Water Works, Part 6

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Water Works, Part 6
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, ws, con
Celebs: Alexandra Daddario, Hayden Panettiere
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

The scene fades in on the two sitting on fancy chairs, naked, tongue-kissing while fingering each-other’s twats.  We see brief close-ups of their moist pussies, as the other’s fingers explore them.

“Hm, you ready, baby?” Hayden moans.

“Oh, yeah…”

Hayden sits spread-eagle on the floor, as Alexandra stands bow-legged in front of her, rubbing her twat.  Suddenly, with a moan, Alexandra starts peeing, first on Hayden’s twat, drenching her pussy hair.  Alexandra then moves her hips forward, and the stream of urine moves up Hayden’s stomach, then chest.  Hayden opens her mouth as the stream hits her face, and she swallows some of Alexandra’s piss.

Next, we see Alexandra sitting on Hayden’s face, as Hayden sticks out her long tongue, and begins to probe Alexandra’s pissy cunt. “Oh…oh…mmm…” Alexandra pinches and pulls on her nipples, as Hayden eats her out.  We then see a shot of Alexandra’s butt, as Hayden slides her middle finger between her cheeks, and Alexandra starts moaning louder, her brow furrowing.  In a close-up, we see Hayden’s tongue is all the way up into Alexandra’s juicy slit.  Alexandra suddenly digs her nails into her big tits, and lets out a hoarse groan, as Hayden makes her cum.

Alexandra now sits on the floor in front of Hayden, as Hayden rubs her twat, sighing.  After a moment, Hayden starts peeing, hitting Alexandra in the face, before adjusting her aim to land in her mouth.  Alexandra’s mouth quickly fills up, and some spills out as she stops to swallow.  After a few swallows, Alexandra tilts her head forward, so Hayden’s piss lands in her hair, soaking it.

Once Hayden stops, Alexandra leans forward, and sticks her tongue into Hayden’s pissy pussy. “Oooh, fuck yes!” Hayden moans and bites her lip, as Alexandra tongue-fucks her.  We get a shot of Hayden’s ass, as Alexandra sticks her middle finger between her butt-cheeks, and starts fucking her ass vigorously.  In another close-up. we see Alexandra tug on Hayden’s clit with her teeth, before continuing to eat her out.  Hayden suddenly grabs the back of Alexandra’s head, lets out a high-pitched shriek, and her knees almost buckle, as she cums.

We now see Alexandra on her hands on knees, as Hayden kneels behind her, wearing a big, black strap-on dildo.  In yet another close-up, we see the dildo enter Alexandra’s asshole, and we can hear her groan, and eventually whimper, as Hayden pushes it in deeper and deeper.  Hayden then starts to fuck Alexandra’s ass, causing Alexandra to grimace, and her tits to rock back and forth, as Hayden thrusts into her.  Soon, Hayden starts to go faster and faster, until her hips are slapping against Alexandra’s cheeks.  Finally, with one last hard thrust, Alexandra cums, letting out a pained scream.

Hayden now lies on her back, legs spread, with Alexandra kneeling between her thighs, now wearing the strap-on.  In one more close-up, we see the dildo force its way into Hayden’s asshole.  Hayden grimaces, and claws her tits, as Alexandra starts to fuck her.  Alexandra fucks Hayden faster and faster, as Hayden’s asshole loosens up.  Eventually, Hayden lets out a blood-curdling scream, as she cums hard.

The two now lie on the floor, groping each other’s bodies, sucking each other’s tongues, as the scene fades out.

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