Hardcore Sluts: Jena & Emily

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Hardcore Sluts: Jena & Emily
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FFM, cons, oral, anal, mas
Celebs: Jena Malone, Emily Browning
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: Picture this in the style of a porno video.

We fade in on Jena and Emily kneeling on a bed, naked.  As the camera zooms in, we see Jena has her tongue out, and Emily is, for lack of a better word, fellating it.  Emily then kisses down Jena’s chest, and starts licking and sucking on her nipples. “Uhmmm…” Jena moans.  As the camera moves down, we see Emily is also rubbing and fingering Jena’s hairy twat. “God, you’ve got me so fucking wet, baby…let me taste my pussy…” Emily pulls her fingers out, and her and Jena lick the juice off them.

Jena is now on her back, propped up on her elbows, legs spread, watching as Emily kisses around her belly.  Emily then grabs a handful Jena’s pubes, and tugs on them. “Think I can pull your whole bush out?”

“You do, and I’ll make you eat it.” Emily laughs at this.  She then, in a close-up, holds Jena’s pussy open, and licks the juice from inside. “Yeah, eat me, baby…Oh…” Jena closes her eyes and tilts her head back, then lifts up her ass. “Oh, baby, put your fingers in my ass…” Emily slides her fingers into Jena’s pussy to get them wet, then slides them into her asshole. “Oooh…fffuck!” Emily continues to eat Jena out, while fingering her asshole. “Oh!  Oh!  Oh!” Jena’s brow furrows, and she purses her lips, as she watches Emily.  Finally, Jena throws her head back, and lets out a high-pitched squeal, muffled by her lips, as she cums. “Mmm-MMMMMM!”

Now, Emily is on her hands and knees, as Jena, kneeling behind her, squeezes her butt-cheeks. “You have such a juicy ass, baby.” Jena then holds open Emily’s cheeks, and, in another close-up, sticks her index finger into her butt-hole. “You are the only girl I’ve ever met whose asshole actually gets wetter than her pussy.” She then pulls the finger out, and sucks it.

“And you’re the only girl I’ve met who likes eating arse more than pussy.”

“Hmm, especially when it’s yours, baby.”

Back in the close-up, Jena begins to lick Emily’s asshole, which quivers under her tongue, as we hear Emily breathe vocally.  Jena licks up Emily’s ass-juice, while fingering her pussy, and we see a shot of Emily’s face, screwed up with pleasure. “Oh…Oh, God, love…” Emily moans, voice straining, “that feels beauty, love…” Again back to the close-up, Jena sticks her first two fingers in Emily’s ass, and finger-fucks it, then pulls them out and licks the juice from them.  Jena then tongue fucks Emily’s ass, while fingering her pussy faster. “Ah!” Emily grunts, “Ah!  Ah!  AH!” Finally, Emily lets out a long, hoarse cry, and bows her elbows, as she cums.

It then cuts, and now there’s a guy lying between them, as they take turns sucking him off.  In another close-up, Jena licks and sucks on his swollen head, while Emily does the same with his balls.  Jena then wraps her lips around the shaft, and moves her head down, until her lips are touching his body, gagging a little, then quickly pulls it out, breathing rapidly.

“Heh,” Emily chuckles, “like the way that tastes, love?” Emily then does the same, moving her head down all the way, and gagging on his cock, before pulling it out quickly.  The two take turns doing this a couple of times, then they lick their saliva off the now shimmering cock.

Jena is now straddling the guy in a reverse cowgirl position, lowering herself onto his cock.  In yet another close-up, the big dick moves in and out of Jena’s cunt, as she moves up and down on it.  Emily, meanwhile, is once again sucking the guy’s balls. “Oh, fuck, that thing is hard…” Jena moans, as she rides it.  A shot of her chest shows she’s starting to sweat profusely, which is making her nipples extra hard. “Fffuck!” Jena shouts.  She then lifts herself up, so the cock flops out, and Emily again sucks it off. “Yeah, taste my juices on that cock, baby…” Emily then pushes the cock up again, as Jena again lifts herself up. “Put that cock in my ass, baby…”

In another up close shot, Emily presses the head of the cock against Jena’s asshole, then Jena lowers herself again, the cock going in, until it’s balls deep. “Oh, fuck!” Jena groans deeply, as the cock goes all the way into her asshole.  She then slowly moves up and down. “God, I fucking love the way that feels!” We then get another close-up, as Emily sticks her tongue into Jena’s pussy, eating her out as she’s fucked in the ass. “Oh, fuck, just like that, baby!” Jena moans, face screwing up. The guy then grabs Jena’s hips, and starts thrusting into her ass. “Oh, fuck!” Breathing choppily, Jena looks down at Emily. “Baby, I’m gonna squirt on you!” Smiling up at her, Emily starts diddling Jena’s twat, while holding her tongue out. “Oh, God!” Jena squeals at the top of her lungs, as her pussy squirts all over Emily’s face.  Emily just smiles and licks her lips.

Emily is now on her back, legs spread, as, in another close-up, the guy pushes his cock into her pussy. “Oh, fuck, love!” Emily groans, tilting her head back, as the guy starts thrusting, “You were right, this guy’s cock is like a fucking rock!” As the guy fucks her, Jena, in a brief close-up, licks, sucks, and even bites on Emily’s nipples, which are almost painfully hard, as she too is now sweating rather heavily.  As Jena sucks one nipple, the other boob bounces violently with the guy’s thrusts.  Emily then shrieks, as she cums.  The guy pulls his cock out, and Jena immediately sucks it off. “Fuck her bloody throat!” Emily moans, and the guy grabs Jena’s head, and does just that, making Jena gag again.

Emily is again on her hands and knees, and, in yet another close-up, the guy pushes his cock into her asshole. “Yeah, love, all the way in.” The guy slowly pushes his cock in deeper, Emily groaning and grunting, until he’s balls deep, at which point he starts thrusting in and out.  Jena, who’s kneeling next to Emily, starts licking the juice off the guy’s cock as it goes in and out. “Oh, fuck, love,” Emily whimpers, her face looking like she’s going to start crying, “eat my pussy!” Jena gets under her, and we see a shot of her licking Emily’s cunt, as the cock goes in and out of her ass above.  The guy thrusts faster and faster, until Emily lets out a blood-curdling scream, and her arms buckle, as she cums hard.  The guy pulls out, and Jena guides the cock to her mouth.  Once again, the guy throat-fucks Jena.  He then puts his cock back in, and fucks Emily’s asshole some more, her now sounding like she’s crying, until he lets out a loud groan.

We now see Emily in a crab-like pose, ass hovering over Jena’s face. “Yeah, squeeze that cum out, baby,” Jena says, then holds her mouth open.  Emily clenches, and the guy’s jism oozes out, dripping into Jena’s mouth.  Once it all seems to be out, Jena gets up on her elbows, and licks Emily’s sore, gaping asshole. “Oh, baby!” Jena exclaims, “That was so fucking hot!  Did you enjoy it, baby?” Emily, face still a little screwed up, smiles and giggles.  The scene then fades out on a close-up of Jena slowly licking around the rim of Emily’s asshole.

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