Welcome to the Disney Girl’s Club

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Title: Welcome to the Disney Girl’s Club

Author: Tori

Celebs: Landry Bender, Lauren Taylor, Olivia Holt, Selena Gomez, Maia Mitchell, Dove Cameron, Peyton List, Piper Curda, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Brigit Mendler, Laura Marano, Stefanie Scott, Sierra McCormick, Bella Thorne

Codes: MF, Mf, Mff, oral, gang,  anal, lesbian

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“What the fuck bitch?  No one told you to stop” he said looking down at the 18 year old blonde kneeling in front of him.  She looked up and said, “But my jaw is so sore.  Can’t I take a break?  Please?”  The man slapped her face with his 12 inch cock and said, “Look here cunt, I only keep you around because you suck a mean cock.  I’ve got other girls waiting so get to it.”

Olivia Holt went back down on him and continued to suck his cock.  He pushed her head down on his shaft, forcing her to gag and choke while he held her head.  “Don’t ever back talk me again, understand?”  Olivia mumbled something as she blew snot from her nose.  As soon as he let her go, she sat up, gasping for air.  The man started to laugh and then said, “OK, if you don’t want to suck me then get up here and put this in your ass.”  The gorgeous blonde stood up and turned around.  Slowly, she sat down on his cock, impaling herself on his massive meat.  She put her feet up on his legs and started to pound her ass up and down on his cock.  He grabbed her waist and let her do all the work.  It didn’t take long before he filled her gaping hole with his seed.  Once she got off, cum ran down her legs, making a puddle on the floor.  “That’s better slut.  Now, get the fuck out and don’t ever think you’re good for anything except a good fuck now that your show is cancelled.”  Olivia grabbed her skirt and blouse and hurried out of the office.  After she got dressed and left, his secretary told the next girl to go in.

Landry Bender, one of the newest girls at Disney, walked in and stood in front of the studio head and stared at his cock.  He looked at the young teen and said, “Don’t just stand there, time to start earning your place here at Disney.”  The cute 15 year old dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth.  She tasted Olivia’s ass on his cock and almost threw up but kept sucking.  “So, how do you like being a star Landry?” he asked.  The pretty teen looked up and said, “It’s great sir.  I’m so happy you gave me the part.”  As she went back down on him, he slid his hand into her jeans and fingered her asshole.  “You’re going to go far slut.  Now, why don’t you get naked and show me that tight little ass.  Landry stood up and took off her jeans and t-shirt.  As soon as she took off her bra and panties, he made her get down on her hands and knees and then got down behind her.  “This is going to hurt but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”  The man slowly pushed his big cock into her tight virgin asshole, making the young girl scream out.  “OOOWWWWEEEEEEEEE THAT HURTS SO MUCH MISTER……TAKE IT OUT…….TAKE IT OUT!!!”  He just smile pushed in deeper.  “Shut the fuck up whore.  I told you it was going to hurt.  Just relax and take it baby.”  As soon as he was balls deep in the tiny starlet, he stopped and let her asshole adjust to his cock.  He slowly started to fuck her ass but was soon pounding away at her.  Tears were running down her face as she felt the excruciating pain of getting sodomized for the first time.  She bit her lip and took it and soon the pain turned into something else.  After several minutes, she started to cum and then she came again.  He assfucked the pretty actress for almost ten minutes and then filled her ass with his load.  When he pulled out, he made her lick him clean and swallow what was in her mouth.  Landry laid on the floor with her asshole still gaped and oozing cum.  He stood up and walked over to his desk and without turning around he said, “Be back here tomorrow afternoon.  Oh, and next time wear a skirt but no panties, understand?”  Landry struggled to get her jeans back on and said, “Yes sir.  Thank you sir.”

The next day after filming ended, young Landry made her way over to the studio head’s office.  She was told to go right in.  Landry walked into the big office dressed in a skirt and knee socks.  Her Hello Kitty t-shirt looked to be a size too small and her hard erect nipples were poking through the thin material.  What she saw made her stop dead in her tracks.  There, on her knees, was her costar Lauren Taylor sucking the man’s huge cock.  Lauren was deep throating him like a pro and when saw Landry, he motioned for her to come over.  “Get behind this slut and lick her asshole bitch” he said.  Landry did as she was told and stuck her tongue into her friend’s ass.  Lauren kept sucking as her asshole was rimmed by the cute brunette.  The site of the two teeners in front of him made him shoot his load into Lauren’s mouth.  He sat down and continued to watch the two girls.  “Do you know what a 69 is?” he asked.  Lauren said that she did and laid down on the floor and pulled Landry on top of her.  Her tongue quickly found its way to Landry’s pussy and soon the two girls were licking and sucking each other’s bald slits in front of the man that made them stars.  It didn’t take long for the man to get hard again.  He got behind Landry and slipped his cock into her ass while Lauren continued her tongue assault on her pussy.  Both girls came at the same time and when the man started to cum, he pulled out and shot his load all over the pretty blonde’s face.  He was still rock hard so he pulled Landry to her feet and said, “Turn around and bend over slut” he ordered.  Landry did as she was told.  “Grab your ankles bitch and get ready for round two.”  Landry bent over as he flipped her skirt up and shoved his cock into her ass.  He didn’t waste any time and immediately started to pound away at her.  He slammed his cock in and out of her, his balls slapping against her slick bald pussy.  He shove his cock all the way into her and then picked her up and spread her legs wide open.  His assault on her ass soon had her cumming over and over again.  When he was about to cum, he dropped her to the floor and covered her face with his load.  As he smiled down at the cute little girl, Lauren crawled over and sucked the rest of his cum and then swallowed like a good little whore.  The man spent the next hour fucking both teens in the ass.  When he finished, he told them there was a party that Friday night.  He told them a limo would pick them up at 8pm and to be ready to prove they were worthy of stardom.  Both girls had trouble walking out of the office.  The site of them made him remember back to the first time he did Bella Thorne and Zendaya.  After they left, he made a few phone calls and then told his secretary to make sure every man on his party list was contacted.

The limo picked them up promptly at 8pm.  The two beauties wore their best party dresses and during the ride, they helped themselves to some champagne.  Neither girl had ever had alcohol before but they both figured they might as well get fucked up considering what they were going to subjected too that evening.  By the time the limo pulled up the huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills, Landry Bender and Lauren Taylor were feeling the effects from the champagne.  When they walked into the front door, they were greeted by a man dressed in a tuxedo and led into a large banquet room.  They immediately recognized many of the men as well as several of the girls on their knees servicing their cocks.  The studio head came over and greeted them.  “Ah, there’s my two girls.  I’m so happy you could make it.  This is going to be the night of your young lives.  As you can see, I’ve also invited a few of the other girls.  You might know some of them.  Over there is Dove Cameron.  It looks like, yes, the girl licking her pussy is Ashley Tisdale.  The beauty going down on the gentleman in the corner is Peyton List and right next to her is Laura Marano.  There’s Brigit Mendler bent over that chair getting pussy fucked.  I don’t see Vanessa Hudgens anywhere so she’s probably already getting her ass fucked in one of the bedrooms.  She’s such a slut.  Oh, and over there is Piper Curda.  Piper sucks cock almost as good as you do Lauren.  Unfortunately, no one sucks better cock then Bella Thorne.  I saw her going upstairs with Olivia Holt and one of my producers earlier.  Those two in the 69 are Stefanie Scott and Sierra McCormick.  They can never get enough of each other’s pussies at these things and over there, riding that cock, is the very beautiful and talented Selena Gomez.  Selena never misses one of my parties.”

Lauren started rubbing her hand on his crotch and said, “Do you really think I’m a good cocksucker mister?”  He could feel his cock getting rock hard and said, “Yes I do sweetie.  Why don’t you show everyone just how good you are.”  Lauren dropped to her knees and pulled out his monster and started sucking.  Several of the other men walked over and stood around the pretty blonde and watched her devour the man’s meatpole.  One of them, walked behind Landry and started to fondle her breasts through her dress while yet another got down on his knees in front of her and put his head under her dress.  He started to lick her hairless pussy and tasted her sweet juices for the first time.  It only took a few minutes before she had her first orgasm of the evening.  Meanwhile, Lauren was deep throating the most powerful man at Disney while two other men removed her dress.  They pulled her to her feet while she keep sucking and one of them slid his cock into her wet snatch.  The man playing with Landry removed her dress and both girls were totally naked except for their heels.  They were led over to one of the large couches and were soon riding two of the men.  Two other men got behind them and slid their cocks into their tight teen assholes and the newest Disney starlets got their first DP experience.

Both girls had several men take a turn on them.  After the third man filled Landry’s ass with cum, she was taken upstairs by the studio head.  They walked into one of the bedrooms and joined Maia Mitchell and three other men on the huge bed.  Maia had all her holes filled with cock and was coming for the umpteenth time that night.  Landry was laid next to her and immediately had her tight pussy filled with the man’s huge cock.  Just then, the man fucking Maia’s mouth pulled out and came all over Landry’s face.  He turned and put his cock in her mouth and told her to lick him clean.  When he sat back, Maia leaned over and slowly let the load in her mouth drip into Landry’s.  “That’s called a snow ball sweetie” she said and then licked her lips while Landry swallowed it.  Maia pulled off the two cocks fucking her and straddled Landry’s face and soon the young girl was lapping and licking the pretty Aussies’ wet pussy.  Two of the men left but the third stayed and got behind Maia and put his cock back in her ass.  He fucked her while Landry licked her and within minutes, Maia had another orgasm.

Meanwhile, down in the main room, Lauren was on her hands and knees between Piper Curda and Laura Marano.  There were men lined up behind them taking a turn in their asses.  As soon as one of them came, he got in front of the girl and had her clean his filthy cock while another took his place in her ass.  Lauren looked over and saw Selena getting triple fucked by a group of men.  She also notice Peyton List riding a big cock in her ass.  After the third man came inside of her, the three girls were joined on the floor by Stefanie Scott and Sierra McCormick.  The five Disney slut were throated and sodomized by man after man.  Upstairs, Landry and Maia were getting gang fucked by a half dozen men while the studio head sat in a chair and watched the cute teen getting defiled.  He was busy stroking his cock when Dove Cameron came into the room.  He motioned for her to come over.  She dropped to her knees and started sucking him off just as one of the men came inside Landry’s well gaped asshole.  After several minutes of giving head, Dove climbed on top of him and took his cock in her ass reverse cowgirl style.  She watched Landry getting fucked while she pounded her ass up and down, impaling herself on the big piece of meat.  When she came, she squirted all over the carpet.  Landry was grunting like a two dollar whore, begging the men to fuck her harder.  The studio head felt his balls tighten and then filled the Liv and Maddie star’s butt with another load of hot cum.  He pushed Dove off of him and took her by the hand and left Landry and Maia alone with the other men.  They headed down the hall and joined Bella and Olivia.  When they went into the room, they saw that Brigit Mendler and two other men had joined the original threesome and were busy fucking each other.  Downstairs, Lauren was getting DP’d next to Peyton List while Laura Marano and Stefanie Scott were eating each other out as were Vanessa and Ashley.  Sierra was surrounded by six huge cocks fucking her face.  She was covered in cum and loving every minute of it.  Piper was on one of the couches getting pussy fucked and screaming out as she came over and over again.

Over the next several hours, Landry and Lauren were initiated into the Disney Girls Club.  By the time everyone had left, the two girls were completely exhausted.  Their well-used bodies were covered in sweat and cum.  The next morning, they woke up in bed together with the head of the studio laying between them.  The girls snuggled up against him with huge smiles on their faces.  The next week, they were informed that their show had been picked up for a full season.  Their meetings with the head of the studio continues to be the highlight of their week.

The End.

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