Interviewing…Jennifer and Courteney

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Title: Interviewing…Jennifer and Courteney

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox

Codes: FF, MFF, oral, swallowing

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at [email protected].

The show we were recording today was going to be different to the other Female Film Star’s Secrets because, although both my guests were widely known in the film business, they are perhaps best known for their role in the TV comedy series, Friends. Yes, my guests were the largely talented and stunningly beautiful, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, two women that I couldn’t wait to meet. Kate Abdo’s request to be co-presenter had been approved but only for two of the four shows, so I would be interviewing the super-hot women by myself, something I was relishing.

When the ladies turned up for the show, they were both dressed pretty casually but still looked incredibly hot. This view was exaggerated further when I introduced them to come onto the show, after the usual boring bit, and they walked out, hand in hand. Jennifer had clearly dressed to make every man horny, as she emerged in a short, white dress that showed off her fantastic figure, while Courtney looked stunning too, in a short, black dress with a cleavage gap and leather boots. I could feel my cock begin to rise as they sat down, and I hadn’t even asked any sexual questions yet.

“Welcome to the show, Jennifer and Courtney, and may I just say how great you both look tonight. Now I can ask you about any topic whatsoever on this show, regardless of how personal or inappropriate, and you have to answer truthfully. Sound OK?”

“Sounds good to us,” they responded in unison.

“So let’s get started. First question, you’re both famous for being on Friends, is it hard to shake that off? Do you wish sometimes people would forget about it and concentrate on your other films?”

“I think that it can sometimes be annoying,” Courtney answered. “But no, I wouldn’t ever wish people forget about it, because it was such a great time in all of our lives. So even though we make other things, that’s where it all started for us.”

“Yeah, I totally agree,” Jennifer nodded in agreement. “I think the show was too great for people to forget anyway, but we wouldn’t be where we are if we hadn’t done Friends, so it’s annoying but also very flattering.”

“It seems you’ve all had cameos in each other’s shows so you’re obviously great friends, but is there any chance of a reunion episode or series?”

“That’s not up to us, but I think it’s unlikely,” Jennifer answered. “I think we’ve all moved on and the show finished in a great place, but it’s up to David (Crane) and Marta (Kauffman) if there’s ever anymore.”

“So, do you think you’d all be happy to do it, if there was to be another show?”

“We had so much fun that it’d be too hard to say no,” Courtney responded. “But only if the script was right, the demand was there and all of us were in agreement.”

“I particularly remember an episode where your two characters kiss. Did anything sexual ever happen on the set, between any of you?”

“Actually, no, I don’t think so,” Jennifer answered. “I think we were all just really great friends and it never transpired to anything more. As for that kiss, although it’s not on camera, we did actually kiss for the benefit of the guys.”

“You also kissed on Dirt, so if you were cast alongside each other and there was a lesbian scene, what would be the reaction?”

“I think we’d obviously do it, but it may be a little bit weird,” Courtney answered, smiling. “But Jen’s beautiful and a great kisser, so I imagine she’s great in bed too. Maybe it might be fun.”

“You’re both in long-term relationships, so how’s the sex lives going?” I asked the standard question, cock beginning to rise as I imagined the last answer.

“Relatively frequently,” they answered in unison.

“So, you don’t need to masturbate, then?”

“Just because I don’t need to, doesn’t mean I don’t do it,” Jennifer replied, winking at me. “I love masturbation, I think every girl does, and so I do still do it when I can. Usually to porn.”

“Yeah, I’m the same,” Courtney agreed. “We love sexual stuff, men need to understand that. So if we’re horny, porn and masturbation are the way forward.”

“Have you ever watched each other’s sex scenes? Or your own?”

“I’ve fingered myself to Courts’,” Jennifer said. “She’s so hot, it’s hard not to. As for my own, I’ve watched a couple but not all of them.”

“You’ve really fingered yourself to mine?” Courtney asked. “Guess I’ll come clean then. Yeah, Jen’s scenes are my favourites to watch.”

“Ok, final question. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done?”

“For me, it would have to be masturbating in front of my friends in a drinking game,” Jennifer replied. “That was pretty kinky.”

“I remember that,” Courtney added. “Kinky and so hot. Mine would be not wearing underwear three days a week, just to get some breeze down there.”

“Wow, very revealing. Thanks a lot to Jennifer and Courtney.” I said, not even bothering to conceal my boner. “Join me next time on Female Film Star’s Secrets when I’ll be joined by High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens. See you soon.”

There was no way on Earth that Jennifer and Courtney had managed to not see my boner and so I remained sitting in my seat until everyone had left the room, hardly speaking to anyone. The girls were both in relationships, and although most celebrities had got so horny they didn’t care, these two seemed to be so faithful that it wasn’t even worth it.

As I was contemplating how to solve my boner problem, Kate Abdo’s number was lying in wait on my phone, I heard the door open at the far end of the room. Creeping in quietly was Jennifer Aniston, having changed into a very seductive lingerie set, and heading over towards where I was sitting. My cock began to rise once more, as she got closer and closer, until she was mere metres away, her body stunning up close.

“Come on big boy,” she said, bending down at my knees. “I’m horny as fuck after that interview, and your cock’s hard and here so I want it.”

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, beginning to stroke my cock up and down, her tongue licking the tip while she played. Looking up from the wonderful scene, I saw Courtney Cox enter the room, equally dressed in lingerie, and approaching the place where Jen was sucking my cock. As she drew near, she bent down next to her best friend, and joined in with the handjob and blowjob as the two girls shared my cock, eager to take the cum. With the beautiful women working on my cock, it wasn’t long before I was ready to ejaculate, and the girls instructed that their mouths would be the place to do this. Taking hold of my cock, I jerked fast until I exploded into the waiting, open mouths of Jennifer and Courtney, a sight which would stay with me forever.

Having squirted my load, I was about to get up and begin to pleasure my two guests but Courtney stopped me in her tracks.

“You sit right there and watch,” she said, moving into position so the girl’s pussies and mouths were aligned. “Let us put on a show. Watch Monica and Rachel have some hot, steamy lesbian sex.”

I sat back in the seat and watched, as the two girls began to finger and lick each other’s pussies, something that they’d clearly done before, if not together. The way they parted the opening and stuck their tongue in, licking in circular motions, made my cock hard again, and I began to stroke as the two girls continued their oral assault. As if by magic, the girl’s began to scream louder and louder, until with ear-piercing moans from both of them, their juices flowed into the waiting mouths of each other, while I jerked my cock fast and furiously.

With both girls having just had furious orgasms, I gave them a minute to recover before standing up and approaching them. They were ready to go again, but this time I was allowed to play and I positioned myself behind Courtney as Jennifer laid in front of her. Pushing my cock in, I noticed how tight Courtney’s pussy actually was, and I began to fuck slowly so as not to hurt her, but I was soon put in my place.

“Fuck my pussy hard, you man whore,” she screamed, as her fingers worked in and out of Jennifer’s clit. “I want it as hard as possible, hard and fast.”

Only wishing to comply, I sped up both the rhythm and force of my fucking, making sure that Courtney was feeling every thrust as I strived to make her cum. As she got fucked, Courtney had brought her tongue back down to Jen’s pussy and was licking it, whilst almost her whole fist was inside Jen’s pussy. This sight, combined with the feel of the fucking, seemed to push me over the edge, but Courtney and Jen weren’t far behind. Within the space of a couple of minutes, all three of us had orgasmed, my juices combining with Courtney’s inside her, Jen’s all over Courtney’s fist.

I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to fuck Jennifer Aniston though, and I quickly regained my breath and moved around the other side where I got ready to fuck the absolute stunner. Pushing my cock into a dripping, wet pussy was a complete opposite to Courtney’s but I continued with the same pace that I’d finished with on the other Friends actress, pounding Jennifer’s pussy hard and fast. It was a complete role reversal, as Jennifer began to work on Courtney’s pussy that had only just recovered from the fucking it received.

“Right you two sluts,” Jennifer yelled, as we all neared orgasm. “We’re gonna cum on my countdown, ok? READY?? THREE…….. TWO……… ONE………. SQUIRT!!”

As if by magic, for the third time that night, we all orgasmed, leaving juices everywhere on the set. I couldn’t believe my luck as I took my cock out of Jennifer’s pussy and was relishing the next show in any of the series, especially with a new female co-presenter to assist me.

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