Gena Lee Nolin Vs jenny McCarthy

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Gena Lee Nolin vs. Jenny MacCarthy

INT: Jenny MacCarthy is here in her tryout for the Baywatch cast, but
first she has to take on and beat a current cast member. In a random
drawing right before the match, Jenny drew the name of Gena Lee Nolin.
Here watching the war between these two powerful blondes are former
baywatch costars Pam Anderson and Nicole Eggert. Ladies, how do you
think this matchup will go?

Pam: Jenny has an incredible temper. I had a few minor run ins with
her at the Playboy mansion. She can both wrestle and just plain old
beat you up. She’s equally comfortable wrestling, catfighting or

INT: Do you think she favors any one style and how do you think it
will affect the outcome of this

PA: Brawling first. Wrestling second. I think she’ll have a tough
time wearing down a bigger girl like Gena Lee.

INT: Nicole?

Nicole: I have worked with Nolin, and she’s a tough one. I’ve seen
her take horrible beatings and end up the winner. As to a style, I
think she really likes to draw matches out, and let her height and
weight advantages work in her favor. Look for a lot of submission
holds, especially a smother submission, if Gena’s going to win.

Both young ladies arrive ringside simultaneously, albeit from different
sides of the ring. Both girls wear the Red Baywatch one piece
swimsuits, but have mutually agreed that only the winner will be allowed
to leave the ring wearing hers. Nolin, taller by a full head than
MacCarthy, climbs through the ropes first, her skintight suit barely
able to contain her large breasts. Legs, thin and a mile long, lead
from her red wrestling boots to her firm backside, showing off the hours
she has spent running the beaches of Los Angeles in preparation for this
season’s shooting. Long blonde hair common to most of Baywatch’s stars
hangs shoulder length. MacCarthy is the second into the ring, the top of
her red swimsuit also bursting at the seams. Unlike Nolin’s long
skinny legs, MacCarthy seems to have added a little muscle to her frame,
as some light definition shows in her biceps, legs, and butt. Her suit
rides her high on the hips, showing off her strong legs and powerful
butt. Nolin quietly points across the ring, snickering at MacCarthy’s
“Silicone Assisted” cleavage, calling her a Silicone Beach Bimbo.
MacCarthy stares across the ring, eagerly awaiting the ring of the bell.

MacCarthy slow lowers her top, revealing two large, completely tanned
breasts, crowned with two small, dark nipples, standing at attention,
brownish in color. Keeping her eyes on Nolin across the ring, she
cautiously steps out of her tight swimsuit, peeling it over her butt and
down her muscular legs. Wide powerful hips and a large firm butt, all
completely tanned are exposed, as MacCarthy steps forward, handing her
prized Baywatch suit to the referee. Jenny, too, has chosen red
wrestling style boots, laced up to the middle of her shins,
and also sports light elbow pads and knee pads. Nolin, following suit,
lowers her top, revealing two absolutely pendulous breasts, crisscrossed
with the tan lines of a string bikini. Her nipples, easily the size of
silver dollars, and rise and swell, expanding as they are exposed to the
warm humid night and wildly cheering crowd. Beads of sweat are already
starting to roll down the valley of her back as she bends down, sliding
the one piece over her trim hips and firm buttocks.

With Nolin looking away, MacCarthy chooses to attack from behind.
Tossing her suit to the official, who wisely evacuates the ring seeing
the fire in MacCarthy’s eyes, Jenny bull rushes the taller blonde,
bashing her into the corner. MacCarthy crushes Nolin into the buckles,
taking a handful of long blonde hair and repeatedly smashing her face
first into the lightly padded steel corners. Turning her busty opponent
around, MacCarthy is unable to resist delivering a huge titty smash with
her forearm and elbow followed by a few rabbit punches to the huge
mammaries. Cradling her large breasts, Nolin tries to turn away, but
MacCarthy brusquely turns her back around, pinching Nolin’s endless
nipples and squeezing her copious mammaries in a preview of the
punishment yet to come.

Bored of mauling Nolin’s huge assets, MacCarthy bends at the waist,
cornering Nolin with her back against the buckles and begins pounding
her shoulder into Gena Lee’s lower abdomin, driving the wind out of her
taller opponent. Jenny takes her time, slowly drawing back before
driving another well aimed blow into Gena’s breadbasket. MacCarthy
seems to enjoy flouting her well shaped ass to the crowd, and listening
to Gena’s agonized grunts as she punishes her breasts and midsection.
Each crashing shoulder block catches Nolin a little lower, as MacCarthy
expertly pounds Gena’s firm belly and then works her way down to the
ovaries. Still bent over, Jen reaches down and grabs Gena Lee’s famous
Baywatch swimsuit, still wrapped around her ankles. Hauling back,
MacCarthy pulls Nolin’s feet out from under her, sending her crashing
to the mat. Lying helplessly, flat on her bruised butt, Genav cradles
her injured belly. She doesn’t even resist as Jenny strips away her
red swimsuit, but screams in agony as MacCarthy follows on with a wicked
bush busting stomp to her bare groin.

Gena is dragged to the center of the canvas by her ankles, moaning all
the way. MacCarthy sets up Nolin for a pile driver, pulling her up to
her feet by the hair, then wedging her opponent’s head between her
legs. Jenny reaches down, grasping Nolin’s nude waist in an attempt to
heft her up in the brainbusting piledriver. Nolin is still strong
enough to resist the the move thhough, not allowing herself to be
hoisted up. Frustrated, Jenny instead reaches down and begins working
Gena Lee’s huge nipples between her forefinger and thumbs. With howls
of pain, Nolin grasps MacCarthy’s wrists, trying to pry her hands away
from her busom, but MacCarthy is a machine as she expertly grinds
Nolin’s swollen nipples. With Gena breasts sufficiently tenderized,
Jenny reaches even further down Gena’s abdomin, hooking her waist,
hoisting her up, and then crashing to the mat in a picture perfect

Sitting up with a dazed look in her eyes, Gena quickly collapses back
to the mat in a slump of sweaty flesh. Jenny takes advantage of her
quick, if somewhat underhanded start, and quickly whips the statuesque
lifeguard dragging into a figure four leg lock, nearly snapping Gena
Lee’s long legs. Jenny sits up, only to fall backward, thereby
increasing the pressure on Nolin’s knee, shin and ankle. Arching her
back in unrestrained torment, Nolin lets out a bellowing screech of
pain. Gena tries to sit up and free herself from the tortuous leglock,
pulling at Jen’s shins and boots, but to no avail. Jenny rolls back
again, sending Gena Lee into pained convulsions on the mat, flopping and
suffering. Jenny sits up once again, staring Nolin in the eye before
dropping back. Gena nearly passes out at the pain shoots up her leg and
all the way into her lower back
and butt. After a few more tries at breaking Gena Lee’s leg, MacCarthy
gives up on the figure four with a look of undisguised disgust.

Jenny quickly rises, casually watching with a self satisfied smirk as
Gena struggles to her feet, clutching the ropes to support her damaged
leg. After allowing Gena to almost reach her feet, Jenny unleashes a
wide sweeping kick, catching Nolin in the back of the knee, and sending
her crashing back to the mat, flat on her ass. Gena rolls helplessly
across the canvas, clutching her ruined leg. Jenny, struts over to Gena
Lee’s shattered body, and taking a handful of her hair, yanks her
opponent to her feet. Sending the cripple to the ropes, Jenny bends
over preparing to flip Gena into orbit with a back body drop.

Gena struggles to the ropes, limping all the way on her twisted knee,
slowly bounces off, and reverses direction, heading back toward Jenny.
Nolin finds Jenny waiting for her, bent over, her
head down, completely defensless. Nolin slows, and falls forward,
driving the point of her elbow into the base of Jenny’s neck. MacCarthy
goes down in a soundless heap. Realizing her good fortune, Gena rubs
her opponent’s face back and forth on the rough canvas, burning her
eyes and nose. Nolin once again, barely struggles to her feet, this
time grabbing Jenny’s hair, and jamming her head between her thighs.
MacCarthy, surprised to find herself in a very compromising position,
fights to get out from between Gena’s standing head scissors. Jenny
grunts painfully as Nolin delivers a few well placed kidney punches,
then screams in fear as Gena preps her for a piledriver.

Gena smiles for the first time as she picks up the buxom blonde,
suspending her upside down for a split second before falling to the mat,
driving all of her weight onto Jenny’s skull and neck. MacCarthy sits up
from the piledriver as she pops out from between Gena’s thighs, a
glazed look in her eyes, then flops back to the mat, limp as rag doll.
Gena painfully climbs to her feet again, drags Jenny up, and delivers
another perfect piledriver.

With MacCarthy out like a light, Gena rolls the Playboy girl over onto
her back and straddles her, pinning Jenny’s hands to the high over her
head. Just as MacCarthy’s eyes flutter open, as she tries to clear the
cobwebs, Jenny’s world again goes dark, as something soft, warm and wet
covers her face. Stuggling for a breath, panic sets in and MacCarthy
squirms wildly, but to no avail. The dark clouds of unconsciousness
again begin to settle in as suffocation takes its toll on the 24 year

Gena leans back, smiling broadly, drawing her huge breasts off of
Jenny’s face, allowing her to catch a sinlge breath of air, before
wedging Jenny’s face back into her cavernous cleavage smother. Gena
relents a little, allowing Jenny to breathe aagin after a few moments.
As Jenny comes back to life, Gena leans forward a little and asks her if
she is ready to give. MacCarthy
mumbles an answer audible only to Gena, who immediately drops her
breasts back into Jenny’s face for a full minute. Drawing her sweaty
tits back again, Gena again asks MacCarthy if she is
ready to give. Jenny nods her head, clearly indicating that she
submits to Nolin’s breast smother, but Gena drops them rigth back into
MacCarthy’s face anyhow, smothering out a scream.
As Gena leans back for a third time, she spits into MacCarthy’s face,
yelling, “Kiss them! Kiss my tits!” MacCarthy hesistates, and is again
titty smothered for a few seconds. Gena leans back again, and
MacCarthy, seeing the crazed look in Gena’s eyes, wisely presses her
lips against Nolin’s huge dripping nipple. Twisting her shoulder, Gena
screams, “The other!” Jenny leans forwward and presses her lips against
Gena’s other tip before falling back in utter exhaustion.

Nolin slowly gets up, her body creaking and her knee still wracked with
pain. Walking slowly to the corner where both Baywatch swimsuits are
draped, she takes both and walks back to MacCarthy. Dumping one of the
suits on MacCarthy’s who is now sobbing in humiliation, Gena
snidely tells her, “This one won’t fit me anyhow. Too small in the
chest and too wide in the ass!”

Gena confidently limps to the ropes leaves the winner.

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