On the Course

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Title: On the Course

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza

Codes: MF, FF, cons, exhib, oral

Summary: Anna Kendrick plays golf for the first time and hits a ball into the woods

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional story involving a real woman and a fake man. Any similarities to reality are strictly coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – [email protected] or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me, I like the celeb (no Miley, no Ariana, no Scarlett, no Kardashian, no Upton) and the request is not too detailed (I don’t like planning out stories, I like to write as I go).

Anna Kendrick emerged from the woods, golf club in one hand while the other adjusted her white visor. She got back onto the fairway and headed back up to the tee. As she got about halfway, her best friend and golfing partner for the day Aubrey Plaza grabbed her by the arm and whispered into her ear.

“I saw what you were doing in there,” she said, causing Anna’s face to turn pale.

“You-you did?” she asked, looking around to make sure nobody was around. “Did anyone else?”

“Not that I saw,” Aubrey replied. “I only saw the very end but still, I didn’t peg you as that kind of girl.”

“Can we talk about this later?” Anna asked, hushing her friend.

“Only if you give me every little detail later,” Aubrey said in her normal monotone voice. “And I mean everything from when you got here to now, I’ve only seen you for about five minutes today…I mean before THAT.”

“Fine, just shut up before someone hears you, let’s finish playing,” Anna said in a direct voice. “I hate golf.”

“From what I saw, you sure enjoy the clubs though,” Aubrey mocked, receiving a punch in the arm from her friend.

“Fuck you,” she said, walking away while her friend laughed.

The girls, along with the two older male executives, finished their golf game. Neither girl had a good game, both ending in triple digits, but neither seemed to care. Aubrey continued to mock Anna quietly, annoying her friend. Anna had to repeatedly smack Aubrey’s arm and neck to get her to keep her mouth closed.

The two girls left the property after the game, making up a reason not to stay and grab drinks with the executives. Aubrey did so because she wanted to hear the detailed activities of her ‘adventurous’ friend while Anna got a weird vibe, thinking that ‘drinks’ was just the first step towards a horrifying group sex session with the grey-haired, mid-fifties men. Having arrived with one of the men, Aubrey had to hitch a ride with Anna, which was obviously not a problem

As Anna pulled away from the country club, she tossed her visor in the backseat and looked at her friend, who had both of her feet on the dashboard, playing with the button on her yellow polo shirt. Anna looked down and noticed the button on her white and pink striped polo was missing, remembering that it was left in the woods earlier.

“Missing something?” Aubrey mocked. “Besides your dignity?”

“Shut up!” Anna yelled. “I can have some fun if I want to, it doesn’t mean I lose self-respect or anything.”

“So you’re proud of what I saw?” Aubrey asked.

Anna looked forward and let a small smile curl the corners of her mouth.

“Yes I am,” she said as she closed her legs together and let out a sigh.

“Ugh will you tell me already!?” Aubrey sighed.

“When we get back to my house,” she responded.

Aubrey remained quiet for the rest of the hour long drive. Anna stayed focused on driving, keeping her mind off of what she had done in the woods, occasionally smiling and laughing to herself, only infuriating Aubrey, who desperately wanted to know.

Once at the house, Anna ran upstairs to grab a shower while Aubrey walked outside for a quick herbal activity. Around a half hour later, with Aubrey nice and stoned, Anna came back downstairs in a pair of black sweatpants and a white tank top holding two glasses of wine.

“Nice nipples,” Aubrey said, noticing the poking bumps under her shirt.

“Are you just horny all the time?” Anna asked.

“You didn’t mind it in Hawaii,” Aubrey said, biting her lip and smiling as she took a glass from her hand.

Anna rolled her eyes before grabbing her friend’s hand and squeezing it, a smile appearing on her face as well.

“Where should I start?” Anna asked.

“Start from when you got to the club,” Aubrey said, sipping her wine.

Anna walked into the country club already dressed for a day on the course, decked out in the striped polo, short and tight light pink shorts and white sneakers with her visor in her bag. She pulled her long brown hair into a ponytail and put the headwear on. She looked around to find the two men waiting by the door leading to the course.

“You must be Anna,” the taller man said. “I’m Jack, this is Walt.”

“Hello,” she quietly said, looking around for Aubrey.

Instantly, the actress was feeling dirty just being around the men. To her, they had the textbook look of perverted old men with nothing on their mind but young women and how to get them in bed. Anna was still flattered a bit as she was still recovering from her thirtieth birthday and the feeling of a first digit of ‘three’ in her age. While it did feel good to be thought of as a young woman, she still had no interest in grey-haired, wrinkled old men picturing her naked. Walt stared at her with his jaw hanging open enough to cause a shiver.

“Sorry I’m late,” Aubrey said, walking up behind Anna and placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Thank god,” Anna quietly said.

“What do you say we go out and hit around some balls,” Jack said, causing a shudder to run through Anna’s muscles.

“I hope I don’t make too much of a fool out of myself,” Aubrey said as she put her own visor on and walked past Anna. “I’ve never played golf before.”

“Me neither,” Anna said, walking past the men.

Once outside, the girls were assigned their caddies and headed out to the first tee. Each man took a swing that landed about a hundred yards away. Anna received her driver from the old caddy and approached the ball. She looked uncomfortable as she tried to get in position to swing, which was quickly picked up on by Walt.

“Let me help you out,” he said, walking up behind her.

“No I’m-oh you’re just going to push against me like that, okay,” she said as the old man grabbed her arms from behind her, pressing his entire body against hers.

“How does that feel?” he asked, straightening her arms out and helping her mimic a swing.

“Good, I guess,” she said while feeling something hard against her ass. “I could do without your dick trying to rip through my shorts, though.”

“I can’t help myself,” he said, laughing in her ear. “I’ll try to lose the pole.”

Aubrey snickered in the background as she watched the borderline-molestation of her best friend. She instantly stopped once Jack started to talk to her.

“I can help you swing too,” he suggested.

“I’m a lesbian so don’t get any ideas,” the closeted bisexual Aubrey said, partially lying.

“You and her?” he asked.

“I wish, she’s straight as an arrow,” she lied, not wanting to give him any ideas of a potential showing later on. “She’s also in a relationship so you should tell pokey to back off.”

Jack looked over to see Walt continuing to practice swinging with Anna, who a look of frightened disgust on her face. Jack did nothing to stop Walt, allowing him to have his fun.

Two minutes of uncomfortable molestation later, Walt finally let Anna go. Anna stopped from throwing up in her mouth long enough to swing the club and launch the ball into the distance. Unfortunately, the legitimate tips that Walt had given her had fallen on deaf ears and the ball shot deep into the woods on the side of the course.

“Fuck!” Anna yelled.

“I like a dirty mouth on a dirty girl,” the perverted Walt said. “Let’s go find it together.”

Anna’s eyes went wide at the thought of going out of public sight with this man who was clearly ready to do what he pleased with her.

“Oh yeaaa-no, I’m good to go by myself,” she said, running away, club still in hand.

Anna made it to the trees and started heading in, using the club to swat away any bushes or wild animals that may get in her way. While swinging away, she saw a large figure about a hundred feet away. She gripped both hands around the handle and held the club over her shoulder. As she drew closer, she could see that it was a long-haired, shirtless man bent over.

“Got another one,” the man said as he held up Anna’s golf ball.

Anna got within ten feet when he turned around. She started to swing the club but stopped as she saw his clean-shaven handsome face and very in-shape torso.

“Whoa, don’t swing,” he said, holding his hands up. “I mean no harm.”

Anna slowly brought the club down as her eyes molested his body.

“Neither do I,” she said as an inadvertent smile came to her face. “You really are in some kind of shape.”

“I try,” he responded. “Judging by the get-up, I’m guessing that this your ball.”

“Yep,” she said, her eyes still locked on his abs. “I got stuck playing with some old fogey that’s been trying to get in my shorts all day.”

“They are nice shorts,” the man said, causing Anna to laugh. “A cute laugh as well. I’m here just collecting golf balls for my mural.”

“An artist?” she asked, still not looking at his face.

“You could say that,” he said, reaching out and lifting her chin up until their eyes met. “You could also look at something besides my body.”

“You were the one admiring my shorts,” she said, her eyes drifting south. “You have nice shorts too.”

“Thanks, would you like to play a game?” he asked.

“Sure,” she said, lost in a haze of lust.

“Okay, it’s called ‘find the ball’,” he chuckled as he pulled his shorts out and tucked the golf ball inside his underwear.

Anna leaned her golf club against an old tree and squatted down.

“Before I play, I should probably learn your name,” she said as she tugged at his belt.

“Just call me Shane,” he said, running the back of his fingers across her ponytail. “No need to say your name Ms. Kendrick, I’m very aware who you are.”

Anna smiled up at him as she reached her hand into his pants, sliding between his underwear and muscular body. Her fingers brushed past his semi-erect cock and grabbed for the ball.

“Do I get bonus points if I find two or three?” Anna giggled.

“Only one way to find out,” he said as he felt her slender fingers grab at his scrotum.

Anna juggled Shane’s testicles in her hand while her big brown eyes sparkled as they stared up at him. Shane’s eyes closed and he let out a deep groan. He flipped Anna’s visor off, leaving it to dangle from the ponytail it was caught in. The actress used her free hand to tug his shorts down, which took a few pulls. Once down, Shane’s fully-erect, almost seven inch cock sprung free, bopping her in the nose while the golf ball bounced to the ground.

“Oh hello,” she said before rubbing her nose up and down the shaft.

“Don’t stop,” he whispered.

“I have to,” she said pulling her head away, her hand still firmly grasping his balls. “Otherwise I can’t do this.”

Anna stood up, bent over and while both hands grabbed a ball, she maneuvered her mouth to the head and inhaled it. With no hesitation, she rapidly thrusted her head back and forth, taking every inch into her mouth. The mushroom-shaped head bounced against the back of her severely-salivated throat.

Shane reached down and tore the button off of her polo shirt, reaching into grab a hold of her bra-covered b-tits. With heavy groping, he took an entire breast in his large hand before switching to the other. While this was going on, her right hand moved from his balls to his shaft, holding it in place while her lips slid tightly up and down.

“You are one good cock sucker,” he told her, causing her to release his crotch and stand straight up.

“How rude,” she said, lightly slapping her chest before turning around and yanking her little pair of shorts to her feet. “Now eat my ass and apologize, you bastard.”

“I am SOOO sorry,” he sarcastically said, kicking his shorts away and dropping to his knees.

Shane grabbed Anna’s ass cheeks, spreading them wide and staring her puckered pink portal. He spit a large wad onto the hole before burying his mouth against her. Anna leaned against the same tree she rested her club against, arching her back. She covered her mouth to prevent a loud squeal that may have drawn attention. The man’s tongue circled around the hole for about twenty seconds before it poked through, entering the exit tunnel.

Slowly, Shane moved his hands around her pale thighs until his fingertips felt the split ends of her short pubic hair. Anna reached a hand downstairs, grabbing one of his and bringing it to her soaking wet snatch. She pushed one of his fingers inside before moving away and letting him to all the work.

Shane worked both of her holes with equal attention. When his finger slowed down, his tongue followed suit, and vice versa. Anna rested her forehead against the tree, her eyes staying closed as her pussy heated up from the attention it was receiving. She groaned as she felt his slimy tongue run away from her ass and meet his finger. He hummed as he tickled the outer edge of her lips.

“This is all fun and shit but I could really use something harder than a tongue and bigger than a finger in my twat,” she said as she tried to dig her fingers into the bark of the tree.

Shane stood up and rubbed his cock against her pussy before spotting her golf club resting against another tree. He reached over and grabbed it by its rubber handle. With Anna’s eyes following the club, watching it disappear out sight, she felt the rough rubber rubbing against her soaking wet opening. She gritted her teeth as he pushed it forward, the pink piece of rubber at the tip disappearing inside her own piece of pink.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed as the pole slid deeper into her.

Shane pulled back and started to fuck her pussy faster with the golf club. Anna’s torso sunk lower until she was almost horizontal, barely able to hold herself up against the tree. Slowly, she began to rock her hips back against the club, taking more and more until she had almost eleven inches inside her.

“I should play golf more often!” she happily exclaimed as he pulled all eleven inches of rubber and steel from her love passage. “Hey, I was about to cum!”

“I want to feel you cum around another long pole,” he said as he ran the wet rubber against her still wet asshole.

At the same time he teased her ass, he shoved his eager penis into her prepared pussy. He groaned has her love glove took his cock as if it was a regular entrant. He could feel the walls of her pussy still tugging from the insertion of the club, giving him an amazing feeling around his throbbing member.

Shane started to push the handle in as softly as he could, being in a bad angle to give her a full-on double fucking. His hips were moving a mile a minute, giving the air a loud slapping sound of hot flesh to fill its space. After twirling the club around in her butt for about a minute, he tossed it aside, grabbed onto her ass with both hands and took full control of his horny little golf girl. He saw her visor dangling from her ponytail and flipped it up, landing upside down atop her head. Anna laughed before being brought back into her sexual haze.

The brunette rested her cheek against the tree and with rapid breaths shooting out, could feel the orgasm she was close to receiving from the club building up again. As she was one to do, she reached for and groped her own breasts, filling her hands as much as she could and pulling them to add a bit of loving pain to her exploding pleasure. Her knees buckled a bit, though not enough to cause a loss of balance, as an intense orgasm washed over her sweaty body.
Shane held her ass tight, keeping her steady as his hips thrusted at a great pace. Eventually, once her body had calmed down, he hooked an arm under her thigh and pulled it up. Anna scratched and clawed her way up the tree until she was standing up almost vertically. She whipped her head to face him and gave him the cutest of smiles before using her mouth to emot. Her tongue circled around, licking her teeth and lips, she pretended to blow kisses at him and pressed her tongue inside her cheek, making it look like she had a cock bumping around inside.

The expressive face of Anna Kendrick, along with a vibrating inner pussy was enough to bring Shane near his breaking point. He pulled out of the actress, who grabbed the golf ball from the dirt and pushed it into her drenched cunt as he jerked himself to climax. He grabbed her face and forced his cock down her throat, shooting his thick, salty cum directly into her throat, trickling down into her stomach. She choked a bit at first, mainly from laughing as she audibly popped the ball out of her cunt with a strong push.

Anna stared up at Shane’s face as the last few sperm fell down her throat. He kept his cock in her mouth for nearly a minute before pulling out, a long strand of saliva hanging from it.

“Talk about a fun golf outing,” she said as she stood up and gave him a long, deep kiss. “I really should go before my friend and the pervs come looking for me.”

Anna grabbed the golf ball and wedged it back in her pussy before dressing herself back up. Before she could turn around and say goodbye, Shane had disappeared into the woods, spotting Aubrey looking in from outside of the trees. Anna ran out and was met with Aubrey.

“Wow, that’s a hot fucking story,” Aubrey said, openly rubbing her pussy through her shorts.

“You think that was hot?” Anna said as she pulled her black sweatpants down, revealing her uncovered pussy.

Anna squeezed Aubrey’s hand and the couch and, once again very audibly, popped the golf ball out of her again-soaked snatch. Aubrey laughed loudly before taking the ball in hand and popping it in her mouth, sucking on it for nearly a minute. She spit it out before wedging it back in her best friend, giving it one final push with her tongue.

“You’re weird, Aub,” Anna said as she kissed her loving friend on the lips, tasting herself. “Want to go get weirder?”

Anna and Aubrey ran upstairs, Anna grabbing a spare golf club that she had resting near the door. They slammed the door shut, engaging in one of their daily sex sessions, with a little twist.

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