Nicki’s New Look

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Title: Nicki’s new look

Author: Titus

Codes: bdsm, tort,

Celeb: Nicki Minaj

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Nicki Minaj woke up from the long dream. She went down sleeping in the hotel, but she wasn’t definitely in her room anymore. She was in some king of small room without any windows, chained to the wall with metal rings around her wrists and ankles. And to her shock she noted that she was completely naked.

She struggled, trying to free herself from the bonds, but it was useless. She called for help numerous times, but her cries echoed in the room without any answer. Finally, doors went open and small man, with a black mask on his face entered the room.

„You! Let me go!“ Nicki cried, but man just ignored her. He moved to the small table and started placing some stuff upon it. Nicki made few other cries, but he was totally deaf for her pleas and threats. He simply prepared something, focusing on his job. Finally, he turned to her.

„I highly advice you to stay calm and motionless“ he said „I don’t want to hurt you during the process.“

„Then let me go, you sicko!“ she shouted and moment later she cried loudly in pain, because man took taser and electricity hit her.

„I told you to keep calm. If you won’t listen to me, I’ll have to make you calm“ he said, looking into her eyes. There was something in his look that made her afraid. He was scary and she couldn’t prevent him from doing anything he wanted to her.

„What do you… want? Money? I can pay you“ she asked, hoping to bribe him maybe.

„No, thanks. I mean, I always welcome money and someone paid me a lot for this job. So you can take your money away.“

„Job? What kind of job you mean?“

„Someone who wants to stay anonymous paid me good cash for changing your look a bit. So, stay silent and motionless and will go through it without much pain.“

„This is crazy! You can’t… Auuugghhrrrhhhh!!!!“ her words were cut down when taser was used again.

„So, let us start.“ man smiled and took tattoo stuff into his hands. Nicki watched him with her eyes big from terror.

„Please, I beg you, whoever paid you, I’m sure I can double his paauuuuggggghhhh!!!!!“ electricity kicked her for the third time.

„Do you want me to knock you unconscious?“ he asked.

Since Nicki made no more demands, he knelt and started his job. First her legs. He covered her legs with a hard core pornographic images, including women having sex with a men, monsters or animals. Then he moved to her arms. She got „Price list“ on her right arm with „Blowjob: 2$“, „Anal: 5$“, „Sex: 6$“, „Handjob: Free!“. On her left arm he wrote „I love“ and added another list: „Gangbang“, „Beastiality“, „Watersports“, „Lesbian“, „BDSM“. He wrote „H A N D“ on the first four fingers on her left hand and „J O B S“ on the fingers of the right one.

He moved to her pussy, giving her big arrow on her belly, directed down with „Cum depository“ written around in circle. Her dark nipples were surrounded with bull’s eyes. She also got „Milk“ on the left tit and „Bags“ on the right one.

„Please, not my face“ she sobbed, as he turned to her head. He said nothing and continued his job. Very soon she had „SLUT“ on her forehead, „Cum“ on the left cheek“ and „Drinker“ on the right one. Her upper lip got a small „I swallow“ writing. He admired his job with Nicki’s body covered with obscene pictures and humiliating words.

„Time for your new jewelery“ he said and produced the needle. He burned it with a candle and very soon Nicki’s cry was heard when needle pierced her left nipple. Iron ring was quickly put into the small hole. Another cry and another ring, this time in her right nipple.

Man knelt between her legs, still holding a needle. Nicki gasped when the burning metal touched her clit. She cried at the top of her voice when she got one last ring, smaller than the previous ones. Man produced a chain and linked all three rings together. He jerked it, causing loud moan from Nicki’s mouth.

She hoped that it’s the end of that torment, but she was wrong. Very soon she discovered that she can still cry even louder, when her nose was pierced and metal ring was forced inside.

„Guess it makes my job complete“ he smiled and revealed his phone. He started taking a lot of photos from all directions. Nicki sobbed in silence, tears ran down her cheeks. She knew that those rings could be probably removed, but those tattoos might be permanent.

„Time to see goodbye“ said masked man and gave her a prick. Nicki fell asleep quickly. When she woke up again, she found herself back in the hotel. Her first idea was that it she just had a nightmare. But when she made a move, she heard ringing of the chains… She jumped out of the bed and looked into the mirror… than fainted after seeing what that man in the mask did to her.

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