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Title: Interviewing…Vanessa

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Vanessa Hudgens

Codes: Mast, Oral, Facial, MF, Anal

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at [email protected].

Vanessa Hudgens was an actress that I’d always admired ever since she’d burst onto the scenes in High School Musical, and even then I’d noticed how hot she was. Since that breakthrough movie though, she’d gone on to become one of the hottest celebrities around and I couldn’t wait to have her on my Female Film Star’s Secrets show.

After my threesome with Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox after the last show, I had high hopes that I would be able to fuck Vanessa after the show. And after seeing her outfit on arrival, I knew that the hotness of Vanessa certainly wasn’t under questioning. As she rocked up in her skinny jeans and leather jacket, I was taken aback by the beauty of the American starlet.

However, we were having a few technical issues and so it was left to me to tell Vanessa that our filming time would have to be pushed back a few minutes until the issues were sorted. As I approached her dressing room door, I heard a noise that I’d come to recognise since filming this show: the moans of a female masturbating. Approaching the door carefully, I pushed it open a crack and saw the wondrous sight of Vanessa Hudgens fucking herself with a 9-inch dildo.

Not wanting to disturb her, but needing to do my job, I knocked on the door, ignoring the growing member in my pants. Vanessa looked up and beckoned me in, hardly stopping from her pleasure to utter the words, ‘Close the door.’ As soon as the door was shut, Vanessa sped up the speed with which she was fucking herself, and called me over to the seat next to her.

“Care to join me?” she asked, between moans.

“I actually came to tell you, we’re going to be delayed, but I see you weren’t going to be ready anyway,” I replied. “I like watching…”

“Oh no, you don’t!” she said with authority. “Take those clothes off now and let me see that hard cock of yours.”

Desperate not to disappoint my guest, I stripped down and exposed my hard cock, beginning to stroke it as I sat down next to Vanessa, watching her fuck herself with the dildo. She was nearing orgasm and the sight was certainly one of beauty, as I watched the young actress bring herself to climax. The screams and moans were ones of pure pleasure and her eyes focused on my cock as she recovered from her moment of pleasure.

Taking my cock in her mouth, she began to suck on my cock, trying to make sure that I was not left unsatisfied, having just watched her cum. The speed and skill with which she did it, made it clear to me that she knew how to handle a cock, and whilst rubbing my balls and deepthroating my cock, she brought me to the edge of my own orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum…” I said to her, pulling my cock out her mouth.

“On my face!” she instructed. “I’ll clean up before the show.”

Needing no second invitation, I squirted my load over the pretty, young face of Vanessa Hudgens, wiped my cock and headed back to the studio to see if the issues were solved, leaving her with cum dripping down her body and a massive smile on her face.

When Vanessa emerged to film the show 15 minutes later, there was no sign that we had engaged in anything more than a friendly chat in her dressing room. She had cleaned up the cum, looked as beautiful as ever in a low-cut dress and greeted me with a smile and a kiss.

“Welcome to Female Film Stars Secrets, the show where I can ask you anything at all with no taboo subjects. Ready to go, Vanessa?”

“Ready and waiting,” she replied, winking at me.

“How big a role was High School Musical at the age you were?”

“Yeah, obviously, it was massive but I loved the challenge of dealing with something so big. I like the idea of getting something big and rising to the challenge and I’ve tried to do that throughout my career.”

“You had a relationship with your co-star, Zac Efron. What was that like? Was it difficult?”

“It would have been more difficult if we weren’t playing on-screen lovers, but it was kind of weird, yeah. I enjoyed it though, trying to find moments alone on set to have some fun was a little game I used to play.”

“So you fucked on set then?”

“No, we never had sex on set, but there were a couple of blowjobs and I remember he licked me out with Ashley (Tisdale) watching. That was one of my favourite parts of our relationship.”

“Am I right in saying you’re in a relationship currently?”

“Unfortunately not, I’ve just broken up with my boyfriend due to too many periods apart. I need to have someone that constantly is only a phone call or quick drive away and so it was never going to work.”

“Does that mean you’re not sexually active?”

“You know well that that’s not true. I love sex too much to stop having it, so there’s been the odd fling here and there. But I’m looking for someone currently so any offers are most welcome.”

I could feel my cock start to rise, knowing sex was on the cards, as I asked the next question, “You were involved in the leaked photo scandal, how was that?”

“Obviously it’s horrible when your private photos are hacked and broadcast, but I’ve had incredible support from so many people. And everyone has bombarded me on social networks saying how they’ve pleasured themselves to them, so that’s quite a compliment.”

“You filmed Spring Breakers, which is a very sexual movie. Did you enjoy that role? It’s been quite a transformation since High School Musical, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah, but for me, Disney’s in the past now. I’m a fully-fledged actress so I feel I can take any role that I want and that film was so much fun. Filming a movie with Selena (Gomez), Ashley (Benson) and Rachel (Korine) was so much fun, and the sex scene with Ashley was unbelievable and something I wouldn’t wait to do again.”

“We’re running out of time, so one final question: how much does Vanessa Hudgens masturbate and what to?”

“A lot when I’m not in a relationship. Any moment I can get free,” she answered, winking directly at me and glancing at my bulge. “I like masturbating to guys masturbating, voyeur stuff and obviously the hacked photos of the celebs, not including myself.”

“What an absolutely fantastic show, Vanessa, very revealing. That’s all from Female Film Star’s Secrets, so join me next time when I have the fabulous British actresses Rosamund Pike and Keira Knightley. See you then.”

I couldn’t even wait to go somewhere private before I had taken out my cock and begun to stroke it, as Vanessa Hudgens seductively walked over. Thankfully, the crew had already cleared, and as soon as we were alone, the dress came off and she stood over my hard cock fully naked.

“Fill me up, big boy,” she said. “I want to be fucked so hard, I have the best orgasm of my life.”

I lifted Vanessa up and guided my cock to her dripping wet pussy where I began to move up and down, left and right, penetrating her pussy with my member. She moaned in pleasure as the rhythm alternated between fast and slow, circular and straight, hard and soft and she brought her lips to mine, engaging me in a kiss as she received a fucking. I brought my hands to her perky tits and began to fondle them, as she tipped her head back in pure pleasure.

With both of us having already cum once that evening, it wasn’t that long before we were ready to do so again, but this time I knew that I wanted to fill her up. Picking up the pace one last time, I fucked her with all my might and felt my cock explode, filling Vanessa’s pussy up with juices at the same moment she screamed, arched her back and reached orgasm herself.

As I removed my cock from Vanessa’s vagina, I could tell almost immediately that she wasn’t happy I’d cum inside her. However, she needed time to recover, and so I switched my attention to the computer screens and quickly found her naked pictures that had been leaked. Plastering them all over the big screens, I began to stroke my cock again as I reminded myself of the girl I’d just fucked.

But, just as I was about to turn around, I felt my arms grabbed from behind my back and tied to the chair. Spinning me around, Vanessa had an evil grin on her face.

“I never gave you permission to cum inside me,” she said, smirking as I struggled to get free. “You’re gonna pay for that one.”

She took my cock in her mouth once more, and informed me that I was going to be sucked hard and dry until I had no possible cum left. The feeling itself was unbelievable and normally I wouldn’t object, but I’d always wanted to anal fuck Vanessa, and so whilst receiving this wonderful blowjob, I silently tried to untie my hands.

It was safe to say that Vanessa was determined because she was sucking my cock faster and deeper than she had done beforehand and the feeling was incredible as the cum built up. Having said that, the temptation to fuck her ass was overwhelming and so I finally broke free of the hand ties she’d provided, but decided I’d wait until the first blowjob was over. Vanessa wasn’t far away from making me finish, her lips moving over my cock, her hands caressing my balls and the occasional lick of the head of my dick with her tongue, meaning I was extremely close. Just as I had done in the dressing room, my cum exploded all over Vanessa’s face, something that she wanted it seemed.

As soon as she had tried to continue sucking my cock, however, I pounced. Grabbing her, I spun Vanessa around and rubbed my cock against the entrance to her ass, building myself up for the big moment.

“Go steady,” she said, realising what I was going to do. “I love anal but go steady.”

This time, I decided to comply with her wishes and pushed my cock into her ass with the utmost care and slowness, making sure just how tight her ass was. It was almost all the way in before I felt any resistance and so I started to fuck her ass slowly, building up the pace. Soon, my cock was fully inside her ass and the pounding began as I fucked her slow, hard, slow, hard until her moans became gasps for breath. She was fingering her pussy at the same time as I fucked her ass and so I knew that she was not that far away from orgasm, and so the pace was speeded up.

With an almighty moan, Vanessa released her juices, my cock still buried deep inside her asshole. I removed it quickly and bent down, licking her pussy to collect the sex juices I’d made her produce. As we sat down on the sofa and began playing with each other, I reflected on what might just have been the best show ever.

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