The Comic-Con Chronicles, Chapter 5

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The Comic-Con Chronicles, Chapter 5

by RandyPan
Story Codes: FFFFF, cons, oral, anal, drugs
Celebs: Alex Kingston, Catherine Tate, Karen Gillan, Jenna Louise Coleman, Catrin Stewart
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Alex, Catherine, Karen, Jenna, and Catrin were in attendance at a Doctor Who panel.  After it was over, the five walked the convention floor.

“It’s a shame you weren’t able to come to London this year, Catrin,” Alex said.

“I know, I heard you initiated Maisie.  Wish I could’ve seen that.”

“I got to show her around,” Jenna cut in.

“I know,” Alex responded, “and you didn’t say a word to me.”

“Well, you looked pre-occupied.”

“That little girl’s amazing, let me tell you,” Catherine now spoke up.

“You two also went to Boston this year, didn’t you?” Catrin pointed to Catherine and Karen.

“Yeah,” Karen said, “What a weekend.”

“Well,” Alex cut back in, “who’s for going up to the room for a while?”

Moments later, the five were up in Alex’s hotel room, naked or getting naked.  Alex was on the bed, setting up a bong. “We all smoking?”

They all said yes.  Karen added, “I’ve probably already smoked enough this weekend, but fuck it.”

“Oh, tell us more!” Jenna smirked, lying on her stomach.

“Let’s just say, if you saw J-Law walking around without a bra earlier, now you know why.” Alex took a hit off the bong, then passed it to Karen, and she, too, took a hit.

After the five got good and buzzed, Catrin, who was sitting next to Alex on the bed, crawled over to Jenna, and slapped her on the ass.

“Well,” Catherine, sitting in one of the chairs, snarked, “someone’s making up for lost time.”

“Oh, you have no idea,” Catrin raised her eyebrow lasciviously.

“Well,” Alex said, “I guess there’s no point in me pretending, then.” She reached over, and grabbed Catrin by the hair.  Catrin giggled as Alex dragged her backward. “I’ve been wanting you to do this a long time.” She then shoved Catrin’s head between her legs. “Eat up, little girl.” Catrin did just that, shoving her tongue in Alex’s juicy twat. “Oooh, fuck yes…” Alex moaned.

“Well,” Jenna rolled onto her back, held open her twat, and smirked, “anyone else hungry?”

“Well, now that you mention it…” Karen got down on the bed, and started to eat her out.

“I’m feeling a bit famished, too, actually.” Catherine crouched behind Karen, gave her ass-cheeks a squeeze, and proceeded to tongue-fuck Karen’s butt-hole.

As Karen’s tongue probed her snatch, Jenna squeezed her titties and rubbed and pinched her hard and pointy nipples. “Uhm…uh…fuck!” Jenna’s face screwed up, looking like she was going to sneeze, as Karen’s tongue-bath intensified, as Karen herself started moaning from Catherine licking her ass.

Now, Catrin lay on her back, with her tongue in Catherine’s ginger snatch, as Catherine bit her lip, and squeezed her huge, white tits.  Meanwhile, Jenna ate Catrin’s pussy, and finger-fucked her ass.  Catrin let out a loud squeal when she came.

A while later, Karen and Alex were both wearing strap-ons.  Karen lay on the bed, and held Catrin’s sides, as Catrin lowered herself, letting the dildo into her ass.  Alex, meanwhile, kneeled in front of them, and slid her rubber cock into Catrin’s pussy. “Fuck…” Catrin gasped, before getting louder, “Fuck!  Fuck!  FuckfuckfuckFUCK!” Catrin climaxed rather fast, but urged the others, “Don’t stop!” After her third or fourth orgasm, Catrin, who was starting to look like she was going to cry, let out a high-pitched shriek that almost deafened Karen and Alex.  When Alex pulled out, Catrin’s pussy squirted all over the place.

Karen then pulled out, and left Catrin lying there, drenched in sweat and gasping for air.

“Feel satisfied?” Alex smirked.

“Oh, yes,” Catrin squeaked between breaths, then started laughing.

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