The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Four

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Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Four

Author: KMB

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale

Codes: FF, oral, anal, rim, toys, spank, bondage

Summary: While Taylor brings a friendship to a new level, an unexpected guest thrills Britney and Jennifer takes a fateful step that someone else makes even worse.

Well Christmas has come and gone but the party is still going strong in Malibu. In fact, let’s face it the way I write, the girls will still be celebrating Christmas by the time we reach Arbor Day.

But timing is not important, lots and lots of hot lesbian celebrity sex is and that’s just what’s on the horizon as the Christmas party that was supposed to sweet and innocent and in the spirit of the season is destined to be anything but.

So what have we missed so far? Well there have been many, many shenanigans but it’s all been preamble to the party to come. Sarah accidently sent Love’s party invitation out to way more people than she had intended and the mansion is packed with gorgeous women, some of whom are eager to rip their clothes off and others who have no idea what’s going to happen.

Taylor Swift has found her budding lesbian desire blooming into something so much more but what happens when her friend Emma Stone finds her at the mansion? And what about Sarah who got a chance to taste Jennifer Lawrence’s delicious pussy for the first time, leaving them both starving for more. They’re all having a wonderful night but so is Stacy Keibler who got two of the hottest WWE Divas (or by now ex-Divas but hey real life does not always cooperate with Harem) to confess they wanted to be more than friends. And now AJ and Kaitlyn are eagerly fucking and enjoying Stacy’s attentions too.

But so much of this was seen by a mysterious person who saw way more than she had expected to see when she arrived at the mansion. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg because this party can only get hotter and naughtier from here. The spirit of the season is going to take a whole new meaning because by tomorrow morning the mansion will be trashed and Christmas will be ruined. Or maybe it will be made better. You’re going to have to read on.

This is part four now and really I have no idea how many parts this damn thing will be. So let’s just strap ourselves in and enjoy the ride. Please review the first three parts if you haven’t yet but if you just want to dive into part four then go for it. I really can’t stop you.

But before you read, there are a few things to say.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at [email protected].

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. There are a lot of chapters to come in a smaller and more easily digestible form. I don’t even know how many chapters there are going to be but rest assured they will all lead to a party the likes of which you will never forget.

And now Merry Christmas from the lovely ladies of the mansion. Won’t you join them for a very festive holiday celebration?

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Four


Meanwhile, as the party raged, two women found themselves looking for solitude, or at least somewhere where they could be more alone.

The party was getting really crowded and both knew that a packed room was hardly the time or place to have the kind of conversation they knew they needed to have. It wasn’t like this was something they could ignore and pick up again another day when it was more convenient. They had to talk about this now. What they had just learned about each other had to be addressed.

Fortunately, in a place like the mansion, even when it was packed with people, there was always a quiet place somewhere in the vast home. You just had to look for it. But since it was the first trip there for both of them and neither of them knew the place at all, it took them a lot of wandering around to find it

But eventually they found a place. It looked like the mansion’s game room with a billiard table as well as a pretty impressive video game set up that made both of them instantly wonder who amongst the residents here were actually hardcore gamers. Maybe being lesbians wasn’t their only secret.

But they didn’t get distracted by that or by the amazing view they had from the room. It took a lot to not focus on the night sky through the large windows that overlooked the mighty Pacific Ocean. But this was important enough that no view could compare with what both women knew they had to say.

However, even though they knew they had to say something, finding the right words wasn’t exactly easy.

“So…” Emma Stone said finally, breaking the increasingly awkward silence that had come along with them as they had entered the empty room.

“So…” Taylor Swift replied, not knowing what to say either.

She felt embarrassed and exposed and so nervous about this. What had been a private thrill for her now felt like it had been broadcast to people she cared about and therefore people Taylor didn’t want knowing her most intimate secrets.

The two friends stared at each other for a few more moments without saying another word. Emma felt the same way Taylor had. She felt like something private had been revealed and that made her feel guilty over her own actions even though she knew she hadn’t done anything wrong…well except for totally cheating on her boyfriend that was.

Neither girl spoke again until the silence and awkwardness became too much to bear and Emma cracked.

“So….I guess you know about me,” Emma said

“Know what?” Taylor said with a shrug, thinking that maybe if she played coy and didn’t admit what was so obvious they could somehow get through this without any more embarrassment and, more importantly, without there being any strain on their friendship. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Emma sighed in frustration when she heard that. She recognized what Taylor was trying to do and she understood why she was trying to do it. She’d actually considered just acting like they didn’t know what they now knew about each other but she knew that was never going to work.

There were some revelations that were just too big to pretend like they hadn’t happened and this was definitely one of them. As much as she wanted to try and gloss over this and act like it wasn’t a big deal, there was no way they could and Emma recognized that even if Taylor couldn’t admit it.

“Look you don’t have to pretend,” Emma said. “I know you heard what I said to everyone.”

Taylor didn’t reply. She just blushed and looked down at her shoes. She certainly hadn’t meant to snoop. But she’d actually been talking to Scarlett, Natalie, Kirsten, Eliza and Hayden before Emma had come along. She’d dove behind a nearby couch like a coward, though, when she’d seen Emma approaching, because she’d wanted to avoid a situation like this.

Taylor hadn’t wanted her friend to know what she was into and she’d been shocked to hear that Emma was into it too. This was just the kind of embarrassment and awkwardness she’d been trying to avoid but now it had found her and made her question if she’d made the right decision by following her desires here.

“I…I…don’t know what to say,” Taylor finally admitted. “I feel so stupid. I can’t believe I tried to hide like that. I must have looked like a total idiot.”

“Maybe only half an idiot,” Emma replied, trying to diffuse the situation with a little humor. “You did look kind of funny on the floor like that. Why’d you hide though?”

At least to that question, Taylor had the answer and it had the extra benefit of being true.

“I didn’t want you to know I was there,” Taylor said. “I didn’t want you to know I liked…all that.”

Taylor recognized that the “all that” she was referring to didn’t need to be said. She had heard everything Emma had said. She knew what the implications of the conversation were and what it meant about Emma that she was there.

It had been the last thing in the world she had ever expected to find out about her friend and Taylor was sure that Emma felt the same way now that she knew she wasn’t really the good girl she always seemed to be. If she had been able to crawl out of the party without Emma ever seeing her, Taylor would have done that. But there hadn’t been an easy escape route for her.

“Well…I mean it’s pretty obvious I like it too,” Emma offered, stating what was already clear. “You don’t have to be embarrassed and you don’t have to hide. It’s not like I thought you were a virgin or anything Taylor and I know you never thought that about me. So we don’t have to pretend. If you like I girls, it’s okay.”

“I don’t,” Taylor immediately insisted, the words reflexively shooting out of her mouth. “I mean I do…but…I’m not a lesbian. I still like guys! I’m not gay!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, relax,” Emma assured her. “I’m not judging you Taylor. After all it’s not like I’m going to pretend the only reason I’m here is my car broke down outside. They invited me here. Because…”

Emma might have been acting like the calm, confident one but that was only on the outside. Inside she was sweating big time. She didn’t know what to say to Taylor. She had never expected to find one of her friends here, especially this friend. Never in a million years could Emma picture someone like Taylor Swift doing the kind of things she had done in the porno shop with women like Sasha.

Hell Emma still couldn’t believe she’d done it and the idea of Taylor being with another girl seemed even more insane. She might not have been letting it on, but this was super awkward for her and this kind of conversation was exactly what she has been hoping to avoid ever having.

This was still new to her. She’d only started putting her fantasies to actions a mere day ago and here she was at what she had been told was celebrity lesbian central. To find Taylor there made her question everything, especially about her friend.

She had known that Taylor’s goody-goody routine was part marketing but, at the same time, there was an awful lot of truth to the legend and she just couldn’t picture Taylor being with a woman. To find her hiding behind the couch had been shocking the say the least and Emma certainly identified with Taylor’s wish to find a hole to crawl into.

So Emma didn’t spell out what she had done to earn an invitation to this party. She knew that didn’t need to be said, especially after what Taylor had overheard.

“Yeah…” Taylor replied shyly. “Ummm…I mean I guess I’m not really straight anymore either. At least not like I used to be. I’ve been thinking…you know…maybe I’d really wanted it the whole time and had been scared to admit it. I still can’t believe I’m here or that I’ve done what I’ve done but…”

“You really liked it, huh?” Emma interjected, speaking from her own experience.

Taylor thought about saying no. She thought about telling Emma that she hadn’t liked it the first time she’d been with these amazing women…or the second time. She thought about telling her that she was only here to ask for directions to church. She the thought about lying through her perfect teeth. But she didn’t. Instead she confessed the truth.

“Yeah…” Taylor said with a bit of hesitance in her voice, but also a smile forming at her lips as she couldn’t help but think back to just a few hours ago when she’d been in the kitchen with her new friends being very naughty. “Umm…I guess you’re here because you liked it too, huh?”

“You could say that,” Emma coyly replied, a smile tugging at her mouth too. “It’s kind of hard to resist it, isn’t it?”

“Oh my God! Totally!” Taylor confessed, feeling her nerves starting to fade and instead be replaced by something different.

She felt an excitement, not necessarily the same kind she had felt in the kitchen with Hayden, Love, Jewel and Alyssa, but the kind that came with being able to talk about your most secretive feelings because they knew exactly what you were going through.

“When I’m not doing it it’s all I can think about!” Taylor said. “Once you feel it, it’s like…like…”

“You’re addicted?” Emma suggested, getting Taylor to nod her head in response. “I know what you mean. Oh my God, Taylor, it’s all I’ve been thinking about all day. It’s only been like a day since I first did it but it’s like your whole life changes. I’ve been thinking about girls all day today! I couldn’t wait to get here! I just never expected to find you here.”

And with that they were back to the heart of the matter. It wasn’t just that they both had enjoyed lesbian experiences. It was that they both now knew about each other’s most intimate secret.

“Yeah…I can say that about you too…” Taylor said. “Does Andrew…”

“No! God no! He doesn’t have any clue I’m here or what I did,” Emma immediately said, putting to rest any idea in her friend’s mind that this was anything her boyfriend was aware of. “This has gotta stay right here with us, okay?”

“Totally! I promise!” Taylor swore.

If there was one thing she could be at times it was a bit of a gossip but she wouldn’t be able this. Not just because she didn’t want to reveal her own secret but because she would never do anything to hurt her friend or have any kind of a negative impact on her relationship.

“I’d die if any of my exes knew I was here or what I’d done,” Taylor admitted. “I think they’d die too if they knew that girls made me feel better than they ever could.”

Now it was Taylor’s turn to try and diffuse the tension with some humor and Emma definitely appreciated it.

“Oooooh catty and kinky! I love it,” Emma laughed, believing fully that her friend had no intention of ratting her out to her boyfriend.

She knew she could trust Taylor. They’d been friends for years and friendship and trust still meant something to Emma. She knew Taylor felt the same way too. They would keep each other’s secrets.

Taylor let out a soft, happy laugh of her own but after that the awkward silence returned. The two women had no idea what to do now. They knew what they both wanted but they were still having trouble processing that they shared the same desires.

“So…” Emma finally said.

“So…” Taylor replied, the two of them finding that they had ended up in a verbal circle and were right back where they had started from.

The silence continued as the moments ticked away. They both looked at each other as if not sure what to say and waiting for the other to make the next move. They had both learned something quite unexpected about the other and while the embarrassment was fading, the uncertainty about where they went from here wasn’t.

“What exactly do we do now?” Taylor asked. “I mean do we just act like everything’s the same?”

“Well…I mean it’s not like we did anything wrong,” Emma replied. “We didn’t have any problems before when we both thought we only liked guys. Now we just know we both also like girls…”

“Yeah, but it’s different now…” Taylor interjected and Emma knew what she meant.

When they both thought the other was only into men there wasn’t the kind of awkwardness there was now. And as weird as it was for them to think about it and all that it implied, they had to acknowledge it. After all…they were both beautiful women and if they were attracted to beautiful women…

That hung over them like a tension they could both feel. Just thinking about it made Taylor tense up on the inside and Emma wasn’t far behind her. It made the redhead feel shy and more than a little meek, something she’d hated.

She’d felt that way in the porno shop when all those girls had started drawing her into her web and Emma knew how much better everything had gotten as soon as she had lost her fear and her inhibitions and her clothing to boot. But none of those girls were real friends. Taylor was. That did make it different. Taylor was right and Emma couldn’t hold her tongue about it.

“It doesn’t have to be weird,” Emma contended. “I mean it’s not like you want to fuck me.”

The words shot out of her mouth like little verbal bullets, much more than she had planned them to. It hadn’t been the first time her tongue had gotten her into trouble and, given what she was getting into now, Emma was sure it wouldn’t be the last either. But it had sounded so much more cool and reassuring in her mind.

It had come out totally different though, far more raw and more like an invitation than a dismissal of an outlandish idea. And when the reaction to her saying that so bluntly made Taylor look like she was going to swallow her tongue, Emma couldn’t resist probing a little further.

“You don’t, right?” Emma pushed. “Do you Taylor?”

Taylor had to take a second to compose herself before she even began to answer a question like that and even when she did her words still came out in a way she didn’t want them to.

How could she respond to that? She didn’t even know where to begin? There were just so many feelings going on in her at once and she had no idea how to take them and turn them into a coherent sentence. So she just started to stammer.

“Ummm…no…of course not…I mean…you’re really beautiful Emma…I’ve always thought that…but…no…we could never…we couldn’t do that,” Taylor sputtered out.

The answer should have been a simple “no.” She could have said that and stopped there. But she couldn’t stop. There was no simple answer to give there and finally Taylor stopped her babbling and turned the question right back around on her friend.

“Do you?” Taylor asked and this time it was Emma’s turn to look like she was going to swallow her tongue.

“Do I what?” Emma asked, trying to deflect and at the same time get a more direct line on what Taylor was thinking.

This conversation was definitely headed in a very unexpected direction and Emma found herself starting to really think that maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that it was.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Taylor asked, the dirty word sounding so shocking coming from her wholesome lips.

“Wow!” Emma marveled. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you swear before. Ummmm…jeez Taylor.”

Emma honestly didn’t think she could remember Taylor ever saying anything harsher than a “damn” before. But that line of thinking was a digression from the important topic at hand and Taylor didn’t let her get away with changing the subject.

“You didn’t answer me,” Taylor said, her interest growing by the second in what the answer might be. Her friend hadn’t exactly denied anything.

“Well….it’s not exactly a question I ever expected from you,” Emma pointed out. But again she was eluding giving an answer and Taylor wasn’t having any of it.

“Tell me!” Taylor insisted, her curiosity more than piqued and her interest also existing at a much naughtier level too. “Do you want to fuck me? Yes or no!”

Emma and Taylor had hung out a lot over the years and Emma could safely say she’d never seen this side of her friend before. Taylor definitely wasn’t the sugary sweet girl that many assumed she was, but she was pretty repressed and Emma could see fire in the blonde’s eyes like she had never seen before.

It was like a new, aggressive Taylor was forming right in front of her and she had no idea how to respond to that. She still couldn’t wrap her mind around what was happening here and she knew this conversation was taking them down a path they wouldn’t ever be able to turn back from if they went much further.

“God, how can you ask me that?” Emma demanded. “You’re my friend!”

“Well you asked me,” Taylor correctly noted.

“Yeah but I knew you’d say no!” Emma shot back.

“Then say no!” Taylor said. “Say you’ve never wanted to fuck me and we can just go back to being normal, okay?”

The problem was now that Taylor didn’t know what kind of answer she wanted from Emma. If she said no then they could go back to being friends and nothing more and she could start to forget what she was thinking right then about how good Emma looked in her tight jeans that hugged her lovely legs and squeezed her butt in a denim grip.

But if she said yes…oh God what then? Part of Taylor wanted everything to be just like it was before they had run into each other at the party. But another part, a part that was getting stronger, wanted to know what her friend looked like under her clothes.

Taylor was looking to Emma for direction here. She could sense exactly what was happening here and it was both terrifying and exhilarating to even think about something like this with someone like Emma. Taylor found herself wishing then she didn’t feel this way and that her nipples weren’t starting to get hard under her bra and dress.

The more Taylor considered something like this actually happening the more it scared her. But that fear also turned her on too as she found herself enjoying the idea of venturing down a forbidden path with her friend…her beautiful, sexy friend.

The tension in the room was turning from awkward into something far more charged. Taylor could feel it and she was sure Emma could to. What if they did something naughty? What if they became more than friends? What if they did what she had done to all those other girls?

The more she thought about this, the more she wanted Emma to say yes. Because if the redhead told her that she wanted to fuck her, Taylor didn’t think she would be able to resist confessing that the feeling was mutual.

So it was disappointing to Taylor when all Emma could do was mumble back in response.

“What?” Taylor asked, unable to keep from frowning as her normally bold, assertive friend started acting like the shy, skittish girl that Taylor knew people thought she was.

Emma spoke again but this time her mumble was even harder to hear. She cursed herself for being like this. How could she be freezing up at a time like this? This was even more embarrassing than how she had acted in the porno shop and this time there wasn’t anyone to give her the push to stop being timid and be as bold as she could be. She had never been shy about admitting an attraction to a guy she was crushing on. So why was she shy now?

“Forget it…forget I said anything,” Taylor snapped, her voice unable to hide her annoyance and disappointment as she started walking toward the door, seemingly eager to leave Emma and whatever this was behind her. “Let’s just pretend none of this ever happened.”

But when she started walking away, the action spurred Emma to finally speak up.

“Maybe!” Emma blurted out.

“What?” Taylor said, turning around and facing her friend, seeing that Emma’s face was turning as red as her hair.

“Maybe!” Emma repeated. “I mean yes…I mean…fuck Taylor! Why are you doing this to me? You already said you don’t want to fuck me! Why are you making me say this? Yes! I do want to fuck you! Okay? Are you happy now?”

“Really?” Taylor asked, her frown flipping right into a smile as she let those works sink in. “You want to have sex with me?”

“Ughhhh yes! Are your ears not working or something? I said yes!” Emma groaned in both frustration and embarrassment. “I want to fuck you Taylor! I’ve wanted to do it for so long! You’re so beautiful and you’ve been driving me crazy all these years acting so pure and innocent! God, I just wanted to grab you, rip your clothes off and fuck the good girl right out of you!”

“Wow!” Taylor giggled, finding the idea of Emma getting a little rough with her and making her act really naughty very appealing. “Ummmmm you’ve felt that way? For years? Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because I knew you’d freak out if I did!” Emma said. “I had no idea you were into girls too! You could have given me some kind of sign, you know. And don’t act like you’re all okay with how you feel about this. You were the one who decided to play hide and seek behind the couch. You weren’t even the only one, anyway! I fantasized about a lot of girls. Don’t think you’re so special! Besides, it’s not like I did anything about being with a girl…well until yesterday!”

The insecurity Emma felt over being put in a position where she was forced to admit the desires she had intended to keep secret had her lashing out in anger. But Taylor didn’t care that Emma fantasized about lots of girls or that her friend seemed mad at her. She knew Emma was right. She was one to talk. She had been the one who had literally been hiding. So she didn’t pay Emma’s jibes any mind. Taylor only focused on the positive.

“You’re right. I would have freaked out,” Taylor admitted. “But…well that was before! I’m not freaking out now. I like that you feel that way! It’s so naughty! I wish I’d known! I’ve been checking girls out for a while now and afraid they’d notice I was doing it! If you’d told me then we wouldn’t have been keeping it secret!”

“Yeah, you’re one to talk about secrets,” Emma correctly noted. “Besides this only first happened to me yesterday and I guess you’ve been into it for forever or something.”

“What happened yesterday? How did they get you into it?” Taylor asked, her curiosity really starting to fuel her as she pushed herself and Emma down this path together.

She’d been freaked out to see Emma arrive before but that hadn’t meant that she hadn’t enjoyed hearing the little details of her friend’s story from her hiding place. So much had been left unsaid though and Taylor found herself eager for details.

“You’d never believe me,” Emma said. “It’s too crazy.”

“Oh yeah? Try me,” Taylor replied, finding herself getting quite used to the position of being the one in control. It was quite a reversal of how things usually were with her and Emma. “I can be crazy too you know! There’s a lot about me you don’t know Emma!”

“Obviously,” Emma tartly shot back.

And as she smiled over her own remark, Emma gave up the fight. There really was no reason for her to pretend she didn’t feel the way she felt and if she was going to reveal some secrets to her friend she might as well reveal them all.

“Ughhh! Fine! Whatever!” Emma relented. “You really want to know? Jeez you’re good at butting your nose into other people’s business. Anyone ever tell you that before?”

As a matter of fact they had and Taylor had heard it behind her back and to her face. But she didn’t say anything. She just stared at the redhead, her eyes imploring her to tell her story and, with a sigh, Emma did. And as soon as Emma began to talk, Taylor found herself completely fascinated and hanging on every word, the dirty details starting to seriously impact her as she felt herself getting damp under her panties.

Emma began telling her everything. She had held back on all the parts of her story before when she had been chatting at the party but there really wasn’t a reason to censor herself now, was there? Taylor already knew, so why not tell her everything? Besides, it actually felt good.

The more Emma told and the more she saw how this fascinated Taylor, the more it felt like a relief, like she was shedding a skin she had been hiding in and she could be who she really was, not just in the company of strangers but with friends…especially blonde friends with beautiful, wholesome girl next door faces, legs you wanted to feel wrapped completely around you and perfect, tight little asses that screamed out to be spanked and then kissed and then…well maybe something more.

Emma relayed her whole adventure of the day before. She told Taylor how she had gone to Carnal Knowledge on a simple shopping trip for a new toy for those lonely nights when she needed loving attention and no boyfriend was in sight. She told how she had overheard Reese and Jessica and Scarlett talking and about how much it had turned her on to find out about Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman were lesbian lovers and how Scarlett had let Natalie fuck her ass. She told her all about how they had caught her snooping and confronted her and how that had left her in the kind of situation she’d never expected to be in but had secretly longed for.

While she didn’t relay all the details, like how many of the fantasies had run through her head over the years with Taylor naked in the starring role, Emma did confess that she had wanted to be with a girl but had been too chicken to try. She told Taylor all about how the three sexy actresses had essentially ganged up on her, forcing her to admit her lusts and then kissing her in a way that had left her woozy with desire. Emma could see Taylor’s attention was rapt as she went over her naughty story and she didn’t hold back.

Taylor was looking at her with wide eyes and her mouth open in an O of shock as Emma confessed how Maria and Alyssia had joined in the fun, showing her what a full service establishment the store was. Emma told her friend about how she had found herself willing to do anything to be able to make good on the fantasies she’d had and how she’d never gotten wetter over anything in her life than she had when they had all been led to the back room to find what Sasha was doing with Jordana and Emmanuelle.

Emma loved how Taylor actually gasped when she revealed what the two gorgeous brunette actresses had been up to with the notorious ex-porno star. And, while she didn’t say anything, Emma certainly noticed how she hadn’t had to explain to Taylor who Sasha was.

Did Taylor Swift watch porno? Emma couldn’t help but wonder. Did she watch that “for couples” stuff or did she prefer Sasha’s wild and extreme movies? Did Taylor finger herself and wear out the batteries in her toys watching dirty girls fucking? The thought made Emma’s nipples hard under her top as she wondered just how naughty Taylor could get.

But Emma didn’t probe her friend about her viewing habits. Instead she continued her story. She admitted how nervous she’d been…how she’d been even more nervous than she was now. She told her how Sasha had seized on that and challenged her and practically dared her to get naked along with everyone else.

It felt so weird to actually tell this whole story, like it was just some erotic dream that she and a notorious porn star could ever do what they did. But it had actually happened and Emma found herself getting more and more turned on by her own story as she really got to the dirty parts.

“Then what…” Taylor urged, the volume barely above a whisper but her voice clearly excited. “Tell me what you did! Tell me everything!”

Emma couldn’t help but smile in response. It was like they weren’t even at a party anymore. They were just two girlfriends sharing sexy secrets like they were home alone with just a bottle of wine. Emma began wondering what might happen if they really were in a situation like that, especially if the bottle of wine was half empty. What would she and Taylor do about the sexual tension that was growing between them? But she pushed that thought aside, for the moment, and instead focused on telling the naughty details.

As Taylor looked on in total fascination, Emma described what it was like to get naked in front of Sasha and how charged the atmosphere was for her, Reese, Scarlett and Jessica to be stripping as Jordana and Emmanuelle played their erotic game and succumbed to lesbian passion, Emma found herself moaning without even thinking about it as she recalled what it was like to have Sasha force her down to her knees and shove her face first into her pussy and then right into her ass.

She couldn’t quite put into words the sensation of what it was like to have her face pushed right into the beautiful bubble cheeks of such an infamous ass while knowing what Sasha had willingly allowed to be done to it on camera. She had rimmed an ass that had been absolutely defiled on film and remembering it filled Emma with the powerful urge to touch herself.

But Emma resisted the growing wetness between her legs and the way her heart was pumping blood faster and faster in her body. Instead she spoke about how good it felt to have Sasha’s ass thrust in her face and how out of control she felt as she’d done what the porno icon had commanded and licked her ass, jamming her tongue right into that nasty fuck hole.

She talked about how it turned her on and how free and wicked she felt, like she was letting go and indulging in pure sluttiness. And of course she started talking about how Scarlett had fucked her while she had done it.

Emma couldn’t ever forget that. She told Taylor how it blew her mind to have her pussy licked by another woman for the first time, especially when that woman was someone like Scarlett. To have a woman like her, someone so desired and someone so many men would have killed for just the chance to see nude in the flesh, be the first woman to fuck her had been mind-blowingly awesome.

And when she told how Scarlett had stopped licking her and had started really fucking her…taking that strap-on and pushing it up her asshole as she had begged her to take her naughty hole and stuff it full of fake cock Emma felt the aching desire to come.

God, she wanted to touch herself so badly. But what about Taylor? Ooooh what if she touched her? Ohhhhh that would be so fucking hot! Emma had fantasized about a lot of girls before acting on her desires and Taylor had definitely been one.

How could she not have wanted to fuck her friend? Emma had absolutely meant what she’d said before. There had been so many times she’d wanted to fuck the good girl right out of Taylor and make her slutty and deviant instead of sugary and sweet. It was getting harder and harder for her not to make a move on her friend. But Taylor had said she didn’t want to fuck her. That ended that fantasy…didn’t it?

“Oh wow! Oh my God Emma! That’s so wild!” Taylor gasped, her face shocked but a smile curling her lips. It was clear that she liked what she had heard. “I can’t believe you did all that! That’s…wow!”

“Well…yeah…but I told you my story and now you have to tell me yours,” Emma shot back, trying to get her mind off how much she wanted to rip off Taylor’s dress and have her way with her right here in this room not even caring that she didn’t live here.

“Oh it’s not nearly as interesting as that,” Taylor claimed in a total lie.

She was still blown away by what Emma had told her and to have her own desires put under the spotlight now made her feel fresh insecurity.

“I don’t care if it’s about a game of naked tiddlywinks! Just tell me what happened to you to get you into girls!” Emma insisted. “God! I just told you everything! You owe me Taylor!”

And she knew she did too. Emma’s story had been amazing. Taylor had never heard a sexier story and to see it in her friend’s eyes that she was totally telling the truth had made it even hotter.

Taylor hadn’t even been most impressed by what Emma had done with Sasha. She had been too busy tingling while thinking of Emma and Scarlett naked and getting nasty. Taylor felt a warm, naughty sensation rush through her as she pictured them together, especially thinking about what Emma said Scarlett had done to her ass with that big toy.

That was so fucking naughty and Taylor couldn’t stop thinking about her friend’s sexy ass being taken in such a taboo way, especially as she remembered how good it had felt to have Hayden’s tongue licking her back there before.

So Taylor really did owe Emma and she decided to be bold too. This wasn’t a time for shyness. It was a time for the truth. So now it was her turn her story time and, just like Emma, she didn’t hold back.

She told her story, dating it all the way back to the big telethon in Las Vegas, when Britney and Christina had brought her to that crazy spa. She told Emma that it hasn’t just been her with the notorious pop star girlfriends either. It had also been with Kirsten and Eliza and Jewel and her gorgeous cousin Q’Orianka and Blake Lively and Leighton Meester and especially Jennifer Aniston who had been the first girl to taste her.

Taylor was a little hesitant at first as she relayed her story, just like she’d been when she’d gotten to the spa and found out that everyone had to get naked. She talked about how worried she’d been to strip and how shy she’d felt next to those bold girls who’d had no trouble throwing off their clothes.

She remembered though how she’d started to relax in the water and how she’d been unable to stop staring as the hot Japanese girls had stripped too, getting into the water to bathe them and how things had started getting sexy with Kirsten and Eliza and Britney and Christina as the two couples had played with each other openly and naughtily.

It had been so hot to see them so uninhibited. They had looked so free and natural as they had kissed and touched and it had made Taylor feel an excitement like she had never experienced before. It had made her all hot and bothered and it had only increased when they had gotten to the actual massage where she’s felt those wonderful hot stones pressed to her naked body and heard those erotic confessions from Blake and Leighton about their feelings for each other. It had been so wild to see them succumb to their need and desire.

Taylor confessed how she had never felt anything remotely like a lesbian attraction before that day but how that one day at the spa with all those beautiful women around her had totally changed that. She admitted the new feelings it had inspired in her, how the erotic atmosphere had overcome her reservations and her inhibitions and how she’d completely crumbled when Jennifer, Jewel and Q’Orianka had taken her.

She’d been unable to resist their nude bodies and their seductive heat and she’d been completely unwilling to stop them as they’d and dragged her into their naughty sexual web.

She’d let them all taste her. God, she’d tasted them all too. She’d done things with those women and their friends that she had never dreamed she would ever do to anyone. It had been like she hadn’t been herself at all anymore and that she’d been under some erotic spell.

But she’d loved it. Taylor admitted how much she had. She confessed to Emma now how being with those women had made her come harder than any man ever had and how just the slightest reminder of it made her wet.

But she hadn’t stopped there. Now she had new stories to share and told Emma all about how Jewel had brought her to the mansion that day, tempting her with sexy promises and wild fantasies, and how it had all culminated in what had happened in the kitchen.

Taylor told Emma how they had been baking and how things had turned totally not PG. She confessed how she and Hayden and Jewel and Love and Alyssa had all gotten naked in the kitchen and done dirty things to each other until they had all come. Taylor admitted it all…except for one thing.

The one thing she couldn’t tell her friend was what Hayden had done to her. The idea of having been so turned on over another girl licking her butthole still embarrassed her too much to admit it, especially after how much she had liked hearing what Scarlett had done to Emma’s ass. Feeling that way made her nervous so she zipped her lips when it came to her own backdoor experience.

Taylor told Emma everything else though, right down to the naughty details of what she had seen the girls doing to each other and how much that had turned her on.

“Wow!” Emma marveled, every assumption she had ever had about her friend torn to shreds now. “I guess there really is a lot I don’t know about you Taylor.”

“I told you,” Taylor replied, feeling a rush of giddy energy as she saw the impact her story had had on Emma, especially after the affect the redhead’s story had on her. “I can be a bad girl too! I’m not as sweet as they all think! I can be a slut too! I can be naughty!”

But Emma was quick to throw that right back at Taylor.

“Okay fine, you can be a bad girl too, I get it,” Emma said. “But how come you’ll fuck all those other girls but you won’t fuck me?”

Taylor didn’t have an easy answer to that. Because the truth was she did want Emma. She wanted to fuck her.

Taylor’s body was aching for her and Emma to become more than friends. She wanted to throw caution to the wind and show the redhead how attracted she really was to her and how her story had turned her on. She’d nearly stormed right out of the room when Emma wouldn’t admit how she felt but now it had been turned around on her.

Now she didn’t know what to say. So, in the absence of anything else, she just went with confusion.

“I don’t know…I guess I just thought you wouldn’t be interested,” Taylor said. “I never dreamed you could be into girls, Emma.”

“Well now you know different,” Emma said plainly but with her voice obviously nervous. “So what are you going to do about it?”

Taylor knew what she wanted to do about it. What had happened at that spa had left her dizzy with desire for other women and it had been freshly rekindled today. She’d thought about all sorts of different women since that first time. She’d fantasized about them naked and dreamed about what it would be like to touch then. And Emma had been a part of those naughty dreams.

How could she not have been attracted to her sexy friend? But Emma had a boyfriend. This would change things between them in a way that they could never take back. All the girls Taylor had been with had been either strangers or casual acquaintances. None of them were like Emma.

But even though all of that made absolutely perfect sense in her brain, none of that mattered. In fact Taylor completely ignored her brain and all the warnings coming from it when she closed the distance between Emma and showed her exactly what she was going to do about it.

Showing an uncharacteristic aggressiveness, Taylor pressed her lips right to Emma’s and kissed her.

At first it was a soft touch, just a peck. But after she pulled away and took a split second to think about what she was doing, Taylor moved in for more. She gave a second kiss to Emma, this one far more erotic. Their lips touched sensually as the tension around them turned into the crackling energy that flowed through both of their bodies at the feel of their kiss.

Emma moaned at the touch and didn’t hesitate to kiss back, her lips rubbing into Taylor’s as she showed the blonde just how much she liked it. They kissed tenderly again and then again before Emma pulled them apart with a big smile on her face.

“I thought you said you didn’t want to fuck me,” Emma teased.

“Well I might not have been completely honest about that,” Taylor confessed, smiling and blushing at the same time.

“Oh yeah? So what’s the real story Taylor? What do you want to do to me?” Emma replied, her famously husky voice so very seductive as she slowly ran her finger over Taylor’s bare arm. “Do I have to spank you for lying to me?”

Taylor’s eyes widened at the sound of that and Emma grinned in response, filing it away for potential later use. Emma noticed the goose bumps forming on Taylor’s arm and she certainly understood why they were there. After all she felt the same surging excitement that Taylor did. She was so wet for this but at the same time she couldn’t believe it was happening.

“I want you Emma!” Taylor confessed. “I didn’t want to say before because I didn’t think you would feel that way about me. You’re so beautiful and so sexy and I’ve wanted to do this with you from the moment I went to that spa! I can’t believe you like girls!”

“Oh I do!” Emma replied, admitting what was still difficult for her to completely accept. “And so do you. Mmmmm judging from those stories it sounds like you like girls a lot. So what are we going to do about this?”

There it was. The moment for both of them where they could back away from each other. They still hadn’t crossed the point of no return. They hadn’t yet taken their friendship in a way that changed everything. But neither of them wanted to stop. Nothing else mattered. Not friendship or boyfriends or any inhibition. They wanted each other and they both recognized it was time to show it.

So Taylor again made the move. She kissed her friend again, this time with an even more sensual press of their lips together. She got the same naughty rush she had gotten in the kitchen when she’d succumbed to her desires and kissed Alyssa and Jewel and Hayden and Love, but as much as she had enjoyed all those lips, the touch of Emma’s to hers felt even better to Taylor. She loved knowing it was her friend’s lips she was kissing and how Emma was kissing her back, showing her that the lust she felt was mutual.

As they kissed, Taylor brushed her hand through Emma’s red hair. She was so glad her friend had gone back to red. Her natural blonde was nice, but there was just something so special and sexy about a redhead and someone as sultry as Emma was born to be a redhead, even if it came from a bottle.

Taylor was feeling so excited about being with her friend, someone she had dreamed up forbidden fantasies about while never dreaming they would actually ever come true. And Emma felt the same way. She never in a million years would have believed that Taylor was into girls.

Emma’s fantasies about Taylor had always seemed so safe because she’d been sure they never had a chance of coming true. That had liberated her to dream dirty things about her blonde superstar friend because she’d been so sure that she’d never be put in a position where she’d have to actually do anything about it. But now she was in just that position and it was both terrifying and exhilarating.

Fortunately her arousal was overwhelming her fear and Emma didn’t want to turn back. This might have been completely unexpected but it was still awesome and she loved kissing Taylor. When she had happily accepted the invitation to come here, Emma had pictured so many erotic possibilities for fun but making out with Taylor Swift definitely wasn’t one of them. She was beyond rational thought now. Now all she wanted was to experience pleasure.

So it was Emma who, naughtily inspired by the pleasure of the kisses, deepened things. She and Taylor were both feeling good smacking their lips together sensually, the kisses growing deeper and wetter each time their mouths touched.

Emma loved feeling Taylor’s hand in her hair, touching her so tenderly and she repaid that sensual touch by pushing her tongue into Taylor’s mouth. Taylor didn’t fight her a bit and eagerly let that tongue slide inside where she warmly received it by rubbing her own tongue against it.

Now the girls were French kissing and things were definitely getting to that no return point. Neither of them wanted to stop. They weren’t questioning it. They were just enjoying it. They deepened their kisses as their tongues rubbed together, the two friends turning into lovers as they made out. Both of them moaned happily into each other’s mouths, their arousal growing as they indulged in lust they had never expected.

“Gawwd you’re such a good kisser,” Taylor moaned when they broke to catch their breath, their faces flushed, this time not from embarrassment but from much more pleasant feelings. “I wish I’d known that before now. Mmmm we could have been doing this months ago.”

“Months? Oh sweetie you’ve got some catching up to do,” Emma laughed. “I’ve been dreaming of doing this for years!”

“Wow! Years? Oooooooh! I never knew!” Taylor cooed. “I kind of wish you’d told me a long time ago. Mmmmm you could have seduced me and been my first girl.”

“Well I know there’s one way we can make up for lost time,” Emma suggested.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?’ Taylor asked, expecting the next words out of Emma’s mouth to be asking “Your place or mine.”

Taylor assumed they’d go back to her place. After all she didn’t know if Andrew was around and she didn’t even want to make Emma think about a threesome with her boyfriend when what she wanted was her redheaded friend all to herself for some naughty lesbian playtime.

If they went to her place they were guaranteed a lot of privacy and right then that was what Taylor wanted. In her mind she was already making up excuses about how they could ditch the party early and be alone.

But instead of suggesting that, Emma had a far bolder plan in mind and she revealed it when she wordlessly stepped back and reached for her pants. Grinning wickedly the whole time, Emma popped open the button of her designer jeans and slowly shimmied them down, wiggling out of them while she also stepped out of her heels. And, as she did this, she also took her panties down her body too, fully exposing herself below the waist to Taylor’s very shocked eyes.

“Ohmygod!” Taylor gasped, definitely not expecting her friend to do that. “Here? Now?”

“Yes!” Emma immediately insisted. “I can’t wait a second more! I want you Taylor! I have to have you!”

“I want you too! But we can’t…not here!” Taylor said. “This isn’t our house! We can’t just do it here! It’s…it’s rude!”

“Oh God, you are such a sexy priss,” Emma laughed. “Didn’t they tell you all the stories about this place? Didn’t they tell you about all the wild parties they have here and how they bring women here to fuck? Didn’t they tell you about how they fuck in all the rooms not even caring if there’s a bed or not? C’mon Taylor! You were fucking them in the kitchen before and you can’t do it here? Don’t be shy! Mmmmmm I know you want to!”

Emma was right and also so very hard to resist. Taylor had heard the stories. Jennifer and Jewel had confessed so many naughty secrets to her about what it was like to live here and Love and Alyssa had certainly shown her that side of things when they had all gotten naked in the kitchen.

But beyond that good point, Emma was making an even better argument with her body. Taylor couldn’t take her eyes off Emma as she undressed in front of her, stripping nude below the waist and exposing herself fully to her, letting Taylor not only see her friend’s sexy red bush but how wet she was. Her labia was glistening and Taylor found it completely irresistible especially with what Emma did next.

“C’mon aren’t you tired of waiting?” Emma moaned as she left her jeans, panties and heels on the floor and hopped up onto the pool table, perching herself right on the edge of it and spreading her legs, giving a fully lewd and completely wonderful view of her arousal. “You say you’re not a good girl Taylor? Then show me! Show me you can be bad! Show me you want to fuck me as bad as I want you!”

Emma’s heart was pounding in her chest as she did this. She had sworn in the porno shop not to be shy anymore. She had hated it when Sasha had told her she wasn’t ready for this and made her feel insecure and repressed. And she had hated it when her shyness had reared its head again and nearly caused Taylor to walk right out the door. So she wasn’t going to let it win. She was going to be bold now, especially to get what she knew she needed.

“Oh fuck!” Taylor gasped at the sight of Emma spreading herself open, leaving no question that she wanted this to happen now. “So naughty!”

“Make it even naughtier!” Emma urged. “Do it Taylor! I know you fucking want it!”

“I do! Want it so bad!” Taylor moaned, the view drawing her in like being able to stare at Emma’s glistening pussy was putting her under a spell.

She couldn’t resist such a purely sexual act and walked, fully dressed, over to the pool table and leaned in. If Emma really wanted her to show just how much she wanted this, Taylor was going to do it.

She didn’t kiss Emma on the mouth again. Instead she concentrated on something far naughtier as she pressed her face between her friend’s spread legs and placed a wet kiss on each of Emma’s creamy thighs. Emma moaned from the sexy kisses but her sounds turned into a shriek of delight when Taylor stuck out her tongue and licked the wet slit of her horny pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!” Emma cried out in delight. “Oooooooooooh Taylorrrrr! Yesssssssssss yessssssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhh I want you so bad baby! Ughhh yesss show me how naughty you can be! Lick my pussy like a bad girl! Yesssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhh fucking taste it Taylor!”

She’d never done anything as bold as what she was doing now and Taylor smiled about that. She was proud of herself for diving in, quite literally, to this. This time she was being the aggressive one. She was the one showing off a wild side. She didn’t have to be coaxed at all. She had just gone for it and it felt so good as she began to really lap at Emma’s wetness.

“Mmmmmmm yessssssss you taste so good,” Taylor mumbled with her mouth full. “I wanna lick all of you up Emma! I can be bad like you and fuck porno stars! Mmmm I can be so fucking naughty!”

And Taylor definitely felt naughty then as her face and blonde hair rested right between Emma’s spread legs. Emma had such amazing legs but all Taylor cared about right then was what was directly between them as she really started to give it to her friend.

She didn’t have a lot of experience with going down on a woman but she’d been able to make her mansion friends come and she was hellbent on doing that to Emma too. She’d marveled before about the ways all the girls she’d been with tasted differently. They all had such distinct and sexy flavors and now Emma’s was getting all over her tongue, delighting her taste buds.

God, her friend really did taste good. It was so naughty to be doing this to Emma of all people but now that she’d started she didn’t want to do anything to stop. She just wanted to keep fucking her friend and not care about anyone else.

She didn’t care if someone walked in on them and exposed them as naughty lesbians. She didn’t even care if she ever got naked. She just wanted to taste Emma and make her come. Taylor proved that with the eager, passionate tongue lashes she was giving her friend as she explored her pussy, licking at the juicy lips of her labia and pressing in deeper so she could feel the red curls of Emma’s sexy bush tickle her nose.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! OOHHHHHH!” Emma cried. “Mmmmmm yessssssssssss! Naughty girl! Ughhh fuckkkk I can’t believe you’re licking my pussy Taylor! Mmmmm yesssssssss you’re so good at this baby! You weren’t lying about what you said you did! Oooooh yeahhhhh make me come like you made all those other girls come!”

But as much as she wanted to do that, Taylor couldn’t leave what she had just heard unchallenged.

“What? You thought I was lying before?” Taylor teased, pulling her face away and depriving Emma of her tongue. “You didn’t believe me when I said I fucked all those girls?”

Emma had always admired Taylor’s sexy looks but she didn’t think her friend had ever looked more gorgeous than she did right then, peering up at her with a naughty smirk on her face and a light glaze on her lips from what she’d just been doing. It was powerfully erotic to see Taylor’s wholesome face like that and Emma felt a delightful shiver pass through her bottomless body.

“Welllll I had to be sure,” Emma replied with a smile of her own crossing her lips. “Besides I totally believed you when you said you fucked them. I just wasn’t sure that you were telling the truth when you said you’d made all those women come.”

“Ohhhhhh I see, don’t think I’m good in bed huh?” Taylor playfully said, once again giving soft little kisses all over Emma’s milky skinned thighs, making the redhead quiver and hiss in need while she remained perched on the edge of the pool table, her bare ass nearly falling right into the corner pocket. “Mmmmm what can I do to prove how good I am? What can I do to show you just how hot I can be?”

Naturally they both knew the answer to that question and both of them giggled hornily, their bodies totally on edge from the disbelief that this was happening. And, as Taylor continued to kiss all over her thighs but not where she wanted attention the most, Emma urged her friend back to where she’d been.

“Oooooh please Taylor! Mmmmm I know what you can do!” Emma groaned, her nipples feeling like they were about to explode under her shirt. “I know how you can prove you made those hot girls come! Do it to me too! Fuck me like you fucked them! No! Fuck me BETTER than you fucked them! Show me how naughty you can be!”

“Welllllll I do try to be a good friend,” Taylor smiled back before she proved her devotion to her friend by moving her mouth back to Emma’s waiting cunt. She kissed the tender, splayed lips with a soft, wet smooch and moaned at the taste of all the yummy juice coating the redhead’s labia. “Mmmmm I’m going to be your best friend ever Emma! I’m going to be the friend who makes you come! I’ll fuck you better than that porn star! Gawwwd I’ll even fuck you better than Andrew!”

“Ohhhh fuckkkkkk! Nasty girllllll! Mmmmmmm do it Taylor! Make me wanna cheat on him again! Make me wanna do it with hot girls! Make me wanna do it with you most of all!” Emma lustfully hissed, her teeth gritted as she felt the sensations rush through her thanks to Taylor’s naughty kiss right on her pussy lips.

She’d been trying not to think about her boyfriend all night. Emma had tried not to think about how she was cheating on a man she loved. But having Taylor remind her made it all feel so devilishly naughty.

There was a lot of pressure on her and Taylor certainly recognized just how inexperienced she was but that didn’t stop her. She actually kind of liked having the pressure. She loved knowing Emma wanted her. She loved how naughty she was being with her friend. She just didn’t want to let her down.

So she worked hard to make sure she didn’t. Taylor kissed her friend’s creamy pinkness again and again and savored her girly flavor. Each moan she elicited from Emma made her do it more until her tongue was back at it, licking away at her tight, opened lips and then sliding inside to start to really fuck her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oooooooh Taylorrrrr yessssssssss fuck me! Fuck me nasty girl!” Emma as she finally did what she had been dying to do and pull her white, long sleeved shirt right over her head.

She tossed it onto the green felt of the pool table, confident she wouldn’t be needing it for a while. That left her only in her bra but that was taken care of easily enough though as she unclasped it and tossed it right next to her shirt, baring herself completely.

“Fuck yesssssssss oooooh I want to be fucking naked with you Taylor!” Emma groaned. “You’re turning me on so much! Fuck me sweetie! Mmmmmm yeahhhh that feels so good! Ooooooh harder Taylor! Mmmmm fucking drill me with that tongue! Eat my pussy like all you want is to drink my cum!”

Right then that’s exactly what Taylor wanted. She wanted a tummy full of Emma because what she was tasting was yummier than any of the food available at the party. Taylor knew the cupcakes she and the girls had made could in no way compare to how sweet Emma’s pussy was and she went after that cum like she was famished for it.

She hadn’t been this aggressive with any of the other girls she had been with, but it felt so right to do it with Emma. After all they knew about each other’s secrets now they couldn’t go back to being just friends. They had to be so much more than that.

Looking up from between Emma’s thighs, Taylor loved the view she got of the redhead’s now naked body. It was the first time she had ever seen Emma nude and her body looked flawless, so slim and pretty with that gorgeous red hair on her flushed face as passion overtook her and she moaned out for more licking.

Emma’s perfect little chest had the sexiest boobs on them with her nipples all pink and swollen up. Taylor wanted to kiss and touch and lick every inch of her friend but she kept her attention on her pussy as she gobbled her up, thrusting her tongue into her with a confidence she had never felt before while Emma cried out again and again.

Emma was trying her best not to scream. She didn’t want the whole party to know what was happening here. She’d been told that it was right in the spirit of the way things were at the mansion to be fucking Taylor right here in the game room, but this was her first time here and she certainly didn’t know what the rules were.

She didn’t want to advertise what was happening here. She didn’t want to be putting on a show. She just wanted to come for her friend. She wanted her naughty fantasy to come true. Emma wanted Taylor Swift to fuck her and having it all happen was making her so fucking wet.

“Yessssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss! Mmmmm fuckkk you’re such a bad girl Taylor! Oooooooooooooh I never thought you could be as hot as this! Fuckkkk! OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!” Emma cried out as Taylor’s tongue thrust hard into her pussy, pushing in with a wet squish as Emma found herself getting more and more turned on with each sexy lick. “OOOOOOOOOH TAYLOR! YESSSSSSSSSS BAD GIRL! OOOOOOOH FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHH GO SLOW NOW YESSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!”

Emma clamped her mouth shut with her own hand as the other one played with her now bare tits, tugging at her own nipples as she went from breast to breast. But even though she was trying to keep her cries from being too loud, that didn’t mean she wanted to remain quiet.

She instructed Taylor how to do it just how she wanted it. Emma knew Taylor didn’t have much experience. Hell, neither did she. So she made sure that she didn’t hold back in communicating. She was crystal clear in what she wanted to do and Taylor proved to be very adept in following instructions with a lusty passion.

When Emma told her to slow down that’s exactly what Taylor did. She stopped thrusting her tongue and instead started to lick more sensually against those flaring lips. She had tried to remember everything she had done to make all those sexy women come but she had pretty much been flying blind the whole time and guessing.

Now, though, she was completely focused on what Emma wanted so her instructions were a great help. When Emma wanted her to take it slow and kiss and suck all over her pussy that was what Taylor did and when Emma wanted her to give it to her with her tongue, Taylor did, fucking her friend with a barely restrained glee. She wanted to give her friend everything she wanted.

And Emma wanted it all. She wanted to be sensually kissed and licked right between her legs and she wanted to be aggressively tongue fucked and have Taylor bury that whole pink tongue right into her cunt to fuck her hard. She just didn’t want Taylor to stop. The pleasure she felt from this was pure bliss and Emma never wanted to stop experiencing it. She just wanted to come again and again and again from it.

“OHHHH FUCKKK OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Emma cried out from the pleasure. “Ooooooh you nasty girl! Ughhh fuckkk this whole time I thought you were such a fucking prude Taylor. But you’re not! Oooooh you’re a fucking slut just like me!”

“Mmmmm yessssssssssss!” Taylor enthusiastically agreed, her mouth muzzled by Emma’s pussy but her words clear as she pulled her tongue out and instead kissed all over Emma’s wetness, showing off just how much she wanted that taste. “Everyone acts like I must be some kind of virgin but I love to be fucked and girls fuck so good! Mmmm I’m turning into a slut for girls and I love it! Mmmm I’ve wanted to fuck you Emma! I never thought I could but I wanted too! Oooh I’d watch naughty porno videos and I’d look at the girls there and I’d fantasize about them and dream they were girls I knew. Gawwwd whenever I’d see a girl with red hair…”

Taylor didn’t finish that thought. Instead she resumed licking and sent Emma into a fresh shiver of ecstasy with her tongue. She didn’t need to say more. Her meaning was clear and Emma loved it.

Emma had never expected to ever find this kind of naughty side in her friend. It was such a huge turn-on and even though she wasn’t as experienced as Scarlett or Natalie and especially not someone like Sasha, Emma found herself getting even more turned on by Taylor than with any of them. This felt so dirty and taboo and she loved fucking her friend.

“Mmmmm you are a slut! Oooooooooh dirty girl watching lesbo pornos and dreaming of hot girls gawwwwwwd fuckkkk dreaming about me when you’re watching porn sluts!” Emma groaned, her husky voice now dripping with the honey of lust. “I wish you’d seen me fucking Sasha! Mmmm I licked her pussy and I even tongue fucked her nasty porno ass! Fuckkk it was so hot! I came so good from it but you’re going to make me come even harder Taylor! Mmmmm keep fucking me! Fuck my pussy so good! Oooooh I love what you’re doing! Don’t stop!”

Each hot lick she was getting from Taylor sent her head into a fresh spin and Emma savored every addicting moment of high from it. Taylor was such a hot fuck. She was a bit unsteady in her licking but she listened to instruction so well and it was such a mental rush to know she was fucking her friend.

Just like she’d done when she’d had her face buried in Sasha’s thick porno ass, Emma let her brain shut off and her lust fully take over. She loved giving up all her self-control to indulge in this raw lust. She loved embracing her own horny side, just like she had when she’d suddenly begged Scarlett to fuck her ass and not her pussy with that strap-on and just like she was now as she fucked the friend who wasn’t nearly as innocent as she seemed.

It was such a rush inside her and the naughtiness was flowing out of Emma’s mouth as she looked down at her beautiful blonde friend’s face fused between her legs while her tongue drove to her new heights.

“Yessssssssssssssssss yesssssssssssssssss YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! FUCKKK OHHHHH YESSSS TAYLORRRR MMMM TONGUE THAT FUCKING JUICY CLITTY OF MINE YOU BAD GIRL!” Emma cried, the surges of pleasure turning her moans to screams and then back to moans again. “Mmmmm fuckkkk baby now that I know you’re this good at eating pussy you’re going to be doing this to me all the time! We’re going to be such slutty fuck friends! Mmmmmm we’re going to be nasty and dirty and I’ll be begging you to come over every time Andrew can’t get me off anymore because I’m too focused on dreaming about you and all those other hot girls that I won’t be able to feel good from his cock anymore! Fuckkkk I wanted all those girls at the porno shop to turn me into a total fucking lesbian so I’d never look at a guy again and now I want you to do that baby! YESSSSSSS TAYLOR YESSSSSSSSSS! MMMMM SHOW ME WHAT A GOOD FRIEND YOU ARE! LICK ME UP! OOOOOH FUCKKK I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU LICK ME ALL THE TIME NOW EVEN AFTER ANDREW FUCKS ME! FUCKKK OOOOOH MAKE HIM WATCH HOW ONLY GIRLS CAN MAKE ME COME AS YOU TONGUE MY FUCKING CUNT LIKE THIS AND LICK HIS LOAD RIGHT OUT OF ME LIKE A DIRTY GIRL! YESSSS!”

Taylor paused when she heard that and looked up at Emma like she couldn’t believe she had said that. Emma immediately regretted it, worried that she had somehow insulted Taylor or taken their fun too far. She wasn’t sure why she had said it. She’d never had that kind of fantasy before and she didn’t want to hurt or humiliate her boyfriend. The words had just bypassed her brain and flown right out of her mouth before she could think about them.

“Too much?” Emma asked, sweaty and naked, her chest rising and falling quickly as she tried to catch her breath from the intensity of the pleasure her friend was giving her

But if Taylor was really offended, she didn’t show it.

“Oh wow! Mmmmm that’s SO naughty mmmm gawwwwd fucking you better than your boyfriend!” Taylor moaned, her eyes both full of surprise and lust. “I wanna be a total slut for girls so bad! Boys are so lame and I only want to fuck girls now! Mmmmmmm I want you just like that too Emma! You and me fucking each other and not any boyfriends!”

And Taylor then dove back in with her horny tongue, making Emma cry out anew as she proved that she wasn’t turned off by what the redhead had said, rather she was turned on by it. All of this was so kinky and Taylor wanted more. She wanted to be so bad and dirty and she wanted to experiment with all the slutty things girls could do to each other.

It was so hot to be doing this with Emma. Gawwd how was she ever going to look at Andrew again after fucking his girlfriend? She knew them both so well. But while Taylor knew she was being the worst friend she could ever be to Andrew, she was being an amazing friend to Emma and she was the one she cared about right then.

“Come for me Emma! Come all over my face!” Taylor begged as she licked. “I wanna be so bad for you! I’m so fucking tired of being the good girl! I want to be a dirty girl fucking slut and make you come for me!”

Emma moaned both in ecstasy and relief as Taylor resumed tongue fucking her. She’d been so afraid she’d killed the mood with that dirty thought so she was so happy to see that Taylor hadn’t been offended by it. And she was even happier to feel her tongue back in her.

She needed that tongue. She needed to fucking come so badly! After what had happened yesterday between the porno shop and willingly being Natalie and Scarlett’s threesome partner, Emma had come here so charged up. She’d been wet from the moment she’d arrived and seen all these gorgeous women. She’d come here to get laid. She’d just never expected it would be Taylor she’d fucked.

And Taylor was doing such a wonderful job in eating her pussy and making her feel good that Emma found herself wanting to even things up between them. After all, she was completely naked and Taylor was totally dressed. Emma felt a very strong impulse to change that as quickly as possible.

As much as she loved feeling Taylor licking and sucking at her pussy, her tongue so eagerly naughty, Emma didn’t care if it meant delaying her own pleasure. She needed to do this. She couldn’t wait. So she ended up doing the last thing she would have expected to do and made Taylor stop by pushing on her forehead.

“What? Did I do something wrong?” Taylor asked.

This time it was her turn to worry that she’d somehow gone over the line, though she couldn’t imagine how since Emma was so wet for her and had been moaning for her the whole time.

“Oh no baby mmmmm you’re doing everything right,” Emma moaned back, loving how she could see Taylor’s beautiful lips coated in her own essence. “Mmmmmm get up here and kiss me! I want to taste that juice right off you!”

“Oooooh yes! Mmmmm you should definitely taste some! You taste so good Emma!” Taylor said as she got up so she was face-to-face with her friend.

Emma was the aggressive one with the kiss this time, pulling the blonde right to her so she could get their lips together and she could taste the juice right on her lips and tongue. It didn’t take long for them to start tongue kissing either as Emma went right after the taste, rubbing her tongue into Taylor’s to get that kinky flavor.

“Ooooh Taylor! You’re such a good little cunt licker! I had no idea you could ever be so naughty!” Emma sighed, making Taylor blush happily at the foul-mouthed comment.

“I just want you so bad!” Taylor said. “I’m sorry I pretended I didn’t. Mmmm let me fuck you more Emma! Let me tongue you until I make you come! I loved tasting all those other girls but I want to make you come most of all!”

“Mmmmm definitely!” Emma agreed, loving the sound of that. “But first, I want to get you naked Taylor! You’re wearing too many clothes! I want to see you naked for the first time and see that hot body I’m going to fuck! I’m not just going to lie back and have you lick me! I’m going to give it back to you too baby! I’m going to fuck you and make you come!”

“Yeahhhh mmmm I want that!” Taylor moaned, her pussy dripping into her panties. “Make me naked and fuck me like you fucked that porn star!”

“I’m going to fuck you even better than I fucked her!” Emma promised before she slid herself off the edge of the pool table, little traces of green felt on her otherwise pristine bare ass.

Now she and Taylor were standing face to face with one of them dressed and one of them most certainly not and both of them looking longingly at the other. Emma stared at Taylor in her pretty party dress and dreamed about what she looked like underneath as Taylor couldn’t take her eyes off Emma’s butt naked body, her alabaster skin all flushed with perspiration, her nipples swollen up like sexy berries and her pussy dripping wet.

The redhead looked even sexier standing there, showing off her nude body than she had on top of the pool table and Taylor badly wanted to kneel down and bury her face back into that pussy. She wanted to nestle her nose into that red bush and tongue and suck and fuck her friend until she came all creamy on her face. But Emma had different ideas and they involved a lot more nudity.

“Let’s get this off you,” Emma said as she reached for the dress.

While she did that she also kissed Taylor again, their lips feeling so wonderful against each other as their tongues reemerged to rub together once more. They had danced around this so much but now they both felt that it was so natural for them to be kissing and touching intimately. Their friendship had completely turned into lust and they both wanted more as Emma unzipped the top of Taylor’s dress and slid the straps of it off her shoulders, letting it fall easily off her slim body and puddle around her feet as she stood there in her heels.

“Mmmmmm you look so good,” Emma purred as she eyed Taylor in the cream colored bra and panties matching set she was wearing.

Her nipples were visibly poking against her bra and there was a sizeable wet spot in her panties that gave Taylor a naughty show of cameltoe, the silky fabric clinging to her cunt lips. Emma thought Taylor had never looked more gorgeous than she did right then as she stood before her in her underwear and Taylor had actually never felt more beautiful as she felt the heat between them and enjoyed the sensation of being stripped while her friend pressed into her completely naked with a naughty wet pussy that she badly wanted to get back to licking.

Taylor also felt like she’d never been more alive. Despite her reputation, she’d done her share of sexual things even before she had gotten into girls but she had never felt as confident and purely carnal as she did then. It was an amazing feeling surging inside her and she wanted so much more of it.

“I look even better like this,” Taylor grinned as she reached around her back for her bra clasp and pulled it open, baring her breasts for her first time to Emma’s eager eyes.

“Mmmmm! Oh God Taylor! Ooooh you have the cutest tits,” Emma moaned.

She’d always known her friend had herself an amazingly perky rack. But fantasizing about her gorgeous mounds and seeing them in the flesh were two completely different things and Emma loved what she saw.

The two fell right into another kiss as their faces fused together. They couldn’t get enough of kissing each other and this time as their tongues touched, Emma did what she had been dying to do since the first time she had noticed Taylor’s sexy body. She reached up and softly caressed Taylor’s bare tits, taking her chest into her warm hands and fully exploring them.

Emma loved how Taylor’s erect nipples felt against her palm and Taylor moaned at her touch, her topless body quivering with delight as Emma massaged her boobs. She did the same thing to her friend, reaching over and playing with her chest, the two of them kissing wetly and moaning into each other’s mouths as they each handled the other’s small, perfect tits.

“Ooooooh! Gawwwwwwd ughhhh yessssss mmmmm I love that!” Taylor moaned after Emma broke their kiss and instead bent down to tease her nipples.

Emma licked all over Taylor’s bare tits, dragging her tongue against her areolas and then focusing on her stiff pink points. Every lick against Taylor’s nipples made her sigh with pleasure and Emma didn’t neglect any part of her breasts. She fondled them so erotically, her soft hands feeling absolutely wonderful to the singer while Emma’s tongue stimulated her nipples in a way that made Taylor unconsciously reach down to her pussy and rub it through her panties.

“Mmmmmm I love when girls play with my boobs! SO much better than a guy!” Taylor sighed in happiness.

“Mmmmmm you have a lot of girls play with these hot titties?” Emma teased, grinning at Taylor before she resumed stimulating the girl’s nipples. “You slut!”

“Yessssssssssss I’m a fucking dirty slut!” Taylor groaned out in rapture, loving calling herself that. She’d been a good girl all her life and all of this was showing her how much more fun it was to be bad. “I’m not the prude you think I am! Oooooh I’m such a dirty girl! A dirty girl that fucks other dirty girls! Mmmmm you’re making me sooooo wet Emma!”

“Really? Mmmm I’d better see how wet,” Emma purred in reply as she peered down and saw Taylor rubbing herself through her cream-colored panties.

Emma watched the visible wet spot in them get bigger and bigger as Taylor’s fingers pressed the material right into the growing wetness. She loved seeing how much she was turning Taylor on and it made her desire for her friend grow even more intense.

As Emma continued to move from breast to breast, caressing them with one hand and pressing her mouth all over Taylor’s firm, white flesh and making it turn a flushed, happy shade of pink, she moved her other hand downward. Emma ran her tongue over Taylor’s lightly pink areolas and then onto her nipples at the same time her hand slid down over Taylor’s flat stomach and under the waistband of her panties.

Taylor was touching herself through her underwear, but Emma wasn’t nearly as shy. She went right into her panties, rubbing her hand over her friend’s pussy.

“Oooooooh you are wet!” Emma groaned in delight, letting her brain wrap around the idea that she was touching Taylor Swift’s pussy and that her seemingly innocent friend was letting her do it. “Mmmmmm naughty girl! Getting a wet pussy for lil ol’ me!”

“Yessssssssssssss oooooh yesssssssssssss mmmmm I got so turned on fucking you!” Taylor cried out, her body tingling from head to toe as she felt Emma’s naughty fingers rubbing against the soaked lips of her kitty.

Having those slim fingers erotically caressing the tender lips of her aroused pussy had Taylor moaning wildly, dirty words flowing past her lips like only other women could inspire in her.

“I love tasting you Emma!” Taylor sighed. “I love getting nasty and licking your wet, yummy pussy! I want more! I want to make you come for me! Oooooh come all over my face so I’m slutty and sticky from it! Mmmmm even get it in my hair!”

The thought of her orgasm dripping all over Taylor’s gorgeous face and making her famous blonde locks sticky and matted sent a delicious shiver through Emma’s naked body. She worked her fingers harder over Taylor’s creamy slit, rubbing up and down her labia and sliding her finger between those tight, warm little lips. It made Taylor shiver and quiver, pushing herself up against the redhead to get that finger to go in deeper and Emma again kissed her friend passionately, loving the sound of what she was saying but also wanting something else even more.

“I can’t get over how naughty you are,” Emma marveled in lust at the way her friend was acting. “Mmmm I have to fuck you too baby! I need to taste this wet little pussy! I need to taste what you’ve been keeping from me!”

Emma didn’t give Taylor a chance to try and talk her out of it. Instead she pulled her finger out of her friend and took a hot moment to savor her first taste of her flavor by sensually licking it and then sliding that finger right into her mouth. But she didn’t linger. Not when she had so much she wanted to do to the singing superstar. Emma sank to her knees right in front of Taylor and yanked down her wet panties, pulling them down her long legs and leaving her in nothing but her heels.

“Mmmmmm fuckkkk! Ohhh God that is so fucking beautiful!” Emma groaned lustfully over her first view of the slick, aroused lips of Taylor’s pussy, her labia glistening pink and hornily puffy. The little blonde curls of her neat landing strip of fur had droplets of wetness clinging to them and Emma couldn’t resist just diving in.


Taylor had been so eager to put her own needs aside to finish Emma off that she hadn’t expected the girl to do that. But she was so glad she had. She had just been licked a few hours before by gorgeous and experienced women but nothing in the kitchen could match the wild rush she got from feeling Emma Stone start to tongue her.

It seemed so wrong but felt so right at the same time and Taylor felt her toes curl and her body shiver at the way Emma’s tongue invaded her without permission. But she didn’t care if Emma asked or not. Taylor just wanted her not to stop. Taylor wanted Emma to take her and fuck her and make everything feel good.

“Oooooh! Yessssssssssss gawwwwd mmmm you’re so nasty Emma! Fuckkkkk!” Taylor cooed, her legs feeling like they were going to buckle from the pleasure she felt thanks to Emma’s tongue lapping at her lips and then pushing inside to burrow into her folds while Emma’s soft, warm hands reached around to squeeze her now bare ass. “Fuck me baby! Mmmmm eat my pussy! Ohhhh fuckkkk no…eat my CUNT! Yessssssssssssss!”

Taylor’s eyes lit up as she remembered how her lovers had urged her to talk nasty like that in the kitchen. It was so dirty to say a word like that but it made her feel so good, like she had stopped caring about who thought she was a good girl and only cared about what made her feel good. Saying it made her tingle, especially as it shocked Emma, who had never expected to hear a “c-bomb” from the likes of her.

“Whoa! Taylor! You filthy mouthed little ho! Mmmmm is this what you want? Wanna feel me tongue fuck your little cunt?” Emma moaned, showing Taylor she was mighty willing to play too. “Mmmmm bad girl! I’m gonna spank that cute little butt of yours for talking so dirty! But first I’m gonna get more of you all over my tongue!”

“Ooooooh do both!” Taylor moaned, thinking about how much she liked being spanked when the mood was right and how there was probably never going to be a more right moment than this. “Slap my ass! Mmmm I wanna feel a girl spank me for being so nasty! Smack that booty while you’re eating me! OOOOOOH!”

Taylor’s sounds turned into a loud, passionate squeal when Emma did exactly as she urged her and slapped her bare ass. The smack was a firm one and Taylor cried out when she felt that sting. She had never been spanked by another girl before but it was such a naughty thrill.

She had only trusted a couple of boyfriends enough to let them do that to her and when it had been done right having a sore, spanked bottom had made her so horny. It took a special occasion to get her in the mood for that, though, but this was nothing if not special and right then Taylor was eager to let Emma do whatever she wanted.

“Yeahhh you like getting spanked, don’t you bad girl?” Emma teased as she gave Taylor’s ass another solid smack, loving how it felt to get naughty with those impossibly tight little butt cheeks of hers.

And Emma started thinking there were even hotter ways she could tend to Taylor’s ass but she didn’t want to just rush into it. This was still so new to her and she had no idea what her own boundaries were, much less Taylor’s.

“Yesssssssssssssss I’m so bad!” Taylor groaned when Emma gently rubbed the ass she had just spanked, her flesh feeling so warm and flushed from being struck. “Spank me like the dirty girl I am for getting naked with hot girls and letting them lick me and fuck me! Mmmmm show me how bad I am for getting my mouth on your pussy and sucking out those yummy juices! Oooooooh yesssssssss make it good Emma! Gawwwd your tongue is driving me crazy!”

That was just the kind of reaction Emma was hoping for because she was going a little crazy too with desire for this wet pussy she had in her face. She loved Taylor’s flavor and the way she was dripping onto her tongue. Emma’s own pussy was doing some serious dripping of its own by now, her needs growing stronger by the second as she felt juices trickling down her thigh and onto her leg while she kneeled down in front of her friend.

But she ignored her own desire and didn’t touch herself, instead keeping her hands on Taylor’s ass, squeezing and massaging it while pleasuring her friend.

Having a tight grip on Taylor’s backside allowed Emma to move forward and really bury her face between her friend’s impossibly firm thighs. She loved Taylor’s tight little body and was already dreaming about those thighs wrapped around her head as Taylor vigorously fucked her face.

It was such a dirty thought and Emma felt her pussy drip more over it as she considered what a sexy sight they were, the two of them naked in a strange room in a strange house where anyone could walk in and find them at any second. In fact she kind of hoped someone would. It had been so hot to perform in front of an audience the day before at the porn shop and Emma wanted someone to come in and find her red head pressed to Taylor’s blonde furred pussy, licking away like a total slut and making her friend cry out.

And while no one walked in on them, Emma made good on part of what she craved by working her tongue into Taylor and making her cry in pleasure. Taylor wasn’t doing anything to cover up the sounds of her lust and Emma looked up with a smile on her busy mouth to see that she couldn’t because both of her hands were occupied by playing with her tits.

Emma loved seeing Taylor play with her amazing little boobs, tugging on her nipples and making them even harder. She loved knowing she was turning her friend on like this and it made her taste even better as she pushed her tongue in hard and got it coated with sweet girl flavor as a reward for her efforts.

Just as she had the day before, Emma felt her brain shut off and her lustful instincts take over. She was losing herself in the moment and indulging the side of herself she’d stifled for so long. When Sasha had grabbed her by her hair and forced her face into her ass, making her eat her out and then rim her, Emma had known she should have resisted, but it had felt so good to let this stranger, a porn star no less, use her like that and fuck her face.

It had been so easy to just let go and let it all happen, not fighting it and letting the desire grip her and compel her to fuck a pussy and an ass that had taken so many nasty cocks on camera while all those other girls stripped and fucked around her. It had been so hot to get lost in all that depravity that she hadn’t thought twice when Scarlett had started licking her.

Now she was feeling that same heat again. Taylor’s cunt was so wet and hot and it was so dirty to see her naked and aroused. Emma loved kneeling in front of her, thrusting her tongue into a gooey pink paradise she had never dreamed she would be able to enter. The scent of Taylor’s horniness was almost as big a turn-on as her taste and Emma sniffed it in deeply, breathing in the wonderful smell while squeezing her new lover’s ass, making them both moan from the pleasure.

“Ohhhhh Emma! Mmmmmm you’re so nasty! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Taylor cried in ecstasy as she realized that Emma was sniffing her pussy as she tongue fucked it.

Feeling that tongue pushing into her and touching her clit sent little explosions off inside her and Taylor ached to feel the big blast that came from an orgasm. But she also felt she had unfinished business too.

“Mmmmmm make me come Emma!” Taylor pleaded. “Fuck my hot little cunt and make me come like a nasty girl too! I don’t wanna be a fucking good girl anymore! I wanna be a nasty, pussy hungry slut! Fuck me and let me fuck you too! I’ve got to make you come! I’ve got to make you come all over my face like I’m going to come all over yours!”

Taylor’s words sounded really good to Emma. Her pussy was dripping more than ever now and it badly needed some attention. Taylor’s mouth had felt amazing before and the redhead wanted more, but she also didn’t want to stop getting her own tongue into her friend’s wet pinkness.

Fortunately there was an easy solution at hand and they didn’t even have to say what it was. They both knew what needed to be done and even though they had never done that with another girl before they fell right into it.

Taylor lowered herself onto the floor with Emma, sliding out of her heels at last so she could be fully naked now. Once they were face-to-face, Taylor immediately reached over and grabbed Emma so they could passionately kiss. Her hands caressed Emma’s face as they made out, their tongues eagerly rubbing together as Taylor found herself hungrier than ever for Emma’s lips now that they were coated in her essence.

She’d tasted her own pussy on other girls before but this time it was even hotter because she was doing it to Emma. The redhead was eager to return the same passion as she let her tongue press up against Taylor’s and taste some more of herself in the process.

Both women were completely naked and totally starved for each other so they didn’t waste much time. This was new to them but they knew what they wanted and they positioned themselves to get it as Taylor playfully gave Emma a little push. Emma complied happily, lying down on the rug in the center of the room. It was much more comfortable than on the hard floor, but Emma really wouldn’t have cared where it had been as long as they didn’t stop fucking.

As soon as Emma lay back naked on her back, Taylor positioned herself on top of her friend, pressing her pussy right to her face while getting her own face back where she wanted it most, between Emma’s pale thighs.

She’d never done a 69 with a guy before but it felt totally natural to do it now and Taylor had seen more than enough videos where this position was prominently featured. In between that day in Las Vegas and this trip to the mansion, Taylor had seen so many naughty girl on girl scenes and had fantasized about living them out.

Being in a 69 had always been one her favorite dirty dreams because that way she would be able to give pleasure and receive it at the same time. She was so excited as she locked herself and Emma into it, their slim naked bodies fusing together on the floor as Emma excitedly grabbed onto her butt again and pushed her tongue into her pussy, fucking her with an extra amount of gusto as she lapped up the cream that had collected on Taylor’s labia during her time away from it.

Taylor was just as excited and she showed it by burying her face back into Emma, loving how those red curls tickled her face. Taylor couldn’t help but giggle over feeling her friend’s bush on her skin. She knew Emma wasn’t a natural redhead. She was a blonde, but yet her small, furry patch was as red as her head.

Did she dye below the waist too? That was so strange but so hot all at the same time and Taylor mentally added it to the million or so questions she had for her friend after all this was over. But she didn’t dare ask now, not when she had something far more fun to use her tongue on as she resumed licking away at Emma, the two women pleasuring each other on the floor of a strange home.

They didn’t care that they were doing this here and probably totally taking advantage of the hospitality offered them by doing it. They didn’t care they were probably missed at that crowded party and people were no doubt wondering what they had gotten themselves into. They only cared about each other’s pleasure as they locked their bodies together in a passionate 69.

Taylor was on top, her blonde head nestled securely between Emma’s thighs as the redhead lay below her, her mouth sucking on her pussy while her legs wrapped around Taylor’s body, keeping her close. But such a gesture was hardly necessary. Taylor was right where she most wanted to be.

They worked each over with their lips and tongues, sucking and licking and wetly slurping at each other’s pussies. The muzzles of their crotches quieted each woman’s screams but only a little bit. Their lack of experience didn’t lessen their commitment to making the other come and it even made them work harder. They didn’t want to let each other down and neither of them was going to let up until the other was satisfied.

“Ohhhhhh Goddddd ooooooooh ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss fuckkkkk you’re so fucking hot Taylor!” Emma squealed in need, Taylor’s tongue so welcome back on her pussy as she’d only grown hornier for it in the time she’d been away. “Fuck me! Ohhh yesssss fuck me just like that! Show me the real fucking Taylor Swift! Show me that slut that’s always been inside you! Yessssssssss yessssssss you dirty girl! Oooooh fuckkkk yessssss eat that dirty cunt of mine! Do it even better than that fucking porn whore did!”

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhh I’m so slutty! So fucking slutty!” Taylor moaned back, her head spinning at the mere thought of being able to be even dirtier than someone like Sasha. She knew that wasn’t her but she still loved hearing Emma say it. “Mmmmm you taste so good! Mmmmm yesssss I’m a dirty little cunt licker and I’m going to lick up every naughty drop! I’ll show you how nasty I really am! Mmmm I’ll show you how much I love fucking girls! Gawwd give it to me Emma! Mmmm fucking fuck me while I fuck you! Oooooh I want us both to come together!”

They rolled a little bit on the floor as they rocked together naked and horny. Their bare bodies bumped into one of the chairs on the soft throw rug they were on top of. But neither of them cared anything for their surroundings. They didn’t care where this was happening as long as it was happening.

They kept their faces pressed hard to each other’s crotches as they licked and slurped and fucked. Fucking each other’s faces was a huge thrill for the both of them and they both experienced the rush of being licked and licking simultaneously. They’d both been in wild group action before but not this kind of position and it felt so intimate and sexy while also being wonderfully nasty.

Taylor couldn’t get enough of tonguing Emma’s dripping folds. She buried her tongue inside that pink and licked as quickly as she could to get all of that juiciness. She tried not to go too fast, of course, but it was so hard to resist. Her whole body was racing with excitement and she wanted to funnel it all toward pleasuring Emma.

She wanted to lick her as fast as possible but she told herself to not do that. Taylor reminded herself how she liked to be licked, how she liked it thorough and neat and not wild and sloppy. But it was just so easy to go wild when she had such a sweet, yummy pussy in her face. She wanted to lose all control and gobble up Emma’s pussy like she was starving for it.

Emma was feeling the same emotions. She wanted to take her time and really pleasure Taylor. There was something so overpowering about feeling that slim, lithe body draped over hers, those strong thighs around her face and those perky tits pressing into her stomach, and it was even better to know this was her friend on top of her in their 69, not just some random girl.

Emma loved feeling Taylor’s naughty bush pressed to her face just like she could tell Taylor was into her intimate red fur. And most of all she loved the taste of that sweet, girl next door cunt of hers while Taylor feasted right back on her own.

The intense arousal made Emma want to go at Taylor’s pussy like it was her last meal. She wanted to gulp and scarf on it and encourage Taylor to do the same to her. Her whole body felt alive and crackling with energy and it was so tempting to turn into a starving animal with Taylor’s pussy in her face.

And just like Taylor was doing, Emma had to remind herself not to do that and to instead keep things steady as she tongued the blonde superstar. So she slowed down the pace of her licks and focused on Taylor’s juicy clit, just like the singer was doing to her. That allowed them to really get into a rhythm with each other as they kept on fucking each other’s faces in their 69, all their pent up lust exploding between them.

Both women cried out for more and implored the other with praise for how hot they were and how good it felt. The pussies they had in each other’s faces made them mumble as they talked but the intention was still clear. They wanted each other so badly and it showed in their actions as they continued to lick and suck, their tongues working over each other’s pussy with licks and thrusts and moans filling the air around them.

They both were sopping wet from each other’s actions but it was Emma who crossed the line next as she found herself craving even more.

As she held Taylor’s ass cheeks in her hand, a thought occurred to Emma. What if this was the only time they did this? What if they entered the morning filled with regret and their first time together ended up being the last time as well? What if Taylor didn’t want this again after tonight?

That made Emma want to take full advantage of the situation and get every dirty thing she could ever want from the chance to fuck Taylor Swift. That meant focusing on the petite, perfect booty she held in her hands and at first Emma wondered if it was the right thing to do and if Taylor would even like it. She wanted it so badly though that Emma found herself more willing with every passing second to take the risk.

Emma knew she would kick herself later if she didn’t indulge herself here, especially since it was quite possible, if not likely, that this would be their only night together as lovers. So she went for it, without another thought and without any consideration other than the cursory though if Taylor would object to such an intimate act.

With Taylor pressed down on top of her it was so easy for Emma to drag her tongue over the blonde’s pulsing pussy lips and up toward an even more forbidden hole. She kept a tight grip on her lover’s butt cheeks as she spread them open and let her tongue gently lick at her wrinkled hole, like she was softly tapping on the backdoor.

“OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK!” Taylor cried out, again startled by this wicked pleasure. She pulled her mouth away from Emma’s pussy as the taboo ecstasy tantalized her and left her wanting more even though she kept telling herself she shouldn’t. “Ooooooooooooh! Emma!!!!  Fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhh that’s so dirtyyyyyyyy!”

Taylor hadn’t been expecting Emma to do that at all. She thought they would only be pleasuring each other’s pussies and her first instinct was to try and make her stop. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Not when it felt so good to have that wet tongue teasingly rubbing against her puckered ring, wetly sliding the tip against her and making it seem like Emma’s whole tongue could be shoved inside her virgin hole at any second.

It made Taylor want it even as she kept telling herself not to. She had loved what Hayden had done to her in the kitchen but it had made her nervous from how much she had enjoyed it. Now Emma was doing it too and it made Taylor squirm with anxiety and arousal.

“Wait…don’t…don’t…stop,” Taylor moaned, showing how she was totally of two minds on this and when Emma did stop she groaned again, this time in a mix of both relief and disappointment.

“Mmmmm why? Don’t you like it?” Emma teased. “I know you like it baby! I can feel that cute little hole quiver for me when I lick it! You are a dirty girl Taylor! I never knew you liked it up the ass!”

“I don’t! I mean I do! I mean…ughhh gawwd I don’t know if I like it or not!” Taylor cried, annoyed at herself and wishing Emma would get back to her pussy so they could resume fuckin each other. “It’s so dirty! Mmmm but it feels so fucking good! I…I…I’ve never really done it there before!”

Taylor was afraid Emma was going to start to think that she really was some kind of prude and that what had been going so smoothly a second ago was going to totally stop. But Emma definitely didn’t think that anymore and she didn’t let up. In fact she went back to doing it, squeezing Taylor’s firm buns and then craning her head up to lick at her asshole again, rubbing the tip of her tongue all over the tiny little hole as Taylor moaned for her, the pleasure overwhelming her nervousness.

“Oh really? Never gave up the booty to any of those guys you dated? That must have driven them crazy,” Emma laughed. “Mmmm I know I’ve sure been staring at your hot ass for years Taylor! I’ve always wanted to fuck you there!”

“You have? Oh fuckkkkk! That’s so naughty! Gawwwd I never let a guy play with me there mmm fuckkk some of them wanted to so bad but I never let anyone do it…until today!” Taylor confessed. “Mmmmm earlier in the kitchen…I…I…oh goddddd Hayden licked me there and it felt fucking amazing!”

“Ughhh you were holding out on me?” Emma laughed, feigning anger as she slapped Taylor’s bare ass again, the smack making the blonde groan in lust. “You’ll let Hayden fucking Panettiere lick your asshole but not me? Some friend you are! Why didn’t you tell me? You told me everything else! Fuck, I told you about me burying my tongue up that porn star asshole and Scarlett taking me up the ass with that strap-on and you can’t tell me about you getting your salad tossed a little bit?”

“I was embarrassed,” Taylor blushed. “It felt so good! I didn’t think I was going to like it that much! It felt so dirty and sexy and mmmmm I came so hard when Hayden was tongue fucking my ass and Jewel was licking my pussy! Gawwwwd I felt like such a nasty girl! I felt like it was wrong to like it so much!”

“Well it’s not wrong!” Emma assured her, remembering her own nerves the first time a guy had wanted to fuck her up the ass and how embarrassed she’d been when she’d realized how much she’d enjoyed it. She knew just how Taylor felt but she also knew the pleasures that awaited her friend if she would just loosen up a bit more. “Mmmmm it’s so right! Especially when you have an ass like yours Taylor! If you don’t let people fuck it, it’s like not letting people see the Mona Lisa! You’re denying everyone something awesome!”

Taylor couldn’t help but giggle at the hard sell she was getting from Emma. She had never really thought her butt was all that special. She’d been worried it was too flat. But she’d had so many people, both men and now women, tell her how hot it was that she was starting to really enjoy her little booty more.

Now Emma wanted to get naughty with it just like Hayden had and Taylor knew she couldn’t deny her, not when she wanted it so much deep down. It had felt so hot when Hayden had done it. How would it feel when Emma licked her forbidden hole? Taylor suddenly was filled with the horny urge to find out.

“Mmmmm do it Emma!” Taylor said softly. “Lick it! Ooooooh fuckkkkk yessssssssssss! Mmmm fuckkkk oooooh that’s sooooo dirty! Mmmmm you’re sticking your naughty tongue up my butt! Ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss! OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKK ME YESSSSSSS!”

Now that she had Taylor’s permission, Emma began licking her with more energy. She was so glad that Taylor liked it because she hadn’t wanted to stop. She had gotten such a rush from rimming her. It hadn’t even been because they were friends. It had been because she had been rimming Taylor Swift! She had been licking that goody-goody’s asshole and making her like it! That felt so amazingly nasty like she was doing something seriously taboo and having Taylor get off on it made Emma glad she was indulging herself.

All that she had done in the porno shop had reawakened Emma’s lust for assfucking and supercharged it with her now unleashed desire for women. She had surprised herself with how she had eagerly gone after Sasha’s asshole after the porno icon had demanded she do it. The sexually charged atmosphere had totally overcome her and she hadn’t wanted to resist it.

It had been so kinky and hot to let those infamous ass cheeks smother her face. She had loved how dirty the sex made her feel and how wrong it was for a good, famous girl like her to let a porn star skank fuck her tongue with her ass. Emma’s cunt had dripped from it and Scarlett had made it even better by getting that strap-on up her ass.

It had been a while since she had experienced an assfucking like that and having it come from a woman had made it so much better. Now she wanted to make Taylor just as dirty as she’d been.

She had always lusted after Taylor’s tight little butt. It had seemed so wrong to want to fuck her good girl friend like that, which had only made Emma want it more. But now she could have it and Taylor giving her the go-ahead to do it made Emma hornier than ever for it.

Emma didn’t just tease her asshole anymore. She spread Taylor open and really went after her ass with her tongue, taking her just like she’d taken Sasha and getting so turned on as she thought about fucking sweet Taylor like she’d fucked that nasty porn slut.

Emma found herself getting off on the untamed lewdness of what she was doing. Her tongue was in another girl’s ass. And not just any girl but one of the most famous in the entire world and a friend to boot. What was she doing? But Emma was able to easily answer that. She was having fun! She wanted this!

It made her so fucking wet to be so nasty and she wanted to push her boundaries even more. What had she had done yesterday had only been a taste of what Emma knew she could do if she fully indulged in her own lusts. She wanted to feast on this kind of sex. She wanted to gorge on lesbian fucking until she could take no more. She wanted to do it all and make it as hot and slutty as possible.

She had been so scared of her own desire to experiment with other women and it had angered her to act that shy. Emma hated being scared of herself and now she was embracing her own perversity and finding that it was definitely a whole lot more fun to be fucking girls instead of just thinking about it. She was being such a fucking perv and she loved it. She was shoving her tongue right up Taylor Swift’s virgin asshole and it was one of the hottest things she had ever done. The more she did it, the wetter she got from it.

“OHHHHH MY GODDDDD!” Taylor loudly squealed as she felt her ass get invaded by a girl’s tongue for the second time that day.

Emma’s tongue was thrusting into her hole now, pushing past her virginal hole and going inside her ass. It had been wildly naughty when Hayden had done it but this time it felt even dirtier knowing it was Emma tonguing her booty and Taylor loved that. It felt even better now than it had earlier. Now she knew how good it felt to have her asshole licked and now she found herself embracing the taboo pleasure.


“Mmmmmm yeahhhh that’s just what I want you naughty slut,” Emma groaned back, her pussy dripping even though Taylor was too busy reacting to being rimmed and tongue fucked to lick her back. “Mmmmm take my tongue up your ass! I’ll show you what a nasty girl I really am! I’ll buttfuck you with my tongue until you come for me! Like that Taylor?”

“Yessssssssssss!” Taylor hissed, the pleasure coursing through her as Emma took one hand off her ass and used it to rub her pussy, her fingers not being gentle as they massaged her soaked vaginal lips. “Mmmmmm fuck me Emma! Fuck my ass with your tongue! Gawwwwd make me like it! Mmmm fuck my good girl booty and make me nasty like you!”

“You already are nasty!” Emma assured Taylor, much to the blonde’s delight. “You’re the one getting licked up your pretty little ass! You’re the one getting off on it! Mmmmm fuckkk I’m going to turn you into such a slut for taking it up the ass just like I am!”

“OHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS MAKE ME SLUTTY! OHHHH EMMA YESSSSSSSS FUCK ME! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Taylor cried as Emma pushed her tongue back into her, the combination of that tongue thrusting past her asshole and that soft hand roughly rubbing her pussy making her feel like her eyes were going to roll back in her head.

Taylor threw her head back and cried out in pleasure, experiencing an ecstasy she had never imagined for herself. She had come so good that day from Hayden licking her ass while Jewel had sucked the juices right out of her pussy but she knew Emma was going to make her come even harder. It felt so amazing to have her do this to her.

It was so dirty and wrong to like this but she did. She loved it! She had always been sure that she would hate anal sex and that it would be gross to have someone take her there but this was such an incredible feeling. It made her whole body shiver with ecstasy when Emma tongue fucked her ass, pushing into her in such a naughty way. Taylor’s whole way of thinking was changing and she was sure she would come hard from what Emma was doing to her.

But with Emma’s body so close to her, her pussy glistening not only with arousal but also the saliva she’d left behind from licking her, Taylor was reminded that she was being selfish. How could she only be thinking of herself when her friend needed her to make her come?

Taylor felt guilty for ignoring Emma and she tried to refocus. It was hard because the pleasure of having another woman’s tongue pushing into her ass was nothing if not distracting, but Taylor forced herself to do it by plunging her face back between the redhead’s creamy thighs and getting her mouth back on Emma’s pussy.

Emma certainly appreciated it as she purred in satisfaction from the feel of Taylor’s warm mouth sucking on her pinkness again and Taylor moaned too when she felt a fresh release of juice drip right into her mouth as she fused her lips to her friend, letting the hairs of her bright bush rub right against her chin.

The aroma of Emma’s horniness was like a slutty perfume and, just like Emma had done to her, Taylor found herself breathing it in deeply, feeling like such a bad girl as she sniffed Emma’s wet cunt in her face and let the scent tickle the senses in her brain. Taylor sucked and licked at her friend’s wetness while keeping her face buried into that pussy, not letting herself be distracted by what Emma was doing to her asshole.

That was easier said than done, though, as Emma was getting more into it by the second, sending endless pulses of pleasure throughout Taylor’s body. She’d been too nervous and then too overwhelmed to really appreciate the ecstasy she’d felt before when Hayden had done it to her but this time Taylor didn’t let that happen. She allowed herself to bask in the intense feelings while Emma did naughty, forbidden things to a hole that had been totally off limits until today.

Taylor cried out into the muzzle of the redhead’s pussy as she continued to lie on top of her, fusing their naked bodies together in their 69 while Emma had one hand spreading her open and the other rubbing the quivering lips of her vagina while her tongue pushed in and fucked her ass.

How could it feel so good? Taylor still felt so dirty for liking this as much as she did but with every second Emma’s tongue licked over the sensitive ring of her asshole and every time that tongue pushed in to fuck her, sliding inside that nasty hole, the more she felt that the dirtiness of this was the best part. She wasn’t a good girl at all anymore. She was a nasty little slut who loved having her asshole licked and Taylor was getting off on it so good.

“Ooooooooh oooooooooooooooooh oooooooooooooh!” Taylor continually moaned, the intensity of it quieting her as she couldn’t even form screams from the ecstasy gripping her. Her coos were muffled by the pussy in her face but Emma certainly heard them.

“Mmmm yeahhhh tell me you love it Taylor! Tell me what a naughty girl you are!” Emma commanded, her pleasure doubled not just from Taylor eating her out but from knowing who it was that she was fucking her.

“Yessssssss oooooh I love it!” Taylor mewed, not hesitating. “Mmmm I’m such a naughty girl! Yesssss I love what you’re doing to me!”

“What? What am I doing to you?” Emma pressed, her pussy dripping just from Taylor’s sweet, moaning voice. “Tell me! Tell me you love it!”

Admitting what was happening to her and how much she was enjoying it was almost as hot as the act itself and Taylor didn’t fight it. She did just what Emma asked of her and felt a huge mental rush of pleasure to go with the physical.

“Ooooooh gawwwwd you’re licking my ass!” Taylor moaned. “Mmmmmm I love it! Oooooooh I love it sooooo much Emma! I’m letting you do what no boy ever gets to do! Mmmm don’t stop! I love your tongue up my dirty little hole oooooooooooh Emmaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooooh YESSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSS UGHH DON’T STOPPPPP!”

Taylor muffled her own screams by forcing herself back into Emma’s pussy but by now she really had the sex tingles going through her whole body. She got her tongue back into Emma’s honeypot and eagerly licked at her clitoris while it swelled up so nice and pink for her.

Taylor tongued Emma’s clit, making her friend moan and coo. It also inspired Emma to tongue Taylor back even faster, her tongue probing the singer’s virgin asshole and making her want to get even naughtier. Because as much as Taylor loved feeling Emma’s clit throb for her while she tasted the drooling juiciness of her pussy, she began craving more.

She had never done what she was thinking right then. She hadn’t done it to Hayden in the kitchen even though the thought had certainly crossed her mind. It had just been too much for her. She’d been too shy to return the favor for what Hayden had done to her.

But she was even more tempted now as Emma turned her into a naked, sweaty mess with her tongue. Every touch of Emma’s mouth to her asshole made her shiver with pleasure and Taylor couldn’t help but notice as she licked away at Emma’s pussy how her friend’s tiny little hole was only inches away.

But she couldn’t…could she? The idea of putting her tongue somewhere like that was just so dirty. But dirty was good, wasn’t it? It felt amazing to be let herself be dirty by having Emma work her asshole over with her tongue. Why couldn’t she do it back? Of course it was totally different to give than to receive but…mmmmmm what if it felt good to do it?

After all, Emma sure seemed to like doing it to her. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad if she did it to Emma too. In fact, maybe it would be really, really, REALLY good!

Taylor decided not to think about it anymore. She just did it. She had never done a thing like this before and she let her impulse guide her, ignoring all her inhibitions and worries and just going for it. She lashed her tongue against the wet, pink lips of Emma’s labia and then kept on moving her tongue, dragging it from the top of Emma’s slit all the way down to the bottom and then going further, wetly licking that naughty stretch of flesh between her holes and then diving into the depravity further by flicking against Emma’s wrinkled ring.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK YEAHHHHH!” Emma cried instantly when she felt Taylor’s tongue shyly touch her asshole. “Mmmmm do it baby! Fucking lick that ass! Ooooooh Taylor! You horny little bitch! Mmmm I never thought you’d have the guts to go for it! Yesssssssssss ooooooh fuckkkk mmmmm that feels good! Do it Taylor! Faster! Don’t be shy! Gimmie that tongue! Yessss lick it like I’m licking you!”

Taylor was filled with a huge relief when she first tasted Emma’s asshole and realized that she didn’t hate it. In fact she liked it. She liked it a lot. This was so new to her and that made it more thrilling for herself as she followed her friend’s instructions and began to really lick at Emma’s asshole.

She didn’t have the confidence Emma did as she licked her, but Taylor tried to follow suit as best she could, rubbing the tip of her tongue over the forbidden fuck hole and then, just like Emma was doing to her, squeezing her tight ass cheeks with her hand and spreading them open so she could push inside and explore.

Since Emma was on the bottom of their 69 that made it a little bit more difficult for Taylor but she managed and the more she licked the more she liked. She’d been so afraid this was going to be something she wasn’t into but it was so naughty and good to do this to another gorgeous woman.

Taylor started to regret not having done this to Hayden when the impulse had struck her in the kitchen and she vowed right then, if they crossed paths later and they were both naked, that she wouldn’t make the same mistake again. She felt such a kinky rush from doing this and it was really turning her on.

Taylor began wondering what other pleasures she was missing out on because she was too afraid to try them. It had once been unthinkable for her to ever taste another girl’s pussy but now she loved that. And it had once been too gross for her ever think about putting her tongue in another girl’s ass. Now she was really, really starting to like that too and she giggled excitedly as she and Emma turned their 69 into a mutual asslicking, the both of them working over each other’s naughtiest holes with their tongues.

From up top in their 69, Taylor couldn’t get over how hot it was to feel the hotness of Emma’s sopping cunt against her chin and even against her neck as she craned down to get her tongue on her friend’s waiting asshole. She’d started out licking tentatively but that didn’t last and as Emma gave it to her harder, Taylor responded in kind.

She licked all over the naughtily puckered ring and shoved her tongue inside, making Emma shudder with bliss under her. And Taylor knew exactly what Emma was feeling because she was experiencing the same thing. They were moaning louder and louder as they shared the ecstasy of rimming each other on the floor of the game room, their naked bodies pressing even tighter into each other

Both girls were rocking together, their bodies curled up almost into a naked ball as they rimmed each other’s asses. They alternated screams and squeals while they both licked and were licked as they both brought each other intense pleasure. Emma barely had more experience than Taylor did with rimming girls but their enthusiasm for this wicked act was what mattered as they pushed each other right to the brink of orgasm.

And the better it felt, the more Emma wanted to get even kinkier. Taylor’s ass was too irresistible to her and she wanted to do even more than lick it.

Pleasure was shooting right up Emma’s spine from the amazing sensation of the friend she had thought was too repressed to ever kiss a girl plunging her tongue into her asshole and tasting her. It was insane that she and Taylor were doing this to each other but it was the kind of insanity that made Emma feel like her pussy could explode with sweet girly cream.

That drove Emma even more in her desire to get kinky and, as she continued to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings of Taylor’s asshole by snaking her tongue into it, Emma took the hand that had been rubbing the blonde’s labia and put it to much better use.

Emma’s fingers were coated in Taylor’s pussy juice and she acted without asking. She didn’t pause to consider if Taylor was ready for this or if she even wanted it. Just like when she had started rimming her, Emma let her horny desire make the decision for her and she took one pussy lubed finger and slid it right into Taylor Swift’s virgin asshole.

“OHHHHHH MY GODDDDD!” Taylor screamed when she was penetrated. “OOOOOH EMMA!!! GAWWWWWD!”

“Mmmmmm yeahhh you like that don’t you?” Emma grinned as she pushed her finger inside deeper, sliding it in with a gentleness that showed respect for her friend’s virginity but at the same time made it clear that she wasn’t playing around and that she wanted to make Taylor’s ass hers. “Mmmmm this ass is too hot not to get fucked. You’re too sexy to be a virgin anywhere on this body! It’s time you lose that cherry, Taylor!”

“Ughhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk ohhhhh Godddddd!” Taylor groaned, the initial rush of shock and arousal over having her previously untouched asshole fingered subsiding and being replaced with serious head spinning over what was happening to her. “Fuckk! Ohhhh fuckkkk! Ohhhhh Goddddddd mmmmm don’t stop Emma! Ooooooh don’t stoppppp! Gawwwd I shouldn’t like this but I do! Ooooooh fuck me! Finger fuck my virgin butt!”

Taylor couldn’t believe she was saying that. But she wanted it. God, did she want it! Emma was making it all feel so good and Taylor didn’t want to hold anything back. Emma was hardly the first lover of hers who had wanted to stick it in that hole. But they had always gotten shut down. It had been a forbidden zone and Taylor had never dreamed she would ever change her mind about it.

Yet now everything was changing. She had once thought she was totally straight. Now she definitely wasn’t. She had never dreamed she would ever fuck one of her friends. Now she absolutely was. So why not change this too?

As much as she had already experienced, Taylor had never felt anything like the sensation of that slim finger going into her ass. It was only a finger and a delicate one at that, but at the same time it was up her ass and it was a new and exhilarating pleasure. That one finger felt huge up her ass and the way Emma was fucking her with it was making her crazy with lust.

It made her moan and shiver as she tried to focus on the pleasure she was giving Emma’s asshole with her tongue. The more Emma fingered her hole, the more Taylor found herself forgetting all her previous reservations about this kind of sex. It was impossible to deny it felt good, especially as Emma furthered things by sliding in a second finger, stretching open her hole and making it feel even more intensely hot.

“OOOOOOH! Mmmmmm ohhhh Emma! That’s so fucking naughty!” Taylor cried.

“Fuck yeah it’s naughty!” Emma laughed, absolutely delighted in what she was able to do to her sexy, no longer repressed friend. “But you love it, don’t you? Mmmmm you’re not some frigid little girl anymore, are you Taylor? Now you’re a nasty slut taking my fingers up your ass! Tell me you love it, bad girl!”

Emma slapped Taylor’s bare ass one more time for good measure, the crack of her hand to her tight flesh making Taylor squeal. Taylor couldn’t hide how she felt. She was shocking herself with how much she was enjoying this, but feeling those fingers pushing into her and stretching her out sent her into a sexual high she had never hit before. She wanted to come so badly and she didn’t resist Emma on any of this.

“Yesssssssssssssss! I love it! OOOOOH I LOVE IT EMMA!” Taylor screamed. “I love you fucking my ass! Yesssssssssssss finger fuck me like bad girls do! Shove your nasty fingers up my dirty fucking hole! Oooooh you’re making me love it Emma! FUCKK OHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS MAKE ME LOVE IT AND MAKE ME COME! OHHHHH MAKE ME COME FROM YOU FINGERING MY ASS! PLEASE EMMA PLEAAAAAAAAAASE!”

Emma had never acted like this before either. She loved sex but she’d never been so lost in the moment either, not even in the porn shop when Sasha and Scarlett had double teamed her and blown her mind. Not even that amazing encounter could equal what she was doing now as she felt her pussy throbbing from defiling her friend. Emma couldn’t get enough of this and she knew, boyfriend or no boyfriend, that she and Taylor were going to be doing this again and taking it even further.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh you naughty girl! Feel those fingers popping your cherry!” Emma groaned, her own holes being neglected now by the screaming, writhing girl on top of her, but the pleasure still flowing through her body. “Only bad girls like us take it up the ass! No more fucking good girl prude shit from you Taylor! Now you’re a nasty little perverted fuck like me! Mmmmmm take it baby! Come from my fingers fucking this cherry hole! A fucking woman is taking your ass cherry baby! Feel it Taylor! Feel my fucking fingers jamming inside your amazing little butt! That’s not all I’m going to do either! We’re gonna blow this party and go back to my place where I have the strap-on I bought at that fucking porno shop! I’m going to use it on you Taylor! I’m going to bend you over and give you a real fucking!”

The feel of Emma’s fingers probing her ass, pushing into her and filling her up as they lay naked and fused together, her body draped on top of the redhead’s, had Taylor almost delirious with pleasure. Everything Emma was saying sounded amazing and Taylor wanted to experience it all even if it was things she had never expected to ever do with anyone.

“Yessssss yesssssssssssss ooooooh yessssssssssss you can so do that!” Taylor groaned uncontrollably, her hot breath tickling Emma’s pussy and asshole as she rested her face against her and spit out her words in frantic gasps while her whole body trembled from what she was experiencing. “Fucking do me like a whore Emma! Bend me over and nail me with a strap-on like I’m some kind of porno chick just like the skanks you fuck! Ooooooh Emma gawwwwwwwwwd you’re making me so nasty but I wanna be even nastier! Fuck me with a big, fake dick! Fuck my pussy! Ohhhh God fuck my ass! Fuck me any way you want!”

“Ooooooh bad, bad Taylor!” Emma laughed in erotic glee, giving Taylor’s ass another firm slap. “You’re turning into such a total lesbo whore! Mmmmm begging for me to fuck you with a strap-on! Mmmmm I’ll bet you’d love it if I did it in front of everyone at the party too! Us getting naked and putting on a show and letting everyone see how dirty sweet little Taylor Swift really is! Showing them how much you love nasty, dirty lesbian butt sex!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! LET EVERYONE SEE I’M NOT A FUCKING PRUDE! LET EVERYONE SEE I LOVE IT UP MY BUTT! OOOOOOOH GAWWWWD FUCK ME EMMA! MMMM I’M GONNA COME SOOOO GOOD FOR YOUUUUU!” Taylor cried, the emotional lust she felt completely overtaking her as she tried to calm herself by lapping again at Emma’s asshole.

Taylor loved the nasty words Emma was saying. She loved hearing them come out of her own mouth too. She felt so wild and untamed and she only wanted more.

But most of all Taylor wanted to come. She had never needed it as badly as she did then. Not even her past lesbian encounters could rival this. Every bit of her was on edge for this. She just wanted to come and come and then come some more. How could anything feel this amazing?

She was gasping and crying out with each thrust of Emma’s naughty fingers and it only got more intense when more fingers pushed into her, this time two into her pussy so Emma could stimulate her clit too, rubbing against it with even harder thrusts of her hand than her asshole was getting.

“Come for me Taylor! I want you to come so fucking much for me!” Emma urged, working her friend over with both hands as seeing, hearing and, most of all, feeling the blonde’s pleasure turned her on even more. “Come all over my fingers baby! Soak them good with that naughty little pussy while I fucking buttfuck you like a dirty ho! Mmmm it turns me on so much that I’m the first to fuck this little ass and it’s only a warmup for what I’m going to do with my strap-on later!”


“Do it!” Emma hissed, wondering if she could come too just from having Taylor come for her.

She honestly felt like she could. It was just that hot for her to be able to do this to Taylor. Emma grunted and moaned as she thrust her fingers into her friend, the tightness of Taylor’s asshole making the snug velvet of her pussy seem almost lose by comparison.

“Come for me baby!” Emma urged. “Come like a fucking whore for me! I want it! I’m never going to stop fucking you now Taylor! Ughhh fuckkkk you’re so goddamn hot baby! Come for me!”

Granted she didn’t have much comparison to this given her own lack of experience, but Taylor’s pussy was the wettest Emma had ever had. She was dripping onto her fingers which made it much easier for Emma to work those fingers in harder, rubbing her friend’s clitoris while she also pushed deeper into her ass, stretching her out and loving the feel of the way the tightness of it clenched around her fingers as Taylor’s orgasm began.


Shaking as she cried out, Taylor felt her release rush through her with even more intensity than it had earlier that day and even more than it had at the spa. Each time she did this she loved it even more and came even harder. She loved feeling those fingers shoving into her. She loved how dirty this was. It was like the good girl really was being fucked out of her and if so Taylor never wanted it to come back.

She cried out with every wave of orgasm that passed through her, silencing herself by kissing all over Emma’s thighs and pressing herself down on top of her naked friend turned lover. Taylor didn’t have the strength or will to lick while she was coming but she did press her lips all over those toned, pale thighs, loving the softness of Emma’s skin against her lips while she felt the ecstasy of her orgasm.

The only thing that could wake her out of the daze Emma had put her in was the feeling of her friend pulling her fingers out of her. That made her moan and stir and she rolled off from on top of Emma with a big smile on her flushed, pussy glistening face.

“Ooooooh my God!” Taylor giggled, her asshole a little sore but the tingles still going in her body making it more than worth it. “That was soooooooo good! I can’t believe we did that!”

“Me neither!” Emma admitted. “I’m so glad we did though! I never thought it could be that good. Mmmm and it’s only going to get better.”

“Oh yeah? How?” Taylor asked, biting her lip sexily. She had an idea just what Emma was talking about and that was confirmed when Emma grabbed her and pulled her back on top of her, this time so they were face to face and they could kiss.

“Mmmm by finishing what you started and making me come,” Emma replied before she and Taylor got back to kissing, their tongues rubbing together once again, but this time with the taste of each other’s pussies and asses on them.

They had been using their tongues for such dirty purposes and now they were using them way more tenderly as they sensually and wetly French kissed. Taylor loved feeling herself on top of Emma, their bare boobs pressing together so they could each feel how hard the other’s nipples were.

After all they’d done nothing felt more natural than having their nude bodies touch as they kissed. But Taylor wanted more than just to kiss her new lover. She wanted to make Emma come too. She didn’t need to be urged into it either. She wanted it so badly and she began quickly snaking herself down Emma’s body, her friend’s waiting, wet pussy her ultimate goal.

But before she got too far, Emma stopped her. She had another plan in mind.

“Mmmm not like that,” Emma said, wiggling away from Taylor and turning herself over to get on all fours, sticking her bare ass up right in Taylor’s face. “Like this baby! Do me like you were doing it before Taylor! Lick my asshole you naughty girl! I want to fucking come with your tongue up my naughty ass!”

“Ooooooooh wowwwww mmmmm so dirty! So fucking naughty!” Taylor groaned, shocked that Emma could have such deviant desires but not fighting the request at all.

After all she had those same desires. She had never expected to but she had actually loved licking Emma’s ass and if the redhead wanted more than Taylor was going to give it to her. She didn’t hesitate to grab onto Emma’s butt cheeks and even wickedly gave her friend a hard smack across them, paying her back a little bit for the spankings she’d received.

“Ooooooh you bitch!” Emma grumbled with a big smile on her face. “Mmmm that stings!”

“Awwww so you can dish it out but you can’t take it?” Taylor teased, giving Emma another slap across her bare ass. “Don’t worry Emma! I can make it feel a lot better!”

And she certainly did as she spread those tight, beautiful cheeks in front of her and again did something she had never dreamed she would do by licking Emma Stone’s asshole.

Taylor’s tongue was quick to attack the redhead’s naughtiest hole. She took advantage of having her bent over and in her face by really going wild on her, doing the nasty things back that Emma had taken such pleasure in giving to her. Taylor wanted to repay all her friend’s generosity while she tongued her and it was very much appreciated.

“OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS DIRTY GIRLLLLLL!” Emma cried out in exquisite pleasure from Taylor’s tongue. “Yessssssssss! Ooooooh give it to me Taylor! Show me what a dirty girl you’re turning into! Show me how much you love nasty lesbo butt sex! Fuckkkkk! OHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

Taylor knew she was insane for doing this. It was so perverted and dirty. But she loved it. It felt so good to know she was making her friend feel pleasure from this that it overruled all her common sense. And it was making her feel good too.

She was getting off on being bad like this. She was doing something she was definitely not supposed to be doing and that made it extra fun. Taylor she let herself go wild as she thrust her tongue right into Emma’s butthole, tasting her and relishing it just like she relished the screams of pleasure she got from her friend with each naughty lick.

Emma was crying out for more and Taylor gave her just what she needed, softly fondling her butt cheeks while getting her tongue in as deep as she dared. Taylor licked all around that hole, teasing the sensitive ring with the tip of her tongue just like Emma had done to her and then pushing inside, feeling the super tight hole get wetter with her saliva every time she did it.

And speaking of wet, Taylor could also feel the heat coming from Emma’s cunt as she tongued her from behind and she began wondering just how drenched her friend was.

That was when Taylor noticed that Emma had reached under herself and was rubbing her own pussy awkwardly, having trouble really reaching it considering she was bent over on the floor of the mansion’s game room. So Taylor knew that she had to help and it wasn’t hard for her to figure out just how to do it.

“Mmmmm no! Let me do that!” Taylor said, removing a hand from one of Emma’s ass cheeks and slapping the redhead’s hand away with it. “I want to make you come Emma! Mmmm it’s what I’ve wanted from the second you got naked for me! I want to make you come like a naughty girl should! I’m gonna rub your pussy mmmm gawwwwd I’m going to lick your ass! I’m going to do everything you want!”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhh fucking do it!” Emma moaned in need. “Rub me! Lick me! Fuck me! YESSSSS!”

She was so ready for this. She’d been boiling with lust and need inside herself ever since they had gotten into the game room. Even through all of the half-truths and awkward confessions, Emma had wanted Taylor to fuck her and she didn’t want to wait another moment to come.

Emma’s sounds got loud again as Taylor followed through on her vow by reaching down and rubbing her fingers against the sodden, sensitive lips of her slit. Taylor rubbed them better than Emma could have done to herself and it filled her body with incredible pleasure, her toes curling from the feel of it all.

Emma moaned endlessly, her body reacting to every moment of naughty touching and licking she was receiving from Taylor’s hand and tongue. She was getting even wetter from this now and when she felt Taylor’s fingers brushing right up against her clitoris, Emma knew she wouldn’t have to wait much longer for what she needed.

And as Taylor’s tongue and hand drove her to heights of pleasure she had never dreamed she could ever achieve with her friend, Emma set to cleaning herself up a bit. Her fingers now were soaked not only in Taylor’s cum but her own juices and she brought them up to her mouth to lick them clean.

She loved the mix of the flavors all over them and tasting them both all over her fingers increased the ecstasy of what Taylor was doing to her. Emma moaned as she licked her fingers clean, feeling Taylor’s hungry tongue pushing into her ass and imagining that maybe Taylor would use a strap-on on her too and fuck her ass even more.

After all, Emma had loved feeling Scarlett fuck her ass so much that she had eagerly let the sexy actress fuck her that way again when they’d gone to her home to continue the fun. Not only that but she’d let Natalie join the fun too and fuck her with that fake cock. So why not let Taylor fuck her ass also?

Emma was sure that would be incredible, her sexy friend losing all her shyness by fucking her up the ass with a strap-on. Emma nearly creamed just from thinking of that and it inspired her to pay attention to her other hand as well.

In all the “firsts” she had done the other day in that porno shop from her first kiss with another woman to the first time another woman had fucked her with a toy and made her come, the one thing Emma had been most hesitant to try had been to go ass to mouth. Sasha and Scarlett had practically had to dare her to do it, stopping just short of calling her a chicken when she had hesitated.

So she had done it to shut them up and end their teasing and it had shocked Emma when she had realized just how much she had enjoyed it. It had felt so intoxicating to break that taboo and taste her own ass all over the cock Scarlett had fucked her with and now she wanted to do it again…except this wasn’t her own ass she was tasting. It was Taylor’s.

She’d already gone tongue deep up the girl’s ass, so Emma knew it made no sense to chicken out now. She brought her other fingers right to her mouth and began sucking them too, tasting Taylor’s ass all over them as the blonde girl fucked her with her tongue, her pretty face and blonde hair pressed between her ass cheeks and her tongue going deep into her hole.

Emma loved being able to suck the fingers that had fucked Taylor’s ass while her own hole was being stimulated by the girl. Taylor was getting very good at licking ass very quickly and Emma was getting off on it so good, especially as she slurped those Taylor coated fingers.

“So close! Yessssssssssssssss keep going Taylor! Fucking make me come!” Emma pleaded, pulling those fingers out of her mouth. “Ooooooooh pleaaaaaaaaaase ohhhhhhhh fuckkkk FUCKKKK FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! YESSSSSSSSS SHOVE THAT NASTY TONGUE IN MY ASS WHILE YOU RUB MY CLIT! OHHHHHHHHH TAYLOR YESSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKKKK I WISH I’D KNOWN YOU WERE THIS NASTY! OOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSS FUCKING MAKE ME COME! I’M ALMOST THERE!”

Emma’s face contorted in bliss as she was licked so wonderfully by Taylor’s tongue punching into her asshole. Before she knew it her hand was flying to the back of her friend’s head, forcing her down into her ass more. She hadn’t intended to do it. It had just happened but Taylor responded by licking her harder and making Emma feel an even greater rush of pleasure through her body.

As Taylor’s tongue buried itself up her asshole and her fingers rubbed just right against the swollen bud of her clitoris, Emma exploded in orgasm, soaking Taylor’s fingers.

“AHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS FUCKKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Emma screamed in release, the pleasure making her slap her hands against the hard floor and jam her ass back against Taylor’s face with more force, essentially fucking the blonde girl’s tongue as it fucked her.

Emma came with a blast of cream coating Taylor’s fingers, delighting the blonde to no end as she considered it a personal triumph to get her friend off. Taylor licked as hard as she could with Emma’s asshole tightly contracting around her tongue. She went after her for as long as possible before her asshole literally pushed her tongue out from clenching so tight and that was when Taylor finally gave up and instead crawled over to her friend’s face and kissed her passionately, feeding Emma the taste of her own ass all over her tongue.

The two women kissed for a good long while, their tongues pressing into each other’s mouths as they took only the briefest of breaks for air. They were both in the post-coital afterglow and they snuggled their naked bodies together. When they finally broke they lay next to each other on the floor, caressing each other’s faces and playing with each other’s hair.

“I wish we hadn’t waited to do that,” Taylor sighed happily. “I wish we’d been doing that the whole time!”

“Well we can make up for it by ditching this place and getting some place more private,” Emma replied, feeling the exact same way her friend did.

“That sounds so good!” Taylor declared, not wanting to be a rude guest but at the same time wanting to experience a whole lot more of Emma.

Certainly this was the kind of place where stuff like that was supposed to happen. Taylor knew that all too well now, but the party was still going in full swing and she didn’t want to wait to get at her friend again.

The two began kissing again, this time with more tenderness but finally Emma came to a realization.

“Mmmmm I hate to even say it but I think we should get dressed,” Emma said. “The sooner we get dressed the sooner we can get out of here and the sooner we can get naked again.”

Taylor knew that Emma was right even though she didn’t really want to think about putting clothes on right then either. But she couldn’t argue with the logic and she stood up off the floor, giving Emma a great view of her naked body as she gathered up the clothes they had tossed around the room.

“You think they missed us at the party?” Taylor asked as she began pulling her underwear back on and Emma sat up to start to do the same. “Do you think they know what we were doing in here?”

“Well if what I’ve heard about this place is true then this happens all the time,” Emma replied. “But I doubt they missed us. After all did you see how many people were in there? We could leave right now and chances are no one would even notice we were gone. There’s too much going on in there for anyone to wonder what’s going on in here.”


And indeed the party was going at full force by then.

There might have been a lot more people than had been planned for but the important thing was that everyone was having a good time. And right then there was someone who was determined to make sure everyone had an even better time

“Are you sure about this?” Emma Watson couldn’t help but ask.

“Absolutely,” Jennifer Aniston replied. “I’ve been ruining everyone’s Christmas by being so moody and now I’m going to make it better. I’m going to make sure everyone is nice and happy.”

Reaching into her pocket, Jennifer removed what she had purchased earlier. It was called Sunshine in a Bag and she had no idea if it was going to be as good as advertised, but she had every reason to believe that it well could be. After all, she had purchased it from their friends next door and Jennifer had always loved the pot they had for sale. They had never let her down before. Why would this be any different?

And it wasn’t like she was slipping her friends and their guests something harmful or anything. She had been promised that this was just a harmless all-natural creation that would simply make people happy and put them in a great mood and that was exactly what Jennifer was convinced was needed.

With all the food and drink set out at the table, Jennifer had the perfect opportunity to strike. She just needed a moment when no one was looking. She knew this was a little bit wrong, but it was for the greater good, which made it okay, didn’t it? Yes it did. Jennifer was sure of it as she answered her own question.

Of all the thing she had ever pictured herself doing, drugging her friends was nothing that was even remotely on the list. But this wasn’t a bad thing. It was going to be a sure thing. Inside, Jennifer felt just as confident of that as she had been in her reassuring words to Emma.

Besides, it wasn’t like this was some evil or sleazy drug. She wasn’t trying to take advantage of anyone. Jennifer just wanted everyone to have a good time tonight. She wanted her friends and their guests to be happy and enjoy themselves and she wanted to make up for being such a downer lately.

So, as soon as she was sure no one was looking, Jennifer opened up the plastic bag and poured all of the contents into the punch bowl, using the ladle in it to stir it in and make sure the contents dissolved into the liquid. When she was sure no one would be the wiser to what she had done, Jennifer dropped the ladle and left the now altered punch alone.

She had been thinking about the best way to make sure everyone at the party got a taste of this and the punch had seemed like the best option. After all, Jennifer knew Love and she knew that if she was making punch it was definitely going to be virgin.

Love didn’t drink all that much and never put alcohol into her fruit punch. And when she had tasted it to make sure, Jennifer’s assumption had been confirmed. There was no alcohol in this punch and that made it perfect. Because Jennifer had not forgotten the warning she had been given.

According to Waldo, Franklin and Delbert, if used correctly this was a natural supplement that would serve as a perfect mood enhancer. It was supposed to have only the mildest of effects leaving everyone smiling and happy and having a good time, which was exactly what Jennifer wanted.

But they had also been very clear that this was not to be mixed with alcohol. It was okay to have them separately, but they had specifically warned that should the drug be mixed with alcohol it turned into something else entirely. They had even used the example of the movie Gremlins and what happens if you fed them after midnight and that had certainly hammered the point home.

Jennifer didn’t want anything like that. She just wanted her friends to have a good time and she was sure this was going to help. The party seemed like it was going great but Jennifer wanted it to go even better. Adding the stuff to Love’s non-alcoholic punch seemed like the perfect way to do that.

“So what do we do now?” Emma asked, her excitement tingling inside her and not from any drug.

She had no underwear on underneath her dress and still had the plug Jennifer had demanded she put into herself inside her ass. She could feel it with every movement and it was making her pussy so wet, especially with all of these gorgeous women around. Emma was sure that soon her arousal would be dripping down her leg and that, without any panties on, everyone would see it. It was so embarrassing and so hot at the same time and Emma loved it.

“We just wait and see if it works,” Jennifer said. “The after party is going be where the real fun is anyway. You think you can wait that long?”

“No!” Emma said, answering honestly, her voice a soft, but needy moan. “Oh Jennifer! I’ve been going crazy all day! Ever since you called me I’ve been wet! I can’t wait for it. Please can’t we just go to your room for a while? Or any room! I don’t care where. I just need you! Please! Fuck me like you always do! Make me your slut!”

Of all the thrills in life, there was none quite as wicked as hearing Emma Watson’s gently accented voice begging to be fucked like a slut. It sent a shiver of pleasure through Jennifer’s body and she badly wanted to take the girl up on it right then and there.

Emma looked as stunning as ever, that flawless and deceptively innocent face and that firm, young body of hers looking so delicious in her cute little party dress. And Jennifer knew that not only did Emma not have panties on underneath, but that pink butt plug was still shoved inside her just like she had told the girl to do.

Emma was a submissive wet dream come true for all of them. She loved being ravished. She loved being controlled and commanded. She loved being taken by multiple women. She loved being fucked like a whore and made to be dirty and slutty and Jennifer couldn’t get enough of taking the supposedly shy, wholesome young woman just like that.

She and her friends had loved using Emma as a willing toy as the British beauty had begged for more, showing a voracious appetite for lesbian sex that they never would have expected from the Harry Potter icon.

But while it was so hot to think about dragging Emma to her bedroom and pulling up that dress to tongue fuck her juicy little cunt from behind while Emma begged her to get her strap-on and fuck her hard and deep while pulling on her hair and spanking her like a whore, Jennifer didn’t indulge herself. After all, she had appearances to keep up here and, besides, it was always fun to make Emma wait and suffer a little bit.

“Oh no, you haven’t earned that yet my little filthy fuck pet,” Jennifer whispered into Emma’s ear, making the beauty quiver with lust as she said it. “You have to wait you fucking whore! You wait until I say you can get fucked!”

“Yessssssssssssss…” Emma lustfully groaned out, her voice a low whisper but her desire so clear as her head filled with erotic visions of all her self-control being taken from her and being at the mercy of all these gorgeous women. “Tell me when I can fuck and who I can fuck! I love when you do that! But please don’t make me wait too much longer! Your fuck pet needs this! My pussy is going to drip and everyone’s going to see if I don’t get it soon!”

“You’re going to get it so good you little cunt,” Jennifer moaned into the girl’s ear as she caressed her ass through her dress while resisting the temptation to reach under Emma’s dress in full view of everyone at the party. “I’m going to let all my friends use you like the dirty fuck toy you are…and all our guests too! Everyone giving you the fucking girl gangbang you deserve!”

“Oh my God! Yes!” Emma moaned back, stifling herself to keep from crying out her love of that idea so everyone could hear her.

She wanted to be taken by all these gorgeous women here. She wanted them to use her and fuck her raw and make her come so many times that it left her pussy drained from overuse. She wanted them to defile her and she wanted it to happen now. The plug in her ass and her lack of underwear reminded her that she wasn’t a good girl anymore. She was a filthy little slut and she needed to be put in her place by these women. Just thinking of that made her soaking wet.

Emma was aching for it. Ever since Jennifer had called her she had been wet and it had only gotten worse when the older woman had made her go to the restaurant and show her how she had shoved the butt plug inside herself just like she’d been told. It had made her pussy drool to have Jennifer pull it out of her in the ladies room and then make her suck it to taste her own ass all over it before shoving it back into her naughtiest of fuck holes.

And now she was so turned on she could barely stand it. Jennifer had demanded she cancel her plans to be here tonight and Emma was so glad she had. She didn’t care that she was blowing off her own family to be here tonight. This was right where she wanted to be. She was a dirty, shameless lesbian fuck toy and this was what she deserved for being so fucking slutty.

Emma let out another soft moan of frustrated need when Jennifer took her hand off her ass and stepped away from her, denying her the touch she needed so much. She couldn’t wait for this whole façade of an innocent Christmas party to crumble. She wanted the real party to start. Just one girl or even two or three wasn’t going to do for Emma tonight. She needed a fucking orgy to happen and she hoped that Jennifer’s little trick would help with that.

“What are you two up to over here?” Jewel said as she walked over to the table where Jennifer and Emma were standing. “Join in with the rest of the party. Mingle!”

“We were just about to,” Jennifer replied, smiling as she saw Jewel reach for the ladle and fill herself up a cup of punch. “How’s the punch?”

“I’ll let you know in a second,” Jewel said as she brought the cup up to her lips and took a sip. She hadn’t had a chance to sample Love’s hard work yet but she smiled at the first taste. “Mmmmm! Wow! Did Love change up her recipe or something?”

It was different than usual. Jewel wasn’t typically a punch girl because it was too sweet but Love always knew how to make it just sweet enough to mix with the fruity flavor. This time it was different though and she couldn’t quite put her finger on why.

It made her taste buds tingle and Jewel really liked that. Whatever Love had done to change her typical recipe was working. Jewel felt a bit of a warm flush through her body that was extremely pleasant and she couldn’t stop from smiling even more from the sensation.

“I don’t know,” Jennifer lied, playing coy as she enjoyed the fact that Jewel was enjoying the taste.

Hopefully soon everyone would have a chance to get a drink from it and everyone would be in an even better mood than they were in now. Jennifer wanted this to be a party all of them would remember forever


Britney Spears didn’t need any enhancement to her mood right then because she was feeling pretty damn happy as is with so many beautiful women around her.

But even with her mood a good one and the promise of so many of these gorgeous girls losing their clothes at the after party making her sure her mood would get even better, Britney still felt longing because as much fun as this was, it wasn’t as good when she was all alone.

She wasn’t technically alone, of course. She had Gwen there. She had Demi. And all of these girls here either were her very special friends or ones she wanted to add to that list. But it just wasn’t the same without Christina. A party packed full of hotties made her miss her girlfriend all the more and again wish she was there.

Britney had spent the night before not only getting naughty in every position with Gwen and Demi but snuggling with them as well. She had brought them over for their little clothing-free slumber party not just because she’d been horny, even though she had, but because she’d been lonely.

She hadn’t wanted to sleep alone. She’d grown so used to having Christina’s body against her in their bed that having no one there with her was such an empty feeling. And while she’d loved waking up with her body between her friends’ this morning, it hadn’t been the same.

She needed Christina, both because she loved her and missed her and also for naughtier purposes. Having all these gorgeous women at the party made Britney not only long for Christina’s companionship but for the wonderfully filthy things they could do together when they teamed up.

Britney wanted to have Christina whispering in her ear about which girls were the hottest there and how badly she wanted to fuck them. She wanted to plot with her about which ones they wanted to get in bed with them and how they could best do it. She and Christina were always in total synch with their desires at parties like this and it always made Britney so wet when she and Christina would work their magic on other women to get them into their fun.

She could do that with Gwen and she was sure Demi would have been eager to play like that too with so many of the sexy girls here. But it wasn’t the same as it was when it was with Christina. Britney missed her girlfriend so much and she wished she was there right then at her side.

Britney was sure that wasn’t going to happen, though, so she couldn’t have been more surprised when she heard her phone go off inside her purse. She had set up a distinctive ring tone for each of her special friends so she knew which calls to answer and which ones she could safely ignore and Christina definitely had one of those tones. So she knew right away that it was her girlfriend calling her.

Britney had set her bag down on a table right near where all of them were standing and chatting at the party and she immediately stopped what she was talking about so she could go get it. Hearing Christina’s ring was like a siren call for her and she had no desire to resist it. She went right for her bag and grabbed her phone, finding herself extremely surprised by the text message she saw waiting for her.

“Open the door!” Christina’s text plainly stated.

“What?” Britney immediately texted back. “Where are you?”

“Open the door!” was the quickly repeated reply, followed by an emphatic, “Move bitch! ;-)

Britney giggled at the rude text but she was having trouble believing what she was reading. What kind of joke was Christina playing on her? She was still in New York, wasn’t she? The idea of that suddenly not being such a sure thing was instantly exhilarating to Britney and she didn’t waste a second more before leaving everyone else behind and zipping away from the party to run for the mansion’s front door.

As she did this, though, she tried not to become too excited. After all, Christina was not above playing a prank or two, sometimes going out of her way to make someone mad just so she could have the chance to make it up to them. This would have been really mean though and Britney knew Christina knew that she disliked her pranks and especially hated having her emotions played with.

So she didn’t think that her girlfriend would get her hopes up with enticing, mysterious texts just to dash them and make fun of her. Thinking that meant she couldn’t help but get excited as she raced for the door.

And when she did open that door, Britney found every bit of her excitement rewarded as a very happy blonde flew inside and pounced right on top of her. The force of being sprung upon like this sent Britney sprawling and they both fell onto the floor in the foyer by the mansion front door but it didn’t hurt Britney a bit.

She was too busy laughing in absolute giddy delight as Christina showered her face with kisses. It was like coming home and being greeted by an extremely enthusiastic dog, but this was no pet doing this to her. It was the woman she loved and that made this surprise even more wonderful.

Britney tried to kiss Christina back, but she couldn’t keep up with her. Her girlfriend lavished kisses all over her face while at the same time groping her through her dress like Britney was a present she couldn’t wait to tear the wrapping paper off of. Christina was kissing and touching like she needed the tactile sense of it to prove that this was real and Britney finally gave up trying to kiss Christina back.

Instead she just lay on her back on the floor and let herself be drowned in affection from her girlfriend. She giggled over every wet kiss all over her face, not caring who else saw it, until she couldn’t hold back her tongue any longer.

“Oh my God!” Britney squealed in utter happiness over this surprise return. “What are you doing here? Why aren’t you in New York?”

“I couldn’t stay away!” Christina managed to reply in between kisses. “Baby I missed you so much! You never should have let me leave! You should have tied me up and made me stay!”

And while that definitely sounded like something they could do later, Britney didn’t say that. Instead she just calmed her girlfriend down by taking her face in her hands and kissing her, this time with a slow, sensual press of their wet lips together. Christina’s kisses had been frantic and Britney’s were all love. It finally slowed Christina down into a calmer state as she lay on top of her lover on the foyer floor in the mansion.

“I missed you so much!” Britney sighed, knowing this was the best Christmas gift she ever could have gotten. “I can’t believe you’re here! I’m so glad you came back!”

“Less talk! More kisses!” Christina laughed before she resumed kissing and holding onto Britney like she was a life preserver in the middle of the ocean. “I missed you too baby! Ohhh God you have no idea how much I missed you!”

“Oooooh Chrissy you’re acting like you haven’t seen me in weeks,” Britney moaned, knowing it had only been two days.

“I thought I was never going to see you again!” Christina confessed, the memory of the plane trip still vivid in her mind. “I love you so much Britney! Never let me leave again!”

“Wait, what happened?” Britney asked, sitting up on the floor, suddenly concerned. She didn’t like the sound of that at all.

“I’ll tell you later,” Christina replied, not wanting to get into the whole story now when there was so much more kissing she wanted to do.

Near death experiences had different kinds of effects on different kinds of people and for Christina it made her only want to show the love. As soon as they had landed, Christina had rushed right home to her family.

She had been disappointed at first to find out Britney wasn’t home but she had channeled all of that into hugs and kisses for her and Britney’s sons. They had needed towels by the time she had been done kissing them and then she had set her sights on showing the love to her girlfriend.

As soon as she had found out where Britney was and what was going on there, Christina’s mood had soared even higher. She had wanted to get Britney alone to show her just how much she loved her but if she was going to be around a gaggle of gorgeous and sexually open women then so be it. Christina had no trouble adjusting her plans to accommodate that, especially since she still had two gorgeous and sexually open women of her own still in her company.

Christina’s pounce onto her as soon as she had opened the door to let her into the mansion had prevented Britney from noticing that her girlfriend had not come alone to the festivities. But, now that she was sitting up on the floor, she was finally able to see that Christina still had Rihanna and Katy with her.

And when she did Britney’s face turned into an even bigger smile. She was indescribably happy to have her girlfriend back with her and when she saw the beauties Christina had brought Britney’s mind couldn’t help but drift over to the fun the four of them could have here.

“Hey girls,” Britney beamed at both of them, shooting them a gaze that made clear exactly what she was thinking.

“Hey yourself,” Rihanna smiled back.

It had been one of the craziest days of her life and after nearly coming close to being in another rock and roll plane crash tragedy, Rihanna was mighty eager to burn off all that stress and tension the most naked way she knew. And there was no place she wanted to do it more than here.

“Hey Britney,” Katy said with a smile of her own, very relieved and very shocked that she was actually here.

Not only had Katy been sure just a few short hours ago that she wasn’t going to be anywhere in this world but she couldn’t believe she was actually at THE mansion. For while Rihanna had been here before and experienced intimately just what this place was all about Katy had never visited.

All she knew about this place were the amazing stories she had heard, stories that had made her pussy unbelievably wet just from being able to imagine herself at a place like this. Now she was actually here and having it come after an experience like she had gone through today made it even crazier.

Part of Katy had felt that quiet night at home alone with a bath and a compress over her eyes until she got some much needed sleep was what she wanted. But an even bigger part of her felt like she needed to live every moment to the fullest. And that meant not missing an opportunity like this to stop hearing about everyone else’s erotic adventures and have some of her own.

That decision sure seemed to be a good one when Britney got up off the floor and walked over to Katy, giving her a sexy kiss right on the lips before going over and doing the same to Rihanna. Britney had enjoyed every inch of their sexy bodies before and she was very eager to do it again.

Christina’s return was such a thrill for her and Britney was mighty eager to keep that positive energy flowing as she kissed both beautiful singers. Her heart was full of love for Christina right then but the rest of her body had nothing but lust driving it.

Christina looked on in aroused giddiness as she watched Britney kiss both Katy and Rihanna. Christina had been afraid she would never see something as wonderful as her girlfriend kissing another beautiful woman again and it looked even hotter to her now to see Britney’s delicious lips press first to Katy and then to Rihanna.

Christina just wished that all of their clothes were gone as it happened. She wasn’t here to enjoy the party she was there to enjoy the women at the party. Christina’s takeaway from what she had experienced was to never hold back even a second ever again and all she wanted was for the clothes to come off and to start the orgy she was sure was going to happen here.

Because of that, Christina didn’t hesitate to get involved. She couldn’t just sit back and watch this. So as Britney kissed Rihanna, Christina got her own lips against Katy’s and kissed her with a sensual tenderness that made the busty brunette moan as she felt her toes curl. It was an amazing kiss for both of them, especially since they could both hear the mutual moans from Britney and Rihanna next for them.

But it was also an insane thing for the young woman who uncertainly walked into the foyer and found herself agog at what she saw.

“Ummmm am I in the right place?” Selena Gomez sputtered out, her eyes feeling like they were about to bug out of her face.

She had been uncertain, to say the least, about coming here and then to walk right into something like that made her wonder if she hadn’t made a huge mistake.

But none of that mattered to the women she walked in on. They only cared that she was there and that some delicious fresh meat had arrived. And while Selena had not been who either of them were expecting to see shyly walk right into the still open door of the mansion, Britney and Christina immediately shared a look of instant excitement at her presence.

“Oh you bet your ass you’re in the right place,” Christina grinned as she and Britney both thought that this party had just gotten a whole lot more interesting.


But while the party was quickly turning into the place to be, there were also people miles away who were fixated on something else entirely.

“Sorry I made you stop,” the woman said as she remained bent over, rustling through the items until she found what she was looking for. “I don’t mean to be a pain about this. It’s just that…you know…sometimes you get that craving.”

“Oh yeah…I know all about cravings,” Mandy Moore replied, trying to keep a little bit of self-control even as she found herself utterly fixated on a particularly strong craving of her own right then.

And while it was nothing she could get at a store, it happened to be right in front of her as Mandy found herself staring directly right at an amazing female derriere jutting out just a mere foot away from her.

God, how easy would it be just to grab it? Mandy felt a burning lust inside her to do just that. It was torture to be this close to such a hot ass and not do something about it. That was her craving and it was quite unstoppable. A lot of times Mandy didn’t even know if she wanted to stop it. It simply felt too good to indulge.

Each time Mandy had let herself go wild over it she had wondered if she had gone too far and finally found her limit. But then she would just end up wanting even more, making her wonder if she even had any limits at all.

“Yeah? Should I grab you one too? I can get anything you want,” Mandy’s companion replied, not picking up at all how much her friend was staring at her ass as she bent over. “It’s my treat. After all you stopped for me. I can at least get you a snack.”

“Ummm no…it’s okay,” Mandy replied, biting her tongue as she resisted the urge to tell her friend that the only thing she wanted to make a snack out of was under her tight jeans, probably covered in a very sexy pair of panties that she badly wanted to rip away.

When her cravings got this intense it was so hard for her to control herself. Most of the time she was just fine. After all she was Mandy Moore. She was the good one. While Britney and Christina had been shaking their tits during their concerts, she’d been the one singing Candy. While everyone else was getting sluttier and sluttier, she was the one taking herself seriously as an artist, abandoning pop for something of more depth and resonance in her music.

But Mandy felt confident that as low as Britney and Christina set the bar, she was even sluttier than them. After all, Mandy felt those cravings and she indulged them time after time after time.

No one knew the truth save for her circle of very special friends and Mandy was grateful for that. She’d lived her whole life without public scandal and she wasn’t in any hurry to change that. She might have indulged herself whenever she could, but she still didn’t want anyone else to know. God, if her parents ever found out what she was really like…well Mandy knew she would probably want to die if that happened.

That was why it was so important for her to only satisfy her cravings when it was safe and private and not do anything like pull down her friend’s pants in the middle of a convenience store and shove her tongue right into her asshole.

Mandy had to stifle a moan when she thought of that. Oh God, how nasty would that be? To indulge herself so much that she made a public spectacle of herself as some ass craving deviant. Mandy didn’t want that at all. She wouldn’t have been able to stand the humiliation. But still the thought of it always turned her on.

She was just glad she had enough restraint left to remember how wrong that would be and how much trouble she’d get into. Because the more she felt her cravings, the less she wanted to control herself and the more she wanted to become the absolute and complete sex craving nymphomaniac hedonist she feared, or maybe hoped, she was turning into.

Some might have called what she was feeling some kind of sex addiction but Mandy tried not to think of it so clinically. She preferred to think of it as desire. Lots of people had desires. That didn’t make it sound so bad. But her desire wasn’t for love or money or even standard lovemaking. No, it was for anal sex…the nastier the better.

Mandy couldn’t believe that she felt this way, but she couldn’t pretend she didn’t. Not when it consumed so much of her daily thoughts. And not when all she wanted right then was to forget about self-control and bury her face in her friend’s ass to lap away at her hole like an insane slut and then beg her to find the biggest, thickest toy she could get her hands on and return the favor by ramming it up her ass as deep as she could go.

“You sure? You don’t want anything at all?” Minka Kelly said as she straightened up and turned around, facing Mandy and robbing her of the view of her backside but also allowing her to calm down her libido just enough to be able to continue functioning normally.

Mandy managed to restrain herself from saying that there was something she wanted very, very badly and that Minka should bend over again so she could get it. She wanted to say it but she didn’t dare.

Her friends at the mansion knew what an insatiable slut Mandy Moore really was but Minka was definitely not one of them. And as much as Mandy wanted to not only probe the most intimate areas of her friend’s stunning body and then have Minka fuck her like the whore she was, she hadn’t shared this secret with her.

Mandy just didn’t think that Minka would understand. She didn’t think her super straight friend would be comfortable knowing what an insatiable lesbian she’d turned into. And, besides, Mandy was sure it was a good thing to keep some parts of her life “normal” and have some girlfriends she wasn’t fucking.

That didn’t mean she didn’t want it. Calling Minka Kelly the sexiest woman alive wasn’t just good copy for a magazine cover. It was also undeniably true. And Mandy had drained her vibrator batteries more than a few times thinking deliciously dirty thoughts about Minka’s big tits, how good her ass would taste and how hot it would be to show off her secret, dirty side to her friend…especially her kinkiest craving at all.

Mandy couldn’t help but look at Minka and dream about how amazing it would be to have her friend use a strap-on to fuck her ass and then shove it right into her mouth. Oh God, that was so wonderfully nasty and Mandy couldn’t get enough of it.

When she wasn’t getting her ass fucked she was fantasizing about it. It was becoming an all-consuming lust for her and whenever she got her ass fucked, Mandy just had to taste it. She had to be dirty. It felt too good. She needed that. She had to have it. And she not only wanted Minka to do it to her but to get into it too.

Minka had such a tight ass. Mandy had stared at it so many times and she’d seen it naked so she knew how great it was. Minka had even confessed to her once that she loved anal sex which had sent Mandy’s lustful, secret fantasies into overdrive. But she’d kept herself from asking if Minka had tasted herself after and asking her if she’d loved being a submissive little ass to mouth whore just like she was.

She hadn’t wanted to freak her out or have her think she was anything but the completely normal girl that she pretended to be. Mandy had no idea if Minka liked that or if she’d ever kissed a girl. She’d never had the nerve to ask.

Maybe she didn’t even really want to know. Maybe this little shred of normalcy was what she wanted even more. Maybe it was better to have a good friend like Minka in her life and not have buttfucking involved.

It was all very confusing and Mandy definitely was feeling strong cravings and not for the package of Warheads Sour Twists that Minka had come for. She wanted something far naughtier than that and it was getting harder and harder to restrain those cravings, especially when she was in Malibu.

Because usually when she was here she was headed straight for the mansion, the place she knew where her dirtiest desires could be catered to and then some. That was a place free of judgment and inhibition and full of the most beautiful women in the world who were always eager to give Mandy just what she needed.

It was actually strange to be in Malibu and not be headed there where she knew that all her friends would be ready to fuck her ass and then feed it to her until she couldn’t take any more and then do it even more after that, making her feel it in her sore, gaping asshole. They’d let her go beyond what anyone else could handle, fucking her until she simply passed out from it.

But tonight she was in Malibu for once with no plan to go to what, to her, was really the happiest place on Earth. That made her cravings worse though, as if she was practicing self-denial, when in fact circumstances were forcing her to be good tonight.

Her brain now always associated Malibu with dirty and divine sexual pleasure and being so close to what she needed and not being able to get it made her want it more, especially when the reason she was actually here was so boring. And not just boring when compared to hot, uninhibited lesbian sex but actually boring in every sense of the word.

It made Mandy want to ditch this plan so bad and run over to the mansion instead…especially since she knew they were having a party there tonight. Mandy knew full well just how amazing those parties were and not being able to go to one was like torture.

But as long as she had Minka with her it wasn’t like she could ditch anyway. Unless…

After all, it wasn’t like all those other girls there hadn’t seduced their friends. And it wasn’t like Minka wasn’t insanely attractive. Maybe having a girlfriend she wasn’t fucking wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Mandy could feel those cravings returning even more forcefully now that she watched wordlessly while Minka walked toward the counter to pay for her candy, those jeans hugging her butt like they never wanted to let go. God, her brain was telling her one thing and her pussy was telling her another and it was soooooooo hard to ignore her pussy since what it made her do always felt so good.

What would it be like if she changed plans and took Minka to the mansion instead of to the friend they were supposed to be visiting in town? What would Minka do if she found out about her secret lusts? Would she be grossed out? Turned on? What if Minka wanted to join in? What if she loved the way women fucked? What if she wanted her ass to be fucked just like Mandy did? Gawwwd what if they both loved tasting it?

Mandy tried to shut those thoughts out but the craving for lesbian anal sex was growing so strong in her. She hadn’t been fucked in more than a week and she always got so needy when that happened. And when you added to that the fact that they were in Malibu and not mansion-bound and Mandy felt like she was missing out, which made her ache for it.

But before her thoughts took her too far, they were interrupted when the automatic doors opened and a bunch of girls walked right into the store. Mandy didn’t know them personally but she sure recognized them.

“We’re lost! We’re never going to find this place!” Chloe Moretz whined in frustration as they walked in.

“Relax, we’ll find it,” AnnaSophia Robb insisted. “We just need to get some directions.”

“How?” Ariel Winter asked. “Are we supposed to just ask where the big celebrity party in town is? No one’s going to know! Face it. We don’t know where we’re going!”

That got another groan from Chloe who couldn’t believe she had come this far only to get blocked by the mere fact that no one knew where the heck this place was. She was so close to what she wanted. If this party Hayden Panettiere was going to was at the same place that Alyssa lived, and Chloe was sure in her gut that it was, then she knew she had to be there.

She was sure that once she got there and Alyssa saw she was a real woman, not some kid to be ignored, that she wouldn’t be able to resist her anymore and she would let her show her she was just as worthy of fucking as any of those other girls she played with. Chloe was sure she could show her. All she had to do was find the place first.

But, as the last hour of driving around and not having any clue where they were going in Malibu had shown, that was easier said than done. The harder it had become to find this place the more frustrated Chloe had become and now she seemed on the verge of desperation so her friends tried to ease her troubles.

“Hey if this party is as big as AnnaSophia said it was going to be maybe someone will know,” Bella Thorne suggested. “This isn’t that huge a town. People here know things.”

“No one’s going to know where this place is,” Chloe sighed glumly, looking over at the row of prepackaged baked goods and wondering if she should just drown her sorrows in HoHos.

“Hey, have a little faith,” Bella said, placing her hand on Chloe’s shoulder as a sign of support.

But Chloe was in no mood for platitudes and she sulked out of the store, staring at the ground as if she were looking for a pebble to kick.

“Chloe! Wait!” Ariel ran after her, feeling bad for her friend even as she regretted not speaking up earlier and trying to talk everyone out of this.

That left everyone else inside the convenience store as Ava Sambora was doing what she did best, flirting with unavailable men. With a freshly purchased Squishy in her hand she was the furthest thing from subtle as she walked over to Jansen and made sure he could see her run her tongue over the tip of the curly straw before wrapping her lips around it for a taste.

“Mmmmm cherry is the sweetest, isn’t it Jan?” Ava asked AnnaSophia’s boyfriend, getting a glare from the older girl, who saw exactly what she was doing and didn’t like it one bit as Jansen blushed and mumbled something about looking for a Red Bull before disappearing.

AnnaSophia didn’t say anything though. She knew Ava was just trying to get under her skin and she didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of letting her know it was affecting her. She trusted Jansen and she knew, as attractive as Ava was, that she couldn’t compare with what she had.

After all, Ava had a nice little booty, but it wasn’t what she was carrying and AnnaSophia was secure in knowing just how much her boyfriend loved her body. Ava wasn’t going to steal him away with her body when she had all of this.

So instead of sniping at Ava, AnnaSophia continued her approach of being super nice to the girl and rising above every crack that came her way. And she did that by ignoring her attempt at being a little jailbait slut to her boyfriend and instead followed after Jansen as he went looking for his drink. What AnnaSophia didn’t notice, though, was another pair of eyes following her intently as she walked after Jansen.

Mandy was agog as she checked out AnnaSophia when she walked by. The only thing that could distract her from Minka’s ass was the blonde girl’s. Even in the relatively loose dress AnnaSophia was wearing, Mandy could see the delightful curve of those full cheeks. Suddenly all her thoughts turned toward how she could become friends with the younger girl as quickly as possible and how she could use that friendship to get AnnaSophia into bed with her so she could break out her favorite double ended toy and introduce her to the pleasure of girl on girl anal sex.

Staring at the sexy young woman and the thoughts of budding friendship she inspired distracted Mandy from the woman who was already her friend and Minka turned her attention to the other girls as she paid for her candy.

“You look like you’re ready for a big night out,” Minka said, making conversation as she looked at the girls and found herself wishing she was 15 years younger with a lot less worry and responsibility in her life.

“Yeah but it might be a night that’s over before it even gets started,” Bella replied. “We’re looking for this big party but we can’t find where it’s being held.”

“Oh man, a party would be so much fun tonight,” Minka sighed, wishing she and Mandy had something planned other than where they were heading. “We’re not exactly going to a party. More like an excuse to turn in early for sleep.”

Minka chuckled as she said it, but the seriousness of what she was saying was clear. Wherever she and Mandy were headed, they weren’t looking forward to it.

“Where are you guys going?” Bella asked, eager to find out more and strike up a new friendship.

Bella couldn’t help it. She knew her friends thought she got star struck easily but she wasn’t trying to glom onto more famous people. She just was friendly and outgoing and, yeah, maybe she was a little captivated by fame but she didn’t think that was a bad thing.

Seeing how well her sisters were doing in their modeling career, made Bella want to be famous too and she had to admit she was off to a good start with that. But beyond the fame, she also wanted friends. She wanted to be a success and she also wanted people to like her, especially when they were people like Minka and Mandy who were women she admired.

“Ughh don’t ask,” Minka replied as Mandy tried not to be too obvious about staring at AnnaSophia’s backside while she and Jansen debated getting the big Red Bull or the super big Red Bull. “A friend of ours…actually it’s a friend of a friend, really…well he just got back from a worldwide fishing trip and he wants to show us off all the pictures he took.”

“Wow that sounds…cool,” Bella lied.

“No need to pretend it’s not lame,” Minka said. “We already know it’s going to suck. But sometimes you’ve just got to do boring things with friends. A party sounds so much better, though.”

“Well unless we find where it is we’re going none of us are going to party,” Ava interjected. “We’re lost.”

“Where are you guys going?” Minka asked. “We know the area a little.”

“See that’s the problem,” Bella admitted. “We don’t really know where we’re going. It’s this big mansion apparently and all these celebrities are going to be there and…”

Hearing Bella say that was about the only thing that could distract Mandy from her new obsession with AnnaSophia Robb’s ass and she didn’t hesitate to jump into the ongoing conversation.

“Wait, what?” Mandy asked. “Did you say the mansion? You’re going to the mansion?”

This was now very pertinent to Mandy’s interests and she found herself looking at Bella and Ava with a new appreciation. Were they really going to the mansion? They were both so beautiful…but weren’t they a little young to be there?

On the other hand she’d actually found herself wishing she’d found out about her attraction to girls at a younger age. What would it have been like if she’d been seduced in her teens and not her 20’s? How many more women could she have fucked? How many more times could she have tasted her just fucked ass? How many more times could she have come from that?

“Well we’re looking for A mansion,” Bella replied, not quite sure what Mandy was talking about. “I don’t know it’s THE mansion. Ummmm what do you mean by that?”

Now Mandy was confused and wondering if she was mistaken. Maybe it was for the best if she was. After all these girls barely looked old enough to drive much less get involved in what always went on at the mansion.

But, at the same time, Mandy also felt a very wicked thrill rush through her at the thought of these delicious young women being seduced into lustful acts and her nipples began to swell up under her shirt and bra. The thought of that alone made Mandy want to ditch a long surely boring talk about fishing and instead go over to where she most wanted to be.

Mandy ignored what Bella asked her and instead asked another question of her own, one that she knew would clear up any confusion and reveal whether they were talking about the same place.

“Who invited you to this party?” Mandy inquired.

She knew full well that trips to the mansion were by invitation only. You didn’t just show up there. You needed to be brought there by someone already in on the fun.

“No one really,” Ava informed Mandy. “We heard about the party and we were bored and it sounded like something fun to do. So we were looking to crash it I guess. We heard about it from Hayden Panettiere and…”

“Hayden!” Mandy couldn’t help but enthusiastically interrupt. “Hayden invited you?”

For Mandy that was all she needed to hear to prove that this the one and only mansion that they were talking about here. She knew Hayden quite well from the mansion and they had experienced such wild and wonderful times together. Mandy knew that Hayden was just as obsessed with assfucking as she was and if Hayden was letting these young hotties know about the party that meant that she wanted to bring them into the fun.

“Well not directly…” Bella tried to explain before she too got interrupted.

“I know exactly the place you’re talking about!” Mandy declared without a second thought, ignoring what Bella was trying to say.

Mandy considered this a sign. This was meant to happen. She could go on and on in her head all night debating the morality of this and worrying whether or not she was doing the right thing but to her this was an omen that she had to make sure this happened.

She wasn’t meant to go to hear boring fishing stories. She was meant to go to the mansion for this party. She was meant to act like the shepherd guiding these young, wayward souls toward their destiny and she was damn sure meant to make sure Minka got into this too.

In Mandy’s mind the cravings had full control and she wasn’t thinking like she would have with a clearer head and a satisfied libido. No more was Minka just her best friend. No more were Bella and Ava and AnnaSophia and their friends young girls too inexperienced for a place like that. They were just asses…asses for her to taste.

They were just more women she could get to fuck her and feed her. They were all part of her addiction now and she didn’t question herself. Mandy pushed forward because this was fate putting them all on the path toward the mansion. It was Christmas time and this was like the star guiding the wise men to the manger. She was certain of it.

“You do?” Bella happily asked. “Oh my God that’s awesome! Can you tell us how to get there?”

“I can do better than that,” Mandy said. “I can show you!”

“Wait, Mandy what are you doing? We have to be at Stephen’s,” Minka said.

And maybe a minute ago, Mandy would have agreed with her friend. But her common sense had taken a hike and Mandy couldn’t think normally. She could only think lustfully. She wanted to get these beautiful young girls to the mansion. And as for Minka? Mandy had decided it was finally time for her friend to meet the real Mandy Moore.

“Oh fuck Stephen, I don’t even like him and you don’t either,” Mandy said. “You were just saying how boring it was going to be. I’ve been to parties at this place before and they’re AMAZING! You’ll have the best time of your life there. C’mon Minka, wouldn’t you rather have fun at this place than go fall asleep listening to stories about fishing?”

“Oh God, you even have to ask?” Minka laughed, not wanting to be rude but, more pressingly, not wanting to be bored either. “We can just crash this party?”

“It’ll be fine! I got invited to it,” Mandy said. “I can get all of you in. When you go to this place they practically insist you bring friends with you.”

“Wow! That sounds incredible!” Bella beamed, happy she’d had faith that this would all work out. “Let’s go! Thanks Mandy!”

“Oh you don’t have to thank me,” Mandy replied even as she thought about all the ways Bella could thank her and wondered just how tight the redhead’s teen ass would be. “I’m happy to show you the way.”

Meanwhile, outside the convenience store, Chloe sat glumly, so close to her fantasy and so discouraged to feel so far from it. She had no idea that a guide had been found so she just sat on the curb outside thinking her night was ruined.

“No one’s ever going to love me,” Chloe sighed, perched on the curb as her friend pressed into her in a show of support, her arm around her shoulder.

“Oh God and you think Ava and I are dramatic,” Ariel groaned in response, wanting to be supportive but also wanting her friend to keep some perspective. “Dial it down a notch Chloe. Of course someone’s going to love you! You’re beautiful and sweet! You’re one of the best people I know. Just because Alyssa can’t see that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. So tonight’s not working out. There’s always tomorrow and all the days after that. You’re going to find someone to love you. Hell, you’re going to find a lot of people to love you!”

“Thanks,” Chloe smiled. She knew deep down that was true but she still needed to hear someone else say it. “I know I’m being all whiny about it. But I just felt like this was going to be one of those nights where really amazing, magical things were going to happen and to have it be just like every other night really…”

“Sucks?” Ariel suggested.

“Yeah…sucks…it really fucking sucks,” Chloe sighed, her discouragement becoming even more evident as she dropped an F bomb outside of the discussion of sex.

“I know how you feel,” Ariel said. “I was looking forward to some fun myself tonight too.”

Ariel felt like it was her obligation to tell everyone they shouldn’t have come all this way for nothing and she even heard a voice inside her own head practically demand she say that, but the truth was she was pretty disappointed too. She couldn’t remember the last time she had really let loose and had some fun.

A party had actually been just what she needed too. Now it looked like that wasn’t going to happen and the rest of the night was going to be Chloe pouting and Ava whining meaning it was just going to be like every other night.

But just as Chloe and Ariel began to really feel sorry for themselves there was a commotion and they found someone whose night looked like it was sucking a whole lot more than theirs.

They could only watch as a car pulled into the store’s parking lot at a high rate of speed with loud music blaring and the breaks squealing as it came to a sudden swerve and stop. But even with the noisy music going it was easy to tell that there was an intense argument going on inside it between the driver and his passenger.  And that became even clearer when the passenger side door opened up and a blonde girl stormed out of the car.

“Get the fuck out of here you frigid little bitch!” the driver shouted.

“Fuck you! You’re such an asshole!” the girl shouted back. “Don’t ever call me again! I’m not going to be your whore! I never want to see you again!”

“Oh don’t worry! I won’t, bitch!” the driver boasted. “I’ll find some hotter little slut out there who’ll be grateful for what I do for her! I don’t need prissy little virgins with their legs sewn shut!”

The girl angrily gave the driver a double helping of one-finger salutes before grabbing her bag out of the car and slamming the door shut. The driver didn’t hesitate to peel out of the parking lot at top speed, burning tire rubber as he did it and screaming out one last “Fuck you bitch!” before he drove off into the night.

And, as he drove off, the girl completely fell to pieces. She had been barely holding it together but, as soon as he was out of sight, she started to cry and she went right for the curb, sitting herself down on it and sobbing into her hands.

The blonde girl either hadn’t noticed Chloe and Ariel were out there or she didn’t care, but they had certainly noticed her. Because this wasn’t just some random drama playing out in front of them. This was a girl they both knew.

Having such an intense fight play out in front of them made Ariel and Chloe feel really awkward about the whole situation but, at the same time, it wasn’t just like they could ignore what they had just seen, especially because the crying girl was hardly some random stranger. So they both got up from where they had been sitting and walked over to her.

“Liv? You okay?” Chloe asked gently, wanting to be supportive but not nosy.

At the sound of her name, the girl looked up, her tears already starting to have an effect on her makeup, and groaned when she saw that not only had the fight been seen but it had been by friends. There was no way she could escape humiliation now.

“Ohhhhhh! Gawd!” Olivia Holt sighed, wishing for an earthquake or something so she could just dive into one of the cracks in the ground and hide out there forever.

“What happened?” Ariel asked, not trying to be nosy either but worried over what they had just witnessed.

“It’s nothing…it’s just…just…ughhh HE’S SUCH AN ASSHOLE!” Olivia cried out, her voice rising with both anger and sadness. “I thought he was taking me some place nice. He promised we were going to a party. But he just wanted me to blow him! He’s such a sleaze! I thought he was so nice but he drove me out here and we get someplace quiet and deserted and he just pulls his…his…his dick out and tells me to suck it! Who does that? This was only our first date! What am I? Some porno chick?”

“Shhhhh…shhhh…shhhh it’s okay,” Chloe said as she and Ariel sat down on each side of the Disney Channel star, sandwiching her as they all took a seat on the curb outside the store. “Guys are so stupid! They’re gross like that! Don’t let him bother you!”

Chloe thought about adding that the grossness this sleazebag had just demonstrated was one of the many reasons she had no interest at all in guys. But she didn’t say that. She just wanted to make Olivia feel better.

“I feel so stupid!” Olivia sighed, her tears subsiding but her sadness not. “I thought he was one of the nice ones! All he wanted to do was make me give him a blowjob and fuck him! He’s just like all the others! Why are all guys such losers?”

“I think it’s in their DNA or something,” Ariel said, letting Olivia place her head on her shoulder. “Don’t feel stupid. He’s the one who’s stupid. He’s the one who let someone like you walk right out of his car because he’s too much of a sleaze! Guys like him just end up fat and alone!”

“I thought he was nice,” Olivia said sadly. “I dressed up for this and everything! I mean I’m not naïve. I know what guys want! But it was only our first date! Why’d he think I’d even be into doing that when we barely know each other? Do I look like some kind of a ho or something?”

“Definitely not,” Chloe assured her friend. “You look gorgeous and you’re definitely not a ho. He’s probably like that with every girl and I’m sure he gets shot down all the time. Good for you for standing up for yourself!”

Chloe definitely felt that Olivia looked gorgeous. The beautiful blonde teen was dressed up so nicely in a stylish dress like the kind you wore to a glamorous night out. It made Chloe feel underdressed in her jeans and Chloe couldn’t help but sneak a few glimpses of Olivia’s cleavage in that dress. It wasn’t blatant or anything and she definitely still gave off that good girl next door vibe that she was so adept at but there was still a teasing glimpse of her boobs and Chloe found herself trying not to stare too much.

Olivia Holt wasn’t like their best friend or anything, but they had all hung out with her a few times and she’d always been sweet and kind and fun. Hollywood was a surprisingly small town when it came down to it and with all the young Hollywood events and the intimate circle of auditions for the same parts and appearances for the same causes people tended to know each other.

So both Chloe and Ariel knew the Disney starlet and liked her. They didn’t want to see her upset and they were happy to comfort her.

“What are you guys doing here anyway?” Olivia asked as she wiped away her tears with her hand.

She was very surprised to find Ariel and Chloe of all people out here. She’d been embarrassed at first to find out that anyone had seen what had just happened but at least it had been friends who had seen her, not someone who was going to take cell phone videos and sell them to TMZ. It was weird, though, that of all the people who could possibly have seen her it had been them.

“Well we were looking for this party in Malibu and we got kind of lost,” Chloe said sadly, once again finding herself reminded of how frustrating this night was turning into for her.

“Yeah, we’ve been driving around for a while and we just stopped here to get directions or snacks or whatever…” Ariel added.

“Ughhh I could use a party after all that,” Olivia said, pulling a mirror out of her bag and fretting over how her tears had messed up her makeup. “Ughhh I look like a freak! Maybe I should just go home. I don’t suppose you guys could give me a ride or…”

But before Olivia could finish that embarrassed request for help, the door to the store opened from the inside and Bella came excitedly charging out with Mandy in tow.

“We found where the place is!” Bella declared, making Chloe instantly perk up to the point where she wanted to do cartwheels in the parking lot.

“You did?” Chloe squealed in delight. “How?”

“Mandy’s been there!” Bella replied. “She said we could just follow her and…Oh! Hey Liv! Where’d you come from?”

Bella was surprised to find Olivia Holt suddenly sitting outside the store. But she was also quite happy about it too. She liked Olivia a lot. And she was feeling at that point like the more the merrier was the best way to go in their group, especially if they were all headed to this party now.

Bella wanted everyone to have a great time there and, if by chance things, didn’t work out and they couldn’t get in or something at least they’d all be together and they could find a way to make their own fun.

“Hey Bella!” Olivia said as she watched Ava and AnnaSophia come out behind her. “Wow! You brought the whole gang out with you! And don’t ask about my night. It’s way too depressing a story!”

“You should come with us too!” Bella suggested. “No reason why your night can’t get a whole lot better. We’re headed to this big Christmas party! You should totally come with!”

“Oh I don’t know…” Olivia said, even though, as she had just said, a party did sound good.  And at least she was with friends now, not with some dumb, sleazy guy who only wanted to use her for gross sex in the back of a car.

“It’ll be fun! C’mon! We can totally cheer you up!” Chloe urged.

“Oh yeah, this place will definitely cheer you up,” Mandy said, trying not to be too obvious about but deep in the control of her own cravings.

She didn’t care about anything anymore except getting to the mansion and getting her ass fucked. She didn’t care who she brought with her as long as they were hot and Olivia Holt looked really hot to her right then. She had stumbled right into a gaggle of young Hollywood beauties and Mandy found herself with no morals about any of it as she envisioned tasting all of their freshly fucked teenage asses after they were taken and fucked.

“Yeah, Mandy’s been raving about this place non-stop for the last five minutes,” Minka added. “It sounds like it’s the greatest place on Earth or something. So I guess we’re all going there now. You definitely should come along.”

Minka didn’t know Olivia Holt at all. But she recognized Chloe and Ariel and she figured if they were coming then their friend should come too. This was all happening so quickly and she was a little thrown by suddenly heading off to a place she didn’t know but, Minka thought, at least there would be safety in numbers.

Not that they’d need safety or anything. If Mandy loved this place then Minka knew she would too. After all, her friend had never steered her wrong before.

“Wow! Okay…I mean if it’s okay with all of you if I just tag along,” Olivia said while reaching into her bag so she could fix her makeup. “I don’t want to be a bother.”

“You’re definitely not,” Mandy said, her mind whirling with lust as she pictured what her friends could and surely would do to this little Disney Channel star. “I think all of you are going to fit in just fine there. You’ll love it there as much as I do!”


Back at the party, it was like a whole new world had been opened up for Jennifer Lawrence. She was seeing everything with fresh eyes now, especially the beauty and sensuality of women.

After what she had just experienced and the feelings of longing for more it had inspired, Jennifer wasn’t surprised at all by this. In fact she really liked it. It gave her a thrill to check out all these hotties here and think back to what Sarah had just done to her upstairs and how much she wanted to feel that pleasure again and again and again.

“So, how many of these girls are into this?” Jennifer couldn’t help but ask Sarah, her voice low and soft as she tried to play it cool and act like her whole life hadn’t just changed upstairs when deep down all she wanted to do was rip off her dress and put herself on the food table with her legs slung open to beg everyone there to make a meal out of her instead.

“Into what?” Sarah replied innocently, acting angelic even though, with the taste of Jennifer’s pussy still on her lips, she was anything but.

“Oh come on! You know what I mean!” Jennifer shot back, giving Sarah a little kick as a playful sign not to mess with her. “How many of these girls do what we just did?”

“Almost all of them,” Sarah answered with a grin. “Mmmm and the ones that don’t are ones we want to get into it!”

“Holy shit!” Jennifer marveled, staring out at all the sexy women here. “So it really is all true. You just lure these girls in and fuck them!”

There were dozens of hot girls here, each one of them the kind of woman that a man would slay a dragon for just for the chance to get a pair of their panties. Yet, according to Sarah, they didn’t want men at all. They just wanted to fuck each other. Now Jennifer was a part of that too and she loved it. This was like the best fucking secret of all time.

“I prefer the word seduce but yeah, that’s how it is.” Sarah giggled. “And once we show them how good it is, they can’t get enough. But I think you already know that, don’t you Jennifer? I’ll bet you’re going crazy for it right now, aren’t you?”

“Fuck yeah!” Jennifer blurted out, a little bit louder than she intended but unable to help herself with all the newfound enthusiasm she had for lesbian sex. “Isn’t it obvious? You blew my fucking mind up there and all I want is more! Oh my God all I want is to fuck each and every one of these babes!”

Sarah knew that feeling very well and she always loved seeing it in someone experiencing it for the first time. It was so much fun to seduce a new girl and fucking Jennifer had been such a rush. She loved still being able to taste her and she was happy that it had been such an eye opening experience for the gorgeous Oscar winner.

Sarah couldn’t wait to fuck Jennifer again and let her friends in on it too. She loved seeing Jennifer checking everyone there out, just like she was. They shared the same feelings of lust now, just like Sarah did with all her housemates and their closest friends. Jennifer was one of them now and it was such sweet satisfaction to Sarah to know she had gotten her first.

And Jennifer was definitely checking out the party guests. Each of them looked so sexy and it was making her heart thump and her pussy get freshly wet to think about fucking them. It was so wild and kinky to look at everyone from Britney Spears to Kate Upton to Kim freaking Kardashian and think about getting them out of their party dresses so she could fuck them like Sarah had just fucked her. And there were a couple of girls in particular Jennifer found herself drawn to.

She hadn’t known who Kaitlyn and AJ were when she’d seen them before. She’d recognized Stacy from her being on Dancing With The Stars and from dating George Clooney but those other girls had been totally new to her.

She’d been told they were wrestlers and Jennifer wondered what it would be like for them to a very special kind of wrestling with them. She’d gotten wet thinking about how those strangers had seen her come all over Sarah’s tongue and fingers and it made Jennifer want to get to know them all a lot better.

But they weren’t the only ones since everyone at this party suddenly looked so very fuckable. If this was what being a lesbian was all about, then Jennifer was ready to join the club for good.

Jennifer had never dreamed that her fantasy could have exceeded all of her hottest expectations. Part of her had never even expected her dream of hot lesbian sex to actually happen. But it had and it had been so amazing that she was now wondering if she needed men at all anymore.

After all, what Sarah had just done to her had been epic and she was still tingling from it even after getting redressed so she could try and act totally normal in a party full of woman she suddenly badly wanted to taste.

What made it all especially awesome was that Jennifer knew what she had just experienced had only been the tip of the iceberg. Sarah licking her had been absolutely incredible and her pussy was still wet from it but it had also been rushed and frenzied and raw. That had been a big reason she had liked it so much but Jennifer also recognized it wasn’t always going to be that way.

It could also be slow and sensual and full of emotion and it could also be even rawer, with fingers and tongues and toys being shoved into all of her holes to take her harder and longer than Sarah just had. Jennifer wanted to experience it all and she especially wanted what she hadn’t been able to get upstairs…the taste of another woman.

She understood why Sarah had cut their encounter short. After all, appearances still had to be kept up and they hadn’t had a lot of time. But still she was impatient to return the favor to the sexy vampire slayer.

Jennifer wanted to taste Sarah’s pussy and spread her open from behind so she could attack her crack with her tongue. But she didn’t want to stop with Sarah. All of the women here looked so delicious, especially now that she knew that not only had the rumors about this place been true but it that was also true what “they” had always said…only women knew how to truly please women, And Jennifer was eager to do some pleasing of all of these hotties.

“So who are you staring at?” Sarah whispered into her ear in a most tantalizing fashion that made the hair on Jennifer’s neck stand up in taboo pleasure. “Who are you thinking about fucking?”

“Mmmmm you mean besides you?” Jennifer purred back, making sure Sarah knew she had every intention of collecting the rain check she had been given upstairs in lieu of her first taste of pussy. “Ooooooh I don’t know! All of them! Your friends are all so hot!”

“Mmmmmhmmm and they’re all so good too,” Sarah said, whispering to Jennifer and furthering the very willing girl’s corruption.  “They’re all amazing in bed and their pussies taste so good! I’m so happy you’re into this Jen! I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long and I’m not the only one here who feels that way. We’re all going to want you! You’re going to have so much fucking fun here!”

Of that Jennifer had no doubt. The notorious allure of women like Britney and the jaw-dropping curves of women like Kate were naturally siren calls for her newly acquired gaydar but there were so many other beauties too.

How could she not want to fuck someone like Jessica Alba? And there was Kirsten Dunst! And what about Natalie Portman? Oh fuck, how hot would that be? Padme and Katniss fucking! If Buffy and Katniss hadn’t been the shipping that would have launched a thousand geek boners, that would have done it. Or, even naughtier, there was Emma Watson right by the punch bowl with Jennifer Aniston. Just looking at them both made her wetter and Jennifer suddenly wanted to make Emma put on a Hogwarts skirt and bend over for her so she could show some real magic to those surely delicious holes of hers.

Jennifer had never felt like this before. She loved sex and she wasn’t afraid to go after it. But this was different. It wasn’t like anything she had ever felt before and she loved it. It was so kinky and thrilling. She loved girl watching and dreaming of fucking all these women, especially as Sarah encouraged her. This place seemed too good to be true and it just kept getting better.

“What are you two whispering about?” Jewel asked as she walked over, punch in hand. She couldn’t help but notice the connection between her housemate and her new friend and that certainly demanded further investigation.

“Oh nothing…just party stuff,” Sarah coyly replied while shooting Jewel a very knowing look.

“Mmmmmhmmm yeah right,” Jewel laughed. “Party stuff my ass. I know what you two were just up to.”

“You do?” Jennifer asked, dropping the cool act as Jewel’s certainty distracted her from scanning the guests for fuckability and wondering if Miley Cyrus’ slutty reputation was anything like reality or if she instead should go to Maria Menounos and offer her the exclusive story about her new found lesbianism.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s not like you have a sign on saying you just got fucked. But if you’re around here long enough then you learn to tell when a girl just came,” Jewel grinned. “Mmmm and I know just how sexy that freshly fucked look is on a woman, Jennifer. You’re wearing it so well!”

“Ohhhhhh wow, you girls really don’t mess around,” Jennifer replied with an enthusiastic laugh of her own. “Mmmm I was hoping it wasn’t too obvious but I guess you girls would know.”

“We certainly do,” Sarah said. “And soon enough you’re going to know it too. This isn’t just a one night thing here Jen. You can come back here any time you want.”

Jennifer was about to tell Sarah and Jewel just how eager she was to accept that invitation, but before she had the chance to say it, something else captured their attention and she could only turn and look as she saw them checking out Taylor Swift and Emma Stone when they walked back into the room suspiciously hand in hand.

“Mmmmm looks like we weren’t the only ones to sneak away for some loving,” Sarah said with an arched eyebrow.

Even if Emma and Taylor holding hands wasn’t a tip off, Sarah would have guessed it from the way they were looking at each other and the very satisfied smiles on their faces.

“I think Taylor is really starting to get into the spirit of this place,” Jewel added, remembering all the fun from the kitchen before and thinking to herself that the shy side of Taylor was disappearing very quickly, just as she’d hoped it would.

“Holy shit!” Jennifer couldn’t help but gasp over the sight of those two. She was friendly with both of them, especially Emma, and she never would have guessed in a million years that either of them were capable of lezzing out. “Is there any hot girl you haven’t had here?”

“Welllll I’m sure there’s one or two still out there but we’ll get around to them eventually,” Jewel teased. “Don’t act so shocked Jen. After all, I’m guessing you know just how good it feels now and you’re probably already thinking about how much you need to feel it again.”

“Lucky guess,” Jennifer replied with a wink as she enjoyed the easy intimacy between Sarah and Jewel and wondered about how nice it would be the get the sexy singer out of her clothes and with her and Sarah in bed.

And Jewel wasn’t the only one she was thinking of like that either. Being shocked by the revelation she had just heard about Taylor and Emma didn’t mean that Jennifer wasn’t also picturing taking their friendship to another level, preferably a much more naked one.

“I wonder if they’d be up for a threesome,” Jennifer couldn’t help but say out loud, her eyes grazing over Emma and Taylor. They hadn’t noticed her yet but she was going to make sure by the end of the night they did.

“Well I know Taylor would be,” Jewel said. “And if what Jessica told me about Emma was true I think she’d be down for it too.”

“Wow…” Jennifer marveled. This place was incredible and she still felt like she was only scratching the surface of it.

With so many people around it was easy to get distracted and that was just what Sarah was as she saw something she liked but also something she knew wasn’t cool…at least right now. And it wasn’t long before Jewel noticed it too. Two women were kissing, unable to contain themselves any longer.

“Those two again?” Jewel asked with a shake of her head, not minding it but also knowing they really shouldn’t be so blatant about their desires.

Like Sarah, Jewel liked watching them but was quite aware they had to stop and she didn’t try and stop her housemate as Sarah walked over to the girls as quickly as she could.

“Okay, knock it off you two,” Sarah said, interjecting herself into the naughty kisses being shared back and forth between Sarah Hyland and Shanelle Gray. “If you’re going to do that then at least find a place where no one could see you.”

Sarah certainly understood why they were doing it. After all, it was mighty hard to contain your desires here. Both of these girls had been to the mansion before and they both looked so tasty right then. Sarah badly wanted to slide right into their kisses and get reacquainted with them both. And she might have been unable to help herself either if she hadn’t just tasted Jennifer.

But there had to be some limits, at least for now.

“Sorry, we couldn’t help it,” Shanelle giggled as she pointed to what was over their heads. “Mistletoe.”

“Yeah, it would have been wrong to ignore it,” Sarah Hyland smiled back, looking over with desire at the sexy blonde who shared her name. “Don’t punish us or anything for it.”

“Oh yeah, I think you’d like that a little bit too much,” Sarah Michelle Gellar shot back, teasing them both as she tried to keep them from drawing too much attention. “I know it sounds weird for me to ever try and get two hot women to stop kissing but you really need to or at least find some private place around here to do it. You have to wait until after this party is over for all of that. Please!”

“Okay, we’ll try,” Shanelle said. “But it’s not going to easy. It’s just too hard to resist all this.”


That was a feeling that was shared by two others at the party. The tension had been building between them all day and now they couldn’t contain it any longer. They had to have each other no matter if the timing was good or not and no matter if they could be discovered.

It was simply too much for them to resist. But at least they had found a private place to do it, upstairs in the hallway outside all the bedrooms. In fact they were just a short distance away from where Sarah and Jennifer had just spent their time together.

Nothing would have stopped them from what they were doing. The level of desire was simply too high now as they passionately kissed, their lips touching for the first time and wonderful sexual electricity shooting through both of their dressed bodies from it.

Their first kiss was so good that it hadn’t taken them but seconds more to move right into letting their tongues out to play as they explored each other’s mouths. They moaned lustfully as their kisses quickly reached molten levels of hotness.

“Mmmmmm fuckkk you’ve been driving me crazy all day,” Jessica Alba moaned in total heat once the kiss broke for oxygen.

“Oui you’ve been doing the same to me!” Maryse’s accented voice sighed out. “I want you so bad Jessica! I want you to just rip my clothes off and fuck me! Do it anywhere! Right here! Do it downstairs in the middle of your party! Just do it! Fuck me so good that I’ll do anything you want!”

Both of them were struggling for breath and smiling widely as they stood in the hallway and eagerly eye fucked each other. Maryse’s skin tight dress and boots were definitely not made for a Christmas party and Jessica wanted to show her that by doing just what the blonde girl wanted by ripping it off her and having her way with her right then and there.

Jessica had done her research. She knew from Maryse’s Playboy pictures just how good she looked naked and she was getting wet just from dreaming about seeing her in the flesh.

“Mmmmm yeah you’d like that huh?” Jessica moaned aggressively as she reached down and squeezed Maryse’s ass through her dress, moaning when she could feel that either the girl didn’t have panties on or she was wearing just the tiniest of thongs. “I’ll bet you’d love it if I yanked this dress up and spanked you. Mmmm you’d be moaning like a little French whore as I slapped your spoiled brat ass and jammed my fingers into that sweet little fuckhole of a pussy you’ve got!”

“Ooooooh oui…yessssssssssssssssssss pleaaaaaaaase!” Maryse sighed longingly in reply, her eyes turning irresistibly soft and submissive at the sound of Jessica’s “threat.” “Do it Jessica! I’ve been so bad! Mmmmm treat me like the dirty little slut I am! Make me your whore!”

There was absolutely no way Jessica could refuse an offer like that. She didn’t care who Maryse brought with her to the party. She didn’t care if he came up the stairs and found them. She didn’t care she was supposed to be down being a good hostess for Christmas. Maryse’s soft eyes and accented moan’s made Jessica take all her self-control and shove it down into the utter recesses of the lust that was consuming her body.

As Maryse gasped in utter bliss, Jessica took one hand off her perfectly toned ass and instead shoved it up her dress, going right for her prize. And then it was Jessica’s turn to moan when she felt that indeed Maryse had tiny little panties on and that the former wrestler was quickly soaking them with her desire. Jessica didn’t hesitate to yank those panties to the side and shove two of her fingers right into the steamy, tight pink vise of the French-Canadian beauty’s pussy.

“Oooooooooooh fuckkkkk!” Maryse moaned in intense pleasure before lapsing into her native tongue and softly gurgling out something in French that Jessica didn’t understand but that sounded amazing to her.

“Mmmm yeahhhh that’s just what we’re going to do,” Jessica promised, totally unable to think sensibly right then. “We’re going to fuck! I’m going to fuck you better than Mr. Muscles down there. Does your wrestler boy toy know you love girls? Does he know you’re up here begging me to fuck you?”

“Ooooooh nooooo! Noooooo!” Maryse groaned, those fingers inside her pussy making her feel like she was about to melt right into the floor. “He doesn’t know! He doesn’t know what a slut I really am! Oooooooh he doesn’t know how wet I get for you Jessica! Mmmm when I heard what you and Trish and Barbie did I….mmmmmpppphhh!”

That was all Maryse got to say before Jessica silenced her with another fierce kiss against her lips. And Maryse was happy to stop talking and resume kissing. She and Jessica didn’t hold back and let their tongues play again, rubbing up against each other as Maryse let the actress finger fuck her.

It was so bold and slutty to have Jessica do this to her and Maryse loved it, especially when the pleasure combined with the guilt of having her fiancé downstairs probably wondering where she was right then. She was being such a bad girl and that made her even wetter as those sexy fingers fucked her.

They were right on the verge of totally losing it right then, the allure of Maryse cheating on her man at a Christmas party fueling them both on. But kissing and fingering was as far as they got before a voice clearly rang out in the hall.

“Busted!” the voice said, startling Jessica and Maryse out of their erotic coupling.

Jessica yanked her fingers out of Maryse as they broke their kiss and quickly tried to compose themselves. But while the sudden voice was a shock to their systems, Jessica quickly relaxed when she recognized the voice.

“Goddamn it Rose!” Jessica snapped, annoyed at the interruption. “You scared the shit out of me!”

“Naughty Jess,” Rose teased, unable to help herself. “Stealing that poor sap’s girlfriend.”

“Fiancé,” Maryse couldn’t keep from correcting the other woman. She had tensed up over fear of really being busted, but seeing Jessica relax, relaxed her too.

“Ooooooh even worse,” Rose smirked, loving the thought of a clueless guy roaming around the party, completely unaware that his big titted blonde fiancé was upstairs being defiled by another woman. “Mmmmm and that just makes it hotter! Don’t stop on our account! In fact, put on a show for us!”

It was then that Jessica and Maryse noticed that Rose was not alone and she was in fact accompanied by a former co-star.

“You don’t have to,” Holly Marie Combs insisted, not wanting to interrupt what had clearly been a very intimate moment.

It wasn’t like she didn’t want to see the show. Jessica and her blonde friend were stunning and Holly was sure it would have been amazing to see them get it on. But she also didn’t want to turn a private thing into a show if they were unwilling. Holly liked being a voyeur sometimes, but not if the women she was watching didn’t want to be seen.

And it quickly became clear that Maryse was not eager to perform.

“Maybe we should get back to the party,” Maryse said, a bit chagrined over having been caught even though she was relieved that it was only Rose that had caught them and not anyone else.

“No! Don’t go!” Jessica pleaded, not wanting to miss out on this chance. “Please Maryse! We can go into my room and be alone. Mmmmm I don’t want to stop what we were doing!”

“Neither do I,” Maryse replied. “But I don’t want him to get suspicious.”

“He won’t,” Jessica insisted even though she had no way of backing that claim up. “He’ll never even notice you were gone.”

“Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I did see muscles for brains looking for you,” Rose said. “I think he’s noticed you were gone.”

That got some more French words out of the former wrestler and this time it was clear she was not saying the same things she had just been saying to Jessica in the heat of passion. Maryse was annoyed and it showed.

“I’d better get back there,” Maryse said. “He’s going to start searching for me soon.”

Maryse hated that she’d had to bring him along. But she hadn’t had any alternative and now her plan to sneak away with Jessica and hopefully not be noticed had been foiled. However, she chose to look at this as just a temporary setback and not a permanent obstacle.

“I loved what you were doing to me, though,” Maryse said, pressing herself to Jessica and kissing her, ignoring that Holly and Rose were watching. “Mmmmm I didn’t want you to stop! I promise we’ll get back to where we were and lots more!”

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Jessica said, smiling as she gave Maryse a kiss back, her lust for the beautifully accented girl growing by the second.

Maryse then started walking back to the party and Jessica followed her, but not before turning around and shooting Rose a glare. And Rose could only shrug her shoulders in reply.

She hadn’t meant to spoil the fun. In fact she would have been very happy for Maryse to stay so she and Jessica could both get a taste of her. And if Holly had wanted to join in, then Rose would have been more than pleased with that. She didn’t want Jessica to be mad at her, but, at the same time, Rose also knew there was nothing she could do about it. So she didn’t apologize or run after her housemate. She just continued along with her original plan.

“So what’s this big surprise you promised me?” Holly asked, a little curious about what had just happened with Jessica and her sexy friend but even more curious about the promise that Rose has enticed her upstairs with.

“Mmmmm it’s in my room,” Rose replied, not giving any details and more eager than ever to spring this on Holly.

“Is it Mr. Snappy?” Holly asked, wondering if all this had been a sneaky plan by Rose to get her upstairs so she could fuck her. Not that she would have minded if that was the case. After what Rose had done to her the other day, Holly was more than eager for more of that.

“Oh baby, Snappy shouldn’t be a surprise for you by now,” Rose laughed. “Mmmmm you should expect me to use him to fuck those naughty little holes of yours! It’s something you’re going to enjoy just as much though!”

“Mmmm I like the sound of that,” Holly smiled in reply.

Rose could always bring out her horny side especially when she got her to the mansion. Holly might not have been as openly sexual as Rose or Alyssa, but she could be just as wild as her friends if given the right push and lately Rose had been pushing her in all the right ways.

“Is it like what you gave me the other day?” Holly asked.

“Oh it’s just as good,” Rose promised, remembering so clearly how hot it had been to have Alyssa bring Kaley Cuoco into Holly’s bedroom as Rose had been assfucking Holly, driving Mr. Snappy into her MILF booty and making her take all those naughty inches. Kaley had been such a delicious treat for all of them, but especially for Holly.

But as hot as that had been, Rose was sure that the surprise of this was going to outdo their Charmed reunion. A lesbian foursome was always an amazing experience, but Rose believed that the surprise of this was going to make it an even more memorable Christmas gift for her friend.

Rose and Alyssa had wanted to make sure that Holly wasn’t lonely during the holidays and Rose knew this was the best way to do just that.

“Well now you’ve really got me curious,” Holly admitted. “Show me Rose! Mmm show me what you’ve got!”

Holly had definitely been feeling lonely lately, with her kids away with her ex-husband for Christmas. She was not used to an empty nest so she was so glad she had the kind of friends who would try and help her out even if nothing Rose and Alyssa did for her was conventional in any respect. But that just made her love it even more.

Not just any friends would try and chase away some holiday blues through lesbian sex but Rose and Alyssa were extra special in that regard and Holly was feeling really horny from all their generous presents. She had loved playing with them and Kayley and now she was eager to find out what Rose had in store for her.

One thing Holly was sure of was that she was going to like it. Rose had never, ever let her down before with something like this and not knowing what she was being given was a turn on. Holly didn’t always like being surprised. She usually liked to know what she was getting into. But Rose made it so much fun to let go and be a little, if not a lot, wild.

“C’mon and see for yourself,” Rose smiled most enticingly as she took Holly by the hand and guided her down the hall toward her bedroom.

Holly had been in Rose’s room many, many times by now so she didn’t need the help to find it, but she didn’t protest. She liked Rose pulling her toward it. It showed that Rose was excited to show off the surprise and that made Holly even more intrigued.

Holly had been imagining all sorts of possibilities as to what or who would be waiting for her in Rose’s bedroom, but even the wildest of those ideas couldn’t match what she actually found when Rose opened the door to her room and led Holly inside.

Holly’s jaw dropped to the floor over what she saw and at first she couldn’t believe it. She closed her eyes and then reopened them almost like she expected the young woman lying on the bed to have vanished when she did. But she was still there and just as naked as she had been on first glance.

“What the fuck?” Holly managed to gasp out in total shock over who she saw lying on Rose’s bed completely nude, her wrists bound to the headboard by a pink silk scarf.

“Oh wow!” Lucy Hale moaned, the sight of Holly in the doorway making her squirm with desire on the bed. “Mmmm you weren’t joking Rose! This is really going to happen!”

“I told you it would,” Rose smirked at the undressed and bound young woman before she turned her attention back to her friend. “Merry Christmas Holly! Mmmmm I got you something I know you’ve wanted for a long time!”

“Oh my God,” Holly could only say, her mind still in absolute disbelief over what she was seeing, especially as Lucy provocatively opened her legs just enough to show that she was already visibly turned on from this. “Rose? What? What did you do?”

“Me? Well as usual I was the one with the guts to bring you something you wanted,” Rose said with a smirk as she brushed Holly’s dark hair away from her neck and began kissing her there, sending a shiver up her friend’s body that made her moan softly before she thought better of it and pulled herself away.

“What are you talking about?” Holly demanded before turning her attention back toward the unexpected surprise in the bed. “I didn’t want this! Get dressed Lucy! Oh God! Shut your legs! You don’t have to do this!”

Holly immediately darted toward where she saw a spare blanket and went to cover up the younger woman’s nude body. She felt a deep wave of embarrassment come over her at the sight of Lucy Hale naked and so blatantly exposing herself.

It was clear that Lucy knew what happened at this place and Holly simply couldn’t wrap her mind around that. It was too wrong to even consider such a taboo and she stared angrily at Rose for putting this in motion. So what Rose said next only upset her more.

“Liar,” Rose replied. “Don’t act like you didn’t tell me once how badly you wanted to fuck this pretty little thing. Mmmmm you told me you wanted to lick all over Lucy’s hot body and how you wanted to show her just how hot a woman’s touch could be. You said that and you know it Holly! Well I’ve got some good news for you, not only does little Lucy here already love women but she wants you even more than you want her!”

And that was when Lucy spoke up. She didn’t mind Rose talking about her like she wasn’t even there. In fact she liked it and she liked how protective Holly was of her. It made her want to live out one of her hottest fantasies all the more and show Holly just how much she turned her on.

She knew this was super kinky and that was what Lucy loved about it most of all. She relished kink. She thought taboos were meant to be shattered as long as everyone was willing and she was way more than willing to do this here.

“I do want you!” Lucy insisted, giving Holly pause before the older woman could cover her naked body with the blanket. “Rose isn’t making me do anything! This was my idea Holly! I want this! I want you!”

“Oh God, Lucy, you don’t even know what you mean by that,” Holly said, trying not to look too much at the bare body of the girl who played her daughter on Pretty Little Liars.

“Of course I do!” Lucy shot back. “I’m not a nun! I’ve been with women, Holly! I know what I like and I like pussy!”

“Ohhhh my God,” Holly groaned again, the sound of Lucy saying the word “pussy” sending an even sexier shiver through her body than Rose’s touch just had. “Stop it Lucy! This isn’t where you want to be! We need to get you dressed!”

“Mmmmm if you want that then you’re going to have to untie me first,” Lucy teased, knowing full well that doing that was going to bring Holly into close contact with her naked body, something the older woman clearly was uncomfortable with.

However, Holly was sure she had a solution that would avoid that.

“Rose! You do it! You’re the one responsible for this!” Holly said.

But when she whirled around to find her friend and get her to fix the mess she had created Holly was shocked again. Rose was no longer there.

Holly had been so preoccupied with Lucy and her nudity that she hadn’t even noticed Rose slipping out of the room and returning to the party, leaving the two of them alone in the guest bedroom. Seeing that the person who had led her here was now gone and had closed the door made Holly gulp in anxiety.

Once again one of Rose’s schemes had left her in a mighty compromising position with temptation staring her right in the face and looking like one of the most gorgeous sights ever.

“Please Lucy…don’t do this…” Holly said softly, not trusting herself to be able to hold out much longer, not when her on-screen daughter looked too enticing for mere words with her succulent young body fully on display and her wrists bound, trapping her in place and leaving her helpless.

“Don’t do what, Holly?” Lucy wickedly asked, playing it up as she felt her pussy get even wetter at the sight of Holly trying so hard to resist her while she knew it was inevitable that cracks in that façade would soon make it impossible for the older woman to do anything but give her exactly what she had wanted. “Don’t tell you how wet I get when I think of us making love? Mmmmm don’t tell you how excited I get when I think about you showing me all you know about being with women? Mmmmm or don’t show you how turned on my little pussy is thinking of you getting naked with me?”

As she said that, Lucy showed just how much she meant it by spreading her legs open just a little bit more, leaving absolutely no doubt that she was just was turned on as she was claiming. Holly couldn’t help but look but just as quickly she turned her head away, feeling so guilty for sneaking a peek.

“Ughhhhh ALL of that!” Holly groaned in annoyance, hating Rose for doing this but hating herself even more for not storming out of the bedroom and leaving this forbidden fantasy right where it belonged, locked in a mental box in the back of her mind, never to be opened for fear of the consequences. “Don’t do any of those things Lucy! This is wrong! We can’t do this! We can’t even think about doing this!”

“Why not?” Lucy demanded, not petulantly but insistently. She couldn’t understand why Holly would be resisting this when it was so clear it was something they both wanted. “I like girls! You like girls! We’re both consenting! Why won’t you play with me? I want you so bad Holly! And I know you want me too! Rose said you did!”

“She’s lying!” Holly claimed, but she knew that the only liar there was herself.

She did want Lucy. How could she not? The gorgeous brunette’s firm, young body was absolutely breathtaking. She had curves in all the right places to go with a face that could be both innocent and exotically erotic, depending on the mood. Lucy Hale was one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen and Holly had been unable to resist developing an inappropriate crush.

But having it be a crush had all she had intended it to be.

She had never wanted it to get this far. Just seeing Lucy naked was more than Holly had ever permitted her brain to picture and to have the girl say such things to her was making her start to sweat with both nerves and arousal. Holly knew this was wrong. Lucy was way too young for her and she played her daughter for God’s sake.

It didn’t even matter that there was absolutely no blood relation between them. It felt wrong. Holly was extremely protective of her younger co-stars on the show, especially Lucy. Just because the girl wasn’t really her daughter didn’t mean she didn’t treat her like one and this was all so beyond inappropriate that Holly was finding herself unable to believe it was actually happening.

But obviously Lucy did not feel the same way.

“No, she’s telling the truth,” Lucy said, seeing right through the older woman’s bluff as Holly stood by the side of the bed with the blanket in her hand, not willing to look Lucy directly in the eye or stare at her body, but also not willing to do anything to actually cover her up either. “I know she told me the truth because I can see it in your eyes Holly! You don’t have to pretend you don’t want me. I want you too! I’m so into this! I want it to happen! You won’t be forcing me into anything! Mmmmm gawd, I’m naked and tied up for you, will you please take advantage of the situation already?”

Holly’s heart beat fast in her chest as she heard Lucy’s sweet little voice say things to her that she had never dreamed she would. Had Lucy been into women this whole time? Holly had thought they were close. She had truly thought of Lucy as a daughter to her. But she had never, ever thought that Lucy could be a lesbian or bisexual or…whatever this was.

She had never picked up on any kind of clue that Lucy had entertained a same-sex desire, much less one for her. And Holly had thought she and Lucy had shared everything with each other.

Of course she already knew that they hadn’t really shared everything. After all, Holly had never told Lucy that she was into women. She had never offered up even the slightest indication of what she had done on the Charmed set with Rose and Alyssa and Kaley.

She had never told her anything about her trips to the mansion or how much she loved the sensual touch of another woman…or women. And now it was clear that she hadn’t been the only one keeping a secret because Lucy sure seemed a whole lot more experienced than Holly had ever envisioned.

Taking Holly’s silence as evidence that her resolve was starting to crumble, Lucy pressed on, so eager to talk Holly out of her clothes and into bed with her. When Rose had first told her about the mansion and told her all about how much Holly secretly desired her, Lucy hadn’t wanted to actually think about it happening out of fear that she would be disappointed if it didn’t actually happen. But now that Holly was just inches away from her, there was no way she felt like she could turn back now. She had to keep going until she had what she wanted.

“Don’t feel ashamed that you want me,” Lucy said, trying to ease the visible anxiety in her older co-star and wanting so badly for Holly to see just how okay with all of this she was. “It’s not wrong that we want to fuck each other! We both want it! I’ve been wanting you for so long Holly! Mmmm gawwd I’ve been fantasizing about you making me into a bad little girl for you! Oooooh Holly every time I’ve been with an older woman I’ve thought of you!”

And even though she knew she was falling right into the girl’s trap, Holly couldn’t help but inquire after hearing that. It was simply too provocative a thing for Lucy to say to not elicit a response.

“Have you been with a lot of women? Older women?” Holly asked, knowing it was a mistake as soon as she opened her mouth but still finding herself very curious as to the answer.

“Mmmmmhmmm!” Lucy enthusiastically replied, her eyes lighting up as soon as Holly showed an interest. “I love women of all ages but it’s so fun and kinky to be with older women because it lets me pretend they’re you!”

“Oh my God, Lucy!” Holly groaned, her disbelief that she was in this situation growing by the second as she slumped down on the bed, sitting tantalizingly close to where Lucy’s naked body was bound. “I can’t believe you’re saying this! I can’t believe you’re here! I never wanted you to know about any of this! I never wanted you to know I felt this way. Believe me, I never would have ever wanted to do anything to hurt you or take advantage of you! You’re so important to me Lucy and I never wanted to do anything to make you think less of me!”

“But I don’t think less of you now, Holly! I’m glad I know!” Lucy insisted. “I wish I’d known a long time ago. I wish you’d told me! Holly, I’m not a little girl! I’m a woman! A woman who loves to get fucked by other women! When Rose told me how you felt and what you were into I wanted to go crazy with you and do all the dirty things I ever fantasized that we could do! I want to fuck you Holly! Mmmm I know you think I must be this innocent little thing but I’m not! I’m kinky and I can be so dirty! Let me show you!”

But as unbelievably tempting as it was to have this gorgeous young body nude and begging for her, Holly still tried to maintain some composure and not lose her control. As much as it was making her wet to think about taking all her morals and ignoring each and every one of them, Holly knew she couldn’t.

If she succumbed to this temptation, and even if it was the best sex she ever had, Holly knew that she and Lucy were still going to have to face the consequences of it. They couldn’t just do this and then have everything be normal after. Holly wanted to be able to look Lucy in the eye after tonight and if she had sex with her onscreen daughter, she didn’t think she’d be able to.

“Lucy, we can’t! We just can’t,” Holly repeated. “It would be wrong! You need to get dressed now! I’m glad you’re into girls. I’d be happy for you no matter who you were attracted to as long as you were happy. But we can’t do this.”

“You keep saying that but it’s not true!” Lucy said, pleading with the older woman for lustful attention as she remained bound by her wrists, just like she loved to be. “Please Holly! I want this so bad! Don’t you think I’m hot?”

“Oh Lucy, of course I do!” Holly sighed. “That’s why we can’t! You’re gorgeous! You’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen! Of course I think you’re hot! But I think of you like a daughter and…”

“Oooooooh so hot!” Lucy moaned, interrupting. “Mmmmm we can play that game if you want to…mom!”

And just like the word “pussy” off Lucy’s young lips had made Holly tingle, that word did it even more.

“Ooooooooooh!” Holly cooed before getting control of herself once again. “No! Stop that Lucy! We’re not going there! You’re too important to me to throw away for some cheap sex!”

“But you fucked Rose and Alyssa! And I know you did it with Kaley Cuoco too and even with Shannen Doherty!” Lucy pointed out. “Mmmm now that I know, it’s made watching those morning Charmed reruns on cable sooooo much more fun for me!”

“That was different!” Holly insisted even as deep down she knew it was on the same kinky playing field to be fucking her “sisters” as it was to think about taking her fictional “daughter.” “You’re so much younger!”

But Lucy had been waiting for Holly to say that and she was more than prepared for it. She had a lot of secrets of her own and she was eager to share a particularly big one.

“Mmmm I wasn’t too young for Laura.” Lucy tantalizingly revealed, instantly making Holly freeze.

“Wait? You? And Laura?” Holly stammered out, looking at Lucy’s eyes and seeing that either she was telling the truth or that she really was one hell of a pretty little liar.

No one had to tell Holly who Lucy was talking about. There was only one Laura they knew and it was their sexy co-star Laura Leighton. But that was only part of the secret and Lucy knew the other part was even juicier.

“Mmmmhmmm!” Lucy confirmed. “Me and Laura…and Shay!”

And, just as Lucy had predicted it would, that revelation had quite an impact on Holly.

“What? You…what?” Holly sputtered out, her mouth suddenly getting very dry even as the idea of Lucy in a threesome with Laura Leighton and Shay Mitchell making another part of her even wetter.

“Mmmmm do you like that Holly? Like the sound of Laura showing us pretty young things how a MILF fucks?” Lucy purred, knowing she had Holly right where she wanted her and intending to push her as far as she would go in the hope that she’d snap and attack her right where she was, all naked and helpless on the bed. “Mmmmm do you want me to tell you how she licked our pussies and showed us how women do it better than guys ever do? Do you want to know how she made us writhe and moan in her big bed she’s supposed to be sharing with her husband? Mmmm how she made us come over and over again and how she made us practice on each other?”

“Oh my God…” Holly moaned, every moral and inhibition she had melting in the overpowering erotic heat of her imagining those two younger girls, their bodies so ripe and beautiful, being taken by their older co-star.

“Mmmmmmhmmm she made us go down on each other before she let us fuck her,” Lucy said, telling the tale making her pussy wetter with every word that passed her lips. “She said we had to prove ourselves first before she let us have her pussy. She said she wanted to see how much we had learned. Mmmmm so she made me go down on Shay first. Ooooh her pussy was so sweet Holly! Mmmmm she was the first pussy I ever licked and I’ve never tasted one sweeter! Shay tasted so good! Mmmm I loved licking her smooth little slit and tasting that juice! I knew then how much I loved girls! Mmm it was just as good as being licked by one but it was even hotter because I was the one doing the licking now! I loved licking her wet pussy while she writhed on the bed mmmm grinding that great butt of hers into the sheets as she moaned out my name and held onto my head pushing me down into her pussy! So hot!”

And as much as she told herself to resist this, Holly agreed it was definitely hot. So very, very hot. She could see it all so vividly in her mind as Lucy described it. It was like something right out of a fantasy and a little voice in the back of her mind noted that it was possible Lucy was making it all up to try and seduce her but that voice was shouted down by an even louder one that told her that it didn’t matter if a vision that hot was a lie.

It sounded true and that was the important thing. And that louder voice also told her something Holly didn’t want to hear. If Lucy was trying to seduce her with this story, it was working.

“Stop…Lucy…please,” Holly said softly, her voice barely above a whisper but she knew she was fighting a losing battle.

There was no way the beautiful girl, 15 years her junior, was going to suddenly stop being so sexually arousing. And Holly wasn’t ignorant to the fact, either, that the more she showed she was succumbing to this, the more Lucy was going to try and turn her on.

And Lucy proved her right on that by continuing on with her story and making it clear that while she was the one restrained on the bed, she was also the one with all the power right then.

“Shay came all over my face!” Lucy moaned at the memory, her nipples getting so erect on her chest without her even having to touch them. “Mmmm you must love that, don’t you? Doing something so naughty and getting rewarded for it with all that sweet, creamy cum all over your face! Ooooooh do Rose and Alyssa do that to you? Mmmm on all those Charmed reruns I watch were you doing takes with cum on your face from sneaking away with them while no one was looking on the set?”

“No! Of course not! Oh my God, Lucy!” Holly groaned, shocked that the girl she had considered herself so close to had this unrelenting kinky side.

And even in her denial, Holly held something back. She conveniently omitted that she might never have been so bold as to sneak away with her seductive co-stars for an on-set licking, but there had been more than a few times she had snuck away with one or both of her on-screen sisters for them to find a private area and finger fuck each other before a scene was shot.

“Oooooh you should have! Gawwd I want to do that so much,” Lucy purred. “I want to shoot a scene where I have a hot girl’s cum on my lips and no one even notices. Mmmm but I’ll know and then I’ll watch the episode when it airs and remember it and get off on how no one out there knows what a bad girl I really am and what I did before we shot the take!”

Holly’s head was spinning. She couldn’t believe she was in this situation. She hated Rose for putting her in it. She hated Lucy for being so alluring. And most of all she hated herself for getting wet from this.

Goddamnit, why couldn’t she control herself? Why did Lucy have to be so beautiful? Why did her pussy have to love girls so much? Why did she have to need this? And why did Lucy have to make every word out of her mouth sound like the most erotic thing Holly had ever heard?

“So where was I?” Lucy asked, relishing the reaction she was getting from Holly as she could see her walls of resistance crumble as she got off her tangent and returned to the main thrust of her story. “Oh yes! Mmmm Shay coming all over my face. Ooooh Laura loved that! She licked it right off my chin and nose and mmmm of course on my lips before she tongue kissed me and told me to kiss Shay too so she could taste herself. Oh Holly we were doing everything she said and we loved it so much! She taught us so much and it was so hot to have Shay go down on me next. Mmmmm she had been so nervous to shoot her lesbian scenes but Laura made her see how easy and fun it was to be with women!”

By now Holly wasn’t saying anything at all. She was instead hanging on every word as the pace of her breathing picked up to the point where her chest was beginning to visibly heave with the rapid, deep breaths she was now taking. Her nipples were also starting to swell up under her dress and bra and Lucy definitely noticed that.

“Is this turning you on Holly?” Lucy asked as seductively as she could. “Is it making you wet to think about me lying back naked just like I am now and Shay’s beautiful face between my legs, eating my pussy and fucking me better than any boyfriend ever could? Mmmmm do you like hearing about how Laura was telling us how to do it how she wanted to see it? Do you want me to tell how I came all over Shay’s tongue and how I kissed her right after and tasted my creamy cum all over her yummy lips? Or should I tell you about how Laura let us go down on her after that since we’d proven we were hot enough? Ooooh we’d both never been with a girl before that night but Laura taught us everything she knew and we loved it. Mmm she was such a good teacher about all the ways we could make our hot, young pussies come when we fucked!”

And finally Holly could take no more. She knew how hot Laura Leighton could be. She’d already fucked her and knew quite intimately what a wonderful lover Laura was. The idea of Laura showing all those kinky tricks she knew to such sexy and impressionable minds made Holly’s pussy want to turn into a waterfall of arousal. It was so wrong and yet it looked so right as she pictured it in her mind.

Holly had been in Laura’s bed just like Lucy and Shay apparently had too. She could picture the whole bedroom so easily and she was driving herself crazy with lust as she envisioned Laura lying back naked on that soft bed with silk sheets under her bare body as not one, but two horny young things pleasured her married pussy with their tongues.

Holly couldn’t stop thinking about it because deep down she knew she wanted to be the one doing what Laura had seemingly done. She wanted to have Lucy and Shay pleasuring her and not just them either. Ooooh Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario had to join in too.

Thinking about all four of her beautiful younger co-stars pawing at her mature body had Holly’s heart beating and her pussy aching for attention. And that was why she snapped, pulling deep into her vocabulary to come up with the word she felt best suited the way Lucy was behaving right then.

“Christ…ohhhh fuckkkk…I…I…you little jezebel! Is this what you fucking want?” Holly groaned before she leaned in and grabbed Lucy’s face with her hands, caressing it as she planted her lips right on her, kissing Lucy with a passion Holly had never dared dream of before.

Being called a jezebel was the last thing Lucy had been expecting but she barely registered it because the kiss she was now receiving was the thing she had been dying for from the moment Rose had told her just how kinky Holly really could be. But the word lingered in her mind as she melted into the kiss. Lucy knew that word was perfect.

That was what she was and that was what she wanted to be…a scheming little temptress making Holly lose her morals. Lucy moaned into the kiss and felt her pussy quiver with desire as she thought about what a dirty little jezebel she was and how she hoped Holly would punish her for it.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh it’s what I want! Oooooh I want it soooo bad!” Lucy sighed as their lips rubbed together, the kiss from the older woman even better than she had ever dreamed it would be. “Kiss me Holly! Mmmmm fuck me!”

“Ohhhh my God, what are you doing to me?” Holly moaned, her lips tingling from the taboo kiss with her younger co-star. “Oh Lucy! I had no idea you were into girls!”

“Mmmm I didn’t know you were either,” Lucy said. “Not until Rose told me! I’m so glad I know now! Oooooh she wanted me to be a Christmas gift for you so you wouldn’t feel lonely this year! But it’s a gift for me too! The best kind of gift! I want you so bad!”

And Holly could no longer hold back her own confession either. She was still furious at Rose even though she kind of also loved her friend more than ever now. This was Rose’s way of being there for her at Christmastime and that meant a lot to Holly especially because once again it seemed Rose knew her desires better than she knew them herself.

“I want you too baby!” Holly admitted, her voice a sensual moan. “I always thought it was wrong to feel that way, but you turn me on Lucy! Mmmmmm I’ve been so ashamed of myself for thinking it, but I’ve been dying to fuck you!”

“Now you can!” Lucy giggled, thrilled to her very core that Holly had succumbed. “Mmmm I’m here for you to fuck! Take me Holly! Do every nasty thing you ever wanted to do to me. And I mean EVERY nasty thing! Mmmm I’m into it all! I want it so bad! Fuck me Holly!”

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Holly said, softly running her hand over Lucy’s forehead, brushing her dark hair away and looking into her gorgeous eyes.

If she had thought for even a second that Lucy was being forced into this or that she wasn’t sincere with her horny pleadings, Holly would have untied her and gotten her right out of there. But there was no way to pretend that Lucy wasn’t completely into this. It was obvious and it was stunning but Holly couldn’t pretend she didn’t want it either.

She leaned in and kissed Lucy again, this time with an even more sensual pressing of their lips. Both women moaned from the contact and Holly unconsciously pressed herself to Lucy. She didn’t think about it. She just did it and she loved how it felt to have Lucy’s young, naked body touch hers through her dress.

Holly found herself completely unable to think rationally, not with Lucy offering herself up like this and not with her tempting body so irresistible. As they kissed, Holly rubbed into Lucy’s warm body and reached down to fondle her bare breasts. Holly was a bit shy in her first caress of the tits of the girl she had never figured she would ever touch but Lucy’s moan from it egged her on and it didn’t take long for Holly to have both of her hands on Lucy’s chest while they continued sharing kisses.

“Mmmmm oh Holly yesssssssssssss!” Lucy moaned as she was touched. “That’s it! Don’t resist me! Play with me! I’m yours to take! Mmmm I’m your slutty little gift from Rose!”

“Did you fuck her?” Holly demanded, firmly but not angrily as she broke the kiss and looked down at her co-star and friend not with a mother’s eyes or even a friend’s but someone filled with lust. “Did you fuck my friend like you fucked Laura? Did you and Shay hook up with Rose too? Did she bend you over and fuck you with Mr. Snappy like she fucks me?”

The idea of Rose having her way with Lucy, of throwing her down on the bed and forcing Mr. Snappy into her surely tight pink pussy made Holly want to touch herself. She instantly assumed that Rose had done that to Lucy, pushing her onto her back and making her put her legs up in a V as she defiled her with that strap-on before bending her over doggy style and fucking her ass.

Holly had been in that position with Rose so many times and she loved the idea of Lucy fucking Rose just like Lucy and Shay had already been taken by Laura. But Lucy quickly showed Rose how wrong that assumption was by shaking her head.

“No!” Lucy answered. “I mean I totally want to! Rose is so fucking hot! But she wanted you to get me first! Mmmmm she said she wanted to save me for you to give me away as a present!”

“Ummmm okay…wow…that’s kind of sweet of her actually,” Holly replied, still not sure whether to smack or kiss her friend for this and deciding she’d probably end up doing both. But only after she’d done a lot more to Lucy.

This was happening whether she was ready for it or not and Holly liked that. She liked feeling out of control. She liked feeling reckless and wild and most of all she liked feeling Lucy’s perfect, young tits.

“You’re so beautiful,” Holly tenderly said, using both hands on Lucy’s chest and then kissing her again.

The kiss deepened between them as Holly parted her lips and Lucy took full advantage by pushing her tongue into her mouth. This was just what Holly wanted too and she rubbed her tongue back against Lucy’s as the two of them beginning to sensually make out.

“I’m all yours!” Lucy mewed in desire. “It wasn’t even Rose’s idea for you to find me like this. It was mine! I wanted to be tied up for you! I wanted you to be able to do every dirty thing you could ever imagine to me and I didn’t want to be able to stop you!”

Holly had been wondering about that but she hadn’t said anything and she had gotten so distracted by every other bit of Lucy’s nudity and sexiness that it had almost slipped her mind. Hearing that it was Lucy’s idea to have her wrists bound like this made Holly see the girl in even more of a new light. She had thought she had known Lucy Hale. Now she felt like she hadn’t really known her at all and Holly found herself oddly turned on by that.

“Kinky girl,” Holly smiled. “Mmmmmm are you a bad girl that needs to be punished Lucy? Is that why you’re all tied up? Do I need to show you what happens to dirty little jezebels like you?”

“Yesssssssssssssssssssssss!” Lucy hissed in reply. That was exactly what she wanted. “I’m so fucking kinky, Holly! Mmmmm I was such a bad girl for keeping such dirty secrets from you but now you can punish me for it! Show me what happens to bad girls like me! Make me show you how kinky I really am!”

She didn’t consider herself any kind of expert on the subject and the truth be told she was kind of a little scared to even explore it much more than she already had, but Lucy loved being tied up. She loved being made to feel helpless to pleasure. She liked being vulnerable sexually and she loved being taken, especially if it was a gorgeous woman doing the taking. In fact it was her thirst for this kind of play that had allowed her to be pulled into Rose’s web in the first place.

Ever since Laura had taken her and Shay so expertly, Lucy had found herself seeking the touch of a woman. It had been such a mind blowing experience and she had wanted to feel it again so much that Lucy often found herself wondering if she was a full-blown lesbian.

She still liked guys, at least a little bit, so she wasn’t sure. But she definitely was sure that sex with women was something she loved. But Laura certainly wasn’t girlfriend material since she’d made it clear she wasn’t a one-woman kind of person and also there was the inconvenient fact that she had a husband. Shay wasn’t about to settle down and be someone’s girlfriend either. And neither was Lucy, for that matter. She just wanted someone she could fuck whenever she wanted it.

But since neither of her lovers from that first night were able to give her that she had gone searching and, thanks to the helpful whispers of girls in the know, Lucy had found what she’d needed. She’d found The Boutique.

The women-only bordello had been the perfect place for her. She had been able to explore her sexuality there and find out more about what she liked and what she didn’t. And without the pressure of a relationship or having to date and find herself in the public eye, it had been such a wonderful experience for her.

She didn’t want the world to know what she was into so not only was it more convenient to do this with the help of trained professionals at The Boutique but it was more liberating as well. Lucy knew no one there was going to spill any secrets or gossip about her. She was free to find out about herself and what pleased her sexually and she had seized that opportunity for all it was worth.

Lucy loved going to The Boutique and exploring all the kinky things women could do to each other. One of those things included some bondage play and Lucy had quickly discovered just how wet that made her.

She wasn’t into all the hardcore “whips and chains excite me” stuff Rihanna loved to sing about but she did like being restrained. It made her feel so naughty, like she was helpless not only to her desire for women but to the woman controlling her. It made her feel like she had no choice but to submit to the same sex cravings she had and it was so hot to do it with a woman who knew just how to fully take advantage for her.

There were plenty of women at The Boutique who knew just how to do that and that was one of the many reasons Lucy loved that place. But she had never expected it to lead to this…until she had suddenly been approached by Rose.

Lucy had always heard rumors about Rose being into women but while she’d found those stories to be really hot she’d never put much credence in then. But when she’d seen Rose at The Boutique, all of the rumors had been instantly confirmed and Lucy had found herself being told about many of the sexy secrets Rose possessed.

Lucy had gone to The Boutique for her regular appointment and it had been just like any other day there. But then everything had changed.  Rose had come up to her boldly and expressed surprise to find her at a place like this.

Lucy had been a little bit nervous at first. She had just been minding her own business and hadn’t expected someone like Rose McGowan to come out of nowhere like they were longtime friends when they had actually never met before that moment. But Rose’s confident demeanor and sensual directness had quickly put her at ease and she’d relaxed into their conversation, especially when Rose had told her about the party she and her friends were going to have.

Rose hadn’t promised her a chance to have Holly right away. Instead she had eased into that, dipping a little bit into the water to detect Lucy’s interest. Rose had confessed all about the naughty things she and Alyssa and Holly had been up to when they had filmed Charmed and Lucy had loved hearing about that.

She had fantasized about something like that so many times while watching the reruns to check out Holly and to find out it was actually happening blew her mind. It had made it easy for her to give a confession of her own when she had told Rose just how hot she thought Holly was and how much she’d love the chance to be with her.

And that had been all Rose had needed to hear to want to bring all of this together. She had told Lucy she could get Holly for her as long as she trusted her and did exactly as she said. It had been easy for Lucy to do that.

She wanted Holly so badly and Rose was certainly gorgeous as well. Sliding into the middle of the fun between Holly, Rose and Alyssa and making that threesome into a foursome would have been a total fantasy come true so Lucy had been willing to follow Rose anywhere.

The plan had just been for Rose to bring Holly to her where they could be alone and she had suggested the younger girl lose a few clothes to start off and make it a really enticing invitation, especially since she’d been sure Holly would resist at first.

But it had been Lucy who had taken the idea further, deciding that all the way naked would have been even better than just getting down to her bra and panties. And Lucy had been very eager to take it even a step further by having Rose tie her wrists up and leave her bound to the bed.

Naturally Rose had not objected even a little bit to that idea and had shown quite an expertise in making a tight, but not too tight, knot with the scarf, making it hurt just enough to feel really good as Lucy had waited nakedly for Holly to come to her. Things had worked perfectly from there and now Lucy was getting just what she wanted as she begged Holly for more of her erotic touch.

“Please Holly! Please!” Lucy pleaded as she felt those soft, warm motherly hands fondle her young breasts and send pleasure coursing through her veins. “I want more!”

“Oh yeah? What do you want baby? Tell me!” Holly asked with a voice thick with desire. She had never felt this in control before when it came to sex and it was really getting her wet.

“Fuck me!” Lucy urged. “Please Holly! I need you so bad! Mmmm I’ve been hot for this all day and gawwwwd my pussy has been dripping ever since Rose tied me up! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like the dirty little slut I am!”

Lucy’s dirty words only turned Holly on more. It was shocking to hear the girl talk like this. Holly had loved Lucy like a daughter, wanting to guide her as a young woman and help her adjust to growing up in Hollywood, something she knew all too well. So hearing her talk like this was such a naughty thrill and Holly couldn’t help but get excited from it.

“You are a slut, Lucy!” Holly said back, barely believing she was saying this to Lucy. “You’re a dirty little girl! Is this what you like? Being tied up for older women to play with?”

“Yessssssssssssss! I like it so much!” Lucy moaned back in reply as Holly moved a hand down her impossibly firm tummy and over her belly button before dipping lower and lower until she had it right on her slit and began rubbing her there. “OHHHHHHHHHH! Oooooooh Hollyyyyyy! Ohhhhh fuckkkk fuckkkk oooooooooooooh! Yesssssssssssssss pet that little kitty of mine! Oh fuck! Mmmm feel how wet my bad girl pussy is for you! I love being tied up! I love older women! Please fuck me Holly! Fuck me even better than Laura did!”

“Oh I can fuck so much better than that redhead whore!” Holly smirked, feeling a wickedness bubbling inside her as she rubbed against her younger co-star.

She felt so confident and powerful as she boldly played with Lucy’s slit, brushing her fingers over her wet lips and delighting in how smooth and slick they were. Knowing she was touching Lucy’s pussy inflamed her lust even more. It was so wrong what she was doing but she loved it and, more importantly, Lucy loved it too.

Hearing the girl moan for her was such wonderful incentive to be even naughtier and Holly rubbed harder as she got off on calling Laura a whore. Holly actually liked her co-star a lot, certainly enough to sleep with her, but she felt jealous of her right then for getting Lucy and Shay’s young pussies first, especially Lucy’s.

“You’re such a bad girl!” Holly told Lucy as she writhed with desire on the bed, her wrists bound tightly and her pussy and tits being pawed at by Holly’s wonderful hands. “I never thought you could be so dirty, baby. Mmmm well that just means I’m going to have to punish you!”

Lucy’s eyes lit up at the sound of that and that was followed by a sharp cry of pleasure shooting out of her mouth as Holly made good on that threat by slapping the tender lips of her pussy with her palm. The sting of the hard smack against her slit felt amazing and Lucy cooed from it as Holly did it again and again and then a fourth time for good measure, each slap making her even wetter.

“Ohmygod!” Lucy gasped out as pleasure rushed through her each time Holly’s palm struck her sensitive slit. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my Godddddddd! Yesssssss Holly yessssssssssssssss! Give me what bad girls get! Punish me for getting naked! Punish me for making Rose tie me up! I’m so dirty and I need you to punish me for it!”

Holly felt a thrill of her own with each smack to Lucy’s pussy lips. She had never done anything like this before. She had always been the one being spanked. It was never vice versa. She had always been so submissive in bed with her female lovers and it had always felt so natural to be that way.  But now she was being pushed out of her comfort zone in more ways than one and she liked it.

“Mmmmmmm that is one wet little pussy ooooooh and so tasty too,” Holly moaned as she took her hand and made a big show out of licking Lucy’s juices off right in front of her eyes as they burned with need. “Mmmm yum! You’ve got such sweet juices, baby. Maybe I should just tell everyone downstairs they should put down those Christmas cookies and all those sweet treats because I’ve got something even tastier up here!”

Lucy bit her lip at the sound of that, moaning as the thought of it brought fresh arousal to her already soaked vagina. She couldn’t help but play it up too, shaking her head in response to such a lewd idea.

“Oh please no Holly! Noooo don’t show me off like this mmmmm all naked and helpless!” Lucy moaned, even though it was clear that the idea thrilled her. “Don’t let anyone else see me like this! I don’t want them to know what a bad girl I am! Please don’t humiliate me like that! I don’t want that!”

“Oh yeah? What do you want?” Holly teased.

And the answer to that was right on the tip of Lucy’s tongue waiting to leap out of her mouth.

“You!” Lucy immediately answered. “Don’t show me off! Just make me yours! Take me and use me right here! Mmmmm show me what a bad girl I am!”

“Oh yes you’re bad! So very, very bad,” Holly said softly as she gently caressed Lucy’s wet slit, tenderly petting what she had just slapped and making the girl quiver as she did it. “Mmmm I’m going to show you how bad! Turn over!”

Lucy grinned in anticipation when she heard that. She knew what Holly wanted and she sure as hell wanted to give it to her. This was what she wanted too and she didn’t hesitate to turn herself over on the bed, getting on her stomach as best she could.

It wasn’t easy to do that with her wrists bound and turning over just twisted the scarf binding her even more, making it burn. But Lucy loved that and it made her moan as she presented Holly with what she desired.

“Mmmmm fuck! Such a great ass!” Holly moaned, taking in the delight of Lucy Hale’s round, succulent butt cheeks naked for her. “I’ve been staring at this booty for so long Lucy! Mmmm you love showing it off, don’t you? I see you around set in your tight clothes making sure everyone sees this gorgeous butt of yours! I thought all this time you were just flirting with the guys but it was the women you wanted to see it, wasn’t it? You were showing off your ass to make women wet, weren’t you?”

“Yes!” Lucy admitted. “Oooooh I so was! I wanted all those hot girls to stare at my ass and want to fuck me! Mmmmm I wanted Laura to see it so she’d want to fuck me again! Mmmm gawwwd I wanted Ashley and Shay and Troian to see it and get turned on! But mostly I wanted you to see Holly! I wanted you to stare at my ass and dream about me naked!”

“Mmmm and now you are…nice and naked for me!” Holly purred, rubbing her hands over the firm cheeks of Lucy’s ass. “Mmmmm showing me this great ass! So nice and juicy! Mmmm I didn’t even want to admit to myself how turned on I was getting on set watching you in those cute outfits but now I can because you’re mine Lucy and I’m going to do whatever I fucking want to you!”

And that was when Holly gave her first smack to Lucy’s bare ass. She slapped the girl’s bubble cheeks and made her wince and moan, the pain feeding the pleasure as one slap turned into another and then another and another. Holly spanked Lucy’s ass and each hard smack made her cry in ecstasy.

“YESSSSSSSSS! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Lucy shouted in sexual delight, not caring if anyone heard her. “Mmmmmmmm fuckkk ooooooooooooh Holly! Yessssssssssssss! Spank the bad girl! Smack my bare butt until it’s sore! Oooooh I’ve been so dirty by fucking Laura and Shay! Mmmmmm gawwwd I’ve been so bad for getting wet for you and now you have to fucking spank me! OHHHHHH! FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS MAKE IT FUCKING STING!”

Even more than she loved being tied up, Lucy adored being spanked. She had to admit she had the kind of butt that was made for spanking, all shapely and full but so firm at the same time. She loved the sound of a hand striking her bare ass almost as much as she loved the feel of it and Lucy tried to scream into a nearby pillow as Holly continued to smack her bottom with her hand so she could hear it.

Being spanked was making her pussy drip down onto the sheets and Lucy moaned in blissful surrender to the way Holly’s hand was wonderfully beating her butt.

Unlike other actresses who had made a big show of denying they could ever be interested in anything like that, Lucy had actively campaigned for the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey, not because she had loved the script or anything but because that shit turned her on big time.

Reading that book had made her so wet and it had been a gateway to even better erotica from Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty books to the works of Anais Nin. Lucy loved feeling pain mixing with pleasure. It always made the pleasure so much better to have it hurt too and Holly was making it hurt so nice.

“Oooooh Hollyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Lucy cried out, her eyes watering up from the intensity of having her backside slapped by her onscreen mother. Each slap felt better than the previous one because her ass was getting so tender from the skillful spanking. “Oooooh this is soooo dirty! Ohhhhhhh yessssssssssss! Mmmm yessssssssss spank my ass raw for being such a bad girl! Gawwwwwwwwd you’ve done this before, haven’t you? Mmmm gawwwd did you spank Rose and Alyssa? Mmmmm or Kaley? Fuckkkkkkk I hope you left their asses stinging like you’re leaving mine!”

The truth was Holly had never spanked anyone before today. But she had been spanked so many times that she believed she knew just how to dish it out too. Slapping Lucy’s ass had just felt so natural for her to do once she had laid eyes on her round, yummy cheeks in their nude glory.

But she hadn’t wanted to hurt Lucy. That was the last thing in the world Holly wanted and she had tried to do her best to take care and make it feel good. So each time Lucy had moaned from her slaps, Holly had felt herself get wetter. She loved hearing Lucy cry out in pleasure. She loved finding out how kinky the girl was and Holly especially loved the power of being able to slap a great ass like Lucy’s.

“Such a bad girl! Mmmmm such a dirty little slutty girl,” Holly cooed as she gave Lucy’s ass cheeks one last hard smack, making her wince and moan in ecstasy.

She then looked down and could hardly believe what she had done to a young woman she greatly cared about. Lucy’s bubble ass was flushed a deep shade of pink from the spankings she’d just delivered her. Holly had stopped short of turning her flesh red but not by much. But Lucy had clearly loved it and that turned Holly on.

“Mmmm you made me do this to you Lucy,” Holly declared. “You made me spank your ass raw because of how bad you’ve been!”

“Oooooh yesssssssss I’ve been sooooo bad!” Lucy sighed, tears filling her eyes but in just the way she loved it. “Mmmm you made my ass hurt so good Holly! Gawwwd I’ve been dreaming about you spanking me like a slut for so long! I love it when my ass stings! I’m such a fucking bad girl and I deserve it!”

The next sounds out of Lucy’s mouth weren’t more cries though. It was only moans as Holly made up for spanking the girl so hard by kissing her right where she’d just smacked. Holly bent down and began kissing Lucy’s bare cheeks, pressing her lips to them tenderly to soothe the now super tender flesh.

Lucy moaned and sighed in rapture from it, a smile crossing her face as Holly made everything feel so good.

“Ooooooh oooooooooooooh ooooooooooooh mmmmmmmmm!” Lucy moaned. “Gawwwd Holly! Oooooh you’re so fucking hot!”

“Mmmmmm so are you sweetie,” Holly replied, allowing herself to fully appreciate for the first time just how gorgeous Lucy was. She kissed all over her bare ass, not believing how she had just spanked this girl and that Lucy had loved it. “You’re so beautiful! So sexy! Mmmm you have such a great body!”

“Ooooh it’s all yours!” Lucy promised. “My whole body is yours Holly! Do whatever you want to it! I’m your present! Use me like a toy!”

Holly couldn’t help but think that Lucy was sending her a message by saying that now as she kissed all over her bare ass, her lips just inches away from the girl’s obviously aroused slit and something even kinkier. Holly felt a surge of lust as she imagined spreading open Lucy’s ass cheeks to really go after her with her tongue, licking her pussy but not stopping there, not with Lucy’s asshole so tantalizingly close.

Holly didn’t think she was off base in assuming Lucy would love it if she did that. But she didn’t go there…not yet at least. Instead Holly wanted to make sure she used her Christmas present just like Rose would have wanted her to and she was wearing too many clothes to be able to do that.

So instead of pleasuring Lucy more, Holly decided she deserved to be selfish and she got off the bed so she could stand up. She slipped out of her shoes and, as she saw Lucy turn her head to look over her shoulder, she stripped. It wasn’t sensual or done to arouse. It was done to get naked as quickly as possible and Holly didn’t waste time.

Holly reached down and pulled her dress over her head, carelessly tossing it on the floor when any other time she would have made sure it was hung up neatly. She heard Lucy moan when she showed off her body in her bra and panties and Holly didn’t stop there, reaching around back to unclasp her bra and quickly pull it off, baring her breasts.

“Yessssssssss! Get naked!” Lucy groaned, rubbing her thighs together in lustful anticipation as she faced the downside of having her wrists bound by not being able to reach down and touch herself as Holly took her clothes off. “Mmmm show me everything! Please Holly!”

Holly just smiled seductively at the younger woman as she tossed her bra onto the floor and then completed her work by sliding her panties down her legs and leaving herself completely naked. Holly felt a naughty rush of pride and horniness when she saw the look in Lucy’s eyes as she exposed her pussy.

She loved knowing that her body was turning this gorgeous girl on and Holly took a moment to model her nudity to Lucy, making sure she could drink in the view of her tits and her wet pussy, her bush sparse and sexy as Holly had made sure and trim her girl fur down before the party. She had been expecting sex when she had come here but she hadn’t been expecting this and being able to show off her pussy to Lucy of all girls made Holly weak with need.

“Get on your back!” Holly commanded. “Time for me to see what a hot, slutty Christmas present you really are Lucy! Mmmmm time for you to show me that you really want me as much as you say you do!”

Lucy didn’t hesitate to obediently turn onto her back again. She assumed the position with a big smile on her face. She had a pretty good idea what was about to happen and she couldn’t wait for it. She’d been aching for this from the moment Rose had approached her and put her plan into motion. Now her excitement was bubbling over inside her and Lucy didn’t want to wait a second more. Fortunately she didn’t have to because Holly did exactly what she had hoped she was going to do.

Holly crawled back into the bed, her body now completely nude, and positioned herself just the way she and Lucy both wanted it. She rose up just enough to get her pussy right in the face of the bound younger woman and didn’t say a word before she closed the small gap of space between them, pressing her crotch right against Lucy’s mouth.

And, naturally, Lucy immediately responded. Holly didn’t have to say what she wanted. It was understood and Lucy didn’t waste a second before starting to lick.

“Ohhhhh yesssss! Mmmm fuck yesssssssssssss!” Holly hissed in an excitement she had never expected to feel as she experienced Lucy’s naughty, skilled tongue intimately for the first time. “Ooooooh you little fucking minx! Mmmm show me you’re not a tease Lucy! Ooooh show me you’re not all talk! Show me you did all those naughty things you said you did! Mmmm show me you like girls as much as I do!”

Holly tossed her head back and moaned in wanton delight, her hair flying back as she did it. She had never dreamed she would do something as naughty as this. She had crossed professional and personal boundaries all those sexy years on the Charmed set when she had done such dirty things with her “sisters” but now this was even more taboo and she found herself reveling it. She never acted this way, not even with the women she was already fucking, and Holly loved it.

“Fuck me!” Holly ordered, taking charge of the situation and making herself even wetter as Lucy’s tongue danced over the wet lips of her cunt. “Yesssssssssss ooooooh you dirty little girl! Mmmmm fuckkk is this how you fucked Laura? Did she sit your pretty face? Did she do this to you and Shay? Mmmm did that redheaded whore tie you up and make you eat her pussy? Fuckkk I hope she did because she’s never going to get the chance again unless I let her! Because you’re mine now Lucy! That naughty fucking tongue is mine to use and I want it licking MY pussy from now on, not hers!”

Holly didn’t know where these words were coming from. They were flying right off her tongue without even registered first with her brain. But saying them felt good and that made the sensations of Lucy’s 25-year-old tongue lapping at her MILF pussy even better.

The girl knew just what she was doing. Even if she’d exaggerated her experiences, Lucy clearly knew how to eat pussy and the feel of that hot tongue lapping at her slit and teasingly slipping inside her folds to let Holly know that she knew a lot more than just one trick had the older woman crying out her pleasure.

The more Holly experienced being the one in charge, the more she liked it and the more she wanted to do it. Even after all these years she could still stretch her boundaries and Holly didn’t know what was more surprising, that Lucy was such a dirty girl or that she was. But it was both coming together that was really setting Holly off and her pussy dripped into Lucy’s mouth as she rode her face and ground her wetness into her. And Holly wasn’t even truly aware of just what an effect her words were having on her new lover.

Because while Holly was getting aroused from this ultra-rare chance to exert a dominant side she didn’t even truly know she had, this was just the kind of fuck that made Lucy’s submission craving pussy soaked. This wasn’t just two hot women going at it, it was an older woman putting her in her place and making her feel like she was utterly in her control.

That made Lucy’s pussy quiver like nothing else could and it was heaven for her to be tied up and forced to have that wetness in her face. And that was even before Holly opened her mouth because those words were so wonderful for her to hear. Lucy wanted Holly to be into this. She wanted her to take her and use her, not just tonight but every night.

With her hands still not freed, Lucy continued rubbing her thighs together to stimulate herself while she fed off Holly’s pussy. She wished her hands were untied so she could touch herself but she loved that they weren’t.

She felt so helpless and horny and Lucy was getting off so much on that. She didn’t want to have the chance to touch herself. She wanted her pussy to get wetter and wetter and wetter until she was begging Holly for the chance to come. She didn’t want to have the freedom to do that to herself. She wanted Holly to grant it to her as a reward for being such a good little slut.

Most of all, Lucy wanted Holly to come. She wanted the older woman to ride her face and force her to tongue her cunt and she wanted to drink down every creamy drop of her orgasm. This was what she had craved, to be on her back with a delicious pussy in her face.

Lucy had wished they had gotten right to this instead of having to talk first. She’d wanted Holly to rip her own clothes off the second she’d been brought in here by Rose. But the waiting was worth it now as Holly rubbed into her and Lucy let her tongue react by licking away like the cum hungry girl she was.

Lucy moaned into Holly’s pussy as she lapped away at her. She loved everything about this. She loved the sound of Holly’s vow to control her and use her even more than Laura had. God she wanted that so fucking much.

She wanted Holly to put her in a metaphorical chastity belt, only letting her fuck who she wanted when she wanted it. And Lucy would have let that happen too because it not only turned her on to be controlled like that but because she loved Holly’s pussy.

Lucy loved the heat radiating from it, especially with it pressed right against her face. She loved feeling the freshly trimmed curls of Holly’s bush tickling her. She loved the scent of that arousal being right there for her to breathe it in deeply and, most of all, Lucy loved the taste.

The taste of a woman’s aroused juices had been instantly addictive the second she had first tasted Shay and Laura. Now she had Holly’s wetness all over her tongue and it tasted so good. Each taste made Lucy want more of it and that was why she spent so much of her focus licking Holly’s slit clean, lashing her tongue against it and cleaning those wet lips only to find them even wetter the next time she tongued them.

Lucy couldn’t get enough of that taste and she kept licking and licking, teasing the entrance into Holly’s folds with the tip of her tongue just to let her know that she could push inside at any second. That made Holly hiss with pleasure each time she did it, her naked body shivering as it rode Lucy’s face. And it also made Holly desperate to feel more. She could only take so much teasing.

“Don’t you hold back on me Lucy!” Holly said as she placed her hand under Lucy’s head and pushed her upward, pressing her even deeper into her crotch and imploring her to fully unleash her tongue. “Fucking bury that tongue inside me! You got me so fucking wet for you so don’t you dare tease me now! Stick your tongue out Lucy! Mmmmm yesssssss stick it straight out and get it inside that pussy you say you want so much!”

It was such a thrill to have a beautiful woman tell her what to do in bed, especially if that woman was Holly. It made Lucy’s whole body crackle with energy as adrenaline flowed through her veins. It was so much hotter now that she had Holly holding onto her head and “forcing” her in deeper.

It was hardly necessary but it still felt so good. It made Lucy feel like she had no control of herself and only the wishes of her lover mattered. That was such an awesome feeling of surrender for her. She stuck her tongue out just like Holly wanted and was rewarded with the sticky, creamy flavor she craved as Holly fucked her face, mashing her pussy against her stiff tongue and making sure she slipped it right inside her honeypot.

“Yesssssssss yessssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhh mmmmm Lucy baby yesssssssssssss!” Holly moaned, not as the caring, concerned friend and surrogate mother to the younger girl that she had been but the wild, lusty sex-crazed creature she had turned into.

She didn’t want to be nice to this tempting jezebel. She wanted to be rough with her and control her and she knew Lucy would love it if she did. That only made Holly want it more as they both showed each other their secret sides for the first time.

“Mmmmm fuck yes! Shove that tongue in deep Lucy!” Holly commanded. “Fuck that pussy! Fuck it like Rose and Alyssa and Kayley always did! Ooooo I’ve been with Laura too, you know! Mmmm she never told me she was fucking you though and now I’m going to have to take her like this, tying her up and fucking her face to punish her! And I won’t stop there either, now that I know that Shay’s not faking her lesbian side on the show!”

Hearing Holly say that made Lucy fuck her harder, shoving her tongue into her and working it with quick and fast licks. Holly was pushing her into her pussy with her hand on her head and rubbing herself all over her face and Lucy relished it, especially as she pictured her on-screen mother taking Shay just like this too. For it had been Shay’s lusts that had gotten her into this in the first place.

On Pretty Little Liars, Shay played a lesbian and while the love scenes she did were nothing too steamy, especially compared to some of the scenes the straight characters had to play, she had still been nervous about them. And she had confessed to Lucy it was because she was nervous about it not looking like she was really into it when she kissed girls and also because she had thought she might be into it for real and that scared her. It made her even more concerned it would show through in her performance that she was holding back.

Lucy hadn’t intended for it to turn into anything more when she had offered to help her friend get over that nervousness and suggested that she kiss her so at least she would be able to say she had done it. There hadn’t been hidden motives of seduction underneath the suggestion. Lucy hadn’t even known she had liked girls at the time. She had just wanted to help a friend out and show Shay that it was no big deal to kiss a girl.

Of course it had ended up being a very big deal indeed and they’d both known it as soon as they kissed. They could feel the electricity that came from a lesbian kiss immediately and what had just been a peck of the lips had turned into a real kiss and then another and another until they’d started making out. Neither of them had been with another girl before that night and while it hadn’t gone any further than just kissing and a little light petting, they had both loved it and had wanted to do it again.

And one time the mood had struck them on the set and they’d snuck away to what they’d thought had been an empty makeup room to get in a little kissing only to be caught by Laura. Fortunately the sultry redhead was hardly been the judgmental type and had been way more interested in teaching them all she knew than getting them to stop.

She had encouraged them to explore each other, hinting at her wild, younger days on the Melrose Place set when she’d enjoyed the bodies of both Josie Bissett and Marcia Cross on regular occasions. And she had offered her help if they were interested in someone who knew a lot more about being with a woman than just kissing. By then Lucy and Shay had ventured too far to want to turn back and that had led to that magical night in Laura’s bed where they’d both been taken so well. Lucy hadn’t looked back since.

Now she had Holly grinding into her face and Lucy wanted to see her do that to Shay too. She and Shay had once shared a wild fantasy about both of them being in a 69 where they were on their backs getting their faces fucked. But they wouldn’t be the only girls eating pussy. Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario would be there too in separate 69s with their pretty mouths getting filled with pussy just like them.

All four of them would have a woman on top of them, grinding into their tongues and fucking their faces, controlling them and eating them out too for being good little sluts. And it wouldn’t be just any woman on top of them but rather a very special woman indeed.

Lucy would have had Holly fucking her face, just like she was now, while at the same time Shay would have been licking Nia Peeples’ pussy as Ashley was fed Laura’s juices and Troian would have been tasting Lesley Fera, all four of them being fucked in a 69 by the gorgeous older women who played their mothers on the show.

That had been such a hot and dirty thought and Lucy remembered how hard she and Shay had made each other come when they’d let their imaginations run wild with it. They hadn’t spoken about it again but it was still very much on Lucy’s mind, especially as her part of the fantasy came true.

And it was even better than she had ever imagined to have Holly taking her like this. She felt like such a filthy little slut with her hands restrained and her face being helplessly fucked and Lucy couldn’t get enough of it.

“Give it to me Holly! Give me that yummy pussy!” Lucy moaned out even as her words were muzzled by the muffin in her face. “Oooooh you taste so good and I want it all so much! Fuck my face! Oooooh slam your pussy into me and make me fucking like it! Mmmm gawwd don’t be nice about it! Don’t treat me like I’m your friend! Treat me like I’m your slut!”

Holly still couldn’t wrap her mind totally around how Lucy was acting and she certainly couldn’t properly fathom how much she was liking it. Even when she was with other women she never acted this wild, not even with Rose. She sure as hell never had been this dirty in bed with her ex-husband.

And part of Holly still couldn’t shake the idea that this was wrong. She was supposed to be setting a good example for Lucy, not encouraging her debauched side. But she couldn’t help it. She wanted this too much now and Lucy was everything her dirtiest fantasies had ever been and a whole lot more.

“Yessssssssss you are a slut! You’re my little fucking slut!” Holly groaned in ecstasy as she rubbed her pussy even harder into the face of the woman she had, until tonight, thought of as a part of her own family. “Fuck me Lucy! Fuck me like the dirty girl you are! You like pussy, huh? Mmmm you’ve been getting wet thinking about me? Well now you’ve fucking got it you dirty little whore! You’ve got my wet, hot mommy pussy in your pretty, young face and you’re going to get every sweet drop of my cum! Oooooh Lucy yessssssss! Fuck that wet pussy! Fucking shove that tongue into it! Make me come!”

Holly’s free hand had been on her own chest, squeezing her bouncing tits as she thrust herself into Lucy’s face. But now she found a better use for it. As she continued to keep her other hand on Lucy’s head, holding by her hair and shoving her right into the heated wetness of her vagina, Holly reached down and used her fingers to spread her own pussy lips open.

She exposed her intimate folds and forced herself against Lucy’s face even more, pushing her face into her folds and crying out with intense delight as Lucy didn’t hesitate to do just what she wanted and bury her tongue into her. Lucy explored Holly’s pinkness with unleashed lustful enthusiasm, making sure her clit was properly tended to and inspiring lots of happy cries.

“OHHH FUCK! YESSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOH NASTY LITTLE SLUT!” Holly cried out as she rocked against her younger lover’s face, her thighs imprisoning the oh so willing girl between them and making sure she couldn’t even think about moving her mouth away from her cunt. “FUCK ME LUCY! YESSSSS SHOVE THAT TONGUE INTO ME! OOOOOH FUCKKKK YESSSSSSSSS! OOOOOH I HAD NO IDEA YOU COULD EVER BE THIS FUCKING DIRTY!”

Lucy grinned in satisfaction while she licked and thought to herself that she could easily have said the same thing about Holly. Until she had met Rose the day before, being able to fuck her gorgeous on-screen mother had been nothing but an idle fantasy. She had never even seriously considered how she would seduce her because Lucy never considered it would have even the most remote chance of working. She might have thought a lot about tasting Holly’s pussy and being a naughty little kitten to her sultry cougar, but Lucy had never thought it could actually ever happen.

But it had and it was and she was loving every second of it. Holly was so much kinkier than Lucy ever had expected and she was even hotter than Rose had promised she would be. Lucy was in such joy over it that she felt sure she could come from it without ever having been able to touch herself. She was dripping wetness down her thighs and onto her legs from how hot it was to have Holly fucking her helpless face and Lucy didn’t want this to stop until she had swallowed every creamy drop from her MILFy lover.

Lucy wanted Holly to come so badly. She wanted it way more than her own orgasm and she wanted that pretty fucking badly too. Having that steaming, wet pussy in her face was the ultimate of highs and Lucy licked furiously at the pinkness being offered her.

Lucy loved how the juices soaked her taste buds in delicious feminine goodness. She loved the way it dripped into her mouth and went right down her throat. It was all so delicious and she wanted more. That was why she didn’t hesitate to not just pleasure Holly’s clitoris but focus entirely on it as she wrapped her lips around that bud and suck it for all she was worth.

“YESSSSS OOOOOOOOH SUCK THAT CLIT! FUCK OH FUCK OHHHHHHHHH!” Holly cried, her body bucking almost unconsciously as pleasure overtook her and moved her to its rhythm.

Both her hands were at work insuring Lucy had full and complete access to her most sensitive parts and the girl didn’t need a word of instruction. She had just gone for her clit and Holly could only feel the ecstasy of feeling this skillful little vixen pleasure her bud.


Thanks to years of Charmed-sisters threesomes and too many trips to the mansion to keep track of, Holly had been pleasured by the best of the best. No man, especially not her ex-husband on his best days, could ever rival what the wonderful women she had been with had been able to do to her time and time again. And Holly was shocked to find that Lucy was able to rival them in the amount of pleasure she was making her feel.

That wasn’t to say Lucy was their equal, but she was damn sure within the zone and Holly found herself getting an extra rush from how forbidden this felt. This wasn’t just any hot girl eating her out and sucking on her clit. This was Lucy and the wrongness made every shiver of taboo pleasure feel all the more amazing.

Holly had to close her eyes and just let that pleasure flow over her. She had never expected this and maybe the dual surprise of finding out that Lucy was even into this in the first place and then having her be mind-blowingly good at it was what made this especially good. Or maybe Lucy was just naturally gifted at eating pussy. Whatever it was, Holly was just glad it was happening.

Whatever anger she had once had at Rose for doing this to her was long gone as Holly savored her present and, right then, was hard pressed to remember ever getting a Christmas present this good. Lucy was a new toy for her to play with and Holly was absolutely intending to do just that.

But for now it was her turn to feel the pleasure. And what intense, magnificent pleasure it was. Holly had to keep her eyes closed from the intensity of what she was experiencing as she humped against Lucy’s face, feeding her the wetness that the girl craved. But that was fine. After all she was staring at nothing but the wall while she rode Lucy’s tongue cowgirl style.

Holly was facing right toward the wall at the head of Rose’s bed and while she wanted to look down and see her own bouncing tits and the tease of Lucy’s face trapped between her thighs, that adorable face poking out just enough show just how much Lucy loved doing this, Holly just couldn’t do this. She had to keep her eyes closed, fearing that if she did look down and saw how pretty Lucy was like this, it would fry her brain with forbidden bliss.

However, while her eyes were closed, Holly’s mouth wasn’t and she kept egging her newest lover on.

“Yesssssss yesssssssssssssssssss do itttttt! Oooooooh fuck me Lucy! Ohhhhh yessssssssssss suck that clit until I fucking come all over your face, baby!” Holly panted, her breathing becoming ragged as she fucked her friend and gasped and moaned with every slurp and suck she got from Lucy’s amazing lips wrapped around her clitoris. “Oooooh mmmmm fuck! You want that, huh? Want that cum? Want mommy cream in your face you dirty little jezebel tramp? Ohhhhh yesssssssssssssssss Lucy yesssssssssssss! Fuckk I’m going to fill your mouth up with my cream and you’d better swallow it like a good slut! Did you swallow Laura’s cum? Mmmmm did you gulp down Shay’s creamy girly cum? Ooooh I’ll bet you swallowed it all like a good girl! Mmmm yesssssssss do it to me now Lucy! Fucking suck it and swallow it and make me come!”

Lucy had in fact done all that. She loved to swallow. She had never been shy about taking a guy in her mouth and she sure as hell wasn’t that way with women. She always swallowed. From her first taste of Shay’s sweet cream she’d been hooked and had never once refused to do it.

She wanted Holly’s cum so much. She wanted to suck it right out of her and have it fill her hungry tummy. She knew there was a ton of food downstairs and, truth be told, she was starving right then but Lucy didn’t want to eat anything more than what she had in her face right then.

So she set about getting what she wanted. She didn’t tease. She didn’t hold back. She didn’t bring Holly close to the edge and then pull away like an evil sex queen. That might have been what some of her other lovers would have done, namely Rose, but Lucy wasn’t like that. She wasn’t there to be bitchy. She just wanted to be a bitch. She was Holly’s slutty plaything. She was her fuck doll. She was her Christmas present sex toy and that was all she wanted to be.

“Mmmmm fill my mouth up!” Lucy urged before getting back to making that happen by slurping on Holly’s clit. “I need it Holly! Make me swallow it! Make me drink it down! I’m yours! Fuck me however you want it!”

“I’m better than Laura, aren’t I?” Holly demanded, a competitive side she never knew she had coming out along with the aggression she felt. “My pussy tastes better!”

“Yesssssssssssss sooooo much better!” Lucy submissively replied. “You’ve got such a yummy pussy Holly! Feed it to me! Mmmm make me take it! Ughhh use your little horny fuck toy! Fuckkkk I wanna make you come so fucking much!”

Lucy silenced herself by getting her mouth back to eating pussy and not talking. She didn’t want to talk. She wanted to fuck. And she wanted that clit back between her lips. As Holly continued to grind into her face, Lucy sucked her clit.

Holly was making it so easy for her by spreading open her pussy lips and letting that clit just bulge out for her and Lucy rewarded her for it by sucking wetly and passionately on it. She wasn’t going to stop until Holly came and the next sounds of her mouth were nothing but grunts and moans as she let her face be fucked while she sucked hard on her lover’s pleasure center.

“Yessssssssss do it!” Holly commanded, all the more eager to come so she could lick all those juices off Lucy’s face after smearing herself all over her skin. “Mmmmm I’m so fucking close Lucy! Do it baby! Fuck me! Yesssssssssss you are my little fuck toy! Oooh my Christmas present slut! Mmmm fuckkk you’re not going to just make me come now you’re going to do it again and again as many times as I want it! You’re all mine now Lucy! Mine to use like a fuck doll! Oooooh fuckkkk I’ve never had one of those before but I’m going to use you so good you little slut! OHHHHHHHHH FUCKK YESSSSSSSSS RIGHT THERE BABY! OHHH FUCK YES LUCY! MAKE ME COME!”

Lucy stopped sucking on Holly’s clit and instead unleashed a furious licking that sent Holly spiraling into a series of breathy, passionate moans. Words couldn’t even get past her lips from the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling and the only sounds she could cry out were sharp, happy gasps and garbled babbles that sounded a lot like “yes” and “more.”

Holly was in ecstasy from the flurry of licks she was getting, Lucy’s talented, young tongue pushing into her and working her clit over completely. All she could do was reflexively tighten her grip on Lucy’s head and hold on as she was overtaken by pleasure.

And Lucy’s own pleasure soared as this happened. She loved knowing she was getting Holly off. She wanted to be such a good slut for her. She was famished for that pussy cream and she let Holly know it with every lick.

There was so much wetness to lick up by now and Lucy wanted it all. She plunged her tongue over and over as quickly as she could into Holly’s sweet honey pot, treating her taste buds to her delicious flavor with each lick as ate her newest lover up. She couldn’t have loved this position more as she was pushed right into Holly’s crotch with passionate force.

Feeling Holly’s hand on the back of her head forcing her in as the older woman furiously humped herself against her face was just what Lucy needed. This meant Holly loved what she was doing and that created such joy inside Lucy. She had wanted this for so long and she was desperate to do a good job.

She wanted Holly to want her and she wanted her to come all over her face, just like she was about to. Right then Lucy was so grateful to all those professionals at The Boutique who had offered up their pussies for her to practice on. Everything she had ever learned about making a woman come was being applied to Holly right then and Lucy was loving the results.

Holly kept screaming out her pleasure even if she wasn’t capable of forming words at the present moment. Her cries were all the expression she needed to make as she thrust herself against Lucy’s face and forced her pussy onto her tongue. Holly was in the grips of something she had never felt she would experience and that made it so much better. She was doing something so taboo and something she was sure she would regret the morning after but now, in the moment, it was nothing but ecstasy.

Lucy’s tongue was absolutely amazing and she knew just what she was doing. This girl would have fit right in with all the marvelous pussy eaters in the mansion and Holly felt herself start to come.

The girl was doing magnificent things to her clit with her tongue, pushing in with a rapid, passionate pace and finding just the right spot on her buzzer to go after. Each lick made Holly shake and cry out and when Lucy resumed sucking her clit that was when Holly opened up her eyes and looked down to see her gorgeous co-star, pushing herself right over the edge.

She’d denied herself the chance to gaze upon her beautiful, young friend doing dirty things to her soaked pussy but Holly could deny herself no more. Holly looked down at Lucy’s pretty face mostly obscured by her pussy as she rode her tongue and clamped her thighs around her head. It was one of the hottest things she had ever seen and Holly lost it.

She had treated this girl like a daughter and now she was her lover. There wasn’t anything tender about this either. It was heated and wild and absolutely out of control. She felt like she was defiling sweet Lucy and that sense, while the girl expertly worked over her clit, made her orgasm explode right out of her.

“FUCKKKK! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Holly screamed in release as she bucked herself against Lucy’s face, feeding the girl just what she was dying to eat. “LUCYYYYYYYYY! FUCKKK! OHHHH OHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOH!!!”

Holly’s voice quickly grew hoarse as she humped herself against Lucy’s face, her orgasm making her body move unconsciously as she pressed herself deeper into her, fusing her pussy to Lucy’s mouth as her tongue greedily shoved itself inside her to lap up all her cream.

Holly rode wave after wave of her orgasm while creaming all over Lucy and each pulse of pleasure made her cry out as she gripped onto the girl’s head and felt her body shake, her tits bouncing wildly and her head tossing back in ecstasy.

And Lucy just kept on licking. She didn’t want to miss a drop and her tongue was so aggressive as it punched into the clenching, creaming folds of Holly’s pussy. Holly was tightening up as she came but Lucy didn’t let that stop her. She pushed her tongue in harder to get what she wanted and she lapped away at Holly’s juice as it was released into her mouth.

She didn’t want to stop. Lucy wanted to keep licking. But finally Holly couldn’t take any more. Her clit had become too sensitive under the girl’s tonguing and Holly couldn’t handle one more amazing lick from her.

With a groan of complete satisfaction, Holly pulled herself off of Lucy, allowing herself the opportunity to gaze upon her gorgeous face absolutely soaked in girl cream. To Holly, Lucy had never looked more beautiful than she did right then and it was impossible for her to take her eyes off her flushed face, coated in a creamy, cummy glaze as she wantonly licked her lips clean.

Lucy’s chest was softly giggling as she tried to catch her breath and Holly’s gaze couldn’t help but go lower to where she could see the girl was dripping wet. She didn’t think she had ever seen anyone more aroused than Lucy looked right then and Holly had to take a second to let it all process.

She couldn’t believe what she had just done to Lucy. Had she lost her mind? This was her co-star, her on screen daughter! And she’d just fucked her! Her orgasm was bringing clarity and Holly immediately felt guilt over what she had done.

But, at the same time, Holly also felt something more. She felt a deep need…a need to return the favor. Sure she had done something completely inappropriate with Lucy, but wouldn’t it be worse to just leave her like this? Tied up and horny and unfulfilled? That would have been mean and Holly couldn’t do that to her friend. She had something much better in mind.

“You’re so beautiful,” Holly said gently as she kneeled naked on the bed and brushed the hair off the face of the girl she had just fucked. “You’re an amazing lover, Lucy!”

“I wanted this so bad,” Lucy moaned back. “Mmmm I loved making you come! I’ll do it again any time you want!”

Holly had no doubt that Lucy would make good on that promise and then some. She looked totally and completely infatuated and Holly felt a stirring of two emotions. She felt both nervousness that this was all going to inevitably lead to a much more complicated time on set.

But she also felt the dawning of something else inside her, a realization that she liked the idea of this girl worshipping her body and serving all the perverted needs her pussy demanded. Thinking that sent a shiver up Holly’s body that she couldn’t deny and it made her put her own reservations aside even more as she leaned in and kissed Lucy right on the lips.

“Mmmmmm yessssssss kiss me! You made me so messy and I love it!” Lucy cooed, Holly’s lips on her feeling even better after she’d made the older woman come. “I loved feeling you come all over my face! Mmmm gawwwd it was so warm and sticky and I love feeling it all over me! Kiss me Holly! Taste it too! Taste what a slutty girl I am for you! Mmmmm I sucked the cum right out of your hot pussy and I loved it!”

Even after all they’d done it was still making Holly’s head spin to hear Lucy talk so dirty. She could feel her heart pound in her chest as she kissed the girl and she knew that Lucy was just as excited if not more so. After all, she’d had her orgasm but Lucy was still in need and Holly couldn’t leave her like this.

Holly continued kissing the girl, tasting her essence all over Lucy’s sweet lips. And as they kissed she also reached between Lucy’s thighs and caressed the wet lips of her cunt. Holly felt Lucy shiver when she did that and she kissed her harder, pulling her body back on top of Lucy’s as she did it.

But this time Holly didn’t press her pussy to the girl’s face. She just kept on kissing her and rubbing her, making Lucy moan with a growing desperation. Lucy was so fucking soaked. Holly could feel her juices dripping down her fingers and she knew soon her hand would be coated in them.

But she wanted more and she took full advantage of Lucy’s position to slide over her and start rubbing into her. It meant taking her hand away from Lucy, but it was so worth it as she could now feel the girl’s wet pussy pressing into hers, the drooling juices from her needy cunt mixing with the cum that was still sticking to her satisfied slit.

“You’re such a dirty girl!” Holly sighed lustfully as she held Lucy’s face in both of her hands now, kissing her deeply while rubbing her pussy into Lucy’s. “Mmmmm I’m going to take care of you now Lucy! I’ll bet you and Shay think you’re hot sluts who know it all but I know a few tricks too baby and I’m going to show them to you! Oooooh I’ve been holding myself back way too much lately and I’m going to take what I want!”

Holly had no doubt that this was the message that Rose, and no doubt Alyssa too, wanted to send to her by doing this and it was coming through loud and clear. And it was something that Lucy loved to hear too.

“Oooooh yessss! I’m yours Holly! Take me and use me like your fuck toy!” Lucy begged. “Mmmm fuckkk I’m so wet for you! Ooooh that feels so good Holly! Rub into me! Rub me with the pussy I just licked! Mmmmmmm I’ve never done this before! Give it to me!”

Holly felt reasonably certain there weren’t a lot of “firsts” left for Lucy to do but at least she could be her first scissoring. She had always loved doing this with her female lovers. There was just something about tribbing that felt so good.

Holly loved feeling a warm, wet pussy pressed to hers, their juices mixing as they ground into each other. It was so tender but at the same time so naughty and it was especially hot to do it now as Lucy remained tied up on the bed, her arms up over her head and her wrists bound. She was there for the taking and Holly was going to take her.

“Mmmmm yeah is this what you want?” Holly demanded, grinding herself into Lucy with a little bit more force as she kissed the girl again and let her hands drift from Lucy’s face toward her perfect tits. “You like feeling me rub into your pussy, little girl? You like this dirty mommy fucking you like she owns you?”

“Ohhhh fuck yeahhhh!” Lucy cried back in utter lust from what Holly was asking her. “Mmmmm grind it into me Holly! Own that little pussy! I’ll be your little girl slut! Oooooh I want that so fucking much!”

Lucy was silenced after that with another fierce kiss from the older woman cutting her off. But she didn’t care if she got to talk. She just wanted to kiss. She wanted to kiss and fuck and be taken and come and come and come.

She was always going to remember every amazing thing that had already happened tonight but she wanted so much more too. She wanted Holly to use her for her pleasure and she knew that just a few more minutes of feeling their hot, slippery pussies grinding into each other was going to get her off big time.

As they kissed, Holly used her experience to get them into a far better position, one that really allowed her to rub into Lucy. She kissed her deeply, their tongues pressing into each other like their cunts already were. Holly hooked her leg over Lucy’s and pushed down into her, letting their pussies scissor with even more force.

This also allowed her to pick up speed and Lucy moaned uncontrollably from it, sounds of pleasure flowing from her mouth in a steady stream as she writhed on the bed, her ass grinding into the silk sheets. They were both gasping and moaning and breathing heavy as their bodies got flushed and sweaty and their smiles beamed from the mutual joy they were getting from this.

“Yesss yessssssssssss more Holly please more!” Lucy begged in between wanton gasps of sexual need. “Fuck me! Ooooooh this feels so fucking good! Rub your pussy into me! Fuck me like the hot mommy you are! Ooooh fuck you’re such a sexy MILF Holly and I love it! Mmmmm fuck yesssss I love feeling your wet pussy rubbing into me! Mmmm you’re so nasty!”

“You’re the nasty one!” Holly hotly replied, impetuously giving Lucy’s bare tits a slap that made the firm mounds of flesh bounce.

It had been a pure impulse on Holly’s part but fortunately Lucy loved it and her moans got even louder as she began to really rub back into Holly, spreading her wetness against her lover’s and making sure Holly could feel how much this was turning on.

“You’re a nasty little girl letting Rose get you naked!” Holly groaned. “Fucking Shay and Laura and even seducing me! You’re not the sweet thing I thought you were so I’m not going to treat you nice anymore Lucy! Now you’re going to be my bitch on and off set! When I snap my fingers you’ll jump and when I say spread your legs you’re going to fucking do it!”

Holly had no idea where any of this was coming from but she had a wide, exhilarated smile on her face as she said it. It felt so good to act this way. She felt unleashed and utterly liberated and it was obvious Lucy was getting off on it too. The girl was grinding back even harder now, making their pussy lips kiss while her mouth contorted in ecstasy and nothing but sounds of pleasure jumped out of that hole.

“Yessssssssssssss yesssssssssssss your bitch! I’m your fucking bitch!” Lucy agreed enthusiastically. “Mmmmm fucking order me around on set! I don’t want you to be nice to me! Treat me like your fucking whore, Holly! Make it so everyone there knows we’re fucking and that you control me! Oooooh fucking advertise that I’m your naughty slut girl and that you’re fucking the shit out of me every chance you get!”

Being on the anti-men kick she currently was on, that sounded really good to Holly. She could show everyone that sweet little Lucy, who all those horny boys tuned in to watch in tight outfits hugging her sweet ass and perky titties, was actually her little bitch.

They’d all know they never had a chance to fuck her because Holly already had her claws in her and was never going to let her go. She’d make sure it was clear to everyone on the set and all over the fucking world that Lucy was hers and that she wasn’t her girlfriend but rather her whore! She was her slutty plaything and that Lucy did everything she was told like a good little slut.

Of course, even in the overheated state of arousal she was in, Holly recognized that there was no way she could actually ever go through with something like that. She didn’t have the nerve and, even if she did, she wasn’t convinced that Lucy would have wanted it either.

So much had changed since she had entered this bedroom but one basic thing that hadn’t was that Holly still cared deeply about Lucy’s well-being. She didn’t want anything to trip her up professionally or personally and she wasn’t about to be the cause of a sex scandal that would no doubt hurt them both.

That didn’t mean it wasn’t hot to say it and think it though and Holly did both as she and Lucy scissored passionately, their naked bodies rubbing together with slippery need. Holly felt her own pussy get freshly wet and not just from the juices that Lucy was rubbing into her but also from the feeling of being able to do something so deeply perverted to this beautiful girl.

Lucy was a lot wetter, though, and Holly could feel her need. She wanted to make Lucy come and she wanted to make it a messy orgasm too. Holly loved that their arousal was mixing together as they did this and it was making everything so slippery between them.

Lucy kept gasping and writhing under her and begging for more. Every time their clits touched. Lucy bounced on the bed like a mini shock was rushing through her naked body and Holly could feel the same thing. But she knew Lucy’s were more intense because she hadn’t come yet and she needed this so badly.

Holly did everything she could think of to give it to her too, changing her own inherent submissive nature to become more dominant and give Lucy what she knew she needed. She slapped the girl’s firm B cup tits again, a smack from each side to make them bounce, and then fondled them as she moaned out to her lover how much she loved her body.

“Ooooooh these are such perfect tits,” Holly moaned. “Mmmm nice and perky and so fucking young! I wish I had tits like yours when I was your age mmm fuck I would have done a dozen nude scenes and not just one! You’re so fucking sexy!”

Holly had to admit more than a twinge of jealousy as she eyed Lucy’s rack and pressed her hands to them. They filled her palms so nicely and they were just so wonderfully firm and ripe. They were about the same size as her breasts, but Holly felt like hers could never have looked this good.

Lucy’s tits were amazing and Holly couldn’t help but envy them, especially after the years and motherhood had taken a bit of a toll on her own. But more than jealousy, Holly felt desire for them and she showed it in the soft, sensual way she caressed and squeezed them.

Even as she picked up the pace even more of her grinding her pussy into Lucy’s she kept her touch at her chest nice and gentle, pleasuring her breasts while Lucy moaned from the steady drumbeat of compliments she was getting from Holly.

For Lucy the feeling was mutual and she now had new information to fuel those feelings of adoration for Holly’s body. She had never known Holly had done a nude scene before and she regretting not knowing because it would have made all her early masturbation dreaming about Holly’s sexy body to be even more vivid.

But that was hardly necessary now. She still wanted to check it out, of course, but she didn’t need it now. Not when she had the real thing. And Lucy loved what she was seeing. Holly’s mature body was stunning.

She loved Holly’s motherly body and all those yummy curves and Lucy got so turned on looking up and seeing Holly’s tits jiggle for her as they fucked into each other. Her first experience with tribbing was blowing her mind and Lucy especially loved being able to see Holly’s body as they did it.

And for Lucy, it got even better when Holly showed her a trick she had learned from all the women she had scissored with over the years. Granted she was usually the one on the bottom in this particular position but Holly had learned from the best and she sure as hell knew what felt good from it. Sarah Michelle Gellar had shown her this trick the first time they had done it and Holly wanted to see if it was just as big a hit with Lucy as it always was with her.

So she lifted up Lucy’s leg by her thigh and used it like it was a handle to grab onto. And when she did this, Holly also picked up the pace of her own scissoring, fucking into Lucy harder and forcing her to try and keep up as their pussies weren’t just rubbing together anymore, but slamming into each other, their swollen pussy lips and clits banging together and making both of them cry out.


Holly knew she could easily have done just like Lucy wished. It was so hot to be able to have the both of them rock on the bed like this, their pussies mashing together in a series of smacks like they were spanking each other with their labia.

The harder she did it, the harder Lucy did it back. It was clear that nothing threw her and that Lucy was going to do her absolute best to try and keep up with her. That made it even more thrilling because Holly loved knowing how much Lucy was enjoying it.

They were making so much noise now as they kept crying out and gasping for breath with passionate shrieks but the real sound was coming from the bed knocking against the wall and thumping against the floor.

Even in a mansion as vast as this one, Holly was sure they could all hear her downstairs in the party but she didn’t care. She wanted them to know. She wanted them all to know how much fun they were having as they fucked and she especially wanted Rose to know just how much she was using the present she had left her.

She could easily have kept this going and Holly was sure she’d have had Lucy coming in no time. But she wanted more. Her mind was crackling with all kinds of dirty ideas. She wanted to do all the kinky things that other women had always done to her to Lucy and the rush she got from that made her feel so alive.

She wasn’t the submissive one this time. She was the dominant one and she didn’t want that feeling to end. Holly wanted to do every dirty thing she could think of to Lucy because, truthfully, she didn’t know if she could ever allow something like this to happen again.

She didn’t dare tell any of that to Lucy but it made her all the more eager to live in the moment and enjoy every kinky fantasy she could come up with. So while she could have let Lucy come from having their pussies trib together, their cum mixing as they both creamed at the same time from the aggressive way their clits were grinding, Holly had an even better, dirtier idea.

That was why she stopped and, instead of finishing the job, pulled away from Lucy.

Naturally Lucy’s immediate reaction was one of confusion. Why would Holly stop? What she had been doing had felt amazing and Lucy had been sure she was going to come from it.

Lucy opened her mouth to ask why but she never even got the chance to let the first syllable loose before all was explained. Her question turned right into a moan when Holly pushed her face into Lucy’s pussy and began tasting the mess of mixed juices that were coating her lips.

“OOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSS HOLLY YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Lucy cried in delight when she felt that wet tongue start to lap at her lips.

Being scissored had left her all sensitive there and having Holly’s tongue on her was instant delight. Holly bathed her lips with long, sensual licks and it made Lucy writhe on the bed.

And Holly’s smile was growing with every lick she took and every moan she got from Lucy. She had never felt this confident in her life. She was making this beautiful younger woman cry out her name in passion and there wasn’t anyone else but her doing it.

Rose wasn’t there. There was no Alyssa. No Sarah. No Love. None of her friends were there to help her. It was all her and Holly felt an elation flowing through her wonderfully distinct from any pleasure she had ever experienced before.

She was more than 40 years old. She’d been married and now divorced. She had kids. She had fucked beautiful men in her life and she had fucked even more beautiful women. She didn’t lack for experiences in any way shape or form. But still she could surprise herself and it felt amazing.

Holly had never expected she could ever do anything like this and right here in this moment she didn’t think she’d ever been happier with herself. Because she also knew she could do a lot more and that made Lucy’s juices taste even more delicious.

“Mmmmmm you taste so good baby,” Holly assured the girl. “So juicy for me to lick up! Is this what you’ve been dreaming of you dirty girl? Me licking your pussy? Rubbing my tongue all over your naughty lips like you just did to me? Mmmm you were a naughty little pussy licker Lucy but you still have a few things to learn and I’m going to show them all to you!”

Class was definitely in session now and Lucy was so eager to learn. One of the things she loved most about being licked was that she always learned something new. And she was always striving to be a better lover. Lucy wanted hot women to crave her as much as she craved them.

Lucy knew she had done a really great job on Holly before but she also knew she could have done even better and she was mentally taking notes with each sexy lick she received. Holly was licking her so wonderfully. It was hotter than Laura and Shay and it was even better than the women she had been with The Boutique because while those had all been hot experiences they had also been business and this was so wonderfully personal.

“Yessssssssssssssss yessssssssssss oooooh I dreamed of this Holly! Mmmmm I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long!” Lucy gasped, her firm tits giggling as she gasped for breath, “Please lick me more! Ooooooh you made me so wet when we were rubbing together! Lick me with the hot tongue you fucked all those other girls with! Do me like you do Rose! Fuck me like you fuck Alyssa! Mmmmmm I loved hearing about all the kinky things you do with them and Rose told me you fuck all the hot girls here! Ooooooh I can’t believe a place like this is real and that you’re here Holly! Gawwwd I wanna fuck all the women here just like you do! I want you to see I can be all naughty and slutty! I just want it all and I want you the most!”

Holly’s grinned intensified as she continued licking away at Lucy’s splayed pussy. She thought to herself that if she had been fucking Lucy the way she fucked Rose and Alyssa and most of her friends here then she’d be the one bending over for Lucy to spank and lick and even shove a big, thick toy into.

Holly knew she would have probably loved it if that had been what had happened here. But it wasn’t how things were. The tables had turned and she was the dominant one now. Lucy was begging to be her bitch and Holly loved it as she dreamed of ways to really take control of this girl and how she could be the boss for once.

Lucy’s legs were spread open so perfectly for Holly to bury her face between those young thighs. Lucy’s legs were bent at the knee as she moaned and shivered on the bed, the knot binding her wrists together not giving an inch as she reflexively tugged at it. Being positioned that way gave Holly excellent access to Lucy’s most intimate parts and she took full advantage.

When she wasn’t licking the girl’s smooth, young slit or burying her tongue inside her, Holly was rubbing those tight, soaked labia lips with her fingers. And she eventually did both, shoving her finger and her tongue into Lucy and making her buck wildly, her bare ass bouncing off the sheets as the headboard banged into the wall.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSS MORE HOLLY MORRRRRRE!!!” Lucy screamed as the dual pleasure of tongue and fingers plunged into her simultaneously. “YESSSSSS FUCK MY PUSSY! OOOOOH MAKE ME COME! PLEAAAAAASE MAKE ME COME!”

But Holly actually had a more devilish plan in mind than simply letting Lucy come right there and then. She remembered all the times that her more dominant lovers had made her really beg for it. Just the other day she’d been begging Rose and Alyssa and even Kaley to fuck her.

And while she didn’t want to trade a single one of those submissive orgasms, Holly wanted to be the one doing the taking this time and she wanted to indulge in every dirty moment she could of this. So, instead of speeding up and pushing Lucy into orgasm, Holly instead slowed it down.

She didn’t stop. Lucy’s pussy was far too delicious for her to be able to completely put the brakes on her licking but she did restrain herself from pushing her lover over the edge. And it was hard for her to do that. Lucy smelled so good all horny and wet and desperate and Holly breathed in that sexual aroma like it was all she needed.

She tasted even better too. Holly couldn’t get enough of that sweet, young cunt and as she pressed her face into Lucy and lapped away at her she imagined that she could do this not just to Lucy but to Ashley and Shay and Troian as well. She wanted all of their wet pussies there for her to lick as she took those pretty little liars and drained them of their cum.

Thinking that was so hot that Holly couldn’t resist sliding her hand between her own legs and rubbing herself. Both of her hands were hard at work now, pleasuring her own and Lucy’s pussies.

But while she was deliberate and careful with her touching of Lucy she didn’t hold anything back while touching herself. She pushed her fingers inside herself deep, cooing in between licks when her fingers easily slid right into her own drenched hole and rubbed her clit. Holly made herself feel good with wild frigging as she continued to scale down the pace of her pleasuring Lucy.

It was so subtle that Lucy didn’t even notice it at first. She just kept rocking herself against Holly’s face, begging her for orgasm. Almost every other word out Lucy’s mouth was “please” as she pleaded for release.

With her knees bent and her legs open she was perfectly positioned to fuck her lover’s face and Lucy did without hesitation or inhibition. She wanted it so badly. Feeling that tongue pushing into her and teasing her clit while Holly’s fingers pushed in forcefully had her rolling her head back against the pillow and moaning uncontrollably.

It felt so good that she didn’t really notice that Holly was slowing down. She was being worked into a dreamy state by her mouth and fingers and Lucy just moaned away even as Holly slowed the pace down subtly with each passing moment. It didn’t really sink in until Holly pulled her mouth away from her pussy and dragged her tongue somewhere even naughtier.

“OHMYGOD!” Lucy gasped in absolute blissful shock when she felt Holly lick downward, traveling tantalizingly over her sensitive girl flesh until she moved from her pussy to her asshole.

It had been the last thing Lucy had been expecting and that just made it feel even better when Holly began licking her tight little pucker.

“Oooooh too much for you honey?” Holly teased as she smirked over Lucy’s hole reflexively tightening.

Lucy’s asshole clenched and relaxed a second later, allowing Holly to push her tongue in and lick even more this time. She teased Lucy’s anus to make her shiver and moan and then pushed inside her to make it feel even better.

“Nooooooo! Ooooooh I love ittttt!” Lucy cooed. “Mmmmm gawwwd you’re sooooo naughty Holly! I didn’t know you were going to do that! Ooooooh fuckkkk mmmmm that feels sooooo good! Lick my ass! Ughhh make me feel like the dirty girl I am!”

“Yesssss so dirty! Letting a woman lick your asshole! Filthy little slut!” Holly hissed as she penetrated Lucy’s tightest hole with her tongue. “Mmmmm you’re so tight baby! Such a tight little ass! Bet you never let your boyfriends play here, do you?”

“Mmmmmmmm never!” Lucy moaned, her dreamy state getting even more intense as her head was clouded over by the wicked pleasure she received from Holly’s tongue pushing into her. “Mmmmm they wish! I’d never give up my ass to a man! Gawwwd ooooooooh but you can take it Holly! Mmmmm fuckkkk your tongue feels so good! Ooooooh I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!”

“Good girl!” Holly salaciously replied. “Mmmm I’d never give my husband my ass either! He wanted it so bad but he never got it! I’d give it up for women like a fucking whore though! Oooooh Rose and Lyssa know just how to take my ass and make me such a fucking slut for it! But they don’t get your tight fuckhole Lucy, know why?”

And Lucy did know the answer. She had no doubt of it as she enthusiastically nodded her head and moaned.

“Because it’s yours!” Lucy cried. “My ass belongs to you! Mmmmm ohhhh Holly yessssssssss! Lick my dirty hole! Mmmmm fuckkk you’re soooo bad and I love it! Ughhhhh!”

That was just the reaction Holly was looking for and she rewarded Lucy with a series of hot thrusts of her tongue into her asshole before pulling out and bathing the wrinkled entrance. She licked all over the writhing girl’s sensitive anus while still pumping her fingers into her pussy but again this was just enough to keep her in heat and not to push her over the edge.

Holly continued to tease her hole with naughty, thorough licks, occasionally pushing inside her just enough to get her panting but not enough to get her off. And through it all, Holly kept working her fingers into Lucy and making her beg for it.


But Holly had no intention of giving into those pleas. She cared for Lucy deeply and she wanted her to have an amazing orgasm. But this wasn’t just about Lucy’s needs. It was about her own. She was going to be greedy for once. This was her fucking Christmas present and she was going to use her toy. And speaking of toys…

With an evil grin, this time Holly did pull away. She removed her tongue from Lucy’s asshole and pulled out her cummy fingers, making sure Lucy could see her as she wantonly sucked them clean.

Holly moaned at the taste of Lucy’s rich, cream juices all over her fingers and Lucy moaned back from the sight of Holly sucking them clean and popping them out of her mouth so she could show off how she hadn’t missed a drop. But that was all the stimulation Lucy got for the moment.

“No…please!” Lucy meekly whined as she was deprived. “Fuck me Holly! Please make me come! I’ll do anything mmmm anything you want! Please oh please make me come!”

“Oh you will!” Holly promised. “Mmmm but I have to get something first!”

And that was when Holly did something even bold. She got up off the bed and walked out of the room completely buck naked. She felt an intense thrill as she opened the door and walked out starkers, not caring if anyone saw her. In fact she hoped someone saw her.

She didn’t care if the party had moved upstairs and the girls were giving tours to complete strangers. She wanted people to see her naked. Holly wanted them to see how bold and naughty she was being. She wanted them to see her tits and her bare, dripping pussy and she wanted them to see her messy face with the shine of fresh girl juice all over it.

And if anyone asked her whose juice it was, Holly would have told them it was Lucy’s right away. She wanted people to know. She wanted them to know who she was fucking and how good she was fucking her. Holly felt like she had gone completely wild and she didn’t want to hide it.

So she left the room without a stitch on her horny body and she headed off to one of the bedrooms she knew was nearby. She had been here so often that she knew where everyone slept and that certainly included Alyssa. So she ran to her former co-star’s room and, jiggling and giggling the whole way, she went after what she knew was there.

Holly knew exactly where this was hidden by her friend and she grinned when she saw it right where she expected it to be. Alyssa hardly had the neatest bedroom in the world and Holly actually had to fight the compulsion to straighten it up a little bit. But she managed to keep herself focused on her mission. She grabbed what she had come for and ran out of the room to get back to Lucy as quickly as she could.

And, as she did that, Holly continued to get an intense thrill out of being naked when anyone lucky enough to come upstairs could see her. This was never the sort of thing she did. She wasn’t shy or anything and it had never required much coaxing to get her to take it all off when she was with her girlfriends but she also wasn’t the natural born nudist that many of the women here were.

Even in her own home she wasn’t the type to walk around naked when she was alone and it had always felt a bit weird for her to do that here. Holly usually only had her clothes off here when she was doing something naughty so it was a wild feeling of wicked abandon that rushed through her as she ran nude through the hallway back to Rose’s room where her lover was waiting for her.

Holly felt like a totally new person, like she had shed a skin. Doing something as forbidden to Lucy as she was planning was going to really show that. Holly had no idea how long this was going to last but she didn’t want this feeling to end. She only wanted more and the longer she thought about doing something that she had never even dared to dream about the more it turned her on with a pulsing sexual energy.

She was nearly giddy as she arrived back at the bedroom and walked inside, not nearly as empty handed as when she had left. Lucy’s face lit up when she saw Holly’s return and that quickly turned into something more when she saw the two items the older woman had with her. Her heart began to pound in her chest and her breathing reflexively quickened. She knew what was in store for her and it both scared and thrilled her.

“Are you going to fuck me with that?” Lucy moaned, asking the question she already knew the answer to. She just wanted to hear the answer and Holly didn’t disappoint.

“What do you think, little girl?” Holly teased as she pulled Alyssa’s strap-on dildo onto her body and fastened the harness in place, moaning as she looked down at the fake cock dangling from between her legs, the flexible plastic bright cherry red and looking nice and big for what she intended.

“Ooooooh yessssssssssssss!” Lucy replied, her imagination running wild as she dreamed about what Holly could do to her with that toy. “Fuck me Holly! Mmmmmm I want that big dick inside me! I want it more than any guy I ever fucked!”

“Mmmmmm that’s so hot baby,” Holly groaned as she squirted from the bottle of lube she’d brought with her and spread it all over the shaft and cock shaped head of the borrowed sex toy. “I love that you want this so bad! I love that you want me more than any dumb boy! I’m through with men, Lucy and you’re done with them too! From now on you’re mine and I say no more boys! Understand?”

“Yesssssssss! Ohhhh yesssssssss I so understand!” Lucy declared with her own giddy sensations taking control of her body. She watched lustfully as Holly lubed up the strap-on and then set the bottle down before crawling back onto the bed. “No more boys! I don’t need cock! I need you Holly! I need hot women like you to fuck me and show me what a bad girl I am! Mmmm fucking put me in my place Holly! Show me what bad girls get for Christmas!”

“Mmmmmmhmmm they get even better presents than good girls,” Holly smirked before she took the strap-on in her hand and guided the head right to where she wanted to put it.

But, despite how she was acting like a new Holly and despite her own depraved longing to do something so wicked, Holly couldn’t help but be herself at heart. That meant caring about Lucy’s needs and not wanting to hurt her.

“Are you ready for this sweetie?” Holly asked, much more gently in tone than how she had spoken since she had returned to the bedroom. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to. If you’re not into this I understand.”

Holly hadn’t specifically said what she was going to do but Lucy had known since the second she had seen Holly pull that toy onto her body with a look of intense hunger in her eye. And, just as importantly, Holly had known that Lucy had known what her true intentions were. So it was able to go unsaid.

But if there was any doubt, it was put completely to rest when Holly rubbed the head of her friend’s strap-on against the tight asshole she had just been licking.

Lucy stiffened up and whimpered softly when she felt the head of the red plastic toy poking against her backdoor. She knew she could have said no and that Holly would have respected her wishes. But she didn’t want to say no.

Lucy wanted to give herself up completely to Holly. She wanted the older woman to take what was hers. She wanted to not hold anything back. And she also wanted to do something she had never done before.

“I want it!” Lucy breathlessly moaned. “Fuck my ass Holly! Make me take that cock deep in my nasty little hole! Please!”

“Oooooooh!” Holly sighed at the sound of Lucy’s pleadings. “Mmmmm you dirty thing! You want it? Want it up that hot ass you’ve been teasing me with? Mmmm want me to stick this big dick up your hole baby? Want me to fuck the ass I stare at all the time when you wear those tight clothes around me?”

“Oh God yes!” Lucy immediately answered. “Fuck my ass! Ooooh I love teasing in my tight clothes mmmmm fuck making everyone want my hot booty! I love how hot my ass is and I want you to fuck it…oooh no…I NEED you to fuck it!”

It sounded egotistical for Lucy to talk about her own ass like that but both she and Holly knew that it was a fact. Lucy did have an amazing ass. Lucy knew it. She worked damn hard to get her ass just the way it was and Holly sure had noticed. She loved staring at Lucy’s bubble butt on set but she had never dreamed she would ever have the chance to fuck it.

“Have you ever been fucked here baby?” Holly asked while continuing to tease the tight ring with the plastic cock head.

“Mmmmmhmmm!” Lucy confirmed as she also nodded her head. “A few times. But never like this! Never with a toy like that! You’ll be the first! Please Holly! Do it! Fuck my ass!”

That was just the answer that Holly had been hoping for. As she had played with the girl and relished her newfound dominant side, Holly had thought about all the times she had given up her own ass to all her sexy friends and their strap-ons. They had taken her and fucked her and made her come in ways her husband had never been able to touch and she had loved every submissive second of it. She wanted Lucy feel the same pleasure.

Holly had always been the one receiving the pleasure of being fucked up the ass, what would it be like to dish it out? Lucy’s pussy had been so delicious but Holly had recognized it wouldn’t be enough. She wanted to get everything out of this encounter that she possibly could and that had meant taking Lucy Hale’s ass and not merely with a tongue but with a thick, long strap-on cock like she had taken up her own ass so many times.

Hearing that this was a first for Lucy thrilled Holly to no end because it was a first for her too. She’d given out her fair share of anal pleasure before. How could she not have when there were so many incredible asses around her whenever she visited the mansion? But she had never put on a strap-on and truly fucked a girl. She had only been on the receiving end of that and now she was dying to dish it out.

“Lift up for me,” Holly instructed and Lucy immediately complied, bending her knees again and pushing her body upward as she rested her feet flat on the bed.

That lifted Lucy’s ass off the bed and allowed Holly to reach down and grab the round, bubble cheeks she had spanked earlier. Lucy moaned at the contact to her still sensitive skin but that sound was nothing compared to what escaped her mouth next when Holly took one hand off her ass to wrap it around the shaft of her toy and guide it into her waiting hole.

“FUCKKKK!” Lucy cried as she was penetrated like this for the first time. “Oooooh Hollyyyyyy! Yessssssssss fuck me! Get that plastic up my butt! Ohhhh fuck yeahhhh!”

And while Holly’s physical pleasure from wearing the toy couldn’t match what Lucy was feeling as she was penetrated, the mental rush she experienced was enormous. She had never felt anything like the rush that came from taking a younger woman, one she was so close to, and fucking her sweet, young ass.

It was so depraved to do this to Lucy but at the same time Holly took the tenderest of care with her, pushing slowly into her tight ring and letting her adjust to the toy’s girth before pushing in a little more. She went in bit by bit into Lucy, loving the sound of her moans while she played with Lucy’s bulging clit to ease the intensity. Having her button played with while she was being penetrated was like a warm blanket of pleasure that made Lucy’s nude, restrained body quiver.

Holly had been taken up her own ass so many times that she knew just how to take another girl. She didn’t want Lucy to feel any pain, just submissive bliss as she filled her up with the cherry red flexible plastic cock. Only when she had enough of the realistically shaped fake dong inside her did Holly stop being nice and started being sexy by reaching down with both hands to again grab two clumps of the globes of Lucy’s ass and thrust into with a wicked force.


She hadn’t lied to Holly. She was no virgin in that hole. In fact she had lost her ass cherry first as part of a now hard to justify attempt to hold onto her pussy cherry until her wedding night that she chalked up to a misguided few years in her youth.

Lucy had always enjoyed having her asshole played with and there was always such a naughty rush about having a hole like that filled. She loved feeling like there was something wrong with her for liking it. She had let a few boyfriends after the first one fuck her ass but not one them had been as equipped as Holly was with the strap-on.

Lucy had never even done this with a woman before. She had felt tongues and fingers in her asshole but never a toy and she felt like she was diving right into the deep end with this one, which made it even hotter. She was stretching her own limits and she was getting off on it.

It felt amazing to feel that plastic being pushed up her ass. It was so much better than a real cock because she knew it would never go soft but she especially loved that it was Holly doing this to her. It was such an intensely sexy feeling to be submitting like this, especially with her wrists still tied.

“FUCK ME OOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSS DEEPER UGHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS GO DEEP UP MY ASS HOLLY!” Lucy begged, her tits giggling as she thrust herself upward, using her own legs for leverage as she kept them bent at the knee to push herself up and let her ass swallow more of the plastic penis going inside her. “AHHHHH! MMMMM SO GOOD OOOOOH!”

“I knew you’d like this,” Holly grunted as she exerted herself by pushing into the girl, meeting Lucy’s pleas by giving her more of the fake cock. “A filthy thing like you had to love getting buttfucked! Mmmm I give up my ass to women all the time Lucy and now you’re going to too! Only women can fuck this ass now Lucy and only when I say they can!”

That was music to Lucy’s ears and the budding country music star was eager to sing along to the tune.


“Mmmmmmm you already know you are,” Holly purred back while thrusting, her sexy MILF tits bouncing in time to the motion of her hips into Lucy’s tightest of holes. “You’re my nasty little fuck toy Lucy! You’re all mine now! This ass is mine! Your pussy too! And those yummy little tits! And that pretty face and horny tongue! I fucking own all of you!”


While it might not technically have been “her” cock, Holly didn’t do anything to correct the girl. She was far too busy fucking Lucy to tell her that she had taken the toy right from Alyssa’s room and that she had known where to find it because of all the times her former co-star had fucked her with it.

Without a toy of her own to use, she’d had to improvise and she’d gone for the first one she knew how to get…or more accurately the second one. Holly had originally fantasized about giving it to Lucy not with any mere strap-on but with Mr. Snappy.

But even in her bold frame of mind she hadn’t dared do something like steal Rose’s favorite toy. Holly knew what happened to girls who did that and she was not about to accept the consequences. It was far safer to borrow from Alyssa and now it was her toy taking Lucy’s ass just like Alyssa had taken Holly’s too many times to count.

“You’re all mine you little bitch!” Holly groaned, her pussy dripping from this new pleasure as she drove harder into Lucy. “Not Lauren’s! Not Shay’s! Not Rose’s! Mine! This ass is mine! I own this fucking ass and I’m going to fuck it whenever I want! Mmmm you’re going to be bending over for me in my trailer all the time now Lucy! Mmmm and if you’re a good girl I’ll let you lick your little fuck friend Shay while I’m buttfucking you! Ooooh and we can get Ashley and Troian too! Mmm you can snack on them while I fuck you and they can see you’re my little dirty whore!”

That filthy promise made Lucy’s head toss back again as she let out a deeply carnal moan. Her pussy quivered at the sound of it as she imagined her face buried in Shay’s muffin, lapping at a pussy she already knew was the sweetest as the girl watched her ass get bred by Holly and her fake cock while their friends Ashley and Troian stripped down to join in.

Lucy wanted that so bad and she wanted Laura to join in too. But she didn’t want to stop there either. There were so many gorgeous women on that set and Lucy wanted nothing less than an orgy. She wanted all of them fucking with just one rule…no boys allowed. It would be nothing but hot, horny girls and the thought sent Lucy into a tizzy of pleasure.


And this time Holly wasn’t going to stop. She had gotten the strap-on because she had wanted to know what it felt like but mostly because she wanted to make Lucy come like she came when she got fucked. So she wasn’t going to stop for anything this time.

She was going to keep fucking her friend until she came and Holly communicated through her actions as she thrust harder and faster into Lucy. She didn’t have too much of the toy buried inside her and she didn’t push Lucy too far but she did push forcefully inside her and fucked her passionately.

“Yesssss take my cock! Take this big, fake dick in your little asshole!” Holly demanded, both hers and Lucy’s bodies jiggling as they thrust against each other, bare skin slapping into bare skin as the sex sweat made them both look like they were glowing from this. “Come for me Lucy! Come from me assfucking you! This is what you fucking wanted, isn’t it? A hot, nasty mommy fucking your young ass like the slut you are! Now you got it Lucy and I want you to come from it!”

Holly now could see just why women like Rose loved wearing strap-ons so much. Sure there was the plastic nub on her end pushing into her pussy and rubbing against her clit. That definitely felt good. But what felt even better was the rush of power she got.

Holly felt so sexy and in control, not just of Lucy, but of everything right then as she thrust into the girl’s willing asshole and heard her calling out her name and begging for more. Holly had never experienced anything quite like being able to see look Lucy’s perfect little tits shaking as the girl’s face contorted in intense ecstasy.

Holly knew she was the one doing this to her beautiful younger friend. She was the one making her feel this good. She was the one owning her. It was such a powerful feeling and Holly couldn’t stop staring at Lucy and her beautiful sex faces as the girl cried out again and again.

The cock she was wearing was plastic, obviously depriving Holly of feeling what it was like to truly bury something inside that tight anal passage, but seeing Lucy’s face and hearing her intense moans made her feel completely connected to her. It was so hot and dirty and fun to be doing this.

Lucy looked so amazing, lying back and taking her cock up her ass and Holly was sure she looked just as good bent over with that flawless bubble butt in the air as she was fucked in doggie. Maybe soon she’d find out for herself just how good…

But for now, Holly concentrated on this position and getting her co-star off. Lucy was gasping for breath and moaning uncontrollably from being fucked and Holly knew she was right on the edge. Now was the perfect time to push her over and Holly did that by taking one of her hands off Lucy’s round buns.

With Lucy arched up and more than half of the fake cock buried inside her ass, Holly didn’t really need to hold on for leverage anymore and she instead moved that hand right to Lucy’s vulnerable pussy. Wetness was running down from her smooth young slit down her thigh and onto her leg and Holly took advantage, sliding her fingers over Lucy’s lips to lube them up and then rubbing her hard, pressing right against her swollen clit as it peeked out for attention.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Lucy screamed in joy as soon as she felt the contact with her clit.

The pleasure was so much all at once and she felt completely overwhelmed by it, which she naturally loved. She had been keyed up for this from the moment she had stripped and felt Rose tie that tight knot around her wrists. And everything that had happened since then had only turned her on more.


Holly never wanted to forget the image and sound of Lucy Hale, naked and begging her for permission to orgasm. It blew her away and even distracted her for a moment from actually saying it. Holly just stood there, thrusting away, her mouth open in surprise at how hot and crazy all of this was. It was only Lucy’s continued begging that snapped her out of it and got her to say what the girl wanted to hear.

“Yessssssss! Come for me you little whore! Come from me rubbing your little bud while I’m fucking your ass!” Holly ordered, giving the girl just what she wanted. “You’re my little whore now and you’d better come! COME FOR ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW!”


Lucy’s asshole squeezed tightly around Holly’s strap-on, pushing a few inches of the strap-on out of her. But Holly barely noticed that, not with her hand being coated with Lucy’s cream. She rubbed the girl even harder, stimulating her clit all the more as she cried out again and again and again from the pleasure of her orgasm.

Holly brought her fingers up to her own mouth to suck them clean of Lucy’s creamy essence. And she used her other hand to keep rubbing Lucy as she did it. She savored the taste while she pleasured the girl more. But that wasn’t all she wanted to do and she didn’t even think twice about it.

When Lucy finally fell back onto the bed, sweaty and groaning, Holly eased the cock out of her. She did it gently and tenderly to make sure it didn’t hurt but she did it with a thought in mind that was anything but nice. Lucy was moaning in the afterglow of her orgasm and Holly took advantage by pressing the head of her strap-on against her mouth.

“Suck it!” Holly commanded. “Show me what a slut you really are Lucy! Suck on the toy that just fucked your ass!”

Lucy was shocked to hear it Holly say that and it showed on her face. She had never expected the woman to do that and she had never ever done anything as dirty as that. But she couldn’t refuse. She didn’t want to refuse. Lucy wanted to submit to every dirty desire Holly had. So she again pushed her own limits and opened wide to start sucking on the toy that had been inside her mere moments ago.

“Yesssssssssss treat me like a slut mmmm fuckkkk make me go ass to mouth like a whore!” Lucy groaned before wrapping her lips around the shaft of Holly’s borrowed strap-on.

She sucked it into her mouth and felt a wicked rush at the taste of her own ass. She loved how nasty this was and Lucy opened her eyes to stare soulfully at Holly as her older lover fucked her face, feeding her the flavor of her own defiled asshole, to show her just how much she loved it.

“Oooooh nasty girl! Mmmmm such a dirty little slut!” Holly groaned. “Mmmm my friends make me taste my own hot, fucked ass and now you’re going to be my little ass to mouth whore Lucy! Mmmm suck that toy clean baby! Get that dirty taste of it before I give this toy back to Lyssa! Fuckkkk ohhhhh yessssssss mmmmm little baby girl whore! Suck off your own ass taste!”

Lucy had been a little afraid she wouldn’t like it but she was glad to find out that wasn’t the case at all. In fact she loved it, especially because she knew how much she was pleasing Holly. She bobbed her head up and down the strap-on, giving it the kind of luxurious, wet blowjobs she had once excelled at giving her boyfriends.

And while this cock was definitely not real, it was the hottest one she had ever tasted and Lucy diligently did what she was told by sucking it clean of the taste of her own fucked asshole. While she did it she felt Holly’s hand softly playing with her hair, like she was petting her kitty and Lucy moaned in submissive delight.

“Good girl mmmmm you’re the best present I’ve ever gotten, Lucy and I’m going to play with you all night long,” Holly moaned as she caressed the girl’s head, running her fingers through her silky brown hair while Lucy sucked the toy wetly. “I don’t care if we ever get back to the party because you’re mine now. Mmmmm all mine!”

Things had definitely changed for Holly since she had walked into this bedroom and she wasn’t sure if they would or even could ever change back. But she liked that. This was definitely a change for the better and it was clear that Rose had just given her a hell of a Christmas gift.


“Maybe I should go…” Selena Gomez said with obvious reservations in her voice as she was dragged, somewhat against her will into the party.

“Go? Are you nuts? You just got here!” Britney brightly replied.

“Yeah no way are you getting out of here until the sun is about to come up,” Christina confidently predicted. “The real fun hasn’t even started yet. You got here just at the right time.”

But their eager assurances that she would be missing the event of not only the last few weeks of this year but of next year as well was not doing much to assuage the doubts inside the younger singer and actress.

“I don’t know…” Selena said while acknowledging that she didn’t have much choice in the matter.

After all she had Britney pulling on one arm and Christina on the other and they were both leading her into the party whether she wanted them to or not. Fighting them not only seemed futile, it actually was futile.

“I just don’t know if this place is for me,” Selena insisted, so very unsure about what she was doing here.

Selena had to admit she was still very weirded out by the kissing she had just witnessed. She supposed it could have just been a friendly thing she had walked into but it sure didn’t seem that way and Selena certainly wasn’t a naïve girl.

She had heard the rumors about Britney and Christina. Hell everyone had heard those rumors and while the two had never come out of the closet or anything it wasn’t like they were doing anything to tamp down the idea that they were the hottest lesbian power couple in town. With all that plus the constant rumors Selena heard about what really went on at Britney and Christina’s record label it seemed like she’d be really fooling herself if she tried to think that what she had walked in on had been anything other than what it had seemed.

It wasn’t as though she hadn’t heard all the rumors about Katy Perry and Rihanna either. Selena didn’t know how true it was but Rihanna had always come across as someone with no inhibition at all and she had heard that she definitely went lez from time to time. As for Katy, Selena hadn’t heard all the same explicit rumors about her, but she had written that song and it did seem pretty obvious from what she had seen that Katy was totally into kissing girls.

Selena didn’t have anything against lesbians or anything. She was totally cool with people living their lives. But that stuff wasn’t what she was into and she never would be. She was sure of that and repeated it to herself in her mind again, something she had been doing more than a few times since she had walked into this place and found that infamous group of superstars kissing. If these girls were into that, then that was fine. But she wasn’t and she wanted them to know it.

She didn’t say anything though. Selena didn’t want to be rude and she had driven all the way out to Malibu. So it wasn’t like she was really going to just head out the door and turn around 30 seconds after getting here. She had been invited, after all, and she had to at least make an appearance.

But it did worry her that maybe this party was a lot more than she had expected…or wanted. That concerned her, but with Britney and Christina insistently pulling her toward the party, escape, or even polite hiding, was impossible.

And what she found inside took her breath away.

“Whoa!” Selena gasped. She hadn’t known what to expect here and yet even with no expectations she hadn’t expected this.

“Amazing, huh?” Christina inquired and all Selena could do was nod her head in agreement.

Not only was the party one of the most opulently decorated ones she had ever seen, without a strand of tinsel out of place to distract from all the immaculate Christmas spirit, but it was also the most star-studded scenes she had ever witnessed.

Selena considered herself pretty damn famous so she was pretty jaded about the whole “celebrity” thing now. She didn’t get star struck often. But she was star struck now. Everybody who was anybody was here and Selena was suddenly very glad she had come here because it looked like it would have been social suicide to miss it.

She thought she had been to events with stars before but this was like Golden Globes caliber celebrity quotient and Selena couldn’t help but be visibly impressed.

“It’s…I…wow…I didn’t know there were going to be this many people here…famous people I mean,” Selena said.

“Just wait,” Christina said, coyly but also with an edge that Selena most assuredly picked up on. “This is nothing. Just wait’ll the real party gets rolling. If you think this is incredible mmmm you have no idea what’s coming.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Selena asked, furrowing her brow just a bit.

She didn’t want to be overly suspicious and not be grateful that she was a guest at what looked like an amazing party, but still the voice of the pop star definitely indicated there was more here than met the eye.

“Nothing, just relax,” Britney assured the brunette. “We’ll be right back, okay?”

“Sure,” Selena replied, not sure what they expected her to say as they dropped her hands and walked away, the two pop superstars leaving her amongst all the other guests.

She had to admit she was pretty confused. Were Christina and Britney the hostesses? Was this their place? The evite had come from a bunch of different women and Selena saw all of them mingling in the crowd but Britney and Christina’s names hadn’t been there and now they were acting like they owned the place.

And that led to her wondering about something else that had been bothering her since she had received her e-vite.

Why were Sarah and Jessica and Jennifer and all these women hosting this party together? Did they live together or something? That seemed like a crazy idea. How could all of them live together? Maybe they had just gotten this place for the night or something but that didn’t make much sense either because not only was this place clearly someone’s home but it was absolutely freakin huge.

Not just one person could live in this place and if they did they had to have more money than Diddy and a bunch of Saudi princes combined. None of this made any sense but it sure seemed like people were having fun and while Selena might have been confused by all of this she definitely wanted in on it.

And that feeling grew when she suddenly seized upon someone in the crowd of guests that she knew very well.

“Taylor! Over here!” Selena called out, waving her hand and ushering a very surprised friend over.

“Oh my God! Selena! You’re here too?” Taylor Swift replied, mouth agog, as she ran to her friend.

But she didn’t come alone as Selena instantly recognized Emma Stone with her. She knew the redhead, but not particularly well and certainly not as well as she knew Taylor.

“Yeah! I got an invitation last night, I didn’t think I was going to see you here, though,” Selena said, excited to see someone she knew so well and happy to have it be a friend. It would be much easier to break the ice and fit into this star-studded affair that way.

“Ummmm wow, so you know this place?” Taylor asked, her brain reeling from the implication of what Selena’s presence here.

Taylor was still on the taboo high from having fucked one friend today and the idea of doing it to Selena too made her feel a very welcome tingling. She never would have thought Selena would have been into all of this but there she was standing right in front of her and Taylor couldn’t help but make assumptions since she had already fucked several women here today and found herself hungry for more.

Selena had always struck her as completely 1,000% straight but Taylor was also sure that Selena felt the same way about her. And she had certainly been with more than a few women that people would have assumed were straight too. Maybe she was wrong about Selena being only into guys and that started Taylor wondering about what her friend looked like underneath her black, frilly party dress.

She had thought about Selena a few times like that after her trip to the spa but she had never believed anything could happen. Yet after what had just happened with Emma, Taylor now believed anything was possible, including getting Selena Gomez naked so she could taste her pussy.

Taylor was about to say something more direct in that regard, acknowledging what appeared to be their shared love of women, but fortunately she paused right before she did. That allowed Selena the chance to speak first and saved Taylor the embarrassment of assuming too much.

“I guess…I mean…it’s my first time here,” Selena replied, instantly altering Taylor’s perception of the conversation, “I wasn’t expecting to be invited here and I don’t even know what this place is about. Do you know whose party this is? Who lives here?”

Hearing that, Taylor threw suddenly stepped down on the brakes of her raging fantasy and brought it to a screeching halt. If Selena didn’t know who lived here then maybe she didn’t know a lot of other things either, like what went on here.

Maybe Selena hadn’t been with a woman at all. Maybe she didn’t know the bliss of it. And realizing that made Taylor think something else…what if she were to teach Selena how good it felt?

Taylor was still giddy from what had just happened between her and Emma and after that the idea of seducing Selena out of that tight dress and showing her how hot women could be didn’t sound as crazy as it would have just a few hours ago. Suddenly, getting out of here so she and Emma could continue their fun in a more private place didn’t seem like such a pressing need anymore.

Getting Selena to come with them was turning into the priority so Taylor turned and whispered her idea to Emma, which made the redhead smile and giggle a little.

“What? What are you talking about?” Selena asked, feeling self-conscious all of a sudden, like everyone there knew something she didn’t and that she was looking like an idiot.

It got very awkward to see Taylor whispering to Emma in front of her and Emma being so visibly entertained by whatever it was being told to her. Selena felt completely left out of it.

“Oh nothing,” Emma covered for Taylor. She knew it was rude to act like this but the idea of a threesome with her, Taylor and Selena was definitely something Emma loved hearing about. “We were just wondering if you wanted to blow this party and go hang out.”

“I’d love to!” Selena replied, grateful that she hadn’t done or said something stupid.
“I just got here though. Are you guys leaving now? How long have you been here?”

“We can stay a while longer,” Taylor quickly agreed.

Taylor didn’t want too obvious and maybe running out of here so quickly wasn’t the right thing for her to do either. After all, Jewel had been so nice to invite her here and give her the chance to explore the pleasures that she already had. Taylor didn’t want to seem ungrateful.

“Yeah this party is really fun,” Emma said without revealing what exactly made it so much fun.

She hadn’t expected to see Selena either at a place like that and with her pussy still wet after what she and Taylor had done, Emma found herself very interested in getting a lot closer to the brunette’s body.

“We can hang out here for a while and see where the night takes us,” Emma said with a smile as she imagined it taking all of them to a very fun and naked place.


But Taylor and Emma weren’t the only ones who wanted a piece of Selena. In fact her presence had been noted by another, but just as horny, Emma.

“Ooooooh!” Emma Watson couldn’t help but react with a leering desire as she stood near the punch table and found herself immediately drawn to the pop star.

She knew Selena already of course. But seeing her here allowed Emma to picture her in a whole new light and she didn’t restrain herself from having her eyes run all over the brunette’s body in that tight dress, noting the curves against Selena’s full chest and that gorgeous ass of hers.

“What’s got your attention? Ohhhhh I see!” Jennifer Aniston asked before finding out the answer for herself as she got a gander at Selena Gomez too. “What’s the matter Emma? Got a bit of a girl crush?”

“Oh yes!” Emma immediately replied, her eyes lighting up with lust as she stared at the unknowing Selena and imagined, not for the first time, what she looked like naked and how good it would be to taste her surely delicious pussy. “She’s so beautiful! I didn’t know she was going to be here!”

“Neither did I,” Jennifer admitted. “But I’m sure glad she is.”

Jennifer had certainly admired the younger woman before and she had hoped that someday a path would lead Selena right to the mansion. She just hadn’t figured that it would be tonight. Jennifer wasn’t about to look at a sexy gift like this and turn it away though.

If Emma wanted to bring Selena Gomez into the fun then Jennifer wasn’t going to stand in her way. In fact she was going to encourage her.

“What do you want to do to her?” Jennifer whispered devilishly in Emma’s ear, loving how the girl shivered ever so slightly at the question and the feel her hot breath on her ear and neck while still keeping her gaze locked on Selena.

“I want to fuck her,” Emma quickly replied, her voice tinged with a moan.

Hearing her say that made Jennifer want to moan too. It was relatively mild compared to a lot of things Jennifer heard around here but it sounded so dirty coming from Emma’s pretty lips in that cultured accent of hers. Jennifer wanted to hear more, though, and she wasn’t just going to let it lie at that.

“Well that’s obvious,” Jennifer said. “What else? Be specific. Tell me what dirty things you think about doing to her when you’re all alone at night and fuck that slutty pussy over it!”

“Oooooooh!” Emma said, her knees getting a little week as she felt desire rush through her.

She loved hearing Jennifer say that, low enough that it was in her ear but just loud enough that anyone listening closely might have heard. She got turned on at the idea of someone at this party who didn’t know her intimately finding out her most precious secret by seeing that she wasn’t the good girl she pretended to be and that inside her was a raging slut aching to be let loose again and again and again.

Jennifer and her friends knew what kind of a filthy bitch she was and Emma loved just how they treated her. She wasn’t some made of glass, pristine doll to them. She was a nasty girl who deserved to be fucked like one. She wasn’t some innocent or pure girl to them.

Every time she moved and felt a reminder how she didn’t have panties under her dress but did have that butt plug shoved deep into her naughty hole reminded Emma of that and she loved it. She needed to be controlled and fucked and put on display like a filthy sexual animal for not just one woman to enjoy…but groups of women. The more the better! And that was why Emma was so happy to be at this party.

There were so many gorgeous women here. There were so many hot tits and perfect, kissable asses and being surrounded by so many pussies that she wanted to lick had Emma in a daze. But there was no one here she desired more than Selena Gomez and the overall mood of lust she felt made sure that she didn’t hold back her confession to Jennifer.

“I want to rip her dress off,” Emma moaned back, wishing Selena could hear her and give her what she wanted. “Mmmm fuck and rip off her knickers too! I want her naked and not in some bedroom mmmm right here in front of everyone! I want them all to see how filthy I really am and how I want Selena’s wet pussy in my face! Ooooh she’d be shocked by me doing it, just throwing her on top of the table and ripping her clothes off so I can get at her cunt and she wouldn’t be wet right away mmm but I’d fix that mmmmm I’d spit right into her little hole and finger fuck it until she was all wet and juicy! And I’d be kissing her and sucking on her tits and letting everyone see me a dirty, horny bitch! Mmmm I’d let them all see me and Selena acting like filthy fucking dykes! Mmmmm so many men want to fuck us but we only want to fuck each other and I’d fuck her so good that she wouldn’t need any bloody Justin Bieber again!”

Jennifer was about to say something, but Emma never gave her the chance. She just kept going, getting lost in her own fantasy.

“And I don’t just want her pussy! Mmmm I want to bury my tongue up her asshole too!” Emma sighed in erotic need. “I want to tongue fuck that dirty little hole and make her come from it mmmm make her so wet and horny for it that she rips off my dress next and shoves her fingers into my twat while she slaps my tits and tells me what a fucking filthy bitch I am and how everyone is going to see me being a whore for her when I come all over from her fingers and her tongue! Mmmm we’d fuck right in front of everyone and people would be so turned on they’d just start fucking too!”

“Whoa!” Jennifer finally managed to interject.

She hadn’t been expecting to hear all that but it sounded so good. Emma’s soft accent made everything always sound magnificent but that vivid fantasy didn’t need any extra enhancement. It was hot enough as is.

“I can’t help it,” Emma blushed, both embarrassed at her own horniness and turned on even more by it. “Once I get going I can’t stop myself! I just need to be filthy and slutty and I need others to see it! I need them to see I’m not a good girl. Mmmm I’m a dirty little dyke and I need to show it off!”

“Mmmmm baby you always turn me on so much when you talk like that,” Jennifer said, stating the obvious. “You’re such a good little filthy bitch Emma. Mmmmm I don’t know about an orgy…at least not until the after party starts. But I’ll bet we could get Selena for you. Mmm after all you were a good little bitch for me today. Maybe you can play with Selena mmmm but only after you had to watch me fuck her first!”

“Oh yes!” Emma immediately replied.

She hated waiting, but for that she would wait. Emma loved being the plaything of these girls here and Jennifer was so good at controlling her. She loved the idea of being forced to watch Jennifer and Selena fuck while she was unable to do anything about it except get wetter and wetter at the show she was seeing.

“I’d love that!” Emma declared. “Mmmm not just you, Jennifer! But all of your friends too! Gangfuck her like you fucked me! Make me taste her after you’re all done with her when she’s covered in sweat and cum!”

Emma was rapidly starting to overheat and it was clear that the girl was going to explode soon if she didn’t get some sex. Jennifer supposed she might have done too good a job working her up by making her wear that butt plug under her clothes in public but there were far worse problems to have than a horny Emma Watson on your hands.

“Okay, simmer down a little,” Jennifer urged her even though she too adored the idea of all of them ganging up on Selena to show her how they did things at the mansion and she was sure her housemates would feel the same way.

She might not have known Selena was on the invite list for the party tonight but that didn’t mean they couldn’t make her feel very welcome.

“Keep your dress on for just a little while longer,” Jennifer instructed. “Once more people get a taste of the punch and get into a happy mood it’ll make for a really amazing after party and you’re going to get just what’s coming to you?”

“Promise?” Emma asked, her pussy so wet that she was sure it was going to start dripping down her leg at any second and that, with no panties on, everyone would be able to tell just how horny she was.

“I promise,” Jennifer agreed. “And if she’s a good girl then Selena will get what’s coming to her too. After all, I’m sure Santa has presents for good little sluts like you Emma and I want to see just what Selena is asking for this year!”


But it wasn’t just Jennifer and Emma who wanted to give something to Selena. There were two very eager blondes who wanted to get some Christmas magic going.

After all, what good was the season if it didn’t bring people together? So Britney and Christina were hellbent on creating some Christmas love miracles here. They knew exactly how Demi Lovato felt about Selena and just from the few moments they had interacted with Selena they could tell that she badly needed to get laid at the very least and probably was looking for something way more too.

Britney and Christina were convinced they had what exactly what Selena needed. They just needed to her and Demi together. But finding Demi in the sea of people around the mansion wasn’t easy. There were so many people there that it was easy to get lost amongst the guests.

Fortunately Demi had stayed close to whom she come in with and once they found Gwen, the shorter girl was easily spotted right next to her. They were chatting away and enjoying themselves and Demi’s mind couldn’t help but wander from the party to what she had been promised would come after.

“Are there always this many people here?” Demi asked as she looked at the crowd and wondered if all of them were going to be there for the supposedly very sexy after party. There were so many women there and it would have made for one hell of a crowded scene but, at the same time, Demi couldn’t help but notice just how beautiful everyone was and how much fun a scene like that might be.

“Not usually,” Gwen replied. “I don’t think there have ever been this many people around on of their parties…maybe since that one time in Jamaica.”

“What happened in Jamaica?” Demi asked, her interest immediately piqued by the wistful look in Gwen’s eyes.

“Mmmmm it’s a long story, but a very good one,” Gwen said, her gaze shifting over to Fluffy as the bodyguard tried to let his guard down as much as was ever possible for him and interact with the guests.

Gwen could see how uncomfortable he was trying to be social and she couldn’t help but chuckle over how easily the burly protector of anyone or anything looking to do Britney or Christina harm was flustered by having to actually talk to people.

“Can you give me a hint?” Demi inquired, the look on Gwen’s face convincing her that it might have been a long one but it had to be a good story.

“Let’s just say it was a few dozen girls in Jamaica at a clothing optional resort and things got very fun from there,” Gwen smiled. “I’ll tell you the rest when things are more private but it was a night none of us ever are going to forget. Especially me…”

Gwen again turned her look to Fluffy as he seemed to be squirming inside his Santa suit that Britney had made him wear. He looked like he desperately needed help but Gwen wasn’t inclined to offer it to him right then. She was still sore about the other night but also she wanted him to try and learn how to relax and stop always being so on edge.

She was sure he would enjoy things more if he just let himself go once in a while. Maybe her surprise would help him with that because while Gwen might still have been annoyed with him she also wanted to give her illicit lover the hottest Christmas gift ever. She wanted Fluffy to have fun and if that led to some loosening up then so much the better.

However, there were limits to how much she wanted him to loosen up and Gwen couldn’t help but feel twin flashes of jealousy and possessiveness when she watched Kim Kardashian sidle up to Fluffy and run her fingers over his Santa suit, cooing about how nicely it fit him.

Fortunately, before Gwen went up to them to push Kim away and play the “Bitch, get your hands off MY man!” card, Demi popped her rage bubble with another question.

“I was going to ask,” Demi said, interrupting Gwen’s thought process. “I see a bunch of guys here. They’re not going to stay for the after party, are they?”

“Oh no the guys are definitely not part of what goes on here,” Gwen said. “I’m sure they’ll all be gone by the time the real fun starts. Except for Fluffy. He’s always around. But I like when he is. It adds a little kink, don’t you think?”

“I guess so,” Demi replied, not sure how to respond especially because she couldn’t help but notice that Gwen was looking at Fluffy like he was way more than some casual acquaintance.

It was the second time Demi had noticed that look in Gwen’s eyes when talking about Christina and Britney’s bodyguard but she didn’t say anything about it. Whatever Gwen was doing with him, Demi sensed it was a secret. So Gwen continued to think that no one was picking up on the signals she was sending.

Gwen knew she had to be discreet. After all Britney was here and if she ever found out what she and Fluffy were doing then Christina would surely know soon after and that was the last thing Gwen wanted. Fluffy was always worried Christina find out about him and Gwen would send her into a fit that would result in him being fired. And, having seen Christina at her most hot tempered, Gwen knew he was right to be concerned.

So Gwen knew any fun between her and Fluffy, as well as with the surprise she had planned for him, would have to wait until they were in a far more private place. However, Gwen couldn’t help but be a bit of a naughty tease that night even when she knew she shouldn’t.

“Mmmm maybe he’ll get into the fun too,” Gwen said coyly, knowing full well Fluffy would if she had anything to say about it. “After all I’m sure a lot of the girls here would love to be with him. Mmmm are you one of them Demi? Is that why you asked? Do you want to get on Santa Fluffy’s naughty list?”

Demi had not expected that to be so bluntly asked, especially because she was sure Gwen had feelings for Fluffy. Demi knew Fluffy already from all the times she’d been at the record label. She knew he knew her too and it was always a little awkward to be around him considering he had seen her naked and having sex with Britney, Christina and many more of the gorgeous girls at Desire Records.

But he had been nothing but professional around her, almost like he was made of stone. He had seen the wildest things thanks to his bosses and he had never seemed to let it affect him, which truthfully had astounded Demi. But it had also relaxed her too and Demi had gotten at least a little more comfortable with him seeing her at her most intimate.

But that definitely did not translate into her wanting anything more with the bodyguard.

“Ummmm wow,” Demi replied. “He is hot. But…uhhh…not for me. I’m good just being with girls though. I think me and men are better off away from each other.”

“Fair enough,” Gwen replied, breathing a sigh of relief as she looked over and saw that Fluffy didn’t seem interested in all in the way the infamous, and married, reality show star was blatantly flirting with him. “But maybe you can at least share in Fluffy’s surprise. I arranged for a special gift for him tonight.”

“Really? What?” Demi asked. She’d heard Gwen talking about this with Britney but she wasn’t sure what it all involved.

“You’ll know as soon as she gets here,” Gwen said. “It should be any second now…”

And that statement proved to be quite on a money when, a few ticks of the second hand later, Gwen’s phone sprung to life with the text message she’d been waiting for.

“She’s here!” Gwen declared excitedly. “Just in time too! Now we can go set everything up!”

“What do you have to set up?” Demi asked, getting more curious about what this was all about the more elaborate it seemed. “Who’s here?”

“You’ll see,” was all Gwen would say but before Demi could ask another of the dozen of questions going on in her head she was suddenly pulled away.

“There you are!” Christina declared, quite surprising Demi and Gwen since they had thought she was still in New York. “C’mon! Let’s go!”

“Go? Go where?” Demi asked as she was dragged away, not against her will but not quite willingly either.

“You’ll see,” Britney assured her. “It’s a special surprise!”

“Is it the same surprise Gwen is setting up?” Demi asked.

“Wait, Gwen has a surprise,” Christina asked.

“Oh yeah! And it’s a great one too!” Britney promised. She and Gwen were the only ones who knew about it and Britney couldn’t wait to see everyone’s faces, especially Fluffy’s when she arrived at the party. “But we’ve got a surprise for you too Demi! She’s right over here!”

Britney and Christina, just like they had done earlier with the other girl they were dying to play matchmaker with, pulled Demi over with both hands, dragging her over to where they had left the Selena. And when they saw her still chatting with Taylor and Emma Stone, Demi immediately realized what all of this meant.

“Oh my God!” Demi gasped when she laid eyes on Selena. “Britney! I told you I didn’t want it to be like this! What did you two do?”

“Us? Nothing!” Christina replied innocently because for once she really wasn’t to blame. “She just showed up at the party. We swear! We didn’t set any of this up. But why not take advantage of it, right?”

“Yeah Demi,” Britney assured the nervous girl. “Just like we talked about last night! Don’t be afraid. Just go talk to her. Tell her how you feel.”

“She already knows how I feel,” Demi reminded Britney, suddenly wishing she was anywhere else but here. Her whole body was tensing up and Demi was sure that her feet were starting to sweat. “She doesn’t care.”

“You don’t know that,” Britney insisted. “Talk to her!”

“Yeah at least you can say hello or something and wish her a Merry Christmas,” Christina advised. “Are you going to spend the rest of your life hiding from her?”

“No…” Demi replied, before adding under her breath. “Maybe just for the next 20 years…”

“Then go over there and talk to her,” Christina said. “Say something! Say hello! Say you want to lick her pussy! Say you want to move to Vermont with her and make homemade candles and maple syrup with 20 cats around you! Just don’t just stand here! You’ll regret it if you do!”

Demi knew they were right. She was scared, though. She and Selena had barely said anything to each other recently. It felt like there was a world of difference between them now that gulf couldn’t be crossed just by a simple hello. But they had to start somewhere, didn’t they?

Demi didn’t want to have regrets. Maybe things had changed with Selena. They had both been through so much. Maybe now was the right time to see if things were better. And Christina had it pegged. She wasn’t going to know if she just stood around did nothing.

Looking over her shoulder, Demi saw that Christina and Britney had suddenly disappeared like they were the ghosts of Christmas present. Demi knew what they were trying to pull and she understood it. They were trying to get her to act by letting her know that she had some privacy and they weren’t going to be listening in on every word.

It also emphasized that she was on her own and that she had to act now or she really would regret it. So Demi summoned her nerve and did it. She walked right over to where Selena was talking to Emma and Taylor and didn’t think twice about interrupting their chit chat.

She didn’t know what to say. There was so much Demi wanted to tell Selena. She wanted to tell her she was there for her. She wanted to tell her that they could be friends again. She wanted to tell her that all their fighting and all the time and distance and awkwardness could be water under the bridge. She wanted to tell her that she still loved her.

But she also didn’t want to just blurt all that out and act like some lovestruck fool. So she kept it simple.

“Hi Selena,” Demi said, visibly surprising the girl with her presence.

“Demi?” Selena replied, looking like she was going to suddenly choke on her tongue. “Wha…what are you doing here?”

Selena immediately chastised herself. Duh. It was a party. That was why Demi was here. It was why she was here. It was why they were all here. She sounded so stupid and rude for saying that and Selena wished she could take it back.

“Ummm Britney brought me…” Demi replied with a shrug, not getting into anything more than that.

She didn’t know what to say. She and Selena looked right at each other as Taylor and Emma picked up on the vibe and backed away so the two could be more alone. It was getting awkward so fast between them and Demi finally spit out the first thing she could think of.

“You look really good,” Demi said.

Selena nervously stiffened a bit when she heard that. But she didn’t ignore the compliment.

“Thanks…so do you,” Selena said, showing how she was at a loss for words too.

Demi was the last person she had expected to see and now that she was staring at a girl who for years she had been closer to her than anyone else in the world, Selena had no idea what to say to her.

“Ummmm…I’m really glad you’re doing so well for yourself,” Selena said shyly. “I’ve…I’ve really been rooting for you Dems.”

Demi couldn’t help but smile when Selena called her by her nickname. It reminded her of better times, times that she so badly wanted to get back to. She wanted so much from Selena, of course, but if she couldn’t have that she at least wanted to be her friend again.

“I’ve been rooting for you too,” Demi said. “I’m so happy you’ve been such a success, Sel.”

That was all they said to each other at first, though. They just stared at each other, not wanting to be too obvious about staring but neither of them knowing where else to look. They both knew things had to be said but neither of them knew how to say them and neither of them wanted to be the first one to try and break the ice.

It had been months since they had even spoken and it was creating a tension that was becoming burdensome, especially with the party raging around them with many people. Everyone was having a good time around them and it made them both uncomfortable so Demi finally spoke up again.

“Maybe we can find a place to talk,” Demi suggested. “Some place where it’s just the two of us.”

And while a part of Selena was reluctant to grant that, she also felt a strong pull to do it. It had been so long since they had been around each other. She didn’t know what to say or how to act around the girl who had been her best friend since they were kids. So some privacy actually sounded really good.

“Okay…” Selena said. “Ummm do you even know where to go around here?”

Of course neither of them did. It was their first time in this strange, vast home and so they began aimlessly wandering around, away from the party and toward some place they could face each other and not have to worry about anyone else seeing or hearing something that was very personal to the two of them.

Everywhere they looked there seemed to be someone, though, and finally the first place they found that was remotely suitable was a first floor bathroom they wandered by. Shrugging their shoulders they both agreed it was better than nothing and they ducked inside, closing the door behind them.

“I guess given our reps, if anyone sees us going in here they’ll just assume we’re doing coke or something,” Selena said, trying to make a joke and failing at it.

Demi gave some nervous laughter in reply but it was clear that neither of them, after their individual trips to rehab, thought the line was very funny.

Finding privacy didn’t automatically change anything though. They both still found themselves unable to summon the words they needed to say and as the sound of silence grew between them while they stood face to face in the luxury bathroom they had sequestered themselves inside.

Selena was the one to break that silence this time. And, just as she’d tried to break the tension with a joke and failed, she tried again with some gossip.

“Ummm you’re not gonna believe this but when I walked in I totally saw Britney Spears and Rihanna making out and Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry were totally kissing too,” Selena said.

But again it was just beating around the bush of what they really needed to talk about and they both knew it. Plus that hit a little too close to home for Demi. After all, she’d been with Britney, Christina and Rihanna already and Katy was definitely on her list of girls she was aching to fuck. So Selena was hitting a raw nerve and both of them recognized it.

“Yeah…how about that,” Demi said.

She knew the surest way to make this conversation even more awkward was to have it touch on her own lesbianism so she tried to duck away from that subject. And for Selena it was definitely a sensitive subject too so she let Demi guide the conversation away from it. And instead Demi kept things superficial.

“I hears some of the new stuff you’ve been working on the other day and I loved it,” Demi said. “It’s really powerful stuff, Sel. I can’t wait to hear the whole album.”

“Thanks! I’ll have my label send you a copy of the whole thing,” Selena offered. “I can’t wait to hear what you’re working on too. I loved your last album too! I always knew you had awesome music like that in you. I know the next one is going to be even better.”

They had always been good at encouraging each other and pushing each other to go after their dreams so, even though they hadn’t been close lately, each of them had been happy to see the other succeed.

They continued to praise each other’s music and talk about what they were working on but deep down they both knew it was all bullshit. They were talking like they were casual acquaintances and not the special friends they’d once been. Finally Demi couldn’t take it anymore. She hadn’t waited this long to talk to Selena and she couldn’t ignore her feelings so they could keep acting like they were at some industry function.

So, as Selena talked on about the collaborations she was working on for a remix of her new album, Demi interrupted her and finally got honest.

“I miss you so much Sel!” Demi blurted out.

Selena tensed up again when she heard that. She’d been afraid of just that kind of expression from Demi and now here it was. She didn’t know how to respond to it and it just lingered for a few seconds before Selena finally replied.

“I miss you too…” Selena said, acting like she wanted to say more but instead clamping her mouth shut after that.

“We haven’t talked in so long,” Demi said sadly. “It’s like…it’s like you don’t even want to be my friend anymore.”

Demi didn’t know what kind of response she would get, but she knew she had to say it. She wanted some kind of sign from Selena that her feelings weren’t unrequited. She didn’t care how big a sign. She just wanted something to have a little bit of hope.

But all she got was a shrug as Selena moved her shoulders, showing that she had no idea what else to say and that she was eager for this conversation to be over.

“People grow apart,” Selena mumbled. “It happens I guess. We’re different people than we were, Demi.”

Demi couldn’t help but notice that Selena had used her full name instead of “Dems” and that hurt even more than the shrug. But she didn’t give up. She pushed further. She’d been waiting so long to be able to say this to her former best friend and she didn’t think she was ever going to have the nerve again after tonight.

“We’re not that different!” Demi shot back. “We haven’t changed that much! I know what you’re really like on the inside and I…I love that part of you! I hate seeing you in pain! I hate what he does to you! It makes me crazy to see you like this and I just want to help you! I know the real Selena and I know you know the real me!”

Selena wanted to be anywhere but here having this conversation. This was exactly what she had been trying to avoid. She didn’t want to be reminded of things…things that were best left buried in the past.

Hearing how much Demi still cared about her and what she thought about her and Justin was the last thing she wanted. She didn’t want Demi to care about her. She just wanted her to leave her alone. She felt a surge of anger, like a defensive shield rising up around her, and she couldn’t stop herself from pushing her friend away.

“Yeah I know the real you all right,” Selena snapped.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Demi demanded, her defensive shield instantly rising up too.

“It means you don’t care about me at all for real,” Selena said angrily. “You don’t give a shit about what happens with me and Justin! You just want to get into my fucking panties again!”

“How can you say that?” Demi gasped. “I really care about you Selena! I’m not like that!”

“Oh yeah? Then tell me you don’t want to fuck me!” Selena said, crossing her arms over her chest. “If you can tell me that you don’t want to fuck me and really mean it then we’ll be friends again!”

But of course Demi couldn’t say that. And she hated how Selena was reducing it to something so cheap. It wasn’t just about sex. It never had been. It was about so much more for her. She was so hurt by her friend’s accusations and couldn’t think of anything to say in response.

“I knew it,” Selena said, taking Demi’s silence as confirmation of her worst suspicions. “You act like you’re so much better than Justin and that you’re the only one who really cares about me but it’s just a fucking lie, Demi! This is why we don’t talk! Because I know that you just want to fuck me! You’re just using me for sex! At least Justin sometimes pretends he wants more than just my pussy!”

“Don’t say it like that! It’s not true!” Demi insisted. “He’s so wrong for you, Selena! He treats you like shit and you keep crawling back to him! Why do you do that to yourself? He’s not the one who cares, I am! I’m the one who’s heard you cry over and over about him! I’m the one you ran to every time he broke your heart by going off and screwing some skank! How can you think I don’t care? Of course I care! I love you Selena!”

But when Demi blurted that out, it only made Selena angrier.

“Don’t you say that! Don’t you fucking say that because I don’t want to hear it!” Selena spat out. “You’re all fucked up in the head Demi! You think what we were in love or something? It was one goddamn night!”

“It was the best night though…” Demi interjected and Selena went silent at the sound of it.

One night, after one of the many intense fights she’d had with Justin, Selena had run to Demi. She had caught Justin getting a blowjob from a groupie and there had been screams and things had been thrown at each other and Selena had run away, looking for a friend. But she had found so much more.

Demi’s feelings for Selena had been a part of her long before that night but on that night Selena had admitted her feelings too. She had told Demi that she was attracted to her and that she needed her and wanted her. And when Demi had told Selena that she felt that way too and that she loved her things had turned into a night of passion for the both of them.

Their kisses had been so amazing, soft and sexual and full of tender but erotic need. It had been the first time Selena had kissed a girl and Demi had guided her into the pleasure as their clothes had come off.

Demi could still remember so vividly how good it had felt to get naked with Selena and to see her friend’s body aroused. They had been naked in front of each other before but never like they had been on that night when Selena had let Demi make love to her. They had explored all over each other’s bare bodies and touched and kissed and licked everywhere. They had made each other come so many times and it had been the best night of Demi’s life.

But it had also only been that one night and ever since then, things had been tense between them. Selena had gone back to Justin as soon as he had apologized and what had happened between her and Demi had never happened again. And Selena had also been completely unwilling to talk about it either. She had acted like she wanted to forget about it and now Selena admitted what Demi had always feared she had felt.

“That night was a mistake!” Selena said. “It never should have happened! I was stupid and naïve and you took advantage of me!”

Hearing that was like a punch right in her heart and Demi responded by lashing out.

“What? Now you’re the one fucked up in the head!” Demi snapped. “I didn’t take advantage of you! You came to me! I told you how I felt but you were the one who kissed me first Selena! Don’t think I don’t remember that little detail. You might have conveniently forgotten it but I know how much you wanted it so don’t act like princess got mauled by the big, bad lesbian! I remember you begging for it! And I remember how many times I made you come that night!”

“Stop it! Just stop it!” Selena demanded. “Stop saying that Demi! That was a mistake! I was drunk and I wasn’t myself! This is why we can’t be friends anymore Demi! You can’t stop living in the past! I can’t be friends with someone who just wants to fuck me! I’m not like you Demi!”

“Oh yeah? What am I Selena?” Demi angrily asked. “Tell me what you think I am!”

Their tempers were both flaring now and Selena just wanted to end this. So she took the hardest swing her words could take at Demi.

“You’re a dyke!” Selena spat out, instantly regretting it because her words made Demi act like she had just slapped her across the face.

But she didn’t apologize or backtrack. She needed to cut this cord for good right then and there. It was what was best for her. Selena tried to tell herself that as she ripped her friend’s heart out.

“I’m not into girls!” Selena insisted. “I’m not like you! I like guys! It’s time you got over it Demi! Get it through your head! We’re never going to be together! What we did that night is never going to happen again! I’m not a lesbo! I love Justin!”

Demi had been called names like that before, sometimes as an insult and sometimes at the heat of passion. But she’d never heard it like Selena had just said it to her. It was full of hurtful intent and the knife stuck itself right into Demi’s heart, just like Selena had wanted it to.

Demi’s eyes welled up but she held those tears back. She wasn’t going to give Selena the satisfaction of seeing her cry in front of her.

“You love Justin? Well you fucking deserve him, bitch!” Demi said before storming out of the bathroom and slamming the door behind her.

But even though Selena had broken the cord once and for all just like she thought she’d wanted to, it didn’t make her feel any better. In fact, as soon as Demi was gone, Selena fell to pieces.

She sat down on the toilet and buried her head in her hands, sobbing. She hated what she just said. She hadn’t meant it to be so mean. But it had come out that way and she’d been too scared to take it back.

“I’m so sorry Dems!” Selena cried, knowing her friend couldn’t hear her.

God, she wished that she’d never come here.


Naturally Britney and Christina had no idea that their plan to unite the two lovebirds had crashed and burned. They were confident in their assumption that all they needed to set things right between Demi and Selena was to get them together and talking.

Then they figured nature, and of course lust, would take its course, just like it had for them, both on their first spark and their later reconnection. Of course that assumption required them to ignore a lot of the issues they had overcome both times. But that didn’t occur to them since they had moved onto another matter demanding their concern.

“Chrissy, I don’t think we should,” Britney said. “What if Love gets mad?”

“Oh like she’ll ever find out it was us,” Christina snorted. “Besides this party needs a kick in the ass and I know just how to provide it. It’s like Christmas party tradition. At every party someone has to spike the punch and I declare that someone is going to be me.”

“But it’s like a real party, not a frat party,” Britney replied. “We can’t have people getting drunk and falling on their faces like we’re at a kegger. C’mon Chrissy! There’s plenty of wine here.”

“Ughhhh don’t be a killjoy,” Christina whined. “C’mon Brit! Let’s live a little! I want this party to turn into a blast! I mean everyone’s just talking! I want to see some fucking and I think everyone just needs to loosen up a bit more! A little booze never hurt anyone!”

Britney, though, shot Christina a look that spoke volumes. She knew all too well that it could actually hurt a lot and she reminded Christina of that with a glare.

“Okay…okay…okay….but you don’t have to drink it,” Christina noted. “I already know you’re loose enough to have a good time!”

And that was when Christina played the trump card that she knew could always get Britney on her side. She turned and kissed her girlfriend right on the lips, not caring who saw. She and Britney were essentially out to the world by now and pretty much everyone at the party already knew they were together and those that didn’t were finding out whether they cared to or not.

Christina gave Britney a long, loving kiss while using her free hand to grope Britney’s ass through her dress, squeezing the plump cheeks she loved to play with.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh plenty loose for me,” Christina giggled after she felt Britney’s tongue slide into her mouth so it could rub against hers.

“Ooooooh you know I can’t resist when you do that,” Britney sighed. There had been so many arguments that Christina had won by pulling that move and Britney was sure there would be many more. “No fair!”

“I can’t help it that I’m naturally irresistible,” Christina smirked. “C’mon Brit Brit! Let’s get this party going. Everyone’s here to have a good time and everyone here can drink! No one’s going to mind some spiked punch!”

“Welllllll I guess it would be okay,” Britney relented. “As long as Love’s not going to find out.”

“She won’t. I promise,” Christina said. “Besides, everyone’s gonna be having too good a time to even notice that someone spiked the punch.”

Satisfied that she was absolutely right in what she was doing, Christina took the bottle of vodka she’d snuck out of the mansion’s stocked liquor cabinet and did what she did best… instigate.

She started pouring a little bit of the bottle of Absolut into the punch bowl and, worried she hadn’t put enough in to give the punch enough kick, she poured in a little bit more and then a little bit more and then…soon the bottle was empty.

“Oooops might have overdone it,” Christina said as she took the ladle in the punch bowl and used it as a spoon mixing the vodka into what had previously been Love’s completely virgin fruit punch. And as she did that the punch actually began to bubble up and fizz.

“Is it supposed to do that?” Britney asked, feeling like that it probably wasn’t.

“Ummmm I guess so,” Christina answered.

But of course she had no idea what Jennifer Aniston had already added to the punch and how it was absolutely not supposed to mix with alcohol. And now the chemical reaction was beginning, unbeknownst to everyone. However, since she had no idea what she had just done, Christina decided to shrug it off.

“Whatever, if someone gets sick from this then we must never speak of it again,” Christina said. “But I’m sure it’ll be fine. Let’s just leave it be and see what happens when someone comes to take a drink.”


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