Stiff Competition 7 – From the Vault

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The following is completely fictional. Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. Contents of this story are merely creative license, not unlike a TV show or movie that uses real people in fictional settings and situations. However, if you do have video or pictures of events similar to the ones described below, feel free to forward them to me for closer examination. Feedback, comments, praise, criticism, death threats, nude photos, etc. can be sent to voodoojoe2000 at yahoo dot com (come on, you can assemble that into an actual e-mail address).

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Celebs of choice in this story are Nina Dobrev, Molly Quinn, Victoria Justice, Vanessa Hudgens, Stella Hudgens, McKayla Maroney, Rachel Bilson, Katherine McNamara, and Olivia Holt. The codes are (FF, cons, oral, anal, toys). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

Stiff Competition 7 – From the Vault

By voodoojoe

The Taking of Nina’s Ass One Two Three

“Today we’re going to do something a little different,” Vanessa Hudgens said into the camera. “Instead of picking names and drawing challenges, today I’m going to show some of the most requested videos from past challenges. Consider this the equivalent of a clip show episode of a tv series. First up is Nina Dobrev losing her anal virginity. I’m still shocked it lasted as long as it did and who knows how long it might have gone if I hadn’t put it on the table as a challenge of its own, but the results of her anal deflowering speak for themselves.”

* * * * *

“Feeling nervous?” Vanessa Hudgens asked, the camera coming into focus on the beautiful face of Nina Dobrev.

“A little,” Nina said, feeling the butterflies bouncing around in her stomach.

It wasn’t like she’d never had any anal contact before. She’d had tongues toss her salad and even the occasional finger had penetrated her asshole before, but nothing any bigger than that. And certainly nothing as big as what was currently dangling from the waist of the cute redhead waiting behind her.

Panning out, Vanessa turned the camera on that redhead. Molly Quinn had been the lucky girl to have her name drawn and as a result was happily smearing lube along the length of her strap on. Moving in behind Nina, Molly used some of the excess lube on her fingers to grease up Nina’s back passage.

“Ready?” Vanessa asked Nina as Molly cleaned her hands on a tissue.

“Yeah,” Nina said, her voice cracking as a combination of anxiety, excitement, and a bit of fear flooded her system all at once.

Moving around, Vanessa made sure to get a good shot of Nina’s ass, the puckered hole glistening in the light of the room reflecting off the lube. As Molly aimed the dildo against Nina’s ass Vanessa zoomed out to be able to get Nina’s profile in hopes of catching the look on her face while she was losing her anal virginity, while still getting a shot of the penetration.

“OH MY GOD!” Nina hissed, her eyes going wide as Molly’s strap on suddenly popped through her sphincter and plunged two inches into her virgin asshole.

“Feels big, doesn’t it?” Vanessa asked, zooming in on Nina’s face as Molly paused to let her adjust somewhat to the massive intrusion.

“Fucking huge,” Nina gasped, barely able to breathe through the pain.

“Good news is that the worst is over,” Vanessa said. “It only gets better from here.”

“Can’t wait,” Nina snorted, grimacing a bit as Molly pushed another inch of dildo into her ass.

Behind her, Molly gripped Nina’s hips. Ignoring the camera, Molly pulled an inch or so out of Nina’s ass before pushing two inches back into it. As Nina grunted, Molly repeated the process until she finally had the whole thing stuffed into Nina’s virgin ass.

“That it?” Nina hissed, feeling Molly’s pelvis pressed against her ass.

“You’re no longer an anal virgin,” Vanessa said, moving the camera underneath Molly to show Nina’s empty pussy and the little bit of toy visible between Molly’s harness and where the rest disappeared between Nina’s butt cheeks.

“So I passed?” Nina asked, groaning as she felt Molly’s toy sliding out of her ass.

“You lost your virginity, but it hasn’t been fucked yet,” Vanessa said, grinning as Molly drilled back into Nina’s ass hard enough to make the older girl gasp for air as it was knocked from her lungs. “How does it feel?”

“She’s really tight,” Molly said, setting a moderate pace in Nina’s ass.

“What about you? Feeling good?” Vanessa asked Nina.

“A little?” Nina said, raising her tone a little at the end to make it sound a bit like a question.

The pain was still there but with each stroke Molly made into her ass the pain dissipated a bit more and the pleasure grew. Then almost without warning she found herself pushing back to meet Molly thrusts. Each thrust sent little tendrils of pleasure through her nether regions.

“I think she likes it,” Vanessa said, practically cackling as Nina moaned at having her fudge packed.

“Definitely,” Molly said, smirking as she slammed into Nina’s ass and got a low moan in response.

“Spread her cheeks,” Vanessa said, shooting down from above as Molly’s toy worked in and out of Nina’s asshole.

Doing as she was told, Molly gripped Nina’s cheeks. As they were pulled apart, Vanessa got a shot of Nina’s asshole with the large toy driving in and out of it. Each time Molly drove home, Nina groaned as nerve endings exploded in pleasure.

“You’re an anal slut now, aren’t you?” Vanessa asked Nina as she moved to show Nina’s face.

“Yeahhh,” Nina groaned, her mouth hanging open as Molly slammed into her ass.

“Tell Molly what you want,” Vanessa demanded.

“Fuck my ass,” Nina hissed, her fingers clenching around the sheets as her newly devirginized asshole was fucked to within an inch of its life.

“I don’t think she heard you,” Vanessa said.

“Uhh, fuck my ass,” Nina screamed loud enough for the people down the street to hear. “Fuck it harder.”

“Mmm, you heard her, Molly,” Vanessa purred. “Fuck that ass until she comes.”

“I still get to suck it clean though, right?” Molly asked, driving into Nina’s ass with as much force as she could muster.

“It’s not called The Redhead Rule for nothing,” Vanessa said, grinning as she pictured Molly lavishing her oral attention on the soiled dildo when she was done with it.

“Ohh gawd,” Nina groaned, picturing the same thing Vanessa was, except with the added benefit of having her asshole skewered repeatedly at the same time.

Nina, obviously, was quite familiar with ass-to-mouth. Vanessa was big on offering bonuses for the act, but usually it was the one on the receiving end of the ass fucking that typically got offered such deals. And since Nina was on that end of the proceedings for the first time, she’d never done it herself.

Though as eager as Molly seemed to be to do the deed, Nina was suddenly very intrigued by the idea. Not quite enough to try to convince Molly to give up something she clearly enjoyed, but the next time she was presented with the opportunity she was definitely going to take it just to see if it was really all that.

“You want to come, don’t you?” Vanessa whispered into Nina’s ear.

“Uhh, yeahhh,” Nina mewled, her first butt fucking a massive success as far as she was concerned.

“Maybe I can help you with that,” Vanessa said, setting the camera down and zooming in on Nina’s face.

“Oh fuck,” Nina gasped as Vanessa slipped a hand underneath her.

Finding Nina’s pussy, Vanessa pressed her middle finger against Nina’s clit. Moving her finger in circles, Vanessa rubbed at Nina’s nub, sending Nina into orbit. With a loud wail of pleasure, Nina came like a firecracker, asshole clamping down on Molly’s toy.

Feeling Nina’s ass grip her toy like a vise, Molly was forced to come to a halt. Nina’s ass was just too tight to keep thrusting or even pull out. When Nina’s ass finally let go, Molly withdrew, letting Vanessa get a nice shot of Nina’s gaping asshole while she slid the harness down her thighs.

“Ooh, let me get a shot of this,” Vanessa said, moving the camera to get a shot of Molly lifting the filthy toy to her lips. “Such a naughty little bitch, aren’t you?”

“Mmhmm,” Molly agreed, working several inches of fake cock into her mouth.

“So hot,” Nina sighed, watching Molly give a blowjob to the strap on.

The Vanella Express

“Next up on our little trip down memory lane is one I’m rather fond of myself,” Vanessa said as the sight of Molly eagerly sucking Nina’s ass off the dildo faded from the screen. “After Stella joined the competition, Selena thought it would be funny to include a challenge where some lucky girl would get to be in the middle of a sister sandwich. I think she was hoping she’d be the lucky girl, but instead Victoria Justice wound up getting stuffed by me and my sister.”

* * * * *

“This is going to be fun,” Stella Hudgens said, lasciviously staring at the slim Latina in front of her.

“Promise to be gentle with me?” Victoria Justice asked, facing the prospect of her first DP.

Victoria was certainly no stranger to having cocks, real and fake, invading her holes, but never at the same time. The closest she’d ever come was when Liz and Ariana had spit roasted her, but they’d never even tried to double tap her.

“Only until you want us to get rough,” Vanessa promised. “Now climb on top of Stella.”

“How come you get her ass?” Stella asked.

“Because I’m older and this is my contest,” Vanessa said. “Now do as I say or you’ll be the one in the middle.”

“Tempting,” Stella said, grinning as she remembered her first DP. “But we can save that for later.”

As Stella reclined on the bed, Victoria nervously moved to straddle her waist. Putting one hand on the bed, Victoria reached back and grabbed hold of Stella’s toy. Positioning the head at the entrance of her pussy, Victoria eased down, feeling her pussy stretch deliciously around the dildo.

“Mmmm,” Victoria purred as she reached bottom, feeling nice and full already with just her pussy full of fake cock.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Vanessa asked as Victoria got her knees underneath herself and started to lift up Stella’s toy.

“Yeah,” Victoria moaned, dropping down and being filled again.

“Just wait until we’re both fucking you silly,” Vanessa said, reaching out and cupping one of Victoria’s tits as Victoria started to lift up again.

“Ohhh,” Victoria groaned at the reminder of what was to come.

“Do it, ‘Nessa, fuck her with me,” Stella hissed, holding onto Victoria’s hips and thrusting up into her.

“Better get her ready then,” Vanessa said, grinning as she gave Victoria’s tit one last squeeze.

Moving in behind Victoria, Vanessa gave Stella’s thigh a light pat to let her know to pause for a moment. When Stella stopped, Vanessa put a hand between Victoria’s shoulder blades and pushed her forward until she was chest to chest with Stella.

“This ass demands to be licked,” Vanessa said, drooling over the sight of Victoria’s ass.

“Ooh, do it,” Victoria hissed, looking back at Vanessa. “Uhh, lick my ass asshole.”

Smirking at Victoria’s eagerness, Vanessa slowly leaned in. Extending her tongue, she grabbed the cheeks of Victoria’s ass and pulled them apart. Zeroing in on the tight little pucker in front of her, Vanessa pressed the tip of her tongue against the point where Stella’s toy and Victoria’s pussy joined and dragged it upwards.

“Ohhhh,” Victoria moaned as Vanessa’s tongue snaked over her sensitive asshole.

Gripping Victoria’s ass, Vanessa poked her tongue against the center, loving the way Victoria’s starfish resisted before slowly parting to accept the penetration. As Victoria’s asshole squeezed the tip of her tongue, Vanessa was torn between wanting to spend another couple hours bathing Victoria’s asshole with her saliva and wanting to shove her strap on up Victoria’s ass.

Ultimately, Vanessa decided that the viewers didn’t have the time to sit around and watch her toss Victoria’s salad for hours on end. That didn’t mean she couldn’t do it once the cameras were off, but right now she needed to DP Victoria like the challenge said.

Giving Victoria’s anus one last lingering lick, Vanessa reluctantly pulled away from the tight Latina ass and straightened up. Grabbing the bottle of lube, she positioned it above Victoria’s anus and poured out a nice stream.

“Uhhh-ohhhhh,” Victoria gasped as the cool liquid hit her skin before turning into a moan when Vanessa pressed a finger into her asshole to help lube her up.

“So tight,” Vanessa groaned as Victoria’s ass clamped down tightly on her finger.

“So big,” Victoria hissed as Vanessa worked a second finger into her asshole. With the large toy already in her pussy, the fingers felt huge in her ass.

After wiggling her fingers in Victoria’s ass, Vanessa finally pulled them out. Straightening up behind Victoria, Vanessa grabbed hold of the toy dangling from her crotch. Licking her lips, Vanessa moved in behind Victoria, aiming the strap on at the asshole in front of her, shiny with lube.

Feeling Vanessa press the dildo against her asshole, Victoria instinctively clenched up. When Vanessa gave her a light whack on the ass with the dildo however, Victoria took a deep breath and relaxed as she slowly exhaled.

“Oh gawwwwdddd,” Victoria groaned as Vanessa pushed forward and the tip of the dildo penetrated her asshole. She was pretty sure the toy would’ve felt really big in her ass no matter what, but with Stella’s strap on already stuffed into her pussy, Vanessa’s toy felt like it was going to rip her in half.

“Such a good little slut,” Vanessa hissed as she slowly worked more of the toy into Victoria’s asshole.

“Fuuuuuckkk,” Victoria grunted as the intensity of having a second cock shoved into her tight holes threatened to overwhelm her.

Finally feeling the last of the toy pushed into her, Victoria’s head spun as Vanessa paused with her pelvis pressed against her ass cheeks. She felt like she was going to explode, but in the best possible way. She’d never felt so full and even the slightest movement by either Stella or Vanessa made her groan at the sensation.

“Ready to get fucked?” Stella asked, watching Victoria’s face as Vanessa started to slowly slide out of Victoria’s ass. She wondered if she’d looked the same when Ashley Tisdale and Kate Upton had fucked her together.

“Slowly,” Victoria gasped as Vanessa suddenly lunged forward, shoving the four inches of fake cock back into Victoria’s asshole.

“Come on, you can take it,” Vanessa snarled, nonetheless pausing a moment before pulling back again.

Holding onto Victoria’s hips, Stella slowly followed Vanessa’s lead and eased a bit of her fake cock out of Victoria’s pussy. This was her first time double teaming someone, but she’d had plenty of experience wielding a strap on the last year or two, so she wasn’t nearly as nervous as she’d thought she might.

“Oh shiiii,” Victoria groaned as Vanessa pushed back into her ass, followed almost immediately by Stella filling her pussy.

“You love it, don’t you, you little slut?” Vanessa barked, feeling the spasm shoot through Victoria’s body.

“Uhh, I, ohhh,” Victoria moaned as Vanessa and Stella thrust into her again, starting to get a rhythm together.

First Vanessa plunged into Victoria’s ass, then as she started to pull back, Stella lifted her hips and stuffed her pussy full of fake cock. With each thrust Victoria started to adjust and push back to meet them. And as Victoria got more and more into it, Vanessa and Stella started moving faster, sliding their fake cocks in and out Victoria’s tight holes with more freedom.

“Unnggghhh, fuck me, ahhhh, both of you,” Victoria grunted as Vanessa plunged into her ass while Stella slid out of her pussy.

“I think she likes it, V,” Stella said, loving the way Victoria’s tits rubbed against her chest with each movement they made.

“We should’ve brought a third for her mouth,” Vanessa said, grinning. “Make her air tight while she sucks a nice big cock.”

“That’s okay, she can suck yours when you’re done fucking that ass of hers,” Stella said, giving Victoria an evil grin.

“Hmm, why should she wait?” Vanessa asked, slamming deep into Victoria’s ass and pausing.

Holding Victoria still, Vanessa slowly slid out of her ass. After taking a moment to admire the sight of Victoria’s gaping asshole slowly start to contract, Vanessa moved around to the front. Presenting the dirty dildo to Victoria, Vanessa wasn’t the least bit surprised when Victoria barely hesitated.

“Can we switch?” Stella asked as she watched Victoria work her mouth down the shaft of Vanessa’s toy. “I want to fuck her ass.”

“What do you say, Victoria? Want Stella to pound that tight ass of yours?” Vanessa asked, putting a hand on the back of Victoria’s head and slowly moving the strap on in and out of her mouth.

“Mmhmm,” Victoria moaned around the dildo as she used her saliva to clean her ass off of Vanessa’s toy.

“That should be good enough for now,” Vanessa said, sliding the dildo out of Victoria’s mouth. “Now turn around and drop that ass down on Stella’s cock.”

Lifting up off of Stella, Victoria turned around. With her ass facing Stella, Victoria put a foot on either side of Stella’s body. Squatting down, she grabbed hold of Stella’s strap on, still wet with her juices. Aiming it at her still-gaping asshole, Victoria lowered herself down, grimacing slightly as her anus was forced back open.

“Lean back,” Vanessa said, watching as Stella helped ease Victoria back until Victoria’s back was pressed against Stella’s chest. Seeing Victoria’s asshole stretched around Stella’s toy, Vanessa licked her lips. “God, that looks hot.”

“That’s the problem with being on the bottom, I don’t get to see much,” Stella pouted as Vanessa moved into position between their legs. “But I can’t complain. Literally. If I complain, I might not get to get do this again.”

“Oh, I have a feeling Vicky will let us fuck her again, even if it’s not for a challenge,” Vanessa said, grinning as she dragged the tip of her dildo along Victoria’s slit. “DP, spit roasting, double anal, all sorts of fun we could have with her.”

“Dub-double anal?” Victoria gasped, trying to imagine two cocks up her ass at once and failing.

“It’ll be fun, promise,” Vanessa said, pressing the end of her dildo against Victoria’s pussy.

As Vanessa pushed forward, Victoria groaned as her pussy stretched to accommodate the invading toy. It wasn’t quite as bad as the first time because she already knew what to expect, but it still felt like she was on the verge of breaking in half as Vanessa pushed the last bit of toy into her pussy.

Reaching up, Stella cupped Victoria’s tits and even used the grip to help hold her in place. As Vanessa started moving inside Victoria’s pussy, Stella tweaked Victoria’s nipples, making her moan. The extra sensation helped Victoria relax and allow Vanessa to start fucking her with a steady pace.

When Vanessa had found a rhythm, Stella joined in, lifting her hips to fuck Victoria’s ass. Stella was only able to stroke with a couple inches, but it was enough to complement what Vanessa was doing to Victoria’s pussy.

“Ohhhh, fuck me,” Victoria moaned, lifting her head so she could look down her body at the fat cock plunging in and out of her pussy.

Holding onto Victoria’s hips, Vanessa did what she was told. She fucked Victoria’s pussy, burying every last inch of her fake cock inside it before immediately pulling out. Vanessa certainly didn’t move as fast as she would have if Stella wasn’t stuffing her asshole at the same time, but even still it was more than fast enough to drive Victoria ravenous with need.

“Uhh, gawww, ahhh,” Victoria hissed, her legs hooked around Vanessa’s waist to help pull her deep inside her.

“It feels amazing, doesn’t it?” Stella whispered into Victoria’s ear as the two sisters alternated strokes into her body.

“Ahhh, yeahhhh,” Victoria moaned, lifting her hips to meet Vanessa’s thrusts into her pussy before pushing down as Stella drove into her asshole.

“Mmm, feeling those cocks sliding against each other inside you, your senses so heightened that every little movement sets off explosions up and down your body,” Stella said, tweaking Victoria’s nipples with her fingers.

Between the dual toys fucking her, the hands on her tits, and Stella’s words goading her, Victoria felt her orgasm racing towards her. She could tell it was going to be a big one and just hoped she’d still be able to walk afterwards.

“Come on, Victoria, come from having a pair of hot sisters fuck both your holes at the same time,” Vanessa said, watching Victoria’s face contort with pleasure as the first waves of orgasm started to overtake her.

“Ohhh, fuuuuhhh, AHHHHHHH,” Victoria screamed as her entire body seized up. Her feet curled and her legs clamped down on Vanessa’s waist as a monster climax caused her muscles to contract and spasm with pleasure.

“Damn,” Stella moaned, feeling Victoria’s body quake on top of her. It was so sexy to be on this end of things and it made her determined to do it again, both as part of the giving team, and as the meat in the sandwich.

The orgasm finally running its course, Victoria went limp on top of Stella. As Vanessa pulled the toy out of her pussy, Victoria groaned at the absence. Barely able to move after having her energy wiped out, Victoria let Stella lift her off the toy in her ass and slide out from underneath her.

“You gonna get that?” Vanessa asked, pointing at Stella’s strap on.

“Mmm,” Victoria moaned, regaining just enough strength to roll onto her back.

“Didn’t think so,” Vanessa said, staring at the camera as she took the filthy toy into her mouth.

There was so much wrong with what she was doing, sucking Victoria’s ass off a toy that was sticking out of her sister’s crotch, but Vanessa didn’t care. In fact, all that wrongness just made it that much better. Showing off a bit for the camera, she worked her way down the fake cock, taking it into her throat until she felt her nose press against the harness holding the dildo in place.

Gold Medal Ass

“I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that was one of the hottest things I’ve ever done,” Vanessa said as the sight of her deepthroating the dildo changed to show McKayla Maroney. “Which brings us to our next video of the night. For this one, our favorite little gymnast had to use vibrating eggs in public while I used the remote to turn them on and off at random.”

* * * * *

“So I told him to take a hike,” Anna Garvey said, explaining her latest break up.

“Good for yo-OOOH!” McKayla Maroney gasped as the egg in her pussy suddenly sprang to life.

“Are you alright?” Anna asked as McKayla stiffened up and her eyes went wide.

“Ye-yeah, I’m f-fine,” McKayla hissed, willing herself to something resembling calmness even as the intensity of the vibrations increased.

As part of the challenge, McKayla had a small vibrating egg in her ass to go with the one in her pussy. They were both wireless, connected only by a short length of thin plastic cord to make them easier to remove. Meanwhile, Vanessa sat not far away driving her crazy by turning them on and adjusting the intensity when she least expected it.

“What about you and what’s-his-name?” Anna asked.

“Oh, that, uhhh, ended a while ago,” McKayla grunted as the egg in her ass kicked on and it felt like both eggs were bouncing against each other inside her.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Anna asked, watching McKayla start to shake slightly.

“Yeah, just fine,” McKayla said, heaving a sigh of relief as both eggs suddenly turned off.

Glancing at her phone, McKayla saw that her time was almost up. Just a little bit longer and she’d be able to go into the bathroom and take the eggs out. Or at least put them to a positive use rather than letting them keep her in a seemingly perpetual state of horniness.

“McKayla!” Rachel Bilson said, approaching the gymnast.

“Rach-ohhhh,” McKayla gasped as the egg in her pussy came back on, this time at full blast.

“Damn, I can feel it,” Rachel hissed as she hugged McKayla and felt the vibrations emanating from McKayla’s midsection.

“Oh god,” McKayla grunted, leaning on Rachel for support as her legs felt like they were turning to jelly.

“Wow, Vanessa’s being mean,” Rachel said as the vibrations suddenly stopped, leaving the poor teenager quivering with need.

“Very,” McKayla whined, feeling like a slight breeze from the air conditioner might be enough to push her over the edge, even as she felt herself pulling back from the brink.

“You better let go of me,” Rachel said, realizing that they’d held the hug a little too long. “People might start talking if we keep hugging.”

“Oh, uh, sorry,” McKayla said, disengaging from her friend.

“So, how much longer do you have?” Rachel asked, getting an idea.

“Like ten minutes, then I get to go into the bathroom and finger myself,” McKayla sighed, body spasming as both eggs turned on for a split second before turning off again. “Maybe even a couple times.”

“Want some help?” Rachel offered, licking her lips.

“Definitely,” McKayla said, suddenly looking forward to her bathroom time even more than she already had been.

“I’ll see you then,” Rachel said, looking for Vanessa. Making eye contact with Vanessa, Rachel made a small motion with her fingers as if adjusting a dial. A moment later Rachel heard McKayla gasp as the egg in her ass started to vibrate.

And so it went for the last leg of McKayla’s challenge. Each time she started to get close, Vanessa shut them down, only to start them up again when the danger had passed. Vanessa also seemed to really get off on waiting until McKayla was talking to someone to turn them on, just to make it as awkward as possible.

“Your time is up, so here’s the remote,” Vanessa whispered into McKayla’s ear, slipping the small device into McKayla’s hand. It fit in the palm of her hand and had eight little buttons, on and off buttons and then buttons marked with plus and minus signs for each egg.

“Thank god,” McKayla hissed, glancing around to make sure no one was looking at her.

Ducking into the hallway, McKayla found the bathroom. Pushing open the door, she slipped inside, thankful for the privacy. A moment later though she jumped as the door suddenly started to open, but relaxed when she saw Rachel slipping through the door.

“We should probably lock this,” Rachel said, grinning as she flipped the lock on the door.

Advancing on McKayla, Rachel licked her lips. This wasn’t the first time she’d hooked up with McKayla, not even the first time in a public bathroom, but this was the first time in connection with the contest. Rachel had been the one to convince McKayla to join, and then had been forced to watch McKayla get fucked silly by one of Vanessa’s Boys as her initiation instead of getting to do it herself.

Luckily, Rachel was finally get another chance at one of her favorite conquests. She hadn’t popped any of McKayla’s cherries, those had gotten popped in the Athlete’s Village during the Olympics, but Rachel had been the first one to seduce McKayla since she’d returned stateside. But then McKayla had joined the contest and her pool of available partners expanded exponentially and Rachel had gotten lost a bit in McKayla’s newfound exploration.

Grabbing McKayla, Rachel spun her around and leaned her forward against the counter. Pressing herself against McKayla’s back, Rachel slid her hands under McKayla’s skirt. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of McKayla’s thong, Rachel pulled it down to McKayla’s knees before kneeling behind her gymnast friend.

“Now, what to do about these?” Rachel asked, grabbing the bit of cord hanging outside of McKayla’s holes. Gently tugging on it, she heard McKayla moan as the egg in her ass was pulled right up against the inside of her clenched anus.

“Whatever you want,” McKayla grunted, spreading her legs and pushing her ass back towards Rachel.

“I like the sound of that,” Rachel said, pulling on the cord and watching McKayla’s asshole start to open to let the egg fall out. When it was out, Rachel moved her hand forward a couple inches and slowly pulled the other egg out of McKayla’s pussy. “Now you get to suck them clean.”

While McKayla had gotten her cherry popped by a Kenyan runner, and her ass fucked by a Canadian cyclist, among a couple others to tap her cute upturned ass during the Olympics, Rachel had been the one to introduce her to ass-to-mouth. The first time, Rachel had stuck a finger in her ass while eating her out. Then she’d crawled up McKayla’s body and presented the finger. McKayla had been hesitant, to say the least, but she’d given it a try and had really gotten off on the kink of it.

The next day Rachel had brought a strap on to set and used it to sodomize McKayla until the teen couldn’t take any more. And when Rachel pressed the dirty toy against her lips, McKayla hadn’t even hesitated, taking it into her mouth and voraciously devouring it. She’d sucked that thing until it was clean, and then sucked some more just to make sure.

Opening her mouth, McKayla felt a little shudder of pleasure run down her spine as Rachel pushed the small egg against her tongue. Closing her lips, McKayla used her tongue to swirl the egg around in her mouth. She could taste her ass on it and it made her want more.

“Keep sucking,” Rachel said, surprising McKayla as she suddenly felt Rachel’s fingers spreading a cool gel around her asshole.

Locking eyes with McKayla in the mirror, Rachel reached down and slowly started to lift the hem of her own dress. McKayla’s eyes drifted down Rachel’s body, and gasped when she saw the large dildo dangling from the harness around Rachel’s waist.

After seeing her opening, Rachel had struck a deal with Vanessa. In exchange for borrowing the strap on and getting to help give McKayla some relief, Rachel had planted a couple cameras in the bathroom so Vanessa, and the girls at home, could watch.

“I’m going to need these back,” Rachel said, grabbing the cord connected to the egg still in her mouth.

“Come on, Rachel,” McKayla begged as the egg was pulled out of her mouth.

“Patience,” Rachel urged.

Guiding the eggs to McKayla’s pussy, Rachel pushed first one, then other inside until only a loop of cord was sticking out. Picking up the remote, Rachel turned both of them on to a low setting, making McKayla moan as the vibrations rolled through her.

Tucking the remote into her cleavage, Rachel picked up the thing of lube. Laying down a line of lubricant along the shaft, Rachel used her free hand to smear the lube around the toy before guiding it towards the tight little pucker of McKayla’s asshole.

Having had plenty of experience taking it in the ass, McKayla took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled as Rachel pressed the strap on against her anus. The rest of the air rushed out of her lungs as the tip of the dildo suddenly pushed past her sphincter.

“Ohhh,” McKayla moaned, her head lowering as Rachel paused with an inch or so inside McKayla’s ass.

As Rachel started pushing more of the toy into her, McKayla felt her head spin. Normally having her ass penetrated left her with a pleasant foggy feeling, a bit like being mildly drunk, but between the hyper-aroused state Vanessa had left her in and the vibrating eggs humming lowly against the walls of her pussy, McKayla felt like she was right on that line between being alert and being in a stupor.

Rachel had fucked McKayla’s ass several times before, but after some time away from her intense training schedule McKayla had softened up just enough in all the right places. And as her pelvis pressed against McKayla’s pert ass Rachel had to admit that the body in front of her was even better than the one she’d first encountered when she was a sixteen year-old Olympic sweetheart.

“Fuck me, Rach,” McKayla hissed, desperate to get her ass fucked.

Recognizing McKayla’s need, even without the begging, Rachel did exactly what McKayla wanted.  Rachel didn’t start pounding McKayla’s ass with reckless abandon or anything, but she did drive home with enough power to make McKayla grunt from the effort.

“Beg me to fuck your ass,” Rachel demanded, pressing herself against McKayla’s back as she made, short, sharp thrusts into McKayla’s tight ass.

“Please, Rach, fuck my ass,” McKayla pleaded. “I need you to fuck my ass so hard.”

“If I ever get tired of hearing that, I hope someone puts me out of my misery,” Rachel joked as she straightened up and lengthened her strokes into McKayla’s needy ass.

Feeling the vibrations in her pussy and the toy jabbing into her rectum, McKayla was as close to heaven as she was likely to get until she actually got there. Though unless heaven allowed girls to sodomize each other, McKayla figured this was actually much better.

“You stopped begging,” Rachel pointed out, grabbing the remote and cranking up the vibration setting.

“Oh shiiiiitttt,” McKayla gasped, her body jerking as if she’d stuck her finger in a light socket as unimaginable levels of vibration shot through her pussy from both eggs.

“Tell me how much your ass needs to be fucked,” Rachel snarled, viciously driving into McKayla’s asshole.

“Ahhh, sooooo bad,” McKayla grunted, her muscular legs turning to jelly under the assault on her senses.

“Tell me I’m the best at fucking your ass,” Rachel hissed, turning down the vibrations.

“Uhhh,” McKayla sighed as her body relaxed slightly, though it didn’t change the fact that Rachel was still hammering away at her asshole. “You’re the best. No one fucks my ass like you do, Rach. I want you to fuck my ass all the time.”

“You want to come from being ass fucked, don’t you?” Rachel asked, reaching around to McKayla’s front.

Grabbing the cord, Rachel pulled until one of the eggs popped out. Pressing the remote against McKayla’s hip, Rachel turned off one of the eggs. When the one in her hand went silent, she knew which one she had. Pressing the egg against McKayla’s clit, Rachel turned it back on.

“Yeaa-ahhhh,” McKayla gasped at the vibrations running through her clit.

“Hurry up and come, McKayla,” Rachel urged. “I’m sure there are other people that want to use the bathroom and they can’t until you come with my cock up your slutty ass.”

“Almost,” McKayla grunted, closing her eyes to focus on the sensations coursing through her body.

Wanting to speed things up a bit, Rachel grinned as she blindly fingered the buttons on the remote. Punching the button to increase the intensity of the vibrations, Rachel felt the egg in her hand get even livelier.

“UNNNGGGHHHHHH,” McKayla whined, trying to keep from screaming as she was pushed over the edge. Asshole clamping down on Rachel’s toy, her hips bucked as the orgasm shot through her, traveling from nerve ending to nerve ending.

“That’s it, McKayla, come from having your ass fucked,” Rachel hissed, though her words barely registered in McKayla’s brain through the fog of pleasure.

“Ahhhh,” McKayla groaned, her knees threatening to go out from under her as her muscles suddenly went slack.

Turning off the eggs, Rachel put a hand on McKayla’s stomach to help steady her. As McKayla’s knees started to function again, Rachel pulled back, slowly easing her toy out of McKayla’s ass. While McKayla settled down a bit, Rachel collected the cameras she’d set up in the bathroom.

“Now for the finale,” Rachel said, looking into one of the cameras.

Turning the lens towards McKayla, Rachel pointed towards the ground. Wanting to make sure McKayla knew what she wanted, she reached down and grabbed the base of the strap on with thumb and index finger before shaking it a little.

Getting the hint, McKayla licked her lips as she dropped to her knees in front of Rachel. Wrapping her hand around the base of the fake cock, McKayla leaned in and licked along the length of the underside of the shaft. Reaching the tip, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head, feeling a tremor pass through her as she committed such a naughty act like tasting her own ass on a dildo.

“That’s it, show Vanessa just how much of an anal freak you are,” Rachel hissed as she aimed the camera at McKayla working more of the toy into her mouth. “You love going ass-to-mouth, don’t you?”

“Mmhmm,” McKayla moaned as she greedily slurped up her ass juices.

“Well, I guess that’s our cue to get out of here,” Rachel said, hearing a knock on the door.

Regretfully pushing McKayla away, Rachel dropped her dress back into place. Turning the camera so it was pointed at her, she gave a little wave and blew a kiss before turning it off.

* * * * *

“God, McKayla looked so hot taking it in the ass, didn’t she?” Vanessa asked the camera. “And since Olivia Holt recently turned eighteen, to play us out, here’s a clip of Olivia losing her anal virginity to Katherine McNamara as part of Katherine’s initiation. Happy birthday, Olivia, we’ll be seeing you real soon.”

* * * * *

“Oh my fucking god,” Olivia squealed as the fake cock popped through the tight pucker of her asshole.

Pausing with just the tip of the strap on buried in her friend’s ass, Katherine McNamara palmed the firm globes of Olivia’s ass. Her initiation challenge had been to seduce a close friend, and then Olivia had kinda shown up.

The seduction hadn’t been too much trouble since Olivia was no stranger to girl-on-girl. The bigger struggle had been convincing Olivia to give up her tight little ass. Katherine had had to pretty much fuck her into submission, but it was okay because she would’ve fucked Olivia into oblivion anyway, and this way she got to be the first one to fuck Olivia’s ass.

As Olivia started to relax, Katherine eased forward, watching her black toy slowly disappear between the tan cheeks of Olivia’s ass. When Olivia grunted and tensed up, Katherine paused and waited for her blonde friend to calm down again.

“This is really hot,” Katherine moaned as she pushed the last of her fake cock into Olivia’s virgin ass.

“It really hurts,” Olivia gasped, her asshole on fire from having a telephone pole shoved up her ass.

“Want me to stop?” Katherine asked, slipping a hand underneath Olivia.

“Ahhhh,” Olivia hissed as Katherine’s finger grazed her clit. It sent a jolt of electricity through her that somehow felt even better than when Katherine had been playing with her clit earlier.

“You like that?” Katherine asked, pressing her middle finger against Olivia’s clit.

“Uhhh, yeah,” Olivia moaned as Katherine made slow circles around her clit with the tip of her finger.

“Should I keep going?” Katherine asked, slowly inching her cock out of Olivia’s asshole.

“Yeah, keep going,” Olivia murmured as Katherine pushed back into her ass.

The pain was still there, but the pleasure from Katherine playing with her clit was starting to drown it out. As Katherine took a longer stroke in and out of her ass, Olivia moaned and actually found herself pushing back against the invading toy.

“Maybe I should stop,” Katherine said with a slight smirk as she started to slide out of Olivia’s ass.

“No!” Olivia gasped, causing Katherine to stop halfway out. “I mean, you don’t have to.”

“You sure?” Katherine asked, punctuating the question by suddenly plunging back into Olivia.

“Ahhhh,” Olivia hissed, eyes going wide and body shaking as pleasure shot through her.

“That’s not an answer,” Katherine said, mashing Olivia’s clit with her finger. “Should I stop?”

“Noooo,” Olivia grunted as Katherine drove in and out of her asshole.

“I should keep fucking your tight little ass?” Katherine asked, increasing the speed of her thrusts as much as she could while still frigging the blonde’s clit.

“Uhh, yeah,” Olivia moaned, her body on fire from the pleasure shooting through her originating from her nether regions.

“Say it,” Katherine demanded, driving deep into Olivia’s ass and pausing to grind against her.

“Ohhh, fuck me,” Olivia groaned, turning her head to look back at her redhead friend.

“Fuck you? Where should I fuck you?” Katherine snarled, catching Olivia’s clit between two fingers and squeezing slightly.

“Fuuuuuuckkkk,” Olivia shuddered, eyes rolling up in her head as her orgasm took a massive leap forward. “Ohhhh shit, fuck my ass, Kat.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Katherine sneered, making short, quick thrusts into Olivia’s asshole.

“Fuck it, ohhh fuck my ass,” Olivia pleaded, giving herself over to the sheer naughtiness of being sodomized.

Moving her free hand up Olivia’s body, Katherine cupped one of her breasts. Squeezing the tit in her hand, Katherine urged Olivia to get up onto her knees. As Olivia straightened up, it gave Katherine better access to her body and she started making longer strokes into Olivia’s ass.

“Feels good to be ass fucked, doesn’t it?” Katherine whispered into Olivia’s ear.

“So good,” Olivia moaned, nodding her head as she felt Katherine’s tits pressed against her back.

“You’re going to let me fuck it again, aren’t you?” Katherine asked, fondling Olivia’s tit as she plowed the blonde’s asshole.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass,” Olivia hissed, desperate to orgasm.

“Then have I got a proposition for you,” Katherine said, smirking as she felt Olivia explode in ecstasy.

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