Stewing in Their Own Juices

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Stewing in Their Own Juices

by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, drugs, ws, cons
Celebs: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Lawrence
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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It was the hottest day of one of the hottest summers on record, when Jennifer Lawrence, nearing the end of a day of filming, went to her co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal’s trailer.  What Jennifer found inside was interesting to say the least.

Maggie was naked, sitting on the couch, watching some movie and laughing her ass off, holding a half-full bottle of whiskey.

“Uh, enjoying yourself?”

“More like making the best of it,” Maggie said between laughs, apparently well on the way to being plastered. “I fucking hate this heat.”

Jen looked at the TV. “Hey, that’s you, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, one of my earlier movies.  I played a Satanist in this one.” At that point, on-screen Maggie said something that made Jen laugh.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Knock yourself out, sweetie.”

“Do I have to be naked, too?”

“Well, no, you don’t have to be…” Before she could finish the sentence, Jen stripped out of her clothes, some of which clung to her with the amount of sweat coming out of her pores.

“Pass the bottle, wouldja?” Maggie passed Jen the bottle of whiskey, and Jen immediately took a huge, multi-swallow slug.

“Damn!” Maggie again laughed.

By the time the movie ended, the bottle was empty, and both were sloppy drunk.

“D’you need t’be on set soon?” Maggie slurred.

“Mm-mm,” Jen shook her head.

“Awright, I’ll put somethin’ else on.” Maggie struggled to stand up, then shuffled toward the TV. “Lessee…” As Maggie looked for something else to watch, Jen found herself staring at Maggie’s sweaty ass-cheeks, and getting ideas. “Hey, how about…” Maggie turned her head to find Jen was no longer sitting on the couch. “Jen?” She then noticed Jen was on the floor behind her. “What’re y’doin’ on th’ floor?”

“Mmm, keep facin’ th’ TV.” Maggie suddenly felt Jen’s hands on her cheeks.

“Woo!  Gettin’ a l’il fresh, r’we?” Jen squeezed and fondled Maggie’s butt-cheeks for a moment, then spread them.  The next thing Maggie felt was Jen’s tongue, licking up her sweaty butt-crack, before centering on her asshole. “Oh, jeez…” Maggie leaned over the TV to give Jen easier access to her butt-hole.  Jen’s tongue felt…amazing, so much so that she wondered if Jen had eaten a lot of ass in her young life. “Finger m’pussy.” Jen inserted her middle finger in Maggie’s dripping cunt, all the way to the third knuckle, and proceeded to finger-fuck her. “Oh, f…fu-uck!” Between how good it felt, and the amount she’d been drinking, Maggie almost fell on the floor when she came.

As Maggie caught her breath, Jen sat on the floor. “Y’know what?  I’d been wantin’ t’ ask you if y’wanted to, y’know, have a l’il…y’know, turrryssstah…but couldn’ work up the nerve.  Didn’ expect I’d end up doin’ somethin’ like I jes’ did.”

After a moment of awkward silence, Maggie blurted out, “Fuck! I gotta piss like a race horse!”

Jen reached behind her, and grabbed the bottle. “Here pee int’ this.”

“I was goin’ t’ use th’ toilet.”

“Naw, pee in this.”

“Awright…” Maggie held the bottle under her twat, then started peeing.  Some ended up on the floor, or even spraying Jen, but Maggie got most of it in the bottle.  As Jen watched, she became very giggly, but also was incredibly turned on.

Once Maggie finished, Jen held her hand out for the bottle, and Maggie passed it back to her.  To Maggie’s amazement, Jen downed the entire bottle in one, no-stopping-to-breathe swig.

“Wow!” Maggie chuckled, “Yer a fuckin’ freak, girl!” It was now that Maggie got an idea. “Okay,” she said, taking back the bottle, “bend ov’r the couch!”


“Jes’ doit.”

Jen got up, and bent over, hands on the couch.  Facing the other wall, Jen only heard Maggie spit, and immediately was worried. “Waitwaitwait, what’re y’doin’?” The next thing Jen knew, she had an empty whiskey bottle shoved up her ass. “Ohf!” Jen groaned, wincing, as Maggie sodomized her with the bottle. “God, yer callin’ me a freak?” Maggie pushed the bottle in further, and Jen let out another loud groan.

“How’s that feel, sweetie?”

“How th’ fuck you think it feels, bitch?  It fuckin’ hurts!”

“Want me t’stop?”

“Um…” Jen realized she was starting to enjoy the bottle. “No.”

“You got it!”

Jen clenched her teeth as Maggie fucked her ass with the bottle.  As much as it hurt, and in spite of her pussy not even being touched, Jen felt a powerful orgasm welling up inside her cunt.  Finally, Jen came, and her ass clenched around the bottle, making the orgasm even more intense, and Jen screamed so loud, it rattled the windows.

“Okay,” Jen gasped, collapsing onto her elbows, “take that fuckin’ bottle out, now!” Maggie yanked it out, and it made a wet popping sound.  Jen then turned around, and crashed on the sofa. “Awright, I am definitely partying with you again.”  This caused Maggie to laugh her ass off, and Jen exhaustedly joined in.

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