Porno Chic: Maggie Gyllenhaal

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Porno Chic: Maggie Gyllenhaal
by RandyPan
Story Codes: mas, anal, fist
Celebs: Maggie Gyllenhaal
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is basically a series where we see what it would look like if famous actresses did porn.

We fade in on Maggie Gyllenhaal, shot from behind, her silk bathrobe slipping off her shoulders, hitting the floor off camera, as a shower runs in the background.  Suddenly, she turns her head toward us.

“Oh, hello.  Gonna join me?” She smirks.

The camera follows her in to the shower.  When the hot water hits her, she sighs, “God, you have no idea how good this feels.” She rubs her shoulders. “I was on my feet for twelve hours today, just filming this one scene.” Maggie then snickers. “The director’s a bit of a perfectionist.” She then sticks her head under the showerhead, and wets her hair.

Maggie then reaches for the body-wash, pops the top, and pours some of it onto her breasts.  We then get a close-up of her tits, as she fondles them, and rubs the soap in, getting them nice and sudsy. “Ah, yeah.  Bet you wish you were in here with me.  Hmm…I love having someone stand behind me, massaging my breasts, playing with my nipples, and kissing my neck.” Again smirking at the camera, and raising one eyebrow, she then says, “That’s right.  I said ‘someone’.”

Maggie rubs some of the soap into her stomach, and then moves one hand down, past her hairy bush, and she bites her lip, as she starts fingering her clit.  She then leans back, and puts one foot up against the opposite wall.  The camera moves in for a close-up of her pussy, which she holds open, continuing to rub her clit. “You like watching me masturbate, don’t you?  Yeah, I know my fans.  Both the guys and you ladies wanna eat my pussy.  You know it’s true.  You all wanna taste my pussy juices.” The camera cuts to her face, as she tilts her head back, and her brow furrows. “Yesss…” She clutches at her breast with her free hand, and practically claws it. “God, I wish I had someone here, a boy or a girl, to bury their tongue in my snatch.” She then smiles, and looks at the camera, doing a half-cumface. “I hope you’re all masturbating with me.  I wish I could watch you all while you watch me; guys, making your cocks nice and hard, and ladies, making your pussies all wet.  Hmm…” She finger-fucks herself, again close-up. “Yeeaah…”

It then cuts to Maggie fellating a large, dick-shaped, vibrating dildo; sucking on the head, licking up the shaft.  She looks at the camera. “Oh, don’t get me wrong, ladies.  I’d love to have you in here with me.  But right now, I need a cock, and badly. She continues to suck off the toy, wrapping her lips around the shaft, pulling it out. “Bet you wish this was your cock.  I wish it was.  Wish I could feel it throb in my mouth, and taste your pre-cum.”

Maggie then puts the dildo between her tits, and squeezes them around it. “Yesss…I love having my titties fucked.  I love the way it feels when a guy just sprays his hot load all over them, and then licking it off.”

Finally, we see her, close-up, insert the dildo into her pussy.  Her head tilts back again, smiling, then she says, “Wait, I know how to make this even better.” Once again close up, we see her insert her index and middle fingers into her asshole. “Yeeesss…!  There it is!” Her face screws up, as she fucks her pussy with the dildo, and finger-fucks her ass. “Oh…oh, God!” As she fucks herself faster with the dildo, we see her add her ring finger to her ass. “Oh, fuck!  God, I wish this was a real cock!  I wish it was real, so I could feel its hot load in my pussy!” She goes faster and harder with the dildo.  We again see her ass, as she now adds her pinky finger.  Finally, she cums, letting out a shrieking cry that echoes against the shower wall.

Maggie slides down the wall, onto the floor, pulling the dildo out of her pussy, and her fingers out of her ass.  She licks her juices off the dildo, then smiles at the camera. “God, that was incredible.  Well, see you next time.” She waves. “Bye.”

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