Still Paying The Price

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Title: Still Paying The Price

Author: Tori

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MMMMF, MF, cons, anal, oral, gang

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Once a month, Selena Gomez spent the night at her parent’s home.  It wasn’t her idea, but she did it because she had too.  Her Mother always spent one weekend a month visiting with her sister upstate leaving Selena alone with her stepfather Brian.  Earlier that day, Brian informed her that some of his friends were coming over.  She had no idea what he had instore for her but she knew they weren’t coming over to play poker.

Selena arrived a little after 8pm and Mandy was already gone.  When she walked in, Brian was waiting for her.  “Get your slutty ass over here bitch and suck my cock before the other guy’s get here” he said.  Selena walked over, got on her knees and took out his cock.  She took his nine inches into her mouth and started to play with his balls with her long red fingernails.  Selena was a great cocksucker and it didn’t take her long to get him to cum in her mouth.  “Swallow it cunt” he ordered, so she swallowed.  When she finished, he pulled her up to her feet and said, “Now, get upstairs and change.  I put out your outfit for the evening.  Oh, and make sure your makeup fits the outfit.”  Selena went up to her room and saw what he had planned for her.  As she was changing, she heard the doorbell ring several times and assumed his friends were finally here.  A few minutes later she heard Brian call for her to come downstairs.

“HOLY SHIT!!!” called out one of his friends.  The men turned and saw Selena coming down the stairs.  She was dressed in a way too short schoolgirl skirt, knee socks and six inch heels.  Her white blouse was unbuttoned and tied below her tits and her hair was tied in two pigtails.  Her red lipstick matched her nail polish and everyone could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties.  “Jesus Brian, you didn’t tell us she was going to be here.  Why the hell is she dressed like that?” one of them asked.  Brian walked over to his laptop and hit play.  He said, “Sit and watch this and you’ll understand.  Selena, come with me to the kitchen.”  As the video began to play, she followed her stepfather into the kitchen.  Brian bent her over the counter and started to finger her asshole.  “Listen up slut.  You’re going to take care of my friends tonight.  You’ll do anything they tell you to do.  Besides, you and I both know what a fucking whore you are so you’ll probably enjoy it.”  Selena just nodded and followed him back into the living room.  The video had finished and the five men sat there looking at Selena.  Brian got behind her and started to squeeze her tits.  “My friends, as you could see in that video, my beautiful stepdaughter here is a fucking whore.  I hired a private eye about a year ago to find out why she was acting weird and that’s what we found out about my little princess.  You see, she was going to some club over by the warehouses and fucking anything with a cock.  This bitch will do anything I tell her to do just as long as her Mother doesn’t find out.  Right bitch?”  Selena shook her head yes.  “Tell everyone here what you are” Brian said.  Selena looked straight ahead and said, “I’m nothing but a piece of shit whore.  I’ll fuck anyone that wants me.  You can do whatever you want to me.”

Brian pushed her to her knees and said, “Well, what the hell are you guys waiting for?”  One of the men came over, took out his cock and shoved it into Selena’s mouth.  He started to face fuck the gorgeous singer, making her gag.  Brian told her, “Finger your cunt bitch.”  Selena started to finger herself while the other men stood up and got undressed.  They came over and stood around Selena stroking their cocks.  The guy fucking her mouth let go of her and she immediately turned and started sucking another cock.  She took each man down her throat, sucking and gagging on their cocks, her chin and blouse were soaked with her saliva.  One of the men shot his load in her hair right when the man in her mouth came.  She swallowed the load and took another into her mouth.  Her red lipstick was smeared and her dark eye makeup was running down her cheeks as she sucked the men off.  Brian was stroking his cock on the couch and said, “Hey guys, carry that whore over here and put her on my cock.”  Two of the men picked her up and spread her legs.  They carried her to Brian and slid her wet pussy down on his cock.  “Fuck me slut.  Tell me how much you love my cock in your pussy.”  Selena started to pound her pussy up and down on her stepfather’s hard cock.  She looked at him and said, “Fuck me Daddy.  Fuck my nasty cunt with that big cock.”  He’d been fucking her ever since he found her at that club but tonight was the first time he made her do his friends.  Brian pointed to the deck of cards on the table and said, “You boys cut the cards to see who gets to tap this ass first.”  The men cut the cards and soon one of them was standing behind Selena. Brian looked at him and said, “Go ahead.  Shove it in.  She loves it in the ass, tell him slut.”  Selena moaned, “Fuck my ass mister.  I love it up my ass.”  The man took his hard cock and pushed it all the way into the brunette Latina’s asshole.  Selena screamed out as her entered her, “GIVE IT TO ME YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!”  Soon the two men were pounding away at her holes.  One of the other men got on the couch and shoved his cock into her mouth.  They triple fucked the young starlet for several minutes and then they started to cum.  She took their hot loads in her holes and when they finished, they pushed her over on the couch and stood up.  Brian looked at the other men and said, “Who’s next?”

Selena got on the floor on her hands and knees.  The next man slid his cock into her ass as she took off her blouse.  Her perfect tits hung down and started to sway back and forth as the man behind her sodomized her.  Soon she had another hot load pumped into her gaping hole.  The cum ran down her legs and the next man got behind her.  One of the other men came up and shot his cum all over her face.  She started to moan louder and louder as her orgasms hit her.  She came over and over again as her ass got fucked.  The next man pushed her down flat on the carpet and power fucked her asshole, slamming his cock balls deep into her bowels.  Brian came over and grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled her mouth to his cock.  He throat fucked his stepdaughter and then shot another load into her stomach.

Brian and his friends used Selena for the next several hours.  By the time the men left, she was covered in cum and her asshole was gaped wide open.  Brian dragged her upstairs and put her in the shower.  “Clean your nasty ass up bitch and then come to my room.”  After she showered and dried off, she joined Brian.  Brian tied her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed and fucked her in the ass several more times until he couldn’t get hard anymore.  He left her there for the rest of the night and went downstairs and slept on the couch.  The next morning he went up and assfucked his stepdaughter one more time before untying her.  She showered and then came down to the kitchen.  Brian looked at her and smiled.  “Did you enjoy last night princess?” he asked.  Selena sat down slowly, her asshole was still on fire and said, “Yes Daddy.  You know I did.”  Brian pushed his chair back and pulled his cock out.  “Good, I’m glad.  Now suck me off one more time before your Mother gets home.”

The End.

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