SEXXY, Part 6

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SEXXY, Part 6
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, mas, con
Celebs: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lea Michele
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Maggie and Lea in a bath, making out.

“Oh, God,” Lea moans, “I’m so fucking hard right now.”

“Mmm, me too, baby.  I wanna fuck you so badly.”

“I wanna watch you jerk off.”

“Hmm, if I can watch you.”

The two get up, and sit on the rim of the tub, revealing both have rock hard, nine inch cocks, soap suds dripping off their dicks and balls.  We see alternating close-ups, as Maggie and Lea watch each other stroke their cocks, making them harder, and making their heads swollen.

Maggie then moans, “Wanna hold them together?”

“Yeah, do it.” Maggie gets in front of Lea, and we see another close-up, as their dicks are pressed together, and then Maggie wraps her hand around both, and strokes them. “Oh, God, I wanna suck your big cock!”

“Fuck, do it!” Lea gets down, and wraps her lips around Maggie’s cock.  We see another close-up, as Lea’s lips slide up and down Maggie’s hard, thick shaft. “Oh, God, you look so fucking sexy sucking me off.” Lea sucks Maggie’s cock a bit more, then Maggie says, “God, suck my balls!” We again see up close, as Lea starts to suck on Maggie’s dripping balls, while stroking her dick. “Squeeze ‘em in your mouth, baby!” Lea takes them both in her mouth, and we hear Maggie groan.

We now see the two have switched places, and Maggie is sucking Lea’s cock. “Oh, God, you do that so good, baby!” In another close-up, Maggie slides her lips up and down Lea’s shaft, while squeezing her big, wet balls with her hand. “God, deep throat me, baby!” Maggie takes Lea’s dick deep into her mouth, and we hear her gag a little, before pulling out.  Lea smirks, “Hmm, like the way that tastes?” Maggie gives Lea’s balls a hard squeeze, and Lea moans, “Ow!” Maggie smirks back at her.

Lea is sitting back on the edge of the tub, stroking her cock, as Maggie pushes hers into Lea’s ass. “Fuck, your asshole is so tight!  Does this hurt?”

“A little.”

“Want me to stop?”

“No!” We again see up close, as Maggie’s throbbing cock pushes laboredly in and out of Lea’s ass.  Lea suddenly shrieks in pain.


“No, it’s okay.”

We then see Maggie bent over the edge, and another close-up shows Lea pushing her cock into Maggie’s asshole. “Ooooohhh, God!”

“Goddamn, that’s tight!  Are you sure you’re not clenching?”

“I’m not,” Maggie groans painfully, “you’re just that big.” Lea thrusts into her a couple of times, and Maggie yells in pain.

We now see Maggie sitting on the edge, stroking her cock, as Lea stands in front of her, stroking hers. “Oh, God, cum on my cock!”

Lea groans and grimaces, then starts moaning, “Yesyesyesyes!”
and we see up close, as long, white ropes of hot, sticky jism shoot out of her cock, and coat Maggie’s cock and balls.

Maggie then starts stroking faster, and then her face screws up, and she groans, “I’m cumming!” As she says this, Lea places her face over Maggie’s cock, and opens her mouth, and then we see Maggie’s hot, white cum shoot out of her cock, into Lea’s mouth, some it hitting her face.  Lea then spits Maggie’s splooge onto her dick, then sucks her off one more time. “Oh, my God, that was fucking incredible.”

The two again start making out, as the scene fades out.

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