Mmm fuck me like a whore!”

Ariel was panting with need now, shocked at her own words and how much she wanted this. Because she really did want it. This was the “more” she had been seeking.

She wanted it to be hot and nasty. She wanted Shanelle and Sarah to wreck her holes. Ariel wanted them to defile her and make her feel like a whore. She wanted to have a loose, stretched asshole. She wanted them to fuck her and want her as much as they clearly wanted each other.

Ariel gasped and groaned as she lowered herself down onto Shanelle’s strap-on, letting it push inside her ass and once again stretch her hole. Then she pulled herself up and lowered herself down again, starting to bounce on the sex toy as she adjusted to the new position.

She’d never ridden a cock before so all of this was unfamiliar to Ariel but it was an amazing sensation and it got even better when Sarah got involved too, trying to push her plastic cock inside her asshole while Shanelle’s was already in there.

“OHHH GOD!” Ariel cried when the head of Sarah’s cock started to slip inside her.

“I can stop if you want me to,” Sarah assured her friend. “If it hurts I’ll stop. Just say the word.”

“Noooo don’t stop! Ooooh just shove it in!” Ariel demanded not caring if it hurt or not.

She was already getting close to the intense orgasm she needed and Ariel wanted to absolutely explode when that second cock was up her ass, stretching her obscenely and making her completely surrender to sexual euphoria.

“Take me! Come on Sarah! I can take it!” Ariel demanded. “You keep telling me how fat my ass is so you know I can handle it! I’m not some skinny bony bitch like you!”

“Ooooooh bitch,” Sarah said with an evil grin, biting on Ariel’s earlobe as she pushed inside her. “This skinny bitch is going to make your fat ass gape! Mmmm here it comes baby! Here comes more cock than you can handle!”

Sarah loved the spirit Ariel was showing and how she wasn’t backing down a bit from this challenge. With her hands squeezing and spreading Ariel’s ass cheeks, Sarah had the perfect position to take her. The only obstacle was how much Shanelle’s strap on was already filling up Ariel’s asshole.

But all it took to overcome that was sheer force of will and more than a little pushing. Sarah had both at her disposal and she forced herself into Ariel, penetrating her teenage ass with a second cock as the girl reacted with a shudder and a howl.


But she loved the feeling and before either of her lovers could ask, she made clear that she didn’t want them to stop.


Ariel couldn’t even tell where this side of her was coming from. It was like she had been the horniest fucking slut in the world the whole time but had been too afraid to show it.

Her whole body was on fire and it was like wave after wave of intense sensations rocked her non-stop. The pleasure and the pain and the nervousness and the freedom were all swirling together inside her.

Ariel could feel her eyes tearing up and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she was flat out crying. But she wanted it all. She didn’t want to stop. It felt so fucking good to her.

The room was filled with moans and pants and the sound of naked bodies slapping together. The three of them made Jessica’s bed bounce as they all fucked on the bed, Ariel’s naked body completely sandwiched between her on-screen sister and her real life sister.

Ariel sat on top of Shanelle’s cock as the older woman lay flat on her back and she bounced up and down it, groaning and grunting as she took it up her ass at the same time Sarah was in back of her, rubbing her tits into her sweaty back and fucking her from behind.

The sensation of having two cocks inside her at the same time was mind-blowing. Ariel didn’t know if she should scream or beg for more or just pass out. It was that intense. She felt so much all at once and it literally left her speechless as she got fucked twice at the same time, both plastic cocks up the same tight hole.

Tears were now literally running down from Ariel’s eyes from the extreme she had taken herself to. But they were all tears of ecstasy. She couldn’t make a sound, though. Her mouth was frozen open and nothing but grunts and ragged gasps were coming out of her.

“Take it baby! Take it! Take these big cocks up your juicy, fuckable ass!” Shanelle urged, loving the view of her sister’s face in the throes of rapture and the way her huge tits bounced.

Shanelle couldn’t resist reaching up and pawing at Ariel’s jugs, squeezing them and playing with her nipples, making the teenager toss her head back and moan as she did it.

“Mmmmm me and Sarah are going to ruin you for any guy!” Shanelle promised lewdly. “We’re going to wreck your ass and make it so the only way you’ll be able to get off is if you get us to fuck you again! Come for us baby! I know you want to come so fucking bad, don’t you?”

Still unable to summon words, Ariel just frantically nodded her head. She was stuck in the middle of two gorgeous, horny beauties, each one fucking her ass at the same time. Her whole body from her tits to her butt cheeks felt like it was jiggling and shaking and all she wanted was to come.

“Yesss come for us baby!” Sarah commanded, squeezing Ariel’s amazing ass while fucking her. “You’re such a filthy slut for wanting this but we’ll give you anything you ever want! Come for us Ariel!”

Ariel’s body had broken out in a full sweat. Her skin was glistening from what she was going through. The sweat and the tears were mixing on her face, making what little makeup she’d put on start to run down her eyes.

She didn’t care though. Ariel loved that they were making her a mess. She loved that she was shaking like jelly and her boobs and butt were bouncing in a way that would previously have made her so insecure about her body. This was the best feeling in the world and she never wanted it to end.

And yet, somehow, Shanelle found a way to make it better.

The girl loved playing with Ariel’s tits but she couldn’t help but notice that the girl’s pussy was completely neglected. She immediately rectified that by keeping one hand on Ariel’s bountiful, jiggling breasts and moving the other down to her teen pussy.

Shanelle played with the girl’s sodden lips, noting how wet Ariel was and thinking about how if she had wanted to get REALLY nasty with her sister she could have easily pushed her whole fist into Ariel’s cunt thanks to how soaked she was. But Shanelle didn’t go that far.

Instead Shanelle just played with Ariel’s clit. It was bulging out and so easy for her to get her fingers on. She rubbed it skillfully while Ariel rubbed her tits in her face, letting her kiss and suck and squeeze on them with her free hand.

And when Shanelle began playing really rubbing Ariel’s clit while she and Sarah were stuffing her asshole with their strap-ons, it didn’t merely set the teenager off in an orgasm. It actually made her erupt like a literal cum volcano without any warning.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!” Ariel finally was able to vocalize, screaming as she came.

The force of her orgasm shocked even her and Ariel had no idea what was happening as the cum squirted out of her pussy, soaking Shanelle’s hand and even reaching her own stomach and all the way up to her tits.

“OHHHH FUCKKK OHHH MY GODD FUCKKK OHHHHH GOD WHAT’S HAPPENING OHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Ariel screamed out in ecstatic disbelief as she was rocked with sensations she had never come close to experiencing before.

Shanelle gasped too when Ariel began squirting out her orgasm but once she realized that it was happening she began to laugh in whorish delight, reveling in the intensity of her sister’s orgasm and the splashes of girl squirt that flew out of her.

Shanelle squealed at how good it felt to see her teen sister squirt, the liquid cum soaking her tummy and up to her tits. The splash even hit Shanelle’s chin as Ariel kept on riding both of the cocks in her ass.

In response, Shanelle started fingering Ariel harder, wanting her sister to come as much as she could. Shanelle slid those fingers into Ariel’s gooey cunt and made her squirt out more all over her hand.

“FUCKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSS AHHHH MY GODDDD OOOOOH FUCKKK!” Ariel kept howling as she came and squirted all over her sister.

Ariel felt reflexively embarrassed about what was happening, wondering if she was doing something wrong or gross. But she couldn’t keep the ecstasy from completely overwhelming her and nothing else mattered but that sweet sexual rapture.

Ariel thrashed between Sarah and Shanelle, rocking her body in between them and getting herself fucked even harder in the process. It went on for several amazing seconds before Ariel finally slumped down on top of her sister, resting herself against Shanelle’s warm skin and kissing her neck as she lay against the puddle of her own squirt on Shanelle’s body.

None of them had been expecting an orgasm that intense and it left both Shanelle and Sarah amazed. And with Ariel slumped over and only able to softly murmur, Sarah slowly eased the toy out of her ass.

That loosened up Ariel’s hole enough for Shanelle to gently slide the strap-on out of Ariel and leave the teenager’s ass empty and gaping after the double attack on it.

Ariel didn’t say anything or even move. She just moaned and cuddled into Shanelle, unable to do anything else. That left Sarah and Shanelle looking at each other with giddy eyes.

Before they could say the obvious, though, someone else said it for them.

“What the fuck did you do to her?” a voice said from the doorway to the bedroom and they looked up to see Ava Sambora standing there. “Did you kill her or something?”

“Oh my God she’s passed out,” Chloe Moretz marveled. “Ummm wow…I never thought Ariel had it in her.”

“What did you see?” Shanelle asked, a little worried about these two potentially very gossipy teens knowing too much.

“Ummmm we saw that…” Ava pointed out, waving her hand at the passed out teenager in a sex coma.

But being the only sober minded one there, Chloe quickly realized that Shanelle was worried about this and she sought to put her at ease.

“We won’t tell a soul,” Chloe promised. “Ummm it’s not like we’re innocent either.”

Through all the haze and all the wildness of what they had just done, Sarah and Shanelle hadn’t noticed what should have been completely obvious about Ava and Chloe standing there. Both blonde teenagers were completely naked and had clearly just been up to some naughty fun of their own.

“We heard her screaming all the way in Alyssa’s room and we had to see what was happening,” Chloe explained. “I definitely wasn’t expecting all of this though.”

“Well, what are you going to do about it?” Sarah challenged, eyeing the nude teens and hoping the answer involved Chloe and Ava sucking clean the strap-on she was wearing and then teaming up to lick her pussy and give her the orgasm she so badly needed.

Chloe and Ava looked like they were about to give that very answer when Alyssa popped up behind them just as naked as they were.

“Enough hanging around upstairs,” the very satisfied but still extremely horny Alyssa declared. “We’ve got a party downstairs to get back to!”


And downstairs the party had kept raging on.

No one had missed anyone who had snuck away upstairs. In fact no one had even noticed they were gone. There were just too many bodies and too much action for anyone to notice anything but who was fucking them and who they could fuck next.

The party had turned into a swirl of sexual coupling and time disappeared for all who were there as the fucking continued into the night.

It was this mess of sucking, licking and toy use that Sarah and Love had brought a very woozy Reese back into. Amy had followed them back into the party after their poolside fun had been interrupted by Reese staggering out and practically collapsing into one of the chairs.

Seeing Reese like that had concerned them all, especially given the blonde’s current condition. But, after collecting herself, Reese had assured them she was fine.

And coming back inside to a party full of gorgeous naked women had only added fuel to the lustful fires burning inside Sarah, Love and now Amy too. As much as they wanted to focus on Reese’s well-being there were simply too many hot bodies to distract them.

All those hot tits and tight asses and soaking wet pussies being pleasured were too much of a distraction and Amy, in a pretty woozy daze herself after experiencing her first lesbian orgasm, had quickly wandered off on her own.

Love hadn’t stayed long either. Any other night, making sure Reese wasn’t seriously ill would have been all she would have cared about. But Love wasn’t herself and just as Amy had wandered off to quench her newfound thirst for women, Love had been so distracted by her own insatiable pussy.

She was soaking wet and craved more satisfaction and everything inside the mansion just made Love want to fuck, even more than usual.

It had been like walking into a sex carnival. But instead of bright, flashing lights it had been undulating bodies and cries for more. Love hadn’t been able to resist it and, once Reese had assured her that she was fine, she had gone off on her own like a carnal junkie eager for her next fix of wild sex.

That had left Sarah tending to Reese alone and fortunately whatever was ailing the very pregnant actress had nothing to do with her baby.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Sarah asked, concerned for her friend and trying with everything she had to not become too distracted by all the sex that surrounded her.

But it was so hard to focus on anything but the naked bodies, especially when they were literally fucking all around her. Flesh was slapping into flesh and moans filled the air, making sounds which cried out to Sarah like a siren’s song to make her want to join in with them.

“Mmmhmmm…I was just…just light headed,” Reese said, embarrassed over how she had staggered out and interrupted things. “I’m sorry I ruined your fun out there with Love and Amy. I didn’t mean to. I should just go…”

“Oh no! You’re staying right here!” Sarah insisted, seeing clearly even in her own intoxicated condition that Reese was in no condition to drive. “Just lie back here and I’ll get you some water.”

“No…no water…” Reese said, her body overheating in her dress.

Reese felt like she was the only one at the party wearing anything at all and that was driving her crazy. Her body was sweating uncontrollably under her clothes and having everyone else around her naked and fucking was having an intense effect on her.

“I never should have drank that punch,” Reese admitted. “I’m sorry I messed things up with you and Amy. I didn’t mean to…”

“Punch? What about the punch?” Sarah asked, her brain all foggy as she interrupted her friend. “Mmmmm that punch tasted so good. But don’t worry about Amy. You didn’t mess anything up. I’m just worried about you and the baby…”

“The baby’s fine,” Reese assured Sarah, doing some interrupting of her own. “I’m fine. I just…just…”

Reese couldn’t even finish her own sentence because all she could think about was everyone around here fucking each other’s brains out.

She’d been to many wild parties at the mansion before but this was like nothing she had ever seen. This wasn’t even an orgy. It was beyond that. It was a bacchanalia and seeing all these hot, sweaty, naked and horny bodies fucking was putting Reese in a completely flustered state.

Reese had never intended to put herself in this position. With her baby due so soon she felt ready to explode and the last thing she had wanted to do was be around all her fit, skinny and beautiful friends when she felt like a whale.

She had come to the mansion that night thinking she would be there for the Christmas party, wish her friends well and then be on her way before whatever afterparty they had been planning began.

But they had apparently skipped over all the yuletide good cheer and gone straight to fucking each other silly and now Reese was stuck there, with her body on fire and her head spinning.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. After all her trips to the mansion and all the times she had indulged in the irresistible bodies of her stunning female friends, Reese had thought she had seen it all.

But all of this seemed like a level beyond anything which had happened. It just seemed so unrestrained. It was like everyone had lost their self-control along with all their clothing. It was so raw and unbridled. To Reese it was like her friends didn’t care about anything else but getting fucked and lust had completely overtaken them.

And all Reese could do was stare at them. She breathed heavily as she felt like her body was going to stain her clothes with sweat. Her panties felt soaked against her pussy and her nipples, already so swollen and sensitive thanks to her pregnancy, were poking out against her dress like fat gumdrops.

Reese was becoming overwhelmed too just from watching and her light headedness wouldn’t go away. It was getting stronger and making her hornier in the process.

She had just come here for a Christmas party and nothing more and now her eyes were locked on her friends as she saw them do things she never dreamed they were capable of.

Reese watched, her mouth agape, as Natalie Portman kept her gorgeous face shoved into Kim Kardashian’s infamous ass, the Oscar winner greedily rimming the reality star as she feverishly slapped Kim’s thick buns, making them jiggle while Kim leaned down and tongued Damon’s balls as the Hollywood super-agent fucked Rosario Dawson.

Actually, it was more like Rosario was fucking him. She bounced up and down on his rock hard cock, her velvety pussy wrapping around it and leaving his dark pole slick with her delicious juices, a taste Reese knew so well and was craving right then.

Reese stared longingly at Rosario’s completely naked body, her large tits bouncing up and down while she rode Damon like she was in a rodeo. Their dark skin looked so good that Reese just wanted to crawl over to them and offer herself up as a pale white slut for them to defile.

Reese had heard the stories about the famous agent and she had heard he was hooking up with Rosario. She had found it funny to think about how she had fucked the famous lothario’s girlfriend before he had. But now Reese wanted Damon too, even though she had never thought about him sexually before.

She was married and she didn’t cheat on her husband with men but right then Reese just wanted to walk over and beg Damon to fuck her pregnant ass while she buried her face in Rosario’s pussy to get the juices she craved.

Just thinking that made Reese ache to hike up her dress and slide her hand into the sweaty, sticky mess under her panties. God, she was so fucking wet.

Watching Natalie eat Kim’s ass while the reality star tongued Damon’s nuts and he fucked Rosario was so hot. And it got even hotter when Scarlett Johansson pressed herself into Rosario, the two of them sliding their fingers into each other’s cunts while they passionately kissed and rubbed their big tits together. Fuck! That was so sexy!

But it was only a little bit of what was going on around her and when Reese looked a little bit to the left, she felt a surge of wicked desire run up her spine.

God, why was she even thinking about Damon’s cock when she could have been dreaming about Fluffy’s instead?

She’d felt it inside her before. Mmmm it seemed like a million years ago but the memory was still fresh in her mind of how Fluffy had fucked her and Gwen and Michelle Branch and made them all cummy and sore and so fucking happy.

What they had done had been a secret though and now Reese was watching Fluffy do something she had never thought he was capable of, publicly displaying himself.

He had Gwen bent over on the floor and was pushing himself into her. He was fucking her hard and rough, taking her like he owned her and that made Reese’s panties even more soaked with desire. Her tight little ass was up in the air as he fucked her doggie style and the more Reese watched the clearer it became that he wasn’t fucking her pussy. Oh God, he was shoving that monster cock into Gwen’s ass.

Reese had no idea how Gwen’s ass could take a dick of that size but the singer looked like she loved it. Gwen kept begging Fluffy for more and telling him to fuck her harder. Gwen looked like she was desperate to have him bury his huge cock up her ass. And their fucking was even hotter because Reese watched with shocked desire as Fluffy would pull his cock out of Gwen’s ass, shove it into Mariah Carey’s mouth to make her taste it and then push his dick, covered in Mariah’s saliva, right back into Gwen to fuck her ass some more.

Reese had played with Fluffy a few times after that magical first night in Jamaica but it had been a long time since she had felt his cock inside her. She never would have dreamed she could be capable of taking that meat up her ass though so Reese was shocked at how Gwen was able to do it.

It was insane to see this happening in front of her, especially since Reese knew how private Fluffy could be. But he was fucking Gwen’s ass and Mariah’s mouth like a madman when anyone could see.

All around her, Reese saw her friends naked and fucking like demented sex bunnies on a bender. She even saw girls she had never seen before at the mansion completely naked and totally comfortable like they had been coming there for years.

Reese had never known that these women had even fantasized about fucking other women. But there they were fitting right into the fun and letting all their inhibitions go just like Reese remembered she had the first time she had succumbed to Sarah’s sexy touch.

Right near where she was sitting on the couch, Reese saw a group of women fucking each other who were all newbies. She could only moan out in lust over the sight of them too, wishing she was with them so they could fuck her like she so badly needed.

Reese watched as Dianna Agron lay on her back naked with her legs slung over Emma Stone’s shoulders. The redhead had buried her tongue right into Dianna’s asshole, lapping at it like a dog in heat, and Reese could see they both were in ecstasy from what was happening

Reese had seen how hot Emma could be yesterday at the sex shop but she had never seen this side of Dianna before. She remembered all those episodes of Glee she had watched with her daughter and now Reese was staring at Dianna getting her tight asshole probed by the horny redhead and she loved watching it. It was so perverse to picture it like that and Reese was getting so tuned on from it.

God, she wished she was tasting Dianna’s ass too. Reese wanted to get over there and not even say hello. She just wanted to bury her tongue up Dianna’s ass.

Reese wanted to tongue fuck that beautiful blonde slut and then kiss her passionately so Dianna could taste her own ass on her tongue. But then things got even hotter when Taylor Swift lowered herself down on Dianna’s face and fed the girl her dripping pussy.

Oh God, watching Taylor sit on Dianna’s face made Reese remember the concert she had just gone to with her daughter. Watching Taylor sing had been a wholesome mother/daughter bonding experience and now she was watching Taylor Swift naked grinding her pussy into another girl’s face and Reese found herself wanting to be that other girl.

Reese wanted Taylor to sit on her face and feed her the dripping juices from her pussy. She wanted Taylor to fuck her face and smear cum all over her. She wanted to tongue fuck the singer that her daughter idolized. Oooooh that was so nasty!

And when she saw Taylor start passionately kissing Emmy Rossum, the two of them playing with each other’s tits and pinching each other’s nipples, Reese ached to crawl over and stick her face into Emmy’s visibly wet crotch.

Reese kept getting hornier by the second as she watched the uninhibited fucking and the only thing that kept her sitting on the couch was what was happening just a few inches away. Jessica Alba, the woman who was most responsible for her being at the party, was going wild too, and in a way Reese had never seen her do before.

Out of all the women at the mansion besides Sarah and Jennifer, Reese was closest to Jessica. But she had never seen the girl in a state like this before. She’d seen Jessica get kinky and go wild a lot of times but this surprised and aroused Reese immensely.

The last time she had seen Jessica at the party, her friend had been pining for that blonde wrestler girl with the big tits who had brought along her boyfriend. Now Reese could see that Jessica had not only gotten the wrestler girl but she had gotten the boyfriend too.

Reese was shocked but totally turned on as she found herself staring at Jessica in a wild threesome with her new friends. She had seen Jessica do a lot of things but never had Reese ever laid eyes on Jessica riding a real flesh and blood cock.

But that’s just what Jessica was doing, riding Mike on the couch with her tits bouncing right in his face as she wrapped her wet folds around his cock, Jessica was grinding up and down on his lap while he thrust up into her and Reese’s jaw practically hit the floor over this.

She had never seen Jessica with a guy and at first Reese assumed his girlfriend had to be freaking out with jealousy about the two of them fucking. But that clearly wasn’t the case because Maryse was kneeling on the carpet in front of the couch, spreading open Jessica’s tan butt cheeks and licking at her cunt while her boyfriend fucked it. They were all into it and Reese was erotically fascinated by what she was seeing them do to each other.

“Ohhhh fuckkkk mmmmmm that big cock feels so good in my fucking pussy!” Jessica purred, gasping and moaning over her own wild behavior. “You like it baby? Like feeling that velvety cunt of mine riding your dick? Mmmm you like fucking a hot bitch like me while your sexy girlfriend licks my twat?”

“Fuck yeah! Of course I love it!” Mike smirked back, thrusting into her steadily and skillfully and making Jessica moan with every push. “I know you love it too! I can feel how wet you are! Ohhh you’re dripping all over this big dick, aren’t you? You horny little slut! Your pussy is fucking tight! How can someone as hot as you not be getting fucked all the time?”

“Mmmm that’s because I don’t need men to get off,” Jessica teased, shutting Mike and his cocky ways up by shoving her tits back into his face and moaning again as he obediently began sucking on her erect nipples and then kissing and squeezing her bouncing breasts to her utter delight.  “No man can get me off like a woman can so don’t flatter yourself, honey! You’re the lucky one who gets to fuck me! Not the other way around! Mmmm and if you want to know why I’m so fucking wet it’s your pussy hungry fiancé that’s doing that! Bet you didn’t know she loves fucking girls, did you?”

“No…I had no idea,” Mike honestly confessed, very thrilled at the revelation that his fiancé was bisexual, especially if it meant more threesomes like this for him. “I sure fucking like it though! As long as she remembers who daddy is she can fuck all the girls she wants!”

That arrangement sounded very good to Maryse and she caressed her fiancé’s balls with her soft hand, rubbing them just how she knew he liked it. Her sexy touch made his balls tighten up and she playfully tickled them while she continued to treat her tongue to the sweetness of Jessica’s pussy.

Maryse could taste Mike’s dick pushing into Jessica while she licked her and she made sure his shaft also felt her hungry tongue. She pleasured both of them as she used her free hand to play with her own cunt. She was so fucking wet from this and Maryse loved it. How could she not be wet from this? She had her man and one of the sexiest women alive there for her to play with. This was the ultimate!

“She’s such a hot fucking pussy eater too!” Jessica moaned, loving how tit hungry The Miz was and how he had his hands all over her tan chest. “Mmmm she’s going to make me come all over your cock! Ooooh she can make my juices drip right down to your balls and I’ll bet she’ll lick up every drop of my cum like the thirsty girl she is! Mmmm you’re so lucky you’re even getting this! Mmm fuck I’ve been trying all night to steal her away from you so you’re fucking lucky this is like the one night of the year I crave dick because otherwise all you’d be doing is watching and jacking off! But I’ll bet you’d still like that wouldn’t you!”

Mike didn’t say anything in response but his muffled moans as he sucked hungrily on Jessica’s hard nipple told the actress everything.

“Mmmm bad boy! I’d fuck her right in front of you and make you see how she’s not your good girl fiancée after all! She’s a pussy starved slut like me!” Jessica groaned, loving how teasing Mike just made him fuck her harder. “I’d make you watch me suck and lick and finger your fiancé! Oooh I’d even get a strap-on and fuck her right in front of you and make her see how she loves my fake dick more than your real one! I’ve got a huge toy collection you know! Every color of the fucking rainbow! I’d make you watch and see how deep down Maryse is a total lesbian and how she’d dump you for me in a second! OWWWWW! Ooooooh yeahhhh bad boy! Mmmm fuck my cunt harder! Make me feel why you’re able to keep a hot girl like her in your bed!”

Jessica had cried out because her teasing had earned her a hard slap on her bare ass from Mike. She definitely didn’t mind it though. In fact she really liked it.

His wrestler hand knew just how to make her ass sting in the most erotic way and Jessica had to wonder if Maryse loved it when he spanked her too. She wouldn’t have been surprised if he spanked his sexy French Canadian fiancée all the time when she was bad and Jessica thought then about how hot it would be to kiss her sore, spanked ass and make her feel all better.

But Mike did more than spank her. He also thrust into her harder, something Jessica very much enjoyed. She let out a low, guttural moan when she felt his hard cock shove deeper into her while she bounced on top of him.

God, he felt so fucking good. Her pussy hadn’t had real cock in so long and Jessica again wondered what it was about Christmastime that made her crave dick. Whatever it was, she was glad Mike had been around when the craving had hit because he was packing something special and Jessica could see why Maryse was so loyal to him.

Of course that didn’t stop her from still wanting to steal away the busty blonde all for herself.

“Lick me Maryse! Ooooh you beautiful French bitch! Mmmm I’ve been wanting this all fucking day!” Jessica urged her new friend. “Lick me while he fucks me! I see why you like him! Mmm he’s got himself a nice cock and I’m going to come all over it but then I’m going to fuck you better than he can! I’m going to eat your pussy and tongue your ass and finger fuck you and get all my toys to work on you! Ooooh when you marry this musclehead you’re going to only be thinking of me and getting your white panties soaked when you walk down the aisle!”

And just like her fiancé, Maryse responded to Jessica’s teasing just the way the actress wanted her to. The blonde unleashed a harder series of licks on her twat as she kept her face pressed in between Jessica’s drool worthy ass cheeks.

Maryse loved the sight of Jessica’s ass, so firm and tight and tan. And she was so turned by being able to shove her horny face into it. She moaned lustfully while Jessica’s booty bounced against her face from riding her fiancé and Maryse kept those perfectly toned cheeks spread so she could get her tongue into Jessica’s drooling cunt.

Maryse had been aching for the chance to do something like this ever since meeting Jessica in the coffee shop. She had hungered for this pussy and to be able to lick it while her man was fucking it was definitely a best of both worlds kind of arrangement.

She tongued Jessica’s pussy hard from behind, licking Mike’s shaft and keeping one hand on his balls and the other on her own pussy so everyone got pleasure from this. Maryse was in heaven from what was happening.

She had been so afraid Mike wouldn’t understand her lust for women but she was so happy his erection had overruled any anger he might have felt. Now she had her man and her woman and Maryse fingered herself hard in delight, banging her own cunt while lapping at Jessica’s and drinking down her juices.


Both Maryse and Mike had absolutely no problem with that. They didn’t have to be told that the only thing better than marrying the person you love was a long vacation filled with threesomes with Jessica Alba. They were both totally into the idea of Jessica accompanying them because they both were now completely obsessed with her hot body and her tight, wet pussy and they both badly wanted her to come all over them.

Reese watched this all agog. She couldn’t take her eyes off Jessica as the two wrestlers fucked her. Reese didn’t know a damn thing about WWE and she wouldn’t have known Maryse or Mike if they had fallen on top of her and tried to pin her but she knew Maryse was really hot.

Reese loved staring at the girl hungrily lapping at Jessica’s pussy, Maryse’s blonde hair and fair skin contrasting perfectly with Jessica’s amazing Latina ass. That was a position Reese knew intimately from being on her knees in front of Jessica too many times to count and she was jealous that some wrestler slut was licking her friend and she wasn’t.

But Reese was also jealous of Jessica. She looked so hot and happy riding that cock. Reese might not have known who Mike was but she knew if he could make Jessica feel that good then he probably could have done wonders with her.

Reese had never cheated on her husband with another man but seeing her friends get fucked and love it by these hung studs made her want to do it. Reese didn’t know if she was drunk from that punch or all her pregnancy hormones were making her go insane but she felt a sexually voracious lust overtake her.

Reese wanted to go right over to where Jessica was riding Mike and shove her friend right off him. She wanted to kneel down and lick up every juicy drop of Jessica’s hot essence off his dick and then she wanted to feel that meat inside her. She wanted that big prick impaling her as she bounced up and down and made Maryse get in her ass, getting the fake titted blonde to lick her pussy and her asshole so she could come all over that cock.

Reese groaned as she thought that but she also didn’t dare move an inch. Even in the state she was in right now, with her brain and her panties both soaked in sex, Reese didn’t indulge. Because, even as horny as she was, her condition was still very much on her mind.

She knew Mike and Maryse wouldn’t want her as much as they wanted Jessica. Jessica was lean and fit and perfect. And with nine months of baby inside her, Reese knew she was the least attractive person there. Who would want to fuck a fat pregnant woman when they could have someone like Jessica?

Oh Jessica! Reese knew it was her friend’s fault that this was happening. God, she wouldn’t have even been here for the party if it hadn’t been for Jessica convincing her to come.

Reese had been avoiding the mansion as she had gotten later and later in her pregnancy. She hadn’t been planning on coming back either until she had the baby and then lost the extra weight so she could return to her naughty fun with her girlfriends with a vengeance.

Reese hadn’t thought any of them would be into her like this. But Jessica had been trying so hard to convince her otherwise.

It had been Jessica who had cajoled her to come along with them to Carnal Knowledge. It had been Jessica who had practically ripped her clothes off when they were at the store. It had been Jessica who had essentially dragged her to this party probably with the full knowledge of what it would turn into and how she would be stuck there while everyone around her fucked like wanton harlots.

And it had absolutely been Jessica who had played with her yesterday, telling Reese how sexy she was in her advanced pregnancy and how beautiful her swollen body was.

It had been Jessica who had played with her tits and stimulated her nipples until she had dripped milk into her friend’s mouth. That had been the kinkiest thing Reese felt she had ever done and she had done a whole lot. But nothing had felt as wrong or been so deliciously wicked as having Jessica suck the milk out of her swollen tits.

It had left Reese feeling so weird and awkward about it but it had also been an amazing sensation and had made Reese think she could still be beautiful and desired even with her baby due so soon. She had been so insecure about her big belly but Jessica had made her like it.

Now Jessica was getting her fuck on and Reese was left as the only one dressed at a sex party. Her baby bump wasn’t the only conspicuous part about her now and Reese didn’t know what to do. She stuck out as the only dressed one there and her body was aching with lust under her dress. But she couldn’t. Not like this. Could she?

Reese’s head was swimming with all the sex around her and her own raging hormones and arousal. She didn’t even realize Sarah was talking to her until her friend gave her a little shake to snap her out of her deep thought trance.

“Reese? Are you okay?” Sarah asked, concerned about the way her friend was acting, even though she was pretty unfocused herself. She tried to keep her thoughts on Reese, though, and not on how many of her naked friends she was desperate to tongue fuck at that moment.

“Huh? What?” Reese asked, very distracted as she watched Jessica’s sexy bouncing and felt both envy and desire at the sight of her friend so close to orgasm.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Sarah repeated. “Do you want me to call someone? Do you want me to call Jim and have him come get you?”

Calling Reese’s husband and having him come to the place where his wife consistently and thoroughly cheated on him with other women was not an idea Sarah expressed lightly. She knew there would be consequences if she did that but she also prioritized Reese’s health and her baby above any secrets. But fortunately it didn’t come to that.

“No! God no!” Reese immediately insisted. “I’m fine, really. Just was feeling lightheaded before. I’m better now!”

“Are you sure you don’t want any water?” Sarah asked again, not sure whether to believe Reese’s claims.

“No…no water…” Reese said, her voice thick with lust and very needy. “But there is something you can do for me.”

She couldn’t take it anymore. There was simply too much fucking going on around her and denying herself had become punishment.

“What?” Sarah asked. “Anything.”

And with that Reese smiled, showing off the same horny and hedonistic grin that so many other party guests already had.

“Mmmmm you can sit on my fucking face, Sarah,” Reese purred, hiking up her dress and sliding her hand into her ruined panties, the wetness of her cunt having soaked through the pink lace and gotten the crotch to cling to her swollen lips.

Sarah was so taken aback by what her pregnant friend requested that at first she wasn’t sure she had heard her correctly. Had she really said that or had Sarah just heard what she wanted to hear from Reese?

“What? Seriously?” Sarah asked and immediately got confirmation.

“Mmmmhmmmm,” Reese moaned back. “Your pussy. My face. Make it happen Sarah! I don’t need any fucking water. I need to drink some goddamn cum!”

Sarah’s mouth opened in shock. She had definitely not expected to hear that. But she recognized the look of determined arousal on her friend’s face. She had felt that way many times herself.

And Sarah had to admit, Reese looked so fucking sexy lying back on the couch, her dress hiked up and her hand inside her panties, making them bulge out as she played with herself. Her baby bump was very apparent and her tits trapped under her dress were looking even more succulent than usual.

There was no way Sarah could ever resist Reese and in her current condition it made her friend all the more fuckable. Sarah had never done anything with a pregnant woman before and the idea gave her a kinky thrill, especially because Reese was so very desperate for it.

“Mmmm is this what you want?” Sarah asked, getting closer to the couch and hovering her already naked pussy right above Reese’s face, her fingers reaching down to toy with her bald lips and show off how wet she was. “You want to taste this Reese? Mmmm is pussy one of your pregnancy cravings? Bet you want this way more than you want pickles and ice cream.”

“Ooooooh fuck yes!” Reese moaned, her eyes lighting up with fresh lust from watching Sarah rub her smooth, glistening cunt. “Mmmm that’s what mommy wants! You gonna give that to me Sarah? Gonna let me suck on your juicy fuck hole or am I not hot anymore? Am I too fucking fat for you? Do you want to not want to fuck a pregnant beached whale?”

Reese wasn’t feeling sorry for herself anymore. Now her words had a playful, but edgy tone to them. She was throwing out a sexual challenge to Sarah and Sarah recognized that immediately.

Reese wanted to hear how wanted she was and Sarah had no problem telling her that because every word of it was the truth.

“Jessica’s not the only girl here who loves you this way, Reese,” Sarah said, moving herself away from Reese’s face and instead toward the lower half of her friend’s body. She kneeled down in front of the couch and pulled up Reese’s dress even more, yanking it up over her stomach and exposing her full baby bump. “It fucking turns me on to see you acting like a pregnant slut. Mmmm this big belly is so fucking sexy!”

And Sarah proved that by kissing it. She placed her lips right on Reese’s belly button to start off, giving it a soft, sensual smooch. And then she began showering kisses all over Reese’s bump. It was so big and full of life and Sarah couldn’t get enough of it or the way Reese moaned from every kiss.

She had never done something like this before but she got an immediate thrill from it. Sarah loved how it felt to be so intimate with her beautifully pregnant friend.

Sarah kissed all over her friend’s stomach, doing it with a loving touch but also a naughty one too. She wanted Reese to know how much she loved her body but also that it totally turned her on too. And Sarah knew that message was getting across because with every kiss against her skin and her swollen stomach, Reese rubbed herself, her panties starting to stretch from her hand inside them.

Sarah loved seeing Reese play with her pussy like that and she kissed her tummy some more while she also gently massaged it with a seductive caress of her hands all over her baby bump. She could smell how wet Reese was while she kissed all over her belly and Sarah’s hunger for pussy, temporarily sidelined out of concern for her friend, came roaring back.

Pulling away from the baby bump, Sarah grabbed Reese’s arm by the wrist and pulled her friend’s hand out of her panties. Reese didn’t fight it a bit and Sarah brought that hand right up to her mouth so she could lick off the sticky, tangy juices from it.

Reese groaned happily as Sarah zealously licked those juices off like she was famished for cum. Reese certainly felt the same way and her desire grew as Sarah sucked her fingers clean, opening wide for all five of Reese’s digits in her mouth at once.

“Mmmm yeahhh suck that juice! Suck that fucking juice that no one’s tasted for months!” Reese cooed as Sarah practically growled with lust while she slurped her fingers clean. “Jim hasn’t touched me since I started getting big! I didn’t think anyone would want me! Ooooh but you do, don’t you Sarah? Mmmm taste those creamy juices right off my fingers! Ooooh swallow it you horny bitch! Mmmmm yessss Jessica’s been getting so fucking wet for me like this and you’re just as much of a pervert as she is, aren’t you? Fucking pervs getting wet for pregnant sluts like me! Ooooooh yesssss drool all over my hand!”

Reese’s juices seemed particularly creamy and tasty and Sarah literally couldn’t get enough of them. She didn’t know what it was. Maybe it was her own state of ultra-arousal. Maybe it was that Reese had a lot of pent up horniness inside her. Or maybe pregnant women just tasted better but Sarah licked off every sweet and tangy drop.

She sucked on all of Reese’s fingers, tasting how she had rubbed herself hard. And Sarah took particular glee in sucking on Reese’s thumb while lustfully staring her friend in the eye.

“You’re the perv, sexy mommy!” Sarah teased back, pulling off Reese’s thumb with a wet pop. “Don’t pretend like you’re some good girl Reese. You came here knowing what you were going to get! This is what you wanted deep down! You wanted us to rip your fucking clothes off and give you the fucking your husband won’t! You’re just a horny preggo bitch desperate for it! All you’re craving is fucking!”

Was that true? Had she deep down wanted this the whole time? Had she purposely put herself in this position so her friends would fuck her even in her current condition? Reese couldn’t help but think Sarah was right about her. Maybe she had put up so much reluctance because she had wanted her friend to force her to do it?

Maybe self-consciously her self-esteem had needed the boost so badly that it had compelled her to put herself in this position? But Reese didn’t care. All she cared about was how much she wanted Sarah’s tongue in her cunt and how thirsty she was for her friend’s hot juices.

“Shut up and kiss me Sarah!” Reese demanded, pulling her naked friend on top of her on the couch and getting her hand on the back of Sarah’s head so she could mash her lips against hers. “Mmmmm fuckkk ohhhh yessss I need this! I need to be kissed! I need to be touched! Mmmm I NEED TO BE FUCKED!”

Reese screamed the last part out not because she had been touched in a particularly sensitive area. She just screamed it out because she wanted to.

She wanted everyone at the party to know how horny she was and how much she needed this. She was nine months pregnant and about to burst and she needed to get her fucking brains fucked out until she was a slobbering mess.

God, Reese didn’t care what anyone else thought for once. She didn’t care if they thought it was weird or her big body didn’t fit in with everyone being so skinny and perfect. She only cared about her own lust now.

Reese’s loud declaration of what she needed carried out like a triumphant battle cry. And in doing so it attracted the attention of someone who shared the couch with her and who Reese had been hungrily eyeing before.

She hadn’t even noticed that Reese had arrived next to her. She’d been so focused on her own pleasure. But now Jessica could see that Reese had finally fully accepted what she had been telling her this whole time.

“Mmmmmm yeahhh that’s it Reese! You look as hot as fuck right now!” Jessica cheered on her friend while she continued to bounce up and down on Mike’s cock and feel Maryse’s cum thirsty tongue lap at her from behind. “Don’t hold back any more! Join in! We all fucking want you! Get naked! Get nasty! Mmmm let us fuck that preggo body of yours so good!”

Jessica honestly had no idea how long Reese had been there on the long couch and, even in her state of intense horniness, she was kind of embarrassed she hadn’t noticed. But the important thing was that she was there now and she was very much into the spirit of the party.

The reluctant woman who had been too shy to take off her clothes at first at the sex shop the day before was gone and Jessica very much loved the sight of the horny sex goddess next to her.

“Yesssssss fuck my preggo body! Treat me like a fucking knocked up whore!” Reese implored, not just to Sarah and Jessica but anyone within earshot.

She had been denying herself for too long and she couldn’t wait another second. Reese needed this. She didn’t care who was fucking her as long as someone was.

“Kiss me Sarah! Mmmm fuck I need this!” Reese begged. “Ooooh you don’t know what it’s like not being touched for months! I’ve been going crazy trying to hold it in but I can’t take it anymore! All I want to do it fuck!”

Reese would have said more but she was silenced by another hungry kiss from Sarah. Their lips fused together and their tongues rubbed into one another with an extra energy behind them.

Reese had been intimate with Sarah so many times. She was the first woman she had ever fucked. But this was different for both of them. They had never wanted each other as much as they did then and while they kissed, Sarah pulled up Reese’s dress, yanking it higher and higher until she had pulled it all the way over her head.

Getting the dress off required the two women to momentarily break their kiss but they made the pause as brief as possible. As soon as Sarah had Reese’s dress removed and had tossed it away onto the floor where it joined the collection of stripped away clothing littered everywhere, they began kissing again, more ferocious than ever for each other.

And as they kissed, mashing their lips together and practically drooling into each other’s mouths, Sarah’s hands went right for Reese’s tits.

Even in her maternity bra, Reese’s breasts were close to spilling out. Every time she and Sarah rubbed into each other’s bodies, Reese’s tits jiggled just a bit, driving Sarah even wilder for her.

Reese’s normal B cups had swollen up definitely to a C but they were pushing a D right now and Sarah loved it. She loved the idea of her sexy friend with big, jiggly tits and she massaged them longingly, squeezing them as she and Reese both moaned into each other’s mouths, kisses replacing words as their preferred form of communication.

But Jessica had a lot to say, especially with her orgasm growing closer with every thrust from Mike and every lick from Maryse. As they fucked her both, Jessica kept her eyes on Sarah and Reese and lived vicariously through what her housemate was doing to their married friend.

“Mmmm yeah get that bra of hers off,” Jessica urged passionately, her voice full of moans from being fucked. “Let’s see those big milk filled tits! Ooooh I was such a nasty girl with her yesterday Sarah! Mmm did you like that Reese? Like when I got my slutty mouth on your nipples and tasted your mommy milk?”

And Jessica’s question was so hot that Reese even interrupted her wet and wild kisses with Sarah to answer her.

“Yessssss! Ohhhh I liked it so much! Mmmm fuckk I hadn’t been touched like that in so long and it felt so goddamn naughty and good!” Reese admitted.

It had taken so much coaxing to get Reese out of her clothes at the store and it had taken even more for Jessica to convince Reese to let her touch her. And when she had finally gotten naughty with her, touching and suckling on her nipples, stimulating them just the right way to get milk out of them, Reese had felt both embarrassed and aroused from it.

But the arousal had ended up winning over the embarrassment though thanks to how much Jessica had wanted it. Jessica had been so hot for it and had made it feel so good that Reese had felt sexy for the first time in months when it had happened.

It had been so kinky and taboo and Reese had gotten so wet from feeling Jessica suckle on her nipple and teasingly call her “mommy” while she had licked up and swallowed her milk. This was her third child but Reese had never felt desired after while pregnant. Jessica had changed that and now Sarah was too.

Now all Reese could feel was lust and her confidence was soaring along with her horniness.

“Is this what you want Sarah?” Reese asked, sitting up on the couch so she could more easily reach around her back and get the clasp to her bra open. “You want these big preggo titties of mine? Mmmm they’re so big and jiggly. Mmmm fuck they didn’t get this big when I had Ava and Deacon but now they’re all big and swollen. Gawd I’ve never had titties this big and I don’t know what to do with them. I can barely fit them in anything.”

“That’s never been my problem,” Sarah giggled before playing with her own small tits.

But as she caressed her breasts and teased her own nipples with her fingertips, Sarah found her breath being taken away by the sight of Reese pulling off her bra and leaving herself topless.

She hadn’t seen Reese’s bare breasts in so long and they looked incredible. Sarah felt like she was going to salivate as she saw her friend’s naturally enhanced tits. They were so heavy and full in her ninth month and Reese’s areolas had widened so sexily.

Reese’s nipples were so swollen but Sarah couldn’t tell if it was because of the pregnancy or how turned on she was. It didn’t matter though because they were so sexy and Sarah had to taste them.

Pressing herself into Reese’s side so she wasn’t on top of her baby bump, Sarah took her friend’s heavy tits in her hands and massaged them while kissing her again and then moving her lips down her neck. Reese groaned in delight over being kissed sensually for the first time in what felt like forever.

But Reese knew what Sarah really wanted and she wanted it too. She couldn’t stand to be chaste anymore. She wanted to get nasty and she pushed Sarah right down to her tits.

“Do it Sarah! Mmmm suck my mommy tits! I know you want to! You want to be just as kinky and dirty as Jessica was yesterday!” Reese moaned. “Even dirtier too I’ll bet! Jess didn’t get to fuck my yesterday. I was too shy. But I’m not shy now. Mmm I’ll let you do anything you want to me!”

Sarah had never done anything like this but she found the idea irresistible. With a little laugh of filthy expectation. Sarah began kissing all over her friend’s tits while caressing them with her hands.

Just like she’d lavished love all over her baby bump, Sarah let her lips and tongue travel all over Reese’s bosom, making sure her friend knew just how into her body she was. And while she did it, Sarah slid her hand under the waistband of Reese’s panties to rub her pussy and stimulate her further.

“Mmmmmmm fuckkkk! Oooooh Sarah! Play with me! Mmmm all of you make my pussy so fucking wet!” Reese groaned. “Touch me there Sarah! Ooooh you haven’t played with my pussy in so long and I missed you so much! Mmm fuckkkk I’m so wet! I’ve been so lonely!”

Reese knew her loneliness was her own fault. She had been avoiding this place, assuming that her friends wouldn’t want anything to do with her in her condition. But Jessica’s attention yesterday and Sarah’s now showed Reese just how foolish she’d been.

They wanted her more than ever and Reese was so glad because she needed their attention more than ever. She’d been too shy to go all the way with Jessica the night before but that was all gone now and all Reese wanted was to get fucked.

Moaning uncontrollably, Reese held Sarah down to her chest while her friend’s hand skillfully teased her pussy and made her wetness grow. Reese’s panties had gotten a bit stretched from her own furious finger play and Sarah made the issue with her underwear even worse by starting to make her own hand bulge out against it, stretching the waistband as she vigorously stimulated Reese and made her coo and cry in delight.

Through it all, Sarah kept on kissing Reese’s pregnancy enhanced tits. They were so big and swollen and Sarah loved the idea of her normally petite friend having such jiggly tits. They were almost squishy in her hand, like she was playing with one of her more endowed friends like Love or Rose, and Sarah kept her hands all over them while she kissed and teased Reese’s sweaty flesh.

Finally she focused on one breast long enough to begin seriously stimulating Reese’s nipple. As her hand kept a gentle, but firm grip on Reese’s breast, Sarah licked all over her friend’s nipple while staring at her lustfully in the eyes. This was new to Sarah but she wanted Reese to see how much she wanted it and how much she loved bringing her pleasure.

Reese certainly appreciated the gesture and she rolled her head back against the couch and moaned as Sarah’s tongue languidly licked all over her engorged nipple. It was such a wonderful contrast to have Sarah sensually licking her breast while she was also enthusiastically rubbing her pussy.

Reese was getting it hard and fast and slow and erotic at the same time and she loved it all. God, she needed this.

“Mmmm oh Sarah! Ooooh baby! Mmmm fuckkk yesss I missed this!” Reese cried happily. “Rub my pussy! Ooooh touch it good like you always do! Mmmm fuck you’re gonna be a naughty girl with my big tits, aren’t you? Just like Jessica was!”

“Mmmmhmmm you know I will be,” Sarah confirmed before making things even sexier. “I can see through your act Reese. You act like we won’t want to fuck you and it just makes us want to fuck you more! Mmmm you should have been coming here every day. We’d have been giving you the loving you need, mommy!”

Reese moaned again when Sarah used that word just like Jessica had. It was so taboo to hear it and it made Reese so wet when her friends said it.

She tried so hard to be the perfect mom to her children. But now that she was on the verge of child number three Reese was succumbing to the need to be a dirty mommy too. The way Sarah and Jessica called her “mommy” was so dirty and sexy and she loved hearing Sarah say it.

“Such a dirty girl,” Sarah purred. “You always act like you’re so responsible and the perfect fucking wife and mom but deep down you’re an even bigger slut than the rest of us! Mmmm I love seeing you get dirty Reese. I always have. Making your tight ass slutty has always been so fucking fun! And now that you have these big mommy tits for me to play with it’s going to be even more fun!”

“Oh yesssssssss mmmmm it’ll be fun and nasty! Oooooh Sarah!” Reese squealed in pleasure from her friend’s touch all over her needy body. “Mmmmm suck my big titties! Ooooh play with my wet pussy! I’m so soaked for you! Oooooh call me mommy Sarah! Tell me what a big, sexy slutty mommy I am!”

“Mmmm you already know you are,” Sarah moaned back to her friend. “You’re so fucking beautiful like this Reese! I love your big baby belly and your yummy curves! Mmmm Jessica was telling me what she did with you yesterday and it got me so wet! I wanted to taste your big tits too! I love seeing you with big, yummy tits Reese! Feed me mommy! Feed your slutty baby some of that fucking milk!”

“Ohhhh gawwwwwd!” Reese shuddered in taboo pleasure as Sarah gave her just what she wanted to hear while licking and pinching her swollen nipple with her free hand.

She had tried to fight this the day before when Jessica had done it but now she had no fight in her. All Reese wanted to do was indulge in this forbidden pleasure.

“Mmmm yes! Mommy has milk for her slutty friend!” Reese groaned in desire. “Mommy’s gonna feed her horny baby girl! Stick your tongue out Sarah!”

Sarah was giddy with anticipation of her own. She had never even considered doing something like this before and the thrill of the new was fueling her on as she obediently stuck her tongue out and let Reese take over playing with her own nipple.

Sarah had left the swollen bud wet with saliva and Reese’s fingers did the rest, rubbing and stimulating it until the inevitable happened and a small stream of milk shot out onto Sarah’s waiting tongue.

“Taste it! Taste this naughty whore’s mommy milk!” Reese groaned as she did what deep down she had wanted to do with her friends but had been too inhibited and insecure to admit before now. “Mmmmm swallow it Sarah! Suck on mommy’s tit and taste that naughty milk!”

Sarah hadn’t known what to expect when it happened and she had even braced herself for the idea that she wouldn’t like it. But fortunately she hadn’t had to worry about that.

She loved it. It didn’t taste weird or anything. Sure it was different but any strangeness about tasting her friend’s milk was completely overwhelmed by the carnality of doing something so naughty. Sarah not only loved the feeling of Reese squirting her milk onto her tongue, she wanted more too.

So Sarah greedily brushed Reese’s hand off her own nipple and instead latched her lips to it. She suckled on Reese’s nipple and moaned when more milk dripped right into her mouth. It wasn’t a lot, but it was a steady release of it and Sarah gulped it down like she was the one needing its nourishment.

And, as she did that, Sarah played with her own pussy with one hand and used the other to keep stimulating Reese’s. She frigged both of their cunts and made Reese’s panties stretch even more.

“Ohhhhhhh Sarahhhhhhhh! Mmmmm this is so fucking naughty!” Reese cried, loving the sensation of her horny friend sucking her breast and tasting the milk right out of it. “Oooooh you greedy little slut! Sucking the milk that’s for my baby! Mmmm fuck! Ohhhh this is so hot! Lick it you nasty girl! Suck mommy’s milk and lick that nipple clean! Ooooooh Sarahhhhh yesssssss ohhhhhh fuckkk oooooh I fucking need this so bad!”

Sarah knew Reese needed it and she wanted to make it so hot for her. It was tempting to just stay at her swollen tits and go from one nipple to the other, tasting as much of Reese’s naughty milk as she wanted to feed her. But Sarah didn’t want to be greedy. Even in the state she was in, Sarah wanted to focus on her friend’s pleasure and not her own.

Giving Reese’s breast one last eager suckle, Sarah kept the little bit of milk in her mouth and pulled off of Reese’s chest. She then surprised her friend by kissing her passionately, opening up her mouth and letting the mother’s milk drip right out of her mouth into Reese’s, feeding her friend her own nourishing release.

“Ohhhhhh!” Reese moaned in naughty desire as she felt it hit her tongue and flow down her throat when she couldn’t help but gulp it down.

She hadn’t been expecting Sarah to feed her milk back to her but this was not a surprise she minded. She didn’t fight it. She just swallowed it.

This wasn’t a new taste for her but it was the first time she had ever experienced it in an erotic way. It was so sexy for her to taste her own milk in Sarah’s kiss, especially as Sarah continued playing with her pussy and making everything feel good.

But this wasn’t just as kinky thrill for Sarah and Reese. It was also one for their audience and Jessica loved what she was seeing.

In fact she loved it so much that the sight of Sarah and Reese getting so naughty was what set her off into orgasm in her threesome with Mike and Maryse. Jessica was being stimulated so thoroughly by the horny couple but it was what she saw, not what she felt that made her explode.

Watching Sarah and Reese share the taste of the milk in their heated kiss made Jessica cry out in ecstasy and buck herself even harder as the couple sandwiched her naked body between cock and tongue.

Jessica bounced herself forcefully on top of Mike, stuffing herself even more with his meaty dick. And while she did that, Jessica made sure to rub herself against Maryse’s thirsty tongue as the French Canadian kept her face pressed into Jessica’s ass and fused her tongue and mouth right on her hot spots.

“AHHHHH! OHHH FUCKKK OHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH!” Jessica cried out rapturously, the juices from her creaming hole coating Mike’s cock and giving Maryse plenty to lick up as the couple continued to work them over.

Jessica’s ecstasy was obvious as she cried in orgasm and soaked her new friends. But it was her old friends that she kept her heated stare on.

She loved seeing Sarah and Reese succumb to a new level of naughtiness for them both. It turned Jessica on so much that as soon as she had squealed out the last of her orgasm, she gave both Mike and Maryse heated kisses to say thank you before abandoning them so she could move her naked body a little bit further down the couch to join Sarah and Reese.

While Sarah and Reese wantonly made out, mashing lips and tongues together in a series of voracious kisses, Jessica squeezed her body into the fun too and brought her face right to Reese’s tits.

She was sweaty and breathless from just having come, but more importantly Jessica was insatiable and she went after Reese’s milky chest like she desperately needed her to survive. Like a starving slut, Jessica latched herself to her friend’s nipples and worked them over with her tongue and fingers until Reese’s milk was dripping into her hungry mouth.

“Ohhhh! Oooooh you horny fucking sluts! Mmmm God you need that mommy milk, don’t you?” Reese cooed as Sarah devilishly joined Jessica, the both of them feeding of Reese’s dripping tits and loving every bit of the perverted fun they were having. “Mmmm yeahhh horny little babies! Mommy’s gonna feed her sluts good! Ooooh you greedy girls mmmm stealing that milk from my baby! Mmm fuckkkk ohhhh ohhhhhhhhhh yesssss suck them! Suck my big, milky tits! Make me into a dirty, slutty mommy! Oooooh this is sooooooo nasty!”

Sarah and Jessica most definitely agreed with that sentiment and they both grinned evilly as they sucked on their friend and tasted her precious milk. This was as naughty as they had ever gotten and it felt so good to them.

But even more importantly than their own perverted needs, Jessica and Sarah were both ecstatic that they were making Reese feel good after all her self-denial.

Reese was getting so into it and it made it hotter for them both. The pregnant actress lay back on the couch with Sarah and Jessica both latching their hungry lips to her tits, each of them taking a breast for herself.

Reese kept moaning and encouraging them, both with words and with her hands moving to the back of their heads and softly caressing them. As happy sexual sounds flowed from her mouth, Reese ran her fingers gently through their hair as she coaxed her horny friends to drink from her tits. She knew this was wrong and that she should have been stopping it, but it felt too good to stop.

However while having fun and getting kinky with Reese’s swollen tits was great, what Sarah and Jessica both really wanted was Reese to explode in orgasm for them both. They wanted that more than anything and both girls pulled off Reese’s tits to make sure it happened.

But first they indulged in one last bit of pleasure for them both. They brought their faces together for a shamelessly lewd kiss. Sarah and Jessica fused their mouths together, shoving their tongues into each other as they groped at the other’s naked bodies while sharing the kinky taste of Reese’s milk between them.

Both Saran and Jessica were breathless and grinning when they pulled apart, their eyes wild and filled with desire as they looked down on their friend.

Reese was writhing on the couch, fondling her sensitive tits and moaning from how good it had felt to have had her friend’s suckling her swollen nipples and being so naughty with her. She needed more though and they were going to give it to her, just the way they knew she liked it.

Sarah and Jessica didn’t say a word to each other but the heated gaze they shared said everything. They knew exactly what they were going to do without having to say anything and they didn’t waste a second more as Sarah grabbed Reese by her leg and pulled her foot right up to her mouth.

No one had to tell Sarah what Reese liked and she caressed her pregnant friend’s soft skin while wrapping her hand around Reese’s ankle to hold her steady while she darted out her tongue and started pleasuring Reese’s foot. Sarah didn’t start off slowly either. She went right for it and wetly licked all over Reese’s toes, lashing her tongue against her friend with hungry moans while saliva drooled out of her mouth and onto Reese’s foot.

Reese gasped in delight when Sarah did it. She squirmed even more on the couch, loving the way her friend’s wet tongue was so enthusiastically lapping at her toes, coating them with drool and making it start to drip down her foot.

Sarah had indulged her foot fetish many times before but this was the first time Reese had ever felt Sarah be so hungry for it.

“Ohhhhh Sarah yessssss! Oooooh lick them! Mmmm suck my naughty little toes!” Reese groaned out, her need to orgasm growing more intense with every wicked, sloppy lick Sarah took against her foot. “Yessssssssss you know I fucking love this! Oooooh Sarah! Fuck yessss! Give this slutty momma what she needs! Fucking suck my toes like Jim never fucking will!”

Of course the real reason Reese had never experienced her husband sucking her toes was because she had never told him about her foot fetish. She had kept that secret just for the girls for a long time now.

But Reese didn’t mention that fact. She just kept encouraging Sarah and loving every second she had her friend hungrily licking her toes and shoving her tongue in between them with messy, wet licks. And when Sarah took things to an even hotter level by starting to suck on them, Reese’s sounds became louder and more passionate.

“OHHHHH! YESSSSS! OHHH FUCKKK YESSSSS!” Reese cried, squeezing her tits roughly and forcing more milk to spill out of her overstimulated nipples. “YES SARAH! MMMMMM M SUCK THEM OOOOOH! SUCK MY FUCKING TOES! FUCK YES GET THEM WET WITH YOUR HOT MOUTH!”

Sarah was sucking on her toes like a voracious beast. It was almost like she was the one with the foot fetish now and Reese loved it. Sarah had never done it to her like this before and it just kept feeling better and better as Reese looked down and saw her friend almost delirious with lust while she shoved her foot into her open mouth and sucked on three of her toes at once with saliva dripping out of her mouth.

Reese could feel Sarah’s drool running down her foot just like she could feel a thin trickle of milk drip out of both of her nipples from how she was groping her own tits. Reese rolled her head back on the couch and moaned in wild bliss from both sensations and she continued to squeeze her milky tits while Sarah pleasured her foot. And then Jessica made things even better by going after Reese’s pussy.

Reese still had her panties on but Jessica took care of that with brutal efficiency by ripping the drenched garment off of her. But Jessica didn’t toss her friend’s panties away. Instead she brought the ruined underwear up to Reese’s face and shoved them against her mouth.

“Taste yourself you fucking slut!” Jessica ordered, forcing the sodden cotton right into Reese’s moaning mouth. “Taste what a fucking dirty girl you are Reese! Mmmm too shy to fuck, huh? Too worried about being all preggers? That’s what you told me yesterday! And here you are, naked and fucking on my couch! Mmmm showing me that big, swollen tummy all sexy and full of life! You look so fucking hot right now Reese all big and beautiful and knocked up like a fucking whore! I’m so goddamn wet for you and now you’re wet too! Taste your own wet pussy Reese! Taste how you dripped into your fucking panties so much that you ruined them!”

Reese spit her panties out of her mouth before she started to gag on them but she loved what Jessica was doing to her. It was so raw and nasty and it turned Reese on immensely to be treated like this.

Throughout her pregnancy everyone had been treating her like some delicate flower and she’d begun thinking of herself that way too. But not now. Now she was just a horny slut who needed to be fucked and she loved being reminded of that.

So Reese didn’t just toss her torn panties away. Instead she held them up to her face and deeply breathed in her own scent. She moaned when she smelled how turned on she was. God, she smelled so fucking good. Her wetness was like pheromones and breathing in her own scent sent Reese deeper into a haze of total lust.

Rolling her eyes back as she did it, Reese breathed her aroused scent in several times, letting it fill her nostrils and completely overcome her. But she didn’t stop there. While Sarah kissed all over the soles of her now wet foot and began rubbing it into her own face like she wanted to smear her saliva onto her skin, Reese started licking her panties.

She had never done anything so perverted in her life but she couldn’t help it. Reese was so eager to push her limits and be bad. All her pent up horniness was rushing out of her and she started tonguing the crotch of her ruined underwear, tasting how soaked she’d made it.

“Oooooh you kinky bitch! Lick your undies and taste how wet your dirty mommy cunt made them!” Jessica growled with raw lust while Sarah gorged herself on Reese’s foot, sliding her friend’s toes back into her mouth and greedily trying to swallow them all. “Mmmm taste that juice! Lick it right off your panties you bad girl! Oooh if only your baby could see what a fucking whore his mommy is going to be! Everyone thinks you’re so fucking perfect and composed but I know the real you Reese! You’re such a slutty freak! You’re a dirty mommy slut all nice and big and beautiful right on my couch! Ooooh fuckkk I love you like this Reese!”

Reese was hardly in a position to argue with Jessica. She did feel like a complete and total mommy slut. She felt so dirty and nasty. She had been holding back for so long and it was like she had become completely unhinged and had turned into a raging whore. She loved it though. She felt like she was caught up in a fantasy inside a dream and she never wanted to snap out of it, especially with what happened next.

Jessica stopped teasing her and instead did what she had been denied for way too long. She pressed her face right in between Reese’s thighs and shoved her tongue right into her, penetrating the gooey, dripping mommy cunt before her and starting to lick away voraciously at Reese’s juices. She lapped at Reese’s swollen, creamy pussy like it was her last meal and it had an immediate effect on the mother to be.


Reese silenced herself by crumpling up her panties in her hands and squishing them against her nose and using them as a gag to scream into. God this felt so fucking depraved. She had loved the taste of her own juices in her torn underwear but the dirty pleasure she had gotten from that was nothing compared to the feeling of Jessica’s amazing tongue lashing at her needy pussy.

She hadn’t had any action in so long, not even masturbation, and Reese was desperate to feel an orgasm. She could no longer hold back on anything. She couldn’t be a good girl and a pure mommy to be for one more second.

Reese fucked herself hard against Jessica’s face while squeezing her tits, making a little bit more milk squirt out of her nipples and run down her squishy chest. And doing this made Reese’s baby bump shake and Jessica loved seeing that.

Seeing that beautiful bump bounce inspired Jessica to lick Reese even harder and she lashed her tongue against her pussy. She was so thirsty for all of her friend’s pent up cum and the more Reese writhed and shook on the couch the harder Jessica licked her.

Jessica had dreamed of seeing Reese naked like this, all pregnant and gorgeous and in total ecstasy. And, just like in her dirty dreams, she did everything she could to try and make Reese feel good.

While Reese cried happily, using her panties to unsuccessfully try and muzzle herself, Jessica furiously licked at her. She had licked Reese’s pussy so many times but she had never wanted it more than she did now. Hungry, urgent moans escaped her mouth as she lapped away at her friend’s juicy hole.

Jessica wanted every bit of Reese’s essence and jammed her fingers into her too, shoving two in to start and, after Reese reacted with an ecstatic squeal, she added a third and started to vigorously fuck her.


Jessica loved how soaking wet Reese was. Her fingers made such a lewd squishing sound as she penetrated the blonde’s drenched folds and Jessica eagerly licked her own fingers clean before shoving them right back into her friend and fucking her harder while her tongue licked Reese’s folds and made her clit throb.

Jessica made Reese writhe and contort with ecstasy as she kneeled down on the floor in front of her open legs and fingered and licked her naked friend right onto the couch, not caring if her dripping juices ruined the fabric or not. In fact she hoped she did.

Jessica wanted Reese to ruin their furniture. She wanted all of these girls fucking and licking and slurping away at each other to come and cream their juices and ruin their living room, staining their furniture with sex.

“Come for me!” Jessica commanded, resting her tongue for a second while still fingering Reese with raw sexual intensity. “I know you fucking need this! You’re so sexy like this Reese! Mmmmm so beautiful and full of life! You’re glowing baby! Mmmm and I wanna make you glow even more! Just let go and come like the horny mommy slut you are!”

Reese was beyond words right then, ecstasy rushing through her veins as her neglected body was taken forcefully and skillfully. She hadn’t been fucked like this in so long. It was so passionate and naughty and she needed it so much. Her body was completely keyed up and Reese could only moan and coo and writhe on the couch, grinding her bare ass cheeks into the fabric and feeling it make her skin all tender.

She didn’t say anything. Reese just nodded frantically, smiling from ear to ear as she agreed with everything Jessica said. She needed to come so much.

Reese honestly couldn’t remember the last time she had enjoyed an orgasm. And now her friends were going to give it to her by taking her like they never had before. They were treating her like a piece of slut meat and she loved every second of it.

“You’re so fucking hot Reese!” Jessica moaned while pumping her fingers in. “Mmmm so tight too! Oooh you feel that baby? You like feeling my fingers fucking you? Mmm jamming inside this tight little hole! It’s a crime that you haven’t been getting this pretty pussy fucked! Feel that Reese! Feel my fingers loosening you up baby! Hear that? Mmmm yeahhh hear that wet squish when I finger you? Ooooh this yummy preggo pussy is so tasty and tight! Come for me Reese! Play with those big tits I love staring at and sucking and come for me!”

Listening to every word Jessica said, Reese kept playing with her tits, rubbing the fleshy globes and licking her own milk off her fingers. She felt so nasty and hot and everything her friends were doing to her felt good. And soon it got even better when Sarah got even naughtier.

Sarah had licked and sucked all over her bare foot, leaving it shiny with saliva. But she didn’t stop there. As much as Sarah knew Reese’s feet and toes were her secret erogenous zone, what Sarah truly hungered for was Reese’s pussy. The more she watched Jessica finger and lick it, the more she wanted it too. And she didn’t wait for Jessica to be done with it either.

Leaving Reese’s foot behind, Sarah instead dove down on her friend’s body to start lapping at her pussy while Jessica was already there. Sarah put her face right next to Jessica’s and didn’t say a word. She just started to lick right along with Jessica, the two of them tonguing Reese’s pussy together and making the pregnant blonde squeal with intense pleasure.

Reese was still having trouble forming her words thanks to the intensity of the pleasure she was experiencing from two horny tongues on her vagina now. But she cried and grunted and squealed in pleasure, all her sounds mixing together to make it very clear just how much she enjoyed this.

Having one tongue on her neglected pussy had been amazing, but two was out of this world. It wasn’t the first time she had ever felt two women licking her pussy at the same time but it was the first time she had ever needed it as badly as she did right then.

Reese spread her legs as wide as she could, taking advantage of the yoga she still did even while pregnant to open herself up to both of her friends. She tried to give them as much room as possible and Jessica and Sarah took full advantage, tonguing her together and finding a way to share even as they both hungered for more.

When Sarah had first moved her face down to Reese’s cunt her first instinct had been to shove Jessica out of the way so she could get at her friend’s cum. And it had been Jessica’s instinct too to do the same to Sarah and push her away so she could be the only one to get Reese’s pregnant pussy. But they managed to stifle their greedy impulses and share her even though they were both so starving for her that selfishness was very much on their minds.

Neither of them wanted to fully yield Reese’s pussy to the other so they licked her together as best they could, their tongues working over the blonde’s folds and clit while Jessica’s fingers continued to move in and out, making Reese’s pussy squish with each thrust of her wrist. Sarah and Jessica both licked greedily at her, tonguing Reese and making her moan and squirm. It was crowded and sloppy for all three of them but it worked marvelously and Reese found herself finally able to speak as her climax drew tantalizingly close.


Reese’s whole body was shaking erotically. Her heavy, milky tits jiggled on her chest as she grabbed onto the arm of the couch and thrust her hips forward, making it easier for her to fuck Jessica and Sarah’s faces. And her swollen baby bump bounced too. God, her baby probably thought it was an earthquake or something and Reese couldn’t help but laugh over watching her bump shake.

She’d been doing everything she could to take care of herself during this pregnancy. She’d practically put a bubble around herself. But this whole time what she’d needed most of all was to be taken and fucked like only her friends could. She needed them to be nasty with her and treat her like no one else could or dared.

“Please make me come! Ooooooh pleaaaaaase fucking make me come all over!” Reese whimpered, pawing at her tender chest and lying back on her friends’ couch while two tongues attacked her and made her feel amazing. “Fuckkkkkk I’m so close! Oooooh God I haven’t felt like this in so long! Ooooh God fuck me like only you hot bitches can! Fuck this knocked up slut and make me feel like a fucking woman again! Mmmm yessssssssss ohhhhh Jess! Ohhhhh Sarahhhhh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawwwd fight over my pussy you horny sluts! Oooooh taste that preggo cum and make this big slutty mommy come like the whore she is! OOOOOH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS FUCKKKKK OHHHH RIGHT THERE!”

“Yeahhhh pretty pregnant princess gonna come for us?” Sarah moaned, her lips sticky with Reese’s essence as she licked them clean and savored the taste. “Mmmm I haven’t licked this pussy in so fucking long! C’mon you sexy momma! Come for me! Naughty mommy needs her pussy licked mmmmm yesssss come all over us and make that big belly bounce as we fuck you! You’re not some delicate little flower! You’re a dirty preggo slut! Mmm fuck you’re so hot Reese!”


Reese loved every bit of this. It was just what she had been dying for and she tried to rub herself into her friends, smearing her drooling crotch into Jessica and Sarah’s faces to get them to lick her more. And they did just that, their tongues wrestling with each other as they both sought to lick Reese to orgasm.

Sarah and Jessica focused everything they had on getting Reese off even if it meant fighting each other. They were practically ravenous as they both tried to get their mouth on her cunt and have their tongue be the one that made her come. They both tried to lick her together but ultimately they both ended up wrestling with each other for the prize, one tongue pushing the other out of the way and then the other doing it right back as first Sarah tongued Reese’s honeypot and then Jessica and then Sarah again.

Eventually they stopped fighting and instead fell into a passionate kiss. Sarah and Jessica rubbed their lips and tongues together as they shared Reese’s flavor. They both loved the taste of Reese’s creamy essence on each other and eagerly sucked and licked it off while they made out. But that détente only lasted until they both heard Reese’s moaning need to come and that sent them back into their suddenly heated rivalry to get Reese’s cum.

The friends turned rivals both desperately wanted to get their friend off and they attacked her pussy fiercely, giving her just what she needed. If Sarah and Jessica had been in their right minds they would have worked together as a team to get Reese off but they were incapable of thinking straight. They were driven only by a desperate thirst for sex and cum and they both struggled with each other to get at Reese’s pussy.

But the fighting worked just as well for Reese as teamwork would have. They tongued her hot spots almost like it was a competition with the other and, as Jessica and Sarah both tried to outdo the other, Reese got all the benefits. She nakedly writhed on the couch, feeling Sarah and Jessica suck and lick and tongue fuck her needy hole. She was dripping her horny juice all over their faces as they made her feel like no one had for months.

And when she finally could take no more, it was as sweet a climax as she could remember having. She had been so pent up and the feeling of those two dedicated, deviant tongues working her pussy over made her feel better than anything else in the world could.


Sarah and Jessica stopped fighting long enough to start sharing. The deliciousness of Reese’s orgasmic juices, a flavor they had both been denied, flowed over their tongues and suddenly nothing else mattered to them but drinking down as much of it as they could. The rivals turned back into friends as the sweetness of Reese’s girl cum quenched their thirsts.

Their tongues lapped away through every one of Reese’s passionate, orgasmic screams. And even when Reese calmed down from her peak of climax Sarah and Jessica kept on licking away and gulping it down. And Reese did nothing to make them stop.

She had denied herself for too long and it was just the release she needed, even though it left her craving more.

“Ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss mmmmm fuckkkk yesssss drink up every naughty drop!” Reese groaned, her sweaty face contorting in ecstasy as her friends kept tonguing her. “Oooooooh eat that pregnant pussy! Fuckkk ohhhh yesssss make mommy feel goooooooooooooooood! Ooooooooh oooooooooh I needed thissss ohhhhhhhh fuckkk lick up all the sticky cum from my mommy cunt! Ooooooh!”

“Mmmmm such a sexy mommy mmmmm! You’re so fucking beautiful like this!” Jessica moaned, out of her mind with lust and love for her friend. “I’m gonna fuck you just like this every day until you pop and bring that beautiful baby into the world!”

“Mmmmhmm and even after you have this baby we’re gonna fuck you and be your little sluts,” Sarah pledged. “We’ll treat you better than Jim ever could. Mmmm gawd you’re gonna have to hide from us or else we’ll steal all that yummy mommy milk and eat this pussy every fucking day! Oooooh fuck your hot body makes me want to be so fucking slutty!”

Reese would have tried to push that thought out of her friends’ heads before tonight. But now, her head spinning with sex and intoxication, it was all she wanted in the world.

“Yessssssssssss mmmm gawwd I’ll fucking move in here and let you be my fucking slut nannies and suck my big milky tits and lick this naughty pussy all the fucking time,” Reese moaned in sexy delirium. “Gawwd fuck me all the fucking time and make me into a preggo whore 24/7 with a big belly and dripping tits and a wet, sloppy pussy that needs to be fucked!”

Sarah then passionately kissed Reese, feeding her the sticky, creamy essence she had just tongued out of her. Reese accepted this naughty gift happily, gulping it down and enjoying her own cummy taste. She hadn’t felt this good and happy in a long time and she wanted so much more.

“Mmmm but you didn’t give me what I asked for Sarah,” Reese purred when the kiss ended. “Mmmm I told you to sit on my face and give me that pussy! C’mon slut! Give mommy what she needs! Oooooh I need your wet pussy on my mouth so fucking bad!”

Never one to deny a friend, especially one in Reese’s condition, Sarah complied without any more hesitation. As Reese lay back on the couch, Sarah repositioned herself so she could lower her vagina right down in Reese’s award winning face.

Sarah was soaked with fresh need after fucking her friend and Reese immediately attacked, indulging in her newest pregnancy craving and making Sarah shriek with delight as she started to lick.

Reese’s tongue was famished for girl cum and Sarah had so much to feed her, just like every other horny girl at the party.


With everything and everyone raging around them, it was hard for newbies at the mansion to know what to do next. Everything looked so sexy. Everyone looked so fuckable and there didn’t seem to be any rules.

It was pure hedonism and the new reality of what they had involved themselves in was an intense thrill to two of the mansion’s newest visitors. It was intense and arousing and intimidating all at once and the adrenaline was pumping through their veins.

“Mmmmmm gawd it all looks so hot,” Kaitlyn said as she and AJ surveyed the landscape.

They walking around this strange, wonderful place completely buck naked and hand in hand, their friendship now having gone to a very intimate place they were both mighty happy to be in.

Through all the years she’d kept her bi curiosity inside herself like a burning flame Kaitlyn had imagined some wild scenes. She’d pictured the Diva’s locker room turning into an intense orgy of female flesh many times. She’d dreamed big and she’d dreamed nasty. But she had never dreamed of anything like this.

There were so many bodies, all of them nude and all of them beautiful. The hottest women in the world were here and it was all so much. It was sensory overload. These women were all supposed to be straight. Most of them had husbands or boyfriends and yet there they all were fucking each other without a care in the world. They were going at it like sexy animals and Kaitlyn couldn’t believe it.

She’d come here hoping for something special but she’d never expected anything like this. She already had more than she ever had hoped but now Kaitlyn could see that what she had once thought would be the ultimate fantasy of fucking her best friend and former tag team partner had just been the tip of the iceberg.

What’d she’d done with Jennifer Lawrence had been insane. She’d had sex with Katniss Everdeen! She’d never dreamed something like that could ever happen. Part of Kaitlyn still couldn’t accept it as real even though the way her body was still tingling with the afterglow of her orgasm reminded her just how real it had been.

But Jennifer was just one of so many different super famous and amazingly gorgeous women of her. Just looking around, Kaitlyn could also see Kate Upton and Katy Perry and Britney Spears and Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna and Miley Cyrus and even Lindsay Lohan. God, she’d lost count of how many celebrities were there and they were all just fucking. It was raw, naked fucking.

Kaitlyn had been a part of it and she was still having trouble believing it. All around her the most famous women in the world were rutting like bitches in heat and it was so fucking sexy.

Her own pussy was still soaking wet and Kaitlyn could feel her juices dripping down onto her thighs while her blood ran hot through her veins with lust and adrenaline. Her head was spinning as it all seemed like such a dirty dream to her and Kaitlyn held tightly to AJ’s hand, clutching it for support as well as concern for her own sanity.

Kaitlyn felt like if she let go she would just fall deeper into the rabbit hole of this surreal sexual wonderland and, judging from the way AJ clung to her hand too, it seemed like her best friend felt the same way. Everyone at the party seemed out of their minds with lust and Kaitlyn had to admit she didn’t feel too with it herself.

But at least she and AJ had each other and they stood hand in hand amidst a sea of naked famous women fucking on couches and on chairs and even on the floor.

And while they had taken a break from their own fun to try and take in all of this scene and try and mentally process what was happening around them, both AJ and Kaitlyn remained completely naked and eager for more. Neither of them had been with a woman before they had arrived here and now it was all they could fixate on.

“This is so hot…” Kaitlyn repeated, her voice dreamy and full of desire as she found herself staring longingly at Stacy Keibler naked and on the carpeted floor, her beautifully bare body draped over Katy Perry’s as they tongue kissed, Stacy’s firm tits pressing into Katy’s naturally large mounds and smooshing into them so sexily.

But Stacy and Katy weren’t alone and the former WWE Diva soon found herself sandwiched when Katy’s BFF Rihanna came up to her and pressed her own naked body against hers. Stacy was trapped in between Katy and Rihanna as the dark skinned beauty rubbed into Stacy’s creamy white skin, groping her perfect ass and kissing her neck.

Kaitlyn drooled over how lucky the woman who had brought her here was to have both Katy and Rihanna and couldn’t resist a comment.

“Mmmmm yummy!” Kaitlyn moaned, dreaming of what it would feel like to be naked and trapped between the gorgeous bodies of two women whose music she worked out to and who she had never dreamed could have the same desires she could.

But while Kaitlyn’s attention was on the budding threesome in front of her, AJ’s was on something else much closer to her.

“Oh fuck yeah! So yummy!” AJ agreed even though her eyes were fixated completely on her best friend’s bare ass.

As they held hands, AJ was a little bit behind her friend just so she could keep her attention glued to the most glorious gluteus maximus she had ever seen. Kaitlyn’s ass was so meaty and sexy and AJ longed for it.

God her friend had such an amazing butt. AJ stared at it with reverence in her eyes as she thought back to how dirty she’d been and how she’d fucked her friend with that naughty dildo. She’d fucked Kaitlyn’s big, juicy ass while Jennifer Lawrence had fucked hers with a strap-on and AJ’s pussy quivered from the erotic memory of being able to give and receive such taboo pleasure.

AJ didn’t know what she had loved more, being on the receiving end of a movie star fucking her ass with a fake dick or being able to take another toy and make her best friend come from it. She had loved being able to bring Kaitlyn pleasure by fucking her muscular butt, both with her tongue and then that toy, and she wanted to do it again and again and again.

If Kaitlyn would have been okay with it, AJ would have been totally willing to give her friend a regular morning buttfucking before they went off to whatever town they were performing in that night. AJ’s mouth salivated at the idea of her and Kaitlyn giving each other non-stop anal pleasure and then wrestling each other in their tight spandex with loose, naughtily fucked assholes underneath their ring gear.

Fuck that was nasty and right then AJ had a whole new appreciation for nasty.

As hot as all of these incredible women were, AJ just wanted to kneel down in back of her friend and bury her face back in that thick butt. She wanted to tongue Kaitlyn’s booty like she was worshipping a sexual goddess and she wanted to get even naughtier. Just like Jennifer had fucked her with a strap-on, AJ wanted to use a toy like that for the first time and nail Kaitlyn’s ass with it.

AJ couldn’t stop picturing how hot her best friend’s ass cheeks would look jiggling as she fucked her with a fake cock. But that wasn’t all she wanted to do to her sexy companion. God, she had so many dirty things she wanted.

But it wasn’t all just nasty sex. AJ also wanted to hold Kaitlyn and cuddle her and spoon her in their sleep. Her heart was dancing inside her chest and suddenly she couldn’t remember her boyfriend’s name much less why she had ever dated men.

The intense need for her friend overcame AJ and she dropped Kaitlyn’s hand from hers, snapping the blonde out of the reverie she was in from watching Stacy mess around with Katy and Rihanna.

“What’s wrong?” Kaitlyn asked, turning around and finding AJ staring at her with an ache in her eyes.

But nothing was wrong at all. In fact everything was right and AJ didn’t offer up an explanation. Instead AJ said something that was very familiar to her former tag team partner.

“Catch me.” AJ said and Kaitlyn knew exactly what that meant.

It was a move they had practiced so many times and done to perfection in the ring many more. It was supposed to be a deceptive move designed to fool the audience into thinking friendship had won the day when it would only end up leading to betrayal and pinning. But this time it was no game and AJ literally leapt into Kaitlyn’s strong arms.

Being able to lift heavy weights in the gym made it a breeze for Kaitlyn to catch and hold her tiny friend mid-jump. Just like they had done it in the ring, AJ wrapped her arms around the back of Kaitlyn’s neck and wrapped her legs around her muscular thighs while giddily smiling at her.

But this time there was no betrayal coming and this time neither of them had their ring gear on. In fact they had nothing on at all and they both instantly realized that the move felt even better when they were both naked.

Smiling all the way, AJ clung herself to Kaitlyn and this time they did what the crowd always hoped they would do each time they pulled this move off. They kissed.

AJ moved her face in toward Kaitlyn’s and this time lips met lips in a passionate lesbian kiss that both women eagerly indulged in. While AJ’s arms and legs were wrapped around Kaitlyn’s bare body, Kaitlyn’s held onto her best friend and kept her close in a tight clinch.

They hugged as passionately as they kissed, neither of them wanting to let go of the other. Their naked bodies were pressed together with barely a bit of air between them and Kaitlyn couldn’t resist moving her hands down and groping onto AJ’s exquisite little booty while their tongues rubbed into one another.

And when their wet kiss broke, it was only so AJ could tell Kaitlyn what was so obvious to them both.

“I love you,” AJ moaned.

She meant it in friendship and sisterhood but also something more even if what it was wasn’t entirely clear. AJ didn’t know quite what it meant for them or even how to put this emotion into proper context. But she felt how she felt and she had no doubt of herself.

AJ didn’t know if she was “in love” with her best friend. She just knew they were completely bonded now way, way, WAY beyond mere friendship and Kaitlyn absolutely felt the same way.

“Oh baby! Mmmmm I love you too!” Kaitlyn replied without hesitation before they kissed again, their faces fusing together in a smooch as their bodies remained locked, the two of them clutching onto each other like they never wanted to let go.

This was all so crazy but neither of them could deny how they felt. They made out in divine bliss and desire for each other, their tits mashing together as the sound of other women fucking and coming all around them filled their heads and made their lust grow.

Kaitlyn could have stayed like this forever, standing in the midst of naked, writhing women as they went wild on each other’s famous bodies while holding her friend and true partner close to her. She never wanted to let AJ go but as light as her friend was and as strong as her arms were, there was only a limited amount of time Kaitlyn could literally hold up another person.

So she had to eventually set AJ down but even after being separated from their intense hug, both of them kept on smiling. They had giddy, excited looks on their faces. They literally felt like kids at Christmas discovering endless presents for themselves under the tree and they only stopped staring at each other and drinking in the sight of their uninhibited nudity so they could look around the wild debauchery to find some more fun.

They easily could have gone off and just enjoyed each other. They didn’t need any other women for that. But they were connected now on every level and they both knew this was something they were going to do again and again.

They would have plenty of time to be together but how many times were they going to be in the middle of a Hollywood lesbian orgy? They definitely had to take advantage of this while they could.

“Chickbusters forever,” Kaitlyn declared as they stared out into the throng of fuckable women and sealed their enhanced partnership by bumping fists with her friend turned lover.

“Fuck yeah!” AJ enthusiastically agreed after they both made their fists explode to add the exclamation point. “The Mega Powers aint got nothing on two bad ass bitches like us. Let’s get nasty and show them how good we can do it!”

Brimming with confidence and desire, the two naked Divas looked around the room trying to decide where to go and who to do. There were so many choices. All of the women looked so sexy. All of them were such dirty dreams come true.

But there was one in particular they found themselves drawn too.

After what Stacy had told them about how she had been seduced and how this girl had bene like a magnet for Divas, it made total sense for them to gravitate toward Jessica Alba. After all what was good enough for Trish Stratus and Lita was more than good enough for them too.

But there was one complication towards pursuing the beautiful actress. Jessica had moved back to her new friends and, unlike the gaggle of famous celebrities at the party, this pair was people that AJ and Kaitlyn knew all too well. To do this meant baring not only their bodies but their secrets and it gave them pause.

Ultimately, they knew it didn’t matter though. They had already gone too far to be afraid of any consequences and, besides, it was obvious they were all there for the same reason.

So Kaitlyn and AJ looked at each other, gathered all their nerve and smiled before making their move on Jessica, not caring that she had reconnected with Maryse and Mike and that they would be exposing themselves to one former and one very current co-worker of theirs.

Even though it was easy to get lost in the sheer mass of hot bodies at this party, they knew it made no sense to keep hiding. They were all there and it was better to confront this instead of ignoring it.

So Kaitlyn and AJ walked hand in hand again over to Jessica as she and Maryse passionately made out. Jessica had her hands all over the blonde’s large breasts as her fiancé watched and couldn’t resist stroking his cock at the hot girl on girl show he was getting.

But as hot as the visual of his sexy fiancé making out with Jessica Alba was, Mike understandably became distracted when the two strode up to him and he found himself staring right at a totally naked AJ Lee and Kaitlyn. He’d never dreamed he’d see either one of them in the buff and now his eyes widened at the sight of both holding hands and showing off every inch of their bodies.

Mike’s throat went dry and for once he had no idea what to say. Two of WWE’s sexiest Divas were totally nude in front of him and it was perfectly obvious what they had been up to. This struck him completely silent and the two women didn’t know what to say either.

After all they might have been naked but so was he and neither of them had ever expected to see The Miz stripped down with erection in hand.

And while both of them had to admit that the former WWE Champion’s cock was pretty damn impressive they weren’t interested in real penises right then and maybe not ever again. So this was awkward. They were all seeing a lot more of each other than they ever had thought they would but they had to get past this.

At first Kaitlyn and AJ were too silent from the embarrassment of this exposure to say anything either and of course Maryse and Jessica were too busy hungrily tongue kissing and groping each other to even notice what was happening. But finally AJ spoke up and ended the tortured silence.

“Ummmm okay…let’s just be cool about this,” AJ said. “We’re here…you’re here…we’re all here and we’re just having fun. No need to tell anyone else about this, okay?”

“Yeah…be cool…” Mike repeated, seemingly agreeing even though his eyes were visibly fixated on Kaitlyn’s large naked rack and the visual of full frontal nudity he was getting from two women he worked with.

“Eyes up here Miz,” Kaitlyn chided even though she had to admit it had to be hard for him to not stare because, speaking of hard, it wasn’t like she could keep from checking out his junk.

Being told not to check out each other’s naked bodies was like being told not to look down from an impressive height. When you were told not to, it was the first thing you wanted to do.

“Let’s just get past this,” AJ urged. “We’re naked. You’re definitely naked and we’re all at an orgy. Let’s just try and not get weird about this. We won’t tell anyone if you won’t tell anyone, deal?”

All of them knew a sex scandal would have been bad for all of them. After all they were in a TV-PG world working for a publicly traded company and going wild at a Hollywood sex party was something that could get you in trouble, like best of luck in your future endeavors trouble.

So fun was fun but they all knew this had to stay between them.

“Deal,” Mike replied before asking the obvious question. “Are the two of you…together?”

The girls rolled their eyes and laughed over the question but they knew it was a logical one to ask considering how they looked. Besides, neither of them wanted to hide it and if secrets were going to be revealed then they might as well go all in.

“Mmmm I guess if you’re going to keep our secret then you deserve a bit of a show, so what does this tell you?” Kaitlyn smirked before giving AJ a hot kiss, lowering her face to kiss her shorter lover.

“Holy shit! I knew it!” Mike marveled. “I knew you two were hooking up! It was obvious!”

“Well it didn’t start until tonight and you’d better keep your damn mouth shut,” AJ said firmly, wondering if anyone else in the locker room had lesbian assumptions about her and her best friend. “And if you do maybe we’ll let you watch us do more than kiss.”

“Can I do more than watch?” Mike asked excitedly. If his fiancé was going to have some fun with other women, then he was sure as hell going to try to too.

But that suggestion did not go over well.

“Seriously dude?” Kaitlyn said with an eyeroll. “Feel lucky that you get to even see this much. And besides maybe you should pay some attention to your woman before she gets totally into other women.”

While all this had been going on, Maryse had been completely lost in kisses with Jessica. The chemistry they’d been feeling since their first encounter in the coffee shop had only grown stronger and their bodies were nakedly pressed together while their mouths fused and their tongues played.

Right then it was clear Maryse had nothing on her mind but Jessica and the Miz seemed aced out.

But that was only what it seemed.

“Oh I don’t mind that show,” Mike cockily replied as he continued to stroke himself, keeping his cock rock hard as he feasted his eyes not only on his gorgeous fiancé hooking up with one of the most desired women in the entire world but from seeing two of the most smoking hot Divas he had ever worked with standing nude in front of him with the promise of more lezzing out to come. “I know she’s going to go home with me at the end of the night because I have something she can’t resist.”

“You sure about that?” AJ challenged, playfully teasing her co-worker. “Mmmmm it seems like she might be coming over to our team. No more Maryse pussy for you Miz because she’s going to be fucking more girls than you ever could.”

“Just watch and see,” Miz boasted. “Maybe you two will learn something and maybe you might reconsider doing more than just letting me watch.”

Not wanting to lose any face in front of his fellow wrestlers, Mike just hoped this worked. Maryse had never denied him before so he didn’t think she would start now. But then again she’d never gone all lesbo before either.

He had no idea how long she’d had this side of herself but, judging from the way she was kissing Jessica, it sure didn’t seem like anything new to her.

So all he could do was hope that his fiancé was willing to make this a true threesome again. Because while he would have loved to have just watched two beautiful women go at it, he did not want to be embarrassed in front of AJ and Kaitlyn.

If they weren’t going to play with him, then he felt he had to prove his masculinity somehow. Just sitting back and jacking off was not going to do it.

While Jessica and Maryse made out they were both sitting up on the carpeted floor. They were face to face and looking like they could easily slip right into position to start scissoring each other. They practically already were as they pressed their nude bodies together.

But fortunately Maryse had her back to Mike and was pushing her amazing ass out toward him. That made it easy for him to come up behind her and press his cock in between her gym sculpted buns, the ones that had made WWE fans drool for many years.

He rubbed into her warm body and made it clear as his cock slid against her tight ass crack that he needed her. And fortunately for him, Maryse was more than receptive to her fiancé’s intentions.

Moaning out in French at first when she felt his thick hard-on slide between her cheeks, Maryse found her body shivering in desire. With a beautiful woman in front of her and the man she loved in back of her, she had everything she could ever want.

She let him know that too by rubbing herself back against Mike, allowing his cock to slip into her crack and saw back and forth, stimulating the both of them with the promise of penetration.

“Oooooh baby, is that for me?” Maryse moaned out seductively, adoring the feel of that big hard-on against her body while hers and Jessica’s tits rubbed together, their pussies practically kissing. “Gonna get that inside me? Mmmm gonna put it where it belongs?”

“Oh fuck yes,” Mike groaned back, very happy to not only avoid having his confident nature ruined in front of AJ and Kaitlyn but to feel the pleasure of Maryse’s breathtakingly tight, round ass cheeks squeezing around his engorged dick.  “You’re going to get every inch of it!”

“Mmmm yeahhhh give it to me!” Maryse moaned out before her lips were once again captured by Jessica and she fell back into passionately kissing the actress. “Fuck me baby! Fuck me in front of everyone! Fuck me like you fucked Jessica! Shove that big cock into me and let everyone see what a lucky slut I am! Mmmm I know you want to fucking show off, don’t you? Show Kaitlyn and AJ what they’re missing out on! He’s mine girls! All mine!”

Neither Kaitlyn nor AJ were going to fight Maryse on that claim but they had to admit that it was really hot to see them getting so frisky in front of them. Both of them were easy on the eyes and while Kaitlyn and AJ were more interested at that moment in how great it was to see Maryse naked they had to admit there was a wicked voyeuristic thrill in seeing Mike’s cock sliding in between those perfect buns with the promise of a lot more.

Kneeling down on the floor to get a much better look, Kaitlyn and AJ saw just what a good pair the Miz and his better half made. Maryse knew just what buttons to push and what to say and do to make him think he was all she needed even as she indulged the slutty side of herself that he’d never seen before tonight.

“I got so jealous when you were fucking Jessica,” Maryse’s accented voice said so sensually while she repositioned herself so that she was on her hands and knees in front of Jessica with Mike behind her and poised to fill her up with the cock she loved. “I didn’t want you to like her more than me! Mmmm but it was so fucking hot to see you take her! I loved seeing her ride your big cock, baby! Did you like it? Did her pussy feel nice and tight on your dick? Mmmm did you like fucking her?”

“You know I fucking loved it,” Mike replied, grabbing Maryse by her hair and pulling it just the way he knew she liked it when they played a little rough. “She was so tight and juicy! Her pussy felt so good! But not like yours, baby! Not like my little French slut!”

Maryse loved hearing that while Mike pulled on her hair, yanking her head back. She began moaning again and muttering horny words in French before Mike shut her up with a fierce kiss that she eagerly returned.

She kissed him just as passionately as she’d been kissing Jessica, letting him taste her lips and tongue and enjoy the flavor mix of Reese’s cum and milk that Jessica had been feeding her.

Maryse was left gasping happily when the kiss ended, especially because Jessica started kissing her nipple, wrapping her lips around the swollen pink point and wetly sucking it. She moaned at the erotic feel of those famous lips around her sensitive nipple and areola. Maryse loved feeling Jessica’s face against her tits and that warm, wet mouth on her stiff nipples as Jessica moved from one breast to the other.

“Mmmmm yessss I love how you want me even more than the hot movie star!” Maryse admitted. “I want to fuck you both so bad! I loved tasting her pussy and your big cock at the same time as you fucked her and she bounced up and down on your hot dick like I love to do! Ooooh it was so fucking hot to suck on your nuts and taste her juices dripping down your prick! Mmm Mike baby! Fuck me! Fuck me in front of Jessica! Fuck me in front of AJ and Kaitlyn! Ooooh fuck me in front of everyone! Give this slut what she deserves! I brought you here so I could fuck Jessica! I didn’t even care if you could join in! I just wanted to fuck her so much just like Trish and Lita and Stacy and all those other girls have! I wanted to cheat on you so bad with her and now you need to fuck me like I deserve it! Fuck me like the cheating whore I am!”

That made Mike even harder for his naughty fiancé and he couldn’t take waiting another moment. He was actually shocked he hadn’t busted his nut while Jessica had been riding his cock and now he was dangerously hard for Maryse.

So, with her bent over on all fours with her ass up in the air, he didn’t hesitate to bury himself inside Maryse, penetrating her tight cunt with a hard shove and pushing his inches into her welcoming hole.


Mike truthfully didn’t consider this cheating at all. If she had been with another guy that would have been cheating. But in his mind if Maryse wanted to fuck other hot women he was more than fine with that, especially if it meant more threesomes like this.

He still couldn’t believe Jessica fucking Alba had sucked his cock and fucked him. As long as he could join in too he didn’t consider it cheating even a little bit if Maryse wanted to hook up with more girls like her. He only considered it fun.

“Oh yes you’re going to fucking get it now!” Mike grunted as his fiancé’s tight folds wrapped around his cock while he drove into her doggie style. “Fucking take this cock! Take it in your dirty little cheating hole! Fucking French whore! Get fucked like the dirty little Canuck cunt you are! You love this shit, don’t you? Getting me to fuck you hard and deep and making you take all this cock inside you like an insatiable little slut! You cheating bitch! Fucking around on me with hot sluts like Jessica and all her lesbian fuck friends! You were going to cheat on me at Christmas? Well you’re fucking going to get it now you whore!”

“Yesssssssssssssss yessssssssssssss fuck your whore! Fuck me for cheating on you during Christmas like a fucking nympho fuck slut!” Maryse cried, her big tits now coated in Jessica’s drool and shaking as she was nailed from behind. “Fuck me baby! Oooooooh yessss watch me Jessica! Watch me get fucked like a cheating whore! Ooooooh fuckkkk so hot! Ooooh bury your big dick inside me baby! I know you wanted to come inside Jessica but now you have me and I want your load so fucking bad Mike! Fuck me like I’m your whore!”

Maryse might have wanted Mike to fuck her like he was furious at her but the truth was he had never loved her more than he did at that moment. He was living every man’s fantasy and he didn’t care how they had gotten to this point or what Maryse had or was going to do to other women. He just wanted this to keep going.

Mike wanted to keep fucking her tight, velvety pussy. He wanted to pull her hair and slap her ass, not just in front of Jessica and all her friends but in front of his friends too and give Kaitlyn and AJ quite the eyeful.

And the girls did indeed get quite the show. Because not only did Mike start thrusting hard into Maryse, fucking her hard from behind as he pulled her hair and made her grunt and moan in ecstasy, but Jessica also started looking for more satisfaction for her already cummy pussy.

She had already come so many times tonight but Jessica wanted more and she spread her legs open in front of Maryse so the blonde could get a taste of just how turned on she still was.

“Fucking lick it!” Jessica hissed, pressing herself into Maryse’s very willing face and feeding the ex-Diva her wet cunt. “Mmmm I’ve been wet for you from the first second I met you! Eat my pussy baby! Lick where your boyfriend’s dick just was! He fucked it so good but I need more! I need your tongue!”

“Yessssssssssssssss make me eat it! Make me taste that wet, yummy pussy some more!” Maryse groaned, loving how she was being taken control of. “You taste so fucking good Jessica! I just wish I was licking his cum out of you but you’re going to be doing that to me! Oooooh yesssssss mmmmm Trish was so right! You have such a delicious little pussy Jessica ohhhh!”

Dirty talk sounded so amazing in Maryse’s accented voice. Everyone there knew it and loved it. Hearing the sexy blonde talk like that turned them all on and Mike let go of Maryse’s hair so she could lower her face right into Jessica’s soaking wet crotch.

And once he did she started licking away like a thirsty slut at Jessica’s pussy, teasing the sensitive lips of her slit and then diving into her spread hole like all she wanted in the world was to be sandwiched by two amazing lovers of both genders.

In a way that really was all she wanted. Maryse knew this was the ultimate. She had a sexy man to marry and a beautiful woman to live out her dirtiest fantasies with. As much as Maryse loved being spoiled and being in control and as much fun as it was to manipulate and make sure she always got what she wanted, there was something to be said for the thrill of being completely taken.

Maryse loved how she was positioned, on her hands and knees and being fucked on both ends. She loved feeling her fiancé’s thick cock shoved into her pussy from behind and she loved having her mouth filled with Jessica’s hot, dripping folds. She had never been in a threesome this hot before and she was getting off so much on being naked and trapped between two amazing bodies until they were all drained.

This was everything she could ever have wanted and it all felt amazing. She had cock and pussy together. She had the man she was going to marry and a stunning movie star to cheat on him with. Maryse wanted her lovers to take her and fuck her and feed her their cum and make her love it because she did love it. She loved every bit of this.

Maryse kept moaning out in both English and French how much she loved it too. But with Jessica’s pussy in her face and her tongue busily licking away at those soft, sexy folds, no one could understand what she was saying.

It didn’t matter though because what she meant was absolutely clear. She needed both of them to fuck her and Jessica and Mike both were eager to give her everything they had.

As she remained on all fours, her large breasts swaying as her body was sandwiched and fucked, Maryse was in sex heaven. Mike was burying his cock inside her tight pussy just the way she loved it, their sweaty bodies smacking together as his balls started slapping into her with each hard thrust. Jessica was sitting in front of her, her legs spread open and up in the air and her hand on the back of Maryse’s head keeping her face between her thighs and her tongue buried inside her pussy.

Maryse had gotten a lot of Jessica’s juices when she’d licked her while she’d been riding Mike. But this time there was nothing to keep her from getting every drop. There was no hard cock stuffing Jessica’s tight pink hole. There was just her tongue and every hot bit of Jessica’s pussy there to be licked.

Maryse went after her with famished licks. What’d she’d tasted before hadn’t been nearly enough. She needed so much more of this pussy that so many other Divas had drank from.

And there were now two more who were fixated on Jessica’s body. What Stacy had told them about all the naughty things Jessica had done with WWE Divas had fascinated Kaitlyn and AJ and now they were seeing it for themselves. Jessica looked so beautiful too, her naked skin glistening with sex sweat and her nipples so swollen and juicy and her pussy so wet as it got licked. It filled both of them with intense desire for her.

As naughty as it was to watch people they knew and were friends with fuck, and there was definitely a hot thrill from being voyeurs to watching Miz take Maryse, their eyes were focused on Jessica. They both liked seeing Maryse naked and it was so much hotter to see her like this than it had been to just see her nude in the locker room. But they both loved seeing Jessica most.

Jessica’s nude body drew them in like a flame and AJ and Kaitlyn couldn’t help themselves. They couldn’t just watch her. They had to be with her. They didn’t care that she probably had no idea who they were. They just wanted to touch her and kiss her and do every dirty thing their horny minds could dream of to her.

Neither of them said a word, they just stared at Jessica as she moaned and writhed on the carpet, no doubt feeling some friction on that perfect ass of hers. They loved seeing her beautiful tits shake and both AJ and Kaitlyn hungered to taste them.

And they both knew how the other felt too. The desire they were experiencing didn’t even need to be stated. Looking at each other in the eye was all the communication the two wrestlers needed.

As they stared at Jessica losing herself in the pleasure of Maryse’s tongue, AJ and Kaitlyn knew they couldn’t wait. Whatever this moment was, they didn’t know how long it was going to last and if they didn’t move now they might never have the chance to fuck someone like Jessica again.

So, without saying a word but acting totally on instinct, they launched themselves into a double attack on Jessica, working as a perfect tag team as they began kissing her bare body, each of them taking a side of her.

They didn’t introduce themselves or say hello. They knew it wasn’t necessary. They just started kissing and caressing her and trying to make Jessica feel good.

It worked like a charm too. Jessica had barely taken notice of the two unfamiliar girls who had been watching her get naughty with Maryse but she had seen how hot they were and how good they looked naked. So she didn’t mind a bit when these strangers flanked her, Kaitlyn on her right and AJ on her left, and when their soft hands caressed her tits and down her toned stomach and when their softer lips kissed her shoulders and up her neck and ultimately found a home on her lips.

Jessica didn’t question what was happening or wonder anything about who these girls were. She didn’t care about anything but feeling good. The pleasure she was feeling from Maryse’s eager tongue lapping at her pussy and the beauty of these two bare bodies rubbing into her was all she needed to focus on. So Jessica didn’t hesitate to kiss back when AJ aggressively kissed her lips first.

She kissed the short brunette with as much passion as she received from the energetic wrestler. And as she kissed AJ, Jessica didn’t hesitate to get grabby. She got her hands right on AJ’s adorable little butt and gave her firm cheeks a sexy slap, telling her without words how sexy she was and how naughty she wanted to get.

And when AJ let out a yelp and moan of pleasure from the feeling of her ass getting smacked, Kaitlyn dove right in to take over at Jessica’s lips. The blonde sensuously kissed Jessica while pressing her large tits right into Jessica’s, making sure their nipples touched just right.

Kaitlyn hadn’t hesitated. As soon as AJ had given her any kind of opening she had swooped right in for it. AJ felt a reflexive jealousy, both from Kaitlyn stealing Jessica from her and from seeing her best friend turned over kiss anyone else but her. But that quickly passed as she instead began to focus on how hot it was to see her friend kissing another beautiful woman.

Kaitlyn and Jessica had fallen right into an open mouthed passion with each other and their tongues rubbed together while AJ watched and reached down to touch herself, her pussy getting freshly wet from seeing Kaitlyn and Jessica kiss.

But she couldn’t just watch. So while Jessica busied her hands by grabbing onto their most obvious features, one hand squeezing AJ’s ass while the other fondled Kaitlyn’s tits, AJ moved back in and soon the three were all kissing one another.

They shared the feel of their lips and tongues and the taste of their saliva and lipstick. The kisses were wet and horny and plenty sensual and the only thing breaking them up was Jessica crying out over how good Maryse was making her feel.

“Ahhhhh yessssssss mmmmm yessssss baby I’ve been wanting this so much! Ooooh you’re so fucking good at it too!” Jessica moaned out. “Mmmmm eat my pussy baby! Get that pretty little French tongue licking my slit! Ooooh fuck yessssss mmmmm lick my clit too oooooh right there ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk yessssssssssss I love your tongue! Oooooh you’re a naughty little slut! Mmm licking my pussy up so good! You’re going to make me come again Maryse!”

“Yesssssssss that’s what I want so fucking much!” Maryse moaned back, her voice ragged and happy from the pleasure she was experiencing courtesy of Mike’s cock fucking her and hitting her right in her happy spots, just like he always did for her. “Come for me Jessica! Come all over my face! Mmmm make me taste how good your pussy is when it comes! You came for him now come for me! I loved tasting your cream before but now I don’t have to share! It’s all mine!”

“Mmmmhmmmm all fucking yours!” Jessica agreed, getting dizzy with ecstasy from Maryse tonguing her exquisitely and also from how AJ and Kaitlyn had started sharing her tits, each one of them suckling on a swollen, sensitive nipple. “Your boyfriend made me come but all I’ve fucking wanted today is you! Oooh I don’t care about his cock! All I care about is your tongue! This is what I wanted most the whole time! You licking me! Oooooh fuck me Maryse! Lick my wet pussy until I come all over your pretty face! Fuck me while he fucks you!”

Maryse loved the sound of that but she loved the feel of it even more. Because while Jessica said she didn’t care about Mike’s cock, Maryse did care about it. She cared about it a lot, especially when it made her feel as good as it was right now.

Watching her eat pussy was turning her fiancé into an even more insatiable boy in bed than he usually was and she loved it. She was getting off so good on his cock filling her up and thrusting into her just right. And for Maryse everything was even better thanks to Jessica’s dripping pussy in her face.

It had been so fucking hot to lick Jessica’s pussy while it had been filled up with Mike’s cock but this was even better. She had every bit of this pussy all to herself and she was going to make sure she got all she wanted from it before AJ or Kaitlyn got any bright ideas and tried to steal it from her.

Maryse had heard so many sexy stories from Trish about how good Jessica was but now that she was experiencing it she felt like the legendary Diva had been underselling her lover. Jessica’s pussy was one of the best she had ever tasted. It was so tight and juicy and she couldn’t get enough of her flavor.

God, if her fiancé hadn’t been fucking her at the same time and reminding her of how much she loved cock, Maryse felt like she could easily have gone totally lesbian thanks to Jessica’s amazing pussy.

Maryse licked it with greedy lashes of her tongue. Her thirst for Jessica’s juices as obvious and Jessica was intent on giving her every drop she could spare. And, as distracting as it was to have two gorgeous naked women sucking on her tits, Jessica kept her focus mostly on Maryse. She might have been enjoying all the erotic attention she was getting, but her eyes remained locked on the beautiful blonde going down on her.

Jessica let her hands roam down the bodies of her new friends, loving how she didn’t even know their names but still let them kiss and lick her boobs. She caressed their toned backs and moved down to their asses.

Jessica had fondled AJ’s tight little backside before but now she could fully feel up Kaitlyn’s muscular rear and she savored being able to play with their different but equally sexy bodies. These women were so hot and their mouths felt so good on her nipples.

Jessica wanted to let these horny girls do whatever they wanted to her. She didn’t know where they’d come from and she didn’t want to break the mood by asking who they were. She didn’t want to do anything but fuck and she welcomed the happy warning signs of pleasure completely overtaking her again thanks to all these wonderful female mouths on her bare body.

“Ohhh fuckkk ohhhh ohhhh yesssssssss fuckkkk ohhhh keep eating that pussy Maryse! Ooooh make me come all over your face while your man fucks you!” Jessica groaned out, unable to resist teasing Mike again even though he had just given her a hell of a fuck. “Mmmmm I want you licking my pussy all the time now baby! You can come over here any time you want to taste it and it’s yours! I’ll make sure you only get hot, wet pussy from now on! No more cock for you! Leave that big dick behind next time and we all can have some real fun without him!”

Mike shot Jessica an angry look and she responded quite immaturely by sticking out her tongue at him and giving him a razz. But Maryse got the best reaction of all thanks to how Mike channeled his annoyance at the movie star by fucking his fiancé harder. He forced more of his cock into her tight folds and she squealed in ecstasy from it.

“Yessssssssss do it baby! Fuck your little French whore hard!” Maryse cried out in her fully accented glory. “Do my little slutty pussy and fuck it deep! Ohhhh yesssss bury that cock inside me and make me into a sorry bitch for cheating on you and eating pussy! Ooooh she tastes so good Mikey baby! Mmm I’m going to get her cum all over my face and I want yours inside my pussy! Do it baby! Fuck me hard and make me come and you can shoot inside me! Mmmm fill me up and show everyone I’m yours by creaming your load in my naughty little cunt!”

Hearing Maryse talk dirty always drove Mike wild. It was the only thing better than getting real heat in the ring. When he wrestled he got off on the boos and the jeers and the curses. But when he fucked nothing did it for him more than his French Canadian fantasy of a fiancé’s accented voice telling him filthy things.

She was setting him off again with her words, compelling him to fuck her harder and slap their naked bodies together. He wanted to come so badly. His balls were seriously swollen from fucking Jessica and then being able to take Maryse doggie style. Making his beautiful fiancé into his slut in front of this movie star and two of his fellow WWE stars made his cum filled sacs ache for release even more.

Fuck! He couldn’t remember ever being this hard before. It was like he had taken Viagra or something but he definitely hadn’t. Had he? This night was pretty much a blur and he couldn’t be sure.

But Mike could be sure how good it felt to fuck his lady love and have such a sexy audience for it. This was every man’s dream and it was happening to him. He was no mere man though. He was The Miz and he was awesome. No, he was fucking awesome and he was going to prove it by getting Maryse off and then getting what they both wanted by unloading himself right in the tightness of her pussy.

Mike prided himself on being able to bring pleasure to a woman. There was no pride in being a selfish lover. He’d always felt that way. He didn’t just want to come. He wanted to leave the woman he was with starving for more.

Mike knew that didn’t happen unless he gave everything he had to getting her off and making her come first. And of all the women he’d been with there was no one he loved to make come more than Maryse.

They weren’t just getting married because of love. It was also because of lust. And Mike knew Maryse’s body as well as he knew his own. He knew what she liked having done to her. And he definitely knew what she loved. So he gave a lot of it to her.

While Maryse grunted and moaned and cried out her pleasure into Jessica’s pussy, he fucked her just how she liked it and the results were immediate.

“Ohhhhh fuck baby yessssssss fuck me ohhhhhhh my Godddddddd bury that cock inside me and make me take all of it!” Maryse cried in joy, her voice getting ragged and more intense as she got closer to having her own buzzer go off. “Yessssss ooooh fuckkk ohhhh that feels so good! Shove it into me and fuck me baby! You made Jessica come but now make me come better! Show everyone you like my pussy best!”

Movie star or no movie star, Mike totally felt that way about Maryse. He didn’t care how hot Jessica was or how hot any of her friends were. To him no one was hotter than his girl and he wanted to make sure she knew that by feeling him fuck the orgasm right out of her.

Mike fucked her skillfully and fast, giving her all she wanted while she still begged for more.

“Ohhhhh it feels sooooo fucking good! Fuck me! Fuck your little slut!” Maryse cried, the intensity becoming so wonderful as Mike fucked her hard doggie style and made her tits bounce as they slapped their bodies together. His cock was shoving itself into her tight pussy and making her take it just how she wanted it. “Oooooh fuckkk yessss show them all why I love you so much! Show Jessica why I’m marrying your big fucking cock baby! I’m going to be such a good wife to you! Keep fucking me like this and I’ll bring so many hot, slutty girls for us to fuck together!”

“You’re so fucking kinky!” Mike groaned, loving the thought of constant threesomes with his hot wife just like any man would. “I never knew you were such a slut, baby!”

“Yessssssss I’m a big fucking slut who loves pussy! Oooooh but I’m not just a slut! I’m YOUR slut!” Maryse grunted before spitting out her next words of pleasure in French before switching back to English. “Fuck me baby! Fuck your slut! Ooooh I feel your balls slapping into me! You know I love that! Fuck me and come inside me! Fuckk I’m gonna make Jessica lick it out and it’s going to be so fucking hot! Ohhhhh yessss yessssssssss give it to me baby! FUCKKKK OHHHH FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Maryse tried to quiet herself by fusing her mouth back to Jessica. But she couldn’t help herself. Being fucked by her horned up fiancé felt too good for her not to be able to scream about it.

Each thrust inside her brought her closer to coming. He always knew what spots to hit and how hit them and as much as Maryse wanted Jessica’s pussy, she wanted her own orgasm even more.


“Yeahh fucking come! Come all over this cock like our new slut friend Jessica did!” Mike growled, slapping Maryse’s ass with each thrust inside her, his hand skillfully spanking her just like he knew she loved it. “She’s going to try and turn you into a fucking lesbo but she loves cock as much as you do baby! I want both of you to get your cum all over my dick!”

When she was in the right mood for it, a good spanking really helped set Maryse off. She loved feeling a slap against her ass. It made her feel so good and dirty. But it had to be done just right. As far as she was concerned, no spanking was definitely better than a bad spanking.

Fortunately Mike was so good at it and he was an expert in reading her mood. He knew when she wanted it and when she didn’t. And this was one of those times when she definitely wanted it.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSS FUCK YESSS OHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD FUCKKK! SLAP MY ASS OHHHHHHHH FUCKK GOD I’M COMING OHHHHHH KEEP FUCKING ME BABY! MAKE ME COME ALL OVER YOUR BIG, FAT COCK OHHHHHHH YESSSS!” Maryse screamed, the sound of Mike’s hand slapping the firm flesh of her tight, round ass making her feel as good as the actual feel of his hand smacking her flesh. “OOOH DON’T STOPPP OHHHH HARDER BABY OHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKKKK OHHHHH!”

Nothing, not even Jessica’s pussy could keep Maryse from screaming out her orgasm. And Kaitlyn and AJ, even though they both tried not to make it too obvious how interested they were, had to admit they were impressed at how the former champion got Maryse off. She was screaming like a wild woman and it was hot for both of them to see it.

Miz’s cockiness had been well-founded. But of course neither of them were going to admit it, especially when they could distract themselves with Jessica’s amazing tits. Both Kaitlyn and AJ busied themselves by sucking on her tan mounds of perfectly round girl flesh.

They made their saliva drip down Jessica’s bare boobs and they only pulled off of her so they could kiss each other again. They moaned and giggled over how naughty they were being while planning to do so much more.

And that “so much more” was right there for the taking. Maryse’s orgasm had pulled her away from Jessica’s pussy and the sexy tag team couldn’t resist. They didn’t just want Jessica’s boobs. They wanted all of her and the naughtier the better.

“Let’s see if you taste as good as Stacy says you do,” AJ said with a smirk, giving Jessica at least a clue as to how they had come to be here.

But whatever questions Jessica had soon became irrelevant again when all she could think about was what these strange women were making her feel. AJ and Kaitlyn moved down from her tits and attacked her pussy as a team, their two very eager tongues going right after her drooling essence and making Jessica squeal out her ecstasy.

God she had no idea who either of them were but she sure loved the sensations of them eating her pussy together.

However as good as they were making Jessica feel, it couldn’t touch how good Mike was feeling as he kept on fucking Maryse. He continued thrusting through all of her screams and moans and he loved the amazing sensation of her orgasm making her pussy folds cling tightly around his dick and coat him in her release.

But even though she had come he didn’t stop because now it was time for his orgasm. Satisfied that she was satisfied, Mike now could only think about himself as he kept on fucking her.

And even though her orgasm had sent her into a dreamy place, Maryse kept encouraging him. She wanted him to come so bad, especially after how he had made her feel.

“Come for me baby oooooh I want it inside me!” Maryse urged, her voice soft and lazy now but still so very sexy. “I want to feel that fucking cock come inside me! Give it to me baby! Give me that hot load inside my pussy! Fill me up with that hot jizz ooooooh fuckkk ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss ughhh shoot it in me! Let me fucking feel it!!!”

Mike’s cock had started twitching inside her and he couldn’t hold back for a second more. With a grunt and hard moan, his balls happily emptied themselves inside his fiancé. His load shot out of him with a force even he wasn’t accustomed to and his hot seed filled her pussy to both of their utter satisfaction.

Mike grunted as he came, the jets of his cum shooting out, and Maryse cooed, loving how she could feel that hot, sticky mess inside her. It was so nasty and hot when he came inside her. She loved feeling his load start to drip out of her raw pussy when she pulled her sweaty body away from his.

But Maryse didn’t want the load dripping too much. She had a much better idea in mind and she didn’t hesitate to move away from her man and move back toward her female lust object.

Maryse got turned on again seeing Jessica’s mouth open and contorting in ecstasy from how AJ and Kaitlyn were sharing her pussy and she felt a little angry at them for stealing her prize. She didn’t mind too much though. Not when she had such kinky intentions.

“Mmmmm yesssssssssssss nasty girls oooooh fuckkkk both of you lick my pussy! Ohhhh fuckkk ohhhh yesssss don’t stop! Mmmm both of you lick it at the same time ooooh that’s fucking good!” Jessica groaned as she lay back on her carpeted floor and let two women whose names she still didn’t know share her pussy.

But that was all she got out of her mouth before her words were muffled. Maryse went and literally sat on her face, pressing her tender, cum filled pussy right against her lips and making it clear that her earlier words had not been in jest.

Jessica gasped in surprise when it happened, especially when the inevitable came next and the gooey, sticky creampie that Mike had left inside Maryse dripped out of her vagina and right into Jessica’s mouth.

And Jessica acted completely on reflex when she started to lap it up. Once she started to lick, she couldn’t stop. She hadn’t done anything this nasty…well ever! But Jessica loved it and the messy treat Maryse was feeding her tasted so good as she tongued it and swallowed it down.

And through it all, AJ and Kaitlyn kept licking her and Jessica’s muffled cries showed off just how much she liked it. All any of them could think of was more and not wanting to wait a second to get it.

That feeling was shared by every single other person at the party whether they’d had the punch or not.

There was so much noise at the party from all the screaming and coming and moaning and licking and fucking that sounds just disappeared into the vortex. And that meant certain things completely went unnoticed…like the sound of the doorbell ringing several times and the frantic knocking that followed it.


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