Interviewing…Rosamund and Keira

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Title: Interviewing…Rosamund and Keira

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Rosamund Pike, Keira Knightley

Codes: FMast, MF, MFF, oral, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at

My next guests on Female Film Stars Secrets were two of the best and most beautiful British actresses around, one who I’d admired for a long time, the other who very recently had become one of my favourite actresses. I had been a fan of Keira Knightley for a very long time ever since her performances in Love Actually and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, while it was after her performance in Johnny English Reborn that brought Rosamund Pike to my attentions, despite me seeing her as a Bond girl in Die Another Day.

As I’d admired both of them for a relatively long time, I was looking forward to the show and trying to make both of them horny enough to have sex with me. When they emerged on the show after I’d done my very boring introductions, I was right to be excited about the show, given what the girls were wearing. Rosamund had emerged in a white dress that showed plenty of cleavage and plenty of leg, which perfectly suited the blond bombshell, while Keira had come out in a black leather jacket and a mini-skirt. Seeing the two girls had already begun to make my cock rise, and so with haste I began the interview.

“Welcome to Female Film Star’s Secrets, the show where I’m allowed to ask our favourite female movie stars anything about their lives, be it personal or professional. So, Rosamund, Keira, if you’re ready, shall we begin?”

“Yes, let’s get this show on the road,” Keira answered.

“Right then. So, let’s start with the professional side of things and there’s rumours of a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Keira. Are you up for a return alongside Orlando Bloom?”

“As much as I loved filming the first three movies, I don’t know if I’d want to go back,” she answered. “Like any film, it’s great to be a part of but I’m really not sure if I’d do it again. But never say never.”

“Rosamund, your career really took off when you appeared in Die Another Day as a Bond girl. How was that?”

“To have been involved in the biggest spy franchise is a great honour,” Rosamund replied. “Obviously at the time, I was relatively unknown so that really made my name and it was a fantastic way to do it. Maybe I’ll appear in James Bond again one day.”

“You’ve both been nominated for Oscars this year for your respective roles in Gone Girl and The Imitation Game. What’s that like?”

“Absolutely wonderful. To have been nominated for supporting actress is a great honour and I hope I can win but to have been nominated is fantastic,” Keira said. “I loved making the film but there’s some fantastic actresses who I’m up against.”

“Yeah, I agree with Keira,” Rosamund said. “Being nominated for an Oscar is a wonderful feeling, especially as mine’s leading actress. But as Keira says, there’s four superb other nominees who all deserve to win, so it’s great just to have been recognised.”

“Moving away from the Oscars, you’ve both filmed your fair share of sex scenes. Were they fun?”

“Fun isn’t the word,” Keira answered. “They’re a part of the job, that’s how I see it. I kind of like doing scenes where I’m naked purely so people can see that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have that big breasts, like me. The sex scenes themselves can be fun, depending on the situation but I’ve done a lot.”

“For me, it’s one of my favourite parts of acting,” Rosamund said happily. “I just enjoy filming something which is all about pleasure and for me, I love them. I’ve done a few as well and each one gets more exciting but also more challenging. For example, the one in Gone Girl took several shoots, like 30 or something, so it gets harder.”

“Would you ever consider a role that involved sex with a fellow actress?”

“Yeah, if for a part it was necessary, then obviously I’d do it,” Keira answered. “I’ve had experience with girls before so it wouldn’t be weird or anything like that. It might be quite fun.”

“I’ve done a naked scene with an actress already so clearly I would,” Rosamund said. “It’s no different to doing one with a guy except the parts so it would be pretty easy. I definitely wouldn’t turn down a role for that reason.”

“So tell me girls, what are your sex lives like outside of work?” I asked. “You’ve both just had the news of first children so I expect quite active?”

“Yeah obviously being pregnant puts sex off the table for a while,” Keira answered. “But I do try and have it now and again. We’re usually pretty active, once a week when we’re both free.”

“Well, I’ve just given birth so my hormones are in overdrive at the minute,” Rosamund contradicted. “I’m horny nearly every minute of every day ever since the baby arrived, but with the responsibilities of a child, it means it’s less frequent than usual. Very frustrating.”

“So does that mean you two girls are masturbating quite a lot?”

“It does for me,” Keira quickly answered. “I masturbate nearly every day when I’m at home just so I can get some relief, especially when I know I’m not gonna get sex.”

“When I get a free moment then yes, I’ll masturbate. But it’s much harder when you’ve got two children, especially with one of them running about the house. So yeah, I do masturbate but I have to be careful.”

“Once more, I’m sad to say we’re coming to the end of the show. So, one final question, what gets you two off?”

“Pictures of guys naked,” Keira answered. “And obviously porn. I like watching other people masturbating, that’s good for me.”

“Well, this may sound weird,” Rosamund said, “but I actually like masturbating to my own sex scenes. When I watched myself for the first time, I got horny and so ever since then it’s always been that. But occasionally, I’ll watch porn.”

“Wow, thanks for a terrific show ladies,” I ended the show, cock rising. “It’s been a pleasure as always. Join me next time on Female Film Star’s Secrets when I’ll be joined by Reece Witherspoon and Alice Eve. See you then.”

I’d started the show with hopes of fucking Keira Knightley and Rosamund Pike and, I knew as soon as it ended, that I wasn’t going to be disappointed. From the moment the cameras had stopped rolling, Keira’s hand had gone straight down to her pussy while Rosamund was watching with wide eyes, whilst also rubbing her tits through her dress. My cock had grown to almost it’s full length and the hopes I’d had were confirmed further still when Keira pointed out my bulge to Rosamund.

“You were moaning about not getting sex, Rosamund,” she said, pointing at the bulge. “Why don’t you go and change that and I’ll watch?”

I wasn’t going to turn down an offer like that and when Rosamund seemed unsure, I whipped out my cock and began stroking it myself. That seemed to be all the encouragement she needed, and the British actress got up, stripped down and positioned herself over my cock. Clearly not wanting any foreplay, she lowered herself until my cock was inside her pussy and then began to lower herself in a motion so that she was pleasured well. Keira was watching this intently, having stripped herself, and her fingers were moving in and out of her pussy as she watched.

“I’ve got an idea,” she suddenly said, and moved over to the computer which controlled the big screens. A few moments later, and I was getting a real treat. Not only was Rosamund Pike bouncing up and down on my cock and Keira Knightley watching whilst playing with herself, but one of my favourite sex scenes of each of the actresses was playing on the two screens. Seeing herself fucking in one of her films seemed to spur Rosamund on further, and the pace she was now fucking my cock was extremely quick. Keira seemed to enjoy seeing herself as well and her own pace was now furious albeit not as quick as the pace we were fucking.

I knew that I was going to explode at any moment and Rosamund seemed to sense this too, because she got off my hard cock and began to jerk it with her hand, with the occasional lick. This was all it took because seconds later, her whole face had been covered in my sticky cum and Keira was kissing her, exchanging it between the two actresses.

“I want to have some fun now,” Keira requested. “I want to get fucked by that big hard cock while I give Rosamund an orgasm she’ll never forget.”

Positioning ourselves to please Keira, Rosamund and I exchanged a quick kiss before turning our attentions to the pregnant actress. Knowing that she was indeed pregnant, limited me as to how fast I could fuck her, but the opportunity and act was just as pleasurable as Rosamund. I think the sight of Keira’s tongue working the lips of Rosamund’s pussy seemed to make it even sweeter, and when coupled with the moans of the two actresses, it was almost a dream come true.

The orgasms of the two girls were some of the greatest I’d witnessed in my whole time doing this show. Rosamund’s juices literally squirted over the face of Keira and her moans could be heard miles away, such was the strength of her climax. And moments later, Keira had joined her in orgasming, her own juices dripping down my cock and onto the stage floor. Once more my show had given me the opportunity to fuck two extremely hot actresses and boy was I pleased.

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