Simply Sapphic: Emma & Bella

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Simply Sapphic: Emma & Bella
by RandyPan
Story Codes: Ff, oral, con, mas, rom
Celebs: Emma Stone, Bella Thorne
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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In a hotel shower, Emma stands behind Bella, kissing and nibbling her neck, and sucking on her earlobe.  In front, Emma squeezes one of Bella’s breasts with one hand, and fingers her pussy with the other.

“Ouh!” Bella gasps, and her face screws up like she’s both laughing and crying, as she grinds her ass against Emma’s area.

“My beautiful girl,” Emma whispers in her low, dusky voice into Bella’s ear, “I wish I could express in words how much I love you…”

“Oh, sweetie,” Bella whimpers, “I know how much you love me.  I feel every bit of your love every time you touch me…”

Emma smirks, “Then I’ll never stop touching you, baby…”

In a few minutes, Bella lies on the hotel bed, hair still wet from the shower, squinting and licking her lips, as Emma’s head bobs between her thighs.  Emma’s tongue is buried deep inside Bella’s ginger snatch, tasting her pussy juices. “Oh!  Oh, God!  Oh, baby, you treat me so well!” Bella’s voice starts to turn to a strained groan. “Oh, sweetie, I’m gonna cum!  I’m almost there!” Bella finally cums, letting out a relieved moan.

Emma comes up, and, straddling Bella, the two lock lips.  As their tongues wrestle in their mouths, Bella’s hand moves to between Emma’s legs, and she starts to finger her lover’s twat.  As Bella finger-fucks her, Emma starts to grind her hips into Bella, and she moans into her mouth.  The moan turns into a muffled scream, as Emma cums, squirting all over Bella’s thighs.

Moments later, the two lay together, Bella on her back, Emma on her side, tracing her finger up and down Bella’s chest and stomach.

“My beautiful girl…” Emma whispers, making Bella smile.

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