The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Three

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Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Three

Author: KMB

Celebs: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Lawrence, Stacy Keibler, Celeste Bonin, AJ Lee

Codes:FF, FFF, oral, anal, mast, toys, rim

Summary: In part three, the guests (famous and infamous) are arriving and more than expected are packing the mansion. Meanwhile Sarah has an eager conquest and Stacy helps friends become more than just friends.

Merry Christmas everyone! The party is starting to get a bit wild but nothing like it’s going to. So let’s get back into it.

But first a little recap of what we’ve seen before in case you didn’t read the first two chapters of the story (though I have no idea why you wouldn’t).

The mansion girls are planning a nice and sweet intimate Christmas party for a few friends to show off their decorated home and enjoy some holiday cheer. But things are about to get way out of control. Sarah accidently sent the invitation to way more people than she was supposed to and the party is getting packed as guests, both famous and infamous are starting to arrive.

And as the mansion is getting crowded, things are starting to get a bit wild behind the scenes. Sarah and Love’s good friend Amy Adams is there and doesn’t have a clue what she’s getting into. Hayden is trying to forget about a very inappropriate crush on her brother’s girlfriend and speaking of crushes, Alyssa is still trying to keep a very persistent Chloe Moretz at bay.

Meanwhile Ashley Tisdale is at the mansion nursing a broken heart after cheating on Vanessa Hudgens with her girlfriend’s little sister Stella. Britney Spears is flying solo for this party, or at least as solo as she can be with Demi Lovato at her side, and has no idea that Christina Aguilera is going through the plane ride from hell to get back to her.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg because things are going to get even crazier soon. Sarah has brought a male porn star to dress as Santa Claus for the party to tease her Christmas-crazed friend Love and with more guests arriving some are starting to sneak away for fun. So let’s not waste any more time and get to all that fun.

But before you read, there are a few things to say.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at [email protected].

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. There are a lot of chapters to come in a smaller and more easily digestible form. I don’t even know how many chapters there are going to be but rest assured they will all lead to a party the likes of which you will never forget.

And now Merry Christmas from the lovely ladies of the mansion. Won’t you join them for a very festive holiday celebration?

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Three


By the time Sarah, Love and Amy got out of the kitchen, the guests had started to arrive. It had started with a little dribble at first that had quickly turned into a stream of faces and there was a lot of marveling at how the mansion had been decorated.

The ice for the party wasn’t quite broken yet, but it was starting to crack just a bit and things were off to a nice start.

“Oh my God this place looks amazing!” Maria Menounos said as everyone began milling about the living room, making small talk and enjoying themselves. “I can’t believe it!”

“What? You didn’t think we were serious when we said it was a real party?” Rose teased the television hostess. “Were you expecting something else?”

“Well…yeah…kinda,” Maria admitted, a little embarrassed that she hadn’t given her friends more credit and had just assumed this was going to be nothing but an excuse for an orgy and that. “But I’m really happy that you’re doing this. I never get a chance to see your place…you know… socially. It looks incredible. I almost wish we’d brought a camera crew. What you guys did with the place blows away all the other houses we’ve seen. We could have done a huge Christmas feature on the mansion alone.”

“But not on what goes on at night here, right?” Jessica Alba asked slyly.

She had no fear whatsoever that Maria would expose them even though the truth of what went on there was the kind of story that made reporters into legends. They had crossed that threshold a long time ago and Maria had earned all of their trust because she was as much of a part of this as they were.

“Never!” Maria smiled back and meaning it.

Sure it would have been the story of her career but doing that would have meant no more of the sex she craved. Plus her loyalty went beyond just the fact that these women fucked her better than anyone else ever could. They were her friends and she could never betray them. Not for ratings. Not for her career. Not for anything.

“Well if you stick around after the party I think you’ll find something that you’re much more used to getting around here,” Rose said, letting her hand subtly graze Maria’s hip through the red dress she was wearing.

“Ooooh mmmmm sounds like just what I want for Christmas,” Maria moaned softly, wishing Rose didn’t have to take her hand away but understanding why she did.

The need for caution was obvious to Maria. There were a lot of people here that didn’t know just how intimately involved she was with the illicit activities at this place and, just like she wasn’t going to expose her friends, she wasn’t about to expose herself either.

Maria wasn’t the only one at the party who had worn a festive shade of red for Christmas but no one else had it on quite as snugly as she did. She loved to emphasize her curves, especially when she was at the mansion and Maria’s dress clung tightly to her hips and her backside. It wasn’t skin tight and she could breathe with ease in the dress, but it definitely didn’t do much to hide her Greek curves and Rose and Jessica both appreciated just how good she looked.

“Love your dress,” Jessica said in appreciation, before giving Maria a wink and striding off to mingle more.

And that wink told Maria everything she needed to know about how she wouldn’t be wearing it long that night. That was definitely a message she loved to hear and Maria could feel her excitement growing as she scanned the crowd and wondered who was here just for the party and who was here for the real fun.

As Jessica strode away from Rose and Maria she quickly found her attention drawn toward someone walking right into the party. Jessica smiled when she saw her new friend she had met at the Starbucks that morning and she walked right over, eager to feel some more of the vibes she’d been getting from the blonde. Jessica couldn’t wait to see just how much further she was willing to carry their flirtation.

“You made it!” Jessica said excitedly, giving the blonde a friendly hug and enjoying the not just friendly feel of her large breasts pressing into her.

“Oui!” Maryse said, her French-Canadian accent driving Jessica wild with just a single word. “I wasn’t going to miss this! Not for anything! I actually can’t believe I’m here. Trish told me all about this place and I had to see it for myself!”

The actual mansion, of course, wasn’t the only thing Maryse wanted to see for herself. Trish had told her so much about what went on there and Maryse ached to be a part of it. She badly wanted to see Jessica naked and find out if the actress was as amazing in bed as Trish had promised she’d be.

But she couldn’t say that, at least not directly. Not only was this party crowded with strangers she didn’t feel comfortable around yet but she also had not come alone.

“Uhhh Jessica, this is my fiancé, Mike,” Maryse said, wanting to make sure that not only did Jessica know who he was but also remind herself that he was here so she didn’t do anything too flirty in front of him. “He’s a big fan.”

“Hi,” Mike Mizanin said, wishing he was getting the same hug from Jessica that his fiancé had just gotten but contenting himself with just a handshake. “When Maryse told me about how she met you this morning I couldn’t believe it. She’s right. I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years Jessica. Sin City, man…that’s a great movie.”

Jessica could see in his eyes that Mike wasn’t thinking about her acting but rather picturing her bumping and grinding on stage in her chaps and bra top while twirling her lasso around. She’d seen that look in men’s eyes before and she giggled over the way it was so obvious to everyone what he was thinking.

“Behave yourself,” Maryse said after muttering something in French and giving an eye roll. “Don’t make me have you wait in the car.”

“Hey, I was just telling her what a great movie it was. It’s a compliment,” Mike defended himself with a smile. “I’m sorry. I like goofing around. I don’t mean anything by it. It’s really great that you invited us here and I just wanted to thank you.”

“The pleasure’s all mine,” Jessica smiled back even as she thought to herself about sneaking off with Maryse so she could get some real pleasure. “Let me take your coats.”

Jessica helped her new friends out of their coats and brought them to the large closet that was in the hallway leading from the foyer to the living room. As she did that, she and Mike and Maryse had a chance to share some small talk and Jessica had a chance to learn more about him.

She had actually seen him before. She tended to sneak a view of WWE now and them when she knew Trish was going to be on and that meant she had seen Mike in his persona as The Miz on the show. He was cocky, charismatic and good-looking and Jessica found herself immediately seeing why someone like Maryse could be drawn to him.

Of course as much as Mike made a positive impression on her even after his initial daydreams about her stripping, Jessica couldn’t stop thinking about how hot it would be to sneak away with Maryse so his gorgeous fiancé could do some wicked cheating on him with her. That was hardly in tune with the Christmas spirit, but Maryse looked way too sexy for Jessica to even think about resisting and it was all too clear the blonde woman wanted it too.

Plus Jessica had done some research on Maryse after she’d gotten home and she’d loved what she’d found out, especially when she’d discovered all the pictures from when the blonde had posed for Playboy.

So Jessica politely kept up with the conversation as she put away their coats and listened to Mike talk about the demanding WWE schedule and how happy he was to be off the road for a few days especially because he didn’t see Maryse nearly as much as he wanted to. But the whole time she and Maryse kept exchanging sneaky glances at each other and wondering when they would have the chance to sneak away to some place more private.

Mike seemed friendly and fun, but Jessica was far more interested in how fun his better half could be.

Jessica wished Maryse was here alone, but she supposed her coming with her fiancé was better than her not coming at all. She hoped that there’d be a chance tonight for them to get away up to her room or anyone’s room or even a nearby closet.

Jessica didn’t want to be picky about location. She just wanted a chance to get intimate with this gorgeous blonde and, judging from the way Maryse kept looking at her while Mike babbled on, the feeling was mutual.

Now all they had to do was wait for their chance and grab it.


However that chance was not immediately available, not with so many people now arriving. It seemed that every time someone tried to take a breath, there was a soft chime of the doorbell and someone else was walking in. Things were getting crowded quickly and the mansion was filling up with party goers and small talk.

People were milling around and enjoying themselves around the dining room, living room and media room as they chatted about this and that while enjoying the hors d’oeuvres that the caterers had prepared and listening to the festive music Love had built a playlist out of earlier that day to be broadcast around the mansion

It had been a rush job for the caterers but Love was very pleased with what they had done, especially because everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so much.

The desserts Love and her friends had all made would come out a little bit later but right now it was all appetizers and drink. Love’s punch was proving quite popular and there were a few stronger drinks available too. And the more she saw the guests enjoying themselves, the more Love had fun too.

She wanted this party to be a success and she appreciated every compliment they got from their guests as to how great the place looked.

“I really can’t believe what you did here,” Olivia Munn said as she sipped a glass of wine while chatting with Love. “It’s not like I expected at all.”

“Oh yeah, I know what you expected,” Love giggled, teasing Olivia over how blatantly horny she’d been the other night when she’d essentially invited herself to the party.

“Well…I was only going on what I’d heard,” Olivia blushed, feeling a little silly for picturing some giant orgy when in fact it was a perfectly pleasant party with good food, good wine, good music and good company. “I mean, if you’d invited me over earlier I would have known better…”

Olivia smiled as she took another sip of wine, not being shy at all about what she wanted. She had done just about everything but stand outside the mansion naked with a giant sign reading “FUCK ME!” on it. And, had she not been able to convince Love to invite her to the party, she might have been reduced to that.

She had heard so much about this place and she had never been shy about going after what she wanted. She didn’t like playing games. She didn’t think you got things by just waiting around for them to come to you. You had to make your own moves and get it to happen for yourself. That was how she approached her career and that was how she approached her social life.

When she saw a man she wanted to date, she didn’t do bullshit back and forth coyness. She went up and asked him out. When there was a mansion full of gorgeous women she wanted to fuck, she did everything she could to get onto the guest list and gain access to sexual paradise. That was how she did it and it looked like this attitude was paying off again.

“Well I didn’t know you were interested until yesterday,” Love said. “I’m glad you’re here now though. I want everyone here to enjoy themselves and if you stick around after the party’s over, then you’ll enjoy yourself even more, Olivia.”

That was just what the gorgeous actress wanted to hear. She had been surprised to see such an elaborate party set up, but pleasantly so. She had only known about the mansion through rumor and reputation and, as eager as she was to become a part of its wild sexual vibe, she loved seeing that the place was so much more than that.

It wasn’t just some spot to fuck in. It was a real home with real people living real lives. Olivia was extremely impressed not just with the party but how elaborately decorated the house was for Christmas. Someone had put an awful lot of hard work into this and everyone she saw there had told her it was Love who was responsible.

“I can’t wait,” Olivia smiled, eager to enjoy every aspect of this place. “But this is great right here, too. You should be really proud of yourself Love. You pulled this party off.”

“I had a lot of help,” Love said, deflecting the compliment even as she enjoyed hearing it.

She had put a lot of work into this and she loved hearing that people appreciated it. But mostly she wanted everyone to have fun both here and at the after party, where she was looking to have a lot of fun of her own too.

The more the party grew and gave signs of being a total success, the more Love relaxed and the more she looked forward to later when many of the guests would leave and a more intimate gathering could begin. What she had done in the kitchen with Taylor, Alyssa and Jewel had certainly taken the edge off her stress, but it hadn’t nearly been enough and, the more she relaxed at the party the more eager she got for the after party.

Love wanted to get to know Olivia a lot better and see what other guests stayed behind for some naughty fun by the Christmas tree.


The after party was on a lot of people’s minds with some more anxious than others. Amongst those who knew about it, many pictured it as a chance to have some naughty holiday fun. But for others it was an opportunity for a lot more.

For Heather Locklear, it was a chance for her to try and expunge something completely out of her system.

“Alyssa, I can’t thank you enough for inviting me,” Heather said as she chatted with her friend, a glass of punch in her hand. “I really needed something like this tonight!”

“Anything you need, any time,” Alyssa assured her. “I figured you could use a night out and have a chance to work out some frustration…”

Alyssa didn’t say anything more but she certainly didn’t have to. Heather knew all about the mansion. She’d visited it many times but she’d never needed it as much as she did today.

Right then all Heather wanted was for the party to stop and for the fucking to begin because she didn’t just need an orgasm she needed a dozen of them back to back to back until she couldn’t move or think or do anything but feel completely satisfied.

Ignoring her problem hadn’t worked and it was getting harder and harder to resist temptation so Heather decided that it was time for drastic measures. She was going to fuck her problem away.

She didn’t know if that would work, but she was certainly eager to find out because she had never faced something like this before and it was eating her alive. What kind of mother felt the way she did about their own daughter? What kind of woman looked at a beautiful teenage daughter and saw her not through a mother’s loving eyes with pride and hope but with evil, filthy lust?

It made Heather sick to feel this way and she was desperate to do anything she could to make it stop.

How could she feel that way about her own daughter? How could she get wet thinking about Ava’s gorgeous young body? How could she even think about kissing her daughter’s ripe, developing breasts and tasting how perfect they were? How could she even think about parting those magnificent legs of Ava’s and doing what no mother should ever do to a daughter? But it made her so hot to think that way and that only made Heather hate herself more.

She was sick and disgusting and she needed to stop this. She needed to get this out of her head for good.

The trays of wine being offered around looked more tempting than ever to Heather, but she didn’t indulge. She’d had enough trouble with alcohol and she wasn’t about to even let her sickest, darkest desires push her down that road again.

That was why she needed Alyssa. That was why she needed this party. She needed her friend to keep her under control and she needed this party to get every dirty desire she had out of her system.

“Is Hilary Duff coming?” Heather inquired.

“I think so, why?” Alyssa asked, eager to help her friend any way she could.

“No reason, just curious,” Heather replied even though she had a big reason for her question, just not one she could safely explain right now.

The truth was she had enjoyed on multiple times some very deviant role plays with Hilary. The younger woman had played her daughter in a movie once and it had been at a wild Christmas orgy at Lauren Graham’s house where she had pretended Hilary was her daughter. They had played such twisted “mommy” games as they’d fucked and they’d both gotten off so hard from it.

Heather supposed that was where her troubles had started but now she was hoping she could use that game to end them. She might not have been able to fuck Ava, but she could sure fuck Hilary and having the girl call her mommy all night long sounded like an excellent way to get this out of her system.

Heather just wished she didn’t feel the way she did. She’d never do a thing to hurt her daughter. Ever. She knew she could never act on such depraved thoughts. But her fantasies were killing her.

Ava was such a gorgeous young woman. If she hadn’t been her daughter, Heather would have found it impossible to control herself. But she was her daughter.

She loved Ava more than she loved anything else in the world and she wanted to stop lusting after her. Heather would have done anything to make it stop and she was glad to have this opportunity tonight to let off some steam.

Alyssa was the only one who knew about the depraved thoughts she was having about her teenage daughter. Heather had needed to confide in someone and Alyssa not only was the one who seduced her into loving women but someone who had been a true friend to her. Now she needed her friend more than ever and Alyssa had said she would be there for her as support, as counsel and as something more.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll make sure you’re well taken care of tonight,” Alyssa promised Heather with a reassuring smile. “You’re going to have so much fun tonight that you won’t be able to think about anything else.”

That was just what Heather needed and she felt confident that Alyssa would be as good as her word. Then maybe she could finally put this sickness behind her and things could get back to normal.


While a lot of guests were talking chit chat and getting to know each other, it was also a chance for friends to catch up and Sarah was definitely taking that opportunity as she talked with Amy while they munched on a snack or two.

“I’m so glad you ran into Love yesterday,” Sarah smiled. “I haven’t seen you in so long! I’m really happy you could come today!”

“I really wanted to,” Amy said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a party that wasn’t either all industry BS or had cartoon characters and bad pizza. I just wanted a night to hang out with some friends.”

“Well you can hang out here anytime,” Sarah replied, meaning that and not on the level that it was easy to assume she did.

She didn’t want to screw up Amy’s life. Sarah was happy to have the redhead as a friend and nothing more. Just because someone came over to their home it didn’t always have to be for sex, did it? This party was so far proving that to be the case.

“I love what you guys did with the place,” Amy marveled. “You really went all out.”

She had only seen the mansion a few times but never quite like this. It really was a winter wonderland in here and it was a gorgeous seasonal view. But Amy had something else on her mind other than admiring decorations and she got right to it.

“Listen, Sarah, about what I said before…” Amy began, immediately confusing her friend.

“What do you mean?” Sarah asked, not having any idea what Amy was talking about.

“In the kitchen, when I said that thing about your parties being too wild for me,” Amy explained. “That was mean and I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. You were nice enough to invite me here and I just wanted to tell you that I don’t listen to all those crazy rumors. I didn’t want you to think I did.”

Sarah was almost floored by Amy’s apology. She hadn’t been offended in the slightest by what Amy had said, especially because the rumors she had been referring to were true. Amy just didn’t know how true they were…at least Sarah didn’t think she did.

“Oh my God Amy, you don’t have to be sorry for anything,” Sarah said. “I knew you were joking. Love did too. What you said was fine. Believe me, no one’s mad about that.”

“Well I just didn’t want you to think I pay attention to gossip,” Amy said. “I know it’s been hard for you with the divorce and everything that happened. I was just trying to make a little joke and I feel bad that I said that.”

Amy had certainly heard her share of rumors over the years about her friends. But she didn’t want to believe them. She’d always felt gossips were useless little worms and she didn’t want to pay them any mind. Sure, this was an unconventional arrangement, but it wasn’t like she hadn’t had roommates or housemates before.

It hadn’t been in a huge mansion like this, but still Amy didn’t want to judge how her friends lived. Even if some of the rumors were true she didn’t want to judge. These were her friends and she didn’t want them to think she was making fun of them.

“Please, don’t feel bad, I’m totally fine with what you said,” Sarah insisted, wanting to hug Amy right then and there, not just because she was gorgeous on the outside, but because she truly was on the inside too.

But before Sarah could give Amy that hug, someone else jumped right in and grabbed the chance from her.

“Oh my God! Amy? I didn’t know you were going to be here!” Jennifer Lawrence declared as she grabbed the redhead and gave her an even more eager hug than what Sarah had been intending.

“Wow! I didn’t know you were going to be here either Jen,” Amy smiled, very happy to see her co-star, hugging her back.

It was hard to match Jennifer’s enthusiasm but Amy kept up and avoided being squeezed too much by the strong hug she got.

“I didn’t know you guys knew each other,” Jennifer said, turning toward Sarah.

“I can definitely say the same thing, how do you guys know each other?” Amy asked.

“We go to the same gym,” Jennifer answered before Sarah could even open her mouth. “I was pumping some serious iron yesterday and then all of a sudden I was getting a party invitation. I guess guns do attract the ladies.”

Jennifer was smiling the whole time she said this and then she completed the self-deprecation by flexing her arms. In the dress she was wearing that had the unintended consequence of pushing her large breasts up, giving Sarah a very welcome show of cleavage. And Jennifer, not knowing she was being stared at, continued her mock muscle show by flexing her toned but hardly overly muscular arms.

“Well Sarah and I have known each other since last century,” Amy laughed back, trying not to make herself sound ancient while still stressing that hers and Sarah’s friendship stretched back a long way.

“Wow, when you say it like that it sounds like you two should be in a knitting club or something,” Jennifer teased. “I’m so glad to see you both though! This party looks like it’s kicking a fair degree of Christmas booty.”

“Glad you came,” Sarah said, giving Jennifer a hug.

The hug wasn’t as friendly as the one that Jennifer had just given Amy but Sarah didn’t push for that. She and Jennifer didn’t know each other nearly as well, though Sarah hoped that was going to change by the end of the night.

She and Love were glad Amy was there for friendship reasons but for Jennifer, Sarah had entirely more carnal intentions. She had no reservations at all about wanting to absolutely fuck Jennifer Lawrence’s brains out.

Sarah had been dreaming of that hot body of hers ever since Winter’s Bone and as Jennifer’s popularity had skyrocketed so had her interest in getting Jennifer naked and showing her every naughty thing girls could do to each other. And she wasn’t the only one who felt that way. When everyone heard that Sarah had invited Jennifer to the party, there had been a lot of happy faces and Sarah knew they all wanted her as bad as she did.

“Well you made it sound like such a can’t miss social event,” Jennifer said with her friendly way. “But I gotta ask, what’s the food situation here? I’ve been running around all day with last minute gifts and that shit and I am STARVING! What you got for me?”

Sarah didn’t answer that loaded question with what she was dying to say to Jennifer. Instead she directed the Oscar winner toward the dining room where all the food had been set up.

“Okay,” Jennifer said. “But don’t you two go anywhere. Let’s keep talking when I get back. I’m feeling a threesome vibe here!”

Sarah recognized that Jennifer was just kidding, but she had no idea what her saying that did to her. Suddenly all Sarah could think about was hers, Amy’s and Jennifer’s naked bodies all sweaty and grinding together as they kissed and slid fingers into every intimate places. The images in her brain were getting very vivid and it was starting to make her damp but Jennifer noticed something that caught even her tongue.

“Holy shit? Is that Kate Upton?” Jennifer marveled as a statuesque blonde woman poked her head into the room and smiled when she saw that it was indeed where the center of activity.

“Whoa…it is!” Sarah said in disbelief.

“Wow, I didn’t know you knew her,” Amy said, impressed, as most living creatures were when Kate strode into a room.

But if they were looking for an explanation from Sarah, she had none to give them.

“I…I don’t know her,” Sarah replied, a little stunned that the model was there and not just because Kate had the kind of beauty that could even take a totally straight woman’s breath away. “I didn’t even know she was invited.”

“Well she’s here now,” Jennifer remarked. “Thanks for making the rest of us look like fuggos by comparison.”

Jennifer was just teasing but she had a point. Kate had the kind of beauty that stopped a room and when she walked in and started talking to people she recognized, there was definitely a more palpable buzz.

Excusing herself for a moment, Sarah zipped right over to Love as she saw her housemate openly gawking at the supermodel and the way her famous figure was poured into the dress she was wearing.

“Love? I didn’t know you knew Kate,” Sarah asked, feeling a giddy rush in her as she pondered the possibilities of what she and her friends could do to the woman who had managed to sizzle for both Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and Victoria’s Secret.

But Love had the same reaction that Sarah had.

“I don’t know her,” Love insisted. “I mean I sure wish I did! But I didn’t invite her. I have no idea why she’s here!”

Of course neither Sarah nor Love were about to look a gift goddess in the mouth. They were both glad she was here and certainly wanted to welcome her, but they also had no idea why she was there.

“Maybe Rose invited her?” Sarah speculated but that theory was quickly popped when their housemate came up to them.

“Oh yeah! Now we’re fucking talking!” Rose grinned, barely able to contain her wolfish intentions as she stared at Kate working the room. “Who invited the hottie?”

“We were hoping you had,” Sarah said. “We don’t know who invited her.”

“It wasn’t me,” Rose said. “Believe me, if I knew Kate Upton then I’d have brought her here for all of us to play with a long time before tonight.”

And since no one seemed to know where Kate’s invitation had come from, Love couldn’t help but think back to some earlier questions she’d had.

“You know, I was getting a lot of RSVPs from people who weren’t on my list,” Love said. “Maybe something happened to the invitation?”

“I sent it to just the people you wanted me to,” Sarah said without realizing that she actually hadn’t. “I don’t know how Kate knew about her party.”

“The party is starting to look a little bit more crowded than I had planned,” Love said, a bit of concern creeping into her voice.

Neither Rose nor Sarah wanted Love to worry though so they immediately reassured her.

“It’s fine,” Rose said. “If we have to make the caterers make more food we can do that. It’s not going to be an issue Love. We’re going to have some fun, show the house off and then get these people out of here so we can have some real fun.”

“Yeah totally,” Sarah agreed. “Maybe it’s a few more people, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. Oh look, there’s Damon. Maybe he knows what happened with the invite. We used his list after all.”

“Wait, you used Damon’s little black book?” Rose asked, impressed with her friends’ thinking. “That’s like the holy grail of ass! Damn, you’ve gotta slip me a copy of that!”

“I barely got the chance to borrow it,” Love said. “I don’t think he’ll appreciate you snagging all the girls he wants.”

“Well he already takes 15 percent so I think he owes me a little something back,” Rose replied. “Besides, I thought Rosario tamed him.”

“She can try,” Sarah said as their agent and his girlfriend strode into the party. “He never quite hit those prolific Dean Simonds numbers, but I don’t think anyone ever will.”

Dean had been Damon’s mentor and had founded the agency that Damon now ran. He had also been the kind of lothario that had recalled Hollywood’s glory days thanks to the sheer number of beauties he had bedded. Sarah made the remark knowing full well that she had been one of Dean’s conquests and Love and Rose couldn’t make fun of her for it because they too had been notches on his bedpost too, just like most of their friends had too.

“Well Damon talks a big game, but sometimes I wonder if Rosario has been with more women in Hollywood than he has,” Rose couldn’t help but say as she observed the couple do their greetings around the crowded living room.

Rose certainly knew all about how naughty Rosario Dawson could be. She had savored the dark-skinned star’s beautiful body on several occasions and so had many of the women at the party.

And the way Rosario looked in a hot floral printed blue dress that clung to her curves made Rose badly wish there was some mistletoe nearby to have an excuse to plant a kiss right on those amazing lips of hers. Of course Rose never needed an excuse for that, especially when Damon and his lady love strode up to them.

“Looks like you girls can throw a hell of a party,” Damon said after everyone exchanged their hellos with typical Hollywood kisses on the cheek and hugs that lingered a second longer than probably necessary when Love, Sarah and Rose embraced Rosario.

“Well your help was invaluable,” Love smiled, appreciating the comment.

“Help? What does she mean?” Rosario asked as Damon started to sweat a little.

“Well she means that…I…I…” the normally unflappable deal maker renowned for his cool demeanor at the bargaining table started to say.

“Well Damon gave me some valuable email addresses,” Love said, covering up just a tad.

She certainly hadn’t intended to get Damon in trouble and she now tried to gloss over his contribution. But Rosario was not buying it.

“Uh huhhhhh,” Rosario said, folding her arms over her chest and looking at Damon like he had just walked himself onto the naughty list. “This wouldn’t happen to have been with a little black book, would it?”

“Babe, I swear I don’t even use that thing anymore…not for that,” Damon insisted. “It’s for business only. I swear!”

“Besides, Rosario, I’m sure you know a lot of those names on that list too,” Sarah teased, wanting to diffuse the tension but only ending up making it Rosario’s turn to sweat as she frantically signaled to the girls with her eyes that this was a subject not to be brought up.

“What’s that mean?” Damon asked, looking at his girlfriend with the same gaze she had just given him.

“It means I think you both need some punch,” Rose said, grabbing her agent and her friend by the hands and taking them toward the table where Love’s homemade liquid refreshment was. “Relax and have some fun!”

“Oh God, Damon has no idea she’s into girls,” Sarah couldn’t help but say with a laugh after she knew Damon and Rosario were out of earshot.

“Wow!” Love marveled. “I guess Damon’s not the only one in that relationship who can keep a secret.”

That was something Rose was learning as she poured some punch for her onetime co-star while Damon pressed the flesh with some others in the crowd.

“Sooooo…looks like Damon hasn’t quite met the real Rosario,” Rose teased.

“Don’t start,” Rosario warned but those words had the effect of being a lit match around gasoline.

“Start what? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Rose said, speaking coyly even as she subtly groped Rosario’s ass through her dress. “How long’s it been since you’ve come by for a visit Ro? Mmmm I know it’s been less time since you were dating Damon. So, doing some math, it seems to be that you’ve been stepping on out on him a little to indulge a side he doesn’t know about.”

“Stop,” Rosario said, trying to play it cool as she watched her boyfriend press the flesh while she found the warmth of that hand on her body to be quite stimulating.

She loved Damon but Rose was right. She had cheated on him many times, each time telling herself it didn’t count because it was with girls and not another man, but she knew that excuse was flimsy as tissue paper. And, despite urging Rose to cease, Rosario didn’t do the one thing that could have made her stop by walking away from the hand that was roaming over her backside and reminding her with a tantalizing touch just what Rose could do to her body.

When she had heard about the party here, Rosario had been tempted at first to try and talk Damon out of going. But she hadn’t been able to come up with a good excuse. And then she’d thought about finding a way to get him to stay home while she went to the mansion alone. But she’d been even less successful at finding a justification for that.

So Rosario had come along and was, just as Sarah had noticed, pretending like she’d never been here before when in fact she had visited several times, each time enjoying the pleasures of the flesh that only women could offer.

People had warned her about Damon when they had started dating. They had warned her that he was just like Dean and couldn’t resist a hot woman with a willing pussy. But they had no idea that Rosario was just as hot for chicks as he was.

Damon certainly didn’t know and Rosario had no intention of him finding out quite yet. Maybe after he got a ring on her finger…maybe. It was hard enough taming a notorious pussy hound without the knowledge being out there that she was even more of a dog for it than he was.

Rose relished knowing this when Damon didn’t. It was a fun way to stir up trouble and she loved that. Of course she didn’t actually want to start relationship issues between Damon and Rosario. That would have been mean. But she did see a chance to give their relationship a bisexual boost by making sure Damon found out that Rosario was as hot for girls as he was and she was already thinking about how to make that happen.

And while there wasn’t a plan instantly in mind, she did see a chance for even more evil fun.

“Hey Damon! Is that Beyoncé I see walking in?” Rose teased, getting the unflappable agent to act most flappable again as the only woman who ever had made him feel the way Rosario had strode into the party.

“Ughhh you are such a bitch.” Rosario groaned as Damon began to sweat even more visibly this time.

But Rosario knew Rose was just being playful. She knew all too well that this was just her having some fun and she wasn’t really mad at Rose. Plus she did have to admit it was fun seeing a master of the universe type like Damon get all flustered when Beyoncé walked in.

“Hmmmm if he doesn’t know about me then I’m damn sure Damon doesn’t know about Queen B over there,” Rosario said in a low voice to make sure only Rose heard her.

“Maybe I’ll get all three of you under the mistletoe,” Rose said as the wheels continued to turn. That was a pile of bodies that would certainly put on a very hot show and it was one she definitely wanted to watch.

Thanks to the massive success of everything she touched these days, Beyoncé was greeted at the party like a returning warrior queen fresh from the conquering of an enemy horde. And, as awkward as it was for him to be around his ex-girlfriend, especially when he was with Rosario now, business precluded all and Damon wanted to make sure this superstar of superstars knew he was firmly on the B Team.

So he started walking toward her. But, before he did, he was waylaid by Sarah and Love.

“Hey Damon, did you tell anyone else about this party?” Sarah asked, wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery of why so many people she didn’t even know were there.

“No, I didn’t, just Rosario,” Damon insisted as he kept an eye on the horde surrounding Beyoncé to bask in her glory and wanting badly to be at the center of it…just for business of course.

“Hmmm it’s just that it’s so strange that there’s people here that we didn’t invite,” Love said, looking as a slightly smaller but just as powerful crowd formed around Kate as their lust drew them to her like moths to a flame.

“Oh well I think I have the answer to that,” Damon said. “You sent that out to my whole list. Your e-vite that is. I thought that was what you wanted.”

“It definitely wasn’t!” Love gasped before glaring at Sarah.

“Oh my God!” Sarah cried, realizing that she had done the impossible and fucked up sending out a simple email. “Love, I’m so sorry!”

But despite the flash of annoyance she felt, Love was actually a bit relieved. At least she knew the reason for this now. Besides, just because there was a few more guests than she expected didn’t mean the party wasn’t successful.

Everything seemed to be going very smoothly even with the extra people and when Love looked over at Sarah and saw the regret on her face she knew it was an honest mistake.

“You mad at me?” Sarah asked sheepishly. “I’m so sorry I screwed up Love. I know how much this party means to you…”

Sarah had been having her fun at Love’s expense with this whole Christmas thing but she never would have deliberately sabotaged this and she wanted to make sure her friend knew that. Sarah was really worried Love was mad at her, but she was able to exhale when her housemate quickly let her off the hook.

It was hardly the time and place to make a scene about something like a mistakenly sent email. Besides, Love told herself, it wasn’t something to become a Grinch over.

“No, it’s okay,” Love said. “It’s not a big deal. Mistakes happen. It’s fine. We’re having a good time. Everyone’s having fun. It’s fine. I suppose if that’s the one disaster every party has then we’re going to be just fine.”

Sarah appreciated Love’s response and immediately began thinking about fun ways she could make up for it with her later. She felt really bad about screwing this up and grateful that her friend was so forgiving. Sarah was glad this didn’t look like it was going to turn into a big deal.

Yes the party was a little bit more crowded than they had planned, but it wasn’t anything crazy. It wasn’t turning into a wild frat party with crashers everywhere or anything like that. Plus everyone did seem to be having a good time as groups formed of people catching up and chatting away and everyone seemed to be getting comfortable and enjoying themselves.


That level of comfort was quite obvious as Scarlett Johansson joined Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku in regaling to Natalie Portman just how they had met Hayden Panettiere. And of course Hayden was on hand for this conversation, acting all embarrassed to have her youthful inexperience on display but actually quite pleased her friends still talked about the story with such fondness.

“So Scarlett and I were messing around in the bathroom,” Kirsten recalled with a big smile over the shared memory. “We were so into each other at that moment that we didn’t even care if someone walked in on us…”

“Which of course someone did,” Scarlett interrupted, giving Hayden a playful bump as she stood next to her. “Oh and by the way, Kirsten’s leaving out the best part. My boobs were hanging out of my shirt when this happened, thanks to her!”

“Hey don’t blame me for that! You’re the one who decided to pull down your shirt,” Kirsten laughed. “Not that I wanted to stop you or anything. But anyway, we’re making out and Scarlett’s topless and she’s all, ‘We gotta seduce Hayden and she’d totally be into it’ and I was like ‘No, no, no…she’d never do it’ and then Hayden walks right in on us and faints on us!”

“Gawwwd,” Hayden blushed, remembering both the shock she’d felt at the sight of the gorgeous women kissing and how humiliated she’d been when her reaction had been to pass out.

“If I’d been there I would have totally given her mouth to mouth,” Eliza laughed. “Of course we did a lot of that later.”

“You fainted?” Taylor Swift marveled, listening with great interest to all of this.

Hearing about how all these women had connected was so exciting to her. The more she heard the more she wanted to be a part of this very sexy circle too. They all had such unique and sexy stories about how they got involved in this and finding out about Hayden’s extreme reaction was making her feel more comfortable with her own still present nerves.

“Ughhh yes,” Hayden admitted. “It was so embarrassing. I still can’t believe I did it. I don’t even know what happened. One second I was walking in on them kissing and the next I was on the floor. I felt like the world’s biggest loser! I thought you were going to think I was this huge dork.”

“Well you definitely didn’t act like a dork later,” Scarlett smiled, giving Hayden a warm flush that definitely didn’t come from embarrassment.

“Ummmm…what happened later?” Taylor asked. She had a pretty good idea what they were going to tell her but that didn’t mean she wanted to hear it any less.

“Ooooooh someone sure wants to hear the dirty parts,” Kirsten teased as Taylor blushed but also smiled and certainly didn’t deny the accusation. “Well we managed to get Hayden to come over to our place for dinner. And we made sure she and Scarlett were dessert.”

“It was amazing,” Eliza added, not wanting to get too graphic with so many people around, but not wanting to be shy either. “It was definitely one of our best nights ever. Hayden watched us for a while we got it on and it was so hot to be with Scarlett and obviously Hayden liked the show because we suddenly hear her moaning and she’s got her hand under her jeans and she’s touching herself while we’re fucking.”

“Wow! That sounds sooooo hot!” Taylor said with excitement.

She hadn’t known Scarlett was into this too before today and it was such a turn on to picture her hot naked body on the bed with Kirsten and Eliza while Hayden played with herself. These women were all so beautiful and the thought of them all making love with each other filled her with a lustful excitement.

“It was even hotter when I got on the bed too,” Hayden giggled, glad they’d moved on from the embarrassment of her initial reaction and gotten to the good part where she succumbed to the desire she had felt. “I’d never seen anything like it. I’d never seen anything so beautiful and sexy and mmmmm you girls totally blew my mind when you got me naked. Ohhh God I haven’t been able to get enough since then!”

“Yeah it was definitely the best Christmas ever,” Kirsten said.

“Oh yeah sure, ignore the one where you brought me into your little den of depravity,” Natalie spoke up, quite vividly remembering a Christmastime limo ride she’d taken with Kirsten that had changed her whole destiny for the better.

“Oh I’d never forget that,” Kirsten assured her. “That was the first time we brought another girl into bed with us.”

“Yeah it was a whole night of firsts, especially for me,” Natalie said, feeling very happy as she recalled the memory and all the fun it had subsequently lead to.

She’d only been teasing about being ignored. Natalie was enjoying the sexy story as much as anyone else and she loved hearing just how similar her and Scarlett’s paths had been to where they were right then. For the both of them the road to the mansion had gone through Eliza and Kirsten.

“I’d never done anything like that before. Now I never want to stop!” Natalie said, enjoying the look of desire she got from Scarlett as a response.

That was a feeling that all of them shared and it excited Taylor, especially as she saw Scarlett lean in and give Natalie a soft kiss on the lips. It wasn’t an overtly sexual kiss. It was more loving than anything else. But it was still openly done in front of everyone at the party and that made Taylor tingle. These girls were just so uninhibited and Taylor both envied them for that and desired them all the more because of it.

If finding out Scarlett was into girls had been a surprise, finding out about Natalie had been an outright shock. Taylor never would have dreamed that Natalie Portman could ever do something like that even after seeing that movie where she made out with Mila Kunis. Now Taylor had to wonder just how much acting that had involved.

She couldn’t believe women like these were into other women sexually and she felt a naughty thrill inside herself when she thought that people could say the same thing about her now. Because after what had happened before in the kitchen, Taylor felt it was pretty safe to say that she was into women.

“This is all so amazing,” Taylor said, shaking her head, having barely touched the glass of wine in her hand.

“Just wait until later and we’ll show you what amazing is,” Eliza grinned, doing some fantasizing of her own about getting Taylor out of her clothes and feasting on her sexy little body. “You are staying for the after party, right?”

“God yes!” Taylor burst out enthusiastically, making everyone in their little group laugh as they recognized they had all had similar excitement in their lives too.

They knew what Taylor was going through. This had to be like a new toy for her that she was eager to try out every feature of and they had all been there.

“I mean, if I’m invited…” Taylor quickly added, not wanting to make assumptions.

“I think they’re going to find a way to squeeze you onto the guest list for it,” Scarlett said knowingly. “Especially if what I heard about you making cupcakes before was true. And I…”

But that was all Scarlett had a chance to say before Taylor gasped when another girl walked right up to them.

“I guess I found the right place,” Emma Stone smiled as she came up beside Scarlett and Natalie.

“You made it!” Scarlett said, giving Emma a big hug.

She wanted to kiss her just like she’d kissed Natalie, but she wasn’t sure how the redhead would take that since this wasn’t quite a private environment. Scarlett had even thought twice about kissing Natalie here but she’d been unable to stop herself from doing it thanks to how beautiful her friend had looked tonight.

“Yeah, well, who am I to turn down a party invite?” Emma laughed. “It’s kind of hard to miss the place too. You didn’t tell me your friends lived in a castle! I half expected to find a moat when I got here or at least a dragon or something.”

Even though she was making jokes, Emma was clearly nervous and just as everyone had identified with Taylor’s excitement they also recognized just what the redhead was feeling too. It was obvious this was something new for Emma and they all knew, no matter when or how it had happened, that figuring out you liked girls and doing something about it was not an easy thing to get used to.

“So, how’d you guys meet?” Kirsten asked. “Scarlett and Natalie told us you were coming.”

Emma certainly had been coming last night, Scarlett and Natalie both thought as they shared a glance and a grin as they realized they were both thinking the same joke. But they didn’t say it out loud, both because it might have embarrassed Emma and because it was a little too close to making a “that’s what she said” joke.

“Ummmm…well there was this store and…jeez, do you really want me to tell this?” Emma replied, a smile crossing her face as her cheeks looked like they were going to turn the same shade of her hair. “I mean I will…but is everyone…you know…in on it?”

Emma certainly had noticed this was a crowded party and while she didn’t regret a thing about what had happened the day before in the store or what happened later that night with Scarlett and Natalie she wasn’t sure she wanted to broadcast it to everyone. Of course given that Reese and Jessica had been a part of the fun too and had more or less admitted that they had a huge number of other similarly minded friends it was possible that everyone here already felt the same way she did.

Emma had to admit she found the idea of some secret circle of beautiful female celebrities fucking each other to be both completely insane and utterly fascinating. If there really was such a circle, then she wanted in on it. But she also didn’t want to misread the room and embarrass herself either.

After everything that had happened the day before, Emma was seriously charged up. Having group sex with a female porn star, letting one of the most famous actresses in the world fuck your ass with a strap-on and then going home for an all-night threesome tended to open your eyes to what your true desires were.

But she wasn’t so far gone that she didn’t have enough common sense that maybe she didn’t want to start advertising that she’d been in a sex toy shop when she’d been caught by Jessica, Reese and Scarlett and had how they’d tempted her with kisses and hot talk into joining them into the back where Sasha Grey was waiting to draw them all deeper into a web of lust that had already ensnared Jordana Brewster and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

And the problem was Emma really had no idea how she could ever explain how her first time with another woman had come about. It hadn’t been romantic or tender. There had been no wine or soft massages and no one had slowly succumbed to forbidden desire. It had been wild and nasty and as far from romance as possible. For Emma it had been like an out-of-body experience but one that she had loved.

She could still barely even believe that her first time with another woman had involved burying her face in the infamous ass of an extreme porn star and eating out her naughtiest hole like she was some kind of XXX slut herself while she’d begged Scarlett to use a strap-on up her own ass.

Emma had spent the day after in some weird haze, ducking calls and texts from her boyfriend and thinking that it couldn’t have actually happened and it had to have been some kind of crazy dream. But as surreal as it had been, doing that had also made her wetter than anything else ever had. Just thinking about it now turned her on, especially with what had happened later.

Being in that threesome with Scarlett and Natalie had been even hotter than what had happened in the store. It had been slower and more sensual. There hadn’t been any need to rush. They had let it draw out over hours. It had involved a lot more kissing and touching and the most wonderful pleasure all through the night.

For that whole night, Emma had completely forgotten she even had a boyfriend and had been all about tasting both of those beautiful women and having them pleasure her pussy over and over again.

“You don’t have to tell us,” Eliza said, looking at the blush on the redhead’s face as she smiled, recognizing that she was replaying it all in her mind and loving it. “Your face says it all for you. Relax Emma, you’re with friends now. We’ve all gone through the same thing.”

“You have?” Emma said, feeling more comfortable as she recognized the lust in the eyes of all the women she was talking to. She knew full well just how gorgeous and sexy Natalie and Scarlett could be but now she was getting the same vibes from Hayden, Eliza and Kirsten too and that felt pretty damn good too.

After all, she hadn’t come here to socialize. She hadn’t come here for some industry kiss on the cheek get together. She had come here to get laid. There was no way to sugarcoat that. She had loved what she had experienced and wanted a whole lot more of it.

“Oh yeah,” Kirsten smiled. “And don’t worry, whatever you want, this is the place to get it.”

“Well I think I see what I want already,” Emma said with a little bit of a smirk, letting the shyness start to fade away as she got comfortable with this group.

She definitely liked what she saw there from Kirsten and Eliza and Hayden and…wait, had there been another girl here a second ago too? She had thought she had seen one more when she had walked over.

And Emma wasn’t the only one who noticed that their group had suddenly gotten smaller. Hayden looked around and had a question.

“Hey, where did Taylor go?” Hayden asked.

“Ummm I think I know,” Natalie said, pointing to behind the couch they were all standing near. And when they all looked, the group found the very curious sight of Taylor Swift on all fours hiding behind the couch and looking very embarrassed.

“Taylor?” Emma gasped, shocked to see her friend there.

“Ummmm hey Emma…what’s up?” Taylor managed to squeak out, trying to play it cool even though she was obviously hiding.

“What’s going on?” Hayden asked. “You two okay?”

“Ummm yeah,” Taylor said, standing up and blushing over her own immediate instinct to duck and hide when Emma had come over because she hadn’t wanted her friend to see her at a place like this. “I just…uhhhh…ummm I thought I had dropped something and I…”

“Yeah…” Emma replied, feeling a nervous flutter of her own when she realized Taylor had been here the whole time.

It was so much easier for her to be open about her lust around girls she was only casually acquainted with than with someone she considered a friend. Now things were a bit awkward because Emma realized that Taylor had heard everything and knew that she had been with women.

Of course, Emma told herself, if Taylor was here, that meant she probably had too.

“Maybe we should go somewhere and talk…somewhere a little more private,” Emma suggested, wanting to get this awkwardness out of the way as soon as possible.

She had come here to have fun and not be scared off, but it was going to be hard to do that when Taylor was here too.

“I’d like that,” Taylor agreed, her stomach a mess of butterflies as she realized her presence here alone probably spoke volumes to someone like Emma.

The two friends then walked away looking for a quiet place to talk, leaving behind their new friends for the time being.

“Well that was kind of awkward,” Eliza said, taking another drink of wine.

“Awww that’s nothing,” Natalie replied. “I remember the first time I went out after I’d spent the night with Kirsten and Eliza. I went to this club…you know, one of THOSE kinds of clubs, and I saw Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner there and I literally ran away. I mean I was like a puff of smoke in a cartoon when they saw me. It was not exactly my finest moment.”

Natalie was about to tell more about that story, one that had naturally ended with her, Jennifer and Jessica in a threesome, when she was suddenly interrupted by Scarlett would had found something or more rather someone to distract her.

“What? No way! No fucking way!” Scarlett marveled when she saw who had walked into the party.

And when Natalie saw who walked in she gave a little gasp of her own and immediately fell silent. Seeing who had walked in definitely brought a few murmurs amongst the party guests and Scarlett excused herself from her friends and made a beeline right for Jessica as the girl was chatting with Lindsay Lohan while Hilary, Haylie and Ali helped themselves to some refreshments.

“I gotta say, I really like that outfit,” Jessica admitted, unable to keep from lustfully staring at the redhead as she stood there in her naughty Christmas ensemble. “It’s a little risqué, but me like!”

Jessica had always enjoyed messing around with Lindsay. The girl obviously had more than her fair share of troubles, but she was always amazing to fuck. And, while she didn’t want to advertise too much just how perverted she could be, Jessica definitely had gotten a huge thrill from Lindsay bringing Ali into the fun too. The thought of a girl so horny she fucked her own sexy sister made Jessica wet with taboo lust and she loved playing with both kinky Lohan girls at the same time, especially when they were dressed like this.

“You should dress up like this too,” Lindsay replied, thinking that Jessica definitely needed to be wearing less clothes, as did all the hot women here. “All of you should! After all, tis not the season to be subtle…”

“Wellllllll I might happen to have a little outfit that’s even more revealing than yours upstairs waiting for the after party,” Jessica laughed. “I think you’re really going to like it…”

Jessica would have said more, but that was when Scarlett interrupted her.

“How? How on Earth did you know?” Scarlett demanded, not angrily, just truly and completely surprised about the turn this party had taken.

“Know what?” Jessica asked, not having any idea what her friend was talking about.

“Her!” Scarlett said, gesturing toward the recently arrived guest whose presence took Jessica totally by surprise too.

“Whoa…I didn’t know she was coming…” Jessica replied. “I mean usually we don’t…well…invite people like her here. I’ve never even talked to her. I didn’t invite her!”

“Well someone sure did,” Scarlett said, the gears in her head turning at top speed.

This was an opportunity she had not expected to be given and she was quickly deep in thought wondering if she could, or if she even should, take advantage of it.

And Scarlett wasn’t the only one thrown for a loop by this. The arrival of this guest had an instant buzz going throughout the party and caused more embarrassment for Sarah as she saw again what her missent email had done.

This wasn’t the same kind of stunned admiration that had come along with Kate Upton’s arrival. This was the kind that came with the question of, “What the hell is she doing here?” and Sarah felt awful, knowing she had accidently caused this to happen.

“Oh God, Love, I’m really sorry,” Sarah said, apologizing for the millionth time, as she noticed her friend was quite visibly surprised by the presence of this guest.

“No….it’s okay,” Love replied. “Ummm I mean, I just wasn’t expecting someone like her to ever be here. But since she’s here it would be rude of us to not let her stay, I guess. Not very Christmassy at all.”

But Love’s reaction was more charitable than Rosario’s when she saw who was here and correctly assumed that she was here because she had an entry in Damon’s little black book.

“You are pathetic,” Rosario snapped, giving her boyfriend an annoyed punch in the arm and a look that said he was in for more trouble later when they were alone. “You know that? Pathetic!”

“Babe! I swear it’s for business only,” Damon insisted. “You know how much money she brought in last year? I was able to give everyone at the office bonuses this year just on her commission alone!”

But that didn’t sway Rosario, who was busy rolling her eyes as the newly arrived guest came up to Damon and gave her agent a big hug hello.

“Hiiiiiii!” Kim Kardashian cheerfully declared as she hugged Damon, noting Rosario’s reaction and enjoying it.

She supposed it was a bit strange to enjoy being hated, but when it was a woman like Rosario being the hater, Kim knew it was just envy. So she made sure and hug Damon extra tight.

“Thank you SO much for inviting me,” Kim said to Damon. “I’ve been dying to get out of the house for a night away from the baby. I mean she makes so much noise and you have no idea how stressful it is to see the nannies have to work at all hours of the night to deal with her.”

“Did she just say ‘nannies’?” Sarah whispered to Love, emphasizing the fact that she had used the plural.

“Oh yeah,” Love replied, trying not to literally shake her damn head in front of the spoiled superstar and managing to have some self-control.

She tried to focus on the positives of this woman suddenly arriving in their home because she wanted to be friendly and she wanted to be welcoming. But the only positives Love could come up with involved the way Kim’s double D chest was barely restrained by her dress and the way said dress clung to her infamous rear.

“Well actually it wasn’t me who invited you,” Damon pointed out. “This isn’t my house. It’s theirs.”

“Well duhhhh I knew that,” Kim replied before she gave very friendly hugs to Sarah and Love as Rose backed away before she got one too. “I mean EVERYONE who is anyone has heard about the mansion in Malibu. I just figured you were the one who pulled a few strings to finally get me on the guest list around here.”

“I had nothing to do with that,” Damon replied as he felt the heat of Rosario’s glare and tried to make it clear that the only interest he had in Kim was strictly from a financial standpoint. “They were the ones who…”

“It’s a really long story, but we’re really glad you’re here,” Sarah interrupted, not wanting Kim to find out she’d been accidently invited.

Her presence might have been a surprise and not a particularly welcome one, but there was no reason to be a bitch to her. None of them really knew Kim but they did know that reputations could often be misleading. Maybe there was a way to make the best out of this?

But Sarah did feel like a very important question had to be asked first.

“You didn’t bring your camera crew, did you?”

“Oh please! Those camera monkeys go where I tell them to go when I tell them to go there,” Kim laughed. “They don’t come to places like this. I make sure of it. Those cameras only go to the places I want them to be.”

Which would be everywhere, Sarah thought to herself. But she knew Kim had a point. There was nothing real about reality television, particularly when it came to Kardashian Inc. So she was probably speaking the truth. The reality of all those shows was one determined by the Kardashian clan and how they wanted to show it.

Sarah just didn’t want cameras roaming around the mansion and if Kim made even one second of this a part of her show Sarah was going to send so many lawyers after her ass that even someone with a backside like hers wouldn’t be able to duck them.

“Well make yourself at home and have fun,” Love said politely, hoping that there was more to Kim than met the eye.

She didn’t want to prejudge. She hated when people did that to her so it was hypocritical to do it to Kim. But still…

“Oh I will,” Kim smiled. “I’ve been wanting to get here for a long time and I’m going to make the most of it.”

That was the second comment Kim had made hinting that she knew the sexy secrets of the mansion and it left all of them wondering exactly what she knew and how she knew it. But there would be time for that and the girls had to admit it was not exactly an unpleasant site to see Kim walk away in her tight dress as her ass acted like it wanted to break free of its restraints.

“Oh yeah I so fucking would,” Rose declared, watching Kim sway just enough to be seductive about it while she walked away. She might have avoided the hug but that didn’t mean she wasn’t craving putting Mr. Snappy to good use. “I don’t care what any of you think!”

Sarah and Love had nothing to say but they were thinking the same thing. This party had definitely taken a strange turn and both of them had to wonder how many more turns there were ahead of them.


Meanwhile, around the dining room table where food had been set out by the caterers in mini buffet style, Jennifer Lawrence was happily picking out several of her favorites. And her presence there had definitely been noticed by the two women standing on the other side of the table feeling a little insecure since the only people they knew there were each other.

“Ohmygod, it’s fucking Katniss Everdeen,” the muscularly toned woman said as she elbowed her companion repeatedly. She was known to her family as Celeste and to the rest of the world of Kaitlyn and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Oh shit,” the slim brunette next to her gasped. “We are absolutely like the most obscure people here. I can’t believe you talked me into coming. And I can’t believe you talked me into dressing up like this. We look like a couple of Milhouses!”

“We so do not,” Kaitlyn assured her friend. “I think we look adorable.”

“Adorable or not this is like all A list and we’re like C list at best…though you actually might be more like D list thanks to those puppies,” April Jeanette Mendez, who was more commonly known through the WWE as AJ Lee, couldn’t help but say.

“Hey with the right push up it’s more like the double D list, baby,” Kaitlyn grinned. “Now will you relax already? This is like serious Hollywood star shit right here and we’re in the middle of it! We’re not on the outside looking in. We’re in it!”

“Yeah but they’re like Oscar winners and all that and I skip around a wrestling ring,” AJ sighed. “And look at us! We look ridiculous!”

“I think we stand out,” Kaitlyn insisted.

“Yeah like a couple of nerds trying to sit at the cool kids lunch table,” AJ responded, wishing she’d never listened to her friend. “I can’t believe you talked me into doing this.”

As most of the others at the party had dressed in their Christmas finest, the two wrestling Divas had instead dressed in their Christmas worst…on purpose too. They had both gone the ugly sweater route, which certainly made them stand out amongst the party’s glamorous attendees.

Kaitlyn was in a black sweater with various Christmassy designs dotting it. There was Santa and a stocking and a snowman and a gingerbread man and even Rudolph with his shiny red nose. AJ’s sweater was a little more subtle but still cheesy as she wore a white sweater with a daddy snowman and a son snowman both holding sleds as they stood by a tree. And they had both completed the look by putting fuzzy reindeer antler headbands on top of their heads.

“Ughhh no one’s going to want us to play their reindeer games when we look like this,” AJ declared.

Kaitlyn could only shrug and hope her friend was wrong. The truth was she was having a lot of fun just by being here, especially with her best friend at her side. She had heard the stories about the kind of girls who were at a place like this but seeing was believing and she couldn’t believe her own eyes.

But deep down she was nervous, more nervous than she’d ever been. She was even more nervous than “Go out and entertain millions on live TV for the first time.” She’d come this far though. There was no way she could turn back now, especially with AJ with her.

Her nerves were fueling a lot of her behavior too. It had been her nerves that had given her the idea for them to dress like this. AJ was right. They did look like dorks. But cute dorks.

Still, Kaitlyn had worried that if they had dressed sexy it would have been all too obvious what she was doing and she didn’t want to jinx this. She was so close to what she wanted more than anything. And the closer she got, the more she worried she was going to fuck it all up and the more she worried everything could blow up right in her face.

So she had come up with the dress-up idea. She had dragged AJ here. This night could well become a disaster but at least they were with cool company and Kaitlyn felt a rush when one of the really cool people looked up and noticed them.

“Hey! Cool outfits!” Jennifer smiled. “You guys look really cute! I love those antlers. Wish I’d brought mine!”

Jennifer walked away with another smile after that, leaving both wrestlers thrilled in her wake.

“She thinks we’re cute!” AJ gasped. “Katniss thinks we’re cute!”

“Still think we look like a couple of Milhouses?” Kaitlyn teased.

But before AJ could respond, the two were found by the woman who had made all of this possible.

“There you guys are!” Stacy said as she strode in. “I was hoping you were here! I’m glad to see you two made it!”

“Wow,” AJ said under her breath as she found herself staring at the leggy goddess that was Stacy Keibler for the first time in the flesh.

“This party is great,” Kaitlyn said, wanting to fill the conversation right away before she too openly started drooling over Stacy in her short dress and how it showed off those epic legs. “Thanks again for inviting us!”

“Well you made such a compelling case for inclusion on the guest list,” Stacy smiled back.

She hadn’t watched much WWE lately, but she could see that the Divas definitely were looking good if girls like these were part of the centerpiece. And if Kaitlyn was as eager to get into the real fun of the mansion as she’d seemed, Stacy could tell this was going to be a mighty memorable party.

“I really couldn’t believe when Kaitlyn said that she had scored us an invite for a party like this,” AJ said. “I mean I can’t even really wrap my brain around us even being here. I’ve never been to a party like this. Everyone’s so famous!”

The last thing AJ wanted was to be seen as some kind of desperate, star-struck girl, eager and willing to hump a leg just to say she had met someone famous. But she couldn’t help it. Holding her emotions in check had never particularly been her strong suit and when she was a guest at a party like this she couldn’t keep from feeling overwhelmed with stardust while also feeling a touch insecure that no one probably had any idea who she was.

“Relax,” Stacy assured the younger girl. “You’re going to fit in fine here. After all, most everyone is here for the same thing. And we make sure they get it.”

Stacy didn’t say that that thing was. She felt it went without saying. And because of that coyness, AJ was left a touch confused.

“What do you mean?” AJ began to ask but before she could get any kind of answer they were joined by someone else who knew exactly who Kaitlyn and AJ were.

“Hey guys!” Maria said walking over and giving both Divas a hug. “I didn’t know you were coming!”

“We didn’t know you were going to be here either,” Kaitlyn said happily, her heart beating a little faster as she found herself immediately wondering if all those stories she had heard about Maria Menounos were true.

“Well now it’s a real party,” Maria said, looking over at Stacy with excitement in her eye.

An unabashed WWE fan, Maria loved the product and being a part of it whenever she could. She had no idea these two were going to be here and the idea of having them join the fun was instantly exciting.

Maria had met Kaitlyn and AJ on multiple occasions before and was definitely a big fan of both. And that meant enjoying both their talent and their bodies. Seeing women like them always made Maria want to run off and get on some spandex just so she could get sweaty with them in the ring and then get naked with them in the shower. The women in WWE were all so gorgeous and Maria felt her pussy start to get wet from the mere thought of these two being brought into the mansion lifestyle.

“I was just about to give them a little tour,” Stacy said. “They really don’t know much about this place yet.”

Stacy’s words were heard with crystal clarity by Maria. She understood immediately that the full scope of what went on here hadn’t really been revealed to either of them yet. So she held off from revealing too much. But she desperately hoped that these two were going to be part of the after party she had been promised because Maria considered AJ and Kaitlyn to be two presents very worth unwrapping.

And then she saw another too.

“Oh my God, look who else is here,” Maria said as Maryse and Mike walked into the room.

“Oh shit,” Kaitlyn muttered with a spike in nervousness.

The last thing she wanted to see was someone else she worked with. The Miz had never come off as a tattle tale or a snitch but still his very presence threatened her plan and she began to wonder how the heck she could pull off what she so badly needed without him ever knowing what had happened. She had hoped to be totally incognito about this when it came to anyone at WWE finding out but that looked like it no longer could be the case. So she was going to have to be more subtle.

She just hoped Mike and Maryse wouldn’t notice them but that hope lasted as long as it took for Maria to open her mouth.

“Hey guys! Over here!” Maria called out, very surprised to see a guy at the party but Mike wasn’t the only one there and she supposed it meant that the girls had been serious about this being a “real” party for once. And, despite her surprise, Maria was very happy to see her friends.

“Wow, I didn’t expect to see you guys here,” Mike said as he and Maryse hugged and kissed their hellos with Maria and the entertainment hostess made sure they met Stacy.

“Yeah you would have thought there was enough Hollywood parties out there for all of us without us having to share,” AJ joked even though she knew full well they weren’t in Hollywood. She was a bit thrown to see a co-worker here but not as much as Kaitlyn was.

Kaitlyn was trying not to show just how annoyed she was by this and was somewhat successful at it. She knew it wasn’t Mike’s fault that he was here and that he couldn’t possibly have known what was going on in her mind, but she had put a lot of thought and hope into this plan and she didn’t want anything to ruin it. She had come too far to have anything turn her back now.


Back in the living room, Ashley Tisdale was doing some serious gushing. She knew it wasn’t exactly dignified. But she couldn’t help it. She was too close to people she really admired.

“Oh my God! You were sooooo good doing Sound of Music!” Ashley raved. “That’s one of my favorite movies of all time and I was so tempted to sing along with you the whole time but you had such a beautiful voice that I didn’t want to ruin it by turning it into a duet!”

“Awwwww you’re so sweet!” Carrie Underwood replied. “Too bad you weren’t one of the critics though.”

Carrie had made the mistake of checking out the reviews and the tweets about her recent performance of The Sound of Music live on TV and she was never going to do that again. It had nearly left her traumatized, especially from what people on Twitter were saying, but she had received a lot of positive feedback too and it was always nice to hear something kind from someone like Ashley.

“Don’t pay attention to those haters,” Ashley said. “They’re critics because they can’t do anything else. I thought you were amazing!”

“Thanks! And I think you would have been great to do a duet with,” Carrie replied to the blonde actress and singer. “You have a beautiful voice too.”

Ashley couldn’t hide her excitement over someone as talented as Carrie telling her she had a great voice. They were standing around and talking to Jewel, Kelly Clarkson and Elisha Cuthbert and being around women who had achieved so much in music was inspiring to Ashley.

She wanted to be just as successful as Jewel, Carrie and, especially, Kelly. Ashley definitely appreciated the company. She felt right then that Love had been right. She did need a party like this. It definitely got her mind off her problems and onto the spirit of the season much more.

As the conversation continued, Ashley wasn’t the only one who was grateful for it. Kelly still badly wanted to do a duet with Carrie too, albeit a far more intimate and naked one than what she was suggesting with Ashley. But at least with so many friends around there was plenty of distraction to keep her away from her erotic fantasies about Carrie’s very married body.

She and Elisha had spent a lot of the day fucking but Kelly was far from drained and free of her desire for Carrie like she had hoped. Being around all these sexy women, even in just a party atmosphere, was keeping her perpetually turned on.

Kelly certainly knew how sexy Jewel was and she had tasted Ashley before too. She wanted them both again, preferably at the same time. Mmmmm they could both work over her pussy at the same time with their naughty tongues and make her come again and again and maybe finally satisfy her insatiable libido.

Or maybe they could get even naughtier and she could have Jewel sucking and licking her clit while she got Ashley to lick her asshole. Kelly had never felt Ashley lick her tightest hole before and she suddenly craved the forbidden sensation. And while that was happening, Kelly wanted to feel Elisha’s tasty pussy against her face so she could lick more cream out of her.

As she licked her lips subtly while talking, Kelly could still taste a little bit of Elisha on them from how often they had fucked that day and it made her so hungry for more. She knew it was a huge risk to bring someone like Carrie here, especially when she wanted her so badly, but Kelly had so many other women here she wanted to fuck that she was confident she could at least cool her own desire to keep her from making a move on her friend and doing something she feared she would regret.

The girls all continued to chat in a mutual admiration society and Ashley felt better and better by the moment. She had been so miserable the last few days but this was definitely cheering her up. She knew she needed that.

If she could just get herself into a positive frame of mind then she could really focus on doing whatever she had to do to get Vanessa back. And that was what she wanted more than anything else in the world.

But that focus was shattered when she felt the conversation she was in be disrupted by a hand suddenly brushing against her hip and reaching around to caress her thigh.

“Hey there sexy,” a voice breathed lustfully behind her, sending a chill right up Ashley’s spine as she recognized it right away.

“Stella!” Ashley gasped, nearly dropping the wine glass she was holding. “Wh…what are you doing here?”

“Duh, I came here to party, why else would I be here?” Stella Hudgens quickly replied. “So what’s the deal here? When’s the fucking start? Why isn’t everyone naked yet?”

Ashley gasped when Stella said that out loud and she hustled the girl away from everyone else. She had no idea what the girl was doing here. All she knew was that Stella was the last girl she wanted to see and she didn’t want to make a scene with her in front of her friends. Seeing Stella only reminded Ashley of what a terrible thing she’d done with the girl.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ashley demanded as she moved the teenager to a more private place outside the living room. “This is a normal party! You can’t talk like that!”

“Oh yeah right,” Stella scoffed. “You think I’m dumb? I know what you and that bitch sister of mine do here. I want in on it! C’mon Ashley! Let’s fuck! Let’s get this party started right. You and me, right in front of everyone! Let them all see I fuck better than that bitch!”

“Don’t call her that.” Ashley said. “She’s not a bitch!”

“Yes she is!” Stella angrily shot back. “She’s a mean, heartless bitch and I fucking hate her! She’s a cunt who got what she deserved! I’m glad she saw us fucking!”

“Don’t say that! That’s a horrible thing to say!” Ashley cried, getting upset over how visibly angry Stella was. “We made a mistake Stella! We never should have done that!”

“That’s not what you were saying before,” Stella reminded Ashley. “You were begging me not to stop! You were telling me how good I was licking your pussy! Better than Vanessa!”

“I never said that!” Ashley insisted. “Oh my God Stella! What we did was bad enough without you making it worse! You don’t belong here! Get out of here right now!”

But being told that only increased the younger girl’s resolve to do just the opposite.

“No way!” Stella said. “You think you and that bitch have a lock on this place? You can’t tell me to do anything I don’t want to do! She can’t tell me what to do anymore and you sure as hell can’t either, Ashley! So either fuck me now or get out of my way so I can find someone in there who will fuck me! I saw how they were looking at me the other day at the gym! They liked what they saw! That’s why I did it! I wanted Vanessa’s friends to see me naked so they’d see I have a better body and that they should fuck me instead of her! I know all about what you two do here! You think it’s some kind of big secret but it’s not!”

As the words spilled out of Stella, Ashley couldn’t help but notice the slightest of slurring in them and that the teenager was just unsteady enough on her feet that it could be detected.

“Have you been drinking?” Ashley demanded. “What’s wrong with you Stella?”

“Nothing’s wrong with me!” Stella snapped. “What the fuck is wrong with you Ashley? So what if I had some drinks before I got here! You’re not my fucking mom! And you’re not a bitch sister who thinks she can run my life! You were so much more fun the other day when you were letting me at that tight little pussy of yours! Forget Vanessa! Fuck me instead!

“You have to go!” Ashley said. “You have to go right now! I don’t even know how you found this place! This isn’t a place for you, Stella! Vanessa would flip her shit if she knew you were here!”

“I don’t care what she fucking does!” Stella practically snarled. “She said she doesn’t love me anymore! She can go fuck herself! I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want and she can’t stop me and you can’t stop me! I go where I want and I do what I want! Everyone knows about your precious fucking mansion and how you and Vanessa go here to fuck girls! Well now they’re all going to fuck me instead of her! You can’t stop me!”

Stella then angrily shoved Ashley away and walked back into the party, leaving a very flustered girl in her wake.

Ashley had no idea what to do. She felt like she had totally lost control over her whole life. Stella was acting crazy and seeing her only made Ashley feel overwhelmed with guilt and agony over what she had done with the girl.

How was she supposed to get Vanessa back when Stella was acting like this? And, more immediately, what if Stella ruined the party? And what if she was the one who got blamed for that? That thought made Ashley want to panic and she felt like she had to warn someone…anyone that Stella was here and up to no good.

She quickly decided that Love would understand what was happening and would help her. She had to find her! And she didn’t have much time to waste. She didn’t want Stella to start causing trouble.

So Ashley pulled herself together and went back to the party to try and head this off before it reached peak drama. But when she did she immediately saw the one person she had expected to see here even less than she’d expected Stella.

“Ohmygod,” Ashley gasped before ducking back around the corner and hiding, hoping she hadn’t been seen.

Vanessa was here! Oh my God, what was Vanessa doing here? The girls had invited both of them to the party the other day at the gym, but Ashley had never dreamed Vanessa would show up. Now things were really fucked! What was going to happen when she and Stella saw each other? Things really were about to spiral out of control!

But wait…maybe this wasn’t so bad after all, Ashley began to think. Suddenly the threat of Stella and Vanessa running head first into each other didn’t seem nearly as important as the hope that maybe Vanessa coming here wasn’t bad luck at all. Maybe it was good luck. Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was forces from above bringing her and Vanessa together!

Ashley had always believed in the power of fate and just the idea that maybe she and Vanessa were meant to be there that night excited her. Maybe they could talk. Maybe she could show Vanessa how sorry she was. Maybe they could work it all out and maybe Vanessa could start to forgive her for what a terrible thing she had done.

But that optimism didn’t last. Ashley peered around the corner again to see if Vanessa had seen her and when she did her heart sank. Vanessa wasn’t alone! She had brought someone else! Oh God, she had brought TWO someone elses!

Ashley immediately recognized the blonde and the brunette who had come in with her girlfriend. She didn’t have to be told who Ashley Benson and Jamie Chung were and she didn’t have to be reminded just how much of a crush Vanessa had on both of them.

She hoped at first that maybe they had just all walked in together but Ashley soon realized that wasn’t the case at all. She could sense from the interaction between them that they weren’t just friends and co-stars anymore. They were something much more intimate now. She could tell that from the way they looked at each other and seeing it broke Ashley’s heart.

It took all of her strength to not slump down onto the floor and start bawling right then and there. Vanessa had already moved on from her! She didn’t have to be told anything to know she had. She could see it.

She knew that Vanessa had fantasies about Ashley and Jamie. They had even talked about doing threesomes with them. But now Vanessa hadn’t even waited a second before going after not just one, but both of them. And now she was bringing them both to the mansion!

Going to the mansion was their thing! How could Vanessa do this? Sure Ashley was here but she had only come for the party, not for anything else. And it sure looked as though “anything else” was very much on Vanessa’s mind as she came with a girl on each arm.

Ashley looked at all of this in disbelief from around the corner, stunned and hurt at how quickly Vanessa had turned from her to not only another Ashley but to Jamie as well. She could feel her heart breaking from seeing them laugh and talk and act like they didn’t have a care in the world.

To Ashley it looked like she was the furthest thing from Vanessa’s mind and the looming presence of Stella at the party was suddenly a distant thought. All she wanted was to find a deep hole and hide in it forever and that was why, instead of warning anyone about Stella, Ashley instead fled in the other direction looking for a place to be alone.


Meanwhile Vanessa had no idea that Ashley was even here much less that she and her newest lovers had been spotted. They had gotten to the party a little late and, as they walked into the living room, she was quickly distracted by the discovery that they weren’t the only ones just getting there.

“Hey!” Britney Spears excitedly declared when she saw Vanessa. “Oooooh! I didn’t know you were coming!”

Britney immediately gave Vanessa a big hug, which the brunette happily returned.

“Are you kidding? I would never have missed this,” Vanessa replied. “As soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to be here.”

Of course that wasn’t entirely the truth. Naturally, Vanessa had immediately leapt at the invitation as soon as Sarah had told her about it at the gym. But that frankly felt like a lifetime ago.

At the time the invitation had been made to her and Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa had assumed they would go together and have just as amazing a time as they always did when they visited the mansion. So much had changed since then, though.

In fact Vanessa had assumed for so much of the day that she wouldn’t go. How could she when even thinking about the mansion reminded her of the times she and Ashley had visited and the mind-blowing erotic experiences they had enjoyed with each other and so many other girls at this place? So coming had been a late decision, one she had made rather impetuously after reflecting all day on what she had done the night before.

Bringing Ashley Benson and Jamie Chung into her bed was supposed to have made her forget all about the pain of finding Ashley and Stella together. It was supposed to make her forget how much it had hurt to be betrayed like that. It was supposed to make her not ever want to think about Ashley Tisdale ever again. But it had done anything but that.

The sex had been wonderful. Both women had surpassed her fantasies of them. They had been more than she could ever have dreamed. But Vanessa had still been left feeling angry and hurt. Her revenge fuck hadn’t satisfied her emotionally, even if it had sexually.

Vanessa couldn’t understand why. After all, she had gotten over cheating boyfriends in the past with a quick fuck on the side to even the score. Why didn’t she feel the same way about a girlfriend? It had been driving her crazy to not know why and finally Vanessa had decided that what she needed was more.

The more sex she got to numb the pain, the easier it would be to forget she ever had a girlfriend…or a sister. So she had decided at the last minute to take Sarah up on her invitation and join the Christmas party. But she hadn’t wanted to come alone and what better way to show everyone that Ashley had meant nothing to her than to bring along her new lovers.

But she didn’t say any of that. Instead, Vanessa put on a smile, trying to show that everything was great even though she knew it was anything but.

“Ooooooh and you brought friends too!” Britney said, as friendly as ever as she gave hugs to Ashley and Jamie too.

Vanessa couldn’t help but giggle as she saw the shocked looks on her friends turned lovers’ faces when over who was hugging them.

“Oh my God!” Ashley Benson managed to gasp out when it looked like she wasn’t about to swallow her own tongue anymore. “You didn’t tell me you knew Britney Spears!”

“Oh I’m full of secrets,” Vanessa said, realizing even as she said it that the meaning of her words cut deeper than she ever had intended.

But she didn’t want to think about that. She instead wanted to show her new friends her old friends and have everything come together nicely.

Vanessa knew how hot Britney could be on a very intimate level. She knew what a hot tongue she had. She knew how good she tasted. She knew how hot her big, famous tits were and she knew just how naughty Britney could get. One of the hottest times of her life had been when she had been sandwiched between Britney and Christina Aguilera, letting them both fuck her until she had nearly howled from the force of her orgasm.

“I’ll say you’re full of secrets,” Britney giggled back after giving a similarly shocked Jamie a big hug and making damn sure the sexy Asian girl knew full well that an embrace was the very least of what she wanted to do to her. “I didn’t know you knew a couple of hotties like these…at least knew them like that.”

Britney wasn’t even trying to hide what she meant and anywhere else that kind of blunt honesty might have made things a bit awkward, but not here. If ever there was a place for it, the mansion was it and even girls as new to the place as Jamie and Ashley were understood that.

“Well we didn’t know Vanessa knew you like that either,” Jamie said, a little starstruck too as the famous pop icon’s hug had left her tingling and not just from how much she had enjoyed the singer’s amazing tits pressing into her.

“Yeah this is our first time here and…wow…” Ashley said. “I didn’t even think something like this could be real. I mean if you weren’t making all that stuff up Vanessa…”

Vanessa was about to interrupt Ashley and tell her that it was all true but before she could, Britney beat her to the punch.

“No one would ever lie about a place like this,” Britney declared with a knowing twinkle in her eye. “But the best way to find that out for sure, sweetie, is to find out for yourself.”

And even though this party was strictly PG, especially compared to other parties she had been to at the mansion, Britney couldn’t restrain herself from making a very bold caress of Ashley’s body. It was only a light touch to her arm but it was full of intent and Britney smiled when she felt the sensual electricity between them, especially when she saw Ashley’s face light up with a mix of excitement and nerves that Britney knew all too well.

“You both are so beautiful,” Britney said, getting even bolder by softly brushing her hand against Jamie’s ass in the designer jeans she wore. “I hope we all get to know each other really well. Mmmmm just like Vanessa and I know each other. Oooh and you two won’t be the only friends of hers I know. Where’s Ashley?”

And it was clear that Britney was not referring to Ashley Benson with that question. She was happy to see one but definitely eager to see the other half of such a cute couple. But while the question was innocent, it was the last thing Vanessa wanted to think about, much less discuss.

“Ummm no,” Vanessa replied, wincing a little just from hearing her now ex-girlfriend’s name. “I…uhhh…we haven’t talked …”

“Ohhhhhh,” Britney said, immediately understanding what that meant.

She wanted to say more, though. Britney had seen Vanessa and Ashley together and she knew how good they were with each other. She was surprised to see the obvious pain on Vanessa’s face and she knew whatever had happened between them had not been good.

Britney wanted to tell Vanessa that whatever had happened between them, they could make it good again. She wanted to tell her not to waste a moment on fighting and not lose the time she and Christina had lost when they’d been apart. But she didn’t say that, not yet at least.

Britney could see that whatever had happened, it was still fresh with Vanessa and she didn’t want to make it worse for her. Besides, this was a party and Britney wanted everyone to have fun. So she didn’t say anything else about Ashley Tisdale or question why Vanessa had brought two other girls to the party and not the one who had, up until obviously very recently, been her girlfriend.

“Well this is going to be just the place for you to cheer up,” Britney declared with a big smile. “Mmmm I know you know Gwenny, right?”

“Of course!” Vanessa said, returning the smile with one of her own as she hugged Gwen Stefani hello too.

Vanessa still remembered what a thrill it had been to meet one of her all time idols and find out that Gwen was just as hungry for girls as she was. She had thought at the time about that old saying how you should never meet your heroes, but she had decided that definitely didn’t apply when your musical hero was also amazing at licking pussy.

“I’ve missed you Gwen!” Vanessa happily declared

“I’ve missed you too,” Gwen said, hugging the girl extra close, not just because she liked Vanessa, even though she really did, but because Fluffy was watching and she wanted him to think of how good she and Vanessa would look naked with each other and how badly he would want to get in on that and how he could if only he wasn’t a stubborn, repressed jerk.

“Have you met Demi?” Britney then said as she showed off that it wasn’t just her and Gwen arriving.

“Oh yeah! Definitely ummmm…but I didn’t know she was with you,” Vanessa said, a little surprised to see Demi Lovato there with Britney but definitely liking the idea of her being a part of the whole Desire Records scene.

“Well I definitely am,” Demi said with a sexy smile before she gave Vanessa a hug too and whispered in her ear. “I hope you’re as good a friend of Britney’s as I am!”

“Mmmmhmmm I absolutely am,” Vanessa said, sharing that smile and all it implied with Demi.

The two girls then began looking each other over more lustfully and they both liked what they saw. They had known each other only casually before now but now that they saw how much they had in common and what sexy mutual friends they had, Demi and Vanessa had new appreciation for each other that they were immediately interested in taking to a new level.

“And this is Fluffy!” Britney said, introducing the bodyguard as he stood there, still looking intimidating even in a Santa Claus outfit. “I know you’ve seen him around the label and all that but tonight he’s a guest.”

“Wow…Fluffy?” Vanessa asked, as if she couldn’t believe that someone like this could have a name like that.

“My mother has a strange sense of humor,” Fluffy stated, as he had for years.

“Ummmm okay, well nice to finally meet you Fluffy,” Vanessa said.

She had seen Fluffy a lot before but had never known his name until now. She had just seen him lurking silently and being big and scary. He went wherever Christina and Britney went and Vanessa had actually been a little freaked out at first that he was always around and saw things she didn’t think he should see. But the two pop icons had been quick to assure her that Fluffy was an uncrackable stone wall when it came to everything going on around him.

Through this all Ashley Benson and Jamie had just been silent, taking it all in and wondering what kind of wonderfully weird world they had walked into.

Vanessa had sprung the whole idea of this mansion on them out of the blue when she had asked them to come to this party with her. They had both heard soft, subtle whispers about a place like this before but they had assumed it was all just stupid innuendo and made up gossip. Now it all looked so real and so surreal at the same time.

Britney Spears? Demi Lovato? Gwen Stefani? This was all too crazy to be real. But they both reminded themselves that the threesome they had both enjoyed with Vanessa the night before had also supposedly been too crazy to be real and yet they had done it. So maybe the surreal was all too real here too.

The ice was quickly breaking with all of them as Vanessa made sure Gwen and Demi got to know Jamie and Ashley too and soon everyone was chatting like old friends before the party’s very sexy distraction walked by and brought the conversation to an immediate halt.

“Whoa! Is that Kate Upton?” Britney gasped as she saw the blonde supermodel goddess talking to others at the party, ending what had been her and Demi raving to Ashley about how much they both loved Pretty Little Liars and pressing her for any information about the new season.

“It sure is,” Gwen replied, visibly impressed that she was here and wondering just how long the gorgeous woman would be staying.

And, as she looked over her shoulder, she saw that Fluffy was just as struck by the blonde as she was and Gwen couldn’t help but think about what the two of them could do to her.

“Wow!” Vanessa marveled at the supermodel. “Mmmm I think this party is picking up already.”

The sight of Kate Upton took Vanessa’s breath away and it was clear she wasn’t the only one who felt that way, not when everyone around her had fallen silent. Truthfully, she had never really been attracted to the “model type” but how could she not be drawn to Kate?  She was a bright, burning flame and they were all moths.

Admiring Kate’s body from a distance, Vanessa found herself blushing as she began thinking tawdry things that she would have been insulted by if she had found out some guy was thinking about her. But she couldn’t help herself though as her thoughts went the cheapest, basest routes and she found herself picturing burying her face in Kate’s cleavage and wondering what it would be like to motorboat those huge boobs.

Just picturing that made Vanessa have to stifle a wicked giggle. Just a glimpse of Kate was turning her into a drooling mess and that both embarrassed and thrilled her.

She had brought Jamie and Ashley here thinking that she needed more of a distraction from you know who but now she was thinking Kate could be just that distraction. So Vanessa tried not to be too obvious about mentally undressing Kate while remaining completely unaware that the very two people she had hoped to never think about again were already at the party.


Meanwhile, as more and more people were arriving, one question kept popping into the head of one of the guests as she stood around drinking some wine and not really talking to anyone.

“What am I doing here?” Dianna Agron said under her breath, and not for the first time either.

But asking that question neither provided answers nor made her feel any more comfortable in these unfamiliar surroundings.

She always felt a little nervous at parties when she wasn’t friends with the hosts and this was definitely one of those times. This had been an invitation she had never expected but she had tried to make the most of it.

She had milled around a bit but the people she had recognized were people she knew only in the most casual of ways. Her agent was here too but she had never really had any strong desire to party with him, especially given the reputation Damon had for getting very hands on with his female clients.

He’d never hit on her, but Dianna wasn’t so sure his intentions toward her were strictly financial. But, whatever, this was Hollywood. It was at least better when someone was only thinking of screwing you.

That didn’t change her isolation though and Dianna still felt awkward as she stood around by herself wondering if it was a mistake to have come here. She didn’t know the hosts. She didn’t see any friends here. She didn’t even know why she had been invited. And, worse of all, Dianna knew the simple, but pathetic reason she had come here.

She hadn’t had anything else better to do.

She’d had no plans tonight. She didn’t have a boyfriend right then and going to a party had sounded like a lot better plan than sitting at home in sweatpants watching her DVRd episodes of Say Yes To The Dress. But, the longer she was here, the more she began to think that sweatpants and DVR was the better option. God, how had she gotten this lame?

It wasn’t as though this wasn’t a nice party. The house was gorgeous and lovingly decorated for the Christmas season. The wine was good and Dianna assumed the food was good too. But she didn’t see anyone there she was friends with and it was getting crowded in here. She could only make small talk with so many people before she went completely insane.

So she instead stood in a corner with her wine looking around the party and waiting for something to happen while wondering if anyone would notice if she just disappeared from here. After all it wasn’t as though anyone had even really noticed that she was here.

But suddenly that changed.

“I know that look,” a voice said, snapping Dianna out of her bored trance.

“I’m sorry?” Dianna asked, not having been paying attention to the context.

“I said, ‘I know that look,’” Emmy Rossum said as she walked up to Dianna. “I think it’s the same look on my face. That’s the ‘OMG! I don’t know anyone here’ look!”

“Is it that obvious?” Dianna smiled.

“Maybe to me,” Emmy explained. “But that’s because I feel the same way too. So how about this, I keep your secret about how awkward you feel here and you keep mine, okay?”

“Sounds like a deal to me,” Dianna agreed.

“Cheers, then,” Emmy said, bringing her wine glass up to Dianna’s and clinking them together before they both took another drink.

Emmy had come over because she hadn’t had anyone to talk to either and had recognized a kindred spirit in Dianna. She was glad to see they were hitting it off and that the feeling appeared to be mutual from the blonde.

“I have to admit it’s nice to at least find someone in the same spot I am,” Dianna said. “I was beginning to feel I was the only one here who didn’t know everyone. It’s like being the one single person at the wedding.”

“Well consider me your date then,” Emmy replied. “I mean I didn’t even know it was going to be this big a party today. I got this random email last night with the invitation and I went back and forth a bunch of times whether I should go or not and I figured, hey, what the heck? I didn’t have any plans for tonight and it’s not like I have some boyfriend to whisk me away. Basically it was just me and the pets tonight.”

“Oh yeah that was going to be me tonight too,” Dianna said with a laugh. “Of course I always assume my pets are having parties constantly when I’m not around. That’s why the house is always trashed when I get home.”

“Mine too, they’re obviously having some serious bashes when we’re not around,” Emmy said. “I think it’s because animals never wear pants. Being naked all the time tends to put you in the mood to party.”

Emmy flashed her beautiful smile as she said that and it got a laugh out of Dianna.

“Is that how it’s done? No wonder my pets are having more fun than I am lately,” Dianna laughed. “It’s all these damn clothes I’m wearing.”

“Welllllll if what I’ve heard about this place is true, that might not be a problem for very long,” Emmy replied with a tone that was both mysterious and mischievous.

But the meaning of her words were lost on Dianna.

“What are you talking about?” Dianna asked.

“Oh wow, you don’t know?” Emmy marveled. “Oh God, now I feel like a gossip. Forget I said anything.”

“Well I can’t now!” Dianna laughed, as she became quite engaged by the sudden jolt of energy that came from wondering what she was getting herself into by being here. “C’mon tell! I don’t mind a little gossip, as long as it’s nice and salacious!”

“Well this definitely is very salacious,” Emmy said. “But I don’t want to be a gossip. It’s probably not even true. I’ve just heard a lot of rumors about this place and the kind of parties that go on here.”

“Well, now I’m more interested than ever,” Dianna said, very intrigued by this. “C’mon, what’s the scoop? We’re both here so we might as well know what we’re in for. I need to know whether to run for the hills or not.”

“If what I heard is true, you might not want to run away,” Emmy revealed, being coy about it but also in a way that let Dianna know that whatever she was hinting at wasn’t meant to be a bad thing. “But it’s a little too crazy so it can’t possibly be true.”

“Tell me and I’ll be the judge of that,” Dianna insisted and finally Emmy relented.

But she didn’t do it too loudly. She felt that if she said this out loud it might sound even crazier than it did in her head. Maybe if she passed it along as a whisper it wouldn’t sound so nuts, though. Emmy leaned in closely to Dianna and told her what she’d heard, watching as Dianna’s eyes got wider by the second.

“Whaaaaat? No way!” Dianna laughed. If she’d been drinking as she’d heard it she would have done an honest to goodness spit take from something that wild sounding.

“I told you it was gossip,” Emmy shrugged her shoulders. “It does make it a lot more interesting to get an invitation from a place like this though.”

“You’re right. That’s too crazy to be true,” Dianna said, unable to even conceive of something like that.

But the more she thought about how crazy it sounded, the more she realized that Emmy didn’t seem fazed at all by that kind of rumor and had even come here willingly despite knowing this alleged reputation. So Dianna couldn’t help but ask a question even though it was a pretty personal one, especially considering that this conversation with Emmy was the first one she had ever had with her.

“Ummmm…are you like into all that?” Dianna felt she had to ask since Emmy was so nonchalantly spreading that rumor.

But she didn’t get an answer. Instead, all Dianna got was a question.

“Are you?” Emmy asked, looking at Dianna with eyes that the blonde couldn’t read well enough to tell if they were meant to be ones of friendship, or something more.

Whatever they were, they weren’t unpleasant in any way and Dianna didn’t know what to do about it. Before it has been her loneliness that had led to awkwardness but now this was a whole new kind of awkward.

. So Dianna was very grateful when the tense moment was broken when she finally did see a friend of hers at the party. And she grabbed out for her like she was a lifeline.

“Taylor! Taylor! Over here!” Dianna said over the loud chatter from everyone else. She breathed a big sigh of relief when she realized she wasn’t going to have to answer Emmy’s question and that she had identified a friend in this crowd.

“Dianna? What are you doing here?” Taylor asked, almost as shocked to see Dianna there as she had been to see Emma Stone, who she was supposed to be off talking to right now.

“I got invited,” Dianna said with a shrug of her shoulders as both Taylor and Emma walked over. “I didn’t know this was going to be such a star-studded affair though.”

Dianna was also a little relieved because now she was more confident that no way what Emmy had just said could be true. Taylor would never come to a place like that. Dianna was sure of it.

“Yeah it’s definitely got some serious wattage here,” Emma replied, looking over everyone there and wondering to herself how many of these women knew the secret of this place and how many of them she was going to have the chance to fuck. The longer she was here, the more comfortable Emma felt and the more she felt the overpowering urge for more of what she’d experienced the day before.

Taylor hadn’t confirmed anything to her yet, but Emma was pretty sure that the girl had experienced what she had and the idea of having the chance to hook up with her was a kinky thrill more delicious than even anything she’d experienced the day before in the porn shop. And now that Dianna and Emmy were here, Emma’s desires were only getting stronger and hotter. She had come here to get herself seriously laid and it looked like she was going to be able to do that with real ease.

But Dianna was thinking the exact opposite of what Emma was.

“Tell her!” Dianna urged Emmy. “Tell Taylor what you just told me. No way is something like that true!”

“What? What’s going on?” Taylor asked.

“It’s nothing really,” Emmy said. “I just told Dianna all those rumors about this place. You know, all about the girls here and what they do with each other…and their guests.”

But, far from receiving the instant denials and laughs from Taylor and Emma that she had expected, Dianna saw the two suddenly began having trouble making eye contact with her and that Taylor, in particular, was starting to sweat.

“Ummmm yeahhh…crazy story, right?” Taylor managed to stammer out before she gratefully felt Emma pulling her hand. “Uhhh …I gotta go! I’ll come find you in a minute Dianna!”

“Still think it’s crazy?” Emmy teased a little, taking Taylor’s nervous reaction as confirmation of the gossip.

“It has to be,” Dianna insisted, drinking a bigger sip of wine than ever that threatened to turn into a gulp. “That can’t be true!  Can it?”

But Emmy had no answer to that. It was left as something they were both wondering. And there were implications to that too. Because if this place was everything it was rumored to be, then what did that mean for them?


Those questions weren’t on the mind of everyone, though, while they enjoyed the party. Most there already knew exactly that this place was everything it was supposed to be and more. They knew just what was waiting for them at the after party and they couldn’t wait to get to it.

But, still, even with their clothes on, everyone was having a lot of fun. And, just as Sarah had hoped, Santa had proved to be quite a hit. Justin was playing the part perfectly, not drawing too much attention to himself, and letting people enjoy themselves. Sarah was glad to see her gag had worked out and that Love was totally on board with it.

“I think I wanna sit on Santa’s lap next,” Love giggled.

“Mmmm I think that’s not all you want to do…Christmas perv,” Sarah teased, so happy her friend wasn’t mad at her for messing up the invitation.

She knew how big a fan Love was of Justin’s work and how much she liked Santa and she wasn’t surprised at all to see her housemate be tempted to mesh the two together in a fantasy.

“Ughhhh stop it!!!” Love cried, even though her offense was hardly sincere. “I am not a Christmas perv!”

Love didn’t really mind the teasing, though. Sarah had actually been making her pretty wet with it the day before. Plus, knowing it was Justin in the suit made Love think again about how kinky it would be for her to show Santa Claus what a good girl she really was and how she deserved lots of toys. And it sure seemed she wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

“Well if you’re not I can tell there’s someone who is,” Sarah remarked with a smile as she and Love watched as Miley, sporting those tiny sparkling bottoms that barely covered her famous little ass, sat on Justin’s lap.

“Have you been a good little girl this year?” Justin asked.

“Awwww Santa, don’t y’all have Internet up in the North Pole?” Miley teased with a naughty giggle. “I think we both know I’m definitely on the naughty list this year! But if I promise to be good next year, will I still get a present this year?”

Justin thought to himself that if many more of these gorgeous women sat on his lap, especially the way Miley was grinding into him, he was going to end up giving someone a really special present. At this rate there was no way he was going to make it back home to his girlfriend without having to rub one out first.

“I think something can be arranged…but only if you earn it,” Justin responded.

“Oh Santa! Thank you! Mmmm and I’ll definitely earn it,” Miley laughed. “Keep an eye on me tonight and watch how much I fucking earn it!”

“Oh my, cussing in front of Santa, you’re not off to a good start being good, Miley,” Justin teased from behind the beard.

“Oh gosh Santa, I’m sorry!” Miley said, slipping back into Hannah Montana mode for a moment. “Please promise I’ll still get a present! I’ll be ever so good this year and never swear! I’ll only say nice things and no more twerking either!”

“No more performing naked either,” Justin added.

“Awww shoot Santa, what else am I supposed to do on a Saturday night then?” Miley laughed. “Now, c’mon Santa. Do a selfie with me!”

Justin put on his best Santa smile as Miley cuddled into him, pressed her face to his and pulled out her cell phone, snapping a picture of them together, her tongue naturally sticking out.

Sarah and Love watched all this with great amusement and Sarah wasn’t sure if Justin was enjoying having the notorious pop princess on his lap or dying from her barley clad form grinding into him after he’d had to promise to be a good boy during the party.

Sarah began wondering if maybe she should take a turn on his lap just to get a feel for herself just what kind of impact Miley was having on the porn king. But before Sarah could make the move she found herself with a far better offer being made.

“Hey Sarah!” Jennifer Lawrence said brightly after returning from the catering table. “Great party! But how about you give me a tour of this place?”

Sarah’s eyes lit up at the idea and she didn’t have to think twice.

“I’d love to!” Sarah declared, pouncing on this chance immediately and shooting Love a wink. “Follow me! I know just where we can go!”

Meanwhile, Miley was far from the only one interested in sitting on Santa’s lap.

“C’mon Lindsay! It’ll be fun!” Ali insisted, pulling her big sister over. “Mmmm maybe I’ll tell Santa how bad I need a new strap-on for my big sister and my mom to fuck me with! Mmmm I can’t wait to see if I can make Santa come in his pants from telling him that.”

“Ooooooh bad girl!” Lindsay moaned, even more turned on by the idea of her naughty sister making some stranger orgasm than she even was by the idea of fucking Ali with a brand new toy. “How’d you get so dirty, Ali?”

“I learned from the best,” Ali grinned. “Now c’mon Lindsay, let’s tell Santa what we want!”

“Santa actually looks kind of familiar,” Lindsay said, staring at the man as Miley hopped off his lap after giving him a big kiss on the cheek. She couldn’t quite tell with the big beard on and the fuzzy red and white hat obscuring even more of his face, but she couldn’t help but think she had seen him before.

“Yeah, of course, duh, he’s Santa Claus,” Ali laughed. “Now let’s go!”

“Wait, where’s Hilary?” Lindsay asked.

“She’s over there talking to Heather Locklear,” Ali said.

And indeed Hilary was having her ear bent by the older blonde and it was everything that she wanted to hear from Heather. The television star was whispering into her ear and Hilary loved every word.

“I want you to call me mommy, you sweet thing,” Heather lustfully urged, eager to exorcise this demon inside her as quickly as possible. “I want to take you and fuck you Hilary! I want to hear you beg mommy to fuck you! I want my little girl to be such a good slut for mommy!”

“Mmmmmm yesssssssssss! Oooooh you don’t even have to ask,” Hilary groaned in response. “Anywhere! Any time you want! Just say you want it and you’ll get it! Mmmm we haven’t played that game in so long!”

Having done so many kinky things with Lindsay, Ali and Dina and, of course, her own sister, Haylie, Hilary was more than eager to do some roleplaying with Heather again. It had actually been at a wild Christmas party orgy where Hilary had first found out how kinky Heather could get and how hot it had been to call the woman who had once played her mother “mommy” as they had fucked.

It had made them both so creamy and happy that night and she and Hilary had played that game a few times since, but not in a long while. Hilary was happy to see the lustful fires for it still burned.

“Mmmmm I need it Hilary,” Heather moaned, barely able to control herself as she envisioned how fucking this gorgeous woman raw could burn away any horrid image she had in her head about her own daughter. She never wanted to think those thoughts about Ava again but she did not have any problem thinking about them with Hilary. “I need you so bad!”

“I need you too!” Hilary replied, not caring who heard her. “I miss playing with you! Mmm and I have a special surprise for my mommy too! Would you like it if I brought a special friend too?”

Heather assumed that Hilary meant Lindsay and she had no problem with that, but Hilary surprised her when she turned in and whispered her secret to her. Heather’s eyes went wide when Hilary told her how she was messing around with Haylie now and that her big sister was at the party too and would be just as eager as she would be to play.

It sounded so hot to hear a beautiful girl like Hilary confess to wickedly dirty fun with her own sister. But it was also the last thing Heather needed to hear. Hilary Duff was having incestuous sex with her sister? That was insane…even though it was comparatively a little less insane than having those same longings for your daughter.

But if Hilary could be fucking her sister and be totally okay with it, did that mean…no, she couldn’t think that!

“Oh God! I…I…I need to find Lyssa,” Heather said, her heart beating like she was about to have a panic attack. “Ummm don’t go anywhere Hilary. I promise I’ll be back! I just…I have to…”

Heather didn’t want Hilary to know how she felt about Ava. She didn’t want anyone to know. She only wanted Alyssa to have that secret. Her friend had promised to be there to talk her off the ledge of this whenever she felt helpless and right then, her mind reeling from Hilary’s incestuous confession, Heather definitely needed her.


And Heather wasn’t the only one feeling anxious then. But Reese Witherspoon was feeling it for an entirely different reason.

“C’mon Reese, don’t you want to tell Santa what you want for Christmas?” Jessica teased.

“Yeah right, only if I want to crush Santa’s legs,” Reese sighed. “This is not exactly lap sitting condition I’m in right now.”

“Oh stop it, I thought we settled this yesterday,” Jessica said as she shook her head at the reluctance of her extremely pregnant friend. “You look fine! In fact more than fine!”

As Jessica said this she caressed Reese’s large baby bump with a loving touch.

“Jess!” Reese protested, knowing that her friend wanted to touch a lot more than her bump. “Noooo! We can’t…ughhh what we did yesterday…that was like a onetime thing. Not again! Not until after I have the baby.”

Having a baby was nothing new to Reese. This was her third child and pregnancy was old hat to her by now. But she still couldn’t help but be insecure about her body when she was like this. Her due date was looming and Reese felt like she was ready to burst.

She had felt she looked like a heifer with her belly all swollen and her breasts and ass much fuller than they usually were, but Jessica had been so eager the day before to tell her otherwise and then show her just how sexy she found her.

When they had visited Carnal Knowledge with Scarlett, Reese hadn’t intended to join in any wild fun. She loved that store and all the kinky things that went on there, but she had told herself that all of that could wait until after the baby was born.

Even after they’d run into Emma Stone and found themselves in the back with Sasha Gray as the porn icon had shown Jordana Brewster and Emmanuelle Chriqui a thing or two, Reese had resisted joining in. She hadn’t even wanted to let her friends see her naked like this, much less had any fun with them, but Jessica and Sasha had been so insistent, especially Jessica, and it had been impossible to resist them.

Jessica had told her over and over again how sexy she was, how she glowed and how she was full of life and beauty. And Reese had loved hearing it to the point where Jessica essentially talked the clothes right off her. Despite her reservations, she’d gotten naked and had even joined in the fun, helping to fuck Emmanuelle and Jordana and then having some fun with Emma’s hot body as she got to know it for the first time.

But she hadn’t let anyone fuck her. She had been too shy for that, especially after what had happened between her and Jessica.

Reese had tried not to think about it, but now, with Jessica’s hand caressing her baby bump in much more than a friendly way, she couldn’t think about anything else but how Jessica had touched her the day before, playing with her tits and her swollen nipples to the point where milk came out of them that Jessica had greedily tasted for herself.

Reese had done a lot in her life but that had to be the kinkiest ever. It had felt kind of embarrassing but, at the same time, she had loved the thrill of it. Having Jessica drink from her tits had felt so strange and sexy and wild and it had made her so wet.

But she hadn’t let it go any further than that and Reese had felt so ashamed about it afterwards that she had even thought about skipping the party. Her friends had been insistent she come though and Reese hadn’t been able to resist their pleas, just as she was finding it so tempting to be around Jessica now.

“You need to loosen up a little,” Jessica teased, knowing that Reese usually didn’t need much coaxing to be kinky. “I loved what we did yesterday! It was so hot! Didn’t you like it?”

“Oh yesss!” Reese confessed. She hadn’t felt a sexual touch in so long before that and it had been such a relief to her to have her body touched in such a sensual and kinky way. “But we can’t! Not when I look like this!”

Reese definitely felt insecure because it wasn’t just her friends at the party. Reese felt comfortable with them, even when she was like this. It was all the other women, the ones she didn’t know very well, the ones who looked so thin and gorgeous.

There were perfect, beautiful women everywhere and she felt like a balloon in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in comparison to them. And that was especially hammered home when the most perfect of all of them came up to her and Jessica.

“Thank you SO much for inviting me!” Kate Upton said with a big smile on her face. “I was really surprised when I got the invitation but I’m so happy I came! You have an amazing home!”

“Awww I just live here, I leave the decorating to the professionals,” Jessica replied. “I’m glad you could make it! I hope you’re having a great time.”

Jessica had been just as unaware as everyone else that Kate was coming but with a woman like her, she was more than prepared to roll with the surprise. If that meant pretending that she’d known all along that she was going to be there then she could definitely handle a little deception, especially if it made it easier to get Kate to stay afterwards and give everyone there a chance to know her better.

“I am! I wasn’t expecting to have so many cool people here,” Kate said. “I didn’t know what to expect here and I’m glad it’s even better than I thought it was. I’m meeting so many people I admire. People like you Reese!”

Reese had been so focused on how gorgeous Kate looked in her dress and the way her unbelievable body filled it out that she hadn’t even listened until she had heard her name. She had been looking at Kate with both desire for how amazing she looked but also envy for how young and perfect she looked with those huge, but firm tits and that round ass with not a bit of sag and without a living person inside her stomach.

“Huh? Oh wow, well I admire you too,” Reese said, snapping out of her thoughts. “I mean anyone who looks like you…wow, you make me look like a troll!”

“Oh my God, stop! That’s ridiculous,” Kate said to the Oscar winner gushing over being around her. “You’re beautiful! And oh my God you’re so talented! You are like the best actress I’ve ever seen. I memorized Legally Blonde! And you were so incredible in Walk The Line and Wild! You are such an inspiration to me. I want to have a career just like you!”

“And I want a body just like you,” Reese sighed, trying to be friendly but feeling so insecure looking like this next to someone like Kate Upton.

“Kate’s right, you need to stop that, you look amazing!” Jessica assured her friend.

“You totally do!” Kate added. “You’re one of the most beautiful women here and you look so gorgeous like this.”

“Thanks,” Reese said, even though she was sure Kate was just being nice. “I’m nothing compared to you. Of course, you must get that a lot.”

“Yeah well the second you actually start believing that is when you become everything you’re not supposed to be,” Kate said. “I think any guy would be lucky to have any one of us! Hell, you could say that about everyone here.”

Jessica had to admit that Kate was absolutely right. The gathering for this party was not exactly the kind of people you saw online at and that was just fine with her. There were so many hot women here she wanted to play with and Kate had put herself right near the top of the list as Jessica began wondering just how she could not only get into Kate’s dress but also convince Reese just how beautiful she looked and get her to be even naughtier than she’d been the day before.


As the party continued and the small talk and fun conversations created a full din throughout several rooms of the lower half of the mansion, it created quite a sight, especially for those just arriving.

“Wow!” Ariana Grande said. “I think everyone is here! Everyone who’s anyone that is.”

“I told you this was going to be wild,” Liz Gillies replied, still very nervous about this whole plan but trying not to show it.

She had brought her friends to the lions’ den…or more specifically the lionesses’ den but what was going to happen next was still unknown. She didn’t have any expectations for this. She had found it better to not permit herself to even think about what could happen, but rather let all of this unfold as it did.

All Liz knew was that she was still sore from how Rose had fucked her that morning. It had been the best fuck of her life and she was aching for more. If that meant bringing her friends to a place like this, then she was prepared to do it.

She still felt this was no place for Ariana and Victoria. Liz knew her friends and she knew this definitely wasn’t their scene. But she was so far gone with lustful cravings that she willingly brought them right into it and, if what Rose had told her was true, then she knew that all the women here were going to salivate when they saw the morsels of fresh meat she had brought.

In some ways she almost felt like she was betraying her friends by bringing them here, but Liz was beyond caring about that anymore. Rose had fucked her too good and she needed more. Rose had seriously scrambled her brains that morning and left her coming like she never had before while promising to do the same to her friends. It had been too amazing an experience for Liz to not want her friends to feel the same way and now she wanted to share it with them both as she waited for the secrets of this place to reveal themselves.

“Yeah it looks pretty wild,” Victoria Justice said, finding herself a bit nervous when she saw Kim Kardashian mingling. What kind of party was this? Partying with Kardashians was definitely not something she typically did and she wasn’t really in a rush to change that about herself.

But Victoria didn’t want to show how uneasy the idea of too wild a scene made her, especially with the sniping she got next.

“Oh yeah, we’d better not stay long because it might be past Victoria’s bedtime,” Ariana said sarcastically with a roll of her eyes. “Gotta get princess home before her carriage turns back into a pumpkin.”

“Yeah right, like you’re one to talk,” Victoria shot back. “You’ll be passing out the second something that’s not PG happens. So don’t princess me, princess! How about you get that stick up your little diva ass removed before you start talking shit about me?”

“Me? You don’t have a stick up your ass Victoria, you have a whole damn tree!” Ariana insisted. “Maybe you should go wait in the car while Liz and I have fun here! Don’t you know the expression, ‘Threes a crowd?’”

“What’s fun for you? Going around to all of these people and having them carry you around like you’re two-years-old? Or how about you demand they only take pictures of one side of your pretty little face? Don’t you have someone you should be ordering around like a spoiled brat right now?” Victoria demanded. “That seems like the only thing you ever do for fun Ariana!”

“Ughhhh whatever,” Ariana replied with a dismissive flick of her hand. “Don’t even pretend you’re on my level Victoria. I must have missed all those number one singles you had like I did. You wish you had people making up shit about you like they do for me. What are you even doing here? Shouldn’t you be off somewhere trying to make your little sister just as moderately famous as you are?”

“Oh my God!” Victoria snapped. “What the hell is your problem Ariana? Leave Madison out of this! You’re being an even bigger bitch diva than usual! Can’t you shut up for two damn seconds?”

“Don’t you dare call me a diva! At least people know who I am! You demand a red carpet when no one even remembers you Tori!” Ariana said, raising her hand and looking like she was about to get her finger right in Victoria’s face.

That would, of course, make things a thousand times worse and that was when Liz literally got in the middle of her friends, making sure they couldn’t get any closer to each other.

“Knock it off you two!” Liz ordered. “I did not get you two and come all the way out here so you could embarrass me by fighting like six-year-olds! You two better behave or…”

“You’ll turn this car around?” Victoria snottily answered, amusing herself with the joke but not getting as much as a hint of a smile from either Liz or Ariana.

“Zip it!” Liz said. “Can’t you two just be civil for one goddamn night? You two used to be friends! Remember? How about you act like adults for a night?”

Ariana and Victoria had never been as close as Liz was to Ariana. But a big reason for that was that Liz and Ariana had known each other since they were kids and had only met Victoria when they had started the show. Still, there had been a time when Victoria and Ariana had at least been friends. That had all changed when the show had been cancelled though.

When Victorious had ended suddenly fans had searched for a reason why and many had blamed Ariana for taking a spinoff show. But the truth was it had been more a case of Victoria’s ambitions as a pop singer had brought about the abrupt end to the show as well as Nickelodeon’s cost saving desires.

Still Ariana had gotten a lot of criticism from the fans and hadn’t appreciated Victoria not coming forward online to shield her. So Ariana hadn’t held back telling people that it was Victoria who had ended the show, not her, which Victoria had resented. And of course it hadn’t helped that almost immediately, Victoria’s pop career had stalled while Ariana’s had shot up like a rocket, making her the kind of superstar that Victoria had always dreamed of being.

Now while some people had taken the time online to turn this into some kind of blood feud between them, it wasn’t nearly anything as dramatic as that. Still, the two were better off being apart from each other than being in the same room because tempers always seemed to flare when they were, So Liz had known she was taking a risk by bringing them both here. But it was what Rose had wanted.

“I can if she can,” Ariana grumbled, not wanting to embarrass Liz and finding herself more and more intrigued by what looked like a really fun party with a lot of famous people, exactly the kind of people she should be making connections with if she wanted her own pop music career to continue to bloom and grow.

“Same,” Victoria said. “If she stays out of my way, I’ll stay out of hers.”

“Okay,” Liz said, happy to have made some peace between them even if it was temporary and eggshell thin. “Now you two be nice and we’ll all have some fun here. Okay?”

“Okay,” Victoria and Ariana replied less than enthusiastically even though they knew Liz was right.

The last thing either of them needed to do was start a scene, especially in front of a crowd like this. Both of them had reputations they wanted to cultivate and they wanted to be as famous, if not more so, than the women who were here. Having a catfight in front of them all was hardly the way to do it.

Fortunately for Liz the tenuous peace she had found was strengthened by a distraction.

“You made it!” Rose said striding over and not hesitating to give Liz a kiss right on the lips.

The bold act shocked the younger girl and Liz pushed away from Rose while Victoria and Ariana raised their eyebrows in surprise.

“Hey, what can I say, I’m a friendly host,” Rose said, noting their surprise and shooting Victoria and Ariana a smile as Liz blushed in front of them thanks to the surprise kiss. “Come on in and join the fun! This party hasn’t even gotten started yet!”


And while it did seem like everyone who was anyone had found their way to Malibu, that wasn’t entirely true.

“Ughhh I’m bored! No wait, fuck that! I’m BEYOND bored!” Ava Sambora groaned as she flung herself down on the couch and draped herself on it, her face pressed to the cushion.

“Yeah we gotta do something! I mean anything but just another night sitting around and not going anywhere cool or doing anything fun,” Chloe Moretz added.

The two girls then looked to their hostess for an idea and she had one, even though it wasn’t what one of them wanted to hear.

“Well AnnaSophia is coming,” Bella Thorne said, getting an aggravated groan from Ava as she laid face-first on the couch that the redhead felt she had to respond to. “Seriously? You’re going to whine about us not doing anything and then give me shit when someone cool shows up?”

“She only thinks she’s cool,” Ava said, sitting up. “She thinks just because she was starring on a TV show that she’s like this big fucking star. She’s no better than any of the rest of us.”

“You’re just being snotty and jealous,” Bella told her friend. “AnnaSophia is totally cool. Plus she’s always nice to you and you’re always pulling out your bitch claws toward her.”

“I’ll do what I want,” Ava sulked. “I don’t suppose she’s coming alone, is she?”

Bella knew this was going to make Ava even more annoyed, but that didn’t change anything. What was done was done.

“No, she’s bringing Jansen with her,” Bella replied, getting another groan from Ava.

“Oh great, well at least I know what I’ll be doing all night,” Ava snarked. “I’ll be in the bathroom barfing my guts out over them making goo goo eyes at each other all night.”

“Oh they’re not so bad,” Chloe said. “You’re just mad that AnnaSophia’s got a boyfriend and you don’t.”

“Well I would if my mom didn’t try to scare off every guy who even looks at me,” Ava insisted. “Besides, whatever…you’re supposed to be on my side Chloe! You’re my friend so you have to hate the things I hate and hate the people I hate!”

“Is that how it works?” Chloe asked, smiling.

“Yes!” Ava declared. “It’s like in the Constitution or something! Besides you should be totally jealous too! I’ve seen you checking AnnaSophia out! You should be hating on Jansen for getting what you want!”

“Whoa! Really?” Bella marveled, shocked by the idea that Chloe might have a crush on AnnaSophia. Though if Chloe did, then at least Bella could understand why.

“Ughhh shut up!” Chloe said, whacking Ava with a couch pillow. “I so do not have a crush on AnnaSophia! If I have a crush on her then you have a crush on Jansen! That’s probably why you’re always being a bitch to her. You want to steal her boyfriend and you’re jealous she has him and you don’t!”

“You shut up!” Ava said, grabbing a pillow of her own and hitting Chloe back. “I don’t want him! Stop saying shit!”

Chloe responded to Ava’s hit with the pillow with another one of her own which spurred a return from Chloe until they were hitting each other repeatedly with the pillows. Of course, they weren’t really angry at each other and their fight was soon filled with giggles as they whacked each other back and forth and wrestled around on Bella’s couch.

“Wow! All we need to do is get you girls in your underwear and this is like some kind of sleepover porno,” Ariel Winter remarked as she took it all in and shook her head, convinced that out of the three of them she was the only normal one of them all.

“Ughh don’t give anyone any ideas,” Bella said with a click of her tongue. “And don’t mess up the couch. My mom will kill me if we break anything.”

So Bella pulled her friends apart and had them sit quietly as she heard the doorbell.

“She’s here!” Bella excitedly said as she ran toward the door to let in her guest.

“You know, if anyone here has a crush on AnnaSophia, its Bella,” Ariel said after the redhead was out of earshot.

“What? No way,” Chloe scoffed at the idea. “Bella isn’t a lesbian. Besides she’s like super Christian.”

“So? So are you,” Ariel pointed out. “Besides I didn’t say she was a lesbian. I said she had a crush. All those old labels are stupid anyway. We get so wrapped up in gay and straight and all that and we need to realize it’s that you love whoever you love. It doesn’t matter if they’re a man or a woman.”

“Oh yeah?” Ava challenged. “What woman do you love Ariel?”

“Ughhh never mind you’re so not getting what I’m saying,” Ariel sighed. “Besides, no woman would want me anyway. I have hard enough time getting guys to notice me.”

Ava and Chloe were about to tell their friend just how ridiculous that sounded, especially since there were two very big reasons why any man or woman would be very interested in Ariel. But before they could they were interrupted.

“Hey everyone! What’s going on?” AnnaSophia Robb said brightly as she and Jansen Panettiere walked into the room.

“Not much,” Bella answered before anyone else could. “We were just deciding what we were going to do tonight. We didn’t really have any ideas.”

AnnaSophia thought for a second about that. She hadn’t come here with any set plans either, but she certainly didn’t want to just sit around all night either.

“Well we gotta do something about that,” AnnaSophia said. “We’re too young and hot to just be hanging out at home. We’ve got to get out tonight and get everyone boyfriends!”

“Excuse me? I’m right here,” Jansen said, joking but also meaning it just enough.

He knew someone like AnnaSophia was going to attract a lot of attention wherever they went and he didn’t want to lose her to anyone.

“You know what I meant, babe,” AnnaSophia replied. “I meant boyfriends for all of them.”

Chloe didn’t bother correcting AnnaSophia. Only her closest friends in her inner circle knew she was a lesbian and while she liked AnnaSophia, she didn’t think they were that close.

“So where are we going to find that?” Bella asked. “And no sleazy hookups either. I’m not about that!”

“I know, you like reject every guy I try and set you up with just because you can’t see yourself marrying him and having a big house with kids and a dog right away,” AnnaSophia said with a knowing shake of her head.

“Well find me a husband then,” Bella laughed.

Jansen then whispered in AnnaSophia’s ear and the only word that could be detected was “party.”

“Well Jansen has an idea,” AnnaSophia said. “I got this invitation in my email this morning about some big party in Malibu. It sounds like it could be fun.”

And the location instantly perked up one of the girls on the couch.

“Malibu?” Chloe said, sitting up and suddenly hanging on every word.

She knew that was where Alyssa lived. That was where she was in that mansion with all of her friends. That was where Chloe wanted to be more than any other place in the world.

“Yeah my sister’s going to be there I think,” Jansen added. “I heard Hayden talking about it on the phone before.”

Chloe couldn’t stop wondering if the place Hayden was going was Alyssa’s. She tried to talk herself down from the idea. She didn’t think Hayden was a lesbian or anything and if Jansen knew about it then it probably wasn’t the kind of special party she wanted to be at with Alyssa. But if there even was a chance, Chloe wanted to be there.

Besides, even if it wasn’t the same place, then maybe someone at this party knew where Alyssa lived. Chloe knew this was a little stalkerish but she was too desperate by now.

“We have to go!” Chloe insisted.

“I dunno, Malibu is kind of far,” Bella said. “I guess we could. Can you drive all of us AnnaSophia?”

“Totes,” AnnaSophia promised.

She hadn’t really intended to accept the invitation, but a party in Malibu, even if it ended up being lame, was a whole lot better than just sitting around here talking about doing something and ending up doing nothing.

No one said anything after that for a few moments until Ariel realized everyone there was looking to her.

“Ummmm are you expecting me to say something?” Ariel asked.

“Yeah…I guess we were kind of waiting for you to give us a reason not to go,” Ava said, shrugging. “You usually try to talk us out of these things.”

But Ariel wasn’t in the mood to be a voice of reason that day. She was still aggravated from all her arguments the past couple of days with her sister. Shanelle was being ridiculously overprotective of her when she’d never given her a reason to. But if that was going to be how her sister acted, Ariel felt like she should give her something to be overprotective of.

“Nahhh fuck it,” Ariel declared, standing up to show she was serious. “I want to party! Let’s get to Malibu!”


Back at the party, without any clue what was going on outside of the confines of the mansion, Sarah Hyland had something to say to her friend.

“Now, aren’t you glad I talked you into coming?” she smiled.

“Yeah,” Shanelle Gray replied. “But I’d be happier if we could find a place to be alone. Mmmmm or if this turned into one of their usual parties.”

“Oooooh naughty,” Sarah laughed. “Sounds like you’re getting into the mood.”

“Mmmm baby I’ve been in the mood ever since yesterday,” Shanelle flirted, recalling their too short intimate encounter. “And once I get the chance I’m going to show you just how much in the mood I am!”

“Whoa, cool it down a little lovebirds,” Jewel teased as she walked by and saw that the two of them were in heavy flirtatious mode with one another. “Or at least wait until the after party.”

“I don’t think we can,” Sarah giggled in what was clearly a shared sentiment for all of them.

“I don’t think I can either,” Jewel admitted. “But I’m sure it won’t be much longer. Hey, I saw Vanessa walk in before and I think Ashley is around here somewhere too. Unless you two are going steady, you should try and find them.”

Sarah and Shanelle definitely appreciated that advice. Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens had been their ticket to the mansion, after all. Sarah had met them both while auditioning, ultimately unsuccessfully, for High School Musical 3 and had struck up a friendship with them that had led to something a lot more. They had invited them both to the mansion before to party with them and Shanelle and Sarah had loved it so they were both anxious to repeat that.


But they weren’t the only anxious ones at the party. In fact Stacy had grown so anxious that she had ended up making an escape from the party to head upstairs.

There were just so many beautiful women there looking so gorgeous and there had been so few clothes coming off that Stacy had found herself aching for action. That was why she had been very eager to slip away for a while and why she had made sure not to do it alone.

“This is fantastic,” AJ admired as she settled on the couch in Stacy’s spacious bedroom as Kaitlyn looked out at the ocean view from the balcony.

During the day the sun hitting the Pacific was a truly spectacular site and at night it was nothing to sneeze at either and Kaitlyn enjoyed the cool breeze coming off the ocean as she tried to calm her nerves.

“I can’t believe you live here,” AJ said. “This is like a dream house. I feel like I live in a dorm room by comparison.”

“That’s only because you decorate it like it’s one.” Kaitlyn teased, pulling her attention away from the ocean and toward her best friend. “She’s got so many action figures and video games there that the first time I was there I thought I had accidently wandered into some Dungeons & Dragons playing virgin’s house.”

“Uhhhhh so out of line,” AJ replied in mock outrage. “First, those aren’t action figures. They are once in a lifetime collectibles and you’re just mad because I wouldn’t let you play with them. And, second, don’t snark at me about Dungeons & Dragons. You’re the one that got all pouty that weekend because I wouldn’t let you be dungeon master.”

“You made me be a troll!” Kaitlyn shot back.

“You were a troll princess!” AJ corrected. “That’s not just an ordinary troll!”

Stacy had to admit she enjoyed seeing them bicker. They were like a couple who had been together for years and she had seen that so many times on the road with WWE. You saw everyone in the company more often than you saw your real family so it was like WWE became your family. She had certainly had her share of best girlfriends on the road, particularly Torrie Wilson, and getting into girls sexually had certainly made that experience even better.

Stacy couldn’t wait to show both of these sexy young things just how amazing it was to play with each other. Kaitlyn had told her they were both bi curious and Stacy was very eager to end the curiosity for them both. The party had been fun but it hadn’t exactly offered any chance for privacy.

So she had pulled AJ and Kaitlyn away so that she could give them a tour of the mansion and, naturally, that tour had led them right here…to her bedroom.

“Well you certainly don’t look like a troll,” Stacy said with a smile as she sat down on the bed and patted the open spot next to her, inviting the girls to be next to her, an invitation Kaitlyn took her up on even as AJ remained on the couch across from the bed. “You’re both gorgeous. I can see why you two are thriving in WWE.”

“Well I can’t remember the last time they actually let me win a match, but thanks anyway,” Kaitlyn said, her pulse starting to race as she sat closely to Stacy with her friend just a few feet away. She could feel that this was about to finally happen and Kaitlyn could barely contain her excitement. She had waited so long for this.

“Well I’m pretty sure no one had as big a losing streak as I did,” Stacy replied. “At least you two can wrestle. I was just the pretty girl that was there for bra and panties matches and bikini contests. At least they don’t have those anymore.”

“Thank God,” AJ said sincerely.

She knew a lot of the wrestlers chafed against the TV PG storylines and she did too, especially when she had so many interesting ideas for storylines that never got approved because they were considered to be far too over the heads of seven-year-old. But she did not regret not having to wear a thong in the middle of the ring or have her whole body put on display for millions to see on TV. Short shorts were one thing, bikini contests were something else. She wasn’t some sorority girl on spring break in Daytona.

“Yeah I’m definitely not much of a ‘g-string in the ring’ kind of girl either,” Kaitlyn said, remembering her fitness modeling days when that had pretty much been her entire outfit. “But you looked so good when you used to wear those kinds of outfits, Stacy.”

“I think you’d both look great if they still did matches like that,” Stacy declared. “You both have the bodies for it. I’ve seen you two both wear shorts that don’t leave a lot to the imagination and you looked gorgeous. Kaitlyn, you have the kind of body that was made for Daisy Dukes.”

Kaitlyn smiled at the compliment. She loved the flirty vibe that was going on right then and she just hoped AJ was going to respond to it too. She had felt a total connection with Stacy the day before at the mall and she was so nervous but totally excited that it had led right to the girl’s bedroom.

Both Trish and Barbie had told her to come to Stacy and that she would know just what to do about her fantasy and she could totally feel that they were right. Stacy looked so sexy just inches away from her on the bed and Kaitlyn just hoped that she didn’t pass out from her butterflies before something actually happened.

“You’re too nice,” Kaitlyn said. “I wish I had a butt like yours and AJ’s. Both so tiny and round and cute. I feel like I’m lugging around a garbage truck full of junk back here sometimes.”

“Ughh you’re so stupid, you have a great ass!” AJ groaned, having heard Kaitlyn’s baseless worries about her own body before. “It’s so big and juicy. Guys love that stuff! You’ve got so much ass and I’ve barely got any.”

“Gee, thanks. Way to make me sound fat,” Kaitlyn replied. Even though she knew that AJ meant it as a compliment, she was so nervous that she couldn’t help but respond that way.

Kaitlyn wanted this to happen so badly. She wanted Stacy to want her. And that wasn’t all Kaitlyn wanted.

“Ughhh fat? You’re driving me crazy! I swear I am going to make you walk back to the hotel from here tonight,” AJ said. “You have a great butt, Kaitlyn!  Guys love asses like yours!”

AJ hadn’t meant to, but she had given Stacy just the opening she had looking for and she didn’t hesitate to take advantage of it.

“Guys aren’t the only ones who love asses like yours,” Stacy said seductively.

Kaitlyn’s body stiffened the moment she heard that. It sounded so hot coming from someone like Stacy. It made her heart beat fast and her pussy dampen just from the sound of it and the look in Stacy’s eyes proved this wasn’t just an idle compliment. It was meant to be something so much more and Kaitlyn couldn’t wait. She’d been fantasizing about this for too long and she needed to finally feel some action.

“Mmmm what do you mean?” Kaitlyn asked, trying to communicate her deep need and lust to Stacy with a look in her eyes. Fortunately the former Diva knew exactly what she was doing.

Stacy had seen that look before. She loved that look. She loved seeing a beautiful woman who was begging to be touched. She loved seeing women like Kaitlyn lost in arousal for other women. Her face looked so beautiful. Stacy could see the muscular woman’s nerves and desire and she didn’t want to deny her. This was the moment and she wasn’t going to turn away from it.

So Stacy didn’t speak her response. Instead she did what she knew Kaitlyn wanted. She leaned in close to her and did what she’d wanted to do since she’d caught Kaitlyn checking her out at the mall. She kissed her right on the lips.

It was a soft kiss, just a bit of exploration at first and a chance for their lips to get to know each other. But it was also a very sexy kiss. There was no mistaking the intent. This wasn’t a friend’s kiss. It was from someone who wanted to be a lover and Kaitlyn moaned at the sensual heat of it while she began to kiss back without a second thought.

Kaitlyn had wanted to kiss another woman for so long. Seeing all those soft, kissable lips in the locker room and not being able to get what she needed had been torture. But she had also wanted the kiss to mean something. She hadn’t wanted it to be an impetuous act. She hadn’t wanted it to be something she did after a few too many shots.

She had wanted it to be special and being able to kiss Stacy Keibler with her best friend a few short feet away was definitely special. Kaitlyn felt an instant electric connection from the way that tender kiss felt against her lips and she let the thrill of it course through her body while she kissed Stacy back, marveling at the softness and the sensuality of it all.

“How was that?” Stacy said with a sexy smile when she pulled away.

And Kaitlyn could only think of one word to describe it.

“Amazing,” Kaitlyn replied with a very happy voice. Stacy was an incredible kisser and Kaitlyn was suddenly filled with need to find out everything else she was good at.

But Kaitlyn wasn’t the only one in the room and seeing that kiss had been a huge shock to the other girl there.

“What the hell’s going on here?” AJ demanded after she picked up her jaw from the floor where it had dropped the moment Stacy and Kaitlyn started kissing.

“We’re just having a little fun,” Stacy said, patting the spot on the bed next to her to coax her to sit down so she could be sandwiched by two gorgeous Divas. “Come join us. I think you’ll like it!”

But AJ ignored Stacy’s invitation and instead focused on her friend.

“Kaitlyn! What are you doing?” AJ asked, seeming legitimately shocked.

“It’s okay AJ, just relax,” Kaitlyn tried to say. She’d been worried this was going to happen and she wanted to try and diffuse it as quickly as possible because she wanted to kiss AJ even more than she wanted to kiss Stacy.

“Relax? Oh my God, how can I relax?” AJ demanded, standing up from the couch. “How could you do that in front of me? At least wait until I’m like out of the room or something. Or…ohhhh my God…you want me to join in, don’t you? This is one of your weird fantasies, isn’t it?”

And to that Kaitlyn didn’t have much she could say. AJ had her number. She couldn’t hide anything from her. She never could.

“Welllllll…” Kaitlyn sheepishly replied. “It’s not exactly weird. I mean…well…you’re so beautiful AJ. And gawwwd, look at Stacy! How could you not want to be with her? I want you both so badly!”

“Oh my God! This whole time you were acting like my best friend just to get into my pants, weren’t you?” AJ groaned, feeling so stupid that she had been talked into coming here and for thinking that Kaitlyn had actually really wanted to be her friend and hadn’t just been another person who only wanted her naked. “You’re worse than any guy I’ve ever dated Kaitlyn! At least they were up front about what they wanted! You used me and made me think you were my friend!”

“No! AJ! God, no!  That’s not it at all!” Kaitlyn said, bolting up from the bed and getting face to face with the shorter girl so she could assure her. “You’re my best friend! I want this because you’re my friend! You’re the best person I know and you’re such a good friend and I want to be with you because of that!”

“Why didn’t you just tell me that?” AJ asked, her brain going between confusion and anger. “Why did you bring me all the way to Malibu?”

“Because I didn’t know how else to do it…” Kaitlyn said nervously. “I didn’t want you to say no and I didn’t want you to laugh at me or think I was weird or a perv. I thought if you saw me doing it you’d totally get into it.”

“Ummmm nice plan Casanova,” AJ sighed. “You took me to a celebrity party so I could watch you have sex with Stacy Keibler and you were worried I would think you were weird if you told this to me privately?”

“Okay, it might have made more sense in my brain when I thought about it,” Kaitlyn admitted. “But I mean it AJ! I’m doing this because you’re my best friend and because I want all of us to have fun!”

Stacy had kept her mouth shut as she’d watched this. She hadn’t expected AJ to act like this. She had thought the girl knew exactly what all of this was about. But now it seemed that AJ was very much in the dark about everyone’s plans for her.

That was a curveball and Stacy wanted to make sure this didn’t spiral out of control. Both of these girls were gorgeous and Stacy badly wanted them both in her bed. So she set to work calming the aggravated brunette.

“Kaitlyn told me you were having the same fantasies she was having,” Stacy said. “She said you wanted to find out what it was like to be with a woman.”

“Uhhhh I might not have been completely honest about that,” Kaitlyn admitted as it was quickly becoming obvious.

“Kaitlyn! How could you say those things about me?” AJ snapped. “I don’t like girls! I have a boyfriend!”

“I know you have a boyfriend!” Kaitlyn replied. “But I also know you’re curious! Just like me! You didn’t have to tell me! I could see it! You think I don’t know you better than anyone, AJ? I can see that you want to be with a girl as much as I do!”

That claim quieted AJ, but only for a moment.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” AJ insisted, but the way she was getting nervous over Kaitlyn’s claims showed that wasn’t entirely the truth either.

“C’mon AJ!” Kaitlyn said. “I’ve seen the way you look at me…the way you look at the other girls! I’ve seen you sneaking peeks at me in the shower.”

“No…no…that’s not true at all,” AJ claimed. “I just thought you’d taken my conditioner and I couldn’t help but look cause your boobs are so big! I mean it’s like being told to avoid two huge asteroids crashing into Earth!”

Kaitlyn laughed over that even as AJ blushed over her own lame excuse. She couldn’t believe how this had been turned around on her in seconds. She had been the one righteously angry just a bit ago, how come she was the insecure one now?

This place was crazy. Everything that was going on here was nuts and AJ wanted to dive under Stacy’s bed or grab all her blankets and pillows and build a fort to hide in until they dropped this whole subject.

“They are big aren’t they?” Stacy smiled, coming up behind Kaitlyn and boldly caressing them as she reached around the more muscular woman’s body. “Mmmm good thing I love big tits!”

Stacy was very surprised that Kaitlyn had kept AJ out of the loop of her plan but she could already see just how she could use it to her advantage. The one thing she knew that they had to prevent was AJ running out the door and Stacy had definitely noticed that, as much as AJ was protesting what was happening, she wasn’t exactly leaving.

AJ hadn’t moved an inch and Stacy wanted to make sure she turned AJ on as she eagerly touched Kaitlyn’s tits for the first time, roaming her hands over the sweater clad mounds and loving how large they felt under her clothes.

“Ooooooh,” Kaitlyn groaned as she felt those warm hands touch her in a way she very much wanted to be touched. “See AJ? See how good we can make each other feel? I’m not mad you were staring at me in the shower. God, I was so staring at you too! I’m glad you do it! I want you to stare! That’s why I always make sure we shower at the same time! I want to be naked with you! I love seeing everyone getting dressed and undressed in the locker room and how good everyone looks under that hot water. Mmmm shower time is always so much fun but I love showering with you the most AJ!”

AJ mumbled something under her breath that no one could quite make out.

“What’d you say?” Kaitlyn asked.

“I said…perv,” AJ grumbled. “You’re a total perv Kaitlyn! You were checking me out in the shower? You were checking all of us out when we were naked in the locker room? God, you’re like some skeezy little teenager drilling a hole in the gym wall to watch the cheerleaders! I can’t believe you were doing that!”

“You were totally checking me out too,” Kaitlyn reminded her friend. “I know you were! You can deny it all you want AJ but I saw it in your eyes! And I know it’s not just me. I always catch you checking Nattie out too! And you should see your eyes bug out whenever Alicia walks around the locker room without anything on! You look like you’re going to start drooling!”

“Ughhh lies! Stop lying!” AJ insisted. “I like guys! I’ve always liked guys! Don’t flatter yourself Kaitlyn! I wasn’t checking you out. I don’t check out any girls!”

“C’mon AJ, you can admit it if you do,” Stacy said. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Women are beautiful! It’s okay to have fantasies and it’s okay to admit thinking other girls are hot. I knew other girls were hot before I even got into them. Mmmmm and now I REALLY know how hot they are and I can’t get enough. You’ve never felt real pleasure until you’ve had a woman fuck you sweetie! We used to do it all the time in the locker room back in the day!”

“You did?” AJ asked in surprise. She had thought whatever this whole thing was started with Stacy. But now she was being told it was much, much bigger.

“Oh yeah, all of us did,” Stacy said. “I wasn’t even the first. I walked into the sauna one day and found Trish and Jessica Alba fucking and I tried to tell them I wasn’t interested but they just pulled me in and kissed me and touched me and it felt so good I didn’t ever want them to stop!”

“Wow! Trish? She’s into girls?” AJ gasped, utterly shocked at the revelation about maybe the most famous Diva of all time.

Everyone in the locker room looked up to Trish Stratus and the idea of her naked in a sauna with Jessica Alba doing things girls weren’t supposed to do to each other was immediately fascinating to AJ.

“Oh yeah she definitely is into girls,” Stacy laughed knowingly. “When we see each other, me and Trish can’t keep our hands off each other. Mmmm and once me and Trish started messing around we got a lot of the others into it too. We got Victoria and Lilian into it! Oooh and Mickie? Mmmm let’s just say she really enjoyed that lesbian angle with Trish. She loved playing with girls! It was all so hot! And you’d better believe I made sure Torrie Wilson got into it too! Mmm she was so ready to be seduced by me too and we’ve been fucking ever since! So you see girls, it’s not a bad thing when best friends start to play with each other. Me and Torrie are doing great!”

AJ was agog over what she was hearing. It sounded like the Divas she had grown up watching had been doing some crazy things behind the scenes and her palms started to get sweaty. God, why did they have to be talking about this? Why had Kaitlyn done this to her? AJ wished she wasn’t enjoying what she was hearing as much as she was.

“Mmmmm fuck I wish our locker room was like that,” Kaitlyn said in jealousy. “Mmmm I would have wanted to be in on that so bad! Listen, AJ! They all did it and they loved it. You can admit you want it as bad I as do!”

“I…uhhh…uhhhh….no…no… I don’t want this,” AJ insisted. “I mean every girl has thoughts, don’t they? I can’t help but see everyone naked all the time. That doesn’t make me a lesbian! They…they’re just…just thoughts.”

“What kind of thoughts?” Kaitlyn pressed, wanting this as badly as she’d even wanted that first Diva’s Champion belt. “Please tell me AJ! You can admit it! I admit it! I want you! Tell me you want me too! Please AJ!”

But AJ wasn’t willing to say that yet. Instead she hemmed and hawed and wrung her hands together as she thought again about that fort idea or maybe diving into Stacy’s closet until this all blew over. Yet the one thing she wasn’t even thinking about doing was leaving.

“Don’t pressure her too much,” Stacy advised, seeing why Kaitlyn had felt she needed help with this. “Don’t be shy AJ. Just relax and see if you like it. I would have made Trish and Jessica stop if it hadn’t felt good but it felt so amazing! As soon as they started kissing and touching me, I knew I never wanted them to stop. Mmmmm and they fucked me so good! It was the best sex I’d ever had in my life and it just keeps getting better! But you wanna know something else AJ?”

“What?” AJ asked, unable to help herself as her head filled with wild thoughts and dirty dreams.

She couldn’t stop thinking about all those iconic Divas getting together in one big pile and pleasuring each other. It sounded so amazing. But she knew she shouldn’t think about that. She shouldn’t think about them kissing and touching and getting naked just like she shouldn’t think about Nattie naked in the shower, the water making her muscles glisten like she was some Greek goddess sent down from Olympus to rule mortals with her sexuality.

Gahhhh she was doing it again! Ughh she had thought she had been so subtle but Kaitlyn had caught her with those perfect eyes of hers that went along with those gravity-defying tits and that ass, so thick and juicy and made up of pure sexy. How many times had AJ looked at her best friend naked in the shower with those pussy moistening muscles of her and wished Kaitlyn would slam her against the wall and make her submit to her wicked whims?

AJ’s mind was getting very confused and very horny all at once and what Stacy told her next nearly caused her brain to flat out melt.

“Well it wasn’t Trish who was the first Diva to get into girls,” Stacy said with a barely restrained grin, knowing she had her ace in the hole to play. “Jessica only hooked up with her after she’d hooked up with Lita!”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” AJ gasped, not believing the words coming out of Stacy’s mouth even though she could see in her eyes that she wasn’t lying.

“Amy got so into it,” Stacy revealed seductively as she moved away from Kaitlyn and toward AJ, taking the brunette by the hand and leading her right to the bed. “She said Jessica licked her better than any man could and mmmm she made sure each and every one of us in the locker room gave her a taste. She fucked us all and she was so good at it! So don’t be shy about having fantasies, AJ! Don’t hide them and pretend they’re not really happening. Enjoy them and experience them. Just like Amy did!”

AJ was completely floored by this. She didn’t even resist Stacy a bit when the tall blonde guided her to the bed and sat her down next to her. She couldn’t come up with any kind of response to the revelation that her all-time idol was into girls.

She worshipped Lita. She wanted to be just like her and while that had led to a lot of crude jokes around the guy’s locker room considering she was dating Lita’s ex-boyfriend, it didn’t change how much she idolized her. So finding out what Lita had really been into all those years sent AJ for a loop.

“I can’t believe it,” AJ said.

“Believe it sweetie and do more than that…experience it for yourself,” Stacy said before she made her move.

As AJ tried to wrap her mind around the mental image of Amy Dumas naked and kissing another woman, letting their bare breasts touch as their wet pussies began to rub together in a passionate scissoring….and if that other naked woman happened to look exactly like her and was also named AJ, then so much the better…Stacy pressed her lips to hers and gave her a sensual kiss.

This one was even lighter than the kiss she had given Kaitlyn but its intent was even clearer. It was like a feather brushing up against AJ’s lips and her eyes widened instantly from the feel of it. Her brain flipped inside her head like it was doing a shooting star press and her heart skipped so many beats it was like it was acting out her ring entrance.

But, as the shock of what was happening spread throughout her whole body, the one thing AJ didn’t do was make any kind of movement to get Stacy to stop. The kiss was so light but it was incredibly sexy and AJ found herself sighing with desire over the sensation of being kissed by another woman for the first time.

And, before she could even think about the plunge she was taking, AJ began kissing Stacy back. She had never done this before but it wasn’t like this was her first kiss or anything. She was well practiced in the art of kissing and had been ever since kindergarten when she’d been the terror of the playground, chasing boys and kissing them whether they wanted her to or not, causing several cooties outbreaks in the process.

But she had never felt another woman’s lips before and it was an enormously sensual feeling that she found herself unable to resist.

Oh God, how could it feel so good? AJ wondered. She didn’t want this confusion. She had been so desperate to stifle any longings toward the fairer sex and it had been hard enough with so many gorgeous women around her all the time including a best friend with the body of a goddess, but now that she felt how erotic it was to really kiss another woman AJ found herself doing what she had promised she would never do.

She kissed Stacy back, letting their lips touch and rub together as they began to part and smack into each other. AJ found herself unable to think rationally and that was when she willingly took the aggressive step forward and let her tongue enter into Stacy’s mouth so she could explore it, rubbing against Stacy’s welcoming tongue in the process.

AJ moaned when she felt the sensations rush through her. She was tongue kissing another woman! And a gorgeous stunner of a woman, at that!  She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but it felt so good. It was so soft and tender. AJ felt her heart pumping faster inside her tiny little body as she kissed Stacy Keibler, letting the gorgeous woman’s tongue touch hers and rubbing back into it.

Holy shit! She was French kissing another girl! What the hell was wrong with her? AJ threw the breaks on and she pulled herself away from Stacy.

“Wait…stop!” AJ said nervously. “We can’t…I’m…I’m not like that.”

She had never felt more ill at ease than she did at that moment. AJ couldn’t believe how much she had enjoyed that kiss. It was so different from a man’s. It was sexier and naughtier and it made her feel like no kiss ever had.

It had felt so natural and so wonderful but recognizing how much she had liked it made her extra nervous, especially when she glanced over at Kaitlyn and saw that her friend had enjoyed the show.

“Don’t…don’t look at me like that,” AJ said shyly as she averted her gaze away from her friend’s, her nerves surging as she saw the look of lust in Kaitlyn’s eyes.

“Like what?” Kaitlyn teasingly asked.

“Like…like you want to fuck me,” AJ stammered out, trying to hold onto her self-control even as all her defenses were crumbling around her.

She hated seeing Kaitlyn look at her so lustfully because she was scared that before long she’d be looking at her beautiful friend the same way.

“I can’t help it! I do want to fuck you! I want you so bad!” Kaitlyn moaned, unable to restrain herself any longer as she pulled AJ to her and planted a kiss right on her lips.

This was no kiss on the cheek or even a friendly peck like they’d shared before. This was a real fucking kiss and AJ’s body froze as she found herself being forcefully and sexily kissed by her best friend.

“No…no….Kaitlyn…don’t…” AJ tried to say but she could barely force the words out of her own mouth, much less make them clear as the muscular blonde pressed herself to her lips.

It was such an aggressive kiss and AJ found it so hard to keep from falling right under its erotic power. It was more frenzied and rougher than the kiss she had just gotten from Stacy, but it also meant more considering who was doing it to her.

She couldn’t believe that Kaitlyn was kissing her. It was weird enough to feel another woman’s lips, but to have it be her best friend’s? It was absolutely insane. How could this be happening? At first it couldn’t even register fully as something that was real. But it sure as hell felt real.

Her lips were so soft…oh God how could anything feel this smooth and sensual against her lips? It was so much different than just kissing Stacy. She didn’t know her but she sure knew Kaitlyn. They had spent so many hours together, riding from one end of the country to the other so many times it was impossible to keep track of how many miles they’d logged as a twosome.

AJ didn’t think she’d ever had a closer female friend but now everything had changed.

“I want you,” Kaitlyn breathed out softly and lustfully before she took AJ’s face softly in her hands, almost cradling her as she kissed her again, this time with more tenderness.

The force of the first kiss had entirely been the result of Kaitlyn’s pent-up desires finally getting any kind of a chance to escape. She had wanted this for so long. It had been an aching inside her and now that she could finally tell and show her friend how she really felt, Kaitlyn hadn’t been able to control herself.

Just feeling AJ’s sweet lips on hers and finding herself instantly getting that Katy Perry song she’d once had on repeat for a whole six week block caught in her head again when she tasted AJ’s cherry Chap Stick relaxed Kaitlyn and she was able to come across much more seductive in her second kiss.

And while the first kiss had frozen AJ solid, the second one was like a warming glow coming over her. The significance of what was happening couldn’t be minimized and AJ knew it. Her best friend was kissing her and she liked it. She couldn’t deny that she liked it.

The second kiss was even better than the first one with all its tender heat. It was making all of AJ’s defenses fall to pieces to have Kaitlyn’s lips on hers. She had always wondered what it would be like to do this, but she had never expected to actually find out and it was even better than she had dared imagine.

AJ had never intended for any of the sneak peeks she had taken of any of her fellow Divas turn into anything more than idle glimpses at perfect naked bodies in the shower or in the locker room. Sure there had been a few occasions when her fingers had gotten sore working over her love button and times when she had drained the batteries of her little butterfly vibrator thinking of her friends.

And yes there had been the time when she had matched one butterfly to another by attaching her vibrator to her title belt and pressing it to her pussy while she had imagined being the focus of an all-girl gangbang where all the Divas had their way with her but that had only happened once…maybe twice…okay THREE times…in the last month.

But that didn’t mean she had really wanted to do anything like this. Just because she loved looking at Nattie’s muscles in the locker room and imagining her wearing a strap-on and fucking her and just because she sometimes thought about Alicia shoving her hot ass in her face or motorboating Naomi’s boobs or dragging her tongue over Summer’s perfect legs or…or…or…gawwwwd thinking of kissing every inch of Kaitlyn’s naked body with worshipful lips, it didn’t mean she was a lesbian.

It didn’t mean she wanted this to happen. Right?

AJ would have asked all those questions but her lips were quite busy at the moment and, before she even realized that she was doing it, she was kissing Kaitlyn back. AJ didn’t even know when she had switched from passively letting this happen to actively participating in it but as soon as it dawned on her that she had unconsciously flicked that switch and now her lips were doing just as much work as Kaitlyn’s, the brunette began to moan.

And Kaitlyn took that as a very encouraging signal to keep going so she slowly licked the tip of her tongue against AJ’s lips until her best friend got the message and opened her mouth so Kaitlyn’s tongue could ease inside and properly introduce itself.

This reduced Stacy to the role of observer and cheerleader but that was something she relished. She had once shaken her pom-poms on the NFL sideline but it was so much more fun to be offering encouragement towards girl sex and not touchdowns. Seeing the friends kiss in front of her for the first time and have it slowly developing into a serious make out session had Stacy’s panties getting wet very quickly.

Kaitlyn and AJ were both so gorgeous and Stacy badly wanted to see the two young wrestlers lose all their inhibitions along with their clothing to finally get what they so clearly wanted. And if she got to join in, then so much the better!

“That’s it AJ,” Stacy urged, coaxing the brunette as she softly caressed her arm through the cheesy Christmas sweater she was wearing. “If it feels good to you then you don’t need to be scared of it. Don’t fight it off. If you want it, you need to go for it. I was ready to run when I saw Trish and Jessica in the steam room but I’m so glad I didn’t! I was scared at first but they made it so good! I loved how they fucked me and I haven’t been able to get enough since! It was an amazing experience and I want you two to have one too!”

The two women kept on kissing but hearing Stacy say that to both of them elicited soft moans in response. It was so kinky for Kaitlyn to have someone be watching this…especially someone like Stacy.

She knew she’d never have had the courage to make a move without Stacy there to make sure she didn’t chicken out. Kaitlyn felt a bit guilty for lying to AJ and for not really telling the whole truth to Stacy but she wanted this too badly and could no longer hold back. She figured that the sooner they got through these initial choppy waters the better it would be for them…all three of them.

“You can play too,” Kaitlyn said, pulling off AJ’s lips just long enough to smile sexily at Stacy while relishing the sensation she had just experienced of AJ’s tongue rubbing into hers. “I don’t want to be selfish. I mean this is your room and you invited us and….mmmmm gawd Stacy you can do anything you want to us!”

AJ opened her mouth so she could say that Kaitlyn shouldn’t be speaking for the both of them about this and pointing out that she hadn’t even agreed to mess around with her friend much less expand it into a threesome with Stacy Keibler. But those words did not emerge as she had wanted them to.

Her brain was scrambled from the first girl on girl kisses she had ever experienced she no longer knew what to say. Hell she didn’t know what to feel! She wished those kisses hadn’t felt as good as they had. She wished she wasn’t as turned on as she was. She wished that everything hadn’t gotten as complicated as it had since she’d walked into this place.

“I like the sound of that,” Stacy said, giving Kaitlyn a sexy smile as she took in the breathless faces before her, post-kiss. Kaitlyn looked so happy and energized and AJ so flustered. But they both obviously wanted this and Stacy wanted them both. “But don’t worry about me. I want to see you two have fun. Mmmmm I’ll just sit here and make myself more comfortable.”

Stacy then managed to get a rise out of both of the visitors in her bedroom by reaching around back for the zipper to her dress. As she pulled it down, she stood up, letting the short garment fall easily off her and end up around her feet, her high heels making the bra and panties she was wearing even sexier.

The violet bra Stacy wore had lace trim all over the cups encasing and lifting up her firm, small mounds to give them the illusion of enhancement and her matching panties were, quite unsurprisingly, a thong. But AJ and Kaitlyn didn’t get the back view of her in them yet. They were too enraptured by the front as Stacy was barely dressed and looking absolutely breathtaking with those heels making her perfect legs look even better.

“You two should get more comfortable too,” Stacy said, quite enjoying the looks on their pretty faces as she stripped in front of them.

“Whoa…whoa…whoa…ummmm I don’t think this is a good idea,” AJ managed to sputter out as the sight of Stacy Keibler in nothing but high heels and her underwear not only managed to instantly arouse her further but also reminded her that things were getting really serious here and, with no reset button in sight, she had to put a stop to this.

Hearing that made Kaitlyn sigh, not in anger or even in frustration, but in worry that she could come so close only to maybe stumble before the finish line. She couldn’t let that happen and various options ran through her mind including forcing AJ down on the bed and holding her until she stopped trying to get out of this and gave her what she knew they both wanted.

Kaitlyn knew she was stronger than her friend and she could probably pull it off too. But she didn’t do that. Instead she decided on something far less dramatic and she did what she should have done in the first place by being honest with her.

“I don’t want to force you into this AJ,” Kaitlyn said. “You’re my best friend! If you really don’t want this or are too nervous then I understand. I kind of dumped all of this on you at once and I didn’t want to do that to you but it was the only way I knew I’d have the guts to see it through. If you don’t want to do this then we can leave and never speak of this again. But I know you want it! I want you so bad AJ! I’ve been dying to say this for so long! I want you to be my first!”

It sounded weird to be saying that out loud, but it was how she felt. She had wanted to be with a woman for so long, but Kaitlyn also wanted it to be a special experience. Basically she wanted it to be everything her eleventh grade post-Spring Fling dance night with Dougie McDermott hadn’t been.

She wanted magic. She wanted sparks. She wanted emotional chemistry. Oh and she also wanted a whole bunch of orgasms. That was a tall order for sure but she never had felt about a woman like she felt about her best friend and she told that all to AJ, confessing the full extent of her feelings for her friend and what she wanted out of her.

“Oh wow…I never…I didn’t know you felt that way…I mean REALLY felt that way,” AJ said. “I thought you just wanted to fuck me! I didn’t know you thought about me like that…that’s just…wow!”

For AJ it made a whole lot of difference to be viewed not as just a hot babe to fuck but as someone who was worthy of being someone’s first time. The fact that Kaitlyn saw her as someone she wanted a special encounter with actually made her feel a lot better.

She had truly been hurt in the first moments of finding out what all this was about. The idea of Kaitlyn not really wanting to be her friend, but of just wanting to fuck her had made AJ think that all they had experienced together from crying on each other’s shoulders after a bad night to trying to stump each other on Simpsons trivia or going an hour out of their way on the way to a house show so they could go to Dinosaur World had been a lie. But now she could see what Kaitlyn wanted was more than sex and that was such a relief because it meant their friendship was real.

“I can make you say wow a lot more,” Kaitlyn flirtatiously replied, running her fingers over AJ’s leg. “If you want me to, that is…”

“Oh God,” AJ said softly, tensing up reflexively from that touch but still not doing anything to back away.

She didn’t know what to do here. She did want this. But she also was unsure about going beyond that point of no return. She had been happy but bi-curious before today and the idea of becoming more than that filled her with nerves like she had never felt before.

“It’s okay AJ, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want,” Stacy said. “But I have to tell you, once you start you’re going to want to do everything. There’s nothing like the feeling of being with another woman…or women. We know just where to touch and just how to kiss and mmmmm just how to use our tongues. And no one ever comes too early and rolls over to go to sleep when you’re with a woman. You’ve never felt pleasure like this in your life, AJ. Neither of you have! And from the first time you feel it, you’re never going to be able to get enough. I don’t know a single girl who’s tried it that hasn’t wanted more, especially me! So the only question you have to ask yourself is, do you want it? All you have to do is think and then say yes or no.”

Stacy figured that putting things out there so directly was the best way to move things the way they all wanted it to go and she followed it up by moving her lips against Kaitlyn’s and kissing her again. It was a brief but tender kiss, one that left Kaitlyn’s lips pursed and a soft moan for more slipping past her lips.

“So, Kaitlyn? What about it? Yes or no?” Stacy asked. She already knew exactly what the woman would say and her answer did not disappoint.

“Yes! God yes!” Kaitlyn immediately replied.

And, with a big smile, Stacy moved onto AJ. The brunette knew was coming and Stacy noticed with great interest how the girl pursed her lips in anticipation of the kiss. Seeing how eager AJ was deep down, despite her obvious doubts, thrilled Stacy and she didn’t hold back in this kiss.

She didn’t use her tongue the way Kaitlyn just had with AJ but she also brought a lot of passion to it, giving her a kiss that Stacy loved to give to her housemates because she knew it was guaranteed to leave them panting. And it had the same effect on AJ as Stacy caressed her cheek and rested her thumb under the girl’s chin to tilt her lips toward hers, giving the kiss a deepening effect before she pulled away.

“And what about you AJ? Yes or no?” Stacy asked.

But that was the question that terrified AJ the most. After what had already happened here tonight, AJ knew her life was never going to be the same. The only thing left to be settled was just how much things were going to change. Now she knew that Kaitlyn had not only caught her checking out girls but that her friend was doing the same to her.

But what was she going to do about it? Was this going to be just a conversation they never referred to again or was it going to be something more? AJ knew what she wanted it to be, but feeling that way scared her like nothing ever had before.

“I….I….I…” AJ babbled nervously, unable to put into words what she wanted.

But that stammering stopped when Kaitlyn silenced her lips by placing a warm, loving kiss on them. She leaned in and smooched her brunette friend like she’d been dreaming of doing for so long, giving her a sensual kiss and making AJ’s whole body flutter. And doing so made the answer crystal clear to AJ.

“Yesssssssss…” AJ moaned as soon as Kaitlyn’s lips left hers.

“Mmmmm what was that AJ?” Kaitlyn asked excitedly, her heart thumping and her pulse racing as she was so close to what she had wanted.

“I said yes…mmmmm yes please,” AJ replied, adding that extra word for emphasis. “God, do it before I chicken out! Do it Kaitlyn! Make every nasty, secret dream I ever had come true!”

AJ blushed when she realized the accidental double meaning of what she was asking. But she did want her dirty dreams to come true, especially if that involved lots of coming. She had never ever dreamed she would actually be in the position to have her filthy, hidden fantasies actually happen, but this whole night was already out of control and she wanted it to happen.

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Kaitlyn smiled in barely contained giddiness as she proceeded to whip her Christmas sweater over her head and reveal that she didn’t have anything on underneath but a black bra with decorative skull and crossbones on each cup that barely contained her impressive chest.

Kaitlyn then did what she had wanted to do every time she and AJ had tangled in the ring. She pushed the smaller girl down onto her back and pinned her there, pulling herself right on top of AJ and kissing her passionately as their bodies touched through their clothes.

AJ tensed up again at first but only for a moment and she quickly relaxed back into the kiss, welcoming the pleasure that came from having her best friend’s lips on hers. AJ couldn’t believe she was doing this but she didn’t want to stop it anymore. She felt like she had to do this now. If she didn’t do it now she never would and then she’d be left wondering forever “what if.”

So AJ kissed back. Her tongue was eager to play and she moaned when Kaitlyn eagerly opened her mouth to invite it in. AJ found herself tongue kissing her best friend and she loved it. Kaitlyn wanted this to be special and so did AJ. The more they kissed the more the brunette knew she couldn’t just live with her fantasies anymore. She had to make them real. She had to find out if this was as good as she dreamed it would be. She had to find out what it would be like to really experience another woman.

And AJ didn’t just kiss Kaitlyn. With the bigger woman on top of her, pinning her down, AJ felt so sexily submissive and enjoyed the tingles going through her whole body. She and Kaitlyn kept kissing, their tongues wrestling in each other’s mouths the same way their bodies had in the ring, twisting and rubbing together and AJ let her hands get to work.

She brought them off the bed and onto Kaitlyn’s back, caressing the muscles of her amazing body and even playing with the strap of her bra. But she didn’t snap it off. Instead AJ wanted to explore more and her hands gravitated toward where she most wanted them to go. They drifted downward until they were cupping Kaitlyn’s ass through her pants, getting a moan from both of them.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhhh! You can so touch me there!” Kaitlyn happily urged. “You like that AJ? Like that booty?”

“Oooooh you know I do!” AJ moaned back lustfully. “You’ve got such a great ass Kaitlyn! Mmmmm I’d stare at it so many times! I…I…I wanna be friends with it!”

Not every woman would have considered a quote from Anchorman as a romantic gesture, but Kaitlyn was certainly one of them. Hearing AJ say that not only turned her on but also was totally sweet and genuine and Kaitlyn loved it. So she arched her back just enough to lift her butt up and let the thickness of her muscular cheeks fill up AJ’s small hands.

“Is that all you like on my body?” Kaitlyn teased, knowing she had AJ right where she wanted her and feeling totally confident that things would never be the same between them again…they’d be even better.

AJ smiled at the question and shook her head no.

“You know what I like,” AJ smiled, her excitement growing by the second as her disbelief that this was happening was more and more replaced by the dampness between her thighs. “Gawwwd those obscenely large boobs!”

Kaitlyn giggled when she heard that. It was one of their private jokes for AJ to call them that and hearing it in a sexual context made it so much better. So, even as she let AJ grab onto her ass, kneading her meaty cheeks through her pants, Kaitlyn gave AJ what she wanted by reaching around for the clasp of her bra and unsnapping it with ease. She couldn’t wait to get naked for her friend and she proved it by getting her bra off and tossing it onto the bed, exposing her breasts to AJ’s delighted eyes.

“Mmmmm oh we’re gonna get obscene sweetie,” Kaitlyn promised her friend, loving how AJ lit up at the sight of her topless. “And these boobs are yours to play with now! Mmmm my whole body is yours! Do whatever you want to it AJ! Cause I’m gonna do whatever I want to yours!”

That was a threat and a promise and AJ loved hearing it, but not nearly as much as she loved having those naked tits in her face. She had snuck peaks so many times at her friend while they were changing or showering and now not only did she have ample opportunity to stare at those fleshy mountains on her friend’s chest, but Kaitlyn was encouraging her to do it.

AJ kept fondling Kaitlyn’s ass but she barely took notice of it because she was enraptured by the sight of her tits.

“So big….so sexy…” AJ softly moaned, her breath taken away by the view of those double D cup knockers. “I gotta do this! Mmmm gawwd just get them in my face Kaitlyn! Feed me! We both want this!”

“Oh hell yeah we do!” Kaitlyn gleefully replied as she pressed her body down again, mashing her boobs into AJ’s pretty face and moaning as she felt her friend press into her cleavage.

AJ’s head buried itself between her tits and Kaitlyn playfully shook them, giving them both what they wanted as the petite brunette began motorboating the busty blonde.

Kaitlyn laughed in delight when she felt that warm, wet mouth all over her tits. She shook her boobs in her friend’s face and AJ did the rest, getting her mouth all over them as she shook her head in time and made them wet with lust. They were being silly with each other even as they took their friendship to a whole new level and Kaitlyn couldn’t have been happier as she felt AJ motorboat her bare breasts.

She could feel it and she knew AJ could feel it too. No matter what happened here they were still going to be best friends first and that was so important to both of them.

But the fun time of AJ getting her pretty face between those huge tits didn’t last because they didn’t want to waste time when there were so many more clothes to come off. So Kaitlyn pulled her now wet boobs away from her friend and instead did what she had wanted to do for so long and helped AJ off with her sweater.

AJ’s face was flushed when she was freed from the lovely prison of Kaitlyn’s chest and there was a big smile on her face. She didn’t fight what was happening and she raised her arms up so it was so easy for her friend to pull that sweater off and toss it aside, knowing they wouldn’t be needing it for a while.

Unlike Kaitlyn, AJ had worn a t-shirt under her sweater but that was only a momentary barrier as it was lifted off her body with ease. AJ bit her lip in excitement as her shirt came off. She still couldn’t believe this was happening. She was getting naked with her best friend. And they were going to have sex. Oh God, she was going to fuck Kaitlyn!

They weren’t just going to be friends anymore. They were going to be lovers, naughty, lesbian lovers. The excitement bubbled over and AJ let out a little giggle that seemed a touch maniacal.

“What?” Kaitlyn asked, pausing for a moment as she tossed AJ’s shirt onto the floor where the number of pieces of clothes were starting to grow.

“Nothing…I just can’t believe this is happening,” AJ said, giddiness close to overtaking her as she was stripped down to her bra. “Don’t stop though! Mmmm let’s get naked! If we’re gonna do this then we’d better do it right! No holding back!”

“My thoughts exactly,” Kaitlyn said as she placed another tender kiss on her nervous friend’s lips and then did another thing she had been dying to do and began removing her own pants.

That became a little difficult though because she had neglected to take her shoes off first, something that quickly resulted in a tangled mess around her ankles and an offer of assistance.

“Allow me,” Stacy helpfully said, reminding everyone that this was still her room and she was very much still there. “I’ll take care of that. You take care of her!”

And that sounded really good to both of the women as AJ and Kaitlyn resumed kissing. AJ’s excitement was fully unleashed now and that got Kaitlyn going even more. She was so happy her friend was into it and that just made her want it more.

Kaitlyn had been fantasizing about this for so long and had feared AJ would reject the advance. That was why she had brought her here. That was why she had pushed so hard for this. And now that she had her tiny friend in her sexual clutches, Kaitlyn had no intention of letting her go.

Pressing down on top of AJ and kissing her lovingly, Kaitlyn moaned when she felt Stacy pulling off her shoes and then making her pants disappear. It was so wild to feel her own clothes being pulled off by someone else, but Kaitlyn didn’t let it distract her. Kaitlyn allowed the leggy blonde to undress her and instead focused on getting AJ naked as she reached for her friend’s pants.

“Oh Goddddd…” AJ moaned, breaking their kiss, as Kaitlyn popped open the button of her pants and easily began lowering them down her.

Stacy had already gotten off AJ’s shoes and that made it easy for Kaitlyn to get those pants down to her ankles, where Stacy did the rest and pulled them the rest of the way off. And while AJ moaned and tensed up when she was undressed she didn’t do anything to stop it from happening.

She had never been this nervous in her life, not even when she had wrestled on live TV for the first time or when she had made her debut before millions on pay per view. This was so, so crazy and AJ couldn’t stop from worrying that she was making a mistake by letting this happen. But even with those very loud doubts in her mind she didn’t want Kaitlyn to stop.

It all felt so good. How could she not want this? She’d never felt more nervous, but she’d also never felt more exited and AJ knew that was a good thing, especially when Kaitlyn’s hands began caressing her breasts through her bra.

That got a soft, happy moan from AJ’s mouth and Kaitlyn eagerly kissed her friend’s soft lips again, their tongues coming out to play with each other again as they rubbed together. But before they got too deep into making out again, Kaitlyn urged the smaller woman onward.

“Play with mine too,” Kaitlyn instructed. “I want to feel those hot hands of yours on my tits!”

“Ooooh yesss,” AJ groaned, feeling a thrill as she heard Kaitlyn start to talk dirty and an even bigger thrill when she did what her friend said and placed her hands on the large mounds of beautiful girl flesh.

With Kaitlyn pressing down on top of her it was so easy for AJ to do this. All she had to do was reach up and take that rack in her hands. And she did it, feeling Kaitlyn up as two words escaped her lips in reaction.

“So big…” AJ moaned.

“Mmmmmhmmmm nice big titties for you to play with,” Kaitlyn moaned, feeling her body tingle as the dream come true of being felt up by her best friend while knowing things could only get better from here. “Kiss them AJ! Mmmmmm I wanna feel your lips oooooh and your tongue! Mmmm get them all over my tits!”

“Oh yeahhhh mmmmmm they taste so good,” AJ cooed back as she let Kaitlyn’s words guide her into dragging her tongue over the bare tits in her face. “Oooooh I can’t believe how good they taste!”

AJ had been a little embarrassed over how much she’d enjoyed having the chance to motorboat her friend’s oversized chest before. It had felt so good to have those big tits smothering her face and get the chance to taste them, kissing and licking at them and breathing in the scent of Kaitlyn’s perfume and even her sweat.

It had been so sexy and now AJ was able to get more as she once again pressed her face into Kaitlyn’s cleavage. But she didn’t stop there as she squeezed her friend’s breasts and felt them against her face. This time she was more deliberate and erotic in her actions and she quickly pulled out from between Kaitlyn’s tits to concentrate more precisely on her nipples.

AJ had to admit she loved staring at all the hot women she worked naked in the locker room and not just because she liked looking at nude girls. That was a major part of it, but she also loved comparing their bare bodies.

She loved the subtle differences she would see in the roundness of hot girl butts like Cameron and Naomi and Aksana, all of them so juicy and full but so unique too. She loved checking out the toned muscles of Natalya and Tamina and wondering if they’d think it was weird if she asked them to work out naked with her. And she loved boobs. God it felt good to even just admit that to herself but she loved tits and there were so many sexy ones in the WWE.

But she loved Kaitlyn’s the most and not just because those boobs happened to be attached to her best friend. It was because they were so big and bouncy and because of those impossibly pink nipples. Despite the liberal amounts of bronzing they were practically mandated to do when performing, nothing could ever distract from the wonderful pinkness of those gorgeous nipples and the areolas that surrounded them. And now AJ could finally show how much she liked them.

As Kaitlyn moaned on top of her, AJ worshipped her tits. She let her small hands tenderly squeeze them in all their enhanced glory and she went from boob to boob with her eager face, kissing the nipples she had previously only admired from afar. Then she started licking them, rubbing her wet tongue all over those areolas and focusing on the erect and oh so pink nubs that made her friend’s chest so perfect.

And through it all Kaitlyn expressed nothing but the sweetest happiness over what was happening.

“Oh baby mmmm yesss AJ ooooooooooooooh! Mmmm I’ve wanted this for so long!” Kaitlyn expressed joyfully, her breath becoming ragged. “Mmmmm kiss them! Lick them! Gawwwd do anything you want to them! Just make it feel good! Ohhhhh AJ! Mmmmm sweetie that’s itttttttt! Yesssssssssssss ughhhhh mmmm suck on my big tits baby! Mmmmm fuckkk! They’re yours to play with!”

“Oh yeah?” AJ asked, unable to help teasing as the wild, new sensations rushing through her body filled her with an intoxicating excitement she had never truly experienced before. “Mmmmm all mine? Well what about this? Is this mine too?”

As she asked that, AJ took her hands off Kaitlyn’s breasts and brought them back to her ass. She grabbed those well-defined cheeks and squeezed them both playfully and with a purpose, making sure Kaitlyn knew that she wasn’t going to be shy anymore and that she was really going to go through with this.

And AJ moaned when she did it because Kaitlyn’s pants were gone now. There were just tight panties keeping her hands from touching her best friend’s bare ass and it felt so good to feel up those sexy globes of girl butt.

But she wasn’t the only one who felt pleasure from her grope and grab.

“Oh AJ! Mmmm you don’t even have to ask! Fuck yeah that ass is yours!” Kaitlyn moaned. “My whole body belongs to you now! Lemme show you just how much!”

Kaitlyn then grabbed one of AJ’s hands and peeled it off her ass. Before AJ could question what she was doing, Kaitlyn made it clear by guiding that hand to an even more intimate place. Kaitlyn took AJ’s hand and shoved it inside her panties, pushing it right to her heated center and letting AJ feel the delight that was waiting for her.

“Oh my God!” AJ breathlessly declared, feeling another woman like this for the first time.

She didn’t resist a bit though. She let Kaitlyn push her hand down into her panties and her own lustful instincts did the rest as she began to explore the treasure she found there.

“Oh Kaitlyn! Ohhhhhhh wowwwwwww!” AJ moaned. “Ooooh you’re so wet baby! Mmmm gawwwwd so warm and sticky! Ughhh I can’t believe I’m doing this! Touching…ohhh my God…touching your…your…vagina!”

AJ blushed as she said it, the redness of her cheeks turning an even deeper shade when Kaitlyn burst out laughing. She hadn’t known what to call it and she’d choked. Now she felt like a fool, but she didn’t move her hand.

Kaitlyn still was holding it down there but it wasn’t necessary. AJ didn’t want to take it away. Not for anything. And even though Kaitlyn was laughing now, it was clear she didn’t want her to move an inch either.

“Don’t call it that,” Kaitlyn giggled. “You sound like a health teacher trying to give sex ed. Mmmmm call it my pussy! Ooooooh you can even get nasty and call it my cunt! Mmmm fuckkk AJ call it a dirty fucking twat if you want! Just don’t stop touching it!”

“Mmmmmm pussy…” AJ moaned, letting the word drip off her tongue as she said it.

She’d never been super vocal during sex. She’d never even bothered assigning any kind of dirty pet name to her own sex. But it sounded so good to hear Kaitlyn use filthy words like that, especially as she resumed touching her so intimately, exploring the wetness of her friend for the first time and feeling the heat emanating from it as the slickness of her arousal began coating her fingers. AJ began touching her more intently, rubbing her fingers over Kaitlyn’s sensitive labia underneath her panties, making her quiver and moan as she did it.

AJ touched Kaitlyn’s pussy just like she enjoyed touching her own, feeling herself get hornier and hornier for it. She had never done anything like this before but she quickly became fascinated by the way Kaitlyn’s slick lips felt on her fingers.

They were so warm and felt so silky and sexy but what AJ particularly loved was the way Kaitlyn quivered for her touch. She could feel her friend’s pussy getting wetter for her with each moment she touched it but she could also see the pleasure in her eyes and the way her face contorted in bliss as moans flowed out of her mouth.

“I wanna make you feel so good!” AJ stated, meaning it completely.

Knowing she was bringing her best friend pleasure was so thrilling and it made AJ want this more than ever. She had never dreamed that her fantasies would ever intersect with Kaitlyn’s fantasies and seeing that they both wanted the same thing made AJ want to do whatever her friend wanted.

“I want to fuck you Kaitlyn!” AJ declared and getting an immediate response from her words.

“Yesssssssssssssssssss fuck me! Please fuck me AJ! Oooooh I want this so bad! Get my fucking panties off and fuck me!  Mmmmmm I want your mouth on my pussy more than I’ve ever wanted anything!” Kaitlyn cried out, feeling totally and wonderfully submissive to this new pleasure even though she was the stronger one of the two.

She was still on top of AJ and that should have been in the position of power, but feeling AJ’s hand in her panties had taken away any illusion of control she had. All she wanted was more and she would have done anything to feel it. She wasn’t holding onto AJ’s wrist anymore. The brunette was doing this all on her own and it felt amazing.

AJ’s touch was getting bolder the more she explored and Kaitlyn felt pleasure run through her whole body from the way AJ’s delicate fingers were toying with her pussy, rubbing against her swelling, dripping lips and even slipping inside her drenched pinkness. The pleasure was going right up her spine to her brain, making Kaitlyn gasp and moan and smile in total bliss. But she wanted more. She needed more and she felt so happy when AJ took it.

“Ohhhh my God…I…I can’t believe we’re doing this but I want you so much too! Oooooh Kaitlyn I wanna fuck you so good and be a dirty little slut with you!” AJ moaned, letting her shyness fade away and the fantasies she had tried so hard to repress take control of her body and mind.

Suddenly she got aggressive and she flipped her and Kaitlyn over so now she was the one on top and Kaitlyn was on her back on the bed.

And, as soon as she did that, AJ didn’t hesitate. The blonde was already topless and only her panties kept her from being completely naked. So AJ took care of that, using one hand to pull her friend’s underwear down and bringing the other one up to Kaitlyn’s mouth. Naturally the hand that brushed across the blonde’s lips was the one that AJ had used to play with Kaitlyn’s pussy and she didn’t have to be told what to do.

Lustful instinct took over and Kaitlyn swallowed those fingers, sucking them into her mouth and tasting them just like she always cleaned off her own fingers after touching herself and dreaming about something just like this.

Kaitlyn moaned in need as she felt her panties be pulled down by AJ. This was everything she had wanted and her body was on fire with expectation and desire. She really did want this more than anything…more than being on TV…more than that Diva’s title…more than any man. Kaitlyn eagerly slurped on AJ’s slim fingers, relishing her own flavor, but she didn’t want to take all of it for herself.

“Don’t you want a taste too?” Kaitlyn asked, popping those fingers out of her mouth.

“Ummm no…I…oh Godddd…I wanna taste you right from here,” AJ nervously but hornily declared, her heart skipping around like she always did when she came to the ring. “I want my first taste to be right from your pussy!”

AJ blushed as she said it, feeling like this was both the craziest and the best thing she had ever done. She still couldn’t believe she was actually doing this but she didn’t want to turn back now. She was stripped down to her underwear and was in bed with her best friend and now it was like she was seeing Kaitlyn’s pussy for the first time.

She’d caught so many naughty glimpses of her friend totally naked before but never had AJ had the chance to see Kaitlyn like this, her pussy lips all pink and puffy and looking so wet and yummy. No hard cock she had ever seen had turned her on as much as the site of her best friend’s pussy with her lips all slick with arousal and as pink as her nipples. Kaitlyn had a soft V of neat, small dark curls and AJ found herself staring lustfully at the view she had previously only admired from afar.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” AJ said, her voice a whisper but one that was loud enough for Kaitlyn to hear as she stared at her exposed friend.

“So are you! You’re the hottest girl I’ve ever seen!” Kaitlyn moaned as she lay on the bed rubbing her heavy tits in anticipation while feeling the wetness literally drip from her labia and make her thigh wet.

She didn’t tell AJ what to do next and she didn’t need to. AJ hadn’t even bothered getting Kaitlyn’s panties all the way down. She’d left them just past her knees but it didn’t matter. She’d exposed what needed to be exposed and she went for it.

AJ pushed aside all her worries and inhibitions and all those times she had tried desperately to convince herself she was totally straight. She pressed her face between the supremely toned and wonderfully thick thighs of her best friend and let her tongue slip past her lips so she could softly slide it over the wet pussy she craved.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!” Kaitlyn squealed, making the sweetest sound AJ had ever heard as she cried in pleasure from her tongue.

AJ had been nervous to take that first lick, a little afraid that she wouldn’t like it. But she did like it. Oooooh that taste was so good, so sweet and juicy and it made her feel so naughty for doing something so wicked.

Oh God, she was turning gay and she didn’t care. She would totally go lesbo for this pussy. She knew that for sure after just one lick because it wasn’t just the taste of Kaitlyn’s pussy that turned her on, it was that wonderful sound of her pleasure. AJ loved the taste of her friend but she adored knowing that Kaitlyn liked it too.

So AJ followed that first lick with another and then another and then another one after that, surprising herself with how easily this came to her. She’d spent so long trying to deny this side of herself but now that she was unleashing it, it just flowed naturally. AJ licked away at her best friend’s pussy, relishing each juicy drop she tasted from the smooth lips and using every happy cry she got from Kaitlyn as permission to go for more.

“Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooh yessssss mmmm baby yessssssssssssss! Ohhhhh my God you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this!” Kaitlyn cried, squeezing her own tits both for pleasure and because she had no idea what else to do with her hands. “Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk! I can’t believe it! Mmmmm I can’t believe you’re going down on me! Fuckkkkkk!!! Do it AJ! Oooooooh lick that pussy! Taste how wet you make me! I’ve been dreaming about you! Oooooh yesssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh you’re making it so good!”

But it wasn’t just Kaitlyn who was moaning as the show had a very arousing effect on the audience of one that was still in the room.

Stacy had become the forgotten woman again but she had absolutely no problem with that. She had wanted these two horny girls to lose their inhibitions and go for what they wanted. She hadn’t wanted to get in the way of that. So she had helped undress them and then taken a step back, letting them get kinky in her bed and enjoying the show a great deal.

She had a hell of a view as she sat back in the chair by her bed. Having so many hot women in the mansion had allowed for some of Jewel’s voyeur tendencies to rub off on her. There were simply too many hot women fucking here for her not to want to take a peek whenever she could, but this was the first time she had ever watched two women get it on in her own bed and she loved the view.

Stacy loved sitting back in her chair and watching AJ’s perfect ass in the air with just a tight pair of panties clinging to it as she bent over on her knees to go down on Kaitlyn. It was so hot for Stacy to see the well-built blonde writhing in pleasure from her best friend’s tongue, Kaitlyn’s body shaking just enough to make those big tits bounce in her hands.

Stacy thoroughly enjoyed that view and her hand slid down into her panties so she could touch herself. She used her other hand to slip off her bra and expose her firm chest but she didn’t do anything else but sit back and masturbate over what she was seeing.

She’d actually considered just leaving the room totally to give Kaitlyn and AJ some privacy. She didn’t mind putting her own needs on the back burner so those two could get what they needed from each other. But the show had been too hot to ignore and she’d decided to stay and watch. Now she was moaning from her own touch as her hand rubbed her pussy, her fingers pushing inside with a little squish.

Even though the two women were totally focused only on each other, Stacy couldn’t help but feel the show was for her benefit. After all they were fucking in her bed and she was the reason they were even here. And as much as Stacy loved seeing AJ and Kaitlyn make good on their fantasies and hook up she didn’t just want them to play with each other.

Stacy badly wanted to turn these bi-curious babes into lesbian swingers by the end of the night, bringing the bad habits they picked up at the mansion back into the Divas’ locker room. The more Stacy thought about it, the more she touched herself, moving her fingers in quicker and deeper into the growing wetness of her pussy and making her panties bulge out from her hand in them. The sounds of pleasure grew louder from her mouth to the point where Stacy couldn’t be ignored any longer.

“Oooooh wow!” AJ moaned when she stopped licking Kaitlyn just long enough to glance at Stacy Keibler topless and touching herself. “Ooooh you’re just as big a perv as Kaitlyn is! Mmmm probably even bigger! You’re a naughty girl Stacy! Watching girls fuck and getting off on it! You’re so dirty!”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh so dirty…so fucking dirty,” Stacy groaned, pulling her hand out of her wet panties just long enough to lick the sticky treat off her fingers before shoving it back down so she could resume pleasuring herself. “Now you two are dirty just like me! I’m going to make sure you both love pussy as much as I do! I’m going to make it so you’re always craving the taste of wet cunt on your lips just like I did after Trish and Jessica fucked me! Mmmmm I’ll make it so you’ll want to fuck the whole locker room and get all those hot Divas naked and slutty like you!”

Hearing Stacy say that made both AJ and Kaitlyn moan with wicked desire as their pulses raced and their pussies got wetter. Sure they’d fantasized mostly about each other but they had also cast longingly lustful eyes at the other Divas they worked with. Turning the locker room into one big lesbian orgy sounded too delicious for them not to dream about.

And the fantasy was especially impactful to AJ because this was her first taste of pussy and the more she licked Kaitlyn the more she knew she was going to need a lot more of this.

AJ never would have admitted this to anyone, not even to Kaitlyn, but she had always loved the taste of cum. It had always felt so kinky to be swallowing a load. It seemed so dirty like it was something only bad girls did in porno movies. It was her secret fetish and while she knew guys loved it when she swallowed, she had never told anyone, not even her most serious of boyfriends, how much she enjoyed it too.

Now she was tasting girl cum for the first time and she loved every bit of the taste. It was so much sweeter and creamier than a guy and AJ felt herself developing a serious thirst for it as she licked away at her friend.

AJ began licking Kaitlyn faster, her technique so eager to please that it made her lack of experience completely irrelevant. She might not have known what she was doing but she still wanted to do it well and she badly wanted to please Kaitlyn. Plus it was an extra turn on to know someone as sexy as Stacy was watching them and enjoying the show.

AJ began wondering if Stacy tasted as good as Kaitlyn did and how Trish tasted and Lita…ohhhh God Lita! What would it be like to actually fuck her idol? Just thinking about it was making her even wetter and making her want to pleasure Kaitlyn and show off for Stacy even more.

“Mmmm yeahhhh watch us fuck!” AJ moaned to Stacy in between her first lesbian tongue lashes. “Oooooh yessss we’re all such dirty girls now! Ughhh watch us fuck just like Trish and Lita used to fuck! Watch me make Kaitlyn come!”

That was what Kaitlyn wanted more than anything and she wasn’t shy about expressing it as she lay back stripped of everything but the panties around her knees while the most beautiful woman she had ever seen was between her legs pleasuring her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss please make me come AJ! Ohhhh God! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my Goddddddddddd yessssssssssssss make it so good I come all over your pretty face!” Kaitlyn cried out, squeezing her tits as she rubbed her palms into her erect nipples, loving the way they poked into her. “You’re so good at this baby! Ughhhhh you’re like a fucking natural! Mmmmmm gawwwwd you have to have done this before! You’re so good! Oooooh fuckkkk yesssssssssssssss so much better than a guy!”

AJ blushed a little when she heard that. It felt so weird to be receiving a compliment like that. Certainly Kaitlyn wasn’t the first to compliment her for her skills at giving head, but she was definitely the first woman to do it.

It was such a strange sensation to think about being good at licking pussy. She was just doing mostly guess work about what she felt might feel good to Kaitlyn based on her own experiences being licked and it seemed to be working. She was so glad that her best friend liked this and AJ had to admit that she was really enjoying it too. It still seemed crazy that she was pleasuring another woman sexually but Kaitlyn tasted so good that it was becoming more and more difficult to question what was happening.


The way she was being licked with that naughty, wet tongue hitting her hot spots made Kaitlyn’s legs kick out reflexively and reminded her that she was still technically wearing her panties. She felt them restraining her legs and it actually reminded her of one of her naughtiest fantasies, one where all the hot Divas in the locker room ganged up on her and ripped her clothes off and tied her up with the tattered shards of them so they could hold her down and gangfuck her like she was some kind of hardcore lez fuck toy for them. Ohhhh that was so fucking hot!

But even though she liked being reminded of that, she wanted her legs to be free. She didn’t want anything holding her back now. That was one hot fantasy, but nothing had ever turned her on more than her best friend licking and fucking her and making her come over and over again. Kaitlyn didn’t want anything restraining her, not her fears or her inhibitions and certainly not her panties.

So she began kicking her legs a little, trying to get her bundled up mess of her underwear to scoot down her legs just a little bit more so she could slide them off. Kaitlyn didn’t even consider asking AJ to take them off though. She wanted the petite brunette doing exactly what she was doing with her mouth right on her pussy. So she was a bit stuck, but not for long because Stacy took notice of her distress.

“Looks like you need my help again,” Stacy seductively chuckled as she got up from the chair and strode over to the bed, topless and looking absolutely perfect as she showed off her tight body, firm breasts and breathtaking legs in nothing but her wet panties. “Let me get that for you baby.”

“Yessssssss ooooooooooooh get my panties off mmmmm fuckkkk get everything off of all of us,” Kaitlyn moaned in lust as she felt Stacy’s soft hands caressing the sculpted muscles of her strong legs before she took mercy on her and pulled off her underwear. “I never want to leave this bedroom! I just want all of us naked and fucking forever!”

Stacy knew that feeling all too well. She’d felt it herself the first time she had ever visited the mansion. She loved seeing new women experience what she had as they felt the immense pleasure and it was so hot to see it happening to Kaitlyn and AJ now.

It was like she was corrupting a new generation of Divas and she realized this had to be exactly like how Trish had felt when she and Jessica had gotten her towel off in that sauna and taken her in all her holes, making her feel like she would never be able to go without a woman’s touch again.

Stacy felt her panties get even wetter at the memory of how Trish and Jessica had taken her, their bodies dripping with sweat as Jessica had tongued her pussy and Trish has filled her ass up with a toy. Anyone could have caught them at any second and it had been so nasty and kinky. But now she was the one with experience. She was the one who could show these newbies just how it hot it was for girls to fuck.

She loved seeing Kaitlyn’s sexy body completely naked in her bed. Her huge tits shook with every lurch of her body from what AJ was doing to her with her tongue and Stacy admired her fitness model style body. It was as sexy as Trish’s and even more ripped. Stacy loved what she saw, especially how much Kaitlyn was enjoying AJ’s tonguing of her cunt.

Stacy had Kaitlyn’s panties in her hand and she couldn’t resist bringing them up to her face for a perverted sniff of her arousal and a quick taste of the crotch to sample a little bit of her flavor. And that just made her want more as she turned her lustful eyes toward AJ’s body.

The brunette was still in her bra and panties and Stacy knew that had to change. So she set about taking care of that.

She didn’t ask for permission. She didn’t say a word. She just let the crumpled up ball of Kaitlyn’s no longer needed panties drop from her hand and maneuvered herself so she was in back of AJ while she kneeled down between Kaitlyn’s now outstretched legs and fed off her wetness, her craving for sweet, juicy girl cum growing by the second.

It was such a hot sight and Stacy savored it. Given her own attributes, Stacy couldn’t help but admire a great ass on a girl and AJ had an exquisite little booty that demanded attention.

AJ was so focused on eating Kaitlyn out, her tonguing growing more enthusiastic with every lick, that she didn’t even notice Stacy coming up behind her. The leggy blonde didn’t shy away from openly ogling AJ’s backside while her panties clung to the tight curve of her toned buns. The panties were a full cut, covering up way too much of her cheeks for Stacy’s taste, but they totally worked for her, amplifying the sexiness of her ass while reminding Stacy that she needed to be seduced some more.

I’ll have her wearing g-strings in no time, Stacy thought to herself with a lick of her lips as she pictured turning AJ into a naughty little minx like she was. Kaitlyn was already well on her way. But AJ was going to need some more work and Stacy wanted to be a big help in unleashing this girl’s inner slut. And in order to do that, AJ’s panties had to go.

“Heyyyyyy…I…wait…” AJ moaned, her nerves reflexively flaring up again when she felt Stacy grab her panties and yank them down.

But she couldn’t muster an objection to Stacy’s uninvited actions when the blonde tossed her panties away and began literally kissing her ass.

“Oooooooh mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss!” AJ cooed, fear replaced instantly with erotic pleasure.

“My room, my rules,” Stacy teased. “And my rules say no hot girls wearing panties.”

“Oh yeah? What about your own?” Kaitlyn teased back, noting that Stacy was still only mostly naked. “Mmmmm I wanna see you too Stacy! Lemme see that hot body all the other Divas used to fuck!”

“Good point,” Stacy grinned, sliding her tiny panties down her long legs until mostly naked became completely naked.

But she didn’t linger on her own nudity. Not when AJ’s was what was truly captivating her. Now AJ was bottomless and oh so beautiful in her bed. She still had her bra on, but Stacy ignored it for now as she paid attention to the girl’s ass. It was impossible for her to take her eyes off it and she planted kisses all over her tight, naked cheeks.

“Ooooooh mmmmmmmmmm,” AJ moaned in contentment from the sensation of those soft, velvet lips all over her ass. She’d had people kiss her ass before but never literally and it felt amazing, especially since those wonderful lips belonged to Stacy Keibler. “Oh my God! Feels soooooo goooooood!”

“And I’m barely doing anything,” Stacy laughed. “Just wait till I really get going! Imagine how good it’s going to feel then!”

Stacy followed that statement up by taking another liberty with the younger woman’s body. She rubbed her fingers over AJ’s slit from behind, making the brunette gasp and shiver and reflexively push her ass out further, encouraging Stacy even more.

“Oooooh yessss show me how much you want it,” Stacy cooed, reading AJ’s unconscious message loud and clear and touching the slick lips of her labia as they flared open in a naughty invitation. “Mmmmm you’re so wet AJ! This little pussy of yours is dying to be fucked by girls! You acted like you weren’t into it but your pussy doesn’t lie baby. It’s soaked! Ooooooh I can feel it dripping on my fingers! I know you want this! I know you want me to do this to you!”

Stacy didn’t hesitate to act. She took the two fingers that had been rubbing AJ’s smooth pussy lips and pushed them inside the girl, penetrating her and making her gasp in happiness.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuckkkkkkk!” AJ cried as Stacy began to finger her, pleasure going right up her spine just from knowing it was another woman’s fingers sliding inside her. “So nasty! Ooooh fuckkk I can’t believe I’m letting this happen!”

“Nasty? Mmmm we haven’t even begun to get nasty,” Stacy said with another sexy, knowing chuckle. “You two have a lot to learn! And I want to teach you everything!”

Stacy’s smile was on full beam as she began working her fingers in faster, squishing them into the girl’s willing pink folds and savoring how wet AJ was. Juice began to coat her digits and Stacy proceeded to make her even wetter by spitting into AJ’s pussy, a nasty act that the inexperienced brunette barely had the chance to register a reaction to before Stacy turned up the heat even more by licking her pussy lips, lapping the sticky arousal right off them while pumping her fingers in and out of AJ.


Like most women, AJ loved being licked. Penetration was great but there was just something about what a tongue could do to her that AJ absolutely adored. She had been with men who knew exactly how to make her kitty purr just right with their tongues but nothing she had ever felt before could compare with the sensations being created by Stacy.

Maybe it was the taboo nature of a lesbian tongue licking her. Maybe it was that it was immediately clear that Stacy knew exactly what she was doing. Or maybe it was both together. But whatever it was, it made AJ’s nearly nude body shiver in all the right ways as Stacy started licking her.


That was a familiar refrain now from AJ and it wasn’t as though Kaitlyn was tired of hearing it. It was just that she believed there was a far better use of AJ’s tongue than talking. Her own pussy was being neglected now and there was no way she could allow that to continue. She had come too damn far to be denied an orgasm from AJ now.

So Kaitlyn stopped lying back and instead showed her dominant side by putting her muscles to good use. She had once suggested this as a submission finisher, only to be flatly told by the agents it was too sexual, and she could see why, especially as she used it for just that purpose.

She wrapped her legs around AJ, pushing her down between her thick thighs and pinning her there, trapping her against her pussy and making it clear what she wanted.

“Lick!” Kaitlyn commanded, less like a lust struck best friend and more like a horny beast in need of pleasure.

She was too wet to stop now. She needed this and the only person she would accept it from was the one she was holding down. She had to have her first lesbian orgasm and it had to be AJ giving it to her. She would accept no other alternative.

“Don’t you dare fucking tease me April Janette!” Kaitlyn declared. “You give me that hot little tongue of yours! You bury it in my fucking pussy or I will choke you the fuck out right here in front of Stacy! C’mon you little dirty tomboy! I know you’ve always wanted this! Deep down you’ve always been a fucking dyke just like me! Give it to me AJ! Fucking little tomboy bitches like you are never really straight! You’re horny pussy lickers deep down! Now show me you are! Give it to me! Make me come!”

As shocking as it was to feel the pleasure of another woman’s tongue inside her, nothing made AJ’s heart skip with giddy excitement like hearing Kaitlyn talk like that. The powerful crush of those muscular legs, the ones that AJ always watched the dirty blonde slave over when they worked out together, and the feel of those gloriously thick thighs holding her in place combined with the fierceness of those dirty words scared her. But she liked it.

She liked seeing her best friend reduced to such a wildly horny state. She liked seeing the lust and need in her eyes. And she liked seeing Kaitlyn all naked and desperate for her. AJ also liked thinking about what Kaitlyn would do to her if she tried to fight this off.

But she didn’t dare test her. The use of her full name showed just how serious Kaitlyn was and AJ liked that too as she resumed her licking without a word of protest.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Kaitlyn cried rapturously when that magnificent first timer of a tongue returned to her honeypot. “Mmmmmm soooooo good baby! Ughhhh yessssssssssssss fuckkkkk do me AJ! I’ve wanted this so bad! All those matches where we were rubbing up against each other! All those times getting sweaty with each other in the gym! All those hot showers! Gawwwwwwwd all those road trips and driving from date to date! I’ve been dying to fuck you AJ! Make my fucking dream come true! Oooooooh yessssssssssssssss make me a fucking lez for you like I always wanted you to!”

The idea that Kaitlyn had been crushing on her this whole time continued to make AJ’s head spin. The idea of her best friend wanting to fuck her had initially offended her because of how cheap and tawdry it had sounded but it was really beginning to fascinate AJ.

There was literally no one in WWE…actually no one in her life…that she had spent as much time with these past few years then Kaitlyn. From FCW to NXT to the WWE, they had been travel partners and workout partners and, more often than not, roommates in motels around the country. How long had Kaitlyn felt this way? How long had she wanted to fuck her?

AJ wanted to know every detail. But she reminded herself that she could find all that out later. Right then she had a job to do and she wanted to do it right. After all, Kaitlyn’s pleasure depended on it and, as much as she enjoyed every touch of Stacy’s skilled tongue in the intimate area where previously only men had been allowed, AJ wanted to get her friend off more than she cared about her own pleasure.

And she proved that by concentrating all her energy on Kaitlyn.

“I never knew you were so nasty Celeste!” AJ said, turning the tables a little in between licks by breaking bedroom kayfabe and referring to her friend by her real name too. “I can’t believe you never told me you wanted to lez it out with me! Mmmm you had to drag me all the way to Malibu to tell me? Well you got what you wanted even though you’re a total wuss for not telling me before! Oooooh is this what you want? Me lezzing out for your pussy? Mmmm cause I totally am! Ughhh you’re making me so gay for you baby and I don’t even care! I just want your pussy! I want you to come! Fucking come for me!”

With every pause she had taken with her words, AJ had licked at Kaitlyn. But that wasn’t all she did. She was trapped in a XXX wrestling hold and she loved it. She wanted to submit it to it. She wanted to submit to the gorgeously muscular body of her horny, out of control friend as she kept her trapped between those amazing thighs.

AJ showed that by taking two of her fingers and forcefully pushing them into Kaitlyn. It was a total impulse on her part but it was immediately welcomed, much to the brunette’s relief.


AJ was totally making all of this up as she went along, like the match plan had totally broken down and they were just calling it in the ring. She felt an intense thrill over what she was doing. She was being so bad. She wasn’t supposed to be doing this and she definitely wasn’t supposed to be liking this.

She was straight. She had been telling herself that for so long, trying to make herself believe it. But now she couldn’t keep that illusion from cracking. She was a dirty girl. A dirty girl who liked other girls. And she wanted her friend to come. She wanted to taste Kaitlyn. She wanted to swallow her orgasm and most of all she wanted her best friend to be happy and satisfied.

AJ just wished she had a better idea of what she was doing. Making men come was easy. She could make that happen as easily as snapping her fingers. This was a challenge though and one she badly wanted to leap over like all the other challenges she had left in the dust of her life.

Using her own knowledge of what got her off and gauging Kaitlyn’s reactions to what she did, AJ developed a technique of girl fucking where she pumped her fingers in and out of her friend with a passionate forcefulness while she licked away at her, using two sources of pleasure to make Kaitlyn nakedly writhe on the bed.

“Ooooooh you’re soooo squishy,” AJ mumbled in between licks as her fingers pushed into the wet hole she was pleasuring. “Mmmmmm God I’ve never been as wet as you are right now baby! I can’t believe I’m the one making you this wet! Ooooooh Kaitlyn! You’re a naughty lez and you’re making me one too! I hear the whispers in the locker room and I read what people say on the net! They already assume we’re fucking each other! Now we really are! If only they could see us now! Mmmmm fucking come for me Kaitlyn!”

Kaitlyn just rolled her head around on the soft, warm bed underneath her as her body was racked with another wave of intense pleasure from her best friend’s fingers and tongue. She’d heard all the rumors and speculation about them too but it had all been false…until now.

She wanted the other Divas to see them fuck. She wanted them to see the best friends doing what everyone had always assumed they were doing. She wanted them to get naked too and join in because it was so hot. And Kaitlyn could only imagine how much the Internet fanbase would explode into a flood of sticky goo if they ever saw a sex tape of something like this. It was gross and hilarious all at once.

But mostly what Kaitlyn felt was amazing pleasure thanks to AJ. Her dream had actually come true. She was really naked with AJ. They were really fucking. And she was about to come. She couldn’t hold back any longer. The need to release was simply too strong. She wanted this to never end but she also knew she needed it to or else her brain might just overheat from it.

Feeling those fingers pumping into her cunt and rubbing right up against her swollen clitoris was the perfect addition to feeling that inexperienced but so eager tongue lapping at her dripping stickiness. Kaitlyn didn’t know what she was enjoying more but what she loved most was who was doing it to her. She’d never wanted anyone to be her first more than AJ and that made what was happening so special.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss I’ll come! I’ll fucking come so good” Kaitlyn panted out. “Dirty little pussy licker! Oooooh fuckkk you’re such a hot girl fucker AJ! Mmmmmm yessssssssss give it to me! Girl fucking slut! Ughhh I always hoped you were gonna be into this! Fuckkkkkkk gimmie the first time I always wanted! Make me come with your girl tongue and fingers! Ughhh I’m so close!”

But that was as close as she got before they were both reminded there was a third person in the room and she wanted to have some fun too.

“Ohhh no you can’t come quite yet,” Stacy said, not only pulling her own face away from AJ’s pussy, but AJ’s away from Kaitlyn’s, leaving both girls disappointed.

“Nooooo don’t make us fucking stop!” Kaitlyn groaned. “I’m so close!”

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll be coming in no time,” Stacy assured her. “But you two need to learn an important lesson first, especially you Kaitlyn.”

Kaitlyn opened her mouth to start to protest again but Stacy cut that off by kissing her before she could get a single syllable out. And it wasn’t just the feel of Stacy’s lips that silenced her into a soft, happy moan. It was what was all over them.

There was now a sweet glaze all over Stacy’s lips and tongue and no one had to remind Kaitlyn that it wasn’t lip gloss. It was her first taste of her best friend and it made Kaitlyn want AJ even more. So she began hungrily kissing Stacy back, letting their tongues rub together sensually before Stacy brought a stop to that too and took control of the action in her bed.

“You were such a bad girl lying to me and AJ about what was going on here,” Stacy said, making AJ sit up on the bed next to Kaitlyn as the horny blonde got off her back. “Luckily bad girls always end up getting what they want around here. But first you need to learn a little lesson about mutual pleasure. In order to get you’ve got to give. And you want to give to AJ, don’t you Kaitlyn?”

“Fuck yeah!” Kaitlyn moaned, still tingling from the cum-coated kiss and desperate for more attention to her needy pussy. “I wanna give it to her like she’s giving it to me! Mmmm fuck I want her pussy so bad! I don’t just wanna get licked! I wanna lick her too!”

“Oooooh yessssssssssss I want that too!” AJ giggled, so excited and still in shock that this was happening. “You taste so good Kaitlyn! I can’t believe how much I love licking you! I want you to do me too! Lick me like I’ve been licking you! Make me such a fucking lez for you that I’ll want to do this with you again and again!”

It was such a relief to the both of them to have all of this out in the open. Now they could openly admit their desires and act on them. Neither one of them were thinking about their boyfriends. Being with girls was all that mattered right then…especially being with each other.

They were sitting side by side on the bed and looking straight at Stacy but they mostly were focused on each other and it showed as they began making out, Kaitlyn’s body tingling even more as the taste of herself on AJ’s wonderful lips made her quiver with need.

Stacy loved the show. It made her so wet to see them free of inhibition and wantonly kissing each other. She rubbed herself as she stood by the foot of her bed watching them kiss and seeing how eager AJ was to caress and explore the largeness of Kaitlyn’s breasts. She couldn’t get enough of them and Stacy could see why.

Stacy was getting pretty juicy herself thinking about Kaitlyn’s big tits in her mouth and how good they looked jiggling when she was getting fucked. But it also reminded Stacy that not everyone was quite naked yet.

“We can’t forget about this,” Stacy said as she removed that last barrier by reaching over to unhook AJ’s bra.

She didn’t ask if she could. She just did it and by then all of them were too far gone for something as petty as permission to matter. AJ moaned when it happened, feeling the last of her clothing being stripped away, leaving nothing but bare girl flesh in the bedroom.

AJ’s breasts were very similar to Stacy’s both of them sporting perky B cups that fit their slim, toned bodies perfectly. They were both dwarfed by Kaitlyn’s size, but they hardly minded and Stacy couldn’t help but lean in to start licking AJ’s now exposed tits, tasting how sweaty she’d gotten under her bra and flicking her tongue against her dark, small nipples before making her areola wet.

AJ reacted with a sharp, happy gasp and that only grew louder when Kaitlyn did it too, placing her head next to Stacy’s as they both sucked and licked on AJ’s nipples.

“Ohhhhhhh! Yesssssssssss!” AJ cried. “Mmmmm ohhhhhhh yessss suck on those boobs! Mmmmm show me you like them!”

“I don’t just like them…I love them!” Kaitlyn replied, stating the obvious. “I love your whole body AJ! Mmmm you’ve been driving me crazy with it for years and now I get to do whatever nasty thing I want to it! Just like you can do whatever you want to me!”

Both AJ and Kaitlyn loved the sound of mutual perversion with each other’s naked bodies, but Stacy reminded them both she was still in control.

“Oh there’ll be plenty of time for that,” Stacy said. “But first, my room my rules. So I want both of you newbies on all fours. Stick those hot asses in the air so I can see them! I wanna show you how we Divas used to do it back in our day!”

She hadn’t intended to say it like that but Stacy realized it made her sound old. But she quickly shrugged it off. After all she was the veteran here. And she loved giving guidance to these younger women, especially since it was clear how much they wanted her to show them all her tricks.

Kaitlyn and AJ immediately complied with her instructions and got on all fours on her bed, resting on their hands and knees and pushing their bare asses up. And Stacy reacted by walking over to her dresser and getting just what she had been aching to use since they’d gotten to her room.

Right underneath her panties she had left her favorite toy and she didn’t dawdle in picking it up and walking back toward the waiting women in her bed with her pink rabbit vibrator. She mostly wanted the seven inch toy made of flexible jelly complete with spinning beads to make the pleasure even greater for herself but she also had every intention of introducing it to her new friends.

All the girls in the mansion had their favorite toys and this one was Stacy’s. The cock shaped shaft and the rabbit ears on the toy had provided her endless hours of stimulation. And right then she was craving some stimulation as she saw AJ and Kaitlyn bent over on the bed, offering up a heavenly view of their bare asses as well as their slits.

Their pussies looked so soaked and tasty from behind and Stacy hungered for them both and there was no way anyone couldn’t be turned on by the view of both of their amazing asses, their backsides so different but both so sexy.

While AJ’s ass was totally tight and perky and reminded Stacy of her own famous ass, Kaitlyn’s was irresistibly thick and juicy. Stacy wanted to bury her face and tongue in both of those perfect Diva butts but she resisted the temptation for now as she instead got her rabbit buzzing and began to gently rub it against the girls’ cunts from behind, dragging it first up AJ’s slit and then Kaitlyn’s, making both of them squeal.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kaitlyn grunted, making a very similar reaction to AJ when the toy had touched the drenched lips of her pussy. “Mmmmm yesssssssss fuck me Stacy! Oooooh show me how it’s done! Mmmm fuck us both like you fucked Trish and Lita! Fuck us like you fuck all the girls here!”

Kaitlyn was more aware of what was going on than her friend was and it put AJ’s head through a fresh spin cycle to hear that.

“Wait…you? And everyone here? All those gorgeous girls?” AJ moaned, her head trying to put it all together and coming up with nothing but visions of beautiful naked women all intertwined together in a mess of boobs and butts and legs and perfect faces and horny tongues. “You’re fucking all of them?”

“Wellllll not ALL of them,” Stacy giggled, knowing there were a lot of women downstairs she had never had the chance to sample even as she badly wanted to taste them all. “Mmmmm but I’m fucking so many of them! And my friends all gonna want to fuck you too! Once they get a look at these great asses and those tight little wet slits of yours mmmm they’re going to be as wet for you as I am! They’re going to want to do this all night long…”

And Stacy didn’t hesitate to show what she was talking about by buzzing her vibrating toy over each of their waiting pussies again, rubbing it against AJ’s and then Kaitlyn but this time adding her tongue in for good measure. She licked them both as she pleasured their labia lips with her rabbit and made both of them gasp and quiver.

Stacy’s tongue was off the charts. AJ had already felt that pleasure and now Kaitlyn was really beginning to see just how wonderfully experienced Stacy Keibler was at fucking girls. Naturally it made her want to feel a whole lot more.

“Ooooooh wowwwwwwwwwwww you’re all such horny hotties here! Just like Trish said you’d be!” Kaitlyn groaned. “Fuck us both like that! Mmmm fucking do us here and make us come and then throw us to the wolves and let your horny girlfriends fuck us! Do us like we’re just another pair of dirty sluts visiting your fucking mansion! Mmmmm fuck us so good like that! Just like you do to all those other girls who come out of her smiling and begging for more!”

Kaitlyn certainly meant “fucking mansion” literally. Trish’s stories had given her just a preview of what this place was really like and she badly wanted it all to be true. AJ was what Kaitlyn craved most of all and if she left this place only with her best friend wanting to add “with benefits” to their relationship then she would have been completely satisfied.

But the more pleasure she got from Stacy, the greedier Kaitlyn became. She wanted the whole mansion experience. She didn’t just want one girl on girl orgasm. She wanted the entire lesbian transformation into an eager pussy licking slut and she wanted AJ to do it with her. That would have been the fucking ultimate.

“Mmmmmm that’s just what I’ve been planning to do from the moment I caught you checking out my ass at the store,” Stacy laughed, giving Kaitlyn’s thick ass a sexy smack that made her groan as AJ practically drooled while squealing from the pink rabbit being rubbed against her slit. “That’s what we specialize in around here! We bring them in all nervous and inexperienced and we turn them into sluts that keep coming back for more! Why do you think the party is so packed with hot girls? They all want what we have and they all want what you’re getting!”

“Yesssssssssssssssssssss oooooooooooooooh please give it to us!” AJ begged, pleading for lesbian sex in a way she never could have imagined herself doing before she’d stepped foot into this place. “Fuck us! Ughhh make us naughty like you and your friends! Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before! Fuck me so the next time I see Lita all I’ll want to do is jump her bones!”

AJ blushed as she said that, but she did mean it. Kaitlyn wasn’t quite the first girl she had ever fantasized about and her feelings for the legendary Amy Dumas went beyond mere idolatry. She had once been reduced to tears as a young teen meeting Amy thanks to how much she admired her and AJ. And now that her mind had been significantly broadened and her lust for female flesh had been stimulated into an actual acted upon desire she could more freely admit to herself that she didn’t just want to be like Lita. She wanted to be with Lita.

“Oh I’ll make sure you two meet up again reallllll soon,” Stacy said with a smile as she thought about how it had been far too long since she had seen her redhead friend too. “I’ll make sure the three of us get together with Amy and Trish too. Mmmmm I know we can all have some nasty fun together. And speaking of fun, now you two get to learn your lesson. If you’re going to fuck girls it can’t all be about your own needs. As wet as you are, you still have to be thinking about giving back. Luckily it’s always easy to do that, especially when you’ve got a nice little group to play with.”

Stacy didn’t get too specific with her words. Instead she let her actions do that as she crawled naked into her bed with AJ and Kaitlyn. With both girls bent over on their elbows and knees on the bed it was so easy for her to get in there and kiss them both with a soft tenderness, enjoying just how eagerly they both kissed back, especially AJ.

AJ’s reluctance was long gone now as she let their tongues rub together sensually. Stacy loved how she was just as hot for this as Kaitlyn was. And since both girls were nicely keyed up, Stacy didn’t waste time positioning her eager protégés.

“Look at her pussy! Look how wet she is for you!” Stacy purred, breathing lustfully into AJ’s ear as she made sure the slim brunette was staring right into the creamy slit of her best friend. “She wants you so fucking bad and I want to see you give it to her! You were fucking her so good before and now you have to make her come!”

“Mmmmmm looks so hot!” AJ replied with lust totally in control of her mind.

Whatever self-control she’d had before was as stripped away as her clothing as she didn’t resist a bit. She just let Stacy press down on the back of her head and, as soon as she got the hint of what she wanted, AJ got proactive, pressing her face back to Kaitlyn’s cunt and licking her without delay, this time tongue fucking her from behind.

AJ didn’t want to admit how many times she’d checked out the beautiful booty of her best friend and fantasized about burying her face between those thick, amazing butt cheeks and having her way with her. Now she was actually doing it and she couldn’t get over how wild it felt.

Her lust was in full control now as she pressed her face into those muscular buns and dug her nails into her flesh, keeping Kaitlyn bent over and in her face. AJ’s tongue attacked her friend’s dripping honeypot. She lapped at the juices and making Kaitlyn squeal and pant like nothing else ever had.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk yesssssssssss! Mmmm fuck me AJ! Oooooooooooh don’t stop until you make me come this time!” Kaitlyn grunted as she once again felt the glorious sensation of that tongue pleasuring her pussy.  “Oooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk! You’re making me so wet! Ohhhhhhh fuck faster AJ! OOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS LICK ME LIKE THAT! UGHHHH FUCK YEAHHHHH! BURY THAT TONGUE INSIDE ME AND LICK ME FAST! DON’T BE NICE ABOUT IT! OOOOOOOOOOH FUCK MEEEEE!”

Kaitlyn didn’t need to be made love to. She needed to be fucked. AJ could see that. She could hear that. And she sure as hell could taste that. So she reacted by giving Kaitlyn just what she needed.

AJ licked up every juicy drop of the coating of girl flavor that had covered her friend’s pussy lips during her time away from licking and then she dove inside for more, fucking her tongue into her and making Kaitlyn shake and shriek with delight. AJ loved seeing her friend react like that. It made her know she was doing a good job as she licked away at her and got Kaitlyn’s juices freshly soaking her tongue.

Both girls were kneeling on Stacy’s bed with AJ behind Kaitlyn and that left the brunette totally vulnerable for Stacy to get back to doing what she wanted most and taste a whole lot more of the petite wrestler’s pussy. AJ had tasted so good before and Stacy had loved knowing she was the first girl to taste that sweet feminine honey. So she got behind AJ and softly massaged the tight, tiny cheeks of her incredible ass while hovering her face right above AJ’s crotch.

“Such a great butt,” Stacy moaned in lustful admiration at those small, curved cheeks and how toned they were. She couldn’t help but kiss each of those yummy buns and then let a long strand of saliva drool out of her mouth and into AJ’s crack before she dragged her tongue up, licking her own saliva and making AJ shiver and moan in the process. “Mmmmm you’re so fucking sexy AJ and I’m going to eat you up!”

By licking up her own drool, Stacy’s tongue teasingly rubbed itself over the puckered perfection of AJ’s asshole. Stacy grinned as she saw how that forbidden touch of her tongue made the girl tense up but she didn’t press it…not yet at least.

Instead she concentrated on AJ’s pussy. She licked up all her own saliva from between those wonderfully tiny butt cheeks and then turned her attention totally to the drooling lips of AJ’s slit. Stacy bathed them with thorough licks, making AJ scream right into Kaitlyn’s pussy as she lapped the juice up and expertly tended to the swollen arousal of her clitoris.

But that wasn’t all Stacy did. She had brought the girls into this position so her own neglected pussy could get the love it craved. She wanted to make sure everyone was having fun, even herself and this was the perfect way to do it.

Kaitlyn was kneeling down with her ass in the air and AJ behind her making it so easy for Stacy to get her face in AJ’s cunt from behind while curving her own body around so that her pussy was right there for Kaitlyn. And, just in case her intentions were somehow unclear, Stacy made sure Kaitlyn knew what she wanted.

“Do it!” Stacy urged hornily. “You know you want it! Taste that pussy! Time for you to learn about mutual pleasure Kaitlyn! Fuck me while I fuck your friend! Fuck me while she fucks you! Fuck me so we can all come!”

Kaitlyn found her mouth go dry when she found herself literally face-first in another girl’s crotch for the first time. She’d wanted this so bad. She’d felt this fantasy burning inside her for what had felt like forever. She’d wanted to fuck girls. She’d wanted to be licked by them and taste their cum. She’d wanted to bury her tongue where no good girl was supposed to go.

But now that she had everything she’d wanted, she hesitated. It was all happening like she’d wanted but it was also all happening so fast. What if she couldn’t do it? What if she couldn’t lick pussy? What if all she was was talk?

But those self-doubts didn’t have much of a chance to manifest themselves, not when AJ got more involved. She saw what was happening. She saw Kaitlyn hesitating. She knew that look. She’d seen her best friend work so hard to get to what she wanted only to pause at the last second to go, “Wait, do I really want this?” And AJ wasn’t about to let that happen here. This was all so much fun and she didn’t want her friend to, literally, pussy out now.

“Fuck her!” AJ said, asserting herself with a push to the back of Kaitlyn’s head, pushing her gorgeous face into Stacy’s perfect ass and making sure Kaitlyn’s lips made contact with the former Diva’s soaking wet slit. “Do it Kaitlyn! I wanna see you licking her pussy while I’m licking yours! Oooooh you’ve made me so nasty tonight and you have to be nasty too!”

AJ was motivated by so many emotions as she pushed down on her friend’s head. She was still a little mad that she had been manipulated into this situation. She was still a lot shocked that this was even happening. She was actually concerned that Stacy would get mad if Kaitlyn didn’t lick her, meaning she’d stop licking her before she could come. And mostly AJ was absolutely positively horny as hell.

It was so hot for AJI to feel like she was making this happen by imposing herself on the woman who had tricked her into being here. It was a little bit of payback and she pushed down hard on her friend’s head, introducing her to Stacy’s crotch.

And that was just the push that Kaitlyn needed too. She forgot all about her doubts and all her nerves and she let the lust take over. She’d come so far tonight in making her hottest fantasies come true and she didn’t want to stop now. She needed to experience it all and she let the wonderfully scented musk of Stacy’s arousal fill her nostrils and tickle her brain for a few hot moments of heavy breathing before she let the blonde have it.

Kaitlyn’s tongue started to attack, tasting the sticky muffin in her face and moaning over the sweet, creamy taste of it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss that’s how you do it!” Stacy moaned before getting her face back into AJ to lick more of the younger woman. “Mmmmm taste your first pussy you naughty girl! I wanna feel that girl virgin tongue all over my pretty pink hole! Do it Kaitlyn! Mmmm bury your face in that ass! You looked like you loved checking it out in the store! Now get in there and fuck me! Ughh yessssss fuck me while I’m fucking your friend!”

Having the taste of another woman’s pussy on her tongue for the first time made Kaitlyn’s brain pop. How could she have not tasted this before? She’d had opportunities. There were other women she could have fucked. But she hadn’t. She’d been too shy to go after her own thirst for female flesh because she’d wanted it to be special. And for that reason she was glad she had waited because what she was doing right then was definitely special.

She’d never dreamed her fantasy could really lead to something this good and she wanted to make the most of it.

Kaitlyn didn’t hold back as she began exploring Stacy for the first time. As Stacy moaned out from it, Kaitlyn’s tongue went after her juicy pinkness, pressing her face right into those world famous butt cheeks and licking away at how wet her new friend was. Stacy was dripping right onto her tongue and Kaitlyn knew just why because she felt the same way.

Only it wasn’t Stacy’s tongue she was dripping onto. It was AJ’s and there was no one Kaitlyn wanted to do it to more than her best friend. This was such a hot grouping on the bed and now Kaitlyn could see just why Stacy has insisted on it. They were all being pleasured while giving pleasure to someone else and Kaitlyn was sure they could all get off together.

They were in a triangle formation on the bed with Katlyn’s tongue sliding into Stacy while Stacy fed off AJ and AJ continued what she had started by licking away at Kaitlyn. There wasn’t a stich of clothing on between them and they were all happily tonguing and moaning, all of them feasting on wet pussy and loving it.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkk yessssssssssss do her Kaitlyn! Fucking eat her!” AJ hissed in pleasure from everything Stacy’s experienced tongue was doing to her as well as all the other things stimulating her senses.

She loved being able to think about Kaitlyn eating pussy while she ate hers out at the same time and she had such a great view of her friend’s face buried into Stacy’s butt.

AJ was able to peer right over Kaitlyn’s ass cheeks to see her sexy friend get naughty with Stacy’s pussy and it made her want to lick even more. Stacy’s tongue was doing such amazing things to her pussy and she wanted Kaitlyn to reward her for it. And AJ was already plenty eager considering how good Kaitlyn tasted.

She’d gotten so close to feeling Kaitlyn’s creamy girl cum all over her tongue before and that made AJ want it more than ever as she pressed her face right into her best friend’s backside and tongued her. The triangle of pussy eating making everyone moan and wetly lick all together.

The position was working as perfectly as Stacy had envisioned it. Having everyone’s pleasure connected made it so the more they were licked the more they were licked back, creating a cycle that had everyone moaning in pleasure, their sounds muffled by each other’s pussies.

All three women were in ecstasy as their threesome got juicy, all of their tongues buried in each other, licking away at the dripping folds in their faces. Kaitlyn’s cries were the loudest because she was closest to orgasm but AJ was right behind her as she benefitted from all of the naughty tricks Stacy’s tongue knew how to play.

“Yesssssssssssss! Oooooh fuckkkk ohhhh Stacy more! Please more!” AJ cried, feeling her first lesbian orgasm really starting to bubble up inside herself.

She was getting off not just on the physical pleasure of Stacy’s tongue but also from the high of doing something so forbidden and giving herself so openly to a wild, new pleasure. What she was doing felt so good but the mere fact that she was doing it made it feel even better.

“Mmmmm yesssssssssss lick me!” AJ begged. “Ohhhhhhhhh yessss lick right there! Oooooh fuckkk how can it feel so good?”

Stacy beamed as she heard that reaction from AJ. She couldn’t help but keep flashing back to her own first time because that had been exactly how she had felt too. She hadn’t been able to fathom how anything could make her feel that much pleasure. And it had only gotten better since then.

Stacy wanted AJ and Kaitlyn’s first times to be as magical as hers had been and she licked AJ harder, moving her hands onto her ass and squeezing her cheeks as she thrust her tongue into her working over her clit and making her pant and moan into Kaitlyn’s wet crotch.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Kaitlyn cried as AJ’s hot breath added to the stimulation of her pussy. “Lick me baby! Ohhhh yesssssssssssss fuck me! Mmmmm make me come! Please make me come AJ!”

Kaitlyn had been so close before only to be interrupted by Stacy changing their position and now she was getting even closer. Each eager, sexy lick from AJ was heaven and she felt her orgasm grow inside her, waiting to explode, as AJ began doing what Stacy had started doing to her and kissing the tender lips of her pussy.

The slick, swollen labia lips that AJ had been licking so well were being kissed and sucked on now and it made pleasure shiver throughout her naked body. Kaitlyn tossed her head back and moaned wantonly before she pushed her tongue back into Stacy, just as eager to make the blonde come as she was to feel her own release.

And AJ wanted that too. She wanted her friend’s cream all over her face. She wanted to swallow down that cum and feel it soak her tongue and drip down to her hungry stomach. God, she could be such a cum slut and she didn’t care who knew it now.

She wanted to drain every naughty, cummy drop from Kaitlyn and then do it to Stacy too and all of the hot friends she had down at the party. AJ had never felt so kinky and all she wanted was more. Each slurp of girl juice she tasted and each lick she felt made her hotter and hotter and she could feel herself happily losing any control she had left.

“Yesssssssss come for me you nasty girl!” AJ moaned, giving Kaitlyn’s bare ass a sexy smack that she correctly sensed her friend would love. “Mmmmm this is what you wanted isn’t it? My face right buried in your hot ass? Mmmmm tasting your wet pussy like a dirty little lesbian slut? Mmmm fuckkk say it Kaitlyn! Say this is what you want! Say you want me to make you come over and over again!”


That was just what AJ wanted to hear and she showed it by working Kaitlyn over even harder. She could feel everything Stacy was doing to her and she instinctively knew that it wasn’t just for her sexual pleasure. Stacy was instructing her through action. She wanted her to do the same thing to Kaitlyn that she was doing to her.

It was a message that AJ received loud and clear and she followed those instructions beat by beat. As Stacy worked on her clit, AJ did the same to Kaitlyn, licking it with plenty of loving tongue lashes and then going for it with her lips and sucking on it.

AJ was so eager to make her best friend turned lover come that she was able to keep her focus even as Stacy stimulated her clit. AJ shivered in pleasure as Stacy’s expertise in making love to a woman was shown to her in full. Those lips were like the softest, most sensual velvet against her clitoris as it sucked it and made it throb and ache wonderfully.

AJ closed her eyes, moaning and cooing with every feeling of pleasure she experienced but she didn’t stop working over Kaitlyn. Every bit of pleasure that Stacy gave her AJ gave right back to Kaitlyn, just as the blonde had wanted.

“Mmmmmm ooooh yesssssssssss good girl mmm you two are learning so fast,” Stacy said with an approving moan as she looked up from AJ’s ass in her face to admire how the friends were pleasuring each other. “Mmmmmm do it AJ! Make her come and she’s going to want to pay you back so many times over! Make her come and she’s going to be your naughty little fuckbuddy forever! Believe me! I know! Make her feel good and I’ll do it to you and make you come all over my tongue! I want to taste your hot little pussy bursting in my face AJ!”

AJ wanted that so much too. She’d never wanted an orgasm more than she wanted this one but she also wanted Kaitlyn to come too. She wanted it all and she wanted it right then. She wanted all of them coming so hard and she wanted them all to trade after that so they were all doing each other in different positons after that.

AJ never wanted to put on clothes again. She just wanted to be naked and naughty and never stop fucking these beautiful women.

The three women continued their wet, horny licks and muffled cries, each of them with their faces pressed into each other’s crotches from behind as they went ass to face in a naked triangle of sexy feminine bodies. They all licked and sucked and kissed the silky, wet pussies in their faces and caressed and squeezed the gorgeous asses they were buried in.

There was nothing but pleasure on the bed as the threesome continued to go wild, the women rocking and moaning and rubbing into each other in the very sexiest of ways. All of them were having an amazing time and they all wanted more.

Kaitlyn had been the furthest along so it was no surprise when she was the first to crumble. The woman whose desires had set all of this in motion couldn’t withstand AJ’s slurping of her clit.

Even if those wonderfully soft, girly lips on her swollen button hadn’t felt amazing, which they totally did, the sensation of knowing it was her best friend who was eating her pussy and sucking her clit would have brought her over the edge. So when all of that was combined with the intense pleasure she was feeling, Kaitlyn couldn’t stand it for a second more and this time there was nothing to stop her from going right over the edge.


Those were the last coherent words Kaitlyn was able to muster for the next little bit as she was overtaken by her orgasm. But she hardly went silent. The feeling of AJ’s eager lips sucking on her clit was like nothing she had ever experienced.

Fortunately for her sanity, Kaitlyn had not suffered from a lack of orgasms over the years but none of them could compare to this. She was in total bliss, screaming out her release as her voice grew hoarse from the pleasure rushing through her, pushing her beyond every sexual peak she had ever felt before.

And through it all AJ kept sucking on her clit, finding her enthusiasm growing, especially as she found herself soaked in Kaitlyn’s essence. Having had nothing to compare this to, AJ wasn’t sure if Kaitlyn was just pent up from anticipation or if she was always so juicy when she came, but whatever the reason she had a lot to taste and it was just what she wanted.

Being the secret cum slut that she was, AJ had been aching to find out what a woman’s release really tasted like and it all exceeded her expectations. Tasting herself just couldn’t compare to being able to gulp down the flavor of another woman, especially when that woman was Kaitlyn.

AJ swallowed every delicious drop, wanting more with every taste and finding herself disappointed when Kaitlyn had nothing more to offer her. That just made AJ want to fuck her best friend again and get more of that amazing cream on her tongue and in her tummy. But she soon found something even better overwhelming her, the pleasure of Stacy’s tongue thrusting into her own juicy hole.

AJ cried out in ecstasy from the sensation of being tongue fucked by another woman, her sounds so much clearer now that Kaitlyn had pulled away from her.


“Mmmmmhmmmm, this pussy is WAY too sweet just to only let guys play with it,” Stacy said in between licks. “Mmmm you have to let girls lick it too! Because we’re the only ones who really know what women need. Come for me baby! Let me taste that sweet Diva cream all over my tongue! Let me taste the new girls and see if you’re just as hot as Trish and Lita and everyone else was!”

Stacy hadn’t tasted any fresh Diva cunt in a long time and the more she was with AJ and Kaitlyn the more Stacy thought it was way past time to accept that standing invitation from WWE to come back for a guest appearance just so she could get into that locker room and fuck a whole new generation of Diva sluts.

AJ tasted so good all over her tongue and Stacy loved being able to get her hands on that firm little butt of hers, groping and squeezing it as she thrust her tongue hard into the happy Diva. AJ was a naughty little delight to taste and Stacy couldn’t wait to bury her tongue into Kaitlyn too.

But it turned out Kaitlyn had other ideas right then. She loved being able to lick away at Stacy as part of their naked triangle but there was something she had to do and waiting was an impossibility. So not only did she remove her pussy away from AJ’s face she pulled her tongue out of Stacy and instead repositioned herself on the bed.

“Let me help! Mmmmm I want to make AJ come!” Kaitlyn urged Stacy, her face flushed with sexual passion and her eyes beaming with desire for more.

And while that meant she wasn’t being licked anymore, Stacy was eager to grant that request. Kaitlyn had never looked sexier to her than she did then, all naked and thoroughly satisfied. Her dirty blonde hair was clinging to her sweaty forehead now and the girl was practically glowing with happiness after her first lesbian orgasm.

Stacy loved seeing her like that. Kaitlyn was stunning as she crawled next to her on her hands and knees, her big tits hanging and that glaze of perspiration of her nude flesh perfectly complimenting the hugely happy smile on her face. But what Stacy loved most of all was the look in Kaitlyn’s eyes.

Kaitlyn wanted this even more than she had before she had come. Her orgasm hadn’t cured her of her fantasies. It had made her desire for them even stronger. Stacy loved seeing that and she loved how enthusiastic Kaitlyn seemed to return the favor for what AJ had just done to her.

Sure it meant depriving herself for the moment but Stacy was pretty sure that in a few minutes she was going to have two very eager sluts in training who would be happily lapping away at her kitty and making sure she came just as hard as they had. So she didn’t mind waiting. She wanted both her new friends to have the orgasms of their lives. It had just happened to Kaitlyn. Now it needed to happen for AJ.

“Taste her here first,” Stacy replied before kissing Kaitlyn right on the lips. “Mmmmmm she’s so juicy! Mmmm taste your friend’s pussy!”

“Yessssssssssssssssss!” Kaitlyn sighed as she indulged in the kiss, not even registering that she was feeding Stacy back her own juices as they began to wetly tongue kiss.

All she wanted right then was her best friend’s cum. She had never felt anything like she had just experienced and she needed to share it with the woman she shared everything else with.

Stacy and Kaitlyn rubbed their cum coated tongues together for a few sensual seconds before they broke apart and instead focused on AJ. With the brunette bent over and her tight ass in the air while she whimpered for attention, there was no way they could ignore her. She was so close. They could tell it in her demeanor and most certainly see it in the way her pussy was soaking wet and puffy with arousal, like a stiff breeze could get her off.

“Now taste her! Fuck her! Fuck her like you were fucking me! Get that tongue in your friend’s pretty little hole and fuck the straight right out of her!” Stacy said, getting aggressive as she pressed down on the blonde girl’s head.

She didn’t need to force her down to AJ’s slit though. Kaitlyn was so ready for this and totally let Stacy push her into heaven. And, once there, Kaitlyn dove right in and started licking away, drawing out immediate cries of bliss from her friend turned lover.


AJ had never dreamed she’d be begging another woman to do that, much less her best friend but it felt so natural now to be crying out for Kaitlyn to fuck her. Besides, she reasoned as pleasure pulsed through her body, it was only fair. She’d made Kaitlyn come. Now it was her turn.

Kaitlyn’s cum was all over her lips and she had soaked her tongue so well that AJ was still tasting it. And she loved it. The taste was so deliciously taboo. She had the cream of another woman all over her taste buds and she knew already she was going to be craving it as much as Stacy was.

AJ’s brain was buzzing and she felt like her whole body was going to overheat as she rubbed her ass into Kaitlyn’s face, grinding into her and forcing more of her friend’s tongue inside her pink folds. Right then AJ was thinking she was never going to need a boyfriend again because of how amazing this was.

She felt so happy to be so dirty right then. To be completely naked with her friend’s cum smeared all over her face as that same friend tongue fucked her right back felt like the most awesome feeling in the world and AJ never wanted it to end.

“Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk yesssssss don’t stop Kaitlyn! Ughhhhh do not fucking stop!” AJ groaned as she gritted her teeth and tried not to scream too loudly from the intense ecstasy of feeling her do to her only what naughty girls did. “Fuckkkkkkkkkk! Yesssssss do me baby! Do me just like Stacy says! Ughhhhh fuck the straight right out of me Kaitlyn! Mmmm fuckkkkk I have your cum all over my face baby and I want that to happen to you too! Ooooooooooooooooooh! Yesssssssssssssss yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

As much as she tried to restrain herself from the fear that everyone downstairs at the party was going to be able to hear her scream out how much she loved this, AJ couldn’t keep those cries silent, not when everything felt so good.

Kaitlyn’s licking was unsteady and very raw but AJ knew hers had been too. So she didn’t mind it. Plus it was mind-blowing just to feel this happening to her. Having it actually be a good tongue fucking was just the bonus and AJ adored every tingle of pleasure rushing through her naked body. She was on the verge of flat out squealing in ecstasy, especially when she felt delicate fingers rubbing her little swollen love button while Kaitlyn tongued her.

AJ didn’t have to look to know it was Stacy that was touching her and she didn’t have to turn her head to know that the soft, sensual lips placing kisses all over her bare ass while her friend roughly tongue fucked her pussy also belonged to Stacy. In fact she didn’t look at all. She didn’t want to see. She just wanted to feel.

So she screwed her eyes shut and just indulged in the sensations of this new sapphic pleasure rolling through her. She gasped and moaned and tried with everything she had to keep from making too much noise before she finally gave up and grabbed one of Stacy’s pillows to scream into as she remained nude and bent over, two beautiful women bringing her pleasures she had never dreamed she would ever receive.


AJ still couldn’t believe this was happening. It was like licking Kaitlyn hadn’t made her gay but coming from another girl licking her did. It didn’t make any sense and she knew it but that was how she felt and she liked it. She didn’t want to fight what was happening to her. She just wanted it to happen. She wanted to come from her best friend and their beautiful goddess of a hostess. She never wanted to be straight again. She just wanted to fucking explode in lesbian orgasmic bliss.

And Kaitlyn, with Stacy’s help, was doing everything to make sure that happened.

Kaitlyn’s tongue thrusts were so eager as she relished being able to taste the juiciness of her friend’s pussy. She loved how wet AJ was for her. She loved how great she tasted. She wanted every drop of that cum on her tongue.

Kaitlyn’s was beyond thrilled with how perfectly this had all turned out and it was driving her wild to be doing this, to be naked in Stacy Keibler’s bed with AJ’s perfect little booty in her face. Having’s AJ’s ass cheeks grinding into her felt so fucking hot along with how soft and wet the pinkness of her pussy was. Kailtyn kept tongue fucking her friend’s cunt while Stacy rubbed her and told her just what to do to set the brunette off.

“Suck her clit,” Stacy breathed lustfully into her ear. “Mmmmm do it just like you get off from Kaitlyn! She tastes so good, doesn’t she? She’s going to let you taste her whenever you want now if you just get her off! I know she will! She’s going to be your naughty little fuck friend now if you get her to come! Just like it was after I fucked Torrie Wilson for the first time and made that hot blonde pussy come all over my face! She and I couldn’t get enough of each other! Mmmm you two can be just like us! Just like Trish and Lita were! Fuck her Kaitlyn! Suck on that cute little clit of hers! Mmmmm taste that juicy bud and suck on it and once she comes all over your face she’ll be yours forever!”

Kaitlyn didn’t want anything more and she proved it by following Stacy’s instructions to the letter. She went right after AJ’s clit. It was bulging out so nicely that it was as easy as opening her lips to get at it. She sucked on it with lewd wet slurps of deep desire that made her own pussy shiver.

Kaitlyn felt herself get freshly wet from doing this and she couldn’t help but reach between her own legs to play. Kaitlyn used one hand to spread open AJ’s tight slit and the other to pleasure herself and that made her moan into her friend’s muffin as she sucked away until the girl couldn’t take any more.


As she came, AJ screamed into the pillow until her voice started to go. The pleasure was like nothing she had ever felt. She could feel her own body shake. No man had ever made her feel like this before and it had her crying out in ecstasy.

There was no doubt for AJ that this was the best sex of her life and that nothing she had ever felt in bed could compare to it. She had never experienced any kind of shaking, screaming orgasm like this before and she had never felt her pussy cream like this before as she fed her essence to her waiting friend, filling her mouth even more than Kaitlyn had done to her before.

But even as she experienced pure bliss from this, AJ couldn’t help but also feel a flash of nerves as she wondered if she was coming too much and worried that Kaitlyn didn’t like it. Fortunately, Kaitlyn quickly showed she didn’t have to worry about that as she heard her friend smack her lips and moan.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss! So yummy!!” Kaitlyn cooed as her taste buds danced in the flavor. “Fuck yes! Come for me baby! Mmmmmmm fucking soak my face! Oooooooooooh cream me like I creamed you! Mmmmmm fuck yes AJ! Ughhhhhhh how could we not have been doing this the whole time?”

AJ had wondered that too and hearing her friend say it while she lapped up the creaming cum from her very satisfied pussy had her again considering how they could have waited. But she didn’t want to think about that now.

She just wanted to think about Kaitlyn and how she never wanted to not be naked with her again. So AJ didn’t even wait for her own orgasm to be over. She was still shivering in bliss as she fell back onto the bed and pulled the muscular blonde on top of her, mashing their bare bodies together as she began aggressively kissing her friend.

Kaitlyn wasn’t expecting this but she sure didn’t fight it off as she kissed AJ back, the taste of each other’s orgasms mixing together. Kaitlyn moaned in rapture from the feel of AJ’s hands all over her back and reaching down to cup and squeeze her ass. AJ’s small hands felt so sexy on her thick cheeks and that made Kaitlyn grind into her more, the two of them making out even more aggressively as they rubbed their tongues together and shared the taste of cum into their happy mouths.

AJ seemed so excited to explore her body and those hands felt so good on her butt that Kaitlyn found herself freshly eager to tell AJ that she could do a whole lot more than simply grope her there.

The only thing that interrupted the two of them was the mixed sound of moaning and buzzing and that caused them to look over to their left and see Stacy watching them and enjoying the show as she worked her favorite toy over her own pussy and played with her tits with her free hand. It was hot for the both of them to see Stacy fucking herself like that but at the same time it hardly seemed fair. After all, Stacy had done so much for the two of them.

“Mmmmmmm I think we should help,” Kaitlyn giggled.

“Oh yeah? I know we should help,” AJ smiled right back as they separated from each other and instead closed the gap on the bed between them and their hostess, just like Stacy had wanted them to.

“Mmmmmm that’s it girls,” Stacy moaned with a sexy smirk on her lips as she watched those naked, eager nymphs who had been turned from bi curious to horny little lezzies in her bedroom crawl to her. “Get over here and show me how much you learned! Mmmmm I’m glad you two aren’t hiding how much you both love pussy because I need you two to make mine feel good! Mmmm I’m all ready for you both!”

And that was an understatement. Stacy’s pussy was close to a waterfall of arousal as she slung those legendary legs of hers open and exposed herself to her horny new friends. She kept her toy buzzing against her now splayed pussy, continuing to pleasure herself, but this view gave AJ and Kaitlyn plenty to see as they feasted their eyes on the dripping wetness.

Stacy looked beyond good enough to eat and both girls were starving.

“I guess we owe you now,” Kaitlyn laughed as she snuggled up against Stacy, giving the blonde a sensual kiss to let her taste the last of AJ on her lips as well as what remained of her own juices from before.

“Goddamn right you do,” Stacy smiled back. “Mmmmm and if you make me come and then fuck every one of my friends we might be close to calling it even.”

“Ooooooh wow,” AJ sighed, her pulse racing at the thought of being some kind of a lesbian fuck toy for all of Stacy’s famous friends. It was scary and extremely arousing all at once. “That sounds crazy!”

“Mmmmm it will be,” Stacy promised. “And you’re going to love every second of it. But first you two need to take care of me.”

Stacy’s lips were still tingling from kissing Kaitlyn as she turned and kissed AJ, once again tasting sweet feminine pleasure. Stacy loved the cum flavored kisses she got from both women but she wasn’t about to stop there, not when her need was so great. Rubbing the buzzing pink toy against her cunt the whole time she made out with her new friends, Stacy quickly had herself in heat.

She was so wet and ready for this and, knowing that these newbies would try their best, Stacy worked hard to get herself right to the edge to make sure she came hard. They might not have been as experienced as her housemates, but Stacy had every confidence they were going to know what they were doing.

That became apparent when both girls brought their mouths to Stacy’s tits without her even having to hint to them that her swollen nipples could use some attention. AJ had been the first to make a move toward them after find herself completely unable to resist that firm, all natural rack that was so similar to hers.

Kaitlyn had followed suit, bringing both of their soft lips right to those perfect small tits while Stacy tossed her had back and moaned from the way their tongues pleasured her nipples. They both licked all over her pink nubs and areolas and then sucked on them just how she liked it.

“Ooooooh mmmmm that’s it! Show me you girls are ready for more fun!” Stacy happily sighed, pleasure rolling up her spine from the way those eager to please lips and tongues stimulated her tits. “Mmmmmm if you make me come then me and my friends can show you so much! You’ll be the most popular girls in the locker room! Ohhhhh and if you girls are good I’ll make sure and invite you both over next time Trish and Lita are here!”

Stacy could hear both of the girls moan and suck on her nipples even harder just at the sound of it. It was obvious how much they liked the idea and Stacy hadn’t idly suggested it. She wanted her friends to see these prizes.

She wanted them to know how she had turned them both into eager little pussy lickers. She wanted her housemates and her fellow Diva alums to see what a sexy seductress she could be and how no girl could truly be straight as long as she was around to turn them on with her body.

And right then AJ and Kaitlyn were plenty turned on by Stacy’s body. They showed that with the eagerly carnal way they sucked on her nipples, their velvety lips and even softer tongues leaving her erect pink points and tingling areolas wet and in the way their hands explored Stacy’s nude body with caresses.

Their sensual touches made Stacy moan with pleasure as she continued to buzz her toy against her sensitive slit. It didn’t take long for both girls to get their happy hands onto Stacy’s thighs as they touched her sweaty flesh and moved closer and closer to where everyone on the bed wanted to be.

“Ohhhhhh yes mmmmmm time for your next lesson girls,” Stacy groaned in need, pulling away her toy to give her students full access to her honeypot. “Mmmmm! Make me come! You’ve gotten each other off and now it’s my turn! Show me how much you’ve already learned! Make me come for you!”

Stacy then fell into a passionate kiss with both of them, three tongues rubbing together in giddy desire as AJ and Kaitlyn pulled up from her now wet chest to pay attention to her lips. And another set of lips were also on the minds of both horny girls as they began to explore Stacy’s slit with their fingers.

Stacy quivered and cried out happily into the warm lips of both of her horny new friends as they played with her, their finger play growing bolder the more they touched her slick, aroused labia. She was dripping wet for them both and she could hear the excited sounds from both of them as they all kissed and they got her arousal on their fingertips.

But Stacy wanted more than her fingers. She had gotten herself so close with her toy and from the thrill of guiding both of these girls into lesbian lust with one another. She knew a few well-placed touches would set her off. That wasn’t what she wanted though. It would have been disappointing to come that way. Stacy wanted to be licked and not by one tongue but by two.

“Ooooh yessssss play with it,” Stacy moaned as she pulled her lips away from the kisses of Kaitlyn and AJ. “Play with my pussy! Mmmmmm yessssssssssss oooooh that’s it! Mmmmm feel how wet it is for you two! Rub my fucking cunt like that! Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss mmmm Trish and Amy love to play with my slit together and finger fuck me until I cream all over their hands! But I want more than that! I want you two to tag team that pussy with your tongues! Lick it up together! If you two can learn to share a pussy like best friends should then you’re both going to be so popular here!”

That sounded very good to the best friends in question. They definitely liked the idea of sharing a hot woman especially if that woman was Stacy.  They knew they both had a lot to learn and they were mighty eager for more sexy lessons.

“Mmmmm tell us how to do it!” AJ urged. “Tell us how to fuck you right!”

“Just get down there and lick!” Stacy giggled as she began gently pushing down on the back of their heads. “It’s not going to be rocket science. Taste that juicy pussy and lick me up! Mmmm you’re gonna know just how to do it when you’re there! Fuck me like you fucked each other! Except this time it’ll be two hot tongues on one wet pussy and I’m gonna come so fucking hard!”

It didn’t take any more coaxing than that to get the two newbies to work. They still had the taste of each other on their lips and they were hungry for more. It was so hot to be able to play with Stacy Keibler’s pussy and get her juices all over their fingers but they knew it would be even better to taste her.

So they let Stacy guide them down her body, her hands pushing down on their heads in a soft and inviting way. They didn’t need it but they liked it. Both of them got a thrill knowing Stacy wanted them as much as she did and they wanted to thank her for being so good to them and inviting them to what was quickly turning into the most special night ever.

As they nestled their faces against Stacy’s gorgeous thighs and saw her dripping honeypot only inches away, Kaitlyn and AJ couldn’t help but lock eyes. They didn’t say a word but they knew they were thinking the same thing. Nothing was ever going to be the same again. They didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. But everything had changed now and it filled them both with an intense excitement and a desire to pleasure the woman who was responsible for finally turning their fantasies into reality.

“You’re so beautiful,” AJ moaned out in admiration as she caressed one of Stacy’s legendary legs, wondering if the blonde would like it if she kissed all over every inch of those long, perfect stems.

But she didn’t get very far with that thought, not with Stacy’s completely smooth and absolutely glistening pussy just inches away from her face. She didn’t wait for even a second more. AJ dove in and kissed the wetness before her, pressing her lips to Stacy’s labia and not thinking twice.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Stacy hissed in welcome pleasure. She loved her toy. She played with it whenever she needed that kind of relief. But nothing could ever be as good as a woman.

No toy. No cock. No nothing. It was a woman’s mouth that brought her the most bliss and AJ’s was so soft and wonderful.

“Mmmmmm that’s it baby!” Stacy urged. “Mmmmm show me what you learned! You hungry now AJ? Hungry for my pussy after you licked your friend so good? Mmmmm taste it! Mmmmm yesssssssssssssssssssss show me what a hungry little slut you can be AJ! Just like me! Oooooooooooooooooh!”

Stacy’s cries got louder when all of a sudden it wasn’t just AJ’s lips on the sodden, flaring lips of her aroused labia. It was Kaitlyn’s too as the two women started working her over.

As AJ kissed and sucked on the opened lips of her slit, Kaitlyn worked her tongue over Stacy’s sensitive folds, lapping at the juice dripping from her pinkness and tasting the legendary Diva’s sweet flavor for the first time. Doing this brought Kaitlyn’s tongue into contact with AJ’s lips many times but neither girl minded that as, even though they were focused on Stacy, they couldn’t help but think about each other.

Neither of them knew what the future was going to hold when they left this bedroom. They weren’t going to be able to go back to the way things were before. But they weren’t going to worry about that. Both of them were committed to enjoying this moment when they were free and naked and not held back by any inhibitions. Their desires were all that mattered then, both their desires for each other and their desires for.

Stacy was flat on her back now with her head resting quite comfortably against one of her pillows as she kept her long legs open for both of the beauties pleasuring her. This was hardly a new position for her. Stacy loved to entertain as many of her housemates and friends as she could fit in her bed, none of them stopping until they all passed out naked in a mess of sexy bodies and intertwined limbs.

But this was the first time she had ever felt two newbies at the same time and it made her so wet to be able to experience both of these girls. She hoped they would let her teach them a lot more after tonight because they both were making her feel so good and she knew with some more practice they were going to be unbelievable.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmm yesssssssssssss fucking work that pussy over! Ooooooh both of you do it!” Stacy cried, grinding her bare ass into the silk sheets underneath her naked skin as her body squirmed in delight from all the pleasure of two hungry mouths at her cunt. “Mmmmm oooooooooooh you girls are quite a dirty little tag team, aren’t you? Mmmmm you’re going to be so fucking popular in the locker room now! Everyone’s gonna be lining up to fuck you! Oooooooooooh yessssssssssssssss yessssssssssssssssssss OHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS SUCK THAT CLIT! OOOOOOOOOH FUCK ME YESSSSSSSSSS! SUCK ME! LICK ME! MMMMMM YESSSSSSSSSSS YOU DIRTY LITTLE LEZZIES! UGHHH FUCKK SHOW ME YOU’RE NOT STRAIGHT ANYMORE! NO MORE COCKS FOR YOU! JUST PUSSY YESSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Neither Kaitlyn nor AJ were feeling pretty straight anymore and they loved showing it off to Stacy as they worked her over. They had been a little nervous at first, despite what they had done to each other, that Stacy would be disappointed by them, But the more they tasted of those yummy, rich sex juices and the more they heard Stacy cry out for them the more those nerves disappeared until they were completely gone and all they felt was lust for Stacy’s pussy.

Both of them liked how Stacy had called them a tag team. It was so hot to think about what they had done in the ring they could also do in bed now, working together to pleasure a hot woman and make her come. They badly wanted to do that to Stacy. The more they tasted her the more they wanted her cummy cream.

They had swallowed down each other’s essence and now it was Stacy’s flavor they craved as they both fucked her, Kaitlyn’s tongue thrusting into her pussy as AJ sucked on her clit. They were using what had worked on each other and since they were doing it as a team the pleasure was doubled for Stacy.


Stacy had lost track of who was doing what to her but that didn’t really matter. All that mattered was how good it felt as she looked down and saw two gorgeous heads between her splayed thighs.

Her hands were clawing at her own sheets now and she only picked them up for a brief moment to rub her palms against her erect, sensitive nipples before the next wave of pleasure overwhelmed her and she was again sent rocking on her bed, her naked body bucking as she grabbed at her sheets and pulled them up. She had been so close already and every lick and every slurp was only getting her closer and closer.

She had her legs bent at the knee now as she kept her feet flat against the soft sheets. Stacy was slung open widely to accommodate both women and it was heaven to have two mouths working her over. She tossed her head on the soft pillow underneath her and cried out over and over again from the way they were licking and sucking on the most sensitive parts of her pussy.

These girls definitely had the same hunger all the Divas had back in her day and Stacy was definitely thinking a lot right then about checking in on the rest of this new generation of WWE hotties to see if they were just as hot as Kaitlyn and AJ were.


Kaitlyn and AJ were practically beaming as they made Stacy feel good. They hadn’t said a word to each other since they had been focusing on Stacy’s pussy but they knew they were both thinking the same thing. They both badly wanted to impress Stacy like students eager to earn their mentor’s approval.

Neither of them knew Stacy well but right then all they wanted was for her to think they were hot and good at this. Nothing else mattered but the raw lesbian sex on the bed and both AJ and Kaitlyn fucked her harder as they bent over on their knees on the bed, their hot asses and slits on display to anyone who wanted to nosily stick their head into Stacy’s bedroom to see what all the racket was about.

As Stacy cried out for them, Kaitlyn didn’t just work her tongue into the leggy blonde, she thrust her fingers in too. She began finger banging Stacy as she licked her, which made Stacy’s cries even louder and more intense as her hips bucked in the bed and mashed her pussy into their waiting faces. But it was AJ who had the suggestion that finally got the blonde off.

“Lick her clit with me,” AJ urged her friend in between wet slurps of the throbbing pleasure bud. “Mmmmm lick it while I suck it. She’s gonna love it!”

Kaitlyn never had had any issue following AJ’s lead in the ring and that was the truth in the bedroom too. She did exactly what her friend suggested and directed her tongue right to Stacy’s bud. She licked it as AJ sucked in it, the two of them not saying anything more. They concentrated themselves fully on Stacy’s pleasure and with tongues, lips and fingers they got her right where they all wanted her to be.


Stacy’s orgasm was not a small one and both AJ and Kaitlyn received faces full of cream for their erotic efforts.

It was such a rush to know Stacy Keibler was creaming for them and she tasted so good. As Stacy bucked on the bed, the two women fed off her orgasm, gulping down her essence and smiling to themselves as they did it.

This was definitely the best party they had ever been to and they were so glad they had gotten the invitation to it.


That same thought was definitely going through Jennifer Lawrence’s mind too. This was going to be the best fucking party ever!

And she thought that with full confidence as she let Sarah Michelle Gellar pin her up against a wall in the hallway and press herself to her for a passionate kiss right on her lips.

Sarah’s lips felt amazing on hers. Fuck, this girl was a great kisser! Of course Jennifer didn’t have any other girl to compare her to, but it wasn’t like that mattered. All that Jennifer cared about was feeling Sarah’s lips on hers and how incredible it was to be kissed by another woman.

The only thing that interrupted the kiss were the sounds coming from Stacy’s room down the hall. The door was closed but the sounds of Stacy’s orgasmic screams couldn’t be restrained by a mere door. They traveled down the hallway and were easily heard by the two women who had interrupted their tour of the mansion for an impromptu make out session.

“Whoa! What the fuck is going on there?” Jennifer excitedly asked when she heard the noise.

No one had to tell her what those sounds were but she hadn’t expected to hear them so loudly and the idea that this place was even more open and wild than she had imagined it would be was instantly intoxicating to her.

“Just some lucky girls doing what we should be doing right now,” Sarah replied with an eager smile before she kissed Jennifer again, taking the Oscar winner’s face in her hands and passionately pressing herself to her very accepting lips.

“Mmmmmm think you can make me scream like that?” Jennifer asked lustfully in between kisses with Sarah.

Jennifer’s pulse was racing and she could feel the giddiness rushing through her. She wanted this so badly and she could feel her palms getting wet and sweaty as goosebumps formed all over her flesh and a very different kind of wetness grew between her legs.

“Oh sweetie, that’s the least of what I can do to you,” Sarah promised with a cocky smile. “You’ll be screaming at the top of your lungs as you beg for more!”

Those words made Jennifer’s heart beat even faster as the growing arousal inside her made her feel like she could soak her panties just from kissing this beautiful woman. She never could hide it well when she was excited and she was sure she was probably going to start drooling all over herself at any second, but she didn’t care. She just wanted Sarah to back up that promise and then some.

“Mmmmm yeahhh that’s just what I want to hear,” Jennifer moaned back. “Show me everything I’ve heard about this place is true!”

“Oh my, are people spreading nasty rumors about us?” Sarah said, clicking her tongue as she playfully acted shocked. “This is a good and decent house and I won’t stand for any slander about me and my friends!”

“Just shaddup and kiss me,” Jennifer laughed before pulling Sarah back to her so she could feel their lips together again. And she did it in the most forward way she could, grabbing Sarah’s ass through her dress and gripping her while they kissed.

Naturally Sarah melted at the aggressive touch from the Oscar winner and turned up the heat of their kiss by pushing her tongue into Jennifer’s mouth. The younger woman eagerly accepted it and soon the two women were rubbing their tongues together while they moaned and kissed and let their desires run wild.

This was exactly what Sarah had been hoping for but having it happen like this was beyond her hottest fantasies. She had admired Jennifer’s body so many times at the gym, loving how those tight clothes clung to her curves. Sarah had cursed her dumb luck that they had never been around each other in the locker room or, especially, the shower so she could see that amazing body in all its glory.

She had always hoped that Jennifer would be into girls but she had never dreamed that they wouldn’t even make it to the bedroom before they started making out. But that was just what was happening right then and Sarah didn’t want to do anything to break the mood.

She didn’t care they were in the hallway. They could have been anywhere. She just wanted to fuck Jennifer Lawrence and she was so glad that the tour through the mansion she had given her new friend had turned into something more. They had gone through many of the rooms downstairs chastely but as soon as they had gotten upstairs, where they had thought they would be alone, it had been Jennifer who had made the first move by suggesting that Sarah show her where her bedroom was.

They hadn’t even made it that far and now they were making out in the hallway as Sarah responded to Jennifer’s hands groping her ass by reaching over and doing the same, helping herself to her first touch of the younger girl’s ass, squeezing her hands over the supple flesh of her round cheeks through her dress as Sarah continued to keep her pressed up against the wall.

Sarah had expected that she was going to have to bring her A game to seduce someone as gorgeous as Jennifer but she hadn’t even had to bat an eyelash to make her want it. Jennifer had been primed from the beginning and wasn’t shy about showing it.

“Mmmmm you’re a fucking perv, Sarah,” Jennifer teased with a big smile on her face, each kiss making her want it more. “I’d see you checking me out at the gym! Bet you didn’t know I knew you were perving on me like some sleazy guy getting a boner every time he sees my ass in tights! Mmmm good thing I liked knowing you were checking me out! When you asked me to come to your party I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I played it cool though. I wanted to make you work for it you naughty little dyke!”

“Oooooh that’s a mean word,” Sarah teased right back, loving how into it Jennifer was. “Is that what you think I am? Some fucking lesbian perv? Some nasty dyke that’s going to rip your clothes off and fuck you better than any man can?”

“You’d better be!” Jennifer grinned. “Don’t disappoint me Sarah! I’ve heard about you and your friends! I heard you like to lure innocent girls like me to your mansion and turn us into lezzie sluts for you to play with! That’d better be true! Because it’s what I want for Christmas this year!”

Jennifer hadn’t been this nervous since that tense moment right before they’d announced she’d won the Oscar. She’d wanted something like this for so long and she’d been hoping that every filthy rumor she’d heard about Sarah and her friends and what went on at the mansion was true.

She hadn’t wanted to be disappointed when she’d come here. It had taken all her willpower not to start making out with Sarah at the gym all those times she’d seen her there. The idea of fucking a beautiful woman turned her on immensely and Jennifer just wanted Sarah to throw her down onto the floor so they could paw at each other while tearing each other’s clothes off so the rest of Sarah’s friends could see them and join in.

She was acting with her best bravado, but inside Jennifer was a nervous wreck. She was all sweaty but that exhilarated her too because it was the exciting kind of nerves where she knew she was taking a risk and that something really, really good was waiting for her if she just let go and went a little wild.

Jennifer wanted this to happen. She wanted every dirty story she had heard about this place to be true. She would have been crushed if it had just been some stupid Hollywood urban legend. She wanted Sarah. She wanted to be fucked by a woman. She wanted to know just how it felt after so many years of wondering.

“I’ll show you how true those dirty stories are,” Sarah wickedly promised before she reached up under Jennifer’s dress and returned the younger girl’s forwardness with an even bolder step of her own by sliding her hands into the back of Jennifer’s panties and fondling the bare flesh of her ass. “But you’d better be ready to do whatever I say. You can’t just kiss me and expect me to fuck you Jen! You’ve gotta earn the chance to really see what happens here.”

“Oh yeah? What do I have to do?” Jennifer replied, eagerly responding to the challenge.

“Tell me how bad you want it,” Sarah whispered softly into Jennifer’s ear, rubbing her body into hers while she continued to caress her new friend’s ass under her panties. Sarah could feel her own pussy get wetter and wetter the more she fondled the sexy actress in a way that so many dreamed of. “Tell me what you want me to do to you!’

“Oh God! I want everything!” Jennifer blurted out. “I want it all! Do every nasty thing you’ve ever wanted to do to me! Do it now! Do it fast and hard and make me fucking love it! Oh Sarah! I need this so fucking bad!”

Jennifer’s cool façade was definitely starting to break. She’d hoped Sarah wouldn’t see just how anxious she was for this to happen but she couldn’t keep it up. The excitement she was feeling was just too strong. She had never been able to hide how she felt and she was terrible at censoring herself. She always said how she felt and this was certainly no exception.

“You ever been with a girl before Jennifer?” Sarah moaned into Jennifer’s ear, her voice cool and seductive as her soon to be lover felt like she was about to turn into Jell-O. “Ever had a woman lick your pretty little pussy until it purred?”

Jennifer badly wanted to tell Sarah yes. She wanted to tell Sarah she’d been with women from Kansas City to Kathmandu. She wanted to tell Sarah she’d made it a specialty of hers to pop the lesbo cherries of her girlfriends at sleepovers back before she even went Hollywood. She wanted to tell Sarah that when she’d done those two years on The Bill Engvall Show she’d called Nancy Travis “mommy” in bed so many times that she’d lost count. She wanted to tell Sarah that she regularly lapped at her best friend Laura’s tight little pussy. She wanted to tell Sarah that on the X-Men set she’d done a threesome with Rose Byrne and Zoe Kravitz. She wanted to tell Sarah that she’d made Jena Malone her rug-munching bitch when they’d shot Catching Fire. She wanted to tell it all to her.

Of course she would have been lying if she’d had. The only place anything like that had ever happened had been in her overheated mind. She’d never fucked a woman. She’d never even kissed one before…until now…and Jennifer was looking forward to doing a lot more “firsts” with Sarah beyond just kissing her.

She was so ready for this. Ever since the first time she had noticed a woman’s body and realized she liked what she saw, Jennifer had been waiting for something like this…a chance to fuck a woman on a silver platter and here it was.

It hadn’t been an all-consuming erotic obsession or anything. Jennifer believed she liked dick too much to ever go fully over to the pink side but she’d always wanted to try this and find out what it was like to go lesbo. She’d just been waiting for the perfect moment to see if it was everything she had ever pictured it would be. Now she had it and she didn’t want to do anything to blow it.

She’d seen Sarah and her friends at the gym before. She’d heard the wild stories. She’d heard the whispers about what they were really into. And Jennifer had wanted in it too. It was the perfect way for her to indulge her own fantasies.

If she did it this way, not only was it a chance to live out a fantasy with girls any woman (no matter how straight) would want to fuck and no one would get hurt in the process either. No one was going to fall in love. Nothing was ever going to get awkward. It was just a chance to get naked and have fun with a hot chick…or two…or maybe more.

Jennifer had always heard these girls liked their group action and the thought of getting herself in the middle of a wild girl on girl orgy always made her feel some serious wetness. So she wasn’t about to blow this now and, instead of spouting out some wild stories she would be making up as she went along about her own “experience” Jennifer decided to tell the truth.

“Ummmm no,” Jennifer admitted. “I’ve always wanted to though. I just never had the chance to actually do it. Will you teach me? Will you show me how good it feels to get fucked by a chick? Will you show me just how you can make my pussy purr?”

Throwing Sarah’s dirty words right back at her made Jennifer smile but it was nothing compared to the way Sarah beamed when she heard what Jennifer had to say.

“Ooooooh a girl virgin? Mmmm yum! I haven’t had one of those in a long time,” Sarah grinned, relishing the idea of being Jennifer’s first lesbian fuck and teaching her just how much she could come from being with a woman.

“Ughhh what do you mean ‘in a long time’? How many women have you fucked?” Jennifer asked, playfully acting aghast even as her pulse raced and her pussy dripped from the idea of being with such an experienced woman. “You really are some kind of a fucking perv, aren’t you?”

“Mmmmmhmmm! We all are,” Sarah replied, confirming the rumors about all her friends. “And now you’re going to be a fucking perv too!”

“Mmmmm gawwwd I already ammmm! Fuckkkk ohhhhh fuckkkk!” Jennifer groaned excitedly when Sarah began nibbling on her neck, giving her just the right touch in exactly the right spot.

Her knees buckled from the pleasure she felt and it was so good that Jennifer barely noticed that Sarah’s hands had moved away from her ass so she could begin to peel her panties down her legs.

“Oooooh yes you most certainly are,” Sarah happily replied, her hands grazing past Jennifer’s heated core as she removed the woman’s panties. “I can feel how wet your pervy little pussy is!”

“Yesssssssss make it wetter!” Jennifer lustfully urged as she moaned uncontrollably from the sensation of Sarah pulling down her underwear.

As soon as she had realized what the sexy blonde was doing to her, Jennifer had melted right into it. She only wished it was more than just her panties that Sarah was taking off. She wished it was all her clothes, but it wasn’t like she could blame the girl for going right for the prize. It was exactly what she would have done had she been in Sarah’s shoes.

“Fuck me Sarah!” Jennifer begged. “Show me what it’s like to lez out! Show me how you hot girls fuck!”

“I’m going to show you everything!” Sarah promised, lowering herself down to her knees so not only could she finish pulling Jennifer’s panties all the way down her legs but so she could line her mouth up right where she most wanted it to be. “I’m going to fuck you so good! I’m going to make you scream and I’m going to make you beg for more! You’ll be coming back here every night to get more of what me and my friends have!”

“Yesssssssssssss! Please!” Jennifer hissed, desire overcoming her and making sure any lingering voice inside her head telling her this might not be such a good idea was thoroughly drowned out. “Fuck me! Turn me into a fucking lez like you turned all those other girls! I’ve heard the stories about how good all of you fuck! I heard about your fucking naked parties and all your orgies and how you turn straight girls into horny little dykes! I want in so fucking bad!”

If there were any serious doubts left in her mind, Jennifer wasn’t paying them any mind. Her panties were down around her feet and Jennifer let there be no doubt that this was what she wanted by pulling up her dress around her waist, revealing that not only was she shaved completely bald but her pussy was already glistening with lustful juiciness. Wetness had coated the soft pink lips of her labia and it was clear she was aching for more.

“Oh fuck! You look so good Jen!” Sarah moaned in appreciation, her mouth filling with drool at the sight of Jennifer’s bald pussy. “I’ve wanted you so bad! I was totally checking you out at the gym! I brought you here because I wanted to fuck you! I wanted to seduce you and show you how women can fuck better than any man can! Mmmm I just didn’t know you were going to be so into it!”

“What can I say? I’m an easy fucking lay,” Jennifer laughed, her voice nervous but so very eager. “Do me Sarah! C’mon! Show my pussy what I’ve been fucking missing all these years by not fucking girls! Take me! Fuck me! Make me…OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Jennifer could say no more as Sarah granted her horny wishes and kissed the wet lips of her waiting cunt before she started licking, her tongue darting out and bathing the smooth slit before her.

A surge of pleasure shot through Jennifer like she’d never experienced before and she banged herself up against the wall with a hard thud, not minding the bump on her head at all thanks to how amazing it felt to have that tongue tasting her. Jennifer could only manage garbled cries in response but she didn’t need to communicate with words when everything was said by her hand going to the back of Sarah’s head and pushing her right into her crotch.

“Yeahhh show me how much you fucking want it!” Sarah groaned, loving the spirited energy of this frenzied fuck as her tongue was coated in the sweet, tangy juices she had been craving. “Mmmm fuck Jennifer! Your pussy tastes so fucking good! I wanted to fuck you so bad! You were driving me crazy at the gym in those tights! I wanted to lick your pussy so bad! Now you’re mine!”

That got another gurgled out response and sharp cry of ecstasy from Jennifer’s mouth and she eagerly nodded her head. Sarah was too focused on lapping her tongue against the sweet, pink fuck box in her face to see it but if she had looked she would have seen that Jennifer definitely was more than willing to go along with that claim.

As far as Jennifer was concerned, she was Sarah’s right then. It had only been seconds of licking, but Jennifer could already tell that coming here had been the best decision she had ever made. Sarah’s tongue felt absolutely fucking incredible and she was totally willing to give herself to this sexy, lithe blonde right then…body and soul.

If Sarah had wanted to put a collar and leash around her neck and drag her back down to the party like a naked pet, Jennifer would have been on all fours and begging for the collar in no time. She loved everything about the sensation of another woman’s tongue licking her pussy.

It was a shot of pure sexual adrenaline to not only be doing it, but to have lost so much self-control that she was letting it happen right in the middle of the hallway where anyone could see. In fact Jennifer hoped people would see. She wanted whomever she had just heard in the throes of passion to see her screaming her own voice raw while she got fucked by a chick for the first time. She wanted the whole damn party to see and hear how much she loved this nasty lesbian fucking.

Sarah hadn’t quite confirmed that her friends were just as much into this as she was but Jennifer felt it had pretty much been implied and she loved that the stories were true. A whole mansion of sexy, famous lesbians all horny for each other and eager to fuck fresh meat like her? Fuck that was hot!

Jennifer didn’t just want Sarah, she wanted them all. She wanted them all tonguing her pussy and she wanted their own sweet holes pressed to her face so she could lick them right back. She was already losing control by letting Sarah do this in the middle of the fucking hallway and Jennifer couldn’t help but dream about what would happen if she really lost all control and dove right into this wild, celebrity lesbian fun?

The thought of that gripped her like a fever as lick after lick from Sarah’s amazing tongue sent her body into shivers of pleasure. Jennifer had her bare ass smashed up against the wall as she humped Sarah’s pretty face and she hated that her dress was still on her. She had it pulled up around her waist with her panties on the floor around her feet, but Jennifer so badly wanted to rip the dress right off her so she could free her whole body.

She didn’t care if that meant she had to go back to the party naked. She wanted everyone to know what she and Sarah were doing upstairs and, more importantly, she wanted everyone to know she liked it!

“Yeahhhhh ohhhhhh FUCK YEAHHHHH!” Jennifer cried out, the intensity surging through her again as Sarah began not only licking the juicy lips of her bald cunt but sliding her fingers into her, giving her extra stimulation from being penetrated.

Jennifer found her words again as she didn’t just hold Sarah down to her pussy, but dug her fingers into that beautiful blonde hair and pushed her in deeper, fucking her face.

“Mmmmmmm yessssssss! Fucking do me you horny bitch!” Jennifer demanded. “Ughhhh yeahhhh fuck that fucking pussy you’ve been dreaming about Sarah! I’ll bet you fuck yourself to me, don’t you? Mmmm do you do it Sarah? Do you break out your lesbian toys dreaming of me? Do you finger bang your pussy while you think about adding me to your collection of dirty fucking dykes? Yesssssssssssss! OHHHH YESSSS UGHHH FUCKKK YOU’VE GOT ME NOW SARAH! YESSSS I’M FUCKING YOURS!”

It was so exhilarating for Jennifer to be saying this. She’d wondered for so long just how good it would be to fuck a woman and if she was denying herself by only being with men. Now she knew it was like a million times better than merely good and that she had definitely been missing out this whole time by being only strictly dickly.

Jennifer loved sex. She’d never been shy about showing that in the bedroom. Sex was supposed to be fun and boy was this fucking fun. She only wished she had tried this earlier. It felt so fucking good and once the dirty talk started spilling out of her mouth there was no way she could stop it. Jennifer had often been accused of having a big mouth and it was especially true when she was horny.

“Ooooooooooooooh yesssssssss ughhhh fuckkkkk bury your face in my cunt Sarah! Mmmm eat up that pussy and finger bang it until it’s good and creamy for you!” Jennifer hissed, her round breasts heaving under her dress as her gasps came out breathless from the pleasure flowing through her. “Ohhhhhhh! God yessssssssss! Ughhh fuckkk it’s so good! OOOOH IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD TO HAVE YOU LICK ME! FUCKKK! YESSSSS FUCK THE STRAIGHT CHICK! MAKE HER FUCKING GAY LIKE YOU! UGHHH YESSSS MAKE ME A FUCKING LEZ FOR YOU AND YOUR DYKE FRIENDS TO PLAY WITH! OOOOOH MAKE ME FUCKING LOVE IT SO MUCH I’LL BE YOUR SLUTTY LITTLE RUG-MUNCHING BITCH!”

Sarah badly wanted to rise up off her knees and kiss those filthy lips of Jennifer’s. It was so hot to hear the Oscar winner talking so dirty but it was even hotter to taste her. Jennifer wasn’t just being enthusiastic with her words but also with her actions as she rubbed her wetness right into Sarah’s face and grabbed her by her hair.

Jennifer was so aggressive about submitting to her and it reminded Sarah of what an enthusiastic little cunt lapper Miley Cyrus had turned into once they’d gotten her to Malibu and how hot it would be to hook her and Jennifer up together. She couldn’t wait to hear them both wail and beg to be fucked.

She got so hot when Jennifer used the word “dyke.” It was such a mean word but it sounded just as good in Jennifer’s horny voice it as it did coming out in Miley’s. Mmmm what was with these kids today and their nasty words, Sarah thought to herself with a smile as she picked up the pace and tongued Jennifer harder, relishing every drop of girl juice on her taste buds.

It sounded so raw and sexy when Jennifer called them dykes. Gawd, that’s what they were, weren’t they? Pussy starved dykes. She and Love had been that from their first kiss and they had made so many other girls the same way. Now she was turning Jennifer into one too and it was such a wicked rush.

Jennifer had come to the mansion straight…well at least technically straight…and now Sarah was going to make sure she turned this girl into a total lesbian. She was going to make sure she and her friends fucked Jennifer Lawrence so good that she’d never even think about a cock again unless it was a fake one strapped around a girl’s waist.

“Mmmm yessssss you’re a dyke now baby, just like me and my friends! We’re horny fucking dykes and you’re gonna be craving pussy just as much as we do,” Sarah moaned as she swallowed the juicy essence all over her tongue and plunged her fingers deeper into Jennifer’s honeypot. “I have been dreaming about you sweetie. I’ve been making my wrist sore from finger fucking myself dreaming about fucking you just like this. Mmmm I wanted your sweet pussy right in my face so I could lick it dry and turn you from a straight bitch into a horny lez like me!”

“Gawwwwwwwwwwd!” Jennifer groaned in utter lust. It sounded so hot to hear Sarah say it.

It hammered home that this was really happening. It wasn’t some fantasy. It was the real fucking thing and she loved it. She was turning into a fucking lez and it felt amazing.

“Yessssss fuck yessssssss! Make me a dyke Sarah!” Jennifer enthusiastically urged. “Make me fucking crave cunt like you do! Ooooh fuckkk I’ve wanted this for so long! I didn’t even know how much until now! Do it Sarah! Make me fucking gay for you and all your hot friends! Turn me like you turned all those other hot pieces of Hollywood ass! Oooooh I’d hear all the hot rumors about you girls and I wanted you to fucking do it to me too! Yesssssss give me that tongue! Fuck me with those fingers just make me fucking scream out from coming!”

She was babbling now but Jennifer didn’t care. This pussy licking was going to make her delirious with pleasure and she couldn’t wait. She wanted to be babbling and drooling and most of all she wanted to be coming. Nothing made her feel as good as sex and the rawer and more out of control the better. Jennifer knew this was going to be better than any guy pounding her, no matter how good he was.

This was the ultimate taboo for Jennifer. She was going all freaky with another woman and shredding any self-control she had in the process. She really hadn’t realized until now just how badly she had been craving this kind of release but Sarah’s tongue made her feel what she had been missing with each naughty lick.

Jennifer happily moaned as she kept herself pressed right up against the wall in the hallway, her panties around her feet and Sarah on her knees in front of her, showing her things with her tongue she knew no guy could match. The feeling was indescribable and Jennifer knew she was going to want so much more of this.

There were no inhibitions or fears or regrets. There was only sex and she fucking got off on that so hard. When a man could take her to that special place where it was nothing but raw, all-consuming lust and pleasure Jennifer felt like she would willingly become his slave and Sarah’s licking was showing her that women were going to have no trouble taking her there again and again and again until she was nothing but a naked mess, drooling saliva and cum and loving every mindlessly fucked out second of it.

“More! Ohhhhh God fuckkkkkkk please give me more!” Jennifer pleaded, glad her hands were in Sarah’s hair and holding the hem of her dress so she couldn’t be tempted to rip her clothes off and free her tits.

Her breasts were rising and falling with soft, fleshy jiggles as her breathing came out haggard and she could feel them getting sweaty and swollen under her dress and bra. That made her want to get naked even more but fortunately there was one little bit of self-control left reminding her there was a crowded party downstairs and she couldn’t exactly go streaking through it as much as she wanted to.

“Mmmmmm fucking do me Sarah!” Jennifer lustfully groaned. “Do that juicy gay fuckbox of mine with that amazing lesbo tongue of yours! Oooooh fuckkkk! Yessssssss fucking give it to me like a man never can! Make me only want girls! Oooooh Sarahhhhhhhh FUCKKKKK OHHHHHHHH FUCKKK! YESSSS YOU’RE SO GOOD! OOOOH EAT THAT PUSSY BITCH! UGHHH FUCKING FINGER IT RAW WHILE YOU’RE SUCKING GAY CUM OUT OF MY FUCKING TWAT YESSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHH YESSSSS!”

Sarah couldn’t help but wonder if they could hear Jennifer all the way downstairs. It wasn’t likely given the noise from the chatter and the music but still. She definitely wasn’t supposed to be doing this now. She was supposed to wait for the after party. But she just couldn’t resist showing Jennifer all she could do with her mouth.

Sarah couldn’t wait for the after party. She didn’t want to be caught in a compromising position and make Love mad at her but she just couldn’t stop from feasting on Jennifer’s award winning pussy. Her dirty talk was so hot and the louder and more intense it got, the more it turned Sarah on.

Jennifer wasn’t the only one losing control. Sarah was too and she moaned into the pink, bald muzzle of Jennifer’s vagina as she slid her free hand under her own dress and panties so she could play with her soaked sex.

Touching herself as she pleasured Jennifer sent a surge of ecstasy through Sarah’s body but she never lost her focus from where she knew it needed to be. She concentrated on working over her new friend, licking and fingering her as Jennifer dripped right into her waiting mouth. God, this girl was so fucking wet!

Sarah knew her friends were definitely going to love fucking her as much as she did and Sarah’s pussy drooled all over her own fingers at the thought of Jennifer Lawrence naked and bent over with her face in her crotch, tongue fucking her just like Sarah was doing to her now, while Rose nailed the Oscar winner from behind, driving Mr. Snappy up into Jennifer’s pussy as the rest of her housemates and guests lined up to get a piece of her too.

The more Jennifer screamed for her and the dirtier her words got, the more Sarah lusted for her. This girl was hotter than she ever could have imagined. She was so wild and sexy and her pussy was absolutely delicious. Sarah wanted to drain every yummy drop of cream from Jennifer and she didn’t care if she ever got back to the party because she knew as soon as she swallowed one orgasm from the gorgeous younger woman, she was going to want another one and then another after that.

Jennifer continued to cry out for her, mashing her pussy against her face as she rocked her hips, and Sarah kept her fingers buried into her all the way to the knuckle. The girl was fucking tight but she was so wet that Sarah got them shoved in with little resistance. Jennifer wanted this so badly that she was dripping down her fingers onto her hand.

Sarah loved feeling those wet juices trickling down her wrist but most of all she loved them all over her tongue as she lapped at the swollen lips of Jennifer’s labia and then thrust inside, penetrating the wonderfully warm, gooey pinkness. There was nothing like the first experience of tasting a new girl’s flavor and Jennifer’s seemed especially addictive as that sex sugar tantalized her taste buds and made her want to swallow every bit of her.

“You gonna come for me baby?” Sarah moaned, her voice full of lust too as she urged Jennifer on while pistoning her fingers in and out of her, pulling out just enough so she could shove them back in and make the drenched girl shake and squeal for her. “Gonna come for Sarah? Gonna soak my lezzie face with your cum? Mmmmmm your boyfriend thought you were just going out to a party tonight. He had no idea I was going to fucking turn you gay for me and my pussy hungry friends! Mmmmm you’re never going to want him again Jennifer! You’re only going to want us!”

“Yessssssssssssssss fuckkkkkkk I already do! Fuckkk I’m only gonna fuck girls from now on!” Jennifer cried, not caring if she intended to keep that promise or not, only how good it felt to say it. “Mmmmmm make me come you horny slut! Fucking make that pussy purr! Make it so fucking creamy I’ll still be dripping even when we get back your fucking little wholesome Christmas party and act like nothing happened! Ughhhhh fuck me please Sarah! Fuck me and make me come! You’re so…OHHHH MY GODDD YESSSSSSSSS OHHHHH FUCKKKK FUCKKKKK OHHHHHHHHH MORE SARAH MORRRRRE! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKING DO ME!”

Jennifer’s screams were caused by the feel of Sarah’s lips around her clit and she was actually shocked she didn’t come right there and then. She banged her body back against the wall and then thrust her hips again, fucking herself against Sarah’s face as pleasure surged through her.

Feeling the softness of those lips covering her clit and the forceful, passionate sucking had Jennifer gurgling with ecstasy. She tilted her head back and cried out again and again, her toes curling in her shoes and her body shivering. Her whole body was tingling and Jennifer could feel sweat dripping down her body under her dress. This was so fucking amazing and she never wanted it to stop.

Her clit had been throbbing from the first kiss she’d shared with Sarah and now the feel of those sensually soft lips covering it and suckling on it made Jennifer feel like she was going to absolutely explode with pleasure. If all women were as good as this as Sarah was then Jennifer was pretty sure she wasn’t going to need a man for anything ever again.

Sarah sucked passionately on her clit while shoving those fingers into her at the same time. There was nothing nice about what she was doing but Jennifer had never felt better. She didn’t need to be made love to. She just needed to be fucked. She needed to be fucked hard. She loved it rough and she was getting off on this so hard.

“OHHHH FUCKK OHHHH GODDD I’M SO FUCKING CLOSE SARAH! OHHHH MY GODDDDDD YESSSS FUCKING SUCK THAT CLIT OOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS SUCK THAT CUM RIGHT OUT OF ME WHILE YOU’RE FINGER BANGING ME!” Jennifer cried out, her hands now off Sarah’s head and clutching the wall now as if she was searching for something to hold onto out of fear she was going to blast off like a rocket or something. “OHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! FUCK MEEEEE! OOOOH GOD YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME FUCKING COME SO BIG!”

Sarah wanted that so much. She wanted Jennifer to come more than she’d ever come from a man fucking her. Sarah wanted Jennifer’s orgasm even more than she wanted her own and she wanted her own. But, as eager as she was for her newest conquest to come, Sarah didn’t want to get her off quite yet. Not when they only had a limited time before they would inevitably be discovered and not when there was something she was dying to do to Jennifer.

All those afternoons seeing Jennifer in tight workout clothes had given her the burning need to do this and she couldn’t help herself. So, instead of making the girl come by keeping her lips and fingers right where they were, Sarah instead pulled them away.

“Wha…” Jennifer gasped out in utter confusion, staring down at Sarah with absolute shock in her eyes. How could the girl have gotten her so close and then stopped? What kind of sick fucking torture was this? “What are you doing? Don’t fucking stop!”

But what Sarah was intending became crystal clear a moment later when she whirled Jennifer around, turning her so her face was against the wall. Jennifer barely had any time to react before Sarah lifted up her dress again and, with her panties still around her feet, took a moment to admire the delectable bare curve of Jennifer’s meaty backside.

“Such a hot fucking ass!” Sarah moaned in lustful appreciation before she took the hand that had just been finger fucking Jennifer’s cunt and smacked the firm, full cheeks in front of her face, spanking Jennifer with her cum covered fingers.

Luckily, the slap to her bare ass was most welcome by Jennifer. She gasped in surprise when she felt Sarah’s hand strike her backside but it was a happy gasp for sure.

“Ohhhh fuckkkk! Ooooooh baby yeahhh!” Jennifer groaned, her ass tingling from the sting of the hard smack. “Is that what you want? You want the booty, huh? Fuck yeahhhh! You’re just as bad as the guys who want to stick it up my big ass, aren’t you?”

“Mmmmmhmmm you know I am! In fact I’m worse!” Sarah giggled. “Guys are supposed to be dumb cum for brains horndogs who always wanna go in the backdoor. Girls are supposed to be sweet and pure! We’re not supposed to wanna assfuck! We’re supposed to be above that! But I’m not! I’m a fucking whore for hot girl asses and your ass is so fucking juicy! I love staring at it at the gym! I’ve been dying to fuck it! Mmmm and you want it, don’t you? I’ll bet you love it up the ass, don’t you Jen?”

“Ooooooh what gave me away?” Jennifer laughed as she looked over her shoulder to peer down at her kneeling lover with white-hot lust in her eyes. “Mmmm I LOVE it up the ass! It usually takes more than one date to get me to give up the booty, though!”

“Good thing we’re not dating then.” Sarah purred before she went for her prize and started kissing the round, firm cheeks of Jennifer Lawrence’s ass. Each press of her soft, juice coated lips to her ass made Jennifer moan and it only took a few seconds of that for Jennifer to put her hands on the wall and jut her ass out so it was pressed against Sarah’s lovely face.

“Mmmm fuck yeah we’re not dating! We’re just fucking like a couple of hardcore dykes!” Jennifer groaned in need. “Fuck me Sarah! Fuck that butt! You want it? Take it! I’ll give you anything you fucking want! You can have my juicy Katniss booty! All your fucking friends can! I don’t just wanna be a dyke for you baby! I wanna be an assfucked slut dyke!”

“Ooooooh fuckkkkkk you’ve got such a mouth on you,” Sarah cooed, Jennifer’s glorious cheeks rubbing up against her in a way that sent her into a total haze of lust. “I’m gonna have to shut you up by getting my pussy on it! Mmmmm you filthy mouthed fucking whore! You’re gonna get it so good! I’ll show you how dykes fuck! Mmmm I’m gonna eat this ass and make you come!”

“Yessssssssss do ittttttttttttttttt!” Jennifer begged. “Please Sarah! Fucking eat my ass! Ooooh boys just wanna stick their dicks up it but you know how a girl loves to be eaten! Mmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh get your lezzie tongue up my booty! C’mon bitch! Don’t wait! I need it so bad! Please make me come! Please please please Sarah!”

All those “pleases” certainly made up for Jennifer calling her bitch and Sarah didn’t hesitate, both because she knew they didn’t have a lot of time and because she couldn’t wait another second before doing this. She kissed each one of Jennifer’s glorious butt cheeks and then set her hands onto them, spreading her open as the girl hissed in anticipation, her pussy dripping at the idea of being tongue fucked up the ass by another woman.

Jennifer tensed up in anticipation as Sarah gripped her cheeks and spread them open, exposing her naughtiest of holes and she melted in white-hot lust when Sarah’s tongue started licking over her puckered knot.


Jennifer hadn’t been exaggerating before when she had said that she loved anal sex. She adored getting assfucked. She had always come harder from getting fucked up the ass than being fucked up her pussy. It had always been that way because she happened to have a very sensitive asshole so as much as she loved pussy play, it was being fucked up the ass that always set her off hardest.

It wasn’t like she always did it or anything. A man had to seriously earn a treat like her ass but when the mood felt right, she was always up for backdoor play. And the mood had never felt more right than it did now.

She barely knew Sarah. She of course knew the reputation, both sexual and non, but she didn’t really know the person. But that didn’t matter now. Only the pleasure of her rim job did. This went beyond mere casual sex. This was utterly out of control lust and Jennifer loved it. She had never experienced sex so wild and intense and now that Sarah was tonguing her asshole, it was like every dirty dream she had ever had was combined into one awesome encounter.

“OHH FUCKKK YESSSSSS OOOOH TAKE THAT BOOTY SARAH! UGHHH FUCKING OWN IT WITH YOUR TONGUE! OOOOOH YESSSS JAM THAT LEZZIE TONGUE UP MY ASS!” Jennifer begged, her hands and face now pressed to the wall as Sarah kept her butt cheeks lewdly spread and her tongue licking away at the tightness of her ultra-sensitive ring. “OOOOH YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKING ME THIS WHOLE TIME AND NOT JUST STARING AT THAT ASS! YESSSS OOOH BABY GIVE IT TO ME GOOD! OOOOH!”

Those cries got even more intense as Sarah didn’t just lick around Jennifer’s asshole. She got even dirtier by taking full advantage of having her hands on Jennifer’s buns spreading her open. Sarah thrust her tongue into Jennifer’s hole, fucking her ass with wet pushes into her that had Jennifer quivering with her body pressed up against the wall.

Sarah felt pretty out of control right then as she kneeled fully dressed on the floor of her hallway with her tongue buried up an Academy Award winner’s asshole and she indulged fully in the filthiness of it, groaning and drooling into Jennifer as she paused her tongue fucking only so she could spank the younger woman repeatedly, slapping her bare ass and making Jennifer squeal and cry out in ecstasy.

Sarah loved being this nasty. For all the teasing she had done at Love’s expense and for her little joke of bringing a male porn star dressed as Santa, Sarah really did feel extra kinky for acting this way at Christmastime, especially when all her friends were downstairs having a party and probably wondering where she and Jennifer had gone off to.

Christmas was a time to be good and nice and she was being anything but. She was being a very bad girl and she loved it as her tongue wetly probed Jennifer Lawrence’s butthole, thrusting hard into her as her fingers moved down to where the woman’s dripping slit was waiting.

As Sarah tongue fucked Jennifer’s ass, tossing her salad like she was starving for it, her slim, delicate fingers rubbed her lover’s slit. Sarah was ignoring her own pussy now and using both of her hands on Jennifer. One hand kept Jennifer’s ass cheeks spread open in all their thick, firm glory and the other was working over her pussy, gliding over her cunt lips and then pushing inside.

One and then two of Sarah’s fingers slipped into Jennifer to finger her at the same time she tongued her asshole. That got another series of loud, happy cries from Jennifer and both women knew it wouldn’t be long now until there was release.


Sarah wanted this just as much as Jennifer did. She wanted to make this big screen goddess come. She wanted to blow Jennifer’s mind and have her begging for more. Sarah knew she had done that already with everything she and her tongue had done until now, but it wouldn’t be complete until she brought Jennifer to orgasm. So she wasn’t going to stop. She was going to fuck her new lover until she came.

But she did change up one thing about how she was doing it.

It was so hot to have her face buried in Jennifer Lawrence’s ass cheeks. Sarah only wished that she had a way to see herself with her face pressed between those beautiful buns because she knew it had to be hot. Maybe she’d have to check the security cameras later just to see the footage of this. It wouldn’t be the first time they had turned their security footage into a sex tape and Sarah was sure it would not be the last. But as hot as this was, Sarah wanted something more.

She loved tongue fucking Jennifer’s yummy ass and she was sure she was going to do it again multiple times. But she just couldn’t allow herself to miss swallowing down the creamy essence of Jennifer’s orgasm. Her fingers felt so good thrusting in and rubbing against Jennifer’s clit, feeling how hot and creamy her folds were. Yet having it on her fingers wasn’t enough. She wanted it on her tongue.

So she switched and did it quickly too so Jennifer wouldn’t miss a beat. The fingers that were coated in Jennifer’s pussy juice went right into her licked asshole and Sarah’s mouth went back to Jennifer’s crotch. She pressed her lips to the girl’s slit from behind and, as she began finger fucking her asshole in earnest, she used her other hand to spread open those bald, pink pussy lips from behind so she could begin sucking on her clitoris.


It didn’t take long for the overheating actress to be set off by this action. Jennifer’s asshole was wonderfully tight but Sarah’s two fingers were plenty lubed up by the pussy juice all over them and the saliva her rim job had left made it easy for her to push past that tightness and finger fuck her.

And as Sarah did this her lips latched back onto Jennifer’s clitoris, sucking on it with unleashed skill that had her screaming into the wall, saliva dripping past her mouth and onto the wallpaper. She fingered her and slurped on her and Jennifer was so ready for this that it took only moments of this for her to explode.


What followed was a lot of babbling and groaning amidst the screaming. It took a little while for Jennifer to cycle down from this and when she did she finally let her legs collapse as she fell to the floor, her head spinning and feeling wonderfully dizzy from what she had just experienced.

She smiled at Sarah as they found themselves face to face, this time on the floor, and it didn’t take long at all for Jennifer to show Sarah there were no regrets about what she had just let her do. She reached over and yanked Sarah to her, grabbing a hold of her dress and pulling her in so she could passionately kiss her, tasting not just her pussy all over her new friend’s lips but also her ass, a combination that Jennifer found kinky delight in experiencing.

“Mmmmmmm fuckkkk you’re amazing!” Jennifer moaned out. “Oh Sarah! Fuckkkkk that was incredible! I loved it!”

“I could tell,” Sarah giggled, very proud of herself for what she’d just made Jennifer feel. “I think the whole neighborhood could tell!”

“Sorry,” Jennifer blushed with a laugh. “When it comes to sex I really get into it! I should have tried to muzzle myself a little more.”

“Don’t be sorry, I loved it,” Sarah admitted. “Looks like we had an audience too.”

It had only been when Sarah had finally pulled away from Jennifer’s body that she had noticed that the sound of Jennifer’s orgasm has drawn Stacy and her friends as onlookers to see what the hustle and bustle in the hallway was all about.

Sarah didn’t recognize the girls that were with her housemate but since Stacy was totally naked and the other two only had few pieces of their own discarded clothing pressed to their bodies to hide their own nudity a little, Sarah could safely assume that these were good friends of Stacy’s and that meant that soon they’d be good friends of hers too.

“That was quite a show,” Stacy said in appreciation.

“Mmmmm sounded like you were having a lot of fun in there too,” Sarah replied. “Looks like this is shaping up to be quite a party.”

Neither AJ nor Kaitlyn could say a word after what they had seen. But the looks on their faces certainly conveyed both the shock and arousal they felt from seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Lawrence fucking right in front of them.

Jennifer was a little taken aback too by the sudden appearance of these other women, but she didn’t let it throw her. If this was the way things went down at this place, she was definitely going to get into the spirit of it. She remembered seeing AJ and Kaitlyn downstairs and complimenting their antlers but they looked a lot better now as they barely covered their naked bodies.

“Well it’ll be even better when you make good on that promise,” Jennifer said, trying to act super seductive now that she knew she had an audience.

“Oh yeah? What promise was that?” Sarah asked, knowing full well what Jennifer was talking about.

“Mmmmm the one of you shutting me up by getting your pussy on my face,” Jennifer smiled, wondering if these hot girls who had watched them were up for another show or if they wanted to join in because right then she was totally cool with either option.

Sarah responded to the invitation by kissing Jennifer passionately on the lips, feeding her more of her orgasm in the process. But, as much as her own pussy was aching for attention, having gotten Jennifer off had caused some of Sarah’s common sense to return. So she knew that she had to deny herself for just a little while longer.

“Oooooh I love the sound of that but save that thought for later,” Sarah said before giving Jennifer another wet kiss, this time softer and more sensual.

“But…but…why?” Jennifer asked, suddenly insecure. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh hell no,” Sarah assured the girl as Stacy led her friends back into her room so they could start to get dressed. “But we’re going to be missed if we’re away much longer. I don’t want anyone thinking we’re off doing what we were just doing. But if you’ll stick around for the after party, you’ll have plenty of chances to return the favor and to get to know all of my friends. Sound good?”

“Mmmmm more than good!” Jennifer said, smiling. She was disappointed that she was going to have to wait to get her first taste of pussy but that was a mighty enticing promise. “I’ll stay until you kick me out!”

“Oh we’ll never do that,” Sarah assured her. “I can’t wait until everyone else sees you in action! You’re going to love it.”

But little did Sarah or Jennifer know that someone already had seen them in action and she was absolutely shocked by what she had seen as she crept away and back down the stairs she had just come up, relieved that at least no one had noticed that she was there.

She was too stunned by what she had witnessed and what it meant to have any idea what to say or what to do except think that she had to get out of this place as soon as possible.


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