Selena’s Confession

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Title: Selena’s Confession

Author: Noopster

Celeb: Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato

Codes: f, MFF, cons, reluc, anal

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all.

It was a warm September morning and Selena Gomez was getting ready to go to church as she did every Sunday morning, like she had been taught since a very young age by her very catholic family.

Her mother had woken her up extra early that particular Sunday and reminded her that she had to go early for confession or she wouldn’t be able to take communion. “I called Father Rodrigo last night and made an appointment for you at 5:30 AM before the rest of the congregation gets there”.

“Mom, it’s a Sunday…” Selena replied with her face mostly covered in dark hair and still clinging to the pillow. “Does it have to be so early?”

“Yes, it does. I told him how badly you’ve been behaving lately and he wants to talk to you without interruptions. Plus, I want you to have a clean conscience before your record debuts tomorrow. This is your first album as a professional singer and it’s going to be a huge step up in your career, so you’re gonna need all the help that the good Lord can give you.”


Still a little bit drowsy, Selena showed up at St. Fernando’s church at exactly 5:27 AM, wearing a light yellow wavy summer dress and sunglasses. She was surprised to find Father Rodrigo waiting right there in the parking lot to greet her with a tight and uncomfortably long hug.
Then he invited her to talk in his office inside the church.

“Please, sit wherever you like, Selena. It’s been a very long time since you last had confession with me, child.”

Selena sat down and crossed her legs with her hands resting on her lap, the skirt of her semi-transparent yellow dress hiking up to just a couple of inches above her knee.

“Yes it has, Father. I’ve been really busy with my TV show and trying to launch my singing career, but I still try to go to church every Sunday no matter where I am, and I have gone to confession with other priests. So don’t worry.”

“Oh but I am worried, Selena. And so is your poor mother. She tells me that lately you’ve been behaving inappropriately in several situations.”

Selena started blushing immediately thinking about all of the things her mother could have said to Father Rodrigo, a man she had known since she was just a little kid. She knew him to be a kind, well-mannered man with a big belly and soothing voice who was very respected in the community. She realized that she would have to tell him about the other stuff she’d been doing and started to feel very anxious.

“I’ve just been feeling a little confused… that’s all,” she said looking down at the floor.

“The last time we talked like this you were still a little girl and much has changed since then. I must say you’ve grown into a very beautiful woman,” said the overweight man, taking another good look at her bare calves, while gently placing his huge and hairy left hand on top of the young girl’s knee.

Selena stayed silent, she took a quick look at the man’s hand and then she returned her sight to the floor, feeling a little uncomfortable.

“That’s… very nice of you to say. Thank you, Father Rodrigo.”

“I assume that working in the entertainment industry you must be tempted to do many things by many people, especially with that curvy body of yours,” the man continued as he focused his sight onto the girl’s cleavage.

Selena moved a little on her seat while trying to adjust the top part of her dress and said nothing.

“Don’t be nervous, child, remember this is a safe place. You are in the house of the Lord and nothing can hurt you here. But I do need you to be open with me so that I can ask God to forgive your numerous sins.”

“Yes… Yes, Father.”

“Now tell me, do you trust me, child?”

“Yes… I trust you, Father Rodrigo.”

“And you are aware that if you omit anything at all during your confession you won’t be forgiven by God, Yes?”

After a big sigh of resignation, Selena nodded with her eyes still focused on the yellow floor.

“Ok. Now tell me your sins, child.”

Selena took a moment to gather her thoughts followed by a deep breath and started confessing with a shaky voice: “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I… I went to a party at a Disney executive’s house and I did things… with my body and with others. Sinful things.”

“What kind of things, child? You have to be completely honest with me or God will know you’re not sorry for disobeying his commandments.”

Another sigh from the girl, she kept nervously rubbing her hands together.

“It was a big party for all the executives at Disney and they always invite the cast of their many TV shows and movies, or so I’m told. It was my first time going to one.”

“And what happened at this party?”

“Well, It was in a huge mansion on the hills and when I got there I didn’t know most of the people there and I felt very awkward and insecure so I started drinking and I guess I’m not very good at it because I got drunk and… I kissed a girl.”

The priest was not expecting that kind of revelation and immediately took interest in the story. After clearing his throat he went fishing for details.

“And who was this girl that you kissed?”

“She’s one of my friends that also works for the Disney channel.”

“What is her name?”

“Demi, Father. Her name is Demi Lovato,” the brunette added, very awkwardly.

The fat, balding man was well aware of whom Demi was, one of his favorite pastimes being jacking off to young girls on TV, but he continued pretending ignorance on the matter.

“I see. And this friend of yours… Demi. What did she do when you kissed her?”

“Well, she looked surprised at first but then she hugged me and… kind of… kissed me back.”

Father Rodrigo did his best to hide his excitement as he asked the next question:

“Was it a small kiss? Or did you use your tongues for this sinful action?”

Selena was taken by surprise by the specificity of the question. She blushed, looked at the man’s face for a moment and then turned her eyes back to the floor, without answering.

“Now, Selena, I know this must be difficult for you but God needs you to confess every last detail of your bad actions to prove to him that you’re sorry and you want his holy light to purify you. If you feel shame about confessing something, then that is precisely what you need to confess the most. Do you understand, child?

The singer looked at him with full concentration, she blindly believed in everything that she had been taught about the catholic sacraments and the inherent holiness of the representatives of God on earth.

“Yes, Father Rodrigo, I understand.”

“Good. Now, I need you to tell me if you and your friend used your tongues during this immoral kiss.”

“Well, not at first but, after a while… yes, we did.”

“And did you like that?”

“…yes, Father. I knew it was wrong but I did like it. A lot.”

A faint screech traveled through the mostly empty room as the fat man moved his chair closer to Selena’s.

“Now tell me, child, when you were kissing your friend Demi… What did her saliva taste like?”

Selena was rattled again by the question, she thought of asking why he needed to know that but the priest’s stern expression dissuaded her.

“She tasted… good. Like, strawberries… and Pepsi… and a little bit of alcohol, Father,” she finally answered, stumbling through the sentence.

The man closed his eyes to imagine the scene better, the blood flowing south inside his body as he pictured the two young girls in their embrace.

“And then what happened, child? Where were you girls doing this terrible thing?”

“Well, there were a lot of people at the party so we went into one of the bedrooms in the house.”

“Yes, child. And then what?”

“We kept kissing, but then we heard a noise and only then we noticed that there was an older man inside the room. Well, not old old, but older than us. He was one of the executives, I think, because he had a very expensive looking suit on.”

“And what did you do when you saw this man?”

“Well, he scared us at first ’cause we thought the room was empty, y’know? So Demi and I said sorry and we were going to leave but then he told us not to. And… we were very drunk and embarrassed that he had seen us, so we didn’t know what to do.”

“Yes, please continue, Selena.”

“He said that we should stay in the room because we were drunk and people in the industry shouldn’t see us that way. He said we could get in trouble for being under the drinking age. Demi said he was right and tried to kiss me again, I stopped her ’cause the guy was right there sitting on the bed but…”

“But what?”

“She said it was okay, that he had already seen us kissing, and that it was no big deal. And he said nothing and kept smoking his cigarette so…”

“So what?”

“So Demi and I started kissing again…”

“Just kissing?”

“What do you mean, Father?”

“Like I said, child, God needs every single detail or he won’t forgive you and let you accept his flesh and blood in your body.”

The Texan girl thought about what she was about to say, took another deep breath and continued:

“Just kissing at first but… as it went on, Demi started moving her hands around my body, grabbing my boobs, that sort of thing.”

“And did you grab her too?”

-”Yes, Father. I…” Selena paused for a moment, not sure how to explain things without being disrespectful to the house of the Lord. “I put my hands on her behind.”

“I see… And why did you do that?”

“Because I was very drunk. But also because I kind of had always wanted to… since I met Demi a couple of years ago.”

“Tell me, child. Would you say that this friend Demi of yours has nice buttocks?”

The Latina looked at the clergyman and winced, not sure if she had heard him right.

“I asked you a question, Selena. What do you think of her rear, and of her body? This is important for your contrition.”

“Yes, Father. Her… bottom is bigger than mine and has a very nice shape. Before that party I used to think that I wanted mine to be like hers, but when we were there in the room I realized that what I wanted was to touch it and look at it and…”


“And… do things to it. I don’t know, Father, I’m very confused!” She cried suddenly, covering her red face with both her hands.

The old man took this opportunity to get even closer to her, until their chairs were almost touching.

“Shhh, do not despair, child.” He told the girl in a very calm manner, resting his big chubby hand on top of her bare knee and patting a couple of times on it as if to show of support. “I am here to help you get back in the grace of God, Selena. Now please look at me.”

The girl uncovered her face and with teary eyes looked at the older man’s swollen, greasy face.

“Do you trust me, Selena? Do you trust in the power of the one true God?”

“Yes, of course I do, Father Rodrigo.” She responded without hesitation.

“Then you have nothing to fear, child. What you say during confession is between you and God only; I’m just the tool he uses to communicate with you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Father, I understand. Thank you for being so patient with me.”

“Don’t worry about it, child. Just be honest with the Lord and you’ll feel better when this is over, I promise. Now, were where we…? Oh, right, you and your friend were kissing and touching each other’s bodies… Is that right, child?”

“Yes, Father Rodrigo.”

As she answered the priest, his hand began slowly moving up and down on Selena’s delicate thigh, cautiously riding her skirt up little by little, as far as the fabric would allow without being too brazen. Selena disliked the gesture but did nothing to stop it; her step-dad often did the same thing to her whenever they had a serious talk, so she thought it was completely normal gesture coming from an authority figure.

Fabulously aroused by the warmth of the girl’s skin as well as her compliance, the fat man continued the interrogation:

“And what type of clothes were you girls wearing that night? Be very specific and descriptive, ok, child?”

“Umm, ok… I mean, yes, Father. That night, if I remember correctly, Demi had a tight black skirt with a beige top and I was wearing a short white dress with high heel shoes and—”

“How short was it?!”

“Well, it wasn’t that short at first ’cause my mom does not let me wear those kinds of outfits but, once I left home I like, folded the bottom part in half to make it really short, but then once I was at the party I saw all of these gorgeous women in really short mini-skirts and I felt kind of dorky so I folded it again until it was really, really short. I’m sorry, Father Rodrigo, I know it was wrong to do that.”

“Again, how short? Describe it to me.”

“Like, really, really short. I had to move very carefully ’cause I was afraid that my underwear was showing for most of the evening,” she revealed, laughing nervously.

The priest’s grip on her strengthened, the up and down strokes on her left thigh became more intense.

“And your underwear?”

“My underwear, Father?” The singer objected, “I… ummm… I’m not sure I’m comfortable discussing that.”

“It’s important for your confession, Selena. And it’s not me who you’re talking to, it is Jesus Christ himself. The holy trinity. But if you think that not feeling embarrassed by a question is more important than eternal salvation then you can leave now.” He paused for dramatic effect and then used his strongest card: “I’ll just have to inform your poor mother that you only came here to waste your time and mine.”

The fat man tried to get up to boost his bluff but quickly realized his hard-on would betray his intentions and sat back down. The stunt was enough to convince Selena though, she felt really bad about that night and couldn’t stand the thought and guilt of going back to mass without being purified of her sins and not receiving the communion, everyone would notice her just sitting there and they would now that her soul is impure. She also knew her mother would kill her for disrespecting Father Rodrigo and the holy sacrament of confession, so she convinced herself to answer every question truthfully.

“No, no, Father Rodrigo, please don’t leave! I’m sorry, I’ll be good now! You can ask me anything and I’ll tell nothing but the full truth. Whatever you want to know!”

Rodrigo faked resignation and sat back down in his chair, his morbidly obese body overflowing the piece of furniture on both sides. He had known little Selena Gomez since she was in elementary school, he was well aware that she was naive and gullible; and that he had scared her enough so that she’d stay and finish the confession now no matter what. Satisfied with his ploy he placed his hand back on the girls upper thigh and began stroking it again, waiting for her to continue her story.

“You may continue, Selena.”

“Thank you, Father Rodrigo.”

Doing her best to put her mortification under control, she began answering the personal question:

“My… underwear. I was wearing white lace panties that night, with a matching bra. I had bought them for the occasion even though I wasn’t really expecting anyone to see them… I don’t know what I was thinking ’cause they were kind of… see through.”

A full groan escaped the priest’s throat when the image of the petite girl in white lace panties traveled through his mind. He cleared his throat and tried to regain composure.

“I apologize; my throat is a little sore this morning. You may continue.”

“Well, I just remember Demi kept kissing me as she unzipped my dress and slid it off of me.”

“Oh, yes, child. And why did you let her undress you? Be honest.”

“Well, like I said, I was drunk and I liked how her kisses felt… And I also wanted to feel more of her, and for her to feel more of me…”

“And the man, what was he doing during this?”

“I’m not sure. The truth is I had kind of forgotten he was there, y’know? Because he was just sitting on the bed, not saying anything. But then…”

“Then what?”

“The man in the suit stood up and said something. I don’t remember his name or what he really looked like, I just remember thinking he was really handsome and smelled really good. I’m not sure if he said something to Demi but he sat back on the edge of the bed and Demi grabbed my hand and we walked towards him. Then he grabbed my hand and made me stand in between him and Demi, I was too drunk to know what was going on so I just went along with it.”

“I see, what else do you remember, Selena?”

“I remember standing there in front of him, giggling a lot as he made me turn around and around several times. I wanted to take off my heels ’cause they were hurting me, but he told me not to, so I didn’t. And I remember there was a DJ playing house music at the party, and the music was very loud, even inside that bedroom it was pretty loud; and he told me to dance for him. I didn’t really want to ’cause I was… y’know… in just my underwear and all but, Demi insisted on me doing it, so… I did.”

As the story went on Father Rodrigo’s exhilaration started getting the better of him, the hand with which he was caressing Selena’s lap was now actually below her dress, it was taking all of his will not to rip it off of her entirely. Still, he kept stroking her thigh, pretending to just be comforting her through a difficult confession.

“Go on, Selena.”

“I started dancing in front of him, it was embarrassing at first, but then Demi started dancing behind me and touching me also.”

“How was she touching you, child?”

“She… she would grab me by the waist and pull my body towards hers, then she would kiss my neck and my back and her hands would go down my legs and up my stomach. And then she would grab my breasts and squeeze them. It gave me tickles so I kept drunkenly laughing and giggling like an idiot, until I realized that she had unclasped my bra–”

The girl abruptly stopped when the fat man’s hand went into the inner part of her thighs and brushed against her pink cotton panties. She had gotten so much into her own story she really hadn’t noticed how far up the priest’s hand had gradually travelled. He didn’t acknowledge anything being out of the ordinary and kept stroking her leg with his arm up her dress. Selena, unsure of what to do, thought it must have been an accident because he was a man of the cloth, a holy man not interested in that sort of thing. The man urged her to continue:

“Don’t stop, Selena. Tell God everything.”

“Well… my bra fell down and when I tried to cover myself Demi grabbed my hands and made me lift my arms while she nibbled on my earlobe.”

“Did you feel embarrassment still? Or what were you feeling then, child?”

“I felt… lust. I was very turned on, Father.” The latina girl admitted, avoiding eye contact with her confessor as the memories of that night began arousing her once more.

Father Rodrigo’s eyes widened and his respiration became louder. “Yes, that is indeed very bad, child.” As he leaned in closer his right hand started brushing against her underwear again, then he asked: “What else did you do? Tell me all the details of your sins so you can be rid of them.”

“Well… I uh… was topless and I, like, kept dancing like that. Then the guy took off his coat and grabbed me by the waist, he pulled me towards him and… as I continued dancing his face was right in front of my breasts. I remember he kept looking at me and then at my breasts and then back at me, smiling.”

“And what were you thinking then, Selena?

“I’m not sure that I was thinking much, Father. But I remember liking the way he looked at me, and then I noticed he had an… ummm… erection, because I could see something growing in his pants. And I felt sexy and proud of my body.” The singer stopped and covered her face again with her hands, sobbing uncontrollably. “Oh, Father, I was completely out of control! I’m so sorry!”

“Shhh, calm down, child.” He softly comforted her as he removed his right hand from her lap and put it around her shoulder. She rested her head on him. The priest proceeded to wipe away some of the tears from her face and then slid his other hand under the dress and into the inner part of her thighs without hesitation. Selena was crying so much that she barely noticed another hand between her thighs.

“Trust me, child, if you tell me everything you’ll feel better when it’s over. Now please continue.”

“Yes, Father.” She answered, trying to hold back the tears and regain control of herself. “The song changed to a slower one, and, ummm… Demi hugged me from behind and began slow dancing with me, I tried to turn around to face her but the guy said no. Then he… he began pulling off my panties, very slowly, and I… let him. No, I helped him. Moving my hips and legs accordingly to make it easier for him.”

Father Rodrigo’s hand went up the leg and pressed into her underwear once more, but this time it stayed there. Selena was confused about what was happening, but more than that she was embarrassed of the clergyman noticing how moist the bottom of her panties had gotten. She assumed he was testing her to see if she was really repentant, and she knew she was obviously failing.

“Yes, yes, tell me more…” He urged her, several drops of sweat clinging to his forehead.

“I didn’t know what I was doing, but I remember he made me turned around and I saw that Demi was naked too. So I kept dancing with her and kissing her and we were sweating and rubbing on each other…”

“Yes, child, keep going” The priest impatiently insisted, his whole hand now pushing against the singer’s soaked panties.

“Then she kissed me, on my breasts… and she… sucked on my nipples… And this man who I did not know was still sitting there and I kept dancing for him, I don’t know why. And then he grabbed and pulled me and I sat on him and pressed against him as I danced.”

“You sat on top of him, Selena? Naked as you were?”

“Yes, Father. And I felt his… his member against my… well, against my body.”

“And did it feel good, Selena? Did you enjoy that?” The priest asked impatiently, his big, hairy hand now completely resting on her warm pussy lips.

“It felt amazing, Father. I had seen some movies with… y’know… strippers doing that to their clients. So I tried some of those moves and I could feel his… thing, getting bigger and pressing against my…”

“Against your little pussy,” he panted.

“Father Rodrigo, you shouldn’t say those kinds of things!”

“Say it, child. I want you to get every last bit of sinful thought and word out of your mind, body and soul.”


“Say it, Selena. The whole sentence.”

Selena knew it was wrong to say that kind of thing in the Lord’s house, but Father Rodrigo had asked her to, so how could it be a sin?

“Yes, Father. I felt… I felt his penis getting bigger and pressing against my little pussy.” Saying it felt so dirty and wrong that it made her even more aroused.

At that point the fat priest started shamelessly rubbing her labia through the wet fabric of her panties, the Texan girl did her best to keep her legs closed as waves of pleasure traveled through her body, she had gotten so horny that the priest no longer had to encourage her to keep telling the story.

“Demi asked the guy to, like, pull it out. So I stood up and watched as he unzipped his pants. Then he… took it out and… it was pretty big. I didn’t know what to do exactly. I felt like I wanted to touch it… and I guess I also wanted to… taste it.”

Father Rodrigo felt his hard cock twitching with excitement. He pulled the very complying latina even closer to him so he could look down the cleavage of her dress, making her head rest on the middle of his torso where his big fat gut fused with his hairy man tits. He smiled as the sight of the famous mole on her right breast made his mouth water. Then he found the small bump of her clit hidden under the cotton fabric with his middle finger, he noticed it was pretty swollen and began gently rubbing it with a circling motion, his smile getting bigger and wider when he noticed Selena gradually spreading her legs and closing her eyes.

“Father Rodrigo… What are you doing!?” she murmured, between short breaths.

“I’m testing you and purifying you, child. You are still very young and should trust an elder such as me to know what is best for you. Do you trust me, Selena? Do you trust in the Lord, our savior?”

“Yes, yes, Father Rodrigo. I trust you and– ahhhh!,” she had to interrupt her sentence, the need to moan and howl becoming too difficult to overcome with each movement of that chubby finger between her legs.

“Now tell me, did you touch it, Selena? Did you touch his manhood?”

“Yes, Father.”

“And did you taste it?”

“Y-yes,” the girl answered with difficulty, her words morphing into moans as they came out of her mouth.

“Tell me about it then,” he urged her. Selena was so turned on she could barely speak. She remained silent for a few seconds in which the squishy sounds of her wetness and the heaviness of her breathing were the only audible thing in the priest’s office. She felt guilty about failing what she thought was a test of her repentance, by getting so wet and stimulated she was disproving she felt bad about the things she had done.

“Go on, child.”

“He took my hand and made me grab his penis, he made me jerk it, not letting go of my hand. I thought that, like, it couldn’t get any bigger, but it did. I could feel it swelling up even more in my grip.”

“Tell me the truth, Selena. Had you ever done that before that night?”

“Once, Father. With my boyfriend, the night I lost my virginity. But this stranger was so much bigger in comparison; it looked nothing like the other one. It felt different too. More veiny and rugged”.

“Then what did you do?”

“Then he told me to get on my knees and to… to suck it.”

“And you obeyed him, didn’t you, you naughty child?!”

“I did, Father. I put just the tip in my lips at first, because it was my first time doing that, but then… Demi pushed my head, she kept telling me to open wide and wouldn’t let go and kept pushing and pushing and I could feel him entering my mouth more and more until it hit the back of my throat. I tried to push away but I wasn’t strong enough and he started…”

“He started what?” He asked impatiently, the juices coming from Selena’s pussy covering more and more of his palm.

“I’m sorry, Father, I don’t want to say a bad word in here, I don’t want to commit another sin…”

“Just say it, you filthy girl! Say it!

“He started… fucking my mouth, as I was choking with his penis.”

“And you liked that, little Selena? You enjoyed his filthy cock inside of your sweet, beautiful mouth?”

“Yes, Father. I loved it. It felt so dirty and wrong, but I loved it. Demi stopped pushing me and let go of me, so I took it out of my mouth, and I was able to breathe again. I felt like I was about to pass out but I couldn’t stop. I started sucking it again, putting as much of it as I could inside of my mouth.”

Selena’s legs were now spread wide open with the man’s finger increasing the speed of its movements on her pussy, his free hand now openly cupping her breasts. “Then something else happened,” she suddenly added.


“He laid down face up on the bed, so I had to lean forward to keep him… in my mouth. And then I felt Demi’s lips on my lower back, she kept kissing me, her kisses getting lower and lower until I felt her hands on my butt. She squeezed my cheeks and spread them apart, I wasn’t sure of what she was doing but then I felt her wet finger pressing against my…”

“Your little asshole, Selena. Say it! The whole sentence!”

“I-I felt… felt her wet finger pressing against my little asshole, Father. Then she made little circles around it with her tongue, and I started going crazy. I used to think that would be disgusting but I really, really liked it.”

“Was that all she did to you?”

“She also… she put her fingers inside of my…”

“I want you to say it, Selena! No more lies, say it like you would anywhere else!”

“S-she… Demi put her fingers inside my pussy, Father.”

“How many fingers?”

“Just one at first, but then it was two, then three…”

“Did she make you cum, Selena?! While you sucked this stranger like a little whore?! Did you completely surrender your body to sin?! Answer me!”

“Yes, Father. She was fingering me while I sucked a strange man’s penis… like a whore… I was completely lost in the moment by then and… well, she entered my ass with her tongue and I went crazy, I climaxed with him still in my mouth. I’m so sorry for offending God like that but I really lost control and–”

Father Rodrigo had had enough of what he considered subtlety, in his exhilaration he squeezed Selena’s right breast so hard that she shrieked in pain, but another very different feeling took over her body when the clergyman’s finger bypassed her underwear and went right into her tight cunt.

“So you sucked a stranger’s cock while your best friend fingered you and licked your little asshole… ”

“Ahh, n-no, Father, what are you…”

“Do not be distracted, child. Concentrate on your confession!”

Selena started losing control. Clenching one of Father Rodrigo’s fat lumps as she moaned and whimpered; shame, revulsion, pleasure and excitement all colliding inside her head because of the fat finger defiling her delicate pussy.

The large man looked at her face and knew she was about to orgasm. “What you’re telling me is a very serious offense against the Lord. Do you understand this?”

-”I do, Father, and I’m truly sorry, I didn’t know what was happening.” She explained with difficulty between short breaths and soft whimpers, long tears coming out of her brown eyes as she looked up to the man who was testing her body.

“I thought I could handle it but I completely lost control and it all felt like a blur until I was laying there on the floor covered with…”

-”With what?!”

“Well, you know…”

The fat man was breathing heavily and sweating profusely, “Say it, child! Covered with what?! Covered where?! Do not hide these things from God, little Selena!”

Startled by the volume of his voice and the intensity of his movements inside her, she explained: -”I… I was… covered with that man’s… semen.
I was lying on the floor and he ejaculated on my breasts and my abdomen, Father”.

As soon as that sentence was finished the priest removed his hand, he stood up with considerable struggles, and looking down at Selena he exclaimed in a solemn tone:

-”Dear Lord who art in heaven, grant me your grace and power so that this child can be cleansed of the sins of the underworld.”

He walked to the corner of the room with his erection leading the way as it protruded from his brown pants. From there he brought a big, golden plate filled with holy water and placed it on a small table next to Selena. Then he grabbed her by the shoulders, shouting: “Your sins must be washed with the Lord’s holy blessing!” He pulled the top part of Selena’s dress with both hands and tore the thin fabric wide open, exposing her pink bra.

-”Father!” -Selena screamed, not knowing what to do or say – “What are you doing?!”

-”Do not resist, my child. This is the penitence for your confession. I’m going to wash you with holy water so that you can come out of this room with a clean conscience and a pure soul again”.

-”But… my dress is ruined,” she cried, the feeling of the incoming orgasm drifting away, replaced by the uncertainty of what was about to happen.

“Yes, child, we have ruined a dress so that we can save your soul. Now stand up for the Lord, remove that dress and don’t move.”

Selena did not want to undress in front of that repulsive man, but she really believed in the power of the holy sacraments and all the guilt instilled in her by many years of catholic education and an obsessive and neurotic mother was too strong on her mind. She thought she had totally failed the test on her body, and finally convinced herself that she deserved whatever penitence was coming to her. To trust that it was all for her own good and the salvation of her soul.

“Good”, said the large man as he watched the girl remove her dress and stand there in her matching pink bra and panties. He started walking in circles around her saying: “Very, very, good,” closely admiring every last inch of her delicate body.

Once he was satisfied with the view he took a big golden spoon, dipped it in the holy water and then poured the liquid on top of her head.
Selena was startled by the coldness of the water but she did not move from her place.

“Oh Lord, lend me the power to cleanse this young body from the sins it has committed against you” With one hand he poured another spoonful of water on Selena’s head while he swiftly unhooked and removed her brassiere with the other.

“Father, what are you doing?!” she screamed while covering herself, but he grabbed her arms and scolded her as he pulled them down.


“Y– Yes… I want forgiveness, Father.”

“Then do as I say and do not move!”

“Yes, Father Rodrigo,” the girl said obediently.

His fat hands slowly washed her breasts with holy water. He would dip both hands in the plate and then start going up and down her torso, then going back up to her chest, paying special attention to both of her nipples that were now fully erect from the cold water. He would make little circles around them with his thumbs before pressing on them as his respiration kept getting louder and more difficult with each passing minute.

Selena felt scared and conflicted. On one hand she felt very uneasy, she’d never heard of a confession like this and the priest’s sweaty and heavy physique disgusted her; on the other, she knew it would be a huge sin to disrespect a man of the cloth in the house of God and the way he was treating her breasts felt so good, it brought back the image of Demi in the bedroom of that house and how she had had her way with her in front of that handsome stranger.

“Stop it, Selena” she said to herself in her head, “You’re supposed to be here getting cleansed from your sins, not fantasizing about them.”

Filled with new found resolve she spoke: “Father Rodrigo, there is something else I have to confess.”

“Yes, go on, child.” He said, standing very close behind her with all of his attention on the hard light brown nipples he was pinching lightly, not even bothering to acknowledge her face.

“I… I also tasted the man’s… semen.”

The girl barely finished that sentence before she felt both of Father Rodrigo’s hands squeeze and pull on her breasts, using the index and middle finger of each hand to apply pressure on her nipples; an obvious reaction of excitement to what he had just heard. She could not help but let out a load moan that embarrassed her immediately.

The sinner girl’s moan made Father Rodrigo’s dick harder than it had done in decades, she could feel it pressing up against her butt more and more as the purification continued.

“Oh my…” The priest said with difficulty, each of his words carefully chosen and delivered to avoid scaring the girl with all the filth that was going through his mind.

“That is indeed a very serious sin, my child. Tell me… Why did you do that?”

“Well, when I was sucking his penis I kind of… like the taste of it. So, when I found myself covered with it… at first I was a little disgusted but then I started liking how warm it was and the texture and I… I just had to taste it.”

The fat man went silent but the loud noise of his heavy breathing filled up the whole room. Selena couldn’t believe she had just told that to someone, she was doing it so that God would forgive her transgressions but at the same time she was still very horny and talking about it was making her so wet.

To the priest’s surprise she continued without being asked to.

The truth is that I enjoyed its flavor, Father, I loved the sensation of that thick cum on my fingers, and inside my mouth. He stood over me and watched as I rubbed it on my breasts and ate some of it.”

The fat man got on his knees behind her and said: “Sweet child, let the power of God that runs through my hands do his work”. He started pulling down her panties but Selena got scared again and stopped his hands, “Father, no! What are you doing?!”

“Shhh, sweet child, all of your precious body is tainted by sin; you must let me cleanse it before you can take the body of Christ into your own.”

“B-but… isn’t this a sin too?”

“Only if you enjoy it, don’t forget that I’m not doing this for your pleasure or mine, I do it for the salvation of your soul.”

After hearing that, the brunette girl trembled with guilt in her spot and let go of the clergyman’s hands. He promptly started pulling down again and opened his mouth as soon as her cute butt crack became visible; he pulled down a little more and stopped for a moment to savor the view, thinking that he had never seen anything more beautiful in his 59 years on earth.

Selena felt the warmness of his heavy breath on her butt cheeks, it made her so uncomfortable that her instinct was to move away but the man quickly pulled her underwear down to her knees making it impossible to walk away. She almost fell down but had the reflexes to grab onto the priest’s shirt and then lean on his sweaty shoulders to regain her balance.

As she was bent over and leaning on him, Father Rodrigo looked up at her face and told her: “You can’t run from your sins, sweet child.” And then looking straight at the little landing strip of dark pubic hair in front of him he added: “So sweet, so incredibly sweet…”

He stood up again (not without considerable difficulties), placed a chair next to Selena and told her to grab onto the back of it. He then grabbed her by the waist and whispered on the back of her ear: “I want you to say 3 Hail Marys while I finish this confession. And do not lose concentration. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Father,” she responded softly, already feeling his wet fingers spreading her butt cheeks and slowly exploring her anus. She had never been touched there before by a man but at that point she felt like there was nothing she could do about it. The fat man kept going, the tip of his middle finger caressing the delicate and slightly darker skin around her small opening, then putting a little bit of pressure on it until it finally opened slightly to let it enter.

“Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee…” she kept repeating with difficulty as the man’s fat, hairy finger went deeper and deeper into her rectum. She had imagined that doing something like that would be painful but the pressure inside of her was even greater than she expected.

“Father Rodrigo, please, it’s too big, you’re hurting me!” She pleaded as tears started rolling down her face.

“Bend over a little more. Remember how Jesus suffered on the cross for all of us, child. Keep praying and you’ll get through this.”

The fat man kept fingering her tight ass hole, with his free arm he reached around her small waist and placed his palm on top of her pussy. She wanted it to stop but she knew it should continue for the sake of her soul.

“Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners…” the girl kept saying out loud with more difficulty each time. The fat priest had his finger all the way up her ass and was furiously rubbing her clitoris, her whole body swinging back and forth at the mercy of her confessor. Selena tried her best to keep praying and not think about that night with Demi and that man in the suit, but the sensations finally took over her, she could almost feel that strange man’s dick throbbing in her mouth, the noises Demi’s mouth made while she made love to her anus, the way her small hand felt inside her cunt. It was all coming back to her, the memories more powerful than ever.

Father Rodrigo heard her moaning loudly and increased the speed of his movements. “Let the sin escape from your body, child! Let it go through you so that you can be at peace with the creator of all things!”

“Yes! Yes, Father! Oh, God, please forgive meeeeeaaaaahhh!!!” She screamed, pain and pleasure combining inside of her to trigger the most violent and intense orgasm she had ever felt. She fell to her knees with the fat man’s hands still inside both of her holes.

“That’s it, little Selena, you did well. The Lord will be pleased.”

He tenderly stroked the girl’s face, her own vaginal juices leaving a trail on her cheeks while he slowly removed his big, hairy finger from her small orifice. Selena let out a big sigh of relief once it was out and then curled up in the floor with her face buried in her hands, panting and sobbing, repeating the words “I’m sorry, God, I’m sorry I liked it so much,” over and over again.

The priest got up and said: “The weight of your sins has been lifted from you. Now I’ll give you a few minutes to recover. You may go in peace, child; and please do not hesitate to come see me anytime you feel like you’ve offended our Lord.”

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