Life as a Rich Brat: Halle Berry

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Title: Life as a Rich Brat: Halle Berry

Author: Cy

Celebs: Halle Berry

Codes: Anal, blowjob, MF

Disclaimer: Be aware that this story is for adults only and should not be construed as a true story in any way. It is pure fantasy and for non-commercial use only.

My name is Cy and I’m a horny 18 year old. But I’m a rich 18 year old. My Dad own this huge hollywood production company and is crazy rich. He is actually on the same level as Bill Gates. Yeah just take my word for it. So I get a bit of money from him and own this big fancy apartment in LA. So I live in paradise smoking weed everyday, playing video games before they are even out, and of course fucking every bitch I can.

My Dad has contacts with some of the biggest stars in hollywood and I use those contacts to call hot celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone and I fuck the shit out of them. They get paid of course but they go with it to please my Dad.

So here I am on my couch playing Call of Duty when the doorbell rings and on the intercom I here a lady voice.

“ Cy it’s me “ the voice said

“Come in “ I shouted .

The door opens and the beautiful Halle Berry steps in high heels wearing a blue dress. She is wearing a gold necklace and is wearing big hoop earrings on each year. My dick started to get hard looking at her.

I love it when a woman wears big hoop earrings don’t know why it just sexy. I checked her out and then stand up and walk towards her.

“Hey bitch” I said as I walk towards her and started to grope her ass. “Mmm you look nice”

“Always for you Cy” she said seductively.

I suddenly slapped her face and she stepped back in shock. “I thought I told you last time to come in here naked”.

“Sorry … forgot won’t happen again”. she said softly. I then took her clothes and just ripped them off and smile because she isn’t wearing any underwear. I laugh a little because I’m an 18 year old and have control over a 49 year milf.

I put my hand on her soldiers and push her down to her knees. “You know what to do” I said. Halle Berry unbuckle my pants and pulled them down . My bulge is visible through my underwear. “Mmm I see you’re excited.” Halle said seductively. She then licks the bulge through the underwear and lick it up the strap and pulls it down with her teeth. My dick slaps her in the face and Halle moans.

She suddenly takes the cocks in her mouth and bobs her head up and down my cock fast. “Holy shit” I moan and look down, Halle is looking up at me as she bobs her head and moans on my dick. She then just leave the tip of my cock in her mouth and began to slobber on it and slurp on it.

“ You always give good head Halle” I tell her and she moans appreciably at the comment and then takes me deep in her throat then takes it out. “Mmmm baby we haven’t even start-mmmf” I put my hands on her head and shove my dick in her mouth and fucks it. “Such a deep throat.” I start to fuck her face harder and she starts to bang on my thighs to let her up.

I take my cock out of her mouth and slap her face lightly. “I think it’s time to fuck you”. I lift her up and my arms and bring her to my bedroom and drop her on my bed. “You’re so strong Cy. I need that hard cock in me” she said seductively.

I pull her towards me and I shove my dick in her pussy. “OH SHIT” she moans loud as I start to pound into her hard. The bed rocks as I fuck her missionary style and she is screaming “FUCK ME CY, POUND ME “. Halle is a screamer and I love it.

I pull out flip her over and fuck her doggystyle. I grab her big hoop earrings instead of her hair as I pound her. Halle eyes roll to the back of her head as she screams. I let go of her earrings and take my cock out and I shove it in her ass. It’s so tight. I’m actually the only person to have fuck her ass. Well it what she says.

I fuck her tight ass for a few minutes then I pull out. “Get on your knees bitch” Halle gets on her knees and sticks her tongue out as I stroke off to her. “Beg for my cum”.

“I NEED YOUR CUM CY I NEED IT IN MY MOUTH” Halle screams and beg.

“I’m cumming” I can feel the cum from my balls as it blast and hits her cheek. Glob after glob comes out and covers her face and some drop in her mouth. After a few seconds I moan in pleasure as the last string of cum hit her nose. I look down in victory at Halle Berry covered in my cum.

I take out my phone in take a few pictures. “Alright go make me dinner with cum on her face and don’t let any of it in my food”.

“Yes Cy” . Halle gets up and goes to the kitchen to cook my food with my cum all over her face.

An hour later

I’m at the table eating my dinner with Halle Berry on her knees next to me looking up. “Your dinner is on your face”. She smiles and begins to lick the cum off her face. “Mmm your cum is hot and tasty as always.”

After I finish eating I kissed her goodbye and she gave me a quick goodbye blowjob and left. Later that night I’m thinking that maybe next time I’ll go rougher with her.

Anal, blowjob, MF

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