Laundry Service: Part 3

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Laundry Service: Part 3

Author’s Name: Viper_noj

Content Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Mast

Celebs: Shakira


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over
the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don’t use this
without my permission. Now, on with the story!

Shakira gave a smile as she accepted her receipt from the guy working at reception, though she wasn’t very happy. This trip to her desired hotel she hadn’t had the chance to get her favourite bellboy between her thighs, and she was down
and more than a little frustrated. She inwardly smiled as she handed a small, light package over to the receptionist.

”Could you make sure he gets that?” she said with a smile. The clerk took the package from her, a curious look on his face as he saw the name.

”Sure, I’ll give it to him when I next see him,” he said, tucking the envelope down under the desk with a smile.

”Thanks,” she said with another smile and headed out of the hotel, pulling her suitcase behind her.

Meandering along the corridor with his trolley of towels, he wasn’t in a particularly good mood. Due to an incident involving another member of staff, only the most experienced staff were now allowed to serve the top hotel guests such as celebrities. So he was doing lesser duties, such as towels on the lower suites like he was now. He knew Shakira had been staying at the hotel from word of mouth, but hadn’t so much as glimpsed her let alone had a chance for another session with the hot Columbian. His chance was lost, and unless something drastic happened to the policy, which it never had in the past, he would likely not see her again. Giving a deep sigh, he threw the last set of old towels into the basket and locked the door to the room, clipping the keys back to his belt and heading for the lift.

He felt the familiar rising sensation as the lift descended, and listened to the cheesy music for a moment before he felt the stop and the doors slid open in the basement. He pushed the cart out and into laundry, leaving it for the downstairs staff to deal with which was the way. Glancing at his watch, he saw he only had a couple of minutes left to go so walked back to the lift, rounding the corner just in time to see the doors close.

“Things just get worse around here,” he grumbled, trudging to the stairs and starting to climb, knowing the lift would take longer to get back than the walk. He made it back to the ground floor as his watch turned over the hour, so he headed to the men’s area where the lockers were. He got in and hung his red jacket up in the locker ready for his next shift, grabbing his own jacket. He yanked it on and picked up his bag, pulling it over one shoulder as he headed out, back through the corridors towards the front doors. As he was passing reception, he gave a nod to the guy behind the desk.

“Hey wait a minute!” he said in a slightly raised tone, giving a wave of his hand to signal him over. He sauntered over, wondering what was going on.

“What’s going on Chris?” he said to the guy behind the desk, knowing him from the job. He was pretty friendly with him, so would’ve said hello if he hadn’t had a bad day.

”Just a second,” he said, reaching under the desk and fumbling around for a moment. Frowning, he leaned over to see what Chris was doing.

“You messing around or something?” he said, starting to wonder if Chris was pranking him.

”No, here it is,” he said, leaning back up from under the counter with the envelope type package in his hand.

“What’s this?” he said, taking it from Chris and turning it over in his hands, feeling the weight.

“You’re not gonna believe this man, but Shakira left that for you!” he said excitedly, grinning at him. His eyes widened and he looked at the packet, taking in its size and weight and wondering what it was.

”You kidding me?” he said, looking up from it.

“Nope, she dropped it off before she left a couple of hours ago and said to make sure you get it. Damn she’s hot fo’ sure,” he said, giving a gangster voice on the end with a laugh. He laughed back as he tucked the envelope in a pocket.

”Come on you not gonna open it?” Chris asked, looking a little disappointed.

”Nah man gotta shoot off. It’s probably a letter bomb or something anyway,” he joked.

“Yeah gave her the wrong towel or something,” Chris added, settling on his chair.

”I’ll catch you tomorrow mate,” he said, and headed out the front door of the hotel into the brisk evening. Chris gave a leaving nod and got back on with his job, answering the phone as it started to ring. He walked out the front, walking well clear of the front door before yanking the brown packet from his pocket. Finding the corner of the flap, he cautiously peeled open the flap and opened the large envelope. His breath caught in his throat as he saw some skimpy lace edged material nestled down in the envelope. Reaching into the packet, his fingers slid over the soft, delicate underwear as he lifted it up to look at it slightly. In the fading light he couldn’t see that well, but her feminine scent was not lost. With people walking past, he pushed the knickers back into the envelope and increased his pace, making it back to his place in record time.

He got inside, casting his bag down as he kicked his shoes off. With a shrug he dropped his jacket over the end of the sofa and dropped down on it, fumbling with the envelope again. Opening it he reached in, again grabbing the soft fabric, and with a deep breath he pulled it out of the envelope. The lovely scent hit him again as he pulled out a small black thong edged with white lace. His heart jumped and he felt a surge to his cock as he held out her sexy black underwear, feeling the soft material and lace with his fingers. His cock pressed insistently up against his work trousers as he took in the sexy little undies, before he laid them aside to check the envelope for anything else. Looking into it, he spied a white card, and with slightly trembling fingers he slipped it out and turned it over. In her graceful handwriting was a note.

“I’m in need of a little personal service. My toe is stuck again. I’m already slippery, so all I need is pulling. xxx”

His breath increased further, his mouth slightly ajar at the prospect of getting her again, and also at the fact she’d made such an effort to hook up with him. Underneath was her number and address, which wasn’t far away from him. He took a breath and got up, almost dashing to his bedroom. Throwing off his work clothes, he realised showering would be pointless with what they’d get up to, so he sprayed a good spray of lynx across himself and pulled on a shirt and jeans. He grabbed his leather jacket and quickly checked his hair as he slid into it. He figured all was good and headed back to the main room, grabbing his phone and keys, and the card with the address on for where he hoped she awaited him. Eyeing the little black and white thong for a moment, he grabbed the skimpy garment and tucked it in his pocket, figuring it couldn’t hurt to take it along.

He walked through the fading light of the slightly chilly evening heading out of town. After a think, he realised it was an area of upper class housing. No hotels, so she must’ve bought a place. Either that or she was renting which didn’t make much sense, but then her wanting him didn’t make much sense either and he wasn’t about to question that. After a quick check to make sure he got the right house, he sauntered up the drive of a large house, the quality evident in the beautifully landscaped garden and style of the building. Taking a deep breath, he rang the doorbell and waited. He heard footsteps and saw a glimmer of someone behind the frosted glass of the door, before the outside lamps illuminated softly next to him within the porch. The door opened and he smiled as the gorgeous sexy Shakira stood on the mat, looking hot in a close suede top and figure hugging jeans.

”Well that didn’t take you long,” she said with a smile, stepping back and holding the door to invite him in.

”Are you saying I should’ve taken longer?” he said with a smirk, giving a flick of his eyebrows as she closed the door.

”Course not. I’m glad you didn’t keep me waiting. I do have needs,” she said with a giggle. He smiled as she leaned up and kissed him, sliding her arms round his neck. She gave a slight moan as their tongues intertwined, sliding and massaging at each other. Shakira pulled away from him, her arms sliding down and round his body as she took a deep sniff.

”Mmm, Lynx huh? Think you’ll get me with the Lynx effect do you?” she said, looking up at him with a giggle.

”I think I might just,” he said with a smirk, his hands running up her sides. He hands slid into his pockets, evidently on a mission.

”Well I think it’s working. You’ve already got my underwear off,” she said with a laugh as she pulled her sexy thong out of his jacket pocket.

”Yeah I thought you might like that back,” he said, leaning down to kiss her again. She kissed him passionately again and then pulled out of his grasp, taking his hand with her spare hand.

”Well it’s one of my best thongs. That’s why I left it for you,” she said, looking back at him from the corner of her eye with a sexy smile. He let her lead him through her place, watching the sexy waver of her hips as she walked ahead of him, her tight jeans accentuating her arse beautifully. Shakira looked back over her shoulder at him, a glint in her eye.

”You like my ass don’t you?” she purred, giving a giggle.

“You’ve never seemed to mind,” he said with a smirk, reaching forwards and stroking her curvy rear. Shakira just laughed and led him into her bedroom, giving him a moment to take in the luxurious surroundings.

”Better than my hotel suite huh?” she said with a smug smile.

“Certainly more private,” he said with a smile as she ran her tongue over her teeth and leaned up to kiss him. Their tongues danced as they kissed deeply, her hands sliding round his back. Shakira dragged her nails gently over him down to the bottom of his shirt and took hold, peeling it up. She pulled away from him, sliding her lips off his tongue as she leaned back and lifted his shirt up. He smiled and raised his arms, leaning forwards so she could easily pull it off him, which she did quite hastily. As she cast the shirt to the floor, he drew her back in for another kiss, which she returned eagerly before kissing down onto his neck. Sucking gently at him, she manoeuvred him round and then pushed him back so he fell onto the bed.

“See, comfy isn’t it?” she cooed as he lay on the plush linen.

“Just tops what we have back at the hotel,” he said jokingly, wiggling his tongue at her.

”Oh thanks,” she said, acting insulted as she walked round the side of the bed. He just grinned at her as she slid onto the bed, tracing her fingers up his chest as she knelt up and threw her leg over him. He slid his hands over the tight denim of her thighs, his fingers sliding down slightly to rest against the edge of her ass as she shuffled forwards on him. He caught his breath slightly as her full rear lowered onto his stomach, settling with a wiggle from her beautiful hips. Sliding his hands fully onto her lovely bum, he gave a squeeze as she leaned forwards to get something from next to the bed.

“Close your eyes,” she whispered, her breasts invitingly close to his face. Reluctantly he did so, and felt her reach down and take his left hand. Shakira pulled it above his head to the bed frame, then wrapped a soft rope round his wrist and started tying him to the rail. He wriggled slightly under her as he realised what she was doing and was about to move to stop her.

”Don’t you dare take that hand off my ass,” she growled sexily, grinding herself down against him and pushing her arse back into his hand. Torn between freeing himself and getting hot dominant sex from the gorgeous Columbian pop singer, he gave her a hard squeeze. She gave a slightly smug moan as she finished tying his hand, before reaching back for his right hand. Pulling it away from her curves, she did the same as the other side and raised it above him to tie it to the head rail.

“There, you can’t escape me now,” she said with a giggle as he opened his eyes, looking up to see himself well and truly bound. Shakira placed her hands on his chest and pushed backwards, forcing her tight denim arse over his already bulging crotch.

“Ooh what have we here?” she asked teasingly, sitting up on his cock and grinding her arse down into him. He grunted as she did so, pushing up slightly, which made her lift away from him on her knees.

”I think we’ll leave that for a minute, maybe it’ll let itself out,” she whispered, looking sexily at him from the corners of her eyes as she slid back onto his legs and reached back to his feet. With a few quick tugs she pulled his trainers off and threw them aside, followed quickly by his socks. Staring him straight in the eyes with a naughty smile, she slid her hands straight up his thighs to his crotch, rubbing his now rock hard cock. Her fingers deftly slid the zipper down and un-popped the button before assaulting his belt, threading it through and undoing it smoothly. He pushed up towards her slightly as she pulled his jeans open and delved inside, wrapping her hand round his hot cock through his shorts.

”He seems a little uptight,” she chuckled as his hardon throbbed in her slender grip. She let him go and removed her hand, sticking her tongue as he tried to reach for her, held by the rope.

”Not yet,” she murmured as she started firmly tugging his jeans down. Having got them down a little, she slid back down the bed and pulled them with her till she slid down onto her feet on the floor and gave his jeans one last jerk to get them off him. She smirked as she left him lying on the bed in nothing but his heavily tented boxers. Shakira slid back onto the bed and crawled sexy as a pussycat back up towards him. Her soft hand slid up his inner thigh, making his leg twitch as she slipped her hand onto his rock hard cock, gripping him solidly through his shorts. The hot Columbian jerked him up and down a couple of times, before sliding her fingers under his waistband, raising the elastic and slipping them down so the engorged head of his erect 8” cock peeked out the top.

”Mmm someone needs a bit of lovin’,” she mumbled with a smile as she let go and leaned down, planting a kiss on the underside of his shaft through the material before slipping down and taking the leg of the shorts in her teeth. Holding her body closely to him, her pert breasts dragged and bumped over his legs as she crept back down the bed over him, drawing his shorts down by her teeth. She the elastic slipped onto his balls his full 8” bounced proudly up, harder than ever and desperate for action. Her eyes flitted up to his large cock and her heart fluttered, her pussy was already incredibly wet in anticipation of it being buried deep in her body and seeing it just inches away did nothing to abate it. She slipped down and dragged his shorts off his feet, standing with then hanging from her mouth for a moment before she threw them aside with a flick of her head.

“Standing to attention, just a shame you can’t salute isn’t it?” Shakira taunted, wiggling her hips as she did so with a smile. She smiled at him as she continued to move sensually, getting herself into a slow dance. Arching her back, she thrust her humble breasts out towards him as she gave him a spin, pushing her round ass out at him. Shakira smiled as she heard his breathing increase, glancing at his cock as it twitched with every beat of his rapid heart as her fingers slid to the laces on her suede top. The gorgeous Columbian turned away from him as her arms reached up her back, taking hold of the knots holding her into the top.

“Do it,” he urged her, rasping the words before he even thought about it. She looked back over her shoulder with a smile as she pulled the knot undone, the laces sliding undone and the top loosening on her slim body. With a gentle pull she pulled the back of the top open, letting him see the strap of her black bra. His eyes were locked on her as she slowly turned and slid the top forwards down her arms, her eyes rising under her brow to lock with his as she let the top drop to the floor and placed her hands on her hips. He took in her striking form, her perky tits beautifully encased in black lace before leading over her smooth stomach to the flare of her hips and her snug jeans.

“Good enough?” she asked, pushing her chest out and giving a jiggle. He grinned widely at her, still taking in every curve and tone.

”Perfect,” he said simply. Shakira licked her soft lips as she pushed her hips out into another wiggle, turning again and shaking her hips from side to side. He watched intently as she moved, his breathing pausing as she shook, her round ass trembling hotly from the rapid shake of her hips before she spun round, her hand on her belt. She stuck her tongue out slightly and dragged it over her teeth as she undid the buckle, then held it and turned slowly, twirling her body out of it teasingly. Facing him again holding the belt, she doubled it over and slapped it across her hand with a flick of her eyebrow. Seeing his eyes widen, she gave a soft giggle.

”Don’t worry. I wouldn’t hurt you, you’ll need all the energy you’ve got,” she said, throwing the belt aside to join their other clothes as she waved her curvy hips and full arse powerfully to and fro. Her fingers circled and toyed with the brass button of her tight denims as she swayed, starting to pull harder as she turned away again. He craned to see what she was doing as she slowly spun, pushing her incredible arse out as her unseen hands worked. As she turned back into view, he saw the button undone and the top of her jeans just open a fraction, which revealed a hint of black lace unlike the top of her knickers. His heart started to pump faster, thumping in his chest as she pushed her hips round in a circle, squeezing and rubbing her strong thighs together.

“Want me to go all the way?” she teased, shaking her hips.

“God yes,” he gasped, staring at the tiny space in her jeans.

”What you wanna do to me right now?” she said, seeing his stare.

”What do you think I wanna do?” he said, catching her gaze.

”Ooh I’d say you wanna hit this ass,” she said, slapping herself on the bum.

”Uh huh,” he groaned, desperately wishing her could just pin her down and fuck her. She blew him a kiss and turned away again, pausing to jiggle her arse at him as her fingers slipped the zipper down. She turned back to him with a sexy curl of her hips, holding the folds of denim together since the zip was fully down. Shakira cocked her head, eyeing his rock hard cock for a moment before she slowly pulled them open for him to show off what she had on. It took a moment to twig, but then he realised she was wearing a black lace garter belt up above a sexy black pair of knickers, though details were still hidden from view.

“Liking it?” she asked rhetorically, flicking her eyebrows as she slowly turned away from him. Her hands went to the sides of her jeans and she bent her knees slightly, leaning forwards as she started to slide them down. He watched every curve as the jeans slipped off her hips, showing off the back of her garter belt and the lacey waistband of her knickers up onto her hips. His eyes widened further as she slipped them down over her curvy arse reveal she was wearing a black lace thong, running down between the garters at the sides of her cheeks. The Columbian bent over keeping her legs almost straight and pushed the jeans down to her knees, her amazing round ass shown off incredibly by the thong as the garters ran down to clip to a set of black lace-top stockings which wrapped high round her smooth thighs. He could barely breathe as she wiggled her ass at him, the bulge of her juicy pussy looking so enticing in the lace knickers as she pushed the jeans down to her ankles to reveal another surprise, which was knee-high lacing for a pair of 4” high heels. She brought the open strappy footwear into view as she raised first her left leg to remove her jeans, before doing her right leg as well and casting them aside.

He was astounded that he hadn’t noticed, though she had come on pretty strong. Her motions on them had been perfect, not a hint of wobble, which made him wonder what else she could do whilst on them with a smile. Shakira looked back to him and held her arms out, shaking her body at him in her hot black lingerie, waiting for comment.

”Just…just…amazing,” he murmured, unable to say anything else. She smiled devilishly at him as she sashayed towards the bed, pushing her knees against the end either side of his feet. Shakira slipped onto the soft sheets on her knees and started to slowly edge along towards him, her silky knees sliding easily along as she moved over his feet. She let the lacey tops of her stockings just graze his toes as she passed over his feet, slipping just far enough forwards on his legs to avoid his feet moving upwards to her. The hot singer moved along over him, letting her arse drag and rub over his thighs as she got to his groin and his hot, hard cock. Shakira alternated between his gaze and staring at the cock she craved, though she wouldn’t let him know she wanted it as bad as him. Giving him a pout, she moved forwards again and rolled her hips so that the front of her lace thong rubbed over the underside of his cock. He grunted and writhed under her as she slowly but firmly pushed her lace-covered pussy along his cock, not hard enough for any penetration but enough to make him know how horny she was.

“God Shakira!” he gasped, pulling at the head rail as she slipped off the bulbous head of his stiffy, leaning back slightly so it just tantalisingly dragged between the warm rounded cheeks of her arse. He moaned and thrust upwards, but she was ready and pulled just forwards from him out of his reach.

“Mmm eager aren’t you?” she said with a smile as she sat herself down on his lower stomach, his rock hard cock leaking precum, the juicy tip just a couple of inches from her tight arse. She wriggled on top of him, grinding her arse down into him, the smooth cheeks of her bum sliding easily over his firm body. She lifted herself off him slightly more and leaned forwards over him on all fours, presenting her firm breasts to his face as her sweet pussy hovered just a in front of his hardon.

”You really wanna fuck me don’t you?” she whispered huskily, rocking back on her knees gently till the tip of his cock touched the back of her swollen pussy through the lace. Without even thinking her tried to thrust into her, pressing against the lace for a moment before she pulled away out of reach again.

”I’ll take that as a yes. But why should I let you?” she breathed, rocking back on her knees and just touching the tip of his engorged member again. He was breathing heavily and controlled himself, holding still as she pressed against him, the heat of her juicy pussy noticeable through her lace knickers.

”Think you deserve this?” she said, pressing back just a fraction more and rotating her hips, her pussy rubbing small circles on the bulging tip of his cock.

“Think I should just let you push your thick cock into my tight little pussy?” she whispered, pushing back so the bulbous head of his cock just pressed into her a little, separating her lips and pushing the lace just inside. Her face was just away from his, and she lowered her head and grazed his nose, their eyes gazing deeply into each other’s. She softly moved in and kissed him, pressingly lightly first before they locked together, their tongues attacking each other’s in a wanton moment of lust. Her hands stroked through his hair as they kissed, her body just swaying slightly over him as she squeezed her pussy so he could just feel her swollen lips clutch and grasp at his fractionally impaling head. He couldn’t take it and pushed forwards, his cock pushing the lace a little deeper in and around half his head getting in before she pulled forwards away from his stiffy, breaking their kiss.

”Down boy,” she whispered, smiling at him as she crawled backwards raising her hips well above his impatient crotch so he couldn’t try to penetrate her. The Columbian slid backwards along the sheets till she got level with his cock, and she smiled up at him before quickly dipping her head and dragging her tongue all the way up the underside of his shaft from his balls till she flicked off the tip, making him groan and press upwards to her, though she just pulled away and giggled as she slid back again, her heels dropping onto the floor as she pulled herself up, keeping bent over for as long as she could to offer him a nice view of her enticing breasts.

“This isn’t really fair is it? You’re there all naked and hot for me, and I’m wearing all this,” Shakira purred with a wink as she softly wavered in front of him on her high heels.

“Course I’m still horny, so very horny,” she growled sexily, looking at him lustily and hooking the tip of a finger in between her lips. She grinned at him and raised her left leg up and stood it on the end of the bed, offering him a lovely view of her bulging pussy, the lace knickers still caught in her hot, wet snatch. Shakira ran her hands down her garters, sliding them over her sexy nylons and down to the laces of the high heels just below her knee. With a smooth motion, she released the cord round her toned, calf muscle and let it drop loosely round her ankle before she reached down and slackened the strappy shoe. Raising her knee high into the air, she lifting her foot from the smooth linen and gave a slight turn the left before sending her shoe to the floor with quick flick of her ankle. He watched as she slowly lowered her leg back down, taking in every inch of her lingerie clad form as she dropped so she was lower on the left before she raised her right foot.

“How do you like the shoes?” she said with a smile, looking up at him as she unlaced the string.

”Very nice,” he said with an approving smile, again eyeing her lace encased crotch.

”Well I just figured you’d want me to have a bit more leg. Since you somewhat overwhelm what I have already…” she purred, sticking her tongue out a little as she flicked the high heel to the floor. Shakira lowered her foot back to the floor, stepping back a little from the bed to offer a little more of her legs to his view. With a smile she reached behind herself with both hands, bending down slightly to reach down behind her curvy bum. With a pull, she raised her hands again, holding the two back garters out to the side to indicate they were released from the stockings. Sliding her hands round her hips, she slid them down her thighs and took hold of the front ones, pulling them up against the stockings a little before releasing them so the lace sprung back against her toned thighs. She gave a girly giggle and reached behind her back, fiddling with the clasp of the black lacey garter belt.

“Hmm do I need this anymore?” she asked teasingly, undoing the belt and holding it out to the sides, twitching it up and down.

”I don’t think I do,” she said simply and whisked it off to reveal the top of her sensually curved hips. Shakira threw the light lace garment onto the bed next to his legs and turned round to give him a view of her ass.

”Bet you wish I’d take my knickers off huh?” she said, pushing her ass out teasingly towards him as she glanced back over her shoulder.

”Not yet I’m afraid, though maybe this will help,” she said, reaching up and unhooking the clasp to her sexy black bra. He inhaled long and low as her beautifully smooth back was fully revealed, and he took in every inch of flawless, tanned skin running from where her low slung thong wrapped round her hips to where her blonde hair hung down between her shoulder blades. She peeled the delicate lingerie from her slim figure and held it out so he could see before slowly turning back to face him. The Columbian wiggled her top half along with the sexy black lace, her breasts jiggling invitingly as they threatened to escape.

”Perhaps this will help?” she cooed, pouting at him.

”I think it just might,” he replied softly, resisting the urge to struggle against the binding. She smiled back at him and let the bra drop from her right hand, swinging down away from her perky mounds to dangle saucily from her left fingers.

”That help?” she said with a naughty smile, casting the bra down on his legs, making him jump slightly at the sudden touch. She giggled slightly and shook her chest at him, her pert tits jiggling temptingly at him. He could hardly stand it, the gorgeous sexy singer dancing and stripping and he couldn’t do anything about it. With her naughty smile still intact, she slowly raised her left leg and leaned forwards, standing it down on the bed between his thighs. His eyes widened and he gave a shudder as her toes made contact with the inside of his left thigh, the toes of her soft, sexy stockings slipping over his skin erotically. Shakira stared into his eyes as she slid her toes down his leg all the way to his feet, teasingly slightly at the ticklish underside of his foot, making him pull away from her.

”Maybe I shouldn’t take my stockings off…” she said, raising any eyebrow with a knowingly smile.

”Yeah, don’t want your legs to get cold,” he said in a half joke. She just laughed and blew him a kiss.

”With what I’m gonna do to you, they won’t be getting cold any time yet,” she said, giving him a sexy little growl and licking her lips. His heart jumped with the adrenaline surge, her brazen, sultry attitude making his cock strain even more.

”Yes I definitely better leave these on I think,” she said, reaching down to pull them both up a little, making sure they were snugly wrapped round her upper thighs. He watched her rolling her curvy hips, the bulge of her juicy, waiting pussy now even more inviting than it had been before behind its lace barrier, which was still tucked up into her haven somewhat.

”Course, if I’m gonna get hot, I better not leave these on,” she said, pulling the waistband of the black lace thong away slightly. She turned right a sway of her hips, pushing her arse out.

“Could really chafe if I got hot,” she purred, running her finger down the lace, hooking a finger through the thin piece of lace and stretching it out from between her beautiful round arse cheeks. Letting it spring back, she slipped her hands to her hips, hooking her thumbs into the waistband as she bent over. He watched in awe as she held her legs straight and bent straight over, her arse pulling gorgeously tight, so round and full he could just stare at it forever. She spread her legs a little more so the bulge of her pussy was clearly visible for him, and then started edging her little thong down. Barely breathing, he watched every tiny motion as she wiggled her hips sexily and pushed the knickers down, the tight lace peeling off her curves. She stopped with the waistband just below her cheeks so the crotch was just clinging to the lips of her pussy.

”I think you could remove them with that stare,” she quipped as she looked back at him sexily. He caught her eyes and she gave him a wink before arching her back and pushing a little more so the black lace peeled free from her pussy. Watching the knickers slide down, he saw her hot snatch come into view, peeking out between her soft thighs. He couldn’t make it out that well given the light and distance, but it looked as hot as ever and he wished he could just grab her full hips and plunge into her velvet depths, but she had his number right now. Shakira pushed the delicate lace down to her knees and let it drop before stepping out of them. She leaned down and picked them up, rolling and playing with them in her hands as she turned to him with a playful smile. Drawing the waistband between her thumbs, she stretched the thong and let it fly, the soft, warm underwear landing on his chest and bringing her sweet feminine scent to new heights.

He looked to the thong and then past it to the stunning Columbian in front of him. Standing with her hair shaken out sexily, wearing nothing but a pair of black lace topped stockings and a smile, he took in every curve of her figure. Her perky breasts, nipples screwed up tight and hard, smooth toned stomach leading to the flare of her sexy hips. His eyes fell to her juicy pussy, her lips swollen and pleading from under a sparce covering of dark brown pubic hair.

”Good enough for you?” she said, giving him a twirl with a giggle.

”More than I deserve,” he said, his breathing heavy.

”You haven’t got me yet,” she said with a sideways glance as she turned and reached over to her dressing table. He looked to see what she had, and his eyes widened as she turned back with a bottle of baby oil in her hands. A grin slid across his face as she flipped open the cap and poured a generous amount into her hand, smiling dirtily at him as she stood the bottle down again. She ran her oil filled hand up her right arm, giving a gasp as she slick baby oil spread over her tanned skin, before massaging and stroking all over her arm and shoulder. Her arm glistened with the oil as she picked up the bottle and poured a load into her right hand to apply to her left arm. Watching the glossy shine spread over her lightly bronzed skin, his cock twitched in anticipation of what was to come. Shakira gave a little shiver of pleasure as she rubbed her hands over her shoulders, her greasy hands spreading the oil over her slim shoulders.

“Mmm so smooth,” she breathed, seeing him squirming on the soft sheets as she massaged the oil into herself. Her now greasy hand grasped the bottle again, but this time she didn’t pour some into her hand. With a shake of her head, she cleared her hair away and tilted her head back, pushing her chest and perky breasts out. She raised the bottle and tipped it up, squeezing so that a trickle of baby oil drizzled over her breasts, running down between the firm mounds and onto her toned stomach. Giving another light squeeze, further trickle of the greasy liquid dribbled onto her breasts, running down and sliding over her rock hard nipples before sliding onto the undersides of her pert tits. He breathed heavily as she brought her head up and looked down at the oil running down her beautiful body.

She rubbed her hands together as she raised them to near her chin, then slid them off onto her chest, dragging them down to her boobs. Shakira gave a squeeze before continuing down, rubbing her skilled hands over her stomach and down towards her pussy, making her skin glisten and shine delightfully. Grabbing the bottle, she dripped some more oil onto her lower tummy, just above her pussy, before putting it aside and pushing her hand down firmly over it, spreading the oil all over her lightly haired lips, rubbing insistently, a finger just slipping into the swollen entrance. She flashed him a naughty smile as she massaged her chest again, squeezing at her breasts and gently pinching her nipples as she did. The hot Columbian poured a little more oil out onto her hands and crossed her arms, sliding them up and down her sides so her body was thoroughly slippery.

“Hmm I can’t reach my back, could you help me?” she said innocently, looking at him and holding the bottle out.

”Oh, I see you’re a little tied up right now,” she said with a smirk as she turned away from. He tried to pull free of the ropes so he could get his hands on her, but she’d tied him down well. Shakira reached back and pulled her long blonde hair forwards over her now oily left shoulder, revealing her smooth back to him again. His heart was racing as she raised the glistening bottle above her head, tilting it forwards before she proceeded to drizzle baby oil onto her back. He was transfixed by the oil running slowly down her back, over the tanned skin towards her hot, curvy rear. Noting her even tan, it was evident she sunbathed naked, and the thought of her lying oiled up in the sun made his cock twitch. She squeezed a good amount over her back till it was running down onto her arse, sliding over the full, round cheeks.

“Mmm that feels good, reminds me of something else,” she breathed. His cock was harder than it’d ever been as she reached back to massage what she could of the thin oil into her soft skin. She picked up the oil again and leaned forwards, reaching back to drizzle oil all over her lower back. Within seconds it started to slide down over her firm ass, running down to her thighs as the greasy bottle conveniently slipped from her grip and bounced to the floor.

“Oops!” she said in a sexy, innocent sort of voice. With a sexy sideways glance back at him, she bent over to pick up the bottle. His breath caught as her semi oiled ass was presented to him, round and ready.

”What’s the matter? Is there something on my ass?” she asked saucily, looking back at him.

“Oh yes,” he breathed, smiling back at her. She gave a naughty smile as she squeezed a bit more oil onto her hand, rubbing them together before reaching back either side and rubbing her hands fully over her arse. The oil that’d run down slipped easily over the smooth cheeks of her firm, round arse as her hands squeezed and massaged it into them. The tanned globes glistened and shined with the baby oil she was spreading over them, the Columbian very fully massaging and feeling her arse up. She squeezed and fondled, pulling the cheeks apart to show of her tight asshole to him. After a moments thought, she slid her right hand down between her cheeks, giving the gap a light coat before her finger got to her hole, teasing lightly round the outside. Making a complete show of it, she played with herself before slipping the tip of her middle finger into her anus, giving a grunt that made his cock strain.

”Even that feels tight,” she whispered, looking back at him dirtily as she pulled her finger out and reached for her thighs. A little oil had made it all the way down and threatened her sexy stockings, but didn’t last long as Shakira’s hands slipped from her curvy, shining ass down onto the backs of her thighs. Her dainty, greasy hands massaged at the back, playing with the lacey edge wrapped round her smooth legs as her hands moved round onto the sides, spreading the oil thoroughly round the tops of her thighs as she reached between her legs to finalise the oiling up of her body. She hooked a finger back between her legs to the top of her bulging pussy lips and dragged a fingertip down her slit, feeling the heat and slickness of her hot pussy before she straightened up. Looking back she gave her oily arse a shake at him, making him groan softly.

She giggled and turned back to him, smiling appealingly at him as he took in her gorgeous body, now completely slick with baby oil. She held the bottle in her hands for a moment and then stood it aside, not shutting the cap despite her completed massage. She saw the questioning look on his face.

”Well I might need to oil my legs up later, or something else,” she said, flicking an eyebrow suggestively at him. She turned and opened a drawer, reaching inside and then pulling out a slim purple vibrator. Smiling at him as she turned back, she waved it at him slowly, stepping back towards the bed so she was directly in front of him.

”You know why I’ve got this? This sleek little sex toy?” she asked, holding it up and stroking it slowly with her fingers.

“Because you do such a number on me. You fuck me so good, and when I can’t see you for weeks I get horny just thinking about you,” she said huskily, lowering the toy to around stomach level.

“And I can’t stand being horny for that long, I just can’t. So something had to be done,” she whispered, turning the vibrator on low. Shakira rubbed it slowly in small circles on her soft tummy, gradually working down towards her juicy pussy.

“My fingers just weren’t enough, they start to ache after a while,” she said, wiggling her tongue at him as the purple toy edged ever lower.

“So I went and got this little beauty, and it really does help. Though nothing’s quite like riding that big, stiff cock of yours,” she purred, nodding to his rock hard erection as she pushed the toy down onto her bulging pussy lips.

“So I think I better give it one last go, before I get all those inches of pure, hot, hard quality,” she almost drooled as she pushed the tip of the vibe onto her rock hard clit. She gave a grunt of pleasure as she rotated the tip round her hard clit, her spare hand finding the adjustment and turning it up to full power. Her groan increased to a squeal as she moved it off her clit and slid the tip down her slit, slipping it in a little. Her curvy hips bucked in pleasure as she teased the toy along her opening, moving slowly up and down before sliding it back to her clit, pressing the tip firmly against the hard nub.

”Oh god yes,” she breathed, her eyes closed and mouth hanging half open in pleasure. She gave a shudder and her hips ground forwards against the vibrator as she assaulted her clit before spinning the toy in her hand and pushing it up into her soaked pussy. She growled in pleasure as she pushed all 5” of the slender plastic vibrator up into her tight snatch, her fingers quickly finding her rock hard clit as she gently thrust it in and out of herself with her other hand. Passion burned fiercely between her thighs as her pussy squeezed at the toy, her thighs trying to clench together.

”Oh god, oh god,” she gasped, pulling the toy out of her dripping wet cunt and pulling it over her pussy, through the light covering of hair to her clit again. Pressing it onto her love button hard, she rotated it in tiny circles as her stomach fluttered and knees went weak as the surge of climax rushed through her body. She squealed in pleasure as her orgasm hit her hard, her body spasming so that she stumbled a little, nearly dropping her toy in the process. She gasped and groaned as she rubbed the buzzing toy over her pussy through her orgasm, her body bucking and jumping as her peak faded away. With heavy breathing she finally stopped, fumbling to turn the sex toy off before looking up at him with a horny smile.

”And if that’s what my toy can do, what are you gonna do to me?” she breathed, biting her bottom lip. He was desperate now, his cock bouncing with his rapid heartbeat as he yearned to get his hands on the curvy songstress. Shakira reached back and picked up the baby oil again, pouring some into her hand before she slipped onto the bed, her stockings sliding over the silk sheets with grace. He shuffled slightly in anticipation, desperate for some relief from his long endured hardon.

”How long as it been?” she said simply, and he knew exactly what she meant.

”Our last time,” he breathed, looking her in the eyes. Hers widened as he said it.

”Damn you must be going mad there, and these must have one hell of a load,” she said, her fingers brushing over his balls. The fleeting graze made his balls tighten and his cock give a strain as it tried to get even harder.

”You’re gonna love this,” she purred as she knelt next to him, her oiled hand slipping round his cock. He gave a groan as her hot, greasy hand wrapped itself around his shaft, his hips pushing up involuntarily as she started to slowly stroke him. The baby oil let her hand slide up and down his smooth cock sensually, more so than normal, and it felt fantastic. She drew her hand up his cock and squeezed just below his bulbous head, making him grunt in pleasure.

“See, told you you’d love it. Just lie back and let me take care of you,” she purred, smiling devilishly at him. He dropped his head back and closed his eyes as he felt her hand slip easily up and down his rock hard 8” a couple more times, before soft, liquid heat surrounded him. He groaned as Shakira slipped the first half of his cock into her mouth, her tongue working gently at the underside of his straining shaft. Her hand held him round the base of his erection as she started to suck him off, working up and down steadily on the first 4” of his thick member. Using her tongue to attack his underside, she dragged the tip up and down the underside, pressing in harder just below his head each time she came up on him.

“Oh god Sha…” he trailed off, his arms pulling at the ropes. She giggled slightly round his cock as she slurped off him, jerking up and down his cock quite vigorously for a few seconds. He thrust up to her hand as she wanked him of before she dived back down, letting go of his cock completely as her mouth closed over the head of him again. Sucking harder than before, she gently nipped the head with her teeth as her tongue swirled and kneaded all over the purple tip. She held his hips as she pushed down on him once more, taking 6” of him this time, her lips wide as they sealed round his cock, following every contour. Sucking firmly at him, she bobbed quite rapidly on him, bumping his head against the back of her throat each time she took him in. Feeling him thrusting up to meet her, she took a breath and pushed all the way down. Her throat yielded and she pressed all the way down till her chin rested against his balls.

He groaned loudly as she deepthroated him for the first time, feeling her contracting throat around the tip of his large cock. She pulled back up, the warm breath from her nose blowing erotically round the base of his cock as she pushed all the way back down to deepthroat him again, sucking hard. Her tongue lapped at the underside of his cock as she pressed all the way down, using everything she had on him. He thrust up into her mouth slightly as she pulled off him, all the way back to his head where she sucked like a woman possessed, her tongue massaging him harder than ever before she plunged back down his length. He pushed up into her throat as she took all of him again, her chin pressing against his balls before she slurped back again.

He felt the climax rapidly approaching, his hips bucking slightly as she bobbed rapidly up and down on the first 5” of his cock, sucking hard, her cheeks hollowing. Shakira knew what was coming, she didn’t need to be told, so she slurped noisily off his cock and grabbed it again, jerking him furiously. She dropped her knees and lay on the bed, her face on his lower stomach right in front of his rock hard cock as her hand raced up and down his 8” length in a near blur.

”Come on baby,” she whispered huskily, wanking him swiftly with her soft hand. His hips gave a strong jerk under her and his balls tightened. There was a pause when time seemed to almost stand still before he grunted loudly and came, a thick white spurt hitting Shakira powerfully across her eye, nose and onto her top lip. She got her eyes closed just in time with a loud gasp, opening her mouth wide as another spurt caught her across her bottom lip and chin. Still jerking him, several more spurts caught her across her cheeks, forehead and some in her mouth. Shakira milked the last little bit of his heavy load from him with a squeezing motion of her hand as both of them gasped for breath. She lapped it from the end of his cock with her extended tongue before swallowing what had gone into her mouth, giving a mumble of pleasure.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” she said embarrassedly, giving a shy giggle as she knelt up, licking round her lips to collect what she could reach.

“Better get cleaned up then huh?” she said with a smirk, her eyes rolling upwards to indicate the thick cum that was starting to slide down her skin. She reached up and solidly pulled her finger across her smooth forehead, scraping the cum from her skin onto her digit. With a naughty smile she opened her mouth and extended her tongue fully, laying her finger onto it and then sucking the whole thing into her mouth. Slurping quite noisily, she dragged her finger back out and swallowed, giving a little shiver as she did.

”Mmm sweet,” she whispered, pouting at him. His still semi-hard cock gave a twitch and started to swell again. Shakira saw it with a smile as she wiped his juices from each of her cheeks with two fingers, and then slid them into her mouth, animatedly sucking and tonguing at them. Sliding her fingers out of her mouth again with a full pout of her lips, she reaching up and wiped the cum from her still closed eyelid and then using her finger hooked over to clean off her nose. Using her second finger, she scooped the cum from her chin which was now almost dripping off, leaving her with two coated fingers. Giving a devilish half smile, she opened wide and slid her tongue out again, curling the tip slightly before wiping both fingers onto her tongue, rolling her fingers so she didn’t miss anything. She lowered her hand and let him see his cum laying on her tongue for a moment before rolling it back into her mouth and swallowing obviously, her body shuddering as a look of satisfaction crossed her face.

”Damn Shakira,” he breathed, his cock almost fully hard again. Not straining as it had been before she’d got him off, but almost.

”Every girl needs her protein,” she said with a giggle as she turned away from him. She leaned down onto all fours and arched her back, pushing her gorgeous ass out towards him for a second before she lowered one of her slender legs to the floor and stood up. Giving a little stretch, she walked across the room, his eyes following every motion of her stocking clad legs and curvy arse.

“I haven’t had a shave for a few days, as you can see,” she said, turning to him with a wave of her hand at her pussy. His eyes dropped to the sparce covering of dark hair on her pussy, not much but enough to see.

”I meant to shave for you, as I usually do, but I forgot about it. And now here we are, I think this needs to be fixed don’t you?” she said, cocking her head with a smile.

”It’s up to you, it’s your pussy,” he said with a smirk.

”Oh really?” she said, walking back towards him and up the side of the bed. She reached down and slowly rubbed her swollen lips, showing off a little for him.

”You sure you don’t want this totally smooth for you? Ready for when you fuck me with that lovely cock of yours?” she said, slowly stroking as she gave him an innocent look.

”Yes,” he said, his voice cracking slightly. She smiled at him, and then turned slowly away and sashayed towards the door, swinging her hips teasingly at him. He watched as she left the room, craning to see what was going on. A few moments later he heard water running, then the distinctive hiss of shaving foam. He could only imagine what was going on as he heard the splashing water and the odd rasp as she dragged the razor over herself. His cock gave a jump as he heard her give a moan and giggle, then a minute or so later the water switching off. He watched as she walked back into the room, and his gaze was immediately locked on her now hairless pussy, the lips glistening from the moisture of her shaving.

“There, much better,” she purred, reaching down to stroke the smooth swollen lips, spreading them slightly with her fingers.

”Yeah,” he said, smiling at her.

”My stockings are wet now though, guess I should take them off,” she said with a smile, raising a leg to stand her foot on the end of the bed. Slipping her fingers into the lace top, she slipped her stocking down, pulling the bunched up nylon from her foot before lowering her now bare leg to the floor as she cast the stocking aside. Raising her other leg, she did the same, his eyes taking in every inch of her tanned drumstick as she slid the black stocking down, tugging it off her foot so that it stretched out before twanging off her toes.

“Yeah that’s better,” she cooed, spinning the stocking slightly and letting it go.

”Aww now I don’t match,” she said with a slight whine, looking down at her dry legs.

”Well that’s easily fixed,” she said, giving him a wink as she turned and reached for the baby oil again. With a smile she placed her left foot on the end of the bed leaning back so it was held straight and then luxuriously poured baby oil all over her tanned limb, the greasy oil running over the soft skin. Drizzling a streak over her thigh she stood the bottle down again and reached out to start massaging her leg. Giving little ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of pleasure, the saucy Columbian squeezed, stroking and spread the oil over her leg, getting every inch of her firm flesh.

“Mm that’s better,” she murmured, standing up and lowering her leg again.

”One to go,” she said with a giggle, sticking her tongue out a little as she raised her other leg. She placed her foot on the end of the bed and assumed the same position, reaching for the baby oil.

”Bet you wish you could help me with this,” she said with a mischievous smile, letting the baby oil trickle and drip over her sexy limb, the oil running down over the tanned skin as she squeezed the now rather empty bottle. She kept her eyes on him as she leaned forwards and demonstrated her flexibility again, reaching all the way up and down with ease as she stroked her golden leg, her soft skin glistening in the light from its full oily coating as she finished massaging herself and stood up again, her greasy body looking stunning.

”You’ll thank me for this,” she said, pouring oil into her hand. Dropping the bottle, she rubbed her hands together and reached behind her. Shakira pushed her hands down over her ass, rubbing all over her fully curvy booty to apply a fresh coat of baby oil. He watched intently, his breathing shallow as she closed her eyes, fully enjoying herself rubbing oil over her arse. She mumbled in pleasure, then pulled both hands back and laid a firm spank on herself, giving a little grunt of pleasure which took his breath away.

”Oh yeah, you’re gonna love that,” she said, opening her eyes and giving a lick of her lips. She reached down for the bottle again, looking at his throbbingly hard cock as it twitched in front of her. Pouring some into her hand, she reached down and pressed it into the freshly shaved lips of her pussy, giving a shiver as she spread the greasy baby oil over her hot cunt. She rubbed it in, her soft swollen lips glistening as she dragged a finger up her slit, teasing her waiting inner lips and fully engorged clit before she pulled her hand away.

Looking at him, she smiled as she slipped onto the silk sheets in a fluid motion, shuffling up next to him. Reaching out with her oily hand, she wrapped it round his straining cock again and stroked up and down, coating him with a little more oil as the final note in her teasing.

“Ready baby?” she purred, leaning close to him.

”More than I’ve ever been,” he breathed, tense next to her, his arms pulling at the rope.

”I bet,” she whispered, and pressed her lips against his in a hot, charged kiss. Their tongue danced for a moment before she pulled away with a loud smooch, giving a smile as she turned away. In a simple motion, she threw her leg over him into a reverse cowgirl position, facing away from him. She glanced back at him and then arched her body, pushing her gorgeous arse out as she raised on her knees ready.

”Oh god…” he mumbled, her shining, oily bum right in front of him just begging for to be fondled and spanked.

”See, I told you you’d love it,” she said with a giggle, reaching down between her slippery thighs to grab his oiled cock. She pulled his rock hard erection up so the bulbous purple head was in line and then lowered herself so it pressed at the bottom of her swollen pussy lips. Shakira pushed down against him, but due to them both being oily, his cock pressed against her tight pussy and then slipped forwards, his shaft sliding through between her pussy lips, making them both groan in pleasure.

”Mmm, almost. Don’t you just love baby oil?” she growled, pulling his cock back to her entrance as she lifted up again to accept him. Holding him tightly, she pushed herself down onto his cock again. There was a moment and then his cock spread her tight pussy and slid inside, his shaft sliding sensually through her oily hand. He groaned as she released his cock and continued pushing down, her tight, velvet pussy wrapping round every ridge and contour of his cock. Her hot juicy pussy stretched round his cock as she pushed herself all the way down till her firm arse pressed on his groin, 8” of solid hardon buried deep in her body. She let out a deep satisfied sigh, looking back at him with her hair hanging slightly over her face, a horny look in her eyes.

“It’s been too long since we did this,” she said with a little wiggle of her hips. He smiled back as she lifted her hips all the way up before sliding back down him, her pussy clinging to him snugly. He let out a moan as she started a slow, steady rhythm, slipping up and down his full 8” length, pressing down hard and deep so he just about tickled her cervix. She let out a little whimper of pleasure as she moved slowly up and down his cock. He wished he could touch her, but she was fully in control of this and he just had to let her work at him, although he was sure she wasn’t going to let him down. She started moving a little faster, pulling up so that the back edge of his swollen head threatened to emerge from her slick lips before she pushed herself all the way and bumped her shaved pussy against him.

She held onto his legs, leaning forwards to change the sensations slightly as she rode steadily up and down his thick cock, pressuring her clit a little more. She let out soft moans as she rode him, which mingled with his moans as her tight, dripping pussy squeezed and clenched at his impaling manhood. Shakira picked up the pace, pumping her full curvaceous hips up and down more vigorously, her beautiful round ass mesmerizing him as its oily cheeks moved up and down in front. She was going faster, taking around 5” of his large cock into her slippery pussy, driving down on him with every thrust, his cock nudging open the entrance to her womb.

“Mmm yes!” she breathed, leaning up straight and arching her back, flicking her hair out of her face as she took deep breaths. Holding her thighs, she bounced up and down on him more rapidly, rocking her hips on him to pleasure every possible area of her pussy. He could feel her juices wetting his balls as she rode him, her hot body bouncing up and down, just begging to be fondled but he was securely fastened to the head rail. The singer gave a groan as she gave a particularly hard thrust downwards and slid her hands up her oiled body, sensually stroking herself up until she squeezed her breasts, gently gripping them. She gave little whimpers of pleasure each time she pushed down on his cock as she swiftly rode him, massaging and feeling her breasts, lightly pinching her rock hard nipples between her fingers. Giving a hard thrust down, she ground her hips on him in a small circle, leaning back so her full rear slipped over his stomach for a moment before she lifted herself up, his cock bulging her pussy lips as it slipped out. Shakira climbed off him, leaving his glistening cock rock hard.

”What the…” he started, frustrated.

”Don’t worry baby,” she whispered, turning to face him with a smile. Leaning on his slightly greasy stomach as she raised her leg and mounted him again, offering him a good view of her juicy pussy as she did. She straddled him just in front of his cock, giving a wiggle to settle herself so his cock nestled neatly between her round ass. Slipping her oily thighs back over him, she pressed back so his rock hard cock slipped between her warm cheeks pressed against her tight anal ring.

“You know I’ve never taken it in the ass in this position,” she said with a smile, holding his sides as she pressed teasingly back on his cock. He pushed up to try to penetrate her tight anus, but as he rolled his hips, given her position, she simply rolled forwards with them slightly and his cock made no pressure.

”Mm I think you like the idea of anal in this position,” she said, giving him a little squeeze as she clenched her bum on his shaft, the hot oily cheeks gripping him strongly.

”Well maybe we can give it a go later,” she said with a smug little grin, lifting up on her knees and reaching back for his cock. Shakira stroked his shaft with her oily hand for a moment and then moved back and lowered so he pressed against her pussy again. She sank down and took his cock all the way into her again, able to get a little deeper now she was facing him cowgirl style and his head was straining at her cervix as she sat down on him.

”For now, let’s finish what we started,” she said with a wink, licking her lips as she started to move up and down. Getting back into a rhythm, she started to bounce up and down on him, taking around half his cock. She gave a shiver of pleasure and closed her eyes, reaching up to fondle her perky breasts again. She breathed heavily between her moans and squeaks of pleasure riding up and down on his cock vigorously as he thrust up to meet her, their bodies slapping together. The hot Columbian started riding faster, thrusting down hard onto him, taking him as deep as she could. His bulbous head went all the way and popped through her cervix. Shakira gave a grunt of pleasure that faded into a deep groan as the tip of his cock slipped in and out of the entrance to her womb, loving how it added completely to her pleasure as his cock pressed deep inside her.

”Oh god yes,” she moaned as she started riding him hard, pumping up and down on him hard with short fast strokes. She let go of her breasts and leaned forwards, grabbing his shoulders.

”Suck them,” she gasped, her eyes squeezing closed again in pleasure as her nails dug into him slightly. He gave a grunt as she pulsed her pussy on him, grasping at his 8” cock as she rode up and down, thighs gripping his hips tightly. She arched her back as he leaned forwards and attached to one of her nipples, sucking at it hard. Shakira gave a gasp as he wasted no time and started bouncing harder on him, slamming up and down hard with short thrusts, taking him as deep as she possibly could every time. Holding onto his right shoulder, she pushed her right hand down to her pussy, making him switch to sucking her left nipple to allow her room. Her talented fingers found her swollen pussy with ease and located her throbbing clit, poking out from under its hood desperate to be played with. She gave it a squeeze and then started rubbing briskly, her breathing increasing drastically as she played with herself. He thrust up to meet her bounces on him, giving all he could in the situation as he sucked at her nipple, massaging and teasing it with his tongue as she rode him hard.

”Almost there, almost there,” she gasped, rubbing her clit hard. He gave a nip to her with his teeth as she gave a particularly hard push down and he felt her spasm.

”Oh fu…” she gasped as she trailed off into a squeal of pleasure. He pumped up into her trembling body as her thrusts wavered in orgasm, taking himself to the edge. Her entire body gave a tremendous shudder and she pulled away from him, rearing up and driving herself down on him, her pussy squeezing and pulling at his cock. She bucked her hips on him as he went over the edge, his cock spurting directly into her womb. Her body gave another powerful jolt, her thighs squeezing him hard as she grabbed his shoulders to steady herself, her nails digging in as she grunted and whimpered her way through her orgasm, his hips twitching under her as he unloaded inside her hot body. They both slowed as their climaxes ended, their heavy breathing seemingly overwhelmingly loud in the calm moment. She looked down at him with a dreamy smile, her hair hanging down by his face as she leaned on his sweaty shoulders, her full weight resting on his hips. He could feel her lovely round ass resting on the top of his thighs, still oily as they basked in the afterglow of their orgasms.

”Shame you couldn’t use your hands,” she purred, sliding her hands up his arms and interlocking her fingers with his.

”Whose fault is that?” he said, looking her in the eyes with a slight smile.

“Mmm mine I guess, but you can’t say you didn’t do well outta it,” she said, smiling at him with a sexy little growl.

”I didn’t say a word,” he said, sticking his tongue out slightly. She gave a girly giggle and leaned down to kiss him softly, her tongue curling into his mouth and linking with his briefly before she pulled away from him with a slight smooching sound. She released his hands and started to untie the rope holding his left hand, now much tighter than before due to his pulling.

”Mmm very tight, like it tight don’t you?” she purred with a cheeky smile as she released his left wrist from the head rail. He lowered it with a sigh, feeling the blood rush back into his limb as she shifted slightly on him, giving her pussy a squeeze on his cock, still tucked inside her sweet pussy. It took her a moment to break the knot, but Shakira undid the rope holding his left wrist to the metal rail and cast it aside, letting his arm down. He opened and closed both his hands to get the blood flowing properly again, feeling slight pins and needles as the feeling returned. Smiling at him, Shakira took his hands and raised them to her chest, placing them on her perky breasts. He felt her still hardened nipples press into his palms as he squeezed and groped her tits, the soft yet firm mounds feeling like heaven in his hands.

”Nice to use your hands isn’t it?” she said with a giggle, looking down at how he was tweaking her nipples with his fingers. She pulled back from him, her breasts out of his reach as she turned away. Giving him a sexy sideways glance and a smile, she lifted herself off him, his softening cock slipping out of her juicy snatch as she dismounted him, kneeling next to him on the dampened silk sheets. Looking back over her shoulder, she gave her arse a sexy little wiggle at him, sticking her tongue out slightly. Now freed, he couldn’t stop himself leaning forwards and laying a good firm swat on her shiny rear, eliciting a grunt of pleasure from her.

“I really could use one of those,” she cooed, wiggling her arse a little more at him.

”What’s that?” he said, pretty sure what she was going to say.

”A good hard spanking,” she said simply, turning and smiling at him as she ran a hand down over her round ass, laying a little swat of her own on the oily skin.

”And why’s that?” he said, reaching out to stroke his hand across the other one.

“Because I’ve been bad. I deserve to be punished, and what better way to learn my lesson than a good hard spanking,” she said in an innocent voice, giving a cute look that made his cock start to come back to life.

“I think I can arrange that,” he said, pulling himself to the end of the bed and sitting up, placing his feet firmly on the floor. He held out his hand towards her, and she took it with a girly giggle. She shuffled forwards and he drew her straight across his knees, her warm, oily figure sliding easily over his thighs as he pulled her across so her hips were hooked over them. Her round invitingly arse now stuck teasingly up in the air, still glistening slightly from the oil she’d rubbed in. She settled herself as he reached out to grab the baby oil and then leaned down to pick her vibrator up from the floor, laying the slender purple toy on the bed next to him. Uncapping the baby oil, he proceeded to pour another healthy amount over her gorgeous arse, making sure some ran down towards her shaven pussy.

”Have I been bad?” Shakira said innocently. She squirmed slightly as her rubbed the oil into her firmly, his fingers sliding up between her cheeks, the tip of his finger just brushing her ring. His fingers slipped over her soft, loosened pussy lips, re-oiling them so they shined along with her now glistening booty.

”Yes, and it’s time you learnt your lesson,” he said, raising his hand and then laying a good hard slap down on her rear. She gasped as it connected, a lovely noise created by the oily spank. He pulled his hand back again and laid another healthy swat on her curvy bum, the cheeks jiggling slightly from the blow.

”Mm I’ve been a bad girl haven’t I?” she purred, looking back.

”Damn right,” he said, laying another good spank on her, making her moan softly.

”But how?” she cooed innocently, wriggling on his lap. He laid another, slightly harder spank which made her give a clench and squeal.

”You know how,” he said, rubbing her ass slightly.

”Oh yeah I tied you up,” she said quietly. He laid a good solid slap on her, loving how her cheeks jiggled. She closed her eyes as a slightly shiver passed through her body from the blow.

”And I teased you,” she continued, looking back slightly guiltily. He gave a good swat lower down near the top of her legs to add a new angle, making her grunt quietly.

”And what else?” he said, rubbing her, preparing for the next one.

”There isn’t anything else,” she said, trying to get out of admitting her crimes.

“What else?” he said firmly, slapping her ass hard. She gave a yelp and wriggling on his lap, her arse looking great as she did.

”I gave you a blowjob…” she said shyly, still tense.

”And?” he said, rubbing her in readiness once again. She hesitated, which was all the reason he needed to spank her again. He gave another pause, but once more she didn’t speak so he held her tightly down over his lap and laid a series of hard spanks on her arse, making its oily form shake as it started to pink. Shakira yelped and mumbled, wriggling and writhing to get away from the spanks. He paused again, and she decided she had better admit it.

”I made you come all over my face…” she almost whispered, looking back at him whilst biting her lower lip.

”That’s right you’ve been naughty. You’ve acted like a right little slut,” he said, giving her another firm spank.

”Yes I have,” she said quietly, wriggling slightly as it was stinging more each time now.

”Say it, what did you do?” he said, rubbing her curvy arse threateningly. Again she hesitated and he smacked her bum hard. She gave a cry and clenched.

”I was acting like a slut!” she said clearly, her hands gripping his lower leg. His hand slid down over her smooth, oily pussy lips and dipped in a little. He stroked round over her hard clit and through her juicy slit, feeling her arousal.

”Yes you were, and you fucking loved it. Now don’t you think you deserve this spanking?” he said, gently patting her oily bum.

“Yes, but I’ll be good from now on,” she said, looking back at him with wide puppy dog eyes.

”Oh will you now?” he said with a smile, still rubbing her greasy rear, his hand sliding easily over the reddening cheeks.

”I promise,” she said in a pleading voice, looking back at him, her lower lip trembling slightly.

”Going to be a good girl are you?” he said, squeezing and fondling her bum.

”From now on I will, I’ve learnt my lesson!” she somewhat begged, giving the slightest smile.

”Good girls get treats too,” he said, stroking her back softly.

”They do?” she said, looking up at him with a hopeful face.

”Yes, and wouldn’t you love a treat?” he said, brushing a hair away from her face.

”Of course,” she said, gently squirming on his lap as his fingers teased at the top of her pussy lips, just below her anus.

”But do you think you deserve a treat? After the way you’ve been?” he said, dragging his finger over her tight back hole.

”But I’ll be good. I promise!” she squealed, trying to lean up.

”How are you gonna be good?” he said, sliding the vibrator into his right hand out of sight.

”I won’t tease you again,” she said, arching her back as if she knew what was coming. She gave a twitch as the tip of the smooth purple vibrator touched her swollen lips and pushed back a little to it.

”I won’t shake my ass at you,” she carried on, opening her legs a little more. He turned on the vibrator very low, making her moan. He slipped it up her swollen entrance, just barely penetrating.

”I’ll never wear lingerie again, not even a thong,” she gasped, rolling her hips as he played the toy over the back of her pussy. He slid the toy up towards her clit, teasing and buzzing over the freshly shaven lips, teasing at the delicate folds of her inner ones.

“I’ll never tie you up again, wouldn’t dream of it,” she mumbled, giving a squeal as the vibrator slipped onto her clit, now thoroughly coated with her juices. He held it for a second, watching as she breathed rapidly, her eyelids fluttering in pleasure as she tilted her head back.

“And what else, is that it? Should I treat you just for that?” he said, starting to withdraw the toy from her rock hard clit.

”No no! I’ll never make you cum over my face again, I won’t be a slut,” she said, gasping breaths between her words. He pushed the vibe back to her clit again, turning it to full speed and rubbing it round her clit. Her fingers dug into his leg as she shuddered in pre-orgasmic pleasure, her pussy clenching.

“And I’ll certainly never be a dirty little whore and take it in the ass again!” she squealed with finality, looking back at him with a needy look. He slid the vibrator down her lips and pushed it up into her dripping snatch, the 5” length sliding in without a hint of resistance. She groaned long and low, biting her lip.

”And how do I know you’ll keep these promises, huh?” he said, stroking her arse softly as the vibrator buzzed insistently in her hot pussy.

”I will, you have to trust me!” she begged, squeezing and clenching at the buzzing sex toy.

“Hmm ok then,” he said, gently patting her bum. There was a pause where only the buzz could be heard, before she spoke up again.

“But then again, I do like a good assfuck…” she mumbled. In a flash the vibrator snapped off, and he stopped patting her.

”What?” he said sternly. She didn’t respond and felt the toy pulled from her soaked snatch, leaving her open and frustrated. Shakira heard the toy drop onto the floor and felt him rubbing her again and knew she was in line for another spank unless she answered.

”I know it’s naughty, but I love taking it in the ass sometimes,” she said quietly. Hearing a swish of air, his hand connected harder than ever on her arse, making her whole body move. She yelped in pain and surprise as she felt her round arse jiggle, a visible handprint left on her prized asset.

”You can’t even keep your promise for five minutes!” he snapped, swatting her hard again with another stinger.

”I know but I just love it, taking a big hard cock in my ass just feels great sometimes, I can’t help it!” she gasped, writhing under his hand as it delivered another harsh slap to her, making her cry out loudly with pain.

”You’re just a dirty little slut, desperate to her fucked in the ass!” he said, pinning her on his lap and smacking her hard with a series of stinging slaps, her curvy cheeks turning thoroughly red. She grimaced through her yelps of pain, clenching her soft cheeks and tensing as the stinging pain raced through her body.

”I bet you’d fuck me in the ass anyway!” she yelled, pushing up against him and looking at him accusingly. He stared at her for a moment then shoved her back down on his lap, laying the hardest slap she’d ever felt on her tender rear. She screamed in pain, trying to pull away from him as he grabbed her ass tightly.

”You would! You’d do it to me just to make me naughty, to give you a reason to spank me like this!” she shouted at him, wriggling in his grip.

”You wanna be naughty? You wanna be dirty? I’ll show you what that means!” he almost shouted at her, shoving her head back down so she was fully over his lap again. He held her tight again and raining a series of very hard spanks on her gorgeous arse, making her yell out loudly in pain with everyone one. By the end of them, almost a dozen, her arse was totally red and tears pricked at the corners of her eyes despite her trying to hold them back.

“I’ll show you what you really wanna be!” he snapped. He lifted her off his lap and cast her down on the bed on her back. Shakira looked up at his raging erection and smiled. He smiled back at her, seeing how hot and horny she was for him.

”Go on then! I want it anyway!” she almost screamed at him, a look of urgent lust in her eyes. He rolled her over, grabbing her curvy hips tightly and lifting her into a doggy style position.

“You want it in the ass then you whore?” he said, laying a slap on her tender arse. She gave a clench and shudder, feeling her pussy surge.

“Yeah come on! Fuck me in the ass like the little whore I am!” she cried, arching her back and thrusting her arse back. Reaching down, he pushed his cock down between her cheeks and against her tight, unlubed anus.

”You got it,” he said, and unceremoniously rammed forwards. There was a moment when time seemed to stand still as she felt her ass stretch, holding him back for a second before his cock drove all the way into her, stretching her tight back hole to the maximum with a sharp pain. She screamed out as he sunk balls deep in her arse, his bulbous head probing deeply.

”Oh god that hurts!” she squealed in pain, wriggling and trying to pull away from him but his strong grip had her hips locked in place. She felt him pull back, dragging at the insides of her hot arse as he did till his head pulled back against the inside of her twitching, pained sphincter. Squeezing her hips tightly he forced his cock powerfully back into her tight ass, making her scream again.

”This is what you wanted you little slut, and now you’re complaining!” he snapped, releasing his grip for a moment to lay a stinging slap on her already tender bum. She clenched only adding to the delightful tight feeling her arse was already providing him.

“Because it hurts!” she snapped back, glaring back at him. Their eyes met for a moment before he gave a shove down on her back, knocking her onto her chest on the bed. She grunted as she lost her breath, giving a squeal as he grabbed her full hips hard once more and pulled back, driving himself balls deep in her again. Shakira gave a sobbing groan of pain, inhaling sharply as he immediately pulled back, starting to fuck her. Her fingers twisted in the expensive silk sheets as he started pumping on her round ass, thrusting his full 8” powerfully in and out of her. He could only go so fast since he was dry fucking her and she hadn’t beaten the pain yet, which she knew would happen from her previous anal encounters, though he was taking her so hard she wasn’t sure when that might be. She could only moan and cry in pain as he fucked her forbidden hole, his cock driving ruthlessly in and out of her. Though it hurt, she couldn’t deny how wet her pussy was and the tinglings of an orgasm building deep within her.

”You love this don’t you?” he said, giving her a particularly hard thrust.

”Course not!” she gasped through ragged breaths.

”Oh yeah you do, just look!” he said, reaching down and pushing two fingers into her pussy with ease. She gasped as the little wave of pleasure mixed with the pain from him pumping on her rear as he pulled his fingers out, then held them, glistening in front of her face where she lay on the bed.

”See? That’s just showing you’re a whore!” he said, pushing them against her lips.

”Suck them,” he commanded her, and she didn’t think about disobeying him as he sped up a bit, managing to pump her harder now he’d loosened her up a bit. Shakira tasted her sweet juices, sucking them hungrily from his fingers as he pushed them right into her mouth. He slid them out after she’d sucked them clean, and leaned back again, pinching her sore arse hard making her yelp through her grunts of pain which she was giving with each thrust. He pinched her other cheek and then gave her a deep thrust to follow. She squealed in pain as he did, his deep thrust probing unexplored areas of her, though the pain was lessening now.

She was loosened up now and her arse was lubed just enough to let him pump her hard. His deep thrusts still gave twinges of pain, but just enough to be fun. Shakira was starting to feel the pleasure of being fucked in the ass, something she loved. She couldn’t explain why she loved this sensation, but she did, and as much as it hurt she enjoyed the dry penetrations too, which is why she often teased him mercilessly before she let him take her arse.

”Oh god yes!” she gasped as a wave of pleasure spread through her body. He gave her several hard thrusts, pushing his cock deep into her squirming body.

“You little Columbian slut, you fucking love this don’t you?!” he said, releasing her to lay a series of stinging slaps on her jiggling rear. She could only respond with moans and grunts as he spanked her hard before grabbing her hips again and starting to thrust hard. He grunted as she squeezed him with her tight sphincter, feeling every contour of his cock as he thrust in and out of her.

“Ohh give it to me!” she gasped, thrusting her arse back against him. He grabbed the bottle of baby oil and pulled back, pulling so his bulbous head threatened to pull out of her tight anus. She looked back then gave a soft moan as she felt the cool oil pour thinly over her stretched arsehole, him murmured as he let it drizzle over his shaft. Throwing the bottle aside, he grabbed her still slightly greasy hips and plunged back into her, driving into her with complete ease as the oil now meant she offered no resistance. They both groaned loudly, his eyes squeezing shut as she gripping the sheets with pleasure as his bulbous head drove deep into her hot arse.

She felt his fingers dig into the firm flesh of her hips as he started to fuck her hard, pounding about half his thick cock into her slick arse as she thrust herself back to meet him on every stroking, her firm cheeks bumping against his hips every time. They were both breathing hard between their moans, Shakira squealing in pleasure every now and then as they fucked vigorously. They were both hot and sweaty but uncaring, lost in the passion of their anal lust. His hands slid up her slightly oily waist, pulling back against the flare of her hips to hold her in place as they fucked, though she had absolutely no intention of trying to escape. Her pussy was dripping wet, her juices running down over the oil on the insides of her thighs as her clit poked out fully, begging for attention.

She felt the orgasm near the surface as he started pumping her as hard as he could, slamming his cock into her in short strokes, his head driving deep inside her tight body. He was grunting stiffly as he drove in and out of her slippery ass, loving how she was squeezing at him with her sphincter as she groaned and pushed back against him. Shakira’s shiny arse was now slapping against him every time with a loud noise, feeling so delightful against his hips and only helping to spur him on. Shakira could take it no more, and untangled her right hand from the sheets and shoved it down the bed. She couldn’t open her eyes from the intense anal pleasure and with her position rammed down on the bed with her arse up in the air getting pounded, she couldn’t see anyway. Reaching up, she found her pussy in an instant, rubbing her hand over the juicy lips and feeling her erect clit brushing her fingers.

Shakira rapidly placed two fingers on her hard clit and started rubbing in earnest, pressing strongly on her love button as she massaged it fast. She gave a scream of pleasure and her body curled up as much as it could under him, her muscles squeezing him as she clenched. The Columbians body shuddered and spasmed as she orgasmed, her fingers rubbing even harder at her clit as her other dug into the sheet. Her legs squeezed together on his as her muscles pulled and grabbed at his agonisingly hard cock as it impaled her round booty. His climax, which he’d been holding back for as long as he possibly could, burst forth as her spasming body grabbed him tightly. He grunted loudly as he came, his hot load shooting deep inside her tight arse as he drove his oily cock into her clenching arse. He held her tightly as they both bucked and shuddered through orgasm, Shakira’s groans turning to a growl of deep animal pleasure as she felt his load squirting into her hot arse. As their orgasms waned, the only thing left was their heavy breathing.

He rested against her warm, round bum for a couple of minutes, gently stroking her back before he eased himself back, his softening cock slipping out of her reddened arse with a little squelch before he flopped down on the bed along side her. She didn’t roll over, choosing to simply sink down forwards onto her front with her feet up in the air. Shakira turned her head and looked at him with a sated smile, leaning forwards just enough to softly kiss him.

”So what do you think of my new place?” she said quietly, still regaining her breath. He smiled at her, giving a satisfied sigh.

”It’s good, but a little…dirty,” he said with a smile, sticking his tongue out at her slightly.

“Do you mind?” she purred back, pulling herself to a sitting position and smiling down at him with a flick of her eyebrow.

”Of course not,” he said, sitting up with her, giving a stretch.

“I bet you don’t,” she said softly, leaning forwards and kissing him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. He returned her kiss before she pulled away from him and slid onto the floor, stretching up towards the ceiling. Shakira turned and held out her hand to him.

”I know a way we can do some cleaning up though,” she said, looking at him sexily from the corner of her eyes. He smiled and took her hand, standing up with her. She giggled cutely and gave him a peck on the cheek before turning and leading him towards the bathroom…

The End

I have no plans to continue this, but never say never!

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