Inner Black Swan Part 6

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Title: Inner Black Swan Part 6

Author: MTL

Celebs: Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell, Laura Prepon

Codes: Anal, FF, Oral, Rim, Toys

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell or Laura Prepon. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Codes: Anal, FF, Oral, Rim, Toys

Inner Black Swan Part 6

by MTL ([email protected])

It had been over a few months since Kristen Bell had completely submitted to Mila Kunis, and for her part Mila couldn’t be happier. Kristen seem pretty happy to considering how hard she was cumming on a nightly basis, and Mila got the feeling as long as she allowed the two blondes to remain girlfriends she could do whatever she wanted and Hayden would be happy. True, Natalie had been a little hesitant about the whole thing, especially when Mila decided to move them into the blondes’ mansion so she could be closer to her other bitches, but she was mostly ok with it as long as Mila kept reminding Natalie she was her favourite.

Most of the time Mila felt like she was living in paradise, but occasionally she would get the feeling that something was missing. More specifically, someone was missing. Even more specifically than that her former That 70′s Show co-star and ex-girlfriend Laura Prepon was missing. This was the longest they had gone without having sex, so Mila was thrilled when her old friend texted her to see if she could come over and they could talk. She had been very vague, and as Mila hadn’t the guts to call her mind raced with all the possibilities.

Part of her was hoping that Laura was finally giving in and would dropped to her knees and begged to be Mila’s bitch. Maybe kiss her feet a little before Mila inevitably fed the redhead her cunt and then gave Laura the ass fucking she’d been fantasising about giving her before she popped the anal cherry of Natalie Portman. Then again there was another part of Mila hoping to find Laura pounding Natalie’s ass with her strap-on, Kristen and Hayden lying at her feet and groaning as they clutched their well fucked butts. Laura would tell her she was next and Mila would bend over, pull down her pants and spread her cheeks, waiting for her turn to be butt fucked by Laura Prepon.

Mila went back and forth on those fantasies, genuinely unsure which she’d like more. Unfortunately neither came true, although the reality ended up being just as exciting. At first, it was utterly mundane, apart from the fact that Laura was greeted at the door by Kristen, who was wearing a French maid uniform and curtsied to her, and then led the redhead into the main room where Hayden and Natalie were busy worshipping Mila’s feet. Which Mila could admit was little over the top, but she couldn’t help it. She was trying to impress her tough former and hopefully future lover.

Somehow Laura sounded bored as she greeted her old friend, “Hey Mila, can I talk to you alone for a second.”

“Sure.” Mila replied without thinking, although she couldn’t see a recent to deny the request, so she then told her bitches, “Everyone out, the grown-ups need to talk.”

Immediately Kristen, Hayden and Natalie rushed out of the room, causing Laura to smirk, “Wow, you say jump, they don’t even bother asking how high, they just do it.”

“I don’t recall things being different when you were in charge.” Mila shrugged.

Laura shrugged, “I let Kristen have some freedom.”

“And now she takes it up the ass on a nightly basis.” Mila grinned.

Laura sighed, and then after a long pause begrudgingly admitted, “I know, and… I’m impressed.”

“Impressed enough to bend over?” Mila asked.

There was a quick laugh from Laura, and then she offered, “If you bend over first.”

“Tempting.” Mila teased.

“I’m serious.” Laura said, and then as her ex-girlfriend frowned at her added, “If you can take it in the ass from me one-time without becoming a total bottom, I’ll switch places with you and you can have my anal cherry.”

Mila bit her lip, thought about it for a long second, and then replied, “Ok.”

With that Laura frowned, “Really? Just like that?”

“Why not?” Mila shrugged, “I love it up the ass, so you’re not going to break me.”

“We’ll see.” Laura grinned, “Now call your bitches back in here.”

Mila blushed, “I, I’d rather they didn’t see me get ass fucked.”

“I am sure you would, but they watch or no deal.” Laura pushed.

There was a long staring match, then Mila called out, “Girls! Get in here!”

Cautiously Kristen, Hayden and Natalie opened the door and walked back into the room, Laura greeting them with a beaming smile and then announcing, “Good news girls, Mila has come to her senses and agreed to let me fuck her tight little ass.”

For a moment Mila flushed with anger, then she forced a smile, “Yeah, then I’m going to slam Laura’s ass and make her my bitch.”

“We’ll see.” Laura grinned, stepping closer to her ex, “In the meantime, why don’t you get down on your knees and eat my pussy?”

“I’m the one about to get ass fucked? Shouldn’t you be the one worshipping my body?” Mila pointed out, getting into her ex-girlfriend’s personal space.

“We could worship you both?” Hayden chimed in, Kristen quickly agreeing while Natalie just stared in disbelief.

“No!” Mila said almost simultaneously with Laura, before suggesting, “How about we do it together? I don’t knew about you, but I could really go for a 69.”

Laura thought about this for a second before grumbling, “Fine, but I’m on top.”

“For now.” Mila grinned, before smashing her lips against Laura’s.

Momentarily Laura was taken aback, then she started giving as good as she got. And then some, in her opinion the kiss far more violent than anything ever shared during their time on That 70′s Show. Which wasn’t that surprising given despite her outgoing personality Mila had melted in private and become Laura’s submissive little bitch. If only Laura could remind her of how happy she used to be in that role, her proper role, then the redhead would win. Then things could go back to the way they were, the way they should be, except even better as unlike the old days Laura would have four lezzie sluts instead of just one at her disposal.

Laura was distracted by that thought for a while, long enough for Mila to expertly strip down to her bra and panties without breaking the kiss. When she realised what was happening Laura quickly caught up and both girls were soon completely naked and making their way upstairs, while Kristen, Hayden and Natalie cautiously followed them. Once they were in the master bedroom Laura pushed Mila down onto the bed and after a few minutes of shameless groping and kissing the redhead turned around on top of the brunette and got them into the classic 69 position.

Just before she started licking Laura looked up and smirked at Kristen, Hayden and Natalie before telling them, “You three can touch yourselves, but not each other.”

With that Laura leaned down, stuck out her tongue and slid it over the lips of the one pussy which had been off-limits to her lately. The one she had been craving the most, and definitely the most delicious she could ever remember. Which was a bit embarrassing to admit even to herself, and she was sure the others suspected, especially Mila, given how eagerly she began to lick pussy, something she didn’t normally do as a Dom. Yet for Mila it was worth it, Laura moaning as she tasted that sweet flavour and then over and over again as she settled into a steady cunt lapping.

The only saving grace was that apparently Mila felt the same way, the other girl moaning as she inevitably licked Laura’s cunt in return, causing the most wonderful vibrations against her sensitive pussy lips which caused Laura to moan, which in turn caused her own tongue to vibrate against Mila’s twat. Over and over again the process was repeated, the former co-stars becoming as ravenous for each other as they ever had while their sluts watched them, Laura occasionally looking up and giving them a grin. As expected Kristen was cautiously touching herself, Hayden was shamelessly masturbating and Natalie was still just staring in disbelief, although now it was mixed in with some lust.

Mila wasn’t worried about the other girl seeing her this way as she didn’t have the same hang-ups about eating pussy Laura did. No, Mila was no pillow princess, she gave and received oral eagerly. Of course while the other girls were no doubt enjoying the scene in front of them it would no doubt be not what they were thinking about, especially her dear sweet Natalie, Mila so upset by the thought of Natalie watching her get ass fucked that she almost considered backing out of her agreement with Laura. Almost, but this probably was the easiest way to get what she wanted, and honestly the chance to feel a cock in her ass again was too good to pass up.

So Mila tried to ignore what was going on in the heads of Kristen, Hayden and especially Natalie as she concentrated on what was important, namely licking Laura’s pussy. The one pussy which had been off-limits to her lately which she had been really, really craving, Mila overjoyed that it was once again pressed onto her face. Like it would be on a regular basis from now on, Mila intending on proving to Laura that it was possible to be a nice Dom who dished out this wonderful pleasure that her ex-girlfriend was clearly enjoying given her moans, groans, whimpers and gasps of pleasure.

Hearing those sounds made Mila smirk into Laura’s cunt as she began pressing her mouth tightly against that yummy treat, partly to get more of those sounds and partly because she didn’t want any of that yummy pussy juice escaping her. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible, Laura just leaking too much cunt cream and grinding against her face, but that was ok. Mila loved getting a face full of pussy cream. It made her feel like such a slut. Well, more so than usual.

Of course Laura was quick to follow suit, both girls switching back and forth between licking the other’s pussy and sucking the cunt juice out of each other for several long minutes, seeing which one of them would break first and start the tongue fucking. They were both incredibly stubborn, but ultimately Mila’s desire for more yummy cream won out. Ironically the second she pressed her tongue against Laura’s entrance she felt her ex-girlfriend’s tongue pressed against her own entrance, Mila smiling as both stubborn tops entered each other at the same time and then simultaneously cried out in pleasure into the other cunt.

After that the race was on to make the other cum first, both girls’ memories serving them well as they tongue fucked the other just the way they liked it, curling their tongues with each thrust to make sure they got all the other’s sweet spots. A few minutes in Laura cautiously rubbed her cunt on Mila’s face. Initially that was counter-productive as it drove herself towards climax, but it was worth it in the long-term as Mila returned the favour, and when she started she just couldn’t stop, her ex-girlfriend relentlessly grinding upwards into her face while Laura rubbed her face into that lovely little pussy.

This secured her victory, Mila squirting onto her face about a minute later, Laura taking a second to grin in triumph before she began swallowing the other girl’s addictive cum. That triggered her own orgasm, Mila enthusiastically swallowing it down before shoving her tongue inside Laura to continue the tongue fucking. Not to be outdone Laura followed suit, the two female stars of ‘That 70′s Show’ cumming in each other’s mouths and all over the other’s face over and over and over again until Laura began feeling faint.

Suddenly she was reminded of the one time she did this before. She had almost completely forgotten about it, because what had followed had been so memorable. It was the night she officially took Mila’s cherries. They’d had sex before, lots of times, however, it was strictly fingering and pussy eating. Mila had been so nervous, Laura putting her at ease by going down on her, a rarity even back then, the dominant redhead turning it into a 69 before she had the submissive brunette spreading her legs and then ass cheeks for Laura’s newly acquired strap-on dildo. Oh Laura would never forget the look in Mila’s eyes as her cock entered her cunt, or the way she had cried out as Laura took her anal cherry, these memories so precious to her no wonder she had forgotten what came before.

After that the sex had only become more kinky and depraved, Laura turning Mila into her completely submissive lesbian slut, which was pretty easy after she had fucked her up the ass, that ultimate act of submission turning Mila completely subservient to her. And it would do again. It had too. Laura had to make Mila hers again, not just for the sake of saving her own ass hole but because she wanted her favourite bitch back. She wanted her bitches back. And she wanted to regularly do this with Mila, reward her for becoming her bitch again by regularly 69′ing with her and maybe her other sluts so she could cum while having a mouthful of cum on a regular basis.

Mila also briefly thought of the night she had lost her cherries, but for the most part she wasn’t focused on the past or the future. Oh no, she was very much focused on the wonderful present were she got to cum in Laura’s mouth and all over her face while Laura did the same to her, Mila frantically switching between swallowing cum and tongue fucking the other girl as she revelled in this act. She had no idea Laura wasn’t completely focus on the present because the redhead continued tongue fucking her for what felt like hours, that and the feeling/knowledge of the older girl swallowing her cum only adding to Mila’s pleasure.

Eventually it felt like Mila was experiencing one continuous orgasm, and while that was pretty much heaven it did threaten to completely wear her out, and she wanted to get through this with enough energy that she could survive the butt fucking she was about to receive, so she could return the favour and finally fuck Laura’s butt. Also if Mila was being honest with herself she missed getting her butt fucked, and while it would be incredibly humiliating to bend over for her ex-girlfriend nobody fucked her butt like Laura Prepon.

So while it was almost physically painful Mila let one more climax wash over her, then she rolled over onto her side and pushed Laura away. As Laura was clearly just as exhausted as she was the redhead didn’t put up a fight, both girls rolling onto their backs and gasping for breath. Mila wasn’t sure how long she did that, but it was a while, the only thing really helping her recover was deep breaths and licking her lips to taste some more of the yummy girl cum and pussy cream. She also ran her fingers over her face, scooping up some of that precious liquid so she could pop the finger into her mouth and suck them clean before repeating the process.

As she felt her strength returning she considered turning around and rolling on top of Laura for a kiss. After all, they might be rivals, for now, but very soon Laura would be her bitch and she wanted to make an early start on showing her ex that it was possible to be a Mistress and still be sweet with her lesbian sex slaves. However to her surprise Laura beat her to the punch, the only difference between what Mila was planning and what the redhead did, other than the fact that the brunette ended up on the bottom, was that Laura paused when she was on top of her, the other girl staring deep into her eyes before she kissed her, Mila kissing back with all the eagerness she could muster.

Hayden loved watching two girls making out, she really did. But she was impatient by nature, hence why she tried the exact same thing she’d tried when Mila and Laura were 69′ing. Namely scooting over to first Kristen and then Natalie to see if one of her fellow slaves would let her finger them while they fingered her. Or maybe a 69 of their own. Hell, she’d settle for a kiss of her own, especially considering how long it felt like Laura and Mila kissed for. Unfortunately both of her fellow submissives just glared at her and shook their heads, leaving her alone with her own fingers when she desperately wanted some more action. Luckily for her she would get it, eventually.

After what felt like hours, but in reality was minutes, Laura broke the kiss and ordered, “Bend over Mila, mmmmmmmmm, it’s time for you to retake your rightful place as my bitch.”

Putting on a brave face Mila replied, “I’m not sure what I’m going to enjoy more, your cock in my ass or the look on your face when you failed to break me.”

“Oh, it’s definitely going to be my cock in your ass you’ll love the most.” Laura said as she got off Mila, allowing the other girl to get in position. Then feeling she hadn’t made herself clear enough added, “Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, you’re going to love my cock in your ass as I pound you hard and deep and turn you into my bitch. Again.”

“We’ll see.” Mila said dismissively as she turned over onto her stomach and lifted herself up onto all fours before turning her head to look at Hayden, “Until then, how about helping us both out by having Hayden preparing my ass. After all, she’s the best ass licker we have.”

“That’s true.” Laura grinned as Hayden’s face brightened up, “How about it Hayden, you wanna eat some ass?”

“Oh yesssssssss, please let me eat Mila’s yummy ass!” Hayden pleaded, “Mmmmmmmmm, I promise I’ll get her butt hole nice and wet for you to fuck.”

“Well, then do it.” Laura said before Hayden could get too carried away, turning to Natalie, “As for you, go get a strap-on for me so I can butt fuck your little girlfriend.”

Before Natalie had a chance to reply Hayden was already burying her face in between Mila’s ass cheeks and eagerly licking the other girl’s ass hole. Under other circumstances Hayden would have liked to take her time. She wasn’t normally a tease, but as this hole couldn’t provide her any yummy girl cum she was in less of a rush to satisfy. Besides, a slow, gentle ass licking often convinced whoever she was with to give her a brutal butt pounding, regardless whether it was their ass hole she was licking, and there was definitely a thrill to preparing another girl’s butt hole to get fucked.

Often she was preparing Kristen’s ass, especially lately, and Hayden didn’t think there could be anything more thrilling than preparing her girlfriend to be ass fucked. However preparing Mila’s butt after weeks of being Mila’s bitch just might beat it, because while Kristen had always been the dominant one between them she had always been submissive to Laura. In fact Hayden couldn’t remember Kristen as anything but a switch, but over the past few weeks Mila had been a total top, more or less erasing the memory of when she had been a bottom, or at least making it seem like she was someone else entirely.

Now Mila was moaning in pleasure and humping herself back against Hayden’s tongue, seconds away from Laura butt fucking her just like old times. And as Laura began strapping on the dildo Natalie handed to her Hayden tried one of her old tricks, namely trying to literally shove her tongue up Mila’s butt. Unlike the old times Mila’s butt hole wasn’t as loose as it used to be, however with years of experience and determination Hayden was still able to force her tongue through that tight anal ring and into her friend’s ass, Laura then allowing her several more minutes to really give Mila a thorough rim job before putting an end to her fun. At least for now.

“Ok Hayden, that’s enough for a slut like Mila.” Laura said casually as she rubbed a generous portion of edible lube into her dick, then once Hayden moved away Laura taunted her ex-girlfriend, “Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh Mila, I’ve been waiting for this for so long, and now I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. Starting with you spreading your ass cheeks for me. I want you to present me with the fuck hole I’m about to use. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss Mila, gimmie that hole! Give me that tight little ass hole of yours so I can fuck it and turn you back into my bitch.”

Mila gritted her teeth and considered complaining, but again part of her loved this and every act of humiliation that went along with it, so she did as she was told. To both her shame and delight she even felt a rush of arousal from spreading her cheeks, subserviently surrendering her most intimate hole to the one who had so thoroughly violated it all those years ago. Of course Laura couldn’t just let that be it and start shoving her cock up her ass. No, she had to leave Mila laying there for almost a full minute before finally getting into position, and even then she had to dish out just a little more humiliation.

“God Mila, your fuck hole look so good.” Laura softly moaned, “Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, your ass hole looks so tight and fuck-able, mmmmmmmmmm, I’m going to love fucking it. Oh yeah, I’m going to really love ramming your little back door and turning it back into what it was always meant to be, my personal fuck hole. Yeahhhhhhhhh, your ass hole was always supposed to be my personal fuck hole, and you were always supposed to be my bitch. Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, Mila Kunis was always meant to be my little anal loving bitch. And now, I get to remind you of that…”

Finally, mercifully, Laura pressed the head of her dildo firmly against Mila’s ass hole and pushed forwards, Mila letting out a soft gasp as her butt hole began to stretch. Soon it was stretching wider than it had in years, while after that the head of Laura’s cock slid into her butt, Mila letting out a sharp cry as she felt like she lost her anal cherry again. Unfortunately for her she wasn’t the only one who felt that, although Laura at least had the decency of pushing a few more inches inside her before saying anything again.

“God Mila, you’re so tight.” Laura moaned, grinning wickedly as she added, “It’s almost like you’re virgin again. Mmmmmm, but don’t worry baby, I’ll soon loosen you up.”

Mila blushed and didn’t respond, other than moaning as her ass continued to be stretched. To her credit Laura was going slowly, although that was probably because she was savouring the moment. Either way Mila had spent so much time topping lately this felt a little weird, but her ass hole had taken a lot of abuse over a number of years, and it quickly remembered what it was like to be a fuck hole, the pain Mila initially felt quickly fading away and being replaced by pure pleasure once Laura finally got her cock buried in the brunette’s bowels and shortly there after officially began sodomising her again.

Laura Prepon began pumping her strap-on cock in and out of the ass hole of Mila Kunis, and both girls loved it. For a moment it was like they were back on the set of That 70s Show, hiding from the rest of their cast mates as Laura made Mila her bitch over and over again, relentlessly fucking her up the ass in between sessions of feeding her that yummy red honeypot. Oh how they had both missed those days, the memory so vivid for them both as Laura pumped Mila’s butt. Then they were awoken from their daydreams by the women surrounding them, starting with Kristen.

“Oh my God, that’s soooooooooo hot.” Kristen practically moaned, “Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck her Laura! Fuck Mila’s tight little ass.”

“Yeah Laura.” Hayden chimed in, “Fuck that ass! Fuck her hard and deep, just like you used too. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, butt fuck Mila Kunis just like you did behind the scenes of That 70s Show and make her cum like the little anal whore I am.”

“Oh, don’t worry girls, I will.” Laura promised the blondes, “Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I’m going to pound Mila’s butt so hard and deep she remembers that she is nothing but my personal anal whore, just like all of you. And I’m going to prove it. Natalie, crawl over here and get a good look at your girlfriend’s ass hole stretching for my cock.”

Natalie blushed furiously. She couldn’t believe this was happening. That her strong, dominant girlfriend was taking it in the ass. Sometimes she still had trouble believing she had a girlfriend, and had done a number of twisted lesbian activities, Natalie submitting to yet another one as she slowly got down onto her knees and crawled forwards until she was inches away from Mila’s gaping butt hole. It was nowhere near as wide as her own after Mila was done with it, but to be fair Laura wasn’t even close to done with it, that fact unbelievably hot to the once innocent brunette.

Once she was kneeling in front of Laura she glanced at that cute little hole, almost fully recovered from the pounding it had taken, Natalie still able to see her girlfriend’s ass hole getting pumped by the redhead’s strap-on dick. Oh how she had loved watching Mila get butt fucked, and how she desperately wanted to taste Mila’s ass on Laura’s dildo, Natalie blushing an even deeper red than before as her eyes darted from her girlfriend’s cute ass to that yummy looking dildo, and then finally up at the woman who at least for now had conquered her conqueror, finding herself yearning to feel the cock in front of her inside her own ass. For her girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend to take her ass and fuck it hard and deep. For Laura to ass fuck her just like she’d ass fucked Mila.

With Natalie finally in position Laura called out, “What are you waiting for, suck it you dumb bitch?”

Again Natalie blushed slightly but quickly leaned her head forward so she could wrap her lips around the head of Laura’s cock and taste the deepest part of Mila’s ass. She’d kind of got used to tasting her own ass, and the asses of Kristen and Hayden, but to taste the ass of the woman who had been so effortlessly topping her for what felt like a lifetime was an experience Natalie found hard to comprehend, let alone describe, the poor girl in such a state of shock she was unaware of her own actions and anything else around her.

Luckily for her Mila’s training kicked in and Natalie bobbed her head up and down Laura’s cock, much to the delight of the three women watching her. Technically it was four, although Mila found it hard to get a good view from her current position and unlike the others she didn’t say anything. She was amused by the way her girlfriend moaned at tasting the inside of her butt, although it didn’t exactly surprise her. After all Mila had been making Natalie give her rim jobs since the beginning, and since innocent little Natalie Portman had proven to be quite the ass licker it made sense that she would love the inside just as much as the outside. Laura didn’t know that of course.

“Yeah, suck it! Suck your girlfriend’s ass off my dick!” Laura taunted both the brunettes, “Mmmmmmm yeah, suck your girlfriend’s slutty ass off my dick! Oh yeah, you love it, don’t you Natalie? Yeahhhhhhhh, Natalie Portman loves tasting Mila Kunis’s slutty little ass on my dick!”

“Can I have a taste?” Hayden interrupted, using her best puppy dog eyes as she added, “Please?”

“Well, since you asked so nicely.” Laura grinned, pulling her strap-on out of Natalie’s mouth and back up Mila’s butt, giving a few longer thrusts and then pulling it out and presenting it to Hayden.

Hayden would have been quite happy to wait for a more thorough coating of ass cream, but she was happy that Laura made sure to push that dildo as deep as it would go into Mila’s bowels with every thrust before she presented to her, and it wasn’t like Hayden was going to pass up the chance to go ass to mouth. No way, Hayden loved ass to mouth. She was a little ATM machine, which just couldn’t get enough of the taste of other girls’ asses. Sure, her own was her favourite, especially as it meant her ass hole was in the process of being stretched, something she hoped would happen again soon, but this was a great second best.

Not that it felt like second-best when she wrapped her lips around the dildo Laura had just been using to butt fuck Mila, Hayden tasting an ass she hadn’t tasted properly in what felt like years. Sure, she had given Mila plenty of rim jobs, but in Hayden’s opinion it wasn’t a proper tasting unless there was a dildo inside her mouth and the head of that dildo had ploughed the deepest depths of another girls’ rectum. And because this qualified as a proper tasting Hayden moaned in blissful happiness and suckled on the strap-on until every ounce of butt juice was gone from the head.

She then slowly lowered her lips downwards, then upwards, then downwards, then upwards, and so on, Hayden beginning to happily bob her head up and down Laura’s dick like she had done countless times before, again the only difference being that she was tasting an ass she had missed so much. Soon she was having to push the dildo down her throat to get more butt cream, Hayden feeling like even more of a slut as her throat muscles strained to accommodate the large invader which had so recently been inside Mila’s rectum.

Through it all of course Laura provided her normal commentary, “Yeahhhhhhhhh slut, suck it! Suck my cock! Take it deep into your throat! Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, suck Mila’s anal juices from that cock you little ATM whore! Fuck that’s hot.”

Hayden of course loved the verbal abuse. It just added too the perverted nature of the act she was performing, Hayden feeling like if she reached down and started rubbing herself she could maybe cum. She could certainly cum when being spit roasted, the likes of Kristen and Laura, and recently Kristen and Mila, taking it in turns to use Hayden’s ass and then stuffing it into the Nashville star’s mouth for cleaning while the other took their turn with Hayden’s butt. Unfortunately she knew there was no way Laura would let her suck on that dick long enough to rub herself to orgasm, and sure enough when Hayden got the whole thing down her throat Laura almost immediately pulled it out and shoved it back into Mila’s butt.

Kristen could see where this was going… and she really, really didn’t have a problem with it. She’d loved the taste of ass since the first time she had given a rim job, and while initially she had been hesitant to try ATM because she saw it as strictly a submissive thing she had practically become addicted to tasting the deepest part of another girl’s butt, or her own, on a dildo. In fact Laura was the one who had first taken her ass and then shoved it directly into her mouth for cleaning, Kristen’s mouth watering as she imagined tasting the deepest part of Mila’s ass for the first time in years.

Just as Kristen was considering begging for it Laura pulled her dildo form Mila’s ass hole again and this time pointed it at the formerly dominant blonde while telling her, “Your turn Kristen. Mmmmmmmmmmm yeah, get over here and suck my cock!”

Without any hesitation whatsoever Kristen quickly shuffled forwards on her knees and wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo, moaning softly as she tasted the flavour she had been craving for the last few minutes. Maybe ever since Laura announced she would be stuffing Mila’s ass again. Maybe even before that, Kristen having spent a good portion of the last week rimming Mila’s ass hole out, Kristen spending most of that time remembering all the time Mila was getting her ass fucked and Kristen got the opportunity to taste the deepest part of Mila’s butt just like this, in many cases literally as Laura had been the one to make her go ass to mouth the most, and the one to most frequently butt fuck Mila.

Of course Laura had been counting on Kristen’s predictably soft moan and capitalized on it, “Yeahhhhhhhhhh, suck that yummy ass cream off my big dick! Mmmmmmmmmmm, you love it, don’t you Kristen? Oh yeah, you always were as big an ATM slut as your girlfriend, and from now on I’m going to treat you like it! I’m going to use all of you like the ass to mouth sluts you are, constantly fuck your asses and feed them to you and each other, make sure none of you ever forget your place again. Oh, you like the sound of that Kristen? Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah you do, mmmmmmmmmm, why don’t you show me how much by taking all that cock down your little throat? Come on, take it all bitch! Take it!”

Happily obeying Kristen began bobbing her head up and down the dildo, taking more and more of it with every bob. Soon the tip of the dildo was entering her throat, Kristen fighting her gag reflex as she got used to the unnatural invasion and then started stuffing more and more of the toy cock down her gullet, eventually taking it all just like Laura ordered her. And just like Mila had taught her. To be fair it wasn’t the first time Kristen was deep throating Laura’s cock, but she’d certainly had a lot more practice with Mila so in some ways this felt like a first time.

Of course shortly after Kristen deep throated the entire length of the shaft Laura yanked it out of her mouth and shoved it back up Mila’s butt. For the next few minutes Laura went back and forth between Mila’s butt hole and one of the mouths of the ATM sluts around her, Kristen doing her best to keep up with the two girls who had always been pure bottoms. Then Mila, and Laura, just couldn’t take it anymore and Kristen got to enjoy watching the woman who had broken her getting her ass well and truly owned for the first time in years, Kristen probably enjoying the sight more than the other two because it gave her hope that Laura would give her a chance to fuck Mila’s sweet little ass again.

“Harder! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck me harder damn you!” Mila cried out in frustration, “Oooooooooooh, fuck my ass and make me cum!”

“Will you be my bitch?” Laura asked excitedly.

“Fuck no.” Mila quickly answered, “But we both know you want to fuck me hard, so just do it! Fuck me hard and make me your bitch, if you can!”

As Laura was just too horny to resist that challenge she tightened her grip on the brunette’s hips and increased the speed and force of her thrusts until the sound of her thighs slapping against Mila’s ass echoed throughout the room and those pert little cheeks jiggled against her thighs with every thrust. Then she kept speeding up, doing everything she could to eventually fuck Mila’s butt harder than ever before. Harder than she had ever fucked any hole on any woman before, Laura putting everything she had into this butt fuck, because she had too. Not just to save her own ass hole but because she physically needed Mila to be her bitch again. She wanted Hayden, Kristen and Natalie too, but she needed Mila.

She was quickly rewarded for her efforts, Mila letting out a series of deafening screams as her cum began constantly squirting out of her cunt, Laura swearing that the other girl cumming harder than ever before. It still didn’t feel like enough, and that was unacceptable, Laura trying to fuck Mila even harder but she just couldn’t. She had reached the limit, was giving Mila everything she had, had given her everything she had, humiliated her beyond belief, Hayden, Kristen and especially Mila’s girlfriend Natalie witnessing every moment of it, and Lauren still got this feeling like it wasn’t enough.

As if to confirm it Mila shot her back this happy and wicked looking grin, Laura glaring at her and again trying to fuck her ex-girlfriend even harder, but it totally backfired. See, Laura had been fighting the urge to cum for some time now, and that and her little burst of energy sent her over the edge. Well, that and Mila’s wicked little smile got Laura thinking about what it would be like to lose her anal cherry. It was something she had thought about quite a lot lately, and while normally scared her in this moment it was horrifyingly appealing, the image of Mila pumping a strap-on in and out of her ass hole being pretty much the only thing Laura could see as she finally came.

The good news was she had a powerful orgasm, one which turned her into a wild animal relentlessly sodomising her mate to once and for all prove her dominance. The bad news was that the floodgates were open and she was soon bombarded with climax after climax until she didn’t have an ounce of strength left in her body and she collapsed on top of Mila, the two girls collapsing in a sweaty heap and then gasping for breath as they struggled to recover from a truly hellacious butt fucking. For a moment Laura thought her ass hole might be safe. That she might have fail to break Mila, but she had fucked every ounce of energy out of her.

Then Mila turned her head, grinned, and asked “Is it my turn now?”

Laura let out a groan, rolled over and grumbled, “I guess… but you got to clean my cock first though.”

Even though that wasn’t strictly true Mila forced her body downwards while grinning up at her ex-girlfriend, “My pleasure.”

Shortly after those words slipped from her lips Mila slipped her lips around Laura’s cock, moaning softly to herself as she tasted the deepest part of her own ass. Normally she would savour that taste, but she was so excited Mila quickly slurped the head clean before bobbing her head up and down the upper part of the shaft just as quickly. She was a little slower when it came to deep throating, but it was still way quicker than usual, Mila spending the whole time staring up at Laura who could barely look her in the eye, even when she finished stuffing the ass flavoured strap-on down her throat.

Throughout this the usually mouthy Laura stayed silent, which wasn’t really surprising given what was about to happen must be hitting the redhead. What was surprising was that their friends stayed silent as well. Given the occasion Mila thought that at least Hayden would be running her mouth. After all, if Laura ended up winning this battle of wills and punishing all those who mocked her during her anal deflowering surely Hayden would love that punishment? Then again maybe they were all just too shocked she hadn’t broken to say, or perhaps even do, anything? That seemed to be the case when she finally glanced over at them, although Mila didn’t give it much more thought.

Mila was far too busy removing the harness from Laura’s waist, strapping it on herself and telling her rival, “Bend over Laura! It’s finally time for you to get a taste of your own medicine.”

For a few seconds Laura just stared at her, then she hung her head, turned over and lifted herself up onto all fours. Mila planned on taunting her some more, but as soon as that ass was in the air she just couldn’t resist burying her face in it. Which was no big deal, she’d given Laura rim jobs before. Lots of them. It was just, she was never preparing Laura’s ass for a cock before. Because Laura’s ass had never taken a cock before. This was the Holy Grail for someone like her. Another girl’s virgin ass hole, all hers to fuck, something Mila hadn’t had since popping Natalie Portman’s anal cherry, and that had been one of the best moments of her life. This perhaps would be even better, given who’s ass she was about to take.

Despite her excitement, and everything Laura had done to her over the years, Mila forced herself to give Laura a proper rim job. It wasn’t her longest or her most thorough, but she must’ve licked that cute little virgin hole for at least five to ten minutes, making sure it was nice and wet for what came next. When she did finally pull away from that ass Mila briefly glanced over her friends and felt guilty. Hayden and Kristen clearly wanted to be the ones rimming the redhead, especially Hayden, but Mila just didn’t have the patience to let them. She didn’t even have the patience to make Natalie rim Laura, despite how wicked the thought of making her current girlfriend lick her ex-girlfriend’s butt hole was. Oh well, there will be plenty of time later.

For now, Mila couldn’t wait to take that ass, “Laura, spread your cheeks for me. Show me that pretty little prize I’m about to fuck.”

Laura took a deep calming breath, then pressed her face to the bed sheets, reached back and spread her ass cheeks in the exact same way she had made so many women do, but especially Hayden, Kristen and Mila. Somehow she had convinced herself it wouldn’t come to this, that she would break Mila and have all her bitches back plus one magnificent edition. But she had dismally failed, and while part of her wanted to run screaming a deal was a deal, and the only way she could really get what she wanted was to survive the humiliation of being robbed of her anal cherry so she could have a turn topping Mila again, and this time do what she came here to do and make Mila her bitch.

Unfortunately for her Mila couldn’t just get it over with. Oh no, Mila had to slide the tip of her dildo up and down Laura’s ass crack for several long seconds, and then when she did finally pressed the fake cock against her virgin ass hole Mila paused before slowly stretching Laura’s anal ring. Despite herself Laura couldn’t resist letting out a pathetic whimper as her back hole began opening for its first and hopefully last invasion, the pain like nothing she’d ever experienced before. And when her virgin butt hole stretched wide enough to allow Mila’s strap-on to pass through it and into her butt, meaning that her former bitch had officially popped her anal cherry, Laura let out a pitiful cry of anguish.

She also let go of her ass cheeks to grab the bed sheets, a rookie move which earned her a few slaps to her ass from Mila followed by, “Oh God, I can’t believe I finally got your cherry. Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmm, I finally got your anal cherry, and I want to enjoy it. Come on Laura, spread those cheeks. I want a perfect view of my dick stretching your virgin hole.”

Gritting her teeth Laura did as she was told and desperately tried not to let out anymore sounds as Mila slowly stuffed her ass full of strap-on dildo. Even though it was kind of torturous as she had to dwell on the fact that inch after inch of girl cock was disappearing into her now formally virgin ass hole Laura was glad that Mila went slowly, because she couldn’t imagine what agony she would be in if Mila had slammed that monster up her ass.

Not that the pain was quite as bad as she had imagined it to be, Laura even feeling a disturbing amount of pleasure from getting her ass penetrated and stuffed with dildo. Mostly it was just pure submission after years of exclusively dominating other women, a feeling which was only strengthened by the fact that she was doing this in front of an audience, one of them being Hayden Panettiere who she’d probably sodomised more than anyone else and the fact that the woman doing this to her was her first ever bitch. As pain slowly turned to pleasure Laura tried to focus on her first time with Mila, of popping her anal cherry, making Mila her bitch and then using her as such for years, of the butt fucking she had just given her, but as the seconds ticked by Laura became more and more overwhelmed with the pleasure of the ultimate submission.

Natalie watched in stunned silence, unsure what to think. She’d just gone from watching Mila getting butt fucked to fucking Laura’s butt, and she was unsure which one she found hotter. Probably the latter as she felt bizarrely proud of her girlfriend for at least partly achieving her goal, Mila making it very clear she wanted Laura’s ass even if she could never quite convince the redhead to become her bitch. Natalie even felt bizarrely proud that her girlfriend was such a butt buster that she had turned the tables on her former top, Natalie briefly wondering if she could do the same thing and quickly dismissing it. She was happy as Mila’s bitch, and besides Natalie was pretty sure she was a natural bottom.

As if she could read her thoughts and wanted to further prove this Mila suddenly pulled her cock out of Laura’s butt and asked, “So, who wants to taste Laura’s ass juice?”

“Oh me, me, me! I do!” Hayden eagerly replied.

“Me too.” Kristen said.

Before either blonde could elaborate Natalie quickly shuffled forwards and wrapped her lips around the head of Mila’s dildo, moaning loudly as she tasted her fourth ass, not including her own. To her shame the moan wasn’t fake or exaggerated, the proud Oscar winner greedily sucking every drop of anal cream off the head of the cock in a matter of seconds and then beginning to bob her head up and down while the blondes simultaneously let out sounds of disappointment.

Mila followed up with a chuckle of, “Well, looks like we have a winner.”

“No fair.” Hayden huffed.

“You should have been quicker.” Mila shrugged as she reached down to stroke Natalie’s hair.

Feeling the gentle touch Natalie opened her eyes and stared lovingly up at the girl who had turned her into such a perverted little freak. Wanting to make the other girl proud Natalie pushed herself to continue down the cock until the head entered her throat. Then she went even lower, inch after inch of dildo sliding down her windpipe, causing her to choke and gag, but she didn’t stop until her lips were wrapped around the base and she was deep throating the entire length of the strap-on. Then she bobbed her head up and down again, greedily sucking every drop of Laura’s ass juice off that cock as her girlfriend praised her for it.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh Natalie, suck that dick! Mmmmmmmmm, suck it clean of all of Laura’s nasty butt cream you perverted little bitch! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, I just love watching my current girlfriend suck the ass cream of my ex-girlfriend off my strap-on cock! Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, that’s so hot! Natalie Portman looks so good with a cock in her mouth, and Laura Prepon looks really, really good with a gaping ass hole. What’s that Laura? You want your ass filled with dildo again? Well… I guess that would be okay, now Natalie has cleaned your slutty ass off my cock. So here, take it like the bitch you are!” Mila taunted, pulling her strap-on out of Natalie’s mouth and shoving it back into Laura’s butt hole.

Of course Laura hadn’t said a word, but she didn’t exactly complain when the dildo was returned to her back passage. In fact the cry she let out was mostly of pleasure, Natalie and the two submissive blondes watching with jealousy as Mila slowly pushed the fake cock all the way back inside Laura’s butt and then restarted the sodomy. While this was going on Hayden shuffled forwards, not even trying to be subtle about what she was doing. Not that Natalie had a problem with it. She’d had her turn, and it was only fair someone else did, so she moved back slightly so Hayden could get her turn but not so far that she wouldn’t get a good look at it.

While Hayden was eager for her turn she also just wanted a better look at Mila butt fucking Laura. She was fascinated with butt sex, and while she normally preferred being on the receiving end this was truly captivating. After all she had been butt fucked by a lot of women, however only a handful of those women were pure tops. Even the likes of Mila, who Hayden had begun believing was a pure top until she bent over again for Laura she had seen initially bottom, and while it was rare for a bottom to become a top she’d almost never seen a top become a bottom… or at least get ass fucked in this case. In fact, there was only one time she had seen this happen, and this was even more fascinating as the woman getting sodomised was Laura Prepon, someone who had fucked her little butt almost as much as Kristen.

Interrupting Hayden’s thoughts Mila turned to the blonde and asked, “Hayden, getting a closer look at my dick owning Laura’s ass? Or were you hoping to get a taste of the deepest part of my new bitch’s butt?”

“I’m not your bitch.” Laura moaned.

“Not yet.” Mila laughed, smacking her ex-girlfriend’s ass before turning her attention back to her friend, “Well, which is it Hayden?”

“Both.” Hayden grinned.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Mila grinned back, giving an extra thrust before asking, “So are you going to beg for it like a good girl?”

“Uh-huh.” Hayden nodded enthusiastically, “I’ll beg you like a good girl, because I’m your good girl. I’m your good little slut who will do anything for you Mila, because unlike you and Laura I’ve always been a total bottom who loves doing submissive things for you. Please, please, please let me suck Laura’s ass off your cock. Taste the deepest part of Laura’s butt like the perverted little ass to mouth slut I am! Please? You know, I’m the biggest ATM whore in this room, if not the world, so please give me what I want. Please? Please, please, please give it to me! I want it so badly I can practically taste it already.”

Briefly glancing at her other bitches Mila smirk, “Well, if there are no objections?”

There was a brief pause, Hayden confident that her girlfriend Kristen would let her have this and dear sweet Natalie would be just too embarrassed to admit she wanted another turn. Sure enough, neither of them said anything and Mila was soon pulling her strap-on out of Laura’s ass and pressing it against Hayden’s lips. The Nashville star was of course only too happy to part those lips and wrap them around the ass flavoured cock, Hayden moaning shamelessly as she received the honour of being the second girl among her little group of friends to taste the deepest part of Laura Prepon’s bowels.

Hayden hadn’t moved closer for this honour, at least not consciously, but she was so glad she did, Hayden feeling like she could cum just from sucking the deepest part of Laura Prepon’s butt off of a strap-on dildo. Or perhaps she just touched herself a bit. But no, she had to be good little cock sucker and concentrate all her efforts onto cleaning the dildo. Of course she spent a couple of minutes sucking the head of the dick clean so she could savour the flavour of the deepest part of the redhead’s ass, however after that she was bobbing her head up and down at a slow but steady pace, soon pushing the strap-on into her throat.

Being an expert on deep throating Hayden took every single inch of that cock into her windpipe almost without gagging, and after she had done her party trick and swallowed the strap-on like the kind of sword-swallower you find in the circus Hayden looked up and smiled at Mila. Mlia returned the wicked smile, and started talking dirty again, although Hayden didn’t really catch any of it as she was too busy bobbing her head up and down the full length of the brunette’s dildo. Then all of a sudden there was pressure on the back of her head, and while she whimpered and resisted at first Hayden eventually relaxed and allowed Mila to pull her off that cock.

“I said that’s enough you greedy bitch!” Mila exclaimed as she pulled her cock completely out of Hayden’s mouth, “I want some more of Laura’s sweet ass!”

With that Mila slammed her strap-on back inside Laura’s ‘sweet ass’, making the redhead squeal as she was once again roughly ass fucked. Not that Kristen knew whether Laura’s ass was sweet or not, but she certainly hoped she would find out. She had loved the semi-regular butt fuckings she’d received, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t want to give that exquisite mixture of pleasure and humiliation back to Laura, Kristen unable to stop picturing herself kneeling behind Laura and fucking her up the ass. Which of course was a frequent fantasy, but one she never thought she’d fulfill until now.

Sadly Kristen guessed she wouldn’t get the chance tonight, but that was okay, because the door was wide open for her to get it. Laura’s back door was wide open too, Kristen smiling at the bad joke which was proving to be very true, as initial squeals of pain dissolved into moans, whimpers and cries of pure pleasure. Then all of a sudden Mila pulled out again, although by that time Kristen had already crawled into position besides her girlfriend, accurately guessing what Mila would want next.

“Your turn Kristen!” Mila grinned as she pressed her strap-on against Kristen’s lips, “Oh yeah, wrap your lips around that big cock and taste Laura’s ass! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, suck it slut! Ooooooooooh yes, suck my butt flavoured dick you nasty little whore! Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, that’s so hot! Mmmmmmmmmmmm, good little slut.”

Kristen had of course wasted no time in obeying, wrapping her lips around the head of the dildo the moment Mila told her to and then gently suckling it for almost a full minute so she could savour tasting the deepest part of Laura’s butt. It wasn’t as fun as fucking Laura’s butt would be, but hopefully she would get the chance. Or if Laura wins this battle of wills hopefully she’ll get the chance to butt fuck Mila. Either way Kristen would get revenge on someone who sent her down the path of submission, and while part of her love that submission another part of her was itching to top again.

Putting those thoughts out of her mind and concentrating on the task at hand Kristen began bobbing her head up and down Mila’s cock, at first just concentrating on the first half, and then when that was thoroughly cleaned the blonde started bobbing lower. She wasn’t quite as good as Hayden, not yet, but Lauren had trained her well and after a few weeks of exclusively bottoming for Mila it was almost easy for Kristen to take every single inch of the dominant girl’s cock down her throat. Then, once the dildo was thoroughly cleaned, Mila mercifully removed her strap-on from Kristen’s windpipe. Before Kristen had even stopped gagging that dildo was already up Laura’s ass, Kristen grateful that her girlfriend was given the next shot at cleaning duty.

Over and over Mila made the three submissive bitches go ass to mouth, until finally Laura could take no more, “Fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum you bitch! I made you cum, it’s only fair!”

“Yeah, you did.” Mila admitted, before pointing out, “But what will you do for me for that privilege?”

There was a long pause and then Laura offered, “I’ll go ass to mouth.”

Mila smiled, “You mean-”

“I mean I’ll suck your cock right after it’s been up my butt.” Laura whimpered, “I’ll act all submissive for you, I’ll even scream your name as I cum. Anything as long as it doesn’t involve me fully submitting to you.”

Mila thought about this for a long moment and then said, “Deal, but only if you say you’re my bitch. Just once. You don’t have to mean it, and it won’t mean anything. I just want to hear those words come out of your mouth.”

There was another long pause and then Laura softly whimpered, “I’m your bitch.”

Mila allowed a few minutes for Laura to wallow in that humiliation, then she finally increased the pace, slowly at first but soon the sound of her thighs smacking against Laura’s ass cheeks echoed throughout the room, as did the squeals of pleasure from her former top. The former top she was soon butt fucking with every ounce of her strength, Mila at first giggling with glee as the usually so dominant Laura squealed in pleasure from being butt fucked, and then she became deadly serious as she tried to ruin Laura’s rectum. The exact same way Laura used to ruin hers, Mila determined not to stop until Laura would be gaping and aching back there for a week.

Actually Mila was pretty confident she’d already achieved that goal given how towards the end of the ATM session with her bitches Laura’s ass hole had remained gaping wide open, but it didn’t hurt to make sure. Well, it didn’t hurt her, and in truth it wouldn’t be unbearable pain for Laura. Just a little reminder she had got her ass owned by her former bitch, and hopefully current top, Laura blushing every time she had to sit down or take a shit as her sore and open back hole reminded her that she had finally been given a taste of her own medicine. That one of her victims had finally turned the tables on her, and given her what she deserved.

Mila wasn’t the only one who thought that, Kristen crying out, “Take it Laura! Take it up your ass! Mmmmmmmmm, take it up your ass and cum like a little bitch! Cum while getting a taste of your own medicine bitch!”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, take it!” Hayden agreed, mostly trying to ensure brownie point if Mila win and an ass destroying if Laura won, “Oooooooooh yeah, it feels good, doesn’t it Laura? Mmmmmmmmm, maybe now you’ll finally understand why me and Kristen love it up the ass so much. Oh yeah baby, you look so cute with a cock up your ass, oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Go for it sweetie.” Natalie nervously piped up, “Destroy that ass! Destroy it! Destroy your ex-girlfriend’s ass and make her your bitch!”

Throughout all this humiliation Laura didn’t seem to respond with words, but with screams of pure pleasure, the other girl clearly too far gone to offer any response. Mila was also almost just as far gone as she observed the other girl cumming, several times from the amount of liquid which she could just see squirting out of her former co-worker’s cunt. However she couldn’t be sure because a combination of the other girls finally standing up to Laura, the constant pressure against her clit thanks to the stimulator in the harness and the sheer joy of finally being able to fuck her former top up the butt caused Mila to have several powerful climaxes of her own.

That first one turned her into a mindless animal pounding into her submissive mate, the climaxes that followed it making sure Mila stayed in that state for several long minutes, which felt like hours. Through it all her bitches continued to taunt Laura, both former stars of That 70′s Show continuing to cum, and best of all the arrogant now maybe former top relentlessly slammed her own ass back against Mila to make sure that the rectum wrecking was as hard and deep as possible. Then, who knows how many minutes/orgasms later, the two girls collapsed in a sweaty heap, Mila continuing to lazily pump Laura’s butt as they both came down from their highs.

There was a long silence and then Laura asked, “Is it my turn now?”

Mila pouted in disappointment. She had so wanted to break Laura, and even though she had given her everything she had and had come oh so close she had failed. Also, and perhaps more importantly, Mila wasn’t sure she could take another ass fucking without becoming Laura’s bitch again. Fuck, she wasn’t sure her ass could take another fucking, her back hole and back passage so sore and stretched she momentarily contemplated giving in, just so she wouldn’t have to take another butt banging. Then again, she had one more humiliation to dish out, and while it was unlikely it was possible that Laura would submit just to avoid the humiliation of tasting her own ass.

So Mila’s reply was, “Sure. Just as soon as you’ve cleaned my cock!”

With that Mila quickly yanked her dildo out of Laura’s butt and moved back slightly so the other girls could get a good look at her handiwork. It was certainly something she was never going to forget. Because sure, she’d seen wider gapes, but this was the first time Laura Prepon’s ass hole was ever gaping open from an ass fucking, which made this special. Then, just as Mila was considering ordering Laura to spread her cheeks first the redhead looked round at her nervously, giving Mila a glimmer of hope that her ex-girlfriend was going to completely submit to her, either to avoid the ATM or because she genuinely wanted to be her bitch.

Alas it was not to be, Laura slowly turning around, kneeling in front of Mila and then after a brief hesitation quickly opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the dildo which had been used to pop her anal cherry. Then there was another brief hesitation, before Laura started sucking the strap-on, specifically the part which had just hammered the deepest part of her ass. She even seemed to get into it, which was not surprising. She’d given everybody except Natalie a rim job at some point, and considering she was the one who had first suggested Mila go ass to mouth all those years ago it wasn’t that surprising she was just as much of an perverted ATM slut as the rest of them.

Unlike before Natalie, Kristen and even Hayden remain silent, obviously afraid what was going to happen in a few seconds when Laura took control again. Mila also stays silent, but not because she was afraid. She was just enjoying this amazing sight while it lasted, and silently contemplated on what to do next. She wasn’t sure her ass could take another fucking, but watching this sight she never thought she’d see reinvigorated her enough to want to try. She certainly didn’t want to give in. No, she wanted a fight to the bitter end, and from the look Laura was giving her now she could tell her ex felt the same way.

Laura was unable to deep throat the entire strap-on, but she did thoroughly lick the lower half, and when every drop of her yummy ass cream was gone the redhead straightened up, looked Mila in the eyes and ordered, “Bend over bitch! It’s my turn now, and I’m going to finish the job I started earlier and turn you into the pure bottom you really are.”

“We’ll see.” Mila smirked, before turning around and bending over.

As Laura took the harness off of Mila, strapped it around her waist and shoved her newly acquired cock up the other girl’s ass again Kristen leaned in and whispered to Hayden, “We’re going to be here all night.”

“I know, isn’t it great?” Hayden grinned as the dildo quickly slid all the way into Mila’s loosened butt.

“It should be quite a show.” Natalie murmured as she watched Laura officially starting to butt fuck Mila for the second of many times that night.

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