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Author’s Name: Noopster
Celebs: Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens
Content Codes: (FF, reluc, drugs, exh, voy, inc)
Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

The year was 2011 and Harmony Korine had just gotten the green light to start casting his new movie about four small-town girls getting crazy during spring break. He was well known in Hollywood for making weird and daring movies, as well as for being sort of a weirdo himself, so when he asked the casting director for a very specific type of actresses every producer and executive thought he was crazy for real this time. He wanted Disney girls, cute and wholesome actresses who were liked by young fans. Their innocent images would make the immoral acts in the movie even more shocking and would also serve as a huge promotional tool.

It turned out that what Harmony wanted wasn’t that impossible when the day of casting came and Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez showed up for the audition. Each of them was struggling with their respective careers and doing everything they could to not be forgotten by Hollywood, they did not want to be stuck doing small TV shows and mall appearances anymore, and so, since they already knew and liked each other from working on the Disney channel, they decided to try out for the movie as a group.

Harmony was waiting for them sitting behind a desk with lots of papers and photos of other actresses on it, inside a plain white room with very bright lights and three wooden stools placed directly in front of him. To his left side was a tripod with a video camera carefully placed on it that a tall, hispanic looking guy in a suit immediately turned on as soon as the girls stepped in the room.

“Good afternoon, everybody, and welcome to the audition process for “Spring Breakers” — said the director with a very professional tone.  “My name is Harmony Korine and this is Mario Chavez, my casting director.”

The three girls politely said hello as the guy behind the camera just nodded.

“Now…” -continued the movie director and writer- “I know you all signed waivers before coming here but I like to be very clear and thorough with my work. So I must legally inform you before we start that everything you say and do here will be recorded and saved to determine the outcome of this casting process”

“C’mon, Harmony. Can I call you Harmony? Anyway… cut the crap” -said Vanessa with a smug and confident attitude, while adjusting the black loose-fitting top with considerable cleavage, navy blue shorts and short black boots she had chosen for the occasion.

“You wanted us in your movie and here we are. We know we’re getting the part so why don’t we stop this charade and get to work, ok?”

Without hesitation Harmony responded in the same calm and professional tone: “I did ask for you but that does not mean you already have the parts. First I need to be sure that you girls are mentally and physically ready for this challenge and if I don’t find this audition satisfactory you can be sure that I will be casting some other less-famous but very-probably more talented actresses.”

As soon as he finished saying those words he realized that he had taken Miss Hudgens by surprise and shut her up but it had also scared the other two girls. Selena Gomez was sitting a little hunched over on one of the stools, wearing denim shorts she had chosen to show off her perfect, slightly tanned legs and a thin pink top that wasn’t very revealing but did show that famous little mole on her right breast. Meanwhile Ashley was nervously scratching her bare arms, she had committed to the beach-theme and was already wearing pink short-shorts and a bright yellow t-shirt with no sleeves and a pink bikini top underneath it.

“Sorry for being so brutally honest but you should understand that at the end of the day you are nothing more than three pretty faces and that kind of thing can be found very easily in this town. If you’ve seen my work you already know that I don’t do traditional or boring stuff, this movie could get you the respect of your peers and a whole lot of different roles that you won’t be getting offers for otherwise. So… are you gonna take this seriously or not?” – He finished saying while the three girls looked at him with extreme attention.

“Yes, sir” – said Vanessa

“Sure thing” answered Ashley while Selena nodded energetically.

“Good.” –Said Korine — “Now, since I already have a pretty good idea about your histrionic capabilities, the first thing we’ll be testing with is how comfortable you are with your bodies and how well you control your inhibitions. You will be wearing bikinis or very little clothes and surrounded by a lot of drunken people in similar conditions for most of the movie. That means that I can’t have a shy an actress working with me that won’t be able to handle being professional in that kind of environment.”

The director made a pause there to see if there were any objections. Not finding any he continued — “So, first thing first, Selena, I’m gonna need you to take off your shorts and top, as well as your shoes.”

Selena was obviously startled by the petition, her eyes got really wide for a moment and then she stood up, not sure how to react, her arms straight down to her sides.

“Like… ri-right here? ri-right… n-now? But I’m not… wearing a bikini under this, It’s just my regular underwear…” stuttered the brunette actress

Without lifting his eyes from the notes in front of him Harmony Korine quickly responded:”C’mon now, we already talked about this, the bikini test comes later. Strip down to your underwear for now, it’s basically the same thing”

“Yeah, Sel, don’t be so bashful, it’s only us five in the room after all” —said Vanessa reassuring her.

“Yeah but the thing is… I was expecting to change in a dressing room, you know, like… normal? So I didn’t wear a bra…” –explained Selena. The truth was that she very rarely wore a bra since her young breasts were in almost perfect defiance of gravity.

“I can go first if you need a moment, it’s no problem” –said Ashley as she started taking off her white sandals while Harmony made an annoyed face and looked straight at Selena with disapproving eyes.

“No, stop, I’ll do it” – said Selena to Ashley before she continued undressing and said “I’m an adult and I’m not afraid to do this”  -She had done a couple of sexy photo shoots before but nothing too racy and, while she had lost her virginity to Justin Bieber, she had never undressed in front of another man before. She really was as innocent as her public image suggested but she was determined to change that even if she had to do scary things like this audition. And so, Selena Gomez took a step forward, unzipped her shorts and took them off, she was wearing white cotton panties that very tightly hugged her petite bottom, and then in one quick motion she lifted her pink top up and threw it to her right on the floor, her round and perky tits bouncing as they came back down to their usual position, light brown nipples reacting immediately to the cold air in the room. She had never been more nervous in her life but was kind of relieved when she noticed the director and camera man’s stoic expressions had not changed and that Vanessa was staring at her beautiful breasts intensively while Ashley giggled uncontrollably.

“What?” the latina singer asked, covering herself with both arms.

“…what? OH… nothing… sorry I was staring, you just took me by surprise with those, that’s all” answered Vanessa with a kinky smile on her face.

“Yeah, you kind of have THE perfect tits, you know that? – added Ashley while still giggling a little.

Harmony Korine interrupted in the same calm tone: “Well, now that we got through that, please turn around slowly with your hands on your hips”

Selena, still very nervous, lowered her arms and started turning around as instructed until she heard the next indication:

“Very good.  Now, I understand that you came here with your step-dad, Selena, and that he is sitting in the waiting room until we’re finished, is that right? –asked the director

“Umm, yes… yes that is correct” –answered the brunette, not understanding what the fact that her step-dad was waiting for her on the other side of the hall had to do with making a movie.

“Well, go outside right now and tell him he can go home. We will provide transportation for you to get home when the audition ends. And yes, this is also a test”

“Oh… ok, I’ll go tell him right now” -said the girl while she started to pick up her clothes from the floor when she was interrupted

“No, don’t pick anything up, go tell him now, with what you have on right now”

“Are you crazy? I can’t go out like this and especially not to talk to my dad, it would be super awkward and my mom would kill me”

“Wasn’t your mother the one who got you this audition in the first place? Now, you either are capable of doing this or you can go back to doing things like Ramona & Beezus and I can call in another girl just as pretty as you, if not more who will not hesitate at all. It’s your decision. I want you to have a different career, a better, critically acclaimed career, but I can’t help you until you put aside your fears and inhibitions and start acting like a professional”

Selena stood there, trying to decide whether to obey the command or to just quit the movie altogether. She didn’t get a lot of opportunities like this one and she truly believe Harmony Korine to be a visionary. She had heard about his work trough her mother who was a big fan (as well as her agent), and she would hate to disappoint her. Her mom had warned her that Korine’s methods were unorthodox and uncomfortable but that they made the end result better, grittier, more alive.

“Fine, I’ll go tell him” she finally said with watery eyes and as she took her first step, covering her very full rack with both her hands, she heard behind her: “And one more thing, you can’t cover yourself with anything, not even your hands. Like I said, it’s a test. Show me you can do this.”

Selena turned to face the door, and wiped a small tear from her left cheek as she uncovered her nipples. Taking a deep breath she went through the door while the other two girls watched in amazement as the slim brunette started walking down the hall, barefoot in her tight white cotton panties and nothing else. Luckily for her, it was still very early and no one else was in the waiting room.

Brian (Selena’s step-dad) was sitting comfortably on a grey couch, reading some car magazine when he heard a very familiar voice saying: “Dad, I have to ask you to go without me, this is gonna take a while and the producers will take me home when we’re done”

“Oh… ok, honey I—” Brian began answering until he lifted his sight from the magazine to discover his step-daughter standing right in front him, naked from the waist up. Even though they weren’t related by blood she had been calling him “Dad” since he married her mother when Selena was very little. Once she started becoming a woman he couldn’t resist spying on her showering and changing every time he could, even though he tried his best to hide his desires from her and her mother. But this time it was different, Brian was a big and tall dude and Selena was just standing there with her delicious 19 year old breasts right in front of his face; so close, so soft, it would be so easy to touch them…

Brian instinctively stood up while all of this was going through his head and once he had left the couch it was very obvious that he was now sporting a huge 7-inch erection struggling inside of his basketball shorts. Both of them stood there for a moment, not knowing what to do. Selena couldn’t take her eyes away from the silhouette of his dick and Brian was transfixed at the sight right in front of him.

“What the hell is going on?” said Brian trying to regain composure. “Why are you… not wearing… umm”

“Clothes? It’s ’cause… umm, well, this is part of the audition, I think, and I really need to get this part. – answered Selena while blushing uncontrollably and trying to look anywhere else but Brian’s crotch.

“Are you crazy? They can’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do. And when your mother finds out–”

“Nobody is forcing me to do anything” -she interrupted- “I want to do this, for myself. Plus, Mom got me the audition and she told me to be prepared for anything. I’m pretty sure she knew that they would ask me to do stuff like this.”  Selena kept moving her arms emphatically as she explained herself which made her young and perky breasts jiggle and bounce constantly which in turn made Brian unable to look anywhere else.

“I don’t care, I won’t leave you here alone like this, who knows what these Hollywood perverts will ask of you next” -said Brian in a firm voice while he quickly adjusted his hard dick pressing up against his shorts.

“Pleeease, Dad, don’t ruin this for me” -Selena pleaded while she put her arms and hands together in a sort-of praying pose, bringing her tits together and making them look even more appealing. Brian’s hard-on was even more obvious than before and Selena decided to take advantage of it.

“Please, please, please, please, just go back home and I promise I’ll do anything you want when I get back” -she said as she got closer and gave him a big hug, pressing her body against his, feeling the hardness of his penis pressing against her belly button.

“Anything I want? And this is a serious promise?” -asked Brian after a big, nervous gulp. He could feel his step-daughters hard nipples on his torso and it was driving him crazy.

“Yes” answered Selena, and then, letting go of him she stared right into his eyes and slowly added: “A-ny-thing. Plus, I bet mom is gonna be EXTRA HAPPY with the both of us if I get the part, if you know what I mean…”

Brian exhaled strongly and finally agreed – “Ok then, I’ll go. Just be careful, ok? And don’t forget what you promised”

“Yes, sir” – said Selena, playfully saluting in a military manner. Then she turned around and started walking back trough the hallway to the casting room. Brian stood there, watching her tight little ass moving from side to side as she walked away in her white cotton panties, not really sure how to process what had just happened. Did he really just see that? Was his step-daughter flirting with him just then? And did that comment about her Mom mean what he was thinking?


Selena got to the end of the hallway and took a big breath just before turning the door knob, as she entered back in the room she couldn’t believe what she had just done. She knew her exposed body would get a strong reaction from Brian but she did not anticipate him getting a hard-on or all the flirting she did and the way that hug made her so wet, so much that she was now nervous Harmony and the girls would notice the moistness in her underwear. “Oh, well” -she said to herself – “It can’t be any more embarrassing than that last part” – and then she went back in.

“Welcome back” – said Harmony Korine as soon as he saw Selena enter — “That took longer than expected, huh?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry about that” said Selena. “My, umm, Dad, wasn’t too happy about it, but I was able to convince him”

“I bet you did, girl” -muttered Vanessa

“Huh?” -exclaimed a little confused Selena

Vanessa kept looking at Selena’s chest with lust in her eyes, her voice getting deeper and sexier as she explained: “Enough with the modesty, you know with those tits out in the open you could get any hot blooded male in America to do your bidding; hell, I bet a loooot of women too…”

Selena immediately blushed and took her place in the third stool to the left of the room.

“Ok then, now that we know you’re serious about this we can really get started. Vanessa, Ashley, you can take your clothes off now.”

As soon as the director finished his sentence the two girls proceeded to comply. Ashley finished first, standing on the right side of the room wearing only a pink bikini bottom she stretched her back like she was more comfortable letting her big, heavy breasts swing free. Vanessa (the only one who had worn a bra to the audition) shrugged her shoulders and quickly took it off, then she stood very straight in just her Victoria’s secret’s black lace panties with her hands behind her back and a big, proud smile on her face.

Selena tried not to stare at the other two girls bodies but she also could not ignore them, she had seen them change outfits a couple of times before in Disney studios but it had always been quick and clumsy, never like they were now, just standing there looking so beautiful and confident. It was making her feel very confused and ashamed, she’d never been attracted to girls… but this… all of this was very different, the warm feeling in her pussy wasn’t going away, on the contrary she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter every second.

Harmony interrupted her thoughts with another indication- “As you all know, this is a movie about spring break so there’s gonna be a lot of scenes involving dancing and wild parties, so that’s what you need to show me right now. Mario, go ahead.”

The hispanic guy who had been standing completely silent behind the camera all this time pushed a button on the stereo system in the corner of the room and EDM music started playing very loudly. Then he turned a couple of knobs on the wall that dimmed the white lights in the room and suddenly a whole light show started right there in the room, it was almost like being inside of a very small night club.

The three actresses looked at each other and started dancing very awkwardly without really leaving their places, especially Selena who was feeling very self-conscious about her boobs moving and bouncing right in front of these two strangers.

“Pause it, Mario” ordered Korine and then he continued saying in a very serious tone – “Look, I don’t know what you guys think we’re doing here but I take this process very seriously and right now I feel like you’re not doing the same”

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Korine, I can do better” said Selena

“Yeah, we all can. It’s just that… it’s not so easy when it’s so early and we’re so sober and stuff” added Ashley while she adjusted the only piece of clothing still on her

The director was evidently annoyed –”No, it isn’t easy, that’s why you get paid to pretend it is. That’s called acting. But fine, you’re gonna be surrounded by alcohol and drugs once we go to location so I guess we might as well try it out with the real thing. Part of the challenge of doing this movie will be doing your job under the influence of a lot of substances and people. Bring the cart, Mario”

The camera man got out of the room and quickly returned with a service cart filled with different kinds of beer, pills and several bongs to the surprise and amusement of the girls, well, except Selena who got even more nervous once she understood what was about to happen.

“Oh yeeeeeah, that’s what I’m talking about” hollered Ashley as she opened the first beer she got her hands on and started chugging it like a pro.

Meanwhile the music had started blasting loudly again as Vanessa was taking heavy bong hits and then blowing the smoke on Selena’s scared face. She stood there with her arms crossed as the other two girls kept getting drunk and high like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes the room was filled with happy “WOOOSS!!!” and laughter and drunk giggles.

Korine addressed Selena — “Miss Gomez, didn’t you say you were ready for this?”

“I umm… I don’t really like beer, I’m more of a wine girl; and I definitely don’t do any drugs”

While the shy girl was saying that, Vanessa Hudgens noticed the director had gotten up and was heading towards the stereo in a very annoyed manner, she really wanted to do the movie and she really didn’t want Selena to be humiliated and to be thrown out of the audition because of her; so she quickly moved behind Selena and grabbing her by the shoulders she made her sit back down on the stool, and standing over her she gave her a big kiss on the mouth as Ashley shouted “YEAH, BABY!!!” and cheered on. The kiss took Selena completely by surprise but she did not resist, and even more surprising was the fact that the two ecstasy pills Vanessa had put in her mouth had now been passed to Selena’s and as she was trying to figure out what was happening she felt Vanessa grab and squeeze both of her breasts. Startled by all of this Selena couldn’t help but swallow the pills. She then looked up wide-eyed at Vanessa as she heard her explain in a slurry voice – “There we go, now you’ll definitely join the party. Don’t worry, Sel, we’re doing this movie together, we got your back”

The girls kissing did not go unnoticed by the director who stopped in his place and went back to sit behind his chair.

“Ok now, let’s really show these guys how we party” – said Ashley as she suddenly approached Selena with a huge funnel with a hose attached to it.

“Oh no, nonononono, I’m not doing that!” -she started saying but was quickly interrupted by Vanessa’s index finger pressing softly on her lips as she whispered in her right ear – “C’mon, Sely, I promise It’ll be fun.”

–Then her finger slowly rubbed Selena’s bottom lip as she continued saying –”Don’t you want to party with us?”

“Uh-huh” – answered the brunette very softly, already feeling the effect of the pills on her mind and body, she was slowly losing control and she liked it.

She closed her eyes and let the high school musical star put her index finger in her mouth, slowly closing her luscious lips around it. Vanessa then took it out and went back inside Selena’s mouth with two fingers, Selena started sucking them very tenderly, letting her friend do the work moving in and out of her mouth in a blowjob motion.

“That’s it, Sel, just relax and I’ll do the rest” — whispered Vanessa. And then with no warning she took one of Selena’s breasts in her open hand and pinched her nipple. Selena was so startled by this that she opened her eyes and mouth very wide, enough for the hose that Ashley was holding to go inside of her mouth. Once it was in place the two other girls wasted no time pouring beer after beer with one hand as they each held one of Selena’s arms with the other. The petite brunette had no other choice but to sit there and keep trying to swallow as much beer as she could, but it was too much, the cold liquid was spilling all over her body and the floor. After a dozen cans or so Vanessa and Ashley finally let their friend stand up and they laughed uncontrollably at the sight of Miss Selena Gomez standing in the middle of the room, topless and drenched in cheap beer. She was coughing and pulling the wet hair from her face and as she looked down at her thoroughly soaked panties she started laughing too, all that liquid had made her cotton underwear see-through and the whole room could see the little black landing strip she had on her pussy.

“Shit, I guess being shy is no longer an option now” – she said in a now very drunk tone and with a big smile on her face she added – “Let’s fucking party, bitches!”

Immediately the other two girls joined her in the center of the room, laughing and singing along, all the substances they had ingested taking care of any inhibitions left. Dancing on each other, doing sexy poses for the director and the camera, playfully grabbing each other breasts and jiggling them, a couple of butt slaps here and there; almost like a real spring break party but with just three people doing everything.

Vanessa and Ashley kept going back to the cart and bringing more beer and passing it around. After a couple of minutes Selena started getting really into the music, grabbing her wet hair she closed her eyes and started swinging her hips around, feeling no shame whatsoever, proudly sticking her cute little butt out and letting those amazing tits swing back and forth. Ashley got really horny seeing this so she grabbed her by the waist and started pulling her ass towards her crotch, at that moment Mario changed to reggaeton music and Selena, really feeling the rhythm, started pushing her ass back towards the blonde girl doing a little twerking motion. Ashley kept her right hand on her waist and grabbed Selena’s neck with the other; she forced her to look up as a giggling Vanessa poured more beer in her mouth and chest. Selena swallowed as much of the cold beer as she could and grabbing Vanessa’s hands she pulled her against her own body. Vanessa did not resist at all and her small, perky breasts started rubbing against Selena’s not-so-small ones. Now the two girls were pressing against Selena’s delicate body in the middle, the dancing becoming more of a drunken rub-down as the three actresses were getting distinctly hornier. Selena took a deep breath for courage and planted a long wet kiss on Vanessa’s lips, they were so fucked up on booze and pills that it was very sloppy and passionate, and as it kept going Selena started grabbing and squeezing her ass while Vanessa put both hands on Selena’s perfect breasts. They kept fondling each other, making Ashley feel very jealous but also very aroused.

“Very good, now you seem to be getting this” – said Harmony as he paused the music — “How do you feel right now?”

The three girls stopped what they were doing and turned around to face the director.

“Like we’re just getting started” – said Ashley with a huge grin on her face

“C’mon, things were just getting interesting here” -answered Vanessa, and noticing a little bit of foam that was left on her left thigh she collected it with her finger and playfully threw it at Selena’s chest, landing right above her right nipple and a couple of inches below her famous mole.

Selena remained silent as she tried to catch her breath; she knew she was losing almost all of her self-control just before the director interrupted the fake-party. She had never been hornier in all of her life but the fear of screwing up the audition by doing something inappropriate was keeping her from going all in. She could hear the director saying something but all she could think about was how soft Ashley’s skin was and how good Vanessa’s tits felt on hers, how she wanted to taste her nipples and to be tasted by her. She found herself wishing to be alone with the two girls so she could really let go and really do something crazy.

Selena got brought back to focus as she heard Harmony Korine say – “I can see that you’re all very comfortable with each other, that’s good but now let’s see how you do with a complete stranger in the mix. Mario, go ahead.”

The large hispanic dude moved a chair to the center of the room and sat on it without changing his stoic expression. Then the director said- “In this scene, Mario is the guest of honor of the party, what can you do with that?”

The music started again as Vanessa and Ashley approached Mario and danced around him, sat on his lap and basically started throwing at him all the stripper moves they had seen on TV (and on high-end strip clubs every now and then). Selena walked slowly in their direction, unsure what to do next.

“C’mon, Sel, didn’t you ever do a little show for that faggy boyfriend of yours?” – Vanessa asked while she danced very provocatively next to Mario with her small foot right on top of his crotch and Ashley motor boating the guys face without a care in the world.

“Not really, it was always very tame and sweet between us; I’ve never danced for a man before, not like this”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything, gorgeous. Now come here and let me show you a couple of things”

Vanessa sat on Mario’s crotch facing Selena and twisted and bended her body against the large man without losing eye contact with her. Her tan, sweaty body looked amazing to Selena who was biting her own lip and transfixed at the sight of her friend doing such dirty moves to a complete stranger.

Vanessa took grabbed Selena (who was almost hypnotized by that point) by the hands and quickly pulled the nervous brunette against her.

“I set the example, now you take my place”

Ashley came over from the left side and helped Vanessa convince their friend to sit on Mario’s lap, she kept saying “No, no, no, no, I can’t do that I don’t even know him and if Justin finds out he…” but they pulled her by the arms and made her sit on top of him anyway and she did not offer too much resistance after that.

Mario had remained pretty calm and serious throughout the whole thing but once Selena sat on his lap she immediately felt something growing bigger and harder under his pants.

“C’mon girl, now shake what you got”

“Yeah, Sel, show ‘em you’re a pro”

Selena sat on top of him for a little while, dying of embarrassment. She had only been sexual with one guy in her life and it had always very romantic and innocent, this felt very different and wrong. Fooling around with the girls was one thing but with a man who she did not even know?

“This man is not my boyfriend” -she thought – “”I don’t know him at all… I don’t even know if Mario is his real name!”

The look of disappointment on Vanessa and Ashley’s faces was becoming more apparent and then she remembered her mother’s words (who was also her manager at the time) about this gig: “Baby, no matter what people say, acting is not an easy job. It’s a dirty business in a dirty world and if you want to be on top you’re gonna have to make sacrifices. We both know you desperately need this part and I want you to make me proud for once. It’s time for the mediocrity to end. Now go out and don’t fail me, don’t you dare fail me this time.”

“Oh God, please forgive me” – she said to herself as she started twerking all over Mario, swinging her head, letting her wet hair loose. He had gotten incredibly hard and Selena could feel the thickness of his dick pressing against her, she felt hotter and hotter with each thrust, the fear and the shame quickly disappeared and she could barely hear the two other girls cheering on as she took Mario’s big hands and put them on her breasts, encouraging him to squeeze and fondle them.

Selena had stopped playing around, she was giving the full lap dance treatment to this guy who was now fondling her breasts and pulling her hair. Ashley stood in front of them and pushed Selena’s face onto her breasts, waves of pleasure going through her as she felt the little brunette girl fiercely sucking on her nipples and licking her areolas with gusto.

Vanessa had distanced from them a little so she could fully enjoy the spectacle of the sweet Wizards of Weaverly Place star behaving like a slut. She had always felt something whenever she looked at Selena but seeing her like that… it was incredible.

Selena stood up, turned around, using Mario’s shoulders for support she continued dancing and rubbing her delicate body all over him as she looked straight at Harmony, still sitting in his desk, who in turn looked straight back at her. Suddenly she felt two hands on her waist, grabbing onto her soaked panties and slowly pulling them down. It would have scared her a few minutes ago, but she was now past the point of no-return.

It was Vanessa behind her who was glad when instead of resisting, Selena actually helped take the underwear off with her movements. The cold air of the room felt good on Selena’s pussy lips, she bent over to press her breasts on Mario’s face, giving Vanessa a full view of her perfect vagina. Both Ashley and Vanessa noticed immediately that their friend was dripping and swollen, begging without words to be fucked. Ashley came over with a big smile and gently caressed the inside of her pussy with her middle finger, slowly going up and down, her hand being completely covered by Selena’s juices who kept looking straight at Mr. Korine while moaning and puffing.

The little Texan hottie was now completely naked and covered in sweat and beer, stroking a stranger with her body and being fingered by one of her friends, she would never have thought she could be in a situation like this, much less to enjoy it so much, it was against everything she had been taught in church but the heat and the pleasure all over her body were way more powerful than any amount of guilt.

She did feel some guilt though, and so she tried to keep just one single thought on her mind: “I’ll show him, I’ll show Korine I’m ready. I’ll show Mom I’m not a loser, I’ll show everyone I can be an A-lister”. She kept repeating that mantra over and over in her head as she started thrusting her pussy backwards so Ashley’s fingers would enter her completely. No one in the room was expecting that, Vanessa stood there rubbing her own clit through her black lace panties as the blonde girl quickly switched to three fingers to really give her a good finger-fuck. Selena’s moaning increased in frequency and volume, Ashley was going really fast and strong into her and the orgasm was imminent, but no matter what she would not take her eyes off from Harmony’s who kept watching in silence.

Vanessa came over to Selena’s side and whispered in her ear one more time: – “Tell me something, do you REALLY want to win this part?”

“YES!” – Selena answered with difficulty between moans

“Then trust me” – she said as she grabbed Selena who by this point could barely walk and threw her on the ground.

“What the fuck are you doing?” – asked Ashley with a concerned look on her face.

“Shut up and finish what you started” -Vanessa answered.

“Sure thing, boss” – replied the blonde, then she kneeled and continued fingering Selena who, in spite of now being laying on the cold, wet floor, had not lost eye-contact with the movie director.

Then Vanessa said to Mario: – “Stand up and put your hands behind your back, we’re ending this party with a bang!”

Mario did as he was told and stood next to Selena. With nimble hands Vanessa unzipped and pulled down his pants and started frenetically stroking his dick, already dripping with pre-cum.

Selena was totally losing it now, she was squeezing Ashley’s big tits and then pinching her own nipples, moaning and screaming while Harmony observed.

“I can do this! I can do this! I can–AAAAAHHH!!!” -screamed Selena with the last push of Ashley’s fingers into her body. She came so hard, harder than she had ever had before. The orgasm was so powerful that it was impossible not to close her eyes and as soon as she did Mario started cumming too and his semen landed all over her tits and bellybutton.

Mario returned to his place behind the camera and Harmony got up, turned the music off and the bright white lights on.

Selena slowly started to come to her senses. -”Yuuuck!” she exclaimed as she removed a few specks of cum that had landed near her chin and not knowing what to do about the huge pool of cum on her belly button.

The two other girls helped her up and then stood next to her in the middle of the room. Harmony approached them and took a good look at Selena from hair to toe. Her breasts and torso were covered with Mario’s semen and it was dripping all over her neatly trimmed pussy hair and on her legs. Her face was red with embarrassment thinking of all the lewd acts she had just performed but she kept looking straight at him with intensity.

“Very well, ladies. This movie is yours, and it will succeed or fail depending on how much effort you put into it, never forget that.”

-”YEAH, BABY!” – Vanessa shouted as she punched the air

Ashley Benson started jumping all over the place, saying – “WOOJOO!!” – With her breasts furiously bouncing, almost hitting her on the face.

Selena, apparently still in shock, just stood there, trying to regain her breath, still recovering from that amazing orgasm she had just experienced.

The director smiled a little for the first time and then he said: “Good job, girls. Especially you, Selena. We’ll have a limousine take you to your homes and we’ll meet again in a week to start trying out bikinis. See you then”

—–To be continued…——

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