Interviewing…Miley and Selena

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Title: Interviewing…Miley and Selena

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Kate Abdo

Codes: MF, FF, MFFF, oral, facial, blowjob

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at [email protected].

Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls was fast becoming my favourite show to work on, purely because the sex seemed to get better and better each show. Ever since Kate had joined my presenting team, I now looked forward to the music show even more, as I was almost guaranteed a handjob whilst hosting the show. This week on the show, our guests were two of the hottest young talents in the business, both who started their careers on the Disney Channel over in America. Miley Cyrus had been heavily criticized for her new image but she still remained one of the hottest stars in the world, while Selena Gomez was one of the most lusted after women around.

Kate and I were both looking forward to meeting the two girls and, with a bit of luck, having sex with them at the end of the show. It seemed however that Kate couldn’t wait that long. Before the girls had even arrived, she had knocked on my dressing room door and then pulled me into an embrace which ended in her swallowing my cum from the blowjob she’d given me. After that, we headed to the stage to prepare for the show and wait for the girls’ arrival.

When Miley and Selena did arrive on the stage, there was no questioning as to why they’d become known as two of the hottest singers in the world. Selena emerged in a skin-tight black dress that showed off her stunning figure perfectly, from her ass to her tits, while Miley looked equally beautiful wearing a dress that reminded me of her Disney era, before she hit real musical fame.

“Hello ladies and welcome to Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls, the show where Kate and I are able to ask you any question we want. So let’s get started. You started out on the Disney Channel, do you miss those days?”

“In some ways, yes,” said Miley, “but it’s also nice to have moved on from Hannah Montana and working with my dad. I’ve got a new sense of freedom and I’ve always loved music so it was easy to convert to.”

“I miss them occasionally, too,” Selena answered. “But as Miley said, we’ve moved on. Wizards of Waverly Place was a great show and I still chat to the cast, but being in movies and making music is what I really wanted to do.”

“Indeed you are both making music,” Kate continued the interview, “and you’ve been quite successful. What’s the secret?”

“I don’t think there is any secret as to how to become a star,” Miley replied. “It takes hard work, a good background team and someday it’ll happen. I always say, keep believing and it will happen.”

“Selena, you appeared in a very sexual themed movie in Spring Breakers, how was that?”

“Strange, definitely, it’s a lot different to how I used to act,” she answered. “But I had some great cast members, great crew and it was a lot of fun to film. I wasn’t too involved in the sex scenes so it wasn’t too much bother.”

“Your image has certainly changed now, Miley,” Kate continued, “from when you were in Hannah Montana. What sparked the sudden change in style?”

“I became a woman, and I wanted to leave that whole Hannah Montana era behind me,” Miley answered. “I wanted to focus on my singing career, and I felt an image change would help that. Some people like it and some people don’t, but hey that’s show business.”

“Talking of becoming more grown up, Selena, you dated pop sensation Justin Bieber, what was that like?”

“Difficult,” she responded. “I did have a great time with Justin but the constant publicity was something that I didn’t want. I didn’t realise quite how famous he was and so it was difficult to deal with that but I’m enjoying single life at the moment.”

“Miley, are you single now as well?” Kate probed.

“Why, are you offering?” she laughed. “Yes, I am single at the minute, but obviously that doesn’t mean not sexually active. I’m experimenting and having fun, it’s my new style.”

“That was going to be my next question, what are the sex lives like?” I asked.

“Well, at the moment, pretty slow,” Selena said sadly. “After Justin, I took a long break and it’s been hard to find someone to have that moment with.”

“Was Justin big?” Miley asked, turning to Selena.

“Nah, I’m still a virgin after the first three inches,” Selena laughed.

“And what about you, Miley?” Kate asked, taking control back.

“As I said, experimenting at the moment. Having fun with lots of stars, both male and female. I don’t like to kiss and tell but a certain Ariana Grande is very good in the bedroom.”

On hearing this, my cock immediately began to twitch, Ariana was my major crush. “And Selena, have you ever experimented?”

“Yeah, on the set of Spring Breakers,” she replied swiftly. “Vanessa Hudgens and I had a great time together, so much fun.”

As usual, Kate was on the ball with my boner, and her hand was down my pants off screen. This had made the girls a lot more interested and as we headed towards the end of the show, they both seemed horny.

“Well, we’re nearing the end of the show, so one final question,” Kate said, still stroking my cock. “Do you prefer girls or boys?”

“I prefer girls, if I’m honest,” replied Miley, glancing at Selena.

“Boys for me, the girls are great, but definitely boys.”

“Thanks for a great show girls,” I said, wrapping it up as Kate bent down to begin to suck my cock, her work done. “An enlightening episode of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls. Join Kate and I next time when the girl we were talking about, Ariana Grande, is our guest. See you then.”

As soon as the show was over, Kate’s clothes were off and my cock was in her pussy. The interview had made her as horny as ever before and, glancing over, it seemed to have had the same effect on our celebrity guests. Selena and Miley both had their fingers deep in their pussies as they watched my cock go in and out of Kate’s pussy. Kate’s horniness was displayed further when she let out a huge scream and orgasmed after about five minutes of my thrusting, and proceeded to bend down and take my cock back in her mouth, covered with all her juices.

Selena took advantage of my free mouth and wandered over, offering her pussy lips to my waiting tongue. I duly obliged and began to lick while Miley bent down on the floor and took Kate’s just orgasmed pussy in her own mouth. The oral sex fest didn’t last long but that was because Kate’s lips were working extremely quickly on my cock and, having just fucked her, it wasn’t long before my cum was all over her face. This made me work extra hard on Selena and soon my tongue was lapping up the American starlet’s juices too.

That meant Miley was the only one who was yet to come, however Kate wanted to take care of that and started licking and massaging the singer’s clit, leaving Selena and I free to fuck. And fuck we did. Selena was almost as good as Kate and after cumming, asking me to fuck her in her ass certainly merited bonus points. And she wasn’t lying, her pussy was very tight. Kate was working wonders with Miley it seemed and when I took the occasional glance, I saw both girls gasping for breath frequently. What a job this was.

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