Jenny McCarthy And Gillian Anderson

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Jenny McCarthy & Gillian Anderson
by Croft 7

It was a rainy evening in the state of Washington. Shooting had
finished on the Emmy and Golden Globe award winning series The
X-Files. Gillian Anderson, one of the stars, waved to the crew and
cast, and climbed
into her car, and sat behind the wheel and listened to the rain beat
on the
roof and windshield.
Gillian rubbed her face and peered at her reflection
in the
rearview mirror. She looked good. Tired, but good. They had just
finished the season, and now the summer season was beginning. She
was glad. More time to
spend with her daughter, Piper.
But right now her daughter was at home in San Diego, while her
mother was
about to drive to a hotel in Seattle to spend the night. Gillian
grinned at
the image of returning home, and turned the key in the ignition, and
out of the parking space and on to the road leading to the highway.
Seattle was about sixty, maybe seventy miles away but Gillian was
in no
real hurry. Nothing to look forward to other than a long hot bath
and a soft
bed. The wipers struggled to keep up with the relentless rain.
She turned on the radio, and drove through the downpour. Some
easy listening came over the speakers, and Gillian smiled and
relaxed a little
Gillian was an incredibly beautiful woman in her late twenties.
She had
collar length red hair and the most incredible blue eyes that many
had ever
seen. She had full lips, and a full bosom. Not being very tall,
her legs
didn’t go on forever, but they were very shapely. Single again,
after a failed marriage, Gillian didn’t date that much. She was too
addicted to her
daughter for her to start up a serious relationship.
She was just passing a small township when she spotted a
hitchhiker just
up ahead. She couldn’t even distinguish sex, but she slowed, and
pulled up
along side of the wayward. Gillian wasn’t one for picking up
but on an evening like this, she made an exception.
The hitchhiker scrambled with the gear s/he was carrying, and
grabbed the
door. Poking a head inside, a girlish voice asked. "Seattle??"
"You got it. Hop in."
"Great!" The hitchhiker tossed the stuff in the back seat, and
climbed in
beside Gillian. The black slicker was moving with water, and the
hood covering the person’s face was withdrawn, and Gillian saw a
beautiful blonde
face. The girl looked at her with blue eyes, and smiled. "Thank
you so much. It’s really coming down out there, eh?"
"That’s putting it mildly." Gillian smiled back at her, and they
moving again.
The girl unzipped her raincoat, and Gillian caught a glimpse of
a rather
impressive bust. She said. "My name’s Gillian, what’s yours?"
Gillian smiled, and glanced at her. "So, Jenny, how long you
been out
Jenny eased out of her slicker, and tossed it in the back seat.
She was
wearing a tight red sweater, and her large breasts were quite
evident. She
ran a hand through her wet hair, and said. "I don’t know, maybe an
Gillian raised an eyebrow, and asked. "An hour. What’s so
about Seattle that you want to stand out in the rain for an hour?"
Jenny replied. "I have a gig there. And my car broke down, and
my agent’s too cheap to send a car."
Jenny looked familiar to Gillian, and she said so. Jenny stared
at her.
"You mean you haven’t looked at a newspaper stand, or watched
Gillian snapped her fingers. "You’re Jennifer McCarthy. I knew
I knew
you from somewhere." Jenny clapped her hands once. "There you go!
And I
know you as well, Scully." She snickered.
Gillian grinned at the mention of her character’s name. She
really liked
Jenny, even though they only just met. The drive was uneventful,
but Jenny
had the gift of gab to go with her incredible looks, so the miles
ticked away
Jenny’s breasts were distracting for Gillian. Jennifer was
sitting sideways next to her, and was using expressive gestures, and
her chest was
jiggling with each motion. Gillian wasn’t one for impulses, but she
growing attracted to the gorgeous blonde.
They were just entering Seattle when Gillian acted on an
impulse. She
asked her companion. "Would you like to have dinner or a drink when
we get
to your hotel?" Jenny got a funny smile, and said. "Sure. I’m
staying at
the Hilton."
Gillian laughed. "So am I. Room 567."
Jenny giggled. "Room 569."
"Well, that makes it simple to find, doesn’t it?"
"Yes, yes it does."
Jenny turned in her seat, and was silent for the rest of the
drive. Soon
the Hilton loomed over the two women, and Gillian entered the
parkade. Easing into a guest parking stall, she looked at Jenny,
and asked.
"You need help with your gear?"
Jenny hopped out, and her boobs bounced as she did. "Thanks
You’re sweet." Jenny took the slicker and a couple suitcases, while
took the rest, and she was careful not to stare at Jenny’s swaying
They went to the main desk, and got their keys, politely refused
a bellhop, and rode the elevator to the fifth floor. Jenny opened
her door,
and said. "Just drop the stuff anywhere you want, Gill, I’m not too
right now."
Gillian placed the bags next to the bed, and watched as Jenny
down on her bed, and again her eyes followed Jenny’s breasts as they
and bounced. Jenny smiled at her, and said. "Why don’t we get
cleaned up,
and then we can have that drink, huh?"
"Sounds like a plan. See you in about an hour?"
Jenny smiled slyly. "Yes….an hour should be good."
Gillian smiled back, and walked out.

After a long hot bath, Gillian pulled on a tight blouse and a
short skirt. Dammit, but she was going to try and get into Jenny’s
bra. Thinking
of those big boobs naked and in her hands was almost too much for
her. She pulled a pair of black pumps, grabbed a bottle of wine
she ordered
from room service, and walked over to Jenny’s room, and knocked
once. Jenny’s chipper voice called out. "Come on in Gill."
Gillian opened the door, and walked inside. Jenny was nowhere
to be seen. "Jenny? Where are you?" She eased the door shut behind
her, and out
bounced Jenny.
Gillian gasped and she nearly climaxed when she saw her. Jenny
was clad
in a skimpy yellow bikini. Her breasts were gorgeous and Gillian
knew she
was ogling them, but she didn’t care. Jenny smiled and said. "All
my other
clothes were wet, and besides since you like looking at my tits so
much, I
figured you’d love this little number."
Gillian stared at her. "You mean…you want me…to…?"
Jenny slowly walked towards Gillian, and ran her hands over her
"I want you. I’ve made it with more than a few girls, but I haven’t
in a
while, and I need it. I really need it."
They kissed, and Gillian melted into Jenny’s arms. Their
tongues wrestling as their hands roamed all over each other’s
bodies. Gillian moaned
as she felt the twin globes of Jenny’s ass in her hands, oh God how
good it
Jenny carefully eased out of Gillian’s mouth and trailed soft
kisses down
her neck, and ran her hands over the naked flesh beneath the blouse.
grinned at her and started to knead and massage Gillian’s breasts.
"Your boobs ain’t too bad either, Gill. I love breasts….and I
you do too." She unbuttoned Gillian’s blouse and rubbed her face on
the sensitive exposed flesh. Gillian gasped and held the taller
girl to her cleavage, her hands stroking Jenny’s long blonde hair.
Jenny pushed them over to the bed, and eased her lover down on
the bed.
Gillian looked so damn sexy with her blouse open, breasts exposed,
and legs
open. Jenny ran a hand over her body, and tweaked one of the red
Gillian gave a squeal, and Jenny stroked her own breasts. She
leaned down
and kissed her again. Again Gillian moaned in pleasure.
Jenny began to take her time kissing Gillian’s body. She spent
an eternity on her breasts. Sucking, mouthing, massaging, licking,
and nipping
at the other woman’s boobs until Gillian was coming with an
explosive orgasm.
Jenny unexpectedly kissed Gillian hotly on the mouth, and
ground her
own breasts into Gillian’s. The redhead groaned again, and hugged
her to
her. Jenny slipped a finger inside Gillian’s sex, and probed
gently. The
other woman kissed her frantically, and was panting in desire. The
then inserted another finger, and began to ease them back in forth
inside of
the redhead. Gillian groaned and buried her face in the nape of
Jenny’s neck. The blonde withdrew her fingers and brought them to
her sexy mouth.
Jenny licked her fingers slowly, and dragged them across her
Gillian was nearly begging to suck on her nipples now. Jenny eyed
her hungrily, and spread Gillian’s sex wide open, and inhaled her
musky scent.
And she licked the other woman’s clit with a slow and meandering
tongue. Gillian was breathing and moaning like she was
experiencing sex for the
first time. And in a sense she was; this was her first time with a
Jenny sucked on her clit long and hard, teasing it with her
tongue. Her
hands eased around and squeezed the redhead’s ass. Gillian gasped,
and ground her hips into the blonde’s gorgeous face, her fingers
entangled in the
long flaxen hair.
She slowly licked her way from Gillian’s clit and dove inside of
the sex.
Jenny kissed, and mouthed the womanhood, and eased her tongue deep
and tasted the sweet juices of Gillian Anderson.
Gillian was making unusual sounds at this point, and was nearly
in ecstasy. Jenny tongued deeper, and drank in her sexuality with
each lick.
Gillian felt her climax building, and she mashed her pussy into
Jenny’s face, and started to hump her tongue.
Jenny moaned approvals, and sucked and licked harder, swirling
her tongue
about inside of her lover. Gillian was shaking and shrieked as her
rocked yet once more. Then Jenny shocked Gillian, and drove a
finger up the
tightness of her anus as she orgasmed.
Gillian groaned again, and experienced an even more violent
orgasm. Jenny drank her juices with such a zest that Gillian nearly
passed out. Jenny withdrew and kissed her thighs, and licked her
way back up Gillian’s body, and kissed her tenderly. Her own flavor
touched her lips,
and it drove her wild. Jenny asked in a sexy whisper. "Now, how
about that,
Gillian looked deeply into Jenny’s eyes, and kissed her hard.
She said,
firmly. "I need to suck your tits. I need to, and I need to now."
Jenny feigned a look of dismay, and then smiled yet again. "I
think that
can be arranged." She eased up further, and Gillian was face and
eyes into
Jenny’s remarkable cleavage. She moaned, and leaned forward,
inhaling the
scent of the other woman, and licked the cleft between the two large
mammaries. Jenny gasped in approval.
Gillian cupped each breast in her hands, and trailed soft kisses
up and
down the slope of the left breast, and rolled the nipple in her
fingers. Jenny drove her crotch into Gillian’s thigh, and groaned as
the redhead continued to kiss her large, soft breasts.
She then ran her hands down under the blonde’s bikini bottom,
and lightly
ran a fingertip over her anus. Jenny shuddered, and pulled Gillian
Gillian licked her breasts slower, and in larger circles. She began
to trace
the outline of Jenny’s chest with her tongue when the other woman
"Oh my God!! That feels so fuckin’ good!!"
Gillian stared up into Jenny’s eyes, and sucked harder on her
She then pushed the two breasts together and sucked both nipples at
the same
time. Jenny’s eyes rolled back into her head, and she was close to
The redhead slowly, ever so slowly, ran the palm of her hand
down the
other woman’s belly, and rested on her crotch. The heat was
intense. Gillian slipped her hand inside, and rubbed a finger across
the folds of Jenny’s womanhood.
Jenny spread her legs further and further apart, and Gillian
slipped one
finger inside of Jenny’s sex, and another inside of her anus. The
shrieked loudly, and started to buck against both hands, all the
while yelling at the top of her lungs.
Gillian reluctantly moved down from Jenny’s breasts, and tongued
her naval for a second, before moving on. She pulled down the
bikini bottom with
her teeth, and kissed the sex before her. Jenny groaned, and
started to knead her breasts, and watched Gillian go to work.
Gillian slowly, and carefully, slipped her tongue inside of
Jenny, and
tasted her. She added another two fingers to go along with her
tongue, and
plunged in another finger up Jenny’s ass. Jenny was moaning loudly,
and Gillian was loving every second of it.
She sucked gently on Jenny’s clit, and finger-fucked her in time
with her
sucking. Jenny was whimpering encouragement. Gillian nibbled
gently on her
lover, and slowly turned the blonde over onto her stomach.
Jenny looked back at her with a look of sheer anticipation.
Gillian grinned coyly, and rubbed her nipples across Jenny’s anus.
The girl gasped,
and Gillian kissed each cheek of her ass, sucking lightly on each
bun. Gillian then slid a pillow under Jenny’s thighs, and her
butt was raised
higher in the air. Gillian paused for a second, and then started to
lick the
girl’s ass.
She licked up and down the girl’s tight ass, and tasted her
sweat. She
traced the valley of her crack from top to where it met her
womanhood. As
she passed the puckered anus, Gillian kissed it, and licked on,
enticing another moan from Jenny. Finally, Gillian returned to the
anus, and made her
tongue stiff, and entered her lover from behind.
Jenny groaned again, and started to move her butt onto Gillian’s
as the small organ pistoned in and out of the tight ass.
"Oh God, fuck me Gillian!! Fuck me!!"
Gillian replied by literally smashing her entire tongue into
Jenny’s ass,
and her mouth was plastered to the other girl’s ass. Jenny gripped
the sheets and fingered her womanhood as Gillian butt-tongue-fucked
her. She soon felt her orgasm build, and Gillian sped up to keep
in time with
Jenny’s movements. Then Jenny shrieked yet again, and shuddered,
and climaxed. Gillian eagerly drank in Jenny’s juices, and sucked
her dry. Jenny heaved and sighed. Gillian grinned, and crawled
up the girl’s back. Jenny turned and smiled at her. They kissed
deeply, and Gillian fondled the blonde’s breasts.
Gillian broke the kiss first, and breathed. "You are so
"You ain’t so bad yourself, hon. I really needed to be fucked
like that,
and I know you did." Gillian blushed slightly, and said. "I think
right, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat."
Jenny turned more fully onto her back, and held Gillian. "So
would I.
I’ll give you my number, and we’ll get together."
Gillian looked at her, and replied. "Well, maybe, as long as
you’re in
Seattle…..we could make the time pass more smoothly." Jenny
grinned. "I
think we could sugar. I think we could." They giggled, and Gillian
laid her
head on Jenny’s breasts, and gently licked her nipples.
She doubted that this was going to be a serious relationship,
but one
thing was for certain. She wouldn’t let another opportunity like
this go by

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