The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Two

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Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Two

Author: KMB

Celebs: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jewel Kilcher, Taylor Swift, Alyssa Milano, Hayden Panettiere, Chloe Moretz

Codes: FF, FFF, oral, anal, cons, rim, teen, mast

Summary: The party is about to start. Cookie baking takes a naughty turn, Sarah finds a special Santa and the guests are arriving.

The presents just keep piling up, don’t they? Yes it’s the second part of the many, many parts of the latest Harem chapter.

So where were we? Ahhh yes, let us review for a moment what has come before us. It’s Christmas time at the mansion and the girls are throwing a party. Little do they know that the nice, sweet and totally PG party they are planning is about to turn into a wild orgy that will change lives. How does it get that way? We’re going to find out.

The first mistake was Sarah’s when she accidently e-mailed an invitation meant to go to a select few out to a huge group. Will Love’s dreams of the perfect Christmas be dashed? Will Jennifer be able to get her life back on track? Will Alyssa be able to ditch the persistent attention of young Chloe Moretz? Will Christina get back to Britney in time for Christmas?

If you haven’t read the first part of the story you might not know what the heck I am talking about. So you should definitely go back and read it. There’s so much going on. Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale are at odds after Ashley was caught with Vanessa’s sisters. Vanessa’s attempt at a revenge fuck didn’t go as planned though and she can’t heal her own heartbreak. Plus Hayden Panettiere is worried Miley Cyrus is stealing her freaky thunder and Kelly Clarkson is agonizing over a crush on the very married Carrie Underwood.

What will happen? Will Christmas bring joy and orgasms or heartbreak? You’re going to have to read on and find out.

But before you read, there are a few things to say.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at [email protected].

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. There are a lot of chapters to come in a smaller and more easily digestible form. I don’t even know how many chapters there are going to be but rest assured they will all lead to a party the likes of which you will never forget.

And now Merry Christmas from the lovely ladies of the mansion. Won’t you join them for a very festive holiday celebration?

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Two


As she pulled into her house, Hayden Panettiere considered, and not for the first time either, how this place really was becoming a house, not a home.

To her, home was in Malibu with all her girlfriends. When she wasn’t there she found herself wishing she was and sleeping alone in her own bed these days felt like the loneliest thing in the world. How could her own house compare to a mansion of beautiful women who could make her feel pleasure she had once never dreamed possible?

She had felt so proud when she had bought this place. It was the first home that she owned. She had bought it herself with money she had earned through hard work. She had felt so powerful and independent when she’d been able to do that. She’d felt…well like a grown up.

Sure she had left her teen years behind a while ago and she was certainly no kid but there was something about buying a house that made you feel like an adult. However, even with all of that in mind she now looked at this place as a very nice, very cozy house that she didn’t want to live in anymore.

When she wasn’t spending her nights at the mansion she was dreaming about getting back there as soon as possible. Sleeping in Malibu nestled between two or three of her hottest girlfriends in a crowded bed? Now that was home to her.

And today, even more than usual, Hayden didn’t want to be here. She wanted to be at the mansion. She hated being here when she knew that Miley was at the mansion having the kind of kinky fun she was supposed to be having. The whole drive to her house, Hayden had been fuming, thinking of all of her friends pawing at Miley, fucking her in every sexy hole she had and telling her that she was their little freak.

It made her burn with jealousy and she had wanted to turn around so many times to drive back to the mansion, shove Miley out of the way and make sure everyone knew she was still the hottest little freak there. Hayden knew she was being irrational. But that didn’t exactly stop her from feeling that way. In fact it made it worse because she knew she was overreacting and still felt compelled to make sure that Miley wasn’t replacing her.

Ultimately Hayden knew the person that she had to prove this to was herself. No one at the mansion had given her any indication that Miley was better liked than she was. And Miley sure didn’t seem to have any kind of sneaky ambitions or want anything more than just to have fun and get fucked. Hayden knew it was her own insecurities feeding this so she was determined to put those to rest. And she knew that the party was the perfect place to do it.

She had come back to her house because she had needed to grab a few things, including a dress she wanted to wear tonight that she was sure that her friends at the mansion would be extremely eager to tear right off her. That was exactly the reaction Hayden was hoping for and she was going to make damn sure she got it.

Part of her wanted to just show up for the party completely naked and make crystal clear that she was up for anything that night to show off what a freak she truly was. But she couldn’t do that. Not when Love was so adamant that the party be a normal, friendly one to celebrate Christmas.

Hayden couldn’t even dream of ever disrespecting Love or ruining her party, so she cooled her libido just enough in her plans. She would wear her sexy dress to the party and then at the after party she’d lose her clothes and let everyone have their nasty ways with her until there was no doubt that the freak of the mansion was still and always would be Hayden Panettiere.

Thinking about pulling that off had Hayden feeling a lot better and she made sure she was nice and composed as she pulled into the garage and exited her car. After all she had herself a houseguest and the less he knew about where she disappeared to all the time the better.

That wasn’t information she wanted to share, especially not with family. She had made sure to shower carefully that morning to make sure that there wasn’t even the slightest hint of a night of lesbian sex had been what she’d been up to.

There was a long list of people that Hayden wanted to never have an idea of what her extracurricular activities were and her brother was right at the top. Having him crash at her place for an undetermined period of time wasn’t her idea, but she’d been completely unable to say no to him. After all, he was her brother and Hayden knew if there was one thing more important than the mansion, it was family.

Plus, she’d always looked out for her little brother. She had some momma grizzly in her and she wasn’t afraid to show it.

“I’m back!” Hayden announced as she walked into the house. “Jansen? You here?”

When she’d found her phone by the pool, Hayden had found a whole bunch of text messages from her brother asking her if she was coming home that night and what time. She hadn’t answered them because obviously what would have been the point since she never had come home that night, preferring instead to stay at the place she considered her real home.

But now she was back, at least for a little while and she wanted to make sure she talked to Jansen so he knew she wouldn’t be home again that night either. She had a busy night of freakiness ahead of herself after all, and she wanted to make sure no one was home up waiting for her.

At first Hayden didn’t receive an answer and she frowned. Where was he? For someone who had been so concerned about her whereabouts the night before, her little brother sure knew how to make himself scarce. But, she told herself, it wasn’t like she was their mom. Jansen was free to come and go as he pleased. After all, she did and Hayden didn’t want there to be separate rules for her brother and for herself.

“Jansen?” she asked again as she walked up the stairs toward the bedrooms. “Hello?”

And this time her words got a response as her brother darted out of his bedroom, meeting her in the hallway.

“Hayden! Hey! Ummm…what…what are you doing here?” Jansen asked, his teenage face with that same guilty/nervous look on it that Hayden knew all too well from her own attempts to cover up her true activities from prying eyes she didn’t want spying.

“Uhhhhh this is my house. I live here,” Hayden replied suspiciously. “What’s going on Jansen?”

“Nothing…I mean, what makes you think something’s going on,” he insisted. “Nothing’s going on. Why would you ask that? I just didn’t know you were going to be here. I thought you were…I don’t know…wherever it is you go.”

“What’s going on?” Hayden asked again, not wanting to be like their mom but at the same time becoming positive that something was going on. The more Jansen insisted nothing was happening made it more and more clearer that something actually was. “What are you hiding? What are you doing?”

The way Jansen was standing in the hallway was very suspicious. It was like he was positioned to keep her from seeing something. He obviously hadn’t expected her return at this hour and the more he tried to make it like he wasn’t hiding, the more apparent it became that he actually was hiding something. Hayden wanted to know what it was. She didn’t want to pry or snoop or try to ruin his life, but Hayden wanted to know what her little brother was doing in her house.

“Nothing! Nothing’s going on! I swear,” Jansen insisted, making Hayden hope that he didn’t play poker for money ever because he had about a million obvious tells that he was lying as he nervously stood there in the hallway, his eyes darting around, his brow getting sweaty and his demeanor looking like he was desperately hoping not to be trapped like a rat. “Can’t I just be happy to see my sister?”

“Riiiiiiight,” Hayden replied, not buying it for a second. “But whatever. I’m going to my room Jansen. Okay? So whatever it is you’re doing…do less of it.”

But what Jansen was doing, or more specifically who he was doing, became obvious a second later when the bathroom door that Jansen was trying to block Hayden from passing opened and a girl emerged obviously fresh from the shower into the hallway. Her skin was damp, her hair wet and there was steam escaping from the bathroom, and since there was no towel on her body Hayden found herself looking directly at the completely naked body of AnnaSophia Robb.

“Jan, did you see where I left my jeans, baby?” AnnaSophia asked before she realized that not only was her boyfriend not alone anymore but that his sister could see every bit of her body.

Hayden and AnnaSophia didn’t say anything at first. They just froze, preserving the extremely awkward moment long enough for Hayden to fixate on AnnaSophia’s gorgeously firm tits in all their naked glory, her wide areolas and pink nipples looking so tasty. And Hayden couldn’t help herself from gazing downward, spying AnnaSophia’s teenage pussy and how she was a natural blonde judging from the little landing strip she had.

“Oh my God!” AnnaSophia finally reacted, running back into the bathroom as quickly as she could to grab a towel. But this only made things worse because it let Hayden get an amazing view of the blonde girl’s ass.

“Holy shit!” Hayden gasped audibly, unable to keep from reacting at the sight of that round, thick ass so perfectly curvy on the girl’s slim body. How the hell did she have an ass like that? It was one of the best butts Hayden had ever seen and she was completely blown away by it.

Hayden hadn’t meant to so openly react to the sight of the naked girl, especially because her brother had obviously slept with her the night before. But fortunately, Jansen assumed that her reaction was one of shock and anger and not one of lust.

“We thought you wouldn’t be back until later,” Jansen explained. “I texted you a bunch of times last night to see if you were coming back and you never answered me. We thought we had the house to ourselves.”

Jansen’s voice snapped Hayden out of the spell that AnnaSophia’s naked body had put her under and she was very happy for that. After all, drooling over her brother’s girlfriend would have been wrong on so many levels.

“Ummm yeahhhhh…I…I lost my phone last night,” Hayden sputtered back, her mind still fixated on AnnaSophia’s breathtaking ass and how incredibly juicy it was without sacrificing even a bit of youthful firmness. “I didn’t see your messages till this morning…”

“You mad?” Jansen asked, a little worried that Hayden was going to freak out at him for bringing a girl back here. He and AnnaSophia usually crashed at her place but last night he had wanted to take advantage of his sister’s frequent and long absences from the house.

“Huh? What?” Hayden asked, not quite grasping the question as she couldn’t stop thinking about asking her little brother to wait outside for like an hour or three so she could get in that bathroom with AnnaSophia and eat that ass of hers until the younger girl’s mind was blown and she was fucking a very different Panettiere.

“Are you mad?” Jansen asked again. “You’re not going to tell mom and dad, are you?”

“What…no…no…of course not,” Hayden said, trying to pull herself out of her fog and remind herself that this girl was sleeping with her brother and obviously very off limits. “I promise. Just…wow…I wasn’t expecting this…”

“Sorry,” AnnaSophia said, returning from the bathroom this time with a towel covering herself up and depriving Hayden of the view she longed to see again. “I didn’t know you were back. I didn’t mean to…show you all that.”

“No….it’s cool,” Hayden tried to play it off even though all she wanted to do was grab AnnaSophia by the hand, drag her to her bedroom, lock the door and show the girl that women could fuck so much better than men. “I just was a little surprised.”

“You’re surprised? Gawd, I think I’m going to die,” AnnaSophia groaned, looking like her blushing was going to become permanent. Of all the ways to embarrass herself, showing up naked in front of her boyfriend’s sister had been pretty high on the list of ones she had wanted to avoid.

“No…no, don’t be embarrassed,” Hayden assured the girl while biting her tongue on offering to ease that humiliation by taking off her clothes too. “Whatever you guys are doing, I just…I just don’t want to know about it, okay?”

“Definitely okay!” Jansen immediately agreed as AnnaSophia nodded her head. He was so relieved Hayden was being okay with this. If their parents had caught them like this, his head would have been on a spike even though they were both over 18. “Thanks for being so cool about this Hayden.”

“You guys dating?” Hayden asked. She hadn’t even known her brother had a girlfriend much less someone as gorgeous as AnnaSophia Robb.

“Yeah for like a month now,” Jansen said. “I told you, remember?”

“Oh God, you did…” Hayden groaned.

This time it was her turn to be embarrassed. Jansen had told her. She remembered now. But she also remembered barely noticing because she was too busy thinking about her girlfriends to even think about her brother’s girlfriend. What kind of a sister was she? She was supposed to be helping take care of her brother, not ignoring him.

“Hey it’s okay, I guess we’ve all met now…not really the way I wanted to but…whatever…” AnnaSophia said, hoping for this awkwardness to end so she could go get dressed and maybe find a hole to bury herself in until she forgot about flashing her boyfriend’s sister.

“Ummmm okay…so let’s go get some clothes on,” Hayden managed to spit out even though AnnaSophia was the only one who wasn’t fully dressed. “I’ll make some coffee and we can talk or something.”

Hayden had no idea what to do or say in a situation like this. She hadn’t expected to come home and find her brother’s girlfriend naked like this. But Jansen was 19 and Hayden assumed AnnaSophia was that age too so it wasn’t like they were doing anything wrong. Plus, she would have been a hypocrite for freaking out about her brother having sex with a hot girl considering all she’d been doing the night before.

“Yeah…coffee sounds real good now…” AnnaSophia said, relieved that Hayden wasn’t freaking but definitely wishing this entire situation had been avoided. “I’m gonna go get some clothes on and maybe invent a time machine or something so this never happens…”

Hayden wished for that too. She wished she’d never seen what she had seen. Because the more she told herself not to, the more she found herself thinking about AnnaSophia naked and how hot she had looked.

The last thing she needed right then was the intense desire to fuck her brother’s girlfriend…but that was exactly what she felt.


The forceful knock on the closed bedroom door was met with no response so another, stronger one was followed by a demand.

“Chloe! You are not going to sleep the day away!” Teri Moretz insisted and when her words were met with a groan from inside the bedroom, she opened the door and found a human sized lump under the blankets that she could only assume was her daughter.

“C’mon up and at ‘em, young lady,” Teri said. “No excuses for sleeping the day away.”

“Five more minutes…” Chloe’s groggy voice urged from underneath the mess of pillows and blankets hiding her body.

“Alright, but that’s it,” Teri agreed, leaving the room and closing Chloe’s door behind her. “I’ll be back and I want you moving by then!”

“Fiiiiiiiine!” Chloe groaned. “Just gimmie those five minutes! Please!”

When the door clicked shut, Chloe finally began to stir, pushing the blankets off herself and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. As she did that she glanced over at the clock and saw that it was almost 11. Wow, she really had been sleeping the day away, hadn’t she? No wonder her mom was so aggravated about it.

It had been a long night though. She’d been hanging out with Ava and Ariel and they had ended up meeting up with Bella too and she’d had to play a little bit of referee between the snarkfest that had started up when AnnaSophia had showed up with her new boyfriend.

Eventually AnnaSophia and Jansen had split off from them and the night had kind of faded from there. Nothing substantial had happened. It had been just another boring night in a long series of boring nights and Chloe had found herself craving something more.

She knew she hadn’t been the only one in there group that had been aching to do something other than just hanging out, but at the same time she was pretty sure she was the only one of them who wanted that something more to be a trip to Malibu where she could find where Alyssa lived and finally convince her that she was no kid and that she could be just as sexy as all the other girls she had been with.

Chloe badly wanted to get back to sleep, but she knew that wasn’t going to happen. She might have been the only movie star in the house, but her parents had made it clear that as long as she lived there, she followed their rules and there would be no exceptions.

And as much as she bristled against that as any typical teenager would have, Chloe was happy at home. She loved her family and, aside from not being able to sleep late, there was no drama. She wasn’t ready to set off on her own and she knew it.

But Chloe also knew she was ready for more than just hanging out with her friends every night. She was ready for Malibu and the pleasures that awaited there and even if Alyssa believed she wasn’t, Chloe was sure she could make her believe and get her to see once and for all that what she felt wasn’t just some silly crush. It was real and beautiful and she wanted it to be so much more than just a longing.

She badly wanted to go back to sleep because she knew she’d been dreaming. She couldn’t remember exactly what she’d been dreaming of, but Chloe knew it had been good. The dampness she felt in her panties was proof of that. But there would be no return to dreamland that morning and instead Chloe sat up and reached for her phone, eagerly checking to see if she’d gotten any texts from while she’d been asleep.

And while there were plenty of texts waiting for her, Chloe was disappointed when none of them were from Alyssa. It was just lots of Ava having drama with her mom and Ariel having drama with her sister and them wanting to know if she wanted to hang out again that night while none of them seemed to have any idea what exactly they would do once they were hanging out.

There was no response from Alyssa and Chloe sighed, setting her phone down and slumping herself back against her pillow as she wished that Alyssa could just get over this silly age thing and understand how badly she wanted her and how good she could make her feel. She knew Alyssa thought she was a kid. But what Chloe wanted to do to Alyssa was definitely not kids’ stuff.

She wanted to do things to Alyssa that would make the woman regret that she had ever hesitated for a second and make her wish that she had fucked her right in the shower at the gym the other day. Chloe wanted to show Alyssa that she had a sexy body and a dirty mind and that she knew how to please a gorgeous woman like her.

Because Chloe did know how to please women. She was going into this with her eyes wide open. She prided herself on never making foolish choices and Chloe knew this was no lark or silly infatuation. It was real desire. It was hot lust. It was everything she loved about being a lesbian.

Chloe had known she was gay for so long and seeing Alyssa in all the Charmed reruns she loved to watch had definitely helped her come to that realization. But she’d always known, really. She’d just never been attracted to boys as much as she’d tried to force herself to be. It had always been women’s bodies she’d been attracted to.

It has always been girl lips she’d wanted to kiss. Frankly the thought of a naked, hard penis had always done nothing for her. How could it when it was so much more fun to think about playing with big, full, beautiful breasts and hard, swollen nipples and soft feminine skin and warm thighs and gorgeous girl butts and wet, juicy sexy pussies?

Just the thought of that made Chloe smile and stretch herself in bed like a cat as she felt a soft moan escape her lips from the memory of seeing Alyssa totally naked in the shower yesterday. She’d seen pictures and movies of Alyssa naked before, but no picture could compare to seeing her literally in the flesh and being able to gaze upon her goddess body had made Chloe more sure than ever that she and Alyssa were destined to bring each other pleasure.

Chloe wasn’t crazy. She didn’t want to be Alyssa’s girlfriend. She didn’t want to marry her…though if Alyssa was into all that, Chloe could have definitely gone along with it…if she wanted it of course. She wasn’t looking for a relationship. She was looking for someone to fuck and there had never been anyone Chloe had ever wanted to fuck as much as she wanted to fuck Alyssa Milano.

She had messed around with women before. She wasn’t a virgin…at least not technically. She’d never actually been penetrated by anything other than her own fingers and toys, but to Chloe that was just semantics. She had come from another person’s touch so she was not a virgin. It was as simple as that.

But Chloe wanted more than awkward fumbling with girls her own age. She wanted something special. She wanted something explosive. She wanted something wild and uninhibited. She wanted Alyssa and denying herself that just seemed insane to Chloe. She just wished she could get Alyssa to see it from her point of view.

She had hoped that the sexy pictures Ava had taken of her the night before would get Alyssa to react the way she longed for. But Chloe also wasn’t surprised that they hadn’t. Alyssa was being stubborn. Chloe had been hoping she could get her to change her mind, though.

She hated being denied what she wanted most in the world and she kept telling herself that if she worked hard enough she could find a way to pick the lock that Alyssa had put around her body.

“Mmmmm Alyssa…want you soooooo bad!” Chloe moaned, closing her eyes and picturing Alyssa Milano naked like she’d been in the shower at the gym.

And the more Chloe thought about Alyssa naked, the easier it was for her to take her hand and slide it right into the booty shorts she’d worn to sleep, moaning out even louder as she touched herself and felt how wet she was getting.

Alyssa had been such a vision of pure beauty like that. Chloe had never seen anything sexier than she had walking up to her in the shower, her body tingling with excitement from being naked in front of her lust object and her eyes fixated on the gorgeously round, tan ass cheeks she’d seen glistening with water as it poured down onto her bare body.

Chloe had never seen an ass that sexy before. It was so fit with such a perfect juicy curve to it. Chloe had stared at the sacred heart tattoo on Alyssa’s lower back and she had pictured kneeling in back of Alyssa to kiss and worship that tattoo as she fondled her ass.

Seeing the sacred heart like that had made Chloe’s heart beat fast, making her think she wasn’t just being bad, but a little blasphemous. She had grown up in a religious household. It was a loving house, but no one there knew she was a lesbian. That was a secret only her friends knew. And thinking of kissing that sacred symbol while doing something so sinful to Alyssa had only made Chloe wetter.

But the back side of Alyssa had been blown away by the front. As she lay in bed now, Chloe thought about how amazing Alyssa had looked from the front, with those big tits of hers soaking wet and her nipples so tiny in her wide pink areolas. She had been a naked angel and she had inspired such devilish thoughts in Chloe, especially when she’d seen that Alyssa was totally smooth between her legs.

Outside of pornos, Chloe had never seen a woman with a totally bare vagina before and it had looked so hot. All Chloe had wanted was to kneel before her naked goddess and lick her pussy until she could drink the cum out of her.

Alyssa had said no to her in the shower, but now, in Chloe’s mind as she rubbed her pussy, Alyssa was only saying yes. She was telling Chloe to fuck her. She was telling her to eat her pussy and show her how hot she could be. She was telling her how badly she wanted her…how she wanted to her tight, young body and show her how women really fuck.

It wouldn’t be awkward and fumbling. It would be glorious and magical. Alyssa would take her with all her experience and all her skill and make her come like she never had before.

Chloe lay in her bed, moaning again and again as she kept her hand under her shorts rubbing herself. She knew she was taking a risk by masturbating like this but she also knew her mom hadn’t really been serious about that five minutes thing. It would be more like 10 or 15 until she came back and that gave her plenty of time. Chloe smiled, pulled her hand out of her shorts and instead reached into the nightstand next to her bed, opening the drawer to pull out her pocket rocket.

Chloe shoved her shorts down with one hand and used the other to flick on the small, but powerful vibrator, making it buzz as she rubbed it against her already wet lips.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Alyssaaaaaa!” Chloe cried out, using her pillow as a muzzle as she dreamed of the woman being in bed with her, pulling down her shorts and throwing open her legs as she tongued her wet pussy and made her come like no one else could.

“Mmmm fuck meeee! Take me! Fuck me! Make me yours!” Chloe moaned into her pillow as she pleasured herself with her mini-toy while dreaming of her fantasy becoming reality. “Ooooh fuckkk I’m going to have you Alyssa! You can’t say no to me forever! I know you can’t!”


Meanwhile, Chloe wasn’t the only one daydreaming. Though her body was physically in a chair in the meeting room of a church, Lindsay Lohan’s mind was very much elsewhere.

It was back in the bedroom at her house. It was reliving the scene she had witnessed and been deprived of the chance to join in on. And her mind was rewriting that scene, placing herself right in the middle of it.

When she’d left the house that morning, she’d left a bedroom full of some of the most gorgeous women in the world, women she loved and cared for more than anyone. She’d left her girlfriend Hilary there fucking her big sister Haylie. And she’d left her own little sister Ali naked with her legs spread wide and their mother’s face in between them, licking away at her daughter’s teenage pussy and driving her wild.

It had all filled Lindsay with intense desire and jealousy. She’d wanted to join in so badly. But she couldn’t. She’d had to be here. But even though she physically was there, mentally she was back in that bedroom taking out her frustrations in the best possible way on the women she loved.

For so many people what was going on in the Lohan house between the women there would have been called sick and disgusting. But for Lindsay is was her new normal. She didn’t feel any shame about committing incest with her mother and sister. She loved them so much and they were so beautiful. And she knew Hilary felt no shame about fucking Haylie. It was too kinky and fun and too fucking hot to even think about how wrong it was.

Neither she nor Hilary cared how others would judge them for what they were doing with their sisters and with Lindsay’s mother. It might have been wrong to most, but to them it was beautiful and full of pure desire and love. So nothing was going to make them stop and, right then, all Lindsay wanted was to be back there in that bedroom, fucking her own sister and her mother and, especially, fucking her amazing girlfriend.

Lindsay had loved seeing Hilary naked with Haylie just as nude right behind her spreading open Hilary’s ass and tongue fucking her naughtiest hole. But Lindsay didn’t just want to watch that. She wanted to be a part of it. She wanted to get a strap-on and fuck Hilary right up the ass.

She knew her girlfriend loved being fucked like that and Lindsay loved seeing Hilary’s beautiful butt jiggle for her as she fucked it. But she didn’t just want Hilary. She wanted to take the strap-on right out of her girlfriend’s ass and shove it into Haylie’s mouth, making her suck it and taste Hilary all over it as she made the sexy sisters into incestuous ass to mouth whores for her own pleasure.

But, of course, she didn’t just want to fuck the Duff sisters, not when her own sister and mother were so gorgeous and so horny too. As she fucked Hilary’s ass, Lindsay wanted her girlfriend to be licking Dina’s pussy. Lindsay wanted her mom to feel why she loved Hilary so much and why her tongue was the hottest thing on Earth.

Lindsay wanted her mom naked and lying on her back with her big tits jiggling as she fucked Hilary’s face. She wanted to see Dina come all over Hilary’s tongue and she wanted Ali to lick their mommy’s cum right off Hilary before Ali set her own young cunt on Dina’s face and fucked their mom.

Lindsay wanted to take that strap-on out of Hilary’s ass and fuck Dina’s with it too. She wanted to take her mommy’s ass with her toy and fuck it so good that Dina came all over from it. Lindsay wanted to take that toy and fuck Dina and Ali’s mouths with it and let them taste the ass all over it. And then she wanted to strip the toy off and be totally naked so Ali and Dina and Haylie and Hilary could get at her at the same time, licking and sucking her tits and kissing her all over and licking her pussy and her asshole so she could come over and over and over again as they called out her name and told her how gorgeous she was and how much they loved her.

Lindsay was so lost in this erotic daydream that she barely even noticed someone really was saying her name.

“Lindsay…Lindsay…hello, Lindsay,” the voice said, snapping her out of it.

“I’m sorry, what?” Lindsay asked.

“You haven’t said anything today,” the meeting leader explained. “Do you want to share?”

Lindsay knew this was her cue. Part of her was still shy about this. But at the same time she also felt so good after doing this. It was such a relief to be able to get this all out there and off her chest. So she did share, shutting off the naughty movie in her head for just a moment to be able to do it.

“Ummm yeah…sure…” Lindsay began. “My name is Lindsay and I’m an alcoholic and a drug addict.”

After getting the traditional greeting back from the rest of the meeting, Lindsay continued.

“Today is going to be a good day,” Lindsay said. “I know it’s going to be. Because I woke up this morning and I didn’t want a drink. I didn’t want to do drugs. I want to be clean and have control over my own life. I don’t want to let my addictions define who I am anymore. Today is my 200th day of sobriety…”

Lindsay had to pause again, this time to receive a round of supportive applause from everyone there as she smiled and showed everyone just how much she appreciated it.

“Ummm yeah it’s my 200th day and I feel better than I did yesterday, but not as good as I know I’m going to feel tomorrow as I live another day without alcohol or drugs,” Lindsay said. “I feel more in control of my life. I feel like I don’t need to have a drink today. I feel like I don’t need to do drugs. I believe I won’t fall back into my bad habits because I don’t want to. I know I can’t and I know I don’t need drugs or alcohol to be happy. I’m 200 days sober and I feel great. I don’t want to be who I was anymore. I don’t want to be some kind of punch line to a bad joke. I don’t want to be that girl who embarrassed herself over and over again. I don’t want to humiliate my family and the people I love anymore. I want to maintain control over myself and my life. I want to be healthy. I want to be happy. I don’t need that shit to be happy. I never did. I know that now thanks to all of you. I know I can get through today without a drink and without drugs because I believe in myself. I want this more than I ever wanted it before. I know I can get through today and then I can work on getting through tomorrow. I can be the person I want to be.”

Critics aside, Lindsay knew she was a good actress. And a trained actress could easily have said all of this and never betrayed for a second that it was all bullshit. But that wasn’t what Lindsay was doing.

She meant every word of what she said. She didn’t want to be who she was anymore. She didn’t want to drink. She didn’t want to do drugs. She didn’t want to be some kind of pathetic fuckup anymore. She believed she could get through today drug and alcohol free and then she’d take care of tomorrow when it was tomorrow. She knew she had to fight this every single day and today she felt strong and happy.

She could beat her need for drugs and alcohol. She could get live today without them and keep fighting one day at a time to make sure she never needed them again. More than ever she had so much to live sober for. More than ever she had something keeping her on that right path.  But, even as she shared in this open and anonymous environment, she didn’t even give a hint why she felt that way.

She was an addict. She knew she was. She was addicted to alcohol. She was addicted to drugs. She’d never not be an addict. But she could get through today without giving in because she knew what was waiting for her if she did. Was she a sex addict too? Lindsay was sure that the people in this group would believe she was, especially if they ever found out that not only was she fucking her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s sister but that she was fucking her own mother and sister and that there was a mansion full of beautiful women she couldn’t get enough of either.

But Lindsay didn’t think she was a sex addict.

The latest trip to rehab, which Lindsay had promised would be the last one, had opened her eyes and made her finally feel like she had hit bottom and could crawl her way back up to the light. It had also gotten her to confront all kinds of addiction, not just drugs and alcohol, but also sex addiction. She’d seen sex addicts. She’d worked with them as part of her therapy. And she’d seen up close how there was no pleasure in the sex they had.

Sex addiction was cold and sad and lonely. What she had was anything but that. Sex addicts had sex because they had to. Lindsay knew she had it because she wanted it and because she loved and desired the women she had sex with.

Sex wasn’t an addiction to her. It was her taking control of her own life and getting what she wanted without any drugs or alcohol. It was a way to be happy, totally happy, without anything chemical inside her. It was what stabilized her life, even if she knew no one here would understand why. So she kept zipped on that and instead let it be a part of her internally and not a part of what she said as part of her daily recovery.

“I’m not scared anymore,” Lindsay declared, wrapping up. “I’m not scared I’ll slip today. I know I won’t. I’m strong and sober and happy. I won’t be that joke again. I won’t be that pathetic, gross drunk I was. I can do this. I can get through today. I can work on getting through tomorrow. I know all of you are there for me and that I can really do this.”

That got Lindsay another big round of applause and she smiled in satisfaction. Meetings like this really did help her. She felt like this time it really was working, But she also felt that the true help she needed was at home waiting for her without any clothes on and she couldn’t wait to get back to that and get down to some seriously kinky therapy to push her recovery one day further.


Back in New York, the situation at the airport hadn’t improved. In fact, it had gotten even worse and what little patience Christina had once had, was long gone. She stared up at the list of flights on the boards surrounding her and saw as one after another they were all cancelled.

The snow kept falling outside and Christina stared up at the boards as if she could will the flights to fly with her mind. She had to get out of here. She didn’t care how. She just had to make it happen. But the snow wouldn’t stop falling and the flights wouldn’t stop being cancelled and finally Christina snapped.

“FUCKING SON OF A BITCH COCKSUCKERS!!!” Christina screamed as she took her bag and began hitting it against the airport wall, the frustration inside boiling over with no other outlet. “LET ME OUT OF HERE! GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF THIS CITY! I NEED TO GET HOME! GET ME UP IN THE FUCKING AIR RIGHT FUCKING NOW!”

“Oh my God! Calm down Christina!” Katy pleaded, leaping up from the chair she’d been sitting in to try and keep the blonde superstar from completely losing it.


“Is there a problem here ma’am?” a NYPD officer on patrol asked as people began slowly backing away from the rampaging celebrity. He had his hand on his radio about to call for backup and it looked like the situation was going to escalate quickly.

“No! No problem at all officer!” Rihanna insisted, jumping up from her chair too as she feared that this was going to quickly end with Christina handcuffed on the floor, flailing her legs and ending up meeting the business end of a Taser. “She’s just a little upset that all the flights have been canceled.”

“C’mon Chrissy, let’s just got back to the hotel, okay?” Katy suggested even though she wasn’t sure that was even possible anymore. The promised blizzard was here and the snow was falling heavy and steady onto New York City. She wasn’t even certain a cab would be running much less be able to get them back to the hotel.

“No! You don’t understand! I can’t stay here!” Christina said, looking up at Katy and Rihanna as tears started to run down her face. “I have to go home! I can’t miss Christmas! I need to be with Britney! I need to be with our boys!”

Christina wished she’d never come here. Britney had begged her not to go. But she hadn’t listened. She had thought she could scoot over to New York for a few days and be back in time for Christmas. But now she had no idea how or when she was going to be able to get home. Now she was being punished for her arrogance, she thought. She was being deprived of what she wanted more than anything in the world. She was being kept from what she needed. If only she’d listened to Britney.

She felt so stupid for having come here and that made everything worse. The one word Christina hated more than anything was “no.” She always had and she always would. Being told she couldn’t fly made her infuriated and made her want it even more. The more hopeless it seemed that she would be able to get out of here, the more she felt she needed it.

“I wish I’d never come here…I never should have left her,” Christina cried, slumping down onto the hard marble floor of the airport in total despair and not caring who saw her like this or how many tweets and website gossip reports there would be about this in seconds. “I’m so fucking stupid! Why did I come here? Ughhhh why didn’t I take my fucking plane to get here? I could go anywhere I wanted if I had my fucking private jet!”

And then, as if by magic, another voice spoke up.

“Did I hear someone say a private jet?” a man asked in an accent so thick that it could have come straight out of a 1980’s Cold War spy thriller.

“Yeah, what about it?” Christina demanded, looking up and finding herself staring at a balding, overweight man with a bushy mustache and a leer in his eyes.

“I happen to have such a jet at my disposal,” the man said, his obvious Russian accent dripping off his words. “And I would be more than willing to allow you to use it. Where are you going?”

“Los Angeles! Malibu actually but anywhere the fuck out of here is great!” Christina said, bolting up off the floor at this sudden hope out of nowhere.

“It is fate that has brought us all together as I too am headed to Los Angeles,” the man said before taking Christina’s hand and kissing it. “My name is Dmitry Abramovich and I am at your service! I will fly you anywhere that you wish to go? Shall we depart?”

Christina looked over her shoulder and saw Katy and Rihanna frantically shaking their heads and mouthing the word “no” to her. So the answer she gave this mysterious stranger was obvious.

“Absolutely,” Christina smiled, her tears gone now. “When can we get the fuck out of here?”

“Christina, have you lost your fucking mind?” Rihanna demanded, pulling the blonde away. “You don’t even know who that guy is! He could be some crazy insane psycho! He could not even have a plane. It could crash the second it takes off!”

“Ri is right,” Katy added. “This is nuts! The weather is awful and you can’t possibly get on a plane with this guy. Look at him!”

And Christina did look at him. He was fat. He was rude. He was devoid of any charm. But he had a plane. Christina didn’t doubt him. She recognized that he was a man of wealth, a man used to getting whatever he wanted and not allowing himself to be refused. It was obvious in his attitude and that was exactly the kind of man she needed right then. He was gross and sleazy, no doubt. But to Christina he looked like Prince Fucking Charming.

“Look you two can stay here and freeze your tits off if you want, but I’m going!” Christina insisted, grabbing her bags off the floor. “I want you guys to come with me but I’m not staying even if you are. I’m out of here and whether you two want to come with me is up to you!”

“What do you want from us? In exchange for the plane ride,” Rihanna asked suspiciously.

“I ask for nothing but your companionship on the long flight,” Dmitry said, leering openly at the three celebrities before him. “I am a man who appreciates the beauty in life and you ladies are some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I do have one condition though and we will discuss it on board. I am a big fan of Miss Aguilera here and I will have a very specific request of something she can do for me!”

“Fine! Fine! Whatever! Let’s fucking go!” Christina insisted. “We’re wasting time!”

She didn’t care what this guy had in store for her. She would have paid any price to get out of there and get home and she began tapping her foot impatiently as a man in a leather flight jacket with a long grey beard and mustache walked up to them.

“OKAY BOSS! WE’RE ALL FUELED UP AND READY TO GO!” the man announced in a voice that easily outdid the volume of the airport announcements.

“Why are you shouting?” Katy asked, getting very concerned over how much weirder this was getting by the second.

“I’M SORRY IF IT SOUNDS LIKE I’M SHOUTING!” the man said, indicating he hadn’t heard a word that Katy had said. “I BLEW OUT MY EARS IN VIETNAM! MY NAME’S SKIP! I’M THE PILOT!”

“Well c’mon Skip, stop shouting and start flying,” Christina said. “I’m not getting home by us just standing around here. Let’s get going!”

“Oh my God Chrissy! No! This is crazy!” Rihanna insisted. “We’re not getting aboard this fucking crazy plane!”

“Maybe you’re not but I sure am!” Christina said as the snow continued to fall. “I am getting home one way or the fucking other and you’re either with me or you’re staying in this airport!”

Staying in the airport actually sounded like the far better option. Both Rihanna and Katy wanted to get back to California too, but at what price? This seemed crazy and dangerous. But Christina was insistent and both of them worried that leaving her alone was the worst thing they could do. After all, if this Russian sleaze got handsy, at least there would be three of them to fight him off.

“Ri, what are we going to do?” Katy asked as she watched Christina start to walk away.

There were a million reasons not to do this. The guy could have been a perv. He could have been taking them not to Los Angeles but to his Russian compound where he was going to make them all sex slaves. They could all crash the second they tried to leave the snowy ground. Staying here was the far safer alternative. But Christina wouldn’t listen to reason and neither of them wanted to abandon her.

“I guess if she’s going down, we’re all going down together,” Rihanna sighed with a shrug as she grabbed her bags and headed after them.

Katy wasn’t about to be left alone so she grabbed her bags and followed them even though she knew it was to a fate that could charitably be described as “uncertain” and more accurately described as “doomed.”

“And they were never heard from again…” Katy sighed to herself as she followed Christina and Rihanna to the plane.


The length of a country away, things were far calmer as Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson sat down in Starbucks and waited in the crowded coffee shop jammed with holiday shoppers for their orders to be ready. There was a lot of hustle and bustle around them but they were only concerned with taking a few quiet moments in between finishing up the rest of their shopping.

“Oh lord, my feet are killing me.” Jessica groaned. “I can’t wait to get home and see who’s most interested in giving me a foot massage.”

“You should call up Reese,” Scarlett grinned. “I know she’d love to give you a massage and a little bit more…”

Given the public nature of their conversation, Scarlett didn’t say anything more, but she certainly didn’t need to. Jessica knew all too well that there were a lot of things their sexy friend could do to her feet and a good massage of them was the very least.

“When I see her tonight at the party I’ll have to bring that up,” Jessica replied with a grin of her own. “I think I can tempt her into putting out for me with a good foot rub.”

“At the very least,” Scarlett said. “But tell me more about your party. I got the invite this morning, by the way. Glad you didn’t forget about me.”

“I’d be insulted if you thought we ever could,” Jessica declared. “It’s nothing fancy. Just come on over tonight. Have some good cheer with us and then…well afterwards the fun will really start.”

Again, due to the public place they were in, they had to hold their tongues. But, of course, Jessica didn’t have to say anything more, not when Scarlett knew all too well what a good party at the mansion was like. Christmas cheer with her friends sounded great. What was promised to happen afterwards sounded even better.

“Mmmm I think that’s the perfect kind of party,” Scarlett said. “I just hope you don’t mind if I bring a guest too.”

“Natalie? Of course!” Jessica said, surprised Scarlett felt she even had to ask. They had all known Natalie at the mansion before they had known Scarlett.

“No not Natalie, I already know you invited her too,” Scarlett said. “It’s…someone else…”

“Mmmm maybe a certain redhead we met yesterday?” Jessica teased, remembering just how sexy Emma Stone had shown herself to be when they had all found themselves at Carnal Knowledge.

Not only had they all had fun in the back room as they had ended up in a wild orgy with Emma, Jordana Brewster, Emmanuelle Chriqui and porn icon Sasha Grey, but Jessica had noticed that Emma had ended up going home with Scarlett, no doubt for her and Natalie to share.

“No…I mean yes…I mean I’d love to have Emma come,” Scarlett replied. “I was actually thinking of someone else though.”

“Well now you have me mighty curious.” Jessica said. “Who? C’mon girl. Save the surprises for Christmas morning. Give me a name!”

“Nahhh forget it, it’s stupid…I think you’ll totally lose respect for me,” Scarlett said, giving her sexy little laugh as she tried to hide just how nervous she was about even bringing this up. “It’s not even for me. It’s for Natalie actually. It’s another present for her. I know she wants it. She won’t admit she wants it. But I know she wants it. I was thinking I might make it happen at your party but…it’s silly. Forget it.”

“No, tell me,” Jessica insisted. “I’m sure I won’t think it’s silly.”

“Don’t make promises you won’t keep,” Scarlett warned. “But seriously. Forget it. I don’t want to lose all my street cred around the mansion. Believe me this would be a REAL guilty pleasure. I don’t even know if Natalie or I would be able to look you guys in the eyes again after this one.”

“Oh c’mon, nothing could be THAT bad,” Jessica laughed. “You’re probably making it sound much worse than it is. Just say it. I’m sure whatever it is, we’ll like it.”

But Scarlett was convinced this was too foolish an idea to move forward on. She was confident. She was sure of herself. She wasn’t ashamed of anything she desired. But this one was asking for a little much and Scarlett meant it when she said she didn’t want to lose the respect of her friends. She was sure Natalie didn’t either.

This was someone Natalie couldn’t even admit really that she wanted. It had just been subtle hints and Scarlett had picked up on them. She wanted to make the fantasy her friend had come true. She wanted to bring her pleasure, even if it was a guilty one. But maybe doing something like this in a more private setting in one of their bedrooms instead of at the mansion was a much better idea. So Scarlett changed the subject.

“So you don’t mind if we bring Emma along?” Scarlett asked. “I’d love to blow her mind by showing her what the mansion is like.”

“Oh boo!” Jessica grumbled when she realized that whatever the secret fantasy that Scarlett was too embarrassed to admit was, she wasn’t going to give it up now. But still the idea of Emma Stone coming to the mansion was far too good to allow herself to be distracted from. “But yeah, totally bring Emma! I’m sure Love won’t mind!”

“What about Sasha?” Scarlett grinned. She’d loved playing with the infamous sex goddess at the store and she really wanted to see what someone like Sasha Grey would do with a mansion full of horny lesbian celebrities eager to feast on her gorgeously fuckable body.

“Oh I don’t know,” Jessica laughed. “Oh God, I’m sure Love would flip for that! She loves her movies! But I don’t even know how to get in touch with her. I assume you got Emma’s number last night, though, right?”

“Oh that’s the least of what I got last night, Jess,” Scarlett teased, playing coy but at the same time being unable to keep from bragging a little about what had happened the night before with Emma.

She obviously couldn’t reveal any of the details here, but Scarlett couldn’t wait to tell all to Jessica and all their friends in Malibu about just what had happened when she and Emma had gone to Natalie and they’d been able to surprise the sexy brunette with a night of surprise sex for all three of them. Scarlett had been a bit surprised herself to find someone like Emma at that kind of store and to see how kinky she’d gotten with just a little bit of coaxing from Sasha’s dirty mouth.

Scarlett had gotten so wet seeing beautiful Emma Stone nude with her famous face buried in Sasha’s infamous bubble butt. The redhead movie star had shoved her face between those thick porno girl cheeks and feasted away much to Sasha’s, and Scarlett’s, delight. It had been so hot to see that and Scarlett had gotten off so hard on joining in the fun.

She’d gotten on her knees behind Emma and licked her pussy without any kind of invitation. Tasting those tangy, tasty girl juices and hearing Emma talk dirty to her to get her to lick her harder had made Scarlett so fucking wet and Emma had turned into a wild slut right in front of her.

Soon enough Emma had been begging Scarlett to fuck her ass and she’d certainly complied, taking her with a strap-on. She’d been the first woman to ever make Emma come and that was an accomplishment Scarlett felt with deep pride. She’d loved how into it Emma had gotten, even sucking the strap-on right out of her own ass and it had been so easy to get Emma to come home with her.

Scarlett had come up with this crazy idea of celebrating Chanukah with eight nights of making Natalie’s fantasies come true. She was terrible at giving gifts. She never knew what to give and she cared about Natalie so much. She wanted to make her happy. But even with a poor track record for presents, Scarlett knew she was great at one thing…sex.

She knew she could blow Natalie’s or any woman’s mind with orgasms and that was just what she was planning to do. She’d brought in Kat Dennings for fun. She’d let Natalie fuck her ass. And then she’d brought Emma home for them to share.

And boy had they shared her. Both of them had feasted on Emma’s holes the previous night. Scarlett remembered how hot it had been to tongue Emma’s pussy while Natalie naughtily rimmed the redhead’s asshole and how both of them had ended feasting on Emma’s muffin together, making the taut bodied beauty come all over both of their faces.

That had only been the beginning though. They had done so many positions like Scarlett riding Natalie’s face while Emma licked Natalie’s pussy and then Natalie doing the same to Emma’s face while Scarlett had tasted the sexy redhead’s cunt again. Natalie had even bent over to let Scarlett and Emma both fuck her with toys, giving up her ass to Emma like she only did to a few select woman.

And it had all ended with Emma and Scarlett sharing Natalie’s pussy, their two tongues licking the cream right out of her and making a mess on their faces for them both to lick off. It had been such a hot night and Emma hadn’t left them until the morning, promising that they would play again real soon.

Scarlett badly wanted that to happen and she had loved being able to surprise Natalie with another threesome. She had so much more planned too. She wanted to give Natalie everything she wanted, even if she was embarrassed by her own desires.

That was the main reason Scarlett was keeping quiet about the guilty pleasure of a fantasy. Sure it was embarrassing for her to admit it too, but mostly she didn’t know if Natalie would want her going around broadcasting it to all their friends. So she bit her tongue and instead focused on the coming party.

“I’ll see if Emma can come with us tonight,” Scarlett said. “You think Love will mind if we bring her?”

“I’m sure she won’t,” Jessica said. “Once I told her how hot Emma was at the store she got really excited about getting her over to the mansion. I’m sure Love wants her just as much as we all do.”

Jessica said that with her voice low, making sure Scarlett was the only one who could hear her. And it was a good thing because the Starbucks they had found refuge in continued to be packed and especially because Jessica looked over and saw someone smiling at her.

It was clear that the woman recognized her and no doubt she recognized Scarlett too. Jessica smiled back, assuming it was just a fan. She then glanced over at the counter to see if the barista was ready with their coffee yet but when he called out the name, it was clear it wasn’t theirs that was ready.

“Mary? Mary Louise? Mary Sue?” the confused guy behind the counter called out as he tried to read the writing on the cup and failed miserably.

And when the woman who had just been smiling at her rolled her eyes, shook her head and let out an audible annoyed sigh, Jessica made the logical assumption that it was her order that was ready and her name that was being mangled.

“It’s Maryse!” the woman said with an obvious accent that Jessica immediately perked up over. There was just something about a sexy girl with an accent. So Jessica didn’t hesitate to slyly check out the aggravated woman as she collected her coffee.

‘”This is not a hard name to say! Not everyone around here is named Amber or Tiffani!” the annoyed woman said. “Learn how to say some different names every now and then, okay?”

“Sure…sure…whatever,” the guy muttered back, pretty sure that Maryse was actually a pretty damn hard name to say, especially because he had never heard it before.

Jessica gave a little kick to Scarlett under the table and silently urged her to check out the girl with her. What she had assumed had just been a smile of recognition from a fan before was suddenly much more interesting to Jessica.

Maryse, or whatever her name was, had the look of a model. She had an amazing body to match that sexy accent and it made Jessica flutter to hear her voice, even if it was in annoyed tone. Even under the stylish long coat she wore, Jessica could tell that this woman had herself a seriously fit body and she tried not to be too obvious about staring at her as she wondered how big her boobs were. Big coats always made it hard to tell but Jessica really liked what she saw.

And a glance over to Scarlett showed that her friend liked the view too, especially when Maryse bent over to grab the cream and showed off just the slightest tease of what a nice ass she had under that coat and the rest of her clothing. Both of them definitely enjoyed getting a glimpse of this sexy vision but they assumed that would be all, until Maryse turned around and suddenly started talking to them.

“I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who had to wait today,” Maryse said, noting the lack of coffee before the two movie stars. “I swear they have the slowest people here. And they obviously don’t know the rule that hot women never have to wait for anything.”

The smirk that crossed the woman’s beautiful face showed that she was both kidding and totally not kidding about her remark and Jessica and Scarlett couldn’t help but smile back. The woman obviously did not lack for confidence and, as good looking as she was, it was easy to see why. When you took a body and face like hers and combined it with a French accent, it was apparent that this Maryse woman was someone who was not used to having to wait for what she wanted and was quite happy to allow herself to be spoiled.

“Aww the wait’s not so bad,” Jessica said, replying politely. “They are pretty busy in here.”

Jessica and Scarlett were both wary about “celebrities throw hissy fit at Starbucks” headlines popping up about either one of them. It was never a good time to be viewed on the Internet as an impatient Hollywood bitch but Christmastime just seemed like it would be extra worse.

“Hmmmm maybe it’s true what I heard about you,” the woman smiled, her accent making everything she said sound sexier even when it was just casual talk. “You are one of the nice girls in this town.”

“Oh really? Where’d you hear that about me?” Jessica asked, a bit puzzled by where this was going.

She certainly didn’t mind having a reputation as being nice in Hollywood. A lot of people certainly didn’t have others thinking that about them. But this woman was acting like she knew her and Jessica definitely didn’t recall ever meeting her before.

“From our mutual friends,” Maryse said mysteriously. “From Trish and from Barbie.”

And then the lightbulb went off over Jessica and she realized that not only did this woman know who she was but she probably knew a few other things that weren’t exactly public information too.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Jessica smiled, instantly becoming a lot friendlier. “I didn’t know you knew Trish and Barbie. Ummmm wanna sit down?”

There was room for a third at the table she and Scarlett were sharing and Maryse eagerly took Jessica up on the invitation. She sat down and seemed quite pleased to be in there company. But Jessica knew she had to get something out in the open before things became awkward though. While this woman probably knew a lot about her, and likely about Scarlett too, Jessica didn’t have the same advantage.

“I’m afraid I don’t really know who you are though.” Jessica admitted, blushing a little as she said it.

“Ughhh typical Trish,” the woman said in her accent that sounded very much like someone who had French as her native tongue but that had been in America long enough to start speaking like one. “She always says she’s going to tell her friends about me and then she never does. Well, I’m not shy. My name is Maryse. Maryse Ouellet.”

Maryse held out her hand and Jessica eagerly gave it a soft shake, noticing just how soft Maryse’s hand was and how nice her skin felt. This was getting very interesting very quickly and Jessica suspected if this woman really was a friend of Trish Stratus’ then things could get even more interesting.

“I’m Scarlett,” the other woman at the table said, introducing herself to Maryse. She had been content to just watch this all play out but she also hadn’t wanted to allow herself to become the forgotten woman.

“I know who you are,” Maryse said, smiling as she gave Scarlett the same soft hand greeting she’d just given Jessica. “I recognized you both as soon as you walked in. I didn’t mean to stare. I just couldn’t help it. I heard so much about you Jessica and I didn’t know you and Scarlett were friends. I got a little star struck watching you.”

“No need to be star struck,” Scarlett smiled back. “We’re just two chicks waiting for coffee like you were.”

“How do you know Trish? Are you a wrestler too?” Jessica asked. She tried to pay attention to WWE programming at least a little bit when Trish was there but since she wasn’t anymore, Jessica had to admit that her incentive to watch had shrunk.

“I used to be,” Maryse replied. “Now I’m just another blonde in Hollywood trying to stand out.”

“Oh I’m sure you have no trouble standing out,” Scarlett said in flirtatious appreciation of the blonde. She didn’t know this girl but she was going along with Jessica’s cautious but inviting approach and she couldn’t resist taking it a little further.

The three of them chatted for a little bit, going back and forth as Maryse explained how she had worked for WWE for years and even been the Divas Champion twice, but that injuries had forced her out and now she was eager to try new things. Of course she could never completely turn her back on sports entertainment thanks to a very close connection to it, but she didn’t reveal that detail to her new friends. Why should she when she was getting along so well with Jessica and Scarlett?

The conversation definitely was a pleasant one and finally Jessica has to ask the question that had been burning inside her. She’d let the ice be broken a little first and now she felt comfortable enough to do it.

“So…how well do you know Trish?” Jessica asked, sipping the coffee that had finally arrived. It was a loaded question but she asked it coyly.

“Well enough to know all about you, Jessica,” Maryse replied with a mysterious smile of her own. “And I know about your friends too. I guess you’re one of her special friends also, aren’t you Scarlett?”

“You could say that,” Scarlett said. None of them saying what they truly meant but all of them knowing exactly what they were all talking about.

“I’ve heard all about you Jessica,” Maryse continued, keeping things subtle since she had no desire to embarrass her new friends or draw attention to herself that she didn’t want. “I’ve heard about how close you and Trish have gotten. And I know we like the same thing. So I’ve always wanted the chance to get close to you too. It looks like our paths finally crossed.”

“They certainly did,” Jessica said, very excited about how this was coming together.

This wasn’t the first time she had been approached by a friend of Trish’s who had heard all about the fun she had engaged in with the WWE Hall of Famer and she definitely hoped it wouldn’t be the last. It was clear what Maryse wanted and Jessica was very receptive to it. The blonde was so beautiful and Jessica definitely wanted to explore this further.

“I’m glad you introduced yourself Maryse,” Jessica said with a little smile, sending out an unmistakable signal. “Maybe we could become good friends too, just like me and Trish.”

“I’d love that,” Maryse smiled, her own excitement cracking through her typically cool and above it all demeanor. “It’s been too long since I’ve had that kind of fun…”

“Someone like you? No way,” Scarlett interjected, finding it impossible to believe that someone as good looking as Maryse, with her model good looks and hot body, would ever suffer from a lack of female attention if that was what she was looking for.

“Well I’ve mostly taken myself out of the game,” Maryse admitted. “I have a boyfriend. But there’s just something about it that I can’t resist…”

And while Jessica and Scarlett certainly knew exactly what Maryse was talking about, they couldn’t help but notice something else about her, which gave a very good reason why she might not have been enjoying the touch of a woman lately. And that reason was apparent on her ring finger.

“Seems like he’s more than a boyfriend,” Scarlett observed upon seeing the very visible engagement ring.

“Yes,” Maryse confirmed a little sheepishly. “I love him, but…”

“We understand,” Jessica and Scarlett said together, getting laughter from all three of them.

“Well I hope that sometime we can all see each other again and become close friends,” Maryse said, dancing delicately between coy and seductive when she really wanted to tell both Jessica and Scarlett how badly she wanted to fuck their brains out. “I didn’t mean to pry before, but I couldn’t help but overhear something about a party tonight…”

Trish had told Maryse all about the special parties at the mansion and she had longed to see one for herself. So she couldn’t help but inquire and hope that she could somehow talk her way into becoming part of the kind of fun Trish had enjoyed.

“Oh yeah, a Christmas party,” Jessica said, deciding instantly that one more invitation wouldn’t hurt. “You’re more than welcome to come. I think it would definitely give us a chance to get to know each other in a way more private setting.”

“I’d love that!” Maryse immediately replied. “But I can’t. Mike…my fiancé…well I can’t just disappear like that tonight.”

But Jessica was really starting to enjoy the idea of this gorgeous French Canadian blonde joining the fun at the mansion and she couldn’t help herself. She didn’t want to lose such a perfect chance to become friends with one of Trish’s friends. Who knew when she would see her again?

“Bring him along!” Jessica offered, surprising even herself by saying it. “I mean it’s going to be a normal party for real, Maryse. The other fun won’t happen until later. Bring him along. And maybe we can find a chance to sneak away during the night.”

Maryse’s face brightened like the sun when she heard that. She obviously loved the idea.

“Oh oui!” Maryse excitedly said. “Please! That would be wonderful!”

Jessica and Scarlett were both surprised when Maryse seemed so very eager to bring her fiancé along so she could have the chance to cheat on him, but they didn’t say anything. They didn’t have the chance. Because before they could even react someone staggered right up to the counter next to their table and attempted to mumble out an order.

“Coffffeeeeeeeee…” the exhausted looking woman managed to groan out.

“Ummmm what specifically would you like?” the barista asked.

“Ughhhh dude, I don’t even care,” the woman replied. “Just gimmie caffeine and lots of it! Just get it in my mouth…that’s what she said. Sorry, couldn’t help that! Just pour the coffee in my mouth. I don’t care what kind it is. In fact, screw drinking it. Get it to me in an IV and pump it into my veins. I’m dying here!”

The fact that this woman was acting like she was on the verge of either auditioning for or becoming a part of The Walking Dead didn’t chance the fact that she was very beautiful and, thanks to a big string of success, instantly recognizable.

“Ummmm please don’t die,” the barista behind the counter said. “At least not on the counter…”

“Then coffee me, man!” the woman insisted from behind her sunglasses. “Gimmie whatever you got as long as it’s strong and will wake me up!”

With that order in mind, the crack Starbucks team got to work and the woman turned to see that Jessica, Scarlett and Maryse were all staring at her. She didn’t recognize Maryse, but she certainly recognized Jessica and Scarlett and she smiled at them, mustering up the energy to curl her lips upward.

“Heyyyyyyyyyyy party people! What’s happening?” Anna Kendrick asked.

“Rough night?” Jessica asked. She and Scarlett both knew Anna from around town. They weren’t friends or anything, but they were certainly friendly.

“Oh you have no idea,” Anna groaned as she slumped into the last free chair at the table, making it crowded with hotties. “I didn’t sleep a damn wink last night!”

“I hope you at least had some fun while not sleeping,” Scarlett said.

“Ughhh I wish!” Anna replied in tired frustration. “I just got back from England. I was shooting a movie there and my internal clock is like all exploded into a million pieces. My whole sleep cycle is fucked up. I can barely function.”

“Well you look pretty good for someone who’s only barely functioning,” Jessica said, unable to resist a little bit of flirting because, exhausted or not, this was still Anna Kendrick inviting herself to their table.

“I am a skilled actress in all respects including creating the illusion that I am actually competently functioning right now,” Anna said, before folding her arms on the table and putting her head down on them. “Mind if I take a nap here? Okay, thanks goodnight…”

Anna was only playing but it did seem like she was right on the verge of falling asleep at the table. Not that any of them would have minded if she had. They would have let Anna do whatever she wanted and her mere presence already had two dirty minds whirling.

This was indeed quite a nice little twist of fate that brought her to them and Scarlett and Jessica both knew they’d be fools if they didn’t take advantage. She was someone who Jessica and her housemates had wanted to get to Malibu for a while and now she had nearly literally fallen into their laps.

“Hey Anna,” Scarlett began, getting a grunt of acknowledgement from the tired actress. “You know, if you manage to recover and get some of your function back, there’s going to be a party tonight. Want to come?”

“Depends,” Anna asked, looking up from her mock slumber on the Starbucks table.

“On what?” Jessica asked.

“Can I wear sweatpants there? I am in no shape to wear real pants today,” Anna admitted.

“Oh yes definitely,” Jessica replied, already thinking that if this all worked out Anna wouldn’t end up needing any pants at all.


Having passed through all the security checkpoints, Jennifer Aniston strode into the underground lair of her neighbors’ thinking about how her own attitude had changed in the last 24 hours. The last time she had been here she had been moping so badly that she could have been cast as Charlie Brown. But now she was committed to changing that.

For the last day her friends had been trying to cheer her up and finally Jennifer was taking the bull by the horns. She knew the only one who could full cheer herself up was herself.

That was why she was here. Jennifer was going to make sure she pulled herself out of the dumps and show her housemates just how much they meant to her. She didn’t want them to think she was unhappy with them or her life. Sure, not everything had gone according to the plan Jennifer had once had for herself, but that wasn’t because of her friends.

She was responsible for her own choices and right then she was going to make sure she chose to be happy.

Kissing Brad in the dressing room of the store the day before and then her conversation with Sarah this morning had crystalized that. She was in control of her own life. She wasn’t going to be some kind of buoy in the water tossed about by raging waves. She was steering her own direction. She would decide her own fate.

So what Jennifer wanted most right then wasn’t to be hiding in her bedroom ignoring her friends. She wanted to be making it up to them for being so moody lately.

She had felt so comforted by Sarah that morning. Her friend could have freaked over what she had seen. But there had been no screaming and no judgment. It had just been love and understanding and Jennifer had appreciated that more Sarah could ever know.

And she knew she didn’t just owe Sarah. She owed Love and Rose and Jewel and everyone at the mansion. She wanted to make it all up to them. She wanted them to have an amazing party where everyone had a great time and wonderful, happy memories. And she had decided she needed a little assistance with that.

“You didn’t go through all of what you bought yesterday, did you?” Waldo asked, looking at Jennifer with amazement. “Not even Tommy Chong could go through it that fast.”

“What? Oh no! I definitely didn’t,” Jennifer replied, not wanting her neighbors to think she’d finished off the large selection of Santos L. Halper she’d bought the day before. She enjoyed her weed, but not that much. That was supposed to get her through New Year’s, not just one day. “I’m here for something more. Something I don’t even know what but I think you guys can help me with…”

“What’s that?” Franklin asked.

“Well you know we’re having that party tonight,” Jennifer began before she was interrupted.

“Yeah we got our invitations!” Delbert declared, either wearing the same Santa suit he’d been wearing yesterday or he had a closet full of them. “We’ll be there!”

“I know I’ll be there,” Tara Reid said with a little giggle as she came up behind Jennifer and slyly pinched her ass through her jeans. “I know I want to get all of you under the Mistletoe with me. And Santa over there needs to see what a good girl I’ve been this year.”

Tara had offered Jennifer the opportunity the day before of a threesome with her and Delbert and Jennifer had politely turned it down. Her opinion hadn’t changed in 24 hours so she gave Tara a nice smile in response but didn’t say anything committal to it. She was glad Tara was coming and, even though she hadn’t known they’d been invited, their neighbors made good company and had always been there for them when they needed them.

But she did hope that Tara would soon forget about any threesome ideas, especially ones involving her. She was done with men more than ever now.

“Well I was hoping to really make it a Merry Christmas for everyone there,” Jennifer said. “I wanted to know if you had anything to help me with that. I’ve been really moping around the mansion lately and I want everyone to have fun tonight. I want something festive. I want something that will make everyone happy.”

Waldo, Franklin and Delbert huddled together and discussed this for a few moments with low murmurs before they stood up again.

“I think we have just what you’re looking for,” Waldo said, walking over to the shelves of apothecary jars and pulling one open to remove a plastic baggie. “It’s called Sunshine in a Bag.”

“What is it?” Jennifer asked, eager to do this but also a little wary. After all what she was planning to do wasn’t exactly the most up and up thing she had ever done, especially to her friends.

She didn’t want anyone else to know she was here. She wanted to get this little mood enhancement and go without any of her housemates being the wiser. She had plans for this and she didn’t want to let anyone else in on them. She was planning on slipping all of this to her friends at the party without any of them knowing. She knew that drugging her friends wasn’t exactly ethical but she had good intentions. It wasn’t a prank. It wasn’t to be mean.

Jennifer just wanted everyone to have a good time. She saw how hard Love had worked to make the house perfect for Christmas. She knew how stressful the holidays were. She wanted everyone to relax and have a great time tonight and this was going to be her insurance to make sure that happened.

“It’s a natural supplement made from materials we collected when we sailed to the new world looking for spices and treasure!” Waldo declared.

“Ummmmm okay,” Jennifer said, not quite sure how to respond to that. “It’s not too strong is it? I don’t want anything crazy to happen. I just want to make people smile. Just get them in a good mood, nothing more!”

“Oh yes, this is very mild,” Franklin insisted. “Just add a little bit of it to some liquid and you’ll be smiling for the rest of the night. No after effects at all. It’s going to get you in a good mood and that’s that. Just put a pinch in and you’re good to go.”

“That sounds perfect,” Jennifer smiled. It was exactly what she was looking for, a guarantee that everyone would be relaxed and happy and that the party Love wanted would be a total success. “How much…”

Before she could finish asking that, though, she was interrupted.

“But beware!” Delbert warned earnestly. “It comes with a warning that must be followed strictly. For what feels like heaven at one moment, can turn into Hades itself the next!”

“Ummmm what?” Jennifer asked, never quite sure if these guys were serious, kidding around or both.

“He just means that you definitely absolutely positively do not want to mix this with alcohol,” Franklin explained. “Put it together with some water or some fruit juice or even a soda. That’s fine. But do NOT mix this with alcohol!”

“Wait, so we can’t have any alcohol if I give this to people?” Jennifer asked, confused but also wanting to follow these directions. She was sure there would be booze at the party and she didn’t want to do something wrong here.

“Not quite,” Franklin explained. “You can drink alcohol. You can use this. Just don’t do it at the same time. For instance, it’s okay to have some of this and have some champagne. Or drink some wine and then have some of this. So it’s not like you can’t have one and then the other. But if you have them together at the same time…well, let’s just say the effects will be interesting.”

“How interesting?” Jennifer asked warily.

“Have you ever seen the movie Gremlins?” Waldo asked and when Jennifer nodded her head he explained further. “Okay, take this thing by itself and you’re Gizmo. But if you take this with alcohol at the same time then it’s basically what happens if you feed them after midnight.”

“Ohhhhhh! Good tip!” Jennifer said, a little concerned about the warning but committed to this idea.

All she had to do was make sure that she didn’t mix this with any alcohol. That was simple enough, right?

Sure that was a little bit of a complication to her plan, but none of her friends were particularly heavy drinkers and all this meant was that she shouldn’t slip this into the wine bottles or something like that. So this wouldn’t be a problem. With this in hand she was positive she could make sure that the party was a huge success and that all of her friends and their guests were happy.

So she paid for her bag of Sunshine in a Bag and left, getting out her cell phone as she did. This was only part one of the plan. The chemical enhancement was to make sure people had a nice time at the actual party. What she was planning next was to make sure everyone had kinky fun at the after party.

Jennifer dialed the number and was very happy when the person she was calling picked up right away.

“Meet me in an hour,” Jennifer said without as much as a hello. “You know the place. And come properly prepared.”


The holidays were truly a festive time. That much was clear back at the mansion as Hayden and Alyssa, despite having a lot on their minds, were happily singing along to the music that was playing.

Because Christmas was all about celebrating loudly and proudly through song. Because it was always more fun to sing as you worked. And because Christmas was one of the few times it was okay to sing along with Wham! without any hint of irony and have it be not only acceptable, but encouraged.

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…but the very next day, you gave it away,” the two women sang together as they worked in the kitchen, baking up a storm. “This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special!”

At points in their lives, both of them had entertained dreams of being recording stars. And while Alyssa had known all along that her attempt had been rather ridiculous and would never amount to much, Hayden had taken hers more seriously and she was proud of her voice and how she could show if off on Nashville. But they kept their duet in the kitchen casual and playful, singing to entertain each other as they worked.

“Once bitten and twice shy, I keep my distance but you still catch my eye,” Alyssa and Hayden sang, smiling as they did it and eagerly forgetting their troubles. “Tell me baby, do you recognize me? Well it’s been a year, it doesn’t surprise me.”

Since they’d started their work in the kitchen, they’d managed to get quite an assembly line going, making both of them happy to see their chemistry certainly extended outside the bedroom. They’d started from scratch and were humming along nicely now, with two batches already out of the oven and a third helping of cookies about to go in.

They were making great progress and the Christmas music Alyssa had coming from the satellite radio was certainly helping to keep things moving as they sang along all the way through and when it ended and the music turned to the far less poppy Santa Claus is Coming to Town version by the Ronettes, they got back to talking.

“Feeling a little bit better?” Alyssa asked.

Hayden had returned to the mansion visibly upset and, after a little prodding, had explained why.

“Yeah definitely,” Hayden smiled back. “This is just the distraction I needed.”

“Really?” Alyssa asked, with a little bit of tease in her voice. She knew what Hayden was going through and she also knew it wasn’t easy for her to forget about what she’d seen. “So you’re not thinking about it anymore?”

“Welllllllll only every minute or so,” Hayden admitted with a sigh but also not totally losing her smile. “But that’s an improvement. Before it was every 30 seconds.”

“Great, by the end of tonight, it’ll be 10 minutes easy and then we’ll just take it from there,” Alyssa declared. “Besides, if you stick around for the after party, there’ll be so many hot naked bodies you won’t even be thinking about you know who anymore.”

“Oh I’m definitely going to be there for that.” Hayden said. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

What Alyssa was saying absolutely sounded good to her. Hayden wanted to feast her eyes and soak her brain in so much sexy, naked girl flesh that she wouldn’t be able to even remember AnnaSophia’s face much less how perfect her gorgeously perky tits were or how pretty her little pink pussy was and how badly she wanted to lick it. And she definitely didn’t even want to be thinking about how amazing that big, firm booty of hers was. AnnaSophia’s ass would have killed Sir Mix A Lot with its awesomeness and it was the last thing Hayden wanted to be thinking about.

“I still can’t believe that happened.” Hayden sighed, angry at herself for feeling this way and wishing she could turn it off. “I wish I’d never seen her naked! I wish I didn’t know how good she looked. Gawwwwd the whole way here I wished she’d been in the car with me so we could all fuck her here and make her into a pussy hungry slut just like me!”

“Well it may be the first time you’re attracted to a girl you’re not supposed to be but it won’t be the last,” Alyssa said, recalling her own issues as she tried not to think about what an amazing body Chloe Moretz had and how, even though she’d deleted the photos she’d been sent, she’d been unable to forget those amazing teen breasts and the sight of her tight, barely touched pussy.

Alyssa hadn’t wanted to admit it, especially to herself. But the girl had looked so good in the shower and then in those naughty pictures. Chloe was a beautiful woman with an innocent sexiness about her that was only magnified by her lack of shyness and her being so bold about what she wanted. And of course that only made it worse because the girl’s age made her absolutely radioactive and Alyssa just wanted Chloe to leave her alone. She needed to get her jailbait ass out of her life and find a girl much more age appropriate.

“Yeah, you’re right, but she’s just so fucking hot!” Hayden groaned. “I couldn’t even believe it! Lyssa, she looked so amazing! I wish you’d seen her! Her skin was still wet from the shower and she just walked out totally naked and it was so natural and sexy and I thought I would die!”

“You don’t have to convince me, I believe you,” Alyssa replied. “I’ve seen how good she looks dressed!”

AnnaSophia was another temptingly young piece of meat out there, but at least this one was older than Chloe and Alyssa felt a hell of a lot more comfortable with how she felt about her.

“I didn’t know whether to give Jansen a high five for getting such a hot girlfriend or shove him out of the way and just go and kiss her,” Hayden admitted. “I feel so guilty too! She’s not just any girl! She’s my brother’s girlfriend! I’m supposed to be looking out for him, not trying to fuck his girlfriend!”

“Well lust isn’t always convenient or appropriate,” Alyssa said. “I’ve been in your shoes. I remember the first time I met my brother’s girlfriend a few years back? Mmmm she was in this fucking sexy dress that showed off her legs and I couldn’t stop drooling over her! I’m not kidding, my panties were soaked by the end of the night and all I wanted to do was drag her out of the party we were at, get her in my car and fingerbang her while my brother wondered where the hell we were.”

Hayden could see the lustful look in Alyssa’s eyes and she could tell that whatever crush she’d felt that night, it was still there. So she had to ask…

“So…ummmm…did you?” Hayden asked, wondering maybe, just maybe, if Alyssa could show her it was okay, she wouldn’t feel so guilty about wanting to fuck her brother’s sexy girlfriend and that maybe, just maybe, the idea of bringing AnnaSophia to the mansion with her wouldn’t be the worst thing she could ever do to her brother.

“Of course not!” Alyssa laughed, seeing that Hayden was looking for an excuse and knowing that it was way better to nip this thing in the bud before it turned into something more. “Sometimes you have to say no to yourself, even if you hate doing it. I didn’t make any kind of move that night and, long story short, today they’re married and I have two nieces so it sucked for me but I did the right thing and everyone ended up happy in the end.”

Hayden knew Alyssa was giving her good advice and she was determined to follow it. As sexy as AnnaSophia was and as amazing as it was to see her naked, Hayden wasn’t about to make any kind of move.

Jansen was her brother and she loved him more than she could ever love any sexual pleasure. She would never do anything to hurt him and stealing his girlfriend, even if it was only to borrow her for an hour or two, would have been a betrayal she never would have been able to forgive herself for.

So she was happy to be back at the mansion to concentrate on baking and the party and all the girls that were going to be there that she could openly lust for. Hayden was going to have so many distractions soon that she was sure she wasn’t going to be thinking at all about AnnaSophia soon.

And one of those distractions walked into the kitchen looking pretty distracted herself.

“This just gets weirder and weirder,” Love said, staring at her phone in disbelief.

“What’s up Love?” Alyssa asked.

“I just got a text from Nicki Minaj and she said she won’t be able to make it tonight,” Love explained while looking very confused. “And I just one from that Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepool telling me she can’t come either.”

“That’s…too bad,” Alyssa said, puzzled herself. She didn’t know either of those women personally and she didn’t know Love did either. And it turned out there was a reason she didn’t think Love did.

“I guess. But I didn’t invite them!” Love replied. “I don’t even know them!”

“Do you think someone started forwarding the invitation around?” Hayden asked.

“That’s got to be it,” Love said, shaking her head. “Ughhh not cool! I didn’t want this to turn into a big thing. I wanted it to be small and just us and our friends.”

“It’s okay Love, we’ll make it work whatever happens,” Alyssa assured her. “We’ll just get more food. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried, I’m just annoyed,” Love sighed. “I wanted a nice Christmas party. I didn’t want it to be a big production with all these girls we don’t know coming here. I don’t want it to be like it usually is. I want this party to be different.”

“It will be,” Alyssa promised. “Just relax Love. C’mere, I have something for you.”

Love couldn’t help but smile from Alyssa’s invitation as she walked over to her and found herself greeted by a tender kiss from her housemate. As Hayden watched, Alyssa softly kissed Love, their lips meeting with a gentle sensuality that immediately started to grow as they both felt the natural pleasure from it. They kissed a few more times before Love pulled away with a much bigger smile.

“And here I was just hoping you were going to give me a cookie,” Love giggled.

“Oh we can give you that too,” Hayden said, eagerly scooping one up off the tray with the spatula and then pushing the small, Christmas tree shaped sugar cookie with green sugar sprinkles into her friend’s mouth.

And as soon as Love happily chewed and swallowed the cookie, it was Hayden’s turn to kiss her as she gave Love the sexy feel of her lips against hers too. Hayden was more than happy to have this distraction and she eagerly kissed Love, enjoying both the sexiness of her kiss and the little cookie crumbs she ended up tasting as part of it.

“Mmmmm,” Love sighed when she kiss ended. “Yummy!”

“The cookie or the kisses?” Alyssa teased.

“Both of course,” Love replied, grateful for the gesture.

Alyssa was right, Love told herself. She needed to just relax. They had caterers coming. They could make extra food. So what if a few more guests were coming than she’d expected? As long as it wasn’t too many it would be fine.

“Do you need some help in here?” Love said. “I’ve got free time and antsy hands. I was going to make my famous fruit punch for tonight but I can help with the baking first!”

“Oooh yum! I love your fruit punch and we definitely want your help,” Alyssa immediately accepted. “We could use a few more hands in here. Jewel should be back soon and she promised to help. She said she was bringing someone else to help us too.”

“Oh yeah? Who?” Love asked.

“She didn’t say, but she said she’d be back right about now,” Alyssa replied.


And it turned out that Jewel had timed her arrival just right, driving past the gate and pulling up the long driveway toward the garage when she had hoped to be there. She usually wasn’t as spot on with her predictions of time of arrival so this was extra good.

But what was even better was who she had with her. It was her first time to the mansion and it had an immediate impact on her.

“Oh my God!  Wow! You live here?” Taylor Swift marveled as she got a look at the exterior of the mansion when they drove up and around the long driveway that encircled the fountain up front and went into the garage. “This place is freakin huge!”

“Well it’s not just me,” Jewel laughed. “This would be a castle if it was just me. There are so many of us here that we needed a place this big. When I moved in there were so many empty bedrooms. Now we’ve got most of them filled. But there’s always room for more…”

Jewel said that last part with a lot of intention behind it and Taylor certainly picked up on it, biting her lip as she tried to figure out what, if anything to say. She was totally conflicted about being here but boy was this house beautiful and Taylor was certain that what was inside it would be even better.

And she wasn’t thinking about the surely luxurious décor. Taylor knew what was waiting inside the mansion for her and it made her heart skip with both nerves and excitement to contemplate that she actually wanted it.

After they pulled into the garage, Jewel and Taylor exited, pausing only to grab the shopping bags they had earlier filled at the store and walked in through the door. This side entrance into the mansion didn’t have the full view of the grand foyer that the front door had, but it still gave Taylor a lot to marvel at.

“Wowwww!” Taylor declared, suitably impressed by the huge home all of these girls shared and how it had been transformed into a Christmas celebration with boughs of holly decking all the halls and then some.

The entire first floor looked like it had been meticulously decorated and Taylor not only couldn’t believe the size of the place but of how much work had clearly gone into it.

“Who did all this? Who did you hire?” Taylor asked.

Taylor wanted the number of whoever decorated this place for Christmas and she wanted it right then and there. Whoever had done it had done an amazing job and Taylor wanted to know what they could do for something not so seasonal. Taylor owned several opulent homes of her own in several states and was used to living the good life, but even the fruits of her labor in the music industry couldn’t compare with what the combined forces of a bunch of wealthy women could put together for a home.

“It was all us actually,” Jewel said. “Welll….it was more like it was Love who did it. She’s really been captain of this ship. She gives the orders and we follow them. But she sure made this place look great.”

“She really did,” Taylor marveled. “This place looks amazing. I can’t believe you all live here! This place is like a castle!”

“Well you can tell Love yourself just what a great job she did,” Jewel said. “Come on. Let’s get into the kitchen.”

Taylor followed Jewel through the house towards the kitchen, breathing a little sigh of relief. She hadn’t known what to expect here. From everything she’d been told about what it was like here, Taylor had half expected to walk in on a huge mess of naked girls having sex with each other in the hallway. She knew she wasn’t ready for something like that…or was she?

Taylor had never felt more confused or uncertain. She’d nearly talked herself a million times out of accepting Jewel’s invitation, not only to the party, but also to come over early and help with the baking. But each time she’d almost convinced herself not to go, the eagerness to see what this place was all about and to experience more of what she’d enjoyed so much in Las Vegas won out.

She couldn’t say no. She wanted to be here. Of course there was still the possibility that what she was going to find here was going to totally freak her out but, on the surface at least, this seemed like a totally normal home that people lived in. If it really was some kind of wild sex house like she’d been told it would be it was well hidden.

Taylor had to acknowledge that deep down she was actually even a little disappointed that she hadn’t walked in on some kind of orgy or something. She’d heard so many stories, not just from Britney and Christina but also from Kristin and Eliza and, especially, from Jewel and Jennifer Aniston that she’d kind of assumed everyone would be naked here and doing it when you walked through the front door.

What would it have been like to walk in on something like that? Where there was nothing but a roomful of gorgeous female bodies undressed and sweaty with beautiful boobs and butts everywhere and everyone was making love to each other and bringing each other to huge climaxes. What would it be like to see that? What would it be like to join in something like that?

Because Taylor certainly didn’t go around town advertising it, but she had been with a woman…not just one, but several. Jewel had been one of those several. So had Jennifer. Taylor knew they both lived here and she was sure the guest list for the night would include Britney and Christina and Kristen and Eliza too.

Many of the woman who knew just how naughty she’d truly been were going to be here tonight at this party and that meant there was going to be temptation everywhere for Taylor. This wasn’t going to be just any regular party. Taylor knew that. She knew what had happened in Las Vegas was going to happen again tonight. The only question was whether Taylor would be a part of it. And the more she thought about it the more she believed the answer was going to be “yes.”

She’d had no idea what had been in store for her when she’d gone along to that spa. She’d thought it would just be an opportunity to be massaged and pampered with some women she really wanted to be friends with. But the place had been so much more. It had been one of those places where women clients got happy endings, but Taylor didn’t like to think of it like that. That made it sound cheap and sleazy when it had been anything but that to her. It had been beautiful and erotic and had made her feel pleasures she had never thought she ever would.

But that day at the spa where she, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester had been stripped away of their inhibitions hadn’t been anything she had repeated since. Sure, she’d been tempted. For the first time in her life, Taylor had wondered what it would be like to have an actual girlfriend and not just a bunch of close female friends while she chased after boys who inevitably disappointed her and broke her heart.

She was always around such beautiful women and, after what had happened to her, Taylor had found herself looking at them and wondering if they’d let her kiss them and touch them and be naughty with them like she’d gotten at the spa.

She’d been too chicken to make any kind of moves though. She hadn’t wanted to be rejected. She hadn’t wanted to have rumors start about her being a lesbian and, most importantly, Taylor hadn’t wanted to be a lesbian. How could she be? She was straight. Wasn’t she?

She loved boys and she wanted to get married and have kids and a huge house like this for all of them to play in a big yard as she and her no doubt creative and handsome husband raised little musical prodigies that would someday rule the entertainment world.

Sure that was a little too Normal Rockwell meets the Partridge Family and Taylor knew it but at the same time she also knew that being attracted to women was not part of the plan. But she was attracted to them. Oh God, was she ever.

Taylor had been having so many hot fantasies about women lately. She’d ached to see women naked. She’d wanted to see gorgeous female asses bare and looking good enough to kiss and grab. She’d wanted to see big, sexy boobs all nude with hard nipples that you just had to drag your tongue against. And, speaking of tongues, Taylor had found herself dying to see tight, pretty pussies all wet and eager to be licked just like hers had been at the spa.

She’d even gone onto the Internet and become a very discreet subscriber to a couple of websites that specialized in videos of what she wanted. Taylor had seen so many hot lesbian pornos lately that she had even broken her vibrator from overuse.

She’d replaced it with something far less battery powered and Taylor blushed when she’d thought about all the times she’d fucked herself lately with her new toy, not dreaming about hot guys but hot girls…girls all over her, kissing her and touching her and fucking her and making her come like nothing else ever could.

But, aside from toys and porno, Taylor hadn’t done anything to get herself the pleasure she’d sought. She’d been too nervous to do it. She’d been afraid of exposure and she’d been even more afraid that the second time she did it would feel even better than the first and that she would never, ever want to stop.

Taylor was far from the prude she knew a lot of people thought she was. But there was a big leap between not being a prude and becoming a sex-hungry lesbian and Taylor was very anxious about all the middle ground in between those two extremes as she had wondered where she was.

So the invitation to mansion had been simultaneously welcomed and dreaded by Taylor. She had known something was going to happen. But she didn’t know what or how far she would be willing to go. But she did know she was glad she was here. She was glad Jewel had brought her and she was happy to, at the very least, celebrate Christmas with the women who lived here, some she knew and some she didn’t, but all of whom she wanted to be friends with.

“It’s just this way,” Jewel said, guiding Taylor inside as each of them held one of the bags of groceries.

It didn’t take them long to find the kitchen and when they did, Taylor’s eyes went wide over what she saw. She hadn’t seen any action in the hallway like she’d been half expecting, but that was only because it seemed like it was actually going on in the kitchen.

It wasn’t as wild as she pictured it and everyone was still fully dressed, but it made it clear to Taylor that if she had any illusions about this being just a typical party, then she needed to put them to rest.

Amidst all the evidence of baking everywhere, Hayden was now sitting up on the counter with her legs wrapped around Love as the older woman kissed her passionately on the lips. These weren’t the softer kisses of before. This was true making out and Love and Hayden had their tongues rubbing together as both girls helped themselves to a feel of each other’s tits through their clothes. Alyssa wasn’t being left out either as she was behind Love, squeezing the cheeks of her ass, her hands fused to her tights as she kissed Love’s neck.

It wasn’t anything that Taylor hadn’t seen….or done…before.  But it was still so shocking to see it right before her eyes. At the same time, though, it also seemed completely natural. They weren’t putting on a show for her benefit or to shock her. They were doing it because it felt good. They were doing it because they wanted each other.

This didn’t feel like something she’d just walked into. It felt like an intimate moment in their lives happening right in front of her.

The three women were so lost in each other that they didn’t even notice that they were being spied upon until Jewel cleared her throat looking for attention.

“I’m not interrupting something, am I?” Jewel teased. “I would have thought you girls would have been busy baking.”

“We are busy,” Alyssa smiled back, waving her arm to indicate the mess on the counter of mixing bowls, spoons, cooling cookie trays and all the tools and ingredients anyone would need for successful cookie creation. “We’re just taking a little break.”

“I wish you’d waited for me to take that break,” Jewel said. “But remember when I said I was bringing someone to help? You all know Taylor, right?”

And they did know Taylor. It would be almost impossible to find someone who didn’t know Taylor Swift. They had all met her at some place or another before today but this was the first time she was ever in their home and this was the first time Love, Alyssa and Hayden could see that the stories they had heard about the spa in Las Vegas had definitely, absolutely been true.

It was stunning to all of them that Taylor Swift was actually here and it took a moment for them to collect themselves.

“Whoa,” Love said in amazement as the blonde superstar gave a friendly, but shy wave. She didn’t know how to react to what she was seeing and she definitely didn’t want to come off like some kind of dork in front of these women.

“C’mon in Taylor,” Alyssa said, hoping that the fact that her pussy had nearly creamed just at the sight of the beautiful young woman and the thought of what they could all do to her wasn’t too obvious. “Feel free to join in.”

“Ummmm wow. Join in? Ummm you get right to it, don’t you?” Taylor said with a nervous laugh. She didn’t know what to say or what to do but she did know she had gotten a thrill out of seeing Hayden, Love and Alyssa kiss.

“I meant join in the baking but if you want to join in this too you’re more than welcome,” Alyssa said, wanting to make the girl comfortable and also acknowledge that they did have a lot of baking to do before they could get serious about any fun, even if it was a break.

“Thanks ummm I mean it…thanks,” Taylor replied, trying not to trip over her tongue or make these girls think she didn’t want them. She did want them. She had loved seeing them kiss and touch each other. But she didn’t feel like she could just dive in. She needed to be eased in. “I think I’ll just help with the baking…for now.”

“Well we’ve been working hard,” Alyssa said. “We’ve got a lot of cookies made and we’re making a bunch more. It seems like we’re getting a lot more guests than we had originally planned for.”

“Well I can definitely help with that,” Taylor said, her face visibly brightening.

She might have been uncomfortable with going wild sexually with these women, but she was in complete control when it came to baking. Christmas decorating and working in the kitchen were two of her specialties and Taylor definitely was eager to show her stuff when the two paths met as they had here.

Taylor looked over the selection of cookies that had been made and smiled. They had done just what she would have done, a great selection of brightly colored and decorated sugar cookies that looked like stars, bells, candy canes and other proper shapes for the season.

Taylor loved making Christmas cookies. It had been one of her favorite things to do as a kid and even global fame hadn’t forced her to grow out of it. But what she had in mind for them was more complicated than cookies.

“I was actually thinking…and Jewel and I went and got the ingredients…that instead of only doing cookies, we could also do Christmas cupcakes,” Taylor suggested as she took charge in the kitchen despite only having been there minutes.

“Ooooh cupcakes!” Love replied, loving the suggestion right away.

Cupcakes were a weakness of hers and she knew she wasn’t the only one who felt that way. And thinking of making cupcakes was definitely a nice way to distract herself from staring too blatantly at Taylor’s ass while she put the groceries on the counter, her jeans hugging her tight butt cheeks so perfectly that Love was having trouble focusing on anything but Taylor Swift’s bottom right then.

“Well if you’ve got the ingredients then we have the kitchen,” Alyssa said, feeling the same thing Love said and remembering just how happily Jewel and Jennifer had described to them what Taylor looked like naked.

Alyssa couldn’t wait to find out for herself, but making cupcakes was definitely a great way to pass the time before the clothes started coming off.

“Great!” Taylor said, pulling out the groceries from the bag and setting the items down on the countertop with everything else, happy to see there was still plenty of room in the vast kitchen. “I have everything we need to do some really creative designs! We can make the frosting really easily and you’ll be surprised how quickly we can make them look nice. A lot of people think it’s really tough to get nice designs in the frosting and make the cupcakes look festive, but it’s totally not. Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty easy!”

But as Taylor prattled on about cupcakes, frosting and baked goods design, the four women staring at her only were concentrating on one thing…her body. As she talked, she eased her coat off and placed it on the back of one of the kitchen chairs. That showed off the striped long sleeve shirt she had on over her slim body.

As usual, Taylor wasn’t showing a lot of skin and, as usual, that only made those staring at her want to see that skin more. She talked and talked, but the words she said only partially connected with her audience because everyone else was far too concerned with their desires for her.

In her tight jeans and body hiding top. Taylor looked the very image of the wholesome girl next door. And the more they saw her, the more it became clear this was no act. Taylor really was a touch shy, but friendly. She really did act like the sweet hometown girl. She really was more Better Homes and Gardens than Maxim. She really was innocent and that just made the idea of corrupting her even more fun.

Jewel was the only one of them who had experienced what Taylor was like when she got naughty. She had seen and felt what happened when Taylor got the little push she needed to let go of her inhibitions and get in touch with her lusts. And she wanted her friends to see and feel it also.

Not only that, Jewel wanted it for Taylor too. She knew how much Taylor had loved what had happened in the spa. And she wanted to give her so much more pleasure. There was a sexual tigress inside this kitten. Jewel had seen it. And she wanted it to be unleashed again.

She was hardly the only one too. Love’s mind had been totally focused on the party before she’d walked into the kitchen. But now all she could think about was kissing Taylor Swift’s soft lips and making the angelic looking girl moan. She looked so sweet and she seemed so friendly and that made Love want her even more.

Love blushed a little when she thought about how she badly wanted to find out if Taylor’s pussy was as sweet as her personality. Suddenly party preparations weren’t as important as getting Taylor naked and spending the next few hours fucking her over and over again until they were all satisfied.

Looking over at Alyssa and Hayden, Love could see they both felt the same way too, especially every time Taylor bent over even a little in those tight jeans. She had the cutest little butt and Love was sure her friends all felt as horny for Taylor as she did then. Love wanted to forget about the baking and instead get Taylor naked on the table so they could all feast on her.

“Does that sound like a good idea?” Taylor finally summed up, having gone on for several minutes about her plans for Christmas cupcakes.

“I’m sorry, what?” Love asked, snapping herself out of the lustful haze.

“Ummmm I was just talking about how many batches we could make if we all worked together,” Taylor said, feeling the heat of their stares and knowing exactly what that meant. “We could…uhhh…ummm…make a nice combination of the cookies and the cupcakes for the party tonight so there’d be a lot for everyone.”

Taylor felt more than a little uncomfortable from the way they were all looking at her. She knew they were all staring at her and it wasn’t because of what she was saying. They wanted a lot more from her than cupcakes and while that made her feel ill at ease, it also thrilled her too which made the uneasiness even stronger. Oh God, what was she getting into?

“That’s a great idea, Taylor,” Jewel declared, coming to everyone’s rescue while hitting the pause button on the sexual tension growing in the kitchen. “Let’s get to work! We don’t have a lot of time.”

“Yeah, the caterers are going to be here in a few hours.” Love said, feeling a little disappointment and a sense of relief that they weren’t all ripping each other’s clothes off right then. “We need to have the kitchen cleared by then.”

So, even though all of them definitely had their minds on something far more fun than baking, everyone got to work. And Taylor fit in completely naturally with them. She definitely had a very clear idea of a plan for what she wanted to do, but she refrained from the bossiness she had a tendency to show when working in the kitchen with her family. They all worked together, mixing, baking and creating as the five woman set to work making Christmas cupcakes for the family. And the more they did, the more they enjoyed it.

While the idea of something a lot naughtier hung over them as it tended to do in the mansion, the girls were able to set that off to the side, at least for now, and instead focus on dessert. They worked well together too, forming an experienced team of five that produced excellent results.

They all had experience in the kitchen and all of them were veteran watchers of the Food Network so they knew what they were doing. The kitchen turned into cupcake central as the cakes were baked and the frosting made for fun, festive designs. Taylor had brought along a few items from her own kitchen along with the groceries and it didn’t take long for her to get make sure everyone else had the hang of making the frosting and doing the decoration like she did.

Jewel, Love, Alyssa, Hayden and Taylor all worked together to really get things humming, making cupcake creations that perfectly complimented all the cookies which had already been made. This was definitely sugar city as they created cakes that had red, white and green Christmas stars on top, ones that had little candy canes pressed to them, ones that had candy and frosting wreaths on them and even the more complicated designs that looked like smiling snowmen.

The Santa Claus attempts came out a little weird looking but still very tasty and everyone was very proud of their work as they put another batch in the oven.

“Wow, we’re really getting stuff done,” Alyssa said, glancing at the clock and seeing just how much they’d been able to produce in the last hour. “It’s almost like we’re competent adults or something.”

“Let’s not go that far.” Love laughed, feeling very happy to see so many cupcakes and cookies done. Alyssa had been right. It was a far better idea to leave this part of the preparations to themselves and not for the caterers. Having it homemade by them made everything better and she felt her tummy growl a little as she looked at all those sweet treats that had been made, with more on the way.

“Maybe we could taste one to find out how well we did,” Hayden said, having the same idea that Love did and reaching for one. But when she did, Love gently slapped her hand away.

“No! For the party! Not now!” Love insisted. “Let’s pack all of these up so none of us are tempted to eat them. We can hold out a few more hours, can’t we?”

All their hard work in the kitchen looked so delicious that none of them were sure they could actually do that. But they agreed that at least it was a good plan in theory. As the latest batch baked in the oven, they set to work putting the completed treats aside in a safe place so no one could get at them before party time, even themselves.

“I have to say this went a WHOLE lot better than I thought it was going to,” Alyssa remarked. “I kept getting flashbacks to the time I made Christmas cookies with Hilary and Lindsay.”

“Oh yeah? What happened? Kitchen catch on fire?” Hayden asked, never quite sure how any story with Lindsay Lohan involved was going to end. Sometimes stories ended with orgasm. Sometimes they ended with first responders having to be called.

“Oh no, nothing like that, but we didn’t get much baking done that day,” Alyssa recalled with a smile as she eyed Taylor to see what impact the story might be having on her. “They were a little too distracting!”

“Oooooh do tell!” Love eagerly inquired, wanting to hear this story.

“Well they acted at first like they wanted to help but it was pretty obvious they wanted something more,” Alyssa said, noting that Taylor was acting like she wasn’t listening in when it was obvious that she totally was. “So when I told them to put their aprons on they came back wearing them and nothing else. Mmm you should have seen it, their bare asses hanging out of their aprons from the back and their tits peeking out of the sides. It was so hot!”

“That was the look I was thinking about going for today,” Hayden said with a laugh even though it was no joke. She’d actually thought about coming into the kitchen and surprising Alyssa by wearing an apron and nothing else so her friend and mentor’s tongue could make her forget all about AnnaSophia.

Seeing all the work that had to be done. Hayden had restrained herself but now she regretted that. It was definitely a sexy look and Hayden was sure that seeing Lindsay and Hilary in nothing but those aprons had been amazing. But she was also sure she’d look even better like that.

“You should have, Hayden,” Alyssa giggled. “Hell, you all should have dressed like that! Even you Taylor. You wouldn’t have gotten any flour or frosting on that nice shirt if you’d been naked.”

“Gawwwd,” Taylor groaned, hearing that clearly.

She blushed over the mere suggestion, but she also smiled. That sounded so sexy! To have just an apron on her body…so close to being bare and only one little thing keeping everyone from seeing her totally naked…that sounded really hot. She’d never done anything like that before and just the thought of being so naughty thrilled her.

“Anyways we didn’t get much more baking done after that,” Alyssa recalled. “They couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough and I ended up getting both of them up on the counter with their asses sticking out and mmmmm I tongue fucked those little whores so good! I ate Lindsay’s ass so good while Hilary fucked herself with a big candy cane, shoving it into her pussy right in front of us. Then I watched Lindsay lick that peppermint flavored pussy of Hilary’s and it was sweeter than ever as she got that cum all over her face. Mmm then it was my turn and those little sluts got nice and messy with me! They got raw cookie dough all over my tits and my stomach and even in my pussy and they ate it right off me until I came! It was so fucking hot!’

“Mmmmm yum! That sounds so delicious!” Hayden moaned, picturing herself licking cookie dough off Alyssa’s pussy. It gave entirely new meaning to wanting to lick the spoon and she couldn’t imagine a sweeter dessert.

“It made a hell of a mess in here but it was fun,” Alyssa laughed as she remembered going out of there to make sure she got the last of that cookie dough out of herself in the shower while she’d made Hilary and Lindsay scrub the floors. “Maybe we should try a repeat performance with Taylor this time!”

“Ooooh now you’re talking,” Jewel said before doing what she had wanted to do from the moment she had gone to pick Taylor up by reaching over and pinching her bottom through her tight jeans.

Taylor gasped when her ass got pinched and her heart started racing in her body. Oh God! This was it! It was really happening! They’d lured her in with promises of cookies and treats and now they had her just where they wanted her. She turned around and saw Jewel, Alyssa, Love and Hayden all looking at her like they wanted to eat her up even more than they did the cupcakes they had just baked.

“Ummm…uhhhh….uhhhh that…that was really hot,” Taylor managed to stammer out, nervous but excited as she looked at those hungry women like they wanted to tackle her and devour her. “The story I mean…ummmm you really did all that right here in the kitchen?”

“Oh yeah, I’d never lie about a sexy story,” Alyssa insisted. “I’d never need to! What about you Taylor? Ever gotten frisky in the kitchen before? I know you must have wanted to…we’ve all wanted it.”

“And most of us have done it too,” Love added, remembering all the times she and her housemates had started off cooking in here and ended up turning each other into the meals instead. “You can admit it if you have, Taylor. Don’t be shy.”

“Ummm once…” Taylor squeaked in admission.

There’d been a boyfriend and they’d been cooking together and it had been a disaster with a mess and burnt, ruined food. But they’d made the most of it by getting naughty in the kitchen. Taylor could still remember how dirty and good it had felt to be up on the counter while he’d fucked her, her legs wrapped around his body as he took her and made her feel wonderful.

As good as that had felt, Taylor was pretty sure that anything with these women was going to feel even better. But she didn’t say any of that. Instead she just backed away from them out of reflexive shyness until she found herself pinned in corner where two portions of the countertop met. She blushed in embarrassment when she realized how that made her look like she was scared or something of this, even though she kind of was.

She’d been wanting this so badly but hadn’t been able to admit it. Now that it looked like it was going to happen Taylor felt a fresh wave of nerves over what would happen if she liked it.

“Relax sweetie,” Alyssa said warmly, finding Taylor’s nerves endearing but also not wanting the girl to pass out as soon as clothes started to come off. “We’re going to take really good care of you.”

And with that Alyssa leaned in softly kissed Taylor’s lips. It was a gentle kiss, but one that insured Taylor couldn’t misread Alyssa’s intent. She wanted her and she wanted Taylor to know it. And that was certainly a message Taylor got loud and clear as she felt the sensual kiss and found herself not even thinking before kissing back. It felt too good to deny it. Alyssa’s lips were so nice and Taylor had been aching to kiss another woman again for so long.

It was wonderfully naughty to kiss Alyssa back and Taylor loved the feel of her warm lips against hers. She tasted her lipstick and it reminded her immediately why she had enjoyed what had happened in the spa. It was so much different than kissing a guy and this was a case where different definitely meant better.

“Ohhhhh,” Taylor moaned in response but that was all she had the chance to say before Love took a turn. Love’s kiss was just as tender as Alyssa’s and Taylor felt her whole body tingle from it. She’d been so afraid to go after this, but it had found her once again and the loving approach she was getting from these women was just what she needed.

After Love’s kiss, it was Hayden’s turn and she kissed Taylor with a little more forcefulness. She didn’t have Love or Alyssa’s experience yet and her excitement got the best of her as she was more aggressive, but Taylor didn’t mind. She moaned again from the energy Hayden gave her and she began showing more energy herself, kissing the shorter blonde back and letting the delightful tingles just run through her body.

Finally it was Jewel’s turn to kiss and she gently brushed her fingers under Taylor’s chin first. She’d been the only one in this group to have kissed Taylor before and she’d been dying to do it again. She gently caressed her chin and moved her hand up Taylor’s cheek before letting their lips connect in a sexy kiss.

“Wow,” was all Taylor could say when Jewel pulled away. The girls had all kissed her in such quick succession and while the kisses weren’t very long or even very passionate it still made her head spin a little. Her legs felt weak and she could feel goose bumps forming on her skin.

She’d been dying to be kissed again like that and it had felt even better than she had hoped. She had just kissed four beautiful women and thinking about it made her cheeks turn red but not entirely with embarrassment, but with a wicked excitement too.

Taylor had loved kissing all of them. It had felt amazing to have their lips on hers, even the girls she didn’t know very well. In fact kissing the girls she didn’t really know made it hotter, like she was being a bad girl. Taylor knew she was being very bad by being here and she liked that. Oh God, she hadn’t been bad in so long and she couldn’t stand waiting for it for one more second.

That was why she was the one who became aggressive all of a sudden when she got her hands on Jewel’s face and pulled her in for a much deeper kiss. Taylor smooshed her lips to Jewel’s and pushed her tongue into her mouth, taking the next step herself and not waiting for any of these other girls to pull her into it. And that got a lot of giggles and even some cheers from everyone who watched Taylor take the initiative and tongue kiss the busty blonde singer.

“Mmmmm talk about wow,” Jewel teased when the kiss was over. “Naughty girl!”

“Yessssssss! So naughty!” Taylor moaned in anticipation. “I shouldn’t be here! I shouldn’t want this! But it feels so good! I want to do what we did in Vegas again! I want to be naughty! Ughhh gawwwd make me all lesbo again! Mmmm make me a bad girl!”

“Oh we will,” Alyssa promised, moving in for another kiss. Her first taste of Taylor Swift’s sweet lips hadn’t nearly been enough and Alyssa wanted a whole lot more.

Alyssa kissed Taylor with a stronger passion than before, smooching her and not being shy about letting her tongue get into the fun. It was such a rush to be able to tongue kiss someone like Taylor, someone who always acted so pure and innocent and almost sexless. But here she was just another lusty girl desperate to have her lesbian desires catered to.

To Alyssa, Taylor had never looked hotter than she did with her clothes and hands and even a little bit of her face messy with cupcake and cookie batter residue while she was pressed up against the counter of their kitchen. Alyssa moaned when Taylor tongue kissed her back and the brunette couldn’t resist the opportunity to reach up and gently caress Taylor’s tits through her shirt and bra.

“Ohhhhhh!” Taylor groaned with a hot gasp when she was intimately touched.

This was going so fast. One second they’d been baking and now something else entirely was cooking. Part of her wanted to slow it down, but an even stronger part of her only wanted to speed it up. This was what she’d been craving. This was what she’d wanted every time she’d watched a hot lesbian porno and played with herself. This was what she’d been having such naughty dreams over.

“I’m so glad you’re here Taylor,” Alyssa said, still gently exploring the firmness of Taylor’s delightfully small breasts through her clothes. “I heard all about the hot things you did to Jewel and Jen and I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long! Now I’m going to! Mmmm we all are! You like the sound of that Taylor? You want to get fucked?”

It sounded so sexy when Alyssa said it like that. It made Taylor’s body feel on fire to hear Alyssa say so bluntly that she wanted to fuck her. It sounded raw and passionate and totally hot. Taylor loved how wrong this felt. She loved how much she wanted to be bad. God, it was so hard to admit she wanted this, but these women made it impossible to hide it.

“Yesssssssss! Fuck me!” Taylor groaned. “All of you fuck me! Please! I need it! Ughh I’ve been thinking about it every night since we first did it! I wanna be such a bad girl for you!”

Hearing Taylor say that was a thrill for all of them. On stage and in her interviews, Taylor sometimes seemed like someone who wouldn’t even say the word “damn” but no one could ever be that pure and this was proof. It was so hot to hear Taylor talk dirty but they knew they could make her act even dirtier. This was just grazing the surface of what they could do to her and they set about proving it, even Love.

Love knew they were racing the clock here. She even felt deep down it was a mistake to do this now. They weren’t done with the baking yet. The caterers were coming. They had a party to prepare for and guests coming that weren’t into their whole intimate girl on girl fun vibe here.

But she in no way could help herself here, not with Taylor there for the taking. And the holidays were a time for indulgence, weren’t they? And she’d been working so hard on this. How could she resist tasting a succulent morsel like Taylor? The blonde singer looked so sexy with her shyness starting to crack and her lust shining through.

While she knew it made so much more sense to throw the brakes on this and do it later or at least move it to a bedroom, Love couldn’t stop herself. She wanted Taylor so bad. Later might be too late. She had to have her now.

So, when all the girls fell onto Taylor at once, it was Love who was the most aggressive, pressing herself right up against the blonde girl and passionately kissing her on the lips as she grabbed a hold of Taylor’s hands and brought them right where she wanted them to be.

“Touch them,” Love moaned out when she took Taylor’s hands and pressed them to her chest. “Feel my tits sweetie!”

“Oooooooh!” Taylor moaned, feeling a girl’s breasts in her hands for the first time in so long.

She kissed Love back as she did as she was asked, holding those large mounds in her hand through the sweatshirt Love was wearing and feeling a huge tingle when she was able to feel that Love wasn’t wearing a bra. She could feel those bare breasts underneath and how hard Love’s nipples were getting and she knew her own nipples were getting just as hard under her clothes too.

Taylor’s head was swimming in pleasure as she remained pinned against the counter as everyone touched her and kissed her and implored her to kiss them back. She kissed Love and then Jewel and then Hayden and then Alyssa again and then went back to kissing Love until she couldn’t even keep track over who she was kissing and whose body she was touching and whose hands were roaming over her clothes. Her heart was beating even faster than it had that time in Vegas and Taylor found all this excitement totally intoxicating.

But, even as she did, she couldn’t help but ask a question.

“Wait…what about the cupcakes?” Taylor asked, blushing as she heard the laughter that greeted her query. But she also smiled too. She knew how silly that sounded. But she was still nervous even though she definitely wanted this.

“Don’t worry about the cupcakes,” Jewel assured Taylor. “We’ll take care of those while we take care of you!”

Taylor smiled at the sound of that. To have four gorgeous women lusting after her at the same time made her feel like they could totally overpower her and make her do whatever they wanted and that was such a turn on. She wanted them to totally take care of her. She wanted them to make all her dirty dreams come to life. She wanted to be fucked even better than she had been in Las Vegas.

So when she felt hands starting to lift up her shirt, Taylor didn’t resist. She actively helped by raising her arms up and letting them peel it right over her head. She felt an urge to be naked like she had never felt before. It just felt so right and so natural to be naked with girls like this.

She wanted them to strip her bare and she wanted to get them naked too. And Taylor proved that as her own clothes were stripped off. As soon as her shirt was gone, Taylor barely gave everyone a chance to see her lacy, cream colored bra before she went to Love and pulled at her sweatshirt, yanking it over her head and seeing the bare delights her hands had just touched.

“All of you get naked,” Taylor lustfully moaned. “Don’t just get my clothes off. Mmmm all of you have to do it too! I want to see everything! Ooooh show me those big boobs Jen! Mmmm they look so big and yummy!”

“Call me Love,” Love softly said before kissing Taylor again and eagerly pressing her topless body into hers. “All my friends do. And we’re going to be really good friends Taylor. Mmmm REALLY good!”

Taylor wanted that. She wanted to be friends with Love and Alyssa and Hayden. She wanted to be special friends with benefits with all of them, just like she was already with Jewel. She wanted to be naked, naughty friends with them and Taylor moaned while kissing Love as she saw how her new friends were very eager to get each other undressed.

Kissing Love was so hot, especially since she was topless now and Taylor could see those big, fleshy breasts of hers but it was even hotter to see everyone else kissing and touching and getting naked while she and Love made out. Taylor had been too nervous at the spa to really enjoy the moment and she was going to make sure that didn’t happen here.

So she made sure to let her eyes dart over to where Jewel and Alyssa were sandwiching Hayden. Even though she was deeply kissing Love now and their tongues were starting to run together and explore each other’s mouths, Taylor looked over her new friend’s shoulder to see how Alyssa was being undressed by Hayden as Jewel undressed Hayden right back.

Hayden was facing Alyssa and sliding up her shirt to expose her bra and Taylor moaned as she saw Hayden not even wait for that bra to come off before she buried her face into Alyssa’s cleavage. Taylor loved seeing how hot Hayden was for these women. It relaxed her to see she wasn’t the only one here going crazy with desire.

Taylor loved seeing them touching each other, especially as Jewel pulled down Hayden’s jeans while the blonde girl kissed Alyssa’s breasts through her bra, pressing her lips against her nipples through them and then kissing and licking the exposed flesh that was hefted up through her underwear.

Taylor loved seeing their sexy bodies exposed and she drank in the forbidden images of Alyssa’s breasts in her bra and the soft curve of Hayden’s ass in her panties. Jewel pulled off Hayden’s shirt next and Taylor heard the little sounds of clothes hitting the floor, something that sounded extra naughty as Love went for her jeans.

“You sure about this Taylor? We don’t have to do anything you don’t want,” Love assured her, wanting the girl to feel as comfortable as possible.

But that wasn’t even necessary. It was appreciated, but unnecessary.

“Mmmmm I’m so sure!” Taylor assured Love. “I know I want this! Jewel told me how hot you all could be. She told me how naughty you get. I want that too! I want to see it all and feel it all and have you fuck me like you fuck each other!”

“Ooooooh I love hearing you say that,” Love moaned as she began lowering Taylor’s jeans, showing off the matching panties Taylor had on along with her lacy cream bra and how damp they’d gotten. “It’s so hot to hear you talk dirty!”

“Make me dirty!” Taylor urged, her desire growing by the second. “Mmm you like this? Like hearing the good girl saying she wants to fuck? Like hearing my sweet lips say I want you to fuck me and make me come? Mmmm I like saying it! Make me so horny I’ll only want to be bad!”

“Yessssssss!” Love cooed. “That’s so hot! Mmm I want to fuck you so good Taylor! All of us are going to fuck you and make you into a pussy craving slut! Just like me!”

“Oh gawwwwwd yesssss make me into a slut who only likes girls!” Taylor moaned back, her jeans now down her legs and her bra and panties the only clothes left on her body besides her sneakers.

Taylor was feeling such a rush from being so wicked. She could feel the adrenaline in her veins from doing the things she knew she was never supposed to do and she loved it. She wanted this so bad. She didn’t want to think or worry or care about being a good girl. She just wanted to be a bad girl and fuck.

“Mmmm boys are so stupid!” Taylor said in need. “Ughh always breaking my heart! I need this so much! Make me into a girl slut Love! All of you make me just like you are!”

Taylor couldn’t ever remember being so excited. Her heart was practically skipping beats on a regular basis as she saw everyone around her stripping down to their bras and panties and even less. She knew how wrong it was to want this, but she couldn’t help it. God, why did kissing Love have to feel so good? Why did all of their bodies turn her on so much? Why couldn’t she keep herself from getting wet from this?

Taylor threw her arms around Love and pulled her to her as they kissed even more passionately than before. She loved those soft lips on hers and the feel of Love’s naughty tongue in her mouth was so amazing. Plus feeling those big boobs mashing into hers was such a dirty thrill.

Gawd, she had been watching Love on TV since she was a kid. She had seen Can’t Hardly Wait and Heartbreakers like a zillion times. She had loved Ghost Whisperer and had used to watch it with her mom all the time. Now she was making out with Jennifer Love Hewitt! Now she could see her topless and she loved what she saw.

“You have such great boobs!” Taylor declared. “Mmmm they’re so big and soft!”

“Thanks,” Love smiled, never tiring of hearing compliments. Every time she felt bad about her body, she knew she could always count on her friends to make her feel better and it was such a turn on to hear it from Taylor. “Don’t be shy, honey. You can play with them. Touch them! Kiss them! Mmmmm lick them!”

“Yeahhh mmmm gawwwwd,” Taylor sighed naughtily, feeling up Love’s large breasts just as she had urged her to.

She caressed them gently and ran her fingers over Love’s nipples, enjoying how swollen they were getting and how touching them made Love moan. Girl bodies were so much more fun to play with than guy bodies and Taylor was growing so eager to explore as she bent down and did just what Love asked her to do.

“Oh baby yessss!” Love moaned as Taylor’s tongue sweetly started licking her nipple, wetly sliding against her pink point and the areola around it. “Mmmm let’s make you naughty Taylor! Mmmm your tongue feels so good baby! Yessss lick my tits! Mmmm get your pretty little tongue all over those big, juicy tits of mine!”

And speaking of big, juicy tits, Love felt some being pressed to her own body. She had a woman come up behind her and rub into her and she knew right away it was Jewel. She knew those breasts anywhere. They were the only ones in the mansion bigger than hers and it was always hot to feel them, especially since it was obvious that Jewel had shed her own shirt and bra and was just as topless as she was.

Love moaned as Jewel kissed her neck, pressed her naked D cups into her back and reached around to cup Love’s tits while Taylor licked them, tracing her tongue all over her flushed areolas and hard nipples.

“Doesn’t that tongue feel good, Love?” Jewel purred, her nipples stiffening by the second as she rubbed them into the soft skin of her friend’s sexy back. “Don’t you love how that naughty girl licks?”

“Mmmhmmmm yessssss! Ooooh she’s just as sexy as you said she was!” Love moaned, arching her back a little so she could press more of her chest into Taylor’s face as the underwear clad singer went from one breast to the other, making sure both nipples were tended to.

“Just wait till you feel her lick your pussy,” Jewel teased, enjoying how she could see Taylor’s face blush when she said such a naughty thing. “She’s so eager for it, aren’t you sweetie? Mmmm eager to have hot and horny girls to fuck!”

“Yesssssss! Mmmm I’ve been dreaming about this,” Taylor admitted. “I’ve even watched pornos and fantasied about you girls doing it to me like they were doing in the videos! It turned me on so much but it made me want the real thing even more!”

“And that’s just what you’re going to get,” Alyssa declared as she and Hayden wandered over hand in hand. Alyssa had made sure to relieve Hayden of her underwear and Taylor’s eyes widened when she saw the sexy blonde buck naked with her perfect firm tits and her pussy totally bald and smooth. Taylor could see how wet those pink pussy lips of hers were and she found herself wildly lusting after the girl.

And Taylor felt nothing but lust for Alyssa too as the woman stood in front of her only in her bra and panties. Her underwear didn’t match and, in her horny mind Taylor took delight in noticing that Alyssa’s bra was black and her panties striped. It made her think that girls around here didn’t wear many clothes at all and that they just tossed on whatever they had quickly not caring if it matched because they’d just be getting naked again really soon. Taylor loved that. It turned her on to think about being made a part of all this wild, naughty fun and doing forbidden things with beautiful women.

Alyssa could see the desire in Taylor’s face and she made sure the girl knew that what she was about to experience was better than any porn video ever could be.

“There’s nothing better than the real thing. In a porno you can’t feel this…” Alyssa declared.

As Alyssa said that she came up behind Taylor and undid the clasp of her bra without even so much of a pause to ask if she could. They were well beyond the asking permission stage now and Alyssa just went for it, expertly undoing it and pulling Taylor’s bra off. The girl reflexively gasped when she was left topless but that eased when she felt Alyssa’s warm hands gently caressing her now bare tits.

“Mmmmmm ooooooh make me naked!” Taylor moaned, everything feeling so good, especially when Hayden joined into the fun.

“And in a porno you can’t feel this either,” Hayden said, following Alyssa’s lead and pulling down Taylor’s panties past her ass and moaning when she saw the firm buns underneath. Taylor looked so good naked and Hayden couldn’t take her eyes off that impossibly tight butt. It couldn’t be real. It was so tiny and perfect that it looked like it had been sculpted out of marble.

“Ooooh no you can’t,” Taylor couldn’t help but giggle. “Mmmm but watching those dirty lesbian videos made me want to feel it so much though! I had to keep touching myself and all I wanted was other girls to do it to me! They made me so horny! I was being so bad watching porn and playing with myself and the whole time I just wanted this for real!”

Seeing Taylor be so turned on was turning everyone else on and no one wanted to wait even the minutes it would take to get upstairs and into a bedroom. They wanted it to happen here and now.

“Turn around,” Alyssa instructed, depriving Love of Taylor’s tongue on her bare breasts but giving all of them the vision of full frontal Taylor Swift nudity. “Let’s get you up here!”

And before Taylor could ask what they meant by that, she found out. She turned around to let everyone see her body, exposing how she still had the neat little dusting of blonde fur for a landing strip that Jewel had so enjoyed seeing at the spa and, when she did, she felt Alyssa lift her right up and plant her onto the counter.

Taylor wasn’t expecting it, but she didn’t fight it at all and let her light body be picked up with ease. And she was immediately rewarded for her assent by getting a hot kiss on the lips from Jewel. Taylor was definitely most comfortable kissing Jewel but she was getting comfortable with everything as the last of her clothes came off.

Having Taylor sitting on the kitchen counter allowed for her panties to be fully pulled off her long legs. Hayden had only gotten them down to her knees but now it was so easy to slide them down and toss them onto the floor while Taylor made out with Jewel and felt herself be stripped, moaning as not only her panties were removed but her sneakers and socks as well.

Taylor loved the feeling of being stripped and the sensations it caused inside her that made her feel she was being taken and had no control of herself. She found it immediately distracting from the fact that she was now sitting on the wet counter and that she felt stray cupcake batter under her butt.

Feeling that wetness under her body made her giggle a little but she didn’t pay it much mind when all she wanted to do was think about sex. This was making her feel very frisky and, with Jewel in front of her now wearing nothing but panties, Taylor got her hands on her chest, massaging it lovingly and enjoying how her friend’s boobs were even bigger than Love’s.

“Mmmm I can’t believe we’re doing this here,” Taylor replied dreamily as she and Jewel broke their kiss, a little strand of saliva still connecting their mouths until it broke and dripped onto both of their chins.

She had expected this to happen in a bedroom. While Jewel had told her it could happen anywhere in the mansion and usually did, she hadn’t actually thought it would. Now she was totally naked in this strange mansion’s kitchen and it felt so hot and kinky to do it.

“Just relax baby,” Love assured her, wiggling out of her own jeans and happily pushing down her panties in the process so she could be totally naked too. She knew the caterers were due soon but there was no way she could resist Taylor as she was perched on the edge of the counter with nothing on and her body looking so tasty. “Now I want you to do something for me. But it’s kind of naughty. Are you okay with that?”

Love enjoyed using all her experience to help seduce the delightfully innocent Taylor. They’d all been with younger girls but no one who had come in quite with Taylor’s reputation and Love was so happy to see that it didn’t take much coaxing to get the bad girl side of Taylor Swift to emerge. She was teasing Taylor about her “good girl” reputation and Taylor knew it as she gave Love that amazing smile of hers and nodded her head.

“Oh yes mmmm I want to be so naughty for you!” Taylor insisted. “Tell me what you want!”

“Spread your legs open,” Love lustfully ordered. She could have pushed those legs herself with Taylor sitting naked on the edge of the kitchen counter but this was way more fun. “Show us your pussy! Let’s see how wet you are!”

“Oh gawwwd,” Taylor moaned, the idea of willingly exposing herself like that turning her on as she knew how wrong it was to do that.

The truth was she was kind of innocent. She certainly wasn’t a virgin and she didn’t think she was a prude. But she was shy. She didn’t wear bikinis to the beach because she didn’t want perv paparazzi taking pictures of her butt and her boobs and showing it to people on the Internet for them to either jack off too or make fun of her for.

And she was truly more comfortable staying home and watching videos with a boyfriend than going out to some club or doing something wilder. Part of that was an image she had willingly helped build to push music sales, but most of it really was her. But she wanted this and she didn’t want to be a good girl anymore…at least not today.

Wanting to give these girls what they wanted, Taylor slowly opened her legs, letting them see what they desired. She moaned at the feel of her own wetness making her pussy tingle as she spread herself open and showed herself off to the crowd of four very special adoring fans.

“You like?” Taylor asked both shyly and slyly as she reached down and rubbed her fingers against the lips of her now spread labia. “Is my pussy wet enough for you? Mmmmm am I nice and tight like you want me to be? Am I being a bad girl for you all?”

Taylor was eager to play with these girls right back and use her reputation and her innocence to turn them on like they were turning her on by ganging up on her and making her feel wonderfully helpless. She would play “shy little girl” for them if they wanted because she wanted it too.

She remembered how good it had felt to talk dirty at the spa. It had made her so wet to beg Jennifer and Jewel and Jewel’s gorgeous cousin Q’Orianka to eat her pussy and it had made her even wetter to have Britney and Christina take her too as Christina had used even more filthy words and told her to fuck her face with her wet cunt and feed her good girl twat to her. It had made Taylor so wet to give the bad girl what she had wanted and she wanted to feel that good again.

“Mmmhmmm VERY bad,” Love smiled, feeling very wolfish toward Taylor and loving it. She didn’t usually push so much but she had been getting herself so squarely on the nice list lately that the urge to be naughty was overpowering. “Now I’m going to show you just how bad!”

And Love was as good as her promise as she took full advantage of Taylor’s position and her nudity by bending over until her face was between the blonde singer’s open legs and then grabbing onto her legs so she could press her mouth to her cunt and kiss it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Taylor gasped in rapture at the uninvited, but absolutely welcomed action. “Ooooooh Love! Yessssss! Oh my God yessssssssssssss!”

“Mmmm you are a bad girl,” Jewel teased, coming up besides Taylor and devilishly playing with her nipple as Love started licking her pussy and Taylor moaned out her approval. “Letting a woman you don’t even know go down on you! You like that Taylor? Like feeling her hot tongue in that pretty little tight pussy of yours? Love is so good at licking! Mmmm she always makes me come so hard!”

“Yesssssssssss ohhhh my God I so totally love it!” Taylor cried, her legs unconsciously kicking from the jolts of energy and pleasure she got each and every time Love’s tongue licked her needy pussy. “Oooooh fuckkkk! Yessssss ooooh God Love fuck me! Lick my tight pussy! Mmmm ohhhhhhh Godddd I’ve been wanting this again for sooooo long!”

“You should have just asked for it,” Jewel said with a smile, now with both hands on Taylor’s breasts, massaging them and toying with her erect, pink nipples while Love’s tongue made her gasp and moan with delight. “We’ve always been here for us if you wanted us Taylor! Mmmm but now you’re going to come visit all the time, aren’t you? Feel how good Love licks your pretty pussy! So much better than how a guy does it! And wait till you feel Alyssa and Hayden lick you too. You know how good I lick your hot pussy and now you’re going to feel all of us do it! You’ll never want another guy again Taylor so too bad for all those songs you write because you’re NEVER going to want to break up with us!”

Taylor just smiled and moaned from Jewel’s gentle teasing. She’d heard all kinds of jokes before about her many relationships and tendency to mine them for angry breakup songs and she usually ignored them with some annoying her more than others. But she felt Jewel could make all the jokes she wanted as long as she and her friends didn’t stop. She never, ever wanted them to stop.

“Ughhh fuckkkk nooooo I promise I won’t! We’ll never break up! Just please keep fucking me!” Taylor groaned, closing her eyes to let the pleasure fully overtake her, wanting to feel nothing but sweet, sweet ecstasy as Love’s hot tongue probed her pussy. “Ooooooh I’ll so come back for more of this! Like every single day! Oooooh yessss mmmmm gawwwd give it to me! Your tongue feels so good Love! Oooooh yessssss mmmmm you lick pussy soooo much better than any guy! Ughh just like you do Jewel! Mmm just like Jen and Britney and Eliza and everyone! Gawwwd I just wanna be a total lesbian with all of you because you fuck me so good!”

Taylor opened her eyes when she felt a pair of lips against hers and she moaned happily when she saw it was Jewel. She loved kissing Jewel and she let the older woman lay her down on the counter, her head softly landing against the hard top and her hair draping down as Jewel kissed her and Hayden and Alyssa worked over her breasts. She had a girl at each of her boobs sucking and licking her nipples as Love went down on her and Taylor didn’t think it could ever get better than this.

“Ooooooh gawwwwd ooooooh you’re all sooooo hot!” Taylor moaned enthusiastically before kissing Jewel again, this time with even more enthusiasm. “Mmm yeahhhh suck on my boobs while you’re licking my pussy! Ohhh fuck yesssss mmmmm make me a bad girl! Make me a bad little lesbian fucking other hot girls! Oooh make me give up my pussy to all of you! Yessssssssss ughhh fuckkkk you like that, don’t you Love? My good girl mouth saying dirty words like pussy and telling you to fuck me! Mmmm you make me want to be so dirty!”

Taylor would have said more but her mouth was covered in another hot kiss from Jewel. Their tongues rubbed together and Jewel loved how aggressive Taylor was getting as she pushed her tongue back into her mouth and explored. She had been so shy at the spa and she could now see just how badly Taylor had been aching for a repeat performance. Well they were going to give it to her and then some.

“Let me take a turn, Love,” Jewel urged. “It’s been too long since I had a taste of Taylor.”

“But I…awwwww…okay,” Love sighed, disappointed she wasn’t going to be able to lick every sweet drop of dew out of Taylor’s warm, wet fuckhole, but also realizing it was hardly in the Christmas spirit to hog all of this beautiful girl for herself.

And what was this place all about if not sharing? Love did badly want this treat for herself but she relented and let Jewel take over between Taylor’s legs.

“Ohhhhh yesssssssssss!” Taylor squealed when her pussy was taken once again by Jewel’s tongue. “Mmmm fuck me Jewel! All of you fuck me! Mmmm yesssss oooooooh yesssss that feels so nice! Mmmmm lick my little pussy Jewel! Do it even better than you did it last time!”

And while it was disappointing to not have the chance to finish Taylor off, Love did have an idea of how she could keep things hot between her and the singer. And it involved kissing Taylor right on the lips to make sure she got a hot taste of her own pussy. Taylor had been getting very wet, very fast thanks to her licking and Love had the sweetness of her juices all over her lips and tongue now. She wanted Taylor to feel that too and she didn’t hesitate to get up and kiss her right on the lips.

“Ohhhh Godddddd,” Taylor moaned from the kiss, knowing exactly what she was tasting on her new friend’s lips.

It was so kinky to taste her own juice. It made her feel like such a bad girl, like the girls in the pornos she had been secretly watching. And that was a total turn on. She kissed Love back eagerly and savored the taste of herself.

Ever since she’d been at the spa she’d really gotten into tasting her own juices off her fingers when she masturbated. She loved how freaky it made her feel to be doing it in secret, watching dirty porno movies of girls fucking girls and rubbing her own pussy and getting her fingers wet to lick off like they were creamy treats.

She did it to her toys too, fucking herself with them and licking them clean while always imagining it was another girl’s juices she was tasting. She loved tasting her own juice on Love’s lips but she also wished it was Alyssa’s or Hayden’s or Jewel’s juices she was tasting and Taylor’s heart thumped in excitement as she figured she would have that chance soon enough.

“Mmmm you taste so good,” Love grinned once they broke their kiss, Taylor’s mouth contorting as a series of happy cries overtook her from the way Jewel had buried her face into her pussy and had pushed her tongue right inside her pinkest of parts. “You like that, don’t you baby? Tasting your own yummy juice on me.”

“Uhhh huhhhhh!” Taylor moaned to confirm as she found herself barely able to form a coherent series of words thanks to Jewel’s tongue. “Yessssssss! Mmmmm I love it! Ooooooh! You make me feel so naughty by feeding me my own juices! Mmm making me lick it up like a dirty girl! Gawwwd Jewelllll! Mmmm don’t stoppppp!”

Jewel had her face pressed between the superstar’s open thighs now and was staring up at Taylor with raw lust in her eyes as she tongued her pussy. The girl tasted even sweeter than she remembered and she relished the chance to take her here in her home in front of her friends and not at some strange spa in another state. This felt so much more intimate and hotter to Jewel and she was more turned on for Taylor than ever as she licked away at her cunt, slipping her tongue into her and licking up all that tasty juiciness that was dripping out of her.

It was so hot for the rest of them to see Taylor lying back naked on the kitchen counter amongst all the bowls and spoons and baking materials with her legs spread and Jewel bent over to get her tongue into her. Taylor was in visible rapture as she was licked and Hayden and Alyssa kept sucking on her perky little tits, bathing her pink nipples and pinker areolas as they jiggled as much as they could into their face from the way Taylor’s body was moving on the counter.

Being tongue fucked by Jewel was making her squirm and shiver in the best way and she kept closing her eyes to let it all overtake her, moans spilling out of her mouth as her body began to get flushed and sweaty from it.

And, with such a mess around them, Alyssa couldn’t help but play a little. Thinking back to what had happened in this kitchen once before with Lindsay and Hilary had her wanting to relive the past a little and she took the spoon right out of the bowl and brought it up to Taylor’s face.

“What tastes sweeter, Taylor?” Alyssa asked playfully. “Mmm your pussy or this?”

Alyssa brushed the spoon against Taylor’s lips and smiled as the girl didn’t even hesitate to lick the batter right off it. There was nothing like licking the spoon clean to always bring out the kid in someone and it was especially awesome to see Taylor act like that now when she was doing something so adult. Taylor’s tongue darted out and started licking the spoon even as she was being eaten out and Alyssa decided to have some more fun.

“Mmmmm or maybe this is the better option,” Alyssa laughed as she reached around her back and undid her own bra, shrugging it off and letting it fall to the floor with the rest of their clothes as she took the spoon away from Taylor’s hungry mouth and got it covered with cupcake batter again before she dabbed some on her bare breast, letting it drip down. “Taste it baby!”

Taylor opened her eyes and they lit up when she saw what Alyssa was doing. Her boobs looked incredible all naked for her. They were so big and firm and tan and Taylor loved seeing the batter drip down her hard pink nipple and over her darker areolas. It was so sexy to see that and Taylor didn’t have to be told twice before she craned her neck so she could get at Alyssa’s boobs. She licked the batter right off her nipple and gulped it down, loving how it tasted.

“That’s definitely the sweetest!” Taylor enthusiastically replied, moaning out from Jewel’s tongue. “Ooooh gimmie more of that! Mmmm get it all over your great boobs Alyssa! Lemme lick them clean!”

Taylor was definitely into this game and Alyssa complied. She wasn’t delicate this time either. She took the batter covered spoon and smeared it all over her chest, covering both of her nipples and even getting a dash in between her tits. She then pressed herself to Taylor’s face and delighted as the horny blonde went right after the sticky mess, licking the cupcake batter off her tits and treating them to a tongue bath as she cleaned them both off.

“Mmmmmm yessss tastes soooo gooooood!” Taylor moaned, enjoying the kinkiness of combining the innocence of baking with the raw naughtiness of sex. “This is like the best baking ever! Ohhhh Jewelllll! Yesssss mmmmm fuckkkk ooooooh yessssss fuck me! Fuck my little pussy with your hot tongue! Mmmmmm gawwwd make me soooo naughty!”

And everyone else was getting pretty naughty too. Hayden was inspired by Alyssa’s actions to get her own boobs messy and she dipped her fingers into the bowl of leftover batter. She couldn’t help but lick her own fingertips clean first just to taste it but then she dipped them right back in and then spread the batter over her tits, moaning as she rubbed it into her nipples, making them stand up even more as erect pink buds capping off her tits.

Since Taylor was busy with Alyssa, Love was only too happy to do the honors for Hayden and she began licking the blonde’s tits clean, tasting the batter right off them and finding out what Taylor already knew. This was delicious. The batter was sweet and tasty and it was even better licking it off hot girl flesh. This was getting messy and kinky fast and Love found herself getting off on that.

“Mmmmm you taste so good like this sweetie,” Love moaned, enjoying the taste of Hayden’s sticky tits. “But I can make it even better!”

As Hayden bit her lip in anticipation, guessing exactly what Love was going to do, the brunette dipped her fingers into the batter too and brought them out so she could rub them against Hayden’s pussy lips. Hayden gasped as her waxed smooth lips were rubbed with messy cupcake batter and her smile went from ear to ear from the touch of those sticky fingers against her wet lips.

“Ooooh Love! Mmmmm that’s fucking naughty!” Hayden groaned. She’d never played with food before but now she was quickly starting to understand why many people embraced this as a fetish. “Mmmmm that feels cold! You gonna warm me up now?”

“Mmmmhmmmm you know I will,” Love smiled naughtily before sinking to her knees in front of Hayden. She eagerly grabbed the girl by reaching around for her squeezable bubble butt and grasping it, bringing her right to her face as she began licking the batter right off her labia.

If Love couldn’t lick Taylor’s pussy, then she was going to make sure and lick Hayden’s and she went after it with full eagerness, cleaning the mess of cupcake batter she had made.

“OOOOOH!” Hayden squealed. “Mmmmm oooooh Love! Yesssss mmmmm fuck me! Lick my messy little pussy clean! Oooooh it felt so kinky to have that batter on my naughty pussy and I love how your fucking tongue feels so much! Ohhhh yessssss mmmmm give it to me! Ughhh fucking eat my dirty, sticky pussy!”

Hayden couldn’t have been happier. She had no need to think about whatshername’s naked body anymore when she had all this. She had hoped that getting back to the mansion would give her a great distracting from all of that but she’d had no idea she’d get something like this. And it was working like a charm. Now all she was thinking about was how good Love’s tongue felt and how tasty Alyssa, Jewel and Taylor looked getting naughty at the kitchen counter.

Love always enjoyed the taste of Hayden’s pussy, but having the cupcake batter on it made it even yummier for her tongue to lick and she didn’t shy away from enjoying this naughty new flavor. She slid her tongue over the smooth lips of the girl’s kitty and licked up every drop of the batter before and found herself craving more when she had gotten it all. Love smacked her lips together and then licked them clean, wanting to taste that again. But she didn’t want to keep getting up and kneeling down to make Hayden messy again to clean up.

Fortunately there was an easy solution at hand and Love took it.

“C’mon,” Love said, standing up and taking Hayden by the hand.

“Mmmm what are you going to do to me?” Hayden asked, eager to feel that tongue again and drooling over the sight of Love’s gorgeously thick bare ass as the naked brunette pulled her toward the counter where Taylor remained in complete rapture from Alyssa messily licking her batter covered tits and Jewel tonguing away at her pussy.

“Exactly what I was just doing before but even better this time,” Love promised as she pushed the bowls out of the way and began to pull Hayden onto the counter.

The blonde immediately got what was needed of her and helped by climbing up. The hard kitchen counter was a mess and Hayden immediately felt the residue of their baking press into her bare ass but she liked it and she loved being this close to Taylor as she moaned and quivered from being taken so skillfully.

Hayden knew full well just what an amazing lover Alyssa was and she also loved having Jewel lick her. So she had felt exactly what Taylor was experiencing and it turned her on to see the superstar singer in such visible pleasure from it. Because of that Hayden leaned over and impetuously kissed Taylor on the lips.

That caused Taylor to snap open her eyes and smile. She loved feeling Hayden’s lips on hers and she reached over to softly caress her face and run her fingers through the girl’s soft, blonde locks. It had just been a peck at first but now the two girls started to make out as Taylor kissed Hayden back and let their mouths wetly press together while they were both pleasured.

While that happened, Love took full advantage of Hayden’s willingness and spread open the girl’s legs, exposing that fully smooth, bare pussy in all its glory. Love felt her own baby bare pussy tingle at the sight of that bald, pink girl flesh as it glistened with both her own saliva and Hayden’s growing arousal.

The juice that was coating Hayden’s soft, sexy labia lips looked just as tasty as the cupcakes and Love dove in to lick them clean. This time she wasn’t just licking batter off her. She was just tasting pussy juice and she loved it. Hayden always tasted so good and Love lapped her tongue against the blonde’s tender folds, making her cry out into her deep, wet kisses with Hayden.

When Hayden had started work on Nashville, everyone had assumed her character was based on Taylor and Hayden had actually been concerned about reports she had heard that Taylor was mad at her for playing the character as such a spoiled, oversexed brat. The truth was that the character was only based around the idea of a Taylor Swift-esque singer and wasn’t meant to be a reflection of her in any way and Hayden hadn’t wanted Taylor to dislike her because of that.

But fortunately that had just turned out to be rumor and Taylor hadn’t actually been mad at her in the slightest.

They had talked about it before and Taylor had assured Hayden that she knew the character wasn’t supposed to be her. So they had been friendly before today. But now they were way more than friends and Hayden wished that she hadn’t waited until today to kiss Taylor’s sexy lips.

Taylor was so beautiful and Hayden loved seeing her tight little body naked and horny. She knew she had once been like Taylor, a shy “good girl” who knew what she wanted but was too afraid to get it. Hayden wanted to help corrupt Taylor like all these girls had corrupted her. She wanted to help make Taylor into as big a slut for pussy as she was and she couldn’t wait for the chance to get kinky with her.

Right then, though, all they did was kiss because they were both being very well taken care of by the women going down on them. Taylor was finding out emphatically that the pleasure she had received from Jewel at the spa had been no fluke. It felt even better now and every lick she got made her feel amazing.

Taylor gasped and moaned and smiled in utter contentment from the way Jewel kissed and tongued her pussy and made her feel like she could totally go lesbo and never, ever worry about a stupid, heartbreaking boy again.

And Hayden was in no less pleasure thanks to Love. Hayden had experienced Love’s perfect tongue so many times and the brunette never stopped making her feel good. She always knew just how to lick and where to get her off and the way Love was lashing her tongue against her pussy had Hayden groaning in passionate delight as she lay back on the counter and made out with Taylor.

Taylor’s kisses were so good and Hayden loved how eager the girl was as she reached over to start playing with her sexy little tits, fondling them and making Taylor’s nipples swell up even more from her soft hands.

Hayden’s pleasure grew even more when Love got kinky with her again. She took another spoon from one of the bowls of batter and smeared it against Hayden’s pussy, not only getting the batter all over her slit but coating the spoon with her juices. Hayden gasped from the cool batter against her hot flesh and moaned from the way the hard spoon felt against her body.

It made for a messy and sexy sight to see that pink pussy covered in cupcake batter plus Love thought the now juicy spoon made for a pretty tasty site too. And while Love was hungry for both, she decided to share with her friend and handed the spoon to Hayden.

“Now it’s your turn to lick the spoon,” Love said with a playful smile. “Taste it Hayden. Mmm lick your hot juice off it while I clean your pretty pussy up!”

“Mmmmm yessssss mmmmmm fucking feed me Love!” Hayden groaned. “Mmmmm lick my pussy up while I taste myself! Oooh fuck we were just using this spoon to make cupcakes and now it’s got my naughty fuck juices on it! Mmmm how can you girls always make me so fucking naughty?”

That was a rhetorical question and Hayden was not expecting an answer. Besides, she already knew how anyway. They made her do naughty things like fuck in the kitchen and let batter be rubbed into her pussy while she licked her own cum off a spoon because it felt better than anything else she had ever experienced.

No other sex could make her feel this good. She needed these women to keep pushing her boundaries and she was so happy to show off for them how bad she could be. She wasn’t afraid to get kinky. She was the little freak, after all.

Let’s see Miley do this, Hayden thought to herself as she eagerly licked what was left of the batter off the spoon and tasted her own cunt juice all over it. She could feel how wet she was as Love started giving her messy pussy a tongue bath but tasting herself all over the spoon was a reminder of just how wet.

Hayden had always loved licking the spoon after baking but she’d never done it like this before and she relished the chance to taste her own cum on it, eagerly licking it clean and making sure that Alyssa noticed her doing it.

“Mmmm tastes soooo yummy,” Hayden moaned, cooing out her pleasure from Love’s tongue eagerly licking up every stray drip of cupcake batter off her pussy. “Yessss tasting my own cum off this spoon! Mmmm so fucking tasty! I want you to fuck me with this spoon too Love! Feed me more! Get that spoon and slide it into my tight little cunt and fuck me hard right in front of everyone so Taylor can see how she’ll turn into a nasty freak slut like me! Get more of my juices on this! Mmmm fuckkk you made my pussy sooo messy and now you’re licking it up so good!”

Taylor loved the sound of that. She loved how good Hayden looked naked and getting fucked right next to her. She loved how free and uninhibited Hayden was acting and she wanted to be the same way. These women were acting like they didn’t have a care in the world except for how good they could make each other feel and she envied that. She wanted to totally let go and only care about erotic pleasure. She didn’t want to be shy. She didn’t want to be a good girl anymore.

“Ooooooh Jewel mmmm yesssss you’re totally going to make me come!” Taylor gasped out as Jewel hit a sensitive spot in her and made her shiver in pleasure. “Eat my pussy! Ughhh yesssss make me just like Hayden is! Make me want to be a slut and get all freaky with all of you! Mmm I want to see her get fucked by a spoon and then lick it off and taste her naughty juice before you do me too! Oooooh yessss yesssss gawwwwd Jewellllllll! OOOOH MY GODDDDD! YOU’RE SO GOOD! OHHHHH FUCK ME JEWEL! FUCK ME BETTER THAN A GUY EVER COULD!’

Alyssa had to admit that hearing Hayden and Taylor crying out in pleasure was one hell of an excellent distraction. Right now Chloe was the furthest thing from her mind because she had two beautiful, young blondes there who were tight and tempting but totally of age. That was just what she needed and she adored hearing them begging for it like they were.

Hayden’s wicked pleas always turned Alyssa on and hearing them from Taylor too was such a sweet bonus on top of that. But she wasn’t just focused on the younger girls, not when her housemates had such delicious bodies there for her to feast on too. All this baking was making her hungry, especially as she smelled the last batch of cupcakes that was in the oven.

That smell was the perfect reminder for Alyssa that she needed to get them out of the oven before they burned so, being the responsible one for once, she darted away from the fun and, in just her striped panties, slid a pair of oven gloves on to pull the cupcakes out of the oven. She had gotten them out at just the right time and they looked perfect but, turning back toward the fun, Alyssa spied something even better that made her freshly hungry.

As they went down on Hayden and Taylor, Love and Jewel were bent over with their hot, full asses jutting out and Alyssa felt her pussy get even wetter in her panties from what she saw. Those beautiful asses looked so fucking perfect right then, so full and juicy and there to be taken. Love was totally bare assed as she bent over to feed off Hayden but Jewel had her panties on still while she fucked Taylor and Alyssa’s mind whirled at the possibilities of what she could do to her friends in this stocked kitchen full of tasty treats.

Alyssa hungered for their asses and she knew just the way to enhance them as a snack as she placed the cupcakes down, pulled off the oven gloves and, for good measure, pulled her own panties down her legs so she could be fully naked too.

Leaving her no longer needed panties by the oven, Alyssa strode over in the nude back toward the counter, but she didn’t get back to her friends empty handed. Alyssa was eager to use some of the more decorative ingredients to have some fun with Jewel and Love. After all, decorating cupcakes was fun, but decorating hot women was even better and Alyssa proved that by taking the tube of frosting they’d made for the cupcakes and squirting a long strand of it over Love’s bare ass.

“Oooooooh! What are you up to Lyssa?” Love laughed, pulling her face up from Hayden and turning around to flash her housemate a juicy smile.

“Just relax and keep licking that tasty little pussy,” Alyssa said, giving Love’s naked butt a reassuring pat before she spreading the frosting around her fleshy cheeks, rubbing the sugary white goo onto her and giggling as she pictured rubbing something else entirely all over Love’s ass.

But this substance was all sugary goodness and once she got the frosting on Love’s ass, Alyssa went over to Jewel and yanked her panties down, removing the last bit of clothing that any of them had on.

Jewel helpfully stepped out of her panties to keep them from getting tangled up with her feet but she didn’t move her face an inch away from Taylor’s cunt. Alyssa certainly couldn’t blame her for that. After all that girl’s pussy looked absolutely perfect. But Alyssa couldn’t help distracting her busty blonde housemate by squirting out white cupcake frosting onto her now bare ass too.

She smeared it all over Jewel’s round, sexy butt cheeks and then capped that off by utilizing two bottles they had been using to give the cupcake frosting extra flavor before. With one hand, Alyssa squirted chocolate syrup onto Jewel’s ass and with the other she got caramel on it, turning Jewel’s backside into a sticky mess that was enough to get her to stop licking for a second.

“Gawwwwwwd you’d better fucking clean me up if you’re going to make such a mess back there,” Jewel laughed, knowing full well that Alyssa had every intention of not leaving her like that. “I guess you’re pretty hungry Lyssa!”

“Mmmmhmm I’m fucking famished,” Alyssa grinned. “And I don’t think your ass has ever looked yummier Jewel.”

It certainly had never looked like this before, covered in cupcake frosting all over Jewel’s bare butt cheeks with streams of caramel and chocolate sauce dripping down them. But Alyssa wasn’t finished yet, not when she had something else within easy reach.

Alyssa grabbed a plastic container of sprinkles and proceeded to decorate the red and green dots all over Jewel. The Christmas sprinkles had looked great on the cupcakes and cookies, but they looked even better on Jewel as Alyssa eagerly coated her ass with them.

Alyssa took only a moment to admire what she had done to her friend’s ass before she moved back over to Love, giving her the same treatment. The thick butt cheeks already covered in frosting now were treated to chocolate and caramel just like Jewel’s had and Love cooed in naughty delight as she felt the liquid run down her ass and even tickle her crack.

“Ooooooh you naughty girl!” Love laughed as Alyssa liberally applied sprinkles to her skin. “You’re turning my ass into dessert! Mmm I hope you’re hungry cause there’s gonna be a lot to eat!”

“I’m starving for both of you,” Alyssa said, slapping her hands against both Jewel and Love’s asses, making both of them moan as their messy cheeks stung from the smack. “Rub them together! I wanna see these big butts cheek to cheek!”

Jewel and Love were eager to comply and, since they were practically right up against each other anyway, it was easy for them to bump into each other, playfully smacking their bare butt cheeks together and grinding sexy flesh into sexy flesh.

But, as much fun as that was, they also made sure not to neglect their younger lovers. What Alyssa was doing to them was plenty distracting, but it was impossible for them to ever ignore pussies this tasty, especially when Alyssa was inspiring them to get kinkier.

Instructing Alyssa to hand it to her, Jewel got the bottle of chocolate syrup and popped open the cap again as she squirted it onto Taylor’s flat stomach, making the girl moan.

“Time to make a sweet thing even sweeter,” Jewel teased before licking up the chocolate from Taylor’s tummy, dragging her tongue over Tayor’s rarely seen midriff and delighting in how she made the ticklish girl giggle as she licked her bellybutton.

“Mmmmm yessss make me messy! Ughhh get nasty with me Jewel! Mmmm I meant what I said before,” Taylor moaned. “Fuck the good girl right out of me! Make me into a naughty girl like you and all your friends! Mmm make me into a slut!”

Taylor had heard the girls call each other sluts both at the spa and here so she quickly grasped that the word was far from the insult it was outside these mansion walls. What was a label to be avoided everywhere else sure seemed like something to be embraced here and Taylor definitely wanted to join in that kind of fun. Being a slut had always seemed so bad, but in here bad was very good and Taylor wanted to be bad. If that made her a slut, then so be it. She just wanted to have fun and this was so fun.

“Mmmmmhmmm you’re a slut already,” Jewel said with a smile after swallowing the syrup. “You’re such a naughty little thing Taylor! Acting all pure and wholesome all the time. You don’t even wear a bikini to the beach but here you are naked with your legs open and with a wet pussy for me to lick! You’re one of us now Taylor and you’re going to find out just how great it is to be a slut!”

Jewel followed that promise up by squirting more chocolate sauce onto Taylor but this time not onto her stomach. Taylor moaned as she felt the chocolate drip down her thighs and onto the hard counter underneath her but that sensation was nothing compared to how she felt when Jewel licked it up, dragging her tongue upward to catch the drip, and then squirted the syrup right onto her pussy and dove in after it, licking up the mix of the syrup and Taylor’s juices with gusto.


“Mmmm that’s what you want, isn’t it?” Jewel teased, loving the taste of chocolate syrup and pussy mixed together and thinking about having a lot more fun in the kitchen from now on. “You want to come for me? Mmm all over my face? Ooooh your pussy is so sticky and wet now Taylor and I want you to make my face that way too! Cream my face with this pretty little cunt!”

Taylor visibly stiffened and moaned when Jewel said that and the Alaskan saw she had hit a sexy nerve.

“Like that, don’t you? Like when I use that nasty word to describe a sweet little thing like you,” Jewel grinned.  “Mmmm since you’re one of us now Taylor you’re going to hear that world a lot. You’re not a good girl anymore. You’re a bad girl slut and you’ve got a tasty cunt for me to lick baby! Now say it Taylor! Say what you have!”

Taylor whimpered with lust over what Jewel was saying. She had never said that word before. It was a mean, nasty word. It was maybe the worst thing you could ever call a woman. But when Jewel said it, it wasn’t mean. It was hot. It was sexy.

It sounded even better coming from Jewel than it had when she’d heard Christina say it because Jewel wasn’t like Christina. She was so much sweeter and gentler. So to hear Jewel say that forbidden word made Taylor melt with lust.

“Ohhhhh my Goddddd!” Taylor groaned, unable to help herself. It was hard enough for her to use a word like “pussy” and this was so much dirtier. Yet it was a huge relief to not hold back and instead mew out just what she was being told to say. “Ughhhh yesssssss I’ve got a tasty cunt, Jewel! Mmmm gawwwd sooooo nasty! Oooooh you made my cunt all dirty and messy and now you have to clean it up you bad girl! Ughhh you’re such a bad influence on me Jewel! All of you are! But I love it! Mmmm lick my pussy until I come! Ooooh noooo I mean my cunt! Lick my pretty little cunt, Jewel, and make me a bad girl like you!”

And, just as Taylor shrieked from the way Jewel’s tongue thrust into her chocolate coated honeypot, Love was getting naughty with Hayden’s pussy. She had never really played with food either and all of this had been so unplanned that it just felt natural for her and she went with it completely.

So, as she felt the caramel dripping down her ass cheeks, Love got the bottle from Alyssa and spilled it right over the smooth, waxed lips of Hayden’s waiting pussy. She spilled the sticky fluid all over her and eagerly licked it up, making her face messy in the process.

Love had always been a big fan of the taste of caramel and that was truer more than ever as she licked it right out of Hayden’s pussy. It made something that was already delicious taste even better and she was extra enthusiastic about her licking. She couldn’t wait to tell everyone how amazing this treat tasted and hopefully get some more of it.

She definitely wanted more of Taylor’s pussy and Alyssa needed to get messy too. Right then, the coming caterers and the mess they were making were the last things on Love’s mind as she feasted on Hayden’s sticky cunt and licked up every caramel enhanced drop, driving the girl wild in the process.


Hayden was so happy to have this new perversion introduced to her. She’d never done anything like this before and it was so playful and fun and naughty. She could totally feel that sticky caramel squishing between her pussy lips and it was so hot to have Love lick her clean.

Love was licking her harder than she ever had and that made Hayden feel like her orgasm was coming quickly and in an unstoppable rush, a feeling she always adored. Hayden was enjoying this more with every passing second and she couldn’t wait to show everyone how much she liked it and let them see she was an even bigger freak than they expected. With Miley nowhere in sight, this was even better, especially with Alyssa right there to watch her come.

“Mmmmm make me come Love ooooh pleaaaaaaaaase make me come!” Hayden begged. “You’re getting me so close! Mmmm fuck my slutty fucking pussy in front of Taylor so she’ll see how good you all fuck me! See what she’s going to get by hanging out with us! Make her feel so fucking good that she’ll never get enough of it just like me!”

That sounded so good to Taylor and she immediately turned to Hayden and gave her another deep tongue kiss. Everything that was happening to her felt so naughty and good. They were right. This was so much better than any porno or any fantasy could be.

Taylor never wanted these good feelings to end and she passionately kissed Hayden, hoping that all of these girls liked her enough to bring her back all the time now. She wanted more kissing, more touching and especially more licking. She needed it all!

Hayden and Taylor’s moans disappeared into each other’s mouths as they tongue kissed while still crying out in pleasure from the way Love and Jewel were licking them. And while the older women were quite content to lick away at their younger lovers, their own bodies were being neglected, for after all she had done to decorate their bare asses with frosting, syrups and sprinkles, Alyssa had stopped. But she had stopped for a good reason…actually two of them.

The first reason was that she had been completely unable to resist going for her phone in her discarded pants and snapping a picture of Love and Jewel’s asses decorated in such a deliciously festive manner for the holiday. She had to show her friends her handiwork.

It was just too funny and sexy to see those great asses naked and covered in sweet messy junk. She knew their housemates would get a kick out of seeing Love and Jewel like that. But she hadn’t just gone to immortalize the moment. She had also wanted to get something more and she had to duck inside the pantry to get it.

Thinking back to when she had done something just like this with Lindsay and Hilary had made Alyssa remember how hot it had been to see Hilary fucking her pussy with a candy cane and how Lindsay had licked away at it, telling Hilary how tasty it was. Now it was Alyssa’s turn to play and she wielded a large curved candy cane in each hand as she got back to the counter.

They were usually great holiday giveaways to friends and family but now she had a much less wholesome intention in mind and Alyssa didn’t think twice before striking. She merely paused to yank the plastic wrapping off the candy and then introduced them to her friends, sliding the end of one into Love and then pushing the other into Jewel’s pussy from behind with no warning.

“OHHHHHHHH FUCK!” Love immediately cried out, not expecting the penetration but loving it. “Mmmmmm gawwwwd what is that? Ooooooh what are you doing to us Lyssa?”

“Mmmm just relax and feel the spirit of the season fucking you right up that wet pussy of yours,” Alyssa teased. “You guys are always asking why I keep those jumbo candy canes around, well now you know! Mmmmm take it you Christmas sluts! Eat those pretty little fuckholes and get yours fucked too! Mmmmm oooooh yessssss they look so good sliding into those wet cunts of yours!”

Alyssa could definitely see why Lindsay and Hilary had once been so taken by this candy infused pleasure. The candy canes fit perfectly in her hands as she kept a soft, but firm grip around them by the curve of the sticks. She was careful to keep from breaking them while she pushed them into Love and Jewel’s pussies from behind, penetrating their slits and pushing the candy into their folds while her friends cried out for more.

“Ohhhh my God Lyssa! Fuckkkkkk! I can’t believe you’re fucking us like this!” Jewel groaned in lust, quite used to sex toys being shoved up her vagina but never quite experiencing anything like candy going inside her. “Ooooooh shit baby! Ohhhh fuck yeahhhh! Mmmm do it Lyssa! Shove that fucking sugar stick inside us! Fuck us! Oooooh you’re making us so fucking messy and you’re going to clean off every bit!”

“Mmmmhmmm goddamn right I am,” Alyssa grinned in triumph over the look of Jewel and Love bent over and decorated. But she didn’t just feel pride. She really did feel legitimate hunger for the decorated girl flesh and, more importantly, the real treats underneath. “You two are fucking good enough to eat!”

And Alyssa proved that by starting to eat. She’d made such a mess of syrup, frosting and sprinkles on her friends’ asses and she started to keep her promise of cleaning them off, eating away at what she’d done to them.

While she fucked them both, working her hands back and forth to slide the candy canes out and then push them deeper, Alyssa began licking off the frosting and sprinkles. She dragged her tongue over Love’s backside and then turned her head and did the same to Jewel, licking the fleshy globes of beautiful girl flesh and making them both moan and coo for more.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhh mmmmm God damnnnn that tongue feels good!” Jewel groaned, squeezing her own tits as she expressed her pleasure from Alyssa’s tongue dragging up her ass cheek and licking off the mess she’d made there. “Lick us clean Lyssa! Mmmm you’re so fucking bad for making a mess out of us! Eat up every bit of it! Mmm eat us and fuck us!”

“Yeah! Don’t be shy!” Love giggled as she felt Alyssa’s soft hand rubbing her butt, smearing the candied mess around as she left the candy cane wedged in her pussy for a moment before she got back to thrusting it into her from behind. “OOOOOOH! Mmmmm yesssssssss ughhh get it all Lyssa! You’re supposed to overindulge at Christmastime! Mmmm eat us up while you fuck us! Ughhh gawwwwwwd yesssss keep fucking us with those nasty candy canes!”

Alyssa couldn’t help but laugh to herself as she realized what she had done to her friends gave a whole new definition to “sticky buns’ but she didn’t pause to tell them that. She just kept fucking them with the candy canes, shoving them into the tight folds of their pussies as she licked and ate off the mess of frosting.

Something this sweet definitely could put a person into sugar shock, but she knew Love was right. Christmas was supposed to be about overindulging just a bit. So she kept going, bending over naked so she could press her face to her friends’ asses and thrust up into them, giving her wrists quite a workout in the process.

The attention Alyssa was now paying to Jewel and Love was just enough to distract them momentarily and give Hayden a chance to go for what she wanted. She had been aching to do this ever since Taylor’s pants had been pulled down and now she had the perfect opportunity. She and Taylor had been busying themselves with frequent kisses but she broke it and urged Taylor to give her what she wanted, even if she wasn’t quite clear about what it was.

“Mmmmm move around Taylor,” Hayden hornily urged. “Get on your hands and knees and stick your ass up. Please!”

Taylor was too distracted to really focus on what was being told to her. She just wanted to come. She wanted it even more than she had wanted it at the spa. She had wanted it more than she had ever wanted an orgasm before. She had to feel it.

“Huh? Why?” Taylor asked, snapped out of her dreamy, pre orgasmic state by the request. Things were going so well as is, why did Hayden want her to change now?

“Just…cause,” Hayden stammered out, a little nervous to actually tell Taylor why because of nervousness that she’d reject her dirty desire. “Ummm you have a really cute butt and I want to see it!”

Fortunately, that statement, which was absolutely true if not the actual whole truth, worked perfectly. Taylor was very susceptible to flattery.

“Awwww thanks! I love your ass too, Hayden!” Taylor smiled. “Okay! Mmmm if that’s what you want! Just let me know if it looks like I’m going to fall over, okay?”

Right then Taylor was feeling so good that she was ready to give these girls everything and anything they wanted. She just didn’t want to stop. Changing positions to increase pleasure was part of sex, wasn’t it? After all, it couldn’t always be missionary position.

This totally made sense. And even if it hadn’t, Taylor was far too horny to really pay mind to anything right then except getting as much pleasure as possible. So she did just what Hayden said and paid no mind to what her intentions could be other than she wanted to see her ass.

Fortunately the counter they were on was more than wide enough to support someone like Taylor repositioning herself onto her hands and knees. Unfortunately the counter was so crowded with baking items that she knocked a bowl over and sent it falling to the floor. Luckily it wasn’t one of the glass ones and the plastic harmlessly struck the hard wood merely spilling what was left of its contents.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” Taylor cried, embarrassed over being so clumsy and worried these girls were going to think she was some kind of dork now.

“Don’t worry about it,” Alyssa assured the singer. “We’ve made bigger messes in here before. We’ll clean it up later!”

That was more than good enough for Taylor. She was happy to get back to feeling nothing but pleasure and she giggled as she stuck her ass up in the air and even gave it a little wiggle as she was liable to do on stage from time to time. But she’d never been naked when she’d done it.

Taylor was sure more than a few of her fans would have liked it if she did something like that on stage and shook her naked ass for everyone to see. She felt a naughty rush at the thought of doing that at a concert, barely noticing that one of those fans was right next to her and Hayden was transfixed by the little wiggle Taylor gave with her bare ass.

“Oh my God,” Hayden sighed with lust when she saw that perfect little butt sway from side to side. Taylor was such a slim girl but her booty had the nicest curve to it. Her ass was tiny and tight and so very, very tempting. “Your butt really is amazing!”

“Mmmmm thanks,” Taylor moaned, blushing a little over such a sexy compliment, especially since she was getting it a second time.

She had always kind of worried she was too skinny and flat where she needed to have curves, but hearing someone like Hayden praise her ass was some sweet validation. But what she felt over the praise was nothing compared to what she felt next.

Hayden was absolutely incapable of denying her desire. Ever since the first time she had felt her own booty get taken by Alyssa’s soft, wonderful tongue, Hayden had become obsessed with girl asses and Taylor’s ass was one that was absolutely worthy of becoming obsessed with.

Ignoring the dripping pussy that she could now see from behind, Hayden instead placed her hands on Taylor’s firm butt cheeks and spread the small, tight globes open, exposing what she wanted most…the girl’s perfectly tiny asshole. And, as soon as she saw her prize, Hayden didn’t ask. She just licked.

Hayden started tonguing Taylor’s asshole, marveling at how tight it was and getting a huge rush as she began assuming that Taylor was a virgin back there, just like she’d been until she’d let Rose take her ass cherry with Mr. Snappy. She hadn’t offered any warning. She had just gone for it, circling her tongue wetly all over Taylor Swift’s puckered ring and making her gasp.

“OOOOOOHMAHGOD!” Taylor squealed in utter shock, all the words spilling out at once as she felt this unexpected sensation, roll through her, turning her completely upside down in her brain. She had never experienced anything like this before and it left her gasping in surprise and pleasure. “Hayden! Gawwwwwwd what are you doing to meeeee?”

“I have to,” Hayden moaned. “Mmmm your ass is too sexy! Ughh fuckkk I gotta lick this pretty hole! Mmmm I gotta get my freaky little tongue in your butt Taylor! You’re too hot for me not to! You have such a perfect ass! I need to lick it!”

“Ooooooooooooh my God! Soooo nasty!” Taylor groaned, her first instinct to reject this even though she felt her pulse race with excitement at the taboo pleasure. “Ooooooh stopppppp! Ughhh noooo we can’t! Mmmmm you shouldn’t! Gawwwwwd you’re licking my butt! Stop Hayden! Ughhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm! This is sooooo wrong!”

This surprised Hayden. No one had ever asked her to stop something like this before. They always only asked for more. This wasn’t a word she was used to hearing around here.

“Really? You want me to stop?” Hayden asked, looking at Taylor like she’d just grown a second head. “Are you sure?”

Taylor had never even been touched back there and to suddenly have a girl’s tongue against her asshole felt like too much. But it had felt good! She’d liked it and the more she’d liked it the more Taylor had told herself that it was wrong and she wasn’t supposed to enjoy something so naughty.

“No,” Taylor admitted. “I mean yes…I mean…gawwwwwd it’s too naughty! I can’t! It’s wrong! Not back there!”

Taylor wasn’t naïve. Hayden wasn’t the first person who told her what a great ass she had. Taylor didn’t always believe it but she’d heard that compliment before and more than a few of her boyfriends hadn’t been satisfied with her pussy. They’d wanted her ass too.

But those conversations had always ended before they had even started. Taylor wasn’t about to allow anyone’s dick back there. It would hurt too much. Plus it was nasty to be fucked there. She was sure she wouldn’t like it. So she had never let any guy even touch her tightest hole.

Of course, Hayden was obviously no guy and Taylor had neither expected her to do that nor expected to feel the rush of pleasure she got from it. Feeling how much she had liked the sensation of Hayden’s tongue licking her rosy little hole confused Taylor and was forcing her reconsider her no assplay stance on the fly. She definitely wasn’t prepared for that.

“What’s going on?” Jewel asked, interjecting herself back into the fun as the pleasure continued to course through her from the candy cane being pushed into her pussy and Alyssa literally eating off her ass.

“Ummmmm she’s…you know…licking me…ummm back there,” Taylor said, embarrassed over how shy she sounded.

She desperately didn’t want to come off as unwilling and uncool in front of these women. She didn’t want to act like a prude or make them think she was some little girl. But this had been a total surprise for her.

“I didn’t know she was going to do that!” Taylor said, trying to explain her reluctance.

“Mmmm bad Hayden, tossing Taylor’s salad and not warning her,” Jewel playfully teased, giving Hayden’s bare ass a smack as Love got back to licking the Nashville star, both sensations making Hayden moan happily. “But that’s not a bad thing, is it sweetie? Just relax Taylor! You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to mmmmm but it feels sooooooo good to get your ass licked, especially by someone like Hayden! Mmmmm ohhhhhhhh Lyssaaaaaa yessssss oooooh!”

Alyssa’s attention distracted Jewel while she was in the middle of telling Taylor just how exquisite the pleasure of a girl on girl rim job could be. But even though she’d stopped to moan out for more from her housemate, Jewel’s message had definitely been received.

“Is it really that good?” Taylor asked shyly but sexily, groaning out her question as Jewel resumed licking her pussy, this time from behind as she remained on her hands and knees on the counter. “I’ve never been touched there! Ughh I always thought it would be gross!”

“Mmmmmhmmm I can make it good,” Hayden promised, her own voice nothing but a moan as she felt Love’s mouth pleasuring her pussy. “It’s not gross! It’s so fucking awesome! You’re going to love it Taylor! Mmmm I love eating ass! I’m such a slut for it that I just can’t help it! And you’ve got such a gorgeous ass baby! Mmmm please let me lick it! Lemme show you how good my tongue can feel!”

Taylor was definitely feeling a lot more open minded about sex than usual. She was already going lesbian, so maybe she could go a little further. It had felt good, surprising but good. It had been such a naughty rush to feel the tip of Hayden’s tongue licking against the entrance of her asshole, making it wet and teasingly rubbing her naughtiest hole like she was going to push inside her.

Taylor couldn’t pretend she hadn’t liked it. It just had surprised her and forced her to wonder if maybe she’d been wrong having made her ass a no touching zone all these years.

“Oooooh gawwwd maybe a little more,” Taylor relented, her ability to resist even further compromised by the way Jewel was tonguing her slit from behind. The big breasted blonde licked all over her tender lips and then darted inside with her tongue, fucking her as she was bent over and making her feel nothing but sweet, sweet ecstasy.

“You’ll love it so much!” Hayden promised, completely confident in her own ability and eager to get back to playing with her new friend’s perfect butt. She had loved tasting that hole and now that she knew that Taylor was an anal virgin, she wanted it more than ever.

So, as soon as Taylor gave her the go ahead, Hayden got back to work. She was still on her back with her legs spread open on the counter for Love to eat her caramel coated pussy, but Hayden was easily able to lift herself up enough to turn and get at Taylor’s ass again. Hayden sat up on the counter, still letting Love’s tongue play between her legs, as she turned to spread the singer’s butt cheeks and resume tasting that wonderfully forbidden hole.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkk! Ooooooooh! Ooooooh! Soooooo naughty!” Taylor panted out as she once again experienced a tongue against her anus while now she also had Jewel’s tongue fucking her pussy. “Ohhh my God Hayden! Ughhh you’re such a bad girl! Ooooooh licking my ass! Gawwd only bad girls do that! Mmmmm fuckkk make me bad like you! Make me like it! Make me come from nasty things like getting my ass licked! Oooooooh!”

This was all making Taylor’s head spin and she had no control of herself and the sensations that were overwhelming her. With Jewel and Hayden both pleasuring her she just shut her eyes and let it happen.

Taylor let the feelings of utter and complete ecstasy flow through her veins and make every bit of her body feel like it was warm and happy and utterly content. She’d never felt as good as this before. It was even better than the spa. It was so much more than she’d fantasized about and she knew she was going to come so huge from it all.

“GAWWWWWD!” Taylor screamed as she felt her holes penetrated by two tongues. Jewel was working over her pussy and shoving that awesome tongue of hers inside to fuck her and rub right against her clitty. And now she had Hayden’s inside too.

The girl hadn’t just teased her asshole. Now she had gone inside it, penetrating Taylor’s asshole for the first time with a tongue as she pressed her face between the singer’s cheeks and worked past her virginal seal.


Taylor couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying Hayden’s tongue probing her asshole. She had honestly never thought that anal sex could ever feel good so she’d never let it even come close to happening. But Hayden’s tongue felt so good doing such forbidden things to her.

She even kind of liked it more than Jewel’s tongue in her pussy as Hayden began fucking her virgin butthole, thrusting into her and making her squeal and pant. However, as soon as she thought that, Jewel brought the focus right back to her by sucking on Taylor’s clit and making the singer suddenly love her mouth the best again.


All the girls there resisted the temptation to tell Taylor it was all from practice and lots of it. They knew she’d learn that soon enough. The more she hung out with them, the more they could teach her and they were all very eager to be hands on with their lessons with Taylor. And while Taylor was the furthest one along, none of them were lacking for pleasure right then.

Love and Jewel remained bent over the counter, their faces pressed to Hayden and Taylor to pleasure their young cunts. And that gave Alyssa plenty of room to play as she fucked her friends with a candy cane in both hands. Hers was the only pussy being neglected right then, but the spirit of giving had certainly captured Alyssa and she was more than happy to fuck her friends and see how much they loved it.

She was gripping the candy canes even harder now, though still taking care not to break them, as she shoved the wide, round sugar sticks into Love and Jewel. Even though she’d licked the flesh of their asses, those hot globes of girl flesh were still messy with frosting and sprinkles and syrup and Alyssa loved seeing them messily jiggle as she fucked them.

“Mmmmmm I want you both to come all over these candy canes!” Alyssa urged her friends. “Mmmm soak them with your pussy juices! Ooooh I’m going to make your pussies so sugary! We’ll all be licking the peppermint right out of you! Take it! Both of you! Mmmm feel this candy shoved right into your wet cunts! Everyone else is going to be pissed that they didn’t stay in and bake with us when they find out how much fun they had!”

Part of Love couldn’t help but think about how behind schedule they all were. The kitchen was like a war zone now with mess everywhere and people were going to be coming soon. She hadn’t even started to make her fruit punch yet and that was the entire reason she had come into the kitchen in the first place.

But that was just a sliver of her thought process right then and it was nothing compared to how horny she was and how badly she needed to fuck her friends. Parties and schedules and preparations didn’t matter as much as fucking right then and she wanted badly to get Hayden off and then have an orgasm of her own.

Love was getting such a naughty rush from what Alyssa was doing to her. She loved feeling the frosting mix drying on her ass, sticking to her skin and making her feel very messy and slutty. But even more she was enjoying the feel of the candy penetrating her pussy and fucking her like many different kinds of toys had over the years.

She had slaved for weeks to get this house perfectly decorated and candy canes were such a festive part of the season. She had never felt herself get fucked by such a seemingly wholesome item and it made her feel so good to experience it. Maybe Sarah and Rose were right. Maybe she really was a Christmas slut!

“Yessssss don’t stop! Ughhh show everyone what they’re missing by fucking me like a whore!” Love cooed, her face sticky with Hayden’s fuck juices as she cried out before shoving her mouth back into the blonde’s pussy. “Mmmmm fuck my Christmas slut pussy! Oooooh fuckkkk yessssss mmmm shove that sugary fuck stick into me Alyssa! Mmmm yesssss I really am a fucking whore for Christmas and I love it! Fuck me and make my pussy even sweeter with all the candy in my cunt! Mmmmm yesssss!”

Jewel was feeling just as much pleasure from Alyssa fucking her, but her mouth was far too occupied for her to say anything. She wanted Taylor to come. That was foremost on her mind and she proved it by getting her lips around that clit and sucking on it passionately.

She’d licked Taylor at the spa but she hadn’t been one who had made her come. Now she was making up for that in a big way by sucking the orgasm right out of her as Hayden kept tongue fucking the girl’s ass and introducing her to new carnal delights.


Taylor was totally going back and forth over what she liked more, the way Hayden was licking her asshole and then diving in with her tongue to fuck her virginal hole or the way Jewel was sucking on her clit and so skillfully pleasuring her pussy. She changed her opinion every second because it all felt so amazing and finally Taylor decided she loved it all.

She pressed her face to the counter as she remained bent over, now propping herself up with her elbows as her arms had gotten weak from the sexual sensations ravaging her naked body. She could feel flower and spilled batter get on her face but she didn’t care. All she cared about was how amazing this felt and how she knew she was going to come huge from it.

Taylor wanted to come from this. She needed to come from this. And Hayden and Jewel were doing everything they could to make sure she did. They tongued her asshole and sucked her clit until she couldn’t take anymore. Taylor was bent over and shivering in orgasmic release as her naked body was pleasured past the point of no return by two women who knew exactly what they were doing.

“OHHHHHHHHHH! GOD! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK!” Taylor cried out, her voice bursting with joy as she came, the sounds flowing from her mouth proving she could definitely hit the high notes. “YESSSSS OHHH YESSSS FUCKKK OOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKK!”

Taylor had never orgasmed like this before. Not even from when she’d been at the spa and certainly not like she had with a man. Her whole body felt like it was alive from the tips of her toes to the hair on the top of her head. She shook as she came and she felt her pussy creaming out like never before.

She had come hard at the spa. But this was even better and she knew then that she would never deny herself this pleasure again. Taylor cried out with every pulse of pleasure she felt, the orgasm overwhelming her in the best way and making her feel so satisfied as her dirty dreams came true in ways she had never expected it.

Taylor had known that these girls could eat pussy. She had known they could make her come better than a man. But she had never dreamed she would experience what Hayden had just done to her and doing something so naughty left her feeling all tingly but also a little guilty that she had let something like another girl’s tongue pushing into her asshole happen.

She couldn’t believe she had let Hayden do that but it had felt so good and, when she finally turned herself over after her orgasm, Taylor felt a dirty impulse of her own and passionately kissed Hayden right on the lips, tasting her own ass on them.

Taylor knew what she was doing. She hadn’t suddenly forgotten where Hayden’s mouth had been. But while she was feeling a little bit weirded out by this, she was feeling a lot kinkier and she kissed Hayden hard, enjoying a fresh rush of wicked pleasure as she did it.

Taylor moaned over her own bad behavior as she willingly let Hayden’s tongue slide into her mouth and rub against her tongue. That tongue had just been inside her ass and now it was in her mouth, but Taylor liked it. It was so nasty and kinky and it made her pussy quiver as the last tremors of her orgasm left her.

“Oooooooh gawwwd I want you to come too Hayden! Mmmm I want ALL of you to come!” Taylor declared after the kiss ended, her face sweaty and messy from the flour and batter on the counter, some of it even getting into her blonde hair. “Lemme taste your pussy Hayden! Mmm I wanna lick you like Love is!”

Taylor had thought for a moment about offering to do to Hayden what Hayden had just done to her. But that was a step too far for her right now.  The tongue kiss she had just enjoyed had been a wild step for her and actually putting her tongue in another girl’s ass didn’t seem like something Taylor thought she could do. That was just too kinky. But she was more than happy to get some more experience eating pussy and Hayden was more than happy to let her.

“Oh yessssssss! Do it Taylor!” Hayden begged. “Fuck me! Mmmmm yesss one tongue in my pussy is good but two is even better! Gawwwd lick me with her baby! Mmm taste my pussy for the first time!”

When she’d been at the spa, Taylor hadn’t shied away from licking the girls. She’d tasted Jewel’s sweet pussy. She’d licked Jennifer. She’d tasted Christina and Britney and Kirsten. She’d swallowed cum like she’d never had with guys and it had felt so amazing. Now she wanted more and she especially wanted Hayden.

She wanted to know what all of them here tasted like. She wanted their flavors in her mouth and in her tummy. But before she got that chance, Taylor got a taste of herself when she received a big kiss from Jewel and moaned when the sexy Alaskan pushed her creamy cum right into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Taylor groaned as she swallowed her own cream and delighted in being the kind of bad girl that would eat cum. “Oh Jewel! Mmmmm you’re so good to me! Thank you for bringing me here!”

“You deserve to be here.” Jewel grinned, licking her lips free of Taylor’s juices and softly massaging the singer’s small beasts before kissing her again, pulling Taylor up to her so her B cups could mash into her D’s. “We’re all going to have so much fun with you!”

Taylor badly wanted that and she didn’t want to wait. She kissed Jewel back with an eager desire, loving how huge her boobs felt against hers. Gawd, they felt massive against her tiny tits but Taylor liked that. She loved Jewel’s boobs and her face and her tongue and she loved tasting her pussy before. And she wanted to like everyone there as much, especially Hayden. So when she broke the kiss with Jewel, Taylor fulfilled her promise and began going after Hayden.

She repositioned herself again so she was on her knees and bent over on the counter, her butt back in the air. But she wasn’t looking for attention for her own body now. She wanted to focus only on Hayden’s.

Taylor leaned in where Love was licking away at the girl’s bald pussy and kissed the brunette right in the middle of a tongue lash. Love smiled and returned the kiss, slipping her juicy tongue from Hayden’s cunt to Taylor’s mouth, giving Taylor the first taste she was looking for.

Taylor adored that first taste and it immediately made her want more. She pulled away from the kiss only so she could get at Hayden’s pussy for herself and she began by kissing those lips, moaning from how juicy Hayden’s slit was and then starting to lick that juice off, giving the blonde Nashville star a dual tongue bath with Love that produced an immediate ecstatic reaction.


Hayden was flat on her back and in total heaven as she lay on the counter with her legs open and her pussy being pleasured now by two gorgeous women. Hayden was squeezing her own round tits as she was double licked. This felt so good and she couldn’t get enough of it.

She had already been close to coming before from Love’s tongue but now she had Taylor’s too and that added fuel to her fires. Hayden cried out in utter joy, arching her back off the counter as two tongues tended to her pussy and then falling back down as she bucked her hips and rubbed herself into the faces of the two women.

And her pleasure was increased even more when Jewel got involved. Jewel playfully pushed Hayden’s hands off her tits and instead got naughty with them herself. Reaching into the bowl of batter, Jewel smeared it onto Hayden’s breasts, decorating her nipples with the sweet slime and then licking it off.

That made Hayden’s tits even more delicious than usual and when Jewel began devouring them, Hayden got more into it too, reaching her own hand into the bowl and smearing it all over her tits for Jewel to lick off before shoving her fingers into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm yesssssssss make me so messy! Ughhhh gawwwd make me into a sweet slut and lick me clean!” Hayden cooed, locking eyes with Alyssa as her brunette mentor continued to thrust the candy canes into Jewel and Love from behind. “Mmmmmm yessssss suck on my tits Jewel! OOOOOOOH YESSSS UGHHH FUCKING BITE MY NIPPLES AS YOU LICK THAT BATTER OFF! UGHHHH GOD! YESSSS OOOOH BOTH OF YOU FUCK MY PUSSY! YESSSS OOOOH LOVE YESSS I ALWAYS LOVE WHEN YOU LICK ME! MMMM DO IT TAYLOR! UGHHH TASTE MY FREAKY SLUT PUSSY! MMMM LICK UP MY JUICES LIKE I LICKED YOUR GREAT ASS! OOOOOH YESSSS UGHHH GAWWD FUCK ME AND MAKE ME COME IN THE KITCHEN OOOOH DO IT IN FRONT OF LYSSA! YESSSSSSSS!”

Alyssa giggled over how eager Hayden always was to impress her. She couldn’t help but always notice it and she loved it even though it was totally unnecessary. Hayden had proved herself a million times over and she didn’t have to keep doing it. But Alyssa definitely loved her enthusiasm.

Other girls might have stopped trying to broaden their horizons a long time ago, but not Hayden. She just kept going and going and Alyssa definitely was going to want to share one of these candy canes with her after she had finished fucking Jewel and Love with them.

As her hands got sticky from the sugary snacks and how Love and Jewel’s juices were dripping down them, Alyssa fucked her friends harder, thrusting them into their pink folds and making her friends gasp and moan. She loved hearing them cry out for her and she loved seeing how she could make them feel good.

Chloe’s naked body was the last thing on her mind now as she focused on the thick, rippling asses of Love and Jewel covered in candy and frosting as they bounced while she fucked them from behind. She’d licked some of their cheeks clean but there was a lot more to get to and she was sure Taylor and Hayden would help her with that, especially after they had all come.

And Hayden was the next one of them to fall. There was no way she could withstand being licked like she was. She had Love’s tongue thrusting into her with all the skill she had, fucking her sweet pussy and tending to her swollen clit. And when that was added to Taylor’s soft lips and tongue stimulating the lips of her pussy, licking them clean and tickling her insides, it was far too much pleasure at once, to say nothing of what she got from Jewel licking cupcake batter off her tits.

Hayden could only manage a few moments of triple team action on her naked body before she exploded in joy.


Jewel quieted Hayden by giving her a cupcake batter filled kiss, silencing her screams and sucking on her tongue as Alyssa continued thrusting the candy cane into her from behind. She could feel her juices oozing out of herself onto that thick stick of hard candy and Jewel knew it wouldn’t be long before she was coming too. So she eagerly kissed Hayden and let her scream into her mouth while Love and Taylor swallowed the creaming blonde’s cum.

Love got the most of Hayden’s cum and she savored every drop, letting it flow into her mouth and giving her something that tasted even better than the baking they’d been doing. And with every lick and swallow of Hayden’s cum, Love felt Alyssa fucking her, shoving candy into her in a way that she found incredibly arousing. Like Jewel, she knew her orgasm wouldn’t be long and after she came she wanted to make damn sure she paid Alyssa back for being so good to her.

Of course after that, there was going to be an epic mess to clean up, but Love didn’t worry about that. Instead she just swallowed and tongue kissed Taylor, letting them rub their cummy tongues together to share Hayden’s essence, while Alyssa fucked her good with a Christmas treat.

They were going to have to cool this kind of behavior when their guests arrived, but Love knew if they could keep this going at the after party, then this could end up being one of the most memorable nights of their lives. It was already off to a great start and Love just hoped that it could get even better.


While she wasn’t taking part in any of the baking, Sarah definitely had party preparations on her mind. But what she was doing didn’t involve cookies or decorations or anything like that. It was instead a very special kind of entertainment and Sarah felt funny doing this.

It was totally awkward for her to be here and she was definitely uncomfortable asking for it. But it wasn’t like she wasn’t willing to pay for it and she was pretty sure that this person was more than accustomed to accepting money in exchange for services a little outside the mainstream.

That didn’t make her any less nervous, though, as she sat in the office and found herself stammering out her plan and the request she was trying to make. She couldn’t see herself, but she was pretty sure she was blushing as she asked it and Sarah tried to get herself to not feel silly about this or be anxious about it.

But that only got her so far because this was a pretty out there request. It wasn’t the first time they had tried to arrange some unorthodox entertainment for one of their parties at the mansion, but it was the first time it had ever involved a man and this was no ordinary man.

“So…ummmm…,” Sarah said, not quite sure what to refer to him and not feeling at all ease when he smiled and interrupted her.

“Call me Justin…or Kevin, that’s my real name. Whatever you prefer,” the man said, trying to calm the visibly anxious actress and not quite succeeding.

“Okay…Justin,” Sarah said, preferring the fake name to the real one. It made the fantasy the reality for her. She didn’t want to know his real name. She didn’t want to know anything else about him. She just wanted to do this and be done with it.

Of course being here in the first place was entirely her idea. None of her housemates knew she was here, not even Love, and she was the one Sarah was doing this for. She’d wanted to invite a very special guest to the party, one that she knew Love would get a huge kick out of.

But she also wanted to do it in a very distinct way. Not just any guy would do. While this part called for someone significantly older and of significantly more weight and the man she was looking at fit neither of those requirements, Sarah couldn’t shake the idea that he was perfect for the part. The fact that he was perhaps the most recognizable male porn star in the world ended up making him uniquely suited for what she wanted.

“So will you do it?” Sarah asked. “I know it sounds kind of weird…”

“I’ve heard weirder,” the man known pretty much around the world as male porn star Justin Thoreau said, interrupting Sarah once again, not to be rude but to put her at ease.

“Yeah, I imagine you have,” Sarah said, chuckling. “Look this is a totally above board gig. You don’t have to do anything…or anyone. You can keep your clothes on. In fact we want you to be dressed. I’m not trying to be cute here or trying to lure you into something illegal. I want to pay you to come to the party and that’s it. Nothing more. This isn’t like a bachelorette party. I’m not asking you to strip. I just want you to come in costume. It’s like a personal appearance and nothing more.”

“Well I have to admit this is the first time I’ve been asked this,” Justin said, giving Sarah a reassuring smile. “It’s definitely not the weirdest thing, though. It’s just the first time I’ve ever been asked to play Santa Claus. You do know I’m Jewish, right?”

“Well so am I…well half…I mean…well you know,” Sarah said, “It’s going to be a fun party and I know my friend will get a big kick out of Santa showing up, especially if he looks like you under the beard. Ummmm she’s a big fan.”

Sarah blushed as she said that. Love never shied away from sharing her love of adult cinema with her housemates and that was why Sarah was sitting across from a man she had already seen completely naked. Actually that was putting it mildly. She had seen everything Justin had to offer and seen him use it extremely well. After all he had won multiple awards for his work and was the closest thing to a breakout male star in the industry. Too many men in porn still looked too much like Ron Jeremy and Justin’s good looks had actually won him a huge female fan following and accolades like being called “the Ryan Gosling of porn.”

He was known not just for his looks but also for his creative side, something he had acknowledged by taking the name Thoreau from the famous poet and philosopher. Of course he also knew how to bring the goods as he’d chosen the name “Justin” because it was easy to rhyme with “Thrusting.” So the good looks, the sharp mind and the ability to sport a keep a huge erection on cue had led to a great deal of success for him.

Women liked him for that talent and for the simple fact that he was fucking on film and didn’t look ugly or sleazy. He was a porn fantasy object for women for a change. He didn’t have a porno mustache and he didn’t look like some creeper. Sarah just found it awkward talking to him knowing she had not only seen him naked but had seen his cock satisfy many different women and leave them cummy and sticky from his efforts. It was not a position she was used to being in.

“So you really want me to put on this suit and just show up and sit around for a few hours?” Justin asked. “I mean I never really got the whole Santa thing. Creepy dude watches over you all the time and knows when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake and all that shit? Always thought it was weird he was supposed to be this big lovable symbol when he’s really stalking children all year round. But hey, if you want a skinny, pretty Jew to put on the suit and wear a beard I can get into it.”

“Well that’s exactly what I want,” Sarah smiled, enjoying Justin’s sense of humor. “I mean I’ve seen you play a doctor, a masseuse, a cop and a criminal and who knows what else so I’m sure you can handle playing Santa Claus for a bunch of girls for three hours. A bunch of us will be members of the tribe right along with you. We’re all going to be there to have a good time.”

“I think I got it,” Justin said. “Show up, give a few ho ho hos and that’s that. Do I get to ask any of you to sit on my lap?”

“Oh you’d like that I’m sure,” Sarah was unable to keep herself from remarking, teasing the well-equipped actor and smiling as she felt the ice get broken just a little bit. “I mean you can if they want to. It’s definitely not a kids party or anything. It’s going to be all adults there. I just thought it would be fun if you showed up. If anyone wants to sit on your lap I certainly won’t try and stop them.”

This wasn’t meant to be a prank on Love or any kind of trick. Sarah honestly thought her friend would get a kick out of it. She knew Love adored porn and she knew she loved Santa. So why not combine the two and have some fun with it? She had teased Love enough about her love of Christmas so Sarah was truly doing this to be nice and make her friend laugh. She was pretty sure that if anyone did want to sit on this Santa’s lap it would be Love and she was glad to see that Justin was into the idea.

“Sounds like an easy gig,” Justin declared. “I’m in.”

“Thank you!” Sarah said, breathing out in relief. She’d been so nervous about coming here. She’d done so many wild and risky things, but for some reason going to see a male porn star had made her more anxious than any of them had. She had wanted to find a nice, hidden place where no one would know her and that was why they were meeting in Justin’s office for his production company and website. “I really appreciate this! It’ll be fun! Ummm I am going to have to ask for discretion though. This is definitely a hush hush thing. Is that okay?”

“More than okay,” Justin said. “I’ve done private parties before, ones where I’ve been asked to do a whole lot more than just put on a Santa suit.”

Justin didn’t elaborate on what he had been asked to do, but he didn’t need to. The implication was clear.

“Well this isn’t going to be like one of those parties,” Sarah said, pulling out a check and handing it to Justin with the amount they had negotiated. “It’s just going to be fun and simple. You come in, be Santa and leave.”

“Sounds like the perfect plan,” Justin said with a smile knowing how rarely things like that actually achieved perfection. “What could possibly go wrong?”


And Justin wasn’t the only one right then being fitted for a Santa suit. In fact one was already on another man as he stared at himself in the full length mirror.

He knew he looked ridiculous. But this suit was a special request and, given some comments he had taken very personally, he couldn’t help but indulge it.

“Megyn Kelly can suck it,” Fluffy said, even allowing himself a momentary smile as he looked at himself in the mirror dressed as the kind of black Santa Claus that gave Fox News nightmares.

He didn’t have the beard on and the suit didn’t do much to hide his muscles. If he was an action figure he would have been “ready for action” Santa and the suit certainly did not make him look like a jolly, old and fat white man. A traditional Santa he was not and Fluffy had to admit that the costume did bring with it certain benefits.

“Hey Santa,” Gwen purred as she pressed herself to him seductively. “Can I tell you what I want for Christmas this year?”

Of course Fluffy already knew exactly what Gwen wanted for Christmas and he wanted it too. But what he didn’t want was the erection that immediately started to form in his pants at the feel of her body sexily touching his. He tried to remind himself that he couldn’t allow them to be discovered like this.

He tried to remind himself that he was mad at Gwen for the liberties she had taken the other night without his permission. He tried to remind himself that this was hardly the time or place for them to be flirting. But none of those truths could keep him from getting hard from just the feel of her body against his.

Gwen knew how to drive him crazy like no other woman he had never met. No other woman had ever caused his attention to ever stray for even a second from the needs of his clients. No one else had ever gotten him close to breaking the most important thing to him…the bodyguard’s code. She made him feel things no one else ever had and he could feel his cock stiffening just from the scent of her perfume and the way her hands felt his body through the Santa suit.

And when Fluffy grunted in response to Gwen’s question because no other words could come out of his suddenly dry mouth, she took that as a victory and pushed on with her teasing. It had been days since she had gotten Fluffy naked and, even though things were undeniably awkward between them right now ever since the other night, that was way too long.

She needed him, especially this time of year when you were supposed to be with the ones you cared about the most.

“I think you know what I want this year Santa,” Gwen breathed lustfully in his ear before reaching down and boldly grabbing a very special delivery package. “It’s so big and it gets really fucking hard! And I need it so bad!”

Gwen wasn’t the only one who needed it. Just hearing her voice and breathing in her scent made Fluffy think of how amazing Gwen looked naked riding his cock, her firm tits bouncing as she bounced up and down, their toned, bodies smacking together. He thought about how perfect she always looked bent over on all fours, sticking her breathtaking ass out for him to smack and then fuck from behind.

He thought about how good she always made him feel and how he needed her too and of course that was the problem. When he was thinking about her he wasn’t thinking about protecting his clients and when he was thinking about her he couldn’t help but think about what she had done to him the other night.

And, naturally, that was the moment she chose to bring it up again.

“You know how bad I want this for Christmas!” Gwen moaned, massaging his cock through his Santa suit and loving how she could already feel him getting hard for her. “I can’t help it. Even though I’m still totally mad at you…”

But that was just what Fluffy didn’t need to hear.

“Mad at me? For what?” Fluffy demanded, pulling away from Gwen’s sexy touch and turning around to face her.

“You know why,” Gwen sighed in annoyance, mad at herself for bringing it up but also mad at Fluffy for still being upset about what she had done to him. “You’re being such a jerk about this!”

“You’re the one who did that without even asking me and you’re expecting me to be okay with it?” Fluffy snapped.

“Yes! Because I know you liked it! Don’t pretend like you didn’t!” Gwen said. “I expect you to be open minded after all we’ve done together and I expect you to not freak out when things get kinky, especially since I know you liked it! I saw how hard you came when I did it! So don’t act like I totally took you against your will! Don’t be like that Fluffy! You need to loosen up and not act like I did anything wrong!”

Gwen had crossed a threshold the other night, one she had never expected to cross with her man, but one she had enjoyed doing. She had been so lost in the moment of sucking him off after she had come all over his cock. She always loved licking juices off Fluffy’s cock whether it was her pussy or another girl’s pussy or even hot girl ass, especially her own.

And she had gotten so into it the other night as she’d sucked and licked her own cum off his balls that she’d just gone lower and lower as Fluffy had moaned for it and she’d ended up with her tongue in his ass. She hadn’t planned on it. It had happened in the heat of the moment. But she’d loved doing it and she’d known Fluffy had loved it too. He had come so hard from her tongue rimming him but then he’d totally freaked out afterwards.

Now things were weird between them and Gwen desperately wanted to fix things, but she also wanted Fluffy to loosen up. She’d talked with her friends about this and JoJo had told her that she loved doing it to guys too but some men thought it was gay and got really weird about it sometimes. And Fluffy certainly wasn’t gay. Gwen knew that emphatically.

So she just wanted him to let her explore his body and let him come as hard and as good as he made her come whenever he played with her ass. The more he resisted her on it, the more Gwen got annoyed and the more she wanted to do it again so he could finally admit that he had liked it.

But now they were arguing about it again and that only made Gwen more upset. And she knew it was making Fluffy upset too. Part of her wished she had never done such a kinky thing, but more of her was starting to be glad she had done it so she could get her repressed lover to open up more. And even though she really was mad at him for how he had reacted, she had still planned a special surprise for him.

It was actually a special surprise for all her friends, but Gwen wanted it especially to be for Fluffy and she wanted to enjoy it with him. She didn’t want to fight with him. She wanted to be with him. She wanted to be naked with him. She wanted to be nasty with him. She wanted him to make her come in a way that not even her girlfriends could do.

Fluffy opened his mouth to say something but before he could, they were emphatically reminded that they were not alone and that they had to be discreet or else be caught.

“There you are Gwenny!” Britney said as she walked into the guest bedroom of hers and Christina’s house where Fluffy had changed his clothes. “Oooooh Fluffy! I love it! You look sooooo cute in it!”

“You sure I don’t look silly?” Fluffy said, on the one hand appreciating the chance to show off what a muscular, black Santa could look like but on the other hand never wanting to look ridiculous. And he wasn’t sure the chance to show off how stupid the insistence that Santa had to be white was actually ended up being worth the possibility of ridicule for wearing a Santa suit.

“Of course you don’t!” Britney insisted, coming up to Fluffy and giving him a kiss on the cheek as she reached up to put the Santa hat on top of his shaved head. “I think you look adorable!”

“Adorable’s not my best look,” Fluffy admitted.

“Don’t be silly, you’re always adorable!” Britney assured her burly protector before giving him a hug like he was her huge teddy bear. “You’re going to be the hit of the party! You and Gwen are going to make the cutest couple! Love will get such a kick out of seeing you dressed as Santa and everyone will be jealous that you have Gwenny on your arm!”

Of course Britney had no idea about the truth. She had thought Gwen and Fluffy could go to the mansion party as dates was totally hilarious and didn’t have any clue what was really going on between them. While there was a growing number of people who did know about Gwen and Fluffy’s very real relationship, that number did not include Britney or Christina.

Fluffy and Gwen never wanted the hot tempered Christina to ever find out thanks to fear that Fluffy could lose a job he had dedicated himself to and there was no way Britney could ever keep a secret like that from her girlfriend.

“Ummmm yeahhhh it’ll be really cute,” Gwen said, holding back from saying more even though she knew that what she and Fluffy had went well beyond “cute.” Even when she was mad at him all she wanted was for him to tear her clothes off and she knew he wanted the same thing.

But she made sure and change the subject before she ended up saying something she shouldn’t. Gwen wasn’t ashamed of what she and Fluffy did, but she definitely didn’t want to give Christina any reason to lose it and fire him. So she made sure Britney was focused on other things beyond what a cute couple she and Fluffy would make.

“Well the reaction Fluffy gets will be nothing compared to the reaction my surprise will bring,” Gwen confidently boasted.

“Oooooh c’mon you can’t say that and NOT give me a hint!” Britney groaned.

Gwen wasn’t prone to talk she couldn’t back up and she knew whatever she was promising would deliver. So that just made it more agonizing for Britney not to know.

“Nope, no hints,” Gwen promised with a smile that even impressed Fluffy who also badly wanted to know the secret. “But you’ll find out in a few hours. Let’s just say it’s the perfect Christmas time performance.”

Britney would have said something to try and beg for more details, but she got distracted by her cell phone indicating she had a text. She excitedly ran to where she’d left her phone on the bed but was visibly disappointed.

“What’s wrong?” Fluffy asked, immediately seeing the frown crossing Britney’s face.

“Nothing,” Britney sighed. “I was just hoping it was from Chrissy. I haven’t heard from her since last night. I’ve been texting her but I haven’t gotten anything back. I hope she’s okay.”

“I’m sure she’s fine,” Gwen assured her. “She probably just had her phone battery die or set it down somewhere and forgot about it. You know how she is.”

“Yeah I do…I just wish she’d get back to me,” Britney sighed. “I really miss her! I saw on the news that there’s this huge blizzard out there. I wish she’d let me know she was okay. I’m getting worried!”


But Britney had no idea that the reason Christina wasn’t texting her was that she was up in the air as the plane attempted to fly through the blizzard that wasn’t just paralyzing the Eastern seaboard from Maine to the Carolinas but the mid-west as well. Only someone who was certifiably insane would fly in weather like this but it was hardly the first time anyone had ever questioned Christina’s judgment.

The more she had been prevented from leaving due to the weather, the more Christina had become fixated at getting out of there no matter what. Being told no only got her stubborn side roaring. When someone told her she couldn’t have something, she always redoubled her efforts to get it. She had lived her life that way and it had never failed her before.

She wasn’t about to let anyone stop her from what she wanted, especially when she wanted to be home with the ones she loved. She had family waiting for her and she wasn’t about to spend Christmas an entire coast away from them even if that meant flying in weather that was dangerous for both man or beast.

“OH GOD!” Katy screamed out, but not in the way that Christina was used to hearing the gorgeous superstar scream it. This scream wasn’t from pleasure but rather from the way the plane was shaking as they flew through the blizzard.

“Relax you big wuss, we’re going to be fine!” Christina insisted.

“Oh yeah? How do you know that?” Katy said, crossing herself and wondering if it was time to take away the “lapsed” from the “lapsed fundamentalist Christian” part of her personality.

She was pretty sure they were going to need some help from above to get out of this in one piece and she just hoped the big guy upstairs was in a forgiving mood after she’d spent the last few years doing some pretty serious sinning.

“Because we are!” Christina said. She had really nothing to back that up other than a refusal to even consider the alternative.

They were going to make it home. She was going to see Britney. She was going to hug and kiss her boys harder than she had ever hugged and kissed them before. She was going to shower them with presents she had brought back from New York. And then, after they were securely tucked in, Christina was going to give Britney some very special presents with the help of Katy and Rihanna.

It was the perfect plan. How could anything possibly happen to stop that?

“C’mon look at RiRi, she’s not even sweating a bit,” Christina said, turning to the other seat were Rihanna sat much more calmly.

In fact, as Katy was close to panicking through every lurch of the plane through the falling snow, Rihanna was staring out the window without a care in the world.

“Ummmm yeahhh that’s cause I just smoked a joint in the bathroom and took a pill,” Rihanna admitted. “I’m flying even more than the plane right now!”

“Oh God! We’re doomed!” Katy cried when the plane shook again.

She’d known that this was a mistake as soon as they’d gotten the offer from the crazy Russian. In her mind right then the best scenario was that he was kidnapping them to be his sex slaves because all she could think about was the plane going down. Ever since they had stepped out of the airport and into the man’s private jet as the blizzard snowed down around them, Katy had only been thinking about the names Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper while envisioning what the headlines would call this plane crash.

And, as she said that, the crazy Russian himself calmly walked down the plane toward where his celebrity guests were strapped in, drinks in both of his hands as he staggered slightly.

“See! We are up in the air with no problems!” Dmitry Abramovich laughed as the plane shook again. “Skip is wonderful pilot! He will get us all safely there! He has never failed me once!”

“All it takes is once…” Katy muttered, once again fearing doom and wishing she had stayed behind.

But she hadn’t wanted her friends to go off without her. Now it looked like they might all end up with the same fate but Katy did at least find a little bit of comfort that if the worst really did happen they wouldn’t be alone.

“But now we reach an important part of our discussion…the price,” Dmitry said. “I have a very specific price for your journey. Like I said before, I am a man who appreciates great beauty and you three are great beauties! You are three perfect prizes for me and I am bit of a collector of prizes! If you wish to remain on my plane you will now meet my price.”

The look that Dmitry then gave Christina, Katy and Rihanna was one of deadly seriousness. Even Christina was impacted by it as she looked at the man and pictured him opening the door of the plane to toss them out if they didn’t do as he asked.

“What do you want?” Christina asked.

She’d been willing to pay any price before and she’d meant it. But when Dmitry opened his mouth she found him asking the one thing she couldn’t do…the one thing she wouldn’t do.

“No…no…not that,” Christina gasped. “Please! Anything but that! I’ll do anything else! But not that! That’s…that’s disgusting. I can’t…”

“You must and you will,” Dmitry insisted. “I am a big fan of yours Miss Aguilera and I have long dreamed of you doing this to me late at night. Your friends are just as beautiful as you and I wish them to join in. This is the price you must pay and pay it you will! Now!”

“Please…anything else…just ask anything,” Christina begged. “I can’t…I…I promised myself I would never do that again. It’s too degrading…”

What she was being asked to do was something she had once done. She had done it too often even and she had sworn to never do it again. It was beyond embarrassing. It was truly degrading to her. She had done it to get ahead in the music industry and curry favor with the powerful and she loathed herself for doing it. Now she was being asked to do it again willingly even though she had promised she would never commit such a humiliating act again.

“It is what I wish and you must do as I wish,” Dmitry insisted. “All three of you! You must do it together to please me!”

Christina felt like she wanted to burst into tears at the thought of doing this. She felt so dirty even thinking about it. She had regretted ever doing something like this in the first place to help guarantee her own success with the rich, powerful men who ran the industry. It had been one of the biggest reasons why she had started her own label, so she and Britney would be the powerful ones and she’d never have to prostitute herself out like that again and cater to the whims of others.

But now she was being asked to do it again and the look on Dmitry’s face showed this was not a negotiation. It was an order. She was being demanded to do the one thing she had promised herself she would never do again and she didn’t have a choice about it.

And that was how she, Rihanna and Katy then found themselves out of their seats and facing Dmitry as he watched their performance. It was how she found herself dying on the inside as…she performed an acapella version of I Turn To You for him.

“For a shield…from the storm…for a friend…for a love to keep me safe, I turn to you,” Christina sang, trying to put all her heart into it even though she hated herself for doing it, while Katy and Rihanna sang backup like she was Diana Ross and they were her Supremes. “For the strength to be strong…for the will to carry on. For everything you do…for everything that’s true…I turn to you!”

Inside Christina was dying. She hated this song. No, she LOATHED it. She hated the cheesy lyrics. She hated the overwrought music. She especially hated the video. She wanted to wipe any existence that she had ever performed it off the face of the universe. She wanted to strangle this song until it was dead.

The executives had made her put it on the album. They had made her record the awful song and it had, despite her own hatred, become a hit. She refused to perform it at concerts. She hated talking about it. She wanted to pretend it didn’t even exist. But now she was being forced to confront it like a long ago abandoned child and it was her price for getting home.

Christina would have preferred Dmitry wanting to fuck her up the ass to this. She would have preferred he put a pig nose on her and make her oink as he fucked her from behind. Any perverted sexual fantasy he had would have been better than this. She had never felt more humiliated than she was singing this awful song and pretending she loved it.

And, from the look on Dmitry’s face he sure seemed to be loving it too. Hearing her sing this awful, cheesy song was bringing him real pleasure and that made Christina’s skin crawl. He truly loved the song and it made Christina wonder if he actually was crazy.

So it was actually a little bit of a relief for her when Dmitry suddenly slumped over in his seat and dropped the drinks he had been holding in his hand.

“Holy shit!” Rihanna gasped. “Did everyone else just see that or am I hallucinating it? I know I’m fucking high right now but did he just die or something?”

“Oh my God! Is he okay?” Katy gasped.

“Ohhhh thank you God! I don’t have to sing that fucking song anymore!” Christina sighed in relief before she focused on Dmitry. “Oh yeah…I’m sure he’s fine…”

“I think he’s breathing,” Katy said. “I kind of don’t want to check though…”

He was definitely unconscious but Katy wasn’t the only one who didn’t particularly want to get too close to the balding, overweight and drunk Russian billionaire. Rihanna and Christina just stood there staring at him and Katy finally took some kind of action, not by going to Dmitry but by running toward the cockpit.

Skip had left the door open and Katy ran toward him and frantically tapped him on the shoulder, not wanting to distract him from not crashing the plane but also thinking someone should know.


And while that was reassuring, Katy had important news that she feared required immediate attention.

“I think your boss just died!” Katy gasped, looking out the cockpit window as he flew and wondering how he could see through all the driving snow especially through his sunglasses.

“HE WHAT?” Skip shouted, not being able to hear Katy at all but trying to read her lips. “HE CRIED? DID YOU SING HIM A SAD SONG OR SOMETHING? HE GETS REAL EMOTIONAL ABOUT THAT STUFF!”

“NO!!! I SAID YOUR BOSS JUST DIED! HE SLUMPED OVER IN HIS CHAIR!!!” Katy screamed, trying to raise her voice to a volume Skip could understand.

“HE LIED AND BUMPED INTO SOME HAIR???” Skip asked, completely not understanding before he put it all together. “OH WAIT! DID HE SLUMP OVER IN HIS CHAIR?”

“YES!” Katy exclaimed, happy to have finally broken the language barrier between them “HE JUST KEELED OVER! DOES HE HAVE A HEART CONDITION OR SOMETHING? DOES HE NEED A PILL OR A SHOT?”


“Oh…well that’s a relief,” Katy said, surprised at this explanation.

But, just as she started to feel better, she had reason to start feeling a whole lot worse. The instrument panel began lighting up like the Fourth of July and alarms and buzzers went off in a chorus as the plane started to lose altitude.

“UH OH!” Skip shouted.

“Uh oh?” Katy gasped. “WHAT THE FUCK DOES UH OH MEAN?”


“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” Katy screamed as she fled from the cockpit toward the back where Dmitry remained passed out and Christina and Rihanna were clutching their seats. “WE’RE GOING DOWN! OH SHIT! THIS IS IT!”

Katy ran right to Rihanna and sat down next to her, slapping her seatbelt on but also firmly hugging her friend.

“Oh shit! This really is it!” Rihanna gasped as the plane continued to point downward and impact seemed certain. “Oh fuckkkkk!”

Even Christina was panicked. And she never panicked. She screamed. She yelled. She raged. But she never panicked. Until now.


All Christina could think about then was her regrets. She’d committed herself to living her life without them but, as the plane hurtled toward a certain crash landing, she felt she actually had a lot of them.

And there was one regret in particular. She was alone. Katy and Rihanna had each other. She looked at them clutching each other with their eyes closed as if they were bracing for deadly impact. But she had no one. And she made herself a promise that if they somehow got out of this she was going to change that.

If she got out of this she was going to change things. She was never going to have another regret. She thought about all the things she was going to miss…all the fun, all the love, all the sweetness…if this plane crashed. The more she felt the plane descending rapidly, the more Christina was sure this was it. They would be crashing any second.

She had done this to herself. Oh God, why had she insisted on going to New York in the first place? Why had she left her family? She wished she’d listened to Britney. Now she was never going to see her again! She was never going to see anyone she loved again and she had taken Katy and Rihanna with her.

She looked over and saw Rihanna and Katy holding onto each other for dear life and she had nothing but the seat she was in to clutch to. She was going to die screaming and alone! It was her worst nightmare! Christina knew they were done for and it was all her fault!

The plane kept going down and none of them were sure how close they were to the ground but they were sure it was seconds away. Christina closed her eyes and got ready for what she figured was inevitable but, as she did, the plane stopped its uncontrolled descent.

Instead of crashing, the plane stabilized. It pulled back up. Suddenly they weren’t falling at all. They were climbing back into the air and Christina cautiously opened one eye.


But the news that they were going to be home soon was nothing compared to the news that they were even still capable of being able to go home.

“We’re alive!” Christina gasped. “WE’RE ALIVE!!!!”

“Ohhhhh my God…I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” Katy shouted in happiness before she and Rihanna hugged again and then Christina jumped out of her seat and into the pile of happy hugging.

They all hugged each other, laughing and crying simultaneously as they celebrated how close they’d come to the end and how they made it through. They squeezed each other tight and began kissing, not even romantically, just out of pure relief that they had somehow made it out of what had seemed like a surefire crash.

“I thought for sure that was it,” Rihanna laughed in utter joy. She’d never faced death before and she’d honestly not enjoyed it very much.

“I was sure we were dead!” Katy gasped, her heart beating a mile a minute and adrenaline pumping through her whole body. She had never been more relieved in her entire life.

“Nahhhh I knew we would be fine,” Christina totally lied, breathing heavily and falling back into the seat next to Katy as she found her thinking suddenly clearer than ever.

She had thought, just like her friends, that they were doomed. And she had made promises to herself that if she made it through this that she would reform her ways and focus only on what was really important. She was going to change for the better and she knew just how to do it. She knew what she was going to do as soon as she landed and as soon as she got back home.

And it was at that moment that Dmitry finally stirred.

“What did I miss?” the Russian groggily asked. “Why are you not still singing?”

The three women looked at him incredulously, their eyes overflowing with tears of relief. Right then Christina didn’t care what song he wanted her to sing. She was going home and that was all that mattered. It was all that was ever going to matter now.


Back in California, Jennifer strode briskly. She had an appointment she needed to keep and she didn’t want to be late. She knew the person she was meeting wouldn’t be late. She wouldn’t dare.

She would have been there early, just to avoid even the possibility of arriving a second after she had been told to be there. That was the best part of having an obedient little bitch in the palm of your hand. You knew she was going to be there when you told her exactly as you told her.

Jennifer was feeling better than she had in a long time as she pulled into the restaurant. She felt in control of herself once again. She felt like she was shedding the skin of self-pity she’d been wearing lately. She was no longer focusing on feeling sorry for herself or hating herself for kissing Brad. Now she was focused on making things up to her friends.

Noe she wasn’t thinking about her regrets or her fears, but instead was thinking about what she had.

Wasn’t that what was Christmas supposed to be about anyway? Sure it was partly (or maybe mostly) about the acquisition of new stuff, but it was also about celebrating what you did have and feeling fortunate for the love and happiness that was already in your life.

She’d been so worried about how things hadn’t gone according to “the plan” that she’d neglected to notice that she had more love around her than she had ever had when she was with Brad. Maybe someday they really could be friends again but they could never have what they once had and Jennifer knew she didn’t even want that.

Instead she had something better. Sure, it hadn’t been what she had expected. And yes this wasn’t quite the big family she had planned on having with her husband. But her friends were her family. She lived with women she loved and she loved them back. Why would she ever feel bad about that?

So she was going to make sure that her friends knew just how much she loved them by making sure they had the best party ever. That was why she had paid a little visit to their neighbors. And that was why she was making sure that there was going to be some very special entertainment at this party.

It was sparse crowd at the restaurant when she arrived. It was a small bistro so there was never a huge crowd there anyway, but since the lunch crowd had come and gone there were only a few scattered people there, just like Jennifer had wanted.

She wasn’t going to stay long. She wasn’t there to eat. She just wanted to check in on her little plaything and this was always where they met before a rendezvous. Jennifer loved how they had to sneak around like this. She loved how they had to play everything so discreetly. It made it so much more exciting.

Jennifer smiled when she walked in and saw the girl already sitting at the table, having arrived early, just as she had expected her to. She was as breathtaking as ever, looking for all the world as though she was the most pristine beauty in the world with nary a dirty thought in her head.

But Jennifer knew the truth and she loved possessing this girl’s secrets, knowing not only that she could use them to control her, but that the girl wanted to be controlled and degraded and made to feel like a whore. No one ever would have suspected what Jennifer knew to be reality and that made all of this much more delicious than anything on the menu here.

“Good to see you got here on time, my little pet,” Jennifer said with a smirk as she sat down at the table, enjoying how her companion visibly lit up with excitement when she did.

“I’d never be late…not for you,” Emma Watson said, her voice trembling just a bit in a way that only Jennifer could detect. “Not for any of you…not ever.”

“I know you won’t, that’s why you’re such a good little pet,” Jennifer said, her voice low, practically a whisper, as she casually slipped her foot out of her heel and rubbed it up against Emma’s leg, making her have to fight off a moan before Jennifer stopped teasing to make sure they didn’t attract any unwanted attention right here at the table.

Jennifer felt a surge of pleasure just from seeing Emma’s perfect face contort even for a moment in ecstasy. She had never met a girl quite like her. None of them had. She was quiet and publicity shy. To all the world she almost seemed boringly normal.

There wasn’t any kind of a hint of scandal around her ever. She wasn’t just a “good girl” she was a “regular girl.” There were none of the superficialities of celebrity for Emma. She wasn’t shoving herself in the spotlight. She wasn’t courting infamy. There was nothing Hollywood about her at all.

Emma’s public demeanor was as natural as her elegant beauty. She had the looks of a model with none of the attitude. There was nothing entitled or spoiled about her. She was just beautiful, with a flawless face and a body that was perfect in every lovely curve. And all of that just made the fact that outside of the public view she was a complete lesbian sex freak the hottest secret ever.

Jennifer was sure that if people knew their respective secrets, people would be less shocked to find out that she lived in a mansion full of gorgeous, horny celebrity women and they fucked each other morning noon and night then they would be to find out that Emma Watson was a certifiable slut eager to be degraded and controlled and treated like a little whore.

Emma hid her freakiness so well from the world. No one had a clue how submissive she was. They had no idea how she felt like the only thing better than one woman fucking her was two and the only thing better than that was three and the only thing better than that was a whole half dozen of them at once, ravishing like she was their slut pet.

The girls in Malibu owned Emma and she let them own her without any hesitation. She let them own her cunt. She let them own her ass. She let them own her mouth. She let them own her tits. She wanted them to own every bit of her. When the phone rang with a message from one of them, Emma’s pussy instantly got wet and just looking at Jennifer sitting across from her and feeling her leg lightly brush against her was making her feel like she could be soaked in no time.

“But did you do everything like I wanted you to?” Jennifer pressed. Sure Emma had arrived as expected, but there had been other instructions as well. Emma had been told to make special preparations.

“Yes…of course…I did just like you told me to,” Emma said.

“Well I’d better check and make sure you did,” Jennifer grinned, savoring the control over this girl and how it made her felt. Controlling Emma made her feel more in control of her own life.

“What? Here? Now?” Emma asked, concerned that Jennifer would really want her to prove what she had done.

Something like that would have been a complete humiliation and would have trashed her reputation in the process, but if Jennifer had told her to do it she would have done it and she would have enjoyed it. She was a trained pet. She didn’t question. She just did as she was told.

Jennifer smiled even more wickedly as she indulged herself the fantasy of really doing that right here at the table. That would be so hot. But she wouldn’t dare. That was too extreme and Jennifer had no desire to broadcast anyone’s secrets to the world.

“No,” Jennifer replied, acting like it was the stupidest question in the world. “In the ladies room. Now!”

Emma’s face brightened again when Jennifer told her that. She still remembered the last time they had gone into the ladies room at this place for one of their meetings. Jennifer had finger fucked her right in the stall and made her lick her fingers clean of every drop of her cum. That had made Emma’s knees weak for the rest of the day as she had obediently licked off every bit of her orgasmic cream from those lovely fingers. Now she couldn’t wait to show Jennifer just how obedient she’d been.

By now they had their little pattern now. They had done this so many times before that they knew the drill without having to say anything. First Jennifer got up and headed to the ladies room. Then, two minutes later, Emma got up and walked in too.

Jennifer always went first to make sure the coast was clear. If it wasn’t they simply played it casually in there until it was. But if it was then Jennifer got right down to it. Emma didn’t know what she would find until she got in there and that always made her more excited for it as she walked away from the table, her pussy getting wetter with each step as she headed for the bathroom, not knowing if Jennifer was in there ready to attack her or if she was going to act like they were mere friends, if not something even less. Emma loved the surprise of it and, when she pushed open the door, she immediately found out what was in store for her.

Emma was grabbed as soon as she walked in, barely having time for a gasp before Jennifer pushed her up against the door, pressed her hand to her throat and kissed her passionately, not pausing for niceties and just jamming her tongue into her mouth. Emma melted right away from this, moaning in deep desire as Jennifer aggressively kissed her and left her hand clasping her throat.

She wasn’t choking her, she was just making it clear that she could and the thrill of that made Emma’s pussy even juicier. She would have let Jennifer do anything she wanted right then but of course she always did.

“So you did just like I told you to?” Jennifer demanded when the wet, forceful kiss ended.

“Yessssssssss mmmmm just like you said,” Emma’s delightfully accented voice replied.

“Show me,” Jennifer said and Emma immediately complied. She turned around so she was facing the door and she obediently stuck her ass out, waiting to be inspected.

Emma had on a black dress with spaghetti shoulder straps. It was exactly the kind of casual wear that was common place around an establishment like this, casual while also being significantly fancier than just a t-shirt and shorts. It was also perfect for what Jennifer had demanded of Emma.

The dress went to her knees and with Emma now turned around and pressed against the door to make sure no one unwanted entered, Jennifer lifted it up. The dress was a little too long for Jennifer’s tastes but she understood why Emma had chosen this one because, when she pulled the dress up, Jennifer saw that, as instructed, Emma had gone out without any panties on.

“Mmmmm good little cunt,” Jennifer moaned at the sight of Emma Watson’s bare ass. “But let’s see if you did everything I said.”

“I did…I swear I did,” Emma groaned, getting off on being inspected like this.

She loved the way Jennifer wasn’t gentle with her at all. She loved being groped. She loved how Jennifer and all her friends treated her so roughly while making it feel so good. She loved how they didn’t treat her like she was made of glass and could shatter. They treated her like she was a possession for them to trade around and that turned her on so much.

“Well let’s just see about that,” Jennifer said, leaving the dress up around the girl’s waist and grabbing onto the round cheeks of her firm, but juicy ass, moaning when she spread her cheeks open and exposed that Emma had a small pink butt plug pressed into her hole.

“Oh yessss you were a good pet,” Jennifer lustfully declared, giving Emma’s bare ass a hard smack that she adored while staring right at how deeply the plug was pushed into her. It wasn’t the biggest plug that Emma had, but it had been the one that had been easiest for her to just slide into her ass without any additional warming up first. “Good little cunt! I love when you do it just how I like it!”

“I’ll do anything you want! Anything!” Emma insisted with a needy moan, bent over and pressed against the door still while she felt her pussy close to dripping from being bare assed in the ladies room and being gawked at like she was some kind of porn star on display. “Just please! Do it to me like you always do! I got so fucking wet when you called me today!”

“You haven’t earned that yet,” Jennifer said before she impetuously reached for the pink plug up the British girl’s ass and yanked it out, not gently like you were supposed to, but forcefully, making Emma groan out in pain, but even more in pleasure.

Jennifer hadn’t planned on doing that but the sight of Emma’s mouthwatering ass naked with the plug shoved up inside her just like she’d wanted had made her frisky. She loved seeing the sexy little gape in her hole after she yanked out the plug and she knew that soon enough at the after party she and her friends would be filling that pretty hole with their tongues and fingers and, especially, their toys.

But first she had something else she wanted to do as taking Emma like this filled her with dirty ideas.

“Taste,” Jennifer commanded, holding the plug out in front of Emma’s mouth as the helpless girl turned her head toward her.

That plug had been up Emma’s ass for more than an hour and it was a lewd command. But Emma didn’t hesitate.

“Oh fuck yesss!” Emma groaned before complying, parting open her mouth and greedily sucking the plug inside, swallowing the small, pink toy and moving her lips up and down its length while her tongue licked off the taste of her own ass from it.

“Mmmmm that’s it bitch!” Jennifer urged, marveling at how dirty this angelic looking beauty could get. “Get the taste of your own ass in your mouth! Go ass to mouth for me you fucking whore! I just wish you could look at yourself in the mirror as you did this! You’d see how much you fucking love it! You dirty little slut cunt! Sucking your own ass taste off! Mmmm greedy ass to mouth whore! Oooooh fuck you turn me on so much Emma!”

Emma didn’t have to see herself in the mirror to know how much she liked it. She knew that just from experiencing it, moving her lips up and down the toy that had been up her asshole the whole drive here.

She loved this. She loved being filthy and having her holes used by horny women like she was good for nothing but being fucked. When Jennifer had called her and told her to come properly prepared, Emma had known what that meant. She knew it meant she had to get her ass ready to be fucked so she’d gotten the plug inside herself, moaning the whole time what a dirty girl she was being as she’d willingly fucked herself with the plug, pushing it up her ass and leaving it inside because she knew it was just what Jennifer wanted.

And the way Jennifer was reacting to this by moaning and feeding it to her was only turning Emma on more. She sucked it clean and when Jennifer pulled it out of her mouth, leaving saliva dripping down her chin, Emma groaned in disappointment. But that groan turned into a moan when Jennifer took the now saliva coated butt plug and shoved it forcefully back into Emma’s asshole.

“Ohhh God! Fuck yes!” Emma gasped from the penetration.

“Keep that ass nice and loose until later tonight,” Jennifer said. “Do you have plans tonight?”

And when Emma meekly nodded her head yes, Jennifer was quick to change that.

“Well cancel them,” Jennifer ordered. “You’re coming to the mansion tonight. I want you dressed up all nice and pretty for our Christmas party. Keep that butt plug in though and no panties either. I want you primed and ready for later when we get wild. You’re going to be my little present to all my friends, Emma. I’m going to show them just how much they mean to me by letting all of our guests fuck you like the little dyke whore you are!”

And, even more than Jennifer, that was exactly what Emma wanted for Christmas. Whatever plans she had for that night were forgotten now.  This, to her was more important than anything.


When she looked down at her phone again and saw that the message she had just received hadn’t been from Alyssa, Chloe Moretz couldn’t help but be visibly disappointed.

Her frown was obvious and had grown worse every time she saw that a message wasn’t from who she wanted to receive it from. She tried to hide that disappointment but she couldn’t and she suddenly felt a supportive pair of arms hug her from behind.

“Still no response?” Ariel Winter asked.

“Don’t say it,” Chloe sighed. “I know you want to say it but please don’t!”

“I wasn’t going to!” Ariel insisted and it was even sort of true.

Usually she was dying to say “I told you so.” It was one of her favorite things to say. But she wasn’t going to here. She hated being right in this case. Secretly she’d wanted to be wrong. Even though she knew they were totally wrong for each other because of the chasm of an age difference between them, Ariel had wanted Alyssa to text Chloe back and tell her friend that she was totally into her, thought she was super-hot and wanted to run off and get gay married to her.

“I want her to respond,” Ariel said. “I want you to be happy Chloe. I…”

Ariel was about to add “I just think you can find someone better for you…” but she reconsidered it before the words were out of her mouth.

She didn’t want to make Chloe feel worse. She knew her friend was hurting and she found herself wishing almost as much as Chloe did that Alyssa would text her back something nice because she knew how happy it would make her. Just because she’d known all along how foolhardy a mission this was didn’t mean that Ariel hadn’t wanted to be proven right here.

“I know you do…but I also know you want to remind me that you were right and she’s just not into me,” Chloe said sadly, feeling like some kind of foolish dreamer that she had ever thought someone like Alyssa would be into someone like her. “Ughhh I feel like such a stupid little kid!”

“I won’t…I promise,” Ariel said. “Besides, she’s the stupid one if she can’t see how hot you are! You’re the hottest girl I know Chloe.”

“Hotter than Ava?” Chloe couldn’t help but ask playfully.

She was frustrated and a touch heartbroken that her sexy messages and hope had led to absolutely no response, but it felt nice to be hugged by her friend and she loved that Ariel was still trying to support her even though she knew that her friend felt that this whole plan had been a bad idea.

And maybe, just maybe, she was fishing for a compliment. So Chloe smiled when she heard the response of the comparison to their mutual friend.

“Oh yeah! Way hotter!” Ariel said. The truth was she considered both of her blonde friends to be equal in terms of hotness. She could see easily why any guy would go nuts for Ava and why any girl in their right mind would want to go for Chloe.

Between them sometimes she felt very much like the ugly duckling role she played on Modern Family. But she told Chloe exactly what she wanted to hear in this case.

“You’re hotter than Ava!” Ariel assured her. “You’re so totally hotter than Miley! Alyssa’s nuts if she’s going off with any other girl when she has you!”

“Thanks Ariel,” Chloe said. These were just words, but they did really make her feel better.

Chloe was about to say more but they were interrupted by Ariel’s older sister walking in and finding them mid-hug. And, just as Chloe had been unable to hide her disappointment over not receiving a text back from Alyssa, Shanelle wasn’t able to hide her discomfort over the embrace.

“Knock that off,” Shanelle snapped reflexively, instantly regretting the way it came out.

“What? Knock what off?” Ariel replied in annoyance. “We’re just hugging. Jeez, Shanelle. What’s been up your ass lately?”

“Nothing,” Shanelle replied. “I…I…I didn’t mean that the way it came out. Forget it. Forget I said anything.”

“Ever since yesterday at the gym you’ve been acting super weird,” Ariel said. “What’s your problem?”

“I don’t have a problem,” Shanelle lied. “Forget I said it. I’m sorry. That all came out wrong. I didn’t mean to freak out. I just…have a lot of my mind.”

Wishing she hadn’t said a word, Shanelle became eager to change the subject. She didn’t want Ariel to think she didn’t like Chloe. She didn’t know it for sure, but it was pretty obvious to her that the blonde teenager was a lesbian and that should have been fine for Shanelle but she got a little nervous whenever she saw a hug that looked like it was lingering too long between Chloe and Ariel. And that reflex had been exacerbated ever since what had happened at the gym when she had seen Ariel talking to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyssa Milano.

Shanelle knew all too well what those women were like. She knew how much they loved to seduce other women and bring them into their wild fun in Malibu. She knew that because she had experienced it firsthand herself.

She’d been to the Malibu mansion. She’d been to parties there. She’d seen the fun. She’d joined in on it. And she wasn’t sure what she feared more, that those women would try and seduce her little sister or that Ariel would somehow find out that she had been there. Shanelle tried to tell herself that she had nothing to worry about and that she was making a bigger deal about this by acting weird, but she couldn’t help it. This was her biggest fear.

She wasn’t just Ariel’s older sister by nearly 20 years. She was her legal guardian and they’d gone through so many courtroom fights with their mother to make it happen. It had torn their family completely apart and Shanelle had seen how their mother had almost ruined her life.

Shanelle wasn’t about to let it happen to Ariel when she was making such good money on Modern Family. She didn’t want her mother getting her claws into Ariel and stealing what was rightfully the teenager’s. She had fought long and hard to be able to care for Ariel and she wasn’t about to have all that blow up in her face if the truth was discovered.

Because the truth was she was married with two kids. But she was not the happy, content wife she pretended to be. Shanelle had a deep need in her, a need she knew could only be fulfilled through sex with women.

She couldn’t stop herself. It felt too good. It made her feel better than sex with her husband ever could. And Shanelle knew that not only would their mother feed on this knowledge if she ever found out but that Ariel would totally freak out if she knew that she was sleeping with her Modern Family co-star Sarah Hyland.

Shanelle and Sarah had been carrying on an affair for years behind the back of her husband and Sarah’s boyfriends and both of them had far too much to lose if it ever got out there. Shanelle knew that if her mother ever even got the hint of an idea that she was having a lesbian affair behind her husband’s back that it would be all over the Internet within seconds and it would run both hers and Sarah’s lives.

Ariel would never forgive them and Shanelle couldn’t live with that. So when she had seen Ariel talking to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyssa yesterday she had freaked and yelled and told Ariel to stay away from them. It had left her on edge and seeing that hug had only made her more concerned about her own secret.

Now Shanelle felt stupid for acting that way and she tried to make sure they forgot about it as quickly as possible.

“So…uhhh…Chloe, are you staying for dinner tonight?” Shanelle asked.

“Yeah I guess…” Chloe said with a shrug, giving the kind of teenage non-committal answer that Shanelle knew all too well. “We might go out later I think.”

“Where?” Shanelle asked warily, unable to help herself.

“Ughhh you’re unbelievable!” Ariel groaned in frustration with her older sister. “We’re going to go wherever we want to go! What’s with the tight leash all of a sudden?”

“I’m just keeping an eye out on you…for you!” Shanelle said, immediately correcting herself and kicking herself for that Freudian slip. “Ariel! I’m not trying to keep a leash on you! I just want to know who you’re hanging out with and where you’re going.”

“It’s just me and Chloe and Ava again and we’re probably not going to do anything…like we always do,” Ariel said.

“Fine,” Shanelle said, not wanting to fight, especially since they’d spent so much of yesterday doing that. “Just please let me know where you are so I can make sure you’re okay.”

Shanelle walked away but as she did she heard Ariel say to Chloe, “She’s acting more like mom every day.” And to Shanelle that was the worst thing her sister could have said.

But Shanelle didn’t respond to it. She wasn’t going to take the bait, especially because she knew that she was acting out of the ordinary and freaking out over the littlest things. She knew that was upsetting Ariel but Shanelle had too much to lose to act otherwise. She at least had the self-control not to escalate things by responding to Ariel’s remark.

Instead she just walked away and headed toward the kitchen.

Christmastime was always so stressful, especially in their family where just about everyone was estranged from everyone else these days. It wasn’t easier having to live under a microscope either, with her mother looking for every advantage to try and overturn the judge’s offer that granted her guardianship over Ariel.

All of this was combining to drive Shanelle crazy and it made her crave the touch of her illicit lover even more. She and Sarah had managed to sneak in some fun after they’d gone to the gym yesterday, but it had been too brief and Shanelle needed more.

Domestic life just was more than she could handle right then. She needed something wild. She needed something wicked. She needed what she knew only women could give her. Wanting it was so risky, but given the way her anxiety level was spiking things were going beyond “want” and heading toward “need.”

And, as she walked into the kitchen, she found herself doing exactly what she knew she shouldn’t be doing by grabbing her phone and texting her secret lover.

“Miss U. Need U.” Shanelle texted Sarah Hyland.

And a reply came less than a minute later.

“Going crazy without U.” Sarah texted back. “Yesterday wasn’t enough. Need more.”

“Me too!” Shanelle replied. “So fucking stressed dealing with holidays and Ariel. Need you.”

“I know what you need,” Sarah teased in her next text. “I need it too. Still wet after yesterday.”

“Me too,” Shanelle’s text replied. “Thinking about it all day and needing more so bad.”

This wasn’t the first time they had flirted in texts. Shanelle knew she’d be deleting all of these very soon to keep her husband from finding them. But the next text Sarah sent her went beyond just flirting.

“Got an invite to a party…in Malibu,” Sarah said, knowing that Shanelle would recognize what that meant. “Dying to go. Come with me!”

Shanelle nearly gasped when she read that. It was like she was being tested or something. She was so worried to the point of being fixated about Ariel finding out what she had done in Malibu and who she had done it with and now she was being asked to go back there for more.

It was crazy. She had to say no. But recognizing that and actually doing it were two very distinct things. Because Shanelle recognized something else too…she wanted to go. It had been forever since she had been there and the kind of parties that went on there were exactly what she needed right then.

“Want to so bad…” Shanelle replied.

“Then do it!” Sarah urged. “Ditch the mom act for a night and be a MILF. Come to the party!”

“I can’t…not tonight,” Shanelle claimed, but Sarah wasn’t buying it.

“Bullshit. You know you can. Run out for the night. Let your husband watch the kids. Get out of there and be with me!” Sarah insisted via text.

Shanelle knew she wasn’t just playing with fire here. She was dumping gasoline all over herself and then walking past an open flame. But, at the same time, how could she deny herself when she wanted it that badly?

Going to Malibu that night sounded like heaven. It was the perfect way for her to forget about her troubles and get what she craved. It required all abandonment of common sense for a night, but maybe that was just what she needed.  And, before she could find a way to talk herself out of it, Shanelle replied.

“I’ll meet you there at 8,” Shanelle said, hoping that somehow she could find a way to get away with this.


Shanelle wasn’t the only one making fateful choices though. Vanessa Hudgens lay on her bed, completely alone and hurting more than ever as she wondered what the hell she was supposed to do next.

She’d tried to forget all about Ashley. She’d tried to forget all about the heartbreak of finding her girlfriend and her sister together naked in bed. She’d tried to forget she’d ever loved either one of them. But of course she couldn’t.

She looked over at her phone and saw how many unread texts and voice messages from Ashley she’d gotten. Vanessa had ignored them all but every time she got one it was like her heart freshly hurt because she so badly wanted to read and hear all of them and tell her girlfriend that she missed her.

She couldn’t do that though. She was too angry at Ashley. She had never dreamed that Ashley of all people would cheat on her. It made it hurt so much more to have been betrayed not just by a lover but by a friend. But every time she got a message from her, Vanessa missed her more. And it hurt even more to not get any kind of message from Stella.

At least Ashley was trying to make things right. Stella was acting like she didn’t even care what she had done and that made the knife feel like it was being plunged in deeper. Vanessa had loved her little sister more than she’d loved anyone and her betrayal hurt even more than Ashley’s.

And now Stella wasn’t even trying to contact her and say she was sorry or anything. It was like her sister had never really loved her and that made Vanessa feel like her heart really was broken. She had trusted those two more than anyone and now she was alone and betrayed and nothing was making her feel any better.

Vanessa had sworn she had cried her last tear over what those two had done and she had managed to keep that promise. But stopping her own crying hadn’t made her feel any better and neither had soaking herself in sex either.  She had tried to make her own unfulfilled fantasies come true by bringing in Ashley Benson and Jamie Chung and making good on what she had denied herself. But all that had brought her was a temporary high.

She’d loved the sex. Fucking Ashley and Jamie had been even better than she had ever dreamed it would be. She’d come so hard from their tongues and come even harder from the way Jamie had used that toy of hers up her ass, fucking her tightest hole so deeply and hotly that she had creamed Ashley’s blonde face totally as the girl had eaten her out while she’d been buttfucked. And it had been so hot to lick her own cum off Ashley Benson’s face and then suck her own ass off Jamie’s toy.

But the pleasure had faded and the loneliness had remained.

Ashley and Jamie had gone back to their lives and their boyfriends and Vanessa had been left with an empty bedroom. She had no girlfriend. She had no sister. She felt like she had nothing.

The sex, as good as it had been, hadn’t cured anything. It just made her miss her Ashley more. Why couldn’t she have had their threesome be a foursome? Why couldn’t she have had Ashley Benson AND Ashley Tisdale along with sexy Jamie? Why had it had to happen this way?

And now she was alone and Christmas was coming and Vanessa knew it was going to be the worst one ever. She couldn’t see this one being merry at all, not when she was so miserable. But what she could do to change that? What could she do bring herself holiday cheer even if it was just a temporary one like she’d felt with the threesome she’d had the night before?

There was one way she could think of…

She hadn’t seen it until this morning because of how busy she’d been the night before with her friends. But when she’d checked her email she’d seen an invitation waiting for her. A Christmas party? Not feeling very merry at all, Vanessa had been inclined to reflexively pass on it. But then she had seen it had been from her friends in Malibu.

A Christmas party at the mansion? Now that was something to feel festive about and the more she’d thought about it, the more she’d wondered if the real reason she hadn’t felt better after the sex she’d had last night was that she hadn’t had enough of it.

Maybe she needed more than a threesome. Maybe she needed a full-blown all-girl orgy. Maybe that was exactly what she needed to turn her blue Christmas into something holly and jolly. No one had to tell Vanessa what mansion parties were like. She’d been to several of them and loved them. Sure she’d always gone with Ashley Tisdale by her side but maybe she could have even more fun without her.

Maybe a party like this was just what she needed…


“Thanks so much for helping,” Love said with a smile as they worked in the kitchen.

“Hey, no problem it’s really like the least I could do since you let me crash here last night,” Ashley Tisdale replied with a smile of her own. “Besides, since you’re letting me stay for your party I really feel like I have to do something.”

The fun in the kitchen before with Taylor, Hayden and Alyssa had been so much fun for Love, but it had also put them very much behind schedule. She didn’t regret what she had done. It had felt way too good to be fucked from behind with that candy cane and she had felt such a rush from her orgasm all over it.

She and Jewel had ended up bent over the counter, their tits mashed into the hard top where they’d just fucked Hayden and Taylor with their asses sticking out and Alyssa’s thick, hard pieces of candy being shoved into their pussies from behind.

It had felt even better when Taylor and Hayden had gotten on their knees and joined in the fun by licking their pussies while they’d gotten fucked. Hayden had licked her and Taylor had gone after Jewel at first but then they had switched and Love had ended up coming all over Taylor Swift’s perfect face as she’d gotten fucked by sweet candy and an even sweeter tongue.

That had been so hot and so had kissing Taylor and tasting peppermint in the juices all over her tongue and lips and especially so had sucking the candy cane that Alyssa had pulled out of her pussy. Alyssa had fed it to her, letting Love taste sweet holiday candy and naughty girl cum all over it.

She and Jewel had used those candy canes next, taking them all sticky and cummy and pushing them into Alyssa to double fuck her on the floor while Taylor and Hayden had taken turns sucking her big tits and riding her face so they could feed her their juices as Alyssa had come all over the hard candy that was probing her and double stuffing her pussy, leaving her a sticky, cummy mess too. But of all of them, her and Jewel and ended up being the messiest of all thanks to how Alyssa had decorated their asses.

That had meant a lot of time in the shower with both the hot water cleaning them out and even more personal service too. Love smiled as she recalled being in a crowded stall in the shower with hot water all over her body cleaning off the mess while getting more intimate cleaning from Hayden after she’d turned both her and Jewel around making them face the wall of the shower while she’d rimmed them both, going after both of their asses back and forth with her tongue to work their tight holes over while they’d made out.

Love had adored tongue kissing Jewel and feeling those huge tits in her hands while Hayden had eaten her ass especially when they’d been able to hear Taylor gasping out in delight from the way Alyssa’s tongue was taking her.

That had wasted more time though and by the time they’d ended up getting fully clean and scrubbing away all the mess from their fun, it had been time for the caterers to arrive and Love had still had her punch to make. Fortunately, Ashley was only too happy to help and they were working together in the kitchen amongst the caterers, putting the large bowl of festive drink together.

“Any special ingredients in this?” Ashley couldn’t help but ask, remembering friends whose party preparation had basically consisted of filling a big bowl with Hawaiian Punch and then pouring a bottle of vodka in it.

“Nahhh,” Love said with a laugh, knowing exactly what Ashley was referring to. “Nothing like that. This is totally virgin. No alcohol allowed in it. I want everyone here to be able to drink it without having any issues. Besides, this tastes so good that everyone’s going to want it all night and I don’t want anyone falling flat on their face after having a sip.”

The two women worked together to mix the punch. Love’s punch, virgin though it might have been, was always a big hit and she wanted to make sure there was plenty of it there for everyone.

So she and Ashley were working on their second bowl of it. It wasn’t an ancient Hewitt family recipe or anything. It was just something she had come up with over the years that people seemed to like. It was a mix of lemonade, orange juice and ginger ale with orange sherbet thrown in for good measure. There was also cherries, oranges and lots of sugar to really make the flavor pop and she and Ashley were quickly able to put it together even as the caterers worked around them.

Love was glad Ashley was there to help, not just because she appreciated the assistance, but because she was glad that she was out of the guest room and not hiding in there. Seeing both Ashley and Jennifer moving about and acting like they were going to join in with the party tonight made Love very happy. She hadn’t wanted them to be hiding upstairs. She’d wanted them joining in the fun and having a great time.

If they hadn’t had strangers working around them, Love would probably have probed Ashley with a few questions about how she was doing, but she wasn’t about to reveal her business around people they didn’t know. She was just glad to see her out of her room and so was someone else.

“Ashley! Hey! You’re staying for the party?” Sarah Michelle Gellar asked when she walked into the kitchen.

“Absolutely,” Ashley smiled. “Love made it sound like it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Ashely still was sure fun was the last thing she deserved right then, but she didn’t want to be a buzzkill and she definitely didn’t want to be alone right then. Perhaps a festive night with friends could help get her straightened out and help her think better about what she had to do.

Ashley knew what she wanted and what she needed and that was to win Vanessa back. But she had no idea how to do that. So she wanted this night to clear her head. And maybe her friends here would have some advice for her too.

Ashley wished she could talk to Love and Sarah about that now, but not with so many others working around here. Maybe after the party they could have a chance to talk. She’d heard them talking before about how there was going to be a naughty after party, but Ashley didn’t really want to be a part of that, not when she knew she didn’t deserve that kind of fun.

Still she hoped there would be a calm moment where she would be able to talk to her more experienced friends and see if they knew any ways she could try and get Vanessa back. That was all Ashley wanted for Christmas. She knew it was going to take longer than a few days but she wasn’t going to stop trying. She so badly wanted to make it up to Vanessa for the terrible thing she’d done.

“Oh yeah, there’s definitely going to be a lot of fun tonight,” Sarah said with a bit of a cheeky smile that Love immediately detected.

“What do you mean by that?” Love asked suspiciously.

She recognized that expression and she knew it meant Sarah had something up her sleeve. Love didn’t want to be paranoid but she also knew Sarah liked to tease and make fun of her love of Christmas. What was she planning? Some kind of a prank? Sarah wouldn’t try and mess with the party, would she?

Fortunately an honest answer was quickly at hand. Sarah was definitely eager to show off this surprise so she didn’t play coy.

“Okay, promise you won’t be mad?” Sarah asked.

“No promises,” Love replied even though the last time she was actually really mad at any of her housemates was so long ago she couldn’t even remember.

“You’ll get a total laugh out of this, I swear,” Sarah insisted. “I invited a special guest to the party. Come see!”

“Where are we going?” Love asked.

“To the media room! C’mon! You too Ashley!” Sarah eagerly replied.

Sarah definitely wanted to break the ice with this surprise quickly. She didn’t want Love to be mad at her or think she was making fun of her. She thought this was going to be funny but she didn’t want it to look like a mean prank so Sarah felt it was better to show Love now than save the surprise for the party itself.

The punch was finished so Love supposed she did have a moment to spare before their guests started arriving. The media room was only a short walk away from the kitchen so Love decided to let Sarah show whatever she wanted to show her and Ashley, very curious, came along.

“Now please promise you’re not going to be mad at me for doing this,” Sarah urged.

“Wellllllll now I’m getting nervous,” Love admitted. “What did you do Sarah?”

“I invited someone to the party I know you’ll want to see,” Sarah said before leading Love and Ashley in and surprising both of them when they saw Santa Claus waiting for them.

“Sarah! Oh my God! What did you do?” Love asked again, but Sarah was relieved to see that her friend was smiling as she said it.

Love definitely hadn’t been expecting this to be Sarah’s surprise but she couldn’t help but laugh over the sight of a guy in a Santa costume acting like he’d come from the North Pole right for their party. He had the suit and the beard. He was missing the belly but Love didn’t really mind not having that part. She was honestly taken aback by this.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” the costumed performer enthusiastically said, not quite sure what else the heck Santa was supposed to say and kind of wishing he had a script or something. This was definitely one of the stranger gigs he’d ever booked for himself but he certainly didn’t mind who his employers for the night were.

“I thought he might be a fun guest to bring,” Sarah said. “I mean you can’t have a Christmas party without Santa, can you? And I wanted to show you that I’m not a Grinch and that I love how much you get into Christmas.”

As she said that, Sarah hugged Love and began to gently kiss her neck. And while Love always enjoyed that kind of touch, she couldn’t help but be nervous about doing this in front of their guest.

“Sarahhhh…stop,” Love said, even though she really didn’t want her to. There was just something about being snuggled that she loved but it didn’t feel right in front of Santa…or more specifically whoever was in the suit.

“Shhh it’s okay, he knows a little bit what goes on here,” Sarah coyly said. “And he’s seen a lot worse.”

“Who are you?” Love asked the guy in the suit. His face looked a little familiar but it was impossible to tell with that beard in the way.

“I’m Santa Claus,” was the answer. “I had lap band surgery so that’s how I lost all the weight.”

“Riiiiiiight,” Love answered skeptically. “Who are you, really?”

Santa turned toward Sarah looking for some direction and she turned toward Love.

“Okay, don’t freak out,” Sarah said. “Remember, no one’s going to recognize him unless he takes the beard off…”

And with that Justin pulled down the Santa beard and revealed his true identity, which Love immediately recognized.

“Oh my God!” Love gasped in true surprise when she found herself staring right across from a male porn performer and realized she had seen this Santa completely naked before and doing very, very adult things. “It’s…it’s you! Sarah! Really?”

“I thought you’d find it funny,” Sarah confessed. “I thought you’d like it…”

“I do…I mean it’s a surprise…but a nice one…I just don’t know…” Love said, trying to get her brain working as she tried to set aside the shock she felt about who was now in her house.

She wasn’t angry at Sarah. She knew it wasn’t a mean joke. But she also didn’t quite know how to deal with a legendary performer like Justin at her party.

Love was an unabashed fan of Justin like a lot of other women out there. Unlike other men in the industry, he was plenty easy on the eyes and Love had seen much evidence of what a skilled performer he was.

It was actually a little hard for her not to turn into a gushing fangirl right then. But she had a party to bring off and she just wasn’t sure if a male porn star was the right kind of guest to have, even if he was incognito. She didn’t want to be a jerk about it though. She could see why Sarah had thought this was funny. She found the idea of “Thrusting” Justin Thoreau being Santa at their party pretty funny too. And it wouldn’t have been very Christmassy to just kick him out, would it?

“No funny business, okay?” Love asked, looking right at Justin and Sarah as she said it.

“I promise,” Justin replied. “She already told me what kind of party this is going to be. No miscommunication at all. I’m just here to have a little fun and be totally professional.”

And then suddenly the other voice in the room, which had been silent this whole time, spoke up.

“I’m Ashley,” the blonde girl said, sticking out her hand.

“Hey there,” Justin said, turning on the charming smile that was very good at making girls blush. “I’m Justin.”

“Ummm I know…” Ashley said. She started to blush but no one was sure if it was because of the smile or because the star of High School Musical was well acquainted with the porn star’s work.

No one said anything for the next few seconds but it was obvious Love was dying to break the silence. As soon as she’d recognized Justin she’d been dying to ask this question and she couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Hey…ummmmm can I ask something before the party begins?” Love asked shyly, her fangirl side showing.

“Sure, anything,” Justin asked, gearing himself up for anything. He certainly had been asked his share of weird questions in his life.

“Ummmm…can I see it?” Love asked, putting on a serious blush of her own as she asked her blunt question. No one in this case had to be told what “it” was.

“Love!” Sarah gasped, laughing as she exclaimed her surprise. “What happened to ‘no funny business?’”

“What?” Love replied with a smile. “The party hasn’t started yet. And you brought him all the way here. I mean…ummmm if you don’t mind Justin. I’m a fan and I’d love to see it up close!”

This hadn’t been the first time he had been asked to do a Dirk Diggler and Justin was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be the last. Something like this was definitely not a challenge especially when it was in front of women like Love, Sarah and Ashley, especially because all three of them were looking at him with visible curiosity.

Love was the only one to actually say it, but it looked like all three of them had the same desire. Justin definitely enjoyed that. He was certainly used to performing for an audience, but never one of women like this.

But before Justin could show off, a voice called out that put a stop to the show.

“Love? Sarah? Hello? Anyone here?” a familiar voice called out and Sarah instantly waved her hands as a signal to Justin to stop what he was doing.

“We’re in here Amy,” Love called out and a few moments later Amy Adams walked into the room.

“There you are!” Amy smiled as she held a tray in her hand. “I made some homemade bark for your party. I hope you don’t mind!”

“Of course we don’t mind!” Love said, taking the tray from Amy and giving her friend a hug. “I’m so glad you made it!”

“I wouldn’t have missed it!” Amy replied before giving a hug to Sarah. “I haven’t seen you guys in so long!”

“This is Ashley,” Love said, introducing the blonde. “I’m not sure if you two have met.”

“We haven’t! Oh my God! I’m such a huge fan!” Ashley couldn’t help but gush. “I used to sing your part in Enchanted all the time! I drove my friends crazy!”

“Not as crazy as I drove mine when I was rehearsing for it,” Amy laughed, giving a friendly hug to Ashley too and thrilling the blonde in the process. “It’s great to meet you Ashley. I know I’m over 13 so I’m probably not supposed to admit this, but I really liked High School Musical! You were great in it!”

Ashley’s eyes went wide from the compliment from someone like Amy and Love and Sarah couldn’t help but laugh as it looked like the girl was going to pass out thanks to praise. But she held it together and Amy turned and saw they weren’t alone.

“So, who’s your friend?” Amy asked.

“I’m Santa Claus. I just got here from the North Pole,” Justin said, pulling up the beard to disguise himself again, “I heard this was going to be a great party so I didn’t want to miss it.”

“I’m sure it will be,” Amy smiled. “Am I too early? I was afraid I was going to be the first one here. I can’t stay really long though so I wanted to make sure I saw you guys.”

“I think so, but everyone else will be getting here soon,” Love said, looking at the clock and seeing how close it was to party time.

She just hoped everything was ready because when the guests started coming, this party was going to happen whether they were ready for it or not.


Upstairs others were getting their final preparations in for the party and that meant getting dressed. In some cases that meant dressing down, especially for Rose.

When it was party time at home she typically wore something outlandish or something easy to tear off and sometimes it was both together. But this party wasn’t like all the others and she was dressing more conservatively, which for her was still pretty hot she had to admit as she checked herself out in the mirror in her bedroom.

Part of her had longed to go as far from conservative as possible and show up for this “normal” party in something that would have made her MTV Video Music Award dress seem tame by comparison. She’d even considered just showing up naked for the party.

After all, she had been specializing in artistic nudity lately and it was pretty natural to be as naked as the day she was born. Plus it would have been so much fun to see everyone’s faces when she strode in to the party without a stitch on.

But she had known that would have upset Love’s and Rose wasn’t about to do that. Love wanted this party to be a success and if it went off the rails, Rose was going to make sure she wasn’t the one pushing it there. For once she was going to listen to her shoulder angel and follow the path of righteousness and not the path that rocks.

Rose wanted Love to be happy even if that meant curbing her own sexually anarchistic tendencies for the night. So she hadn’t gone for a wild outfit or even a flesh baring one. She was showing plenty of leg still but her skirt went well past her hips and her white see through blouse was covered by a black vest. She’d even worn panties and wasn’t trying to hide Mr. Snappy for once.

That would come later of course. But, for now, Rose was going to do what her friend wanted and behave herself, even if it was difficult to do so. And behaving was something that was even more difficult for the girl who was also getting dressed in her room.

Rose at least had some practice with self-control. The girl had been doing anything but behaving herself for the last year and enjoying every bit of it.

“Why do I even have to get dressed at all?” Miley Cyrus whined as she adjusted her clothes. “Mmmmm I’m just gonna totally let y’all rip ‘em right off me anyway! It’s so stupid that you’re going through the motions of even having this party. We’re just gonna end up all fucking anyway, aren’t we?”

“Of course we are,” Rose said. “But Love wants this and she’s going to get it so you’d better behave Miley. Or else.”

“Oooooh or else?” Miley asked playfully, loving the sound of that threat. “What are you going to do to me if I’m bad, Rose?”

“I’m going to do…nothing,” Rose said, letting that sink into Miley’s head. “No spankings. No fuckings. No nothing. If you don’t behave then you’re going to have to go through the whole night not getting laid Miley because if I put the word out no one here will touch you no matter how much you beg for it. No fucking for you Miley unless you’re a good girl for once.”

“Oh my God!” Miley shuddered at the thought of not being touched. “I’ll be good. I promise!”

“I knew you’d get the message,” Rose said before giving Miley’s tiny ass a swat through her barely there bottoms. “So maybe you’d better think about changing.”

“Nah uh!” Miley insisted. She might have had to behave, at least for a few hours, but she wasn’t about to let anyone tell her what she had to wear. “This is my Christmas outfit. Everyone else is going to be dressed all jolly tonight, why not me?”

Rose had to admit that Miley was right. There really wasn’t a dress code for this thing and Miley’s outfit certainly had a Christmas theme even if it was more than a touch garish.

It was a top with red sequins covering every bit of it and the cuffs covered in white fur. That wasn’t so bad. It was the barely there bottoms that were the most eye catching as they were cut to the point of basically being bikini bottoms. They clung tightly to Miley and, judging from the way camel toe seemed imminent from them, it was obvious that Miley had not worn panties underneath.

Aside from the sequins, it wasn’t all that different from what Miley had worn on her tiny, tattooed body lately. She was used to baring her flesh and she was going to do it at the party no matter what anyone thought. Rose didn’t even want to begin fighting about it either. She had too much fun planned for herself.

“Okay, but make sure and keep what little you have on from coming off before it’s time,” Rose said. “If you do that then I’ll let you get a piece of my guests.”

“Mmmmmmm now we’re talking!” Miley gleefully said. “Ooooh what you told me about Liz sounded so hot! I love hearing about you fucking other girls like you fuck my dyke ass! Mmm I wanna see you fuck Victoria and Ariana just like that too and I wanna suck Mr. Snappy off each time you bitch fuck them and then have all of you gang up on me to fuck me in every damn hole I’ve got!”

“Oooooh you sweet talker, you kiss mommy and daddy with those lips?” Rose said before grabbing the barely clad singer and kissing her.

The superstar melted right into Rose’s kiss and began rubbing herself into Rose, wishing their clothes were gone and they were starting this party right here in the bedroom.

“Mmmmm gawwwd Rose don’t fucking leave me like that!” Miley groaned when Rose pulled away.

“That’s all you get for now to remember what you will get if you behave,” Rose said, loving Miley’s enthusiasm and planning on doing exactly what the blonde wanted.

She was going to take extra pleasure in fucking all three of those girls with their tight young bodies and Victoria, Ariana and Liz weren’t the only girls she had made damn sure were coming to the party.

There was another girl who had been told her attendance was mandatory. Rose had run right into her after visiting Liz at The Boutique the day before. Rose didn’t surprise easily but she’d been shocked to see this girl needed no seduction and that she was already inclined to enjoy the pleasure of a woman’s touch.

Rose was planning on taking full advantage of that too, not for herself, but for a friend who she knew still needed some cheering up this holiday season. She knew her friend would be here for the party and Rose couldn’t wait to give her this present.


It wasn’t just at the mansion that people were getting ready for the party. The guests were also finalizing their preparations and many of the ones who had been to the mansion before seemed far more interested in what was going to happen at the after party than the actual party.

Therefore they were dressing far more for the naughty list than the nice list and one of those girls was definitely Hilary Duff.

She stared at herself in the mirror and felt a total thrill running up her spine at the idea of wearing a dress like this. Of course she didn’t expect to be wearing it long once people saw how the red satin clung to her body, wrapping her up like a delightful gift.

It had thin shoulder straps and was cut low to show off a lot of her boobs but the real draw to the dress wasn’t how good it made her chest look but rather from behind and that was what brought Lindsay Lohan right up to Hilary to grab her through the dress and give her ass a healthy squeeze.

“Mmmmm no panties?” Lindsay giggled when she felt nothing but girl flesh through the thin dress. “I love it! You look so fucking hot Hil!”

“You don’t think it’s too much?” Hilary asked, feeling a little bit of doubt still.

Any illusions anyone had about Hilary still being sweet little Lizzie McGuire had long been shattered into a million pieces. She had shown everyone that there was nothing innocent about her anymore and she loved it. But still, this dress was unlike anything she had ever worn.

“Mmmm if anything you’re not showing enough,” Lindsay teased. “I mean Ali and me are just saying ‘fuck subtlety, get us naked!’ with our outfits. You should do it too!”

Hilary looked over at Lindsay and felt her pussy instantly moisten at the view of her sexy, busty girlfriend squeezing into a red and white, plush Santa’s helper costume. It was like the kind of outfit she had worn so well in Mean Girls except with a lot less care made to how much the costume covered up.

It barely went past Lindsay’s ass. If she bent over there was a chance people were going to see some serious freckle flashes and it wasn’t just her booty that was being highlighted. What little there was of the outfit also made her large breasts look incredible.

“Oooooh I love how you look,” Hilary smiled before not even waiting for mistletoe and passionately kissing her girlfriend right on the lips. Hilary’s hands softly caressed Lindsay’s face as she kissed her, reaching up into her red hair as they both closed their eyes and let their tongues rub together.

Both girls were so into how little the other was wearing that it seemed right then they might not even make the party, but rather would end up fucking right there and then. But a knock on the open door pulled them out of the kiss.

“Lindsay!” Dina hissed. “Not when your brothers are here! Can you please just control yourself a little bit?”

“Control myself? But mommy, that wasn’t what you were saying when I got back from my meeting,” Lindsay teased as she batted her eyes and played good girl while recalling something that was entirely too wicked for normal people to accept.

Dina groaned at the memory and walked into the bedroom, closing the door behind her. She was instantly turned on just thinking back to what had happened a few hours ago that she walked right up to her daughter and gave her an even more passionate kiss than she’d just gotten from Hilary.

Dina didn’t hesitate to do what no mother ever should and forced her tongue right into her willing daughter’s mouth, showing her that the inability to behave certainly ran in the Lohan bloodline.

“What was that about control, Dina?” Hilary couldn’t help but tease even as she enjoyed every second of the incestuous kiss between Lindsay and Dina.

“Shut up…both of you shut up,” Dina groaned lustfully, unable to even think about resisting Lindsay when she looked as naughty as she did then, her infamous body barely contained by the red and white felt she was wearing. “I can never control myself around you baby!”

“That’s because you’re as big a slut as me, mom,” Lindsay grinned. “Mmmm I take after my mommy! And so does Ali! You should be happy you have such good daughters who love their mommy so much! Mmmm didn’t I show you how much I loved you when I got back from my meeting and fucked your ass in front of everyone, spanking my slutty mommy and fucking your hot cougar butt nice and deep!”

“Oh yessss mmmm my baby girls always show mommy how much they love her,” Dina moaned, relishing how depraved she was. She knew the tabloids thought they had a bead on how crazy her family was but the truth was they had no fucking idea and she was going to make sure it stayed that way.

“You were so mean to me this morning, not letting me play, but I was nice when I got home,” Lindsay teased. “I fucked you right up the ass and then let Ali take it in her mouth to taste that yummy cougar fuckhole of yours! Mmmm then you got to taste it when I took Ali’s pussy and when I fucked Haylie next too mmm and I know you loved sucking Hilary’s cum right off my strap-on but I only fucked your ass, mommy, because you’re the one who deserved that kind of fucking!”

“Yesssss I fucking deserved it,” Dina hissed in desire, happy to have offered up her own asshole to her daughter as a prize for her recovery. “Oh Lindsay! You make me so fucking wet baby! Mmm you make me want to be the worst mother in the fucking world!”

“Oh no mommy, not the worst…the best!” Lindsay corrected her before she kissed her mother again, this time far more tenderly.

“Oh Lindsay mmmm baby,” Dina moaned. “But we can’t…not when your brothers are here! I don’t want them to know. They would never understand!”

Not wanting to push it, Lindsay stopped kissing her mother, but she didn’t stop trying to tempt her.

“Well then maybe you need to get a night out of the house?” Lindsay suggested. “Come to the party with me and Ali and Hil. You’ve never been to Malibu with me! Come meet my friends! I know they’re going to love you as much as they love Ali! They love it when me and Ali fuck in front of them and show them all what good sisters we are to each other! They’ll want to see all three of us even more, I’ll bet. They’d love to see what a sexy mommy me and Ali have!”

“I can’t,” Dina insisted, getting to the main point she’d come here to make. “And…I don’t you should either. I’m worried about you in situations like that. Stay in tonight Lindsay! Stay in with us! We can’t have that kind of fun when your brothers are here but we’re still a family! We can have fun!”

Lindsay didn’t doubt that. Even though things had certainly changed between all of them, Lindsay didn’t just regard Dina and Ali as lovers. She still loved Dina like a girl was supposed to love her mother and she absolutely loved Ali like a big sister should. It was just that their love had a special twist to it now. It didn’t mean she couldn’t pause that if she had to and she was glad her brothers were here for Christmas.

But she didn’t like her mother’s worries.

“Mom! I’m going to the mansion to fuck not to drink!” Lindsay insisted. “Relax! I’m fine! The only thing I want at this party is pussy and lots of it! So you should come with! Let Michael and Cody stay here and you come out with me and Ali! I want my friends to see how nasty all of us can get!”

“I can’t,” Dina repeated. “I wouldn’t have any idea what to tell your brothers if they saw me going to a party with you and your sister. They’d have too many questions! Besides, I haven’t seen them in a while. None of us have. I wish you’d stay in! Please Lindsay.”

“Mom, I’m so not talking about this!” Lindsay insisted, starting to get a little annoyed. “There’s no way I’m missing this party! Look, I know you’re worried for the right reasons, but have a little faith in me, please! I’m not going to fuck up tonight. I promise! We’ll all hang out together as a family tomorrow but tonight I need to do this!”

“Okay,” Dina agreed, knowing that a little trust in her daughter wasn’t the worst thing she could give considering all she’d already done to Lindsay that day. “But please, be smart!”

“I promise mom,” Lindsay said, looking right into her mother’s eyes and meaning it. “The only thing I’m going to be doing at this party is fucking every hot girl I can get my hands on! C’mon Hil! Let’s get Ali!”

But as much as she wanted to trust her daughter and believe her that she could restrain herself, Dina imagined that this was going to be an absolutely wild party. And it was very hard to remain sober in environments like that. She knew it all too well and she didn’t want to see Lindsay throw all her hard work away for one wild night.

So, before they left the room, Dina grabbed Hilary and whispered in her ear.

“You watch her like a hawk,” Dina commanded. “Anything goes wrong and it’s your ass!”


Back at the mansion, things were really moving along as the final preparations were put in place in the kitchen and Love found herself getting help from both Sarah and Amy.

“You really don’t have to help,” Love insisted to the redhead. “You’re our guest. You should be relaxing.”

“Are you kidding? A night out is relaxing no matter where it is,” Amy laughed. “Besides there’s no way I could relax knowing you were doing all this work and I was just sitting on my butt out there. You girls were nice enough to invite me here and this is my way of saying thank you. So tell me where you want this?”

Love directed Amy towards the dining room and she watched as the Oscar nominee cheerfully lifted up plates and brought them there. Both Love and Sarah then looked at each other and shook their heads. Amy Adams might truly have been the nicest person they had ever met. So many people in Hollywood claimed to be sweethearts but were really phonies. Yet there wasn’t an insincere bone in Amy’s body.

She was the same girl now that they knew before she became one of the most acclaimed and popular actresses in the world. She was genuine and sweet and willing to help, which made them both feel a little guilty as they snuck glances of her ass while she walked away. Amy had herself a heck of a cute butt and they both thought about how they wouldn’t have minded her sitting on it if she was doing that while sitting on their laps.

But Sarah and Love shared another look and pushed those illicit fantasies they knew they shared out of their heads. Amy was engaged. She had a daughter. They weren’t going to wreck that. As sweet and as sexy as she was and as much as they both knew they’d love the chance to sleep with her, Amy was their friend first. She was one of a select few of friends who had been to the mansion before for non-sexual purposes and neither of them planned on changing that today.

Neither Sarah nor Love verbally stated this, but they knew each other well enough to share looks that said it all. They both knew what the other was thinking and they both agreed with the other.

“I really want to thank you guys for inviting me tonight,” Amy said as she walked back into the kitchen, looking for more tasks. She really did love being a help. “I haven’t had a night out by myself in…wow…years I think. So this is nice for a few hours. Besides, I can’t remember the last time I was here and I don’t think you’ve ever had me for one of your parties. Of course I’ve always heard those are a little too wild for me.”

“What? What have you heard,” Sarah asked, surprised over what Amy had just said.

Amy had never ever indicated she knew anything about the truth about them. But now she was certainly hinting that she knew far more than she had ever let on.

“Oh nothing, just rumors,” Amy said with a smile and a wink. “I just hear that your parties go way past my bed time.”

Sarah and Love didn’t say anything else in response. They didn’t want to reveal too much and they weren’t sure if Amy was teasing them a little or if she actually had heard the rumors about this place and them. With so many women coming and going from here, they had managed to attract themselves a little bit of a reputation, but still it was never anything they acknowledged, especially to friends like Amy.

So they were a bit relieved when she changed the subject.

“So, got anything more you need me to do?” Amy asked.

“Yes! Get out there and relax,” Sarah insisted. “We’re almost done and the guests are arriving. You’re one of our guests Amy so go act like one. Have some fun. Stop working for once!”

“Yeah don’t make us carry you out of here and force you to make small talk,” Love laughed. “Let’s all get out there. The caterers can finish setting everything up. We’ve done enough. It’s time to party!”


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