Shakira – Ghost Lover

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Author’s name: Greg Nails

Title: Shakira – Ghost Lover

Starring: Shakira

Codes: N/C, fant

Summary: Odd things happening to Shakira in the studio.

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and has nothing to do with existing persons.

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Shakira gasped as something brushed against her ass. She turned around, but saw nothing around. She was in the studio, preparing for a new song. Since she found that it’s the most inspiring to work alone, she asked her fellow musicians not to disturb her. Room was closed and locked.

Another brush, this time it was like someone placing a hand on her arm. She made a sudden cry, finding again that there’s none around. Was it some kind of daydream or paranoia? She grabbed her guitar, but in the same moment she groaned, because she had a feeling that some hand cupped her between her legs!

“What the…” she cried. Afraid of that, she turned to the door, decided to leave this haunted room. But something touched her again. Invisible hands grabbed her legs, immobilizing sexy latina. She made a hit, trying to slap invisible attacker, but her hand just went through the air. Also, momentum of her fast move made her fell on the floor of the studio.

She tried to stand, but found herself immobilized. Something wrapped around her wrists and ankles, holding her on the floor. It was like tentacles or something like that. She made a cry, but room was sound proof, since it was studio. Invisible hands were touching her through her outfit. Her black, leather trousers and t shirt weren’t any protection against ghastly touch.

“No! Stop! Help me!” she cried. She started to groan as eerie fingers touched her pussy. Shiver went down her spine as her breasts were cupped and massaged by invisible, yet strong and demanding hands. She tried to cry for help again, but something long and slimy pushed itself inside her mouth, gagging her instantly. She had no idea what it was, but it was pumping itself in and out of her watering mouth, preventing her from crying.

“Mhmmmhphmmm!!!” wordless mumbling left her gagged mouth when cold fingers pinched and twisted her nipples painfully. Hands were all over her, caressing her feet, her legs, her hips, her belly, her arms, her neck. Touch was cold and spooky, there was barley any pleasure in such caress. She struggled helplessly in invisible bonds, but all her efforts were in vain.

Invisible thing pumping her mouth was cold as well, but it had also a taste. She couldn’t tell it clearly, but it was disgusting. There was something salty and fishy in this taste, something sea-like. She’d vomit if she could. Intensive massaging of her entire body caused her to make some unwanted moans. Her nipples grew harder, like a small, dark diamonds.

Cold, moist fingers pushed themselves inside her pussy, causing another groan. She tried to protest, but long, slimy thing inside her mouth cut her cries effectively. It begun to pump her mouth faster. Eerie hands caressed her feet, playing with her toes. Their cold touch was nightmarish and sticky.

Suddenly she opened her mouth wider with shock and disbelief, because something touched the entrance of her ass. Strange thing probed her tight rectum, causing another wave of fear and discomfort. In the same moment fingers left her moist, aroused pussy. But this moment of relief was short, because spooky fingers were replaced with something else. She couldn’t see it at all, but she could feel the shape. It was long, thick and cold, somehow sticky yet solid. And when it pushed its way inside her pussy, it stretched her inner walls.

In the meantime her entire body was target of attack. Sticky, cold fingers were pushing themselves into her navel, pressing it. Same thing happened to her ears. Her toes and fingers were rubbed and caressed. Even her soles and armpits weren’t speared, cold fingers tickled her, causing unwanted laugher to burst, despite her mouth being filled with that pumping thing. Cold touch wandered up and down her spine.

Shakira was on the edge of hysteria. She had no idea what was going on. She was molested and raped by some kind of ghosts! It was like a nightmare, but she could feel it way too much to think that it’s just a daydream or something like that.

Thing inside her pussy was moving back and forward, slowly ramming her defenseless womanhood. She had a feeling that it’s growing bigger with every thrust. Her body buckled as her pussy and mouth were attacked simultaneously.

Climax was sudden and strong, yet whole situation was far from any pleasure. She had a feeling that her pussy was filled with cold slime. Also, she could feel same kind of disgusting slime feeling her mouth. She swallowed invisible, salty ooze. It was coming in big waves, she choked as she tried to swallow everything. Then again shot came and she could feel sticky ooze feeling her completely, shooting out of all her holes, pussy, mouth, nose, ass… Darkness embraced her, she sunk in the wave of salty, smelly blackness.

Shakira woke up on the floor of her studio. She found her hands and legs are free, her mouth is empty, as well as her pussy. She jumped on her feet, looking around. Her clothes were untouched. With a bad feel premonitions, she undid her belt and removed her trousers. Her panties were all wet and moist, but with her juices only. There was no sign of any attack. Maybe she just fainted and had a bad dream?

But then she saw something that turned her blood into ice. Small, dark green glowing letters and numbers right above her pussy. It was today’s date and word „Cthulhu Fhtagn“ written there. Shakira watched with shock and amazement at glowing letters – a visible proof that whatever happened, it wasn’t just a bad dream…

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